Limeric Index



distance, some assistance Berkeley. rather starkly, Baruch, by fluke,
said, his bed: Berkeley, metaphysically, darkly, Bosanquet, rather wet
Bradley, too sadly. said, in bed Nepal, at all.
Hume, no room thought. pleasure fought. contends, make amends,
Hegel, to inveigle repine, my line. good, well understood.
Jeans, five beans? 'il,' quite nil; Kant, must grant.
Kant, sexual slant. oratorical, Kant's categorical, doze, Hume's prose.
avant, and rant. thinkers, hard drinkers, gun! if A1?
Leibnez, in fits, Lin, a sin. Locke, a sock.
Thames-Ditton, Freud unbefittin'. Putnam, a scam. Rousseau. grew so.
Russell, a muscle Schnott, Lieber Gott; Schopenhauer, than flower."
hurled, are unfurled. gloire, pouvoir -- he, by philosophy.
chum," aback some. Green, but unseen, brother, the other.
misled! be said." Wittgenstein, "just mine."


Platonistic, old lipstick. oration, for amelioration. stare, and bare.
renowned-- be crowned pain, shadows again. wisdom, circular system.
plan, or man. prolegomenon, natural phenomenon. flak, and back.
due, few do. right. not slight. median: , Athenian.
authorial, quite incorporeal. degrees" Platonic decrees. menu, heavenly venue.
sake, can take; deployed, mere Void. will- basically dual.
cells-- one tells. nine-- seems fine. Ideals: soul feels.
blighted, guide it. station, way--that's ratiocination: denying, for flying:
inception, through perception. cognize, to rise. us, behind us.
confinements, Reason's refinements. it-- is unfolded. indication, high education.
Plato, of NATO; feel, ontologically real, Plato, second rate-oh.
position, what tradition


gratis. as hatters. spirit, fact incoherent. is, somewhat extremist.
are, little bizarre. souls, same pigeon-holes. facet, our asset.
coin, be going. intended, history transcended. past, something surpassed.
Church-of-What's-Happening-Now, sacred cow. fuss, of us. derogation, mere fabrication.
one, really none. sham, the dam. gainsaying, just Playing.
grayed, then paid. manias, really spontaneous. propriety, in society?
paralysis, Freudian Phalluses. exotic, or psychotic. bare, it's unaware.
bents, ten cents. Montmartre, to Sartre. Sartre, a start,


reliance, of science, propensity, relative density sequentially; discussed tangentially;
great! "No wait!" above, Lydia Dove. Mahalia, mail ya'.
Beth? old Seth. fright. or right. methinks; dangerous brinks.
wonders, their plunders. Fame. your name. tough, not enough,
vast, the past. Jeans, are machines. together, and nether.
began, or plan. review, and through. Zorro, my sorrow,
gestalts, science exalts. O'Leary, all weary. SCIENCE, utmost reliance.
theory, were leery. prime; a crime. Twist, would persist.
blind; isn't mind. see. benefit me! spoof, adequate proof
knew, Britannica through,


die, your eye?" Socrates, wife overseas!" Socratic, Socrates' Attic.
impression, sagacious expression. cry, like lye. bit, his wit.
poise, her noise. noise, Plato employs, weary, and query.
him, billed him. master, in disaster. survival, a revival.
cell, feel well. Socrates, world rotates. Sophical, quite tropical.
Xanthippe? sip, he


suitor, and tutor. poet, forego it. him-- proper agendum.
forward, hardly ignored. birth, more worth. many!-- of Clazomenae.
minute-- begin it: supposed, are most. maintain, this mundane.
textually, work intellectually. ubiquitous, wholly iniquitous. gross, everything flows.
air? quite bare!) to: amount to? is-- the ages:
acknowledged, distinction abolished. you. busy you! 'm-- by vacuum.
theme: they seem. us, than enormous. Sicily, romantic simplicity:
amenities), by Parmenides. concommitant, that's dominant. maintain, the wane.
Heraclitus, excite us. quartered, is well-ordered. perfectitude, as rectitude.
jest. and West? perfected, are connected. victorious, made glorious.
it, try it. firmament? stay permanent? cult, cull it.
Kant, I pant? wit, be lit, Kant, certainly shan't
Kant, als Trabant. Kant, his playmate, Italy, take literally.
Zeno, he know!" it: of it. society, of piety.
erroneous-- and harmonious. ratios, this spacious. canonic, more harmonic.
Orphic), to forfeit. eventual, what's sensual. glean, the world-scene.
it) our diet. them? disrobe them!) time-- that's divine?
pretensions, of conventions: nervous. a service. Augustine, is disgustin'.
devices, and vices. miffed, a gift. is: it luminous.
'em, this theism: brio, a trio. Zeta, you Creator!"
pre-Socratic, trifle erratic. it, a fluid. Miletus, feed us.
itch, as pitch, find- in mind? fires, lustful desires;
rule, to cool intellectual, profoundly effectual, sin, from within,
show, unspeakably slow. "Okey-dokey-- unspeakably pokey!" dead, finally led:


RG, the infinity. request, medical test: Fred, in bed.
queen; technology's dean. harder, get smarter. read, of lead;
men, from Sweden. realization, peculiar relation. found: be round,
respect, never suspect. feet; I repeat, truth, roof --
bread; liberally spread; rail; a bale- street, canvas sheet,
regaled, all failed. random, understand 'em. Texas; a nexus.
run, the sun,


directors, stringent selectors. Duke, of Nuke, century, and venturey,
flash, big splash. commended, geniusly splendid. AT&T, physics degree
fusion, all confusion; career, to clear, Phys. Math biz.
Bohr, a whore: Newton, was fruitin', May, classroom today,
Beecham, reach 'em. referee, with glee: know. you tomorrow."
fee, grad-school ennui. advisors, of misers. demise, seems wise.
academician, the position, check? the heck! clear," a sneer.
old, I'm told, strife. his wife. station, made prognostication.
Fader, aid her, things, but strings. Higgs, Washington bigs.
MIT, new T.O.E. mystic, somewhat simplistic, academician, and wishin',
teacher. a feature!


nose, insubstantial woes, toupee, they say), scanties, electrical chanties.
name, was game. Spencer, fucking dispenser. Hall, the wall,
lots, joined nanodots. mode. will explode. genetics, proton's aesthetics,
amp. were damp. 45, to jive. stop. did hop.
again. the rain. mate, superconducting s-state... sorts, strongly exhorts
sensual, reckless potential, Gorth, one fourth. equations, important relations.
station, the illumination. luck; was struck. gotten, it's rotten
spice, in ice. Sparks, some remarks. think, the ink.
Moore, will soar, evermore, Ohm's Law) effective, main objective;
hammocks; doing ceramics; Brent, all bent. Distance, of assistance?"
school, a tool. tinsel, was essential. instructor, new superconductor.
Clark, the park; Transistor; missed her. assistant, be insconsistent.
Volta, a jolt-a.


near-o, quite clear-o; Boulder, and colder. zeal; for real.
Carnot, the show. mirth, the Earth, delusion, cold fusion.
pot, you've got! intrusion, with illusion. thawed; housekeeping flawed.
heat, lamb's meat. Wright, ever ignite, Fahrenheit, no acolyte
humidity, produces torridity; celebrated; folk elated chance; to advance.
Mascheroni: with baloney, heat, the meat, storm; below norm.
War, very poor. do, yuck stew Watt, he wrought.
thought. or not? quizzical, properties physical. pot, or not.
deMurk, would shirk. engines. a vengence. Scot, was hot,
degrees, a breeze. fright, his plight; acquire, their desire.
Keating, a meeting. Fahrenheit-- it right. meat, on re-heat,
mutton, some glutton, Mascheroni, too bony. claim, much fame.
Capri, pure glee. progress, always regress. ceases, to pieces.
fox, Gibb's Paradox. pre-treating, been reading.


dotty, is spotty; Kerr, than her. light, all right
chair: light square be, to "c"?" Bright, than light.
chatter, about matter, Bright, fabulous night. tall; rather small.
strong, was long. way, rather outre. Wu, and flew.
bright. my sight; Fisk, terribly brisk. date, would mate.
attraction, Lorentz contraction. Anglo-Saxon, slacks on. go, we'll know
C, can be. Einstein, of mine. Lee, in Philly.
night, than light. night, than light, c, my glee.
crime, a prime. Parsifal, quite imparsible pendulum; old continulum.
past, I blast. rearrange, the change.


rest, does best. belle, to tell. screw, in Peru,
waist, in haste. Peru, follow through, bleaker, a beaker.
daughter, this water." shout, without doubt, tell, Rebel Yell,
path, the bath. you; restore you. string, was king.
gas, its mass, Goshen! the ocean. Shipshore, a whore,
few, rank two adieu, inventions accrue. class, you'll pass.
momentum, lent them. Grace, her face. curse, accusations perverse,
night, with fright. she, you see." gents: so dense,
extent, nation's intent measure, valued treasure; hairs, root squares,
speed, you'll need dt; no guarantee. bra, so far,
motion, old precaution. panic: quantum mechanic, science, an alliance
wall. great fall. mass, to pass. v, me see...
lake, big mistake! none. much fun. Foucault, years ago,
anywhere, by air; friction, his diction; eclat, is at:
mirth, to Earth. course, gravity's force: equation, describe gravitation
written; we're smitten. tree, come free. fear-- would disappear.
tree, Said he, wall; it fall; cavity, willful depravity.
gravity-- will be. perverse. be worse. tree, you see,
Singh, a fling; Blair, World's Fair. Lee, you see.
plane, Godawful pain, Queens, motion machines Mears, to tears.
tell. as well. debase, of Thrace. race, reciprocal space.
hill, too still. Wheaties, my feeties. notion, of motion.
Newton, fruit on. resources, college courses: Gras, faux pas.
ball, for all, feel, a wheel, opined, the rind,
Parker, a marker. propensity, defining intensity, Claire, with care.
vacation, dire consternation. Steve, to believe sure, a bore,
erratic, seem problematic, Hector, to VECTOR. spring; did cling.
bob, a blob. accrue, all through. giggles, anatomy jiggles.
three, by dt. -- comical notion;


double. in trouble. piles, and smiles. Gloria, zany euphoria
quarks, snotty remarks, fission, official permission. blew; "Go Screw!"
plant, was scant. Chernobyl, and Pope'll delusion, cold fusion.
piers, were fears Howard, was nuclear-powered. squared. someone erred?
impaired, now prepared be, space fantasy. runt, and blunt,
loom, of doom. Errant, so aberrant, tap, its map.
bad. a tad. fission, lecturer's vision. Priscian, nocturnal emission;
fusion, simple solution; decision, nuclear fission. C-squares, for scares.
please, sunny breeze. Nye, your thigh. eyes, great size.
fanatics; of antics, Tom, quite calm sigh, finally dry.
deployed, longer annoyed. fuse, they lose. Gant, nuclear plant.
Bohr, nuclear core, Bradley, publicity badly, device. not nice,"
-- in Islam. Bomb," with aplomb. be," at me.
fight, who's right? show. will know dismembered; and embered.
spread, is dead. clever! I never 'em, notch 'em.
swell. sit well. brothers, would smother. deplore, plant core.
lark," to remark. Wyomium, of plutonium. uranium, him insanium.
shrinks, missing links. IIA. we essay. matter; the latter.
HE, you'll agree. force; of course. boson, pesky fermion;
Chatham, an atom. sun, by one. Greece, did release.


quality, for reality, Mullers, over crullers, fit. a slit.
limousine, in Racine. green, in Racine. Hell, inner shell.
Laser, dephase her. Guelph, the shelf. blue; in, too.
Morley, rather poorly nefarious. are various. Morley, very surely,
fibers, effects diverse, wave? to behave. sky, but why?"
hue; is due. optician, ludicrous mission. blur, to occur.
dt, you'll see tritter; popular critter. Crewe, excessively blue;
radio, to show slits, and it's see. on me.
resort, cut short? fears, Excalibur spears sense. soaring expense)
tear; quite bare.


boy. a joy. refine, to dine. wurst, and thirst.
wine, biscuit's divine. wishes, dish is menace, lawn tennis,
rain, the main. fly, stops by, dollar, the collar.


content, no event. jerkily, ions berserkly. know. but lo,
observed, is deserved, Gene, be seen. Swoom, her room,
space, there "face-to-face." please. will freeze. inducible, almost reducible.
unique; would seek. on, slept on be!" slight energy.
saver, lepton flavor. thing; did bring, Fraser, a laser
flight, then right. ray, to decay. SNU's? to muse.
neutrino, much vino. flew, go through. ground, like bloodhounds.
Neutrino, on vino, Forks, nuclear dork. morass, of mass.
Psi, the key. start, parsecs apart. day, to decay.
tears, seems, disappears. too, little zoo. embark, authentic quark.
quarks, and "squarks," quark, subliminal spark, "Hark! a quark!
low, don't know. fellow!" to bellow, insolence, by inference.
blue," a brew. brains, whimsical names,


morn, the storm, Jin, to begin, emanations, cow mutilations;
-- can debunk. lair, cannot bear. thing; did bring.
came, great fame. grid, rule slid. Nantucket, a bucket.
contractive, field active. things! Olympic rings, Galileo, say, "Oh!
plantation, in contemplation. son, hard one. vacation, dire consternation.
"Damn! this tram. true, would screw. Jeans, are machines,
Jeans: five beans? scowl. be 'Joule', Klein, equally fine.
rules; course, cools. last, be classed directly, how correctly
Bohr, flowing pure. opine, of wine, Wolfgang-Paulology, knitting's mythology.
professor, undress her. Schnieder, couldn't abider. finger, include Schroedinger,


firm, him squirm. hair; don't care." hair, don't dare."
credit, said it. equation, call Rabelaisian. inverted, be inserted,
doubt, most clout, light, hopeless fight. quorem, that theorem.
mass, to pass. ton, distant sun? -- the same.
awake. to make! rice?" a price." dense; make sense.
gun; be fun. smile, with style, miscellaneous, events, simultaneous,
elevators, ice skaters, creativity, about gravity, realized, dimension disguised.


tree, broke free. said, his head. afar, distant star,
Newton, and a-hootin'. Rafferty, Gentlemen's Laffertry. numerical, observations, empirical.
Khartoum, his doom. on, fruit on, bit, that it
fall; to all. true, that grew high, to defy.
green, his bean. light. curious sight. sing; relevant ring:
Raleigh, moving trolley Motion: regular motion action, their traction,
fall, progenitive call.


friend, radioactive bell-end; oversight, nuclear site. waited, C-14 dated.
Fred, his bed. fulfill, free will. cared, hadn't dared,
Dwight, all right; Mears, his fears. around, the ground.
doubt, long spout. Site, with delight: uneasy; them queasy.
end; and friend. Pipper, a kipper.


cat, that's that. rights, horrible plights, cat; about that.
alive, would arrive. unawares, of affairs: entanglement, he meant.
this, shelve this, eye, cat die. junction, wave function.
fun. are one. force, a horse. blame, kitty-cat game.
Twitty, "Schroedinger's Kitty." fed. her instead. free, Not Be.
quantum, off-or-an-on tom? -- of states; correct, and effect.


Brown, and down. concave, a knave. Brecht, seldom erect.
absurd. a word. Staines, infinite pains, MACH, the flock.
(db.) accessible; (accb.) chronic; strong tonic. loud, are proud
McKay, very sly.


chart, to start, part, a fart. schools, Entropy rules:
will, my fill. Sandy, quite handy. pain; the drain.
he; and see! MIT, her degree, Craig. would beg.
Gibbs; not fibs. Sue, quite few. foretold; was bold.


appears, in arrears; say, rhetorical way, said, my head.
shore, bit more. again, me sane) shore, thing more,
bread, over head. sea, saddening me. dirge, to emerge.
due. to do. dour, a shower. created, is related
time, and sublime. I; is why. he, to me,
flight, of sight. absurd, have observed -- anything done!
fake, longer take. trump, audible "thump!" blood, the flood.
Force, of course, Janet, every planet hole, cosmic control.
well; certainly tell full, gravity pull; Charon, and barren.
Uranus, pain us. us, say Uranus. son, syllable one
ways, grandmother says. brewed. all skewed, abomination. day Bowdlerisation,
stars," on Mars, moon, a boon: fall; not all.
swear, down there. ears, in tears; kissed, your fist,
free, I pee. see, Tommy's knee. far, a car,
home, antelope roam. Helen, was swellin' bunker. Adolf, hunker
news, sex muse. Janetic, and poetic. equation, for masturbation.
clocks, in logs. thousan'; over carousin'. wit: do it.
rotten, completely forgotten Morocco, everyone's shocko, sublime. financial clime.
late. bad fate. fast, as imaginarily-massed; cursed. got reversed.
past, and last; Bombay, passion play; pursued; is reviewed;
delight, unfulfilled appetite; sweet, a repeat; B.C., go see;
stations, made investigations. Marie, to c. Boulder, much older.
Machine, and keen.


knavery, their unsavory Pete, intentions discreet. Florider, interior corrider.
"My! his eye. known, nest alone. me, pillaging spree!
Blue, the crew; complain, off Spain. bold, the hold,
Cap'n! for crappin'! Hank, a wank. led, the dead
past; him aghast. Hook, a book. crook; low-flying rook,
dock, a shock. forbid, hid -- crews, for booze.
-- some claret. sea, on thee. prison, quite bedizen.
Charlie, a Harley. weirdos, were foes. fizz, ripe jizz.
dyke, first strike. rendezvous, perverts hove-to. grief, his beef.
-- the tip. codger, long todger. hearty, a party.
stride, was glassy-eyed. Mary, awfully hairy. nephew. come true.
seas. bring fleas. dog. the fog? lad. ravin' mad.
cold, finally told Duncan, and shrunken. fly, left eye.
Roger, old codger. it, shun it, Llewellyn! old felon
alone, my bone, her, effeminate codger, Pugh, was "Pooh-pooh."
carol, was nonpareil; where, his hair buccaneer, an ear'.
tales, with sails, date; "But wait! may, me away,
that, "old hat", hidden, this midden? Penzance, a dance
more, as before. bemoan, cross bone, black. taken aback.
leg; did beg. screwed. was crewed. sow! crew sew,
Hank, mean prank. Bonnet, bellowed, "Doggonit! sin, evil grin,
fools. the rules got, a lot. a, he oughta.
capes, out rapes swashbuckle; a chuckle. -- we sank.
kettle, soon settle. Matt, about that. scrutiny, of mutiny.
Nertskin, exceedingly thin, talk! and walk! Lafitte, my feet;
insincere, base buccaneer. delves, moldy shelves, put, in soot:
put, in soot; leg, a keg. Hood; not good.
laughed, a raft.


piece, increase -- stud, her flood, fate, could sate.
Teach, the beach. demon, among he-men; treasure, at leisure,
treasure, (by measure), aboard!" a board, aboard." a board.
ago, him, "Show measure, his leisure Laffite. a treat
here, that year. deck, a wreck. Lafitte, his fleet.
note; large boat.


Bevan, Britain heaven. Sedgemore, dread war; yacht, a shot,
rising; hardly surprising. MP, to be; flux, of dux.
sex. I perplex? Hugh, pious Hindu; course, I'm hoarse,
shout. Britain out!" sacked, fact -- Roy, boy --
askance; clever dance. weave, to deceive; play. and bray;
Gloucester, did foster; thought, and short; leaderless, Daedalus --
(2005) the way. awry; just why. calls, old halls.
rapt, be apt, UK, of A., Nay, can stay,
mothering, other thing; Parr, six-stringed guitar, no! to go.
success, to impress, beast; not deceased. MP, to me.
clock, limitless rock. grunting, the stunting. Sobriety. for Propriety.
nous) intelligent few allowed, out loud! 'em; burn 'em.
host, a roast. surname, his fame. Ming, he'd sing.
do? is too... Peking, we're seeking. China, be finer;
Kong, got along grand; to understand great, quite late,
pet, will get, sea, Smith, Tory) man, our plan,
huff; the rough. man, EEC plan. Heath, white teeth.
presume?" of gloom, summer, a bummer, summer: hum 'o
Nore): a whore. real? a heel!" creed, good read
side, can hide here; quite queer; act, a pact.
night. wonderful sight. game; a shame. Lyre, to inspire,
reshuffle; a kerfuffle; Cabinet, grabbing it. looks, the books.
demo, a memo. today; to pay. Yanks; no thanks;
ranks; boyish pranks. Tony, quite phoney. extraordinaire, medical care,
tribe, the jibe) Australia; impale 'ya. embers, to remember.
canny, a cranny, Stephen's, and sevens; czar, from afar,
Dundee, the sea; Wapping, go shopping. candour, my grandeur,
Tring, neat thing. attack, British aback. Chirac, invading Iraq,
Blair, Hardy affair. days, to graze. Peronne, 'no bon',
-- see hung? goats, our throats. There, with flair;
Churchill, perch, he'll


Tony, and phoney. fool; Clinton tool. Blair, justice somewhere.
Blair, his lair. lever, fucking forever; Lords, their hordes;
Churchill, besmirch still, short, Disraeli's retort. Blair! a scare.
Major, I'll wager campaign, Blair's plane; Thatcher, match her.
sea, with glee. course; her force. bit; she's fit.
day, to say Thatcher; catch her. Fontaine, it again:
bumped, they thumped, trust, to rust clay, the day.
Tony, of baloney. Hanson, Tories financin') lunch, innocent munch.
lunch, a bunch! lunch, a hunch, recess, a mess.
Iraq, so black, Blair, doesn't care." unfair, Tony Blair.
Blair, their despair. sanity; 'gainst humanity. heaved, how naive
thicket; pick it. grin, can't spin! kissy-kissy, raven-haired missy,
fox; verbal rocks. clown; his down. Blair, do swear.
QC? should be, -- things -- work; not shirk,
scheme, marionette's dream. Blair; still there. politicking; we're picking.
grown, Britons disown spoof, back, aloof, Blair, coiffed hair,
tough, generally rough, tactician, with preposition:


devastations, donations -- Julie. said cooly: droll. the whole.
lazy. quite hazy. Marine. the scene. Hall, the ball."
blood, great flood; guess, and I.N.S. Mueller, turning color,
Rowley, and scowl-ly. gravy, own navy) ostentatious, being ungracious.


compliance, some giants. protection, gross imperfection. leech, us each.
right, with delight. in, deep within, strain, her drain.
brain? in disdain. skinny, aren't many. humming, very mind-numbing;
democracy, a meritocracy. politicians, old Patricians. "adjusted", already busted.
right; and fight. potential, those presidential, Jew, unwed, Hindu,
usurpation, dark sophistication, scum, trade-union chum, middle; just fiddle.
oughter, terrible slaughter". balance-sheet, them defeat, Glare," WASP prayer
crunch, whiney-assed bunch. tick, a click; immutable. even unscrutable.
DC, to see? sissies, with ass-kisses. trust; longer just.
deals; good meals. cool" in school. work? some quirk
do; will sue. rant; just can't Ohio, de Mayo.
nation, profound consternation.


point; to anoint. Republiconvention? to mention, right," named Dwight.
slick; the trick. CONVOKE, their bloke. mention, founders' intention.
conventions, and pretensions. ours. our powers, see, can be,
McCoy, no joy. brief: all belief! delegate, southwestern state;
Enid, delegates heeded, convention, don't mention. convention, to mention.
preaches; his breeches. convene, to screen crotch, a notch,
up. a lock-up.


-- and vague. vague, good-natured egg. glass, his ass.
Meese? nation's police? math; her wrath. glee, a flea.
three-tenths, is immense. Beggs, last legs. -- the shelf:
far, sometimes bizarre-- Premier, and dear. Sununu, you do.
Sununu, you do. Sununu, you do. chair, looking elsewhere
promotes, President notes,


great. won't abate. plane? heavy rain? Pataki, than saki.
gut; partisan nut. attention, shouldn't mention N.J.; every day.
Brown; a clown. khakis, his lackeys, election; the selection.
recall, to fall. gay," other way. right, just might
ringer, political zinger, dude, are crude. career, a queer.
lock, in shock. State, ZANY trait. Mister, kissed her.
had, totally bad. Pataki, than saki. 1849, did shine.


coped, you hoped. "Please, a tease. job, the mob.
sartorial, say "gubernatorial". tussle, Democrats hustle McGregor, egg-tossing beggar.
begger, Guv Schwarzenegger; La-La, big BROUHAHA. stabber, constituents' YABBER,
job, a mob, job, the mob. elan, our plan.
sought, to naught, say. it okay. Roper, or doper.
Expansion, Governor's Mansion. track, I lack. Teutonic, quite supersonic.
Maria, frequently via grand. Davis man. Oak, Universe hopes.
far, Hollywood star,


Djibouti, national duty, see, to be. so. you know?
Bill, but will rational, a passional. far; they are.
blood, geo-political crud. slain, their pain crime, each time,
sainted? somehow tainted? sky, may fly. rod; cursory nod.
brothers, one another. Demude, is crude; Bennett, the Senate,
depiction, Fighters fiction? beggar, au rigor. right. our might!
JFK, a bay unless, we profess. "Hell! is swell.
Gaulle, feet tall. complex, doubletalk text mind, clearly defined,
antimacassar. at Vassar. vacation; utter elation. aghast! will last.
day, Tom Delay. bind, from behind. Shermans, of Germans.
fickle, and Sickle. again, Le Pen. Quinn, are in!
referendum, defend 'em. grammarian, an Aryan, represent- all Deutschenland
pen- mindedly Men- polls, foreign trolls? elves, this delves,
wary, John Kerry. premier, in Baremier, Chirac, to attack,
word, a turd. Regatta, a natter. guy, war cry.
coition, some coalition. both, an oath Cassidy, impromptu mendacity.
scheme, a team. irate, implacable fate, truce, should produce;
virility, abandon hostility. flow, with Mexico. epistle, a whistle,
'em, erect 'em. dish, they're skittish. off; anyone scoff.
NAFTA. We hafta." NAFTA. I HAFTA! pain. to train.
says; Jose Perez. effect, a wreck. Hussein, same --
DeKler' Here, Sir; States; the greats. hope; slippery slope.
peacemakers. and shakers. bitter, is a-twitter. okay, philandering way;
sonnet, story, doggonnit: bombast, the past." tired; longer wired.
Spain, Liberal campaign. begun, in fun. fun. a gun.
how; would wow. tricks, to fix.


Suhato, biggest tomato. rights, at nights. cadets, boat's nets,
nice? sorry'd suffice? coalition, everyone's volition, Taj. British Raj.
hue; have Bapu. Gucci; is Obuchi. war, or more.
year. more biers; Dehli, the belly, true, at you!"
Willie, look silly. deal, Jong Il. dense, all pretense
preoccupied; now tried. Kim, look grim. understood, we would.
election, voter rejection. election, Asian section. Czar, carried far.
Plato, with Nato. coup; to do. expense, Russian offence.
Straight, Washington state. plead, please concede. porous; hostile chorus.
Suhato, biggest tomato. Taiwan, uccess-story phenomenon; support, they'd abort.
pits. the fritz, Ukraine, not insane.


ticker, much sicker. oration, a nation, coward, John Howard.
afraid, has made John. and on. Abbott, grab it.
again; a pain. brood. votes wooed. oil, the boil.
Cat; lying rat. rank; particularly stank. Howard, were showered,
Howard. men towered. time. his prime. dryness, his slyness.
Shire, the wire, rat, old hat. tax, it lacks
Under, Bush-Kerry thunder. say, and gay. day, their say,
need: great speed. Howard; lying coward. aspire? a pariah.
trees, bended knees. abortion," blatant distortion. us; Laboral chorus.
sham; a ham, John; the con. hell, all well.
John; too long. choose, to lose. over, the drover.
neighbor, (John Howard)


deal; finally feel 22, thing through. afford, a sword.
unravel, contentedly cavil, go. for NATO. Belgrade, quite made.
too, were through. arriving, still surviving. hate; Balkans fate.
reprimand. his hand. Belgrade, air raid. Milosevic, inside which
clutch, got much. nation, of creation. cease, in peace.
din! all sin. Lupescu, Rumania's rescue.


-- and then be, couldn't agree Chinese, just appease.
plea, bended knee, see, joke, inherently. too, weren't true
unless, a mess France, more chance. able, war table.
time, was sublime. jolly; is folly. -- Germany --
kudos, U.N. boss. man, my plan. French, the backbench.
war. started before. raved, government caved. internationally, -- invariably.
-- and prance. dance, look askance. UN, preoccupied men.
France, black pants, emphatic, gesticulations dramatic, diabolique, is unique.
right, of light, molten, so joltin',


travel: to unravel! mistake; he's fake. through, could do.
resume, Regan say: through, could do. Alito, Judge Scalito.
High, principles lie. before, opinions galore pork, did uncork.
sterile. pork barrel," Court, the sort. feared. hadn't cheered
tail. in jail. Kraut, a shout." neuter, Junior's pea-shooter,
solution, the Constitution, crave; is brave. spree. with glee.
petite, so sweet. submits, then sits. Thomas, real promise.
press, no distress. cried, just lied." say, Justices play
persuasion, worldy evasion. right; a blight. bench, a pinch.
attacks, an ax. plain, no claim. notions, monkey-gland potions.
Field, to yield. recess, and finesse Miers, justice deniers.
Sawyer, a lawyer. logical, style pedagogical. waited; hotly debated.
devoted, we voted. Miers, O'Connor retires. item. invite 'em;
-- it seems, selected? hardly expected. honor; Sandra O'Conner.
smug; and hug: mystery, in history boast, to toast."
grudges, the fudges again, cautious ken, abort, Supreme court.
tossed, precedents lost. honor, Day O'Conner: Fustus, trust us;
report, Supreme Court. U.S. Lewis -- grudges, has kludges.
repulsive; manic conpulsive. nominee; minus three. consistence, with resistance.
- the smoke. supreme, the scene. restraint, what ain't.
swine. the kine.


Ted. were bred. patriarch, House...a lark. fact, no lack;
began, Kennedy Klan. gloated; Teddy bloated. slick, with chick,
own, the throne, say, Kennedy Way." it. do it.
them," remind them. her, fought her. guess, or less
SACROSANCT, highly ranked. stars, of scars JFK, anyone's pay.
yacht, sweet Camelot Saks, to relax. "Why, since July?
Jackie, plain tacky. passes, screwable lasses, said, the head.
romance, sad happenstance. J.F.K., gala day." wish, to accomplish.
shrilly, feel silly. blimp, a shrimp. toss-- significant loss.
JFK, inspired LBJ. celebrated, sometimes debated fraught. are brought.
it, verbalize it. verse. the hearse. he? could he?
Mike; did like. games, eminent dames, said, he's dead".
fuss, to discuss it; abuse it. rules, our tools.
drips, JFK clips. matriarch, their mark. boy, to enjoy.
rash, the trash, ferocious, manner atrocious. same. the dame,
Jupiter," two-bit whore," trick! his dick, rape. around--no escape.
delay, doctor today. object. morals suspect. is, is his.
willing, she's filling. Free, Michael Kennedy. Bunk!" they sunk?"
safari, darkest Dhaktari, dead; your head. disgrace. my place.
Mass, some ass. Mass, attractive lass! Leigh, Ted Kennedy.
acidic, cynical critic, dim, and gin. akimbo, in limbo--
sin; and gin, sixty-two. numerically true. age; Globe sage.
die, a bye. Ted, your head? slime, his crime.
snores; no whores. deprive, I'll derive. chrome, his brougham,
lot, a lot.


Dole, its toll. relate, to masturbate-- friends, bad ends;
blind, roundly maligned upon, the Pentagon. cites, of Rights;
because, of flaws, budget, fudge it. reform, or stillborn.
CHLOCHARD, chauffered car. impress; they possess; beans, stuff gleans.
hue; and grew. ironic, this tonic. ensconce, a response
stem, and condemn chain? IRS pain? mess, I confess
mess, finding redress. fluster, who cluster Latrobe, to disrobe.
globes, lewdly disrobes. Demming, a lemming; wag, did tag.
Wilde, being defiled. loony-bin, grin -- dim, ways grim,
Exon, all sexin'. dearth, on Earth, Right, the night.
Burton, is hurtin'. replete, feats indiscrete. anything, brass ring;
rigs, like pigs, legislation: the nation. cheers, project appears.
Custer, long filibuster, Condit, quite despondent. Texas, solar plexus;
Appeals, Democrats' squeals, Blagojevich, exceedingly rich. joy, would employ.
Burkes, Congress works, planned, and demand. packed, chasing crack.
houses, like mouses. community: Washington, D.C. Beecham, beseech 'em;
learn, we adjourn. reviewing, to screwing. CROW, I know,
Dumbo? you know. CROW, called negro, look, or crooks
asked, and past esconce, a response divert, of dirt;
fen, called "Congressmen". log-rolling, Nation polling. sent, help innocent
John, ultimate con: Jeffords, neatly severed; go, said no;"
bred, and fed. agree, speech, constitutionally. Knight, orgasmic delight.
addelpated, logic attenuated. bank. can thank. read, has led;
good, they should; guile, a smile; firm, peers squirm.


coot, more astute. bounty, a Mountie. line; just fine.
cry; the sky. Newt; the galoot. sat, the Platte.
hoot, the boot. tongue. not among. do, and crew.
"adjourned", are spurned. knew, was taboo. fit; won't quit.
acute, the loot. sought, were caught. Newt, be moot.
Gingrich: things which wean, seem mean. Newtie, Republican cutie.
magnesia; from anesthesia. Newt, you shoot Newt, obviously moot,
'til, the hill. lax, with tax. today; won't say?
dead, the head. potential. Bill non-essential. flinch, a pinch.
anew, Democratic crew. cute. him Newt." Newt, a coot.
Newt, are cute. Newt, a fruit. Newty, of fruity.
floor, the door. House, my spouse. bucks, he fucks,
groan. been blown. resign, his spine. sour? their power.
delay, Speaker today. it, little credit. fly, the guy.
boot, ethics dispute. Newt; he's hirsute. Wright, took flight.
vaunted, flaunt it. bit; hissy fit. geezers, be woman-pleasers.
Newt? Speaker's repute, cute, a brute. Newt, epublican-leading galoot,


bar; too far. Snyder, inside her. Bennet; the Senate.
Frist, short list; Frist, new twist Bennet, or gennet,
girds, delicate words, roar. a store! door, the floor."
tore. greatly deplore. floor, his whore, retarding. to farting.
indiscretion, souring expression, heckle, a speckle aardvark, New York;
Hillary, of artillery. Hillary, election artillery; jam; bad spam.
remember, York November. -- income growth. luck; politics suck.
true! no clue! far, Celestial Bar. beached? just bleached?
inclined, fall behind. prune. isn't rough-hewn. lust; I must!"
predispositions; more inquisitions. taxes, its axis. said, to bed."
aisle. Democrats smile. forum, phony decorum. McCain, intestinal pain.
whore, apt METAPHOR. suspected) us protected. alarmed; one's harmed.
intent, old gent. -- back when; Lott: Democrat rot!
Lott; he's not. segregation, party affiliation. Pack, frontal attack.
Smed, are dead? Walsh, are falsh. Daschle, minimal hassle,
Texas, writing perplexes. blade, of FANFARONADE. Klan, great American,
Strom, came from... rasp, his grasp. grass. the class.
politico, worst foe, - much class. rely, few ties;
lie? casual eye.


lie, the sky, gall; at all. fate, raging schoolmate.
down, scholastic battleground. guns, more funds). gun, even begun.
guns; and sons. rifles; with trifles. must. innocent trust;
others; it smothers. door; some more. you? compel you
rag. to gag.


galore, and gore. word. ravenous herd. declare, company share.
choose, of views blather; a lather. interestin' merely suggestin'
boating, was noting. Bess, occasions distress, made; well paid,
Hannity, any sanity. stars; from afar. her; a leader.
jest, were dressed corrupt, a close-up. history. a mystery.
hope, Mr. Swope, news. new gnus. climbs, soft chimes
Times, the crimes, suggests, a quest, benign, Senators, fine.
plan, crazy man; elation, wide circulation, insightful, than delightful
professions, risque indiscretions, Terry, rather wary. inflation, great nation.
endure, smutty, impure, passes, social classes apprised, greatly surprised.
myth?" answer with, guess, no less brink, to drink,
ever; not clever. sea, so rentlessly, monarchy; plutocracy --
VERBATIM, deflate him. Cronkite, each night. days; my gaze.
Safire, never aspire.


'im? discussed 'im. keening. without meaning. oil, East soil.
Rabat, it's at." bellicosity, hellish ferocity plan, Holy Land,
cinch! each inch. East, spoiled yeast. shillelagh; went daily.
hat; government sat. East, unhealthy yeast, Satan" am debatin',
Iran, my plan,


Kabul, to school, lame, of game. Algeria, usual criteria;
graves, into slaves, barbarian. gourmet vegetarian. go, his foe.
scat, and that Hell, all well. tanks, of thanks,
Arafat? this rat? nod, merely sod. Janey, less brainy.
brainy; the Irani. Ayatollah, by Zola, dead, his head.
Hussein: me explain late; own fate; Satan. hardly abating.
dance, a chance? Neros, of heroes, zoo, competent, too!)
can, the plan guess, out INS? thugs, bad drugs?
slobs, their jobs, me, more secrecy. reinforced, Miller endorsed;
door, the war. forsooth; unwashed, uncouth. truth. without ruth.
plan, mind can. felled; be quelled; links, sick highjinks.
masses, of classes. news, the Jews": War, a whore.
laws, to pause. spines; loud whines. UN, once again.
Khadaffy, his taffy, Qaddafi, so daffy, Khadaffy, to show-offy.
Land". your hand air, a flair, hell, roach motel.
steam; closest team. diplomat, terribly fat. "Peace", never cease.
UN. shop again. Riyadh, "Gaelic" Jihad. vogue, be rogue;
gone, Fahd's spawn. Yasser, a natter. shame, a flame.
rat, a hat.


eyes, in disguise. goy, brash boy. Kremes, his dreams,
lots, black dots. hand, old firebrand, parrot-that, Mount Ararat.
bellows, feud mellows. see, do democracy. blink. a stink.
insurance, much assurance. "Alas, times past; trees; don't freeze!
hummus, to Qumus. feast, The Beast! bared, camels: dehaired
side, firmly tied, bucking, longer ducking.


centurion, with Ben-Gurion. honey? it's funny. construe, Canaanites, who
Yanks, and tanks. Bill, new thrill. Jew, were true.
-- threw -- stopper; a whopper. clues, incorrect views.
it. know it. news, the Jews"; Begin, famous Fagin.
guys; no flies. boil, the oil. troops; have nukes.
analgesic: guy's paraplegic! scene, Yitzhak Rabin powers; nerver sours.
dike, may strike.


night, seem right. squawk. a hawk. ANDOCRACY, of hypocrisy.
a, grand nausea moaned, be condoned, BRAC, a whack.
neccessity, in Quebessity alike, pike -- "in", will win
spin, they'd win. share, know where mending, deficit spending.
reform, the norm. true; to you. '23, guaranteed --
claim, public domain, right, of copyright; promote, or poets;
far, our chore. dickens, lean pickin's, dowels, conservationists' yowls.
smart, a start, perks, stupid jerks. 1994, get more
money, even funny. D.C. on trees. walls, greatly appalls
resistance, with consistence, absolution, great institution. book, a look.
wax, stiff tax sublime, by line; money; be funny.
subscribe, the tribe. McCain's, for campaigns; flies, MYRIAD lies.
artiste. House feast, grousing, and housing. try, electoral eye,
sought, congressmen bought, Diggs, raising figs. swear, you're bare,
sought, frequently thought nation, spring vacation. know, the quo.
hell, do well. craft, government's shaft, learn, to burn,
states, fantastic rates. President, for rent." honey, soft money;
infected, become elected, hide, Kennedy died. do," live to.
talk, they walk. rebates, competitive traits. see, isn't free.


opined, performance combined, Sly, did spy inspectors, postal directors,
a-shrinking, General's a-dinking; wail, policies fail! smaller, gets taller.
jail, a pail trite, are light. V-mail, favorite female;
female, of seamail. sick, was quick. sloppily, letter improperly.
Rivers, just quivers. pace, the case mail, hot ale.
bail, of hail. squeeze, as these. Midges; was prodigious.
vamp, the champ. drove, treasure trove. pass, First Class.
Drew, to debut. Yale, for bail. scene, is routine.
Lentz, the gents-- Rate; the freight. sticking. silently ticking,
yes. with finesse. sale, carriers quail day. that way.
bitch, their niche, new, is true. "Hurray! to say.
Elf" my shelf": Brett, me get." fools; the rules.
Pickett, her thicket. pray, "Obscure Bay", haste, to waste,


Pornography, conscious biography. horus: nobody's fool, panties, to grand-aunties.
capitalist, be hissed. lockout, the knockout. Longshoreman, amateur whoreman),
bred, saw red. wicked, a picket." rail, principles fail.
vanities, your scanities, office, off his. proletarian, the ovarian
soaring. you whoring?" over, (to recover), day, pains lay.
child, be beguiled. creation, the criminalization pier, rather queer,
fail, doesn't inhale, Marx, special marks plan, Marxist Man,
Pope, of Europe!


miss, of this, -- spelling GULAG. said, be red.
Yeltsin. else in, dead, still red. black, fight back."
lass, her ass. declared, be shared. maintains, your chains.
spot, it not? Fidel? seen, Fidel? Christ! terrible price...
Materialism, called Inferiorism. think, Communist fink, tight-- a fight!
led, his head. disputes, in cahoots? Fidel, to Hell.
brunt, a hunt. Red, you've said, Fidel, very well.
-- did pour. Carter, our larder; communism, a prison.
Batista, Yanqui touristas secure, the stir head. Yazov said.
ruckus, fuck us. chap, terrible flap. knows, Communist Manifestos
"Fidel, as hell. administer, and sinister, four, a whore;
hell, as well. hair, Red Square. maid, frequently laid.
rough, were tough. women, go swimmin'. sight; that night.
Ronald, under McDonald. sour; their power, true? would skew?
underground, were found, bore, cold war; China; is finer.
head, with dread. banish, Communist Spanish red? blue instead?
Lenin, men in; Yalta, at Malta, Tommy, a commie.
sneaky, and Vici, toll, the dole;


dissatisfaction-- that abstraction. corporations, race 'qualifications' cold. even told.
herald, great peril, say, hid away, admit, a bit.
sociology, of psychology. downs, provokes frowns; statesman, States can
fell, will tell fail, alternatives pale. do. do too.
abrupt, to erupt thought, ain't got. fail, less frail.
brothers, our mothers. fight, is right. hex, with sex.
blush. aren't lush. Grover, changed over. cruel, the fool.
I've, be alive. speech, to reach. Pembroker: in poker,
scene: is keen! true; to you. crimes, polemical rhymes.
trample; is ample. found; they pound. election. of defection.
when, and pen power, to cower. on, zeal gone?
history, invented electricity. radical, rule autocratical. HOODWINK, would think,
brahmas, old melodramas, pesty, are zesty. hands; our amends.
roses, with firehoses. Lewinsky, Here" Kaczinsky; sense, or pretense
taught. Buddha sought. knock, all rock; Commander-in-Chief, GI beef.
Mightly, Gennifer's nighty bestow, to show oath: may loath)
swore, was before Constitution, his contribution; OMNIBUS, a blunderbuss,
who, probably do,) God, in fraud. remain, sore bane.
expense, poor recompense. theirs; their wares, fabled, are labeled.
damn! I am. averred, cohorts conferred; sham. a ham.
rhyme, the time, plea: are free, day; to say
admit, un-wifly teat. show, all go. tower. angry glower.
fudges, my grudges: aristocracy, fave), gynecocracy. desire, political choir,
discrimination, sexual orientation. traitor, a crater; fated. he stated.
Stan; big plan. tricks, melancholy fix. USA, nations today
president, all innocent. fun, the one sung, creatures among
king, did cling tale, will fail, precedence, taken residence.
hectic, wisely eclectic. precision, with derision, debate... can wait.
today, would say: Fink, this stink: verbosity, with pomposity.


- a day. race, winner's face. "Treason." any reason.
there." it's rare. schism, presidential jism: sex, a tax;
factor, our transactor. know, to go; kind; bit blind.
Dems; their whims. it, earned it, Critter; and bitter.
pick, Kennedy's prick) left, almost bereft. worse; Congress disburse:
Bush, went smush, screwed; bad attitude. rants, presidential glance,
trans-sexual, are trans-mexual. Rights, insipid fights. Hill, "the kill."
State, all apostates; side, so snide! sated, pages created.
Politicians, Outmoded Positions, DNA, fair play. sick: Bill's dick.
plan, poor man. Quayle, to fail. breeders, bottom feeders.
French. they clench. flight, the night. sense; the fence.
for, planned for, luck; fuck up. trend, perhaps overspend;
Dean, ever seen. knock, their cocks. -- first place.
-- be cleared. polls, the Doles. news-- our ACLU's--
read; is dead. arouses, he espouses, country, to be
mapped, religiosity wrapped; motor, Socialist voter. zoo, Ventura withdrew.
pup, its gup breed, radical greed. Roarch, the torch.
pass, ethanol gas, ends; as addends; subsidizing, stocks rising.
shits, Sam's tits. cock!" from Murdoch, fuddy-duddies; spend cruddies;
breed; on greed. wagon, sexual braggin'. goal, a poll.
guns. reborn Pub-Li-Cuns. house, the mouse. Hell; just swell,
king; nasty things. lies, we prize. line, is fine;
write, shed light fall? the call. -- I'm at.
dreck, Security's heck. propose: have chose, askew; nothing ensue.
farsighted, been righted," "thief"; and brief. zest, a pest.
plan; your man. Theory, quite leary. boozers, abortionist choosers.


apropos, I show, despotic, symbols hypnotic. admit, and fit.
begun, the sun, trained, have "splain'd." fools, neighborhood schools.
nation, get-up-and-go aspiration she, they're free, Bryce, and concise.
MacDole, Marxist soul. day, is okay! book, a crook.
jigs, and pigs, isms; into schisms, Will, wells still,
away, to say: pride, who died. Drum, by some;
done, Earth spun, do: only ensue. free, that "PRCC"
per- every cur place, and race, game, of blame.
true, by you. Lee, clear policy; ours, powers --
Bartholdi; golden oldie. poor, teeming shore, bureaucrat, a democrat.
start, getting smart. say, every day! pride! and wide!
incorrect, shall select. play, slick way,