You could wear your skirt where I work!
Around every corner would lurk
Some lonely female
Who's hot on your trail,
Just waiting to give you a jerk.
--- Marlene Lewis

Young Jergen, a virgin transvestite,
Arrested and wearing his dress tight,
Was thrown into jail
Where sadly, his tail
By morning was quite a bit less tight.
--- Hugh Clary

The trysts Jergen likes were tripartite,
Crammed into a small two-door car tight,
Where in the back seat,
He sucked on guy's meat,
While holding the other one's spar tight.
--- Randog

A young man has sure seen the glory,
'Cause young girls in skirts are his quarry;
When he sees one he fancies,
She checks out her panties,
A priori, a posteriori.
--- Anon

I walked out with the bath water running;
Spied the beauty next door; She is sunning.
Now I only can guess
If my bathroom's a mess.
(Would you leave a show, half so stunning?)
--- John Miller 0034

A young window cleaner named Sammy,
Was an expert at using a chamois.
He saw many a figure,
Some smaller, some bigger,
In a sole that was prefixed by cami.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

Well, I hope this will not sound mundane,
But I hate standing out in the rain!
You are a lovely sight!
Could you please shed more light,
And will you clean your damn window pane!
--- Anon

Speaking without innuendo,
Hoping not to offend, though
When bathing at night,
I suggest that you might
Close tight the blinds on your window!
--- John Wayland TP9901

The harlots who serve Natchitoches
Paint daffodils all 'round their crotches,
Which does nothing to
The guys in situ,
Though is pleases the voyeur who watches.
--- Hugh Oliver A057C

A poor peeping Tom from Berlin
Was caught by the cops and hauled in;
Said the judge, "In Connecticut
It's considered bad etiquette,
To spy on our folk while they sin."
--- Ward Marden P0209

Kaprolagniac Tom from Connecticut
Was hauled in by the cops for bad etiquette;
Said the judge, "In Berlin
It's considered a sin,
To watch frauleins getting a pedicut."
--- Arthur Deex P0209

If you've never been to a zoo,
You may doubt what I say here is true.
In season of rut,
The inmates are not
Concerned by a voyeur or two.
--- Macsam

I'm a voyeur I freely admit,
And though you may think I'm a shit,
I read your hot lims
And start thinking of quims,
And your tits and your ass and your clit.
--- Ken Rose

A lecherous surfer named Pete
Watched girls on the beach at his feet.
Said he with a sigh,
"So much meets the eye,
I cannot help eyeing the meat."
--- Armand E Singer 467

Creeping out on a ledge to delight
In the sexaulization of sight,
Doctor Septimus Hare
Fell to Russell Square,
And lost this bizarre appetite.
--- Gents Alphabet Book P9607

Mephisto knew well how to vex
Dr. Faustus -- by showing his ex
Whom the hangman had throttled
With her cervix all mottled,
Because he had a fetish for necks.
--- A N Wilkins P8708

A mean little old man from Herkin
Was in the house bushes a-lurkin';
Peered into the bedroom
Of Miss Scarlet Bloom,
And all the while, jerkin' his gherkin.
--- Marlene Lewis

When the girl saw an eye at the keyhole,
She cried, "Come on in! Plug my pee hole!"
Said the pansy voyeur,
"Oh, go comb your fur!
If I'd only been born with that she-hole!"
--- G2385

Tommy doesn't frequent taverns or bars,
Or play golf with its birdies and pars.
There's a store at the mall
With a hole in the wall,
Where he watches girls trying on bras.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0508

Hugh Clary is out at night creeping
Through neighborhoods, where he likes peeping,
In windows wide open,
While he stands there hopin'
To see a teen's honeypot seeping.
--- Peter Wilkins

"I realize it is women you seek;
And I hope I don't ruin your week,
But if you find a girl,
Who'll give it a whirl,
Do you mind very much if I peek?"
--- MrMalo

Was that you there, staring at me?
I was down in that square, having tea,
And I thought I had seen
A man in between
Some Bushes and down on one knee.
--- Carol

Enjoying an up-the-skirt view
From the mirror attached to my shoe,
Of sweet, little hot
Little, damp little twat...
If only I'd known it was you.
--- Peter Wilkins

Said old Peeping Tom of Fort Lee:
"Peeping ain't what it's cracked up to be;
It's to jail if I stare.
But if they see me bare,
It's indecent exposure for me."
--- Arthur Deex

Said a brazen stargazer named Searles,
"I spy mainly on underdressed girls.
For quasars and such
I don't care too much --
My turn-on's nude bodies with curls.
--- Armand E Singer 78

My mind's all a-boggle just now;
Just imagine... "I don't want a plow;
Just a photo or two
Of your hymen, dear Sue."
Why, that's stranger than humping a cow.
--- Anon

Exhaltation for you I profess;
But my chivalry's flawed, I confess;
On this pedestal here,
I will place you, my dear,
So I can sneak a wee look up your dress.
--- Allen Wolverton

When a young man looks up from the floor,
There may be a bonus in store,
If a beautiful lass
Didn't cover her ass:
Left her panties at home in the drawer.
--- Anon

I'll stand by this puddle and stare
At it, waiting for nubile young Claire
To pass by, for a glance
Up her skirt and perchance
I'll discover she's naked down there.
--- Peter Wilkins

Some time back, I heard on the news:
A man, mirrors tied to his shoes
Would approach women shopping;
His eyes were a-popping!
The judge, alas, was not amused.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Mustafa's the name of the Turk,
Who loves to sneak and to lurk.
He hides behind trees,
On his hands and knees,
To see if you are doing your work.
--- Thomas A Ratliff P0307

An unlucky voyeur known as Vince,
Up a ladder to have a few squints,
Took a header, you know,
To the concrete below--
And there's not been a peep from him since.

(in Ellery Queen magazine)
--- Mark Grenier P9108a

The neighbor lady suns in the nude
And I spy even though it is rude.
And now when I watch
As she opens her crotch;
If my wife catches me, I am screwed!
--- Navin

This is file ual

There a rumor of how's the town's periled
By a Peeping Tom oddly appareled.
When one's peeping, I say
He can dress any way...
And my name isn't Tom, it's Fitzgerald!"
--- Grand Prix Lim 463

For mental relief I'll embark
To your house and outside I will park;
Please make me feel sane,
Wrap it in cellophane,
And don't draw your shades after dark!
--- Anon

A stargazing dork who'd jump salto
When he'd telescope girls, couldn't halto
His desire for this sport;
To the cops they'd report
He's the jail's brain now in Palo Alto.
--- Anon

The girls' gym abutted a men's club,
A place aptly named the "Miss Sweet Shrub."
With their video feed,
They spilled lots of seed,
Ogling chicks showering...rub-a-dub!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

When a young man is taking his leisure,
A girl in a skirt gives him pleasure.
Taking care not to push, he
Examines her tushie,
On vidiotape, for good measure.
--- Anon

A voyeur in Texas named Rex
Often makes small down payments on sex.
It won't buy him coition,
Just a peephole position,
To watch others' sexual effects...
--- Grand Prix Lim 120

Said old Peeping Tom of Fort Lee:
"Peeping ain't what it's cracked up to be;
I lose all my sleep
And I peep and I peep,
And I find 'em all peeping at me."
--- Anon

Some people are sick in their minds;
Their acts of perversion are kinds
That no one should show,
This fact I should know;
I see it while peeping through blinds!
--- Travis Brasell

A fellow named Pike from Lone Creek,
Was a voyeur, a pervert, and sneak.
Drilled a hole in a wall,
Of a ladies shower stall,
And engaged in what's known as Pike's peek.
--- Bob Birch P0900

You shouldn't be peeking, Dave, lad,
But I know what you'd see if you had.
But your ignorance shows
As plain as your nose,
Not knowing her curtain is plaid
--- Q

Old Jack, in the sex-shop, looked shifty;
"This mag is a rip-off; I'm miffed", he
Said, "Where's the huge tits?
These old slags are the pits,
And their knockers are not 'Over Fifty'."
--- Anon

In the land of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer,
A young man excels as a voyeuer.
He looks up the dress
Of each girl, more or less,
And records it, so all can enjoy her.
--- Anon

One will find that in every locality,
There's a man with a morbid mentality,
And a habit distressing,
To view ladies undressing --
He's a man with a split personality.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2672

If you boys would bring us some Scotch
And promise to bind up your crotch,
We'd get out the toys
And really make noise,
While you guys just stand there and watch.
--- YLF

My neighbor's been fixing his house;
The rooms have no curtains. The louse
Just walks around bare!
If I stand on a chair,
I can see him until the lights douse.
--- Anon

She stands there in Polo and Dockers,
In front of the ladies' room lockers.
She's holding her phone
Without a dial tone,
Taking pictures of other girls' knockers.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0407

Two old peeping toms down in Troon,
Take turns with the 'scope, as young June,
A nudist, then lays
'Neath Arthur's keen gaze,
Then Jack's off the whole afternoon.
--- Tiddy Ogg

While hiding behind Rosie's curtain,
Joe watched while she laid Willie Burton.
A great sexual freak
Willie poked for a week,
So what happened to Joe is uncertain.
--- Grand Prix Lim 131

There was a young lady called Toyer
Who asked her old man to enjoy her.
He said, "I'd rather peep
Up the ass of a sheep."
What a dirty old lecherous voyeur!
--- Jeff Daeschner

My (pat pending) periscope winds
Through pipes till it (pat pending) finds
By turning and bending
Those places (pat pending)
Where ladies unsheath their behinds.
--- Irving Superior P9304

A horny old voyeur named Yackup (Jacob)
Would stare at sunbathers with crack up.
The sight of their curves
Excited his nerves,
Causing visceral urges to shack up.
--- Armand E Singer 465

The night before last I went blind,
While watchin old dad bump and grind
Old momma's fat ass.
Now was it the grass
Or all that white stickum I mined.
--- Anon

Of course, as for me, I just watch.
My reputation has no blotch!
(Watch pecs, abs and butts
On male cybersluts
And sometimes I do watch the crotch.)
--- Anon

There once was a youth named lago
Who lived on a yacht near Chicago.
He learned about sex
Through a hole in the decks,
By watching his ma and his pa go.
--- Alsops Foibles

A webcam's installed, and I've seen
The dormitories down at Roedean.
See posh naked girls...
Oh damn it, the url's
Obscured by the goo on the screen.
--- Anon

Young Mike was a tike quite tormented
By Missy, who's mother just rented
The flat 'cross the street.
He'd peek at her meat,
Daily [if shades weren't invented...]
--- Jon Gearhart

When he spied the cop's daughter, young Chad
Was arrested by beauty she had.
But he spied through her curtain,
So you can be certain
He also was arrested by Dad.
--- Jerry Nordal

A cosmologist, Nebula La Storms,
With his scope observed heavenly forms.
But these forms weren't stars,
And he sits behind bars
For observing sorority dorms.
--- William Nesbit P0111

The bedsprings upstairs, how they'd squeak!
I climbed up the ivy to peek.
I fell, came a cropper,
Then up comes a copper...
I'm due in the court-house next week.
--- Anon

A spinster who came from the Ruhr,
Was grasped by a vulgar young boor.
This detestable varmint
Unfastened her garment,
But she found he was just a voyeur.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024 G1599

A lovely young whore named Felice,
Much admired by the local police,
Awoke from her sleeping,
Spotted Tom outside peeping;
He was jailed for disturbing the piece.
--- Derek

There once was this good-looking whore,
Caught a voyeur watching, next door.
She grabbed his spy glass
Rammed it up his ass,
"Don't Peep Around Much Anymore!"
--- Laurence Craft

There was a young maid in Kingsessing,
Who left her shades up when undressing.
And the men around back
Gave the maiden a plaque,
Inscribed with the neighborhood's blessing.
--- Limber Limericks