Kiddies think Michael Jackson is strange,
So he'd better keep out of their range,
Or they'll melt down his plastic
To pliable mastic,
And all play with him for a change.
--- Val Burns P0512Q

I hate to see Jackson put down.
His face, after all, is his own.
His kids bring him joy --
He had none as a boy --
So leave the poor fellow alone.
--- Anon

Though I'm never quite sure of the spelling;
Of Jackson's seminal moment I'm telling.
At his school they aspire
To have boys in the choir,
Who know how to deal with a swelling.
--- Doug Harris P0506

Michael Jackson's a father they say;
Of someone with whom he can play.
But no one believed
The kid was conceived
By him in the usual way.
--- MrMalo

"Stressed out?" asks our pal, Michael Jackson
(Who looks more and more Anglo-Saxon)
"Then invite a young boy
To come play with your toy
At a sleepover -- mighty relaxin'!"
--- Lucal Hulp P9405

Michael Jackson, his skin is so fairish,
And his behavior outrageously garish.
I've heard it's been said,
"One more young boy in bed,
And the church will give him his own parish."
--- Bill a

Michael Jackson has had some bad days;
Suspected of deviant ways.
That court case was hateful,
But he should be grateful,
It wasn't as bad as OJ's.
--- MrMalo

Michael Jackson and Lisa were wed,
But my question pertains to their bed:
Did that oxygen bubble
Give Lisa much trouble?
How romantic was "Oops, watch your head!"
--- Limerick Man

I think it's much worse than you feared
That this man has a son, is too weird.
But it just get worse,
In this very last verse,
This boy, by Jackson, will be reared.
--- Les Stewart

Jackson took off his mask in the street;
A stranger he happened to meet.
The stranger said, "Gladly
I'll give you some candy.
You don't have to say, 'Trick or treat.'"
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0301

Can't believe that that bloody molester
Has finished his courtroom sequester.
Now he's roaming around
In his dressing-robe gown,
Looking for wee boys to pester.
--- Big Mick

Now that Michael and Lisa have split,
I do wonder just why she did quit.
Maybe all of their trouble
Started under the bubble,
Or perhaps she would not babysit!
--- Limerick Man

I'll share this if you'll promise to scoff
Or snort loudly or chortle or cough.
Michael Jackson's fine art
Is well matched by K-Mart.
Both have little boys' PJ's half off.
--- Loren C Fitzhugh P9406

Your job this week hasn't borne fruit?
Use this modern technique to earn loot:
Pick a rich guy whose famous,
Allege something heinous,
And file a ten-million-buck suit.
--- Lucas Hulp P9405

Michael Jackson is the strangest sort;
Has a pet chimpanzee just for sport.
They aren't much for titties,
But then neither are kiddies,
And they can't haul your ass into court.
--- MrMalo a

Michael Jackson's life story, alack,
When filmed will come under attack.
And a major factor
Will be if the actor
Hired to play him, should be white or black.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0307

Michael Jackson we know's no monk,
But all think his status has shrunk;
He's now free, and'll try
To celebrate by,
Getting lots of little boys drunk.
--- Anon

Michael Jackson's court-case has unfurled,
As rumours about him have swirled;
He's broken no laws
And has come down with yaws,
Touching children all over the world.
--- Anon

I just couldn't care for him less;
He may even be wearing a dress.
Kids do bring him joy,
He didn't have as a boy,
But I won't let him know my address.
--- Anon

His remark was reported as cursory,
At a time when all wanted to hear: sorry
From Jacko, no more into bad
Doings, he actually said:
I now want to open a nursery.

Old Wacko Jacko's a disgrace;
Uses veils to cover his kids face.
He's a rich paedophile
And I think he's just vile.
He's also unsure of his race.
--- Anon

Michael Jackson, that pedophile creep,
Who, with minor boys likes to sleep,
Is now so despised,
He'd best be advised
To alter his preference to sheep.
--- Observer

Waving goodbye to fame, (how it hurts)
But surrounded by willing young squirts,
The Peter Pan mutant
Will be a happy student,
During lessons in lifting of shirts.
--- Doug Harris P0506

Michael Jackson the famous headliner
May think being a priest is finer.
He could ejaculate
In the collection plate,
And in church he could prey on each minor.
--- Tom Patton P0506

Michael Jackson in his kingly robe
Must have a diseased frontal lobe.
He said with conviction,
Admitting addiction;
"It's very young lads that I probe."
--- Nancy Cee

Michael Jackson's a bit of a card;
Every bit of himself he'll discard.
He's rebuilt his face
From all over the place.
Now his buttocks are terribly scarred.
--- Bill Wall

Now here is a tale full of bathos,
And more that a smidgeon of pathos,
Concerning the sleaze
Of three secret police:
Called Aramis, Porthos and Athos.
--- Tiddy Ogg

These three little pigs travelled far,
And stopped at about every bar,
And duly kept tracks on
This guy, Michael Jackson;
Like Elvis, they followed that star.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Questions they asked 'round the town,
Like "What can you find that is brown,
And in a kid's pants?
"Would the answer, by chance,
Be the hand of that M Jackson clown?
--- Tiddy Ogg

They're hunting him down like a dog.
They even asked me, Tiddy Ogg,
"Do you know where he goes,
When picking his nose?"
He gets them from some catalog.
--- Tiddy Ogg

To the video store they go, clad in
Disguise, and as they softly pad in,
They ask "What movie gent,
Did that Jackson guy rent?"
The answer: "He just got Alladdin."
--- Tiddy Ogg

'Bout Jackson I will not be mean.
His latest flick must sure be seen.
You just got to go;
It's a wonderful show.
They call it the African Queen.
--- Tiddy Ogg

To the king now their story they've spilled,
How he likes to get kids' asses filled.
Says the king to the cops,
"We'll soon put a stop
To that, and has all of them killed.
--- Tiddy Ogg

This is file rnm

I'm plumbing the depths of bad taste,
And out of here I may be chased.
You may think it rotten,
But I'm touching bottom...
But it's too old for Mike Jackson's face.
--- Tiddy Ogg

So out of the country this crew
Set off, find a shepherd, say "You
Know what's come to pass?
There's a fine piece of ass
In the stable, you'd better come too.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The shepherd says "Yes, I came too,
In Barbie, my favorite ewe.
I regret my vacuity,
Over that ambiguity,
Alas sires, I failed to construe."
--- Tiddy Ogg

And yes folks, I'm sorry to say,
Though he fancied a roll in the hay,
And acts very lewd,
He again misconstrued,
That ass had long ears and was grey.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Now you know I've done sheep jokes galore,
And there really can't be many more,
'Cept the blonde with dyed hair,
With a counting feat rare...
So I'd better get back to the store.
--- Tiddy Ogg

He comes then, without further urgin'
And in to the barn they're emergin'.
And there find a blond
Who fair tickles their wand,
And sensually sings "Like a Virgin."
--- Tiddy Ogg

She yells: "Right, you freeloaders, scram.
But you, hick, can give me that lamb."
She bundles it in
To a nearby feed bin.
"The welfare I'll tell I'm its mam."
--- Tiddy Ogg

We leave thus this cunning young dame,
Processing her benefit claim.
Our trio moves out,
And they each have no doubt,
She'll ever be heard from again.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And so as they leave through the door,
They keep with their "Zero points" score.
To the desert they flee,
You can take it from me,
"Twas they who were heard of no more.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Yes, people, I hear you a jeering,
Over how long you haven't been hearing
About wacko Jacko --
He's there in the sack-o,
Researching a book on child-rearing.
--- Tiddy Ogg

They say God is black and he's white,
He's gay and he's straight, see the light?
She's female and male
Thus the point of this tale:
Mike Jackson is God, must be right.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Michael Jackson wears black eye-liner,
His make up could not be much finer;
And records his CD's
Like Alicia Keys,
By singing his songs in A minor.

(Songs in A Minor - piano classical album of Alicia Keys)
--- David Miller

Michael Jackson was not forced to face
Any jail time, just minor disgrace.
Even when things looked grim,
His fans stayed behind him,
For behind him's the only safe place.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0509

The language of Gibber, I know;
My grandpa taught me long ago.
With second and first
Syllables reversed
So "Lo-Hel" really means "Hello".
--- Anon

Now Jacko, be he white or black,
Should really be given some slack.
His nose needs some waxin',
The name "Mi-chael Jack-son"
In Gibberish is "Kill-My Son-Jack"
--- Anon

Michael Jackson took ten year old Glenn,
To the Neverland kindergarten;
And said, "My dear Matron,
As I am your patron,
Can you give me two fives for this ten?"
--- David Miller

There is queer fellow named Jacko,
Regarded by all as a whacko.
He owns lots of toys,
And he sleeps with young boys,
And he's not sure if he's white or black-o.
--- Alexander Baron

Wacko Jacko's a woebegone man;
He sleeps with kids through his life span.
He says just to rest them
And not to molest them.
Prosecutors said it was a sham.
--- Chris Papa

The whole affair strikes me a funny.
The lawyers, of course, made the money.
Though claims were rejected,
He'll be more circumspected
'Bout which kid he'll take next as his honey.
--- Tiddy Ogg

A very confused young pop singer,
For his sister was quite a dead ringer.
Neither boy nor a girl,
Gave both sexes a whirl,
Except he caught his nose in a wringer.
--- Nancy Cee

Michael Jackson's last wish is strange.
His face parts they will re-arrange,
To make new plastic toys
For little girls 'n' boys,
And they'll play with him for a change.
--- David Miller Q

I saw Jacko on TV last night,
And I'm not really sure you were right.
Though he's slept with jailbait,
His moonwalk was great!
But his face always gives me a fright.
--- Anon

Michael's law team was really quite ace;
They won acquittal in this case.
But said MJ, the singer,
"The whispers, they linger;
I'm not guilty, but I guess I've lost face."
--- Bruce

Michael Jackson, if only you'd waited
You could have foregone your ill fated
Marriage to Lisa P.
Now you and a young he,
A child bride, could be legally mated.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0410

The "Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame" fears
Michael Jackson's induction appears
To be the question,
But at their discretion,
Will induct his new nose in ten years.
--- David Miller Q

It was cited by one uncouth yob
That he'd had a boy's dick in his gob!
But the final appraisal:
The contact was nasal;
You've heard of the "Jacko Nose Job"?
--- Jester Jon

This notion goes down with a thud.
His plastic schnozz possibly could
Have intercourse nasal,
But the truest appraisal
Is we'd much rather screw flesh and blood.
--- Jester Jon

I'd agree with you there, my manhood
Finds its soulmate in true flesh and blood.
If I choose the time right,
I keep going all night,
When her period is running full flood.
--- Jester Jon

As explorer, I fully agree
In my boldness (a trademark of me).
No mountain too high
Or no desert too dry;
I even sail through the red sea.
--- Dirruk

Michael Jackson wears a mask every day;
We'll not know if he's straight or gay.
He covers his face
With a small bit of lace,
So he doesn't scare small boys away.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0301

Michael Jackson, the MTV queen,
Doffed his mask to observe Halloween.
He thought fans would embrace
His surgeon-made face,
But it made all their faces turn green.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0301

Micheal Jackson has a face so white,
It is such an astonishing sight.
He will wear it to bed
As a part of his head,
But takes it off on Halloween night.
--- Tom Patton P0301

Michael Jackson seem surprised to win,
From his look, when the verdict came in.
His heart alsmost stopped;
His plastic face dropped,
And finally his nose and false chin.
--- David Miller

With CBS Sports as her rubes,
Janet J flashed some tit on our tubes.
So what's all the stir
About Justin and her?
TV's always been home to big boobs!
--- Limerick Savant