Now saints can't be sinners, per se,
And we certainly can't call them risque,
But this saintly young kid
Has a powerful id,
And she offered to be my buffet.
--- Al Willis

There once was a lady quite loose,
Whose analyst she tried to seduce.
She said, "As a shrink,
I think that you stink,
But couches have more than one use."
--- David Miller

Two lovers went out for a stunt
On the Thames in a flat-bottomed punt.
She said, "Nobody's near;
With my free-traders here,
All's clear, dear, from back or from front."
--- G0049

I'm sorry, but truth must be told.
Your Aunt Mabel's honor's been sold.
With Mr. FB,
She stayed after tea,
And she behaved overly bold.
--- Archie

The wife of an absent dragoon
Begged a soldier to grant her a boon.
As she let down her drawers,
She said, "It's all yours--
I could decant the whole damned platoon!"
--- G0567

This gal looked a lot like my spouse.
She said we could surf at her house.
On the Net, I'm an ace,
But she cut to the chase,
For she wanted to play with my mouse.
--- Al Willis

Fred has a young lady named Terri,
Whose eyes are wandering, very!
They have just seen me,
She's baring her knee,
I think we're about to make merry!
--- Anon

Prayed frustrated spinster, Miss Sue,
"At last I've a man who will do,
And I beg you, dear God,
If he covets my bod,
Please will him to hop on me, too."
--- Armand E Singer 129

Out shopping went lonely Miss Shore
To buy her a book at the store.
She did not seek a book
Which explained how to cook,
But a book to bring wolves to her door.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2296

I will leave such nailmarks on your skin,
As I grab you and thrust you right in.
Our howls and moans,
Your "deep throaty" groans,
Then you'll leave with a satisfied grin.
--- Jayne

To unbutton a shirt is a breeze.
Bra hook thingys are a tease.
But when nipples pop
'Neath a thin see-through top,
My dick exits trousers with ease.
--- Frank Spectra

A promiscuous woman named Muir,
Lacking looks, got her men by a lure.
She just happened to faint
And pretend a complaint
For which sex was the singular cure.
--- Paul Westwood P9605a

With a beauty from old Martinique,
Whose taut, hard and sexy physique
She'd press against me,
With an urgent French plea...
"Mon amour, s'il te plait, baise-moi chic..."
--- Anon

When Marcia embraced Davy Jones,
A chill went straight to her bones!
For there in his pants,
Rose a really good chance,
That they'd share a couple good moans!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A widow who pestered the judge,
Couldn't get his attention to budge.
By keeping on at him
She finally got him
To take up her case! Wink, wink, nudge!'
--- Alistair Sampson P0209

A lass went to shop Bonwit Teller
For something to please her shy feller,
And picked up some perfume:
No matter the gloom,
At least the poor feller could smell her.
--- Norm Storer P9205

Our friend Ice thought he was immune
To the gal who at his feet swooned;
Skirts high in the air
Showed blonde pubic hair.
Tomorrow starts his honeymoon.
--- Anon

My approach: as you sit in your chair
Is to gradually show you some hair
That is curly and neat
And surrounding a treat,
You can access, that is, if you dare.
--- Anon

There was a young lady named Beatty,
So gorgeous and wholesome and meaty,
That when she would fuck
An ardent young buck
She requested he sign a piece treaty.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0036

As an iceman, I'd hurry along,
But Suzie was very headstrong;
Insisting I tarry
At another box, hairy,
To give her a slip of the tong.
--- Anon

At a singles bar, sultry Annette
Came on like a tempting coquette,
When a fellow named Kline
Asked her what was her sign,
She smiled and said, "Slippery When Wet."
--- Bob Giandomenico P8905a

A personnel person from Cobb
Was giving a young man the job.
Said she, "I can tell
You will do very well.
You're a young man who uses his knob."
--- John Ciardi

There was a young lady named Riley
Who posed in a manner so shyly,
And thus caught young Bernard
When he was off his guard.
It was then she seduced him so slyly.
--- Albin Chaplin

In the back of a taxi, my chum
Discovered his girl was not dumb:
When he said, "I embrace
Your virtue and grace,"
Her answer was, "Well, so how come?"
--- P9111

He had a huge sex appetite,
And when he met Carole, Miss Right,
It caused him such stress,
He had to confess,
And she said, "Won't you spend the night?"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once were three girls from Hohokus,
Who cried to some swimmers, "Pleas poke us!
Use your tools so gigantic
To drive our twats frantic --
Spray away: we don't care if you soak us!"
--- G1563

When Hoover was dating Miss Beggs,
She said, when she spread out her legs,
"I deplore, Mr. Hoover,
Such a lengthy maneuver;
It is time for the sausage and eggs."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0038

A Greek scholar who walked like a duck
Had a habit of running amuck,
Till little Miss Royster
Lured him out of his cloister,
And taught the old codger to fuck.
--- G1545

An elderly lady aloof
Gave a ride to a lad as a spoof.
He ravished her neat
In the front and back seat,
And buggered her twice on the roof.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1306

The lawyer remarked to Miss Custis,
"The jury I'm sure does distrust us."
So this girl in her fury
Seduced the whole jury,
And she thus make a mockery of justice.
--- Albin Chaplin P8111

There once was a lady from Baylor,
Who spent all her time with a jailer,
A former sailor
Named Maury Taylor;
She wanted jailer Taylor to nail her.
--- Gearhart

The maiden cried out in deep sorrow,
"Now that you've defiled me, my Zorro,
You can never deny
That I surely must die,
So you'd better be back here tomorrow.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0339

"Oh rip off my panties and teddy
And ravish me senseless, dear Eddie."
"I'm trying to, right;
But your teddy's too tight
And I've come in your panties already."
--- Anon

This is file zsl

There was a young man from Point Hunt.
My wife asked him, "What do you want?
A tail, juicy, fine?--
Why don't you try mine?"
So he shot off his prick in her cunt.
--- Clement Wood G0743

She searched for a gentleman who'd
Delight in her warm sexy mood.
She got breast augmentation
And tubal ligation,
And now she is sure to be screwed.
--- Al Willis T9707

That well-known young lady of France
Was not satisfied just to dance.
So, wanting to screw
Monsieur Pompidou,
She deftly unbuttoned his pants.
--- Larry Davis P8507

Said a forward young damsel of Dijon
To her timorous swain, "Why, you're shy, John.
Since at billing and cooing
There's not very much doing,
Do you mind if I undo your fly, John?"
--- G2686

Seduction gives you a thrill?
Then seduce me as long as you will;
Taking time, dearest Petal,
To fondle my metal,
Until I am ready to spill.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I proposed to a woman named Nell.
She said yes in a seedy motel.
Ten years have gone by,
I regret with a sigh.
When in heat, a man cannot foretell.
--- Al Willis P9711

Seeing big Greg whacking his winky,
Marcia motioned to him with her pinky.
She blew him and his mind;
Acrobatic 69.
"Marcia, I knew not you were kinky!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A couple lay down by the Tanit,
And it was the girl who began it.
She said, "Come and nestle
Your mast in my vessel,
And, when you are ready, please man it."
--- Harold C Bibby P9710

There's a question designed to perplex,
When a woman asks, "Do you want sex?"
That's almost like sayin'
Does Harley know Dav'son
Or if a flexible spring can flex.
--- T9712

In the car, she was bold while caressing.
I'll admit that I was acquiesing.
We ran up to my room,
And we played bride and groom.
We wasted no time while undressing.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Said the blushing young girl, slightly vexed:
"I am practically certain I'm sexed.
So, if you don't mind it,
Let me know when you find it,
And we'll figure out what to do next."
--- G1625

While watching Wee Will wank his winkie,
Wilmina would wiggle her twinkie.
She wants Wee Will's winkie
Within her wet twinkie,
To wiggle with 'stead of her pinkie.
--- Gearhart

A bold young girl approached a fellow,
Grabbed his cock without even a 'hello'.
"My pleasure, you see,
Is to fuck while I pee;
In with white and out with some yellow."
--- Straydog

I'll just rub the giant's bald head,
And tuck him in my flower bed --
We'll plant him really deep;
But he won't go to sleep --
I bet he will rise up, instead!
--- Anon

My lady loves courtship that's slow;
At night when most blossoms don't show,
My Sweet Thing just settles;
Her rosy red petals
Unfold just by candle light's glow!
--- Anon

A lovely young girl from Nantucket
Bared her pussy and asked me to suck it.
I'd been giving her head
For some time when she said,
"Your dicks hard now and I want to fuck it!
--- Jim Weaver Collection z

Seemed we fucked for an hour or more
On the bed, in a chair, on the floor
When I filled her with creme,
She came with a scream,
And awakened the neighbors next door.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I once had a roll in the hay
With a fine girl from Maryland way.
She extracted my lance
From the slit in my pants,
And then fucked me all night and all day.
--- Gearhart

This girl who unzipped your apparel,
And attacked you with fever most feral,
I'm guessing the name
Of that venturesome dame,
Who splurged all you splashes, was Daryl.
--- Hugh Clary

She dropped by to see me, she said.
Next thing, she was giving me head.
She first let me mount her
Bent over the counter,
To end it, I screwed her in bed.
--- Limberick

We fucked as we sat on the floor,
And leaning against the front door.
At the end of each hour,
We'd screw in the shower;
She's becoming a bit of a bore.
--- Limberick

When she wailed, "Rip it off me!"
Her beau was just shouting with glee.
"It's finally mine,
And you'll look just fine
In shreds from your neck to your knee."
--- Anon

Been reading those "ripped bodice" books?
I like covers where the man looks
Like he tossed his clothes
And then struck a pose,
To show off his crannies and nooks.
--- Anon

She egged him on with her charms,
And wriggled right into his arms.
She promised him bliss,
With her first little kiss,
And they soon found themselves in a barn.
--- L1625

She slid under his much-muscled torso,
And guided his shaft to her more so.
He drilled till she ran,
And dripped into a pan.
She was filled like she'd wished, only more so.
--- L1626

With a look of appeal on her face,
She pointed below to the place:
"Though is doesn't need dressing,
The itch is distressing;
But where is your instrument case?" --
--- Lance Payne P8503

There's nothing I need that is missing.
I'll examine your tongue while we're kissing.
What else this demands,
I can do with my hands,
And the tool I use also for pissing."
--- Lance Payne P8503

While partaking of my quarterly shot
Of the lot which some people misname pot
I read Marlene's plea
And I wrote with my knee
That which follows and it has no sane plot
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A nude little lady, Marlene,
Had asked for non-creeps to drop een.
But the response, quite huge,
Could have melted a luge,
And not just the boudoir was seen.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

With sirens and bells came the Fire Brigade
And their hoses began spouting lemonade.
Marlene had her screw,
Others had naught to do
'Cept themselves and remaining parade.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

That friction when combined with the heat
Meant that those bodies and all that meat
Set fire to the bed,
And the beer lost its head.
The lemonade was a much needed treat.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Ever been showered with Lemonade?
You should see the mess that they made!
I didn't get one screw
Let alone get two
I got quite lost in the parade.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Your fire report is in error,
About what really went on here.
I did not get laid
By the Fire Brigade,
My lucky neighbor did, I fear.
--- Jim Weaver Collection