I call Paco "Amor Encantada,"
Though, most-times, our sex-life is nada;
He becomes somewhat macho
When smeared with gazpacho,
And he's toro if I call him "Da-Da."
--- Robin K Willoughby P8710

When you're near I've always a grin
A devilish one, ready for sin.
And as we sip wine
I'll think of devine
Ways to ravage again and again.
--- Anon

We could use the room's Jacuzzi
I know how a jet gets you woozy
While you sit upon it
I'll slip you my bonnet
And get your coozie all oozie
--- Anon

Perhaps we could do something risky
As we are feeling quite frisky
Out on the balcony
Under stars, none will see
If they do, who gives a fig-isky
--- Anon

You can stand with your hands on the rail
As I cum up behind at your tail
I would fondle your tits
Kiss your neck, stroking nips
Fill your bits with a white, sticky trail
--- Anon

Arch your back just a bit, that's the way
To slide deep inside you, okay?
Slowly at first
Just like we 'rehearsed'
For our movie back so many days.
--- Anon

Then we can pick up the pace
My whole body feels your heart race
As I slide deep in
Your quivering quim
Shooting off like a star through space
--- Anon

Who knows when the belle you do court,
Might suddenly want spicy sport?
On this thought I linger;
Make sure that your finger-
Nails always are clean and real short!
--- Anon

If you give a slight little slash,
To the sensitive part of a gash.
Here's a thought to cause dread,
Revenge comes with next head.
The receipt of a sharp toothy gnash.
--- Anon

While out with my sweetie one day,
I suggested we stop and we lay.
Oh don't be so crude;
I'm not in the mood,
Was all that she had to say.
--- Puff Adder

In my mind I made a small bet,
I'll persist and surely I'll get
A really good screw
For me and her too.
But she said, "Oh the grass is too wet!"
--- Puff Adder

Then over there a fence I spied;
She leaned back while I slid inside.
Her response was intense
With passion immense.
She cried, "This fence is electrified!"
--- Puff Adder

The way to big business success
Is to butter the boss and say "Yes,"
That is, for the males.
Being female entails
Knowing when to slip out of your dress!
--- Arthur Deex

The way to big business success
Is to butter the boss and say "Yes,"
That is, for the males.
Being transvestite entails
Knowing when to slip out of your dress!
--- Arthur Deex

The way to big business success
Is to butter the boss and say "Yes,"
That is, for the males.
Being fagele entails
Knowing just when and what to caress!

(fagel? - McW)
--- Arthur Deex

The way to big business success
Is to butter the boss and say "Yes,"
That is, for the males.
Being butch, though, entails
Knowing when to exhibit your manliness!
--- Arthur Deex

The way to big business success
Is to butter the boss and say "Yes,"
That is, for the males.
Being bisexual entails
Knowing when to ingress and egress!
--- Arthur Deex

Up the corporate ladder you've
Got to butter the boss as you move,
That is, for the males.
Being hermaphrodite entails
Knowing whether to swing and/or groove!
--- Arthur Deex

I have a champagne bottle chilling.
Myself, I'm quite warm, and I'm willing
To plant your dear kniph.
(I see it's quite stiff!)
And as I recall, quite full-filling!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

What's that? You want foreplay to start?
Oh yes, my long, hard counterpart!
With a little gyrate-play
We will make it eightplay!
Twice the fun, hard of my heart!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Get in Dutch just as oft as you can,
And do prove you're a wonderful man.
Come on now, make haste;
There is no time to waste.
Of long waiting hours, I'm no fan.
--- Hugh Clary

Nymph, here's your satyr arrived;
The journey, though long, I survived.
But I'd swim from Manhattan
To the spot where you sat in
To ensure you're not passion deprived.
--- Hugh Clary

I've brought us some vittles to sup,
Along with a wine I thought up,
That I'm sure you'll adore,
And after, implore
That I spill more than grapes in your cup.
--- Hugh Clary

Gadzooks, but it's bneen a long trip,
Though I moved at a very fast clip;
I suggest we begin
By baring some skin,
For I'm longing to nuzzle a nip.
--- Hugh Clary

You'll forgive if it seems that I stare,
But as silk is the feel of your hair,
And your eyes limpid pools
That glitter like jewels,
As your shoulders hot bosom I bare.
--- Hugh Clary

Electric's the touch of your skin
As I savor the melony twin.
With cherries in cream
That peek at the seam
Of the clothe as it slides to your skin.
--- Hugh Clary

I have fantasy settings galore;
A slow, sensuous treat is in store;
Now, Sweet Thing was fiction,
But for real is the friction,
Of a kind that I think you'll adore.
--- Anon

After dusk, when the June sun won't scorch,
We will light up our own special torch;
I sit on the swing,
With Ginny (Sweet Thing);
Nice 'n dark in the screened-in front porch.
--- Anon

There are night-blooming bushes around;
With such fragrance! I'll be a wolfhound!
As we swing to and fro,
Conversation gets slow;
Something's stirring my Ginny's love-mound!
--- Anon

Kind of quiet, now, stroking her hair;
Our lips brush and they flutter, and there
Are whispers and sighs.
I stroke Ginny's thighs;
(Love to see her in lacy nightwear!)
--- Anon

Yellow fireflies glow near our love seat;
Cricket anthems and frog-calls so sweet;
Her adventurous hand
Is exploring my gland;
Why, bless me, my Ginny's in heat!
--- Anon

Spontaneity's great; well I guess!
When she has it, I cannot suppress,
For my Ginny, an urge;
On my knees! Passions surge;
And I lift up her feather-light dress!
--- Anon

Oh, her nipples, so long; I'm struck dumb!
I can roll 'em 'tween finger and thumb;
With soft finger tips,
I touch Ginny's hips;
Holy cow! This chick's really a plum!
--- Anon

This is file zvl

We both shiver with anticipation,
And my Ginny craves more excitation;
Hands flat on my head
Push down, to legs, spread;
I'll lick lips making no exclamation!
--- Anon

How her inners and outers play tricks!
Ginny's clit gets a memorable fix!
The swing rocks to and fro;
And her hair hangs so low;
On each bounce off my face, my tongue flicks!
--- Anon

Oh, her pelvis is rocking for sure;
Ginny's moaning with pleasure so pure;
Now she's stiff, now relaxed;
She's been sexually taxed;
And I think she's just had the Grand Tour!
--- Anon

But I think she can come one more time;
Want my rod in her quim, so sublime;
On the swing, flat we lie
With her feet in the sky;
Penetration is deep; Ginny's prime!
--- Anon

Mounted on her, I feel such delight;
Her love-tunnel's so wet and so tight;
While our pubic bones pound,
And we roll 'em around,
Oh, my Ginny's gone wild; it's a fright!
--- Anon

When we come, we are both glassy eyed!
Such a super-climactic flood tide!
Like the Fourth of July;
Think some rockets flew by!
Oh, my Ginny, for a sec we both died!
--- Anon

Now we're rag-dolls; the frenzy abates;
So you see how this pair conjugates;
Once again, Ginny hears
The night sounds in her ears;
Silly frogs out there still "brupp" for mates!
--- Anon

Oh, a porch swing's a fantasy, true;
But nastier dreams have I, too;
The kind with some leather
And maybe a feather;
Let's see what your Ginny can do!
--- Anon

My Penis may be shriveled and small,
But that's hardly a problem at all,
As it's the surprise
That I see in their eyes
And they can see that I'll give my all.
--- Anon

A busty blonde wench from Westphalia,
Said, "Come to the meadow, ya big male, ya."
He whetted her passion
In the most torrid fashion,
Till her speech turned into glossolalia.
--- Bruce Thompson

"Do you like pussy cats?" Shirley said.
David Katz led her boldly to bed.
He ravished her bod
Like the Marquis de Sade.
"So, who told you my name?" David said.
--- Al Willis A

A man with a prick like Apollo
A buxom young maid once did follow.
She succumbed to his wiles
And it brought him big smiles,
Till he found that his victory was hollow.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2936

There was a young lady of Joppa,
Who came a society cropper.
She went to Ostend
With a gentlemen friend,
-- The rest of the story's improper.
--- Samuel Hopkins Adams

To my neighbor, I said, "Beg your pardon,
But I'm watching you bend in your garden.
In your flimsy white shirt
And your short little skirt,
You are causing my weiner to harden."
--- Cap'n Bean P9809

She said, "Yes, I can see that it's growing.
Through your pants, a great bulge is now showing."
Then she lifted her skirt,
And we fell to the dirt,
And made love in the spot she'd been hoeing.
--- Cap'n Bean P9809

Once your clothes I've entirely removed,
And into my bedroom we've moved,
Though the wine's still decanting,
We'll be screaming and panting
(And I don't care if the Pope disapproved).
--- Bob Mornington

I'm wriggling out of my dress,
Peeling down to nothing less
Than six inch spike heels.
How does it feel
When against your body I press?
--- Arden

A guy with an urge to do merge,
He met a hot gal named Converge;
He leapt with a twirl,
She spun with a swirl --
They flew through the air all-a-surge.
--- Anon

In a laundromat, I did flirt
With girls, who were otherwise curt.
I smiled, I laughed,
Yet none knew my craft.
Well, at least now, I have a clean shirt.
--- Anon A

They returned to his place from a date.
She reclined on the sofa, prostrate.
He asked, without pomp,
"Do you wish for a romp?"
She said, "I'm not prone to debate."
--- Bob Giandomenico P9103a

An IWW guy
Begged his girl friend, "Unbutton my fly!"
His dick appeared knobbly,
But quick became wobbly,
Till she thought to un-knot his red tie.

(IWW - Internation Workers of the World = Wobblies)
--- Robin K Willoughby P8608

It is rumored in Seneca Falls
That when horny young Englebert calls,
He gets stewed, he gets blewed,
He gets screwed and tattooed--
These modern kids just climb the walls!
--- G0752

The importance of love is as follows:
If a man likes your curves and your hollows,
It may put a hitch
In your plans to cross-stitch,
But that shouldn't be too hard to swallow.
--- Anon

In the shade of the old apple tree
Where between her fat legs I could see
A little brown spot,
With the hair in a knot,
And it certainly looked good to me.
--- L0111

I asked as I tickled her tit,
If she thought that my big thing would fit.
She said it would do,
So we had a good screw
In the shade of the old apple tree.
--- L0111

In the shade of the old apple tree,
I got all that was coming to me.
In the soft dewy grass,
I had a fine piece of ass
From a maiden that was fine to see.
--- L0111

I could hear the dull buzz of the bee,
As he sunk his grub hooks into me.
Her ass it was fine,
But you should have seen mine,
In the shade of the old apple tree.
--- L0111

In the shade of the old apple tree,
Young Rosie once whispered to me:
"I would if I could,
But I'm good and I should
Be home cooking hubby his tea."
--- Tiddy Ogg

In the shade of the old lemon pippin,
In Spring we were merrily trippin'.
We lay on the grass,
And what came to pass...
We picnicked on brown bread and drippin'.
--- Tiddy Ogg

In the shade of the old Norfolk Biffin,
With Rosie I went for some tiffin.
But hay fever struck,
And I cursed my luck,
And stumbled home sneezin' and sniffin'.
--- Tiddy Ogg

In the shade of the old Granny Smith,
The girl with a lisp I was with
Became most romantic;
Her actions grew frantic...
"For heaven'th thake, give me a kith."
--- Tiddy Ogg

In the shade of the Golden Delicious,
I felt she was getting lubricious.
We slowly disrobed
And places I probed...
But telling you more's injudicious.
--- Tiddy Ogg

In the shade of the ancient old Yew,
I whispered "I'll always be true."
But just as I spoke,
The silence was broke
By the bleat of a gorgeous young ewe.
--- Tiddy Ogg

There once was a lass of Shalott,
Who was put in a bit of a spot.
For girls to make passes
At guys glimpsed in glasses,
Apparently isn't so hot.
--- Mary Holtby