Limeric Index



Bombay; would play. troubadour, was poor. hand, his gland.
fine: the wine. Puckett, a bucket. Rangoon, fine tune.
Bart, Beethoven fart. Lorne, a horn. Ming, a sing.
parts, musical farts. Shriner, a diner, Bude, a prelude;
Janus, his anus. McGee, can be. Verona, a canzona,
Beers, the ears; Chicago, called Margo, Rangoon, the moon.
class, her ass. fruit, you toot. Rangoon; a tune.
pygmy, loud borborygmi. that, it's at, Pere, martial air,
class, can surpass. extrude, and rude. Ayr, favorite aire
amicotti, her potty, Newcastle, a parcel. Korea, her rear.
Hawaii, on papaya; symphonic, philharmonic -- corrected, never inspected
Keats, dare-devil feats. Bartz, like farts; art, peculiar fart.
Berlin, as sin. Rowell, her bowel. Root, the flute.
Amos, was famous, Biloxi, to Moxie. Rheims, coconut creams,
France, a dance. art. his fart. Descartes, bean tarts.
known, porcelain throne! Rangoon, fine afternoon. invol- kettle-drum roll;
methane; anal strain. Schwartz, loud farts. anus, pain us.
Descartes, bean tarts. busting, from lusting. extrude, but rude.
Lorain, a pain. Lance, a prance. Ellis, too zealous,
Bart, his art. Tanner, this manner: Savannah, peculiar manner.
Montana, strange manner. lieu, a clue. notoriety, of society,
years, best symphoneers, Tammy, in Miami. class, did amass,
Swartz, no smarts,


Sparta, magnificent farter. persuasion, any occasion. Sparta, could barter.
starter, fine serenata. Cantata. the Toccata. jazz, of gas.
rare, to spare. hum; his bum. Sparta, Royal Charter.
Blur, for Cher. form, French horn. finer, a diner.
supersonic, compositions symphonic. beans, movie themes; Uranus, his anus.
asshole, a castle. perform, Overture Storm. style, a mile.
tunes, like bassoons; Valkyries, its knees. merry; Sugarplum Fairies.
manure, Tell Overture. style, a smile. admit, one bit,
ass; be passed. exploded; bowel overloaded. balloons, the room.
Sparta, our farter. styles, in smiles; Sparta, and farter;
rhyme, much time.


Carter, helluva farter: Carter, appeared smarter. Elliot, smelly, it
Elliot, belly, it Rangoon, a boon. Rangoon, flatulent goon.
thing; and zing. aspire, much higher. room. to loom.
few, actually knew tune, the Moon", key, is me.
Marine, the Queen." Marine, the Queen". Marine, the Queen".
mean, the Queen. Palace, old Alice. Petomaine? he'd disdain.
arty, of parties. Bager, high wager, play, afarting away,
bummer. a hummer. thing; the thing grin, you chagrin),
glass, reflected ass, -- connections limbic. vagrant, flatulence flagrant.
goat! explanatory note: note, "a groat". rhetorical; are historical,
job, my knob, shilling. be willing Kowloon, new tune.
out, no doubt. arts, souls, imparts. belch, are Welsh.
planner, musical manner. spring, same thing. bets-- his debts.


Art, the mart. spell, soon fell. Birch, during church.
discussion, anal percussion, debate, named Tate. -- fight 'em.
Rowell, a towel. Tanners, bad manners. tea. would be.
affair, "How rare Di, going awry; cart, my part.
Croup, his poop. June, great tune. agree; the sea,
sound, thunders around Dewitt, would admit less? our Bess;
coast, upon toast. endowed, and loud. said, be fed."
school, the rule. tart, fizzling fart. expel, a smell.
Vincennes, resplendent amens: toast, ill-mannered host, Ron, wicker futon.
tea. would be: Pound, world around. blast! so fast.
mine, the line. loud; a crowd. night; airtight --
Slade, a parade. heart, to fart strumpet, a trumpet.
scumpit, rump, it Stu, a didgeridoo. Montmartre, his fart.
bowel, loud growl. Air, hot air. Biarritz, into fits.
class, his ass. Encino, take Beano. spread, red head!
crowd; out loud. Hart, she'd fart. carp; reflexes sharp.
Bart, a fart. occasion, for oration. Chicago, a cargo.
Kent, just meant art, named Bart. flatus, his fatus,
around, with sound. pull, nostrils full, Hake, a lake,
State, terrible rate. Matanzas, hundred stanzas. suck. a schmuck.
harp; in C#. South, their mouth. Lynd, have sinned.
Bass, her class: wide, deep inside. spoken, a token:
using, quite amusing. say; hucksters away; Bruton, of pootin'.
known, one groan. Bart, overly smart) Bakers, wind breakers;
Hartz, wind-breaking arts.


adoring, was boring. strong; moves along, Browder, and chowder,
"Beerfart", my art. crumpet, mountainous strumpet; means! it seems:
Snell: by smell. Scheering, a clearing. blunder, from under
feet, to meet Durane, of methane. under, than thunder.
fair, button there." Bristol, called Crystal. queens, their jeans,
startin', to partin'. morn... and forlorn. under, thighs asunder,
tart; the start; fly; and rye. Tooting, was pooting.
MacMartin, part in. vibration: the nation! blast. at last,
Bart, to fart, Smuts, his guts. linger; my finger.
art, echoing fart. gas, her ass; thinking; was sinking.
pit, putrid emit. Hoke, his poke. Louise, each sneeze.
Braithwaite, sprouts ate. wares, ladies' stares; Mart, me start.
Giles, for miles. Grecian, down Venetian, blast, metro aghast.
McCart, than smart,


fart, bellicose start. part, his heart. will; big thrill.
tarts, and warts. refine, the vine. Belize, a breeze.
smiles; grocery isles; apart, pretty smart. tin, stud-gas within.
poots, fart snoots. so. I blow. Graft, exceedingly daft.
parted, she started part, like art, occurs, ever, deters
fart, an art. Hume, a room. invented, pleasantly scented,
crass, his ass, ripe. and tripe. pigeon, a smidgeon.
acutely, though minutely) Spence, the fence. farted, clearly imparted
wit, you sit.


Cape, always agape. Brylent, so violent, ostentatious, most gracious.
Boyes, he deploys, enigmas, scurrilous stigmas: Bart, a fart.
Shearing. am fearing." Belize, of cheese. Tweek, a week.
bright; her plight: output... slithers afoot. Corning, noises adorning.
knack, a quack. silly; a dilly. well, as swell.
art, every chart. Singer, still linger. O'Malley, the alley,
gut, Saturday, but appliance? even giants; LaRue, should do.
Calcutta, with butter. boring, Mister Goring, pass, has class,
Bart, young tart. suits, gross poots. gut. my butt.
phut!? my gut. "farties", as half-hearties. joy, we deploy.
joys, comparable poise.


heart, I'll start erection, her midsection. traitor, in Slater,
Kate, her date. Mobile, great deal. Dwight, first flight.
giggle; will juggle, Chuck, had luck, nips, your lips.
sigh, oh my! no! to show?" Norway, a doorway;
Fred," once said. gay; or day. Bea, this propensity,
Ikey, disconcerted psyche. fear. stockings, sheer, Wick, Montmartre flic.
Esther, possessed her: France, of romance. Poole, exceedingly cool;
wassail, and jostle Bess, said yes, Ealing, with feeling.
Rob, his knob. khakis, a cocktease, member, coal ember.
Thrace, personal place. Banker, at anchor. slick, his dick.
Stowe, diffident beau: Nancy, get antsy. Ming, her wing:
Holt, a colt. else. it spells. booze, I choose."
waste; to baste. nice. but thrice. Rolls, around Poles.
McWhiston, kissed on.


Schmoosing, stinkfinger's amusing, push, the Kush, oils, her toils.
say, long way. Kamchatka, fast car; squeeze? your knees,
attorney, a journey. fair. ever dare. Rock, his shock,
letter. her better. butter, to mutter: much; fugitive touch.
through! should do. Heather, in leather. Jacques, a crack.
sublime, to prime. girls, or churls. erected, wife elected.
Fletcher, terrible lecher. glorious, most meritorious. Amelia, a camellia.
Dover, four-leaf clover. want; a taunt? bit, got hit.
beckons, I reckons. seconds? lust beckons! inclined, her mind.
finger's, it lingers more, gently explore. Hatteras, her ass,
Ed, into bed. McGruder, in Bermuder. stare; so fair!
dripping, you're sheep-dipping. say, into foreplay; Charteris, garter is.
hire, "Hi" her, -- last -- desire; blood-pressure higher.
Lynch, inch -- sheet, of meat; toe; young Flo.
drawn; of prawn; Annister, lecherous mister. snicker, is quicker;
ease. will please. caress; lightly press. begin, your skin.
back. your crack. toes, me flow. steady. asleep already?
tight; all night. Mott, a twat: Raus, ugly spouse.
snotch. of crotch.) Bridget, and fidget, pity! the city!
Paducah, a palooka, hurt! on alert. twenty-three, fellow see,
Stroud, a crowd. ripping, while unzipping 'em, flipping 'em
lid, young kid. alack, store rack Monticello, terrible fellow.
commotion, utter devotion Connecticut, the predicate. Ritt, her teat.
Pat, and that. sounds; the mounds strand, well tanned,
fetching, nude etching, knees, to seize Liz, to fizz.
castle, helluva hassle Wheeling, sexual feeling. directions, no objection,
Potion, springtime emotion. chamois, jim jammy. leather, little Heather.
James, the dames, own", lay prone. Anna, a bandanna.
night; the sight Annie, each cranny.


flicks, our tricks), mouse, my blouse, seats, and sweets.
scren? porn queen? schlong! quite long! crotch. I'll watch.
Pam. a yam. grief. different motif. not, a lot).
peak; a peek. PICKEE, to me. sheets, who meets
blanket; drank it. rock; my cock. nixplay; my tricksplay,
areas, Stimuli Various. Jones, and scones, Morse, of remorse.
Pete, his sweet. pout, this lout. 24; I'm sure.
sweet, of meat. overcame, and shame; survive, am alive.
treat; is sweet. thieves; my sleeves; hotter; Venus's daughter;
run; clothing undone! afternoon, pretty soon; tether, a feather??
day, the hay. rude, even lewd. prude," and crude,
what?" do not. confess, a caress stuff, the kerfluff.
blush, not rush... tricky; and sticky beat, than discreet:
sprint, a stint. vex, greatest perplex: (MI) for fun.
thigh; and bye; screen; in between? thighs, the prize;
head; are spread. hot; think not; ocean. an emotion.
Seevile, quite medieval. Shirring, and purring. rockin', and knockin',
bower, an hour Strauss, her blouse. taste, the waist.
chased, was unlaced. fate, a mate. No! to grow.
knees, said, "Please Pete, his sweet. hirsute; exceedingly cute.
wit, a hit expected; be rejected. (LA) park dishabille-ing.
Rebecca, lover's Mecca! Cupp, her up, Melliter, their bed-sitter;
slap, a lap. dear. is clear. know. this show.
same, every dame. Delancy, named Nancy; read, I'd need.
old; the bold. woo, to do: suspicious, corpus delicious.
eighty-nine, life's fine.


Wub, the tub. knees, a tease. daughter, hot water.
go, a no-show. cruise? soft oooh's. crawl; hopefully call;
flower! of shower. Ware, do swear. places. the staircases).
worms; that squirms. me? and slippery. Jake, to make:
Yantic, curious antic: -- the Jacuzzi; Susie, young floozy,
yet, bubbly jet; thing; I'll bring; ointment; joint" meant.
now! and how! rain; in vain. job, because, (sob)
clothes, long hose Jane, springtime rain? low; no flow.
floods, some mud, thud, into mud, back, mud pack,
girls; with Shirl. me! the sea. wish, a fish.
bathtub, a scrub. Nevis, Scots miss. grand; command --
floor; and sore. power, the shower. massage; tactile entourage;
water, McCarraher's daughter; shower, hollyhock flower; water, caught her.
ride, the tide waves, still craves. river; a shiver
prepare, up there; see; for me, fly, that I
eyes, your thighs. hath; great wrath. June, around noon;


ditty: great city! wish, kosher knish. Surrey, a hurry.
Deal, a seal; same: it's lame. alike. not right.
reviewer, both pure, walk-in, for talkin'! table. in sable!)
flan, au vin. dish!" by this, slap, his lap!
waist, radiant face; all, a doll, McGraw, I'll gnaw
play. sensible way, rubes, of boobs, Calcutta, and butter;
Topeka, of paprika; Wellen, St Helen. word, getting absurd.
these: black peas, terms. of germs. pair, ESCULENT underwear,"
butter, and stutter, great; weight -- did, have slid
free"; to me. Peven- age 97. around, he found.
show; I know. Addie, gastronomical baddie: Skinner, over dinner.
Murray, hot curry. week, constantly seek, yams, and hams,
O'Toole, to drool. Vancouver, "Horses doover," Price, with spice.
gosh! to wash. hare, Lionel Blair. own; the bone;
hunts, Townie Dunce; Rose, minus clothes. Chaste, delightfully graced
Bess; a mess. bare. in there. sustained, he contained,
should; fast food. Brynner, mule skinner. oregano, singing soprano.
fill, you ill. Saskatoon, a spoon. Lowell, a towel:
Noah, tumeric grower, Ned, get fed. Cape, a jape.
Smorg, is bored. Ords, swallowing swords. Styx. do tricks,
boring, are soaring. Hayes, guys lays, York, a fork,
dined, young find. State, he ate. delicatessen, finished undressin',
laugh, and half. passion? the fashion are: too far.


baker, smart-ass WISEACRE. TV, nor pee. Jake, a cake.
Hayes, frequently pays pleaded, be kneaded." Nuneaton, then beaten.
block, a rock. crust. I trust, softened; toss in,
juice; should use. quickie; a hickey. Grandad: by gad!"
fit; a zit. gist, git dis'd. around, archaics abound.
machine, ever seen. about, a shout well; from Hell.
dinner, bit thinner" cook, they took. cake; grunt make.
Bartz; Pop Tarts, Jake, could make ho-hum. my tum,
Leda, of Bogeta. parts, false starts. bran, don't understan'.
led, which spread pumping, was thumping. France, drunk circumstance,
tart, I start; deduction, a reduction. J., my way,
emission! by fission. Seaton, Mrs Beeton. Rivieres, the fair;
bake, cheese cake. Usk, a rusk. eye. I try.
Gates, the fates! said, pounding instead. pies; first prize.
arise, and wise,


trees, of ease. chemise, to please cheese, phrodisiac qualities.
Totten, and rotten. pagoda, fair Minnisota, equinox, magical box.
cheese, puzzling disease. Brie, la vie!" Caerphilly, so hilly.
brain; is inane; cheese, her knees; crew, Mary Lou.
Cheddar, much redder. Cheddar, much redder. perfection, his selection.
Keyes; "Charlie, please, Keys. with ease. cheese," lovely Louise.
"C's" don't please; louder, Parmesan powder. cheese... you sees.
delicacies, Emmenthal cheese. delightful; God, rightful. "Emmenthal," to all.
sage, age -- sad, have had, rolls, saves souls.
Feta, behind Henrietta. trapeze, of ease, Tblesi, feel queasy.
Louise, with cheese. Fife, my wife, Gorgonzola, my molar.
Gruyere, my hair. Cayenne, and Sen-Sen, Day, me sway
abhorred, be bored, now, me how cheese, milk disease?
Smitty, was shitty. Fox; a box. Lymeswold, very old.
Titehouse, right house. Lymeswold, very old. cheese, her knees.
Celt, his belt. potpourri, their knee, three, in Paris,
Leicester, messed her coast-to-coast, to most. cheese, you please,
Jock, desolate rock. (Keys) (fees) Dundee, named Lee.
"Please, glorious cheese. perfection, his selection; Mr.Scott, whole lot.
Louise, to sneeze. Cheddar, and redder, cheese, a tease.
valises, Greece is?" Nedder, about cheddar. Fromunda, big-titted Amanda?
grey, one day. fair, black hair.


you. making stew, "Gourmet". all day. group, to stoop.
wish, her dish Miramichi, free -- TV; to see.
McIntyre. I require." Chile, hot chili. it. mean it!
cold! behold -- beaten." chemist Seaton. can! the pan.
took, to cook; disgrace. respectable place. Bess, meant stress.
clear: cookbooks appear- Bly, a pie. physician, surgeon's position.
Hi, (Meringue) toils, and boils. clicked, treachery tricked.
Hugh, animal stew, MAYFAIR, and rare: Etta, of goetta.
sex, and annex Milito, true Gallego. forte, and saute,
Gumbo, just so. felon, honeydew melon. strange. to change.
RAPSCALLION, Spanish galleon. Bing", with zing. frowned), the ground,
Ritz, guys fits. Jean-Luc, a book. LaSalle, on Canal.
season, high treason. dine, just fine. fame, to blame:
blintze, a prince. Macon, always bakin'. Brie, you fry.
spread, plain bread. Bessie, and dressy. flustered, he mustered
Sprague, somewhat vague. Danish; she's Swedish; Lyme, by lunchtime.
host, to coast, Upgate, is great. Jermain, wagon train,
jars, for hours, North, of broth; dove, treasure trove.
Royal, in oil, Sooke, the book. spent, legumes ESCULENT,
bereft; always left. sedentary; perhaps elementary. deli, his belly.
in! or ziggin', Pitt, a bit, fridge; a smidge.
Nina; golden patina. crave. to slave. line, to dine.
fenugreek; a week. Brooking, for cooking. "Baksheesh!" a pastiche


fault. damned salt? Dominique, slightest critique. whole, her soul.
Hake, fine cake"; waffle, incredibly awful. Paris, a BAIN-MARIE
Nuys, mud pies. retreated, were seated look, oatmeal overcook.
day, they say Norma, trusted informer, food; rather rude.
stew; and chew; LePlace, in disgrace. McGrew, to screw.
Isis, a crisis: Nuns, bearing guns. stew, you're through,
rocks, ham hocks. blurred, he stirred White, a fright.
caught, the pot, ape, a grape, Patch; your hatch;
guy, was shy. most! the ghost. bad; was sad.
shake, to make. reeling, the feeling). curser, much worser,
Tate; he ate. Drake, a wake; Bream, a dream;
Snoot, a toot; Groves, two loaves, book, to cook;
well, a spell; today, the fray. Thelonius, was erroneous.
McWince, of mince, sane; just plain. Luke, a fluke.
Nice, a piece. Chad, our pad, Tuel, Bates' school.
trick, the flick, Girard, back yard. Crowder, my chowder?"
Tod, lightening rod. Brook, a book. thing; a sting.
cook, brown-covered book. brown; upside down. down, the ground.
success; did egress.


cafe, they say. -- little bite. neck; the effect.
chest, my breasts. -- frankfurt -- Frisch, grilled fish,
erotic; exotic -- flipping, started equipping. table, be able
Anne, was grand. class, dishwasher's ass. Blunt, did hunt.
Wise, first prize. Alfredo, from Laredo. -- good lay.
Barbados, buxom tomatoes. stew. number 2, Felinni' hot titilinni,


ardour; the larder. part, too smart. great, second rate.
Walt, his fault beware! Walt's fare. kitchen, very bewitchin'.
meal; a feel. today, to pay, today; to pay:
again. for friends. bake, or cakes. Joanna; dangerous manner.
tonight; up right. Trelawney, still horny. off, rocks off.
Mabel, their table; gravy... groom Davey; teas; not please
divine; one time. eat; a treat. time, wild thyme.
immature; cannot endure; bitch.' real switch.) know, Pilsbury dough.
recipe. you see. Brian; who's trying bastard; really typecasted.
walk, and talk. Anna's; wear bandanas. Danish; she's Swedish.
sane; just plain. need, kitchenhands creed. wild, fav'rite child.
bitch! a witch. able, dinner table, buffet, will pay.
tests. succulent breasts, taste, white paste, flag; without nag.
"Nude"; very lewd. dingle, would dringle, hills, - servant


Wyatt, my diet." craving, is raving, Mark, a lark.
online, age ninety-nine. trips, luxury ships. clothes; sleepy repose.
fellow, lemony Jello. it, it -- Dago, and sago;
diet. fry it. stack, they lack; Fyfe, his wife.
diet; try it. "Never, fatal endeavor." odd, upon sod.
Pritikin. every "bit-of-skin". entre, a buffet. Bay, decomposed hay.
hearts, to tarts. Maude, terribly broad. (Prinatch) to spinach
less, be tofu-less. vegetarians, but barbarians." junk, a funk.
cream; a dream. inflation, the nation, plan, his can.
Strensall, chamber utensil. heed; you need. snack, this sack.
illusions-- Year Resolutions; fan, of bran. Norwich, lumpy porridge.
frown, were brown. hex! really complex. joke, us folk,
enthusing; up boozing, able, two-horse stable. direction, weight correction.
Coke, you broke. Sue. now through. feast, fresh yeast.
Beryl, her peril. sultanic, getting volcanic, word! that's absurd.
Fred, rye bread, rough, of stuff, gullet, will pullet
tea, my knee, Radcliffe, got stiff. wealth, Mr. Felth.
Hugh, his stew. acrimonious, quiet harmonious, Xanthippe, too hippy;
grits, the shits. biz, gentlemen fizz; slim; the brim,
diet, cry; it side, me pride. diet, "Fry it."
bit. of it. Yorks, roast porks. -- asthmatic inhaler.
"Deal" last meal, galore, my door. includes, altering moods.
bold: be sold. vigour, groups bigger. Luntz, forth grunts.


Nate, to date; Diet. try it! thank, be lank.
neurosis, be ferocious. eye-stoppers, food shoppers. meal, I feel.
Corrina, herself leaner. quiet, try it? her, get her,
diet. die, it Cucamonger, much younger confirms, to terms
diet, try it. beach, would preach chips, the hips.
diet, try it. nuts. big butts; fraud; too broad;
hit. you split. miffed, to shift? Wigger, her figure.
Pym, be slim. clever, to sever; all-- more small.
Pinner, a winner. Melly, of Jelly. Crimp, of shrimp,
Pat, too fat. Sardinia, get skinnier. band, writers command
Skinner, be thinner. summer, a "Bummer", girth; of mirth.
decrease, and grease. quiet; I diet. diet, try it.
eat, your meat, obese, they increase diet; buy it.
dips. 'tater chips. Mears, husband's cheers. well-fed, been shed.
diet. deny it. Hatter, increasingly fatter, lass, a pass)
Rex; surely rejects. shut; a glut. found, the sound
Eat" people repeat;


Parr, would spar. ABROGATE, the plate twat, of snot.
Mam! rotten clam, Scott, he sought. Joan. to moan.
suspicious, labeled nutritious, charming; barbaric, disarming. gross; at most.
Petroff, get off. Peru, its menu? Mose, his nose.
Suggs, summertime bugs. Duke, a fluke. Mary; quite scary.
Pease, of sleaze. Stamp, the camp; abuse, involving cous-cous.
Royce, by choice. Delehanty, and scanty, Gish, a knish.
Delhi, a deli. Mott, her twat, slow, and fro;
group, douche-water soup. Thatch, the snatch. beverage; than average.
bug, a tug. Renta, eating polenta, Lee, to me.
Nottingham, in 'em. Raoul, a fool) Bird; creations, absurd;
pies, a surprise. Slim? a whim; Ester, ingenious jester;
vagina, old China. scabs, and crabs. street, to eat.
Bridget, fridge. It smell, from hell. do; the stew.
Walton, malt on. forage, some porridge. true, a stew;
Scott, a twat. nice, offer advice. kippers, his slippers.
Dessu, a stew fuss, the bus? poop; coriander soup'.
heard, but absurd; Joe, dick grow. cruel, at school.
Reese, original piece: strange; old-fashioned range, Nottingham, in 'em.
did, was forbid. Mose, his nose. stews. I'd choose.
Dunn, as one. Worth, pig's afterbirth. complexion, this imperfection,
Perth, on earth. oils, some boils. McNabs, and scabs.
mice, contain lice. thrill, night's meal; acquired, quite expired.
skin, a tin, McDowell, animal bowel. Scot, piping hot;
screw, was through. Pete, and sweet; Rhode, or toad.
cheesy; people queasy. Marseilles, and snails. Alaska, unusual pasta,
Beaucoup, of stew; flavor, a favor. Gosse, with moss,
you, the stew; McKnight, a fright. Crewe, tasty stew,
Charlott, and snot. Leith, his teeth. Ballinrock, and rock,
Pocatello, lime Jello. Drood, bad food, Dince, of mince,
Bart, prizewinning tart. fellow, low-class bordello, Freud, penis devoid,


stew, for you; cheese; not sneeze; pie, for I;
nail, pussy-cat's tail; Dock; his cock. stew, to do;
population, our ration plan, afterward can scam, to ram.
merry, that very agrees, a breeze. slick, till sick;
not, fucking lot. night, my plight. Dear: is clear.
tails... certainly quails whales; than nails; go, arch escargot.
toad, miniscule choad, street, as sleet, twice, exceedingly nice.
soup!" that poop!), street, to eat! locked; quickly defrocked;
'coodle'?" his poodle; you; at 12:52! lash, the trash,
Bight, and tight, cheese," A breeze roll, his goal;
dull; covetous soul; grin); a sin; bread; he said:
hound; almost drowned; Grott, and snot. partaking, been raking
sit, the shit. tub, a rub. gave, should save;
ham; chopped Spam. was, or fuzz.


payola, drink Coca-cola. -- the bladder. holler. to foller:
crop, heart stop; jump, a grump. waited; was baited.
it, like suet. Biloxi, drink orthodoxy; (TX) Park palace.
pest, you undressed, blink, and shrink. Schwartz, the quarts;
Seymour, pee more." Legs, and eggs, metal, to settle.
milk, - McW) York, or pork. fine, all wine:
philharmonic, effective mnemonic. crony! patrimony -- Twickenham, in `em,
later, downtown theater. skirt; shouldn't hurt. wares, dieting cares.
"wine"; like brine. black, to attack. Lop, of pop.


Yalding, it's scalding. on, cost, on Keeling, pineapple peeling;
supply," a sigh. Lot, a teapot. B, herbal T.
Ealing, of Darjeeling. slip, upper lip. Darjeeling, was congealing.
tea, like me. pee, Indian tea; Grey, to decay.
tea, a pee. agree, can be. Souchong, large gong;
Seymour, pee more. Lee, probably Yee, long, heart wrong.
Lee, and three, spout, is without Fees, Asian teas.
nice, of spice.


fishes, fish dishes. wish, my dish. Foxx, ate lox,
lox; some shocks. McNish, the dish. spilling, gentlemen thrilling.
priest, and feast nether-lair, blonde Claire Trish, with fish;
clod, the sod. Clog, wet bog. stripper, stuck zipper,
cried. he lied. craw, the law. spice; mmm-mmm, nice.
sick; my broomstick. hurry. a slurry, Spurgeon, great surgeon;
fish, the dish. Toles, saucy soles. spread, my bread.
Swooshie, John Belushi. fish, my dish. is-- smoked fishes--
Frank, a tank. Rene, my day. grunions, my bunions.
daring, in herring, Amsterdam, Onkel Sam. three, the sea.
Dead", good head. oak, English bloke. cook; the hook."
stew, Mountain Dew; Dodd, a cod; steak, or bake,
Spout, a rout. years, your ears smell, I'll tell.
oyster, but moister clam, I am me, to see.
dwell, shell -- fishes, very propitious delivers? the shivers!
Todd, and cod, pleasure; to measure. hand, not understand.
diet, try it. cake, and hake, hakes, frugal fish-cakes.
he, and psychology. Parole, of sole, fish. one wish."
Grundy, have barrimundi?


shellfish? is selfish. Finkle, a sprinkle. finer, Deborah's diner;
Dosewallips, intestinal polyps; chowder, face powder. swell, fishy smell.
fish, it's crustacean-ish. rude; luxury food. aplenty, or twenty)
Boyd. to avoid, Brussels, and bustles. dell, the shell.
all; and crawl. cat, I bet. delicious; quite nutritious.
delicious, most auspicious; ate, with Kate. Kate. up straight.
Brussels, and mussels, Calcutta, and butter. Cod, certainly odd:
man, a pan. yummy! your tummy? be, delicacy --
Peru, his stew;


autumn, got 'em. avocado, Brigitte Bardot. butter; me aflutter.
eat, is sweet; Diana, began a thicket, prick it.
juice, deliciously puce. Cray, horrid dismay, Theodosia, her Ambrosia;
Hopp, his crop, Herman, worm in. way; an affray,
L.A. o. j.; nirvana, barmaid, Alana, platoons; he croons.
apple, to grapple. juice: was puce. Delft, graces bereft.
feast, o' yeast. cantaloupe, good soup. Biggs, green figs;
Wareham, pare 'em. sneeze, her knees, Nick, would pick.
jelly; your belly, klutz, got guts. lime, a rhyme.
Goomerang, new boomerang." Forum, core 'em. Brice, life spice.
good; their food. dine, and wine; each, within reach!
too. to do: Vere, I fear." Queen! have seen...
day, doctor away. Dole. great role. Lynne, thumb in,
maid, grape marmalade. seedless; is needless. lips, juiciest drips,
type) the rumour. Montana, a banana; ate, was great!
Marian, pear in batch; her snatch. head, face red.
juice, to reduce. berries, maraschino cherries, afraid, marital aid.
rude, the nude. linger, I finger. picks, doing tricks,
found, and round. found, and round. Skye, a pie,
swellin' rebel yellin',


Rhine, would dine. Heaven, at seven, neat!" CAN EAT".
scoop: some poop, day, you dismay, Wetmore, get more;
bakery; to non-gluttony. Pete, shredded wheat. Calcutta, and butter.
Thrace, fast pace. Dick, terribly quick. Sands, so grand.
sick, asked Dick. prince, mainly mince, purple, a burp'll
Israeli, a deli. said, of bread, glutton, and mutton;
Chesterton, shirt on. Just, he bust. Hawaii, shark pie.
Sydney; and kidney. Kay, local buffet, Woody, good he
Perkins, small gherkins. fess; to express. Fair, right there.
VORACIOUS; than gracious. great! any weight. me, a spree
Putney, and chutney. domain, chow mein, Jones, grilled bones.
Sam, for ham. Rota, for soda. Hurst, the thirst,
Suzie, too choosy. Michigan, wish again. Maud, terrible fraud.
that: a rat Kuwait, my plate. self-deprivation, person's station.
sweeting, tongue-in-groove heating; grinds, their minds; Wycombe, lick 'em.
Cork, of pork. ate. my plate. Europe, and syrup.
Peter, the litre. Sorrell, he fell. Barbados, eating tomatoes.
Cheam, ice cream. Ida, from cider. Greece, the fleece,
mutton; a glutton. Ben, and then. Katy, and eighty!
fall. my call. true, never two." jerk, to work.
man!" "You can Johns, on swans. Sutton, notorious glutton.
chased, my taste, deceased, of yeast. Manila, was vanilla.
quoth, them both." fries, large thighs. Shaw, and slaw
Fred, and bread Brock, ham hock Lee, and tea
Roy, bok choi Eye, to die; Keith, his teeth
Shelley, his belly: nits, it quits;


N.Y. always st.p.; Cork, a fork. swine, of brine,
treat, so discreet. Falls, liver balls; ragout," something new.
partake, beef steak, Shallot, a pot. style, I revile.
luck, a buck; patties, into fatties. Strood, with food.
Mallow, very sallow, Saul." let fall. McGrew, he flew.
Pete: raw meat, meat? us horsemeat. grains, my brains.
Wyatt, the quiet. button. a glutton. Sydenham, forbidden `em;
fillet? gets away? feet, or Pete. fork, of pork.
inbued, make STRUD York, a fork. eat, the feat.
yore, in store. O'Rourke, your pork, fare, most anywhere.
Pete, somewhat beat. Crikey! half spikey. harden, vegetable garden.
eat; for treat. it, vegetable diet. steak? does ache.
Jake, a break. Clark, a lark. Jake, of steak.
York, and pork. ache; can take. me, yelling "Wheeeeee!"
thrilling, is spilling barter; more smarter. York, roast pork.
Delhi, your belly. Glengarridge, scrofulous marriage. Crewe, their stew,
York, a fork. Tony: a bony Crecy, is messy
York, like pork. Tennessee, can see. Pickett, the thicket.
Dutton, a glutton. York, eat pork. giver, his liver.
Moines, to enjoin takes, the shakes! Ork, be pork.
Sam, and lamb. lamb, with ham. stew, a hullaballou,
Roux, the stew." Jew, great barbecue. stray, Texas highway.
marketplace, meat case Saskatchewan, you one. snails. or tails.
indelible, simply incredible. "Anthropophagous". Petey monophagous. Tats, big vats.
street, a treat. Platte, large gnat; see, don't disagree.
Jake, a break. through, for two. Marion, tarry on.
lunch; the crunch. Knox, with lox, Gubber: whale blubber.
beat, of meat, discreet; we eat. libertarian, strick vegetarian.
Athlone, to moan. Nelly, mint jelly.


shore, any more. abuse; seminal juice. letter, and feta;
debated, feel's overrated; through, were you. McMicken, for chicken.
Peru, a stew; say; running away. rammed, and slammed
swore, the door. chased, I raced. sped, inches ahead
'eck; a peck, feed, of seed. sleep; a heap.
snored, it Claude. know, to go. finger-lickin', didn't sicken.
chickens, best pickin's." Blake, a snake. crisp, a whisp
Brucey, read "juicy" Colmar, la Jaguar' Carla, her parlour;
France, by chance. breast, that's best. Albuquerque, quintessentially quirky.
present! a pheasant! sigh, her thigh... murky, and perky...
shoot, a loop. roar, the floor. mopped, gone plop.
things; with wings?


Air, a pear; greater, and potater. barbecue, all do.
yard; and charred; gnu, be through. week, was unique.
Calais, a gourmet, Peru, a Gnu. Stebe's, barbequed "reebs."
Ex, very complex. Kalamazoo, Isish stew. Peru, his stew.
Dale, whole whale. Neal, a meal; pie, and I.
fat? and flat? habits, upon rabbits; Wong, uncommonly strong.
law: yours, hurrah! Bay, dry hay. toe-stubber, Old Clubber.
wormy. and squirmy. Denison, a benison;


stew, for you, sing, you spring. scratch. I catch,
dough? like so. bitch. crust-kneading hitch. Gratz, to cats.
her. cider -- school; me drool. say, garlic saute.
mistaken; of bacon, Splatt, a cat, him. of them.
finery, a winery. Yannish, solely Spanish. meow, no cow.
pratt. wooly hat. dogs; or hogs. Jarrott, a parrot.
be, go free. you; my view. champagne! and again.
two! rodent-brains too! meat; in heat. habit: grab it.
fat. of that. terrier, bury her.


Hun, as fun, Bude, were rude. Dutton, and mutton.
neat, with wheat. spied, happily cried, Brest, duly impressed.
health, exposing himself, rump, sausages plump. inspector, meat detector.
McPhee, could see. grips, lips -- grilled, just thrilled
Kalamazoo, hot vindaloo. Turkey, were quirky. bitter-sweet, based treat;
day, "I say... Crediton, it on fun. and bun.
Bratwurst, then cursed


Bum, have come: say, every day. Post, to roast.
Marvin, for carvin'. Hy, or pie. Skinner, for dinner.
Joan, meats known: night, a mite. society, with propriety,
Nick, plan slick: -- electrical clips. Maryanne, cook vegetarian.
-- great heat. Amy, and gamey. -- of ham.
souls, hot bowls; saw, St. Stanislaw; Argentina, be leaner.
stew, the zoo.


scam, of Spam. Napoleon, travels on." man, were bland.
Lamb. I am, York, regular pork. nice, this advice;
Hormel. so informal. "Damn!" "Whole Ham." Siam, me, "Sam
Flamm, of Spam. lamb; her scam. Cho, can flow,
thing. it cling; gram. a dram. pamper, not tamper
"Sam, served Spam. SPAM? spiced ham. meat, enjoyable treat.
Sam, any clam. Guadeloupe, her soup. on, are Orwellian.
Marvin, and carvin'. Lou, and skew. Lamb, I am.
pink, to think, lamb, of jam. scam; Uncle Sam;
"Perhaps, boot straps." Spam, of ham-- bake, a cake.
rank, processing tank. Sclam, Spam/Ham sham. ham, a sham.
got, and thought-- rabbits, wandering maggots, Yorker, of corker.
address, forget S.O.S. great, it creates: hour, seventeenth power
Manhattan, au gratin, stomach, ma crummock!" Bolognese, and glazy.
Orsay, unusual way. dates, Arab states, lunchmeat, cow's feet.
Riley, quite oily. Japan, blue can. Spam; like ham.
man, lavatory pan. Spam, like ham. Brother. your mother.
sweat, house pet, Norwich, her porridge, mayhem, cat phlegm.
Speed, new breed Cork, from pork. Bude. embarrassingly nude,
meats, and streets, gobble, or wobble. nude, thought lewd.
Siam, "I AM". Kelly, K-Y Jelly. pan, swell plan;
madame. with Spam." enclosure, his composure. Vietnam, ther madam.


forsaken; they've taken slasher, with masher, kidney. to Sidney.
stew, a few. lung, that's well-hung; Brits, eating addicts.
treat; with meat, Texas, a Lexus. from, sweet mum.
swirl; dead squirrel. see, and tea! type, is tripe,
liver, a shiver. calf, in half; pate, but hey!


Ascutney, for chutney. Woodstock, good stock. Murray, turned blurry.
vindaloo, may rue, cheese: phrodisiac qualities. Wyatt, a riot.
- - He WOK, hot rock. Roy, his poi).
tandoori, raven-haired houri. Bott, exceedingly hot, Murray, of curry.
do, with you. please, exchange recipes.


soup! of goop. birds, no words Kong, reasoning's wrong.
Queens' his greens. China, O'Sullivan's Diner, Louis, chop suey.
foreign, least borin'. Crewe, for two. crap, such flap.
Kandui, and Louie? Spain, and Elaine? Siam, and Pam?
Paradise, and Brice? York, and Rourke? Thai, Larb Gai,
Hanoi, Bok Choi. tone, are shown: complain, is plain;
dawn, sweet-and-sour prawn. luck! communists suck. Ying-Yang, menu "Poon-Tang."
Halls. nature calls." Chinese, green cheese. stock, his flock.
Chinese, you please", oodles, possibly noodles) be", Yu Lychee,
irate, your plate; daughters, as porters; see; afternoon tea
dress, to caress. beaver, and fever Lo; Mei Slo;
daughter, never oughta rice, it twice, pubes, own boobs
Ho; out dough, beaver; his cleaver; bonk, Me-Ann Honk
daughter) made shorter, glass- and bass, bum, and thumb
tongue; Tu Yung; walls; your balls; Tang; the Wang;
Conk; quick bonk; Lychee; can be; why; with Di;
Cookie, rookie Cookie. Chinese, my knees. less, be tofu-less.
Dutch, is such WOK, the clock. WOK, to knock,
agog, strange dialog: throughout; get out. blogs, cook frogs;
Lauk, did balk.


horse?" de force. Ratatouille; is hooey? dewy, of celui),
bluey, fragrantio sui, bruit? cu-it -- Wrench, a tench.
spun, most "fun". Glaze, truly amaze. okay; I say.
Wrench, a tench. Diane, her man, sweet. your feet.
jape? Timothy's scrape... Dude, French food; Pierre, famous eclair,
Fritz, in Biarritz, good-lookin', French cookin'. pies, their spies;
Keynes, kinky scenes. planners, Mr. Hanners. joke. primitive folk.
Child, I'm beguiled France; swishy-ass pants. French. the stench.
two, we knew, eaten, the heatin'; tough," Le Boeuf.
Maloff, and tough, Tony, were phony. head, has fed
LaFaire, La Mer, toss, but dross" bewail, he assail
couldn't; just wouldn't. supreme! a ream! Cork, a fork.
Wales, dragon tails. boisterous, the cloisters. poissons, morrow's horizons.
sole, my shoal!


eve? I believe. in? low-class Italian? Italian, a stallion.
it, eat it. high, who'd sigh charmer; disarm her,
here?" his beer. cheese, suddenly sneeze. on. you're done
muttered, she stuttered. gave, been depraved. Pisagna, of Lasagna.
Tony, abide Macaroni; ya'. upon ya'." please, their ease.
Parmesan, his van. cheese, with ease. cheese; a breeze.
spin, still in. seem, and supreme. crave; a slave.
attract, sense, lacked. Pizzeria, Pizzeria Maria. Palace, named Alice,
smart; a tart. clear, to fear, deliver, to river.
Tony, too bony. sauce, rather coarse. Greek, a week.
price. a slice. door, old bore." School, Anthony's tool.
lair; to share." Simone, pizza alone. spaghetti, Plain Serengeti,


Lottie, hot body. stew, is true. me. you see
imagination, fiery sensation. pepper, pet her. Killarney, sweet Blarney.
real, to peel. Malpitas, las senoritas, line; for mine.
today, I'd say, "pooof", the roof, linga' and finga'.
silly, young crocodilly, food, terribly good, debate, did rate,
hell; as well. thick; real quick advance; by chance;
capricious, quite suspicious. caballeros, their sombreros. frill, the bill.
Quito, fuel libido." James? on games... tacos, called Paco's.
learn, to return. Willie, spiced piccalilli. coladas, bean enchiladas.
sublime; just fine. hot, right spot. Flaco, in Morocco.
dolly. good golly, hot, taste spot. Rocko, a taco!
be, progressed swimmingly.


try, a pie aigre-doux, French roux, Divine, and wine.
ambrosia; throws ya. ambrosia; blows ya. ambrosia; engross ya;
ambrosia, blows ya; ambrosia; Ya too, rice goo.
Jenny, a penny. dipped, she nipped tits, banana splits,
dream, whipped cream. Nelly: that jelly. pud, oftentimes misunderstood.
king; sausages wring think, favorite kink; pudding, be putting.
Kelly, his belly. Shelley, my belly. "Ole!" a spray...
bold, it's cold; Mum, even some. brat! that's that!
bun, the sun. bun, the sun. bun, the sun.
bun, the sun. bun, the sun. bun, the sun.
bun, the sun. crumpet, covered strumpet! eat; be beat.
Brand; of hand; custard, bit flustered. Brand, as planned;
white) coffee delight. cakes, and tooth-aches. yeast, good feast
maid, grape marmalade. Alabam', and ham; take?", and cake.
Sunny, and funny; store, next door. goo, dough too.
sin, with gin. time, green slime. Pie, to eye,
Key, will see Lime, to slime, scratch, young snatch.
Joel, the hole Pete, was sweet; Scuds, his bud.
"Gourmet;" all day. Nome, "Mrs Jerome, good. I should
alert. hardly covert. Valerie, her salary. for, petit four;
ghee, tossing gently. poodle; apple strudel. wellies: of jellies,
eclairs; of affairs! pies; attracting flies. chew, go askew.
Chard, using lard. homesick; the trick. you? it's true.
great!" they ate.) Frye, cocoanut pie. thighs, and fries;
Metz, crepes suzettes, fudge; a nudge. Mezzaluna, around noon-a.
sputter, with butter, Fred, and said, wet, I'll bet.
red; he said. stick, real quick. tastey, real hasty;
dessert? that shirt,


moderation, good copulation. titillation, more distillation; season, the reason;
most. a host allergic, bits, thaumaturgic. Ace! your face!
great, each date. quit, to sit. quicker, my ticker
wrote! my vote. nude, rich food. sweat, and yet
gay, it stay mind, will find pard'; this bard?
hard, lovers' regard. chips. "no-no" tips-- self-defeating, about eating.
fudge, sugary sludge


candy, all sandy, Kamloops, Spam Loops Nelly, beans jelly.
Beauchamp: reach 'em? Sandy, of candy. please. me sneeze.
throng? that's wrong. molasses, I passes. Ardee, at tea.
Vince, obvious hints potion, and lotion; Sweet, be beat.
tonight. a fright. think, my link. Blues!" some booze.
today; your way. drugs, brain bugs. appeal, the Bastille,
-- bad headache. sympathize; are wise. too, type II.
more. or four,


Mauritius: appear vicious, years, certain ideas, Armenia, his gardenia,
nice, in spice, red, that's bled feet? to eat?
Queets, and beets; pea, be me." mean; are green.
tell, godawful smell. over-rated, content's debated. size, my prize,
dark, the mark. see, bit wee. freckle-faced, any waste.
Miller, a pillar. chives, engine arrives." Fitzbilly, strong piccalilli;
Orleans, baked beans. awe, no flaw; cob; generous glob.
chicken; finger lickin'. lumbered; be numbered. us, much asparagus!
falafel, is awful! Ness, and cress. Fritz, but grits.
Glime, his crime. dine, fiddlehead time, Frisco, with Crisco,
Capone, of baloney. Wyoming, was moaning, Keynes, her greens.
Piper, was hyper. (pre-teens) your greens; Kate. paper plate
joy, than annoy; dill. anti-dill pill. about, Brussels sprout.
Norwich, on porridge. potato; can do. pub, after grub;
tub! would snub. Sam, sweetening lamb. Z.; and ghee,
food, pretty subdued. delight. peppery bite! Abou-dabi, not flabby.
meek, the leek. lettuce, get us! Leith, Ted Heath.
Bob, the cob. Thickle, were fickle; leeks, for weeks;
last; carrot enthusiast. Cork, in pork. knees, you please.
show, quite low! Frankton, banked on. bower, golden shower.
run, much fun. plight, one night. sight. a fright.
years, your ears. pinckles, sauerkraut crinkles. pie; very high.
shows. ate those Sue, a stew. tried, I'll confide.
tough, poisonous stuff, in! be poaching. Dukes, rotten cukes;
table, my fable. Bower, an hour. Greenwich, eating spinach.
Greenwich, for spinach. Hayes, spinach souffles. squawk, could talk.
soy, a ploy hat; in, sat. peace?) you please:
Ritz, miniscule bits; fun; a bun.


freak; up weak. Navy, She choose, to use.
it? chew it. eat, be beat. Baboo, his stew.
vegetarian, is carryin'. Babette, a coquette. Jeannie, vodka martini,
tickled, thick, old Thanksgiving? on sieving. carryin', not buryin'.
true. satisfy you. tummy, and gummy. rib, very glib.


Mombassa, hot ass-a. Judah, of Buddha. devoid, leaders deployed.
Mobutu, accrue to.


Sumer, good humor; fun, all run. Mao, a cow."
blame, fleet came Mithridates, the Euphrates Ming, damn thing.
Petra, a metr'a


creek, of Greek. Duck, will suck." repose, his clothes.
barbarian, call ovarian. Gizah, please her. me, and Ptolemy,
Egypt, quite unzipped, adventure, to invent-ure, Jule; his tool.
Antonius, a bonius. mile, not defile. before, the floor.
Mediterranean, Emperor Octavian. end, more defend, sat, and fat.
crowing, purportedly showing smile, the Nile. aspiring, was desiring;
tidbit. had permitted. Cleo, "con brio." gasp, deadliest asp.
great, first rate. her, be kinder. minx, with kinks.
her, tutor her. pump, furious bump, sin, should begin.
Pharoah, the marrow!" just, supreme Egyptologist, true, his rue;
land, and spanned slut, well-rounded butt, mummy, its tummy;
Egyptian, organic prescription; flimflammeries, clamor ease, sack'll, I'll tackle."
class; to pass garments, the varments. thank, the ankh.
Tut, were shut. Arden, nobody's pardon. planned, Egypt first-hand;
pharaohs, he was. pretty; and witty. Nefertiti, quite itty-bitty;
pity; did he gasp, to grasp. tall, and all
malice, her palace. Six, am sick prop, or stop:
heart, very smart: malachite, from sight; house; little spouse:
Egyptian, of fiction, scrolls, and holes, Sphinx, mankind thinks
Nile, and guile. tellin' Trojan Helen. thee; or three
kind, were inclined. while, my style! hieroglyphics, the specifics,
cryptologist, Stone, archeologist. vestry, royal ancestry. Liptor, shipped her
Egyptology, even seismology, pharoah, incredibly narrow. he, get chummy.
Nile, inscrutable smile, remember, large member." Sphinx, one thinks.
Tut, musical butt. dapper, mere whippersnapper. Tankh, infinite rank;
Wendy, and bendy, funny, my tummy." sky; a sigh;
Egypt) with them


Brits; it quits!" court; had brought on, brave Anglo-Saxon:
goad, the road, parade, and brigade. Celt, his pelt.
location, the nation?" party, quite hardy. Turk? the Nation,
addressed, with zest. party, rather tardy, harm, his arm.
Med, lay dead. Nile, and wild. me!" no mystery.
Runnymede, to concede... tower, and cower. sea, was he.
1707. in Devon. Billy, mouth willy-nilly. surrounded, was bounded.
right. that night, train, the main. lost, were tossed,
necks, to vex Raleigh, remarkably jolly, Jackson, flaxen-haired Saxon,
Bruce; barley juice. Lancaster; her master. shotput: a hotfoot.
disdain, British domain. flee; to sea. tricks," I'll fix.
kicks, some licks. pride, and wide. noo." Scottish blue.
Dundee, said he, nations, Kraut appellations,


thought, it sought. taught. poor fought. war, grew sore.
bruiser, poor losers. Mussolini, was teeny, Boccaccio, is fellatio.
undone. a gun. Casanova: drove her. sung, got sprung.
Tours, are poor, Posada, Spanish Armada, fright, temples alight.
mate, I ate. fall, of ball. renown, the crown.
Versailles, a pie, Georgia, notable forger. Putin, and refutin'
appreciated; was abated. barley, and gnarly, best; probably guessed.
dirt, highlander's skirt. Wallace, equally lawless? Scottish, quite hottish!
Gaul, Hadrians's Wall. Spain, to gain brewer, no fewer;
claimed, Camelot named, Erin, someplace therein, spic-and-spandy, be handy,
liking, it, "Viking", you're, and pure, stewing, was doing;
store, I'll pour!" intoned, you won't! blew; spiritous brew
fire, and higher, stayed, he prayed, call, Bunstable's hall
on; start on! protected, were rejected. admirer, L Shirer.


Dame, the game, Dame, scholarly fame, Abelard, rudely marred.
said, bald head; sure." we're poor." bidet, to D-Day.
boasted, be roasted. knewed, Brits barbecued. Maid. been laid.
d'Arc, ungirlish lark. France, for romance. Arc, fatal spark.
straight, the gate. bitch, a twitch. twos) "I choose
French. your trench; huge, of splooge, fort, and sport;
Laval, a gal. Tar, and afar. neat, the beat.


headline, afternoon deadline, sake! to bake. steak, a break;
in, in fashion. cake," upon steak. said, the dead,
dead, her head. heat, was neat. knees, whispers "Please",
Antoinette. In effect, sly, sweet by-and-bye. Dickens, his chickes.
day: they say?" Antoinette, quite wet. mistake, she spake:
pleasant, those peasants. mad; is sad. superstition; princess disposition,
called, got hauled. Revolution, real solution, been, blue gene.
-- Pompadours --


serene, a queen, Bonaparte, throne apart. Napoleon, Genghis (Mongolian).
DERRING-DO, a few; Queen, army routine, wife, about life.
part, to fart, Bonaparte, his fart. hat, all that,
Josephine, Ney'd intervene. conquer, old wonker! slew, mon dieu!
Waterloo! I do? coat, a moat. runt; some cunt.
chap; called Nap. coat, historians wrote, clean, nost obscene,
Queen; him cream. crushin' the Prussians; through. could do.
clear. love gear. apart, a tart; apart. thrown apart.
vest. friendly jest, tome, to roam, being, he Josephine'd.
Bonaparte, a tart; war, front door. moan, Boney's bone.
kinky! think he do? to you. alors! this before.
forthwith. to forgive. dear, you near. toi? a' moi?


Briseis, the dais. Achilles, the willies. yea, his way.
quarrels? the laurels. Achaeans, some paeans. please, will release.
favor, entreating behavior, word. he heard: Briseis, fierce disses
tent, clothing rent. Thebes, perfect ephebe. Sparta, she oughter.
Thersities, the mighties. Troezen, a commotion. Troezen, a scene.
Patroclus, joke was. Theristes, fight these Thersites, verriet es.
date, bisexual trait. Alexander, The Commander; nub, could snub
truth-seeker, cried "Eureka!" Archimedes, geometrical treaties, trial, to smile.
you, the blue lever, a believer, Arius, proved tererarious;
rear, especially dear Aristotle, full throttle, Afer, young gaffer;
Plautus, taught us, Varro, the marrow; Flaccus, tack is;
Maro, the barrow, Naso, play, so Carus, afar, us,
Secondus, natural wonders; Iuvenalis, poetical gallows. Catullus, a solace;
Seneca, ecumenic; a wraps, body-part maps, frolics, and Pollux,
city-state, and weight. couth, and forsooth, Crete, somewhat effete.
Midas, fight us, door, great Minotaur, Labyrinth, did minth.
Knossos, gnaws us. tub, a scrub. Eudoxus, solve paradoxes,
unchaste, in haste. beaker, far meeker forebodes, proud modes.
Herodotus, it is." growth, testicles both. Illiad, as Gilead.
he) body see." Lysistrata's, head gratis. I, shelf: I
ambiguous, misleading figuous aspersions, of Persians. Greek. we seek
Plato's, sexual credos, Plato, young tomato. Aristophanes, you please,
astound; find profound. Pythagoras, the agoras. eye-tease, on Thersites!
Greece, a piece, X, Oedipus Rex, Thermopylae, a monopoly.
Persians, coital perversions. Hundred. Greece plundered. Minor, much finer;
Thales. detail, he's flock, a rock. Evenus, to Venus.
upon, truth dawn? Zeno, we know


Greek, did speak. Achilles, the willies, Achilles, the willies.
Troy, Patricular boy. deal; do feel. Aeneas, be as
force, Jeff's recourse, insane, consistent refrain. insane; her brain,
ships; merry quips. Troy, to enjoy..." Troy, any boy.
has, As a-telling, Queen Helen. Menelaus, pay us.
day. no way.) Med, to wed, Gibraltar, did falter.
port, have sought, crowd, cried loud: queen, old dean,
ditch, an itch, Agamemnon, lie on. course; wooden horse.


school, a fool, dirt, it hurt. bed, my head.
pap, could crap. mill, the hill; abode, fortune bestowed.
Hayes, tough days.