Yes, the answer is clear as a sieve,
And credit to Ward I must give,
But Tiddy's odd clue
Was awarded it's due:
Ms Leigh was an actress named Viv.

(Tom Stearns Eliot's wife also)
--- Hugh Clary

I've sails but I ply not the seas;
I've stones, but in no kidneys these.
What am I then, hey?
As Dylan might say,
"The answer is blowin' in the breeze."
--- Tiddy Ogg

I sat in my chair, poured a drink,
And got all my brainwaves in sync.
While engaged in swill,
I thought of a "mill",
Which must be the answer, I think.
--- Observer

The stones are for grinding and such;
The sails provide wind power, much?
Fits that Dylan song,
So Tid, if I'm wrong,
Then let's blame it all on the Dutch.
--- Observer

I hoped I would sow some confusion;
Observer though, reached a conclusion,
That grinders of flour
With natural power
Is right -- and that's the solution.
--- Tiddy Ogg

With five, I'll be known to a hound;
Beheaded, the very same sound;
If my first then is switched
With the letter just ditched,
The identical sound still is found.
--- Hugh Clary

Like that little old hound, I'm on the SCENT
And though it won't earn me a CENT,
The answer came quick
To this old country hick,
Which, I hope, I'm the first to have SENT.
--- Hugh Clary

Ab, ad, aa, ag, ah, ae, am, ai,
Al, an, ar, as, at, aw, ax and ay
Is the list of the two
Letter A-words that you
Better know if at Scrabble you vie.
--- Anon

I'm with letters of seven, a word
That often with standard is heard;
Beheaded: the rear;
Again: I'm severe;
And with four, I'm a kind of a bird.
--- Hugh Clary

All REGULAR words I did mull,
Which left me near out of my skull,
For clues left me muddled
And clearly befuddled,
Till yonder, I spotted a Gull!
--- Observer

On a scaur sat an ivory herring gull
And scanned the bright sight with eye clinical...
What did she see,
From her post by the sea?
It rhymes with her windswept rock "pinnacle".
--- Tutta Gioia

From his roost way up in the sky
Just what did our seagull descry?
And perched on his cliff,
It was just a skiff
He spied with his seagully eye!
--- Archie

I do hope that skiff's not on fire,
'Cause what the gull saw was a pyre...
Spied from his pinnacle
A glowing bright shinicle,
A bonfire that lit up the shire.
--- Archie

That word was a bit too obscure.
In OED? I'm not sure...
Same root as "shine",
So it worked out just fine,
And in olden days had allure.
--- Archie

Though some may think him a rock star,
To others, that notion's bizarre,
And though he came forth,
In a place south and north,
There he's still above most folks, by far!
--- Observer

My Ermintrude, though I adore her,
Of riddles is quite an abhorer.
And flummoxed we be
By this thing set by thee.
Perhaps some old polar explorer?
--- Tiddy Ogg

I'd be gentle, if only I knew
The answer, but woe! And boo-hoo!
Though long I have pondered,
My efforts were squandered,
Since really, I haven't a clue.
--- Hugh Clary

Contemplation has brought me, too, woe.
And no seed of an answer will sow;
I'm going to come clean
And then say what I mean --
That, really, I'm fooled if I know.
--- Jester Jon

I, too, have come up undone.
You've posed us a good one, old son!
Unless you encode a
Trip to South Dakota,
And the answer is Geo. Washington.
--- Cyber Wizard

But then, OTOH, thinkin', (on the other hand)
The answer I've given is stinkin'.
The fourth in that place
Some thought a disgrace,
Though he's given humanity linkin'.
--- Cyber Wizard

The answer's discovered, no doubt,
And Cyber deservs a big shout...
Kudos to the rest,
But he was the best,
'Cause he went and figured it out!
--- Observer

See my first when the scalpel's applied,
In my final, a pronoun is spied;
My middle is meant
To be readily bent;
And my all, like a serpent, can slide.
--- Anon

Contortionless brainpower involved;
At last here is one I have solved.
I won't answer here
For others to cheer,
But flaming was also devolved.
--- Anon

A canner, exceedingly canny,
One morning remarked to his granny,
"A canner can can
Anything that he can,
But a canner can't can a can, can he?"
--- Carolyn Wells

This was heard by his candid girl, Fanny,
Who said, "Do you refer to my cranny?
No can-can for a man
Who can't can my can,
His perfromance would be too uncanny."
--- Bill Backe-Hansen P8503

Bishop Tutu toot-tooted, at Crewe,
His own two o'clock Tutu To-do.
Aware he loved trains,
Bemused drivers took pains
To toot-toot Tutu, too to 2:02.
--- David A Brooks

As Bostonian say, in 'Calcutter',
Lives a man with a terrible stutter.
When he asks for the bread,
They will pass him instead:
Beer, broccoli, beans, and the butter.
--- Anon

A canner's can-canny son, Danny,
Annoyingly announced to his Granny,
No canner can can,
No can-canner can,
For no canner can can a can, can he?
--- David A Brooks

Candy sugar be good for me.
Candy sweets be enough for three.
Candy doctor say
Candy be a way
Randy lab tests so doc could see.
--- Marty

Diddy tell us we can suck his prick;
Diddy tell us some lims make him sick;
Diddy tell us much more;
Diddy show he's a bore;
Diddy show he's worth given a kick?
--- MrMalo

There was a young fellow named Fisher,
Who was fishing for fish in a fissure.
Then a cod with a grin
Pulled the fisherman in,
Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher.
--- Anon

A foolhardy midget named Fisher
Stuck his digit in the Fat Lady's fissure.
But her labial snap
Caught him in a trap;
And they're fishing the fissure for Fisher.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a bonnie Scots laddie,
Who said as he put on his plaidie:
"I've just had a dish,
O' unco' guid fish."
What had he had? Had he had haddie?
--- Anon

This is file kpl

Hattie told us that he'd been sinnin',
Hattie 'fessed up, he would be winnin'.
Hattie told us she blows;
Hattie lied? Who knows.
Hattie wiped off her dress, he'd be grinnin'!
--- MrMalo

This gramophone needle won't move;
It appears to be stuck in a groove -
In a groove - in a groove -
In a groove - in a groove -
In a groove - in a groove - in a groove -
--- Anon

Kitty's boyfriend, Bill, knocked up the cat
Of her daughter, a six-year-old brat,
Who sold tickets to see
What the offspring would be.
Kitty's kiddy's kiddy-kitty kitty quickly grew fat.
--- John Miller

A keeper who worked at the zoo,
Received a new gnu to see to.
He said, "That's the gnu
That I knew in Bellevue.
I knew that I knew that new gnu."
--- Frank Richards

A certain young chap named Bill Beebee,
Was in love with a lady named Phoebe.
"But," said he, "I must see
What the clerical fee
Be before Phoebe be Phoebe B. Beebee."
--- Anon

An elderly psychic was sick,
So she hired an assistant called Rick,
Who was good with his feet.
Nobody could beat
That sick psychic's sidekick's side kick.
--- Anon

There's a lady I knew in Calcutta,
Who spoke with a very slight stutter.
Her impediment
Was delightful, it lent
Such charm when she'd utter "B-butter."
--- Kevin Hale Q

A tutor who tooted the flute,
Tried to tutor two tooters to toot.
Said the two to the tutor.
"Is it harder to toot, or
To tutor two tooters to toot?"
--- Carolyn Wells

A gangster who also taught flute,
Once tutored a tooter to shot.
Said the shooter to tutor,
It's, tutor, astuter
To tutor toot-tooters to toot.
--- David A Brooks

Wendy cold winter nights now grow long,
Wendy north winds are blowing so strong,
Wendy icicles grow,
Wendy air's fill with snow,
Thendy robin goes bobbin' along.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Willie lie? Will the Senate see red?
Willie alter the case that he's pled?
Willie temper his mien?
Willie ever come clean?
Betty curries our favor instead.
--- Mike

No woodsman would cut a wood, would he,
If woods would be woodless nor should he.
Yet no woodsman would
Cut a woody-wood wood,
If no woodsman cut woody woods, would he.
--- David A Brooks

Whatever will rhyme with Summer?
There is only 'plumber' and 'drummer'.
Why! The cleverest bard
Would find it quite hard
To connect with the Summer -- a plumber!
--- John Betjeman

My mind's getting glummer and glummer.
Hooray! There's a word besides drummer;
Oh, I will think of some
Ere the prep's end has come,
But the rhymes will get rummer and rummer.
--- John Betjeman

Ah! If the bee hums, it's a hummer;
And the bee showeth signs of the Summer;
Also holiday babels
Make the porter gum labels,
And whatever he gums, he's a gummer!
--- John Betjeman

The cuckooo's a goer and comer.
He goes in the hot days of Summer;
But he cucks every day
Till you plead and you pray
That his voice will get dumber and dumber.
--- John Betjeman

A fellow from Grantham called Titus,
A boon to all limerick writers;
The number of times
His name could make rhymes,
Was practically ad infinitus.
--- Michael Palin P8603

Maybe Mayor Mabel made money in May
By marrying mangy monkeys in Marseilles.
Matrimony, then cheese macaroni,
Macrame cake with Chinese spumoni,
Maybe Mabel the Mayor danced a ballet.
--- Lynn Mostafa

While farty old Marty had joked
To Artie how Bertie had croaked
From gagging on soup
And raw canteloupe,
Poor Artie on artichokes choked.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A duncy old man with a comb
Wrote visual rhymes that did bomb.
He believed hard that Lord
Was a good rhyme for word,
And he carried that faith to his tomb.
--- Anon

A visual poet was suave
And ignored all the flows his rhymes have.
He believed hard that come
Really sounded like home,
And he carried that faith to his grave.
--- Anon

A Mexican family whose
Rhymes were more visual that those,
Even though they were rough,
They still made lots of dough
Of the poems what were penned by Jose.
--- Anon

I find that I'm rolling in mirth
To think that there might be on Earth
A word that is worth
My rhyming with birth.
Except maybe pregnancy's girth.
--- Naomi J Kahn

Pray search this wide land with a glimmer stick
For there must be some lad at his primer quick,
Who when pressed can supply
A lot better than I
An acceptable rhyme scheme for 'LIMERICK'
--- Elmo Calkins

As my hair turns from silver to white,
There's one rhyme I do not have, quite.
This hoary old bard
Is finding it hard
Rhyming "silver" and getting it right.
--- Anon

Twin sisters, named Coral and Carol,
Were laid out in their finest apparel.
Their life had been moral;
For Carol a chorale
Was sung, and for Coral, a carol.
--- Verbatim, Lang Quart 1990A

We've got a new maid called Chrysanthemum
Who said, "I have just come from Grantham, mum.
I lost my last place
In the sorriest disgrace,
When I snored through the National Anthem, mum."
--- Anon

There was an old lady named Bryde,
Who ate a green apple and died.
The apple fermented
Inside the lamented,
And made cider inside her inside.
--- Anon

A commodities man and insider,
Chose to learn from this gal, not deride her.
'Stead of formaldehyde
He juiced those who died,
Gaining wealth as a cider provider
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Now "clerk", so said Webster, the berk,
Should be, by the Yanks spoken "clurk."
But Brits call it "clark",
To rhyme well with "shark",
So I'll say the word just as I lurk.
--- Anon

This pronunciational hunt
Is boring, so let me be blunt.
If you say it "clurk",
The name of that jerk
Called Superman's really Clurk Kunt.
--- Anon

I asked a young lady in Dallas
To give me a new rhyme for Alice,
And showing a dimple,
She said, "It's so simple!
Just separate digi from talis."
--- Lims Unlimited

I don't care for cigars, a jet-setter, a
Cheat, a perpetual fretter, a
Pen that won't work,
A bigoted jerk,
A laugh track, a suffed shirt, et cetera.
--- Cyd

A few flue-fleas fleeing a flue
Met a blue food-fly fleeing it too.
The few fleeing flue-fleas
Said, "Foo! Food-fly, shoo please!"
Which few foo'd blue food-flies will do.
--- Lims Unlimited