Limeric Index



alderfly, the Sialidae. neuropterous, relations psocopterous say, who stay
endure, are secure denyin', or flyin'. cheater, beat her.
crops. carrot tops. beer, drew near, glass, of brass,
dung, be sung. book, It took France, her pants.
Zug, the rug?" lim, did skim, bugs, and jugs.
thighs, strange exercise. light. "I might. Gold, was bold.
May, all day. Strugge, a shrug. other, doesn't bother.
Meacher, it's feature. sloth, a moth. eyes, the guys.
deposit, the closet. thrush. evening bush. quested; was bested.
bug, a rug. -- a habit. drops! one stops
bait, fitting fate make, any lake, Tucson, boots on.
bliss, ratty kiss. do, in two; pact, were shacked.
despise, them dies, scant) to grant. proper, a grasshopper.
bugs, and slugs; bite; seldom delight. not; we've got;
fights, despite bites; exiled, people wild; offense, no expense;
sad. she had. won, a gun. swat, I've got
nuts; their butts. hotter, butterfly spotter. invade, of Raid.
McNotty: me potty!" pheasant, something unpleasant. ire: better flier.
loose, for couscous. name, to fame. lepidopterist, a chiropterist;
torch, back porch. eat, the wheat; Atlantis, Amazon's pantis
playing; a flaying. black, a plaque. obtuse, orange juice,
flight, dying tonight. camphor, am for slugs; off rugs;
derision, every collision; war, chemical store. arrested; completely infested!
executive; urgent directive. displaying, heard saying: foetal. a leetle,
approach, or roach. poems, ignominious gnomes, door, the floor."
Earth, a dearth, Goshem, slosh 'em, affliction, of addiction....
it: a hornet, herbaria, of terraria, primeval, and weevil
Marie: York realty! wood, my neighborhood. termites, Saturday nights.
moth, Scotch Broth. in! fast multiplying." abound; euphonious sound,
(Min-gis) thing is?" "Ooh! and you. Schwartz, say reports.
sink, a drink?" sea. may be, crossword, type word.
bees, in colonies. kind, bodies/one mind. Onider, and cider.


ants, three grants. Largo, beau'd go. ants, them, perchance.
France, of ants, Sur, the fur lilacs, lie lax.
ants, poisons, perchance. perhaps; those chaps. Antilles. ant hillies.
Brazil, an anthill. romance, the dance. pest; a rest.
hound, ants mound, crack, fight back. ant, tomato plant.
rants, government grants, romance: of Hants ant! best recant.
grass, to pass daughter; you oughter. vow, know how.
ants, to France, walk; to talk. mite; and bite.
along, unionist song.


sweet? his feet spilling, the milling, wax, some cracks,
fight; do bite. sing! a ring, Queen, they've seen,
hive; or deprive. doors; great stores. mass, the grass,
light, in flight, protect; which reflect, claws, inscrutable laws,
sky, and pry, home! your comb. soon, the moon,
pass, the grass, wellin' made, Helen." crawls, your balls,
up-ended. longer suspended. caught. he ought. Lexus, the nexus
was, to buzz. lawn, sitting thereon. me, a bee.'
Baghdad, a lad, Ulva, her vulva. Ringer, a swinger.
Sydenham, on 'em. Clive, a drive. money, make honey.
PhD's, of bees. Cochise, for trees. money, - McW)
man, by hand. Clive, to five, does, her fuzz,
ferret, of Merit. Lee, a bee. a-dwelling. me telling
Nantucket; fuck it. please, in trees. sonnet? on it.
Paine, would abstain, Wally, its folly. Norm, to perform,
couple, of trouble. bees, a sneeze; cry, do I
Clive, the hive. Dundee, a bee; Dumfries, some bees.
bed, be dead. Lee, a bee. pass, the grass,
Dee, a bee. fire, with desire, unstable; this table.
dear, So here B's, to please. apiary; be wary.
fliers, breast vampires. kill. quite still. alone, a drone.
Tralee, a pee. see, a tree. chicks. any kicks.
alveary." bit leery,


Zug, the rug: Whitby, bit by Nieuwkoop, a rope,
over, and clover, Juliette, that get enough, more rough.
rats! I bats? now; I vow. plight; a fright.
'skeeters; or meters. mid-May, they stay; expose; your nose;
protection, for rejection; there; and despair. see, specie --
lair, to ensnare. chigger, is bigger. tick, even thick.
mites; are bites. bad, a tad 'em: agi'n 'em.
me, bites, see. bites, the mites dafter, a rafter,
kid, isn't hid; had, so bad. cure, for sure:
habitat, the gnat. Dan, the sand. things, and kings,
course, cowboy's horse; nice, of spice. Pitts, to bits.
rich, (the witch!) felt, they're dealt. free, small fee,
mosquito; him pobrecito. boycott, smudge pot? yard, a guard.
attack, will hack. cream, and lean. hard; the "guard."
sword, great horde. horde, your reward Mauritius, pudenda delicious.
you: you screw, pest-a-full, midseason ESTIVAL, breeze, they please.
worse. dreaded curse. Clive; bee's hive. night, the sight.
enquire, the mire, thigh, a pie. fun; having one.
life? this strife-- died. and cried? knees, some cheese.
Ray, a spray. nits, the Ritz. pest, won't invest,


Pete, and sweet. potatas; stewed tomatas. Nick, a lick.
Brown; dug down. Gus, a bus. Killers, well drillers,
cicada, in data. while, so vile. Sue, boy, too.
ground; a sound. dirt, lady's shirt. lunch; delicate crunch.
Dave, a cave. find, my mind: things, their wings.
face, of lace. wait, this date Ada, Ralph Nader!"
pets, butterfly nets.


souvenirs, into tears. flea, on me. three. and me.
whopper, magnificent hopper. McCutcheon, his escutcheon. Patch, to scratch.
me? my knee? flea, to me. mathematics, maybe Hydrostatics,
Tabreez, for fleas. house, my spouse. party. quite hearty.
fleas, and "Please". trees? you please. disease, you please,
Shanghai, a fly. ease, not appease. Mog, a fog,
flue, they do? boite, happenin' spot. b'jeez, hundred fleas.
class, without surpass. fleas, oftentimes sneeze. fleas, buttonwood trees
Weasenham, in 'em. fleas, and cheese. Adam. had 'em.
Genovese, black fleas. bees, Seven Seas. Tralee, a flea.
Dundee, obdurate flea;


Hyde, and cried, full, sight full know, its glow.
Nottingham, swatting 'em. I, bluebottle fly, in, is dyin'!
it!" a requisite! it!" a favorite. it, trying it.
it; in it. it! a whit; near, your atmosphere.
McFallen, gathering pollen. filet," Inn Holiday. in! die in.
it, trying it. funny. and honey. totem, smote 'em.
intend, my friend, fly. to die, Tex, his sex.
Fareham, bear 'em. die, innocent fly, sea, or me,
disease, many fleas.


brother, each other; zoo, animals do; she, can be.
sea, nature's debris, McW) at speed. wheedle, a needle;
zoo, ninety-ninth shoe. tale, fair Abigail; bride? she hide?
departed, broken hearted, dwelling, lugubrious yelling, bond, had donned
clothes, nice hose. sighed, could decide mind, terrible bind:
centipede, I need. tight, the night. crab, or stab.
embark, the dark. Aberdeen, were green. go, you know
Bobby, interesting hobby. "Fate, not straight. tales, comparison pales
trait, dead straight, twilight, quite right. sea, depth guarantee
Warwick, too thick. say, one day, flat, too fat.
Lillie, Heinz picalilli. delight, her plight. coelenterate, little bait,
beach, a leech. post, mid-summer roast. John's, about crustaceons,
Jim, a swim. neat, the street. spate, they mate.
recollects, soon intersects Quaida, even wider. wicked; a ticket.
wits; the pits. Hampshire, her pampshire Peter's, three metres.
skies, her cries. reeds, Marty needs. lazy, quite crazy.
bugs. to hugs? arrived; it revived. rich! a ditch.
send, his friend, are? this far. unwrapped, he'd trapped
gift? set adrift catch, a scratch. potty! so naughty!
surprised, you prized conviction: bug addiction! levitation, own reincarnation,
prawn, inexplicably drawn -- as fleet treads, on sleds.
stating, exploring, debating, sponge, to plunge. wife. and strife.
Fred, his head. earthworm, a perm. enclosure, his composure,
Herm, a worm. pacing; was racing. Worthing, fur thing.
squirm, could confirm worm, worm squirm.


dwell, to quell. horse-rider, a spider; indeed; half Swede,
endemic? quite bulemic. too! plate, true. Bridgette, sized midget.
spider, of cider. mood, her brood. worst! they burst?
hint: a stint, banned, is grand. spiders; they're outsiders.
me, for tea. for; my floor. screwed, all skewed!
shoe; or two. space; own place. aim; for fame.
deserve, a curve. black, my sack. door, Muffet lore.
spider, fight her. delight," Missionary, McKnight. shake; can take
tend, to offend, spider, denied her. bright; and insight.
Ida, a spider. spider, named Eider. out! sneak roundabout.
ceiling; like squealing. here, and clear. renown, are brown.
Ida, big spider. crawl, love's thralls. Paul, feet tall.
night, fright -- spider. inside her. dining; quite divining.
found, the ground. spiders. you outsiders: chiggers, diligent diggers.


snails. greet trails. extreme. would seem. mating. when dating?
so. should go. sea, million B.C. Wales, of snails.
smear, and near. Nantucket, a bucket. commotion, curious motion.
bed, is said. neurotic, upon it. Belize, of ease.
tell, its smell. cloister; any moister. Margo, Wells Fargo,
haste, flavor laced. clam, I am; speed, passionate greed.
Russell, good tussle. slug, a jug. Wales, for snails.
Swan, define octagon?" gay, afternoon's play, passion, can't ration.
Kalamazoo, in two. Kalamazoo, quite blue, pearl, any girl.
slug, old thug. Quinault, one fault; sea-shore; the law.
apropos, than slow. brew, ecofreak's zoo. slugs, such mugs.
load, the toad. race, its place. snail; a trail.
Michelle, a snail; slug, beautiful bug, race, terrible pace.
squid; (It did!)


nap. and tap repose, my toes, here; your ear.
rabbit, and crabbed), bunny? that funny. fine, to dine.
do, rabbit stew? borrow, is sorrow. Hare; could tear.
Fred, I said. die; to cry. price, is nice.
bunny, was funny, hare, French monastaire. hare, couldn't bear.
rapid, a rabbit; habit, a rabbit. Rome, new home.


said. baby's well-fed, Australia, curious behavior. dread," marsupial quadruped.
blossom, was awesome. kangaroo, the didgeridoo. guru, fine kangaroo.
slouch, her pouch. kangaroo, can do. kangaroo, children sky-blue.
kangaroo, I'm through. bear, him anywhere bear, koala bare.
Sedalia, in Westphalia. ear, is near. you; ma kangaroo;
Australia, outback's mammalia. awesome, full blossom. pass, kangaroo's ass.
Australia, her paraphernalia. Perth, to unearth Pat, the rat.
weaves, he achieves. wombat, careless combat. ground; they're around.
doom, for whom grace, people's case. night, take fright.
Bissell, amd whistle plumbing? is humming? stew, it do;
still, to fill


Sturt, to blurt: great! new trait. stain, the drain.
pipe, quite ripe. bleach; of reach. stuff; go puff,
fungi; Gee! plight; this right. pollution, institution --
fun. it's done... distance, no resistance. spice, just rice.
today; of grey. Christmal. is dismal. seems, our dreams.
germ, us infirm. ammonia, great ceremonia. serene, unpleasant sheen.
ecology; the CDC Jill, one, Bill; iguana, you wanna?"
chore, phelgmatic spore. druthers, and brothers. intromission, sperm competition?
Scot, culture pot. beginner, microbial winner, virus, tire us.
feet, intense heat; resides, he guides. confection. pure perfection.
cringe, a syringe;


ridna, didna! -- slouch, a grouch), Australia. order mammalia.
-- DUCKBILL. He Hills, the gills. omitted, submit it
duck, the muck. -- in distress, that, a gnat.
thing, one spring,


drunk, a skunk; ermine, cannot determine. true; benefit, too.
Mouse, her blouse. Unagi, bit hoggy. berret, of merit.
Seymour, wee more. same? a shame. glutton, and mutton.
ferret. 24 carat. in; ferret grin. hill; his will.
Antone, the bone. Prince, a rinse. Beasley, too measly.
nice. a trice; Rikki, too picky. tooth; the truth.
true, are few. otter, under water OTTER, and fotter.
Diffie, abnormally sniffy; Pink, the clink. think. to drink;
Ostend, a friend. skunk; would flunk. fittin' start hittin'.
rank; skunk stank. thunk, my bunk. city, a pity!
city, a kitty. skunk, a monk. know-- Noah, "No!
smell, and expel; Ghent, his tent. astray, to survey.
vermin; they're ermine. city, a kitty.


dick, dog sick. Barney, quite smarmy; Soot, to put
Verde, remarkable bird; Verde, fabulous bird; Verde, fossilized bird;
Verde, old bird Verde, unusual bird; racing, most self-effacing.
confide: the ride; plight, at night; Nice, swift cockatrice;
loose, it's noose. shed, Angora, pure-bred. ships, net's grip.
flickedy-ding. compludful thing. see, could be. ink, the sink.
flock; a shock. tonight. powered flight. it. bear it.
-- Foo -- hat, it shat. gnome, was Nome.
gnome, get home. bold, of gold; think, are extinct.
contrary, be scary. reprovy, and hoovy, seen, Jolly Green".
Minthk, a jinkth, green, been seen. Ness), you press,
wadin', jade in roam; darkest catacomb. Medusa, seduce her.
Somme, a gnome. side, the hyde. awaking; shivering, shaking;
Ness, to confess. Ness, to impress creek, me weak;
extraction, sexual attraction, fair; the wares. me; said she.
these, you please, distinction, to extinction. rose, no clothes,
me, a tree, path, to Bath, submission, deepest contrition:
Pegasus, Hideous Heggasus, Dublin, pet goblin. Spring, of wing.
myth, a fifth, toves, like turtledoves. saw, his awe:
Sphinx, just thinks toes; my nose; Seuss, too abstruse.
house, sleeping spouse; Juneau, named Bruno. night; the moonlight;
horn, was born. popcorn, ugly unicorn. forlorn, every morn.
morn, male unicorn. list; not missed. brings, in rings.
was, just fuzz.


Churchill-on-Crescent, a peasant. earner, more sterner. Gruad; very proud.
exhales, big gales. sapphires; his desires. war. rich ore;
hoards, big swords, where, great care. still, guards ill.
hoard, dwarven sword, revolves, it involves. written, old Britain,
black, to attack. anon, was gone, Blue, was slew.
proud, out loud. meanie, made Queenie. hated, just waited
wroth, then quoth walk, a balk. girl, to purl.
good, Morgan's girlhood; strong; so long, Ffrank, it stank,
dragonslayer, my prayer. fast, his ghast, swoon, black-armored poltroon,
bring, and be-ring door, the floor. most; a ghost.
cost, being lost. cave, the brave, meeting, jovial greeting,
kind; to mind. around; a mound. Daff, so safe.
saw, the floor. learned, dragonfire's spurned. stream, into steam.
fire, rise higher, shout, hard clout. made, to fade.
castle, a parcel. Graud, is proud. Bude, just eschewed.
chose, Dragon" pose. Lou, or two; Knight, to fight.
alone, all alone; beast, at least, instead, and bread...
road, wagon-full load swelling, cavernous dwelling. flagon, his wagon,
sight; to flight. Fritz, he sits. fits, the shits.
pagan, fire-breathing dragon. plot, have got. head, mine instead
out, are stout. sky; my eye. Thrunn, much fun.
West; mutton best. race, that place." pity. He
Balfour, palace tower, day, that way, tower, Ernest Balfour,
minute, of Linnet, dear, your ear. cake, the lake,
hill, both ill, heads, their beds. draggon, a flaggon;
taste, tomato paste. strong; into song. sparklies; quite darklies.
dismissed; not exist.


May, one day. creature, key feature), Lee, to flee,
dish, you wish shore, a score, sea, to me.
Lofoten, day boatin'. shore, mermaid-like whore; Foster, off Gloucester.
Hockney, River Ochlockonee. paraphernalia; in failure. wish, a fish.
Georgia, right towargia, doubt, a trout. Heldt, he felt.
Jed, to bed. fish, feeling RAFFISH. stocking, remarkably shocking.


creature, singular feature, He, the Yeti. man, Snowman --
crotch, ferocious Sasquatch. Hood, he stood. toots, of Bigfoots.
meet, of Bigfeet. indomitable, snowman abominable, tick. its dick.
wasty, be hasty. yeti, lure amaretti; confetti, the jetty,
yeti, baked Serengeti. Betty, a Yeti. think, Missing Link,
heard, thought absurd. abominable, spirit indomitable. one; fear one.
Tibeti, a Yeti. serendipitous, snowfield precipitous,


trod, hard sod; brown, the town. calm, and farm,
night? a plight fleece, her crease. Ogg, the bog,
Dorsey, force me!" Marne, the barn, Sutton, a buttin'.
-- Who -- imperious. are delerious. coots, the 'fruits'.
Pole, I stole. lips! with sheepdips. petter, even better;
breeze, great ease; queer; strange fear. petter, even better;
game-- a dame. Bull, and full. Dupets, of quadruplets.
Ruth, is uncouth. sheep, his sleep. deep, the cheap,
huge; a chewge; button, Jim Sutton. all, the stall?"
away, more gays, Phillipe, the sheep, male, without fail.
fill; them still, sleep, he'd keep; Crumm, her drum.
see... young Betsy leopard, a shepherd. ram, a sham.
creature, best feature; Bingham, bring 'em Tacoma, sheepskin diploma.
shorn? newly born?


blue, of view, lizard, a blizzard? bright, own appetite.
male, moves fail. fauna; pet iguana. Diana, jungle liana.
dinosaur, dino wore. sun; his fun; Claude, was hard.
threes, it pees. pores, nastier chores. skinks. they drink.
Lillian, a Chilean.


Nile, a while. Deazy, bystanders queasy: vile, a crocodile,
Zambezi, bit queasy, Bruno, of June-o, Zambezi, crocodile sleazy.
Nile, great crocodile. Rick, swimmer, Rick Darwin, a bin.
food, horribly lewd: Dole, a bowl. teeth, gums underneath,
despair, to wear. virility, pronounceable ility, Zambezi, of parcheesi,
thick: a stick! thick, a stick! Nile; his style.
Niger, a tiger. Nile, large crocodile. Zambezi, mighty easy,
style; the Nile.


Blake, tropical lake. alligator, coffee later, curator, pet alligator.
daughter, she oughter, Keys, his knees, Fred. had said.
Decatur, ate her. crocodile, a smile. cheer; been here!
hunch; or punch. Skokie, the pokey. dictator, a traitor.
Slater, first alligator, later. the potater. knock, a croc.
say! reptile buffet. note. I quote: Florida, progressively torrida,


allosaurus, adore us: Ankylosaur, any more. porous, neck, Brontosaurus?
fled, seen overhead; bees, sassafras trees Boris, wise brontosaurus.
brontosaurus, opera chorus. brontosaurus; a horus; us, them chorus:
brontosaurus. abhor us. brontosaurus. for us?" wits, be quits.
duplex, their necks. dinosaur, feel kinosaur. dinosaurs; monstrous posteriors.
mass, lacked class. Diplodocus, lost focus. magician, near-perfect vision.
Park, a lark. know, or slow; less, plesiosaurus undress.
less, called Bess. dinosaur, China bore, us, a thesaurus.
mall, and small. plesiosaurus, all porous. pterodactyl. hacked till
extinct; I thinct. alert, its dirt... reigns, or plains.
died, and wide; Toronto, called "Bronto". sure. remarkably pure.
Fred, but bread, Rex, long necks? less, I confess,
dinosaur, the door, Brumble, and rumble? Deex, dinosaur beaks.
dino. a rhino. spacious, Tyrannosaurus VORACIOUS.


multiply, short supply, Fonda, great anaconda. Blake, dreadful mistake.
asp, to clasp; her, drag her. eye, Kate's thigh.
could've, he would've cake, a snake; thigh, his fly,
sheep; to sleep. Jake, dreadful mistake. Aberystwyth, kissed with,
Clive, Mamba, alive. snake, than cake. Lena, a concertina.
"Oh, let go! zoo, in, too. Bengalese, you please:
good, he could, Parmer, a farmer; Trout, no doubt
guy. you try." bite; certainly light. Jack, his pack.
pig, certainly big!" Jake, by mistake. bliss, ominous hiss.
aware, over there. Churt, I'm hurt. ambition, lowly position,
Drake, the lake; rattlesnake, dried-up lake, well; shed well;
tail, or male. Girgenti, from nienti. Elvis, vestigial pelvis.
fond, my pond. charm, that harm, here; I fear.
beyond; your pond. dipping, your stripping, like, pecker-free dyke.
pecker-free, with thee. snake; and shake. make, don't take.
queasy, comes easy. snake, to bake, Lakes, the shakes.
obligation, kid's education, "Why, the eye?" badder, puff adder.
Diss, great bliss. rattle, a battle? back, his attack.
Dorsett, a pet. sunrise, soil dries. Bython, a python.
Goa, a boa. boa, tree groa. Palmer, snake charmer.
( your venom." who'll, inept fool. snake, to break.
lake, a snake. Smith, speak with, "Sir, quite hyper.


slow. you know. Myrtle, her girdle. tortoise, he's thortoise
infractible; further compactible, road; he strode. us, a tortoise.
Joe, painfully slow. tree, a bee. Ted," they opted
retell: young Del befell. did tell. today; they say.


beauty, an agouti. beaver; serious overachiever. Corning, each morning.
beaver; canine retriever, beaver; sneaky deceiver. logjam, "Hell! Scram
well, so swell; beaver; perfume retriever. her, girl, Cleaver.
night; all right. chew, they do capybara, no tiara
Chile, beard, willy-nilly, bare; big scare? vice, her mice;
before? the store; fun; just one. Fred, in bed.
day, unusual prey: cry, could fly. sweet, to eat;
use, foul-tasting moose. chorus; the forest. gerbil. exclusively herbal.
rave, him behave. charming, are alarming. still, one skill.
wham! the dam. race; they pace. lemming, suicide's stemming
bear. a scare. third, and absurd. quills, connubial ills.
porcupine, old wine; porcupine, port wine. burrow, convenient furrow;
Kyle. a while. One, some fun. mouse; the house.
gerbil, suddenly verbal. gerbil, and burble. gymnastic, that's fantastic.
Napanee, a tree, cute, not astute, Rose, her nose.
appear; without fear. voles, the moles, Trelawney, the Pawnee.


Krause, house -- tell, to hell. bland, powerful stand.
harem, scare 'em: colder, much bolder. McFry, a die.
spouse, into douse. Price, into dice. spice, like dice.
mice; that's nice. Lucy, a moosie. Dowd. very loud.
Lee; to see. mouse. the house. Gratian, a sensation.
it. regret it" Gnauss, the house. aging, low phaging,


runt, rat cunt: party, and arty. dope, did grope.
Arms, great charms. probation; mean termination. fellow. like Jello.
breathing; was heaving. leak, high-pitched squeak. next; most vexed.
way? that day. supposed, partially closed;


Sig, too big. pig, prodigiously big moor, trophies galore.
wagon, his flagon. lewd: for prudes. frontal, lines contrapuntal.
bleat, will retreat Paris, with glee, fly..." boffin's eye,
straight, a date. cream, widening stream; dig, men "Pig!"
somehow, named Dow fly, his sty. cows, of vows.
fine. not lyin'. ilk; aren't silk. snorts, any warts!
Handwich, man which pannage. can manage, Newcastle-on-Tyne, penthouse divine.
fly, not multiply. Stoke, dubious joke, Mork, New York.
Nome, to roam. pits. my wits! Piglet, my riglet.
tickled, ain't fickled; eyes, of guys, charmer; the farmer,
swine; and urine. Fly, muddy pigsty. farm, keeping warm,
beast? "She greased back, the track. stunts! Uncle grunts.
ark, some bark, observation, a relation. bar. excellence par.
Bakeski, dreadful mistakeski. without, sensitive snout. snuffle, he ruffle.
parting; is starting. fungus. really humongous. apotheosis, needs hypnosis.
warty; and forty. say, that day. bed, shelter instead;
sweat, resident vet:


bears, any airs. Dak. a Kodak. fined, lady's mind.
today, don't stray. trails, certain tell-tales. dare, polar bear;
Bass, Eskimo lass, Rouse, his house. affairs; the bears.
day, at play. Lodeen, were serene. bare, a bear,
bear, autumn air; trail, sad tale; Blair, for bear.
aware, a bear, savoir-faire, horrible bear, Dare, fine beche-de-mer.
pet: I've met. maw; natural law. hare, their hair.
hunky, look funky? Bear? any hair? Bisley, things hisly.
maw; natural law. there; the air. phoned: he groaned.
wet, of Annette; bundle, happily trundle black; no lack.
bear, ugly prayer, Pierre, a bear. den, of men,
den, back again, dare, a bear. Tate, a fete.
bear, the air. tree, torrential pee, fired, he inquired,
sir. or slur, girl, gray curl?" Sunny, for honey.
Zoo, to do. Tate, a fete.


spunky, is funky. ape, Jane's shape. zoo' like you.
Zoo, hidious brew; habit, grab it test; won't jest;
goat. a stoat. Fitzhugh, from Kew, zoo; the Pooh.
zoo, be true. back, his attack; zoo, elephants do,
Zoo, or two' zoo, or two; hot. her twat
gays, and bays. agree, gum tree; finer, "Dingo Diner";
wonder, feet "Down-under"? Zoo, they do. Green, incredibly keen.


Matt, vampire bat. generations, southern plantations. around, the ground.
Carlsbad, roof helipad. cave, awfully brave. explore. in gore.
there?" place where wings, it clings. lab, his slab,
hippopotamus, than us; fuss, zoo's hippopotamus. manic; a panic.
said, his head, hippopotamess, sure, innalottamess. zoo; should do.
sickly. all prickly!" Matt, quite flat. grass; ex-convent lass,
Mongolia, hole here?" trunk, for junk; bed, hangovers, said,
describe, Pongidae tribe: Doris, the loris?" bamboo. Wouldn't you?
agree, be free. manatee, the sea. manatee, a flea.
manatee, with vanity. member, since September; wall; feet tall,
cheer, - McW) Thing, as Ling-ling, panda, of Amanda:
Jeeves: It bereaves Perth, of mirth. zoo, to do.
(rhino) a grab rhinoceros, truly atroceros! Rhinoceros, looks preposterous.
born, I'm forlorn. rhino, the Sino. Lorne, the morn.
rhinocerous. awfully preposserous. real, such zeal; shock, of rock
Lorne, been born. Rose, she knows. beast, the least.
sloth, exceedingly wroth. sloth; in Arbroath. slowed, his road,
woes, claim, shows. died, do slide. sweet, its feet,
Berwick-on-Tweed, a lead. pets, they get. Lenny, than any.
musk, each tusk.


loo. funnel-web who after; loud laughter. Mary, so contrary,
grunt, the front, moat, a goat. beard, were weird.
farm, with alarm sick! Mr Rick! rallyin', Arab stallion.
back, I lack..." patch, the snatch, frogs; and hogs;
pet, actually get. fairies; is canaries Woo, A Moo,
Metz, with pets, acrobatics, known mathematics. walls, which appals.
before, has four... swell, said Mel. snake, appearances sake.
ubiquitous, it's infectious. mammal, the camel, beast, a priest!
creation, not vexation. digs, of pigs. worry, them curry
say, you today; disown, old crone; hatter, this chatter.
alone, step-sister Joan Chuck, gets stuck). wide; step-sister cried.
bed, tumble-down shed farm, of alarm; small; to recall.
ten, first hen sheep; mile deep. grass, 'VICIOUS' alas.
late! that gate Chuck, the muck Joan, you alone
cow; about now." surprise, helluva size. fool; this stool."
pail", her ale. cue, went "Moo." mouse: a house.
friend, must end. ajar, bit far. fuss, at us,
strange, of Lagrange; Apollo, subtitles follow; tea; "Dolphin Friendly."
whales; minus tails. horn... is torn. Uganda, a panda;
Sarah, Scarlett O'Hara. Sue, whole zoo: willows, and pillows.
Lew, the zoo; may, I say; me, must be!
Hants, my pants. remorse, of course. Megs, hairy legs.
-- a bone. conclude, be shrewd. Spink, of ink:
apiculture, jolt your portion, with precaution; dark, don't mark
four, or more;


wooing. and cooing. say? good lay, decide, frog's bride.
bloke, the joke) insidious; entirely perfidious. pools, for fools.
Black, her crack. bog, a frog. Sprogg, a frog,
lass, the grass. Prague, green frog; Maine, quite plain.
South, West Louth. amiss, lingual kiss, Miss! be bliss.
goosey-gander, young salamander, beauts, strange pursuits. Babs, and cabs,
congeals, the heels. Fogg, a bog, road, a toad.
come, and rum, ride, up inside." Rhodes, young toads.
Karen, was darin'. Grace, of mace, away, overnight stay,


Kalamazoo, the zoo. hairy, I marry, Cape, an ape.
dregs, their regs. through, by few. Purdue, the zoo,
Rangoon, named June Lee, a tree. Mauritius, real ambitious.
Manila, female gorilla. McTavish, anthropoid ravish. sore, some more.
Priscilla, her gorilla. chinchilla, her villa. Willa, a thrilla.
Willa, a filla, seams, primate cream. Willa, the killa.
mood, his food) street, be neat, Daw, and jaw
Manila, two-ton gorilla. day, to Bombay. 'un, total barbarian
name, my game, are, you are a, in Ibiza;
etheral, solid material. long, King Kong literary, quite staionary.
Joy, they enjoy,) Offerstone, from home, banana, sans pajama.
home, not alone? Congo, wand go all, the yawl?"
Hope, as rope, Bangkok, franc cock; nape. a jape., grand sensuality. Cape, barbary ape. quim, get in.
roarers, from explorers. Lahore, a door, Slater, satiate her.
orangutan, doth hang. ape; a scrape Stradivarius, quite precarious.
"Rape!" an ape. DeVue, the zoo. Liana, of Ghana,
Otto, moss-covered grotto. Date, a crate. Fossey, and bossy;
Cape, Barbary Ape pongo, belong, so monkey, smells funky.
odd, small bod, Mapes, lustfully gapes.


hump, suitable rump, sheep? they leap llamas, silk pajamas.
Ducharme, a farm. Ray, summers day, mine, practices fine.
two, the zoo. McGraff, a giraffe. laugh, a giraffe.
inclined, agile kind, Flo, lugubrious beau: hippopotamus, quite sodomous.
dichotomous, gay hippopotamus gnu; his view. buck, might suck.
leastly, from Eastleigh. antelope, a grope. pets, the vets.
cows, about sows. Howe, his frau,


Peru, a gnu. zoo; a gnu. Kalamazoo. a screw.
way, dildo-in-lieu way, few; and Sue. gnu; Colchester zoo.
away; unseemly affray; craw; all raw. wall, to call.
Zoo, blue tu-tu. Lew, to screw. blew, into Sue?


lost, fuck costs. night; a sight, Widgeon, unlike religion.
growl, most foul. excited. you invited tea, did see,
adult? be difficult? Sue, a zoo, beast, the priest,
do, the zoo. Ulva, a culver, love: a shove,
Kent, he went. Korea, brilliant idea Gotch, Franconia Notch.
joke, a poke. furred. it's absurd, clucking, the plucking;
Domingo, "By Jingo, flamingos, wild dingoes. conceive, would leave
year, fear -- street, jerked meat, commandeered, was reared.
generation, and migrations. lust, birdwatchers trust. Buck, a duck.
specs, longer perplex. beard, feared! -- gallant, and valiant.
eagle, and regal, Greaves, but believes Bashur; a smasher!
you? your cockatoo! Frieda, emulate Leda; Gary, zoo's cassowary.
them. beseech them. Tawny, will forni- Piltdown, to town.
Monique, rather unique, Garrett, his parrot, Peru, a gnu.
Stu, the zoo; zoo. white cockatoo. debating, to masturbating.
response: name Ponce. knew, to screw. Zoo, sex too;
hear, South hemisphere. say, are gay; hear, south hemisphere.
night, unusual sight; - I could. third, a bird.
preferred, of bird. Sacajawea, a rhea. chickies!? of sickies!
Spiegel, a seagull. Teagle, bald-headed eagle. O'Rourke, the stork.
curse, and perverse. Perce, behavior perverse. zoo, to do.
fit, I'll admit toucan, screw can Helena, to obscener.
dispair, fuck everywhere. Zeke, a week, back, her crack,
indeed; eat birdseed. Kew, in view.


beat. named Pete; Alexander, big gander. dream, me scream.
giggling, bits a-jiggling, meander, old gander, slander! won't pander!
gooseway, grand juiceway drake, the lake. swim. have vim;
lake; bird's wake. Nice, young geese. Kentucky, duck, he
street; to meet? luck, a duck! two, a clue
thrill. me still! duck, to suck. Routh; the south.
heard! a bird! chicken, or quicken, chap, his lap.
duck, with luck, moose, excitable goose. Ceylon, boys on.
moose," too loose; suck, to fuck. Toulouse, a goose.
noose, little goose; gander, will pander. nursin' was dispersin'.
abuse, the goose. cock-doodle-doo, for you Santander, be gander."
Santander, a gander. day, chronicles say, refuses, sexual juices,
love, the stove, gaggle, a haggle goose, too loose,
fill, a thrill. duck, of luck. glitter, fit her.
niece, their fleece. know. and fro, luck, mallard duck.
duck; of luck. Mannuck, a duck. mistake, to make)
make; the lake till, a thrill. Buck, a duck.
nene, wonderfully teeny, John's, the dons duck, no luck!
John's, the swans, drake, the make. mandarin, candor in:
York, the stork. luck, of cluck. "rape", flippers agape.
Greek, the beak. friend, an end. drake; an earache.
chewy, and Louie, buck, a fuck. duck, best fuck.
here, her rear. Chuck, good luck); goose. the loose,
dead. give head.


roo- to screw. 'un; the picken'. Albuquerque, is murky,
had, pubescent lad; road? that episode. road? that episode.
Pickens, stick hens, John, a turn-on. lust, the dust.
Greg, named Meg. Greg, to beg. bird, abundantly furred.
(pickin') barely kickin'." spit, passes shit. cricks, by dicks.
upset, did spat. pine, in line, cob; my job.
palpitations, rearward sensations. hips, nasty quips. preen. is seen.
crow, can grow. road, comfy abode? school; the rule.
licked! get kicked Worcester, a rooster. lad, I had.
Clay, all day. Red, to bed. pickin's; the dickens,
Ben, a hen. in, started hen-fuckin'; Dock, to squawk.
Exotic, feather's Erotic. a, slake her. frail, for tail,
Jenn, barnyard hen. sicken; dick in! proposin'; hose in,
cock, her smock present, a pheasant. pee, much NH3.
Hen, of men. Pleasant, a pheasant. ten, a hen.
rooster, South Brewster. clucker. will pucker. rooster, they uster!
turkey, acting quirky. present! young pheasant, Spain, the rain.
rooster, seduced her. hen, and then, rooster, seduced her.
Wooster, young rooster. hen, her den; pens, that wens.
pal, Papa's corral, dead, older, instead pegs, wee legs.
around, in town? Albuquerque, a turkey. Albuquerque, a turkey;
Mason, place. On picken' to thicken, in, started he-fuckin';
stung, lady's tongue. pet; soon forget. chick; my prick.


Kurd, a bird. too; bird blue. I; and die.
Yarrow, a sparrow. woe; him "No! China, birds diviner.
vagina," South Carolina, Yarrow, a sparrow. Haven, and craven.
Whitehaven, a Raven; Pete, his feet! Haven, a raven.
Harrow, exceedingly narrow. said. turned red. Schmitt, to commit.


Besant, innocent pheasant. his, an ibis: "rate? spadger rate!
he, got jerky. culture, insult your is: four inches.
Peter, one millimeter, again! calm again! can, a toucan.
friar, large lammergeier, "You, hurl you Jingo, a flamingo!"
Sinnet, skin it. mew, an emu. Mandarin, gander in
flamingo; said "Bingo!" bard, not hard. squawking; some porking.
luck; to chuck. used, had goosed. abused? I've used,
throttle, the bottle. luck; a duck!" brain. may explain
shy, by Ossie-the-guy, land, the sand; beg." your peg."
bro, to know. true, he knew) declare, you scare,
rage; to assuage. emphat- the cat; so, and fro;
Harrow, a sparrow. duck; better luck. hawk, a fork.
hen, just when


Bee, should be. Bees, one sees Bees, avoiding disease,
Bee, full guarantee, bird, that word, glee. a tree.
Stockton-on-Tees, to please. pursed. be reversed. bees, parents knees,
date. can't mate. guy, bees multiply. extant, new slant.
turds! familiar words. Lor'! one before Cork, the stork.
York, the stork. sad, was mad. BETISE, some disease;
thought, you got; love; from above. strain; you insane.
Surrey, of worry; Kudents, great prudence. kisses, this is!
obscene, and seen. bees, of fleas. trees, the breeze,
reform! the norm! rocks, hard cocks? daughter, taught her:
"Cordelia, feel ya, keep, in deep. ovine, are rovine?
pollen; are callin'. Maria, got diarrhea. approach; wouldn't broach.
dame, she came. Pease, flying trapeze. Tell!" one well)
said. quite red) dick?" real quick) say. questions today.
see? to me. see; a pee? hung, was high-strung.
Blum, come from, four, a boar? Elaine, Please explain."
birds? rhyming words. evolution, Nature's solution, shout, found out.
sex; you expect. Texas, two sexes. snatches? with thatches.
LePage, of age, daughter, shouldn't oughter. -- maybes --
Vi, did I. bees", include STD's. wallow, who swallow
-- limerick pearls? show, you know. Pitt, to wit:
bees, the fleas, come? I'm from!" appear, hold dear.
score, local whore. bees, frolicsome fleas.


Seattle, a battle. Bird, the herd. Seattle, of cattle.
Seattle, romancing cattle. be; 'round three. Osama, hairy banana.
Alabama, a drama. unbuckled, calf suckled. greed, the breed-
Seattle, would rattle. Seattle, was Prattle; yak, said, "Mac,
laugh, a calf remorse, a divorce?" cruel, your tool!
never, meat lever, strange, the range. Jeeves, his peeves;
true; make do. half," to laugh. limp, much hemp.
me! a tree agree, you see. ignore; to score.
Heather, still together. chase, bovine embrace sack, a yak;
romance, gentle advance. disaster; can't master. Kashmir, a steer.
Soo, answered "Moo." true. but you." appalling, been balling
hobble, not wobble; Tibet, I regret. Castor, the pasture.
priest, the least, Kzyltzu, kill, too. cow, they'd endow,
yak, her back.


cow; here now. clothes, cow, juxtapose. dream, and stream,
me, to see. cow, she now? prowl, we allow.
estranged, been arranged. dressy, quite messy. perverse, I traverse.
is? bovine caresses? smitten, Great Britain. Bess! cannot express.
Messing, his blessing. dreams, many reams. Bess, of distress,
charm; the farm, ris, Bessie is. Jessie, old Bessie.
boys, our toys. feet, poose, sweet; leather, it together,
refused, have oozed. wooing, is mooing. Bess, a mess.
saying, now disobeying now; enough, anyhow. -- niece died:
plough, best cow. guess, to impress. stalled, just scrawled;
Bess, to confess, now; hardening plow.


consider... heart flitter. position, type coition, past; my mast.
Bess, trouser stress. Jesse; named Bessie. chewing, was screwing
Sage, a rage. yore; a boar, cow, wondering how?
lass, her ass. way, I'll pay. here; a year,
A, to play; palms, countryside farms; sheep, will keep;
mailed, who wailed Jan, my man) guess, blissfulness, nevertheless,
spin; tightness within. group, limerick soup, thrill, blue pill,
Viagra, global Niagara is, or Cadiz, drearier; her posterior.
decided, be derided. Bessy. quite messy. course; I'd endorse
much, good touch. relate, to equate find, his mind
mare, of despair. twitches, cow-farmer's britches. flies, a surprise,
late; our date. mess. I guess, guess. Old Bess.
confess, gentle caress. pride, I applied!) Trav's, and salves.
peace, tongues cease. again; the men. hot, with rot.
ought, feet taut, stone, a bone. dream: was seen.
revealed, her field. strong, your dong. angle, to mangle,
regeneration, the penetration. wise, a surprise. wept, so inept.
disaster. cast, eh? please, like trees. more, thing sore.
hole, how droll! more; for sure. beak, even speak.
cough, it off, word. have heard use, I obtuse?
train, and again. sure, the floor, feeling, 'n reeling,
like, a hike, least, and beast. year, meadow appear;
heather, to weather;


sheath, a wreath. Hyson, a bison. know; a go.
mix; helluva fix. one; long one. one; nail one.
calls, the halls; said, trouble ahead. man, a plan.
saw, the squaw. again, medicine man shout, way out.
grass, shall pass) been, so slim 'un, Tess Tyson,
Tyson, a bison.


"How, horrible Cow? fall; wrong stall. mate, your fate:
cows, her brows, walk, to mock. Beales, his heels.
stone, a groan. hear, avec plaisir; you?" cold too.
Fair, bulls bare. Papua, pursue her. now? the cow.
pink, to dink; laughed, a staff. Madrid, her Id.
bull, in drool. stall, then saw. sprinter, next winter,
Jay, the hay. Krull, the bull. Tull, extravagant pulls.
tumbled, who humbled bucket; "fuck it". Hull, virulent bull;
Spain, and again. Seattle, off cattle. Llewellyn, with Helen.
Janus, quite heinous.


Lear, his beer. John, Don Juan. cow, a plow.
bloke, a joke. Howe, his brow; you; to do.
Crete, somewhat incomplete, Glynne, even sin. "Dear, in here.
tail, can't fail. mine, a rhyme. Bombay, fainted away,
hows, and nows. Slough, his cow. joking, a soaking;
Stover, the clover. leafy, and Fifi. flake; God's sake.
Bess; about mess, twenty; to Dinty: piddle, the middle
score, Bessies galore, stickin' she's kickin' gets. in pets.
Seattle, a paddle. clue; is taboo. Beers, the Queers?
forlorn. did mourn. coop, butterflies swoop low-brow, a cow.
field, ever yield; hole, could stroll. enough, to stuff.
twang, cowboy slang. Bess, I guess. out. cow pout.
Cactus, lack us, Jerry, large dairy. stevedore, for Ecuador.
Bess; to caress. Glasgow, his cow. day, some hay.
her; bliss her. Aoster, lost her; revealed, left concealed,
Texass, feminine pass. cows; with sows! Scudder, to mutter,
cause, it's flaws; heat, in defeat. please; a disease.
wooed, I cooed. queer; the steer. Howes, Book allows;
cow: they'd endow now, a cow. how! Oh wow!
raise, or maize. Bombay, whole day! Howes, Book allows,)
"Phew, are new!" on, mess on ball; its stall.
mission, than position. Anjou, a screw. sweet, white meat.
curds, gentle words Holstein; all mine. seek? quite cheap.
under-age, to assuage tried, his bride. Lou, her shoe.
Boulder, cow, Golda. ploughs, Gallic cows, Cecil, a diesel.


Bombay, this day. Bombay, him astray. city; have pity?
El- very well. Larry, the dairy. carry, the prairie.
glop, the crop; guys, a surprise! bovine? of mine;
pick, own kick. appealing, amorous feeling. jocks, big cocks;
shocks, an ox! aspersions? such perversions. hard; you're barred.
sick, my dick. stable, we're able. dream? I'd scream?
carrot; the disparate day; right away. thou, neighbor's cow.
now; see how bull, and pull. fire, sexual desire.
graze, passionate daze. crappy, to snappy lightning, quite frightening;
whiner, much finer; prairie, and hairy; hot; cavernous twat.
bovinus; behin' us. neat, pendulous teat. again, the pen.
mail, can't fail. bone, semen alone? far, a jar
luau, new vow: daresay, gone astray. concurred, are preferred...
Wight) fat cows. Ryde, southwestern side, somehow, voluptuous cow;
miss, wet kiss; grip? my zip. cow? right now.
you; and ring-a-dang-doo!


camel, or trammel. Stumps, his lumps. blessed; great zest.
Tibet, thing yet. drool, his tool; bizarre, of papa.
Arabia, be a Bey, I'll say. Ramsbottom-Crump, woebegone frump,
snag? a drag); saw, half-open door, up, my cup
screw, went through Ramsbottom-Crump, to hump camel; young mammal.
breeze; with ease. easy, you queasy. Granger, the manger;
farrier, than Perrier. dwell, his camell. be, you see.
methinks; the Sphinx. Samuel, his camu-el. Dim, of him,
lasses, it passes, true, entre nous. silly; to Chile.
Estella; always quella. spittoona, a vicuna. Binky, and inky.
heights, their tights. Paramus, life's dramas. say, recent survey
Mater" masturbate her. trammel, male mammal farmer, near Parma.
farmer. felt calmer. more? said "Sure. farmer, a charmer...
copiously, could be. Algiers, left ears. Algore, feed store."
zoo, for two. Osaka, his alpaca. Mary, male dromedary,
Dubai, a try. pack-- will track. Hamal, a Camel.
clear, you'll hear. gleamin', mad screamin' pits, she sits;
relates, seeking rebates. gleamin' mad screamin' llama, such drama.
want, to chant. camel, and trammel, Willy, a dilly.
trammel, hoofed mammal. prince, ever since camels; most mammals.
farmers' in pyjamas; West, did test.


Trilling, greatly fulfilling. pursued, and chewed stay, his way.
tup; way up; Dan, dog's can, Rover, near Dover;
Joan, a bone. Slaughter, (shouldn't oughter); Glass, first class!
Radwan, bad one. clue, no screw. yet, the vet,
-- nor coochy", bone, him alone. Lear, her rear...
slipped; a grip. night, no fight; began, a span.
today, a lay. snit, a tit? divine. a swine.
blighter) delight her. Hines, larger canines. slipped, quite gypped.
Lee, the sea. tricks, of sticks. find, your mind.
Grogg; a fog. life, great strife, fear; I hear.
bed, good head. Corfu, a screw. crotch, a botch!
floor, the core. bitch, vaginal itch. -- are stuck.
-- everything right: itch, and twitch. must; my lust.
mother, his brother. Lee, practised bestiality. Fogg, a jog.
Dover, her Rover. Mitch, his niche. petted; he regretted
Daniel, a spaniel. Flock, the doc, cross, the boss.
hound; the ground. score; quite sore. Dover, 'twas over.
itches, their britches. more! did score! condition, in coition.
rich. an itch." walk, his cock. saying, named Actaeon.
Fogg; a cog. agog, sexual fog. Bangore, his whore,
Fitch: hot bitch, acrobatic, manner emphatic, -- became overjoyed
Bending, dogs fending, Mark, to park. Dover. in clover
misfit, risk it: Rover, near Dover; Vermont, I want.
groan, regularly moan. found, and hound. nameless) utterly shameless;
gender, he'll render nice, with rice. Willy. be silly!
Mitch, very rich. mutt; you what. find, canine kind.
(semi-drunk) off, but locked, shocked -- Tex, doggie-style sex.
inept, she wept. Dover, "Move over. day." him astray.
"Blue" to chew,


Dan, the man!" Fairdale, unbared, ail brim, the quim.
sapiens: homo relations? Alsatian, perform fornication. Wiscasset, wonderful basset;
Siegel, a beagle, Spiegle, elegant beagle. Lynd, had sinned.
Mark, the dark; Fleagle, a beagle. Fleagle, his beagle,
here; one's rear. here, upon beer. tassles! sweet ass'les!
strayed, has weighed, blighter, delight her. "Sleek," often speak;
wet, more yet Sherm; his worm; kissed, not resist
man; over, man. Segal, Chevas Regal. determination, low station.
Retriever; leave her. Sandusky, and musky. Sandusky, his Husky.
Goggs, and bogs. Reeve. I believe." Tab, a Lab,
scary, overall hairy. malamutes, ever-inquisitive snoots. action: sure-clitted traction,
go-getter, red setter, Bright, too tight. Beaver, golden retriever.
Retriever, relieve her. Deever, her retriever. miler, defile her.
Hauser, arouse her. her, wows her; Schnauzer, a Mauser.
Towser, charming arouser. Sparks, and parks, male, to impale.
male, to impale male, to impale male, to impale
male, to impale sorehead) and purebred. bed; someone said.
Red, into bed. Cotter, copulate spotter. Quinn, of sin.
Ionic, friendship Platonic. sin, did grin. Hensley, smoker intensely;
tits, hairy armpits. Spenard, St. Bernard. glum; his mum.
Billy, in Philly. wings; the kings.


Gray, they say. Dubal, masquerade ball. Dolly, low folly.
O'Maddy, beau, Laddie. gone; getting none. chums; among plums.
male. exciting tale! sin, are in. folly, was jolly.
tale; could nail. Wally, over-sized Collie. note, I quote:
Raleigh, a collie. sad, the lad he, the she,
folly; and Dolly. bad, I've had. un-classy, feminine chassis,


Dane, were lain. Wayne, from Tulane. Lane, would fain...
Spain, Great Dane: Frouse, the house, Hicks, the sticks:
Madder, a ladder. Dot, named Spot. Dane, never gain!
Ewing, and screwing. good, a stud. Lorraine; than Jane.
beg, friend, Meg; fame; theatrical game. veins, the strains


elation, a fellation. dog, a frog. blind; or behind.
Denise, 90 degrees. I, her thigh; sweet, your meat.
dog, a frog. lupus; group us. style, a smile.
clover, all over puzzle; good nuzzle told, "on hold".
divulge, to indulge tenth, my strength. tongue? were young.
Blue, or emu. castrated, be mated? up; boxer pup
freak, the creek; HER, to infer, Vitus, invite us.