I hope that you can excuse
If I turn a deaf ear to your views
About toleration,
Since it was your nation
That burned over six million jews.
--- MrMalo

In old Hamburg's main fleshpot, St Pauli,
I was told by a pimp with cheeks jowlly,
"Mister Jim's away now,
That damned son of a sow;
Last time he stank up the place foully!"
--- Ward Hardman

In springtime the young Viennese,
Will go out amidst those chestnut trees,
And while tunes by the Strausses
Float out of the houses,
They do pretty much as they please.
--- Tiddy Ogg

In springtime the young Viennese'll
Go out in their 4X4 diesel,
And deep in the woods,
They'll bare pussies and puds,
And do what the birds and the bees'll.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Out there while the moon's shining bright,
They'll drink and boff all of the night,
He'll give his fraulein
A fucking good time,
And fill her with gemutlichkeit.
--- Tiddy Ogg

They rampage around the Tyrol,
With their drugs, sex and rock and roll.
Where the blue Danube flows,
They'll remove all their clothes;
Each guy alone with his doll.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Those Austrians can be inventive,
And the frauleins they need no incentive.
Those beautiful girls
Give lads Viennese whirls,
And pretty near drive them dementive.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The problem with German fraus
Is getting them out of the house.
It's not fondness for home,
Or an aversion to roam,
It's just that they're all fat ass cows.
--- MrMalo

I'm off to the Munchen Oktober
Fest, promising (natch) to be sober;
For there I shall meet
Little Heidi so sweet,
And I fully intend to disrobe 'er.
--- Anon

I'll be coming to Europe late September,
And looking for action for my member.
Meet me at Oktoberfest,
And be sure you've got plenty rest.
I'll show you a time you'll remember.
--- Anon

There once was a man from Berlin
Whose wife was remarkably thin.
When somebody brave
Had to crawl in a cave,
The man from Berlin shoved her in.
--- Anon

Psychologist Gerhardt Von Fritz
Exclaimed: "Personality splits
In Germany's frauen
Occurs from men plowin';
Der slits ver dey sits vit a blitz!"
--- Anon

An Athenian captured my fancy,
Though I knew our romance would be chancy.
Whenever she'd speak,
To me it was Greek,
Therefore all I could do was grow antsy.
--- Mimi

That's funny, while out in Corfu
She did offer someone a screw
But said he declined
And rather she dined
On his firk'n head, was that you?
--- Anon

By some whim of chance or caprice,
I travelled one summer to Greece,
Sat in some taverna,
And there I saw Myrna,
In the back yard, feeding the geese.
--- Tiddy Ogg

She sang to her labours, while kneeling,
The cut of her blouse most revealing.
The song of that siren
Soon had me desirin'
Those mammary glands to be feeling.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I rushed out the back, hell for leather,
And asked the young poultrygeist whether,
Could she be approached,
And the subject I broached,
Of a diddle down there 'mongst the feathers.
--- Tiddy Ogg

She rose, with commendable wit,
Told me I was bound for the pit
Of Hell, in a cart,
And then the young tart
Fair peppered my face with goose shit.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I then stumbled out of the barn-o,
My features encrusted with guano.
The venture no use,
Not even a goose;
Think next time, I'll fly to Lugano.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And there, through the mighty Alps stroll,
Where maybe I'll find me a doll,
Who makes my old cock work
Like precision clockwork,
And give me a proper Swiss roll.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Macedonians look stolid and staid
But a wench in their grasp is dismayed
To find they vent passions
In all human fashions,
With some odd bestial fashions inlaid!
--- Grand Prix Lim 24

Well what was it all you did learn?
Did your passion for Grecian guys burn?
Did the women in town
Quickly turn upside down
Saying, "Twat is the true Grecian urn!"
--- Travis Brasell

High above the great Athens metropolis,
On a path near the ancient Acropolis,
There's a barn with a loft,
Where a girl can get boffed,
Which has helped keep the city so popolous.
--- MrMalo

My knowledge of Greece is a bore;
I need to get there and explore.
I'd sure like to find
What I have in mind;
A beautiful young Grecian whore!
--- Travis Brasell

Until then, I'm having a fit
To catch a glimpse of some tit.
Which one of the two
Will come into view,
And will she reveal her fine clit.
--- Travis Brasell

"GR" is the symbol for Greece,
Where shepherds keep lambs for their fleece.
But men prefer boys
'Stead of girls for their toys,
And a nephew instead of a niece.
--- John Miller

We took our vacation in Greece;
The food made us sick and obese.
Their nightlife's the pits;
I twice got the shits;
And prices are on the increase.
--- Armand E Singer 183

A greek heiress fell for a Bulgar,
And said, "He's deliciously vulgar!"
She yearned for the day
He would whisk her away,
And in archaic splendor, fulgor!

(fulgor - dazzling brightness)
--- Ann Gasser P8808

The plane spotters who went to Greece
Are still waiting for their release.
On what did they spy?
Have Greeks learned to fly?
Is Icarus now boss of the police?
--- Dennis Hammes

There is nothing wrong with our plane spotters.
Impeccable theory totters
On the fact that our lads
Are but dirty old cads,
And have spotted old Daedalus' daughters.
--- Dennis Hammes

Greek girls are quite comely and sweet,
But they dress in the fashion of Crete,
Which instantly slaughters
Binoculared spotters,
Who spot rather more than bare feet.
--- Dennis Hammes

It can leave their equipment quite sodden,
The "Greek Christmas Hitch," beg your pardon.
Baring gifts! Why should Ghurkas
Glass women in bourkas
Or watch for the ugly bin Laden.
--- Dennis Hammes

Of all of the languages, Greek
Was the one I intended to speak.
But in Peloponesia,
I suffered amnesia
The whole of my holiday week.
--- Peter Wilkins

This is file kcm

Santorini in sunlight, serene;
Soaring cliffs above water, blue-green;
Clustered houses chalk white,
Domed roofs, lazulite;
Stunning setting, Greek jewel to be seen.
--- Joel D Ash P0311

How I long to revisit that place;
Treasured memories which years can't displace;
Of a donkey ascending,
Quaint vistas unending,
Old streets that my mind can retrace.
--- Joel D Ash P0311

Sparkling visions compelling return,
Sights and scenes that I conjure and yearn;
To see them once more,
Contemplate and explore,
Santorini my Ode to Greek Urn.
--- Joel D Ash P0311

Hiking up to the top of the isle,
Near to heaven, mosaics of tile;
Ancient themes so artistic,
Grand myths Hellenistic,
Displays to inform and beguile.
--- Joel D Ash P0311

At a protest march in the metropolis,
Trucks with troops sped to shield the Acropolis;
From a 'copter, airborne,
Blared a captain's bullhorn:
"The Greek Army commands to stopolis."
--- J Maynard Kaplan

To Amsterdam City I've been,
Indulging in frolics obscene.
But the culture I found
Just by walking around
Was mainly disgustingly clean.
--- PeterW

Though Rembrandt and Co. can amaze,
I spent much of my time in a daze.
My mind was a blank,
'Twas the beer that I drank
And the weed that I smoked in a haze.
--- PeterW

And although I enjoyed the effect,
With body and mind truly wrecked,
I missed out on girlies
With soft pubic curlies;
My pecker just would not erect!
--- PeterW

Now that little Dutch boy at the dike,
That we thought to be so brave a tyke,
Didn't inform a soul
That he punched in the hole,
Just to make up a story we'd like.
--- Warrick Elrod

Now I'm really glad that he did,
And I'll not argue facts that he hid.
He is still a fine boy,
Who thought we'd enjoy
A heroic tale, and we did.
--- Warrick Elrod

I speak in only one tongue;
In Holland you might feel ham-strung.
If you grow a Van Dyke,
Stick your thumb in a dike,
Or some other thing, if you're well-hung.
--- S C Saint

Some how you don't think of the Dutch
Being given to lewdness and such,
But your notions revise
When sin glints in Dutch eyes,
And they get a Dutch wench in their clutch.
--- Grand Prix Lim 832

If in Amsterdam you want to be,
There are certainly things you must see.
Forget tulips and mills,
Because the real thrills
Are the girls, of which there's plenty.
--- Peter Wilkins

Suggestions you wanted, let's see --
1. The Red Light district definitely.
Fifty guilders you'll pay
For a roll-in-the-hay;
Rubbers are a necessity!
--- Peter Wilkins

2. Frans Hals, Van Gogh and the rest,
The old Dutch painters are the best.
And do not forget
The finest "pic" yet,
Why not put our Nightwatch to the test?
--- Peter Wilkins

3. Flowers in Holland all 'round,
But in Amsterdamn they're hardly found.
Only flowershops
Sell these colored crops.
So many, very hard to count.
--- Peter Wilkins

There is something else you should know;
And easy way to let money flow.
Pickpockets are quick,
It's tourists they nick.
That was 4: The end of this row.
--- Tjarda

In Holland there once was a girl
Who wore a fine earring of pearl.
And in a small kamer (room)
With zest, let me ram her,
While giving my nut hairs a twirl.
--- Randog

When traveling in Holland by bike,
Something happened that I didn't like.
I was way too heavy
And crashed on a levee;
My finger got stuck in a dyke.
--- Bill Wall

In Holland there's one thing I like:
Thats to ride 'round the town on my bike.
'Tis a great place to linger
With protruding finger;
You can stick it into a dike.
--- Anon

In Amsterdam I once met a whore
Who ushered me in through her door.
We bargained awhile
And then, with a smile,
I pumped her loose pussy galore.
--- Randog

A Holland-bred beauty named Sue,
She diddled her boyfriend, Nanu,
In the tulips each day,
In a manner risque;
I would like to be him, woodenshoe?
--- Cap'n Bean

Redirect that ad more to the east;
We Dutch aren't offended the least.
Sheila wants a good treat?
Why not go for our meat!
Every Dutchman's a bloody sex beast.
--- Anon

At one hundred euros a pop,
My bank account soon would go flop,
If I shelled out the cash
Each time I would thrash
With girls near a Dutch coffee shop.
--- Randog

A polder's a flat piece of land,
Full of Friesians and Dutchmen who stand
Looking up at the sea
If they can, 'cause it's three
Metres higher than ever they planned.
--- Peter Wilkins

All roads, it is said, lead to Rome, (ITAL)
So the Romans don't get far from home.
If a Roman starts roamin',
He's soon back at Rome 'n'
Asks, "Why did I ever leave home?"
--- Laurence Perrine P8805

There was a young person of Naples
Whose diet was mainly of staples;
Much corn and much rice
And fish he though nice,
For these were the staples of Naples.
--- Anon

It was on the south bank of the Po,
That a young lady tourist named Flo,
Laid a husky Italian
With balls like a stallion,
Who was oddly named Roger, not Joe.
--- G0670

Said a weather forecaster named Dorrance
Overseas, rain had in torrents.
He noted wittily
In Southern Italy
He gaged seven inches in Florence. (ITAL)
--- Bob Giandomenico P8805

Behold young Biovanni the Italian,
Quite wholly devoted to dallyin'.
Laying chicks in the Forum
With no sense of decorum --
A regular Romanized stallion.
--- Armand E Singer 19

I noticed when I was in Italy
Girls eating spaghetti quite prettily.
But they all stayed at home-a
With Mamma in Roma,
A fact I regretted most bitterly.
--- Mary Danby - 2nd Armada

We stayed at the Grand Hotel, Roma;
On the wall was a four star diploma.
It was up on a hill
And when I got the bill,
I knew that I should have stayed homa
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0212

In Florence you don't need a keen eye
To notice the art work that we spy.
The city we found,
With statues abounds,
Of men sporting scrota and peni.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0212