This whole silly thing was a hoax,
He sends her home, after a poke.
She marries her brother
And soon is a mother.
So no more's to say. That's all folks.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Dorothy would strip off her dress,
In the woods when in sexual stress.
She'd whistle and strut,
Then bend down and wave butt.
"Lions and tigers, Oh YES!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

As for Kansas, where Dorothy was
Whisked off by a whirlwind to Oz...
Then sad was her fate:
She met Archie, our mate,
And he soon talked her out of her clothes.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Dorothy said to the Tin Man, "I'm trusting
That you won't find my preference disgusting.
But I'll take the Wizard of Oz
And it's simply because
Although his joint's limp, it's not rusting."
--- MarcoM P8307A

In a fable, this odd monopode
Would frequently snap and explode.
"Don't constantly tease me;
You only displease me,
So please, I am not pigeon-toed!"

(monopode in the land of Oz?)
--- Al Willis

In Oz land, the Tin Woodsman's mate
Sighed sadly, "It sure would be great
If you made it a point
To put oil on your joint,
Since your screws have been rusty of late."
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

Little Dorothy was crying because
The witch was defying the laws.
But the witch was all wet
When she hit Dorothy's pet --
Which bailed out the poor Wizard of Oz.
--- Neal Wilgus P8409

The fabulous Wizard of Oz,
Retired from business because
What with up-to-date science,
To most of his clients,
He wasn't the Wizard he was.
--- David Stoning

There once was a floppy scarecrow,
Companion to Dorothy and Toto.
"I'm really not vain,
But I must have a brain,
So its off to the Wizard I go!"
--- Anon

Looking up, flying monkeys they saw,
Filling Dorothy's companions with awe.
The Scarecrow was battered
And his innards scattered,
To which he said, "That's the last straw!"
--- Larry Hollister

The Tin Man, the Girl, and the Dog
Met up with the Scarecrow for grog,
On the brick road so bumpy,
They stopped for a scrumpy,
On the way to the Wizard of Ogg
--- Ericka

The wizard was in a foul mood.
He looked like for days he had brood.
He scowled at all four
And showed them the door.
For this -- the Oggettes -- they all booed.
--- Bridget

On the Tin Man, I'm not really keen.
If you axe me, he's too squeaky-clean.
He's been oily in bed,
And to rise, it is said,
Ever since he was just a can-teen.
--- Larry Hollister

In a movie called Wizard of Oz,
Tin Man's joints and emotions were froz.
Till they oiled every part;
He discovered his heart,
And the witch who was wicked, now was.
--- Peter Wilkins

She said "'Twas last Friday I saw,
The weapon of that man of straw,
And just like old Tinnie,
It's size class was mini,
But this is a very fine oar."
--- Anon

Twister, Toto loved playing it;
He thought Dorothy his sis with big tits.
When she did red and blue,
And her ass was in view,
He gave her a kiss on the slit.
--- MacArthur

A reporter, Bartholomew Scotto
Caught Dorothy in a compromised photo
What was it, you wonder,
Her unspeakable blunder
She was caught playing twister with Toto.
--- Anon

It's best to leave Oz for Nantucket,
With broom 'twixt you legs where you stuck it;
So fly there real fast
Or you'll get a blast
Of water from Dorothy's bucket!
--- Anon

The Witch has been having some fun;
Her new broomstick gets up to Mach One.
As she zips through the air,
She gets whipped by her hair,
So she's wearing it now in a bun.
--- Larry Hollister

Ruby Slippers removed from a carcass
Are why prospects for Dorothy look darkest.
But a spash in the face
Puts the Witch in her place,
And reveals her as Imelda Marcos.
--- Larry Hollister

Watch out for that imposter Wiz,
He'll con you with his same ol' biz;
It's guaranteed certain,
Behind his green curtain,
He'll take you and fill you with jizz.
--- Anon

"Who diddled my daughter, sweet Rose?"
Shouted teacher in class. "I suppose
All you lads will deny
That you fingered her pie,
But I think that Pinocchio nose."
--- Peter Wilkins

Pinocchio's one of the guys --
But Rose thinks that he is a prize!
She likes his nose,
His pecs and his hose,
But mostly she likes all his lies.
--- Marty

A fetishist whore from Duluth
Who rode upon noses (uncouth!),
Met up with a bloke, ya know,
Whose name was Pinnochio,
But she hates it when he tells the truth.
--- Anon

Here's a story you kids will enjoy,
'Bout a mischievous hand-crafted toy,
Whose nose would extend
When he lied, to no end.
When he stopped, he became a real boy.
--- Anon

To be real was Pinocchio's desire;
Of this dream he never did tire.
But he knew he was wood,
When he bashed on his pud,
And set his poor pecker on fire.
--- Anon

Gepetto's house maid it is said,
Took Pinocchio into her bed.
And as he lay in repose,
She sat on his nose,
And said, "Tell some lies, wooden head!"
--- John Chastaine

Pinocchio's girl said, "I figure
To get my hand on your trigger.
For you have got wood,
Which is really good,
But now can you make it get bigger?
--- Tony Burrell

An ingenious old fucker named Hunt
Refined the Pinocchio stunt.
From behind on a lass,
With his nose up her ass,
He extended his tongue up her cunt.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0829

The old woodcarver's helper, Miss Fry,
Took Pinocchio aside on the sly,
Then she took off her clothes,
And she stuffed his big nose
In her cunt, and said, "Now tell a lie!"
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0697

Pinocchio, the puppet of yore
Could please all his ladies galore,
'Cause unlike what's been heard,
When he spoke a false word,
It's not his nose that grew one inch or more.
--- Pilar

Pinocchio was offered cash
To fuck a poor girl with a rash.
She'd have been better off
To do her own trough;
The damned puppet, he splintered her gash.
--- That Guy

Those splinters were painful by rights;
She suffered for several nights.
But Pinocch' had it worse
For he suffered the curse
Of a serious case of termites.
--- Kasodrac

This is file lhl

Pinocchio has lust and depravity,
But his situation has gravity.
Though he makes real wood
Like a young fellow should,
His girl friend, alas, has no cavity.
--- Tony Burrell

Said Gepetto to his puppet Pinocchio,
"How would you like to fly to Tokyo?
It's all up to you;
All you've to do
Is give my big dick a strokio!"
--- Anon

Pinocchio gave his ring
To the sweet China doll, Mae Ling.
With a great deal of huffing,
He poked through her stuffing;
For her, love was a splintered thing.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

With his nose at her dripping pink door,
Geppetto's boy really did score.
He told her sweet lies
And what was pint-size
Grew wood, piercing her to the core.
--- Randog

"Lie to tell the truth...
Now lie again," cried randy Ruth.
He lied once too often,
And failing to soften,
She's now lost her very front tooth.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The lie was a whopper and he
Stuck fast in her tunnel of glee.
She moaned, "Please hold steady
But when you are ready,
The truth will, indeed set you free."
--- Randog

"Oh bother!" said Winnie the Pooh,
While running like hell for the loo;
"It can't be the hunny
That's making me runny;
It must be young Christopher's goo.
--- Peter Wilkins

Said Christopher: "There's not an ounce
Of truth in that tale; when I pounce
On animals furry,
I'm oft in a hurry,
And Tigger's the one that I bounce."
--- Peter Wilkins

I'd like poking Young Roo with my missle
And for Kanga, I'd come if she'd whistle.
But what sight is a bummer,
A miserable hummer
Is Eeyore with a mouthful of thistle.
--- Scott C

Chris Robin and that ol' Pooh Bear
Have many adventures to share.
They visit Eeyore
Then Piglet and more
Friends in the woods that live there.
--- Anon

Hush, hush, and whisper who dares,
Christopher Robin's not saying his prayers.
There's a cat on the mat.
Hey, just fancy that!
And there's blood all the way up the stairs.
--- Friar

"Oh, Bother!" Said Winnie the Pooh,
"My face is all covered with goo!
I said I would swallow,
But you didn't follow
Directions, young Chris Robin, you!"
--- Anon

For the past seven years or so, Hugh
Has dreamed about Winnie-the-Pooh.
He will wake with a scream;
Dreams no other dream;
Just think, this could happen to you.
--- Henry Fitzgerald

Old Winnie and buddy Eeyore
Have Halloween goodies galore.
The red eyeballs taste sweet,
Wrapped in raw spider meat.
They're sold at the Gore and More store.
--- Bob Tucker

Said Piglet to Kanga the 'roo,
"I'm achin' to give you a screw."
"Not now, for I'm knobbin'
Young Christopher Robin,"
Said Kanga, "Try Winnie the Pooh."
--- Peter Wilkins

Pooh got himself stuck in a hole.
Least ways so the story is told.
But a tale that I heard,
From a foul little bird
Is the cause was the KY was old!
--- Pjzabruin

Young Christopher Robin screwed Alice
Outside in the grounds of Buck Palace.
Along came the Queen
Feeling far from serene,
And said angrily, "Orf with his phallus!"
--- Anon

While Christopher Robin was saying
His prayers and Eyore was braying,
'Bout eating the grass,
I found his fine ass
And made him a neighbor for laying.
--- Anon

Oh yes, ol' poor Pooh Bear;
Wonder how he got that name there?
His mom took a dump
Out her bearly bare rump,
And left without giving a care.
--- Anon

Pooh hung with Christopher Robin,
Who left the forest one day just a hoppin'.
Pooh's face wore a grin
As he wiped off his chin,
For it was Robin's nob he'd been slobbin'.
--- Anon

Chris Robin and that wicked Pooh Bear
Had many a humping and share
Of their old vaseline pot,
With the friends they have got
In the woods, and who also screw there.
--- Anon

When a boy, there was nothing so fair
As Winnie-the-Pooh in his lair.
I'd give all my money
For a pot of his honey,
So I second childhood could bear.
--- Warrick Elrod

"Oh Piglet," said Winnie the Pooh,
"Our Tigger's come down with the flu.
Then he started to hop
And he just couldn't stop --
I think it's spring fever, don't you?"
--- S M Polonsky

A little bear named Winnie-the-Pooh
One summer day had nothing to do.
So he took his money
And bought him some honey
But before he got home, he was through.
--- Warrick Elrod

Of Winnie-the-Pooh I'm a fan
And I read all his stuff when I can.
But unless I have missed her,
There's surely no sister;
I thought I knew most of the clan.
--- Peter W

Besides good old Winnie-the-Pooh,
There is Rabbit and Kanga and Roo,
Making eight, so I figure
With Eeyore and Tigger
And Piglet and Owl. Who are you?
--- Peter W

But of course old Pooh Bear had a sister!
As a lad I caressed her and ...kissed her.
Till I learned girls were better --
If nothing else, wetter --
(Straw's scratchy; I can't say I missed her).
--- John Miller

Whenever I needed, I fetched her
While Tigger would chase till he ketched her,
And Eeyore turned gloomy
When she got too roomy
After Tigger and I had both stretched her.
--- John Miller

And of course there was Christopher Robin,
Good-natured and seldom seen sobbin',
After Pooh smeared her cunny
With warm gooey honey,
To help slip his hard little knob in.
--- John Miller

The Owl had her up in his tree
In a foursome with Rabbit and me,
And I won't say what Roo
One time tried to do
With Piglet before he was three.
--- John Miller

(A. A. Milne, I truly feel bad
After writing that stuff; what a cad!
But I'm glad that I did
What I did as a kid:
'Cause I WAS quite a perverted lad!)
--- John Miller

It was bound to happen, they say;
Pooh was always too happy and gay.
Now Piglet is dead,
Tigger shot in the head,
'Cause Winnie went postal today.
--- Mirrorq

Owl said to Kanga, "It's true,
It couldn't have been Rabbit or Roo.
It's Eeyore, I figure,
With Piglet and Tigger,
Who murdered poor Winnie-the-Pooh."
--- Peter Wilkins P9806

He's Popeye the backdoor man.
He'll enter when ever he can.
He likes the boys best
And eschews all the rest.
He's Popeye the backdoor man (toot toot)
--- Jim Weaver Collection