Limeric Index



teens, tight jeans. sneezed; was pleased. Steve, his knees.
Dick, so thick. Tarjer, a charger -- it distend,
He, if he town, a frown, vagin- were fine;
invit- to excite, red, and fled, inside, instructions supplied;
trice, enlargement device. you; you screw. us, Uncle Remus
dimensions, and inventions. life, the knife. vigor, get bigger.
Jeeter, the completer occasion. of frication!) facts. she lacked,
budges; one begrudges. arenas, my penis. stuff, lovingly puff,
cheering, and jeering. hose, then blows, science, this appliance.
present! and crescent. king, his ding. increased, in yeast.
dilator, sate her. regret, Hollywood set, "Start." of Art,
endowed; I'm proud." tweak, a week, while, a trial.
inch, a pinch." went, surgeon consent. inspect, general effect,
distension, excessive dimension need, you. Indeed, thigh, my fly.
ease. a squeeze.) Alice, and Dallas) night, and re-write!
floor, any more. Belize, to devise poet, grow it,
sorts, all ports. back, the slack. Kilkenny, without any,
apprehensions, sexual tensions. say? natural way? McCoy; deep joy.
Devon, to leaven.


boss; man cross. (Kercoobry) his doobry. hot, they've got.
stunts," use Hunts, Tokay, lovely bouquet. Hicks, with bricks;
Rusty, get dusty. lim- fragranted quim. wick, the trick.
Boston, with frostin'. true, for you. Kent, heavenly scent.
Cheetah, his "peetah." enough, hot stuff, Haughton, and rotten.
luxuriate, to infuriate Topeka, with paprika. Istanbul, nobody's fool.
Barret, a carrot; Manila, a villa. unique; a peek.
Dick, his prick. her, and wetter.


O'Pardon, to harden, Merkin, was working. Dow, implant somehow.
Peel, of steel; Alec, pure metallic. rummies, their tummies,
Jock; and shock. intact; in fact. flagging, it's dragging,
Pismo, his gizmo. Mabel, very able. right; all night.
-- mortis preferred -- account, blow-by-blow. right. so tight,
lightly, so tightly Condrey, the laundry. -- he went.
Whitehead, unduly excited. place, this case. McCondrey, the laundry.
Cromer, read Homer. piddle? this riddle:


Schwartz, all sorts. Pyongyang, aluminum wang. Milly, their lily?"
Smirnoff, burn off." Nantucket? a bucket sad, be had.
bad; I had. caper; wood shaper. it, a peanut!"
Davey, in gravy. plight. not right. dance, your pants,
Crete, exceedingly neat.


Breed, little heed. tool," April drool. turtleneck, to feck.
Penn, the men. appeal, you schiemiel! unveil, a male;
line, aesthetic design. Leicester, cock-hardness tester. seek, did speak:
spied, I cried. crass, the grass. fine, of mine.
matter? or fatter? Edison, to jettison. matter? a ladder.
Jewel, fuckin' fool! Peaches, she preaches; Straw, the raw.
Rock, his cock. Gandhi, "a dandy." late, of state.
blimp, just lies, knob's; penile snobs. agree, we need.
few, young shrew -- no trick. again, a pain.
hobbyist, was knobbiest. giraffe, a gaffe, sin; you win?
universe, be worse. size, crass lies. contends, really depends--
say, will stray term, get sperm deride, men hide
seen: skinny bean, rocket, a sprocket, Australia, a dahlia;
stick, a lick Ashtabula, village cooler jewel, general rule:
Gomorrah, bore her: Manhattan: of cattin', oversexed; sorely vexed.
Ludmilla, a driller. drank; this shank. silly. the lilly,
weakness, wimpy-assed geekness. Wimple, is simple. Limerick, slimmer wick.
chance, for romance, Runway-22. the crew, dock, his flock;
dick, it's thick. O'Toole. your tool." Dick, small prick.
please. with ease. for, the floor. large, sexual charge.
now?" puzzled brow. fear, in here. tractor, following factor:
here? John Deere. know? to mow. rent, is sent,
flower, your bower. run; sex fun. Mick, of stick.
Sig, and trig. Nantucket; pluck it. men, to ten.
tool, the pool. foreskin, more skin) O'Reilly, call Smiley.
"Bless, a guess, pee, to see big, a twig.
test, a fest, Lawler, are taller!" dong, anything wrong
Deal, piercing squeal. white, thigh site. say, mature way.
poor, the score. Frances, ribald romances,


rod, endowed sod. Guinea, from many. Abdul, nobody's fool.
Rangoon, a balloon. MacAgis, a haggis. ra-ther! his father?
Jaques; anatomical lack. matter, Mad Hatter. Devizes, all sizes.
MacDougal, a bugle. complaint, undue constraint, tremendous; bend us
elated, be mated! Hallus. his phallus, Graff, bulging staff,
Becker, deck her! Jasper, a gasper, strong, are wrong.
wick, boys sick. pecker, named Decker Thalia, regale ya.
strong, big prong. matter? or fatter? Dodger, sized Todger.
night, the light. Klute, a brute. detection, was perfection.
said. answered Fred. Australia, huge genitalia; it; refuse it.
Pete, in heat. Westphalia, large genitalia, Gray, to relay.
matter?" playful chit-chatter. dick, right quick, flasher, a masher.
tool? foot rule. dick, to lick, session, psychic repression,
Guido, tremendous libido. shout, big waterspout. Matilda; thrilled her.
erection, and affection, Mize, fabulous size. Tunney, of money.
twin, and spin. under, as 'Thunder'. whopper, a copper.
tremendous; so stupendous." Pender, its splender. nasty, Hung Dynasty.
Hispanics", to panic. short, to report Hopper, something improper.
copper, traffic stopper; cob! Good job! Joan, bedroom alone,
Australia, amazing paraphenalia! Galion, a stallion. please! will seize.
Australia, large genitalia. fool, your tool. Dunn, fantastical bun,
O'Dailey, a shillelagh. Dallas, tremendous phallus, poles, a Rolls.
tremendous, something stupendous. action, inch attraction: Claude, his prod.
Kong; all wrong. prick, your dick?" Cologne, his own.
vigor, magnificent rigor. size, dearly prize, Ewell, my jewel.
Jed, and blood-red. -- a prize! once, a donks,
dallyin' a stallion. Stounds, this sounds, Toledo, a torpedo.
caballero, wide-brimmed sombrero, true: then screw. Pratt, a bat...
I; huge pie. Borse; a horse. Reilly, most highly,
prick, me sick. sea, to pee. Nairobi, of adobe.
chatter, doesn't matter. fiddler, magnificent diddler, bait, have eight
Chester, a jester. Enos, extra-large penis. Mahoney, a phony.
dejected, was respected. attention, won't mention.) schmoe, won't go!"
Schilling, "I'm willing laconic, quite moronic. rule; everything" fool.
Bleek, anatomical freak. Tzaneen, and keen Lee, his knee.
Finn, that begin. Bissell, lascivious whistle, stood; quite good!
tarts, unexplored parts) man, demand -- dick; you sick.
Alexis, from Texas. Wise, incredible size. Spokane, one-legged man.
Young, me unstrung. tremendous; send us LeMans, purplest glans.
Peitou, said "No!" well-equipped, have ripped. oak. squirrel choke,
my spouse. Clyde. and replied, matter?" and hatter.
Monticello, a fellow, Clyde, he cried. horse, of course.
said, my bed. today; that way. Firkin, Mrs Birkin.
Rawls, his balls. pain, other gain charm, avoid harm.
natter; doesn't matter. spouse, a mouse. horse, of course.
attention, in suspension. Psyche, named Ike. hype; that stereotype?
tool, pasta fazool. trick. be quick. Wrangler, a strangler.
me, inject me. Harry, and scary. slit, been lit!
couch, no slouch; Rock, the clock! loss, the toss.
Rick, his dick. Kimber, so limber Rise: own eyes!
this, me pissed. hung, a bung, Rick, magnificent prick;
Toulon, si bon! eggs, her legs. Dallas, largest phallus.
Rod, some broad. Rod, his prod. gob, you sob.
treasure, ultimate pleasure. Brunswick, large stunstick. beat, call meat.
Dallas, exceptional phallus. genitalia, in Australia, Snow, fortnight ago,
Eunice, of Tunis. romance; flamenco dance; -- my stave.
stopper, myself proper. know; to sow. Jock, great cock.
Dimas, enormous penis, Jules, nobody's fool. old, and bold.
Purvis, the service. Schmidt, oversize kit.


parameters, iambic pentamter: stallionate, to copulate. Florence, St. Lawrence.
Lanny, was uncanny. Cribs, had ribs. Harrow, a marrow.
Blood, at stud, Paul, so tall, Terrell, quite virile.
DeFarge, exceedingly large. when; his pen; crick; his prick.
Jock, my cock Bob, biggest knob. Nantucket, a bucket.
Ayr, you aware Okanagan, a wagon, Dilly, ENORMOUS willy.
preference", much reverence. walk, in chalk. Durber, perturb her,
ground; all around. stud, his pud. Landrucket, fuck it.
lore, Ermintrude swore: Stockton-on-Tees, at ease, George, a forge.
Cripps, had ribs. worth, humongous girth. Harrow, a marrow.
Caro, a marrow. Tagore, or more. Darrow, quite narrow.
Nick, his prick. Darjeeling, the ceiling. Gibbs, had ribs.
Nuys, incredible size. Arizona, incredible bona. Brienz, was immense.
Belfast, a mast. Hake, the cake! he, to Schenectady.
Cribbs, had ribs Miller, kill her. Young, torn lung.
see. a hysterectomy. trigger, any bigger. Glengarry, to carry.
Bowen, and growin'. yen, around ten poor; the floor.
charge, uncommonly large; Hank, elongated crank. wick, too thick.
Grimmon, of swimmin'. sighed. thing inside." Isle, would smile
Falls, vaudeville halls; Pete) in feet. wrangler, incredible dangler.
Kate, priapic state. Larrow, so narrow. Iraq, enormous cock;
callow, a hollow, Arribia, in Libya, Decker, pound pecker.
Rick, of dick. Mick, unmusual dick. McMeanus, inch penis.
protection, make connection. d'Amarillo, huge Cigarillo. bunions, on trunions.
Crewe, her stew. renown; over town. abandon; hand on
tremendous; it's stupendous. whanger, girl's anger.


dick, fine trick. action, todger subtraction! Lancelot, a lot.
clear; Lady Guinevere. book, all thunderstruck. pole, financial goal.
fools, mechanical rules. dick, quite sick. look, medical book.
size, genital prize, grew, camera crew, delight, to excite
power, an hour. away, public affray. see, me --
rankle, some Yank'll): view. is true. bore? you score?
sport, you cavort. trick; a pick, Manila, of Godzilla.
said, enormous head. nursey, my percy, disgraced, it's placed
me! can see! then, nest when a-merkin, of ferkin
pickle. and tickle? chilly, that silly petite, your feet,
member, next September, alack. lie back me; you'd see.
tip, and lip. guys, enormous size. tried, and wide.
tease, to please, scrub, there, bub. much; your touch.
discourse, by force. head, of lead; woes, I suppose.
fat; thighs, pitterpat. Dormer, her warmer. Jean, centered between
Spanic, a mechanic. me, may be. weakness, our uniqueness.
mean; yet unseen. guys, marvelous size. size, wrong guys;
size, really tries beer, my dear bounder, small quarter-pounder.
- two pound! acclaim, dirty shame. scotch, the crotch
fair, down there. reflection; enormous erection. spied, open wide.
magnifique!" her cheek hips. she slips masturbation, least inclination
trice; to slice, hot, has got, contention, to mention,
dirty, so flirty. contest, the rest. triple-E; you see.
thighs, my "rise" nipper, my zipper -- don't impugn.
-- your meat. -- a foal. feet; of meat.
fable, his cable. dismay, good lay. fright, and night.
Jim, the brim. withstand, purple gland. appealing, started reeling.
fuckable, is schmuckable. tube. of lube. pinches, that is
you, to do.


afoot! you put? Po, elongated so, Jack, your crack."
West, his chest. dong, and long. staff, a half.
Dallas, long phallus. sick, your prick?' Rotarian, hairy 'un.
say, no way! Lees, great ease. man, pecker can
Carquinez, star, Venus, storm. my norm. course, a horse.
Finn, humorous grin. air, named Blair, Dodd, of rod.
Decker, red-headed pecker. Pritchett, diminutive twitchet. Long, his dong.
Klees, his knees. Belize, his knees. Blast, members aghast...
distressed, she caressed. Randall, could handle. Maltese, with ease.
Vancouver, fifteen-inch woofer, Karakortum, stone tomb. Chungking, long thing.
Rick, inch prick. member, must remember, shore, in store.
Earl, any girl. school, metallic-hued tool. dong, quite long.
sigh, that I Trout; did shout; Apollo, the hollow,
Moore, no chore: Beecham, teach 'em, Quong, his dong.
shock, my cock; Dutton, a button, Pythagorast, my ingeniast
Antilles, the willies. Noel, thirteen-inch pole. Maine, a cane.
Doyle, to Hoyle. Kate, a straight. quotidian, place ante-meridian.
eye, a lie. Hong, be long. Lonnecker, monstrous donnicker.
bong, unsavory song. Demeter, twelve-inch repeater. Moses, who supposes
Calcutty. left puttee. Nantucket, luck it black, go back.
Verdun; the sun! Sweenies, the weenies. school, his tool.
obsidian, truly ophidian, Venus, his penis. yelling. slightest swelling,
O'Hare, to spare. Skinner, a winner. Walter, not falter.
swing, long thing; Fong, Hong Kong. Bench, sturdy rape-wrench.
Fred, into bed. Miami, named Sammy. Pruitt, view it,
dong; so long. -- the hay. Clay, to play.
Slaughter, a daughter: strong, his dong, Enos, inch penis.
Turk, named Burke. machinist, little Venus. night. of delight
section, eternal erection. Carr, to par." Casabianca, an anchor.
sun, fly-buttons undone. Cod, magnificent bod, well-built, his kilt.
prole, the whole, creature, reach her: piddle, the middle.
foot, long root. in, silly grin; Oolong, his dong.
Bator, my door. Sydney, her kidney. Howard, magically powered.
school, principle tool. sworn, Texas Longhorn. McDecker, his pecker.
Melvin, Georgina Spelvin. Grable, a cable. Exeter, at her.
Vinsizes, different sizes. Beria, nary a shyness, Royal Highness,
Kenosha, squash her, Trent, a sprint; Kong, a song.
Rue, pay twenty-two. phone, inch bone. Chang, gargantuan whang.
Jim, phenomenal limb. dong, was strong, Kevin, when leven.


Mars, the bars. angle, to dangle. Culard, our regard.
Quebec, the deck; O'Doole, incredible tool. rep, me pep;
Tom, incredibly long. Eric, quite esoteric; Pete, his feet.
young; well hung; Bangkok, lengthiest cock. Bernard, generally hard.
poking, were smoking. Wascana, expansive banana. Kong, of prong.
Baste, his waist. Bong, exceedingly long. Manuka, for snooker,
charm, your arm. clock, super-sized jock; me; rather see.
Thor, elevator door. cadet, one yet. Dole, forty-foot pole;
Juilliard, full yard. prattle, in Seattle. Flagon, always a-draggin'.
Toulouse, and loose. Fong, incredibly long; hotel, as hell.
Feeney, long weenie, Wong, incredibly strong. Jerry, in Kerry.
Aviv, his sleeve. choir, and higher, grow, you know.
Mose; long nose. Baronet, a clarinet. heath, great teeth,
chump, and plump, Hope, Bob Pope, Kong, luminous dong.
Coblenz, was immense; Jock, his cock. Salinas, long penis.
callous, small phallus; trenches; the wenches. bewitches, libidinous twitches.
yard, I'll disregard. Poole, marvellous tool. Bouchard, a yard,
penis, Doctor McEnus. screw; a clue. hard, a yard.
Leeds: strike needs. hung, a lung. Gumper, magnificent thumper.
nine, so divine, again; has been. whore. for sure."
do; boffing Sue, Carrouth, the South. nose, to suppose
Nevin, inches seven. Fife, my life. Pete, bit indescreet.
Lynch, a pinch. Pete, magical fete. eat, 7 feet
Staff, anyone laugh. Kong, feet long. Kong, foot long.
Lahore, or more. Peters, sixty litres. frown, to town.
McLoutch, her couch. Rick, ten-foot prick. sacs, his slacks.
wrong," my dong Culard, a yard. line; upon mine.
meter, your peter Strensall, a pencil. yacht, a knot.
morn, was born; Wong, feet long! McRose, his clothes;
picture, light fixture. please! Swiss cheese. Rob, pointed knob.
Young, had sprung. Ed, a bed. Creep, with weep.
Rose, ever suppose, Devizes, many prizes. Gomorrah, or morrah.
Chester-le-Street, two feet. Peters, two meters. Peter, a metre.
Kong, meters long, bold, fully unrolled, copper, fine whopper.
West, his chest. bard, get hard. Lynch, the inch.
Jeep, a peep. Dundee, his knee. four; a chore.
toast, can boast, Sound, the ground, Dundee, to pee.
gloom, wonderful plume.


Wong, his tong. Wong, great dong. masses, of glasses.
creep, awfully steep. Diane, a man. knife, much strife;
beer, the pier. few, these two: defect; it's erect
mistake, or take. crime, like mine. Lance, his pants.
tool, a fool, pard? be scarred. pleasure, her treasure;
smart, long part. futcheon, much in. brag, I drag
salute. too acute, explanation, end speculation, well, I fell
bard, it hard. climb, in rhyme, cock; my jock.
true, to screw. long; that dong. sober; in October.
sick, of dick. see, I'd be. shag, a drag)
measure, of pleasure, keys, you please. car, how far
youth, of Ruth. undress; to impress. appeased; you seized?
penis, fed intravenous sigh, wasn't I; shock! my cock,
dressed! quite impressed sock, can't walk. blue, to skew
Clyde, great pride: nipping. gone a-tripping. clan, young man,
... MY dong! Kong, inches long. sorts, his shorts.
Tashkent, he sent Ghent, remarkable gent. more, you sore?
coming? your plumbing. Zane, and vain. refrain; a drain,
tether. cold weather,


palace: of malice, O'Shea? the hay Paul's, Niagara Falls.
forever, to sever. Magee, to me! defamed; severely maimed.
Yale, cadaverous tail. dear! my spear it, ground; it
inspect, and abject. quick! my wick; Duluth, his youth.
Lee, to pee. Viet, my pet. gun, had one);
whole, telephone pole. parts, feminine arts more; the floor,
Enus, no penis. McDoul, big tool... genius, his penis.
genie, green weenie... Austin, cost him. dick, be quick.
Wong, Hong Kong. Billy, young filly, Beeham, British Museum.
Teck, one sec., Rockaway, block away. chick, my dick.
Aberystwyth, twist with. Havana, player piano. Rockaway, block away.
fishin', big pissin'. Aix, shot away. Venice, named Ennis,
Havana, called Diana. Chuck, life shit-out-of-luck. floor, sad Matador,
Bombay, from decay. kissing; be missing Stein, of pine.
safe-keep; your beep-beep. Dr.Robb, his thingamabob. Brown, embroidered gown,
Knight, got tight, suffice!" a trice. Streeter, his peter.
China, good climber. Cratchet, a hatchet. Vassar, surpass her.
notch, his crotch. Herman, General Sherman. Snelling, curious swelling,
Goff, it off. Vancouver, prime mover. Goff, ill-smelling trough.
Pete; his meat. Martell, wildest cartel. Jaipur, the war.


Knox, two cocks. hunt, twin-barrelled cunt, particular, things testicular,
T.M. Auntie Em. love, envious of; penis, a genius.
Xanadu, but two. Buster, multiple cluster. Wubbley, bifurcated doubly.
Jim, extracurricular limb. small, and Paul. McLeans, with genes.
Bunce, two cunts, Dupree, his knee. Hilary, sexual artillery.
pee; you see. see, not be. me, to see.
Jenny; how many, York, double-tipped dork. sleek, youthful physique.
peters; generous feeder! rural, was plural. Hicks, crosseyed chicks.
before? autopsy chore, piston, list 'em. more? 4 score.
me, have three. luck, the truck. fool; that tool.
plight, the night wise, my size. fact, they've backed.
by, reason why. Fox, of cocks. dicks; quite thick.
Azores, a boar's. grand; each hand. Young, is hung?
sticks, separate pricks. screw, he withdrew screwing, his undoing.
relate, too late. clear: holds dear. Kong, trifurcated prong.
Hobbs, of knobs; stocks, that shocks: Purdue, but two.
Rick, two-headed prick. Dunn" of fun. windows, sin goes
Kelly, so smelly.


Ypers, some snipers. Montebello, the 'cello. cock, a clock.
Ciano, the piano. Beirut, a flute. Canute, his root.
Bach, a schlock, Peek, to speak. Iraq, his cock,
Penang, musical whang. wand, and yawned. Keitel, were vital.
Beirut, a hoot. cock, could talk. Oklahoma, 'La Paloma'.


obscene, a machine. half, but laugh. Palace, from Dallas,
Helsinki, a pinky. Verdun, short-peckered son-of-a-gun. Worth, great mirth.
Thwart, quite short. sport, inches short, Tonga, the Conga.
Castlefreke, sometimes leak. it: mo' nut Hope, could cope.
dick, real thick. notion; the occean. quiver, lady a-shiver.
ground; when unbound. lock-jaw! in awe. Norte, and sporty.
Norton, no thwartin'. see, to hyperbole. jest, bloke attest
crump, a stump. Westphalia, uncommon regalia. fail, your male.
Rex, of sex. Lahore, no more. Morton, out a-courtin'.
Tim; the gym, faggot." snag. It sheets; your seats,
attractions, and retractions, Tim, quite slim. explosion, the motion
Brest, a test. kaput; "nicht gut". stuck, a buck;
Shriver, a fiver. Chad, primitive lad. York, of dork.
Wong, tiniest dong. Rooney. half looney. Evan, to heaven.
Sydney, the kidney. Ortening, of sportening, electronic, staying platonic;
Dorton. court one. Blaining, was complaining. Kevin, foot eleven.
sublime, penis divine. reward, a board. nub! won't snub.
-- so sublime!" permed, was short-termed. Zippit, a whippet.
dink, I think petty, Queen Betty, wide, wriggles inside,
prick; wasn't thick. fickle, my pickle." nickel, a tickle."
agree, real Ph.D about? ignorant lout, dong, inches long.
ride, the sea-side.


Euphrates, me mateys. cunny?" my money. hear: you fear.
Rex, of sex. LA, local DJ. Salina, small weiner;
shiny, and whiney, Nate? sad fate. hide, wed bride,
size, your lies. dreams, in reams, Orange, miserable four-inch,
today; gone gray. astute, very cute. Lake, trouser snake
out, fight about. Wight, all night. anatomic, quite comic.
Waller, to holler. workin'; thoughts lurkin'. see, would pee,
Vic; a prick. Craig, he'd beg. small, a ball.
Saud, xceedingly under-endowed, Mexico, to grow. Feedbartz, were sweethearts.
halls, your balls. veracity, phallic capacity. short, to 5-ought,
Bess, I'll express. Finch, a cinch, swami, I'm balmy.
spittle, I'd whittle limerick, "teeny dick". plight; of sight.
McWhorter, much shorter, matter? or fatter? Stoker, his poker;
Stone, of bone, Billy, and frilly. Jessel, oversized vessel.
blow? a pro, aghast, your mast. Farhang, hunting poontang.
Venus, a penis. Joe, his toe. Paul; a ball.
Faggot, gag it. realize, of size. Brad, quite mad.
known, least overblown. small. the ball. Paul, the mall.
king, cry ring, Billy, his willy. Simple, wee pimple
Pieman, was climbin'. Smally, his wally. Niel, an eel.
myopic, incredible topic. acute, a newt. Duby, newest CD
Nita, two metre, Dick, diminutive prick. correct. rather abject!
era, be clearer. few, anything new. chatter, and fatter.
words, is absurd! eyes, her thighs, look-see, the fee.
Mauna, a sauna. desire, heart afire. pain, to explain,
chink, to shrink; Meg, his leg. guys, manly prize.
Verdun, zipper undone; grow, you know, spite, all right."
cranks; little pranks. less, to impress. Orange, a four-inch;
bad, me sad. - his dinky. meanness! his penis,
Tony, a pony. own. the tone) by, a lie;
July, a lie. dong, or wrong.


fool; a mule. Anglia, of ganglia. Bridget, will fidget
Leghorn, was born; brazen. was gazin'. tool'; a rule.
Club; a nub. Beelzebub? up stub! whack. come back.
Rex, in sex. Eiffel; did stifle. bed, ill bred.
soul, miniscule pole; Bickel, mini-sized pickle, offended; never intended."
Gaul, at all. pleasure; sexual leisure. miniscule, much ridicule.
Greek, him pique. Hampshire, own rapture. Lynne, let's begin."
begin, of chagrin. mini, little jimmy. Paul, one ball.
dance, my lance. Reading, her bedding. khakis, crack, please!"
Sean, girls yawn! Ward, eternally bored. Ness, young Bess!"
ex, for sex," Rod, quite odd. - despite her
Hugh, terribly blue, Grillo, her pillow, tropical, subject one-topical.
Perth, with mirth, Kabul, poor tool. ear, my dear."
Cholmondley, most glumly. Pyongyang, his dong. County, can be.
size, a surprise. sorts, without shorts. Ray, a lay.
Brian, was cryin'. blunt, a runt. Herm, a worm...
Venus, small penis; sight! at night. Dave, did wave.
thing-a-ma-jig, can't dig." dough. 'tis so. Hame, this game."
name; too tame, Morgan, bad bargain. Isle, whores smile.
scene; played submarine, Schwartz, of Hearts." mock, undersized cock,
pinkies, young dinkies. Frome, at Nome!" Roger, his Todger.
Chico, and rico. "Vahrd, und hard. "Vahrd, und hard.
Jeannie, a meanie. Gaul, exceedingly small. Peter's, 10 centimeters.
her. treat her. Australia, male genetalia, ring, this thing!
Rick, miniscule prick; Nooney, totally loony, 'Enigma,' the stigma
mind, you find. Gorges, Sanxia forges, pride, here, glorified.


Eng- a zing break, can take grey, a day.
said. in bed. cope; a grope. red, and said,
size, ego's demise. gums; she hums. life, marital strife.
Keogh; to Rio trio, and Me-o) urbanity, penile superhumanity."
incandescence. you lessens, concerned, really burned. Bob; reclusive slob.
small, at all. schlong; all wrong. fun; the gun.
impressed, very stressed. here; her ear. stands, large hands.
stands... feminine hands. nymph, Joe's lymph tall, at all
Crystal, Bristol -- expand, really grand. -- to roll.
Bill, a thrill. night, a fright. show, you know.


Ha", people guffaw! khakis, his fly--He's chilly; my willy.
French, a bench. Paul, exceedingly small. Hestion, slightest suggestion.
Vic, miniscule prick; Court, a wart. Kimball, exceedingly nimble.
Hall, exceedingly small. Fong, inch long; C. a flea.
comet, to vomit; Laurel, no quarrel. confetti, to Betty.
night; replaced fright. can. I'm Italian. gnocci, Roman biscotti,
"allotropic, quite telescopic." true; question you. Kay. let's play."
Dalrymple, the simple Gwyn, it in!" Bill, and ill.
Berlin, a pin. joke, small spoke, hatter, they flatter:
tide, the ride. Sweeny, my weenie. tits", innocent Fritz.
small; a ball, fear, and sneer Jerry, a berry.
Wimple, isn't simple." grin, to begin." agree, to see.
Ali; with glee. -- bear suit. Lyle, a smile,
evoke, a stroke, nimble, a thimble. Beedle, to tweedle.
small; that's all. Yank, well-armoured tank. Dole, Wood's Hole.
Connaught, remarkably short. Paul, exceedingly small.


Shrimp? a blimp. erection!" spousal correction. Hess, godawful mess;
dicker, to bicker. thighs, to rise. Myers, up tires.
angles, it dangles, Quidgid, himself rigid. bang, the whang!
digit, a midget. junctions, those unctions said, been wax-ed,
mastered, thoroughly plastered. Fred, in bed. Venus, too-softened penis:
Flitches, bitch is, Wooster, he uster. mention, his tension.
Dave, and grave. Fenner, a tenner began, swiftly ran,
Stoner, real boner; Kilgore, a whore. shlong, it's wronged.
colonel, himself ever-vernal. Caesar! squeeze her. garden, hard, 'n
Sam, a goddamn. B.C., oui, oui; pencil, near prehensile;
LeBlanc, of petanque, Baker, style baby-maker. Pete, recalcitrant meat.
Trevor, every endeavor. well-dressed, his vest. Seaver, by fever.
impale? a tale. me. to me. Skakel, juries cackle:
sap, my lap... Thermopylae, hardons properly. Lee, his knee.
fast; grey caste; sheep, did reap. Chard, Swiss Guard;
Limerick, her tick. endowed, a cloud Brent, it bent,
out, wonder about it. survive it. hope. you cope.
cope. last hope. Ned, in bed. (MO) tossed her;
Partch; in March. Smith, wondering if Bey, one day,
colonel, turned vernal. Dillow, my pillow, Gwen: their yen
told, could fold Placid, and flaccid. election, its direction.
senility, have rigidity, Fife, lascivious life. perverse, and curse.
Friant, so pliant, pity, as witty. Morse, a horse.
Slaughter, it ought-ter. Granger. a manger. wick," his prick.
Springer, his zinger. pardon, my garden; Kent, prick bent:
hair. mon cher. Hell! to ensorcell Ghent, your intent
Mort, did cavort. clamor, no glamor. Zeast-- have ceased,
said, into bed,


Cod, a nod. Bengie, unusually bendly. Simba, his bimba.
checks, a hex. Croft, when soft. defected, rather dejected.
Jack, a whack; Wertz, it inverts, Corfu, should do;
more," from Ardmore, bed, she said, show, quite slow.
vaunted, me haunted. Hassid, very placid. warning, I'm scorning;
"Tush! the brush, Teddy, and ready, Landis, gland is.
bet, with nymphet. timidity." goddamn frigidity!" it, lost it;
Croft, the loft. motion) a fizzle, chick, a lick.
scorning, without warning. kettle, of fettle. size, the skies;
Liszt, anatomical twist. -- grew harder. Bliss, strangely amiss.
Smart, an ART, fail, of tail, Tibet, with regret:
lit, fingers submit,


hail, wonderful tale. Virginia. win ya. Riffer, sniff her.
Leif, but brief. anymore. functioned before. Geste, great zest.
Med. his head. Head," inn bed, Fred, into bed.
Lew, Will do." Gerulitis; with arthritis, O'Brien, on tryin'.
TV, conjugal calamity. town, (panties down). Springer, his clinger.
Scott, had sought. Blaine, to complain. hot, was not.
Schiff, a tiff. Stead: been dead. soft, standing aloft,
Sand, well planned, bed, and said, Tony, get bony.
brain. in vain. Olivetti, gal Betty. Berm, his sperm
Brand, the band? Camilla, magical pillow. platonic, there, catatonic.
Bandon, stand on. Brazil, his fill. Frenum, her plenum.
erection! that protection. dead, then said, Hecht, no respect,
soft; I coughed. Munz, a dunce.) Dwight, ultimate blight;
Weir, his beer, merrier," named Ferrier, head, he said,
Meeker, and weaker. Kent, long spent; Frome, in Nome,
Cliff, would whiff. Gary, to marry. glee, the key.
failed, and quailed, Bigger, the trigger, dunkin', be drunken.
Ball; free fall. Danner, young Jappaner. is, wet, it's
Adair, vin ordinaire, France, his pants. wise, recent tries
Hieronymus, Impotents Anonymous; O'Brien, on tryin'.


bliss, young miss; fear; the spear. Arden, wouldn't harden.
gardener. love pardner. Fred, and said dick, (a trick
Cobleigh? feel knobbly. show; should know. be, like me;
Krimper, and limper. haranguing, fate overhanging. days, I'd amaze
school, a rule) Pat", "What's that?" lusting, it's rusting."
Lorraine, his vein. sung; only begun. scoffed, too oft.
coffin, too often.


Skinner, grown thinner. joint, sharp point Winnipeg, damn skinnipeg...
Jim, with him; Rick, inch prick. frown, a clown.
us, meet Venus, wick; it thick. Prynne, so thin,
alleges, young pledges. deserter, hurt her. Berlin, quite thin.
Marguerite, and petite, Lynn, a pin. hides, his insides.
say, No! Ixnay! night, a fright. Berlin, exceedingly thin.
River, a sliver. Hubbell, of trouble. ich, that's Finnish;
pencil; he'd stencil. Ballion, a scallion.


sweet, we meet, Leeds, of deeds. said, his head.
O'Mix, Deborah Dominatrix; bleating, a beating. closet? sure posit.
name, a cane. Beck, a Check. itches, bounteous riches,
heat, butt beat. lady, somewhere shady, Patti, quite scatty.
Jane; lover's lane. was. "Just because." easy. are queasy.
hand, wonderfully grand) dream? it seems... now, pet, now
move? will soothe heat... my teeth anticipation, better erection
go, and so face; it disgrace- taking, you quaking?
Skip, to slip spent; not bent! liking; so inviting
spankbunny, feel funny, room, corner's gloom, closet? cross it?
strip, my whip. banker, a canker. squirm, and firm,
Seattle, a paddle. making, I'm forsaking handcuffs; so rough!
behave, toilet slave. flog, shit-eating dog, late, a state.
Wayne, the cane. admirer, fire her. fart, an art.
Scotia, quite kosher. dear; your rear. Brum, fair bum.
say. spanking, OK? hankering, for spankering. please! my knees!
toff, a boff, blue- or two, leathers, their tethers.
neurotic, quite erotic; pain; to abstain. bay, I flay
me, my knee, girl, to curl, Joan, the phone)
shiver, and quiver. wanker, a canker. "Hon, it's un-
her, inform her know, to show teacher, reach her.
care; a chair. Ukraine, a cane. know, in Soho.
Bruce, a moose. closet? penile deposit?


gag, a bag; boot, you refute.... reminder, be kinder.
Heather. cuddled together. drape, mouth agape. leathers; in tethers.
intensely; enjoyed immensely. slack. did lack. probe. her lobe.
glee, nearing agony. delight, a sight. -- tightie --
slipped; her grip. strangulation, straight subjugation, fright, hold tight:
"Please... and tease." clothes. with hose; aristocratic, and pneumatic;
restrain, my brain? two; handcuffs do? know. to show.
park. the dark. dog! a log, holler, the collar;
walk; you balk fag! and brag boy, this toy.
Yale, a flail; admit, to submit Rangoon, very soon.
was, the buzz. two, might do. nose, our clothes.
whips, beau quips, you, is true! Amanda, the veranda.
Zed, just said, satisfying, he's lying. affection, an erection.
Kettering, better in. Lesser, cross dresser. Spain, of chain.
bitchin' the kitchen. Hangow, a frau. thee, Ms. Magee.
games, no names! Heather, black leather, Hope, in rope.
Sean, might yawn, power. and cower! hassle, bondage castle.
cross; a loss. stocks, the locks. wanking; I'm spanking.
Schinderhannes, Mistress Roseanne's grip; self-pity trip. letter, I'd unfetter.
Alleluia! with Julia! ya, rule ya, ya, anyone crueller,
score! said before: curve, and nerve, slightly, E-mailing nightly,
eyelashes, his moustaches. Potts, up lots) Chitholm, with 'em,
leather.... wonder whether game, I came clean," feeling mean.
traction! your reaction, buff. or cuff.) tackle, a shackle,
done. for one. Dunblane, with chain. black, my back.
sack, you back, shoes. I'll refuse. malice, to Dallas.
3A, any foreplay.


Kling, his thing. advisement, thighs meant. tries, some exercise.
Reading, a wedding. Ray, in May, fairy, folks merry.
masher. Watergate crasher. Argyle, grand style. Flask, to ask,
Rex, shrink suspects, Sledge, the ledge. displayed, The Parade.
penis, seen us! square. Cher -- sneered, quite afeared
tweet. in defeat. guts, the ruts nice: and lice;
Yale, the pale. exhibition, by tradition, Mozia, indecent exposia.
Bud, his pud. -- to sin? strokin' chicken a-chokin'.
Merse, raincoat reverse. Lutz, her struts. Ticonderoga, a toga,
star; Wunderbar -- dance, for romance. Jose, say, 'expose'.
quotes, who gloats mime, a crime, Truro, government bureau,
night, a sight!" bow, let show sensation, Nation. (IA)
gall. the mall Perth, in girth. Pottle, the bottle,
Irv, would curve. Dove, "Why Gov, hear, his career,
haste, must face. Crockett, criminal docket, Joe, to go
Bender, her fender; horses, strong forces. surprise, his prize.
Dorgan, in Glamorgan. France, without pants. Ralls, the malls.
this?" young miss. jig, a fig; woods, his goods.
McCloud, I'm endowed, Izz, in his. convince, certain hints.
Bude, the nude. advisement, flies meant. Amos, are famous.
Ash, appeared rash. occasion, on probation Lassiter, at her.
Jose', say, expose'. -- the brasher? Leach, inaugural speech,


wit. my tit; Ealing, stretching appealing; folly, is jolly.
dears, for queers. Ditches, bottom-hole itches!" AIDS, hard bastinades.
man! you can! go, in snow, plastic; were drastic.
burgess, hermitical urges, belt, a welt. Peale, a weal.
girl, hair curl. Susan; be choosin'. be, old me?
assume, for costume, Hank, of spank. rough, not enough.
Mogadishu, leashed to. Heather? the weather? "exquisite", is it
Kettle, will settle Ted, to bed man, demeanor, Roxanne,
SMACKS! of KER-THWACKS! slut! and butt? Em. Master, "Ahem.
"top," what not; Roberta, hurt 'er. thought, be taught.
cassock, a hassock, Church, with birch; craving, been saving?
Kerfipple, on Ripple. lucent; one pubescent. done, sanitary one.
true; a screw. Calcutta, with butter, crude, and rude!
Split, the pit. chapter; great laughter, Yankee, hanky panky.
lap, you slap Moines: or coin. Rankin, a spankin'.
Dusquesne, of pain. together, of leather. Gott!!" he's hot!
Amarillo, a pillow. lips, her hips; Gordon, rope cordon.
"Whoa!" to go. Spain, a chain. "Yo, can go.


Stark, the park fears, her tears Breasted, been bested,
jest, to molest. McBeirs, of brassieres. Potts, the hots,
protestors, greedy investors, Sprat, terrible bat. Hecht, when erect.
Schink, and pink. Wright, the night; Crust, of disgust.
wall, the mall. apprentice, torment us. by, and Vi,
pollster, a bolster. fastidious, circumstance hideous. Fredonia, "If onia
Chester, the Molester", aspire, to acquire beach, of reach,
alive, of Hive. teachers, the bleachers. years, theological queers.
Shriver, a fiver Bodd, a fraud. Cadiz, all ladies.
Andy, continuously randy. nuts, his guts. plumber, every newcomer,
Riffer, did differ. Deitz, into beasts. Marks, and larks
Blair, strip bare. McFuss, his bus, Blight, each night,
hope; frequently grope! Gus, prostatic truss.


rotted, I spotted. legality, recent fatality, dead, been bled.
date; was first-rate. skilled, slightly chilled. though, may know.
bed; I said? palaver, have her; lord! my gourd.
sash, nice gash; Stoke, a toke demeaning, double meaning,
bed, recently dead... squired, got tired. sin, fell in.
Whittingham, admitting 'em. stiff, The Riff; Mack, a sack.
Fred, the dead. Alice, dead phallus it; baste it.
afraid, unsavory trade, lass) with gas, scrub, a tub.
disgasting, greatly aghasting. said. in bed. OT, for me.
Binks. she stinks. cursed, that burst! palm, and calm;
did, I forbid. ya," banned necrophilia. do, a screw.
Dave; the cave. necrophile, a mile. grander, lovely Amanda,
priest, and well-greased miffed, necrophiliac gift. said, wearing red
sillier, getting chillier read, the dead. breeze. the trees.
well; the smell. aroma, that coma. clart, my heart.
desperation, such machination. alack, her crack. not, they rot.
Grace, her place. grander, lovely Amanda?" Fred, with dread.
freak? la greek? terms; and squirms. Ned; 'tis said.
bicycle, his pickle. fear, does appear Norm, a storm.
go, of Flo. cursed, that burst! sushi, even Mancusi
Dead, go ahead whack! merrily quack: Anguilla, his familiar,
front, her cunt.


floozy, Gooseberry Suzie. prong, so long. it! clit slit.
hay, erotic play. Belgrave, a cave. Kit, named Britt.
Gail, of tail. forgotten; the cotten brave. close shave.
Kit, named Brit. Ernest, trainee stlatternest, dreadlocks. bed jocks.
squired, got tired. dead; is said. pretenses, her menses,
meant, was spent.


lass, and crass, Greece, his niece. store, and more.
memorabilia, Aunt Amelia. Perce, somewhat perverse, diseased, she teased,
corner, grandma's twat. groan, sister, Joan. scoffin'!" when boffin'
Flock, lady's frock. Jock, did unfrock.


bold, years old. glade, the shade. said; is dead;
cold. grow old, pride, and wide. Shultz, and exults,
LeHavre, lovely cadaver. whoring, of scoring, in, and beckonin'
Jack, proud necrophiliac. sewer; do her. queers, in Algiers;
man! should ban. Brasilia, was gerontophilia. very, make merry.
McNull, so dull, dead, of head. Iraq, to lack.
me! you see... upset, should get. dear, I fear.
Poole, the school. weight, my plate. date, would await.
workin', good porkin'. exhume, to scrume. Lew, are through!
Niven, was givin'. cadaver, have her. Reese: jism's release
said, are dead. Greeley, a feely. Matilda; filled her.
Moffin, the coffin, Wapping, for clapping. head, in bed.
Thorpes, psychotic warps. Vance, handle romaance. Ward, a churchyard.
Perth, to unearth Norm, it's forms; Blab, the slab.
Ron, named John. Mottsum, bought some. wild, he defiled,
Poole, after school. Jacques, a truck. be, just three:
Hearst: world's worst. dirks, the perks Drew, in two.
palaver! freshish cadaver...


labs, their slabs. day, kicks that-a-way. Babs; the crabs,
new, loud "Whew! shed, some head. hemophiliac, home necrophiliac,
two. the queue; Brenda, most tender, must! with disgust,
Eanus, his penis. too; and ewe. Phyllis, thoughts necrophilous,
jokin', clearly plainspoken, Perce, a hearse. Ab, coroner's lab.
-- lay bare. Skinner, poor sinner. whoring, is pouring
dude, quite crude. McTraver, have her, Pete, studied, discreet:
West, and zest, her. dent her. Jim, old quim.
again; a sin. shit, own benefit; died, like formaldehyde.
tonight, took flight) slab, assistant, McNabb, thaw, The flaw
us, turn us. Perce; the hearse. Lynn, couldn't win.
Karnak, corpse's crack. Muffin, very often, here, so dear,
books, butchers' hooks. inert, black mini-skirt, bone-dead? throbbing head.
forensic, a lick. scoffin'!" when boffin' shorts; cold corpse
Cliff, a stiff. Cliff: virulent syph, Fred, was dead,
Hurst, at first. Mopsy, of dropsy. Jack, lady's crack.
Baker; make her. Fletcher, true lecher. lab, the Crab.
Canterbury, make merry. Babs, coldest slabs; mortician, dead beautician.
Bauer, to deflower; sea) boss, "Gee, Baker; make her.
Rand, the sand. proclivity, of morbidity. Commer, old Palmer.


Doyle, in tinfoil. Goring, up whoring. back; her crack.
feast, union ceased. Jill, poor Bill?" vice, on ice,
filly, my willy. Porter, a mortar. Porter. sort her.
Shrovetide, he died. often, to soften hag, and nag.
flagging; before bagging Peru, terrible stew. Gorceau, wife's torso.
Fife, his wife. Caesar, the freezer. insane, is plain.
suppose", Rose decompose, decomposed; and posed me, with glee;
Baynes, in pains.


Kyes; thought wise. Bloom, of gloom LaFarge, a barge,
demise, us guys Singapore, a whore, Cook, beat look.
Ed, his bed. Waring, was staring. Nantasket, a casket.
East, harlots deceased. Wise, he buys. Belgrave, a cave.
Watt, no rot, Philo, fat ho'. Hayes, much praise.
norm- a storm. Reaper: they're cheaper. old?" without gold.
whore, sailors ashore. Walker, a locker. Flo, did blow.
Skinner, a winner. Vale, some ale. inferred, have misheard.
hermetic, traveling peripatetic, Norma, much warmer. wander, out yonder;
man, you can. 'ho; to go; spell, as well;
Perce, matter adverse.


moan, scariest known!" sages, in ages, Mark, the park;
Alabama,) the llama, Blair, not fair! boys; wonderful toys;
girls; skirt twirls. Dole, his goal. young; well hung.
Noyes, mainly boys; Nast, 'til last. cursed, same thirst;
Lagrange; completely deranged. course, the Horse. smile, old pedophile.
Dob; best job. obtrusively, suits exclusively; Glinker, a thinker.
uncontested; so requested, Payne, home again. stay; you sway.
vulo-palato-phyrngeal-plasty, is nasty. PE, by Kelly; Casement, the basement;
Noyes, mainly boys; Baden-Powell, Wolf-cub howl. lad, he had;
spots, your pots nearby; said goodbye. Kirk, parents berserk.
soul, his pole; cling, a thing; desire, the campfire,
Gary, more hairy, 23; his knee. slaughter? to daughter!
white? a fright. Gadd, Vietnamese pad, surgeon, testosterone's urgeon,
joys, electrical toys. McNile, Olympics awhile. gets, the Viet-
fine, the Tyne,) sing, their thing? yesterday, they say,


figger, a nigger, woes, he grows; clever, defeated, however,
true, fucking jew. thrill, fine frill, Pete, you'd meet.
reeking, and leaking. do; something new. suckers; (spear)
Spics, the Catholics; Limey? rhyme, see?) Queer? hold dear?
Chinks, ignorant dinks; worst; come first,


folks, named Volks Japan, excellent plan: Keast, a BEAST!
tore, a whore. Clewer, threw her. Roma, in Tacoma.
Salem, fail 'em. loose; and goose, seem, molecular dream;
Cod, even nod. Bernice, local police. Jay, a day,
Vince, to rinse. Vince, to rinse. Gezahm, a lamb.
Clark, the park. Decatur, freight elevator... Scott, karate, well-taught.
said, heroine spread, chafe, rapist Rafe. Mape, sadistic rape.
Duchess, rapist's clutches. is, his offenses. Mort, last resort."
erection, with affection. caught, not shot! Beale, a heel,
Fordham, of boredom. genitalia, assail ya; Fez, Maria Montez.
jest, to molest. Krupp; her pup. Coop; duck soup.
style, of Argyle. suavity, luscious concavity, city, a pretty
Sid, his id, Jules, never cools? Beaconsfield, deacon's field,
ability, with agility. seized, he eased. Chape, did rape.
Herman, on ermine. GA, Miss BA, Haddle, from Seattle.
Devon, only seven Bahamas, sexual dramas. Strater, a satyr,
Corrie, a lorry. Cape, excellent shape Paltz, odious faults,
path, public bath, Nice, to cease. Ray, his prey;
Cort, his forte. McGruder, midnight intruder, vim, case-hardened trim
booze, Miss Hughes. Jones, her moans, race, the face--
Amarillo, his pillow, Proctor, socked her. Tuckem, chuck 'em.
attics, with mathematics. Bermuda, marauding intruder. her, jump her.
sick, the chick. Metuchen, his escutcheon. attacked, her back.
Lunt, on cunt: Salem, tail 'em. Sumter, jumped 'er.
inauspicious, quite vicious. Kay, and day. Lautrec, from Quebec.
time, a crime,


meet, or treat'. Sade. be outlawed? bitch, her niche.
Dominatrix, sexual kicks, course, necrophilia scores, Froome, his room,
Limoges, his hose. Backer, beau's tallywhacker, D'Arc; the park.
foil, to boil. blue, a few. Hicks, sly tricks.
reckless, of Beckless. Springer, oversize clinger. perky, is quirky.
Dutch, and such. Jan, vicious man. underground; tendencies astound.
heat, my neat. go; you know. Montreal, a ball,
arcane: my name! - a whip. serene; and mean,
Spain, can't explain. Boak; masterful stroke. clock, old cock
nice; quite precise. leather, of weather. Nanking, to spanking.
plod, nubile bod, Sade, terribly bad. mod? the bod?
one, has done. hugs; butt plugs. Peter, eat her.
fun, my Hon. Rip, a whip. CLEFs, bad days,
wore, a bore. bosom, cherry chasm, fickle... guy's dickhole.
Natchez, of matches, new; S&M crew. Ice, aren't nice),
Ritter, and spitter. Fennis, of menace. nous, and fou.
Bright, party invite: Spain, of pain. Jane, wooden cane:
hot, she's not. closet? a deposit drink, I think;
man, I can. whip, the tip. doc, your cock.
closet? NASDAQ composite? rough, of stuff. Schmidt, Practices" kit,
pleasure, purplish leather, closet? on deposit?


Lyford-By-Tyme, terrible crime, can!" my plan, Jo, bit ho.
Butte, be cute. Lesser, cross dresser. Russia, the blusher;
queen, been seen; buddy) and voile. serious, disorders mysterious,
limerick, bit thick Ray, special way. Jen, and then.
Larry, the unwary, random, as phantom, obsess, to undress.
Foster, female imposter. Net, he met. lips, Sigmund out-strips.
on. glance on.) believe, Years Eve. Ike, a dyke.
Kirk, sartorial quirk. Beel, to conceal fairy, was scary;
transvestite. the night. Hills, for thrills. gag, in drag.
god, my rod Lake, by mistake. piddle, the riddle.
best; a mess. FBI, her thigh. Poughkeepsie, rather tipsy.
Unt, to hunt. stress, a dress. Bruce, is puce)
boys, much noise, wife; for life. Noah, in Eudoa.
leer, the brassiere. perfection, an erection. video, cross-dressed libido,
TVs, great ease. Lola; a cola. marinara, my mascara.
disguise." a surprise. Lily, down Piccadilly, wig, old prig,
Cottam, got 'em. bow, still somehow. Bragg, a snag;
Whitey, and mighty, ring, her thing. perversion? pleasant diversion;
lace, gaily embraced, boat, I'm afloat!" Kurt, a skirt,.
heals, cross-dresser feels. fashion, inspiring passion. hear; bit queer.
trial; in de-Nile. snag; me gag. RuPaul, it all.
Hills, testosterone pills. shame, himself Mame. female, of e-mail.
burly, downright surly dance, from France skirt, moaned Bert.
ears, forty brassieres. transvestism. a prism guy. asked why?
Bangkok, terrible shock. chick; did stick. Darjeeling, very appealing.
thickly, belt, quickly, dress!" some stress. her, a cross-dresser.
slim, "her" quim. -- would recall. PRISTINE, I mean),
Jules, wearing crewels. Bayonne, some testosterone. entertain, must explain:
harem, spare 'em! West, supple breasts. trousers, Ashley, carouses
Dave, a slave.


tractor. Max Factor, chanteuse, as canoes. Sloane, its own.
Jess, a mess. -- dish dirt, Gay; will stay,
gone, dresses on. slip; might skinny-dip. Staid, or charade.
trip, the ship. Krause, his house Downs, of towns.
tip-toes, her clothes. suppose, girlie-type clothes. Stan, a man,


know, with gusto. cud, your pud. frock, in hock
"there"; your underwear. Ann... to Jan... choose, headline news,
mate, a mistake. okay, turning gray; say... August day.
need, sweet indeed! barn, a yarn fail, that bale.
Lumpur) to tell, skin, thoroughly skim; tell, a gel.
go, strip show. said, (Kuala Lampur) doc, my cock?
like. singular strike ear; your dear. me; to be.
dresses. who impresses Beach, his reach. time, as fine.
minconstrued; a dude! paws, have laws! sight, the night.
clear: my dear! cross-dresser, "Yes Sir." confessor, a cross-dresser."
hag, to sag, panties; silken scanties. feathers; and tethers.
confusing, be amusing. sight, blonde transvestite. said. my bed.
like, old spike! day, easily fray loss, should toss.
Ted, by Ed- sure, quite pure? Milan, masculine fan.
vexed, time oversexed. admission, such volition scotch: your crotch,
dilly; and frilly, work! would lurk transvestite, dress tight,
tripartite, car tight,


glory, his quarry; running; is sunning. Sammy, a chamois.
mundane, the rain! innuendo, offend, though Natchitoches, their crotches,
Berlin, hauled in; Connecticut, bad etiquette; zoo, is true.
admit, a shit, Pete, his feet. delight, of sight,
vex, his ex Herkin, bushes a-lurkin'; keyhole, pee hole!"
bars, and pars. creeping, likes peeping, seek; your week,
me? having tea, view, my shoe, Lee: to be;
Searles, underdressed girls. now; a plow; profess; I confess;
floor, in store, stare, young Claire news: his shoes
Turk, to lurk. Vince, few squints, nude, is rude.
periled, oddly appareled. embark, will park; salto, couldn't halto
club, Sweet Shrub." leisure, him pleasure. Rex, on sex.
Lee: to be; minds; are kinds Creek, and sneak.
lad, you had. shifty; miffed", he Sawyer, a voyeuer.
locality, morbid mentality, Scotch, your crotch, house; The louse
Dockers, room lockers. Troon, young June, curtain, Willie Burton.
Toyer, enjoy her. winds, pending) finds (Jacob) crack up.
blind, and grind watch. no blotch! lago, near Chicago.
seen, at Roedean. tormented, just rented


Chad, she had. Storms, heavenly forms. squeak! to peek.
Ruhr, young boor. Felice, local police, whore, next door.
Kingsessing, when undressing. shock, who unlock Shearing, sexual leering,
Moyer, campus-cop voyeur, Venus; her she-ness. McCall, too tall.
queer, the rear, Jay, the Y.M.C.A. serenade, fair maid,
heath, Marlene's underneath. court, shameless retort: Scranton, a lantern
as, car parkers;


object, Council Elect Ryde, visitor's guide, Fence. twenty-five cents.
Hedges. the ledges Sand. a grand. Noise. battery toys;
Act. with tact, see, from me. jewels; mock duels.
perversion, an excursion. FITS, her WRITS. voyeurs; their foyer.
host, a ghost. glide, to hide. roam; hair comb.
like, Annabel Sykes. notch, don't botch. head? that dread!
botch, your crotch. Jayne; a vein. advice; life's spice!
kind. will find. stayed; being displayed! dear, that rear.
though, with Nintendo, hair, lawn chair. West, the best.
keen. had seen. in, house again... drapes; jaw gapes.
know, should go, thatch, virginal snatch, wide, fingers inside;
diddle, hair pyramidal; mirror, much nearer; enchantress, and pantless.
coucher', golden hair, undressed. so impressed.] hear; the mirror,
me, don't see. school; a fool. hockey, or stocky,
wall, after netball. reaching; are breaching.." blonde, some fun.
fleur, adding allure. confesses, girl's dresses. sighs, bare thighs,
skirts, it hurts; conversion; childish perversion. confess, neighbor, undress
door, the floor? ask, rottweiler mask, pool, keep cool;
view. peep too. glance, back askance,


young, and bung. turd; I've heard. clothes; heaven knows.
bad; my lad. felon, my swellin'. dick, the trick
sick, a dick. prone, a bone. bore, nothing before.
swell; very well. text, safe sex. make, and quake.
flock, in stock, few, a ewe. thrill, fast until
Finnema, sleaze cinema, perversion. that immersion ass, a lass
few, are taboo. Pam, her clam. bored, I've scored.
forgotten; the cotton regretted, member wetted shorn; the horn.
Sue, semi-gelatinous goo Waites, sort hates:


Twist, could resist, Lux, I fucks: right, my delight!
Nick; he'd lick. renown, near town, Nottage, a cottage.
Tweed, a reed. tonight; with delight. Kelly: frequently pee;
Kent, peculiar bent. Nate, his plate. dung, mom's bung.
-- they blustered. Tijuana, in guano, Mags, for fags.
Walter'd, coprophilia's faltered. seems, repeating beans. Antietam, eat 'em.
Jodhpur, easily cure Lauren, oar in. Kivvel, some drivel.
Byrd, poisonous turd; Nick, could lick. Bart, a tart.
Delhi, and smelly. coast, his toast. disgrace, your place.
heard, fresh turd. Phyfe, his wife, stuck, gone amuck.
Peru, with poo. Seringapatam, raspberry jam, Draper, toilet paper.
blunt, cannibal cunt. ground. I found. hit. to wit:
mix. with sticks. Pat, love scat. grin; him chagrin;
Lee, my pee?" Powells, man bowels. ass, a glass.
Mattoon, ignorant goon Minot, of snot. begun, to none.
Grace, her place. smiles, feminine wiles, sweet, miniscule meat.
Britt, she'd sit. Brest, great zest. art, capital tart
Cat, into scat, Cat, for tat. Sandys, excrement candies,
Rastus, his asspastus. hay, a neigh. Vancouver, a Hoover.
York, a fork. Tia, bad diarrhea. here, Severe?
never, will sever! eggs, its dregs. Brit, of shit.
pallid, his salad. Lou, eat poo.


tarry. to carry." salivation, fresh menstruation, Wooding, Bill Gooding.
puddin' should in. neat, would eat, Fenestration" the nation.
Gowels, peoples bowels. club; a rub. bunch, menstrual punch,


Dubuque, own puke. Arden, a garden. Beeman, my semen;
makes, cream-laden cakes. Ross, his boss, Wren, virile men.
bleu; would do. Chubb, the club. White, and shite.
chin; fellating again! Norwich, his porridge, Drum: of gum?
slob, a blow-job Heights, her tights. M. and lissom.
Purdue, was through, Freeman; dirty demon. Sue, gobbling goo.
persuasion: any occasion, fresser, her dresser, nice; on ice
McFargle, such argy-bargle, say, a day, Marine, grossly obscene.
Matlock, a wok. Nelly, her belly. -- her choice.
Biggem, frig him. Pease, with ease, Valhallad, family-style's pallid!"
Perm, was sperm.


Corfu, and spew. Corfu, kitty-cat stew. fell, a jell.
"What, and snot! Legman, in 'em. toilet; boil it.
Chink, a shrink, pristiner, Rossetti, Christina. Disgusting! and rusting!
this: own piss. McFee, a bee. Turin, and whorin'.
miss, my piss; Ioway, one day, me, own pee!"
joint. this point? South, his mouth. Courtay, my forte."
Riskin, and foreskin. Balbriggan, frequently swigging. Fleam, urinal stream.
loo, in lieu veins, even profanes


truth, simulate youth, rhyme, with Time? truth, and uncouth,
Deal, isn't real, guru, to do, Chase, this pace;
pass, the ass. shock, up rock." enhancing, of advancing:
lives, the wives; ask? that task. Ukraine, "Never again!
peckers, Mum's knickers? Kim, to him. know, inconsequent flow,
- having mastitis? bewilders; our guilders; Will, initiative, Nil.
reaper, the creaper Cadiz, it is; chose, I suppose
France, a chance! confusion, an illusion? chose. I suppose
fun, have done, true, Lao Tzu, said, be dead.
Pleasure? of Leisure? go-toings, worth pursuing? brink, in ink.
friends; never ends, for; lie for. elusive; merely delusive?
wane, is vain. Ennis, yen is huddle, of rebuttal,
sex. quite complex. Toledo, excessive libido. heathen, stop breathin'
self, the shelf. tears, forthcoming years. Short, of thought.
"Well, me hell, convening, are gleaning. doubt, bringing about,
Matter," at her. River, to quiver. duress, to assess.
weft, not deft. all, big ball. exist; a mist.
plain; no Jane. Ross, a gloss. Fate" categorically state:
trust, of digust. stone, it thrown? Chiswick, despise metaphysic.
me, deep sea, going, it's slowing; be, you see,
plain, in vain, best, very impressed, parts, a start.
"Damn! a sham. "Damn! I am beseech, to each;
reason, or pagan, Chan, religions began: affection, many directions.
sleep. philosophies deep; sleep, deep -- doubt, talked about.
blotches, he botches. "Though, it's so, contention, recent convention.
soul, Infinite Whole. around, a sound?" Glass, philosophy class
sea, at me. lot, will not; gout, to doubt
clever, she never millennium, and Pentium. Cadiz, difficult quiz.
door. no more. Ned, he said. mind, not confined;
prized, life scrutinized; brain, longer remain; born; first morn;
two? cannot do. care, see there; trepidation, of facination.
tools: unreasonable fools;


burrs; no purrs. Frye, but spry, man, a plan
agrarian, become vegetarian." fear, not near; start. humble heart.
duck, I buck; why, you try. seems; it teems.
riddle: too little! up. cyber cup society, nervous anxiety.
brain; awful pain; intervention, lover's intention. soul. and whole?
sage, the rage, doubt, WAY OUT, class; some surpass.
Way, minds stray," kink, a link. bemusing, decisions confusing,
preach, a reach; sung. now sprung. pleasure, unwrapping treasure.
said, easily lead. grin, will win plug, just shrug.
I, travels decry: see, to be. succumb, peppermint gum:
Lunt, fresh cunt. Occam, shock 'em), show. Oh no!
road, negative code. hold? be bold. cop, they drop;
Buddha, with Gouda. gropin' hardly copin'. time, a crime.
ending, is ascending. success? I confess. say? and play.
complaining: be training. yesterday. and say, guaged; be enraged,
debonaire, savoir faire, thing, own thing. McFee, to be
design, the wine beating, of cheating; sure; her --
proclaim: a shame. wrong, or belong. eccentricity, of simplicity,
us, much uptightness. "How, you, Tao? -- nice --
life, and strife, it. fake it. today, a stay.
Fool: bright rule... zipper, Yom Kippur, limit; every minute.
pubescence, -- adolescence.


repeat, sandwich, complete; do; the loo. top! a bop.
find, are blind. learning, lots concerning. relief, corned beef.
nanny, Sweet Fanny They; They say. guide; I stride.
you; you do. all? will fall day; damn way.
denied, you tried. right; precipitous fight, success, big mess,
butter, my cutter? plagarism, icholai Lobachevskyism, spinning, the beginning."
soar, the floor. unpunished, is unvarnished: witticism, "correctness" empiricism:
enow, here trow, true. and you. right, we might
good, we should hurt, slightly absurd, group, funny troop,
along, discordant song, masses, several classes. those, to oppose,
frayed, a "tirade", sad, feel bad. sure, the cure.
think, wee wink. shock, to rock repair; and there.


then, assigned them. gripe: their Type. space, "natural place";
trite, to write. ballyhoo, of Value. overreaching's, systems teachings.
force, its source. Aristotle, a tottle, anatomy, to be:
bone: their own? factors, rational actors. disappointed, coined it):
some, mere flotsam. fraction) their action. chortles, Pearly Portals!
rare, his hair. Aristotle, a bottle, bright, his plight.
peripetetic, motion kinetic, till, chose Aristotle. Greek, not unique.


know, wouldn't go. cognizes, than surmises. bed, my head.
it; some spirit-- jam. be sham. nearly-- it dearly.
lessons, my presence: convention, brutish dimension. strictly, too quickly.
humming, forth coming. existence, met resistance: vise, but thrice.
us, detain us. Satanic, sceptical panic? indignance, are figments,
fusion, or illusion. single, and tingle?-- station, to sensation.
section, and effection: street, their feet. be, potentially free.
idea, to fear. earth, from birth: Extension! by prehension.
empirical, perfectly spherical. head, while dead. Les; some stress.
particle, definite article. source, of discourse. pass; this class.
Descartes, metaphysical start, find: my mind, pissed, to insist,
cheer, a beer. Decartes, his farts. lot, his plot:
beer, slight leer. suis." you'll agree) Rene, passed away:
sot, we're taught. yam, have lamb. beers, are queers.
be," to agree... "Damn! a sham. Descartes, fine art.
beer, a queer: cheer, a beer. beer, a queer:
feared, being reared." damn, a sham. Quist, Radical Idealist.
said, head -- am," a jam. Mum, quite dumb,
see, to be, Touraine; mathematical brain. drawn; the lawn.
glum, was numb. Dupree, than three. Descartes, a tart.
Dustcarts, between farts, Decartes, to heart, ma'am. a damn.
beering; throat clearing, Montmarte, that Sartre. Linc, should think.


read) daily bread. mu-meson, base on. norm, a reform.
deck, and beck. Schopenhauerians, of experience. avowed, a crowd.
variations, mere manifestation. seek, always weak. it!) that's inchoate.
passion, or fashion. puling, outmoded schooling. need, new breed:
boost, finally loosed. escapist, shape is. graces, or papacious.
breeze, such prodigies. trepidations, strength's emanations. voting, some gloating.
Lord, this horde. pray, of day. Nietzche, classical teacher,
Nietzsche, meet ye. Nietzche, extrordinary feature. said. his head?
"Cogito," to "Burrito."