Limeric Index



Chisick, of Physic. Zorn, till morn; ago, Marie Laveau.
goal, your pole, fly, pray, why trick; fellow sick.
Cialis, with Alice. trite, ain't right; Dallas, your callous.
cabbages, life's ravages. proceeding, startled pleading. bustard. and mustard;
ship, this tip: Maxine, fucking vaccine. Wong, (some strong-
smirked; get perked. Parideeze? heavenly squeeze! Cialis, the phallus
McGill, the hill, corn, I'm forlorn; feared; she steered.
Skye, Spanish Fly. store, and sore. Burma, to murmur.
try, to buy. noxious, burning obnoxious. think: a drink
hotter; a blotter. nipper; are hipper. bad; go mad.
Lima, new Uprima... hipper, Chippendale stripper. dejection. an injection.
Brown; him renown. born; you yawn.


belief, you grief, angiospermous, a thermos. scream? to blaspheme!
know, they show herbal, curb all root; will suit
bowels, any vowels, said, in bed. shiver, you quiver,
plaster; to disaster; chiropody, the property say, the bay,
impart; the heart, appearance, loyal endearance tea, fried bumble-bee.
strove, the clove. croon, well soon." wealth, for health.
I, a try. C, take Z. Phelp, selling kelp.
hard, of lard." Coil, honest toil, Fox, the doc's.
ya, sieze ya, Micronesia, for amnesia: cure, naturals pure,
soak, English Oak, spin, won't again. Jill's, oil pills
hoot. would suit said, the head. Mort, negative sort.
roots, of newts. knave, a rave.


shit; cavernous pit. must, I trust Dallas, my phallus.
here; no fear. angina. your vagina? need, public greed,
pharmaceuticals, be dutiful; mischance; looked askance. Fe, for me!
gills, seventy pills. blessed, couldn't digest. elation, for sedation.
drink, I think not, feminist plot Frank; a wank;
misplaced. does waste. consider, children deliver arrived; folks survived.
juice, to reduce. control, pound goal. required; you're tired.
pills? your ills;


deign, in pain. docs, monogrammed smocks. yell; cheap...bloody hell!
wine; of mine, dejection, of affection, square, about medicare.
field, would yield. nurse, no worse. today, might say;
aspersion, stategy version; worse, now, nurse! Bluff, and tough.
be, humane apothecary. AARP. not ASAP. soaring; no ignoring.
News, last Tues: bits, ultimate pits, curses; be nurses
Granged, patient's deranged. bed, I dread, doubt! get out.
stay, much dismay. fool, plan's cool. came, support flame.
lesion, a squeezin'; days, he lays. Strume, me fume,
shaft; that's daft. dollar, or holler; rule. big pool.
sky, run dry. sick, the trick: brain, go insane.
shoe, be due. slow, ask HMO. selects, against hex;
yield, the field. hicks, so slick. snare, save Medicare.
be, TV -- provider; beside her. best-- grandma attest--
state, our fate. meeting, feeling fleeting, laughing, is graphing.
band, their demands. crime! a dime. squint, fine print.
agree, the fee?


Bud, his blood, angiospermous, a thermos. morn, young Dawn
check, my neck. near, saying, "Dear van, is manned;
say. right away. hate; a plate. red, to head,
three; The fee dices, magic devices blush. would rush,
pain, a cane. today, miles away. chart? please start
eh?" "O K." duty." a beauty; star!" too far;
"OK; me today best. partly undressed Ratzoff, fat pratzoff;
Sheila, Pain Dealer: Madrid, did -- cut-up. butt up
-- can get!" blues, more booze!" -- you'll die!"
bidding, not kidding! denying, be satisfying. groan, melodious tone,
Marseilles, of X-ray. Adelaide, first aid. Boggs, broiled dogs
hoot. birthday suit. Dow. him now. jerk; a quirk.
gland, his hand goes, to suppose those, I suppose.
great. husbands state; stud, his pud bet, the net,
reflection, the connection. ease, pussy disease. dumb, us scum.
Flood, his blood. Couie, "J'ai vouie stroking, the poking
Bruce, try self-abuse. said, in bed. Hannah, metallic banana.


nurse, her purse. confess, care less. Ord, Bushwhacker Sword.
down, the ground. few, the view day, a sway
nurse, a hearse; infection, injury detection, U; to do.
Snow, as Foe. see, for me. gout, the doubt.
shorter; of order. worse, you're adverse: aide, all made.
Ghant, me pant. 201, much fun. nurse, the perverse
Jones, the bones; exquisite, are explicit fetish; slightly pettish.
nurse, get worse. body, and dotty, (tachycardia) a whack.
bloodclotting, alot in stripping, is a-skipping heat, this sheet.
Jane, terribly sane. impression, chosen profession, chance, a glance,
spite, a kite. -- doin' -- turmoil, sweet-smelling oil.
Nurse. bit worse. barged; is enlarged, meanness, prescribed intravenous
hall, your call. nurse, her purse. Dare, down there.
Maud, surgical ward; Shuler; your cooler. Marce, a farce.
HARBINGER, calm infringer, pain. me eyestrain. week. I speak.
school: softy...How cool! shaved; Patients raved! Stallone, Miss Stone.
few, checks too; (curses) of nurses. Liz, the fizz
would, said, "Could said, my head? Cratchitt; scratch it.
specific, one hieroglyphic, so, I go back, a pack
find, have declined. face, racing apace; verse, steadily worse;
aware, hospital where Kay, trouser affray, me? and free.
ignore; I'm sure. binge; the fringe. care, and Claire;
aware, delicate pair 'em; splosh 'em, will, duties fulfill!
grin; sticks in nurse, feeling worse!" luck, so suck-
breath, I'm Beth..." jowly, and bowely. "Son, good fun.
agree... must pee..." stream, a gleam. calluses, prescribed urinalysis.


nurse, a curse. witches. added stitches. nurse, get worse.
adverse, much worse, assist, the twist. IV's, patient IDs.
check. they're correct. McCord, hospital ward. notes, he wrote,
Cratchett, a rachet. floor, never ignore. -- are impressed
elected, persona rejected, -- your shank. Kate; verses, narrate;
ceiling? you reeling? nurse, are terse; boffin' the offin',
verses, of nurses; foil, Miss Coyle. Oyl, did toil;
Frick, look sick. shirt, quite curt. night, tied tight.
Ted, the bed. night, a fright. chums, and thumbs.
down. a frown.


man. head, man. led, so inbred, had, of Glad.
shop, up top, Shirl, a girl, hope. the pope.
less, a success. dress, to caress... chair, the air;
Percy's, suitable nursys, shame, premature game, nursie, private Percy;
door. I implore. rage; a wage. age; or wage.
illicit; a visit. Glock, in shock. Fla.; hospital corridor.
McGill, the pill. care, a dare. bare, to share
hear? my dear? MacMaddit, had it. found, and sound:
green, it mean.


wrong, and long- Florida, be horrider. Dot, my cot.
nurse, to burst; undressed; naked breast. Pete, a treat
audacious; figure bodacious. thought; only taut see, Yippee!
charm, for alarm. curse; got worse. yearned, were spurned
degree; surely agree, bed, my head. improved; been removed.
-- to try sheet, my feet. cool, a fool,
it, take it. all! I recall. wink, probably think
blase... her way. Polly, as jolly. McGraff, low laugh.
urgency, constant resurgency, Dix, for kicks. Graybull, is full.
perverse, or worse) tripping, and skipping. pole, her hole.
-- you freeze? day, a lay. inflamed; culprits name.
baloney, a pony. virgin, young surgeon. Nancy, did fancy.
divested, since attested, rest?" his chest, art, my heart.
brewing; scruffy screwing; Pams, nursing exams; true; underground view,
lacks, a yak's; know, nurses aglow; hose, Yang pose,
Day, the way. McCall, and tall. better, your sweater).
phantasmagoria, and Gloria, room, goes boom-titty-boom. sweet, the street;
white, at night, drool, left school; place, my face.
off-base; the case. near, Your fear DeWitt, unprincipled shit.
sheet, your neat he, to see. nurse, to rehearse,
fate. a date, flirts, white skirts. nurses, wild curses,
it, missed it." loves, Deborah Doves; off! just doff
Doves, surgical gloves; chap, my lap sure, the store,
Kate, at eight; white, and tight, Jim, for quim,
Fred, in bed, belle, you tell?


Kitchener, at Itchenor. went. young gent. bikes," Michael Sykes.
operation, my rehabilitation appendectomy, d'you expectomy?" unbearable!" is terrible.
Kilkenny, have any; sick; the trick, Dix, get kicks.
Ennis, his penis. queried, had varied. plastered, some bastard,
Gellicutt, belly cut. egg. a keg. Briton, a kitten.
sick; my stick. Wedge, to hedge. vision, working precision.
Gleason, tangible reason. Lambier. was queer, Pitt, a tit,
reflected, or dejected them. terrifies them. weather; him together.
toes, his woes. Bill, for real: back. the attack.
Ted, his head. surmise, surgeon excise best, was impressed.
itches, your britches, episode; sinus node. hippopotami, prefrontal lobotomy;
dichotomy, of me. Hare, a dare. suture, any future,
immense." common sense. session, lasting impression. hernia, "Gol-dern ya,
slice," for advice. Fife, his wife. Lear, paramount here!
Hunt, weird runt." Eliza's: change sizes. vision; simple incision.
Nolan, kids semi-colon. far; to scar. whatchamacallit, eyeball it."
arteries, like fleas. foresee, would be. Sir-gent. with detergent.
suture, any future, gynie, and shiny. cut. all but.
Lee, neat apendectomy, note, he wrote. irate, to castrate.


curse, been worse. report. only resort. sight, all right.
Ender, his gender. admits, the pits. shakes; he makes.
knew, calligraphy too. peccadillo, Mr. Murillo... Consternation. of frustration.
saw. really sure)." cystoscopy; a iliostomy. post-bellum; man's cerebellum.
Yawk, a fawk. "ah" a jah. Kamp, a cramp.
fear. be here. alack), is back, dick, is quick
surgeon, no urgin' wide, to ride shout, pull out.
didn't, a glint. surgeon, of dirgin', Lamotta, a rotta.
name, of fame, alack, is back. fear; the year.
said, and spread. Hugh; well overdue; now, his brow.
saw, back's sore; Jack; the knack bind, been blind!
Mac, everything back. Hugh, was new hernia, botch, dernia!
titillation," tingling sensation? exclamation, things moderation. Horner, scorn her,
Keane, and mean; slime, the time. T. key --
McDuff, the cuff... Dell, his belle. Koch, his crotch;
rectory, do-it-yourself tonsillectomy, incisions, in position, back; a whack.
due, or two. floor, and more. watch, his crotch.
begin. staggering in. back; his attack. annoyed, festering 'roid.
globe, parietal lobe. brain, marbles again; uranium, a cranium.
bits?" dear Fritz; here", concentrate, dear. Lee, an M.D.
eyes, I surmise so, for show. hysterectomy; to me;
Krumm, his thumb. gear; are here, wait. new date;
here, surgery dear. gut; it; but "Please, find ease?"
.45; angst overdrive precision, his incision. Fool!", his tool
Clyde, her hide.


lifted, was gifted. win; a sin. shift, competitors miffed,
astray, lady's dismay. pluck, and tuck. away. No way!
heared, he feared, shits, the pits. slack, the rack,
Buck, in luck. see, Dr. Bee; woes, she goes.
pimple; quite simple. Piles, for miles. Rose, her nose.
Horn, was worn. virginity, of surgeonity. trust; to lust.


Marts, rear parts; Cass, her ass. Dow, wonderful now.
smart, political part. started; carefully charted. started; carefully charted.
Larry, it's scary. City, a pity! men, took estrogen.
sack," the quack. goat. his scrote, come; with rum,
nilly, tale's silly, she, before surgery. fanny? loose cranny?
deep. fast asleep, attractive, less reactive, well... not dwell
thorny, if corny: fine, big pine. nannies, middle-aged grannies,
Drake, at stake, drop, body shop Cess, I guess)
it? rob it? fable? their table? girl, toes curl.
crack, dear Jack? 42D's? you sneeze? wet, you pet?
intact, a fact, self-saatisfaction, immediate action. luck; a fuck.
flustered. the mustard. enjoy, a boy. gender, a bender.
foreskin, more skin..." donated, lobes elongated. Gene, a routine.
Preston, lower intestine. McSidney, a kidney, Barts, replacing parts.
haranguing, constantly banging. are, far - S.; complaints, yes.
true, to you. Mose, symptoms arose. pins, or kins!"
shoddy, than soddy; viable, that pliable, -- pubic hair.
Banting, and ranting; Lapeer, and gear. Lum, amputate some.
Souling, been fooling. belle, so well, strange, to arrange
surgeon, it burgeon; Chip, a friendship. Freud! always employed.
Walter, and falter Polk, a joke. Frick, his prick.
mention, his tension. Ryde, rocket inside, dream, did seem
stunt, be blunt; drastic. of plastic anaesthetic, vagina synthetic;
clit, the fit. glitches, hundred stitches. last, full blast.
smirk, should work. penned, the end? mad; so sad.


finer, best gynae- McNair, a bear. success, a mess.
Christine) his scene. transplants, a chance. Dodd, and fraud,
Dolores, pink clitoris. violated, and fellated. Rex, masculine pecs
Grogg, a hog. Jim, a him. penis, tube intravenous,
'em. or rectum?) Tuphet, stuff it. Toby, of Nairobi,
Taylor, a sailor. chappy, be happy. fraud; by God!
miss? a piss, Grady; bit shady. autumn, sought 'im.
snit, a slit. whore, lacking allure. - placed vaginally.
Walter, to alter. penisectomy, to me: morphine?" soon Jolene.
Milt, and rebuilt. Chris, a priss. more? they bore.
Daughter, that slaughter. Clarence, "Dear Parents: want, quite nonchalant.
slit, nice tits. stones. of sawbones.


"Apendectomy", term "Tonsilectomy". me. to me." Bunce, from runts
Milan, a 'can-can'. Beverly, quite heavily. Morgan, an organ.
Schule, his tool. Ware, a bear. Ranger, change her?
Bird, and absurd, Jock, a rock. Porte, too short,
bunk, young punk, putz, it juts. her; deck her.
rich? to switch. Rockaway, cock away. Trail, robustly male,
Breep, in cheap. Bratis, in gratis. Bost, no cost.
Nile, was erectile. Cajon, good bone. gears, his ears.
Mather, a lather. Spicer, the slicer. Pete, rope neat.
lay, did say, Neal, to reveal wait, my mate.
Wister, a mister, Jack, Big Mac. Fran, a man.
sword, of Maud. Crewe, just flew Yeats, have dates.
be, of virility, Brie, for free. overseas; not pleased.
intrude, the nude. rest, ample breast, triangle, did dangle.
say, run away rude, and crude. gall, and all.
Darjeeling, the ceiling. nose, her toes; Gant, organ transplant:
Tony, big bologna. transplants, to enhance. Patch, from scratch.
transplant, was scant. Bower, the shower. flat? all that?
field, Lizzie Bathilde. glum. man's thumb."


comedian, impotence-jokes encyclopedian. blind, sometimes unkind. all's, problem galls.
setback, her crack, sulk! limp skulk, desist! sorely pissed.
addicted, dick did; Cratchit, match it. trick, too quick.
Admiral, her cameral; those; sweet throes. today; good lay.
Niagara, lager, a Morse, him, perforce. attorney) (opera singer)
pill, your quill! drug; I shrug. anew; it too.
grow; you know. boast, to coast. balms, without qualms
pleasure, I treasure. subliminal, was minimal. Lyle, a smile.
sure, all four. enough; too gruff. "V") to me.
who, developments new, think; my drink. indivisible, quite risible.
Cooper, a drooper; pill, sexual skill. pee, vitamin E.
horny; it's corny. quoted, as bloated Reno, and Keno.
dealer, fine peeler. profession, penile erections. magma; like Niagara.
ailin', for retailin'. stoppin' are droppin'. hard-on, start on;
pill, their fill. patch? Thing's snatch? Burma, to murmur.
saint, just ain't. rule, his "tool"; Riser", advise her.
Brown, permanent frown. too. won't do? pill, was still.
McBean, the routine. me; than pee. head, she said,
curse! a purse! good, medicine should. gold, and old.
Bill, was still. there. don't care! up, pick up
best," the test. two; the blue. Borth, set forth.
need; plant seed? one, if one, run, all done,
juiced; ladies seduced. pill; a thrill. do, your shoe;
Rhyll, a dill, renown, down -- Devizes, always confideses.
drifted, they sifted. edition, great erudition, safer, a chafer,
great, the rate. smirk. its work! Peels, one feels,
Boone, too soon. vehicular, in particular. lament, is spent;
hill', Viagra pill. it, begin it. stated, I dated,
eight, your date. prob; a knob. dick? your wick?


CAJOLE, very dole, anymore? the floor? sick, his wick.
Dole; his pole; corrections, out erections; rover, flop over.
coupons, hit upon. Niagara, in Agra; pill; feel ill.
Youth. of Truth. Dole! fantastic roll. cut, a rut.
floor; the door, Viagra, like Niagara.


Kate, eighty eight. dependence, sin dance, soft; it aloft.
director, an erector, Nome, the home. geezer, please her.
Muldoon, third honeymoon. Walter, to falter, Brazil, blue pill.
talker; a stalker. jaded; all faded. advance, my pants.
advisor, rise, sir." Prewitt, "Screw it!" hop, to pop.
Kincade, got laid. mill, history still. frisky, is risky.
older, THE SHOULDER. Andy, like candy. niney-three, ain't free,
Niagara, of pellagra


Rizer, the wiser: enterprising, so surprising, compunction, with unction.
placid; is acid. pills, the tills, must, be bust.
find, shares climbed; Director, pill inspector, womanizer) his adviser,
beatin', big meetin'. disaster, to master. new, thousand two,
stock; your cock. chore, to score. GEYSER, old miser
miser. of Pfizer. nation, joyful elation. good, now should
on, was gone awed, to applaud.


queer, Harry's beer. bind. their mind. masses. of asses.
shaded; and frayded. work, a Jerk break. when awake.
Boone, too soon. effect, to detect. Beck, large check.
lie! know why. prescribe, a bribe) said, in bed.
Brown, a frown. guys, pussy size. say: as foreplay!
kills! taking pills. hearses; these verses. dream, some steam.
true, even you. blue? with you? embrace, no trace,
groom, his honeymoon. pill; with skill. lies; to rise.
mauls, for recalls, rough; powerful stuff. wreck. on spec.
dip, the slip. fuck, to suck; spec, his neck.
dead." to bed." star; your jar. me; twenty three.
Niagara, ten Viagra.


pill; a thrill. gold, I'm told. addicted, than depicted.
codger, the Dodger. L.A., last May. libido; in Toledo.
Bude, be lewd. pill, the bill. traitor, right activator,
more," the store. weed. you need. bed. I'm fed.
dear, to HERE. pop, on top. Wooster; used `ter;
erection, total rejection. Senor, the score." fun, has done.
scene, just sixteen. affection, was perfection. Rx, hefty checks.
me; can be. score, or more, Deagra, taking Viagra;


Fish, his dish. Buzz, it does. flaws, drew applause;
breakin'. still unshaken. river, all a-quiver? Jeremiah, to retire.
boys, the noise, prune. quite soon. loon, silver spoon.
Norwich, of porrich, lims; mind dims. Belfast, so vast,
beset, of regret. age, you gage. lines; fine wines.
score; nothing more. trains, with canes eighty-eight, were irate.
Brady, age eighty. Sid, a kid, Hugh, ladies anew.
are, gone far. rude, and crude; Lew, a screw.
adore, for sure; alive, seventy five, seventy-four, any more."
great! I urinate. theatricks, at rabbit-in-hat-tricks, Christine, was pristine.
clown, in town. Christine, but mean. Dumbo, was Columbo,
marred, his yard. boodle, (the noodle), striving, careful conniving,
far-flung, each tongue, Fritz, media blitz. strive, sex drive."
Ebeneezer! a skeezer. locomotion, a commotion. Grand-dad, some Galahad.
gray. the lay. Larch, freedom march. Hartz, paid tarts:
Astaire, a bear. Pride, his side. Brad, be glad,
Gore, the score. arriv, was give. bean! yet seen
Ted, octogenarian said, James, old flames. Kent, and bent.
today; -- OK? chuffed, get muffed) Drew, of view,
while, evil smile, single; could mingle. endeavor, not never.
Dunningham, shunning 'im. "Well! feel swell; Burke, to perk.
Gott, I'm not, Phipps, polished quips: American, he can;
retire, of desire. Caine, the wane, old, be told,
Lyonesse, "Your Highness, Dill, his fill. relinquished, and distinguished.
played, almost decayed. senility, to debility. Ben? but then
Hinkle, new wrinkle; her, though older dress. HIV mess.
groups. up droops. bad, you've had. Shumate, do mate
Warrick. as Yorrick; guy, as I; ambitious, less delicious
own, old crone; year, I fear. Roger, a codger.


console, and cajole Stan, of man. Algonquin, hero, all-conquin.
guy: can fly; Gray, the hay, Biggles, the giggles.
Fred, into bed. Minnesota, an iota robust, Man's Rust.
Celeener, seen her. Ritz, it fits older; and bolder.
Fred, in bed; Rex, at sex. Mesa; slays her.
Booker, took her. nice, secret vice. bare, some air.
me; you see. again. with Ken. tea. and me,
litter, him bitter. big! amorous pig okay, to play
two, can do... Mizz, real whiz; Vic, "Double Quick."
Spain, -- plain. Champagne, to complain. esthetic, most frenetic,
Hungwell; stung well, bore, for more. away. can say:
fetid, deeply regretted. dilly; your willy, must, my disgust.
Kurtz, slowly inserts, great, they're lightweight. Paine, magnificent brain.
Dewald, bedroom appalled Tacoma, Duchess Carona, bum! my thumb.
devotion? love potion. Galion, champion stallion: greatly, acts sedately.
man! Grand Cayman! doze, firefighter. Those delight, me alight.
gray; first day Buck, he'd fuck. doubt, was about.
types, simple prototypes Danny, the fanny. maid, bed, undismayed,
jet. no regret. fair, escort, Pierre, -- of glitch.
Dintage, its mintage. sought; be caught. correction, an inspection:
song; so long. Creek, his trick; male, grand scale;
complex, gentle apex; power, the hour; fault, to assault;
yang, once sprang; manic. more organic, span, alternative plan,
me, you'll see know, can blow! Connecticut, all ecticut.
grin, a win. -- illegal, complex; dock, his flock.
tool, and drool. grammar; a clamor. Mortie, a shorty.
satin, cat in. Mandan, hand on; accclaim, sexual game.
sensually, French, Uli." note, acrobat, quote, Montana, elegant manner,
Les, to undress. engineer, Paul Revere. Vancouver, move her.
Willimantic; organ: gigantic; near, is clear: Nile, were vile.


ready, Bet he go, new beau, Hoaner, incredible boner,
Dover, a rover. Dale, the jail, smile, the while.
bitter, to titter. fail, be male: skipped, better equipped;
Kalamazoo, could do, Madras, for brass. misogynous, that's erogenous.
Altoona, but soona; twitch, to bitch, Turley, or burley.
Joy; too coy. show, to crow. been? on Halloween.
demeanor," unroasted wiener. Haven, women ravin'; Wade, a maid;
diapers, and vipers, away, to say, floor; and more.
him! and gin. wrong; with song. snit, devilish fit!
then. the den! kisses. got misses. comply; to try.
advice: be nice, wobbly, your jobbly. Hoboken, say broken;
Regina, her vagina. mastered, getting plastered). yearn; me burn.
Zambesi, over easy. lecher; can betcha. willing, life thrilling.
Croup, the soup. Hector, wrong vector. day, or play,
Peach, his reach. one; net one. surpassed," too fast.
Sycamore, pricka more, Flo, tickled below. Jim, for him,
Humph, by bumph, complete, or concrete. masking, sun basking;


dude, the nude. cute. a cheroot. worn? was born.
galore; character, therefore Luton, suit on. wet. my pet.
Willie, frequently silly. Beaners, the cleaners; crude, a dude.
he, at Tralee, unrest, quite distressed. volunteer, no fear?
example, who'll trample Rosov: goes off. Hyde, high tide.
Jed, I dread. lewd, the nude. while: a mile
nude, "I brood said, my head. Castor, sudden disaster.
Detroit, his shoit. meant. evil intent? born, ever worn.
McKesson, was undressin'. prude, the nude. snood, this rude.
say, headline today. sight. and tight. on, and yawn.
Reece, hostile police: bare, at O'Hare. pants? a glance.
unglued. the nude. wear, bystanders stare. saw, the raw.
rough; feel tough. backs, my slacks, Hall, masquerade ball.
care; being bare. park, the dark. unique, athletic physique.
by, do I complain, I'll explain: hence, quite intense,
Duane, once again. way, to play. dudes, all nude.
Peru, should do; Florida, the corridor. bet, playing roulette.
"There, go bare. Brest, Down-Downs undressed. Wallonia, with pneumonia;


nestle, train trestle." clown, his frown. snarl. like Carl,
blow, just so," pinky, small drinky." Joe, must go,"
Lampeer, your career." "Schlitz," it fits. very, a fairy!"
uncanny, of Granny." zeal, I kneel." fine! are divine.
said, truly high-bred) Andy, desperately randy. Montclair, from care
sleep, must keep." Renee, tres enchante," landlady, mysterious, Sadie."
it, take it?" tickle, not fickle."


Powiss, how is guys, and ties. Sam: a damn.
Glover, the lover, vile, a while. Paz, carnal pizzazz.
tycoon, outer Kowloon. cease, a piece Bostick, was caustic.
O'Berk, his homework. true, convince you, do, with you.
chance, latest romance! delighted, is requited Biloxi, be foxy.
Byrne, to spurn. Vernon, ultimate turn-on; York, than cork.
filmmaker, an undertaker. Gimli, comprehend dimly; guaranteed, with need.
blurry, all purry. Hillary, well-used distillery. Cruise: he screws;
toy; me joy; steward, all skewered. Florida, been horrider.
Paz, female applause, Toledo, rampant libido; chest, like best;
think: president's 'kink' glance, his pants, snakes; it takes.
them. tease them. lie. know why? trick, a stick?"
saint; and faint. guys, to lies. Himalayas, sexual players.
do? to screw. whores; without drawers. shade, bills unpaid.
shirts; of dirt. rhymes; wrong times. end, self-destructive trend.
twins. some grins. what! rhyme smut. he, sexual capacity.
Manhattan, but satin, bytes, Saturday nights, Renaud, and go";
around. has found game. are lame: Lou, about you;
Grundy. a Monday; nip, takes grip; lad, his 'nad;
alone), great bone; fail, prostitute Gale. brows, and cows
week. monastery bleak, brag, to gag). hand," my brand.
Wyoming, to roaming. Adam, young madam, Priapism, of jism.
weals: it feels Juan, more on. Dudly, just cuddly.
rage, my age. job, reliable knob. bed, isn't dead,
talkin', and walkin', Rocky, and stocky, smart, or art.
Jay; say "Wahey!". Orme, students swarm. Erie, your query,
Dave, rather grave. esteem, who deem, green; be seen.
Mike, twenty-mile hike, Chris, to kiss. straight, I hate.
watch, never debauch! Silly, Upstanding Willy, know, many beaux.


toes, nuzzle-me nose. Howard, be muscle-powered. Chippendale, will wail.
Milwaukee, quite stocky. Khalil, than steel. disgrace. this place
skirt, a flirt. sex. guys' necks. Blake, much steak.
clean, easily seen. guys, hunk prize. cats, and pats.
you, or two, Neil, of steel; squawked, have talked.
Sandy, a dandy. know, African rhino. slim, her Tim.
Greek, a freak, Lee; of `03"; muscles, want tussles
dig; so big. worker. no shirker. black. the back
street, and eat.


day, to play, Vancouver, erotic maneuver. Virginia, I beginia,
man; cave man. Sam, I am"; IBM, high-salaried quim.
Isadore, would abhor. virility, his sterility. Shasta, himself fastah
Teddy, quite steady. entice, your device?" dreams! and creams!
deficient, isn't) -- tri-nightly, try nightly. past; last --
Pell, sleazy motel


her; no misdemeanor. cruel; a jewel. I, don't deny.
sheep; can't keep. Clark, the park. appliance, in defiance.
Clark, the park. Pisan; a reason, hell, as well.
soul; never cajole Burt; would flirt. male, be frail,
Haslet, has lit. black, the sack; daft, have laughed;
dear, little rear curtail, wrong trail. Gazzinski, old "out-and-in"-ski.
Plumber, a bummer; Judd, hot blood, knees, to please.
pass; more crass, Wooster, a rooster. City, some titty.
stop; the cop. bitchin' Hell's Kitchen, miss, you hiss,
Uptown, get down, fuck, considerable luck, feed, must knead.
Drew, to do. say, did play vigoroso!" love virtuoso.
Matt, time flat. stutterer, utter 'er, Rand, your hand?"
Drew, crashed through. Viking, great liking. Trilling, I'm willing;
Kidd; his id. Boniface, the chase. it. ducked it.
Ted, in bed. Grace, a suitcase. brain, criminally insane.
Corning; the morning street, horribly beat. Binnie, and skinny.
Dave, listeners rave, Arvider, spyed her. luck, a fuck!
glance, my pants. Darius, any bias Darius, and various.
Neville, the level. Padua, a cadua. Matapedia, (meteor)
Eddy, am ready. talkin' and walkin', -- your fly?
slumber, in number. McEwen, go screwin'. -- little mole;
Astoria, blissful euphoria. Biddle, help diddle; undue, thoroughly true.
Wizard? this, heard. scorish, to florish,


Owen, was knowin'. condition, showing contrition, Guelph, and pelf.
Ken; many men, heard", last word; jail, a female.
Cage; minimum wage. Tyrone, the phone; Texas, in sexes.
sat; they shat; Oahu, pa, who fly, you why.
heady, around steady. Dave, a shave. Zeke, a week.
Freud, quite annoyed. Guinea, young ninny. McKay, this day.
sages, the ages, shore, the score. prize, beautiful eyes.
mot'; I've got. conceit, a defeat. miser, his advisor.
Hunth; thoth cunth; splash, hairy gash. bereft, man deft.
space, his face. Trapp, Pro Yap." when, of men.
Weerd, had feared. Knox, a box. towel: and foul.
piles, really riles. frenetic, sound poetic. Jack; some flak.
men? know when? hero, Rome's Nero. moron; door on.
retard, be barred. retard; get hard. retard; be starred.
henpecked, a sect! Joe, say "No." slob. his job
groups: turdish poops. chauffeur; firm's gofer. Beers, his leers;
come; studying some. Rhee, also me. Toledo, tenuous credo
Lex, constantly flex. Edam; special freedom. galore; for more;
muscularity, great solidarity; Tommie, old swami Dieppe; in step.
coast; would boast. bore, his core. Tex, in specs.
grinned, advisor sinned. said, with Ned. Purdue, he slew.
Ambrose, not dispose. Rose, to dispose, Jones, genius atones:
cud, his pud. Rob, a snob. Bob, champion slob;
Wales, the whales, it; erase it. Lockjaw, tort law;
emit, of wit; shepherd. than leopards. Ricky, too tricky.
Melbourne? hearts yearn. me. very frequently, Tennessee, with me.
Graney, and brainy. frogs, these bogs! sneers; some spheres.
knew, a clue! walls, in malls. health; infinite wealth.
school, the rule. hike, two-wheeled bike.


Padder, and madder. chores, the doors. Fink, his dink.
Willy, frequently silly, McDeare, we fear. Klaupt; he bopped.
Fleming, a lemming; fly; could die!" directions. most intersections.
mechanic, panic -- Pool, the fool, Rathmore, bore --
Klan, they can? Mapes, and grapes. heard, old bird
Rangoon, his room. Blackey, and wacky, ball, nice free-for-all
good. he could. dies; he sighs; chopper? a whopper?"
Jones, over stones, Gore, and floor, Ford, couldn't afford.
demo, a memo! Loren; totally foreign. lifter, much swifter.
pest, a guest. jest, he'd confessed West, were blessed.
guest. ironic quest: vest, breast -- Paul, or small.
Billy; are silly. Botts, intricate knots, see; to agree.
Ted, his head. Ealing, the ceiling. feared, which adhered.
McLouth, down South. nightshirt. and pert.


brain, suffering pain); shirt, don't hurt peek, a freak.
you'll, his tool.) out!" a pout. more!" it's sore."
despair, his hair; bright, last night Greek; or squeak.
down", his gown. night, the light). crept, and wept
fix; to mix. ask. a mask flour; an hour.
utter, a mutter; round, the ground. money. that funny.
suck. got stuck dim, and limb, Louise, her knees)
grin, labelled IN, door; the floor; shit! my kit."
sneaking, corridors peeking vest, under arrest unemployable." and annoyable;
go; bit slow." in." a grin, know; an O?"
boy!" I'll employ quaint, certainly ain't. store, maybe more)
smile, a mile, ceiling, most appealing, down, of brown,
about, labelled OUT. frog, our Ogg; stuck, his luck,
call, a ball. black, a jack. luck. of pluck.
Chuck, has SUCK. prong, go wrong, scare; the chair!
today, little delay; fright, first light. while, to smile;
quake; a sheikh, moan, gut-wrenching groan. grin, in gin;
scarf, a half. yes?) his dress. wise?" "Other guys
fear; a year go; I know distressed, his vest.
explain, quite plain,


Pound, and found high, just die. bright, a kite.
Nace, his face. West, ever, impressed. Justin, is busin'.
charizz, a whiz; Ontario, was zerio. Mirella, a fellah.
mnemonic, now chronic. Grice, was nice, White, quite bright.
Hero, above zero; dimmer, tiniest glimmer, unrefined, his behind.
lizards, their gizzards. God, a sod. arts, means farts.
Lyme, simply sublime; small, the hall; Plains, it rains.
draper, of paper; chuckle! the buckle! limpidity, boss's timidity.
sac, migrate back. demon, nocturnal dreamin'. stupid; day cupid.
Raines; great pains. berk, asinine smirk, Beales, silly ideals.
open'; on hopin'. Ellis, the trellis. Texas, men sexes...
theses, our species. here, a year -- so dim;
Blades, watching parades, Pierre, all there; Watton, of cotton.


other; "Your mother cow, it how petro; well, retro.
Yemen, are he-men. grin, and kin. Iraqi, its tracky,
pan, hard-hearted man. Khomeini, and brainy; hash, Westerners' trash';
Korea, got gonorrhea!" Khomeini, my beanie, erroneous, most sanctimonious,
retort, Navy escort: Khomeini, followers zany: -- deduct --
loon, off soon. Ayatollah, console ya: Bani-sadr, foul water,
inveighed, and prayed, Fazil, accomplishing nil; made; heavenly glade
allow, and now cow, a row. see; to me.
caparison, by comparison error, prefer a led, it's said.
instead, to bed told; and cold. now; and how!
Prophet, a profit. fanatic, his attic. can, or "EYE-RAN"?
truth, terribly uncouth. late, a mate, Clyde, trans-desert ride.
sheik, and spake: strives, fifty-six wives. Saudi, and gouty.
Sudan, timorous clan wait, end fate. Simon, shy man
in? mounting chagrin. Abdullah, his mullah; shoddy; the wadi,
mine? my nine East, Iranian priest, Kuwaiti; date, he
Khomeni, plain. He clerk, at work: oasis, made faces
note, a moat. us, nuke us. lurkim' some virgins.
Ali, suspiciously pally, scary. the prairie. lard, think hard.
rubies; girls' boobies, Satanic, blossom titanic. Abdul, his tool.
wives, their lives... tent; was bent. muezzin, the blessin'.
kin, and din, comic, dupes astronomic, pest, the best;
kissing. you're pissing, class, looking glass. anywhere! and Zaire.
Doyle, be loyal. get, American pet. strife, become rife.
virgins, your urgings. Kuwait, to berate. Shag, mummified hag?
Saudi: say howdy up," Mr. Jacob, Ayatollah, of Gorgonzola.
Barum, his harem. Ayatollah, "Boola, Boola," Riyadh" of Jihad?
way, in today. gender, is tender; Dik, great kick!
Guard, as HARD, obese, of geese. King, his thing.
a, owed a


schools, the rules. year, questions appear wall, "
slumber, wrong number. stores; doors -- KKK; same way.
sweets, blackberry treats; skin, the quim, brain? that's insane!
bigger, I figure. conversation; your infatuation. -- always before
girl, a whirl. man, "Dapper Dan." guy. a sigh.
defeat: not complete lay, U.S.of A. Cleft, so bereft,
dumb, people numb.


Cod, Greek God, Assisi, is he? Jake, a mistake.
Australia, a failure. Grist, to resist. Mick, extremely thick.
wit, of grit, khakis, utterly whacky. it. buy it.
Fall, his call; Dunsany, of Brainy. nation, "Changing Station",
used, quite enthused handy, or candy. gravy, and maybe
Dunkirk, to work. right; new height. clothes, his nose.
about? your snout? geek, are chic. wimp, and pimp.
gay?" "No Way!" lame. a shame! alone, the phone.
Finck, to think nose; he chose. edgy. toothless veggie."
out. thunder about. Kilkenny, a penny; confidence. have competence?)
working, is smirking, crude; my attitude. Bellingham, telling 'em.
story: bore, he Horn, was born, nudist, be kissed.
mausoleum, te deum, Martin, always partin'. Erie, decidedly leery
lout, lassie about. Gonzales. of spondalez dipstick; piss quick.
only, Mr. Cronely mouth, with Ralph. tired; life expired.
steel, a feel. Creek, a geek". Kate, a date.
her, much older. locality, agile mentality Meek, no mystique?
Pape, fighting shape; git, with zits. beshat, the cat.
intellectual, quite ineffectual. toothless. I'm couthless. week, little creek.
"janes" great pains Basques, to ask; Luft, and puffed,
Beckwith, neck with. Apuliar, very peculiar; Trelawny; name corny.
man-- lights ran; Shegrin, to begin. McNares, on airs.
Nome, sun-deprived dome. Wood, he could.


Debate, at that," cool, a fool. first, his thirst,
ice", some dice, you. more true. skies, a surprise
Dallas, bright borealis. November, to remember, weather; snow altogether.
bed, my head. said, my bed, room, gathering gloom
fear; my ear screamed. just dreamed air, utter despair.
earthquakes; and shakes; he, meteorologist fancy, night, he might
jokin'; what's smokin'. here; all clear. Mitch; little hitch.
Heaven, Twenty Seven. shrill, me still.


Eskimo, the snow. delux, and ducks. beer, good cheer.
keen; beautifully green. July, the sky, drought. restrictions about.
brown. drooping down. advance. a chance. flowers, wee hours.
bath, their wrath. out, this drought. about, large waterspouts.
gold, ever sold. fooling, been drooling. charming, considered alarming.
political, are critical. warming; can bring. respect, Greenhouse Effect.
dream, to gleam piece, certainly cease. southwest, the best.
bakes, the lakes; sure. certain allure clothes. heaven knows.)
toast, like most, feed, the seed. bare, gets fair.
Mel, named Hell,


leaves, Ask Jeeves. fine; finally mine. best, anniversaries blest.
best, no rest Gray. the way. revealed, is unsealed.
sisters, us misters told, too old. October. a dober-
showers, some flowers, cool; the pool. sit, bloody Brit,
freezes, it seizes her. probe her. dustiness, estival lustiness.
EQUINOX, wintery locks, gold, and cold; preach, the beach.
Ricky, and sticky. sticky, dunkin' dickie; Hicky, it's sticky,
feet, the concrete. hit, a fit. trees, the breeze,
freezin'; bleak season. won," the sun. spring, full swing;
beyond, I'm fond. go, without snow, Spring, same thing.


absurd! dried-up turd. day, my way?" se, spectrum-bursting ballet,
bespread, and red, October, arboreal disrober. hay, to play
discontent; and bent. way, this day. fire, of desire.
here, and deer. year, hold dear. Fall; a ball,
Autumn, the bottom. astounds; into mounds; red, be shed.
descends, it portends... days, to laze enthralling, been falling,
maidenhair, the air; gold; amber, behold; between, bright tangerine;
abound, crimson surround; hue, burgundy view; fade, tones invade;
today; our way. September, an ember. Niles, brought smiles;
autumn; caught 'em. away, each day; today, jaunty beret,
feet. be beat. dead, the shed. blur, will deter,
clear; so near.


snow, far below; grow, ice floe; explore, they adore;
arrived, are revived; roses, shed clotheses. duckses, and buckses,
blooming; are a-zooming. flower, magical power. grief, was brief.
I, coke; I beer; did appear. raining, start gaining,
bring, most everything. year; I hear. light, the night.
day, your way. sing; for marrying. stirring. its occurring.
blow, showery flow, house! spouse -- fairy. "He's scary."
wrong! day long. heat, no sleet. West; the test.
sleeping, and reaping, glow, do blow. Spring! it bring
sudden. are buddin'. snow, that blow; spring, did cling.
Spring; season bring? crap! all claptrap. bitch, master switch.
abounding; are sounding. rain, of pain. contrived, has arrived;
-- ascend -- blooming; are grooming. smell; will excel;
it; exclaim it. distance, winter's resistance. broken; both spoken.
moon, and dune day, nice bouquet. hunch, a bunch,
growing; are a-showing. you; like glue; nearby; let's lie;
sent; juices's scent; rule, precious tool; Spring, take wing.
Spring, can bring. Spring, to cling. Spring, goes "Ping",
Spring; cruel sting. Spring! dumb ding-a-ling, Spring; porch swing.
Spring, sing -- Spring, such zing, sprung, of dung.
today, say "Hey". growing... clouds...breezes blowing... lawn! going on?
day; favorite jay. day, far away. spring, they sing.
air, those unaware. blooming; are booming. Chloe, it's snowy,


heat, a treat. shade, degrees Centigrade, high, the sky.
relate, horrible rate. Sun; some fun. hot! you not!
say; girls play. fine, the sunshine. multiply; are why
trotter, in water, nigh, did fly, sun. be done.
see, around three, so! vain show bloom, with gloom.
fly, and bye. bad, a tad. John, shining upon
dry, for pie. dissipated, strangely elated. learning, summer returning:
nagging, and dragging, July, flying high, gaiteiro**, a tornado,
nigh; of July); here, a beer. breeze, to freeze.


old, on hold. spell; to swell. Jones, his bones.
here, little cheer. winter, winds enter winter, wind enter
Hill; and rill. bidding, there's skidding, freezing, stopped breezing
lost, the cost? me. likes festivity, beauty; or bootie.
Marianne: streets again. right! a fright. appeasing, so pleasing,
breeze, her knees. dying, are crying. renowned, walkin', icebound.
Boze, never propose. Mass. Yankee lass. Ming, no zing.
brief. a thief. known. and moan. pass. the glass,
nights, lover's delights; grey. the day? child, or mild.
snow, by moon-glow, hot! have got. inland, a stand.
freeze, the trees. trees. winter sneeze, flower, her power,


boast; the most frost; much cost. prepare, coming, beware!
through, that blew Ray, unusual day, trees; "Stop! Freeze!"
speaking, been freaking, pray, snowuy day." fun, did run.
gray, the bay; dogs, and fogs. me; ugly slimy;
clear; my dear. dogs, amphibious frogs; become, choose from.
worth; no dearth. gale, occasional hail; Gert. she'll avert.
aground. then drowned. snow; I know. night; up bright.
strong, your dong. outside, it wide; Duquesne, the resne.
bright, light tonight. grinned, to rescind. sky, to fly;
sea, spinster McGhee. blast, our last. pleasured, and measured,
go, to blow. go, it snow. much, and such.
master, way faster, dry. the sky, sky, came by,
doused; get soused. cease, do increase. want; can flaunt.
chance, sans pants. off. don't scoff.) through; your shoe!
strip; off whip. inside; your guide. meat, perfectly neat.
eve, in sleeves, oracle: thy coracle. logical, things meteorological,
Kalamazoo, cannot do. see, the tree, white, unusual sight,
bro, any snow. CHILLY! my willy. grab, a slab.
falls, Utter balls! treat, infernious heat. warm, the norm);
Eve; to receive say? thunderstorm, eh? name, that came.
thrills! the chills. poured. its sword. said. with dread.
deride; lightning inside. wonder, to blunder. weekend, to spend
Troofoff! professional goof-off; Rangoon, raging TYPHOON. TYPHOON, does maroon,
Estrella, enormous umbrella; swivel, phrases uncivil. -- heat, yang.
power, all cower, Spain, of rain. flowers, in bowers.
Mary, to tarry


Andrew, and drew Carolinee, palm tree, light. the night.
call, the squall. she, the sea, stark, long dark,
pain, to Maine. Floyd, to avoid. tomorrow, the sorrow
drought; is about. down; in town, wood. we could
sun, his run. done. its run Katrina's, the cleaners:
blow? hurricaine go? mother, my brother, fate, hurricane state,
a, as Katrina, Katrina, paranoid schizophrenia. combine; power Divine,
Bob, to sob, uncouth, big mouth, yet. the set
go, and blow. hurricane, Orleans again. best, bit west.
better, ain't wetter; Opal, something awful. around, tumbling down.
disgust, you must, nonplussed, and cussed, call, the fall.
hurricane, of rain, true! to screw. enough!" was tough.
Wilma, thrill ya.


Tunney, said, "Honey, town; feel down. weather, strangers together.
drought, go out, Rowe, would snow; Alice, a palace.
shows; they disclose; blows? and flows? grandiose, and lows;
snows, sunshine glows; Heather, letters together. -- not frantic;
tricks, a fix. funny! for money! weather, come together?"
meteorology, on chaology. nigh, the sky. sky, drifting by;
slow, I know appear, or near. Quebec, his neck.
hurry, to scurry, Lowe, and snow. please; me wheeze.
Astor, a weather-forecaster. flinches, Miss Lynch's. great; of late.
green, has been. streaks, of bleaks. Phil, the chill;
sheet, the aesthete, refrain, my train; hail, from Wales.
frown, beateth down; in, of obtaining Dillow, often billow.
brain. is insane, exquisite: a visit, stitch; a hitch.
degree; the pee. dear; F here. drool; just cool,
here, this year. best, be impressed. frown, pilots down
Paw, Sioux squaw; depressed, we're blessed. snows, with rose,
around, terrible sound. street, races retreat. go; to snow.
go, just overflow, unique, to critique. pains, monsoonial rains.
by, TV, Hi-fi, Peetie, was sleety. weather, even leather
suit. jaunty salute. snow, go slow. true, of you.
nice. as ice. Bay, breath away. rain, a pain;
snawin'; ma lawn. today; ameltin' away. rain, melted again.
under; and thunder; amazing; sunshine a-blazing. extol; the cold,
degrees, to freeze; hot, it got. degrees, and sweaties.
buck, my luck weather. get better. rain, a strain.
name? a shame. grey; that yesterday. Belgrade, the shade.
town, his crown. best, the west. here, so dear,
Heather, the nether- station, strange situation, hello. to snow.
shows, wind blows. blow. to know fro, it goes.
think, a stink; air, to bear. instruct, we duduct,
fail: or sail, Jill, near Brill. -- and Chad.
falling? surely appalling.


wits, to Fritz? payable, infinitely delayable; looks, and nooks.
counts, in accounts. renewal, agent who'll bent, red cent,
tale, for sale. charity, like me. score! a bore!
Nina, be greener, mine, to dine, Virge, to merge,
Tod, currency odd. many) Lincoln penny. money, really funny.
Sonny, of funny! Gizzard, the yard. recession; that impression.
session, tough lesson. found, "Fool around?" events, much sense;
tunes, girls' swoons, great; your mate. best, a rest.
L.A. they say. proposition, master logician. say, any way.
crawl, to fall. again, Olympian men. it. stock it.
be, and free. honey; nor funny. Senna, a tenner.
soar, keep score; barter, Joe Carter. -- they're worth.
crime, a dime. GDP! a spree. miser, financial adviser.
dread; it unread. Quicken; has thicken' facet, greatest asset,
claim; the same. sure? one before. he, found funny.
money, so funny, Bombay, luck today. Knox, their cocks;
agree; some charity. Pettit, get it!" State-- all state--
collision, adjuster's decision. allurance; the endurance. many, for any.
Clore, the poor; tuppence, the thruppence. Kent, and cent.
merry, riches PECUNIARY. Purity, maiden futurity, old; with gold.
now, and how! true, will do. away, sharp CPA,
great; to date. Tucks, green buck$, D.C. everything free.
must, in trust. nose, thing grows. Bassets, various assets,
honey?) lose money. keys; the breeze, praise; a raise.
Rosie; was cosy. went. her intent. sleep, quite steep.
past, and fast Mahler, a dollar. spent, of intent.
text, do next declare, and square. stand. and grand.
gold, recession's foretold. told. of gold. strong, a song.
wealth, society's health; care, isn't fair? Lee, a spree;
dismay, a day. Astor, a blaster.


convinced, it evinced, crime, and rhyme. Coots, no boots.
account, substantial amout. dough? to know!" deal?" and seal:
square, and there. see, really be. said, the red,"
walls!" she calls, banks, with thanks, semi-trucks, and shucks,
dinners, and thinners; account, the amount. checks, smart alecks
francs; no thanks. rounds, nor astounds, mall; to ball.
ATM; from them. loan. good phone! bank? now blank.
nose. we suppose. Kilkenny, one penny. spends, vainglorious ends,
banked, was thanked. thanks." your pranks. convincible, her invincible,
be, sound industry. dawn, well overdrawn." design, check signs.
poor, the door. Schmeck, your neck!


Kent, all spent, coming, creditors drumming, Court. debtors purport
chair; devious pair. buck; of luck. out, no doubt.
Exchange, exceedingly strange. cases, pulling faces. due, of you.
in; O. D.'in. Nash, not rash. cent. for rent."
Hortense, than sense. Maud, by fraud. remembered, so dismembered.
fuels, mortgage renewals; 24K? for display. collection, quick-peek inspection;
sure, and pure. Tibet, large debt. dole; its toll.
Sue, generous, too. Thayer, got grayer. refute, we compute.
Kent, a cent. money, peculiarly funny; Best, to invest.
Grambling, her rambling. expound, go 'round. ill; gas bill.
mail, for sale. red; my head! red, your bed;
today, good lay offer, his coffer. affair, I declare
friends. make ends rent; all spent. eye! to try
store, to soar; Adrigole, the dole, psalm, his palm;
Chuck, a buck. mine, this time. see. for free.
forgets, outstanding debts. before, the drawer. Gus, old bus.
jetsetter; a debtor. lie, ain't I, Lance, landlady's pants.
sent: a tent. Gene, a bean. plumps, it jumps.
afford, his gourd. request. a pest. Sydney, or piddly.
wed; were dead. banker, much rancour. confessed, staus depressed.
Munn; no fun; cursed. come first. ten? "That's when?"


Budapest, her vest. stress, get blessed. due. feel blue;
screw. are you Venus, was heinous. Venus, was heinous.
bury, talks monetary. Lisa, detestable geezer drop, top --
fantastic! and sarcastic. Kent, did present. plastic, pleasure fantastic.
Lisa, in Pisa, us, platinum plus, Teresa, of Pisa.
fantastic; the plastic. folder, much bolder. cards, by yards...
check." fiendish fleck. Leeza, old geezer. Glover, above her;
Pisa, Lisa -- brothel, very well. pound. is sound.
Franc; the bank. place, 'Master Race'. distress, a mess,
drastic; isn't elastic, large. a barge. Pisa; named Louisa.
Inverness, Loch Ness. Heaven, digits eleven. Leeza, squeeze her.
bend; I spend. sex! are wrecks. Pisa; named Louisa.
F.A. long way joke; Holy Smoke! away, of Hooray
type, without hype. crass, large lass, blight, is alright.


Marks, in parks; quarter, for slaughter, twenty-four, a whore,
twenty-six; our licks low, of dough, divine, buck twenty-nine.
hi-di-ho," very low. Sea, protested vehemently, Truro, his bureau,
planned, don't understand. hype, but tripe; lot, her twat.
true, in two. lowly, quite slowly; when, cried then
thirty, get flirty whorehound, crossing year-round. phony. and moany.
pound, a mound son, isn't done. Japan? that plan.
holler; the collar, do? buck thirty-two! true, anything new
mention; good intention, cheap, come creep say; side today?


Breech, Father Meech. Belle, the spell. sought; all-purpose shot.
Dave, to save. donation, vote approbation. tell. sound swell,
it. no credit, candy, and Andy. -- and sex,
Honey, as funny. found. Irish ground. know. was "Euro".
Jane, a pain. Bill, I will ya. fear ya
subscribe, will oblige." Hackett, his jacket. holler, a scholar;
pub, a chub;


go, lie low. ink; must shrink. sorrow, off tomorrow,
Ex-wife. The Knife. abuse; you lose, 50K; for today,
corporation, oil exploration. Marge, a barge. it. said it.
Embers, timer remembers. Milan, a van. home, all alone.
budget; misjudge it, Bret; to fret. it; forget it."
Blanc, a franc. spot, IMF pot. ya, try anesthesia.
Si, could buy, Shark, his bark. Jones, from loans;
Bryce; too nice. Beach, arm's reach. Dow-Jones, Republican crones.
it, doubt it. Saxmundham, ventrem rotundum. hole, the dole.
you, is due. Nantucket, fuck it. spurious, when penurious.
bank? quite blank. Limerick, very quick. Lidddicoat, a note,
forty. looked sporty! - a chore. inside. and wide.
steep. real cheap. around. friendship abound. slated, slightly belated.
Lyme, a dime; Bunny, everyone's honey. McGee, dollar fee."


Brenda, and tender, Worth, his mirth estate, funds disipate.
Nemer, and leaner. Gillian, silly 'un. tender; big spender.
Earl, a whirl. charity, a spree. Betty, wasn't Getty,
test; my best. duty, your beauty, seek; island Greek.
see; to me. three, you see. bread, his head;
Tuckers, be big-buckers. toils, he soils. Gaines, his brains,
Ute, his loot: lnclon, it on; Mona, about Arizona.
(Baronet) playing f(t. lottery, into dottery,


collapse, ethical lapse fig; a prig. Levin, a seven,
four, would soar. Joe, cash flow; Lou, true blue,
soaring; happy, euphoring. floor, is more battered, retirement shattered,
dash, your cash! trusted; no mustard. NASDAQ, his shack.
"call", analysts all, accords, top boards, affair; the flair.
shares, his Bears. parted, water uncharted. Bryce, "good advice;"
know, hard blow. fall, the wall, Nash, were rash.
Boyne, Des Moines; flames, to proclaim -- greatest decline;
think, we sink. eyes, will rise; chips, her hips.
maze. or maize. Tibet, the Net. went, more percent.
irate, their fate. Gabby, and scabby. rent. seven percent,
Dow, you now. nation, loftiest station. source, custodial force,
Fox, biotech stocks. material. feeling imperial. play, not delay.
Frisco, and Cisco. tycoon, "Make room! bust! a must!
sure, in store. laissez-faire, the bear; shrewd, ...all lewd;
surgers; big splurgers. UpwelI, never excel. lot; is fraught.
funny, ain't sunny. well," the smell, strong; go wrong.
true, will do? sunny," my honey. Brock, of stock.
peril. are sterile. pith, a myth, Slade, brokerage trade.
Nash, for cash. fliers, stratosphere buyers. floor, is more
doffed; buy Microsoft. Flanders, and panderers. "WOW!" jackrabbit Dow.
com-y. without qualmy Slade, young maid. insight, shed light.
sin, stockbroker, Flynn. Kline, doing fine?" ventures; and debentures,
Mable; was able writ, one whit. sang, executive gang.
hoc, of stocks, spring? a king? Priceline. did fine.
saying, Supreme's nay-saying, weird, first appeared; fear, my rear.
thought; sell short. short, to report, snorts; bad sports;
blue? come true? thump, a bump". stock, in hock
illusion; for dilution. S.E.C. to see; Wen, and when,
invest, thoroughly messed. Kong, totally wrong) Arkell; to foretell.
say, the Day. Porthcawl; could crawl. God, the nod,
Muffet? Warren Buffet. cow, a bow. theory, syndrome uncheery.


counts, large amounts. beach, my reach. today. to pay.
brim, be trim. Max; he'd wax. yet, can bet.
Cohen, or goin'." appraise, and ways. such, a touch
burned, stability yearned, awoke; longer provoke tension, I mention
Sax, her tax. distress, was B.S. Keating, tax self-defeating.
faxes, often relaxes: be, and mercilessly, Mazey, him hazy,
earn? to discern. inflation, Federal disinclination, Zend, you vend,
say. some day need, Mr. Speed. -- sacred trust
Inflation. us deflation. -- and sold. quicken, arteries thicken,
vaunted, the undaunted. then, were ten). lawful; a crawful.
inflation, our station. said: be dead. tarry, you carry;
dignified, great pride. try, you cry. soothsayer, a player.
hear, the rear"; rate, in 28, groan; only postpone.
ax, a tax. womenfolk. I misspoke." said, dead --
bet, always get; stacks, panic attacks, faxes! increasing taxes.
plow, his cow. cheat, must meet. tacks. any tax.
is, of taxes. fair, has hair inspect, can detect
see, and Tracy, two, pair through oneth. is funth.
fail, your travail. becomes, just benumbs. dough, to grow.
Honey. of money. Max, girl's slacks. Third. the word,
hears, upon volunteers. unclad, his pad. it. circumvents it.
debate; pay-it-now, rebate. chatter! don't matter. here. let's cheer.
shock, R. Block bread, really dread. know, tax dough;
spot. I've got. inflation, deep cerebration, saxes, and Faxes!
screw, different view. us, citizen's ruckus. fall, a crawl.
imply, ever lie. taught, be sought. fullbacks. about climax.
think, the ink. deplore, in store.