All was well with the Dowager Duchess
When trapped in the mad rapist's clutches.
Till he turned on the light,
Took one look, said good night,
So she hit him with one of her crutches.
--- Isaac Asimov

A rapist's convicted, and hence is
Executed for all his offenses.
Thereafter, indeed,
His victims agreed
That the man was well-hung in both senses.
--- Isaac Asimov

An old rapist accused was called Mort,
And the Judge said, "It's a last resort."
The jury was sympathetic;
Mort was old and pathetic,
And the evidence would not stand in court.
--- Henry Mucha

When Chief Long-Pecker has an erection,
Small boys view the sight with affection.
His delight is to pillage
Virgins, village by village--
Squaws, head in the other direction!
--- G0802

Said the man to the rapist he caught,
"You are lucky your ass is not shot!
But the good news for you
Is that I want her too.
No shot if I get her twat!"
--- Straydog

A flasher and rapist named Beale
Admitted to being a heel,
But laughed, "If convicted
Or bad as depicted,
I'd certainly waive my appeal."
--- Armand Singer

Two middle-ages ladies from Fordham,
Went for a walk and out of boredom.
As they made their way back,
A sex maniac
Leapt out from some trees and ignored 'em.
--- Bill in Oz

Said a girl anent male genitalia,
"Men will unzip their pants and assail ya;
Once you smile and say, 'Oh,'
They will never take 'no';
In a flash they will flop and impale ya!"

(anent - about, concerning)
--- Armand E Singer 79

There once was a young lady of Fez
Who had thighs like Maria Montez.
She was raped on the floor
By a brutal senor
In Madrid, Marrakesh, St. Tropez.
--- G0587

There once was a man who would jest,
And children he liked to molest.
He found a pre-school,
And started to drool;
He's charged with both rape and incest.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

On trial was a young man named Krupp;
He raped an old maid and her pup.
But he stated in court
That this low, bestial sport,
Was a friendship he tried to work up.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1155

There once was a man nicknamed Coop;
For him, raping girls was duck soup.
But hooray for old Lottie,
Who knew her karate,
And knocked that sumbitch for a loop!
--- Laurence Craft

There's not much to be said for the style,
Of the various lairds of Argyle.
They just flip up the kilt,
And plunge to the hilt
In the lasses they choose to defile.
--- John Ciardi

Joe inspects girls with conscienceless suavity,
In search of their luscious concavity,
At which he will leap
Like a wolf on a sheep,
With utterly hardened depravity.
--- Isaac Asimov

In a park overlooking the city
A rapist leaps out at a pretty
Young lady whose cry
Brings a tear to his eye--
But he's longer on lust than on pity.
--- Gents Alphabet Book P9603

An amorous fellow named Sid
Lost total control of his id,
Resulting in rapes,
All sizes, all shapes --
It did, honest Injun, it did.
--- Armand E Singer 851

Have you heard of the boxer named Jules
Whose hunger for rape never cools?
He pays no attention
To social convention,
Or the Marquis of Queensberry rules.
--- G0626

There once was a yokel of Beaconsfield
Engaged to look after the deacon's field,
But he lurked in the ditches
And diddled the bitches
Who happened to cross that antique 'uns field.
--- L0003

A lady with no mean ability
Was raped by a man with agility.
She said, "You are pleasant
But you're only a peasant,
And I'm usually raped by nobility."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0028

The rapist a young lady seized
And inward his pecker he eased.
He said, "Bear it and grin,
For when it's fully in,
I am sure you will not be displeased."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1388

There was a young fellow named Chape
An elderly spinster did rape.
When he got up to go,
She cried out, "Oh no!
Now you kiss me and hug me, you ape!"
--- Albin Chaplin

A filthy rich cockster named Herman
Raped all of his conquests on ermine.
He explained to the curious,
"It makes them less furious,
And mitigates most of their squirmin'."
--- Armand E Singer 402

On an island near Athens in GA,
A tourist from Yonkers, Miss BA,
Felt it useless to screech,
Being raped on the beach
Where the red necks are insensitive TA.
--- Arthur Deex P0208

There was an old cowboy named Haddle
Who raped an old maid from Seattle.
She jumped on his horse,
To avoid him of course,
But he screwed her once more in the saddle.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0704

There once was a faddist of Devon
Who said, "I have raped only seven
Young women to date,
But I'll soon make it eight,
And shortly thereafter eleven."
--- G0562

A fellow from Nassau, Bahamas,
Was an actor in sexual dramas.
He'd grab at a skirt
And jab till it hurt,
After poking it through her pajamas.
--- G0536a

A carnal debaucher named Strater,
Who must have been cloned from a satyr,
Committed sex crimes
In hot and cold climes,
Repugnant from Pole to Equator.
--- Armand E Singer 433

There was a young lady from Corrie
Who went for a ride in a lorry.
The driver undraped her,
Repeatedly raped her --
A trite but predictable story.
--- Armand E Singer 68

A lusty old man from the Cape,
Kept his mattress in excellent shape
With pubic hairs plucked
From the women he'd fucked,
In the course of a lifetime of rape.
--- G2285

There once was a cad from New Paltz,
Who, among his less odious faults,
Scorned romance as "red tape."
He preferred simple rape,
Without what he called "all that schmaltz."
--- John Ciardi

When the sisters McGrath took the path
Which led to the new public bath,
They were stopped in the park
By a lad on a lark,
Who indulged in the rapes of McGrath.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0289

A rapist who practiced near Nice
Was cautioned severely to cease.
He was not to be doing
That promiscuous screwing--
Such stuff is reserved for police.
--- G0786

A young rapist tyro named Ray
Ejected all over his prey;
The cum began thickening,
A sight all too sickening,
And dried on his fly like souffle.
--- Armand E Singer 259

This is file uel

They claim of a fellow named Cort
That serial rape is his forte.
He floors double dozens --
Friends, strangers, and cousins --
But sets a few loose just for sport.
--- Armand E Singer 177

There was an old maid named McGruder,
Nightly nuzzled by a midnight intruder,
In the town of Emporia.
In a state if euphoria,
Every night she awaits her fine tutor.
--- Grand Prix Lim 400

What a good rapist needs is real vim
For he must be in case-hardened trim
To rape a hot dolly...
Otherwise it is folly,
For the dolly may end raping him!
--- Grand Prix Lim 22

A rapist who reeked of cheap booze,
Attempted to ravish Miss Hughes.
She cried, "I suppose
There's no time for my clothes,
But PLEASE let me take off my shoes.
--- L0019

There was a young woman named Jones,
Who midst her screams, her howls, and her moans,
Was raped by a nigger
Whose tool was no bigger,
Than yours or mine--hence the groans!
--- L1694

Those of one particular race
After sex are all red in the face--
Not caused by the prize,
Nor hard exercise,
But from having been sprayed by that Mace.
--- Harry Rubin P9302

There was an old man of Amarillo
Who screwed young girls on his pillow,
Until he got caught
with his prick hanging out.
Now he's paying for his peccadillo.
--- Anon

In the hospital bed lay Miss Proctor,
Debauched by the rapist who socked her.
As she cursed her abductor,
Seven orderlies fucked her,
And the intern, the priest, and the doctor.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2918

At the counter for candy, clerk Tuckem,
Said the rest of the jobs you could chuck 'em.
When young girls with nice butts
Came to ask him for nuts,
He jumped over the counter to fuck 'em.
--- Albin Chaplin

Recluses in basements and attics
Have sex sometimes with mathematics.
Concave or convex
Or with Oedipus Rex
And even advanced acrobatics!
--- Neal Wilgus P8506

There was an old maid from Bermuda,
Who shot a marauding intruder.
It was not her ire
At his lack of attire,
But he reached for her jewels as he screwed her.
--- L1133

If you find a sweet thing and would hump her,
Hide in the bushes and jump her.
She'll respond to your form
With a snatch, sweet and warm.
And if she's ungrateful, then dump her.
--- Writerman

Though a eunuch, the mobster was sick
With a feverish lust for the chick.
As she couldn't escape,
He managed the rape
With a corncob instead of his prick.
--- A N Wilkins P9002

There was a young man from Metuchen,
Had a terrible blot on his escutcheon.
He forcibly laid
A crippled old maid,
And ended by shoving her crutch in.
--- G2428

Though a menstruating girl was attacked
By a savage who jumped on her back.
His thrusts interfemoral
Were better than Demerol
For soothing her poor sacroiliac.
--- Actaeon

A rapist who raped in West Lunt
Made this interesting comment on cunt:
"Every dame has a twat,
But I rapes just the hot,
So it's that kind of cunt that I hunt."
--- G0785

There once was a man from Salem,
Who'd latch on to women and tail 'em.
Wherever they went,
He'd wait till they bent,
And when no one was looking, he'd nail 'em.
--- MrMalo

There was a wild youth of Fort Sumter
Lured a gal up the creek and then jumped 'er.
Whistling "Dixie" meanwhile
In rock-&-roll style,
All the time that his love-muscle pumped her.
--- Grand Prix Lim 48

An elderly maid, inauspicious,
Was raped by a robber quite vicious.
She came out of her faint
To file a complaint,
But admitted the whole thing was delicious.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024 G1567

There was an old spinster named Kay
Who carried a chain night and day.
In her mind was a plan --
If attacked by a man,
She made sure he would not get away.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2634

A thorough young thief named Lautrec
Once frisked an old maid from Quebec.
He discovered no money
But she said to him, "Honey,
Don't stop now, I will write you a check."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0238

As a hobby, rape helps to kill time,
So why the law calls it a crime,
Us rapists can't see--
It's the Land of the Free,
And with rape you don't pay a damn dime.
--- G0783

On a dark night you soon will meet
Lots of kids as they go 'trick or treat'.
So some gadgets I made,
Like apples and razor blade;
Being a sadist is really quite sweet.
--- Anon

Let's all cheer for L'Arts de Sade.
Who says it should be outlawed?
To whip ya and chain ya
And otherwise pain ya,
Till you're feeling quite thoroughly pawed.
--- KAMS

Esmerelda, a known kinky bitch,
Uses switches and whips as her niche.
At times, it was boring,
Just constantly whoring,
And she'd fall asleep at the switch.
--- Al Willis T9711

Sadistic Miss Dominatrix
Gets most of her sexual kicks,
By using her tweezers
To depilate geezers,
Then crushing their balls between bricks.
--- Peter Wilkins

If you're a sadist, and bestial of course,
And with you, necrophilia scores,
Then put on leather strip,
And grab that big whip,
And come out and flog a dead horse.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A glutted debauchee from Froome,
Lured beauteous maids to his room,
Where, after he'd strip them,
He'd generally whip them
With a bundle of twigs or a broom.
--- L0467

A sadist who lived in Limoges,
Used to beat up his wife with his hose.
He declared, "It is fun
Before I've begun
To warm her from scalp-lock to toes."
--- L1467

A sadist by name of Ms. Backer
Would bite on her beau's tallywhacker,
Inducing loud calls
By squeezing his balls,
And pounding them blue if not blacker.
--- Armand E Singer 82

Beware of one Frankie John D'Arc;
This land shark hunts girls in the park.
He'll charm you awhile,
But you'll die in his smile
For his bite is much worse than his bark.
--- Annie Jay

Your roving she's tempted to foil
By putting a pot on to boil.
She gets all smug looking,
'Cause soon she'll be cooking
Your bits in hot tea or hot oil.
--- Anon

Her parenting skills, black and blue,
Are practiced by more than a few.
But when cameras roll
Lay off the small soul,
As Ms. Toogood was not wont to do.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0211