Donald Duck is a virtuous bird
Whose lust is forever deferred.
His sex life is dry
For Walt Disney would cry:
"Love is a four-letter word!"
--- G1286a

Clay Johnson was shit out of luck,
When he couldn't find chicken to fuck.
While the corps were all playing,
I heard someone saying,
He was shaggin' on Donald the Duck.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

It's rumored that old Donald Duck
Said, "What I prefer to a fuck
Is to ply my nephews
With a gallon of booze,
And then give their peckers a suck."
--- Al Gorehound

So sad was poor Donald Duck,
Because he was down on his luck.
His girlfriend Daisy
Drove him real crazy,
As she continuously denied him a fuck!
--- Anon

The Gov's fucking goofy, I say;
If to say it that way is okay.
While Mickey'd be dead
If to Minnie he'd said,
"You WERE fucking Goofy today!"
--- John Miller

Whilst mending a hole in the roof,
Mickey was listening for proof,
For down in his house,
His wife Minnie Mouse,
Was most certainly fucking the Goof.
--- Jayne

Poor Goofy was feeling dejected
For his penis he'd not get erected.
No matter what he tried,
It was as if it had died.
I guess it just felt too rejected.
--- Anon

"Doctor, Doctor, my life is pure hell;
I see this strange thing I must tell.
Visions of Mickey Mouse
Are all over my house."
"When last had you this Disney spell?"
--- Tony Burrell

I saw Huey doin' Louie,
Until Louie was all gooey
Slammed his ass
Really fast;
His rectum full of spooey!
--- Gearhart

It appears that Wiz got a big "NO".
He's feeling depressed and quite low;
He got Lyme's disease,
And they don't want his fleas
On the new "Hunting for Bambi" show.
--- David Miller

"Hunting for Bambi" got the goods
With six buck-naked gals in the woods.
We can't wait to shoot
Or give them a root,
As we strap them cute dears on our hoods.
--- David Miller

Simba the lion was dreamin'
About the young lioness he was creamin'.
As he growled in delight,
He came in the night,
And drenched his poor meerkat friend Timon.

(Disney's "The Lion King")
--- Actaeon

Said Minnie to her hubby Mickey,
"I've a hot spot I'd like you to lickey."
Before her legs spread,
Twixt her knees was his head,
Making her all slimy and stickey!"
--- Anon

There once was a rodent named Mickey
Who wanted Minnie to suck on his dickey.
For two hours she protested,
Then his gland she ingested,
And what resulted left both of them sticky!
--- Anon

I wanted to work with ol' Mickey,
But Minnie complained, "That's too sick. He
May have bigger balls,
But he can't hide in walls,
And the way he cuts cheese is too icky."
--- Anon

When Minnie wore maxis, then Mickey
Would not get in taxis, a quickie.
When minis she wore,
On closing the door,
He'd first give her femur a hickey.
--- Irving Superior P8701

As Mickey and friend Minnie Mouse
Engaged in licentious carouse --
Animation was violent --
The theater was silent...
Not a dry handkerchief in the house.
--- Martin Wellborn P9001

A perverted animator namaaed Walt
Got fucked up on barley and malt.
When feeling forlorn,
He'd jerk off to porn.
His death brought such deeds to a halt.
--- Jiromi

Said Pluto to his master Mickey
"Here's what to do with your dickey.
Shove it up my anus;
No one can restrain us.
C'mon, teach your dog a new tricky!"
--- Anon

Though "guinea" is a pejorative
For Italian, not restorative,
It's sometimes still heard
(Discouraging word)
As in this story explorative:
--- Chris Papa

The "Three Pigs" sad story is old,
But recently, it has been retold,
How two of the three,
Each had to flee
To brick house of last pig's stronghold.
--- Chris Papa

The wolf puffed away at the wall,
While inside one pig made a call,
And up drove a black car
With pig with cigar,
Pinstriped suit, and black moustache small.
--- Chris Papa

He beat the wolf to a fair-thee-well,
Who then ran off, frightened as hell.
The little pigs cried
Now safe on inside,
To thank the dark savior so swell.
--- Chris Papa

"Who did us this favor so big?
Now cares we have none, not a fig".
The caller replied,
"That guy there outside,
Is what one would call, "Guinea Pig".
--- Chris Papa

Thumper is my favorite bunny;
I love his big feet and he's funny.
His motto is mine.
I just love that line.
I'd say that he is a honey!
--- Maggie

Do you know of his famous quote?
I've used it in more than one note.
If you can't seem to say
In Thumper's sweet way,
Just leave the words in your throat.
--- Maggie

Since the time of Bambi's fall,
Thumper's mom's words hit us large and small.
"If you've nothing nice
To say in a trice,
Then you should say nothing at all."
--- Maggie

The prices at Disneyland still swell;
Once again Disney goes to the well.
We may have been screwed,
Unless they include
A free lap dance from Tinkerbell.
--- Tom Patton P0502

Who'd have thought he'd be such a stooge,
A rich duck with a dick that was huge.
But he screwed a decoy,
His nephews cried, "Boy!...
What an idiot is old Uncle Scrooge!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Now all of you expecting a view
Of that boring tale by old Lew-
Is, sod off, begone,
That crank's down with Ron
L Hubbard, in Satan's foul crew.
--- Tiddy Ogg

A fellow who teaches mathematics
Is now into amateur dramatics.
He thinks it is time
For our own pantomime.
So for costumes we're searching our attics.
--- Tiddy Ogg

We showed what we found for our cos-
Tumes, thereby deciding, because
Of the motley array
that we'd hidden away,
That the show must be Wizard of Oz.
--- Tiddy Ogg

With tin-foil and duct tape and straw,
A tinman and scarecrow soon saw
The light; as for that
Old lion, my cat
Apparel will do, be it poor.
--- Tiddy Ogg

This is file lil

And as for the witch, well, young Sue,
Arrived with a black robe, quite new,
And sexily strode
The yellow brick road,
In high heels and a pointy hat too.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And Dorothy? She was that Pru,
The stuck-up bitch, claiming she knew,
About stage productions,
And gave vague instructions,
To all, saying what we should do.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Rehearsing, she's spouting her pitch,
And I sneak away to the kitch-
En, feeling so hot,
For Sue grabbed a bott-
Le of wine, when in walks our sweet witch.
--- Tiddy Ogg

She said, "They'll be hours with those Munch-
Kins, God what a damn stupid bunch.
So come, Tiger Tim,
I've got a hot quim,
On which you may well want to munch."
--- Tiddy Ogg

We went to a dusty back room.
She said, "Every witch needs a broom."
And groped 'neath my pelt
Till my todger she felt,
And hauled it out into the gloom.
--- Tiddy Ogg

She said, "'Twas last Friday I saw,
The weapon of that man of straw.
And just like old Tinnie,
It's size class is mini.
But this is a very fine paw.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Beneath that black robe she wore nowt.
And soon we were having a bout.
"Go, shove in your meat hard.
Don't want to be Cheeta'd."
I did. Of that there was no doubt.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And then in walks bossie-boots Pru.
She stood watching me and young Sue,
And boy, I'm no fool.
I soon had my tool
Licked by both our Susie and Pru.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And that's really all that's to tell.
The pantomime went very well.
But better the fest
Of ladies undressed,
Which now to smut mags I will sell.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Bert Lahr played a CAITIFF lion,
Wringing his tail and e'er cryin',
On the road to Oz,
While honking his schnoz
In a manner less than edifyin'.
--- Chris Papa

The Lion's allergic to brawls;
He's afraid of shadows on the walls.
Just to throw us a curve,
They should cross out "The Nerve";
Have him sing "If I Only Had Balls!"
--- Larry Hollister

But since you have magical witties,
(Not to mention the best twat and titties!)
I know you'll be spunky
While petting your monkey:
Bewitching star of Emerald City's!
--- Anon

Well prepared when the cyclone came through,
Dorothy packed a few tunes (wouldn't you?).
Tapes by Kansas she stowed,
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road",
And I'm happy to say, Toto too.
--- Larry Hollister

"In Oz," said old Munchkin named Deats,
"When Dorothy walks yellow brick streets,
I play with my dick,
While watching that chick
Whose stride gives a bounce to her teats!"
--- Anon

I'm lost in the Kingdom of Oz
Where often effects preceed cause.
My dream world's converging
With new paths emerging
From endings whose start never was.
--- Randog

In a bubble we saw Glinda floatin';
Diamond wand and a crown she's a-totin'.
She's a vision on high,
As she floats through the sky,
But to look up her dress is Verboten.
--- Larry Hollister

"Oz is nice," Dorothy said, "But who cares?
I miss watching my favorite players!"
When the wizard was able
To get games on cable,
She saw Lions and Tigers and Bears!
--- Larry Hollister

Dorothy Gale said, "Oz Land is a bore,
And this brick road has made my feet sore.
The Tin Man is a jester;
The Wiz, child molester.
Toto died. This ain't Kansas no more."
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0512Q

With tinfoil, and duck tape and straw,
A tinman and scarecrow soon saw
The light; as for that
Old lion, my cat
Apparel would do, be it poor.
--- Anon

Young Dorothy blew a great fart;
The force tore the whole place apart.
At last down she landed
And found herself stranded,
So hunted for dick, the young tart.
--- Tiddy Ogg

She came to a humble abode,
And into it straight way she strode.
She found a Chinese
And jumped on his knees,
And Dot on that yellow prick rode.
--- Tiddy Ogg

But there little Dotty won't stay;
She wants for some new games to play.
So, flashing her titties,
Its Emerald City's,
The place where she fancies to stray.
--- Tiddy Ogg

She first comes across a tin man,
And at him she flashes her fan.
He's feeling ambitious,
And she's so lubricious,
Her can-can shows Canman he can.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Here now's the sad, mournful part:
Old Tinnie, he hasn't a heart.
She screamed: "When I saw yer,
Shoulda knowed you're a lawyer,
And none of your cash, you'll impart."
--- Tiddy Ogg

So next she meets this bloke, Jack Straw,
Who says "Hark to me! I am the Law!
And you've got no right,
By day or by night,
To do that 'round here any more."
--- Tiddy Ogg

"I show zero tolerance on speed;
Go over the limit, I'll bleed
You dry as a bone;
Just one I'll condone:
My own driver, here I'll concede."
--- Tiddy Ogg

"On drugs too, I'm strict as the pope;
One sniff of the weed, you've no hope.
Except, by the way,
My own son, who one day
Was exposed by the press, pushing dope.
--- Tiddy Ogg

She wishes him just 'fore she goes, a
Close meeting with a big bulldozer.
And sweetly she calls,
"Don't you wish you had balls,
And weren't such a fuckwitted poser."
--- Tiddy Ogg

Now we have Jack's brother, Willy,
Who groped up an underage filly.
The grasp of his hand
Has cost him a grand.
But jail? Not a chance, don't be silly.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And now, like that lady from Riga,
She fancies a ride with a tiger.
But no-one is buyin'
But one threadbare lion,
With zilch rating on her sex-geiger.
--- Tiddy Ogg

This flea-bitten lion's a pain;
To rouse him our Dot tries in vain.
This impotent cat
Is too lazy and fat,
And resists her with mite and with mane.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And on they go, cat and young broad;
She spends time in fucking a horde,
Of dumb munchkin midgets,
With very small widgets,
Which leave her exceptionally bored.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The wizard's reached 'midst some confusion;
He tells them it's all been delusion.
He's simply a bawd,
Who's working a fraud,
And all life's a total illusion.
--- Tiddy Ogg