This annual scene is a shock
To neighbors of mine who unlock
Their doors to come out,
And look all about,
At me boffin' gals -- and not stock!
--- Anon

A lusty young bucko named Shearing,
Indicted for sexual leering,
Said, "I'm not afraid;
I didn't get laid;
There's surely no law against peering."
--- Armand Singer

When they finally caught "Peeping Tom" Moyer,
Long thought a campus-cop voyeur,
The A.C.L.U
Got him out of his stew,
"An invasion of privates," said the lawyer.
--- Irving Superior P8111

She was built like the goddess called Venus;
As we watched, she revealed all her she-ness.
We almost boiled over,
But the show was soon over,
As we peeked through the keyhole, she seen us.
--- Al Willis P9701a

A degenerate, Handy McCall,
Was arrested for being too tall.
He performed acts obscene
In the ladies latrine
While he stood and looked over the stall.
--- William N Nesbit P9602

A kinky young voyeur, quite queer,
Was watching a house from the rear,
When a cop wandered by
And arrested the guy
At the peek of his career.
--- Ann Gasser P9007

A peeker at peckers named Jay
Hung out at the Y.M.C.A.
But the dick that he saw
Was Detective McGraw,
Who hauled the piqued peeker away.
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

Engaged in a sweet serenade
'Neath a window where stood a fair maid,
I fell out of key
And was saddened to see,
That she suddenly pulled down the shade.
--- Norm Storer P0209

I hid once behind the green heath
To leer at Marlene's underneath.
But catching my glance
She flogged my damn lance,
And punched on my balls and my teeth.
--- Anon

A voyeur when hailed into court
Came out with this shameless retort:
"When I see couples screwing,
It's interesting viewing--
It's a wonderful spectator sport!"
--- G2301

An annoying old voyeur of Scranton
Goes about in the parks with a lantern
Which he shines in the eyes
Of the gals and the guys
At the height of their writhin' and pantin'.
--- Keith MacMillan A104A

A voyeur was caught in the dark as
He spied on erotic car parkers;
But when told to desist
Said, "I just can't resist
Couples who lark when they're starkers."
--- G2683

Lest Citizens duly object,
Then the Mayor and Council Elect
Passed a law here consenting
To perverts frequenting
Our Town with immediate effect.
--- Peter Wilkins

For Perverts who travel to Ryde,
We have published a visitor's guide,
To the Nudist Beach here,
And to make it quite clear,
What's permitted and what is decried.
--- Peter Wilkins

Rule 1. The Perimeter Fence.
Here the fee is just twenty-five cents.
But if what you desire
Is binocular hire,
Be aware that our fee is immense.
--- Peter Wilkins

Rule 2. Use the Bushes and Hedges.
Don't stand, sit, or lie on the ledges
Exposed to the sea.
We will double our fee
For those perverts caught whanging their wedges.
--- Peter Wilkins

Rule 3. Within Sight of the Sand.
This will cost the best part of a grand.
If you must have a wank,
Be considerate. Thank
You: Keep hidden and do it by hand.
--- Peter Wilkins

Rule 4. The Restriction on Noise.
Not permitted are battery toys;
Though a low-level moan
As you finger your bone,
Is allowed if indulging with boys.
--- Peter Wilkins

Rule 5. The Obscenity Act.
Though the Council will treat you with tact,
We shall not grant you bail
If you're sentenced to jail,
Nor prevent you from being attacked.
--- Peter Wilkins

Out my window now I can see
The building across here from me.
The windows are lit;
I can see a bit
More than folks would show me for free.
--- Marlene Lewis

Some guy is adjusting his jewels;
Two others are fighting mock duels.
Some guy scratched his butt
And I don't know what
To say 'bout the rest of those fools.
--- Marlene Lewis

My latest act of perversion
Occurred while on an excursion.
In windows I peeped,
Watching as people BEEPED.
This is the G-rated version.
--- Gearhart

One lady had really big FITS
When her lover said he loved her WRITS.
A lawyer you see,
Not like you and me.
Her BRIEFS are not where she sits.
--- Gearhart

Some neighbors of theirs are voyeurs;
They watch on from their foyer.
One has to be cautious,
Because if he's caught his
ASSETS will soon be the lawyer's.
--- Gearhart

For ex-peeping toms, there's a host
Of pleasures in being a ghost.
I've gazed on more quim
In the showers at the gym,
Than, if not all you fellows, then most.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Most evenings, to girl's pads I glide
To bedroom, there's no need to hide.
To see someone mate her,
Or else a vibrator,
She'll give to herself a free ride.
--- Tiddy Ogg

It's all 'round the world that I roam;
I've watched Carol pubic hair comb.
To Ericka's I've flitted;
A turnstile she's fitted
To count all the 'guests' she brings home.
--- Tiddy Ogg

But maybe the best thing I like,
Is lesbian Annabel Sykes.
It gets pretty hot,
When there on her cot,
I'm jammed in a sandwich of dykes.
--- Tiddy Ogg

So in your bedpost carve a notch,
As long as the job you don't botch.
We'll make love all night,
Until first morning light,
As long as my husband can watch.
--- Jayne

So your husband will not break my head?
I am gratefully rid of that dread!
But hubby as voyeur
Instead of a doer,
Could we please get your sister instead?
--- Tutta Gioia

I'm on notice the job not to botch,
As my phallus is nuzzling your crotch.
It might start to wilt
If I spy a Scots kilt,
With a laddie there, just standing watch!
--- Tutta Gioia

I never would hurt lovely Jayne;
I rather just open a vein.
But I fear that her hubby
May take a big clubby
And splatter the brains of this swain.
--- Tutta Gioia

But thank you for your sage advice;
You seem a gourmet of life's spice!
Who knows, we may meet
On some Ayrshire street...
Then make love to Jayne, twice or thrice.
--- Tutta Gioia

This is file uzl

Thank you, you're really quite kind.
My husband's quite nice, you will find.
But he often groans,
Because my hormones
Make me frequently need bump and grind.
--- Jayne

Last night in my new house I stayed;
From my windows I'm being displayed!
No curtain nor blind
To hide my behind...
My new neighbor expects to get laid!
--- Jeanie

Here's a suggestion, my dear,
To partially obscure that rear.
Go shop if you must,
But I'm asking just
Buy only a thin pair that's sheer.
--- Frank Fazed

But please make that sheer pair real thin, though
When I am playing with Nintendo,
I want to be able
To see from my table
The view you show from your rear window!
--- Travis Brasell

Tonight as I'm brushing my hair,
I see he has brought a lawn chair.
He sits with eyes glued
To my body, full nude,
Gazing at my full lovely pair.
--- Jeanie

The neighbor who lives to the West,
Seemed to enjoy the old view the best.
He'd smile, wave and nod
As he left for his job,
Every morning, looking as I dressed.
--- Anon

His wife, though, on this was not keen.
She resented what her husband had seen.
She's flat 'cross the chest
and envies my breast...
Seems in size, on this block, I'm the queen!
--- Anon

With these ladies I'd like to fit in
'Cause I don't want to move house again...
But showing them up
With my double D cup,
Is not a good way to begin!
--- Anon

My neighbor likes peeping through drapes;
As I ready for bed, his jaw gapes.
He's only sixteen
And his mind isn't keen,
So I must stand just so, while he tapes.
--- Anon

He's got a web camera you know,
And if to his site you should go,
You'll find you're the star
On the net, near and far,
As we wankers all get a free show.
--- Anon

Young Katie is shaving the thatch
From the lips of her virginal snatch,
And she's finding the lather
Is making her rather
Excited and eager to scratch.
--- Peter Wilkins

She's spreading her pussy-lips wide,
Dipping two or three fingers inside;
Now she's... Bugger! The curtain.
She's pulled it. I'm certain
She's noticed me standing outside.
--- Peter Wilkins

No, I'm safe!, she continues to diddle
While shaving her hair pyramidal;
I'm careful the slap
Of my fist in my lap
Is unheard as I twiddle my fiddle.
--- Anon

And taking the little hand mirror
From the sink, I will tiptoe much nearer;
And over the top
Of the curtain will prop
It, in hopes I can see somewhat clearer.
--- Anon

Knock knock, here I am, my enchantress
At this door in a robe and pantless.
Ready for you to do
That voo-doo you do;
I'll help you break in that new mattress
--- Anon

Carol was in her 'chambre coucher',
Brushing her long, golden hair,
While outside her window
I lurked, don't you know
Making sure her boyfriend was not there.
--- Anon

She was all alone and undressed.
[Her lucious curves so impressed.]
My nose to the glass,
Longing to hold that ass,
Bulging nicely as you might have guessed.
--- Anon

I rapped softly so only she'd hear;
She waved to me in the mirror,
Then turned and walked
Toward my waiting cock,
And she said "Come right in, my dear"
--- Anon

As she opened the window for me
"Come quick so my neighbors don't see.
We've got hours alone
To make each other moan.
My father won't be back 'til three."
--- Anon

I remember my last year at school;
My hormones turned me to a fool.
All those beautiful girls
In their gym-slips and curls!
In the classroom I couldn't keep cool.
--- Tiddy Ogg

On the field, playing tennis or hockey,
Athletic girls, lissom or stocky,
I lusted for all,
Whether short, fat or tall,
They'd all cause a rise of my cocky.
--- Tiddy Ogg

At a hole in the changing room wall,
I was peeping as after netball.
They emerged from the showers,
And I looked at their flowers,
They were wonderful things, one and all.
--- Tiddy Ogg

For my collar I felt a hand reaching;
"The rules, Ogg you surely are breaching.."
So thus spake the head.
My face sure was red....
I decided I must give up teaching.
--- Tiddy Ogg

A redhead, brunette, and a blonde,
Were in a bed having some fun.
They had fun (a lot)
At menage a "twat",
Unaware of me looking on.
--- Tutta Gioia

Three rosebuds, so moistly en fleur,
Their moaning just adding allure.
I wish we had been
Together unseen,
How delightful the role of voyeur!
--- Tutta Gioia

"Half my lifetime," my old friend confesses,
"I've been looking up pretty girl's dresses.
Now I don't get the chance
'Cause the girls all wear pants,
And the guys are the ones with long tresses."
--- John Miller 0065

"Half a lifetime," my old friend then sighs,
"Of kneecaps and pretty bare thighs,
But intact underwear
Has always been there
To prevent any pleasant surprise."
--- John Miller 0065a

"Forty years of perusing all skirts,
Of straining my sight till it hurts;
Not once what I saw
Was breaking the law;
I'd done better perusing men's shirt's.
--- John Miller 0065b

My friend is too old for conversion;
I'm upset by his childish perversion.
Well, since I'm upset,
I'll relax on the net
By perusing some "adult" diversion.
--- John Miller 0065c

Behind this here bush, I confess
I watch Katie, my neighbor, undress
In her bedroom at night
And the heavenly sight
Of her causes me trouser distress.
--- Peter Wilkins

So why don't I knock on her door
And demand that we screw on the floor?
Well, she lives with her dad
Who is known to be mad
And is somewhere near seven foot four.
--- Peter Wilkins

Well may, Mr Griffiths, you ask,
Why I'm here in a rottweiler mask,
Squatting here in the garden
And nursing my hard-on,
As if I'm enjoying my task.
--- Anon

Well, the Joneses, you know, built a pool,
To use in July to keep cool;
And their young daughter Jane,
(Do I need to explain?)
Will swim in the nude as a rule.
--- Anon

And so I'm enjoying the view.
I'm sure you would like a peep too.
If you put on this head,
They'll think it's dog Fred,
Not perverts like us, looking through.
--- Anon