Said a sweet girl from fair Nova Scotia,
"Hon, I don't think this spanking's quite kosher.
Being spanked by your hand
I find utterly grand,
But a folded-up holiday brochure??"
--- Robert Bowden

Pull down your panties, my dear;
It's past time I paddled your rear.
You've acted the tease
And my temper needs ease.
You won't sit for a week now I fear.
--- Robert Bowden

A certain young bircher from Brum,
Enjoyed spanking his lady's fair bum.
The lady, named Beatty,
Loved the hand of her sweetie,
But was certainly not "under his thumb!"
--- Robert Bowden

Of nuns, I have something to say.
They were good at spanking, OK?
They taught me a few tricks;
Pain and pleasure do mix.
Now spanking is erotic play.
--- StarOak

You seem to have quite a hankering
For belts, whips, and shoes used for spankering.
Well spanking is nice
If applied once or twice,
As long as it leads to a yankering.
--- Mike Hunter

Will you please come on, flog me please!
I'm down on my hands and my knees!
Strike my ass with your paddle!
I swear I won't tattle,
If you promise my balls you will tease!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

As I understand it, this toff,
Who came to your seat for a boff,
Has a tongue that's so acid,
It makes grown men flaccid
whenever it leads her to scoff.
--- Lucy

That's true; but she caters for blue-
Blooded toffs with a fetish or two,
For a spank and a curse
From their nursery nurse,
Which for cash she is willing to do.
--- Peter Wilkins

She lowers their drawers and leathers
Blue-blooded bums in their tethers.
Brings a flush to the cheeks
With her wounding critiques
Of their in-bred aristocrat nethers.
--- Lucy

Unless one is highly neurotic,
Spanking can be quite erotic;
With latex and leathers,
Or satin and feathers --
It can be plain or exotic.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I'm really not much into pain;
From S&M I do try to abstain.
Not as giver or receiver,
You can just ask my beaver.
Pleasure is so much more humane.
--- Cheryl

Had best keep my temper at bay,
'Cause if someone might see that I flay
You or give you a flog,
My dear faithful old dog,
They might call the R.S.P.C.A.
--- Anon

Oh the rapture it causes for me,
When I think of her over my knee,
As I spank and I wale
On her rosy red tail,
While her kicks are delightful to see.
--- Rosy B Goode

I know a hot spankable girl,
Whose toes are quite likely to curl,
When I write how her pranking
That gets her a spanking,
Will turn her to ruby from pearl.
--- Rosy B Goode

A naughty young girl was Miss Joan
(She talked much too long on the phone)
So she's sent to bed,
And will not be fed,
And whenever she's seated, she'll moan.
--- D A Landhill

Oh I just cannot help it but shiver,
As her words make me tremble and quiver.
With her threats and her teases,
She tempts and she pleases,
And somehow I'm sure she'll deliver.
--- Rosy B Goode

The Pope, a Priest, and a wanker,
Went to heal an old gal with a canker.
She kissed the Pope's ring,
She heard the Priest sing,
But the best the last did was to spank her.
--- Anon

To his wife Mr Williams said, "Hon,
I am well aware that it's un-
Ally sadistic
For me to spank you. But it's fun."
--- Michael Weinstein P0312

Clarissa still thinks that I scorn her
Attention, but soon I'll inform her
Of how bad girls are noticed,
Bending down to touch toetips,
Then standing with nose in a corner.
--- D A Landhill

There is a sweet woman I know,
Who is very eager to show
Her sweet satins and lace
And the parts that they grace,
That she's making me quiver, you know.
--- Rosy B Goode

Tom gave apples to his best teacher,
His true feelings seem not to reach her.
He kept getting the cane
Again, and again;
Her caning arm was her best feature.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

I knocked and then opened with care;
She was inside, bent over a chair.
I lifted her skirt;
Said "My dear, this may hurt,"
Grabbed a beer and began to prepare.
--- Robert Bowden

A former teacher from the Ukraine
Said when he was at school, he'd a cane.
Six strokes on the behind
Was quite apt to remind
The recipient -- don't do it again.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

A large domitrix I did know
Through her advert I saw in Soho.
It read, "Passion waning?
I prescribe a stern caning
Which we'll videotape, blow by blow."
--- Loren C Fitzhugh P9407

A fellow from Bangor named Bruce,
Would often have sex with a moose.
But his brother named Bret,
Had some weirder sex yet,
With a knothole he found in a spruce.
--- Cap'n Bean P0012

Why is that whip in your closet?
Wanting a penile deposit?
I admit it'd be nice,
'Cause my pecker's like ice!
A good whipping usually thaws it!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Handcuffs, ropes, chains and gag,
Wrapped up inside of a bag;
My wife is quite odd,
But I'm a lucky bod,
She's never has been known to nag.
--- Gillian B

As Mame laces up her black boot,
Oils her whip, can you refute....
She has gleam in her eye;
She knows just which guy
Will be whipped until he is mute.
--- Anon

The whip will leave a reminder
That Mame will never be kinder.
You don't cross this bitch,
If you don't want the switch
To lay open your ugly behinder.
--- Anon

Timid Tim wed a virgin named Heather.
She was shy when they cuddled together.
But the first time they stripped,
He got hogtied and whipped,
By a thigh-booted bitch in black leather!
--- Lims For Year - 01

The cad leaped from behind the drape,
And caught Leslie with mouth agape.
And then the foul swine
Bound her up with twine,
And sealed her mouth with silvery tape.
--- Historian

There was a girl all dressed in leathers;
Her wrists and ankles bound in tethers.
Her hands they were bagged;
Her mouth is was gagged;
Her tormentors approached her with feathers.
--- Curt

The girl she struggled intensely;
The bondage she enjoyed immensely.
A feather was applied
As she lay on her side,
To which she giggled so tensely.
--- Curt

This is file tnl

In the bonds she could gain her no slack.
Knowledge of escape she did lack.
The ropes they grew tighter!
With a flick of a lighter,
She felt the drip on her back.
--- Curt

Five fingers started to probe.
A hot tongue caressed at her lobe.
Some thing at her snatch;
The warmth of a match!
Sharp teeth nibbled too, at her globe.
--- Curt

She squirmed harder and whimpered in glee,
Her torments nearing agony.
The fingers drove deep,
Deep into her keep.
She moaned louder in ecstasy!
--- Curt

Her tormentors paused in delight
To savor so pleasant a sight.
They passed 'round a fag,
Then tightened the gag --
Saying "Happy Holidays to all and good night!"
--- Curt

Instead of cuffs, how 'bout my nightie --
I'll tie it around your wrists tightie --
Then I'll do my worst,
Till you think that you'll burst --
How's that for carnal delightie?
--- Kaylin

My lover, while mounting me, slipped;
Too much baby oil, lost her grip.
I tried to hold on
But like a flash she was gone.
So next time we're chained at the hip!
--- Anon

Said the pervert, "I'll take strangulation
Over whipping or straight subjugation,
To enhance the orgasm
Of victims that has 'em,
Undergoing coerced masturbation."
--- John Miller

Lads, I know this will give you a fright
But I'd say to your care bears, hold tight:
Won't let one of you slip
And I'm cracking my whip,
'Cause I don't feel submissive tonight.
--- Anon

I want a man who will say, "Please...
Torture me, spank me and tease."
I want to hear, "Madame.."
From each Tom, Dick, and Adam,
As they crawl to me on their knees.
--- Anon

My sister wears sexy tight clothes.
Likes gang bangs and beatings with hose;
She's met her soul mates,
The dentist she dates
Does root-canal work through her nose.
--- SFA

She was haughtily aristocratic,
Curvaceously plump and pneumatic;
She wielded a whip
And demanded I strip,
To anticipate feelings ecstatic.
--- Peter Wilkins

Girl, how will I ever restrain
This thing that now boggles my brain?
Got one of those straps?
Some black leather wraps?
A bridle thing with a strong rein?
--- H Welchel

I've got a surprise or two;
Will these fuzzy red handcuffs do?
Right after my quiche,
I'm grabbing the leash.
Who wears it this time, me or you?
--- Arden

I've been a bad boy -- this we know.
It's time for some penance to show.
Embarass me rough --
A fuzzy red cuff
Will let the world know I'm a ho'.
--- H Welchel

Take me on a leash to the park.
Walk me around nude in the dark.
Tell all the peepers
And sleepers and creepers,
I'm dog-slave to your Matriarch.
--- H Welchel

Down on your knees, sniveling dog!
Stay there as stiff as a log,
Else you'll feel the tip
Of my little whip,
So much you'll be left in a fog.
--- Arden

I'd rather that you do not holler,
When around your neck goes the collar;
Studded with spikes,
Of which the likes
Cost well over $500 dollar.
--- Arden

I'm takin you now for a walk;
Best not let me hear you balk
Or you'll get a kick
Smack on your dick;
Not one word, be still, do not talk!
--- Arden

My, we did scare that young fag!
I love when you puff up and brag
Of how you're the Queen
And all that is mean!
Thanks for removing my gag!
--- H Welchel

You have been such a good boy,
I'll let you play with this toy.
It's soft and it's round
With two global mounds.
I know it will bring you much joy.
--- Arden

A dominant lady from Yale,
Liked to beat on her slaves with a flail;
Saying, "Be looking cute,
While your licking my boot,
And continue on up to my tail!
--- Richard Long

But secretly I will admit
That I'd really quite like to submit
To your will and lie prone,
As you ride on my bone,
Or demand that I tongue your sweet clit.
--- Anon

Said a lover in downtown Rangoon,
"You're going nowhere very soon.
You may struggle and squirm,
But it's hard, you will learn
To get out of a duct tape cocoon!"
--- Mick Stupp

A fine chap from England there was
Whose expertise was all the buzz.
He could tie to a tee,
And escape then scott-free.
When asked why, all he said was "Because!"
--- Curt

We'll start with a dinner for two,
These oysters and champagne might do.
And I must be careful
Not to do something awful,
Like spilling the cream over you.
--- Archie

We have kissed, and bumped nose to nose,
And fumbled us out of our clothes.
With practice we will
Improve at this skill,
But now some new problems arose.
--- Archie

I've found the nice chains and the whips,
And the cuffs. Now, your new beau quips,
It's you who decide
On whose trembling hide
We'll attach these shiny new clips.
--- Archie

It has been suggested that you
Might be kinky and yes, it is true!
I'm not really minding
Who's in charge of the binding;
We can take turns since it's just for us two.
--- Archie

There was a young girl named Amanda,
Who was tied all up on the veranda.
Every limb was bound
With rope all around,
Ane then gagged with a bananda.
--- Historian

An English lass called Lady Zed
When asked about nightwear just said,
"Rubber's too hot;
Rope itches a lot,
So I always wear handcuffs to bed."
--- Gillian B

There is nothing that's so satisfying,
Than to sit on a man when he's lying.
The ultimate goal
Is to sit on his pole,
Then make him feel helpless while sighing.
--- Jayne

There was a young girl whose affection
In passing, could cause an erection.
With three feet of rope,
A gag and some soap,
She could achieve hot-tied perfection!
--- Curt

If it's bondage you like, then it's Kettering,
(Say connoisseurs,) that things are better in.
Voluptuous Jane's
Got padlocks and chains,
And iron framed beds for your fetterin'.
--- Tiddy Ogg

A young man whose name was Tim Lesser,
Was an extremely avid cross dresser.
But his new bondage gear
Brought irrational fear,
Of coming too quick through the pressure.
--- Anon