Limeric Index



Alnwick, looking manic, Ashton-ON-Lyne, mighty fine, gritty, Birmingham City,
away, and pray verse! strapping nurse. City? matronly titty?
resist; truly insist. Titties; of cities, (Buckinghamshire) like ducks.
city, specially pretty, tower, my power. hitch, to ditch.
note, "lo-fat", afloat; Garboldisham, polished 'em. Ghent, a tent,
MacLean, he's seen, vain, visit again; spotty, unsavoury totty;
fright; last night. working, and lurking, doin'; be wooin'.
worse; a nurse. willing, a shilling. lad; that bad.
Cooper, a trooper! grim, and dim. there, thin air,
city; too shitty; moan, my own, Kent, never went.
slags, "quality" shags, Crown, comes down speech. and preach.


Baltimore! the fore. Ballingearry, are airy, money, like honey,
Killarney, the Blarney. stone. been known. Saint, to paint
fair, gimlet-eyed glare. heart, fine art. tart, her cart.
Cork, Kate O'Rourke, weary, and cheery, flock, granite rock.
disarmin', this alarmin': Mick, stray trick Gloccamora, first loccadoora;"
Liffey, a stiffy. Maigue;, a Teague; West, provender blest;
hope, vs Pope. wish, a fish. horror, than Gomorrah,
go, in tow. fast. the past. vacation, the nation:
Carey, in Tipperary. Olga, Upper Volga. colleen, area's green.
display, to pay. afford, vacation abroad, confess. no less.
what? it's not. stay, the hay, lover, of her.
Jackson; cracks on; blather, or heather. lass, Seamus's pass
grieves, story deceives. race, what disgrace! Greta, a metre.
troublin', and bubblin'. Jim, been dim.


- flows beer. pal, young gal. fair, beyond compare.
pub, good grub. here; English beer vex, South Hex.
Charlie, a parley, idiosyncratic, rather erratic. Hub, the pub.
town; is brown. pub; the club.


granite, span it, thistle; short whistle. snide, that's "inside."
Jim, a whim. built, their kilt. Kirkwall, at all.
door, I'm sure. say? own way? border, in order,
cheap! that steep, Jock, a frock, (alderman) (party, dance)
Scottie, (dazed) city, Caledonian titty. hat, start at,
Celts, on smelts. meanies, fellow obscenies. it" of spirit;
spied, or fried. leather! a feather. grunt, big stunt.
skirt, Be alert! Aberdeen, under poteen. mean? my queen.
sweet; culinary treat. weather, a feather be, for tea.
rife, on Fife; built, of silt. brag, with shag.
found, surely abound. snipe, their pipe. house, a mouse,
proud, and loud. spring, hairy thing. ruttin', a glutton.
spankles, their wankles, built, a kilt. lad; we've had.
bejabers, as neighbors. "Och, seven o'clock; refuse; of clues.
eat? whiskey replete? she; the sea. Roy, Scottish boy,
trolls, like moles. hottish, who's Scottish. Milton, kilt on;
Norwich, to forage Scot, a pot dining, inspectors declining
Mattagin; have sattagin; heat, Bonnet treat. treat? a sweet.
pots, their spots passion, in fashion. Skye, seascapes beautify,
rose, nude pose... town, yank down, mind, lag behind.
Watt, famous yacht... Roland) flat Holland. ken, called ben,
Bright, are tight); snottish, never standoffish. O'Dell, hear tell.
caber, his neighbor. glad, that lad; done, have fun.
porridge, to forage. wet, there yet. crude, be screwed.
spartan, not dishearten. custom; trust 'em. o'er, down lower.
flew, at 20:02; who, the noo." nose; I suppose.
noo", we flew; event, be sent. wishes. "Glasgow kisses".
McLoud, and avowed Bay, I'm gay. see, Mrs McKenzie,
neighbor, in labor. Clyde, and cried; school, it's cool;
through, or two; thistle, hurricanes whistle land, mammary gland
Twatt, or not) moan, wasn't alone. punch, a bunch.
McDuff, who'd slough McPhee, with glee.


go, should know. again. to Spain; not; a Scot.
pack, neighborhood yak. Bicester, young sister, Towcester, and coaster.
Leicester, and Cheicester, today, "No way", train, a pain.
woo, from Kew. 2, were blue. joy, old Foy.
strode; I'd knowed. Leicester, impressed her. Worcester, hormonal booster.
back, antique bric-a-brac. score, even more.) go, hurricanes blow;
fly; grumbled I. these," my knees, explain, Birmingham train?
read, reads Maidenhead. easy, disgustingly sleazy; sack, they lack.
chore, adequate whore; mate, or eight; Hants, no pants.
suppose. to expose. U.K.; must say. away, wet day,
bleak, light-fittings leak sleet, the street; decline; to dine;
rain, once again. see, I'm Lucy, such, as much.
Bisset, to visit. sheep, around Eype); way, I say.
Ned, in bed. Hale", without fail, spring; wonderful thing,
Wales, narrow-guage rails.


Druid, from Clwyd. few, only two; Ogg, a bog
dear: is near. fifteen; I been fret; sacrifice, pet;
druid, of Clwyd, I'll, in Argyll. lust, I must;
Pete, of meat paint! I ain't. reckon, to Brecon.
selfish, stereotypically Welfish. Wales, us males. Mumbles, and grumbles.
Wales, women's tales, distress- I confess.


Square, they dare), boff." right off; Crowd, and proud
pub; a tub. Lac, but back Ogg, by fog?
Clacton-on-Sea, for free; fleas." disgusting disease; hay, to pay,
defence, the fence; screwing, otherwise doing. Limey, and slimy;
here; every year. provide, limerick guide. nice. past vice,
twice; 'specially nice. flat, of that. berth, his girth;
list; frightening twist. proves, and grooves. posh; say "gosh!"
Street: and neat, right. a fright; keep; a heap.
park, a lark; serene, and clean, Street, exceedingly sweet
be, you see. know, decades ago. gas; of class.
view, into two. thud, in flood. Phipps, her hips
Mabel? he's able bed, he said? chips, their hips;
posh, on-the-job nosh boys, lady enjoys, tradition, or fiction?
war, coat moor, called; quite appalled. day, he say.
fair, with hair, true, to you, trench? foul stench?
(Hampshire) they dance. scotch; to watch behold, so bold,
Mold, be told. sour; Lord Scour. fold; were sold.
Dover, of Lover, sheep-fixated, as stated? good; once stood.
omission! with contrition. burly, and Shirley. Mary's, their cherries,
scene, are keen, altercation, the nation. admit, a Brit.
messed, I pressed. sister, and Bicester) he, in Costessey.
been, not seen attraction, railway traction, years, Forest deer.
abode, eveyone knowed, strode, it bode straight, I'll relate
home; the foam. scramble, or Hamble. Jute; so acute.
moored, ravening horde, 1066, kids fix grand, were banned.
cursed, was immersed. Red, the head, palaver; on farther,
Staines, or trains; bold, with cold. Staines, of chains.
soon, of June; revenge, at Stonehenge, kiss, sorely, miss.
boy? not coy. grape; insidious jape. daffodil; Taff will.
Shamrock; your block. rose; and shows


hat, duly sat; request: Canada (west). county) a Mountie.
heard'a, recently... Alberta. Sicamous, or auricomous, pretty, a pity.
beaver; leave her. mod, "How odd! Quebec, beaux mecs.
22, it's true. too, they eschew; County. a Mountie.
us, discrete fuss, true! and you, wing! damn thing.
patch; loose hatch. chat; a dingbat. Bundy, of Fundy";
enjoy! -- Ahoy! Acre; his Maker, modesty, to see,
disdain, Chateau Champlain. sucks. we Canucks. cent's, of sense.
mares, illicit affairs; lark... high mark dare, young mare;
true, privations too, pride, high tide. view, she knew
dwell, north parallel perchance, city's advanace harm, General Montcalm
sing, take wing. Regina, dear Angelina, Saskatoon, at noon,
colonization, to Confederation. tenacity, ample capacity), audacity, blatant mendacity.
tenacious, so spacious. sex, never expects. Pas, in awe,
reputation, glorious nation; her, her fever. Leather, like feather.
pray, China today. stance, unappealing perchance; an' you an'
Saskatchewan, you on; cream. I seem. Lawrence, utter abhorrence,
elation, your nation; maid, was laid, River, [?]
spire, much higher, Athabaska, from Alaska. say, a day
know, the snow; blunder, of Thunder. strife; her life.
Rosen, kept dozin', withdraw! last thaw. dupe! to stoop
swarming, global warming. a-freezing, with sneezing.


spelunker, in bunker. Bunker, a spelunker. rookie, to Wookey.
explore, Earth's core. asked, safe masked. flaws, natural laws
cave! up, misbehave; me, bears see. Broy, a boy.
peter; and neater, sites, are stalagmites.


Greek, rather meek; in, defining Albanian: everywhere," from Montclair.
play, all day. know, to go. loss, most moss.
bone, Molly Malone. announces: twenty ounces; trek, his neck.
are, too far. greet, he'd meet: Crete, to meet.
Bingo; by Jingo! dark, remark: nice, young Eidelweisse;
nice, young Eidelweisse; Finns; than ins; note, we quote):
you," been to clam, gifted Madam ignore, the score.
Capri, Mediterranean Sea, free! to thee, Mittle, to Hittle;
Turanian, the Mediterranean, altar, pole vaulter?" proclaim, a name?'
suspects, Polish annex Madiera, a swearer; stay, one day.
'republique' desires unique, dead, other instead along, his dong.
friends; make amends. hell, a bell. knell, bedecked bell.
Swiss; was bliss. view, then you Leery, nationalist theory,
days; wonderful maze. river, with dinner content, well spent"
say, must pay town, world-wide renown fire, in Speier
Cologne, fellows groan ripples, with stipples fermentation, and sedimentation
exasperation, his vacation. narrated, be feted. brew, to screw.


Seine, I'll maintain. France, by chance. Bordeaux. to geaux.
tell, to hell; read; and said. veil. no detail.
obsessive, looks agressive, that, point at. religions, good visions.
cringe, my hinge. hair, out there. France, any pants.
Cannes, girlfriend Joanne. -- you decide Jane, on Champagne,
spic, and garlic. Eiffel, a trifle. Pierre; a chair
Pierre, up everywhere; Marseille, a lay, Paris; called me.
Paris, could see, Clarice, of Paris. sane, the Seine,
Harris, in Paris. Trench, anything French. Harris, to embarrass:
forego, doing so; Toledo, the Lido. Lorraine. jury explain--
scour, to flower. Pinner, society sinner. well-known, in Cologne;
nice, of vice, probe, of Job ship, day trip.
lies, it dies. French! a wench. France, a trance.
Parisienne, young men; neuf, her muff, France, of romance.
guy. know why. avoirdupois, Dr. Francois. insert, under skirt.
Brits, from Berlitz. jolting; be bolting. whiff, to tiff;
Hell, so swell, scholars, of dollars. France, of ants;
drill, stay still. Lac, low-cut, black, Calais, all day,
more, maybe four, wench, the French! France, but dance.
die, a cry Paree, was, "Oui,oui." France, one glance.
me, Grand Prix. Perec, a wreck) three; will be
France, to dance. Paree, not see. say, even today.
flirtation, annual vacation; homme?" vous from?" Pete!" my meat
away, to pray power, after hour, d'Eiffel, aperitif trifle.
me. simply barmy. Tiddy, French biddy. paris, can be.
fillies, their frillies, Harry's, she marries, allure, for sure.
femme, of them; Calais, little astray. own, the Rhone.
Arby's, many carbies, toast, you boast. France, wearing pants.
France, their pants, prick; me sick. soul, in whole.
knowed, was growed, tan, they Can-can. Madamoiselle; would tell.
Stoke, terrible joke, pal, your gal. throng, they belong.
Tours, daily amour. Chatelet, to stay. sound; the ground.
nuts, the ruts. Anglais, in Francais. Provence, and aunts;


fraulein, the Rhine, Bavaria? more scaria! Rhine, the vine;
rounded, got grounded. O, maiden lore, best; else west.
devout, helluva shout. Alice, that chalice case; dominant race.
neat) weird, indeed. dimmer, a zimmer; refrain, a pain.
excuse, your views Pauli, cheeks jowlly, Viennese, chestnut trees,
Viennese'll, 4X4 diesel, bright, the night, Tyrol, and roll.
inventive, no incentive. fraus, the house. Oktober, be sober;
September, my member. Berlin, remarkably thin. Fritz, "Personality splits


fancy, be chancy. Corfu, a screw caprice, to Greece,
kneeling, most revealing. leather, poultrygeist whether, wit, the pit
barn-o, with guano. stroll, a doll, staid, is dismayed
learn? guys burn? metropolis, ancient Acropolis, bore; and explore.
fit, some tit. Greece, their fleece. Greece; and obese.
Bulgar, deliciously vulgar!" Greece, their release. spotters. theory totters
sweet, of Crete, sodden, your pardon. Greek, to speak.
serene; water, blue-green; place; can't displace; return, and yearn;
isle, of tile; metropolis, the Acropolis;


been, frolics obscene. amaze, a daze. effect, truly wrecked,
dike, a tyke, did, he hid. tongue; feel ham-strung.
Dutch, and such, be, must see. -- district definitely.
rest, the best. 'round, hardly found. know; money flow.
girl, of pearl. bike, didn't like. like: my bike.
whore, her door. Sue, boyfriend, Nanu, east; the least.
pop, go flop, land, who stand


(ITAL) from home. Naples, of staples; Po, named Flo,
Dorrance, in torrents. Italian, to dallyin'. Italy, quite prettily.
Roma; star diploma. eye, we spy. Venice, Zen is.
hit; never quit. Hvar, very far. Hvar, big star.
Gallion, champion stallion, Capri, the sea. Pisa; she's a...
Lisa, also Visa. Napoli, quite happily. Etnan; pet none.
tennis, Canal, Venice, Mountbatten, to fatten. Pisa; bosomy tease-a
Po, gently flow Rome, old catacomb. day; for delay:
Oklahoma, see Roma. Thrace, sexual embrace. Lisa, of Pisa.
cracks, it smacks. tower, engineering power. power, same tower.
scene; not been. Juliet, other cocette, on, your benison.
classes, alas, is


Helsinki, is kinki, custom, bust 'em. tell, are swell,
kind, could find way, look today. driving? when muff-diving.
Angles, what dangles. sap, on tap... coarse, by force.
unzipped, meat whipped. force, the gorse; Zagorsk, something coarsk,
Norway, score say?" complains, his domains, alas! the ass.
region, is legion. Stockholm, walk home, Helsinki, awfully dinky;
Smolensk, for gentsk; Gotland, pot land. Gotland, a knotland,
tushies, to woosies. Sweden, most misleading.


illusion, a contusion, ask, the task aplomb, a bomb,
not, a shot, fear, this year; bona- fair Barcelona;
done, were fun. today, month away. Sid, was bid.
Torbay. every day. Spain; a pain. me, for free;
Spaniards. young lads, brain, Dummies again; shan't, he can't
prize. no surprise done. have won." go." you know;
me, graphic vocabulary seems, beyond dreams; me. but yippee;
due", get through mind", you'll find say?" this way.)
know, said, "Go." sound; and found son?" not one
shrug; a hug. action? bull-running faction. Spain, the rain?"
Spain, the rain", see, the sea,


great; this fate. undetected, than expected. worth, on earth;
shove, our love. Come" or hum. Fe; to stay.
say, every day. endure, a cure dense; the fence.
proved! be improved. Back, a setback. Quesos, its say-sos.
Grande, stand, see? ya, now California. shape, man escape.
deceit? must repeat: 187, into heaven. Proposition, wetback's disposition.
Grass, en masse? Rover, in clover. talks, anti-immigration hawks,
hater, my Mater." hard, green card, speeches, illegals "leeches."
wetback, a setback. crankies? wet hankies.


please; ocean-borne breeze. day, to play, be, the sea.
topical, is anthropical, depressed, the rest, blues, bright cockatoos;
swim, God-place pseudonym; sand; will expand; place; to embrace;
sea, never agree. Susquehanna, tally banana. map, his lap,
location. away nation. Found." run aground. see, palm tree?
long, so strong, guy, so dry, too. for you.
light. here tonight. tight, enough bright power, The Hour."
Bemidji, a squeegee. ocean. with lotion. Ponger, no wronger;
Eden, and Sweden, luck: and Muck Rhum, real dumb,
Eigg, and leg; Guam; was from. dad, he had.
mother; need another. pet; perfectly set. house, one mouse,
that, their wombat, wombat, small tomcat, present," rage, incandescent.
shell, magical spell. Dole. in control). stupidity, with rapidity.
Havana, interesting manner. shakin', was achin'. isle, of style,
lei. must allay. Brighton, named Crichton, Kaua'i, quite hai.
hay, in May. Vineyard, especially hard. Vineyard-- get injured.
Maui, shouted, "Waui!" Setucket, one bucket. Mass. the ass.
pain; by plane. Zealand, sea sand. sea, should be;
Slaughter, Blossom's daughter. Oahu, with you. Westcliff-on-Sea; to me,
hombre, y legumbre. depart; travel's start, laud, far abroad;
run; in sun. sea. the lea, pain; every grain.
Jay, of day, shoebies, their boobies. sincere, one year,
date, Annual Expectorate. Tahiti, and meaty; Tonga! A
longer; much stronger. terrific, of certific- all, your funnel,
brimmin' bare-breasted women. seas, coconut trees. seas, the trees,
cave, old Dave] continent, you're content. V.I. the sky,
-- near Peru. explore, the shore, Strand, just grand.
Band, in hand."


said, my bed. yore, the floor, kick, young Rick.
fried. new bride. riches, among bitches. Pete: being effete...
throws, the pros. voyeurism, much onanism. Dufret, quite yet!
gay, chicks anyway. true, to rue. neighborhood? no good!
mad; his dad. too. say Boo! blade; get laid.


Minsk, to pinsk, Yakutsk, his nutsk; Kalinin, been in,
winsk, a prinsk, Bratsk, say, "Dratsk! gagging, westerner's shagging.
Zemla; phlem ya Omsk, a bombsk. Kharkov, the barkov.
Kolotsk, local shopsk, Murmansk, her plansk. Murmansk, a Dansk.
Dnepropetrovsk, rather roughsk, Russia, hush her. Murmansk, played pranksk.
Irkutsk, I putsk Dzerzhinsk, poker couldn'tsk Gdansk, to dansk,
Murmansk, never shransk. enforsched, been divorsched Fred, in bed:
Irkutsk, your nutsk!" Irkutsk, or butsk. Irkutsk, a footsk.
Irutsk, the slutsk. Kamchatka, of vodka; Gedansk; for romansk.
said, anchorman dead. Tajik, were anthropophagic, angst, from Murmansk.
Rover, went nova. Minsk, Russian skinsk. Minsk, and ginsk,
Omsk, hydrogen bombsk; Murmansk, big tansk. Murmansk, practical pransk.
Murmansk; a tansk. Petrova, gone nova. Omsk, and Tomsk.
shot. was not. balk: Jew talk Polotsk, no potsk.
Pravda, he'd havda Gudenov? have woodenov? Orsk, a horsk.
Rostov, himself tossedov. Kharkov, struck sparkov. Murmansk; gave thansk.
are, not far Dinkov, think of! noseki, they hoseski...
Siberia, important criteria: gumsk, I cumsk. Smolensk, is bensk.
gay; bright array Sverdiovsk, clothes offsk. Tiblisi; felt queasy.
again, to complain. true, wholly askew. Uzbekistan, is tan.
Polotsk, I rotsk. Khatyn, aren't forgotton. Gdansk, to Murmansk.
Gdansk, velvet pantsk. Slovenia; seen ya. Smolensk, quite swollensk,
Kharkov? the darkov Archangelsk; and welksk. Yakutsk, big buttsk.


pampas, American campus. cantina; the Macarena. Belize, her ease.
Brazil, her ill. snigger, gotten bigger. Leo, in Rio,
calls, famed walls, today, Pass way. dimes, some limes.
Lorne? one morn, soon. a boon. prize, of lies.
sex, in Mex- spread, editor, Ped- face, loving embrace
"Sister, kissed her. Sec, Nahualt Toltec pal, the canal.
Patagonia, and bonier, Peruvia; behoove ya'. fettle, of metal.
-- to you Peru, from Kalamazoo; hand. grand land;
bleak, a peek; rough; is tough; tenacious; hunger voracious;
old; grow cold;


home. to Rome. Flynn. I'm in. way, over today,
trip, to strip. heart, to depart. Monday. and Burgundy.
insane, jet aeroplane. Cisco, Kong Disco. ircumnavigation, homeward transportation
sneak, around Martinique. cruise, good booze. again, or Spain,
NYC; and icy. Fran, the Can-Can. L.A. weather--no way.
Barbados, employment hiatus. around, have found Europe, stir up.
Prater, Jim's crater. Munich, fat eunuch. Dachau, a sow.
jocks, my locks poem, to roam. mad, I'm clad,
drunk, a funk. trade, They're afraid. Paul, the fall.
Cities, Oriental pretties. Gary, then ferry. Greer, and Zaire,
Natal, rather well Tycoon, in June; Ablaze, eighty days.
lot; places hot. lane, and pain, Encino, and Reno.
stole, to Seoul. Gail, to Vail, Sven; and then
mind; can find. beer, be here; hysteria, direction's inferior!
Leixlip, a trip. jock, the walk Phoebe, and breakfast)


topics: so zoanthropics shore, fruit store; Dneiper's, frequent high-steppers.
shore, fruit store. Manslysk, small risk. Khatanga, I sanga
hobo, river Limpopo; Nile, very hostile. Novosiberysk, and fiersk.
Orinoco, should cocoa. prose! it goes: cruise; any pews.
hall. portions small. lots; emperor's pots. boss. her cross.
icon, his Nikon Pavlova, go for" Great, Russian state
Ukraine, psychic pain wide, don't hide Volga, into Olga.
Cheek, a creek,


-- young men! (hooray) Somerset way). time, to rhyme,
levels, are devils. Taunton? were flauntin' (truly!) disconcerted unduly;
awe, it before; lasses, in masses; alight, that night;
true? to you? crotch, and Scotch, touch, Belgian, Dutch,
Albanian, a Romanian, Omani, Turk, Pakistani, Algerian, Ivorean, Liberian,
Libyan, and Namibian, Aden, Yemeni maiden, mistaken; lovely Jamaican,
Guyana, throbbing banana, Asia, Cambodia, Malaysia. yet; and Tibet,
do, to Peru. choose, penultimate cooze? tell, very well,
part, to start. motel, proper hotel; square, with care;
get, adjustable jet, keen, breakfast between TV, tea --
forget, You bet!


November, good timber; beach, 'Georgia peach'. west, the best
flight, one night; train, from Spain; sky, met Bly,
Dixie, ravishing pixie prime, than sublime! bet, done yet:
Omani, Turk, Pakistani, Libyan, and Namibian, sea. crew's guarantee,
shores, the Moors. cheap, aren't deep, leak, so bleak.
back, your crack; enjoy, favorite boy. provide, a ride.
here; first, dear. connection, throbbing erection. strong, your dong.
see, were three. float, leaky boat. drab, a crab,
swords, sounding words, use, or refuse. alive, to derive
sand, lifeless land, time; this clime. brains. such strains.)
'em, goose 'em. hide, from inside. chained; I abstained.
dunes, his goons. west, love best; right; not tight;
knob; ominous throb; clatter! the matter? clunk; the trunk;
hotel; the bell; Pete; and neat. see, for me;
new. just two. gavels, unwarranted travels away." -- today."
hotel, as well, Swami; date origami; Afgan, her caftan;
spell, from hell old; awful cold. galore, for sure;
finer, the diner? fence, truly immense, dead. the bed.
money. ain't funny. right. at night? debtor, a fetter.
looks, some books. sonny, well-endowed honey. Jerk! of work.
lie? to buy. expect, they detect. room, into gloom.
away, later today; tents, 25 cents; admits, the Ritz.
bored; could afford; come, would run; here, my dear.
time, that pine.


Mash, eat hash. dude, the nude. humps, arduously pumps
discloses, courtship imposes; prefers, 'n' hers; words, biggest turds.
Bates, terrible fates. "Comoxy", and moxie. claim, its name.
confounded, PC's impounded. tense, the fence. Devine, bad-tempered swine,
stick, a trick." Spence, the fence, stressed. the chest,
Florida, or horrider, Florida, and torrider; July; the sky.
treat, your feet. Trot. think not! horrider, to Florida.
Bea, with glee. recently? on TV? geography, you see.
smile, a while." hotel, was swell. Louise, little 36Cs
suite, proportions, complete head, the bed. "Damn!" I am?"
he." at me. went, had sent lawn", of scorn;
spent, old tent, immemorial, chosen gubernatorial Illinois, from Detroi,
go, a' go. Oblong. this song. Eagle, of prey,
Iowa, and rich. am. say "Damn!" chappie, named "Happy".
Hash, much cash, Wye. could cry. Kentucky, so plucky,
behest, Key West, Free", our posterity, grand, of sand;
(MI) not ANNIE. (delicious) she wishes adroit, who moight
ALAMAZOOLOGICAL, an obstacle, Theopolis, the Acropolis. Paul, when small.
Dakota, to Minnesota. fine, warning sign see, Illinois country.
MO, to go. Eye. or sky? Dot. is not.
torque; his cork." air, a bear; place; bloody disgrace.
frown, of renown. Cannonball, at all. DAKOTA? one iota.
understand, but land. (OH) city do. Bone, to moan:
Ball, terribly small. Oklahoma, distinct aroma; test; my quest.
leery, dreary -- Day, to play. guffaw, and Ma
Intercourse, a horse, Jane, to Maine. retreat, and eat.
Platte, was at; here, are queer. seven, after eleven,
seashore, bit more. Babbitt, peculiar habit: Street. to meet,
Alloy, called Roy. Mud; a dud. Scudder, a rudder;
Todd, of Sod; War, and four; pigs, and rigs,
say, their way, A, privilige today.


California, undoubtedly hornia. Columbus, dumb bus, hate, their State.
Palms, begging alms; sick, too slick, crisis, of prices.
suspicious, hunger voracious things, swings -- Hills, all ills.
Island, sinking pylons Island, steep sand. Alcatraz; than last.
resonate, United States, spot, Disney wrought. L.A. to say
California, was bornia, Gatos, just pathos. Cats'-- and fats.
"cats," no caveats, perverse, do worse View, to screw.
Oroville, and chlorophyll. Sacramento, author-signed cento. rate, really GREAT.
fair; is there. Jose, every day, Jose, then say
heard, must gird. Saratoga, doing yoga. dudes, grown foods.
Sunnyvale, always prevail; Sunnyvale, without fail. nation, new innovation.


Maryland, not understand. wood, no good. best, the rest.
poor; the floor. gawk, New Yawk. Alabammer," and clammer
'Bammer, the slammer; Vermouth, a tooth. State, her mate.
cluckin', a shuckin', stock, tame flock; love, a glove.
goats, velvetine throats. care; grey mare. W.V. to see,
Tussle, must hustle. Cuckoo. Saint Loo, boyhood...amazing! the grazing;
Chattahoochee, old hootchie-kootchie, romp, touristry pomp, peaches, and beaches.
gwine, to entwine Biloxi, are foxy. Roxie, a doxy.
guess, call mess. besotten, left forgotten. contest. more west,
GRAS, than spa. Gras, Orleans, LA. reads, Street Journal)
stench," a pinch. Tuesday, booze day. hot. Jungle Rot.
West; the farthest. Bumpass. they pass? Mississippi, his dippie;
Trixie, a pixie.


town, go down... fens, in dens Boston, tossed on;
hailing, go sailing; believes, original leaves. beans, tight jeans,
Cod, beautiful bod, Vermont, favorite haunt; frown, in town!"
restauranteur, du Jour, Jerry, we ferry, Maine, the rain.
forge, named George. while, in style). lass, state, Mass.
cheer! you're queer! girls, we churls Kantshucket, of Nantucket
face; a trace; ago; Indians know; stone; and known;
wide, with pride; sets, freedom begets; found, nature abound;
abide, of pride; shines, covered pines; bit, insanity quit.
excursion, a diversion, red, and led night, fast flight.
treks, of sex. Nantucket, a bucket. Nantucket, truck it.
booze, cut loose. understand, but land,


Freud, have heard; lo, for snow, been, his chagrin,
rank; and dank. town, severe frown. forlorn; 11th, morn,
strong, sarong -- Bratton, General Patton, Pompeii, this day;
itching, their bitching. impolite. and might Rocker; a shocker!
it, it -- dork, his cork. crutch, in Dutch.
bum!" in some late, their fate. milieu, thrill you.
shore, sun, evermore. rude; and lewd. Soddom, forgot 'em.
dorm. got warm. say, to stay, strand, Goldman band.
play, my day; strong, ere long, displays, their ways,
restore, its core. breeze, liaisons please, taxi, in Ecuador)


jest? we're blessed. Gus, of pus. Vee, a tree.
my! no lie! Austin, lost in; condone, is home-grown;
state! are STRAIGHT! choose, like 'roos tails. South Wales;
sport, to report: me, a SHE, Ex. was Rex.
Texas, penis perplexes. Gasoline; easily seen. Noodle, I doodle.
Texas, wrecks us! long, me wrong: Pard: got fired.
him. impressed them. steer, Star Beer, Dowd, the crowd.
Amarillo, and armadillo. Bastrop, class shop. range, everyone's strange.
list, can resist? stare, campers everywhere. Tex., convention next.
Glasscock. now talk. Texas, and orexis. Pasco, as Tobasco.
Edcouch, a grouch. depressed, you guessed? Girls? your curls
thickens. thin pickin's. night, a blight. where! to there!
fight, vertical height, play; each day. here, I fear.
knows? town goes. year, I hear. spell. real well.


July, Northwestern sky God, and nod Bay, was gay.
Sequim, absurd whim, Seattle, like cattle. Tum; was dumb.
WA, memories stay. bacchanalia, of Centralia, Humptulips. kangaroo hips;
Kalama, and drama; Puyallup, single trollop. Seiku; peek through.
eschew; its milieu. Tukwila, friendly gorilla -- my knee.
-- holler holler. D.C., see --


hand, the land: Juneau, numero uno, Ashdod, to nod.
nod, by God; home. in Rome liking; and biking.
Nome, his home. Nome, to roam, Kingman. ring, man?
go, I know. rough; to snuff. nude; you're rude.
Scottsdale; lot sale. Tucson, shoes on. Tucson; the futon.
class, hot lass. dim-witty, the city. Fifty-six, hot licks;
Ink. can't think. mock... much stock; say? to play.
too, who'd do, Aloha, of Noah, Dole. pineapple whole,
ye? I'm sorry, Boise, exceedingly noisy; Pocatello, like jello.
Montana, a gymkana. Alberni, and Fernly. Reno, a casino.
"Eely" girls freely. Pahrump, a bump Pahrump, a dump!
data, in Nevada. Pep, a step. Town, satin gown.
(OR) call docile. trail, would fail; Tooele; strumpet, Priscilla.
know, a go. taint, baseless complaint, chair, with care.
collectively, problems effectively. roulette, a fret, redone, rule seven-oh-one,
mooter, some cuter. Bill; a hill.


day, its way. nice; and ice; -- amazed awe.
Falls, little calls. went; geyser vent. right! incredible sight!
summer. a bummer. panties; your scanties flushy! bit slushy.
lake, must take. froze; a pose. great. bit late.
Yuck! elk buck. make, boat wake. quake; can take!
Junction, wouldn't function. hood, no good." fumed. and resumed.
ahead. with dread. askance. prime circumstance. sled, road spread.
tall, at all. bluff. off enough. in; we begin.
Pass, much gas. wimp, a limp. size; the rise
time; machine climb. back, a smack. fun, it's done.
self-satisfaction, in action; Park, a lark.


raise, carefully phrase Alaska, with Mollusca. Delaware, well aware,
Maine, freedom's domain. Montana, Northern savannah), Dakota, an iota.
Dakota, freedom's coda. Vermont, so gallant. Wyoming, and roaming.
Project, to inject. Idaho, big heave-a-ho. Head. in bed.


June, and Rangoon, Pete? in Crete, Manchuria, a courier,
discrete; my feet. today, the way, wed; a shed.
where; chambermaid there Eskimos: and toes, Sloat. so remote,
erotic, places exotic. Lee, to B. A, further away,
clotheses; big noses; me, walked me


wool, bags full. enough, shepherdess' muff. brim, and vim.
Grimm, most grim: present, dog, effervescent. fly; of July,
middle; you did'll soon. the moon. afternoon, down soon.
hen; Little's pen; resolved, still unsolved. snow, to know.
lode, outstanding ode, day, plantain bouquet. Georgie. him Porgie.
Pie, girls cry. chase; second place; Sonny, his money,
Gander, great slander; spit, and hit Gretel, to settle:
Gretel, to settle; discovers, were lovers. too, my queue.
Hansel, beautiful damsel Blantyre, a lyre. Vesuvius, plum-pudding pluvious.
hole, was he. bloke, nice smoke, Cole, old soul.
droll, Old Cole. merry, a fairy, who, Boy Blue."
sheep, or sleep. Blue: you do?" see, can be."
gone, Hubbard alone; Hubbard, and blubbered; Hubbard, and blubbered,
fair, down there. paw, psychical law. cold, be old.
quick, Petey's dick. fine, in brine. Peter, pumpkin eater),
grabber, have her. Petal-eater, on teater. 'n, P Duncan:
tarts. of Hearts. sleep, called CREEP by; Jefferson guy.
trees, evening breeze. doozy: one Jacuzzi; man, Peter Pan.
grim). and slim fair, whilst there. sleep. to keep.
years; shedding tears. nick, the thick, Jives, old wives.
mice? not nice. dead. a shred." roof, gives proof,
brother! or another. hare, I care. awake, grevious mistake.
chap, I'll nap." shoot. hot pursuit.


Thrace, steely embrace. Peep, those sheep? sheep, myself deep.
Peep, with sheep creep! Bo Peep!!! Bo-Peep, her sheep.
Ms. the Bs; felonious, be sanctimonious. morn? you're born.
sheep, Bo Peep. look, the brook. Peep, to keep.
sheep; to keep sheep, she'd sleep. Peep, a jeep.
Peep, and leap sheep, to keep Peep, her sheep
forlorn, the corn. asleep, counting sheep. appealing, by kneeling


Cinderella, other fella. dance, by chance. Cinderella, treated wella.
smit, and it whore, to adore. pluck, was struck.
steers, one hears. CINDERELLA, mushroom Portabella; tear, skin clear;
Ball, royal brawl, plain, a strain." slipper, fit her!"
lie, I'll cry. Cinderella? tell her. out! rumors about
glum, yelled, "Come; time... a crime. crap? a sap.
bints; the chintz. stream, and cream, play, her away;
prize. often supplies virgin, would burgeon. bore, it before,
found, crumpet around. lice, pretty nice. immoral, practice withdrawal,
society; greatest propriety;, tosh, talks posh, calls, grand hall.
sisters. have blisters!" pumpkins, country bumpkins, dance, her pants,
twist. the gist." tits, erogenous bits, coppers, candy gob-stoppers,
verbosity, increase curiosity, excess, should express, randy, all bandy,
write, getting uptight. smitten. sweet kitten. needs. and tease.
-- flip her munch, bunch -- dapper!" "My flapper
sootiful), was dutiful. name," no shame? chipper; his slipper.
buffoon, magic tampoon.


wince. a Prince!" pissed; has missed. frog, the bog,
convince, done since. hands; those pans. fool; his pool.
Prague, a log. jog, the bog, dark, the park
dejected; savior inspected: surprise, her eyes. alarm, great harm,
adult; his salt, vex, cross-species sex, litter, taste bitter,


hairs. and there's boys; your toys. fun! is done.
stair, "I declare! Bear, you everywhere. bears: in pairs?
bears: in pairs? guys. I'm advised. bed!" that spread!"
night, her sight. tight, a fright, hunch, this bunch,
said: your bed?


Doc; under lock Dyke; I like. Dick; my prick.
Duck; my luck, Deke; a leak. Duke; no fluke.
Doke, to poke. Dack, and black, Deck, by heck.
stork! to pork. Dude! and lewd. Doo, and two.
Ducket; from Nantucket. clockery! o Hickory-Dickery-Dockery! sick, hickory shtick.
Bic, hickory stick. Does; her fuzz. dock, my cock,
Dock, the clock. Dock, a clock. deg, his leg;
dock, my sock. dock; the clock. Dunt; too blunt;
dock; town clock. Dock! the clock, Daisy; boys crazy.
dock, the clock, dock; the wok. Doc; my cock.


fall. quite small. wall, saw fall. wall, a fall.
wall, to fall. wall, the fall; wall, great fall.
platoon, about noon. slumped, summarily dumped. bunch, a crunch.
wall, at all.


Horner, the corner. her, a corner! corner, evaluate pi.
dumb, his plum. Horner; warn her. Gertie, so dirty.
shy, to cry, pie, "Oh My! shy, to cry.
corner, of infinity; Horner, the corner. Warner, a corner.
Horner, the corner. nut, their hut. prick. me sick.
corner, pounding away. Jack, his crack. Mary, or tarry;
tale; her pail. fun, only begun." Porgie, growing orgie.
arrived, quickly dived. slumber, great number. thumb, his bum.
Horner, a corner. star, go far." slash, some cash'.
quick, his dick. Horner, the corner. corner, hair pie.
Horner, the corner, Warner, a corner. porny, a sigh.


peas, here, please. then, gentlemen ten. Fum!" so dumb.
Nimble, a thimble. fat; like that. dream, of cream,
lean, skinny machine. fuss! to us. Shucks!" favored fucks,
perverted. and converted downhearted, and departed;


hill, of water. rail, downhill sail. climb, nursery rhyme.
puffed, rudely rebuffed. Jill, a hill. grand," the sand.
fail." don't rail. a-walking; of talking. done, much fun.
HIE. you why. Jill, quite ill. hill. Said Jill,
Jack, the sack. hill, young Jill. number, to slumber.
Jack, her back. hill, some marijuana. Jill, a hill.
Jill, the hill. Jill, the hill. Jill, the hill.
Jill, can fill." oughter; a quarter. hill, a chill.
thrill, the bill! SCHLEP. the pep Jack; sound smack.
"Understand, have planned. Jill, steep hill. rill, a hill;
daughter, caught her. say, the hay." Jill. the pill.
Jill, the hill. weep; that creep! Peep, to sleep.
Jill, the hill, hill; big thrill. day, to play,
hand; was grand. flies, young eyes. romance, his chance.
it; stuck; it a-leaking; without speaking. often, did soften.
her; for supper. used, so contused. bill. of Jill;
it; a bucket hill, some kissing. pretty, the city,
huff. "That's enough! Jill, a hill. hill, of leaf.


very, Miss Mary. grew, for you: ringing, was flinging
hairy; him Larry. locality) proper formality. lamb, a damn.
little; and brittle. white. all night. boss, a toss.
Surrey, lamb currey; Mary? you're contrary; contrary, a huckleberry.
forsook, did look; contrary, waistline grow. contrary; to vary.


archy, frightfully starchy. tell, lim well. roach. pussy coach.
lore, the floor. doc?" hard cock. MAROON, and buffoon,
Bunny, strangely funny: Boo, and blue, Boo, the Zoo;
Boo, a Gnu, Boo! and you! Rat; a Cat.
insane, the rain. Rat, the Cat. door, a downpour.
Cat; dear Bat. day; to play. voles, others' holes.
indicted, he invited rhyme, the time.) got, named Scott.
Seuss, Mother Goose; Fudd, through mud. fame; his name.
type-- was ripe. brobdingnag, to brag. sees, virtuous species,
spree, past three. fiddle; the middle. piddle, its middle;
spoon, brilliant tune mermaid, get laid. romantic, so gigantic,
peek, naked mystique, old, Never-Land's hold; two, Cindy's kazoo.
dote, her remote. place, during grace, spell. to swell.
"tick", a chick scut! your rut! sleep, called CREEP
blow, a crow, Jack, the sack. Bear, Smokey, beware.
said, the shed, black, a sack.


well, a spell. haiku. could do end. we contend
say, died yesterday. eye), to die. Brown; be down.
juicy?" friend Lucy, sittin'; he'd typewritten... lad, was bad!
Snoopy. was droopy) down, of Caroline-town. gone? gone wrong.
light; jaws tight. ace; first place. path; of wrath.
guns, between buns. Brown! our town.


Aqua-Man, whole hand, Wayne, of fame. toast!", idle boast!"
Dunder, of thunder, City, a pity). man, in Manhattan;
"SHAZAM!" did slam; slithered, and come-hithered. dense; beyond immense.
Dennis, "the Menace." Ripper; fan flipper; fun, space gun.
too, on goo that! "Krazy Kat" Annie, that's uncanny;
scarf, people barf. thrust: are unjust!" sassy; eyes glassy.
her, all a-pucker. blue; too cool. succeed, all read,


bird, forever deferred. luck, to fuck. Duck, a fuck
Duck, his luck. say; is okay. roof, for proof,
dejected, get erected. hell; must tell. Louie, all gooey
"NO". quite low; goods, the woods. dreamin' was creamin'.
Mickey, to lickey." Mickey, his dickey. Mickey, He
Mickey, a quickie. Mouse, carouse -- Walt, and malt.
Mickey, your dickey. pejorative, not restorative, old, been retold,
wall, a call, fair-thee-well, as hell. big? a fig".
bunny; he's funny. quote? one note. fall, and small.
swell; the well. stooge, was huge.


view, old Lew- mathematics, amateur dramatics. cos- deciding, because
straw, soon saw Sue, quite new, Pru, she knew,
pitch, the kitch- Munch- stupid bunch. room. a broom."
saw, of straw. nowt. a bout. Pru. young Sue,
tell. very well. lion, e'er cryin', brawls; the walls.
witties, and titties!) through, (wouldn't you?). Deats, brick streets,
Oz, preceed cause. floatin'; she's a-totin'. cares? favorite players!"
bore, feet sore. straw, soon saw fart; place apart.
abode, she strode. stay; to play. man, her fan.
part: a heart. Straw, the Law! speed; I'll bleed
pope; no hope. a, big bulldozer. Willy, underage filly.
Riga, a tiger. pain; in vain. broad; a horde,
confusion; been delusion. hoax, a poke. dress, sexual stress.
was, to Oz... trusting, preference disgusting. monopode, and explode.
mate, be great because, the laws. Oz, business because
scarecrow, and Toto. saw, with awe. Dog, for grog,
mood. had brood. keen. too squeaky-clean. Oz, were froz.
saw, of straw, it; big tits. Scotto, compromised photo
Nantucket, stuck it; fun; Mach One. carcass, look darkest.
Wiz, ol' biz;


Rose?" "I suppose -- a prize! Duluth, noses (uncouth!),
enjoy, hand-crafted toy, desire; did tire. said, her bed.
figure, your trigger. Hunt, Pinocchio stunt. Fry, the sly,
yore, ladies galore, cash, a rash. rights; several nights.
depravity, has gravity. Pinocchio, to Tokyo? ring, Mae Ling.
door, did score. truth... randy Ruth. he, of glee.


Pooh, the loo; ounce, I pounce missle, she'd whistle.
Bear, to share. dares, his prayers. Pooh, with goo!
Hugh, about Winnie-the-Pooh. Eeyore, goodies galore. 'roo, a screw."
hole. is told. Alice, Buck Palace. saying, was braying,
Bear; name there? Robin, a hoppin'. Bear, and share
fair, his lair. Pooh, the flu. Winnie-the-Pooh, to do.
fan, I can. Winnie-the-Pooh, and Roo, sister! ...kissed her.
her, ketched her, Robin, seen sobbin', tree, and me,
bad, a cad! say; and gay. true, or Roo.


man. he can. man. the can; shore, irritably sore.
man, the can; man, game plan; hatch! no match;
carte, Oyl's heart; man. to plan. businessman. fellow man.
not, often thought. three? Popeye pee, man. the can.
man; a caravan, man; garbage can. round, I found
man, garbage can. lad, his dad. guys; for size.
stuff, her muff. man. the can. man, of McCan.
man. it's bran. wise, for size. man; the can.
man. light tan. slob, the job man; is Dan.
swell, as well. man; a can.


lay, fine day. balls; toe falls. glance, the chance
"Hooray! excitement today! falls, at all. chap, his cap.
Pelt, he felt. snow, 10 below. balls; toe falls,
Fred, the head. Brigid; and frigid. activity, Christmas nativity.