Limeric Index



apostle; icon colossal. ex, to vex -- subtle bouquet.
odd, the bod. bloke; could poke. meters, Prof. Jeeters
saint: it ain't!" greater, master baiter unique, would speak,
outing, are touting? Upid, God Cupid, Upid, constantly dup-ed
outcast, his past. Raight; constantly prate. holely, instrument wholly.
maggots, and agates, catch; with dispatch. latitude, no gratitude,
sick, the trick, apostolic, would frolic. thing; not bring
teenybopper, and proper, fake, a snake." Gluck: had luck.
Saint, no complaint. ap-Paulled, a fall. Throstle, marvelous fossil.
nimble. a thimble, us, of disservice. Iffy, often whiffy.
saint, a taint, field; would yield. temptation, enjoy fornication
limitations," "and consolations. straight-laced, me chaste. restraint... (how quaint!)
lies, womanly thighs, Zippo, a trippo. perversion; a conversion.
chin. been in, Bernadette, I'll bet, Bernard; church yard.
drag, racing-green Jag, rocked, essence defrocked, unique, would speak,
Francis, (even asses), while, folk beguile. confess, a mess.
spoke, to smoke', encrusted; she trusted. seems, of schemes
Paul, did fall. Throstle, marvelous fossil. - colossal -
Peter, any discreeter. Stylites, of nighties, lay. your way.
break! the lake? pick, a brick. Vitus. excite us.
askance, a trance. suspected, than dejected. Aquinas, his shyness.
269, Saint Valentine day, will play think, occasional drink,


seen; beer green. routine, usual mien. snakes, the lakes;
shakes, or earthquakes. routine. the scene, scout, no doubt.
brake, and snake Devil, quite level dweller" seemed sweller
named) Irish disdained, sprite, pen, overnight, close, my nose,
terms, and squirms streets, for sweets, treat; the heat.
nice. one vice. friends, day ends, say, Patrick's Day.
beer. your rear. shyness, on guy-ness,


just. we must? snide?) a side. - spiritual growth
volition, to perdition. Berlin, was sin. chin, a grin;
bell, to sell. Good", the should. Flynn, and in,
winsome, respectable income, Coffin, might soften. delightful, are frightful!
disgust, than LUST. saint, a complaint. Durrance; strong deterrents.
Hortense, ill portents. Lynn, original sin. mission, awful suspicion,
Ketter, do better. Sturgeon, any urgin'. FALL". at all.
knew, won't do. submit. I admit. Bart, too smart.
Broughton, sought 'em. force, my horse?" chess, utmost finesse,
Valentino, was obsceno, Frank, a tank. Daisy-- all crazy.
fain, from stain. glim. and dim. Carruthers, of mothers.
chin, get in?"


agree; with ghee. Bostick, her caustic. faker; a Quaker.
guess, they rest. spoken! be broken! convergence, idyllic emergence;
Lama, Delhi mamma, Parma, Dali Lama. weird; you feared.
stiff, his quiff. crew, the Pooh. eclipse, red lips.
Druids, few ids. PLACATE, first rate. creed. of seed,
yore, young whore, Widgeon, a pigeon. clod, your god;
catechism, do mysticism. boor. with brochure, lamas; the Bahamas.
lamas. in pajamas, doubt, all about, Hubbard, little cupboard,
do, to sue; opined, a spine; fact, Mellennium Act;
loss, a toss. neat, and feet. voodoo; they do,
vow, (**)


Belly; to jelly sing; last spring. Buddha, he coulda.
chummy! gin rummy? seen, emerald sheen, seen's, and machines,
mix, old bricks, stone, is shown; suffer... nothing rougher.
nothing. terrible suffering, realization, through starvation; not! a lot.
mind, will find wheel, we feel. protruddha, me shudda.
karma, long charma; linger, choir singer. Buddha, he coulda
Honder, minds wander."


aware, you care. aware; were there? relation, than elation,
Day. we say. Day; will play. ass, smoke grass,
saying: that praying. vile; to revile. skunk; sad junk.
cool, a rule, debt; no sweat, neglected, seldom respected.
bits, sort tits slits, still fits Ritz, of wits.
sits, she flits, pits, and writs, grits, or spits
glitz, she shits, spits, and sits knits, stunt plane)
Brits, though twits. ditts, Hollywood hits nits, her bits.
zits, the Blitz. mystic, tenet simplistic, Cola, old Shah
Ayatollah, a pollah liquor? would bicker. Allah, A
Koran, old man, Mullah, some moolah. Koran? curriculum plan?
Rebecca, to Mecca. instill, to kill, wonder, to blunder,
- are urgin' Azerbaijan, the can; overjoyed, hot celluloid,
Abdul, one rule: Akbar, a snackbar; Bahrain, this refrain:
divine, that's benign, muezzin, cannabis resin, Crescent, other unpleasant.
Jerusalem, always bambusalem: Allah, A liars; terrorist fires.
Creased, the Beast." guarantees, their families; Mohammed, very becalmed.
Jaffar, a crowbar. Islamic, so comic. Mecca, from Decca,
odd, to prod society, distressing propriety. run, some fun.
priest, the East. Iran, it can. urgin's, currently burgeons,
booze, their shoes snag; a hag; dynamic, (nuptual)
keen! and obscene! hand, teams disband! bend, his friend,
pages, the sages. Afghanistan, the Taliban. Tabari, by Bukhari,
devine! at nine? young, properly hung Yids, the kids.
wed; law said. muezzin; trifle amazin'. a, her burkha
Arab, a carob die, not fry. few, to screw.
Halls, lacks balls. surly, dervish whirly, day, certainly pay;


Spain, is pain. Lorraine: a pain. Peru, all through.
outrageous, young pages. it, her thicket. royal, been Doyle.
prevail), shall fail. ells. with yells, admit, a bit;
Finns, their chins; sensation, the station. tea, Holy See.
meander, the gander, Worcestershire, her higher) Shanaxi, well, Hung-Dynasty.
HUNG-THRU, already knew. Peru, to do. rare, or bear!
palace, incaic malice, Inca, crater extinca, Incas, great drincas.
Japan, Tuesday began. Carlos, some "OH-OH's." unclad, her pad.
Trings, Spanish kings. abuzzin' a cousin. crest, great zest.
marry, not vary. Prussia, of Russia royals, it foils.
rest. at best. scorn, we warn wed, with dread.
Mikado, be schooled??) castle. arm wrestle. Palatine: is fine,
Wilhelmina, Queen a plumbing, is humming! granted; and enchanted.
Iran, rulers ran, smell? the shell?" Spain, and vain:
pissed, the wrist. Vlad, deem odd. malice, the palace;
Spain, and vain.


odd. by God! thing, be king. Plantagenet, won't forget.
quartet. reverbrates yet. tree, the Three. Eight, More's fate.
Bess, we guess. see, Brit's royalty. wright, not right!
dismayed, once played. array, fine day. Balmoral, store all
relate, the state. "Arsehole! a parcel! ocean, unceasing motion,
Ness, you guess spot, a lot. said, hobby instead.
Ed, to bed. Wales, underground rails... scroll, your goal.
duplicity, VII lubricity: great, or Eight. Fergie, of allergy.
hobby, Buckingham's lobby, bet, Bobby's helmet. trolley; his Wally.
burst, the thirst first, the worst. obscene! the queen!
scene, be mean, mourns, day dawns. crowd, very loud.
Ealing, appropriate feeling: my! my eye?" fear, the ear."
Harry. to carry." way?" say -- curse, get worse.
Chertsey, a curtsey. states, their mates. raper, Runnymede caper.
Boyne, is moyne!" "Regina, your vagina." palace, marvelous phallus
tear, to cheer. Canterbury, a hurry, rages, for ages,
Lionheart, sixpenny tart. so? go slow! diapers, by vipers.
Royal, butt broil; Scots, anti-Liz plots, Queen, near Aberdeen?
touch, they clutch. er, a hardener." bring, his thing.
Rex, obnubliate sex; report, in sport. quoted, he noted.
ashamed. the same. Greek, a tweak. vassal, her castle,
coarse, by force. me; reach puberty. Aberdeen, the Queen.
Thor, the floor. prize, Lord Wise, vapours, stupid capers.
near. is here." fail, the Grail. Third, his word;
hushed, testify, blushed malign, evil design. Buckingham, sucking `em;
George, an orge. flinches, he pinches. sentry, the entry.
Towster, inveterate boaster; "Highness," unusual shyness. Third, a bird.
Dundee, their tea. Palace, or malice. Belfast, sell fast.
known, all alone, Sheen, be seen, leaves, Dad believes
night, in delight alone, a moan, Rose, any clothes.
mud. his pud hush! your tush, throne, papists bemoan).
weally, I, willy-nilly, barren, past carin'. loupe, a group.
Wyatt, try it?" bliss, his kiss.


Eight, vs State. meanie! nice queenie... please, divorce decree.
Camilla, Prince Philla. "Horsey," beloved divorcee. "wicked," while nekkid.
able, his stable. see, that he force, and coarse,
hike, TV "mike" spreading, the wedding. mare, not there!
ladies, for Hades. sighs, wasn't Di's. reviler, rival, "Rottweiler."
cushion, am pushin'! peter, and neater, up; to sup
daughters, the waters, revealing, without feeling. forces, course, is
Camilla, versus vanilla; prince, to convince gaffe, a laugh,
king, spring fling. hag, young stag. Camilla, a thrilla."
two; "I do. Jill; quite ill. Camilla, horse, half-gorilla.


beers, in tears. MEGILLAH, soulmate Camilla, eyes, rich sighs.
consternation, a carnation. six, student tricks. station, with ejaculation.
Charles, their quarrels. Charles, of snarls. Di, longer apply.
cools, of Fools. fecund, which beckoned. inhuman, his bloomin'
horse; considerable force. regency, reason see; awful"; more careful.
pot; royal lot. see, Golden Jubilee. fool, upper-class school;
Camilla, po-faced gorilla. rough, gorilla-like muff bores! all fours,
eat, witchetty meat, sage; turns beige. Wales: marriage entails,
Wails, he bewails. gloomy, to me." abide, soon-to-be bride,
principality, left-wing sodality. Di, public eye. waste. been chaste.
garden; his pardon. waiting, been dating. suicidal, oath bridal,
bedding; are shedding. course, a loss. contrition; the rendition.
day, passed away. day, Charlie dismay. procrastination, Pope's cremation,
case, not place.


missed, would insist. Di, weary eye; too! large zoo,
ogre, be sober decline; too kind. fraud; be abroad.
hoax! the jokes, NOT, well hot. wench, a stench.
screen, I mean? Di, her thighs. engaged: Ferretti, enraged
fling, future thing; Britain, was taken nails, of Wales.
wept, her crypt. place, giving chase. absurd! last word!"
power, an hour. Spring, be King. shocking! to mocking.
louse, and spouse; Wales, food tales. disguise, the eyes.
York, the stork. rate, quite irate. declare, they dare.
Di, apple pie. Express, transparent dress. friends; making amends.
ends; tragedy sends. rend, "Let's Pretend."


moan; a groan. engages, for ages, oneth, a month,
carriage; the garage, smiles, his piles. lax," the cracks
foil, to toil toff; may scoff, confessed, is blessed.
job, manservant Bob. retire, butler attire. see, absolute glee.
bed, to wed. wed, chase led. please, in Stengelese.
went. and Kent. Burleigh, Harry's girlie, sex, and Essex,
Regina, honeyed vagina, Spring, be king. idolize, pleasant surprise,
crap, her lap. Queen, may seem. pickle! a dickhole,
super, a trooper. Raleigh, his valet, adore, from before.
Queen, proposals obscene. mean. has been. tree, the Queen;
loyal, The Royals; anti, gives scanty realize, past idealize;
best, Queen Bess Day! everyone say fact. in tact,
bake, fine cake. abuse. the Bruce, trees, he flees.
mad, very bad. Haimes, St. James, maintains, here pertains:
wire; I'll retire Dean, I've been. renown, written down,
canoodling, time doodling Bess, felt duress, commode, and Spode.
infused, she used


Aragon; his paragon, Tudor, been ruder. wed, her bed.
Cleves, badly receives. flirty; been thrity. Parr, Hoorah!
belief, regal LEITMOTIF: well, a "swell". socks; or chocs.
1st, spicy bratwurst, Henry-the-Two, brain-tonic goo; mate, deemed first-rate),
man, of hand. plot, so fraught Harry, to miscarry,
Eighth, of Faith". Eight. The Grate. display. him weigh.
king, prettily sing. fissile, old gospel-epistle?" Wrisley. and drizzly.
Tudor, few lewder; king; every spring. "Kiddo, he did-o.
Kate, was great meantimes, Greensleeve rhymes. Boleyn, get in;
bitch, an itch Seymourses, those whoreses, fright, a slight
Cleves, I believes, next: extra-marital sex Parr, cooed "Dar-
names: and Jane, for, the poor Henry, hate her,
night; without light. true, and blue. releases, natural greases.
meat-grinder, aligned her, year, quite queer, her. old geezer.
man; his hand. mate, wedding date. distraught. Boleyn's twat,
girth; was worth. said, Henry's bed. lad, remarkably sad
tricks; numbered six. Tart? mad, apart wives) been sold.
demand; crafts, understand? skill, at will. room, forthcoming doom.


time, age climb, London, "ton" done, rest, every test,
rest, her chest. Bowes-Lyon; time a-dying. far, the bar.
rites, the fights -- rum -- palace, "No malice
Mum, her bum. Service) be dud. one, magnificent sum
hear, my beer. come, which some


Disraeli, almost daily. reign, the brain. inspected, she objected:
Victoria, o' ya'." Bertie, be flirty. seers, his tears.
ghillie, notably chilly, Regina, best--never finer! glitch. smelly britch.
renewin'," weeds, cheeks-bedewin', enthused, never refused quarrel, is immoral!
Victoria, from euphoria, short, at court; Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. due quota
You-Know-Who, folk do. braw, quite raw. ghillie, old Billy.


Quatorze, for indoors. Christine, and PRISTINE. frown. blue gown.
hymen, latest rhymin', advance, a chance! Class, a lass.
obscene. the Queen! Bruges, exceedingly huge. stuff. blindman's buff,
Quatorze, gathered indoors. Florse, of course. cell, to tell.
count; a fount. renown, the crown; name; to fame.


buxom, abducts 'em. goes, the throes Algiers, to queers,
Algiers, "My dears, Algiers, potent years, Algiers, it appears.
Algiers: in years, Bagdad, Dad had. harem, unbare 'em."
dead. his head. Maharajah: dodge her, ring, girls sing.
Abdul-Hissun; started dismissin'. Darren, his harem. Sheik, a peek.
schmucks, a tux! Mac, to Iraq. himself, and pelf:
Khartoum, his tomb. Hallaby; you see. Iran: must ban.
Iran, old man. Shah, vacation afar. Stan, a Shan
state, first rate work, went berserk. day; in disarray.
Otan, good man Shah, the czar, Salisbury, his harem.
Krim, his whim. him? Arabic hymn?


Longstanding, the landing. Juan, Juan won, pheasant, from pleasant.
insurrection: girl inspection. in, shotgun a-clutchin', earl, a beryl.
girl, a whirl. tanner, any manner, Ham, a damn.
insist, lightly dismissed; Post, a host. maharajah, old codger!
ease, her knees. stench, young wench, Vere, much beer.
knew: Who's Who, Magdalen, of dagdalen Sill, low run-of-the-mill.
posh, and dosh; Funt, his hunt. Abbey, rather shabby,
Buckingham, enfuffing `em, V. but free. Hall, he'd call.


lie; on high, Buckin'em, of Fuckin'em. hearty; a party
m'dear, 'n' beer. romance, 'n' dance; board, my Lord.
tap, occasionally rap. dear; your rear. Basle, her castle.
Barden, the garden.


knew, be true; Nordrhine-Westphalia, her regalia; Nordrhine-Westphalia, having heart-failure;
Nordrhine-Westphalia, crew's genitalia, Avery: your reverie? Runshawn; one shone.
McPhail, a sail; admit, wouldn't spit Fuck- that struck
distressing, during dressing. CAP-A-PIE, assumed privacy. two, to view,
roused, he's plowsed. duchess, Col. McHutches haughty, be naughty.
Wings, and things. Gloucester, accost her. Tremayne, the rain.
Yid, twelve quid, Depter, kept her Dubuque, a Duke,
Nordrhine-Westphalia, royal regalia. Nordrhine-Westphalia, in Australia; Nordrhine-Westphalia, male genitalia.
Nordrhine-Westphalia, lesbian bacchanalia; Nordrhine-Westphalia, a dahlia; Nordrhine-Westphalia, as Australia.
Nordrhine-Westphalia, mean Saturnalia. Nordrhine-Westphalia, sexual paraphernalia;


Sirs, their spurs, Hall, Queen's ball. Pettigrew, must do.
Toplady, too shady. Heights, and knights; Tiffy, looked spiffy,
Cobb, consummate snob. Stansbury-Short, upper-class sport. Nance, of France,
stance, ravenous glance; advance, a trance; dance, impassioned romance;
Sitwell, called Sachervell. joust, were doused Pugh, to do.
Table, of label, Grady, named Sadie. Beaulieu, wed, newly:
Mickelwhite, nickel, maite. Dusty, if busty. Wade, the Crusade.
miffed; short shrift. mind, near blind. bestow, driven snow?
Microsoft) very ill. conference, for once mistaken, gravely forsaken.
d'Esprit, to pee. groin, to join riser, Yellowstone geyser,
slinky, quite kinky. style, my smile; ages, the rages,
queen, blade keen? peer, longer here. Steve, so naive,
"Forsooth! oh 'strewth!" bait, rogering Kate. show, allegiances, so
before, be sure; knights, carnal delights, Blore, a bore.
her. harm her. knight, to fight.


Keith, seen underneath Macbeth, for breath; Slagg, in drag;
Willie, looking silly; Blott, with Spot, keen, served margarine.
Beaver, persistant deceiver, Greene, awfully keen Dobbs, dirtiest jobs
Montague, classes taboo. Hathaway-Hall, to pall, ball; too tall.
Morse, unbelievably coarse; Pilkington-Price, a trice. Snoot, indescribably cute,
Dee, can be. Scrote, by note; Hill, a thrill.
Ash, a dash; Bemster, Lord Dempster, Pugh, the zoo.


Timms, peculiar whims. Buckingham, ducking 'em. too; the loo.
fear, mistress's ear, Featherfair, seen there. Forgot," perversional plot;
French, and wench. Ames, the dames. Terhune, viper's harpoon.
Mountbatten, even Latin. Bast, his last. class, country lass.
untoward, a hoard Applethorpe-Ames, sexual games. White, the right.
cheese, you please, days, its ways. Vere, favorite peer.
Purce, own nurse,


buckled, getting suckled. Bombay, own way; Prague, a log.
Theresa-Octavia, Kingdom Moldavia, Great, her plate; Di, just why
Spain, conduct's germane. mince," me wince. York, a fork."
say, forking away; scandal; could handle suppose, a doze.
neat, upon feet. palace, not Dallas. malice, a phallus;
Baudelaire, little unfair, chaste, a waste. Ophir, faux fur;
erotic, so exotic. few, a stew Alice, the palace,
males, in Marseilles. station, mature 'jaculation. all, William's Ball?
offend, they send. Frupp, clan Krupp, Ed, his head,
Harry, as Larry, church; a lurch. Rose, one knows.


crown, frown -- rest, lifelong quest. Peter, been sweeter.
true, to do. cremated; she's grated. fire, they'd inspire.
frog, a log. flung, her lung, say, equestrian today?
course, until hoarse." chiding, "while riding?" trot; that spot.
Anne, harm man.


monks, he'd shrunk. bizarre! dead commissar? rip, would flip,
due, that's true! Great", man wait. steed, physical need,
Great, personality trait, pet, and fret. pony, as phony.
finder, remind her, Great: she'd inflate. steeper, the Dneiper,
men. difference when relate, her fate. Great. Pete estate.
"baitest," research's latest: rate. was insatiate. stirable, it transferable.
Great; did copulate. Yekaterina, unseen. A imp, to skimp.
Great-- type date. us, Great overzealous rate? Catherine great?
intent, my bent him. deride him. thrive, sex drive,
found, corsets unbound, facts: terribly lax; dismayed, was laid,
Gate. and wait. fate, and straight. Celibrateski, his mateski;
C. will be. head," Catherine said, demesne, had seen,
demesne, and lean, Czarina, stallion, Schlangina. clear, bum ear.
heaven, a leaven. ice, from vice II, ultimate screw.
muse, make news "mount" any account. Voltaire, and rare:
away, girl away. spawned, Great's passing-on. pits! they fits.
Princess, to impress, date, and great. Catherine, disgusting, obscene.
need, old steed, Dar, affluent Czar; tar. a car.


takes, minor mistakes, Frederique, a freak Lupescu, Romania's rescue.
tub, Dieting Club: say, their hey-day. King. a fling."
prince. me wince." castle, a vassal. Mings, such things
Siam: a damn. chambermaid, had laid. polite, perfectly 'right',
King, royal fling. Crete, most indiscreet. mastered, ass stirred,
Warwick, was historic. dead, be shed. beaut. your cute.
Hibernia, India: Purnea, malice, favorite chalice. rose, and bows.
Shamus, exceedingly famous. screeched. the streets. "When, the Glen?
known, when alone. Canute, a newt, Canute, to re-route.
Amused, enthused -- ago, don't know) Tut. "tut tut."
Tut, his nut, Wenceslas, his pence-lessness. Darius, rather nefarious.
kings, goddamnedest things, -- was displayed. since, a quince.
palace, gem-studded chalice. a, be scarier? thing, the King.
King, your ring. things, as kings! Czechs: in sex.
Alice, a palace. middle," the griddle, lick, King's prick.
kingdom, their flingdom. Bess, of undress. spree, they're free.
yore, favorite whore; Thep, costly misstep. lout, to shout,
O'Neill; for appeal; Spain, was insane. King, to sing,
-- argument ring. King, remarkable thing: repose, trunk hose
Hal, sleeping pal, Depter, accept her. bed. he said.
shout, snowball about!" castle, young vassal,


fair, (both rare), lair; axe-man there. green, the Queen.
crass, Mother's ass, Skipton, dripped on. phallus, intriguing callus.
King, it bring. said, her head. make: could partake.
Bliss, is amiss. spryness, anyone's thigh-nest. year, were queer.
shitting: I'm committing Queen, my spleen, queen, from lean."
Spain, the rain. Astor, outlast her. flew, a shoe.
Madrid, you kid!" mated, who'd waited, entrance; a glance.
manse, his chance; enough, terribly tough. shackle, his tackle.
Vance, into Lance. Kappel, and scrapple, moping, still hoping
feet, royal treat. vassal, the castle: Venus! its penis!"
on, down on Regina! ocean liner, tower, a flower.
shore, a whore. Siam, Big Sam! mustard, got flustered.
obscene; not seen sordid; she's boarded. Chichester, Court Jester.
bright, a fright, daren't, assurance inerrant, Spain, and again.
age, a rage. McHenry, I envy, Queen, the scene,
Jupiter! much stupiter; King; the thing. joke. as stroke.
course, another resource. bed, do instead. Byzance, hot pants.
boozed, be fused;


keeno, compound amino. publication, tidal station. Tex; his sex.
renown, is found half-mast, rather fast. basis, standard faces.
tans, of fans, Nick, the pick author, wrother --
Chris, is this: made, chicken debate. Java, Fritzil Palava,
knows, petrified?" Rose, Australia, joined genitalia: Beecher, biology teacher.
it, announce it, insist. be dismissed." bases, hydrogen spaces,
alkaline, the design. you, multi-element brew. worth, universe's birth.
forges, their storages. riot, fireworks quiet, splitters, fence sitters.
splitter, a twitter, roam, they comb. '-gist' splendiferous list:
Chris, was bliss. elation, rat copulation polls, Psychology's rolls.
tell, a spell? Zell, a bell, shrimp, and limp.
charts, uranium tarts. Platt, their scat. Gould, he could
chill: Earth still bitchin', will enrichen. Sloan, living alone,
rock, a shock! past, done last, stone, of bone,
dig? their rig, "Woodburnus," learn us: third. thing heard,
crows, its nose! chickens; the dickens. fright; of sight.


ruffe; right stuff. creature, dominant feature trouble. the double,
invader, trophic layers? boat; bit remote. loosetrife; new life.
come, of dumb, worry; a hurry; host; they boast.
Lakes, they face. mussel, big tussle, low, water flow.
struggled, hundred huddled.


mean, his colleen. rate, gaseous state, fellow, of Marcelo,
Arrhenius. always spontaneous. Svendt, reactions went. cry; too high!
pain, my methane. pair, p-chem flair. Crick, -- Click!
unwell, a shell, levity, n electronegativity? Keith, his teeth
Neal, great deal. night, fireflies' light. Rangoon, full moon.
Bowman, from roamin'. agree, like chemistry. date, the plate.
duck, medical luck. know. deep snow. Cologne, to clone.
attraction, charcoal compaction view, a clue. keen, practical scene.
LeBel, works well. Hyde, suddenly died. Pauling, downright enthralling.
resolve, incomes dissolve. nose! in rows. speak, to tweak;
wallow. can follow. rules; his tools. blubbers, good lover.
Stan, devious plan. it. found it. hate; no weight.
mention, more tension. brain, "slow" lane, Rauolt, could fault.
high, to try. Boma, potent aroma podium, of Rhodium.
elite, he'd meet, Fred, duck's head. McGraw, gas law.
Pry, was nigh, science, of giants. air, School career.
waning, are draining! aglow, fire go; tell, of Hell.
surprising, students recrystallizing. dismay, of play; phosphofructokinase, mimicking phosphorylase.
Al: and Cohol. Liz, a whiz;


acetylene, metal, in. bases, from faces. chains, X-ray explains,
Irene, distilled kerosene, Estonia, be lonelier. bluster, a cluster.
sequence; no existence. must. like dust. dorm, prepare chloroform.
will, of dill? brick, it quick. tests, famous arrests;
Placid, an asset. Kyne, the time. Kroll, a bowl.
seductor, chemistry instructor. Chester, each semester. dries, it lies.
methane, with disdain. things; particular rings. friend. was Gen.
complain, his brain. true. his view. think;, a link
can, to man. Ealing, was dealing,


measure, sweet pleasure. cells, electro-chemical hell. Dundee, tudied spontaneity.
Madras, magnificent gas. and, so bland. Equation, groovy relation.
University, to see Twee, for me." Jeff, Hugh Heff.
time; freaking dime. slow; great woe. Rule? Thermo tool.
dispersion; with aversion. creation, its solvation. said, has led.
Raoult, and salt.


same; a claim. see, to agree. paradox, some locks.
illusion, present delusion. science, willing compliance. man, garbage can.
wonderland,. Invisible Hand. heedless. so needless. unemployed, seldom enjoyed.
thought, they sought Right; terrible sight. be, for me,
ass, the class: societies, proper propieties. do, or two?
neat, his feet: why, and buy; need; the seed
say, and replay; explain), the chain, store, or door,
crime; paid overtime! pride! going outside STAGFLATION, national indignation.
rife, the wife,


Hell! so well. do. to you. on, to spawn.
Jones, fossilized bones. fair, were there. scowl, a foul.
Annie, her fanny. four; Orwellian folklore. new: came due,
change. I'd rearrange. design! so fine? innovation. central location.
dispose, the toes. chest; is best. delight. all night
wait. ought eight. mitosis. less ferocious. looms, Steve Coombs.
Dodds, small wads Sloan, the phone, genes; totally keen.
buzzin'; the dozen. Crick, DNA tick; pose, to those
wise, each size. Attache's, Negation Astray, Keens, which means
affair, who err. me, chimpanzee -- profounder, crowned her;
why. other guy. see; "Dad" Murphy. eoxyribonucleic, quite algebraic;
routines, reproduction machines, Caster, last her, tree, to me.
daughter, a quarter sister, kissed her. daughter, the slaughter,
mother, uncle's brother. mat, a splat, lore, some more;
believes, he grieves. own, sometimes loan. Katsch, did hatch.
Queens, statistical means, homesteader, be deader. say, match DNA.
transfusible, it's excusable, June, in Calhoun; donation, human hybridization
sighted, me frighted. Hall, Davina McCall, scotches, are botches;
perceived, tenets believed. Cree. heathen Chinee. monkey, act funky?
genes, it seems. family," told me. Bude, modified food.
leaves, quietly grieves. Jerome, in Rome. trails, prehensile tails.
amaze, to raise. creature, beseech her: brother, or other.
athletics; preferred cybernetics. whore, nuclear war. DNA, will say:
Rose, in prose. enjoy, too coy. missing; and hissing.
POLYPHYLETIC, matters genetic, pathetic, beauty magnetic... thrust, a must.
with, stay with. complication, DNA mechanization. Renfrew, hereditary too.
strife, are rife, peripatetic, be genetic. aesthetic; be pathetic;
Carey, motherhood vary. Pickens, the Dickens. monkey, one key,
sexes, the x's, eggs, an X, day, and dna.
glee, as me. question, will mention: here, the beer.
chromosome," Macho Jerome,


cellar, new feller. am; or man? one. own one.
Gore, one more. Dolly; great folly. Madonna, would wanna.
Kroner, a loner knife; from life; Prez, the lez.
blown; to clone. mad, a lad; McCoy, to enjoy
cares, in pairs. misapprehension, the tension. small. be appalled,
overpopulation, great consternation. Races", low places. Jordans? moralist wardens.
know! go slow. bounded, be hounded. more! by score.
afraid, are made. it, sue IT. go; I'd blow.
body, is knotty: moaning, of cloning. cloning; to phoning.
cloning, are foaming! today, a way: impressed, a test.
far, a jar. Harms, own charms. poor, no more."
Debra, a zebra, cheerfully, family tree. bemoan, the throne
cat; about that? do? a ewe. found, me around
perception, its inception, me, stone me. Hubble, a double
zone, women alone, Hell, scientists tell. man, we can,
provide, to ride, bride, this ride, me, You see,
glutton, wrong button. alone, friendly clone, cloning. the gloaming.
green. is lean. bone; an X.


master, about alabaster, water; (maybe shorter); a, in a
Kate, nearly, Kate. shock, a flock, forming, global warming,
coal, the goal. trepidation, on vacation, bluey, that's chewy,
fissure, it's lissure. luminous, in us; exploring, myself snoring.
apart, the start quake, bomb-trial's wake, EUSTACY, surfers ecstacy,
lift? to rift? Jack, her back. West, with zest.
Brock, for shock night, she might. disagree! must be.
me, the sea Joan, audible groan, be, with EUSTASY.
depressed: know best, Max, did tax. amazonite; apparently, right?
Ned, is dead. gear, one engineer. told, had sold.
halt, another fault. rocks, big blocks, Schmaltz, and basalts.
blow, geology's show, doubt, strewn about. fears, it appears,
rock, a cock boil. Texas oil, opal, in Constantinople;
PANGAEA, an idea. foam, land home, Vince, shall convince.
nondescript, have slipped. miner, North China. bubble; the double.
apart, the art sound? very profound. bones, satisfied moeans,
bed, my head. rumbling? beaarings a-crumbling! sleep, very deep,
Earth; give birth. field, humans revealed. double, into trouble.
unsurpassed; cryo-nitrogen gassed. hum, be overcome, rumbling, are tumbling.
sleuthed, it soothed. Greek, did leak, stones, of bones,
chorus, before us. Walt, of Galt. mine; smartly divine.


Yippee! for me! Crete, in concrete; do, a screw.
neat! my feet. three's; midwestern freeze. Sue, was blue.
prattle, in Seattle; sit; tremblor hit. quake, to shake."
Gail, well-endowed male wall, and all. free, should be.
Schlichter, licked her chaos, Pacific embraos. quaking, building shaking,
blasted, and gasted. Victor, dicked her. vault, ground assault.


shook. seismologists look grave, easily save. cack; named Jack.
could, of wood. Sarawak, tsunami attack. barmy, Salvation Army,
cami- the tsunami. tell, to hell. Pop: to stop.
misbehaves, first Dave's, behave! a knave.


Congo, olcano Nyiragongo years, shed tears. domes, like loam.
Missens, few exhibitions. a-crashin', ash 'n' tumbled, Washington rumbled;
Samoa, show a one, nearly done. sliver. forgive her.
vibration, calm resignation; cried, excited inside." day, to say,
Java, no lava. excavated, heat devastated.


Hall, a ball. shed; I said. shed, we're wed.
Nancy, and romancy. daughter, should naughter; Encantada," is nada;
grin, for sin. Jacuzzi, you woozy risky, quite frisky
rail, your tail way, you, okay? pace, heart race
court, spicy sport? slash, a gash. day, we lay.
bet, I'll get spied; slid inside. success, say "Yes,"
success, say "Yes," success, say "Yes," success, say "Yes,"
success, say "Yes," you've, you move, chilling. I'm willing
start? hard counterpart! can, wonderful man. arrived; I survived.
sup, thought up, trip, fast clip; stare, your hair,
skin, melony twin. galore; in store; scorch, special torch;
around; a wolfhound! hair; and there seat; so sweet;
guess! cannot suppress, dumb! and thumb; anticipation, more excitation;
tricks! memorable fix! sure; so pure; time; so sublime;
delight; so tight; eyed! flood tide! abates; pair conjugates;
true; I, too; small, at all, Westphalia, male, ya."
said. to bed. Apollo, did follow. Joppa, society cropper.
pardon, your garden. growing. now showing." removed, we've moved,
dress, nothing less merge, named Converge; flirt, otherwise curt.
date. sofa, prostrate. guy, my fly!" Falls, Englebert calls,
follows: your hollows, tree, could see tit, would fit.
tree, to me. bee, into me. tree, to me:
pippin, merrily trippin'. Biffin, some tiffin. Smith, was with
Delicious, getting lubricious. Yew, be true." Shalott, a spot.
bush-bunny, be funny; forever; too clever; appointed, her annointed;
blanket, outdoor banquet, grass, sweet sassafras, hips, me chips;
eyed; a slide, socks; shorter'n frocks; pet! it yet!
nips; hard tips; tint; a hint! hy-dee-ho! us aglow!
stop; a gumdrop bout, without doubt; shark; a lark;
Riga, depressingly meager. Victor, tricked her Bligh, been shy,
Aker, career, Undertaker, thigh. little sign. knee. for me.
chest, his breast, true? to you? said, both dead.


attentive, you're inventive. transgression, hot session. May, summer-time day;
Pink, I think. musty; looked busty. feller, and yeller.
today, storms stay. Canning, carefully scanning Gwen; and then
lechery, his treachery. Weyman, good-looking drayman. Dayton, around waitin'.
tutor, unthinking suitor; hours, expect flowers. Barrett, his carrot.
much, my touch, Max, mammalian facts! magazines, of means.
Lake, might break, Trudy, too moody. aflame, named Mame.
Flo, would go, Nile, and style. O'Shay, lovers today.
use; to seduce art, spread apart. Right, feeling tonight,
few; just two: Jim, his whim, Bristol, pure crystal.
Paree, eating brie. stay, of D-day. plan; her man.
boat," his remote. McGee, and free. Mold, "I'm told
her; de-pants her. is; a kiss! Ness, to undress?"
chap, his lap, horse, (of course) weather, named Heather;
Media, "I needia!" Formia, disarm ya. lass, her ass.
around, questions profound. Oliver, was Tolliver. Baird, the laird.
Kabili, was chilly; fine, to "whine"; see, about me.
rude, too crude)


Mears, she hears yen. her den. back, passions attack.
McNair, Rocky Adair. then, so thin, Kuwait, a date.
male, with ale. care; the chair. amuse, his shoes,
Cleary, exceedingly leary. Beverly, much revelry. boy, with joy,
kiss'll, heat-seeking missile; Ada, a freighter. trusting, was lusting,
long, a dong; please? big tease. Stockholm, walk home,
man, I can. Gloria, explore ya?" Vi, wardens nearby.
Pike, stableman's spike. skirt, to flirt. wooing, are ensuing.
Irma, amorous murmur, tree, a pee. greed, should heed:
(MA) sin -- South, to McLauth. Brown, lady's gown.
say, sad disarray. Moines. thick tenderloin. pains. was detained.
storage, to forage; Maud, was gnawed. you, this zoo?"
gay, him astray, man, erotica plan. Grange, quite strange.
doubt, hang out. Betts, mostly sets. Carmel, very well
lace; to encase beddable, as edible. (MA) for sin,
Erm, me firm. Shand, native's demand: mortified. to hide!
Trent, all heaven-sent. Byrd, he heard wed, to bed,
heard, so absurd. do. my coochity-coo? clit, quick wit.
entice, of vice. West, her nest; O'Venus, gentleman's penis.
se, them risque, loose, to seduce. stunt, flat-bottomed punt.
told. been sold. dragoon, a boon. spouse. her house.
Terri, wandering, very! Sue, will do, Shore, the store.
skin, right in. breeze. a tease. Muir, a lure.
Martinique, sexy physique Jones, her bones! judge, to budge.
Teller, shy feller, immune, feet swooned; chair, some hair
Beatty, and meaty, along, very headstrong; Annette, tempting coquette,
Cobb, the job. Riley, so shyly, chum, not dumb:
appetite, Miss Right, Hohokus, poke us! Beggs, her legs,
duck, running amuck, aloof, a spoof. Custis, distrust us."
Baylor, a jailer, sorrow, my Zorro, teddy, dear Eddie."
Hunt. you want? who'd, sexy mood. France, to dance.
Dijon, shy, John. thrill? you will; Nell. seedy motel.
winky, her pinky. Tanit, began it. perplex, want sex?"
caressing. was acquiesing. vexed: I'm sexed. winkie, her twinkie.
fellow, a 'hello'. head, bed -- slow; don't show,


Nantucket, suck it. more, the floor hay, Maryland way.
apparel, most feral, said. me head. floor, front door.
me!" with glee. books? man looks charms, his arms.
torso, more so. face, the place: missing. we're kissing.
shot, misname pot Marlene, drop een. Brigade, spouting lemonade.
heat, that meat Lemonade? they made! error, on here.
place! first base. us; write; thus crapper, and dapper,
simple, her wimple. Fred. than dead. grievin', met Steven.
kissing; been missing! 'possum, to blossom. thunder; down under.
mounting, a fountain. of, in love. strands, my glands;
Nance, to advance voice, to rejoice. back, the sack.
jest, the rest. Spa-in, was layin', glance. my pants.
beast, the least. in, glistening skin. possessed; will attest.
forward, my sword. fellow; to Jello stain, must remain.
shrink, and kink? fellas! tell us! feel, will peel.
sport, and consort, reply? head high? fun. the sun?
Joyce; come-to-bed voice. thriller; back-breaking killer. phone, you alone.
bone, and moan. steady, boy ready; mine; it's divine.


Ayr, dismay her. Sean, `til dawn. hollow, a swallow,
Persian, needed coercion. Pinole, sexy goal! Brigid, quite frigid.
Astor, her master. Latrop, to stop. eyes, witty replies.
rear, my dear." MacHugh, wouldn't do naughty. and haughty
virile, satyr, O'Reilly. coffee, a boffie. Algiers, his years.
romantic! just frantic! Herman; to determine Hoyt, from Detroit.
etchings, my letching. Hatch, a scratch. Miranda, much grander,
Matilda, a builder. Anne, a man, Coombs, and rooms.
Alec, talking Gallic. comprehension, his dimension. much, first touch,
wise, of size. West, personal test Bogg, a frog.
Peru, would screw, intellectual, the sexual. Kitchener, lady, bewitchener;
romance, that, perchance, herds, short-skirted "birds" Acres, door-to-door fakers.
Thomas, calm us. booking, is looking you, comes through.
tricky; slick. He laid. I'm paid, restrictions; had frictions
Klutz, his putz, chance, on romance; Tweed, grow feed.
dork, lady's cork. older. else bolder. Kay, one May.
Clair, au pair. May, their way. right, with delight.
winner! pin her. Castletownbere, dark hair, sailor, and Baylor.
fickle, a pickle. maid, wasn't afraid, erect, I suspect.
pad, real bad. remorse. was perforce Myers, is wires,
Cheeney, old meany, know, into Flo. girl, a whirl.
plight; all night. Paris, young heiress,


all, in thrall. knave, a slave; seize, lewd squeeze.
irresistable, becomes twistable; work; just lurk. job, hardened knob.
employed, be untoyed. pay, local cafe. file, crude style.
rhymes. six times return? slow burn. dunce, sexual stunts.
perfumes. lit rooms. her, bode her fucks, of bucks?
snatch, to hatch. go, that ho. strokes; some jokes.
night, just right, spot, girl's hot! spurned, I've earned.
toes, she grows while, her smile devotion, mere emotion,
replete, was neat. date, bit late, lass, to pass
Kelly, 'round Nellie. clue, to do. end, to descend.
condone, home alone. please?" the trees. spoken, love token.
repent; and lent lurch, in birch. did; carefully hid.
day, that way. now; happy somehow; right? that night.
guess? I digress, yawn, until dawn. done. some fun.
blonde, utterely fond. here, I fear. relax, and slacks.
relax, eating snacks, divine, to decline nod, my rod.
toes; of rose. thighs... is wise wine, quite divine;
guess, her dress, alert? when inert. hat; despite that.
awoke, a joke. armor, a charmer. advantageous. most outrageous.
candle, strappy sandal. cote, word-for-word quote; hard, wenching bas-tard;


Bude, quite nude. Hilary, the pillory. McNair, a dare.
stated, is overrated. Sonja, clone ya!" candy, be dandy!"
Skinner, eat dinner. bird, were stirred. Foster, her roster.
Djerber, curb her, O'Quinn, in skin. desired. visibly tired;
May, wet clay, tonight, just right. He, the movie,
meal? three-finger feel! John, Sue Vaughn. Eno, old Beano,
Punch, to munch?" Dee, to pee. Walker, horny girl-stalker,
Ontario, a Lothario. composer, a poser: McTound, a pound.
fore; no door?" Knight, great fright. responsible, and schvantzable.
Wooster, seduced her, Frances, improper advances. Broint, to annoint.
Buck, did suck. Cyberwizard, a blizzard! obscene! thing green.
young, a bung. mean, the scene. older. hold her.
lass. pub, alas! teaser: please her. cay, could be.
meet. a sweet. abduction, imparted instruction. Red, a bed!
Viking, was striking. Hubbell, of trouble; cringe? my syringe,
Ferd, we've heard. suit, a brute, Kentucky, is lucky!
Millay, all asplay, entrance, for romance. Mary, named Cherry.
admirer, little perspirer! Siam, lover, Kiam, finger, sharp stinger;
man, fine plan. speed," the need cooed, the nude.


Boyle, to despoil. blue, crust shrew. sad, a tad.
dick, this quick). Bunce, this once!" (MO) accost her;
Sue. to screw. Lou, to you." Yale, farm-daughter's tail,
sing, you bring, mad, be had. Flynn," into sin.
beer, a steer. plan: Suzie Ann. candy, quite dandy,
Treadwell, bed well. Clyde, he espied, scan, bawdacious plan.
Loo, my igloo?" Quebec, spinster Lautrec. snow. you know.
Cruppance, elegant suppence. wed; I said: her, to Jamaica
Spain, cause pain. thinks, of winks. Fry, the guy.
car. a bar. Gloucester, accost her. Tate, Lady Kate.
Waist, constantly chaste. surprise, the eyes smile, His profile
flirt, her skirt. Schust, a must. Knox, my frocks!"
Ann; a man, Joe." you, Flo; ice, rather nice.
dancing, wanted romancing; men, then again. fair, would bare.
clothes, Goodness knows devine, to mine; Desire, his way.
Spicer, that's nicer number, in slumber. buzz, normally does,
TV; to see. Flower, an hour. lecher, named Fletcher.
many; pretty penny, crude, she's wooed, him? was dim!
harass, for ass, Floyd, became annoyed. Troy, of joy.
Roy, sexual joy?" Corinne, the shin. Andy, with candy,
Joyn- to purloin descended; and distended. Ebenezer! squeeze 'er
Andrews, sea cruise. ease, my Beaumes-de-Venise, Worcester, goosed her.
drink; and mink. think, delicate dink. unkind, a mind
spring, fine fling. acquiesce, to undress. dude, beautiful prude;
Marie, by me. Heidi, the Almighty. hot, the lot!
maid, get laid. admirer, my desire. Zambezi, really sleazy.
Sue, quick screw; gone; horny John. Hexingham, sexing 'em.
York, of pork, Schenectady, expect Eddy


be, doesn't see perhaps, British chaps fool, general rule;
sailor, even paler. you, it's true. Diss, a kiss.
her, lecherous Mr. souls. different goals. using, my choosing.
try, was fry- Ken, 'til ten; Seine, made plain.
Dnieper, be deeper. tried, the tide. waved, really depraved.
Billy, society silly. dude, quite lewd. palace; with malice.
went, a gent. eyes, and thighs. certain, or flirtin'.
Maude; I've adored. garden, a hardon. affectation, of lactation.
willing, a filling? caballero!" lady fair-o. semantics; on romantics.
cautionary, to tarry, conducive, feeling seducive. wine," so fine;
"Lets..." any bets." you." (It's true!) home, your honeycomb.
sensitig, a pig, youth, friend Ruth. time. I'll climb
said, my bed. right?" a delight more, "I implore
bone, a groan. unkind, my mind; said. to spearhead;
insecure." was pure. consent, more confident.


Sue, it's true Parmer, his charmer. Wheeling, a feeling
Tessa, unrepentant transgressor. still. the frill Pete, to eat.
away, the day, goosed, sexually abused yellin' her melon!
escorted, gaily cavorted. hand; were grand. Willamantic, from Niantic.
Hodge, dear-hunting lodge. lewd, being wooed, Suzie, Christopher's knee.
lass, your ass." Susie, Jacuzzi -- Jacuzzi, with Suzie.
Suzie, her Jacuzzi. Suzie; very choosy. zealous, Christopher jealous.
pissed, I insist!" drawer, your fore. Rand, "I demand
Pursall, forestall reversal. loch, a rock. skirt, nipples pert,
dick-tation, nurture inflation. gland, would stand. inspired," he desired.
-- please dictate,"


long) Solomon's song; Ann, Plastic Man. abandon, demand on
humors; girl's bloomers. park; own spark; Mikaela, old sailor.
fox; opportunity knocks; sweet! a treat! Nancy, call Clancey.
Harrow, and narrow. Moffat, cool cat. practised, becoming distressed
Dover, the clover. Dover, the clover. Dover, the clover.
grief, a thief. remiss, you this: Gott, than not,
with, red with. head, animal, dead. Medan, a man,
VERBATIM, mate 'em. true? to do? chores, spectacled bores,
night, gorgeous delight. trill, womberful spill, invincible, was convincible.
bliss, a kiss -- a kiss D's, to please,
types, spousal gripes. here; your gear. Hindu, me in-do!"
seranade, of jade. thighs, brown eyes. hours, the flowers,
France; your pants, Slattery, old battery. sin, and gin:
alive; membership drive. "Honey, your money." massage, creamy fromage,
Fred, and said, prairie, was wary, plight; deed right.
fetching, my etching." sea, could be. champagne, my brain.
champagne! of Main. Belgrade, fair maid. Gorham, and decorum.
Breen, (last eve) lark, the dark. tonight. the right.
Stew, in Kew. sphinx, or blinks winks; 1 minx.
heart, highest art. Pete, is neat. Druid, was lewd.
pip-squeak, this technique: flying, girls sighing, teens, hormonal routines,
sailor, impale her. learner; concern her. Walter, audio altar.
affliction, fuction addiction; Spenser, are denser,


can't! I shan't! mind. may find eyes, it lies
hell; so well. yes, stinging caress; fly, on high,
week. (I peek). boat; while afloat. shore. any more.
thar, of Arra. Khayyam, old ham) they, and may
arouse; for hours. motion, emotion -- slow, the flow.
downsetting; are a-fretting. this. a piss. child, girl wild;
wait; back gate; parks, at Jacques, France. we'll dance.
romance, in France; lout, is about, hill, to kill,
two, do -- coin, the groin coin, your groin.
dinner; a winner. alright, I'll light. wine, do recline;
trace, your face; charm; and arms; browsed, center's housed;
job; I'll swab; rag; a sag; churn; will learn;
done; best fun; Ayr, ladyfriend Claire saw, past four,
said, wotsisname Ted) sinner; a winner. girl, a whirl.
tight. you excite. ride. it's rawhide? tired, just ride.
friend, to mend. dear. it here. nought, yo've brought.
too, and you. fun. my bum. there. to stare.
inflame, without aim; infusion, in perfusion; care, or where;
glove, unfettered love; hand, Promised Land; here, so dear;
romancing, than dancing. said, to bed; mambo? so slow?
see, to be bear, all hair. matter! to flatter.
fuzzless. spuzz less. tryst, have missed, say? could play!
not, a lot!) thing, a fling. Nottingham, spotting 'em.
Nottingham, spotting 'em.


Brooks, as crooks Bess, to impress. today, would stray
U.S.A. every day. fear; in here... plenty? or tormenty?
that? know-it-all brat. Bard, the yard." can, that pecan.
uncouth, the truth, panegyrics! our lyrics bounce, in amounts
lard, the Bard. youth, saying "Forsooth"; today, openly gay.
EMOTE, frequently quote, smut! regular slut. sum- sounds dumb!
shit, to sit. today, don't pay. spare, from heare;
Bard, suddenly marred another, whose brother slink, to think
trained, I explained. tell, ecstasy well Bard, tried hard
Word? he preferred, starred, "it's hard seduced?" 'mot juste';
today, to say. supersonics, Iago's demonics reward; back yard.
today, to say; today, to L.A., today, would say,
today, carried away affray, culture today? Bard, his 'yard',
verse, his hearse. wrong! limerick song! beware, thee fair
pick, be quick hag, or crag, sparrow, without marrow;
masses, various classes, Plutarch, a landmark; today, to say.
Creme," they claim. fame, a game, mewling, one's schooling,
school, no fool! nit, he'd writ. came. the same
today, to convey. report'll, massive portal; years, and beers,
today, blown away absurd. have heard. ball, the mall,
sonnet, on it!) today, would say: poet; show it.
start, lose heart Sicilia, kill ya!" Hermione, quite tiny.
page: wooden cage. Scrooge, so huge, pain; of Cain.
maids; got laid. pity, be witty. word, I've heard.


buy, a pie, fishes, such wishes, told, of old!'
eggs, frog's legs. dig, he's big. BACONIAN, laws Newtonian.
wife, a knife. forsaken. often mistaken. mistaken, had taken.
plays; a phrase.' Bacon, stake on Marlowe, or tomorrow,
mistaken, by Bacon. claim, great fame. annoyed, sang froid,
hard, the Bard OXFORDIAN, an accordion, Vere, written "Shakespeare";
Bacon? be forsaken waken, organs achin'. brave, once gave.
same, immortal fame: Bacon. be shaken? Bacon! great undertaking;


swell... the cerebell... fell. pained yell. betrayed; the blade.
loops, that snoops. concern, to return. advance, look askance.
Dane, to complain delaying, family slaying. bubbles; outgo doubles;
Clubb, the tub. me, I G, sees! by Police.
mad, his dad. scowl, would prowl Lee, we see
remains, Hamlet attains! girder, squirt her. lad, dead dad.
pain, to abstain, rages, Claudius' pages interred, I've heard,
prince, Ophelia convince. duffer, to suffer, Rosencranz, a dance.
thing, the king. traitor, his Mater. bed? incestuously wed?
ya, deal ya. deplore, a bore. killing, seemed unwilling.
fellatio, width-to-length ratio. abhorred, who whored; star-crossed, tempest tossed.
strained, quite pained. me, to be?" whim, a lim,
bereft, and deft. see. to flee, beaten. heat on,
sing, her swing. Hamlet, this gambit! one, did run.
dog, the bog; wit, the shit.) shamlets, Poor lamb-let.
see, believe me, day, the play; Polonious, (How erronious!)
Laertes, nice squeeze. Yorick, pure paregoric. best? infinite jest."
Damn! a sham? rains, and lanes, speech, a reach.
Elsinore, couldn't ignore. Denmark, the mark. Cotton, be forgotten.
mind, excessively pined. not? the knot. not? or rot?
he, Life's mystery. knee, with glee. tease. or chease.
Cordelia, Ya mad. his dad. -- to be.
soliloquy, in misery, bee, a tree. dears... cheers!
stage," the page. today, different way.


Lear, everyday fear; Lear, chronic diarrhea. Kent, Brit gent.
dear, 'Unk Lear.'" Lear, is clear, Lear! should fear.
Lear, turn queer. hear, as Lear. Shakespeare, much beer.
hoary, the story: blind, often unkind. bad, two bad.
flatter, not fatter.


connection, his election. Macbeth, and death. cauldron, Bald Ron.
Ron, mauled Ron. hags, he shags. emotion, a notion,
syrup, trees chirrup, hot, her twat scored, leaping aboard;
more, foot four. true, follicles grew. humanity, total insanity.
throne, to stone. Macbeth, of death MacBeth, her breath.
-- mortal breath. -- can -- stuff, Shakespearean buff.
not? cooking pot. plot, my lot. spouse. ya louse.!"
madness. the gladness. billing, eagerly willing urgent. of detergent,
stirrup, fur up, Waring, once declaring Macbeths, folk's deaths.