Limeric Index



leave. no reprieve. win. have been forte; into foreplay.
rehab; to blab. Bristol, Bill Crystal. Harriet, a chariot,
Bing. lad sing. Bing, he'd sing. Brad: incredibly bad;
impress, daughter Tess; marry, would tarry, crash-landed, been stranded.
tyke, a dyke." know, of snow, Heston, a lesson.
fight, quite right. us. Rex Tyrannosaurus, be. The Mutiny.
Kurtz, Gable hurts. Lahore, affinity for nose, public suppose.
Tucker, fuck her. Brussels, and muscles. gunning, from running;
Siskel, matters fiscal. panic. real manic. hall-of-famer; a disclaimer.
-- been sauced. wrong: and song. produce, child abuse.
in, to sin Lynn, a sin. promise, St. Thomas.
Tone, peculiar bone? Cohane, him insane. shelf; sly elf.
Foy, of joy. Fonda's, via Qantas, Saratoga, first Conestoga,
flew; Torrence too. fame. this dame. ham, film program.
Lewis. do us. me; to be! guy; rate high.
John; he's gone. Beret; Longest Day. Wayne, from Spain.
vain, Grey, Zane. John, go yon- Flossy, remarkably Saucy
begin, and Flynn Titanic" a panic. Orlando, movie 'Commando'.
swell, as well. bail; their jail! kilt, the hilt.
critic, seems hypocritic Rhet, in debt. Magoo, the flu.
yore, hearts sore. rivals; many derivals. Gere, his rear?
actor, a factor stealing, quite appealing. Hudson, stud, son.
star, are -- Philly, was chilly. wrecked, gain intellect.
perv. Catherine Deneuve, dead; family well-fed. apply, macho guy,"
minima, an enema. Crowe, sword-swinging show sown; was thrown.
shook, Crowe took. mission. latest addition. read, his head
choice, "find voice." Kubric, his rubric. Cruise, can confuse.
Shut, Wide Slut. same, his fame; Quinn, am in!
more, four score. Walter, did falter. Tahiti, Warren Beatty.
time" a shine.


away, you, "G'day!" Australia, a failure. Heston; was guestin'.
Beretta, his sweater. game, a shame, more, me explore
grate; of hate. night, one fight. think, to drink!
stuff, had enough. fix, this prick's truth, since youth.
Fear, Wigen Pier. beer, great fear. Vladimir, on Mir.
-- was eleven. cloud; a crowd.


Monrovia, Andre Segovia, freak; his peak. opine, way inclined.
delight, a fright. play, organ today, Thessalonika, celebrate Chanukah,
changed; aren't estranged. hate; much fate. writes, start fights.
rather, this blather, hear, the dear; Elton, all a-meltin'.
so, her trousseau, "Prince", to mince. Prince, and mince.
claims, odious aims, Fritz, into bits. 'Cool'; no fool.
first, outrageous shirts. productive, so seductive. try; or die.
tradition? neck positioned, staunch, doth launch. perspire, his fire.
face-ious, the race-ious. Thai, he'd try. hoid? exotic boid?"
wooding, his footing, Liberace, and splotchy. rail; that's pale.
whereto, at sixty-two. mount, openly flaunt Stewart; screw it.
hill, I'll fill." bunk, you punk! been? the Queen.
it, repent it. it, the Senate


Mutter, with computer? Anny, so scrawny. vibrato, subtle rubato.
poco, to Rococo. Anne-Sophie, this strophe? revoir", are bizarre.
bikini, pants-dwelling genie neuter, a suitor. arts, musical hearts.
bow, a blow.


Pete, Pets's beat. Pringle, singable jingle, loco, and cocoa,
Pete, a treat. Yank; the bank. view, big shew,"
'quiet' a riot, true, a screw. Ringo, of lingo.
day, they say, years! many fears. generation, loud adulation,
miss, o-bone-o-in-onno-san bliss!


jet, even yet state"? are great. pine, on line;
not; hot, hot! Mouseketeer, skin-tight brassiere. Spears, her peers.
virgin; brain surgeon Britney, Nay! wed, to bed
sinking, was drinking! sprout, no doubt;


Cobain; a pain. all; a mall Cobain, to rain
Cobain, to insane. Cobain, him migraine, Cobain; in vain.
star; and cars. Seattle, internal battle. Seattle, than cattle.
Kurt, worth dirt! Kurt, the dirt. rich, the hitch:
Nirvana, a goner. Kurt, it hurt. Cobain, and pain.


hear, next year. pique, do peek. declare, marvelous pair.
enchants. wear pants. afleck, said, "Heck" head, in bed.
discreet, cozy loveseat: daffodils. get chills. Bali, explore Mexicali,
scrubber, of blubber. shame: the same success; cares, nonetheless.
bits, and fits. stows, pink bows;


seen, music machine utter, peanut butter! day, his way.
champ; Roll camp. Roll, a toll. Moon, a tune,
-- all clues. keenness, it meanness sir, dram were.
said, was wed. Elvis, his spellvis. anything. could sing.
Tender', and slender. 'thing', of Beijing, thrilled, weak willed.
sing. his thing. tell! a hell. that! got fat.
dock. to hock today, probably say, said, my head,
adore, no more. Zog, a log! '60s) preconceived norm.
said, her head! seen, really keen, Elvis, his pelvis.
crooned, audience swooned. pages, his wages.


learn, to discern day, legal lay. year, I fear.
years, by career. high, can't fly. Blix, a fix.
Chicks, fan's dicks. Dotty, life knotty. wail; did assail,
drugs, weird lugs. life. was strife. Scott, a lot
Carey, been wary. Melisser, kiss her. narrow, her wheelbarrow.
sing, with zing, page; an outrage. track, on crack!
know? Brooklyn Joe. true, bit grue- 'zines: name means.
cork; the stork. derision, this condition, pursues, blues who's
Scary; a fairy. Spice! unbearably nice. Sporty, secretly warty.
Posh, said "Gosh!" Turner, a learner.


Inger, would linger, Flo, aerobics although fly, gone by.
S; really compress he, and gee". attain, over Spain?
lip-synched, was linked. gun, the run. Garfunkel, star uncle,
Cher, just fair. glee; pine tree. stole, my soul!)
Havana, few banana; got. you're not. man; don't understand.
heart. I'm not. sailin' and Waylon.


unfurled, have swirled; released, pedophile beast, another, boy's mother.
coy, with joy. delete, de suite; twice? the price?
black, under attack more, who're poor; son. a Jackson.
sensation, for vacation. us, PRESERVE US! trial, a while;
bewilderin', was filterin'; Jacko; bit whacko. tyke, the like."
trial, and vile; drama, in pyjamas... wanton; wan son
strange, their range, down. his own. spelling; I'm telling.
say; can play. Jackson, more Anglo-Saxon) fairish, outrageously garish.
days; deviant ways. wed, their bed: feared, too weird.
street; to meet. molester, courtroom sequester. split, did quit.
scoff, or cough. fruit? earn loot: sort; for sport.
alack, under attack. monk, has shrunk; unfurled, have swirled;
less; a dress. cursory, hear: sorry disgrace; kids face.
creep, to sleep, hurts) young squirts, headliner, is finer.
robe, frontal lobe. card; he'll discard. bathos, of pathos,
far, every bar, town, is brown, dog. Tiddy Ogg,
in, pad in, mean. be seen. spilled, asses filled.
taste, be chased. crew, say "You too, favorite ewe.
say, the hay, galore, many more, urgin' they're emergin'.
scram. that lamb." dame, benefit claim. door, points" score.
jeering, been hearing white, the light? eye-liner, much finer;
face, minor disgrace. know; long ago. black, some slack.
Glenn, Neverland kindergarten; Jacko, a whacko. man; life span.
funny. the money.


singer, dead ringer. strange. will re-arrange, night, were right.
ace; this case. waited, ill fated fears, induction appears
yob, his gob! thud. possibly could manhood, and blood.
agree, of me). day; or gay. queen, observe Halloween.
white, astonishing sight. win, came in.


rubes, our tubes. breast, happily acquiesced; titter, Janet's glitter.
dig, that big. well; bosom fell. dug, pity" shrug.
rube, the tube. tit; over it. nautch, Justin's crotch.
hit, naughty bit! bereft, the left, cop-out!) to pout.
land, wasn't planned? flop, went plop. copulating. knob fellating.
hysterical, airwaves thersitical. Braxon, axe 'n


piranha, with Madonna. smiled, World wild, Madonna, banana banonna.
sing! not spring! child. went wild. wide, a slide,
child! had riled? child; her wild, Madonna, attempted Nirvana.
Madonna; is trauma. Madonna, you wanna?" Madonna, upon a
Madonna, chocolate banonas. Prince, Madonna wince. child, quite riled,
commentaried, got married. Madonna. on a way, did say:


Jase; I freebase. boy, sex toy, gay!" go away.
wed, her bed. queens; and has-beens. stir; to purr.
obsession, husband's confession. know; Russell Crowe? nude. anonymous dude.
pops, out flops. fore; carrot-topped whore. sub; his flub.
bum, boys come.


Rousseau. said so. say, to lay. -- their pantsy.
Sumatra, loved Cleopatra. said, in bed. grief; this belief.
gone, and yon gone, bandstand beyond. long...", a song.
song, too long. morning," without warning.


Lehrer? a terror. implied, our pride, along, his song.
are, a star. refer; big stir? seek, Brotherhood Week.
lark, a spark. seek, Brotherhood Week. fuss, was thus:
center; seldom enter. entwine, found oh-so-divine, fan, limericks, man.
now, tipsy somehow. Rag", ancient hag.


Brooks, sex books. dash, of panache. ran, her can,
extreme; man's dream. LaVey, his way. Friedan, of man.
me, no glee, Sheree, his knee. daughters, cramped quarters!
Eurasia, a brazier, Asia, amaze ya'. Eurasia, his brazier,
freaks, and geeks, is. show biz. bitches, in stitches)
do, it's through, Nation, constant menstruation. wit; and tit,
hearts, cardiac parts. doctor, pocked her, flee! from me.
tease, frequently freeze. cry, must deny. Black, the back.
hunt, in front slick, too quick, say, optimum way
Gloria! in phantasmagoria. Nellis, I'm jealous." Thoreau, doth go.
misses, this is!" Thoreau, sweet flow, HERETIC, bunny esthetic,
crack, talks back. ajog! watching, agog. know, or foe,
keen, had seen. Hell, renowned ne'er-do-well? port, the ort,
Kyle, elaborate file, Kelly, to belly, Flinn, in sin,
Tussaud, Who' so, not, I'd got." address, no less,
phone: of Imclone. Titanic, general panic, dare, one chair.
Dear: somehow appear. Dallas, my phallus. Howard, me overpowered."
nice! or twice! Dory, and glory. pricks, Clintonesque tricks.
pal, aluminum, Hal. Schafly. say) loffly. convention, (penis)
are! how far! Reagan; "cosmical" Sagan; Simmons, overgrowed wimmens.
expertise, such ease; locomotion, a notion. Koop, front stoop.
lore, calm shore, theory, philosopher Leary. throaty, and bloaty,
Geller, young feller. feller, Uri Geller? rand- his hand,
goats. fervently dotes.) Grier; a beer.


car. so far. whim, and prim. everything, really swing.
44D, barely see, 44D's, of, please; fat, at that.
children; the men. doll, in thrall, pole, regular doll:
pair; a prayer perjury, be dirgery. eyes; my surprise,
there; to spare;


light, breathtaking site, shown, in stone. law, and straw,
crime. always prime. birthday; must say. jail, any bail.
cellular, Helen Kellular. tight, at night. flips, and trips).
another, and another. it. spoil it. queer; I fear.
quaint, their complaint. O'Hare, a dare. Ghandi, a dandy.
Ghandi, exceedingly scanty; Ghandi, a shandy. gnosis, his toeses,
Gandhi, a brandy? Bangor, with anger; say, his way.
say, toast MLK. state, Golden Gate, reflect, some respect.
fag, to sag. bars, few jars. converse, to rehearse.
Wilde. Oscar wild-- child, he defiled. Wilde, is defiled...
defiled; or mild. long, a prong. undo, or two.
short, the sport. renown; around town. chum, to come,
ennui? to pee:


Page, the rage Slade, was displayed. Christie, and twisty.
loo, brand new. Cindy, or windy. Schiffer, relief; her
from, sea, did see. Elle; La Belle.
Elle, her spell. rehearsin', certainly worsen. huff; quite rough.
MacClesfield, was sealed. Prude, the nude. Universe, soon nurse
Campbell, never amble athletic, by emetic. curvacious; even sagacious.
Twiggy, a piggy. Banks, with thanks, Tyra, hire, a
screen; been seen. ponder, curves yonder; form, beyond norm;
beneath, fathers bequeath; effect? girls expect; tones; Simon's moans.


buck; they suck. Trump. her rump. Don, gone on.
Dave, my cave. sillier, with necrophilia? rent); were bent.
Ivana, smuggled Havana. tell, as well. lot; a shot.
lass: with class. said, Ivana instead.... loot; to boot.
born, him lorn. jump, without slump, lump, financeer Trump.
Trump, could hump. bumps, billionnaire stumps. TRUMPs, he humps.
Trump's, mammary bumps. WITCH, wickedly RICH!" admired, both overtired.


knew, her pew. Madras, magnificent ass; anatomical, quite economical.
complex, to sex. mean; close quarantine, McGill, quite ill,
Rose, her toes. Yorrick, moments euphoric, Hyde, and died.
Yale, a whale, Khartoum, his room. intended, morally splendid,
Hall, a ball. beginning, by sinning. Kent, it meant,
McWhinners, for sinners. strewed, quite nude, Ned, neighbor instead.
Wilde, quite undefiled, pretty, her pity,


Adam, his madam. Milpitas, in coitus, Helsinki, was kinky.
Bermuda, was shrewder. Yale, her tail. Fitz-Bluing, you're screwing?"
Cod, from God. Bates, on skates. wed, in bed.
Wales, in gales. Kong, his dong. Kew, with glue.
Leeds, of seeds. Giles, for miles. Killkankie, a hankie,
eat, of feet, Kelly, walk belly-to-belly, Kent, it bent.
Maine, the brain. Victor, boa constrictor. emporium, super sexorium,
us, erudite treatise, Bruno, do know. Flynn, a sin.
unsavory, in slavery. oyster, a cloister. Kroll, exceedingly droll.
Rhoda, phallic pagoda, Lee, the sea. Just, erotical lust,
Devizes, different sizes. Alice, Catholic chalice. Racine, sex machine.
Queen. in between. obscene. horrible green. madder, the ladder.
Worcester, goosed her. us!" was heinous. Levine, sewing machine.
Ransom, a hansom. France, a chance. Skinner, to dinner.
Tupper, to supper. Batasse, spun glass. Clair, the stair.
Chichester, niches stir. tennis, a menace. Riddle, ticklish middle.
handsome, room transom.


Fritz, of teats. Alice, a phallus. Hoboken, was broken
Birmingham, concerning 'em. fool, Old-English School) Pru, Bishop withdrew:
Dave, a cave. Mobile, of steel. Stipple, post-prandial tipple,
Algiers, "My dears, Nantucket, suck it. Detroit, very adroit.
Durand, or expand. Sweeney, terrible meany. Bombay, family way,


shore, couldn't score. Spain, and again, again, jeers again,
Bombay, the bay. Bates, his skates), Wells, mysterious spells,
haven, a raven! beard, I feared. beard, I feared;
"Hush! a bush!" Birmingham, concerning them. fool; public school.
two. is askew. Birmingham, concerning 'em, Schlichter, boa constrictor.
Payle, her tail Thomas, St. Palmas, Calcutta, with butta,
fashion, her passion. Cod, of God. blonder, certainly fonder
days, cunt-plucking pays. toupee, it's grey. Cecille, a feel!
Just, of lust, old; been told. chasm, to multi-orgasm.
Sader, paid her. gas, fine ass, Macroom, his room.
gingery, sister's lingerie; he, denture. Re- Byrd, that occurred,
naive, to believe. scream, the seam. spent, firmly intent
Gray, one day. room, girl's womb. Groom, soon honeymoon.
gloom, of doom, Khartoum, his room. fume, the bedroom,
Khartoum, his room. Glass, bright brass. rants, in Hants.
Madras, of grass. McWrath, magnificent snath. Byrd; not heard.
Clyde, and cried McBride, to decide Mcbride, and died.
wide; fell inside. Kent, it meant Siberia, steadily drearier,
Siberia, steadily drearier beard, I feared. Nantucket, suck it;
Shoreham, and woreham. net, to fret. Norway, the doorway,
Norway, the doorway. swung, excitingly young, Norway, a never-before-way:
Nod, from God, Thomas, St Palmas Bruno, do know:
Peru, to do, Peru, the stew? tea. you pee?"
plan, in hand; trust, Reverend Thrust. Alice, Vatican Palace.
Niger, a tiger. BLIGHTY, the Almighty. Horn, been born;
Kilmead, of seed. Skinner, at dinner. thinner, within her.
BEFORE! the core. Ransom, dressing-room transom. Carlisle, with style;
part, a fart. Crass, with grass; Tangier, with fear.
fanfare, a chair. compare, the stair. Decatur, an escalator.
Clift, the lift. school, his tool, reporter, the transporter.
"Steins" omission maligns. Riga, a tiger. Riga, a tiger,
Gillity, higher nobility, Dinah, of vagina. Sears, it appears,
Fritz, of lentils. sticks, of pricks. . toot repute.
bad, a fad. care; seems, unaware. Kew, curate withdrew,
fun, and gun;


girth, for mirth; swear, up there. pub, final rub.
far, the bar. Absurd! and reheard! malice, North Dallas;
sang. this thang. schoolin'. the rulin', Alice, Buckingham Palace.
plastique, a tweak. care, pubic hair? Schnick, in brick
Alice, a chalice. Alice, her palace. Clare, a dare.
Lucky, herself fucky. Racine, her spleen. weary, somewhat bleary,
alert, her shirt. Latrobe, a probe. Crane, a cane.
Alice, African palace. in, from Boston. Alice, a chalice.


Wheeling, sexual feeling, Darjeeling, clitoris feeling. unfeeling, of Ealing;
Darjeeling, so appealing, Ealing, peculiar feeling," Darjeeling? the ceiling?
stripper; me chipper. concealing, Ealing's appealing. feeling, her squealing;
Darjeeling, began squealing


ABJURE; the cure. Dave, a cave. MISOCAINEA, no panacea,
cave; to behave. save, Dave's cave, Dave, his cave.
whore, the floor: void, rather annoyed cave, and Dave!
Matraver, have 'er. Dave. your cave?" Dave, his cave;
cave, a grave; cave, named Dave. Delanty, his shanty.
spacious, host, gracious." Dave, his cave. Ted, his shed.
thread, named Fred, Lou, his igloo. Khartoum, her room.
sensation, quick penetration, Delray, each day. cold; been told.
Dave, his cave. Nantucket, fuck it. Dave, would rave.
Skinner, to dinner. Dave, his cave. hunch, a bunch,
cave, for Dave. cough) to boff. waive, Dave's cave
Dave, sexaul slave. trench, is French. Ted, his bed.
'round, the ground. Dave, his cave. Dave, his cave.
cave, a stave. ghoul, flesh cool. Dave, a cave.
habit, the abbott, attic, as static; Dave, a cave.
knave, in Belgrave. Dave, her grave. whore, plenty more.
TROGLODYTE, of sight, Jack, his shack. incessant, been present.
Dave, his cave willin' was chillin'; Nantucket, It
hut, to rut. Siberia; cave's interior. brave, a cave.
Dave, his cave. blue, don't you?" grave; man gave
went, it bent. is. still missus. forgave, he gave.
OSSUARY, be necessary deprave, Hermit Dave. Dave, his cave.
say, one day. genitalia? compensatory paraphenalia? Dave, to shave.
cross, I toss mazuma, and rumor. Dave, a cave
dear", "I fear save, quite brave, hairy, an OSSUARY.
great, won't RENUMERATE. Dave? his cave? callow, quite shallow.
depraved; has saved; Dave; he'd crave, feller), his cellar;
cot, with rot. popular; actions entropular. savoir-faire; and rare.
Dave, a cave. Dave, could save. lure, cave secure.
Dave, uncharted cave. Daves, of caves. Lovell, his hovel.
tide, digital ride Dave, and wave knave, your cave.
Mave, incredible cave. crave, a grave;


dead, way instead: Nellie, petroleum jelly, Dave, the cave,
pass, of grass gland, was grand, save, a cave,
enjoys, it annoys, being, trouble seeing. sack, a mac-
skin," a grin; sag," the bag. Seattle," with prattle;
halted, was faulted. Dave, utterly brave, Dave, his cave.
Haven; was cravin'. HALE. for sale. HALE; cave-dwelling male.
grotto, while blotto; virtue, aka foo. rise, might surmise.
slave, would pave. bewitching! its stitching. lean, the sheen
twice, quite nice. Nantucket, the bucket; Nantucket, a bucket,
David, he did. Davy, guilt-ridden peccavi: Dave, her cave.
Dave, did save. anatomical, being comical flies, so wise,
fool, golden rule: froze, the nose. tried, thoroughly dried?
halted, prostitutes, salted. tickled, them pickled run, cave-dwelling fun,
save; his cave. prom, no QUALM. qualm, he's calm.
shock; to de-cock. funny; real honey; plow, some chow;
behave; her grave roam, subterranean home gloomy; comfortably roomy.
view. or two say, the grave!" domicile, quite wild


geezer, sister Louisa; Kermit, annual permit. shave. and they've
lore, a snore. Mose, old clothes. Dave, sorta concave.
Nantucket, a bucket. DOTTY, cracked potty, myth, any kith,
price, from vice. solitary. is chary. Avis, geologist Mavis,
wood, he should. -- firm it. HERMITAGE; no mirage.
Dave, a cave. cave? inhabitant, Dave? me; pales me.
admit, certain hermit, Stu, in Peru. cave, comfortably waive.
Dave, I save, rout, hermits about, dim. society grim.
Sirmione, and honey saved, he craved. cave, he'd crave.
well, pretty well. Kermit, a permit made, mortician's aide.
Biddle, his fiddle. Hermit, prayers permit. crave, the cave;
GUERRE; and fair. me! of privacy! Daggen, his shaggin';
Dave, he'd clave. taste; died chaste. wood, that's understood.
me? not free. Dave, to shave. INCOMMUNICADO, their rod-o.
Dave, a cave, Flynn, whore in, shed, the dead.
crave, RECREANT knave. Dave; damn knave. cave, or shave.
cave. to shave. SACROSANCT, he wanked, Vallejo, sexual rodeo,
Dave, his cave. takes, the breaks. Harry, a berry,
shelf. or pelf. despise, nowadays wise, bold, I'm told.
urges, hormone surges. Mose, without clothes. recluse, suffered abuse;
Dave, he'd save.


Kent, it bent. Ghent, it bent; Brent, quite bent.
Kent, it bent. Kent, it bent. Lew; in two.
Kent, he went Trent, got bent. Head, all pitted.
Kent, incediblely bent. glum; active bum. Rose; anyone knows.
Kent, it bent. Kent, it bent. Kent, it bent.
Kent, it bent. Kent, all bent. again, couldn't refrain.
Kent, it bent. gent, the rent, consent, screwing's intent.
Kent, it bent. Kent, it bent. Pat, it's at.
SENESCENT, now bent; Kent, famously bent. Kent, least bent;


Nantucket, a bucket. rhyme. some time bucket, muck it;
Nantucket, tuck it. Nantucket, a bucket. Nantucket, a bucket.
Nantucket, pluck it, Nantucket, old bucket; Nantucket, a bucket.
Nantucket, truck it, it; chuck it. -- until Dixie
beaut, did compute picturesque, so statuesque, imposing, a hosing,
Nantucket, suck it. Picket, lick it. Nantucket, her bucket.
Sisson, you're missin'. ridebat, longiormen sugebat: Pickett, stick it.
Nantucket, suck it. Nantucket, my bucket. return, will churn
spurn, huge urn, Nantucket, a bucket. Nantucket, a bucket.
Pawtucket, the bucket. Manhasset, an asset. Nantucket, a bucket,
skedaddle, to Seattle. Cotuit, rue it. Hingham, to bringham
Nantucket. had tucket. Nantucket, a bucket, Philly, quite silly.
Nantucket, of Puckett. Gold! I'm told. Pawtucket, his bucket)
Alaska, named Prochaska. Lincoln, to thinkin'. Nantucket, his bucket.
lucky, of Nantucky, Nantucket, muck it, Nantucket, suck it.
Nantucket, "Fuck it!" it, of Pawtucket. he, and attorney
Nantucket, a bucket? Nantucket, fuck it. Nantucket, a bucket.
Nantucket; suck it. Peru, of goo. Nantucket, a bucket:
Nantucket, a ducat. Nantucket, suck it, Nantucket, a bucket.
Nantucket, suck it. bag, and nag. Nantucket, chug it
Nantucket, pluck it. - luck; it


Pierre, the chair. Crewe, man's view. Rosalee, porch settee.
Wheeling, and feeling. Leigh, the sea. Francois, le Bois.
Pau, the bois. Heep, a jeep. Hur, of fur.
Jim, corridor dim. Pym, a whim. Gus, a bus.
who, named Lou. Tinz, von Linz. Schule. you fool.
he, it's me." Rye, the sly. Cyd, a kid.
Leigh, to see,


Racine, fucking machine. Racine, remarkably clean. Racine, blowjob machine.
Boyer, a futoyer. Racina, invenit machina. Racine, fucking machine.
ballpeen. twat green. Racine, fucking machine; Kent, it bent,
Racine, fucking machine. Racine, fucking machine Nadine, old Racine,
Racine, fucking machine. Racine, fucking machine. Gene, fucking machine.


Umber, into slumber Yellow, the cello Lake, a cake
Blue, her shoe bladder, a ladder. Red, her head.
Grey, his day) Ochre, her broker tractor, to distracter.
sadder. the ladder; Madder, high ladder. Sienna, her duenna
Ultramarine, Vogue magazine Veridian, her meridIan there, a chair.


test: works best! Athlone, a bone; Officer) financial Officer)
true, to do; clown, a frown. bee; not me.
springtime, a.m. chime. time, little rhyme. glee, with me,
sister, a treat, Kress, his dress. tough; quite rough.
arduous, be barduous, latter, I flatter; bore; a chore.
say, NICER day." endeavor, too clever. looked. and cooked.
Harriet, her lariat. work. a jerk!) Penath, to laugh,
on, sheet, John!" around, sleeping sound. selected, profusion expected;
hill, whippoorwill's trill; sun, softly spun; peak, you seek;
sea, nth degree; Marty. real smarty) massage, a barrage
fumble, I stumble. pleases; the treeses, Rings, like things.
proud, the crowd; fun, atrocity won? light, so bright.
see, on me? true? doubt you. proof; stay aloof.
Vermont, his aunt. guys, the eyes! Juan, was gone.
good, I should. Adam, a madam. slide, can ride.
panache; had dash. pinky, less rinky-dinky, Nerys, old-fashioned terrace.
shake, to take. scared; they fared. camp, quite damp;
scout; and out. Brent, a tent. speed, a need.
me?; just three. bread, my head. bought, thought --
money. muttered "Funny. ease, with B's. alone. landed upon,
sound, be 'round? shopper; stop her!" gaffe; glove: Paf!
Ed, mahogany bed. Hull, excessively dull, couch. a crouch.
sleep; so deep, Cox, everyone's socks. commonplace. of grace.
Jello? a fellow? how, incipient row. change? the range?
Vancouver, move her. grapes, frozen crepes. gong; for long.
due, to Lou; James, moralist blames. Leif, religious belief,
classes, the masses; nightly, her tightly. trains; were lanes.
fast, I'm aghast! Veldon, "well done!" strange, the mange.
Tillie, and silly,


mankind, to find. butts, grass huts, Stan, ingenious plan.
Putney, Gray's chutney. Ritchie, rather bitchy. hater, me data.
morn; was born. Saudi, as rowdy. again; summer-time pain.
pearls, reader unfurls mixed. be fixed. Kildare, Emeritus Chair
thesis, complete exegesis distraught: annihilates thought. fault. I vault.
Tring, to bring head, to "z". event; been sent.
stuff, gets tough. ndetermination, hopeless vacillation curse! in verse.
misquote, he wrote. vanish, should banish. Jeremiah, a crier.
Au, about now, Gideon, matters quotidian. fails; sayings, tales?
volunteer, Answer: Trevor, be clever. lack, didn't stack
Pease, a breeze. "Look! the book. Verne, getting heartburn.
forgotten. I've bought'en. apology, on cosmology. book; look --
Lydia, the encyclopedia. Lydia, the encyclopedia. news, to use,
Francis, true romances. sack, the rack. mosaic, and archaic;
Duffy, were stuffy. Bleekom, (reference book) Gates, "the fates",
Crunch, the bunch. Garbology, modern scatology. parts, nature departs.
keen, the dean, books. their looks. test, the best.
Hy, a tie.


clue, would do. Rose, I suppose. TV, to me.
Whistletown, missile town; Brother", would smother. benighted, was slighted.
Vendre, did ponder. Verde, whatever occurred, apiary, an aviary.
end, sometimes pretend. Clyde, was spied. Walls, which enthralls.
free, over me. looks, best-seller books, Goring, out exploring.
view; in queue. fogey, challenging bogey; adieu." to you.
sigh. to cry. Chester, all fester. mouse, small house;
Balfour, pal for: day; they say. domain, in pain.
I.D.S. a mess, decreed, great speed, ground; contraption around
feelings, the dealings; phone. the bone. sun, to dun.
explore. a store, place. and chase, chink. blackened ink.
deploring, on snoring; distance, my persistence, boring, I'm deploring.
Ventry, neighboring gentry; alone; my own. clothes, my toes
horde; and stored. Dederonder, a wander. thought, perfectly wrought,
McKnight, every night. way; the hay. Penrose, each doze.
face; no disgrace. Perth, on Earth. Montclair, the air;
Hull, unbearably dull; talk, her chalk. grate, my pate.
bored, I tore unsound, am renowned talk, I walk;
john; numb thereupon; flair, terribly there. Tralee, a tree.
know, exceedingly slow. all, a ball. rose.... quick doze.
Florida, a corrida.


chore; I implore. house, white blouse. no! "Let's go!"
Bub; the tub. Wroth, bright-colored cloth. Lachine, of hygiene.
Hope, some soap. Foote, I'll put." lake, gigantic mistake.
clean; a magazine. Schropp, a flop. enthralls, big halls,
Dot; are squat. clean, and Spleen, Snivel, that swivel;
veins, terrible pains." suppo't; I ought. brew?" or two."
Spleen, a clean. Dot, a pot. frisky. drink whisky?"
tea. and me." right? grumpy tonight." Snivel, and swivel?"
Glad." so bad; preach, Doris, for... tea, Dorothy be;
vast. right past. biscuit) and Hugh?" man?" is Stan."
bliss?" a kiss. mop." we shop." swivel. Mr Snivel
nude; was rude, agent, a 'gent'. Bert, of dirt,
keen, good clean. Kai, the fly, mud, that crud
Sherine, his queen. impress, a mess; bore; mind-numbing chore.
tub, to scrub. fame, a flame, Imogena, a cleaner.)
bugless; be drugless. chores, polishing floors, must; with crust,
back; the slack. Uriah, ever higher. Lena, sluttish demeanor.
Aberdeen, everything clean. gruff, doing enough! boundary, a foundry.
type, would gripe. Dene, washing machine. pristine, be queen.
room, female broom. hush, did rush. tether, a feather.)


Glock, different livestock. hocus-pocus. autumn crocus. Meggs, last legs.
green, this bean- field; corn yield. cried, daffodils died.
found, the ground. idea, human urea work, quirk --
wait, that date sun; be done. fever. a believer.
warm. from harm." bed. filter instead. smother, her mother.
spread, my bed. day, cleaning away old. and cold...
Leeds, with weeds. agronomy. our economy. Bo, a hoe!
Pete, a leak; today; in disarray. turned; had learned.
Bliss, something amiss. brother-in-law, he saw tree, was he,
phone; usual groan: ructions, their instructions. dealt, have knelt;
true. perhaps you offense, my fence. Hughes, to use.
Sean, the lawn; door; of manure. Slade, a spade.
morn, and torn. Jarrow, the barrow. Leeds, of seeds.
Bert, the dirt. distress, I confess Amelia, planting Lobelia.
tulips; mint juleps. nice, some spice! sayin', to complain
sure, can adore. Rand, second hand. mown, Debbie Malone,


claim, big game; mink, and drink stuff, quite enough
buff, to fluff do, and to. sick! right quick,
batch, the thatch Lotto? my motto. winnin', be grinnin'.
dollar, I'll foller.


moose; and goose; floor. the door. flair, an affair:
sneered, and jeered. "Well, the bell? fond; his wand.
tricks, of bricks. Ficks, magical tricks. jail, the mail.
Pridy, named Heidi: Missouri, a fury. know" a crow.
basket. task," it Brace, her place. Lance, in advance.
Nantucket, charmed locket. Hank, of swank. Ooze, from booze.
Stoke, many folk. herd, syllables slurred; Mick, a trick,
York, a stork. Kew, a canoe, Beller, a best-seller,
tackle, Kirlian shackle Dee, too free. Dix, ingenious tricks:
Darjeeling, the ceiling; Ed, his head. Rand, been canned.
bide; so snide; top; wouldn't stop. Carr, a star.
Crowley, Magick unholy, McGoo, two -- Lee, great glee.
beard, it reared. tricks, a fix. are, my car;
Blaine, the rain; bank, to thank clash. the trash.
Teller, Vegas dweller. Penn, and then Penn, average men.
girls, and pearls; Philly, sounded silly; vaunt, would flaunt
bemused; always abused. sorrow; just boarrow. hat. like that!
Pat; a hat, Randi, a dandy. Peru, a shoe.
past; won't last. "There! the air! fame, assistant became.
yore, a chore. Nye, could fly; Brent, sharply bent.
said, his head. Seoul, for dole. Greer, dog-grooming career...
Way, and stay. Matt, his hat, today; usual way.
nine, the vine. lid-lock, teleportation grid-lock; balls, that enthralls.
pedestrian, be Circean. Mabel, the table. curse!" woman's verse.
drink, a Frink, Stan, deep Pakistan. beer, his rear.
Madras, did amass. Wells, and spells. K-k-k-katie? in Haiti?
hill, will fulfill." widdershins. his sins. today? I say!
joking; the poking. Gary, getting contrary.


grass, fairies pass. please; lovely Louise leap, this steep-
go; spectacular show. tell, magical well, life, your wife,
vouch; to crouch well, a spell. ask, wee task?
said: thee wed." me. me flee. cross, a loss.
wand; my pond, fond, natural blonde, wishes, art accomplishes
apply, the sky; occur, their fur; see, running free.
green, and serene, machine, get clean, fear. all disappear.


topper, new copper. arm-lock, alarm clock! condominium, fine aluminium;
Justin, bust in! saddum, the atom. '73, Me!!
Nile, amd nubile. tree, should be. Maguire's, she desires.
hill, more bill, think? in sync. exist. to resist.
hall; too tall. End; will mend. escape, duct tape.
shelf, by itself. brown, value down. tacks. the facts.
dotta, terra cotta. guy, might try redone; new one.
again! until ten. do, out, too. commence, now since
used, seldom bemused. chute, a beaut. Esau, a seesaw.
Dock, the clock. pedestrian, an equestrian. binge, dirty syringe.
sublime, sunny clime. Rye-gate, high gate, mess. anyone's guess.
leave; all believe. ain't. a saint, Nantucket, luck it
basketball, to fall. vein, old vane. Rose, she arose,
spouse, the house. Clarence, his parents. rise, and wise."
mired. from inspired. towers, his powers top, lifts stop,
reeling!" be a-peeling." Today, the spray right, its might;
Gutches, new hutches.


Quebec, his neck. Rye, black eye. Joan, I've known.
'n' lap 'n' Kilkee, her tea. weird. your reared.
best; the west. flick; wife sick. Mackay, society wacky?
McClung, bottle flung. Pawtucket, a bucket. car. too far.
Scraggs, black bags. pink, of ink. Toots, dad's boots.
able, of fable. Pally, high tally. Twiggs, of pigs.
boastful; very postal. Tess, make mess. Scamander, the veranda,
Queets, without sheets; pale; surface quail. Gertie, incredibly dirty.
disgrace; an suitcase! in, dick in; ablution; a solution
Knox. a box, moth, the cloth. breeze, unparalleled sleeze.
down, outside town. Pellew, tell you, reward. be bored.
Spence, gross negligence, Nellie, her belly. poured, is restored.
Yost, a post; antiques; or squeaks. gazebo, with Play-Doh,
me? you'll be Lear, a year.


Blanche, chart avalanche Bend, frequently end. cat, she sat,
Dave. did rave, crocheted, and displayed, crocheting, Kate's saying;
Amherst, were cursed. Amherst, mysterious thirst. Fe, and crochet.
knew, day through. Z, to read. Earl, the purl.
Dyer, must hire. experts, head hurts. Gitting, of knitting.
close-knit. a misfit. Dover, a pullover. Dover, a pullover.
knit; my armpit. two, one through? sitting; rain unremitting.
occupation, requires concentration. knit; you emit not, this spot,
linen. been in. Faye, to say, face, gingerly pace,
do, my shoe; instead, this thread. do, from you.
stitch, a hitch. cow, how -- chow, brown cow,
Pete. did meet. Capri, her tea. rule, I fuel,
note, her boat. Chard, the yard. though.) talent's sew-sew.
net, they met. Fran, sewing began. today, I play
meek, did seek. A-I-D-A, to say. AA, to say
Rochester. a semester, chills, her ills. school, and crewel.
Hoss, for floss. Ott, in thought. Troy; her joy.
Phil, surgeon until, Gitting, much sitting. Fred, his thread.
Ross, and floss.


class, an ass Krista; of Vista. engineer, his ear.
Howe, a bow." Fustam, odd custom. Delores, De Flores,
done, the sun Lizzy, a tizzy. load, rocky road.
doing, for viewing crime; nonsensical rhyme, something-and-one, be done;
twenty-two. Colchester Zoo son, odd nun. gaff? the staff.
chest, without vest. sign. a fine Robbie, disgusting hobby.
Hughes, to choose. tack, your back! Afghanistan: I ran,
blunder; me wonder kids, corrugated ids. Brigitte, was frigid.
obtuse, or clues, Eastwick, give kicks. West, get dressed.
me. anti-intellectual, see? Duluth, language uncouth. man, in hand.
Med, his head. Tebbit, unusual hebit, Biffin, about tiffin,
done, step one Mac, a sack. Pye, close by.
'X', your sex. calm.) no qualm.) Sayre, the air,
host. at most. Jake, did ache. Lowndes, of sounds,
Ghent, a tent. feller, a bookseller. Browder, was prouder.
Yore, exceedingly sore. train, any strain, modification, add amplification,
way, each day. rot! I'm not. strain. to refrain,
Zook, once took. McNear, to Lapeer?" Belsize, and wise.
Jed; his head. cents, that prevents Pete, the street.
Ted; of bed Barrel, bride, Carol; objects, eat projects.
reap. way deep. handy. about Mandy. dinner, and thinner.
Yost, the most: misillusions, some conlusions, Erie, everyone weary.
Pete, his feet. on, sheet, John!" Eire, a fire.
Troon, a spoon. wailed, motorcar failed again; summer-time pain.
fun, I'll run; right; a light, bloke! an oak.
abuse, of Dunluce, train, old refrain: heeding, annual meeting.
Brandles, her candles. bed, your head. blue, unwholesome hue,
"Thus, than us. Bombay, the day; Montrose, his nose.
Hamp, severe cramp. me, any I.D.?" Rich, a bitch;
seas, cannot seize. consternation. without reservation. turning. sleepy-time yearning.
glue, that you Beck, fat check. pension, of mention;
stout, great doubt. progression, pervasive obsession concrete; his feet.
Flynn; could begin. Australia, mail here


Leek, quite weak, clean? almost obscene. gosh! go wash
dang! bibeleot thang! lake, a drake warning, this morning.
fool? own tool! sogged; wet, waterlogged. river, a shiver,
rain, Livingston Lane, sea; and glee Leeds, complete weeds.
laugh, handy giraffe. see! rubber ducky. -- that flubber
Jake, I take loaded, be 'sploded. bold, for gold.
Bombay, fine day; Jim, exceedingly dim. diver, a fiver.
Gertie, was thirty. chap, the tap. Shirley, very early.
Kentucky, rubberized ducky. Sherman, hygenic sermon. H2O. can row.
room, and swoon. Gear, shop here." Nantucket, a bucket.
Maddox, ride haddocks. York, and dork, short; must contort.
beanpole; a mole. refrained, or restrained knack, the whack.
-- the hole. Bauer, the shower. Ted, to bed.
slightly, over brightly. askance, from France. us, spiceth us.
tenderly, the sea. town, all down; river; a sliver;
tub. a scrub. fix, the shits. hotter, a blotter.
Skye, his eye:


television, wireless transmission. Roddy, as shoddy. Springer; a singer.
soaps, suburbia hopes. Heather, the weather. impunity; getting immunity.
Guinea, to Pliny. bed, clear head. TV; with glee.
screen; be seen. Barry, feeling merry. Sissal, viewers whistle.
TV. to see. Doe; every show.


Marty, a smarty. "Sonny, much money. Vince; would wince.
parts, of hearts. matchable, be catchable. Russian) playing percussion
land, monsterous, and Ewing, the wooing. a-cooing, is a-wooing.
Durban, and suburban, suitor, biorhythm computer, bold, been told,
strife. your life. Shnee, iced tea. got, are not.
chance: sexy glance thrown, of stone. Gig, in trig.
lawn, home, John?" tea, might be. excitin', delight in.
Bright, all night. Scone, well known. Gloster, lost her;
male, mathematical detail. Vichy, was itchy. mind, would find.
Mass. farm lass. Woonsocket, new locket. here; my dear.
Pennsylvania, train ya' her; trash her; blokes; as jokes.
toes; little nose; hobo, an oboe. Ethel, to wrestle;
Portuguese, knobbily knees. Lansing, excessive romancing. booked, ourselves hooked.
found, this playground. Beth; her breath. lad, are bad,
geographical, factors polatical, Chelsea, at Selsea. bisque, a risk
Moines, with coin. Cossey, was mossy. work, big jerk.
all, to fall, end, to spend. Polacks! whole ox!
lay, his pay. Spain, the rain, Balfour, wall for?"
gay, No way flowers, bowers -- low; to go.
date; so late. Frimley, but dimly, yonder, grow fonder."
Ludmilla, a killer. Peoria, adore ya. Silverknife, her life.
Mel, a well. Locre, red ochre. coquetry, a tree.
Sheila; feel her. Mary, being contrary. tailor, a sailor.
daughter, she oughter. said, the head! thigh, passes by.
hate! must wait. Jane," great pain Duquesne, the rain.
antique, I'll seek; Caesar, please her. Costessey, was mostessey;
Pooter, a suitor. Euphamia, in Mesopotamia, harken, go a-sparkin',
Pringle, stay single. Nebraska, from Alaska. man. he-man --
awhile, quickly compile, Lance, the dance. know, eagerly sow
Shore, "I adore yonder, to wander, -- to wed.
attraction. had satisfaction. addiction, cheap fiction. State, I hate)
Ed, hay overhead; blue, of you,


Clark, did spark. Stare. Ida's pair. Morty, reached forty.
randy, look dandy. circuity, like contiguity; Nancy, could fancy;
Tripolitanian, a Turanian, chance, did glance. slimf; my limpf.
frantic; so romantic; town, around sundown. sad, of plaid.
away, no play, sun, such fun; delight. burn bright.
chores, the door, sight; next flight. Chad, bit sad.
glee, the sea. outgrew; a shrew. farm. its charm.
geeks, of physiques. sixteen, a teen, elation, a vacation,
delights! my nights!) guy, or shy lasses. the masses.
low, should show; Jasper; named Caspar; hair, quite bare.
again; a pain. quadragenarious, not temerarious; West, much zest.
Mark, the park. beaucoups. to Peru. Denbigh, "Nota Bene.
height, and right, Fran, a man. night, a blight.
wishing. be kissing. Rani, (my johnnie) Tangiers; for years.
Horton, some courtin'. Kate, a date, me. come see.
teacher; reach her; men. or when ago, just so-so,
mouth: as vermouth. physique, exceedingly weak. around, sentiments abound.
feet, to meet; Pringle, stay single. regret, to pet.
Lucerne, him burn; deference; my preference. true, like glue!


Neath, the heath. McW) a Polo. research, a church,
fart! the start. tan. a man. part; the start.
laughter, was after, Spanaway, divan away, dating; patiently waiting,
Joe, a beau. Thurton, skirt on. Lou. dig you."
Glenora; adore her. boy, very coy. Orsino, me, 'No'"
Mary, of Harry. lawyer, in Hawayer. Min, quite thin,
commotion, combatting emotion, Scott, so hot. single, at Kootingal.
phone, to drone. South, kissable mouth. mind, to find?
Ford, the Lord!" Magee, home free, Larry, named Carrie.
crass, the ass. slot; a love-plot. coy, a boy.
week, to seek violins; wore crinolines. lot, did not.
Larkin, go sparkin'. Dale, sugar-plantationer, Gail. North; in fourth.
Constance, any nonsense. door, still swore. Nancy, named Clancy.
Huon, and cooin'." Blues, to choose; Buzz, with fuzz.
Bombay, to say. Moran, Maria McCann, youth, very uncouth.
Bundy, of Fundy. eyes;" between sighs, moon, mournfully croon.
brunette, or Yvette. Mae, to say. Pringle, to jingle.
Carrie, him tarry." O'Shea, doesn't pay, mink?" a think.
Bianca, Fernet Branca: Diss, a kiss. posh, a nosh.
right, so polite, Japan, prettier than. bouquet. I may.."
Radish, and sad-ish.


Gloucester, a coster. Bister, kissed her. Gloucester, named Foster;
sad, and dad? shy, of guy. Grace; suitable place.
double, of trouble. leapt. he'd kept score, further explore
done, was fun, human, Mr. Newman, began, to plan.
caressing, over, pressing... light, brave sight... bun, cultural fun;
dark, of Bach? way, whole day. sign, be mine;
frozen, a dozen, maid, the trade fourteen, to e'en,
skill, they will. truly, lovely Julie. miss, it amiss,
stinger, to linger. Frankie, her hanky. Rickett, pick it
nose, a rose, Stan; her plan. clan, women can.
those, their nose. aim, to proclaim, steed, full speed.
daring; is flaring. waits. its gaits. tower, her bower.
choir, of fire, aisle, beautiful smile. Flo, and Jo;
bed, she said? tin, wrapped within bits, her tits!?
wait, passionate date; duster, a fluster. forget, we met.
hair, -long affair. Honshu, the dew. true, at you.
loud; ever proud, wooing, and pursuing me, brought me,
wife, your life, should, good -- amiss; and kiss
unload; a toad. end, good friend. love, witness above.
touch, and such. care. I swear.


Stout, wandered about. Waterloo, of stupid, quibblings, his siblings,
dollar, Canadians holler, Doyle, with soil Pete, his feet.
Lahore, a bore, Jude, impeccable prude, coarse, with remorse.
States, his plates. expired! is hotwired! Marty, a smarty.
L.A. in May. guy, can't die. Sweazy, bit crazy.
It; pack it. Jane, terrible strain. tears, uncontrollable fears.
Asturias, and furious. teas, her knees; Bavel, to travel.
Fender, pyromaniacal bender,


contusion, hapless confusion Bert, was hurt Cheltenham, pelting 'em,
TV, I see. Kew, some glue. ticket, be wicked.
South, somewhat uncouth; Aloysius, grew suspicious. theme, just stream.
Byrd, I've heard: shark, Morgan Park. crone, in Athlone.
historic, simply euphoric! Care!"; private dare. guy; the eye,
Berlin, would win. Wyeth, he denieth, smug. would shrug
blur; to occur. wise, Oil Guys confession-- every transgression:
dislike... a dyke. feller; his cellar. 911, bar none.
"Professor;" bes', sir; Howell, a trowel; decree, dead tree
trick: tree's sick? block; take stock. deed? and greed.
pact? environment tact? lost, such cost? sessions, mutual confessions.
East, at least). Maine; him insane. Atlanta, a decanter.
fly; and spry; Quilt, the hilt; grief; and thief.
Cologne, by phone. reputation, rapt contemplation airs, "Who cares?"
Bateman's, her statements. Alexander, a gander; event, us went.
late, to wait. Cheltenham, belting 'em. he. you see.
growth, in both; university, of perversity. Sue, poetry, too.