Young Pedro from Malaga, Spain,
Kept his wife on a short length of chain.
She could get to the kitchen
And bed, but kept bitchin'
As if she had cause to complain.
--- Peter Wilkin

His woman she might not be bitchin'
If she spent less time in the kitchen.
The leash reaches bed,
If he used his head,
With that hunger he'd get her twitchin'.
--- Anon

A slender young man from Hangow
Wed a fascistic old bag of a frau.
"Achtung!" she would say,
"We'll do it my way!
When I come, you jump off, and kow-tow."
--- Ogni Gioia

Leather and Chains may be good upon thee,
But I'm afraid the whip's out, Ms. Magee.
I know it seems tame,
But I'm not into pain,
And whipping your butt is way beyond me!
--- Anon

We will have to try our new games,
The ones that are given no names!
So - handcuffs and whips?
Or clips on the nips?
Or, maybe, inviting more dames?
--- Anon

An S. and M. freak, name of Heather
Was into restraints and black leather,
Spiked heels and cruel whips,
Cock rings and cunt clips,
And tying her men to a tether.
--- Armand E Singer 575

There was a young lady named Hope
Who loved to be wrapped up in rope.
Her man said, "That's fine;
I've brought miles of twine.
And it keeps her quite still while I grope.
--- Gillian B

A lecturing fellow named Sean
Who feared that his students might yawn,
Gave talks on castration
And for illustration,
Showed how modern S & M's gone.
--- Chris Young

I'm Ericka, woman of power.
Come into my dungeon and cower!
I'll smack on your bum
Till you're ready to come.
The cost? Just three hundred an hour.
--- Ericka

It seem that there is quite a hassle,
In finding a nice bondage castle.
The leather and whips
Are stinging my nips,
And some like their balls pierced with tassles!
--- Coolbreeze

My physiotherapist's cross;
For words she was just at a loss.
Weight-training she frowns,
My push-ups she downs,
Once weekly I let her be boss.
--- Anon

Now that you're inside the stocks,
I'll tell you I changed all the locks.
So it'll do you no good,
If you work off the hood,
To go for the keys in your socks.
--- Mick Stupp

No, man, I don't do the wanking;
I prefer S&M when I'm spanking.
With handcuffs and whips
And tears, cuts and rips,
S&M's number one in world ranking.
--- Nik Synytskyy

All wrapped up in latex, Schinderhannes,
Was trembling at Mistress Roseanne's
Kinky confection:
Receiving correction
From a troop of sadistic Uhlans. (Prussian calvary)
--- Anon

Now, please, sweetheart, get a grip;
You're on a big self-pity trip.
Just call me a liar
But your secret desire
Includes leather, chains, and a whip!
--- Observer

I took time to write you this letter,
In hopes that your pain I'd unfetter.
So dear, don't bemoan it;
Just take it and own it.
And you're sure to feel a great deal better.
--- Observer

Glory! I shout, Alleluia!
At last I have made it with Julia!
In the stygian gloom
Of her small "secret" room,
That's filled with devices peculiar.
--- Anon

Don't let her sweet countenance fool ya,
She's a dominatrix, and she'll rule ya,
While you're tied up in chains
You'll experience sweet pains,
With canes and horse whips she will school ya.
--- Anon

She'll put metal clamps on your tool, ya
Have never met anyone crueller,
But that Sade bloke explains,
True pleasure's through pains,
If you're hot for it, let Julia cool ya.
--- Anon

Scruples I've got by the score!
Here's one I have not said before:
There'll be no fellation
In this consultation.
(But feel free to spank me some more.)
--- Peter

You all fine built broads here with curve,
Who bring with them gusto and nerve,
And who love leather straps
Or been handcuffed perhaps,
Can spend a fine night with this perv.
--- Dude

A gentleman Katey knew slightly,
Persisted in E-mailing nightly,
To ask her if she
Would ever be free
To come 'round and tie him up tightly.
--- Kate Gray

While the damsel fluttered her eyelashes,
The villain he twirled his moustaches.
"Now she's tied to the tracks,
But the trains are so lax,
She'll died of old age, drat and dashes!"
--- Gillian B & Mike Stupp

A plucky young lady named Potts
(In Newark and Leeds tied up lots)
Said, "Ropework in Yorks
Never quite works,
So I prefer to be tied up in Notts.
--- Gillian B

A masochist lithper named Chitholm
Stalks dominants just to be with 'em,
And can't get too much
Of lashings and such,
While twisting his torso in rhythm.
--- Armand Singer P0402

I like to dress up in fine leather....
Makes a man wonder whether
I'm really as mean
As the whip makes me seem,
Or shall I torture him with a feather?
--- Anon

And when we are through with this game,
Right after I came and I came
From submissive lips
On the tip of my clit,
He will say, "Is it my turn now, Mame?"
--- Anon

"After you lick my boots clean,"
I will say if I'm still feeling mean.
I'll watch him adore me
Until it will bore me.
It's time for a new sexy scene...
--- Anon

I like the idea of traction!
I would love to see your reaction,
If I tickle your gear,
And suckle your ear,
Or practice the opposite action.
--- Marlene

I've never been strapped in the buff.
(Well, maybe a blindfold or cuff.)
But traction? Well, Hell!
Lets try it a spell!
Just leave my thing free for your muff.
--- H Welchel

Perhaps with a strong block and tackle,
I'll hang you, ass-down, from a shackle,
Then hoist up and down,
And spin you around,
And spurt you chock-full of my spackle...
--- H Welchel

There're reasons this cannot be done.
My stomach's not steady, for one.
I'd get motion sick;
I'd barf on your prick.
Does that really sound like much fun?
--- Marlene

A lovely young girl from Dunblane
Was throoughly bound up with chain.
By the time she got out,
She'd had cause to shout.
Now she can't wait to try it again.
--- Mick Stupp

This is file tml

Put on all that leather gear, black,
With stiletto heels walk up my back.
Feed with such domination,
My masochistic elation,
If you want that I'm good in the sack.
--- Anon

Hey, if I put you in a sack,
And then walked all over you back,
You'd turn black and blue,
And when I was through,
I'd throw you out on the train track.
--- Anon

I never wear leather, 'cept shoes.
Suggestions you've made I'll refuse.
I'll tie you with silk
And bathe you in milk,
And you'll go home one big blue bruise.
--- Anon

One evening, with forethought and malice,
A horny gal travelled to Dallas.
She liked to play cowboy,
Saying, "Hey, you be my boy,
Just bring on the whips and the phallus!"
--- Richard Long

The door leading into 3A
Is better than any foreplay.
The whips and the canes
And chandelier chains,
Make playtime a little risque.
--- Anon

A very poor flasher named Kling
Would tie a tin cup to his thing.
Exposing, he'd near
Then shedding a tear,
'Three Coins in a Fountain', he'd sing.
--- Irving Superior P8806

"My son, take it under advisement
What that woman showing her thighs meant.
She is no work of art,
She is only a tart
Engaging in self-advertisement."
--- Lance Payne P8806

A streaker -- a Flasher who tries
To meanwhile get some exercise.
If one streaks at you,
Madam, what to do
Is rapidly prop up your thighs.

(does not make sense - McW)
--- Irving Superior P8806

There once was a flasher from Reading
Exposing himself at a wedding.
The bride laughed aloud,
"You're so poorly endowed,
It looks like there was a beheading!"
--- David Miller

Though eighty, a flasher neamed Ray
At the Flower Club Show late in May,
Just by opening his coat,
Why that randy old goat,
Won first prize for the best dried bouquet.
--- Bob Giandomenico P8804a

There once was a ravenous fairy
Who loved to see little folks merry.
So he gave them a look
And with laughter they shook
When he showed them his thing, big and hairy.
--- Bob Giandomenico P8711

JFK we all knew was a masher.
Tricky Dick was a Watergate crasher.
Some people who fussed
When HST cussed,
Now are cussing our nation's First Flasher.

(HST - Harry S. Truman)
--- John Miller

Sir Arthur Abercrombie Argyle
Went out always dressed in grand style.
But one day in a trance
He forgot to wear pants,
And was booked on a charge to defile.
--- Warrick Elrod

After streakers appeared at The Flask,
Friends called the bartender to ask,
"Were they women or men?"
"I couldn't tell them,"
He replied, "for each one wore a mask."
--- A N Wilkins P8312

The reason a shy man named Rex
Is a flasher, the town shrink suspects,
It's the one way he's found,
Much as he's been around,
To commune with the opposite sex.
--- A N Wilkins P8806

When it snows, you will find Sister Sledge
Out mooning at night on the ledge.
One storey down,
Is the maestro James Brown,
Displaying his meat and two veg.
--- Bill Wall

A fancy man sometimes displayed
Himself to dames on The Parade.
When friends asked him why,
They received this reply:
"It's one way of drumming up trade."
--- A N Wilkins P8806

The flasher, he said to his penis,
"They'll be so amazed when they've seen us!
To hell with the law!
Says you can't be raw;
Restrictive type laws are quite heinous."
--- Anon

He flashed open his coat in the square.
Which made Gracie cry out "Hey, Cher --
It's the Elephant Man.
Do you think he can
Walk straight with that thing danglin' there?"
--- Anon

That made him so mad that he sneered,
"You ladies should be quite afeared
Of my awesome power!
So, why don't you cower,
While I puff this up some," he leered.
--- Anon

His puff was just one little tweet.
He snapped his coat closed in defeat.
"It must be you two!
You're witches, that's who!"
He shuffled off dragging his ... feet.
--- Anon

That Elephant Man had some guts,
But left with his trunk in the ruts
By the side of the road.
Alas, he still knowd
'Twas good for picking up peanuts.
--- Anon

Our Tommy boy's not very nice:
His mind swarms with maggots and lice;
His face comes with a bill.
On the other, he will
Suck his thumb at all men for a price.
--- Anon

There was a strange student from Yale,
Who put himself outside the pale.
Said the Judge: "Please refrain,
When passing through Maine,
From exposing yourself, again in the train,

Or you'll just have to do it in jail."
--- Anon

At the Met's Richard Strauss exhibition
When the seventh veil fell by tradition,
A flasher arose
In the loges to pose,
And give Salome some competition.
--- A N Wilkins P8806

There once was a chap named Al Mozia
Arrested indecent exposia.
In court he arose,
Began to expose,
"Your Honor, I have claustrophobia."
--- Irving Superior P8111

A flasher who was known as Bud,
Constantly played with his pud.
He gave it a twirl,
It impressed no girl.
The sherrif thinks he is a dud.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A sudden exposure of skin --
Are you being invited to sin?
No, he means you no ill;
He's just after a thrill.
It is his way of entering in.
--- Lance Payne P8806

A streaker was streakin' and strokin'
His member; his chicken a-chokin'.
He streaked fully stripped
Through the town and then tripped,
And arose to find his chicken broken.
--- Jon Gearhart

So shy was this flasher named Merse,
He'd put on his raincoat reverse.
The girls thought him kind,
"It's just a behind,"
And most of the girls, "I've seen worse."
--- Irving Superior P8806

On a street corner stands Mrs. Lutz
When a flasher in front of her struts.
When he opens his coat,
She remarks with a gloat,
"I've no trouble seeing your nuts."
--- Bob Giandomenico P8806

A rogue from old Ticonderoga
Does stroll about clad in a toga,
Exposing his balls,
Provoking loud brawls,
And claiming he's practicing yoga.
--- Armand E Singer 690

We flashers have a guiding star;
A patron saint; a Wunderbar --
That handsome look-a-like
Sir Anthony Van Dyke
And in his mouth a big cigar.
--- Irving Superior P8806