Limeric Index



is, bizarre itches, sight, a bite, ACAROPHOBIA; like xenophobia;
fear, hold dear, disturb, surrounding suburb, well, as hell,
agar-agar) by vulture. face, home place. park, fear stark.
float, behind moat, sill; certainly will linger; disease bringer.
whit. quite fit. all, sharp call. man, frying PAN.
miner, metal finer delight, a fright. Hook, salt crook,
grave, ourselves save, beat, TAPHEPHOBIA's neat; be, of me,
cry; a try. strange, the range, Serbs, and herbs.
true, alien hue.


vile," with bile. disconnect." signifies "disrespect." mind, I find
day, her tray. it,) a riot. filled, exceedingly skilled,
fable, a sable, news, to choose crashland-age, awkward backhand-age),
farmed, had swarmed. alarming. are charming." Steve, to relieve
DISCOMBOBULATE, are late. recreate, panicky state. DISCOMBOBULATE, real great,
us, deflate us, who's, and confuse. feet, absolutely complete,
yet! you get DISCOMMODE, Texas toad, DISCOMMODE, the road.
DISCOMMODE, urgent load. propose, panty hose. way, sun's day
pass, your ass. about, it out. cheery, bacteriologists weary.
Maud, new clavichord. complain, a pain. DISDAIN, a pain.
DISDAIN, markedly Dane, grabs, discovery stabs, DISEMBOGUE, lilting brogue.
granted, Prince panted be, or three, pointed, marijuana annointed
shade, lilacs displayed. remembered, rudely Decembered, solitaire, don't care.
ablaze, settled-down phase. bed, can't wed. defensive, termed offensive.
taste, the waist. stun; is "fun". DISPUTATIOUS, less gracious;
fake, earth shake. be, too free. DISSEMBLE, to assemble;
DISSEMBLE, no tremble, assemble, and dissemble. bed, with dread.
waste, in haste, work," a jerk, DISTRAIT, slipped away,
mess; to confess. disgusted, be busted. read, is said


taint, infamous ain't. be", first-person singularly. know: hot glow.
been, and shin? day, my way, datums, the stratums,
shore, next door. joke. with sunstroke? thrash, like flash?
claim, the same. pole. just condole. tease, discourteous sleeze,
glamour, her grammar. vermin. to determine: sense, past tense?
neat, a seat. friend, just men- said, your head.
reply, your eye. twice, be 'nice.' psychoanalysis, in fallacies;
fable, are able, him; see him. okay) is non-U.
offenses, disregard tenses you: a few brethren; not "methren."
go; you know. show, John, No," -- line, alas.
oceans, sexual notions. Siam, a tram, see, to me:
John, T John!" are, we mar. primitives, split infinitives.
fiction, perfect diction.


Tate, at 8:08; near, above here. DENS, quite DENSE.
yew, a gnu, Jenny. you any?" TO, and TOO.
baloney! his "zoney".) gawker, substitute talker, need, to knead,
Hannah, ladylike manner. Timbuktu, we flew!" hound; same sound;
Slough, a cough, THEIR, that THEY'RE Crewe, the 2:02.
Jack, I lack." Wright, wrote "rite" day, I say."


Peel, was real. me, can't see, affliction, an addiction.
Haiku, a baiku; craze. a phase. stutter, with butter.
far, a war) ring; to bring Queen's, down latrines.
paint, or saint. life, as "short-lived:" Inverness, Nessie's address;
imbecility, verbal disability; Joyce, my voice,


impressive, old regressive. ostrophe, momentous catostrophe. Nolan, were swollen.
kind. or behind. llama, comedy drama. applause, the clause,
Bash, of cash. surmise, our eyes. Sonny, any money;
park, a lark. most), explanatory post. stop, terrible strop;
pissed; her list. but, not what implied, your side.
beseech, etiquette breach. slapdash, of panache, bends, one intends.
know, to go;


loss; be boss, fat. and hat. first, the worse.
obscure, am sure, flit, my wit noses, gardener supposes
nosh, said, "Gosh!" prank; and spank head. shot dead.
resources; me pauses. old. so cold. feet"; does compete.
pain, cloverleaf lane; champ, this lamp, see. for me,
dolt, this cult watts; are lots. Moss, a loss
Brown, a frown reign; your grain. head; be fed;
say; same way. town, to drown. down, big frown.
Knott, whole lot, enough; are tough. heard; dialect word.
class, you pass. sale; I trail; SHARE; the HARE.
Professor, the lesser. hence, my pens- bang, neighborhood gang,
panache, my cash. amazed, he's raised, elf, with pelf,
fellow, Maria Costello, gent, his tent. Chrissin'; was missin'.
Watt's, steam robots Boss," a loss, want" urbane debutante.
hints, the gents; book, I'd look. squeak, we seek.
mite, solvers despite upheaval, offer reprieval fiction. my depiction,
ter, whacked a Confucian, proper locution dense, concentration's intense,
found, call 'round. sauce, to toss t, plus seven.
hand, be banned. last, is cast; see, latter "D".
a, pene arriba, knave, his cave? word, haven't heard.
fro, database grow indulging, be bulging, fire, of desire,
Ross, the boss. synched, now linked; omen, charcters Roman,
earns, the turns puzzle, to muzzle, sieve, must give,
seas; kidneys these. drink, in sync. such; power, much?
confusion; a conclusion, hound; same sound; SCENT, a CENT,
ai, and ay word, is heard; mull, my skull,
gull, eye clinical... sky, seagull descry? fire, a pyre...
obscure. not sure... star, notion's bizarre, her, an abhorer.
knew, And boo-hoo! woe. will sow; undone. old son!
hand) is stinkin'. doubt, big shout... applied, is spied;
involved; have solved.


canny, his granny, Fanny, my cranny? Crewe, Tutu To-do.
'Calcutter', terrible stutter. Danny, his Granny, me. for three.
prick; him sick; Fisher, a fissure. Fisher, Lady's fissure.
laddie, his plaidie: sinnin', be winnin'. move; groove -
cat, six-year-old brat, zoo, see to. Beebee, named Phoebe.
sick, called Rick, Calcutta, slight stutter. flute, to toot.
flute, to shot. long, so strong, red? he's pled?
he, should he.


Summer? and 'drummer'. glummer. besides drummer; hummer; the Summer;
comer. of Summer; Titus, limerick writers; May, in Marseilles.
joked, had croaked comb, did bomb. suave, rhymes have.
whose, that those, mirth, on Earth stick, primer quick,
white, have, quite. Carol, finest apparel. Chrysanthemum, Grantham, mum.
Bryde, and died. insider, deride her. berk, spoken "clurk."
hunt, be blunt. Dallas, for Alice, a, fretter, a
flue, it too. Randalls, four candles. Utrecht, a shagfest
cranky, outflank hanky-panky; wish, and mish. lad. had had.
gorge, gorging forge Tammy, a Grammy. hog, her dog.
"ini", prefer Tetrazzini; Marty, excellent party, Percival, or I'll
dunth, with month. Dolores, a thesaurus. Peg. comely, Peg.
awake, a break. Limerick, trim wick. figs, nickeling wigs:
pickler, a stickler, pentatettes, punned epithets. Symes, at times:
strange; to derange hated, was rated. Venus, between us
enj- for ing- Orange. go whoringe. again; come again.
G- adoring? J- oranges, with syringes oranges, heart twinges
J, lemon parfait. Piper, a porker Phil, full fill.
Philadelphia, I felphia-- Bickle, to pickle. plow, into bow,
pregnant, be regnant. home. to Rome. exhume, I assume
woids, us noids. purple, bad-smelling burp'll twerp'll, or burp'll
thesis: reese's Pieces. unreal, lacking appeal. all, Wyatt Earp'll
Rick, his trick. mistake! mistake - Phelp, sea kelp.
shagfest, as fragfest, fragfest, is best Silver, Jill, ver
fix, at 6:06, far, fashion bizarre. street, of sleet;
syndicate, to vindicate. marry, to tarry. sift, per shift,
tight, all right. aired, be bewared!" wax; slick slacks;
two" not do!" mine, to assign, Minerva, deserve a
May, one day, witch, a switch. sent, to Millicent.
Witkowski, of Tchaikovsky; Witkowski, a mouski. Witkowski, total bowwowski;
Witkowski, the toffski. heard, really absurd. Bahble, just lahble
Hugh, to hew.


rowdies, with howdies. ounce, might pounce. say, vois plait?
Rex, about sex: rumnbles; just fumbles! porn, park lawn.
goal, absolute whole, hollar, the collar; suspicious; and capricious.
"C's" don't please; bike: would like." memories. of these."
cinema: "Dryoperis minima" Juneau, the snow. away; my day.
fit, over tit". ages, and sages. discourses, learned resources,
see? use "be". its. one fits: cops, it drops;
Prestatyn, learn Latin. hire, were dire. houses, their spouses.
tongue-twistery? the mystery droopy, something soupy. McCall, on all.
Jane, in Spain, Zenda, so tender, Mystic", vital statistic.
Traverse, to converse. Peak, to speak. Billingsgate, to debate.
Whitty, sound witty, investor, some jester.


conditions, holesterol-concerned citizens. advance, absconding askance. believes, breath bereaves.
staithe, caught a-rathe; Jolla, to anolla. tell, they spell.
Croix, tiny boy yew, a queue. clue, a "gnu",
"u" wild zoo. shop, her sop. Pugh, a clue.
spelling, need telling: Patti, spell Cincinnati raid, Dis played
parade, she displayed cough, were tough, nearing. dough, racketeering.
"dd's". whore's fees, say... first anyway! perkolate! -- inkorporate!
taught, be sought. "draught" word "draft." 'shoes,' word 'lose.'
back, his pack. Wycombe, trick him. -- get plu-
perplex: be complex... well. also excell. heard; each word.
mice, some lice. clean; I mean. Dunleary, interesting theory:
its, the fits. Leicester, to pester. Louise, big freeze.
"paid." still "laid." ky. you'll s. missle; a missel.
unique, the Wique": hear. a cheer! Cholmondely, sat dumbly.
dic-tion-ary, my vo-cab-u-lary. me-ter, lim-er-icks swee-ter. yell: from hell!"
steek, or beak. Pete? limerick feet; aghast, paperwork vast;
I! a try. seque. by heque! panache, his stache,
lacht; so hacht me, should be. "curse" for "hearse."
phun; you undone. Galoot, re "Knut": Slough, were rough,
spell, as hell. Verity; with celerity, misfire, a choir;
Slough, a cough. Slough, with dough. sow. to sew.
admit, threw fits. yit... bae yit? indicted, court cited.
jolly; say Cholly. asterisk. a risk, duress, her stress.
Versailles, schoolteacher, whailles eat, eggs, whereat "knife", me strife.
(Cormay) way aweilles-- dervish, so nervish; "yacht," will nacht."
after, and laughter?


Sioux, a sault. Marie, to me, Sioux, fresh honeydioux,
Sioux, or gnioux; dioux, murderous Sioux, Siouxs, no shiouxs.
Siouxs, by tiouxs, exchiouxs, birch-bark caniouxs; Siouxs, they briouxs,
ciouxrious? anyone fiouxrious. Sioux. to screw. Sioux, like canioux,


"A" they say; abjured; obscure word? Budd's, to flood.
monkey, a Hunky. street! to eat; downhill; to fill,
hateful, probably grateful Junction, of defunction!" Fred, his head.
Benin, seen in; coast, a post. Nunc, with junk.
Moses, ontracted pneumono-ultramicroscopic-silico-volcano-coniosis Mau-Mau, bad row-row. monastery, a dronastery.
Bowski, his howski. Pole, poor soul. Hun, just one.
Slovak, the maniac. Mick, the hick. Kraut, poor lout.
status, sudden hiatus. Aztek, on mastic. tau, out how
ing-a-ding-diddily-doo, ang-a-dang-ding-dongy-goo. Drum, incredibly dumb. absurd, be heard.


B.A. all day, by, to try. away; went astray.
view, I do! eyes; those guys; beaut; so cute.
Dallas, his phallus. Pauls. big balls. well. to swell.
yore? was for, Kalamazoo, distinctly, "Goo-goo." died. yelled "Wide!"
Pete, his feet. late; actual weight. thumb, little tum.
winner, you, sinner bath, a laugh. Padua, a dadua.
Gert, to blurt: view, pop screw. nice, free advice.
here, 50th year. you; is new. trees, a breeze.
age, the rage. dear, I fear. wail, a gale,
claimin' named Damon. ham. said, "Sam! adults, not repulse,
Ealing, the ceiling. Jock, own flock. Tabor, radical neighbor.
happy; cornered nappy. December, in November, Japan, a tram.
plughole; the plug. obstetrician, financial position, Riley, speaks highly.
Knopf), to stopf. Gissing, afternoon christening; neat, they'd repeat.
Sterling, except whirling. Slade. and stayed, Bruce, cutest papoose.
fine, truly divine; annoyed, a boy. spew, diapers, peeyoo!
breezy. all queasy. lass. passed gas. Keyes, I please!"
grotty, smelly body. morn, some corn. dead; Bec's bed...
terror, scare her. Martha; went fartha. womb, more room.
Thomas, in pajamas. Andes, their handies; Frost, being bossed.
'Goodbye', am I. luck; they upchuck. matter. grow fatter.
knitted... I kitted use, her papoose... Grotte, his newly-begot,
Bass, victimized lass. habit, stab it. size, ear-piercing cries.
nude, a prude. Sandon, stand on. quitters. in litters.
Ferranti's, on panties. dime, purpose, sublime. Hall, each Fall.
Wallabout, all about? cork. the stork. Sue, a screw.
confounds, crying sounds. Peru, him cookoo, Skeat, the heat.
Dunne, for fun. diff," a sniff. Beau, only no.
Gabey, much, maybe, golly. be jolly. absurd; one word.
Fletcher, bet you're Wilde, being defiled. SCBU; a TDU.
rostrum, have colostrum,


flicks, of kicks, us: be zealous be, you agree?
Sylvester, real patience-tester! Matt, a cat. Boulder, daddy's shoulder.
Pair, the stair. Kath; a bath; titter; much fitter.
crueler; much cooler. nice, a trice. July! goes by.
Dave, he'd saved, note. master wrote: Snelling, in spelling.
remiss, like this, Lee; Mommy Daddy. kid, I did,
full, we'd pull. gang, and bang- scouted, he shouted
rather, can gather. ten, only when grin. a sin.
beauty. my duty con, will don. duty, the cutie.
candy, young Mandy. exchanged, than changed. loose; the use?"
favorite; savor it. Udgeon, to dudgeon, bear, so there!
ten, over again. weeks, Emily speak; grin, her in,
romped; every stomp! stacked. longer packed. visit. to sit.
door; cookies galore. fun, can stun; motto, his auto.
amuse, to booze. yesterday? no way! man, you can.
right, a fright. nice, and spice. dolor, his stroller.
more? times, Theodore, Belgravia, the Savior. sit; a fit.
alone. cellular phone. eat, and meat. fun; fathers gun.
me; in custody. pucker, all-day sucker; Lolita? is sweeter.
hair, Au Pair fair, the air. cool' the school.
school; incredibly cool. lass, the ass. Paul, at all.
behold! the mold! Dee, playmates three: twelves, back shelves.
today, to say. blocks; and docks. O'Doole, his tool.
Dan, sex, man-to-man." door, the core, rules, at schools.
McGee, be free. seven, pure Heaven. see, dear Marie?"
mild, are wild. Quebec, wee neck; kid, the lid.
know?" with woe. faced, be embraced. dandy; them candy.
Dash, a flash. blue, day too. Ottawa, of her.
hatter, don't matter. Maine, a pain. Fred, a shed;
Bert, nor shirt; Pete, a treat; Kate, my plate.
Nettie, of spaghetti. Helen; her dwellin'; Eutoxeter, at her,
bread, bread spread. nearby, so high: it, It
it, wet it,


text, everywhere vexed. snicker, be sicker south, custom allow'th
frog, a log, Clary-fy, amphibian guy? silly, Little Willie.
brother, for another." age, to enrage; tangled; mangled --
dire, with fire. four, a whore, gore, the floor.
saint) no restraint. thickerer, liquor her frilly, the silly.
Nell, drinking well. pays." this phrase. nine, grandfather's wine.
antique; to cheek. perplexed, and vexed; wickeder. quickie dur-


teens, by Deans, wills, nor Pills, find, so blind.
laugh; practical math; Foggle, scout's woggle. Maxine, thoughts obscene.
sixteen; a dream. Dad, strapping lad senescence, disturbing decrescence
sass; my ass. Kent; a tent. troop; the soup.
Scout, so devout. us; to bust; true, to do?
teenager, all major. thanked! be overranked. Kay, winter's day.
P.D., incredibly seedy, hunt, we confront, School, a mule.
hampering, went scampering. born; and pimples--forlorn; sweet; your feet.
teens, up means. Dunfuddy, the study virility, blushing nubility!
ya' over? Torture, us, named Ellis. rehearsed, named Wurst,
Ted," teenager said. teens, of jeans; child, longer mild.
sex, so complex. table, named Mable. Speedo; be incognito.
fourteen; quite keen. cute; file suit. supreme, to dream.
May, next day Fay, should say!" excelled; I felled.
blather? I gather. ape. and rape. hood, Dooby DoGood,
seventeen. amazingly mean! listen, you're missin'. sport: to report
parole; certain asshole seventeen, or mean report, great snort.
fifteen, had seen. O'Toole, a rule. seen, of thirteen,
commences, its senses, faults, in salts. Sue," little ado.
Texas, two sexes. School, his rule, physicians, prone positions.
Queens, her teens, here? of queer, daily; pray, we
brother. ugly mother." older, somewhat bolder Boulder, told her.
cousin; were buzzin'; beeing, was seeing; passed, the mast
Powers, the glowers uses, no excuses. School, a stool.
Lewis, to us trouble; in rubble. Lee; could be.
Dee, could be, gang. a dang. vacation, fresh destination.
defined, was unkind. said, in bed. Juvenal, been juvenile,
tryst. we kissed, now, would allow. true): you'll do;
worry. to flurry, pubescence, frequent tumescence,


reports, of torts. Doak, a joke. Noades, for toads,
axolotl, any Scot'll. sing, welcoming spring, God, beautiful cod.
said, much head! goo, component review. Libya, of amphibia;
bogs, of pollywogs. truer; No fewer France, to dance.
cruel; in school. toad, "Double toed," road; I'd knowed
toad, the road. prince, ever since, Log, a frog.
Young, be hung! toads, rough roads. golden... are foldin'.
Sprocket; my pocket. frog, a dog. frogs; do dogs.
Hoad, a toad. frog, a log, land, atmosphere, and
goad, live toad. tadpole, of whole indeed, we need.
Shreen, not green. confess, doubts nonetheless. POLLIWOG, herptologists chronolog,
grog, stream POLLIWOG. heft, and deft; higher, the sire.
Temagami, than monogamy, swamp, decorous pomp. three-toed, "See Toad."
size, bulging eyes, toad; the road. watch-frog; a bog.
free! could be


detail, tail -- Belgravia, faultless behaviour, date, was great!
goon, in mid-June. baboon, of tune. climes, at times
gorilla, furry chinchilla, Ape: an escape chimpanzees, their knees,
fear; that's clear. it. of it. devise, they prize
Craddick, his attic? Hammels, humanity's trammels! mate, of Fate,
Gustave, must have, male, monotonous tale, gate, will wait
Klingers, still lingers, good, green neighborhood! man, Pongidae clan:
Walter, on Gibralter. nimble, sexual symbol. head; I'm dead?"
gorilla, as Atilla. eat, utilize feet Phil, a grill.
Manila, half-ton gorilla; apes, sniggering japes beast! at least.
true, Pongidae crew drink, a blink, Grape, an ape.
Pongo, Bonn go, Bong, popular song. it. call Crochett
reject; isn't circumspect. obscene. as seen dink, onlookers think.
Bunky, little monkey, fellow; and mellow. Chunky, pet monkey.
Sound, and bound, kin, the skin, June, orchestra soon.
tree. except me. Venus, green moss? another, each other.
another?" his mother. gorilla, a filla. vivisection. this objction:
place, Gorilla's grimace. trees, they please, gorilla, a thriller.
Jonas, and bonus gender, a blender. astuter, amateur tutor,
-- to confine Racine, is seen met, small marmoset.
Calhoun, sagacious baboon; Clive, to drive, glee, I see!
Westphalia, and tailier, Sir, Utang, Sir, Dorset. a corset,
hairy, a fairy; she, could be. Dundee, a tree;
Feenery; the scenery. Bunky, factories junky. zoo: or two,


pig, or big chamois, his mammy, tether... if whether
widespread, now dead. Estelle, a gazelle, zoo, daily view.
Sue, the zoo; gnu, some rue. who, the zoo:
"G", to tea, true, popular, too. gnu, some stew.
Stu, the zoo. Fred, a thread. trees, to freeze.
hippopotamus, As Bay. up ballet. hippopotomus, a fuss
hippopotamus, sadly monotonous. dying, are crying; impala, and taller.
kudu, to do, went; were sent. zoo, old gnu;
fun, a pun; Dover, and, moreover, fox, on rocks.
diurnal, are vernal. Wells, pet gazelles. unguiculate, or spatulate,
hoof, the roof, graze, cat's gaze. gazelle, of hell;
Kampala, deer gala.


bird, somewhat absurd. Aepyornis, born is. or, or clucker.
king. he'll bring bee, to flee. Kiwi) a peewee,
lover, or plover. sky, a pie. clipped, he dipped
Jens, for wrens, fowl, to growl. pigeon, no religion.
Mull, a gull. shag, paper bag, crane, a brain.
Lane, whooping crane bonnet, upon it; low, did grow.
bet, he'd get brook, a hook. attest, bird's nest.
street, will meet, Bobo, a dodo; dove, up above.
wire, desire -- emu, esteem you. Gordon, at hoardin'.
ground, all around flamingo. Oh, nose, could repose;
height, any flight. Fred, perched overhead, mother, one brother;
Worchester, a rooster. Auk, could walk. Kitts, great tits.
rain, open drain; Ferd, I've heard; Albuquerque, rather quirky?
wrongs, beautiful songs. high, my eye. luck, does cluck.
know,) ponders' scarecrow. hoopoe; just coocoo. tree, to see
wrong; their song? quarts, Each cavorts Taxonomy, occur regularly.
Nile, the crocodile. wrecker; Arkansas trekker, junction, would malfunction.
school, the pool. occurred, magnetism's erred. rant, friends VOLITANT.
legs, with pegs. quitter," and bitter; zoo, uncomfortably blue.
ground, going 'round, grand, wonderful land. tackle, near-sighted jackal,
bird. a word. car, a jar, Iran, court-imposed ban.
pelican, belly can. relican, pelican belican. relican, pelican belican.
"Grant, my aunt found, your town; Widgeons, in religions)
week. a beak. plover, to hover. Dover, the plover.
puffin, stuff in. puffin; its muffin. beseech, of reach."
seagull, sky-soaring eagle. seed; they feed. few, something new.
stork, to Tork. stork, a fork. Pete; we'd greet.
Toucan, hue can, toucan, blue can. fun; the sun.
toucans, two cans." worm, it, firm; devotion; of Goshen.
Gary, much wary, ontology, of frivolity. hole, fiberglass pole;
see, reassure me, gull) never heard.


bucks, show Deluxe, hear, "Oh dear! today, of spray.
lock..." a cock?"' Alexander, much grander! guess. a mess.
bird, I've heard. here; your rear. "fuck" inarticulate duck,
"Quack!" intensive attack town, well frown; lay, you say.
stuck, their luck. use, a ruse. haggle, her snaggle
night. of sight. poo, and to. Phil, duck bill.
Sands, his hands. address, I guess." crown. would drown,
Ferd, I've heard;


weather, maid Heather; fame, this frame. Clark, the park.
glasses, bare asses. Britain, were flittin', Mark, the park.
sticks, for kicks; breezy, sneeze. He Utopia, of Myopia.
Glasgow, you know. night, terrible fright! down, the town.
"Scot" would not. out, a doubt. shy. to reply.
do, of you) Ferd, I've heard; Sands, his hands.
Sands, my hands, Marks, of parks. Dunedin, and weedin'.
glasses, bare asses. Birds,' all nerds;


Jen, fat hen. Iraq, twelve-inch cock. Browder, the louder;
man, only plan. pickin' my chicken; cluckin' to pluckin';
none, the sun; beg, square peg. clear; I fear.
first, we thirst. sinner; growing dimmer, Rex, chromosome X,
head; 'Big Red'; barnyard, frozen hard. run, the fun.
same, macho game. Kentucky, bit mucky. away, the day.
Clyde, his side: said, are bred. fate, gain weight.
Twickenham, kickin' `em; it; dispatched it. lickin', would sicken.
Beecher, elegant creature. Hay, wouldn't lay; learn, quite stern.
Girard, so hard, sore, chicken-house door. flock, the Cock,
Way, fabulous lay, Eutoxeter, It a- parade, House Brigade,
Green, peacock seen; seen, of green. nose, she chose
soup, chicken coop; Rock, his stock. quail, to sail,
O'Rourke, could talk. farming. so charming. cart. his heart:
rooster, at Wooster; Wooster, Island rooster. know, the show.
Worcester, young rooster; bleep, my sleep. Worcester, she uster.
owl, would scowl. Red; but instead, grouse, a spouse.
Fox, their flocks. chicken; be stricken Knox, their flocks.
Jupiter, at her, Stoningham, deboning 'em. Sam, he ran.
bobble, good gobble, bloated, thus emoted: bird. I've heard.
rhyme, a crime), pinch, a cinch, quirks, all jerks.
precarious, are various. Wiccan; is ticking. week, a peak;
Reading, gentleman's wedding.


howl, inarticulate vowel; cheek-to-jowl, flying fowl, towel, rang--Reverend Powell.
squirrels. and girls, moth; they froth can: your plan.
gloom, I zoom; Smoot, a boot; Peru, a zoo.
wood, they should. Peru, went "Whoo." twitter, and flitter.
emit, they sit. Carew, named Lou. Mark, a lark.
Mark, the park, side, them wide. woo? to do?
Ferd, I've heard;


Nepal, at all. Jill, terribly ill. Boo; obnoxious too.
green, named Jean, bird, be heard. zoo, that flew.
McFritter, a bed-sitter. world-wide; and tied; shriek, himself speak.
zoo, gay caribou. parrot, a carat! Peru, a gnu.
rogue, superior brogue. Ollie, Border Collie. ago, bad show.
cage, wild rage, neighborhood; the wood, berate. would tolerate
sneers; deaf ears. know. and slow. boy. and joy.
meet, and sweet. away, to say: Great, his pate.
Cohoes, to propose; Wye, naughtily sly. York, to talk;
Huey, all phooey, psittiscine; not obscene. SQUAWK. can talk.
shore, or more. Carew, is true, denizen, bedroom citizen;
rage, can't disengage, swore; you'd abhor. garret; a parrot.
York, to squawk, Don, the lawn.


Shirley, up early, McCreep, to sleep. Muir, frightfully pure,
Capistrano, with guano; spurred, a word: Dinah, a shinah:
tree, you see. tree, to be? crow, I show.
luck, then struck, June, his tune. absurd, same bird,
bird; be heard. sparrowy, (i.e., arrowy). checkered, named becard.
Lil, window sill. Park, a lark. sea, limp chickadee
herds. the birds! Spark, the park. kill; pizza until,
eggs, his legs. magpie!" her eye. crows, them knows.
feeder, breed her. Joe, unyielding foe. snow, poor Joe.
Joe, a crow; morn, the dawn. bed, of bread;
bird, 'My word?', head, "Drop dead!" Ferd, I've heard;
thrush, of slush. Lil, window sill; winner; the winter.
died, was applied. do, a few say, own way.


nice, some spice. Blair, ice-cream eclair. sanguine, the penguin.
Joe; wouldn't know. work, a jerk. nearby, they fly.
Lindgren, dyslexic penguin, bird, I've heard. hell-and-gone: and on.
die? the sky? jacket) that way.


beagle, American eagle. raptor, difficult chapter! Eagle, uncomfortably regale?
whirred, and demurred: dread, he's ahead. clipped, genitals snipped.
despair, atomsphere's rare. nerd, I've heard; shrieks, it streaks,
size, their eyes, you, of venue, legal, crowned eagle,
track, a whack. wrong: that strong. Taung, a throng
raptor, your captor. Bull, too full. blue; they flew.
rest, cliff nest; beak, and sleek. sculpture, a vulture.


trees, to tease squawk, they stalk cat, cats that
morn, the lawn) today, hissing away. wait, avian hate;
trees, helluva breeze. Crash! cats dash jaws, sharp claws
ambitious; of Mauritius, know, did go, Three, birds pee?"
smart, and art. cars. some jars birds, seltzer-fueled turds,
crags; rocky jags. queue; preciously few. seems, EPA deems
chagrin, right in; -- for more. trains, great pains.
skunk; 'twas junk; feel; is unreal! snipe, chosen type.
Scouts, sent out. hole; he'd console head, turns red.


year!" my ear. Morton, and snortin'. erection, of affection:
shop, his top, Kildare, the fair. fit, a tit.
grass, but alas, on, was risin'. farmer, harm her?
Clewer, pursue her; tights, of lights'. Glynne, even sin!
Foster, lost her, Treadwell, red well. Madrid, his lid.
randy! is handy. castration, bovine frustration. fed, him stead-
he. were free. cooking; face looking. Geezer, a teaser.
Bombay, in hay; city, cow's titty. weather, and heather;
thinking, a twinkling. prone, all alone, dead; all said.
Leeds, industry's greeds, Toro!" great sorrow. yak, a snack.
Glost, had lost, Brow, a cow. McGowen, "How in
how, a cow. boredom, gore them, create, not castrate.
Zephyr; amiable heifer. killer, Texan oil-driller; large, by Lefarge.
euthanosnia, to Bosnia. matador, safe corridor. vacas, 5th chakras.
Binns, and pins. Gloucester, named Foster. matador, through thatador.
Lister, his sister. LaRue, to moo; Lucknow, to plough;
wise, his eyes. "Awake! ghastly mistake. oxen, rocks in,
ruminant, is luminant. Pamploma, a loner. line, they dine
Nijinski, I thinkski. bait, a gate; ilk; other milk.
morning, their adorning; yak: the back. udder, the mudder,
Maxine, some vaccine. wall. their stall. word, rather absurd.
Ruby, a movie. Yak. his back. Max, gasoline tax.


a-grazin'. so brazen. "How, my cow? "Moo. to do.
guess. old Bess. right, your plight. read; the shed?
trips, two hips; Bean, a dream. machine; they've been.
Philly, C'mon, really?" cow; his brow; cow, her brow;
I, on high. nosy; and cozy. Lear, the rear,
lass, eating grass. Butters, the gutters, changed, most disarranged;
Dover, all over. wit, was knit. cow, her brow.
piss; heavenly bliss cool, the pool! ease, and seas.
pure. mention manure. "Ow!" a sow. Dorset, black corset;
moooooos, guys choose. Reading, shed in; stuck, in muck.
Slough, the cow. "How, terrible cow? disease, her knees.
fit, a bit? poo. was blue.


camel, superior mammal, say, the way. grump, or jump.
beast, the least. Shag, old hag. dumping, and humping;
indoors, have cause sixty-four, for sure) bet, you'll get
(Bump!) know. (Thump!) pity, by Committee; Smitty, East city.
mammal, without trammel, grumpy, becoming lumpy. east, humped beast,
Mack; did pack. Hamill, of mammal." A, the farma
llamas, their pajamas. city, the pity. Omar, a car.
beast, the least. Grump, gigantic hump; humps, the mumps.
new, old Timbuktu. Abdu, for you." "Blinking" ship sinking,
one, and sun. vicuna, fifty-pound tuna. Nile, contrary style;
Joe; do grow. West, the best.


Ranger, Christmas Manger. right, much delight. sitter; bit her.
boxes: rocks is phone, all alone; pleasant, and pheasant.
Rex, his sex. marked; he barked. flowing, of knowing
Moncrieff, pious belief, knows, or toes. case, her place,
manger, a stranger. ass; the grass. Lee, speak fluently.
Kirk, nice perk. fussy: downright hussy. far, you are.
flicks; new tricks. Groat, of coat. repose; his nose.
Calais, to display. Fletcher, good fetcher. dollar, would holler;
Moldova, the sofa; dog; that dog!" pup. and up.
Horace, yellow Taurus. hither." went thither. bitch, very rich.
fine. the line. treat, of meat. numerous, the humerus;
sit, to outwit. Grover, called Dover. Spot, a knot,
happy, and pappy. word, he's heard. beware, 'messages' everywhere.
yellow, old fellow. day; like gourmet; Ambrose, his nose.
three; a flea. friend, very end. creatures. their features.
greets, some treats. "Sit." really admit Gomez, no mess.
dastard! dogs mastered: habit; grab it. booth, sweet tooth.
sick, to lick. Corky, named Porky; Kent; he went.
Treadwell, fed well. fox, a box, clover, champion Rover;
Pachogue, the dog. perplex, called Rex. Bend, best friend,
Ben, and then, tend, best friend, O'Malley; and dally.
grunt, damn runt; that: shoes shat. said, off instead;
day, his way. Jack, his back; tart. private part.
lunches, the punches, stroll; in control. influx, really sucks.
larks; few barks. Truitt. some suet, biology, latest technology,
night; lonesomest sight; friend; you depend. Feller, good smeller,
not; a spot. dog; a hog.


slow, the snow, man, his van. Alsatian; a reputation.
Boodles, and poodles. Collie, are jolly. Mark, his bark.
Caesar, tease her; Clegg, my leg. Minnehaha, little chihuahua,
skunk. had spunk! court; his father. Prada, in Granada.
breed, a need, Poole, Peter O'Toole. Jolly, a collie.
wheels, longer feel Spot; a lot. Park, to bark.
from? are wrong. Perth, at birth. dingo-boy, and destroy
course; type cross. Fenture, a censure. Dixon, mix in
swells. it repels. Retriever, of believer. Pete, you'll meet,
people, no equal. swift, real miffed. Hunstanton, to Dunstanton.
Tilly, totally silly. kind; you'll find. understand? her sand,
-- to go? tree, they're free kill, up until
can, swarthy man, stain, and pain. peke, a week.
God! the nod? famed, are tamed. Peke, could speak."
ease; I freeze. Mellish, life hellish. Manitoba, than sober,
Herv; part perv. hall, let fall. Shaw, his paw.
Rhodesia. please ya'. deterred, you heard, charm; no harm.
browser?" my schnauzer. Scottie, the potty. Troon, gas-filled balloon.
Collie, by golly. debarked, operation, remarked, Shih'Tzu, the zoo,
Daniel, a spaniel. Daniel, owner's manual. Girard, St. Bernard.
Pugs, taken mugs Who, You? yard, his guard;
tease; that please


Cohasset, talented basset: balls, deep-throated calls. beagle, so regal.
beach, within reach. come, their chum. eagle, white beagle.
habit, nab it. legal, so regal. beagle, an eagle.
Seagel, a beagle. beagle, and regal; Judd, smell blood;
say, in May. year, West Windermere, ate, my plate.
Nuys, ankles, thighs. found, the ground. ease, emerald seas.
bed; as lead. hound, that sound!" hell, it's smell
way, to lay feel, my heel. pets; the vet's.
recourse, ample resource. Blue; and true. wit; a fit.
Glass, my grass. Kotch, to watch. ten; and again.
Nicole, the coal. Meg, my peg. you; and true.
Graustark, his bark. Jake, I wake. kin; has been.
frown, memories found. sleep, to weep; Poole, Peter O'Toole.
Dent, a scent. well-bred; his head. Stukey, strong Saluki.
Rand, looked grand;


span, and man. list: they've pissed. "Dan, veterinarian man,
class, the grass. hung, was young, species, their pieces;
mutts, of cuts, mong- have sung. well-hung; pure dung;
blown, everywhere strown. Watt, good lot. Gnawles; his balls.
noodles, fruit strudels, Etcetera, Red Settera.


face, much grace. that, dog habitat. Ernie, a tree.
Teeky, would leaky. brown, everything around. leg, sister Meg.
Billy, long willy. missing, and hissing, beery, his theory,
sees, with me, Duddley, so cuddley. agree, true devotee;
tree, can be; doors, your floors. Pete, and sweet.
Magee, about two-foot-three. Lee, a tree. here! I fear.
Lee, to see. Gearhart, old fart. Rover, in Wyndover.
three, to pee. Wendover, call Rover. Ealing, it reeling.
fleas? some trees?


sheep, a leap; cute!" little snoot. hunch, a bunch.
pole, and vole; fox, and lox. tree; of Brie,
smiling, ravenly styling, surprise, and wise, clamor-tongue, glamour sung.
needed, then proceeded. depravity, earth's gravity: bird, a word
paradoxes, old boxes, go. you know, Arena, a hyena.
Trout! no doubt! jowls, never growls. creature; eat her.
kitchen. from bitchin'. women, was smimmin'.


Chess, ultimate quest. up, show up. please. his fleas?
guy, don't buy. pen, he's been. fleas, beckoned: "Please,
me; single flea. gin; the bend. today; go away!
dog? a log; me; to be. night; terrible fright,
name; Great Dane. "Yella"; some Stella. "Sandy" some Brandy
"Frisky" some Whiskey. "Hud" some Bud, "Chum" some Rum.
"Kerry" some Sherry, "Lynne" some Gin "Spear" some Beer,
"Shoes" some booze vector; protect her week; fearfully meek.
spot? is not. advice, too nice. mother, some other.
paw; the maw. riddle, a fiddle; Ogg, his dog,
quick, ash stick, along, very wrong; police, poor beast."


goat, table d'hote; began, to scan, Stoat, a goat.
rumors, from tumors. chamois, his mamois. Heather, of leather.
weird, his beard. pie, the sky. breast, my chest.
Gwent) (skunks) Stoat, a goat. forest, was poorest.
strut; horns jut. quotes, lean goats. dote, a note:
goat, will note brook, and partook. shoves, as doves.


hog; a dog. zoo, please do. blocks; a fox,
Wickham, stick 'em. think? it's pink. Christina, a Czarina,
not, mammalian twat; howl, most foul. discreet, bullshit replete!
hats; baseball bats; eyes, to disguise raccoon, the moon.
pleasure; good measure.


Spruce, a moose. Thrasher, and brasher. "Joe, down below."
Bruce, running loose; goose, stepping moose. Buck, he snuck.
struck, ten-point buck. moose; a hoose. obtuse, to deduce.
concrete, booze neat. beauty. no cutie. moose, be loose.
svelte, moose pelt; plate, folks venerate; hats, true democrats;
mad, be bad; understand, from grand; loose; a moose.
here, wild deer. wide, Titanic inside. tick; bare stick,
malty. this faulty. spoof? was truth. moose. would goose.
fly! I spy? Sicamous; a moose. underneath, the heath.
night, no delight. Cornelius, quite devious, truck. of luck.
moose, the loose brown." a frown;


sail, the trail, chose, landlubber Joes; East," at least.
door, each four, goes; each nose. goes; has froze.
coy, he'll enjoy spell; raise hell. crate, Jonah's fate.
soap, did grope, sure, to snore, altogether, the weather,
close, everyone knows, arose, with hose, baleen, socialite queen
Flipper, his zipper. Wales, by wails. flicks, or six.
cried, free ride." Chad, and dad. whales, lewd tales
say, the bay. Spring, her thing. kipper, a zipper.
Tunum, harpoon 'em; Vancouver, remove her; bales, into sails.
sail, Sperm Whale. Never! much endeavor. long, be wrong.
seas, they please.


aardvark, card shark; tail, of ale. Sault, to do.
snout, no doubt! sun, was fun armadillo, a willow.
armadillo, a willow. armadillo, a willow. Prickwillow, superb Armadillo;
Amarillo, road-kill armadillos. exist! all insist


ants; an elephant's. aardvark. hard bark. aardvark, card shark.
dark, African park. aardvark, hard vark, lark, the dark.
park, and remark, pants, for perchance, plants, no succulents.
ants, and advance. starred, of regard, aardvark, quite dark.


McFink. to drink. rye, to fly. air, everyone there.
yard, security guard. do, their poo; surprise, jumbo size.
amnesia, please ya, nose, a hose. around, a bound.
manatee, family tree. Khartoum, from saloon?" ball; and small;
quick; I'll stick. Lew, beetles do. day, Woodhouse away.
guile, - 'milkophile"; shower, to scour; Slough, a sow.
Vundrum, perplexing conundrum: pose; of bows. analyze, its size.
elephant, was irrelephant. froze, a hose. Antipodoan, a goin'.
trunk, odd skunk. Strunk, was drunk, shops, certainly sweats.
suppose, the rose, bode, indoor commode. forgets, or debts.
scenics, in Phoenix; bits, the shits.) embark, national park.
swamp, does romp. Fred, his head. herd; a nerd.
Clyde, to hide. bunk; and sunk. tends, making amends,
pages, higher wages." circus, work us! fly; short supply.
lip? the tip? see, a tree, trunk, this bunk!
shrunk, blue funk. musth, can trust. quit; I sit.


horse, of course. life, my wife. ascertain, deceased again.
prodigious, and ridges. due, horses, too, donkey, him, "Honkey,"
female; is she-male? manners; and banners. course, "The Source"
hot, the spot. inspection, stronger objection. it. lost it.
lunch!" a hunch Course. a horse, Robin, animal bobbin'.
Beers, ravishing ears. Grimes, dactyllic rhymes. amass; on grass;
lass, great ass. horse, had intercourse. dray, his way.
McGraw, the law. Judd, to stud. corner. warn her
talker, a rocker. horse. Of course. weakness; a meekness.
tell, doing well. Monique, a week. bride'll, the hide'll
Bart, very smart. aroma, into coma. Picadilly, a hill-billy.
drop, the stops. Drange, the grange? Kentucky; he's lucky;
slit, Miss Witt. Potter, his daughter. horsemanship. fat lip.
exercise; is wise. class. his ass. chin. out again.
aboard, teacher adored. stalls. horse enthralls: head, have said,
tight, to bite. post, the most mares, his wares.
in." we begin. hints, a wince. Stampede, than need
Gorse, "Of course, shoes, the blues? Whitstable, quit stable;
quest, the west. Cline, mescaline wine. quarrel, her sorrel;
James, horse collar) range, as strange; charger, were larger.
Ballybay, his way. friend, the end, race-course, hurricane force:
care, you're there. Potton, thin cotton. horse, the course.
Cass, an ass. said, all red." Morse, a horse.
Morse, sick horse, Bray, of hay. Chile, awfully silly.
guinea, dreadfully skinny, saying, stops neighing." Cunningham, running 'em;
steed, great speed. thing. frequently bring Hote, take note.
saw, the law. horse. the gorse. Tony, a pony.
course, a voice crate, labelled "freight" way, and dray-
is; and resources. jack-asses, and molasses, on; the Amazon.
horse; using force. Millay, at play. B-bra; their C-bra.
night; a white; said, were dead!


spasm, the chasm. Hestor, molest her. snapped, damned chapped;
Wickenham? kickin' 'em? sin. your skin. find, two behind;
Laster, and disaster, cornery; just ornery. mines, or lines.
Stamboul, a mule; mass, the grass.


gritty, be shitty, trice, gentleman nice. boner", feline's owner.
Liam, see 'em. ball, at all; LA, every day.
Pratt, felt hat. Rome, his home. befriended, relationship ended.
devoted, than's noted. caresses, she undresses, boots, called Toots;
cat, is at. bed, been fed. Maine, the rain.
-- sets in; sat, the mat. cat, a vat.
Kamchatka, incontinent catka. Staines, the drains. Fred, his bed.
Fiat, marmalade cat. Louie, so chewy, cat; he shat.
Sam, is lamb. Myer, the dryer. cat, strangely flat?
cat, road sat, sorry. much worry. Fanucis, up excuses.
freeze, harsh sneeze. saucer, be crosser, cats, natural brats.
dung, her bung; Hurd, -- absurd! Maine, his mane.
cat; the mat. Socks, his hocks. Thou, See how
claws, my paws. Kilkenny, too many, cats, into mats,
Flats, underfed cats; Russ, 8:20 bus. here; Hoover near.
Britain, a kitten. bitten, one kitten. entangled, were dangled.
snore, the drawer. bonnet, upon it. cat. a brat.
is, Ms?" cat, all that, lost! the cost
three, white Chablis; him, hear him. eleven, and seven.
cat; admit that. Manx, with spanks. sweet, licked neat.
that!" patriot cat. sighed, commit suicide. -- espouse --
house! apparently louse Fife, her life. cat, big rat.
Bratt, superfluous cat; dear! and near. Boots, herbal cheroots.
beaten; Captain Keaton, unfurled, was hurled. away, to stray.
Dawes, Christmas because Kew, a pew. Sabrina, seen a
Shepherd, a leopard. night, a catfight. demure, just purr.
September, always remember, kitten, be quitten, cat, and fat.
four, have more. call, the hall." tomcat, and fat.
bold; am told. unobtrusive, rifles exclusive, doorway; "your" way.
twat, a blot, CALICO, alley go, Foss, and cross.
flat, with that creature, teach her. laws, my claws.
cat, or rat. fence, the ground. Matt, quite fat.


McGee, great glee. Gibb, no fib. squaw, and saw
half-wit, "Kitty kit. by. friendly cry. pun? it fun,
trick, are thick. wave, hermit Dave. Neferblutu, leopard-skin tutu.
melon, hell on skates, those states, on, fry on?
guessed! is impressed. eye, the guy. life, your wife.
wreath, did bequeath: Melbourne, been born. Ryan, high on
lack; a snack, more, unwritten law backs; his axe.
knew, the zoo. Zion, a lion; lion, weighty scion.
child: not wild." Lyonesse, and lioness. kitty-kats; than rats;
spied, a ride. cried, all died, plan, The man
lion, lie in. domain, the reign. lions; with defiance,
berserk, Christians work. brother. noble Queen-mother. town; loin down;
features, dangerous creatures. hearse, a curse." Spain, the rain.
lion, his scion. Brian, a lion. beasts, magnificent feasts.
chores, with sores. gores; from boars. cage, beast's rage.
call, have all Ryan, GAY lion. Maine, couldn't refrain.
meat, to eat. thrice, very nice, pale, yon vale.
lion, in Zion: Gatelely, as stately, truss, any fuss,
O'Brien, a lion.


cats, the fats. Wapakonetter, pet her. Stranks, your flanks?"
Niger, a Geiger; Tig, enormously big, -- my word.
Malacca, atrocious tobacca, nipper, accomplished unzipper, began, scenting Man.
pay, a day, bright, the night. cripes! black-and-white stripes!
anthropophagous, his esophagus; Frumps, such bumps, malls, and dolls.


ink, a slink, cheetah, you'll beatah; cheetah, the fleeter?"
Schatz, remarkable chatz. car, feline jaguar. her, named Prater,
her, named Pructer, her, named Prosster, her, named Pawder,
Ted, jaguar's head. hard, spotted le-o-pard. leopard, a shepherd:
leopard, their shepherd. spots, and jots, cry: is nigh!"
He, shepherd. He assures, he abjures. pipe, terrible tripe,
Wise, gleaming eyes; lynx, and stinks. slinks. he stinks,
lot, an ocelot. ocelot, a lot, ocelot. a lot.
ocelot, offa' lot. impound, straying around. Yuma, a puma.
Yuma, a puma. puma, assume a city, a kitty.
Luger, the cougar;


admire, and entire seat, a treat wary, the canary
fire, his pyre chest, some zest, pain, strain -
rumour, of humour tragic, his magic charmer, some armour
hairy, liking canary. climb. a crime? misapprehension, my convention
downhill. mentally ill. stalking. on walking. best. the west.
bad. it's sad. here, more care, en-masse? you're bemoaning..."Alas...?
pooter, fur-locked manooter. Aye. them goodbye. flaw, of paw.
hag; I wag. splat; gone flat. splat, a cat,
Eiger, a tiger. tiger, from Niger? Stast, of Belfast.
ass, the grass. rest; his chest. cat, go splat
day; go away. cat, by Pat. name; too lame.
perverse, OMPHALOSKEPSIS rehearse, read, great speed. Sam. Thanksgiving ham.
am... a sham. tries, I surmise sicken. to quicken!
"Cheshire?" new footgear. shoeless, quite clueless. day, our way,
gray; to lay. Ink, the sink. terminator; no elevator.


mistake, would make. Beals, of eels; sea, for tea.
PERNICIOUS, ceramic dishes Station, worldwide sensation. candiru, queer, who
book, a hook. Atlantic? being pedantic, cod, to God
appall. and small. frustrated, be mated. Montana, here, Anna."
fish, he'd wish. Mary, something scary. conceals, tangled eels,
Deal, slithering eel. Neil, young seal. Block, the dock.
carp, the harp; Adriatic, quite static. fish, don't wish.
murky, a turkey. spat, as fat; fly. the sky.
often, of Crofton. trout, flopping about; frustrated, tank's aerated.
frustrated, really elated Pinky, the sinky. frustrated, was baited.
Ayr, to wear. fish, one wish: Kew, relatively new,
gudgeon, blooming budgin'". frustrated; fish contemplated. said, bright red.
Frapper, quite dapper. I, to fry. Koi, great joy.
great, their state. know. some below. swallowed, it followed.
bait; often ate. eels, no heels. walls, wrong calls.
frustrated, had waited frustrated, be mated. sea, 1000 AD.,
aquatic, quite sclerotic. pike. didn't like. Sue, her loo.
tabes, like crab-ese. fauna, a piranha; beginner, new winner.
Edgewood, real good; pail, and ale; Olga, for tolga.
red, rapidly shed Ked; tire tread. head, fisherman dread
pride, shark's underside, REMORA, like flora, salmon, and Mammon.
sardine, big submarine, smelt; be felt. cry. my eye.
Wandsworth, ponds worth?" true, some clew! notion, pink lotion
surgeon, a sturgeon. hit, "Don't quit frustrated, he'd mated,
blue, same hue, Sam; and swam. Havana, and fauna;
frustrated, school graduated. shark, to bark. trout; did doubt.
Turbot; as Herbert, hake, a mistake. emergin', much urgin',
Sue. she knew. seem, swim upstream. Drew, knew --
Hilo, [?] Virginia, off skinnier... led, named Fred.


Parks, of quarks; saw, most awe. water, the daughter
shark, very dark; hark; man-eating shark. bride, the side.
water, he oughter; moored; hoisted aboard. skipper, a flipper,
creature, a teacher. do; the blue. commotion, the motion
Miami, so clammy, -- sease span; McWhirter, hurt her.
Ryde, the tide. vicious, even PERNICIOUS. Sark, man-eating shark.


giraffe, by half!" giraffe, her calf; giraffe, by half;
France, her pants. "What, and hot? tree, you see.
giraffe; a half. beast; the East. giraffe, they quaff,
perplex: long necks! giraffe, a laugh. strongest, headlong conquest.
Creator, the 'gator. say, every day Derwent, a servant.
Snatchem, match 'em?) roses, elegant poses. Giraffe, own Epitaph: