Good ol' Popeye, the nautical man.
Gobbles green stuf right out of the can;
But Olive Oyl's silly
'Bout Big Bluto's willy;
For biceps she don't give a damn!
--- Anon

Each time Bluto left from the shore,
Popeye'd get so irritably sore.
What was the gist?
Why'd Popeye get pissed?
Bluto'd gone to Mt Olive once more.
--- Jon Gearhart

Good old Popeye, the nautical man,
Gobbles green stuff right from the can;
But Olive Oyl's silly
'Bout big Bluto's willie;
For biceps she don't give a damn!
--- Allen Wolverton

Feisty Popeye, the Alpha-Dog man,
Challenged Bluto without a game plan;
As the wiry old runt
Said: "Buzz off; she's my cunt!"
About then's when the shit hit the fan!
--- Allen Wolverton

He popped open that can; down the hatch!
But that spinach still made him no match;
Bluto, high on hashish,
Ground the runt into quiche;
A snack offering for sweet Olive's snatch!
--- Allen Wolverton

Such a gourmet delight, a la carte,
Drove poor Popeye from Olive Oyl's heart;
There in big Bluto's den;
She's content; now and then,
Olive raises her butt, cuts a fart!
--- Allen Wolverton

He's Popeye the bunghole man.
He likes when things go to plan.
He starts to gyrate,
When he's in the boys' gate.
He's Popeye the bunghole man. (toot toot)
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I'm Popeye the businessman.
I fuck all my fellow man.
If you've got the moolah,
I'll dirty my toolah,
For bunging's my option plan! (boot scoot)
--- Jim Weaver Collection

To Olive Oyl Popeye was not
As faithful as is often thought.
One day he embarked,
To have sex with a shark,
Who blew him, and took all he'd got.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

So your brown haired and six foot three?
And have muscles that'd make Popeye pee,
As you'd last many rounds,
With your 210 pounds,
And Olive would be glad of your 'tree'.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I'm Popeye the poop-hole man.
I like it right in the can.
When you get a stiffy,
I'm there in a jiffy.
I'm Popeye the poop-hole man.
--- Gearhart

I'm Popeye the sailor man;
I live in a caravan,
With a hole in the middle,
Where I do my piddle.
I'm Popeye the Sailor man!
--- Anon

I'm Popeye the sailor man;
I live in a garbage can.
I never go swimmin
With bow-legged women.
I'm Popeye the sailor man.
--- Anon

Though Popeye had 'muskles' quite round,
When it came to women, I found
He'd tastes RECTILINEAR,
Olive Oyl, thinnier,
"Queen of the Toothpicks, well crowned.
--- Chris Papa

Popeye the sailor man,
He lived in a garbage can.
He turned on the gas
And blew up his ass,
And turbo-charged Olive Oyl's fan.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Sweet Pea is a mystery lad,
For no one is sure who's his dad.
Can Olive breast feed
When she's flat as a reed?
Is Popeye's reed ironclad?
--- Magyar

Olive Oyl has a hunger for guys;
Tried Brutus and Popeye for size.
But she found them skimpy,
So she turned to Wimpy.
Who'd guess his thing won first prize?
--- John Miller

Olive Oyl decided to stuff
Wimpy's thing inside of her muff.
It stood at attention
To give her injection,
And she found it not to be rough.
--- Arden

I'm Popeye the sailor man.
A fortnight I spent on the can.
My trunk-butt all red,
I slept in the head.
Thank God Olive brought me a fan!
--- H Welchel

Popeye the sailor man,
Lived on the Isle of McCan.
The girls were so dirty
They lifted his shirty
And played with his watering can.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I'm Popeye the sailor man.
This isn't real spinach, it's bran.
In each episode
I almost explode --
I fight it as hard as I can.
--- H Welchel

If of cartoon lore you are wise,
Try this mystery on for size.
When they ground their groins,
Was the fruit of Wimpy's loins,
Sweet Pea springing from Olive's thighs?
--- Hungarian

He's Randog the backdoor man;
He loves rooting 'round in the can.
When he sticks it in,
He gets packing again
And his date then needs lots more of bran.
--- Jon Gearhart

I'm Popeye the young rectum man.
I like my cock with a light tan.
Colored all over with poop
From a young boy's chute,
And then I lick them spic-n-span.
--- Saint

When Popeye, an impotent slob,
Decided that he'd do the job
And proceeded to make
A coed named Drake,
She said it was rough as a cob.
--- A N Wilkins P8409

I'm Popeye the sailor man;
While at sea, my matey is Dan.
But a nude Olive Oyl
Brings my lust to a boil,
So I'll have her whenever I can!
--- CM

Though spinach makes Popeye's arms swell,
It puffs up his percy as well.
This fiercesome erection
Passed Olive's inspection;
To Bluto she then bade farewell.
--- Randog

That's Popeye, the wanker, my man;
His crank is a thick as a can.
Why does he squint thus?
He's caught the strabismus,
While clenchin' and jerkin' his glan'.
--- H Welchel

Old Frosty, he wants a good lay,
Right here on this very fine day.
But that hot blow job
Cost Frosty his knob;
Oh damn! It just melted away!
--- Azul

Now, Frosty is known for his snow balls;
An icicle down to his toe falls.
But in case he should party
With warm, loving Marty,
In minutes he'd prob'ly have no balls!
--- Anon

Marshmellows, I thought at first glance
But then I was given the chance
To read the small tag
On the little clear bag.
It said: "Snowman Poop, from Frosty's pants"
--- Anon

Shouted Frosty the Snowman, "Hooray!
I'm agog with excitement today!
And the reason, of course:
A reliable source
Said a snow-blower's headed this way!"
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

Frosty loves when the temperature falls,
He doesn't like summer at all.
And he never gets laid
Because he's afraid
The rising heat melts his snow balls!
--- Kaylin

This is file lgl

Frosty the Snowman, a jolly old chap,
Wearing his scarf and his gloves and his cap.
But you better look out;
He's been all about;
He's likely to give you a dose of the clap.
--- Jayne

A snowman named Frosty Van Pelt
Would sleep where and whenever he felt.
One evening he chose
To curl up on the stove
And it caused the poor moron to melt.
--- Limb Rick

Confucious say: Frosty made of snow
He likes temperature 10 below.
When the sun comes out
You can here him shout,
"I'm melting, no, no, no, no, no!"
--- Anon

Frosty is known for his snow balls;
An icicle down to his toe falls,
But in case he should party
With warm loving Marty,
In minutes he'd probably have no balls.
--- John Miller

There once was a snowman named Fred,
Who had a bad cold in the head.
He wished it was hot
And not snowing a lot,
But once it was hot, he was dead.
--- Cath

There once was a snow-woman Brigid;
An ice-maiden, frosty and frigid.
She started to melt
And to drip as she felt
In her ice box, Fred's icicle rigid.
--- Peter Wilkins

It's been rumored this chilly activity
Was a scene cut from Christmas nativity.
For that pair made of snow
Almost did make the show,
But young Jesus despised promiscuity.
--- Cath

That eager young actor, Dean Cain
Worked too hard, and was feeling the strain.
When a friend said, "Lay Low,"
He replied "Well, you know,
Teri Hatcher's the Lois I've lain."
--- Larry Hollister

Superman's honest and moral;
He'll save lives or settle a quarrel.
When he's shot, never bleeding,
It must be the breeding,
So lets give the credit to Jor-el
--- Larry Hollister

Superman in his earlier days,
Before heroes had become the craze,
When his mother said, "Oy,
A profession, my boy,"
Got his start doing dental X-rays.
--- Arthur Deex P9605a

A well-known reporter, Clark Kent,
Had a simpering, mild-mannered bent.
But he grabbed Lois Lane
And then made it quite plain
What his cognomen, Superman, meant.
--- Isaac Asimov A

Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent
Showed a friend how a hero's pose went:
So here's the trick, Jimbo:
The stance is akimbo,
With hands on hips, so, and arms bent.
--- Rory Ewins Q

Superman, who of course is a man,
Wonderwoman espied in a van,
With her legs opened wide,
So he stuck his inside,
Which surprised the invisible man.
--- Anon

So Jim Olsen the young cub reporter,
Having noticed Miss Lane was a sporter,
Dragged her into the closet,
Made a big sperm deposit,
And when finished he tipped her the quarter.
--- Anon

Said Superman quaffing a brew,
To Lois, "I'm staring at you."
Said Ms Lane, "Must you peer
At my front and my rear?"
"Lead knickers," he said, "I can't do."
--- Arthur Deex P0104

Said Superman downing a scotch,
And adjusting his vision a notch,
"My attention, my dear,
Is on your brassiere -
Since your lead skivvies obscure your crotch."
--- Arthur Deex P0104

There was a girl whose mouth was quite bent
Out of shape by a fellow named Kent.
He was a shy reporter,
Whose Clark Bar got shorter
As he cried out, "I simply can't vent!"
--- Bribelge

This lady, who called herself Lane,
Cried "Superman, oh please refrain!"
But Mister Jim Olsen
Chugged down a Molson,
And said, "Let him do it again!"
--- Bribelge

Before Miss Lane could eschew it,
Mr Kent continued to do it.
He hummed as he plumbed,
But nobody comed.
Said Lois, "Hey Super, you blew it."
--- Bribelge

If Clark here ain't Mister Right,
He's tried through the day and the night.
I'll find a sexual predator,
A prez or a senator,
Or maybe my editor, White.
--- Bribelge

Since White was too flaccid to face her,
He humbly decided to grace her
With his editor's pencil
(The tip was prehensile),
And fit with a jumbo eraser.
--- Bribelge

He started to probe and to dabble;
He played with her crotch-hairs like Scrabble.
Then as Jimmy was hopin',
She said, "Back lane is open,
For a carousing young rouser to rabble."
--- Bribelge

To make a short story longer,
The eraser got caught in her thonger.
When Jim came to play,
He rubbed the wrong way,
And gradually lost his ding-donger.
--- Bribelge

In the manner of Mr Lex Luthor,
I promise to tell the whole truth or
If I must lie,
At least I will try,
To be much couther than youth are.
--- Bribelge

The lesson to each manly churl
That wants to take Superman's girl?
If Lois Lane beckons,
Take no sloppy seconds
Or you'll live in a penis-less world.
--- Bribelge

What if the superhero is lax,
In paying his damn income tax.
The guy in grey stubble
Is in financial trouble,
But we praise him in paraffin wax. (Toussad's)
--- Harihari Subramanian

Proud Superman from the phone booth
Raced skyward enroute to Duluth.
In a moment of jest
He mooned the Mid-West.
Kinky, and somewhat uncouth.
--- Martin Wellborn P8407

Now you've got to feel sorry for Lex.
With no powers or special effects,
Every dastardly plan
From this poor crooked man,
Is a brainstorm that Superman wrecks.
--- Larry Hollister

Clark Kent says "There isn't much news
Since the crooks have been stopped in their shoes.
All this laying aroun'
Is getting me down,
And boy, could I sure use some cooze!"
--- Anon

Jimmy Olsen says "How 'bout it chief?
I've been thinkin' 'bout raisin' a beef.
I know I'm just a rookie,
But I could use some nookie;
This hard-on of mine needs relief!"
--- Anon

Perry White says to young Olsen, "Can it,
If you like working here at the planet.
When I ask for the wit
Of some-snot nosed young shit,
I'll check my brain in. They can scan it!"
--- Anon

Lois Lane says to Perry, "You tell 'em!
Their nuts are so full, I can smell 'em!
They've been trying to spear me,
But I won't let 'em near me!
You've got to do something to quell 'em!"
--- Anon

Perry white says, "I'll raise your pay, Lois,
If you'll lift up your skirt there and show us
That lovely pink snatch
With the small furry patch;
When you get us all hard, you can blow us."
--- Anon