A sadistic young lady named Hicks
Abducted young men with sly tricks.
She cut off their balls
Which she hung on the walls,
And made door-handles out of their pricks.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1790

It seems that one day she got reckless,
With a midget, well hung, name of Beckless.
He fucked her, the runt,
Then he cut out her cunt,
Which he hung on a gold-plated necklace.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1791

She met an old butler named Springer
And she marveled at his oversize clinger.
But this crafty old vassal,
He cut out her ass'le,
And made him a ring for his finger.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1792

The chill makes her nipples so perky
And the sex she desires is quirky.
Black latex and chains,
The bonus is pains.
It oft makes her cunt drip like a Slurpee!
--- Dan Thomas

Somehow you don't think of the Dutch
As given to lewdness and such.
But they pour on the sex
With terrific effects
When a Dutch 'maisie' gets you in her clutch.

(maisie - sado-masochist from meisje - young girl)
--- G0577

Two siblings named Frances and Jan
Had sex with the same vicious man.
He plucked all the hair
From Jan's do-take-care
And fired the furze on poor Fran.
--- Armand E Singer 352

Jess lives nearby underground;
Her S & M tendencies astound.
With whips and with chains,
She does inflict pains
And also is gagged and bound.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a bad bitch in heat,
Who craved a piece of my neat.
But I ran like hell
Because of the funny smell.
And now I'm with someone I beat.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Some people will now have to go;
The motel is paid for, you know.
The handcuffs and whips,
They don't work for tips,
So don't hang around for the show!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A sadist from Old Montreal
Took a masochist out for a ball,
And each got full measure
Of perverted pleasure--
By doing just nothing at all.
--- Norm Storer A

I go for fads new and arcane:
Crippled girls, shooting shit--that's my name!
I'm a sadist, a hustler,
A reformed pussy-muzzler;
Square head-shrinkers say I'm insane.

(shooting shit - injecting heroin)
--- G2672

I fasten one hand on a nip -
The other one wielding a whip.
I flay on her butt,
But once hit my nut,
And bucked the girl into a flip.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

His childhood was far from serene;
With a stepfather callous and mean,
Who worked a casino
Dealing blackjack in Reno,
He was hit till he turned 17.
--- Jerry Nordal P0301

A pernicious old wino from Spain
Has whims even he can't explain.
He sends his friends parcels
Of homogenized arseholes,
And repeats when they write to complain.
--- Grand Prix Lim 187 G2512

There's this orgasm lover named Boak;
He just pulled off a masterful stroke.
He maximized pleasure
Beyond human measure;
Smeared his penis with hot poison oak!
--- Armand E Singer 349

On Christmas Eve night, when clock
Strikes twelve, my whores stretch my old cock
From bedroom to stable,
Then tie it with cable
And beat it until I'm in shock.
--- Travis Brasell

The Christmas before wasn't nice;
Disastrous, to be quite precise.
For their party trick
Was boiling my dick,
While crushing my balls in a vice.
--- SFA

A tireless young lady in leather,
Liked men in all kinds of weather.
She rode them outdoors
Till they got saddle sores,
They'd hide but she found them wherever!
--- Anon

An old major, stationed in Nanking,
Was really quite partial to spanking.
He said, "S&M
Is good for the men;
At least, it's much better than wanking."
--- Linda Marsh Coll

As through the Mad Marquis we plod,
While he craved a fine nubile bod,
For his cruel diversion
Or favorite perversion,
He definitly was often scrod.
--- Chris

You've heard of the Marquis de Sade,
Whose reputation was terribly bad.
From sex, to a duel,
He enjoyed being cruel;
The man, sir, in fact, was a cad.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

Is your sex life in every way mod?
Do you long for new thrills for the bod?
Make life's rhythm complete.
Get in time with the beat.
Come visit the Marquis de Sade.
--- A N Wilkins P8703

Well, Tiddy, that Tookie is one
Who won't admit what he has done.
But he murdered four
And would probably kill more,
If he was turned loose with a gun.

(Tookie Williams, founder of Crips, executed Calif)
--- Observer Q

I'm through with soul-kissing and hugs;
I'm into clit-pinching, butt plugs.
Bright red welty bodies,
Rough-riding on twatties,
And snippish nip-squeezing of dugs.
--- Tutta Gioia

A horny old sadist named Peter
Had a wife, but he wouldn't eat her.
And when he got hyper,
With his peter he'd pipe her,
But wished she'd allow him to beat her.
--- Anon

Private nursing could be lots of fun,
But you really don't know me, my Hon.
Bondage and whips
Just may be my trips;
All tied up with no place to run.
--- StarOak

There was an old sadist named Rip,
Who made love to his wife with a whip.
He'd tease and provoke her,
And finally choke her,
As he shot her a fuck in the hip.
--- G0731

Few popular ROMAN A CLEFs,
Have survived from the real old bad days,
And remain as mod
As the Marquis de Sade,
Who wrote about sex in weird ways.
--- Chris Papa

Whips, chains, and shackles she wore,
Though she'd come to think it all a bore.
Whether branding iron sear,
Or a cock up the rear,
She'd say "Seen it, done it before!"
--- Straydog

Man, there's nothin like a big bosom
Coupled with a tight, cherry chasm,
So that while I suck
My shaft might get stuck;
It's painful, but, hey, that's sadism.
--- Anon

A lady sadist, quite fickle...
"Should I stick a needle up this guy's dickhole.
Pour hot wax on his sack,
Break his joints on the rack,
Or probe his asshole with a sickle?"
--- Cruelty Jones

A vicious old codger in Natchez
Demonically lights pads of matches,
Which he pokes in the drawers
Of defenseless young whores,
Where it singes their sex fur in patches.
--- G2443

I'm rough and I'm tough and I'm new;
I'm joining the S&M crew.
I'm erect as I wait
To smack my next date
With switches of wet split bamboo.
--- Tutta Gioia

This is file udl

A dominant female named Ice,
(The things she goes in for aren't nice),
While under the covers
Compels all her lovers
To have their balls squeezed in a vice.
--- Armand E Singer 482

A flagellant sportsman named Ritter,
Ripped the hide off each slider and spitter.
The elusive strike zone,
He considered his own,
And was quit an accomplished switch hitter.
--- Pierce Evans

A dreary young bank clerk named Fennis
Wished to foster an aura of menace.
To make people afraid
He wore gloves of grey suede
And white footgear intended for tennis.
--- Edward Gorey

The Marquis de Sade, entre nous,
Was really both horny and fou.
He felt no aversion
To any perversion,
And shouted, "Chacun a son gout!"

(fou - drunk or bushel)
--- Number Two P9009

An S&M lover named Bright
Turned down a friend's party invite:
"Thanks so much, but no,
I simply can't go --
I fear I'll be tied up tonight."
--- Armand E Singer 891a

There once was a lady of Spain
Who like to inflict lots of pain.
She nibbled the tits
Of a man from Biarritz,
Not once, but again and again.
--- Anon

A leather-clad young lass named Jane,
Said whilst swinging a long wooden cane:
"It's far worse to grieve
Than it is to receive,
And my pleasure is torture and pain."
--- Phil T

While admitting Maeve Binchey is hot,
I have secret suspicions she's not.
The Lady who earns
Her money with turns
On the rack, 'til I'm splendidly taut.
--- Anon

Why is that whip in your closet?
Take it out, bitch, and make a deposit
On my flesh till I'm hurtin',
Make me sniff your beef curtain,
Then put the whip up my crack and just floss it.
--- Cruelty Jones T9711

The mad scientist mixed a strange drink,
To enhance his perceptions, I think;
The old boy went berserk;
Carved some tarts with his dirk;
And the cops drug him off to the clink!
--- Anon

Oh Captain, My Captain, dear man,
I will fly with you when I can.
Right now I must work
On this lawyer jerk
To whip him in shape is my plan.
--- Marlene Lewis

I've still got that really nice whip
With B-B's that come out the tip.
I'll use that on him
To make him less prim,
Then off I will head to your ship.
--- Marlene Lewis

I do hope by then that the doc
Is able to straighten your cock.
But if you're still bent
Perhaps we could rent
Some by-the-hour space-flyboy jock.
--- Marlene Lewis

Why is that whip in your closet?
Sitting on your NASDAQ composite?
Are you really rich?
Then I'll be your bitch,
And in MY bank you can deposit!
--- Annie Mae Hentai T9712

I think she prefers to play rough
And has a whole roomful of stuff.
Ropes, whips, cuffs and leather,
When all used together,
Bring Carol a damp tingly muff.
--- Randog

A nostalgic stormtrooper named Schmidt,
Used a "Nazi Sex Practices" kit,
Which had boots and a whip,
With a nice metal tip,
But his bride didn't like it one bit.
--- Isaac Asimov

I want something new for my pleasure,
A suit of tight purplish leather,
A whip and a chain,
To cause some sheer pain,
A chicken, and not just a feather.
--- Annie Mae Hentai T9712

Why is that whip in your closet?
Did someone place it on deposit?
With those leathery boots
And large rubber suits,
Were they used for some purpose? What was it?
--- FCA T9711

A transvestite from Lyford-By-Tyme
When charged with a terrible crime,
Said, "Your honor, Oh No!
It cannot be so,
For I was abroad at the time."
--- Anon

"I'm ready, take me if you can!"
Said Alice -- and such was my plan,
'Till I learned (what a shame)
That Alice, the name,
Can rightly be used by a man!
--- Anon

Androgymous, spurious Jo,
Half macho, but just a bit ho.
Big titties, small prick,
Falsetto (not chic);
Is he/she your babe or your beau?
--- Armand Singer P0305

An ambitious cartoonist from Butte
Made a daring attempt to be cute.
He donned handcuffs, plaid skirt,
And proceded to flirt,
But his beard made the exercise moot.
--- Anon

A young man whose name was Tim Lesser,
Was an extremely avid cross dresser.
But his new bondage gear
Brought an irrational fear
Of coming too quick, through the pressure.
--- Anon

Boris came west out of Russia
And makes liberal use of the blusher;
Though with aid of mascara
He's now known as Tara,
Remember his former name's 'Crusher'.
--- Val Burns P0510Q

An auditioning transvestite queen
Revealed more that should have been seen;
His chic slipped a notch
When a silk tell-tale crotch
Showed a bulge where a crease should have been.
--- Ann Gasser P8803

That transvestite Peter Doyle, (Walt Whitman's buddy)
Adored ruffles and tuffles and voile.
Just to see his pink tool,
Through a veil of dink tulle,
Rarely failed to provoke change of oil.

(change of oil - induce homosexual to become heterosexual)
--- G0962

I now want to be very serious,
To talk of disorders mysterious,
Of psychological distress
And the urge to cross-dress...
So don't you go getting delirious.
--- Bob Birch P9805

Yes, you've improved my limerick,
Done hasty. I admit a bit thick
In the head I might be,
But my peter is free,
From the ass diseased chick with a dick

A timid transvestite named Ray
Would cruise in his own special way.
All dressed up in dimity, (cotton fabric)
His pusilanimity (cowardly timidity)
Sure made him look quite distingue.
--- Armand E Singer 160

I once was the boy they called Jen,
'Cause I dressed like a girl, now and then.
But one Valentine's Day
I was done by one Gaye,
And now, I dress right, once again!
--- Anon

There was a transvestite named Larry,
Who often approached the unwary,
As they parked their cars
At restaurants and bars.
He liked to eat, drink and be Mary!
--- Observer

I once knew a guy, who at random
Would dress up as drag or as phantom,
And rush to his pub
To look for a rub.
De gustibus est disputandum!
--- Carl Ludvig Kjelsen P0410

There was a young man who'd obsess
With getting young girls to undress.
He got into a jam
With a transvestite man,
But felt better after the arrest.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a young man named Foster,
Who was a skilled female imposter.
The role he played best
Was that of Mae West,
But his wife was shocked and he lost her.
--- Bob Birch P9805