Life's passing on by, like a jet,
So fast that I ain't even yet
Had time to unpack
My brand new 8 track,
And now they've come out on cassette!
--- Travis Brasell

And what's all this stuff "solid state"?
I think that transitors are great.
But are you the guy
To ask where to buy
Young Britney on 78?
--- Tiddy Ogg

With telegraph wires strung from pine
To pine, you can order on line;
But I still prefer
To listen to her
The old way and play 69.
--- Travis Brasell

Uncommon, Britney nude is not;
For young she is and hot, hot, hot!
Everybody's seen
This blonde vixen queen.
Is a message needed, it's not.
--- Anon

I'm just a cute Mouseketeer,
In Spandex and skin-tight brassiere.
Though I'm making top dollar,
I'll certainly holler
If Santa forgets my new implants this year.
--- Anon

On this date was born, Britney Spears,
A standout amongst all her peers.
Today she turned twenty...
With sex-appeal plenty,
I'll give the young lady three cheers!
--- Anon

Britney Spears says that she is a virgin;
I think it don't take a brain surgeon
To guess that's a lie,
Not too well disguised,
By outfits she can't hide an urge in.
--- Molly Denver

A loverly lass is Miss Britney,
But I don't think that's a real tit. Nay!
But she's still hot,
And I like what she's got,
But it's doubtful that I'll ever getney.
--- Cyber Wizard

Sweet Britney ran off and got wed,
But before he could take her to bed
In their honeymoon room,
The bamboozled groom
Discovered the marriage was dead.
--- Anon

She said, "I've a feeling that's sinking,
But not, of course, 'cause I was drinking!
Before it begun
I said, 'What have I done?"
I do not know what I was thinking!"
--- Anon

Britney Spears new babe will soon sprout,
By TV Caesarian, no doubt;
Like her on-stage groovin',
Her lips will be movin'
But nothing will be comin' out.
--- David Miller

There was a young prick called Cobain;
In the ass he was really a pain.
He died, the wanker;
The shot gun, we thank her.
On the ceiling his brain's just a stain.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Poor Courtney -- not happy at all;
Her house is becoming a mall
For fanatical fans
Using nails and hands,
Scraping souvenirs from off the wall.
--- Anon

There once was a man named Cobain
Whose brains did happen to rain
Down from the ceiling,
From where paint was peeling,
Much to the electricians disdain.
--- Anon

There was a sad soul called Cobain,
Who, I'm certain, was close to insane.
While others would choose
Coral Pinks or Sky Blues,
He painted the wall with his brain.
--- Anon

There once was a guy named Cobain,
Whose wallpaper gave him migraine,
'Til he found the solution
And through self-execution,
Repainted it grey with his brain.
--- Anon

A troubled young man named Cobain;
Felt his life was but only in vain.
He embarked on a course,
Shot himself with great force,
Now he'll never know life and its gains.
--- Anon

Yes, Cobain was considered a star;
Lived with music, booze, women, and cars.
But to kill yourself dead
With a shot to the head,
Shows us all just how dumb that you are.
--- Anon

A troubled young man from Seattle
Was fighting an internal battle.
He let his angst fester,
Embraced his Winchester.
Let's hope his fans follow like cattle.
--- Anon

There was a Rock Star from Seattle,
Who's fans were no smarter than cattle.
His life was no fun,
So he got a shotgun,
And got rid of his skull's wicked rattle.
--- Anon

There was a loser called Kurt
Who said "My poor life ain't worth dirt!
I can't play guitar
And I hate who I are."
KA-BLAM! How much did it hurt?
--- Anon

There once was a asshole named Kurt
Who now resides in the dirt.
He wrote a few songs
And before not too long,
His brains stained the front of his shirt.

(His 12 guage had brains for dessert.)
--- Anon

Kurt Cobain lived a life that was rich
(In the money of course) -- here's the hitch:
Gave it up on a whim,
(Was he stupid and dim?)
Now his look, act, and property's kitch.
--- Anon

The grungy young lead of Nirvana
Felt he'd be better off as a goner.
Dark angst and black rage
Cured with a 12 guage.
Now if it'd only happen to Madonna.
--- Anon

There once was a man named Kurt
Who felt somehow that it hurt.
He stopped all the pain
With a bullet in the brain,
And now lives under six feet of dirt.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A young music man named Cobain,
Could not handle stardom and pain.
Tried to overdose,
But not comatose,
With a shotgun he blew out his brain.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Dolly Parton's a favorite, I hear
In the race for the Oscar next year.
She's not just "in the hunt"
But she's "way out in front"
To receive Best Supporting Brassiere.
--- Larry Hollister a

I declare, it sure brings out my pique
When guys at Ms. Parton do peek.
Those mountains are high,
And before I should die,
I'd sure like to climb to the peak.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Dolly Parton is built, I declare
And she has a quite marvelous pair.
I would give a month's pay
For a saucy display
Or a C-note to see her what-e'er.
--- Al Willis T9712

Dolly Parton is one who enchants.
It's rumored she doesn't wear pants.
It would be like dessert
To get under her skirt.
I'd give a week's pay for the chance.
--- Al Willis P9805

Bloodthirsty, with fangs all afleck,
The witless vampire said, "Heck"
But saw cause to hearten,
He found Dolly Parton
And bit her -- the fool! -- ON THE NECK!

(Dolly Parton - late 20 century big-boobed country singer)
--- Bob Giandomenico P9009a

Dolly Parton was giving some head
To Kenny Rogers one night while in bed.
She fed him some tit,
But too much of it...
"My God! I've killed Kenny!" she said.
--- Wildman TP9804

Dolly Parton and I, most discreet,
In the dark, on a cozy loveseat:
"Are you hungry, my dear?"
And I'd say, "Hear, hear!"
But I'm certain that I'd overeat.
--- Al Willis

This is file rpm

Dolly Parton has two daffodils.
When she stands, and I sit, I get chills.
When she starts to sing,
I say "Ring-a-ding-ding!
I will lift up mine eyes to the hills!"
--- Al Willis

I would turn down a dancer from Bali
And a chance to explore Mexicali,
For a little foreplay
And a roll in the hay,
And a breakfast with sweet Parton, Dolly!
--- Al Willis T9712

Miss Dolly, the dirty old scrubber,
Was covered in acres of blubber.
Her magnificent figure
Looked Twenty times bigger,
Encased in red plastic and rubber.
--- PeterW

I really do think it's a shame:
Dolly Parton and Barbie, the same
Anatomical distortion,
Way out of proportion,
Which induces astronomical fame.
--- John Miller

Dolly Parton's a stunning success;
She has troubles and cares, nonetheless.
At her concert, her bust
Was improperly trussed,
And her boobs burst right out of her dress.
--- Lucas Hulp P9310

This movie will break you in bits,
Evoking both seizures and fits.
You surely will treasure
A measure of pleasure
From "Dolly Displaying Her Wits."
--- Jane D Hughes P9012

Dolly Parton has big boobs she stows
In triple D bras with pink bows;
If she did for a quid
Like Janet Jackson did,
She would take out the first seven rows.
--- David Miller

Of all singing sensations we've seen,
SUI GENERIS music machine
Was the great Elvis
With gyrating pelvis
And unequaled charisma on screen!
--- Observer

The King was oft heard to utter,
I want 'nanners in fried peanut butter!
But it left greasy stains,
And clogged up his veins,
And caused his heart rhythms to flutter.
--- Bill Livingston

It's twenty-two years to the day
The "King" sadly went on his way.
No more swivlin' pelvis
From our icon Elvis.
A legend, what more can I say?
--- Anon

Of music, he was simply the champ;
The King of the Rock and Roll camp.
But he passed away;
On the crapper, some say.
And now all that's left is a stamp.
--- Pete Marinucci

A friend of mine likes Rock and Roll,
But her eardrums were taking a toll.
So she turned down the Elvis
And just watched his pelvis;
Now it's her eyeballs that loll.
--- Patricia Larson

A tone-deaf young rocker named Moon
Could just barely carry a tune,
But he swiveled his pelvis
Like some revenant Elvis,
And made all the teenagers swoon.
--- Armand E Singer 827

Does Elvis live? The news --
His fans are checking out all clues.
About my age he'd be
So if you're checking me,
Please don't step on my blue sued shoes
--- Irving Superior P8812

In view of his young brother's keenness
To follow his steps, was it meanness
Of Fortune that Elvis
Became known as Pelvis
And thus scuttled the chances of Enos.
--- A N Wilkins P9107a

With old Elvis in Graceland, I am, sir,
Where his cars and his drugs by the dram were.
It was here he was married.
It was here he was buried--
But in the back yard like a hamster.
--- Don Moore P9311a

Elvis is dead, so they said,
But in Vegas last week he was wed.
Then I saw him in Sears
Trying on the brassieres.
Is it me or am I losing my head?
--- Barbara Cunningham P9505

With Heartbreak Hotel, the young Elvis
Put all of us under his spellvis.
He sang Rock-and-Roll-blues
In his Blue Suede Shoes,
In time to the shake of his pelvis.
--- Satori Press

The guy would believe anything.
He thought that Minelli could sing.
He believed all that hype
And Hollywood tripe.
He thought Elvis Presley was king!
--- Al Willis P9709

When Elvis he wrote 'Love Me Tender',
He was looking both slim and slender.
But soon when he took
Downwards for a look,
I bet he couldn't see his gender.
--- Martin V Jensen

It had all disappeared, his 'thing',
In a body the size of Beijing,
And this situation
Of ZERO starvation,
He should have been called the "Burger King."
--- Martin V Jensen

Elvis the pelvis, he thrilled,
But alas, he was very weak willed.
His addiction to food
Really did him no good.
He looked like a whopper, flame grilled.
--- Jayne

That young Presley fellow could sing.
Making rock 'n roll hits was his thing.
But girls all knew Elvis's
Gyrating pelvis is
What really made him the king!
--- Lims For Year - 01

It's been a while, so go tell!
To some it has been quite a hell.
The building he's left,
His fans are bereft,
And living in Heartbreak Hotel.
--- Jim Phynn

A canine you're nothing but that!
So sang Elvis before he got fat.
And he also refused
To put up with his shoes
Getting stepped on like some blue suede mat.
--- Larry Hollister

In blue suede shoes, she stood in the dock.
That bitch has now got to hock
Her Elvis collection
In a house of correction;
She's doing the old jailhouse rock.
--- Tiddy Ogg

If Elvis were living today,
No doubt, he would probably say,
"I'm in a tight spot
And this coffin's too hot...
So I'll just keep clawin' away!"
--- Observer

Elvis is dead so they said,
But up there, just over my head,
He's rocking and strumming;
And rotors are humming
And his lifeline has just saved our shed.
--- Anon

To all those who Elvis adore,
Contribute your money no more.
You're wasting your dough.
By now you should know,
Mt. Rushmore has room for just four.
--- Irving Superior

You're a bad dog, you know that, Zog,
I should beat your butt with a log!
My bear's dead and I'm
Cryin' all the time,
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog.

On Ed Sullivan, he took them by storm, (TV show USA '60s)
And upset the world's preconceived norm.
When he curled his lip,
And swiveled his hip,
He made all the girls feel quite warm!
--- Bill Livingston

"I was stroking poor Mabel," he said,
"When my hound dog just bit off her head!
He went barking mad;
I'm all shook up, bad,
And real sorry "Your Teddy Bear's dead."

(Elvis's Teddy Bear mauled by guard dog, 2006)
--- David Miller

The King was just recently seen
By someone with eyes really keen,
Not resting in Heaven,
But in the 7-11, (series of stores in US)
Fifteen miles outside Aberdeen.
--- Eric Landrieu

There was a blues singer named Elvis
Who really could wiggle his pelvis.
He could dance, he could sing,
And then down the house bring,
When he shuffled his triple-D-twel-ves.
--- William K Alsop Jr