Here's the story of Little Bo Peep,
Whose ineffable actions with sheep
(She fondled and necked 'em
And tickled their rectum)
Causes flesh on most Christians to creep.
--- Armand E Singer 95

Find someone else? Why you creep!
After me dressing up as Bo Peep!!!
How was I to know
Your passion won't grow
Unless I dressed up as a sheep!
--- Karen a

Now as for Little Bo-Peep,
At last she has found all her sheep.
From too many to choose,
She kicked out the ewes,
But the rams she decided to keep!
--- Rick Limer T9711

Unmarried, she called herself Ms.
Till somebody gave her the Bs;
Now Mrs. BoPeep
Has three little sheep
And knows where the came from: they're Hs.
--- Armand E Singer 641

They say that the act is felonious,
But let us not be sanctimonious.
When you put it to sheep,
As did Mr. Bo Peep,
They let out a bleat quite ewephonious.
--- Ogni Gioia

Where is Little Boy Blue this fine morn?
In the haystack as sure as you're born.
But he isn't asleep,
He's with Little Bo Peep.
And just look where he's putting his horn!
--- Isaac Asimov

Sharon, a rebel black sheep,
Escaped from Little Bo Peep.
"I'm not going back,
That flock I can't hack,
And Bo Peep is a nag and a creep."
--- Nancy Henry-Kline P9306

Said Little Bo Peep, "Oh just look
At all those fat fish in the brook.
The water looks deepish
But I'll not be sheepish --
I'll catch them -- by hook or by crook."
--- Mary Danby - 2nd Armada

The trouble with Little Bo Peep
Is she's far too expensive to keep.
And she tends to go off
The idea of a boff,
When you've just had your way with her sheep.
--- Anon

Now Cambria's famous for sheep;
A damn shame that they get to keep
The company of you,
Who knows not what to do
With them or with Little Bo Peep.
--- Tiddy Ogg

That Mary had one wooly sheep,
She kept in her bed when she'd sleep.
Found out it's a ram,
Now she has a lamb,
And has changed her name to Bo-Peep!
--- Anon

Boy Blue looked a Little Bo Peep,
With a face like the back of a jeep.
He didn't stay blue,
for the lad always knew
He'd have better success with the sheep.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The brothers of Little Bo Peep
Would run o'er the mountains and leap
On the back of a cow,
For a bovine-type plow.
(The reason? Hill trotters shun sheep.)
--- Anon

I have to agree with you; sheep
Are convenient creatures to keep
And could well bring you luck,
For you might get to fuck
That delectable Little Bo Peep.
--- Anon

A girl known as Little Bo Peep
Has rented a few of her sheep
To some men on the range,
Who like sex to be strange,
And think hookers charge prices too steep.
--- Cap'n Bean

Bo Peep sits alone and forlorn
As her sheep wander off through the corn.
She couldn't get through
To little Boy Blue,
'Cause that kid just blows his own horn!
--- Anon

Bo Beep had fallen asleep
All because she was counting sheep.
She woke up wonderin'
Where they went wanderin'?
Where the hell did those suckers creep?
--- Anon

When asked why the sheep was appealing,
She answered their query by kneeling
Down next to her lamb.
"It's because he's a ram
And well hung!" said Bo Peep with feeling.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Once a girl named Cinderella
Got laid by every other fella.
"Cinderella! Do chores!"
"Cinderella! Drop drawers!"
That's why the Grimm tale's a best sella'!
--- Anon

Cinderella slipped off to the dance,
Where she dropped off a slipper, by chance.
She was followed and wed,
Then rushed off to bed,
Where Prince Charming got into her pants.
--- G0051

A young lady called Cinderella,
By her step-kin was not treated wella.
Fairy Godmother's coming,
Set Cindy's life humming,
And she got the prince for her fella!
--- Lois Walker

When the Prince, who was terribly smit,
Tried the slipper on Cinders and it
Fitted so snugly,
It gave the two ugly
Old sisters the worse kind of fit.
--- Joyce Johnson

There was Cinderella, that whore,
At the ball, found a prince to adore.
She he showed her the shoe,
She yelled, "Princeman, Fuck you!"
Which he did there and then on the floor!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Black ash from the hearth she would pluck,
But Prince with her beauty was struck.
With footware of glass,
The test she would pass,
CINDERELLA, I'd call "Lady Luck!"
--- Chris Papa

The tale, from an old wisdom, steers,
Contrary to what else one hears.
It seems to insist,
Like an optimist,
"You can make silk purse from sow's ears."
--- Chris Papa

Fireplace cleaning made CINDERELLA
Filthy like mushroom Portabella;
A smell to the prince
Which caused him to wince;
That prince was not a nice fella.
--- Daniel Ford

He'd not even wait for her tear
To wash the black soot from skin clear;
He was heard to curse,
"The hell with silk purse;
Just get your black ash out o' here!"
--- Daniel Ford

Cinderella was Queen of the Ball,
And she started a real royal brawl,
When at midnight's last stroke,
The magic spell broke;
There she stood wearing nothing at all!
--- John Miller 0113

Said the prince, "Cinderella, it's plain
That our dancing is rather a strain."
Said Cindy, "Me flippers
Are clad in glass slippers,
And me bunions are causing me pain."
--- Mary Danby Armada 1

Cinderella tried on the glass slipper
And the Prince panted, "Golly, it fit her!"
He'd a thing about feet,
But what wasn't so sweet,
Was he found hers smelled just like a kipper!
--- Val Burnes P0509

If this tale that you tell is a lie,
I will throw down my crown and I'll cry.
I'm the Prince (it is true!)
Words I mince (not with you!)
I'm a guy, that's a girl, that's a guy...
--- Anon

You're looking for Cinderella?
If I see her, I'll probably tell her.
But although it's a blow
To tell you, I know...
That slipper belongs to a fella.
--- Ticketyboo

Oh dear! Princies secret is out!
Who's spreading those rumors about
His slippers and frocks
And his sparkly socks?
It's that ugly step sister, no doubt!
--- Spud

This is file knm

Cinderella, decidedly glum,
Gave a start as her sisters yelled, "Come;
See our pics of the Ball,
They're all up on the wall.
We said, 'One day our prints will come.'"!
--- Val Burns P0509

Once upon, says the fable, a time...
What a start! Such word-mangling's a crime.
Three billygoats gruff
This prince thought too rough,
And their offer of sex he declined.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Now wasn't that first verse pure crap?
You surely must think me a sap.
But to get to the point,
Yon prince wants to anoint
His dong in some peasant girl's lap.
--- Tiddy Ogg

He's sick of those well-to-do bints;
They complain about goo on the chintz.
So with palette and brush,
He goes out in the bush,
As the artist - once known as Prince.
--- Tiddy Ogg

As he wanders down by the mill stream,
There's a dolly, all peaches and cream,
Whom he quickly approaches,
And the subject he broaches,
Of her modelling nude, on the green.
--- Tiddy Ogg

But although she would much like to play,
Her father soon calls her away;
Being older and wiser,
And a bit of a miser,
He reckons the painter won't pay...
--- Tiddy Ogg

...For this beauty, for she is his prize.
He's two others, and often supplies
Them to fellows 'round town,
For five bucks they'll lie down,
And willingly open their thighs.
--- Tiddy Ogg

But this one, young Cindy's a virgin,
For whom many peckers would burgeon.
So he keeps her price high,
And though many blokes try,
That pimp won't give in to their urgin'.
--- Tiddy Ogg

(Rhyming virgin with urgin's a bore,
Many people have done it before,
But apart from encouragin'
And sturgeon and purgin'
The choices one has are so poor.)
--- Tiddy Ogg

Though his true love our Princey has found,
There is plenty more crumpet around.
So he has a fine spree,
In the next day or three,
As he fucks himself into the ground.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Now infested with crabs and with lice,
His adventure he rates pretty nice.
By a quack he's inspected,
And soon disinfected...
But of Cindy he still wants a slice.
--- Tiddy Ogg

His habits you may think immoral,
He sure doesn't practice withdrawal,
His red headed dwarf is
In many an orifice,
But his main predilection is oral.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I'm the pillar of highest society;
I act with the greatest propriety;,
And at church, in the pews,
Where other folk snooze,
I'm alert, yes, a model of piety.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Doesn't he talk utter tosh,
He thinks that because he talks posh,
We'll think he's real slick,
But he's just a dumb prick,
All that stuff there a hog wouldn't wash.
--- Tiddy Ogg

So his faithful old butler he calls,
And says "Serf, prepare the grand hall.
All the totty invite,
And from them I just might,
A chick fit to hold royal balls."
--- Tiddy Ogg

At the hop he soon spies Cindy's sisters.
"Christ, they're foul. I'd rather have blisters!"
Then Cindy he spies,
Feels a throb 'twixt his thighs,
And in only five minutes he's kissed 'er.
--- Tiddy Ogg

All that tripe about rats, mice, and pumpkins,
Put about by your old country bumpkins,
As an early squash ad,
Which failed and so sad-
Ly their produce they all had to dumpkins.
--- Tiddy Ogg

True, she fled at the end of the dance,
And he hadn't got into her pants,
But there on the floor,
By the still swinging door,
Some dentures the prince found by chance.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I can hear you say "Ogg's round the twist.
He's obviously quite lost the gist."
But I've done my researches
In castles and churches,
And found what the others all missed.
--- Tiddy Ogg

So our princey's lost interest in tits,
And the other erogenous bits,
As he hunts north and south,
In a search for the mouth,
That the cheap plastic denture set fits.
--- Tiddy Ogg

So accompanied by several coppers,
Distributing candy gob-stoppers,
He tramps his domain,
Slowly turning insane,
Examining every tart's choppers.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I hope that this excess verbosity,
Will serve to increase curiosity,
As to the denouement,
But between you and me-ment,
I really could not give a tossity.
--- Tiddy Ogg

If you think that I've run to excess,
And remorsefulness I should express,
Well I say this: Hard cheese!
I can't you all please.
But now to the climax I'll press.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The prince now is getting so randy,
That his legs are going all bandy,
From the weight of his dong,
As he hobbles along,
But at last he does meet fair Miss Candy.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Of Cindy at first I did write,
But don't you go getting uptight.
You can just blame a typo,
And it's all very hypo-
Thetical which one is right.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The teeth fit. The prince is quite smitten.
"Take them out again now, my sweet kitten.
We'll go home to bed,
Then when you give me head,
There's no chance of me getting bitten."
--- Tiddy Ogg

Right, dear, it's not ladies they needs.
A female who'll taunt 'em and tease.
Just simper and coo,
Or maybe just Moo!
They're really quite easy to please!
--- Tiddy Ogg

Cinderella is feeling quite chipper --
After coming, the Prince likes to flip her
Up onto his chest,
So his lips, tightly pressed,
Can be felchingly slopping her dripper.
--- Hugh Clary

While reading of Prince Charming's munch,
My knickers got all in a bunch --
Feeling just a bit green
At the thought of that scene,
I came this close to losing my lunch.
--- Scott C

"Oh Prince, you're so charming and dapper!"
Said slipperless Cindy. "My flapper
Is now all a-quiver
Since you slurped that river
That flowed from my dripper to crapper.
--- Travis Brasell

Cinderella (so called 'cause she's sootiful),
To her stepmother always was dutiful.
She goes to the ball,
Let's her glass slipper fall,
Now a sole-kissing prince thinks she's beautiful.
--- Anon

"So you say Cinderella's your name,"
Said the constable. "Have you no shame?
It's twelve twenty-two;
You've four mice and one shoe,
And a pumpkin in tow. What's your game?"
--- Mary Danby - 2nd Armada

The foot fetish prince was quite chipper;
He'd found a tart fitting his slipper.
He kissed toes, then knees,
Then northward, yelled "Jeez!
This smells like a three-week-old kipper."
--- Tiddy Ogg

Cinderella's protective buffoon
Gave Cindy a magic tampoon.
"But don't party too late
On your romantic date,
For it turns to a pumpkin at noon."
--- Jim Weaver Collection A