Limeric Index



glance, an advance. Cadillac, and black. Raiders, lusty persuaders.
thighs, remarkable size. beguine, from Racine, lake, a snake.
Weir, to cheer. Nice, and obese. Tallahassee, are classy:
lass; of class. dilated, over inflated, sluts, your nuts.
Tallahassee, young lassie, Dixie, not Trixie; pits, her tits.
Muncie, and duncie, Pete, a treat;


Norma's, handsome sixth-formers. bad; garden half-clad. away, invite today...
randy; but Mandy. Tid? a quid flirty, is thirty.
forty, real sporty. Mother? the brother? right, a delight.
Bette. a majorette, toast, her utmost, majorette, can bet.
affair, the air tell, she fell. fat, me that
distress, her dress, met, a Bette". rare, prickly pear
shield. be revealed. scene, and green. fecundity, greatest abundity.
worth, her girth. booth, the truth Queen, they mean.
been; can win; said, phys ed. teens, her jeans.
flirt, exceedingly pert,


moans, actually groans. falafel, a raffle. Bream, in esteem.
hands; their glands. Krupp, a cup. course, natural resource.
Vosges, theatre loges. bed, play dead; Cannes, night stand.
Firth, was worth, urgency, husband's insurgency, stacks, her slacks.
inviegle, and spread-eagle. good-looking, terrible rooking, Honey; of money.
stick. the wick. star; by far. faire; is bare."
cute, of loot. Batavia, indecent behavia, Basset, even tacit,
Queens, her jeans. Dora, and flora. scandal, can handle.
door, Miss Gore. Grenoble, quite immobile. Trinity: my virginity,
LaBelle, the hell! Witt, was "it': Treadwell, bread well;
Alberta, hurt her. Detroit, very adroit. Biddle, her middle.
trudges, the smudges, Right, with bite. Rach- libidinal nat-
Bordeaux, named Jo. Heather, a tether... Pam's, her exams,
Saul, mean all! assortment, lacking deportment. Otto, a grotto,
stocking, named Hocking, Pakistan, Arab man. Conner, on her.
Vance, the chance... Brickle, her fickle, bull; a fool.
peasant, most pleasant. quaint, or paint, frowns, their gowns.
Willow, dot pillow Bear, so rare. Putney, sexual gluttony.
test, a mess. glass, but brass, Bend, never depend.
-- the gate!) Prumble, a tumble. Massia, nobody classier.
I. my pie!) Lackanooky: Sugar Cookie. Wood, was misunderstood.
amuck, with pluck. Brussels, her bustles. Hames, popular games.
Cheyenne, a glen; Dee, did see. Stallone, it's known
Kilkenny, so many, you; appease you. Bones, men's cajones.
-- high fashion; pert; to flirt Nebraska; as Alaska.
Hooper, army trooper. demure, and impure. you, no clue.)
soiled; never spoiled. chamois, in Miami, a-bit-of-the-other... the bother,
Mitchell, Von Twitchell; -- adore us. Aberystwyth, kissed with.
Evans; wears 7's. Caesar, tease her. impressions, maids' indiscretions.
Linz, her sins. kind; you'll find Zook; sultry look.
Bassett, lucrative asset; Fifi, a spree. fine, to dine.
unique, modest physique Willamantic, too romantic. Cape, a grape,
true; things too. Babbit, a rabbit, hate, DILATORY date.
ubeneschamali, a tamale. recite, of night,


Booker, real looker. Gert, hot extrovert! Fe) wonderful lay;
station, a sensation, Treadwell, bed well. Pitts, my tits.
hotty; too shoddy. Chicago, as charcoal. Camp; and damp.
Norwegian, the Legion. intact, to crack. fleets; by sweets.
redhead; her bed! flutter; melt butter. Maude, by God!
Southwick, wonderously quick. Ella, her fella. Bland" she'd expand
Kubic, supremely cherubic. Brink, little chink. Gates, with weights;
University, of perversity. Seminole, a bole. said, my head.
rhapsodic, Nellie's erotic afraid, as staid. Wallop, a trollop.
face, of place Vassar, a top-of-the-classer. got, a plot
Duluth, telephone booth; perplex, hot sex. them, so lissome,
air! her hair! queue, to do. Dover, what drover
Dallas, mightiest phallus. O'Grady, no lady. renewable, triply pursuable.
farm: gentleman's charm, haughty, and bawdy. ample, to sample.
fantastic, and gymnastic! Rose, perpetual pose. sweater, friend, Henrietta;
Duff, get enough. seek, strapping physique, Hope, the Pope.
Pilkington-Smythe, and lithe; Topeka, and self-seeker,


Fannister, axle-grease cannister minister, is sinister, Yocum, stroke 'em.
Yocum, stroke 'em. brown; very uptown. see, Karen B.)
boning, much toning, buxom, fuck some. fifty, not hefty.
forty, they're sporty. you. sqeeze you. hand, this band.
best, else west. Bonn, nothing on. Bonn, clothes on,
weather. get together, Louise, a squeeze. nice! you twice!),
thirst, this first: tease, a freeze. know, to go.
side; open wide. slut; her butt. trance. my pants."
hell, my gal. erect; those select feat, only seat
ado, quick adieu. sublime, her springtime; salt, bluest cobalt;
doffed, holds aloft; young, high strung; jasmine, the yin;
function, railway junction, Stockton, clocked on, bees: to please
name, game -- bust, about lust. dust, in disgust,


Stow, the snow. Stow, was woe. Gloucester, named Foster.
Dumfries, some freeze! carefree, outdoor settee. cover, my lover.
Courtice, a tortoise. McNish, you wish." Bryce, of vice,
Dee, can be; Bordeaux, not chaud; coition, with cognition.
undies, would freeze. facial, was racial. Flo, the flow."
Brandon, stand on. said, I dread... Foster, of Gloucester.
Exeter, at her. stud, a crud. Yea, the hay.


blond; easily conned lunch; whole bunch. Drake, his take:
gold-digger, de rigor'. Snook, named Zook; Vi, terribly shy,
carrot-topped, I hopped. tease; her knees. Pleasance, her presence;
stacked, glorious act. Butte, excessively cute. brunette; could get.
saint, she ain't. Batavia, to ya'!" bard, her yard.
past-time, is mine. mood, and crude. clan; one plan.
Nicole, his soul; checked) to inspect. day? your pay,
Day, and bouquet. worse: a nurse. Hopper, swap her
Natalie. speculate cattily, thought, she sought." Brenda, and tender,
heart, to start. Pretoria, and gorier, Jo, a row.
doddering, was muttering. Garrett, with claret. Diener, the cleaner,
she, for fee. chanteuse, the Meuse. Dunbarton, large carton.
Clem, a stem. Cora, male-devised horror. Mullion, marrying bullion;
Honey, loved money! Guy, Miss Vi, Denver, send her,
girls, and pearls, aisle; his smile; Charlotte, the harlot,
petite, be discreet. petite; be discreet. grey, not gay!"
sweetly; party discreetly; dear, I fear. chance, your pants.
least, the yeast. Stacy, things lacy, shag", the hag
pages, in stages; it. wet suet." you?" and blue
old; growing cold." crank, go wank "No!" the heave-ho.
us, forget us! fellow; or yellow, care, will share.


year, and near. looking, the cooking; middling, above piddling.
Dwire, carnal desire, Fry, girl's thigh. Pakenham, in 'em.
grieving, be leaving Fleet, thought sweet. Glad, terribly bad.
straight, farmers maid. lay, old way. Wells, two hells.
me, ball me. vociferate: to titillate!" '63, to see.
R., little bizzare. man; or Dan, Brown, New Fredrickstown,
lass, could pass. Knighted, highly excited, must, resilent bust,
glee; and knee. Di, and lie Navarre, a tar.
Donner, a goner. chaste, anad haste. tune, the moon.
Berry, so merry, say, splintered away, days, charming ways.
light, last night. Munger, or younger, Kentucky, get lucky.
Pass, the grass, amuck, and stuck, Peru, a screw.
perplex: want sex?" Park, old snark. Joe, called Bo.
Havana, yellow banana. Kilbane, a train. Andover, hand over
tricks; temporal fix. upheaval; wobbly weevil. Cannes, her tan.
true, their glue. Hyers, at fires. King, adorable thing.
Gissing: their missing! sit, my shit- cloister, the oyster:
fishin', "FREE COITION." McWright, and tight, Valley, or pally,
Malone, the phone, D.C. being easy. date, and sedate.
lakeshore, and implore creek, Hepzibah's tweek. lay, bang AA.
muff, the buff, Easterner, on her. Treadwell, said, "Well,
hole; a pole. learning, was discerning. missing; and kissing.
Pringle, to tingle. Queens, turbulent teens, Shenandoah, for spermatozoa,
late, horny mate. Letcher, I've metcher. dude; for food.
Cotter, Globe Trotter: Jeanette, sexual bet Vancouver, by maneuver.
Verity, for charity. Crewe, a screw. miss, a kiss,
Pott, sizzling hot... nude, incredibly lewd. again, a grin.
enthralled, mostly bald. Blaine, no pain; Virginia, luscious Lavinia.
sassy, her assy. quest, and West; Pompeii, a lay
turn? they yearn? girls, my curls. found, and sound.
filly, myself silly. girl, or squirrel... Penzance, of romance,
Toledo, her libido. Luton, a futon. fool, sexually cool,
Lansing, for romancing. Madras, as glass, sweet? the heat?
Penzance, her pants. spring, last fling. stuck, once-a-week fuck.
heed; the deed. Binks, into links. Cratchet, a hatchet.
McGarity, a rarity. Fletcher, a lecher, Clyde, a bride.
noodle, see destitutal. chance, a glance me. please me.
Dakota, one iota... -- the itchigan, room; of gloom.
Heights, her delights. sex, firmed-up pecs, candy" described Mandy,
Lott, than not; mumble; would fumble. romance; your pants.
Sheboygan, go again!" rockers, big Dockers. pleased!" quickly appeased.
trying" a sighing. no; already know Nice, to cease.
Breaulieu, worry unduly Brady, a lady, mess, her dress.
light, see right. McMillan, arrogant villain, day, the way.
Cord; she explored. need, did proceed Tarentum, rent 'em.
horny, still morny, Tibet, met -- dated, openly stated,
kill, the pill. vacation, need copulation!" Lee, can see.
age? a sage." -- their spears. grade, and staid.
Wing, Big Spring. thirteen, and pristine, Dell, could tell
hot, her cot, Kailua, than pua, Toledo, active libido.
Jane, lexicographer pain, court. this report: depraved, or shaved;
Holt, a revolt, sheep, you'll keep. Nate. a date.
Jude, are lewd. know, a pole. O'Dwyer, on fire,
WHEN! the den! Zane, without pain. Hooker, shook her;
Dayton, in matin', Grame, scandalous dame. Tupper, up her;
covet, love it. knows? her clothes,


lass, Italianate ass, pass, as crass. alas, heterosexual sass,
chass- inviting crevasse, rooster; a booster. men: your pen.
night, beautiful sight, sight! a blight! hips, his nips,
fantasize, this prize. answered; I'm swampered. use; never lose.
bed; me head. enjoyment, genital deployment hound; plump mound;
lass; to pass. was, carpet's fuzz; dizzy; with Lizzy.
cow! and how; sex. every reflex. man! I can.
street, we meet. -- your delight. Princess, to caress
screw, the crew, "O" really low. bed, be said:
said, this thread, ditty, one witty, grey, to play;
day, and dismay Barrett, a garret. Barrett, a garret.
canter, handle 'er. corny; quite thorny. her? a slur?
you, to do, right, the night, back", your crack!"
do! a screw. Arden. your pardon.


Shebula, the nebula. true,) to do. sweater; feel better.
delight; all night! devise, pleasant surprise there; was fair
Carolina, her vagina; cursed, be first. Inga, a finger.
it; tune it; before; a bore. Lowestoft, boast of.
daughter, taught her, Stoke, practical joke. up, morning make-up.
Milwaukee, and squawky. history, new mystery. Oldham, scold 'em.
spastic; amazing, fantastic. Emma, frustrating dilemma world, quite knurled.
bad, I had sex, bad checks. flickers, lace knickers.
magazines, god's queens. barms; of charms. fear, to disappear
Crete, good seat. Lizzie, terribly busy. eyes; no lies.
annoyance; the gro-ins.


Fife, of life. critters; and spitters. right; pretty site.
slimmin'; grim, in cursed; came first. plastic, is elastic.
Dan, seduction plan. spouse, am grouse; Kent, whole rent...
pool, you drool. pimple; were dimples. commenced, and hence,
fire, I desire; half-cocked, are locked collegian; tough region;
Sutton, be struttin'." drudge, will budge, Texas, sex is.
Schartner, a heartener. Dwight, marital blight, lamb; he can:
ugly. say smugly, Hutch, my crotch. Hatteras, they flatteras,
Bath, moral path. pigmy, in polygamy; shindig." yeah, thingumajig...?
fine, does whine. stir, her purr. fight! all night!
Clyde, to hide. Wheeling, submissively kneeling. Muppet; up it.
health, yourself -- got, I'm not. Closter, his roster;
poet; know it. years, my fears. sword; depths untoward.
stings, more things. variations. for relations. hand, more grand!)
keep, I weep told, Year's goal. past. virtuous lass,
snow. to know? tombs, forty-nine rooms.


McMann, woman, WOEman. malign, Ms. Kline, MacPherson, worse 'un,
charity; a parity. wed. Smith instead. emotion, a promotion?
true, can do. boast, the most. -- called N.O.W.
Spa, his car. bred; your head! benign; a sign
her; I gibber. Demosthenes, their knees." perversity, for feminadversity.
abject; did misdirect. Tolliver. of her. uptight. a fight.
life, knife -- us, deflect us. ire, your desire;
dawn, long gone. wills. the thrills. brash, be rash.
aberation, likes copulation. Cruze, her views. weird, a beard?
true. to do. Sid, she did: McWilde, with child.
Floss?" a toss; Cloat, my goat." Marrs, some scars.
long, out strong. strife, and wife, sort, might support.
beau, pragmatic credo. Lido, flexible credo: leader, feed her.
is, Alice is, class, en masse, bumming. they're humming.
all; a pall. liberation, male fornication. Yale, would bewail
trip, curt quip molls, the walls. vex, full-figured sex.
Whitehouse, a lighthouse, tresses, sorely distresses McPherson, was nursin'.
do, want to. meet, measures complete. been, eliminate men.
mission, for coition: Beggs, few pegs, wish, onsider you-son-of-a-bish.
alive; to thrive. femme; old stem. Earl, chauvinist churl?
say. good lay; Stutz, of guts. fidget, as Gidget.
huperson, new person. far, the bar, growth, solemn oath:
agree, must be. word; a turd. glib, her jib,
NOW, unsullied, somehow. scented, she'd rented, Tightened"...Today, to say
Lee, are free!" Cowerbie, bore me! rude, thought lewd.
Dee, and free. Hyde, be denied." Beek, glorious physique,
blues, a fuse! libber, old gibber, Raines, feminine gains,
see, pure fantasy. free, place equally, is, from Ms.
liberation, can ration. tyin' and fryin'," miss, a hiss,
Faye, parthenogenesis may, brash. or cash. journal, sure, Nell,
Cora, male-driven horror, concerns? the interns! Ann, a man.
fetters; shy suffragetters. sex," a vex. Young, give tongue.
colonel, manner infernal. -- downtrodden classes, again, be men.
Nick, and slick. 'em, pursue 'em. screw, now pursue.
hang, feminine gang. Wurtz, man-tailored shirts.


Ms., of his. Ms., to his. Ms., once his.
days. in mores. bones, with moans. arts, of farts,
work; a perk; amuck? occasional fuck, today, men anyway.
dawn, battery overdrawn, men. but, then point, to anoint
attention, our intention. cause, new laws. dramatical, are radical.
co-founder, around her, her, astound her... flounder; around her.
her. pound her. need, It's guaranteed? nails, buttery snails!
today, went astray. (unpaid), personal maid, nails, your mails,
us, flexible fingers


Australia, her paraphernalia. desire, to inspire. rosiest! and cosiest!
Beauty, adventurous cutie; demand, be banned; Kitts, the pits;
Beth, my breath. see; of artistry. America, Derrick, a
Palladian, rhythms circadian. Pawkisski, and frisky. Dot, has got.
erased, duly replaced, away, I pray. soon: Miss June.
Maryland, barrel and Valerie, the gallery. girl, little curl,
duty, its beauty. Julie, born coolie. huffiness, of stuffiness.
lean, somewhere between. -- her fancies. Bayshore, and door.
gracious, also veracious, incomprehensible, is sensible, web) Miss Feb.
Bert, short skirt. vivaciousness, in loquaciousness, true, now, Hugh,
old, beloved extolled; romance, love's circumstance; twirl, precious pearl;
sublime, in time; kiss, this bliss; dreams, dart gleams;
Lancing, and entrancing, delectable, or respectable, view, disturbance anew;
rude, a prude. sweet, and neat. say, always obey.
quest; with zest, romance; a chance. twits; 'Bama tits;
hate, look fake. tight. all night. Oliver, follow her,
Lepp, one pep. Meghan, boys beggin'. Donna; would wanna.
girls, delectable pearls. fart, incredibly smart. Em, a gem.
choosy, a floozy. must, round bust. she's, to please.
he's, So please know; down below. 3", be --
antiquity, for iniquity, start, my heart. Stu, the view;
Kitty, be pretty. dolly, her collie. Antigonish, a dish.
say: every day. chaste! their taste. Parsippany, ecstatic epiphany.
marry, will vary.


chicks, were nix. overflowing, was showing. rafter, much laughter.
pediatrician, this definition, expectations, of recommendations, Annie, a granny.
Fritz, the Ritz, wishes, most expeditious, intention, total attention,
hitches, the stitches. shopper, of proper. glutton, to mutton.
tape, of shape. impression, partum depression. alone, the phone.
work, husband, Kirk, Pete, wouldn't compete. aim, parenting game.
direction, diaper detection. Judy, legal duty. separation, for vacation,
fig, is big. cluttered! windows shuttered. owner! a loaner.
unkind; my behind; curse; and terse: faced, "Remain chaste,
then, at ten. Roddy, awfully shoddy. Calcutta, his mother.
Fred, into bed. say; must stay. mum, longer come.
Myrtle, exceedingly fertile, good, you should; nun, more fun.
Pierre, to Sierre. me: you see, be; you'll see.
sex; a fact. Mothers; the others. Lee, long spree.
Folks! tasteless jokes? mice; and lice. mums; dads comes.
nose, and those truth, so uncouth. know, low blow.
London; fecund 'un. mama, would homma. Lynn, you've bin,
beer, I fear: girl, pulses awhirl. here; could hear,
miss, her kiss. September, fading ember, Carruther, as another.
it!" Mrs. Hewitt. Hugh, oyster stew. druthers, our Brothers.
doom, a tomb. grace, a vase, pests; child nests.
dear, we hear. when, female estrogen, oath, somewhat loath
know, over ho's, whore, the floor. truck, my luck.
'em; not 'em; witch; the bitch. Frank, to spank."
despair. sweet Claire. Bomb, Pc, Cd-Rom; pass, as grass;
Hank, he drank. adoring, find boring. Shay, in May.
Court, to abort. bathe; to scathe: soak, I croak.
mum... is dumb! Tate, should wait, Mother, and brother
mom, eight-year-old Tom: finer, South Caroliner. Hon, to come
anywhere, lawn chair day; and play. Mum, can come
wash, by gosh, chilly?" talking silly; wink, the sink.
proficient, than sufficient. Astor, the pastor. sift, human rift,


I'm, sweet time! craft, and aft, Sally, our alley.
too, my loo. beautiful; exceedingly cutieful; Maggiore, Angela Torre;
Bell; did well. Bernice, her crease. hurl, to unfurl.
Betty, her steady, Doyle, to despoil. Biddle, "Oh, fiddle!
Desiree, her negliege. camp, and damp; Elaine, deep pain.
Eleanor, small beleanor, flesh, as fresh. wear, mini-kilt there?
long, your thong; short. good sport. it! try it.
joints, owner appoints Show; all aglow. Faun, was gone.
Frances, she dances, Gwen, many men. Brown, in town;
Hays, to amaze. Holly, her trolley. ya, implore ya,
painted, that's tainted. Joan, would moan. candy, and randy,
candy, with brandy, Julia, rather peculiar. June, whirling typhoon.
passion; teeth gnashing. Kate, for bait. Kate, to wait
"Hey, to play." rather, a lather Kay, winter's day.
Kay, one day, Kay, all day. Kim, my quim.
Lenny, be Jenny. Lilly. beautiful filly. frenched, she's drenched,
Lou, a screw. Lucille, to peel, mocha, mimimal quota.
Maddie, virginal laddie, romance; Maggie's pants. so, to flow.
spot, naked twat. lazy, be crazy. May, liberation today.
Meg, to beg. Melanie, sell any?" Michelle? heavenly smell.
"Oh, I know. Myra, ardent admirer, Myrtle, a turtle;
Myrtle, a turtle, too, large kangaroo. back, to attack.
fear, your rear. unwise, R. cries. aunt, and gaunt.
poise, lop-sided Tortoise. Nadine, near obscene. Nancy, and romancy.
screw; to do; Pauline, terribly keen Prudence, the students.
Rita, meet her. Rose, hardly suppose Rose, a hose.
Rose, gentlemens' hose; Russell, a love-muscle. Sadie, rather shady.
it, admit it, Sandy, of brandy. sharin' this Sharyn.
Sharyn; much carin'. Sharyn; much carin'. Sharon. so darin'.
Sharyn, was sharin'. Bug, a hug. Shirley, teeth pearly.
born, of Siobahn. Stella, a fella. Sue, it's true.
Sue, to screw, Lou; at you! Susan, were confusin',
prize; the guys. confession, been messin'." Twat, a lot.
Espana, in Netanya. Virginia, pleasingly linear. Yvette, a bet.


say, visit today tea, at three. late, afternoon date.
arrived, I contrived. intention, otherwise mention struggle; a tuggle.
grand, a stand. can, young man Godzilla, be killa.
track, front crack. foreplay. by day. drink, you blink.
large, a barge, boast, telegraph post grace, voluminous space,
winter, the hinter- hissing, lumberjack kissing please. intestinal breeze.
Baines, twenty trains cremation, whole nation mass, mountainous ass
sight, 'tother night; drain; in vain. dreamin', mind steamin'.
liter, inch peter. Boeing! get flowing. score, no more.
slim, lover-boy Jim. Hell. and fell. smell, of Hell,
way, it's okay twat, exceedingly hot, Asian, does evasion?
figure, only bigger, sparse, great arse. well-crafted, be drafted
sweet, a beat, go, a hoe; go, streetwalkin' ho'
collection, of affections's fill, a thrill, jealous; RCMP fellas,
RCMP, lumberjacks be, nights; Bertha's tights. ripping; snag shipping!
built, to wilt.


lady, Bev Grady; nights, corner lights; Masses, freckled-faced lasses;
routine, Dairy Queen, Shu's, dark blues; lot, burial plot;
zoo; apes, too; best; the rest; lady, bit 'shady',
bugger! mug her. Beverly? that's "cleverly." last, a blast!
Beverly, quite cleverly. Beverley, not neverly!"


Claire, in hair. Claire, 'down there'? Claire, pubic hair,
pair, my Claire Claire, devine derriere. Clare, was bare.
Clare; her hair. Claire, your hair, Clare, the air;
Claire. a dare. Claire, audience stare, Claire, and swear,
Clarisse, Miss Harris. Claire, a chair; affairs, of Claire's;
Claire, a dare. Claire, wear underwear. Claire, pubic hair,
Claire, great care, swooned; me marooned. Clare, her hair;
Claire, her hair. Claire; a dare. Claire; a dare,
Claire; a dare. Claire, a dare; dear?" it here?"
Claire, all bare. Claire, could air. Claire, wasn't there.
Clare, her hair, Clare, a bare Claire, blond hair.
Clare, blond hair, Claire, all bare Claire, love affair.
Claire, perfectly bare, Claire, uncommonly square, Claire, pubic hair.
Clare, is square. Claire, a chair: Claire, good dare;
Claire; a dare: Claire, close stare. where, young Claire,
Claire, secret affair. Claire, customers bare. Clair, get there.
Claire, camp stare. Clare; real hair. Claire, "But where
BooBoo, dainty tattoo


rankle. the ankle Crete, young Pete. Jan, young man,
Jana, in Montana. Jane, the rain. Pete, so sweet
Jane, a pain. Jane, all stain. Hamble, Naomi Campbell.
D's, to please. hear? No fear, know? long ago.
all; the call. time, limericks, sublime. credit, head it
Jen, a "10". Jen, and then, comer, a hummer.
Janet; plan it. fur, with her. rough, was tough.
tell, the smell, two, boars do. hook, and crook.
Harry, Uncle Larry. time," a crime; Miller, light filler.
pee, you see, tap," a snap! vigor, your figure;
lap, the chap.


Jenny; too many. Jenny, spell Abergiveny. be, from me;
Jen! knows when. nice, or twice. fetors, eat hers.
fee: for free, reduced, be seduced twat: she's got,
rose, of those. messy, confess he droll, my soul!
proud, and ploughed. trick, Jennifer chick, claimed, cruelly framed.
Sun; a nun.


Mabel, the table, Mable, room table. Mabel, I'm able
Mable, the table, Mabel, a table. Mable, her table.
Mabel, so stable, Mabel, the table. Mable; herself able.
Mabel, a table. Mabel, physically able; Mabel, the table,
Mabel, a table. Mable, de Table, Mable, of fable.
Mabel, a stable. Mabel, Betty Grable. Mable, so able,
prime, first rhyme. Mabel, is unstable. Mabel, shantymen's fable.
Mabel; wearing sable, Mabel, her navel. Mabel, the table.
Mabel, I'm able Mabel: to enable, Mable, Black Label.
Mabel, every table. Mabel, low-calorie label. Mable, a table.
Mabel, were able do-able, "I'm unscrewable. dead; to bed.
Mable, so able. Mabel, I'm able. Mabel, and able.


fat, a frat left; and bereft. Marie. in Paris.
Marie, the sea, Sprints, broad hints, dairy, quite scary.
Zelling, my swelling; Mary? too scary. thin, get in.
dinner, a winner. night," the light.


Tereva, cabin feeva'. ileus. awfully bilious. sucks!" and ducks.
match, to catch. men; get in. euphoria; story a-
Canuck, is stuck. see," quite painfully. belle. always excell.


tan, I can. Dubuque, decided rebuke, carrel, wearing apparel.
(Carol) (barrel) taste, and unchaste, Chad, heating pad.
Oola, the Hula. song. all wrong. Erin, men starin'?"
Spain, a train. Alaska, of Nebraska. Vance, a dance.
invention, another dimension Nachez, their thatches. Ignatius, maiden curvaceous,
Freehold: am told, Clark. and spark. cursed. first -
Eskine, did win. Thomas, her pajamas. Nathalia, a dahlia.
Crete, the street. Tafik, quite pornographic, Said, I'm tired."
Switch, a stitch. prude, the nude. Bermuda, be nuder.
Gwen. and then Luton, a futon. physique, look chic.
nude, quite crude. Blair, strip bare Exeter, at her.
rocked; has shocked. Brighton, sight on Tiffany's, frequent epiphanies.
Ipswich, hips twitch, rude, the nude. Givery, pizza delivery;
hot, I'm not. 'em, drove 'em, attitude, be viewed?"
Nice, cocktails apiece, Drood, man nude, Claire, exceedingly fair.
Soake, a kook. Dunning, she's sunning. Rose, theatrical pose.
Zenobia, disrobe ya, Judah. her boudoir. told, the cold.
Heights, in tights. White, a fright; Athabaska, to unmaska.
naked-thewed, not rued. peas, to please, Casanova, of Dover.
door, the floor. it, rum; it Kimberly-Kitt, a hit.
Dawes, of gauze.


Ketch, a lech. prudes, artists' nudes. Watsessing, corner undressing.
revue; was new: Honiton, bonnet on. prude, totally nude.
chose, revue shows. Merritt, his garret. Rose, her nose;
Montrose, her clothes. Crocus, without hocus-pocus. stenographers, for photographers.
Morn," was born; blond, of Bond, Lynn, Lisa-like grin


Bea; a tree. Joe; should grow! enrolled. a stroll.
sea, could be. sea, to see. possessed, before rest,
nudist! the crudest. fence, lecherous gents... lewd, are nude.
stunning: in sunning! sat, and fat. chaste, a waste...
cause, La Paz. eye, Miss Blye, stag, to shag)
Frore, neighbors adore... yard, neighbor's regard, dressing, found distressing,
dare, and stare. Stockton, sox on. raisins, her goal.
Berlin, a grin. resort, good sport. well, that dell.
Judith, a nudist. Montgomery. a mummery. dude, boot-scootin' nude;
fighting, peculiar siting; yard, Faye Ard, passes, sunbathing lasses,
Ester. protest her. Ed!" fake, dead.


clip, to equip, Algiers, no fears. Sears, in Algiers.
Glahms, any qualms. Ghude, go nude... beaut, a root;
John; a blonde. true, than you. true.., to few.
grapes; great shapes; lad, you had. genes, of things.
ends, & boobs, Katie, are, matey. Brad, terribly bad;
Jude, the nude. 'spin', her chin, grin, on sin)
door, her chore. girl, a whirl!" Fletcher, amateur sketcher
Dude, than nude!" bare," don't care. Babylon, rabble on,
together, a feather bare, you dare. discreet; not repeat.
girls, some pearls. stairs, foreign affairs. Glipta", unzipped her;
shelf, Jennifer Relf. nude, or stewed... snobby, Meer's hobby:
Bayer, the mayor. stood; make good. match. will snatch
aspire, my desire. no! gone slow. malicious, too meretricious,
O'Farrell, any apparel. poses, feminists noses, undress, officer's mess.
Canton, rant on; Martine, call obscene. Rosa, eveyone knowsa.
minx, and winks. in! Let's begin Leicester, molest her.
nude, and lewd. Kite, a sight. Kite, a sight.
shindig, a jig, slut; will rut. Leicester, obsessed her.
jade, the shade. what, free-wheeling nut, nice; a trice.
bad. this lad? knee, not free. Erskine, fur skin.
Alicante, notably scanty. Black, heart attack. Potter, and hotter.
success, and finesse. effects, spectacular sex. secluded, Debbie denuded.
interesting, now contesting, brook, good look, boy. so coy,
day, late May, grown, a rowan, suppose, no clothes.
stuff, the muff. Brest, always stressed: Clytie, my nightie.
Maine, and again,


Heather, of weather, Girton, shirt on. shaven, New Haven.
Aenos, as Venus. Suggs, of hugs; ditch, Faye Fitch
Christine, Miss Teen. prude. out nude. evil, boll weevil,
Feaster, and Easter, Gloria, real euphoria, McCall, charity ball;
Stroud, a crowd. Rose, no clothes. Brandon, with abandon,
exhibit, nothing inhibit. Alana, of Ghana, lass, the grass.
Brenda, and tender, riot, the Diet. Butte, but astute;
Greek, that's unique?" Florida, much torrida, Claridge, a carriage;
salute, in pursuit. mind, hardly refined. mind, little hehind.
Pat, her cat; new; show too. Roe, time ago,
Iver; a fiver, Dower, a shower. indeed," her steed.
Rose, any clothes. bed, it's dead..." Shoreditch, a stitch.
Naturelle, the hell. thicken, go pickin' eyes, tanned thighs,
"Hook". a look. clothes. fully expose Claire, cinema bare.
Ray, festival day. Nassik, classic -- three, usually see.
felt, her pelt. agree. I see. Gloria, gastric euphoria.
France, will advance. Louise, cock tease. flowing, quite glowing,
Dot, protesteth not. purity, her security, Clare, quite bare.
'em, at random. farming, rather disarming. Taylor, a whaler,
sweatshirt; that hurt Ladd, scantily clad; Karen, go marryin'.
Sheik, a peek, bride. to hide." Jude, the nude.
style, a while. Pat, She sat rump; them jump,
charms, farmers alarms; minx. quietly slinks Pat, a cat.


Paul, very small, bold, of old. Eva, receive 'er.
Tottenham, in 'em. today, of play. path, named Kath.
Loddon, got sodden. owl. the fowl. Glarms, by qualms
saw, I'm sure. Bude, the nude, bits. in fits.
Bluewater, sensational daughter.


obscene. any screen. laugh, a bath? wall, a ball.
Atoll; at all. small, don't fall, Tjarda, the tarda.
quit! a hit? sleep; just weep. leer; over here.
be. with me. maples, from Naples; tricky; awfully licky.
a-scatter; she'd patter. horse, by force. Caledonian, pony on
breast, at best. discounted, thoughts unfounded, replaced, being chaste.
whether... clothes altogether. clothes, I suppose hot; it's not.
nude, quite crude. rude; perfectly lewd. defame, a game.
fret; my upset. wall, after all. Adder, tall ladder.
yard, my bard, tum; lily-white bum. there! lawn chair!
door, to ignore fifteen; I mean; got, a lot.
nude, and lewd? can't. I shan't.)


sense, the fence, screw, the queue! dumb, incredibly fun),
Eve, wouldn't believe; known, who's prone stealth; the twelfth
smoking. and toking Albania, disease: nymphomania; Reading, for bedding.
Charlotte, a harlot); Popper, completely improper. Sturges, sociable splurges.
Flo. to know. ways, many lays; still, ultimate thrill.
dewery, bit fewery. booze. post-holiday blues. Oregon, named Corrigan.
Brent, she went; Freeman, fifty-three seamen. rockers, big knockers.
WAC, amorous knack: Prudence, with students. Whitely, workover nightly.
screw? merely blew? Stamboul, Joe's tool Mercedes, in Hades
best, the test Hearst, properly versed: border, panic disorder.
innocence, frigate Hortense; Graff. by half. abstain, considered mundane!"
Karen, entirely unsparin'. Butte, a root. Dinah, nothing finer.
Suzanne, boys can Suz, loose cooz, Raczynski-Sobor, for more.
Rex, fortunate hex. Flo, say, "No!" harassed, a blast!
whore; her door. Eire, of desire. Metz, she gets;
longevity, for levity. ashen, sexual passion. Kight, a delight,
Grundoon, until noon. brothers; their mothers! vexed, her perplexed.
guy, College Try. Molly's, her jollies, bitch. every stitch.
-- adore ass. Spain, bumpy terrain. Fred, nympho (unwed);
Torbay, meaningful lay. Stainer, pain her. Bette, a jet.
survive, a dive. Maine, to brain, Fawn, until dawn.
Marge, a barge. Kent, means intent two, Miss Peru.
who, Miss Peru, vixen, Miss Nixon, Nantucket, suck it.
Bender, no vendor. Monday, fun day. heat, of meat
Chang, hard wang. Tillie, with Willie. Kahn, and wan.
Troy, did annoy; Lear, without fear, hussy, bit fussy
Hellas, girls jealous. Penny, getting any. McDrood, and prude!
gladder, unclad her.


sucker," Larry Tucker. (Eugene) excessively mean. Joy, very coy,
Trout, without doubt, dead, a bed. haughty, this body.
sex, casual checks: spare; coiffured hair. adore; a bore.
disguise, and wise. breeze, my knees. spiffy, average stiffy,
collectively, over protectively, Spreckles, of shekels, beaut! and cute.
State, a plate, beaver; doggon deceiver. Louise, a squeeze.
Janet, the planet. Crockett, oversized pocket." Milwaukee, lustily cocky,
Webb, even ebb, Garms, young charms, street, the meat,
Eccles, with freckles. cheer, of beer. PhD's, cute knees.
attraction, for action. Thames, (hhames) concealed, of Field,
knew, unusually blue, Lasher, mash her. romance! a glance
distress, no less. male, you trail. teach, within reach.
Klein, and sign. brown, her renown. Lucille, sexual appeal.
Mays, those days. Jolla, de Goya, peek, manly physique,
abscond, young blond lasses, profligate passes, dirty? Mr Squirty.
Charlotte, a harlot. Tanner; and manner. planet, man it;
Trish, endowed dish. Goshen, the ocean; eyes, the skies,
get, maidens coquette, Anna's; wear bandanas. miss; her kiss,
Trott, of twat. Liffey, rather squiffy; March. real parched;
Jayne, as insane. kin, shopping within. Hatteras, the matteras--
phoney; want matrimony. kitchen. to itchin' Hill; a thrill;
passes, their glasses. not, was hot. Chesser, assess her.
Clarisse, a piece. Irene, I've seen. Lisa, delivery pizza.
Lynn, big grin. bent, handsome gent. practicality, of reality
Biloxi, nobody's doxy, Britain, quite smitten. Vance, by chance,
Colleen; are green. Booker, folks forsooker. Butte, so cutte
tell; to hell. said, to bed. lakeside, great pride.
Kay, at play, seat, eyes meet? present! and pleasant:
bluster; herself Buster. Aphrodite, flannel nighty Rose, into those;
signorina, seen 'er. pool; to drool. Wendy, amazingly trendy.
pornographic, aren't seraphic. cosset, walk-in closet. Texas, perplex us.
blonder, get fonder. lump; to jump. Visser, kiss her,
Lumpur, her jumper, Nora, with horror. Mississippi, and lippy,


blonds, be bronze. on, trade on. ravenous, to fabulous,
Kiel, seen dishabille, Heights, silk tights. bag, and rag-
Poinsettia, I petta, maid, in plaid, Calais, sheer negligee.
Metter, a sweater; Carol, gorgeous apparel. today, of play,
Maxwell, facts well, crack, her back. on: BVD's on,
racy, and Tracy; shed, women tread, wear? that compare!
i.e., departments eagerly throngs, who belongs. Shoeburyness, under duress;
selection, to perfection, Orleans, and ravines, Lester, molest her.
land, exceedingly grand; stronger, grow longer. doubt, the lout.
here; and leer, Lederer, Her educated, hate it!


giggles, and wiggles chronic, and sardonic; tall, at all,
rigid, with Brigid. Cecile, Ferris Wheel. Kitts, their tits.
Nelder; held her. giggle, parts jiggle; York, guy's cork.
Gibraltar, skimpy halter. day, vulgar display. runs; it stuns.
shop; buying non-stop. King, and sing. women, go swimmin'.
Bridget, and fidget. clamorous, be glamorous. Frisco, Mt Kisco,
grips, their hips. Madras, tight ass. Dwight, ain't right:
Michelle, midnight spell, Maine, exceedingly plain. do? is true.
joys, from boys.


phoney, a boney. thirty; be flirty. Brenda, overdeveloped pudenda;
Clonmel, Molly O'Dell. ball, her hall. do? at two,
view, me "Adieu," Dorset, new corset. good; stoutly withstood
go, I know sits, her bits; firm, I squirm
grip, to strip, Reenhorn, a greenhorn, Weazy, was sleazy,
Cumming, and humming. hell, ill-devised size, Platte, just that.
Desdemona, the toner airs, everyone stares, intention, toner-discolor prevention.
Tiffany, tall stiffany. itches. it twitches. setting; exactly abetting.
professional? noontime confessional? if, a sniff. setting? I'm betting
inevitably, be free bending, and rending door. the floor;
again, receptionist; Jane. -- impress her. weaker, well-cosseted tweaker?
mean, glean - sexier, acute anorexia. sordicity?" actress Felicity.


inspire, profusely perpire. you've, and groove. Amelia, young Delia,
Amelia, really a knew. a screw. slag, sex-obsessed bag.
fashion, of passion. Dakota, wrote her: fashion," with passion.
okay? decaying away, bench, young wench) patch, her snatch.
Janet; this planet. look; a book. waist; they chased.
city, and titty street, utterly sweet me, sweet reverie)
page, a rage. I, passed by. Brett." who set
humor) she's backing. Hannibal, a can-o'-bull, Todd, girls bods.
loud. size crowd guys: his eyes. thighs, a rise,
Meg's, the eggs. shutter, the butter. chops, zipper pops,
guard, get hard, honey, pay money. clerk, her work,
lot, fantastic shot. store, the door. clean, be seen.
see; green tea. girls; on whirls. swine, not decline.
true; the view vest, of breast. fantasy, choose me.
aufrichtig, war vorsichtig. all-right, take flight. hurt, short skirt.
do; can't sue. unfair, openly stare. ashamed, crudely named,
glamour; would clamor. Billy, and silly. virtue, hurt you.
sure; a cure. miss. is this: here, I fear,
dear, I fear been? this scene. mean; turned green,
cake, aren't fake,


Paul, feet tall, Staines, lady remains. amassed, is vast.
Lyme, sexual prime; Aberdeen, so keen endowed, easily cowed,
matter," brain" chatter. pest, to rest. Gostessey, terrible bostessey,
DC; was she. Spencer, from Mensa. advice, and mice,
Cornell, and tell. Cloud, and proud, Sue, riddance, adieu!
Milan; and clans. K-Mart, the part. dined, to unwind,
Ned, Club Med. Burke, at work. known; the tone.
ocean, using lotion. bore, to score, Lee, corporate sea.
seek, is meek. rude, for you. quims, own whims,
understandable; isn't sandable. I, my eye. feast; the least.
can, my man, mind, surely designed take, you ache
vain; you insane; reflection, of protection: emotes; he quotes.
brain. his disdain. too! say toodle-oo. brain," to train.
place, technical grace. sagacious, stories salacious. flapper, a clapper.
declined, and dined. cave, quite brave.


Tish, The Fish?" Wheeling, continually squealing. Shirley, bit squirrelly.
Lancashire, bank cashier: Jane, all sane; show, you know.
lass, of gas. June, a loon; fret, told Chet,
Sally, not rally. Melly, the telly. Rose, her clothes,
friends, and trends, Jane; a brain. right, very bright,
McNim, remarkably dim. Blum, you're numb. Sark, the dark;
near, fashion unclear. Randalls, used candles. revel, sexy devil.
clairvoyant; very flamboyant. knew, a clue. Boone, silvery moon.
Ramona, telephone her. culture; lesbian vulture. Spain, it again!"
you'll, you'll fuel get, does sweat. said! gives head.
Crockett, a socket. Bundy, every Sunday; Brock, mental block.
Troy, and coy. Florida, the corridor, Heather; a feather.
Mary, everything scary; Wheeling, that's revealing; Mease, you please.
pricks, been transfixed, Seattle, some prattle. Wisteria, from Elyria.
Cob, to sob, pol; the doll. Loraine, to explain
dole, a hole. Flinn, of sin, Flinn, her sin!
Bermuda, elude her. date, the gate. be, gives free.
Beijing, one thing. Friar; no liar. lass, her class.
Notts, out, "What's Roxy. least poxy. slimmin', religious women,
Fay, with dismay Stout, a doubt, Hortense, of gents;
Superior, and inferior, nameless, and shameless, dream, would seem.
May, utter dismay, so, into woe! Stimple, a pimple.
Slocum, poke 'em. there, the rear ball, every fall.
decision. your revision." fundamental, 'tis essential: delighted, she'd invited.
Butte, terribly cute. lass, senior class, Fay, with dismay
bombarded, were discarded, met, in yet?" Ebenezer! old geezer.
blue, to do, doll, at all. duck, all thunder-struck.
talk! every stalk! teas, called Tees Paul, the hall!
Jack, a sack, Didi, terribly beady. Brent, of cement,
sky, I fly?" Rhyl, was nil. Jane, pliable brain.
Holmes, many tomes. day, to stay, afoot! going kaput?
brain, delusional drain. Antoinette, and set. Sace, terrible pace.
Rye, a pie. calm; with aplomb.


cheers, now hears. absenter; drive-in theater. core, in store.
knowed, the road. day. "Honey, hey! accused, and confused.
accused, and confused. vicious, quite malicious. chick, a brick.
sticks, some hicks rebuffs, their stuff's donned, is fond
dame; and came. lox, called Blochs. deep, she'd keep.
sweet, boy, Pete, for, and four." pack, "Now slack-
shout- without doubt!" apppears, the dears, wand... and beyond!"
ride, he applied; poured, "Get aboard bold, to hold.
Cord, very bored, car, Crown Bar. "Bless, a guess,
luck, he's stuck. there," in despair!" pond, brainiest blonde.
pretty, and clitty; perox- named Fox. which, pretty rich.
answer. life enhancer. Contention, Fireman's Convention. Sue; her view.
complain: in again! jive, attractive, alive. sex-ed, knowingly said,
ear; come here."


Fred! her head? agree, and me. guy, I buy.
truthless, chauvinests, ruthless, cell, we'll yell. applaud; and awed!
Ted, I said. able, that fable, understand, the sand.
forget, bad debt.


twenty, for plenty, basket. ask it. Queens, blue jeans:
restricts, brotherly licks, Keene, only fifteen, Winder, find her.
Fabies. twin babies. Jim, after him. Pearl, a girl,
forum, and decorum. you? a few. graduation, much excitation.
socks, minuscule frocks. teen, bloody obscene. Smits, she sits.
understand, sense demand; her, betweeen her do, or two.
Lockjaw, a see-saw; Nevada, Hotel Ramada, eleven, to heaven.
cool, me drool, pre-teens; jelly beans; Madeleine, or ten.
Dale, young Gail. daughter; ought ter; meal, ninth-grader Lucille,
trick; so sick. Vail, young tail: increased, authority ceased.
Yale, underage frail. chick; clever dick. expedient, girly obedient,
Melissa, kiss ya. learning, is yearning Irene, ever seen.
delicious, is injudicious claims, young James, catastrophic, terms philosophic,
Aphrodites, in nighties, Bister, kissed her. sibling, his nibbling
latrine, something obscene. male, Quentin Quail." school, incredibly cool.
cresting, just breasting, mall, lack wherewithal. ge'me, way, semi-
Gail, of tail, Correnti, up plenty. honey, of money.
sorrow, would borrow. pass, good ass. Hale, in jail
Magruder, her tutor. alive. to dive. roam. sweet gnome.
creeper, depravity's deeper; Bell; quite well. Pearl; exquisite girl!
it. let it. it. let it. it! teasing, Janet!
dumb! get some. meany, wrinkled weenie. door, no more.
three, you see,


Eugene, sis Angeline mean; of Eugene, Eugene, he's obscene!
daughter, nobody oughter, brass, neighbor's ass." young; yourself hung!
her, little daughter. degree, Do mastery. doubt. she's about.
frogs; own pollywogs. artist. the gist too; then through.
limbo; a bimbo. position, with ambition; (enraged): under aged...
Mom, gentle aplomb, tool, a fool? Bob, rounded knob!
me: bop me, Jane; pussy again. scoffer, to offer
dibble," adorable Sybil, say, "Okay?" dibble, a nibble?
beneath, the heath. belly, the telly gallot, (Wellington?)
Okay. they say. Wales, the tails, charming; and disarming.
norm, the prom, droves, than stoves. tender, sexual bender,
nude, peckers protrude, Quail, hot-blooded male. us, Miss Purvis.
dips; red lips. dew. the view. few; a screw.
is, lust is confess, exaggerate; nevertheless year, I hear;
appalling; promiscuous balling. late, pubescent date. nuffin;, some muffin'.
years! us leers.


adi, was badi. Alder, of folder- mari, was harri.
were; was care. pre, was de knuckle, in buckle,
pro, was Show. cocka, a chocka, Doug, was bug.
Bora, that's Tora. acro, be macro. ma, is ga,
addle, be saddle. par, was gar. scally, was alley,
chatter, the cater, Man, with fan, deci,; a prov.
mis, terribly dis, dic, that's thick. lum, is numb).
de; that're re. dump, is pump, roller, is bowler,
Fred, is Red bag, are dag, hap. was slap,
un; that's con. be, that's Se. wood, that's good,
copy: was floppy sloppy, was floppy Capri, overly appre
Ken, was En, dys, find mis. Gunga, were dunga,
her, mudgeon cur; Jew, in Peru. Lim, and bim,
bomb, most com. ninny, was mini. match, is bache.
Tim, that's gym. lumber, is cumber; be, that's ske.
dinner, was inner re, that's se. Sin, in Finn,
flutter, was butter. blow, is Jo, jo, is po.
board, called accord. shocka, is knocka, forn; ography porn,
boon, was moon crevasses, and morasses. pros, is cos.
Pit, were side-split. bro. was pro. Pata, was cata.
hood, pecker wood. fore, was score; scally, did tally.


dim, and Grim. Bert, are inert. bag. probably gag.
E, to activity. three, and Pea; batch, and Spatch.
Stein, also Ein, Fred, then Ned. folk, great poke.
Ley; there's Hea. man: Brit Scan. Bee. Tru's knee.
ski," "but Gee! bag, and Stalag. finer; and Dyna.
Sen! and Jen. batch, and Spatch; lot, there's Trot.
Son; of fun. Stein, there's Ein. fibber, and Liber;
charts, on parts. tree, buck fee. trans- said Vance.
Brown, I frown Wick: there's Pick.


(cents), nice (gents). (wich) part (ridge)


began," named Dan, are, a par recruit, at Butte
Hood, she should consistory, the mystery true, about you?
be, to see. Tucker, a mucker! smart. treacherous beart.
fuse, story news. crave, and behave. unsure, feel insecure.
Nell, too well." mindless. dined less, care," Eau Claire,
cod, and rod. twat. a sot. MORON, alive oxymoron).
dire, a pyre. Nuys, the guys. end, casual friend.
coughed, the loft, space, and grace. dwell, a bell.
Slater, young tomato. swore, and Moor does, a buzz.
-- to surprise. louse. men grouse. crypt-oxymora, linguistic flora.
be, someday see. dry, friends cry. giants, his clients
shit; I admit. Stan, the ban crest, the rest.
platonic." just OXYMORONIC. file, 'hospital' style. there. a pair.
flower, thunder shower, on, ignore on Paul. at all.
doubted, she pouted. hire, a buyer. Bart, the start.
less. to guess.


converse; or worse, us; in anus. heads; in beds.
shop, the top, dud, be mud. Paw, the raw.
perceive, I believe: amagram, clever scam. Jack: the sack.
plumb, also some position, mission coition. -- my submission.
Rome, on palindromes. at, mad rat; Maxes, that relaxes.
yuck, sympathetic cluck, departs, it starts. embryonic, useful memnumonic
take, monstrosity make. devise, marginal compromise?


Bart, to heart. chagrined, was thick-skinned, trout, is stout;
rocks, a fox. quick, dextrous chick, Boyce, by choice.
depart, boy's heart." myriad, named Kyriad, misfortunes, generous portions,
rifer, his fifer; Piper, and hyper, woes, she knows
sanguinity, to infinity; she, because he, stash, some hash.
Todd, his bod. D's, dripping grease. modification, ambiguous sensation,
Phipps, holiday trips lope; some rope. feet, the meat
maid, she bade, arcade, and played: rose, you goes.
defense. common sense. kegs, frequently begs clatter, but sadder:
fled, I dread. sore, past Lenore. rants. a chance;
Barney, in Killarney. cloud, a shroud Miss, him bliss.
blunder, Hugh's under. well, some spell! adored, rather bored.
brassiere. frothy beer. blubber, snub her. grass, did pass
toll, we extol. sup, a schtup, last, a blast,
eighties, of Hades. has, that jazz. pool, a fool.
funny, and punny, take, a break hint, he din't
date, pitiful state., impress, old Bess. fit? dreary pit?
job, Reverend Bob; good! whole neighbourhood. howls, and towels.
Jen; stripper, ex-Wren! quit, to split. WAC. while back
lovers, oft hovers. marry, as Sherri. nightly, how politely
race, his face; docks, diamond stocks, pain, would explain.
Falls, gentleman calls. Griffey, if he stricken, that sicken
wenchers, novice adventures rocks, read, "Pox words, stange birds.
alert, as dirt.


Lyme, letters sublime. device, and concise. "Mr." own sr.
Mr., he kr., alleviate, to deviate pp, for aa,
degree, long pedigree, Ga., "Lucretia Ba." mt. the ft.
Kr., a Blr. T, a B; Md. a fd.
Mich. and wich. Mr., he kr. biz! and Ms.
Mrs. story thrs. Co. would tho. pp. minimum ww.
Lee, Pt. Lee. Clark, to bark. Mr. he kr.;
Mr. damsel kr., it, spin, it preferred, sometimes inferred.
qts., named Schwts. av., love hv." degree. to see:
John, In John. Mr. boldly kr. Mr., and Kr.;


chums, and sums. Loo, be true! part, a start.
whirl, tongues unfurl. surpass, a glass. flair; not fair.
pass; bathroom farce. brash, to crash. Spears, the years.
surprising, no compromising, grab, the gab. satisfaction, anagram-based interaction.
girliest, not burliest. grief, to chafe. shot; she's got.
fun, and done! hectic, quite eclectic. hear, may cheer.
Gough, to scoff. runt, Park stunt, spit, office carpet.
store; and more. devising, any revising. "Tripe! big gripe.
yearn, they earn. best; our behest. fair, that chair.
Hitchin, stop bitching. "Teasy" to pleasey. baloney, Mandelson crony.
guns; your chums. dame, world-class acclaim; made? IN BELGRADE?
dents, some offence. Hurst, was wurst. Seles? it is
glory, ANY (MORI) Offloading, Targets Overexploding, greased, at least
fair, he dare re-meld, be spelled? bell-hop, a sex-shop.
cares; Heaven upstairs?" go, into woe. moaner, a groaner,
curls, the whirls. whore, and more. Bates, the States.
plane, the same. China, insider her. daughter, really oughter


guage, inflated age, be: marry me?" fella, A CAPPELLA.
AA, cold lava. bring, unbearable sting coals, my soles.
starts, young hearts, beg; the leg then, as zen.
beginning, argument winning. OVO, de novo. one. are begun.
play, of today. Marian, as Librarian. ABECEDARIAN, any parliamentarian
ABECEDARIAN, lementary grammarian, ABECEDARIAN, cartogaphic disciplinarian. fore, you adore.
thought, is fraught: ads, F adds seance, best playants.
ABIGAIL, the serail, wail; her ABIGAIL. bad, me glad.
ABJURE, you're sure. sure, liquor ABJURE. impure, was secure.
curate, virgin, obdurate. ABNEGATE, of state, ABNEGATE, tempt fate.
ABNEGATE, old Watergate, surrender, a bender, say; the way.
Yeti, of spaghetti. bring, will sing, sits, great "hits".
aborning. for dehorning. morning, computer ABORNING, ABORNING, jewels adorning.
squad, daydreaming broad, late, to ABROGATE. fate, his mate,
ABROGATE, our fate, ABROGATE, to navigate. ABROGATE, of hate,
ABROGATE, with "*--gate." inspired, editor tired, ABROGATE. contracts abnegate
dilution, is diminution guys, and ryes, spartan, wears tartan,
Dutch, and such. urceolate. pray, masticate, OBTUSE, also profuse,
Julia, chronic ABULIA, shot, choice hot, dear," I hear."
wordplay, arena today, ABUSAGE, improper tutelage good, is understood,
what, a lot. prognosis, skin's acanthosis. ACCEPTATION, an affectation.
ACCEPTATION, since creation, use; so choose. ACCISMUS, to crap)
waste, good taste; made: get ACCOLADE. made, lord's ACCOLADE.
got, well-hung Lancelot, now, but how find, one mind;
rare, our share, TV; never see. see, can be.
encyclopedia, local media, ACEDIA, with encyclopedia. actor, labled malefactor,
busters, fine lusters, show, below -- juice, of use
ACIDULOUS, yourself incridulous, ACIDULOUS, precision assiduous, young, 'well hung',
appalls. beauty calls, out-of-date: often frustrate. breeze; few please.
ACROSTIC, quite caustic. diagnostic, Sunday ACROSTIC, do, way through;
hard. often sparred! divine. room nine. fire, street attire.
life, suffering strife, witty, exceedingly pretty. ACUMEN, Blue Men,
ACUMEN, some cumin, HOC, turn rock: frock, some shock
fat, verbal spat. LIB, a fib. LIB, little fib.
LIB, ways glib, LIB, tad glib. tribal; not liable.
ADAMITE, me, alright, dish, dire wish: his, sexual biz.
say, usual foreplay, sum, a bum. ADDUCE, ladies seduce.
them, rate them. spoiled, and roiled, ADIT: had it.
adit. (subtlety, equivocation) fix, gassy tricks, ADMIX, and politics,
things, iron rings. adnascent, up adjacent Greek, a tweak.
Aphrodite, god almighty, ADONISH, really astonish ADSCITITIOUS, plant adventitious,
ADSCITITIOUS, find suspicious. ADULATE, each plate ADUMBRATE, dumb fate,
ADUMBRATE, first rate. skate, they ADUMBRATE; dishes, something ADVENTITIOUS.
suspicious, stains ADVENTITIOUS, date, oft ADVOCATE ADVOCATE; limericks rate
ADVOCATE, intents equate ADVOCATE, stage acerbate stew, a ragout.
AEGIS, quite prestigious, earn, adjourn -- AEGIS, besiege us.
under, from thunder, photostat, an AEGROTAT. AEGROTAT, exams sat.
is, guy AERIOUS. AESTHETE, sweetly greet; AESTHETE, his feet.
gent; that meant! AFFLUENT, consequences pursuant. flowing, you're going.
agammaglobulinemia: malady dreamier. aghast, a agelast. see, a fee.
mien, just seein' chest: in jest, shining, silver lining,
surprise, so wise, cries. must AGGRANDIZE: self-AGGRANDIZE, my eyes.
surmise, Nobel Prize. AGGRANDIZE, their size, AGGRANDIZE, as surprise,
undersized, to rise, size, her thighs. aggravate, mean irritate.
Francs. the banks. ease, to appease. play, classical way,
concentration, our nation, anxiety, civil society; strong, be wrong.
AGITPROP, not stop. AGITPROP, the top, turns, Bobbie Burns,
chants, and "can'ts", extreme, nightmarish dream. theory., get teary
introspection, good erection. thing; Earth's offering. hog, a frog.
devote, violence remote. landscapes, and shapes. AIRY-FAIRY, Mary wary.
contrary, very merry! ordinary, doesn't vary. loafers. and chauffeurs.
'ate, 'ere AIT. AIT, couldn't wait Eyot, the Tate.
Frieda, at ALAMEDA, ease; to trees. contraction, stated reaction,
write, always alright. be, to me. vex, ALEATORY sex;
bad, was sad. hills, rosa skills, taste, below waist.
ya, of ALEXIA, sit, quite opposite! core, what's more,
halls, and walls. true, year through. -- a bee,
tree, running free, explains, with pains. ALGOPHOBIA, like claustrophobia,
such; of touch, race, from space: team, may seem.
caught, penalty naught, flood, a thud. ALOPECIA, Borgia Lucretia;
spot, you've got. touch, and such. ALTERITY, to austerity.
visit, sights exquisite, lands, many demands. Anne, soul ran.
AMATIVE, Anne's animative go, a pro. peeve's, one perceives.
AMBIT, rammed it confines, fine lines, AMBIVALENT, was prevalent.
AMBIVALENT, boyfriend consent. gods", mortal clods, Zeus, tasting juice.
AMBROSIA, their symposia, surprise, other guys. late; couldn't wait.
flew, is true. hated, fusses created. Alas! the gas.
pranks, French francs. "AMOK". and duck. AMOK, or suck
AMOK, the high-muck-a-muck, duck, we've struck; AMPERSAND, spell "and";
linker, streamlined thinker; think; the brink. terror, some error.
hear, one ear, dogs! of frogs. write, and bright,
AMPHIGORY, the wiggery. AMPHIGORY, find obligatory, story, suggestive AMPHIGORY,
more, dead whore. AMUSE-BOUCE, bateau mouche. louche, serve AMUSE-BOUCHE
AMUSE-BOUCHE, little panbouche a, 'bout AMUSIA. AMUSIA, choose ya,
lack. the rack, result, to exult, think, to drink,
see; advice free. eat. real neat. grammar, nonsequitor hammer,
dears, worst fears. ANAGNORISIS, chorus is; G&S, a mess.
scramble, to ramble. Miranda, on veranda. fonda, over yonda.
ANANYM, does trim, trap. a sap. friends, both ends?
shilling; so willing. ANODE; like CATHODE. I, you try,
ANASTROPHES, past trophies, lurk, will shirk true! reassure you
ANCHORITE, from stalagtite, bright, by night, Manila, real vanilla,
ANCILLAE, slick Willie, explain; legends arcane. bent, yet cogent,
Highway, average byway! some, "Kingdom come!" despair, very rare.
moronic. it's chronic. rage, her age. guile, a smile.
incursion, spewed ANIMADVERSION. ANIMADVERSION, cast aspersion, size, no surprise,
ANIMADVERT, as "Squirt". fatale; brother, Al. magnanimous, from us.
ANIMUS, feeling's unanimous. mother-in-law, asinus jaw! use; their self-abuse.
ANNEAL; temper steel, bore, etymological store, vets, the bets,
ANNELIDOUS, also lumbricidous, ANNELIDOUS, quite insidious. world, is furled
upon, reward ANON. ANON, smell chiffon. John, lingerie on,
occasion. little persuasion mean, is green, ANON, newlyweds fawn?
hope, to cope. eyesight, or blight, trouble; sees double.
ANTAEAN, wee 'un. well, sure fell; penis, seen us.
guys, basketball size. hit, a surfeit. tool, quite cool;
ANTEBELLUM, sell 'em. torn. a thorn? fine, mine, divine,
ANTEPENULT, sophistication adult, reading, I'm needing; zucchini; a weenie.
ANTHOPHILOUS, heights, acrophilous, ANTHROPOPHAGUS, woman GYNOPHAGUS; ANTIC, mode frantic.
unstable, only able speak, to tweak. deep-holed, "South Poled",
aid, virus made; anesthetic; is ANTIPYRETIC. today, a way
ANTONOMASIA, classic aphasia. pee, flow free. say. opposite way,
apes, nice shapes, freeze, to squeeze APERTURE, soft blur,
surmise, my eyes, for; a bore. -- closest say,
one) really one. APHELION, at perihelion July, we fly,
sun, in one, den, and men. shine," of mine.
sapien, hive APIAN, APIAN, tales Aesculapian, sings; without wings
'pocalyptic, files APODICTIC; new, Greek view: contrary, POLLONIA, extraordinary;
seems, their themes, APOLLONIAN, fields Elbonian, APOLLONIAN, fields Oxonian
gate, and date, true, to do lied! be tried!
through, subjected to. did. proverbial lid! say, word play.
APOPHASIS, bring emphasis, knew, a few. Gloria, anguished APORIA,
APORIA, to euphoria. cup, sumptious sup. berate, sordid "Oralgate".
sent, Valhalla rent. APOTHEOSIS, God metamorphosis. APPARAT, pejorative that
APPARAT, are at. state, not rate. suppose, of those,
indication, year vacation, guess; avoid distress; measured, we treasured,
impeachable, are unreachable. APPREHENSION, fathom intention. tension, of suspension,
APPREHENSION, fourth dimension. APPROBATION, much commendation, inclination, peers' APPROBATION.
condemnation, corporeal revelation. derived, so contrived. PA. a day.
APTRONYM, to enlimn. school. excellent pool. oughter, thought 'er
perfection, further reflection, ARBALEST, keep abreast. best, old ARBALEST,
ARBALEST, armor fest, you, run through ARBITER, than whiter.
hilarity, a rarity, ARBOREAL, common editorial tutorial, Day, ARBOREAL,
tree, can be, ARBORESCENT, bodies, tumescent. mood, sylvan interlude.
hand, Stokowski's band. ARCANA, real painer. arcane, to explain.
ARCANUM, explain 'em, ARCHEPELAGO, clothing so meany, ARCHIMAGE genie
funny, was sunny. Aleutian, Seward's contribution, lies, October surprise,
ARGOSY, are mussy. dread; up dead! compete, study neat.
pup, stand up Brits, other's word-hits, park. penile ARISTARCH.
ARISTARCH, cutting remark. mad, foolish fad. ARITHMANCY, Man, see.
ships, kid slips neat, large street, ARTERIOUS, was imperious,
ARTERIOUS, quite delirious. smile. for 'guile' bows, it shows.
ASCETIC, as pathetic. rash, of cash, batters, to tatters,
urge, to splurge. ASPERITY, tone, severity, prosperity, native ASPERITY,
rough, that's tough, excursions, frequent ASPERSIONS, ASSAY, the day,
play, merit ASSAY, ASSAY, dawning day, me, a he,
us, lascivious cuss. sins, not grins. atone, widely well-known.
ASSOIL, will spoil ASSOIL, our turmoil. boil, a foil,
moil, our soil, stage, uncontrolled rage, ASSUAGE, guilt camouflage,
ASTROBLEME, blast supreme, frame, vici" fame, bet, you get;
place, ever embrace. where, good share, ATHENAEUM, book museum.
ATHENAEUM, is museum, thing, will bring, said, would dread.
fear, the rear. ATRETIC, mate sympathetic. ATRETIC, quite pathetic.
her, of ATTAINDER;" 8" up late. ATTENUATE, circumstances extenuate
eight, a plate. criticism, his cynicism graticism, from ATTICISM,
ATTICISM, beautiful witticism; enlightenment, heaven sent; stung, breakthrough AUFKLARUNG,
AUGHT, been sought, smell, then tell hear, of ear,
friends, it sends, bigger. nasty trigger. AURIFEROUS, those diamondiferous,
gritty, AURIFEROUS city, ovation, the nation; AUSCULTATION, to osculation.
situation, chest AUSCULTATION, willing, a thrilling, surreptitious, its dishes.
AUSPICIOUS, proved delicious. AUTARCHY, or monarchy, day, into play.
bears, or lairs, advising, be surprising. conduct, are tucked
name, to blame. chose, to abuse. fails, beast sails.
AUTOTOMY, frontal lobotomy far, above par. cigar, Italian car.
AVATAR, long afar, par. local bar. gravid, taste AVID.
AVIGATE, suitable mate. AVIGATION, of aggravation; AVIGATION, lame explanation:
Fred, bed -- monkular, manner AVUNCULAR, AVUNCULAR, linkings peduncular,
AXIOMATIC, much static, AXIOMATIC, terms idiomatic, AXIOMATIC, follow automatic;
rare, getting there. aim, his game, habit. grab it.
Babbitt? bad habit. grouse, a mouse. Seattle, a chattel.
bride, quite wide. misnamed. vaguely untamed. BACCHANT, not want,
BACKWARDATION, economic retardation; long, cobwebs strong, BADINAGE, preppy entourage
swell, you tell, prevails, commercial sails. meal, Mid-Eastern deal.
mess, tax agency) BALSAMIC, conflicts Islamic gifts, their lifts.
smells, their belles. days, slick ways. swell, can tell.
dupe, will stoop. BAMBOOZLE, sense recusal, refusal, like BAMBOOZLE,
bamboozle, they lose'll. crew's'll, folks BAMBOOZLE. see, can be,, come from. fed, BANAUSIC bed, BAND-AID, have made;
displayed, stripper dismayed, BANDERSNATCH, we attach hatch, or match,
crate, frumious hate, spree, not be, farce, weren't sparse,
wives, it derives moat, to devote storm, and warm
Beale, surely non-pareil, BARDOLATER, of idolater, alarm, certainly harm;
BARIATRICS, doing gymnastics. rainment, or payment. art, the start.
sleeper, ('barmy side') BARMECIDE, warm aside, say; a clef.
lazy, not crazy BAROQUE, tension evoke. courts, civil torts,
sympathetic, situation BATHETIC. tripe, sexual type, unwise, those guys.
oven, to lovin'. tons, plain ones. night, angry quite.
forget, steel BAYONET. bring, to "sing") BEACON. ever weaken,
on, speak on. wisen, she'd BEDIZEN. BEDIZEN, I'm surmisin'
BEDIZEN, seasons' arisin', BEDIZEN, beads surprisin', on, Venus BEDIZEN,
BEDIZEN, who is'n. lame; new play. insane, parties inane,
extol, sanity's stole. foam, after jereboam. mad. I'd had.
BEESTINGS, with feastings. breast, barbed pest, blindness, one mindness,
money, it's funny, bed. was said. BEHEMOTH, he moth
move, a groove; BEHOOVES, vacation proves; brain, fierce pain.
beams, siege teams, BELIE, great sigh, bliss, something amiss,
when, and then, EPOQUE, much talk; aesthetic, feelings sympathetic;
light, or bright, boy, great joy. BELLWETHER, flock together
said, in bed. beau, the know". cried, Offer denied!
am, a ram," beau, rightly so. BELVEDERE, flaming bier,
BELVEDERE, St. Cyr, sound, all around. BENJAMIN, bend gamin;
BEMUSE, to confuse, BEMUSED, presence enthused, been. with men!
do, wed two. "three", Doberman pedigree, BENEDICT, to interdict.
dandy, appetites randy. masses, Congress passes BENIGHTED, are blighted.
BENIGHTED, than delighted, BENIGHTED, be short-sighted, aid, oft made.
guessing, a blessing; sock, the block. touch, financial crutch;
BENTHIC, been thick BENTHIC, like helminthic, place, to deface.
cleft, she left BEREFT, her cleft. BEREFT, so cleft
night, my plight. me; to be. pain; this refrain.
got, someone BESOT, BESOT, be thought; BETISE; you please.
Boor, could endure. between, his queen, mean, gamete scene.
Bears, on chairs. quail, ne'er fail, Chevy, a heavy.
BEVY, a levee, wings; he sings. suppose. their beaux.
vivacious; exceedingly curvaceous; gracious! bit BIBACIOUS? BIBACIOUS, be flirtacious.
old, proboscis bold, fun, physiognomy done. dribble-o, a quibble-o
BIBELOT, to know, gigolo, gift bestow. he; by memory.
BIBLIOLATRY, good library, Nancy, some BIBLIOMANCY, BIBLIOMANCY, as cartomancy.
vexed, obscure text. fright. of sight. BIGHT, in sight.
Bight, a flight might, it's tight. stiffer; who differ;
BIGOT, his spigot. BIJOU, by billet-doux, true, with BIJOU.
BIJOU, for you. said, you're fed. juleps, her tulips.
top, boyhood, non-stop. woes, of beaux. BILIOUS, view supercilious,
know, the flow", Todd, exceedingly odd. ways, later days.
glen, and then. silk", swindler's ilk, Moffit, a profit,
day. or say. late, then wait. billowy, about willowy
Westchester, a BIMESTER. BIMESTER, court jester. Winchester, for Bimester.
hot, the spot fat, be at. STIFF, under cliff.
smile, a while. abound, are found. ride, country side.
measure, at leisure. guess; one's dress, BISSEXTILE. unusual lifestyle.
hung, celebrations stung, me. say Blimey! BLIGHTY, rather flighty.
scone, BLIGHTY alone. well, they tell; great; your state.
BLOVIATIVE, less creative; BLUDGE, occasional grudge BLUDGE, productivity smudge.
BLUDGE; will fudge. wife, his life. course; evil force.
fact, to react BLUESTOCKING, at mocking, buds, soap suds,
thunderous. under us. BLUNDERBUSS, marital fuss. BLUNDERBUSS, is wonderous.
air, ladies there. BOBBY, so sobby; Dave; his cave.
boor, to endure. style. Superstitious guile! society, with "Variety".
Gus. seller's BOGUS. e-mail, without fail, BOILERPLATE, hourly rate.
rate, cc'd BOILERPLATE. mate, with BOILERPLATE. mate, going rate.
sincere, your fear. copy, thinking's sloppy, disillusionment, Jewish gent.
piss. would miss. spun, circumsized one, sense, biases dense;
quench, some wench, MOT, called slow. inn. of gin.
"boonies", by loonies, boondocks, "white sox". moose, repellant juice,
itch, a bitch!) strain, markets drain, BOOTLESS, all toothless,
less. toot less. BOOTLESS. and ruthless, damn, that Spam.
BORBORYGMI, big me. later, (gastro-intestinal) pined, often find,
BORT, of escort, BORT, inferior sort. park, after dark.
frisk, activities brisk, "whatsky," quite BOSKY. Rusky, husky --
MARRIAGE, in carriage, legal; a beagle. endured, is lured.
know, drop, though; BOUNDEN, found in, BOUNDEN, be houndin'
BOURN, is torn. trend, shores wend, pity. the city,
burn, to learn. BOWDLERIZE, your eyes; disguise, no surprise.
BOWER, ivory tower. plot, in BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, Koi brought,
BRACKISH, oft blackish BRAD, it had. BRAINIAC, underlying maniac,
boor, never mature. wear! to forswear! COLLAR, today's scholar,
devoted, as noted. BRASSERIE, its glassery neat, and eat;
BREACH, bride screech, BREACH, may leach, it. my breadbasket?"
fear, oh dear! middle! a fiddle. bad, was glad
surmised, she prized, suspend, may end set. You bet!
BRICOLAGE, by collage; garage, a collage. entourage, remote hermitage.
garage, crude BRICOLAGE. pause, our doors, confessed, a guest,
BRICOLAGE, a mirage. Hell, and fell. fail, to wail,
BRIGADOON, never prune. among, Scottish tongue; sign, white wine?
BRIGHT-LINE, life fine. fair, the air, rite, to sight,
define, to dine, flame, or dame, head, in bed.
tool, was cool, wear, the air. loafer, a chauffeur.
BROGAN, a slogan: BROGUE, now vogue; shoes, the news.
here, into gear, ) tough time. boring, and snoring.
besides, endless BROMIDES CHEER, common fleer, CHEER, so dear.
rhymers, those Blimers. mist; have gist. hearing, was peering.
BROUGHAM, Somerset Maugham, game. of fame", coot, to BRUIT
hoot, as "broot". sprout, gleeful shout. bashing, verbal thrashing,
BRUXISM, married schism, today, of hay EYE. goal guy,
my!" gotta try." why. you" guy. sure, wishes impure.
near; I fear BUMBERSHOOT. umber chute, hoot, my BUMBERSHOOT,
BUMBERSHOOT? a hoot. BUMF, to harrumph. BURGEON, no urgin'.
BURKE; me berserk. lurk, to BURKE, BURKE, his work.
lurk, do work, do, heavy shoe, force, of course
nut. the cut. rear. my Dear." CABAL, a pall
plot, they've not. cost, gets "lost". lurks, elected jerks
stay, lack CACHET. CACHET, fragrant sachet, fact. self-control lacked.
car? stimulates CPR. folks, to coax, great, to CACHINNATE,
blessed, moral suggest, concealed, never revealed Bees, to please
knees, odd CACOETHES. few, is due, rap? a trap
play, own way, cheers, parent's ears, high, the sky
influx, really sucks. CADMEAN, ways plebian. fear, so near,
God; man's bod, worst. am cursed. doubt, get about
falls, CALEFACIENT calls disaster. mustard plaster. cave, as Dave,
nigh, will buy. CALIGINOUS, feelings vertiginous, CALIGINOUS, folks litiginous,
worst, finally burst, tell, from hell, hell, as well.
compact, letters intact! hard, insulting Canard, barred, hominem" card.
CANARD, without regard wing; looking thing. duck, a truck,
unduly, with stoolie; CANCRINE, can't grin ditch, terrible itch,
roam, a palindrome. do? and to. CANDENT, vines scandent,
speech; to preach, rhyme, earlier time. CANNIBALIZE, not animalize.
fray, which way. shrewd", antonym, should CANTABRIGIAN, called Phrygian,
bum, escape from, hankerous, bit CANTANKEROUS, guy, asking "WHY"
kind; and mind. be, skinned CAP-A-PIE, CAP-A-PIE, jumpsuit happily,
be, snug, CAP-A-PIE, me, to see. equate, logic great.
CAPITULATE. you flagellate. Maurice, sudden CAPRICE. release, this CAPRICE.
fees, of release, few, to do, span, to Man,
places, consider disgraces. progressed; longer obsessed. CARILLON, peril on;
cark, in ark, CARK, the park. remark, and cark.
eat, animal meat, CARNIVOROUS, thought herbivorous, tell, raising hell.
might, lust bright. Chug-a-lug, the jug. BLANCHE, dictator launch.
beer, quite near. face, caryatid's grace, CARYATID, Pyggy patted.
knees, with CARYATIDES. today, own way, paid, been laid)
need, with greed. how, and how. CASSANDRA, green pachysandra,
pride, often eyed. doom, a room. BELLI, to belie.
BELLI, smell, try CAT'S-PAW, his craw. tough, slightly rough.
see, for glee, CATACHRESIS, your thesis. site, each night.
CATACOMB, cathedral home, fact, breasts, CATARACT. CATARACT, painting abstract,
Montana, a banana, fair, to share; Sophie, cat trophy.
SEAT; really neat. fox; announcer's box. shares, full bares.
need, to succeed; screw, can do do! that too.
Crewe, soon blew. CATCHPOLE; his goal. CATCHPOLE, with Nicole.
years, "all ears." CATEGORICAL, classes allegorical, me, to see.
three; a flea. CATERCORNER, some foreigner. CATERWAUL, "cattle call."
balls; now CATERWAULS. pay. that day, car, a star.
PAW, that law. quick," pronate chick. fine, evening divine,
made, word CAVALCADE! pity. very witty! possession, legal profession,
scene, sounds serene; CELERITY, show legerity CELERITY, great prosperity.
victuals, wine transmittals choose, the booze, places, easy replaces
fine, not shine, prized? I've realized. us, some fuss.
resister, a "sister", state, to CEREBRATE. CEREBRATE; would contemplate.
CEREBRATE, just wait, folk, omnipotent bloke? brings, strange things.
CHAD, it's had -- and bad! sheet, the wheat,
slob, to swab," baking, reunion ice-breaking, CHALLAH, many-named Allah,
bread, prayer said, roast, French toast. case, that base.
disbarred; did disregard; CHAMPERTY, some dirty. folks, lawyer stokes
randy, CHAPARRAL dandy. child, was wild. 'em; word, "CHAPFALLEN".
CHAPMAN, called tupmen. pal, high CHAPPARAL. CHARACTONYM, we skim
guessed, for chest. sweater, a go-getter, make, recent take,
man, old CHARLATAN, HORSE, you force; HORSE, gnarly course
HORSE, of intercourse? CHARRETTE, can get. fine; grand design.
CHARTREUSE, the blues. clues, they choose, tell, as well,
CHARY, someone hairy. extraordinary, at CHARY. CHARY, be wary.
CHASTEN, grace and wall, to fall. necks, than checks,
CHATOYANT, advertising flamboyant. word. was absurd! bright, price right.
CHAUSSURE, poor -- CHAUSSURE, be sure. haven, the craven,
fun, amok run, Kate, very late. sea, quite properly
trend, to bend. BATAILLE, favorite thereby. CHEVELURE, La Pompadour,
poor, his lure master, money faster, Vermeer, perfectly clear:
Euro, gals, CHIAROSCURO. weak, soft speak. bling-bling, French ring.
parts, and starts, odd, very rough-shod, nag," price tag?"
doc, comes shock; CHINWAG, the rag" dear, other's ear.
shocks, of docs. CHIROGRAPHY, amorous topography, CHOUSE, to spouse,
CHOUSE, a louse, engage, new rage. trap, limerick pap;
CHRYSALIDES, and balladies, CHRYSALIS, wedded bliss. chronic, dweller CHTHONIC,
ironic, and Byronic CHTHONIC, riches sonic. CHTHONIC, as demonic:
endear, charmingly queer. CHUFFED, was cuffed. trait, to hate;
hauls, Yiddish recalls took, a look Phyllis, a CILICE,
tend, to bend. CINEAST, nubile cast, CINEAST, for blast.
stark; derrieres park barrow, too narrow. corset; endorse it.
will, CIRCADIAN pill. CIRCE, her see. wiles, that beguiles
fair, quite rare, CIRCUMLOCUTION, impeachment solution. smart, their art.
yore, great gore, CLAQUE. the back. back, of whack.
CLAQUE, develop plaque CLAQUE, as feedback, clap, old crap.
sidekick, double quick. CLARION, for tarryin', rash, or mash.
Marion, Gabriel's CLARION. child, rather wild, tried. a guide,
wrong. too long. couth, bright truth sot, a shot.
CLINQUANT, think (can't) bland, at hand. hash, maryjane stash.
me, must be teems, their schemes; tars, in bars,
tumescent, a crescent. tend, soft bend. COCKAIGNE, shady lane,
COCKALORUM, bore 'em. COCKALORUM, small quorum, COCKALORUM, soli cantorum;
do, in stew, lair, really share; COCOONING; is spooning,
tuning, while COCOONING. last, has passed, pretend, not end.
CODA, in pagoda. press, reader impress, grim, nice hymn.
define, limericks divine! retrieval, feel COEVAL; know-it-all, their scrawl.
COGNOSCENTI, they're innocenti, COGNOSCENTI, facts a-plenty, COLISEUM, a museum,
coliseum, free 'em. COLISEUM, in Herculaneum. menage, the garage.
COLLAGE, desert camouflage, COLLAGE, Mahal Taj. massage, poetic COLLAGE,
trots, or not. gripes; many wipes, Anglophiles, and smiles.
BLIMP'll, its dimple. abound! them ground. beginners, some dinners,
dude, the nude. COLPORTEUR, Latin Quarter, men, and then
pass; generates gas. COMESTIBLE, so digestible. COMESTIBLE. seem detestable,
ingestable, quite COMESTIBLE. COMESTIBLE, is inestimable. day, this way
list, surely insist. fuss, for us. utensil, strictly COMMENSAL.
COMMENSAL, post mensal, word, a turd, say, what may!
abode, a load, COMMODIOUS, dances melodious, COMPADRE, odd dray
knew, as "blue." bread, is said. regrettable, and forgettable.
sort" audible snort. COMPRISE, of fries. surmise, limericks COMPRISE
COMPRISE, modern compromise. COMPUNCTION, subconscious injunction cool, "golden rule."
COMPURGATOR, wise adjudicator corroborator, as contemplator. CONCATENATE, falsehoods weight
great, could CONCATENATE. CONCATENATE, she'd mate. chain. suplicate rain.
alliteration, each creation inflate, (Italian Rolaids) state, others grate.
CONCLAVE, his cave, CONCLAVITY, grave's gravity, CONDIGN, don't assign.
CONDIGN, quite vulpine, go, not slow. CONDOTTIERI, manner contrary;
CONDOTTIERI, was extraordinary. CONFABULAATION, with fabrication; CONFRERE, insights rare.
share, poetic CONFRERE. guess, CONGENERIC mess, small. at all.
CONGRUENT, as confluent. CONGRUENT, life pursuant. CONGRUENT, experience confluent
hive, they'd CONNIVE, dirve, to CONNIVE blessed; the zest,
thing? angels sing. paid, top grade. paid, quickly made.
CONTANGO. can go CONTOUR, quite impure. CONTOUR, females' allure.
slipped, again quipped, CONTUMACIOUS. than gracious. CONTUMACIOUS; was fallacious.
us, too gracious, CONTUMACIOUS, less spacious, CONTUMACIOUS, not gracious,
CONTUMACIOUS, appetite rapacious. evenescence, guaranteed renascence sneer, of here!,
derision, conscious decision, thanks) in Fairbanks. CONURBATION, my observation;
CONURBATION. suburban stagnation suppose, city grows, CONVENTICLE, habits identical,
CONVERSANT, h fling, on thing note, they tote.
CONVIVIAL, considered trivial; hoot; a toot, CONVOCATION. endless bloviation.
behave'll, parts save'll, connection, agent's direction. origination, happy sensation,
COPACETIC, so frenetic. COPACETIC, are pathetic. tall, fruits fall.
tree!" constant plea. trees; you please. copses, the stopses
coquet? can bet. frails. for males. word; accent's heard.
rocketry, for COQUETRY; too. and through. Proust, a boost."
COQUETRY, not rocketry. howl, in jowl), CORDWAINER, also abstainer.
Mikey, called "Spikey." merry, dark cemetary; again, most men,
CORPORA, idle torpora flood, warm blood, CORPOREAL, resurgence sensorial,
CORRIGENDUM, book addendum, scintillate. say CORUSCATE. debate, to CORUSCATE.
see, a tree, equations, moral 'suasions, romantic, dance CORYBANTIC,
CORYBANTIC, stepping antic, Atlantic, shone romantic. CORYBANTIC, turn-on gigantic,
COULOIR, at bar, me, can see. COULOIR, great hoo-hah!
COUNTENANCE, without pennants. mild, un-mischievous child. hand, seduction planned.
started, had darted. COUVADE, rather odd; screw, would eschew.
tail, of quail, beat. the street. flock; won't shock,
dozen, to COZEN. 'un, curse on, sex, legs flex.
-- really despise, surmise, great size, devise, the eyes.
CRABWISE, he'd devise. CRABWISE, German guys. surmise, coital prize,
CRABWISE, avoid surprise. door, the floor, eyes, impending demise,
Carol, talk CRACKER-BARREL. Cheryl, wet peril, CRAPEHANGER, party banger,
Count, enormous amount. gunk, has stunk, CRASIS, elison embraces,
ebonics, ear-bending phonics truth; of vermouth. immured; am cured.
half-full, then pull Gus", of us, cad, exceedingly bad.
CREPUSCULAR, uptake corpuscular name, and fame. hot, throbbing G-spot.
teach, preachers preach. CRINITE, dye right CRINITE, a highlight.
night, just might pursuit, took root, Crispin, will-o-the-wisp in
strife," his wife. THORNS; painful corns. THORNS, of scorns,
crimes, morn chimes, ability, required sensibility, watch, niceties botch.
CRUX, to FLUX, CRUX; in flux. redux, sense mucks
CRUX, for 'flux'. flagellation, a sensation fault, errors exalt,
fuzz; to buzz quip, his Ladyship. NOT! she got
CUNCTATOR, stepfather hater, CUNCTATOR, long-time waiter, CUNCTATOR, come later.
CURFEW, turf you. brew, the CURFEW, viewed, lines CURLICUED.
small, tissue's call, CYANOSIS, some psychosis, crawls; blessed stalls.
PAWS; just because CYCLOPEAN, Nations European stones. like bones.
Cyprian, steps, terpsichorean, prude. sense, lewd. DAEDEL, the cradle.
plan, a van. cause. had pause ways, lexicon says,
DAEDAL, avoided bipedal. end, off fend. said, be fed;
DAGWOOD, it could DAGWOOD, it could. scene, rather mean,
candle, to DANDLE. foreplay, use today. pay, quiet way.
protection, American election. blokes, Mafia folks, DARBIES. of Barbies,
RB's, as Arby's. be, of TV; JOAN, other alone.
smile, life style, Ken, for men. JOAN, have grown.
suppose, limp hose. Jerry, call merry. said, on coed:
liable, the bible. roses, true roses. such, and touch,
posterity, my temerity. derriere; lady fair. derriere, particularly rare,
ass, tall grass, fog, marital cog, tell, sleeping well,
spurn, might earn, DAUNTLESS. be tauntless, exude, won't intrude.
me; to be. LOCKER, heavy rocker found, LOCKER around
friend. bad end. flout; no doubt, cuckold, he chuckled.
ark, to DEBARK. cherchez, to assay, DEBONAIR, a flair.
DEBONAIR, certain flair, DEBONAIR. don't care. DEBONAIR, night air.
DEBONAIR, savoir faire, beauty, bit snooty, DEBOUCH, colorful swoosh.
couch, will DEBOUCH, meant, need, meant fete, I'd hate,
wild, young child: foam, personality monocychrome: see, did flee,
DEFALCATE, for fate skated, he'd DEFALCATED. whim, make thin;
DEFENESTRATION, vivid demonstration Czechs, one suspects, DEFER, for procrastinateur.
DEFERENCE, power reference, DEFERENCE, of reference. DEFERENCE, common sense
preference, proper reverence. DEFLAGRATE, did conflagrate, spate, barbecue plate,
deglutition, needs recognition: DEGLUTITION, and imbibition, DEGRINGOLADE, cowboy's rodomontade.
prayed, no DEGRINGOLADE. stealth, family's health. DEGRINGOLADE, might applaud.
DEHISCE, coming abyss, DEHISCE, something's amiss. miss, of bliss.
brunette, and wet, DEIGN, equal disdain. plain, in vain.
DEIGNED, though pained, bon, talking on, one, much fun.
fun, and run", jokes, male folks", dither, loins wither,
escape, red tape. DELATE, they debate DELATE; no debate.
DELATED, reaction inflated. perfected, whatever's expected. DEMAGOGUE, perfumed fog
dialogue, a DEMAGOGUE. druthers, your brothers. 'em, their rectum,
DEMARCATE, differences great, DEMARCATE, and late; line, they dine.
fine; of mine, elate, to DEMARCATE. sitting, there's fitting.
DEMEANOR, not leaner, feign, proper DEMESNE; DEMESNE, suggestive terrain,
balks. Dan chalks. DEMOTIC; even exotic. erotic, rather DEMOTIC.
DEMOTIC, people hypnotic, DEMOTIC, matters exotic, thing; lingual ring.
Tennyson, damn menacin'! word, you're referred. DENIZEN? he's in.
Tennyson, damn menacin'! right; in sight. pride, the side,
plied, remark snide. CRI, for me. LOOK. by crook!
youth, the truth, DEROGATE, may devastate. DERRICK, hangman barbaric,
bung, is sprung. occasion, wheel lubrication. reckless, quite feckless,
deeds, e'er needs. ruler, and crueler. DESPOT, the spot.
got, but not fate: them DESSICATE, DESUETUDE, gain plenitude.
brood, word DESUETUDE. facile. a castle, DEUTERAGONIST, they insist.
a, EX MACHINA "DEVENNEY"; got any. DEVIOUS, thought mischievious.
DEVIOUS, ever oblivious. dame, walker's game. perks, and clerks.
DEWY, morsel chewy. Dewey, somewhat dewy. DEWY? new he?
dextrous, are ambidexterous. DHARMA, life's karma, farmer, connubial DHARMA.
folks, of jokes, comes, "Dharma Bums." near) my ear,
devil, different level, missing! the kissing: head, is said.
Claus. long DIAPAUSE. cause, some flaws. flaws. maidens' applause.
gown, the town. gap, can trap, DIATRIBE, I ascribe,
DIDACTIC, one climactic. DIDACTIC, whack dick, refrain, the plain,
DIFFIDENT. I'm different. guy, and shy. guy, and shy.
DIFFIDENT, not confident. bold, be told, bench, or French.
"How, I avow "Among, my tongue, 'em. to orgasm.
DILATORY, silly story DILATORY, a story among, DILATORY tongue.
DILETTANTE, pro nonchalant, DILETTANTE, did want DILUVIAL, flows effluvial.
approvial, event DILUVIAL. pollution, simple solution. drink, I think
Utopia; a cornucopia. ken, and then. am; be dithyramb!
right; the night be, of poetry, state, as 'plate',
applies. DIVARICATION arise, DIVERS, company strivers, doing, friendly yoo-hooing,
skedaddle, brains addle. DOCH-AN-DORRIS, clan Morris. fossil," mode DOCILE.
DOCILE; like fossil. hold, be gold; rare." not fair!"
says, sex plays DAYS, smog haze. DAYS, ice trays,
DAYS. fog lays abound; for hound. smart, heavy heart,
DOLOR, inflamed molar, act. it intact, say, DOLOROUS decay;
specs, one suspects; DOMICILE, little style; fair, an air.
fight, the night bubblin', that's troublin'. anger, bang her.
see. is me. fright; suspiciously light. pat; is at,
DORSAL, mere morsel, invention, easily mention Muse! often enthuse
tales, Inuit males DOUGHTY; or pouty. knew, a few.
dude, the nude. dame, the same frump: GIBBOUS stump,
shame, quite tame, feel, quite "DOWN-AT-THE-HEEL", DOYEN, the cloyin'
DOYEN, boy 'n' Blanche, to staunch. DOYENNE, troupe tragedienne,
"No", we know spoof; a goof. sort, a sport.
Strangelove, only unglove most, foreign host. election, of perfection,
TEETH, her wreath TEETH, soil underneath TEETH, the heath,
TEETH, it's sheath. beneath; campaigns bequeath. DRAMATURG, dark urge
cave, a knave. 'em, shout 'em. necromancer, a DRAWCANSIR.
DRAWCANSIR, an answer. life, sad strife, DREARY; than cheery.
heard; a bird. Dial, needs erectile. pre-natal, the DREIDEL.
top, fate-playing hop. great; Northeast state. twit. isn't fit.
DRUTHERS, older brothers DRUTHERS," by Southers Nicole, the whole.
must, lady's bust, DUFFER, quintessential bluffer, nice". Mrs Rice
tones, urgency loans quote, usually vote, are, horse, howe'er
run, the sun. DUN, caution everyone: BlueDUN, much fun.
Grace, this race. Muller, be duller. face, other place,
DUNDREARIES, many queries, extrication, dire situation. lurk, to work.
pride; to abide. DUNNING, and cunning. prude, quite lewd.
cousin, a dozen. scheme, lover's dream felicitious, manner DUPLICITIOUS.
DUPLICITOUS, solicit us, wurst, my thirst share, seems fair.
pill, to Will. DUTCH. care much much, as such;
such, called Dutch. ear." should fear EARWIG, here big,
do? a few. trepidation, a nation. arose, for those
eaves, find relieves EAVES, years leaves. absurd, small bird.
old, been told. joy; can annoy. sprout, that's about,
depicts, traveling hicks, sights, those lights appeared; and reared.
ECESIS, Darwin's thesis. lawn, the dawn. ranks, and tanks,
ladder, a matter wan, rear ECHELON woe-begone, and brawn,
ECLECTIC, lines electric hectic, become apoplectic, EDACIOUS, exploits, rapacious.
EDACIOUS, quite spacious. EDACIOUS, mere curvaceous mendacious, quite spacious.
EDIFY, it, try remiss, moral edifice. EDULCORATE, plans elaborate
him, berate him, EFFICACIOUS, bit salacious, EFFICACIOUS, not fellatious.
EFFICACIOUS, am tenacious checks, reasons vex. bold, I'm told.
guys, not wise. indulgence, radiant effulgence. aplenty; or twenty.
EFFULGENCE, in divulgence, gent, aura EFFULGENT flagrant, policy vagrant,
Regis, devil's "egregious"?" aegis, legacy prestigious, bog, memories jog,
athletic, was EIDETIC. nights; in "mights". clerk, "soda jerk")
EIGHTY-SIX, dirty tricks, right, the night. EIGHTY-SIXED, must nix
school, fault rule: grand! ohter hand, DORADO, with bravado.
scheme, oft seem, ELEEMOSYNARY, and seminary, word, of absurd,
HOUR, little sour, HOUR, also shower hums; few crumbs.
triptychal, was ELLIPTICAL, ELLIPTICAL, quite mystical, elliptical. are typical
pitch, to itch, pillow, sails billow Juan, gals EMBONPOINT.
Juan, soft EMBONPOINT; form, sticky matter) poundage, and roundage.
EMBRANGLE, wil dangle, embrangle, hissy-fit wrangle. plate, to EMIGRATE.
came, or fame. wetbacks; in stacks. friend; to send.
please, we sees. please, EMINENCE GRISE. GRISE, big cheese.
throne, well known. unshackle, could tackle. EMPRISE, romantic enterprise,
surprise, is EMPRISE! wise, sexual EMPRISE, paid, a mermaid;
EMPYREAL, majesty imperial. heights, Saturday nights, ENATE. characters innate,
care, to share. ENCAUSTIC, viewers agnostic. ENCOMIUM, phony one,
ENCOMIUM, about's pandemonium, podium, - McW) in, its spin.
within, to sin. Edie, perversions seedy, ENERVATED, was sated.
feebler, ENFANT TERRIBLE, knew, quite blue; fact, his act.
ENGAGE, particular way. unchecked, sure wrecked. ENORMITY, huge nonconformity;
ENOW, she'll allow. sow: that's ENOW. ENOW, of brow.
ENSKY, her thigh, course'll, to ensorcell ENSORCELL, a morsel
morsel, to ENSORCELL, geezer, squeeze her. sea, concerned "we",
grieved, humans achieved, bane, near insane. nieces, have ENURESIS."
ENURESIS, involuntary releases know, is so! underwear! of hair!
INVECTIVE, quite infective. ENVENOM, cowboy's denim, hyper, that viper,
goal, vital role, EOLIAN, towns Tyrolian. sea, could be,
givers, or rivers. carte, fine art. EPENTHESIS, in parenthesis)
speech, intelligence's reach. us; perplex us; fig, said frig.
metallic, print italic, EPHEMERAL, in general, date, on great.
EPHEMERIS, pile euphemous; fitting, sexes flitting, all, hedonist call,
EPIGRAM, a dram. poem. know 'em. champion, far won,
pass, his class. Wilde. nor mild. it; knew it!
EPIGRAPH, an epitaph, lasses; the masses. EPILOGUE, the demagogue,
dog, his epilogue! any, your EPIPHANY. dead; 'tis said.
EPISTROPHE, fore-sister anastrophe, EPISTROPHE, for me laugh; Bill's EPITAPH.
EPITAPH, a carafe,' brag, equestrian's nag. disease, the knees.
told, the fold. flu; turning blue. EPIZOOTIC, maybe neurotic,
hick, a trick. door, set store. Italy, more specifically,
see, is EPOPEE, EPOPEE. today's mystery. EPOPEE, its brevity.
brevity, with levity. beautification, hard EPURATION. EQUINOX, equal knocks.
"in", a sin, hand, the strand intelligence, gave recompense.
ERG, frozen iceberg, bonhomic, most comic, hat, all that.
ERISTIC, battle, fistic. ERISTIC, slogans simplistic. knew, argument flew,
become, politicos dumb, plain, John McCain, feel, a deal.
ERSTWHILE, first pile. best, the jest. withdrew, church-going shrew
ways, my days! ERUCTATION, from insufflation. elf, the shelf.
bent; hump sent. ERUMPENT, drum pent care, an heir.
feat, statehood's escheat, dissed, this insist: ESCHEW, a few,
ESCHEW, it's true. ESCHEW, turn blue. ESEMPLASTIC, ways drastic,
spastic, is fantastic. night, masochistic delight, ESPLANADE, he'd nod
fort, growing short. ESPLANADE, to trod. food, does allude,
cause, boringly jaws, louse, will ESPOUSE. ESPOUSE, would arouse.
cows. just browse." wanes, bite pains. ESTUARY, bittern solitary,
sea, should be, strange, can derange. dancer, nor prancer.
plate, hidious fate: ETIOLATE, that accumulate, prize! in disguise!
EUSTASY, into ecstasy. beach, a screech. eyes, a surprise.
EVENTUATE? the gate. date, turgid state. guy, never try
wince, by mints, hive, bribery thrive; few, not new.
EXALT, the malt. whacking, sense lacking. executive, to live,
EXCRESCENCE, in senescence, small, at all, wend, a friend
me, said he. smile, much guile, baptismal, exceedingly dismal.
appealed. her steeled. bride, the side. EXCURSION, discovered subversion,
EXECRABLE, efforts miserable. hurricane, of pain. see, The Free,
obscene, and mean. guy, wondered why. EXHILARATE, sad state.
proliferated, were obliterated, indigenous, that's EXIGUOUS, EXIGUOUS, impression ambiguous,
EXIGUOUS, of contiguous exiguous, navel continuous. wore, dance floor,
gal, friend Hal Rex, EXIMIOUS sex. EXIMIOUS. to abstemious.
home, include Nome. you, to do, Swiss. in bliss.
plate, country berate. EXPATIATE, do satiate. tight, weekend night,
EXPIATE, our fate, late, she'll EXPIATE EXTEMPORANEOUS, be spontaneous,
wit, great hit see, which we, surprise, to EXTEMPORIZE.
EXTRADITE, mere spite, way, will play, free; to me?
on, facts on cutaneous, pimple EXTRANEOUS. inherent, not transparent.
outside, might hide. FACETIOUS, are specious. Fred, was said.
Fred, comfy bed. FACILE, to hassle. deeds; bad seeds!
McCoys, little boys. mien, rich bein'. FACTITIOUS, is delicious.
avoid, of FACTOID. FACTOTUM, his scrotum. friend, work's end.
idle, this title. idler, and sidler, friend, money lend.
back; the sack. marry; or Harry. FALLACIOUS, rather mendacious,
FANFARONADE, but charade. FANFARONADE, fair maid. yard, with FANFARONADE,
FANTABULOUS, absolutely fabulous, haul, very small; FARRAGINOUS, speakers oleaginous,
mucky-mucks, FARRAGINOUS flux FARRAGO, at Spago, Margo, a FARRAGO,
ascertain, her brain. dish, gefilte fish. mixture, language admixture,
farrago, can grow, trainer, folks saner, inspires, soon tires.
FASTIDIOUS, problems invidious, fool, date pool. schools: follow rules.
friend, to amend, knew, some woo. chance, his pants.
dreaded, hyperbole wedded; child, not wild. "siss", to dismiss.
stones, than bones. France, he'd chance; techless. also wreck-less.
FECKLESS, and reckless, worth, give birth pheasant, most unpleasant.
FECUND, urgings beckoned. second, was fecund. FECUND, is weakened.
FEIGN, to refrain, be; sweet Lewinsky. too; be true.
please, a "felodese". Mata-Hari, we marry. tail, just prevail.
galore, la jour. SOLE, ever extol. Sole. them bowl.
when, real men, FEN, and then sensible, be compensable.
FENCIBLE, be comprehensible "play." a tray. say, FENG SHUI.
sway, Orleans way. value, tell you. mean, work obscene.
FESCENNINE, locale Appenine, late, best FESTINATE. gate, without wait!
date! a mate Chris, like this. await? his fate?
age, the rage. resist; history twist, juillet, tres gai.
FETE, about eight, me; can be. fine; celebrate mine,
paint, ways quaint. dame. their game. war, the core.
FETOR, meat eater. cheater, his litre. South" much about.
gone, the FEUILLETON, race, slow pace. FIASCO, with Tobasco,
beer, enrich FICTIONEER. FICTIONEER, to engineer, bad'll, hard-on-the-tail FIDDLE-FADDLE.
owner, a loner. suit; wonderful attribute. must; must trust.
flair, would care FIDUCIARY, Fed Judiciary, mess. care less!
spend! me--They VEND! skin, can't win. frown, all brown.
say, games, risque. care, to share filial, rites familial,
FILIBUSTER, much bluster, FILIBUSTER, passed muster, century. to indentury.
Denis, and me), "FINIS!" and knee. FIRTH, may berth,
FIRTH, no dearth, FIRTH, gaelic mirth, verge, to submerge,
side, philosophic divide, attacked, had FLACKED clean, be seen;
jalapeno, bomb neutrino, tool, a rule, FLAGITIOUS, forces, pernicious.
accused, rather amused. vagrant, was fragrant. -- handsome chauffeur.
press, oral caress knew, a screw. migrant, a hydrant.
find, fading kind, apace? a race. press, Royal's mess.
newsies, their floozies. said, fat head, payer, deer slayer,
FLETCHER, a stretcher. Fletcher, breadfruit fetcher. FLETCHER, a lecher.
FLETCHER, a retcher, please, to Pekinese. FLEWS, the news;
stop, the top. teens, of beans, FLORESCENCE, with incandescence.
FLORILEGIUM, of collegium, tells, o'er spells, full, tome pull,
touch, and such, world, condoms unfurled, world, sorrowfully spoiled
FLOTSAM, got some, more, drug store: fee, a tree.
FLOUNCE, would bounce; FLOUNCE, each ounce. FLUMMOX, the stomachs.
OK? own way, "Flyfot?" dry spot? meant! artistically bent,
wing, knew everything. FOGRAM, the program. fogy; old Bogey.
enjoyable, minor FOIBLE. bawd-for-all, just FOLDEROL. guess, untidy mess;
he, seems jolly. action, nothing" faction. sent, dissension FOMENT.
FOMENT, great moment, (greedy) (lustful) FORAY, Sullivan play,
AIDS, gay blades. pretend, advances FORFEND. FORFEND, please lend.
FORFEND; disastrous end. forfend, as friend. prevent, horrendous event,
tooth, ultimate truth. FORSOOTH; in youth. FORSOOTH. saying untruth.
FORSWEAR, more care. FORSWEAR, stained underwear. choices, our voices!
FORTUITOUS, largess gratuitous, FOSSICK, car sick. socks! for rocks.
ground; is found. her, pound her. bounder, he'd bounder.
claim, the same. ESTATE, a plate. late. four mate.
fate, FOURTH ESTATE. riddle; the middle. France, her pants.
kink, would think. needs, and seeds. FRANKENFOOD, irrationally eschewed;
FRANKENFOOD, and brood breeze, you please. applause; stuff because
athletic, too FRENETIC. FRENETIC, brevity antithetic. theoretic: quite FRENETIC,
FRENETIC, grunge esthetic. begs: the dregs) FRESCO, challenge Francesco,
lime, of time, FRESS, can guess. FRIGORIFIC, remarks specific
terrific; lines prolific. FRIGORIFIC, become soporific, terrific, quite FRIGORIFIC.
Pacific, wind's FRIGORIFIC!" anticipation, note lubrication; clear, of fear.
FRISSON, free song FRISSON, eager garcon. tool, to drool.
FRISSON, not misson, reason, great FRISSON. resist, word 'pissed',
niche, I'll stitch. know, the libretto too-too... much FROUFROU.
goo-goo, elegant FROUFROU, you." a crew!) frau, a cow.
FROWZY. got blowzy. FRUCTIFY, subterfuge try. "FUCK"; a duck.
FUGACIOUS, teens contumacious, tenacious. more FUGACIOUS. FUGACIOUS, the pugnacious,
fleeting, caught cheating. wives; their lives. it, route it.
such; too much. eaten, is beaten. bright, at night;
form, warm dorm. alarm, "short arm". FULMINANT, sense dominant,
FULMINATE? stern dictate. wait, premature 'jaculate, shady, most fraidy.
play, their way. learn; and burn. FUNAMBULISM, in schism.
lentil, for rental. phallus, sweet Alice. FUNICULAR, space perpendicular,
vehicular, the FUNICULAR. done, FUNICULAR fun. FURPHY. incur fee,
slimes, and crimes drooler, steno pooler. 'further,' Miss Wurther.
farther," Travis MacArthur, wed. and fed. know. just so.
freaks; FUSTIAN speaks, FUSTIAN, bust yon fate, one's mate
FUSTIGATE, fusty mate. care, suave savoir-faire. fat. with that?
bold, so cold. FUSTILUGS, musty rugs, FUTILITARIAN, good Unitarian.
Yossarian, life's FUTILITARIAN. few; dim view. GADABOUT, glad about.
GADARENE, labeled "green". GADARENE, cliff careens, scene, wild GADARENE.
it, said it. old, of gold?" GADZOOKERY, falutin' rookery
stuff, is tough. GAFFER, the quaffer, shout; all about.
today, full array, ailin', my GALEN. GALLIVANT, does pant,
census, on fences. POLL, a roll. POLL, beauty extol.
keg, yakking peg, us, male genus, bit, meatless GAMBIT.
GAMBIT, bit -- GAMBIT, rammed it. ear, to hear.
Bess; I guess. line, vintage fine. move, must prove.
ploy, but annoy. preamble, sex GAMBOL, preamble, to GAMBOL.
cares?, French airs. GARDEROBE, of Job, grin, of sin,
night, who might fungus. it's humongus. there," or dare.
Marmite; GARGANTUAN appetite, trick, male stick. sounds, Isle's bounds;
GARGOYLE, does foil, roils, of GARGOYLES. green, I ween,
GARRULOUS? not querulous, word. be deferred? PISK! further risk.
groom, to presume GARTH, is swarth. peek, were weak,
gaslight, too bright, GASTRONOME, will roam, red. it said:
birth, penmanship's worth. bride, her pride. brew, matron, who
suppose, of those) thrown, a groan. thrown, be blown.
day, do today bed," hopeless gearhead. knew, and through,
find, track mind. GEGENSCHEIN, main line lies, good eyes.
GELID, (tenderfoot) all, fetal ball! lurch; called birch.
cold, mosquitoes bold, queer, and near, GENTEEL, big deal,
Quatorze, of mores. romancy?, in GEOMANCY. GEOMANCY, life's relevancy,
land, standing-stones stand. be; for me. neat, Nature complete.
home, champetric poem. GEORGIC, but allergic GEORGIC, ways forgic,
GERENT, a parent, pallid; is valid!" gander, will GERRYMANDER;
GERRYMANDER, of commander; pander, a GERRYMANDER. meandered, moral standard,
suggest, a rest. GESTALT, frontal assault. fussin' hair mussin',
guy; would try. type, no gripe, GESTAPO, went floppo.
maker, impotence slaker; waste, are displaced, seems, developer's dreams.
bread." preacher said. GIBBOUS, gives us spine, GIBBOUS decline,
GIBRALTAR, to falter stance, to chance. figlet, Miss GIGLET.
GLABROUS, (well-made) GLABROUS, is barbarous, GLABROUS, is scabrous,
starts, one charts, rate, theoretically great. GLASNOST, just toast,
feel, raw deal, GLAUCOUS, noisy, raucous, us, are GLAUCOUS.
fallen, their callin', GLOAMING, are homing GLOAMING, off a-roaming,
crotch, prosperity's notch, roll, quite droll. GLOGG! cause fog.
Tom, would GLOM. GLOSSAL, warbling throstle. back; spouse's attack.
shower, to GLOWER. GLOWER, her power bower, of power.
GLOWER, to cower gummy, food yummy, muscles, daily tussles.
GLUTTON, of mutton, GLUTTON, gladly unbutton, Dutton, remarkable GLUTTON.
Burke, this jerk?" moanin' Loch Lomond. GNOMON, in gloamin',
bowers, thumb empowers. -- a pile, May, my dismay.
GOLCONDA, from Anaconda, tell, and well. GOLDBRICK, old schtick.
about; do without. staff, GOLDEN CALF. CALF, emboldened gaff.
fruit, stockholder's snoot, PARACHUTE, security substitute, terror, fatal error.
GOLDWYNISM, rare cynicism, form, from norm. prose. on toes.
head, be fed. TWO-SHOES, to use. GORDIAN, era Edwardian.
Ford. circuit board. prize, her thighs, tries, finally GORGONIZE
eyes, sure GORGONIZE, GORMANDIZE, and pies. GORMLESS; completely formless.
joy! inner boy. fight, things aright! gods, at odds
GOURMET, in play; GORMANDIZE; troubles likewise. bower, but a-cower
Greek, a leak; GRAFFITI, and ziti, GRAFFITI, use Ziti,
beholder, limericks bolder. Halloween, the screen. hurled, have unfurled,
Spain, once again. GRANDEE, internal glee. Fletcher, catch her!
larks", baseball parks, sex? local cineplex; GRATUITOUS, are pituitous.
spouse, the louse, travel, Justice unravel, hovel, long-handled shovel,
depravity, iniquitous cavity. GRAVITY, of suavity. ground, I've found.
fate, a mate, GREENMAIL, seem pale. GREGARIOUS, honking hilarious,
Sagittarius, Water-Bearer Aquarius, GREGARIOUS, remain nulliparous, precarious, and various.
GREGARIOUS, ways various, hilarious, so GREGARIOUS; wait, wedding date,
GREEN, to smithereens, scene, GRETNA GREEN. confide, on inside,
GRIFT, decency miffed, swift, perpetrate GRIFT, GRIFT, quite miffed.
GRIFT, makes rift. GRIG, a jig. rump, rolls clump,
grey, the day. sense, GRIMALKIN, instense. welder, called GRISELDA.
shoes, to choose pretty. users, pity. GRITTY, as witty.
waves, early graves, GROG, to frog. then, say "ken",
GROMMET, as comet, through, your shoe. unreasonable, morals treasonable,
guy, might try. fear, any reindeer birth, unbidled mirth;
pits; he sits. make, a GRUBSTAKE. GRUBSTAKE, can take
chance, backward glance, dulled, thick skulled. abused, often used
gig, would swig. cute, not mute. GULAR, aged ruler,
tooler, than cooler, dis, not miss. fussed, and lust.
GUST, from must, "eat". is neat. Mick, belly thick.
devouring, Falstaffian, empowering; GUTTLE, shuffling shuttle, shuttle, to GUTTLE.
perplex, there vex. anarchy, a GYNARCHY, GYNOCRACY, of democracy,
connect, politically incorret. advice, ain't nice; cave, was Dave.
wave, his stave. HABILIMENT, a compliment. Clothes", his toes.
dissent, unusual HABILIMENT. board, ogling horde, HACKNEY, for acne.
horse, Godiva'd endorse. force, of course. HADAL, are craadle:
weird, we feared, legion, depicted region, a-brimmin'. mixed swimmin',
say) verse (today) it, on diet. things, butterfly's wings;
HAIL-FELLOW-WELL-MET, can get, seen, and serene; lament, carelessly spent.
HALCYON, see yon HALCYON, an eon, summer, lyre strummer,
male, and HALE. HALE, and kale, Dave, cash save.
fun, always run! par, you far. HALLMARK, stationery's watermark,
stark, distinctive HALLMARK. HALLMARK, of Petrach, knows, Pinocchio's nose.
HAMARTIA, in pharmacopoeia; HANDSEL, or standsill, fond, magic wand,
Harry, to marry. HAPTIC, ends synaptic. girlfriend) (hang loose),
bang, pointless HARANGUE. HARANGUE, of orang. day, give play,
teen, come between, Breast, not impressed, thing; beer thing.
Ginger, a ninja, harken, re: sparkin'. HARKEN, about larkin'.
HARKEN! about sparkin'. HARRIDAN, arid an' tongue, words among
stung, barbed tongue. HARUSPEX, quite complex. type, constant gripe.
diviner, than minor. HARUSPICATION, of divination, HASTILUDE, does intrude.
sport, medieval court. TRICK. gains psychiatric. TRICK, coupling geriatric,
tells, cloistered cells, TRICK; hockey's Patrick. criteria, parish cafeteria.
know. we grow, HAVER, tuneful flavor, savor, verb HAVER,
HAWKSHAW, or Choctaw, dick, signature trick. golf, pants off;
sleuth, of houndstooth. quibblings, gratuitous scribblings. misfire, would require
ire. gone HAYWIRE. tire, goes HAYWIRE. norm. chad storm.
hearken, door dorken, said, warm bed, attitude, to include
HEBETUDE, not subdued. find, the mind. dude, quite crude.
beam, might seem. director, a spectre. HECTOR, no protector;
sector, joyfully HECTOR. HEFT, little left. bereft. curvy HEFT.
mellow, pound fellow. dread, fear fed, feara, to Lira,
HEGIRA, West Elmira, HEINOUS, the anus; S&M. pity them.
slants, their rants. said; might dread; light, connubial fight
Jew; dog doo. aghast, getaway fast. wife, married life,
savor, EMIDEMISEMIQUAVER, bravers, trumpet flavors, Meg, one leg.
elevens, "loonies" heavens. see, such religiosity, creeds, religionists' needs,
HENOTHEISM, like gallitheism, others, religious smothers; V.I.P.s', HENOTHEISTIC hegemonies,
HERBIVORE, the score; galore, pure HERBIVORE. stake, you take.
HERKY-JERKY; American turkey. street; are neat. hermit, need permit.
style, long mile. view, a few, dare, people rare,
respond, exclusively fond, consternation; sex conflagration. orthodox, for HETERODOX,
HETERODOX, your lox. HETERODOX, the unorthodox, hew, to do.
me, I see! see, and me, said, the lead",
HIE! to buy. HIE, get by; HIEROGLYPHIC, than specific.
terrific, prescription specific; HIEROGLYPHIC, walls cliffic, HIEROGLYPHIC, nterpretations nonspecific
terrific. some HIEROGLYPHIC Rx'd, pharmacist vexed. priest, the least,
HINTERLAND, biker band, HINTERLAND, they demand, HINTERLAND, vintner band
HINTERLAND, greatest demand; Philippines, any means. "Boonies," few loonies.
was, from Eros. cute, a beaut; HIRSUTE, of Knute,
HIRSUTE, the brute. suit, occasional cheroot, clear; do fear,
thorax, the Lorax, me. some glee. hermit, a permit.
chronic, "high colonic." HISTRIONIC, illness chronic, HISTRIONIC, oft supersonic;
John, and Yon. HOARY, enjoy glory, HOARY, sex story
hoary, for oratory. rob, to HOBNOB, Carr, a bar.
call, the stall, voice; Hobson's Choice; joke, then spoke
eternal, lifestyle nocturnal, infernal, and vernal. diurnal, the nocturnal.
HODIERNAL, for journal. Brock, connived round-the-clock. POLLOI, do employ
inspired, most admired. boys, to HOISE, joys, to hoise.
noise, useless HOISE. years, my dears, exclamation, harmless, "Damnation,"
direct, any dialect. word, yet heard, get, he et,
HOLUS-BOLUS, North Polus, WRIT, each kit, WRIT, only wit
stay, far away. wife; my life. HOMAGE, more damage
tactical, and didactical, HOMILY, the fomily, spelling, are dwelling.
coughy, morning coffee. falling, learned calling. anonymous, furrows agronimous.
was, seeds HOMONYMOUS. two, his due. allow, their brow.
HOOSEGOW, goose bow, boys. no toys. HORRIPILATION, to consternation.
titillation, a fixation. exquisite, to revisit thumps, long jumps.
nerve, HORS D'OEUVRE, D'OEUVRE, horse serve. verve, HORS D'OEUVRES.
teens, his beans. HORTATIVE, so representative, he, knew, he
advice, be nice. trouble, campaign HUBBLE-BUBBLE; pride, with downslide:
Iraq, in stock? Trump, to pump. old, fool's gold.
HUSTINGS, on lustings. tentacular, is spectacular. bed, HYDRA instead;
meek, and weak. dra- a HYDRA. -- snake --
vote, the throat. unique; a freak. hyper-redactive, and attractive
canard, off guard. related, quite overstated. HYPERBOLE, bounds verbally.
waste, my taste: class; cold mass. show, in snow.
in, culture HYPERBOREAN. told, quite bold, seal, diet ideal.
pealing, is peeling. guy, to try. feet, could eat,
thick, particular tic, chased, in haste, chaste, a waste,
try, and high, skill, I'm ill. ICHOR, punch spiker,
not, or shot, ICONOCLAST, will blast. ICONOCLAST, oft outclassed,
wait, and IDEATE, IDEATE. to create. resides, called IDES.
tied, an ide. then, the end. expect, to IDIOLECT.
call, after all. delight, idiopathic blight. show, your dough,
deal, counterfeiters steal. then; before ten. us, blame us;
ILLIATION, rash situation. inflation, investor elation. sipping, not tippling.
IMBIBITION, circles patrician, mate, they'd IMBRICATE. IMBRICATE, they inflate.
result, of insult. wince, INCOMUNICADO since IMMANENCE, in IMMINENCE,
Miss, and kiss, eminence, given prominence, secure, to IMMURE
IMMURE, arises sure, suitable, thought IMMUTABLE. IMMUTABLE, quite able
beside, should deride. taste, quite chaste. detectable; hats, unwreckable.
anus, like Janus, anus, like canis; heart, the start.
impervious, quite nevious. IMPETUOUS, is promiscuous, Dan, beautiful Anne.
got, or not, flirts, just desserts. foes; were froze.
tick, a tick. rude, English food. hurry, or Surrey.
soon, Senate IMPORTUNE, me, longer free, roster, it, IMPOSTER.
dress; impute "Yes?" IMPRESARIO, a lothario, me, most inevitably
dark, their mark; wit, a twit; swine," good wine,
rumor; IMPUGN her. IMPUGN, to soon. IMPUGN, in tune.
IMPUGN, trite tune; IMPUGN, large commune, swoon, or IMPUGN
power. her dower; recent, government IMPUISSANT, IMPUISSANT, public nuisance
saddle, pols addle. Spend", workers' friend. oportunity, with IMPUNITY.
community, remarkable unity. right, wedding night; seigneur, of yore,
INCARNADINE, evidence brigandine complete, ethnic street, vexes, two sexes,
flow, never know example, is nonample. mate. VP's fate.
mine, a rhyme. poet, rhyme INCHOATE. poet, as INCHOATE.
view, and new, form, thinking norm. goat, learning rote.
chaotic, unreal, abiotic, INCOGITANT, quite incognizant fool, "Golden Rule".
Bard, folks discard, strode, open abode, Bernardo, went blotto;
stranger; certain danger. toupee, hardtop coupe, imperturbable-- be curbable.
lot, the spot, prime, of time. book, might look
INDAGATE, to indicate rare, that's fair. rate; my bait.
distant, thought indehiscent. God, a nod, breaking, in raking,
SUMMER, Winter's up-and-comer. pass, office brass; inspects, postage corrects,
allure, the "poor". conned, INDISSOLUBLE bong, knot? we've got.
indite, "a sight". write; he'd INDITE. state, play mate
INEBRIETY, high society. INEBRIETY, our piety, Paris, constant INEBRIETY,
satiety, outrage society. head, in bed, here. quite clear.
love, heavens above, gate, is late, sever, takes forever:
times; and dimes; coy, spouse's "toy", INELUCTABLE; omentum's indestructible,
sticks, the hicks fame; boyfriend's name. ingenuous, quite strenuous,
state, to INGRATIATE wait, to INGRATIATE suppose, Love's throes,
combination, simple flirtation, INIMICAL, friendships alchymical. INION, on neon.
doldrum, a conundrum. greenhorn, an inkhorn fille, could be.
Myrt, quite pert. Reserve, Steady nerve. Doc, the clock.
INSOUCIANT, merely inscrutiant, INSTAURATION, the Nation, seems, my dreams
INSUPERABLE, is recoupable, hide, be applied. INTEGUMENT, microbes virulent.
skin, wrapped in, heat, will excrete fur, Arctic brrr,
do, a shoe). ribbing, is cribbing; resides, to tides,
crank, I'll thank. INTERNECINE, consequences unforeseen; great, to INTERPOLATE;
INTERPOLATE, meanings intercalate, flat, INTERROBANG fat, interests, the breasts,
detective, new perspective. reflective; for directive yawn, move on.
inveighing, they're weighing. assess, a mess. knew, to do,
great. to INVIGLIATE, straight, quite INVIGLIATE, advice: very nice
INVIOUS, are envious. INVIOUS, the sinvious. germ, of sperm,
fame, White dame, scene, are mean. tonic, and ironic.
schizophrenic, more serenic. despair, a share. desirous, blue IRIS.
BULL, not full. pain, to regain untaggable, is unbaggable.
cute, to refute, notion, election commotion, street, adverb neat;
go; chaos sow. IRRUPT, to disrupt prayer, might share
stared; be spared. Bacchanalic, and italic, preacher, reach her.
know, just so, JAMOKE, street-resident bloke, contrary, pol JANISSARY.
JAWBONE, all alone crass, popular mass, passes, the masses,
glasses, the masses, JAWBONING, the wing, clone, via phone.
JAWBONING, human cloning. JAWBONING, aisles moaning, mellow, endowed fellow,
collagen, Cosby paladin, gobbling, you're hobbling. undoing, every chewing,
ears, to tears, understood, be good, ladies, and Mercedes,
JERICHO, to go. go, hell, JERICHO. casuistry, and sophistry
it, blew it; DOREE; down Broadway. DOREE. stay away!
DOREE; quite grey. DOREE, any foray, DOREE, and play.
DOREE; fashion today, DOREE, dress foray, doree, on TV!
short, to sport. Miami, quite clammy. crams, final exams,
Millie, call Billy. fair, challenge, dare. bed; with dread.
JINNI, is meany. date, couldn't mate. best, are wrest.
appease, you please, jerk, devious work, giver, you down-river
BARLEYCORN, after morn, hills, she fills, PUBLIC, dear republic,
meant, better JUDGMENT, JUGGERNAUT, is overwrought. not? her not.
JUJU, of Voodoo, winner, and thinner, men, strips JULIENNE.
JULIENNE? calls "girlie-men". JUNOESQUE, vigor rubenesque. vex, full-figured sex.
berate, with weight. chance, at romance. JUNTO, they go
bent, be JUVENESCENT, JUVENESCENT, marvelous antidepressant, obsolescent, bright iridescent.
TV's, the disease wise, its eyes. "never". be clever.
KANBAN, bon bons, fort, last resort. shoot," take root,
KAPUT? fallen mute? foot; and soot. KAPUT, door shut.
fair; a flair out, it's about. KARMA. harm a
some. a crumb KARST, spelunkers parsed found, is bound.
KATZENJAMMER, a damner; clamor, real KATZENJAMMER. elision, of precision,
Ben; his KEN! pen; and then, when, my KEN.
Ken, this then; sunning, for catch-phrase-running. inflation, saw's gyration,
KERF, the turf; admit, a Brit, buff'll, mighty KERFUFFLE.
KERFUFFLES, and snuffles. learned, just spurned. see, advice free.
"tell" know well. KIBITZER, admit, sir. CATS, diplomatic chats,
CATS? on mats, CATS, and rats, son-in-law, any flaw.
KINETIC, riders frenetic. KINETIC, dancers esthetic, bass, and lass.
'itch', obvious KITSCH, Fitch, look rich. KITSCH, low pitch
KITSCH, unexplaianed hitch; cohesive, runny-nose policive, design, away mine)
suppose, of those, Fall, raucous call, Klieg'll, way legal,
gag, a wag: fold, red bold. KLUDGE, a stooge.
KLUDGE, won't budge. KLUTZ, computer nuts, KNEE-JERK, wee perk,
KNEE-JERK, fees lurk. clerk, entirely knee-jerk. KNICK-KNACKS, through kick-backs,
Kurd. a third. buffet, Muffett -- deal! a steal.
KVELL, doing well. swell, to kvell KVELL, are swell.
KVELLERS, terrestrial dwellers, part, old heart; aorta; or sorta.
her, dear Heller. lech; do fetch. KVETCH, to fetch.
KVETCHING, term "fetching." low, quite slow, LABRET, a favorite.
guarantees, occasional tease. us, litho-lipped Venus LABROSE, injections adipose
LABROSE, are gross. discover, would hover, LABYRINTH, and plinth,
out, no doubt. lass, she'd pass, lachrymose, to diagnose
frown, breaking down, Mays, Oakland A's, slob, the cob.
love, a shove, supersonic, gotten LACONIC. LACONIC, be moronic.
trope, to cope, Spooner, syllables sooner. Laguna, of vicuna,
LACUNAE, substances puny, best, not blessed BOUNTIFUL, oblige dutiful,
LAGNIAPPE, a sap LAGNIAPPE, Orleans' lap. perhaps, some chaps
war, a tour. scowl. on prowl, forget, purveyor's net.
LAISSEZ-FAIRE, the air. stuff, never enough. LAMBENT, ram bent
by, the sky. glow, altar go. ride, airways fried
yore, the store, stuff, often enough, breezes; he pleases.
end, to offend. Derry; skilled LAPIDARY. LAPIDARY, most extraordinary;
true. clean through. dolls, Congress, cabals LAPUTAN, or disputin'.
intrude, extreme LASSITUDE, LASSITUDE, my attitude; dwell, as well.
LAVALIERE, my dear; LAVALIERE, gay cavalier, say, every day,
train, in Spain. LAVATION, great salvation. ablution, caustic solution.
LEE, go spree, sea, the LEE, LEGERITY, to prosperity,
legerdemain, quite plain. LEGERITY, with celerity, temerity, found LEGERITY?
LEMMA, novel Emma: mane, picture insane. pants, LEOTARD rants,
LEOTARD, by bard, stocking, promotes mocking. hard, a pard',
Tarred, is barred. pursue; very new. there, my share,
LEVERET, rabbit, Everett, LEVIATHAN, than gargantuan, rests, of lobbyers-best
seen. have been vex, preoccupied sex. crime," long time.
Chronus, LEX TALIONIS. extreme, one theme. theme; vulgar LEXEME.
LEXIS; he flexes. LEXIS, as nexus be, like me.
scene, who've been LIBERTINE, in travertine, sought, are caught.
LIBRATION, molecular vibration, LIBRATION, an oscillation. he, his LIBRETTI.
LIBRETTO, as stilletto, thing. for fling. administration, this nation,
LICKERISH; and licorice. limb, than him!" LIDO, libertine credo:
LIDO, to credo Lido, different credo: Guido, the LIDO,
Guido, the LIDO. LIDO, this Speedo. LIDO, in Speedo,
frigid, object, rigid. Love; or thereof. LIEF, to grief,
hung, talents among be, a mystery! LIMNING, and trimming,
clings, dependency brings, dear, a year. insipid, quite LIMPID.
ache, might take. great; outside, mate. abysmal? more dismal.
pain, no rain, fetter, be better; howl; the towel,
dearie, eyes bleary, LISSOTRICHOUS, birds ostrichous. Byron, on siren,
flow, would know chaste, good taste, redhead, to wed.
space, outer face, there, just where? LITHOSPHERE, live here.
cheer, crusty lithosphere. bad", can add "simple", sore pimple;
all, and rural, attractive, "non-sex" interactive. LOCO, of rococo.
scurry, a hurry, CLASSICUS, (classy cuss) YEARS, focused fears.
YEARS; even tears. YEARS, by fears he, smoked stogie.
tedium, the medium, taste, the waist. LOQUACIOUS, hardly spacious.
LOQUACIOUS, often contumacious. LOQUACIOUS. obviously capacious. loquacity, covering mendacity,
lad, real bad. skill. to fill. among, the tongue,
Street, you'll meet. LOSEL, Robin's ruse'll choose'll, a LOSEL,
lass, a pass. dads, unwanted tads? rubes, as boobs.
word, constantly heard. smart; us apart. start, laughable part.
told, than gold, mart; their heart. scent, peignoir LUCENT.
LUCUBRATION: fine lubrication. LUCUBRATION, enjoys celebration, LUCUBRATION, our Nation.
LUDIC, rude, [ick]. ludic, be therapeutic. cubic, old rubric,
said, bone bred, vise-wrench, complementative bench, McMurty, at thirty.
some, his income, maid, the shade, frown, is down,
LUMINARIA, of wisteria, admire, glow inspire. class, drinking glass.
crew, should do. -- that be? LYRIC, and satiric.
Lyre, a fire. LYRIC, round, spheric; bland; or Strand.
MACABRE, that hobnob MACADAM, day Adam, baronic, before MACARONIC,
moronic, tongue MACARONIC, MACARONIC, experience phonic, state, of late.
MACEDOINE, so wan. upon, mad MACEDOINE. fruit, Italy's boot.
stuffin', a MACGUFFIN, divine, great decline, rock; her flock.
us?, each ignoramous, lead, combatant's head, MACROBIOTIC, be neurotic.
MADELEINE, of saddlin' AVENUE, do pursue, swipes, AVENUE types,
face; Perot's face, MAELSTROM, quite quailsome, from, male scrum,
MAID, got laid. last. has passed. OPUS, rope us.
MAHATMA, the shah, be; utmost degree. kind, actions inclined,
mind, are kind! masses, Socratic classes, pharmaceutic, gains therapeutic,
MAIEUTIC, democracy Aleutic fool, in majuscule. "D," at sea,
seasick, dirty trick. Marquis, to pee. MALADROIT, a quoit,
MALADROIT, proper coit. Sade, he trod. genus, termed "Platypenis."
stop, they drop; maid, as "staid". be, of three!
flirt, be MALAPERT. MALAPERT, Mom alert name, of fame.
ye. and sparky, ingest, further invest, MALEDICTION, ancient friction,
knock? from Porlock! form, to storm, MALEFIC, reaction terrific,
voices, in choices, MALIGN, in moonshine, MALIGN, basic design,
MALVERSATION, an aberration. MALVERSATION, the nation. spate, "Garden state".
art, 'Soprano' part, supine; much wine. bastard, was mastered.
eat; to compete. MANO, has mono. such, too much.
MANQUE, thanks, okay, maven, dark haven, weave, we leave.
gay, fine day. frantic, and pedantic. frantic, and pedantic.
Atlantic." is MANTIC, MANTIC, dancing corybantic, frantic, revelation MANTIC.
frantic, and MANTIC. stash, his mash. MANUMIT, can commit
glove, Circle above; MARATHON, exhausting, whereupon it, shout it.
starry, pocked MARE, play, to say, maid, quickly fade
MARMOREAL, settings arboreal. MARMOREAL, feelings" tutorial, Marmoreal; more real
MARMOREAL, splendor sartorial, say, good day MARPLOT, a polyglot.
toys, oft employs. MARSHAL, order martial together, bad weather.
sway, pronounced martin-nay. yanks, the ranks; MARTINET, the set.
duffer, things rougher. MASSIF, beyond belief, domain, much pain.
away. a day. spark, their ark, MATRICULATE, to articulate.
by, and why? mother, from another. MATTOCK, the attic,
MATTOCK, dead haddock. bliss, to miss. T., than me.
weep, a leap fear, in beer, MAUDLIN, of modelin',
when, great men MAVEN, university haven dears, one hears
Marseilles, his way range, How strange! ungated, been separated.
MAXWELLIAN, de Leon, lot, the spot. chap. please, MAYHAP?"
McJobs, lucky slobs. role, higher goal. tired, they're fired.
me. and oversee Taj, love's mirage. MECCA, the double-decca.
Monk, "wick dunk," MEED, they need. Manila, of "thrillah".
thriller, seed spiller. mixture; Sunday fixture stew, those few
me, to be maid, diamonds paid. ain't, the complaint,
MELLIFLUOUS, seat's superfluous, 'honey', nose, runny, "Oh! cement, Oh!
itch, a sonovabitch. hot; the spot. rake, obviously fake.
man, audacious plan: flaw! the law. cussed; you trust?"
Maker, a Quaker. clear. Maker's ear, veracity, with tenacity,
MENDACITY, strong tenacity, done, mother's son, bench, a MENSCH,
dissension, much pretention, sense, such MENSE MENSURATION, sure ration;
waves, oceanic laves. lex, fair sex. tell, that smell.
MEPHITIC, odiferous, sulfitic, before, word store, maid, quite staid,
MERITORIOUS, campaigns victorious, glorious, deeds MERITORIOUS. route, quite cute.
"nut", and shut, war, for lore. loony, to Rooney.
spot, he forgot. MESHUGUNNER, mouth runner. MESNE, often seen.
mean, like MESNE. alteration, our nation. grief; saying "hanker-for-chief",
move, does approve. excape, METATHESIS reshape, METATHESIS, in parathesis.
get, all upset, centenarian, own buryin', sticks, age ninety-six
METICULOUS, strands folliculous, METIER, rather okay METIER, his way.
pay, another METIER. pray, rather play crass, your ass.
METONYMY. forced bonhommie, flyers, all buyers, man, I can!"
seek, to speak; gate, little wait, MICROBURST, for thirst
first, a MICROBURST, must; plese adjust: mic-tur-ate, to relate
scene, stay lean. mien, not mean. lean, be "green".
scene, honest" MIEN. MILESIAN, wells artesian. trick, of Limerick.
say, French way; port, into court, sees, fungus disease,
capers, same drapers. MIMESIS, and creases. thesis, is MIMESIS
rhesus, of MIMESIS. thesis, exhibit MIMESIS MIMESIS, truth's thesis:
intrude, sex interlude story, is MINATORY. MINGY, feel cringy.
knew, were blue. who, to woo. all, mouthpiece call.
all, you fall, surprise, often MIRANDIZE wise, perp MIRANDIZE.
right, for delight. Kate, does hate, men. since God-know-when.
missable, to mis'rable, MISCIBLE, quite risible. MISH-MASH, puddles, splish-splash,
posh, delicious nosh. such, would touch. MISOGAMY, much endogamy,
fun, and done, fall, Luddite call: be, 10 B.C.,
MISONEISM, into schism, meant, with lament! MISPRISON, with precision.
rude, seen nude. hop, you stop cheering, Thomas' hearing.
MITTY, big titty. MITTY, the city trice, very nice.
life, of strife. here, words clear: hell, are swell.
do? to you. Stiers, many beers. vouch, a pouch
begin, penile foreskin. moil, to charbroil. MOIL, of roil,
North, come forth! brush, early hush. plan, one can,
close, large dose bids, raise kids, me! date me?"
MONDEGREEN, really mean, MONDEGREEN, is wintergreen, MONDO, Paul Belmondo,
Croesus! our NISUS. eel, my creel. well, and petrel.
works, political jerks, FISHMONGER; much stronger. MONGER; a bunger.
day?) did hear. MONODY, (hymn singing) blues, might choose,
fate, common trait: MOOT, no rooty-toot-toot. MOOT, a hoot,
deserving, of, unnerving. lass, moral MORASS. glass, very crass.
MORDACIOUS, endlessly capacious. "downstairs," successive affairs, MORGANATIC, quite emphatic:
many. plain Jenny, higher, hot fire. much. soft touch.
fake, in rake. tank, a MOUNTEBANK. scoff, soft quaff.
Biloxi, of MOXIE. MOXIE, by proxy. MOXIE, stubborn, oxy,
MOXIE, the Roxy. carp, uniform sharp. day, would play,
today, I play! talk, I balk! do, restaurant new;
misbehavin', of stain-savin' man, his fan. pitch, and Fitch,
MUCKY-MUCK, good luck. Nantucket, high mucky-mucket.) Buffy, near-naked mufti
G.I. quiet guy. bare, unsightly hair. state, as great,
MULIEBRITY, against celebrity. queen, after scene. sex? too complex.
MULIEBRITY, maternal celebrity, most, as host. tool, available pool.
had, specially sad, all, the Fall, MULTITUDINOUS, in us.
MULTITUDINOUS, in us. politicians; varied conditions. MUNIFICENT, most beneficent,
MUNIFICENT, the rent craw, sans flaw, made, he played.
excuses, gastro-nomical abuses. Autumn, noses numb, ants, monotone chants,
cries, to skies. fruit, whole route. old, quite bold,
score, nary more. NADIR, Richard Crusader, charging, Christiandom enlarging.
fairies, dental caries, NARES, some janissaries, Paris, singular NARIS.
nark, my bark. remark, mild-mannered NARK. park, a nark--
situation; to penetration. NASCENT, quickly complacent, banality, of venality,
totality, see brutality; NATALITY, world's reality because, once was
NAVEL-GAZING, trail blazing. be. to see; print, by dint
call, erudite thrall. NEANDERTHAL, as tall. see, of Italy,
NEBBISH, tides ebbish, soul, of hole. -- were okay.
me!" date three. NEBULOUS, (persistent) tremulous, (hissing)
head: to dread. NEFARIOUS, positions precarious. pain. might gain,
is, constant NEMESIS. NEPENTHE, de Menthe, NEPENTHE, when the
store, NEPENTHE galore, sorrow, better tomorrow, NEPOTISM, government rheumatism.
work, nice perk. child, is piled, say, rampant today,
saw, the law. NESCIENCE, seeming conscience, drum, may come,
seen, French Queen, instills, word skills, passes, few glasses.
"Nay," a fray, NIMIETY, of piety. impropiety, of society,
bod, limp rod, NINCOMPOOP, a whoop, NINCOMPOOP, did troop,
created, one hated. skinny, a NINNY. NINNYHAMMER, kids Katzenjammer,
stammer, a NINNYHAMMER. vows, to arouse; NIRVANA, I wanna
mind, ever find. NISI, feelings fleecy. hole, welfare dole,
hair, critters lair. NITID, the benighted rival, that's NIVAL.
ire, your fire. lad, very bad. symphonic, high colonic.
below; wind blow! car; see far. racks, of Ex-Lax.
nilly; as silly. chair; what's there: GUERRE. a pair.
name, the game. get, the Met. Russ, would NONPLUS.
nonplussed, and crust, stays, recent days, strive, remain alive,
NOSCOMIAL, not chromosomial, sure, are pure, shout, infection's about!"
breeze, noses sneeze. Aberystwyth, tryst with. with, fist with:
with, desist with. with, whist with. NOSTRUM, the rostrum,
Queen: Conservative been!" NOTORIOUS, looks censorious, victorious, quite glorious,
NOUS, the loose, refuse, the screws, Cinderella; "Ciao, Bella!"
rich, character, witch, NOXIOUS, quite toxious. said, kids dread:
NUGATORY, quite adulatory. set, out yet. cull, logically NULL.
luminous, be bituminous; NUMINOUS, are luminous, doors, persistent bores.
dears, foreigner fears. flummery, is summery. can't, evidence scant,
refrain: once again. wrong, too long hours, of ours.
sight; it's right. stark, I'd park state, are third-rate,
dear, quite clear, remark, argument's spark, DICTUM, gender victim,
OBJURATION, their nation, OBJURGATION, post-orgasmic deflation. "horn", maidenly scorn.
all, the pall. measure, their leisure, OBNUBLIATE, to obfuscate.
toad, your load. crawl, let fall. OBSEQUY, some colloquy,
story, state OBSEQUY, heard, last word! OBSIDIAN, Jordan meridian,
fools, OBSIDIAN tools, hall, us all, near, will hear.
OBSTREPEROUS, pepper us. punned, to OBTUND. OBTUND, gets over-runned.
her, stunneed her. OBTURATE, wives penetrate. ate, a date
perverse, to converse Nate, a date. OBVIATE, nice trait,
crate, just great. OBVIATE, does obliviate; humor, a tumor.
OCCIPUT, baby's butt. collude, to OCCLUDE; OCCULTATION, Earth-bound station.
sensation; prefer OCCULTATION. reminded, are blinded; find, cluttered mind.
sea, OCTOTHORP conspicuously know, just so. abode, I knowed.
ODE, a commode, ODE, life's road. ODE, that mode.
ODE, humble abode. lad; he had. ODEUM, of sodium,
ODIOUS, not melodious. knew, and through. OFFICINAL, supplies medicinal
visceral, or clysteral. flaw: her ma. OFFICIOUS, their dishes.
OFFICIOUS, gourmet dishes. OFFICIOUS, constituents' wishes OFFICIOUS, exceedingly suspicious
OFFICIOUS, advice injudicious. verse, fans disperse try. thing, bye-the-bye,
least, word "greased." disguise; OLEAGINOUS guys, lover, never discover.
embrace, high place. great, Golden State, OLIGOPSONY, breed monotony,
OMBUDSMAN, often woodsman. mediator, main advocator. amaze; a craze.
tell, real well. job. and slob; OMINIUM-GATHERUM, lather 'em,
tools, new rules, OMINOUS; on us. sufficient, tagged OMNISCIENT
come, omnium gatherum; care, awesome lair, point, placenta conjoint.
glint, navel lint. ONEIROMANCY, certain connivency. tell", charlatans swell;
does, peach fuzz. ONYCHOPHAGIA, made ya, ONYCHOPHAGIA, made ya,
suppose, habit arose prose, seem operose. OPEROSE, even close.
suppose, quite OPEROSE. phrase, by days, predictions, fallacious addictions,
all, task tall. aftermath, an OPSIMATH! opsimath, the path
logorrhea, winning idea. work, rug-making Turk; lives, our wives.
us.", hope. Us, OPUSCULE, creations miniscule me, may be
some, great OPUSCULUM. ORCHIDACEOUS. cleavage, ostentatious. ORCHIDACEOUS, meaning ostentatious.
outrageous, figures, curvaceous; gracious, way ORCHIDACEOUS, maid, men paid
enough, be chuff. place, east face. ORIFLAMME, modern Sam,
ORIFLAMME, inspiring sham. it? concede it. bold, am told,
OROTUND, public fund. OROTUND, or rotund', swear, mind somewhere,
OSCULATE, to matriculate, late, great date; postulate, the ejaculate,
OSCULATE; often stimulate 'em, rate 'em. meet, tongue fleet,
is, the misses, tongue, colds among. date, could wait,
titillate. just osculate her, was greater temptation.) in duration.
elevation, mere escalation. please, will squeeze. try, get by,
OSTRACIZE, your eyes. fraught; just AUGHT. form, the norm.
admit, a bit. faced, a waste. laugh, after gaffe.
OXYMORON, toxic Boron, brains; it rains. feed, and greed.
youth, quite uncouth. PACHYDERM, roadside berm, Padookie; are spooky.
seein', inner bein', PAEAN. see in. joylessly; things boylessly.
trying, clowns crying. PAILLASSE, high grass, anymore, you sore,
squirms. easy terms PALAVER; social salver; quaver, as "pal"-"laver",
wild; a child. gums, now becomes, he. said she.
curse; much worse, PALINDROME, a home. going? worth knowing.
Chris: barbs amiss. fine, reply codign: skewered, just occurred.
blind, more refined. got; he's not. excuse, can use.
face, a disgrace. pal. of sal. dreamed, you seemed.
blaming, be taming. complete, real neat. PALISADE, wood made,
chickens, the dickens PALLIASSE, tough canvas, crass, moldy PALLIASSE,
malaise, grey phase, docs, ad hocs astute, spots hirsute.
was. Pretty does!" jerk, would lurk. goose; and loose,
buzz. palmary was. Army, but PALMY. Joe, age know.
resort, the sport. halter, and PALTER, her, to PALTER.
PALTER, her halter, past, scribblings last, rash, to crash;
PANDECT, then transect select, the PANDECT. news, Kong flus.
engaged, quite enraged. create, friends state. BOX. decent locks?
hearts, our art. praise; to phrase. PANEGYRIC, phrases lyric,
PANEGYRIC, and lyric, it, near it. invention, pol's convention.
PANGAEA, Nations panacea, exist. be kissed Pam, young man,
see, weird vagary, other, would smother server, road swerver)
hit, one bit; PANOPTIC, regions Coptic, gone? a PANOPTICON.
alien, race mammalian anew, she blew, bids, for lids.
banned? one hand, love-hate, flesh titillate, PAPARAZZO, celebrity palazzo,
years, hot tears, dirges, skin purges, PAPULIFEROUS, protests vociferous
Prez, book says, PARADIGM, of time, system, list 'em:)
pols, opponent extols, PARAPHERNALIA, than genitalia, baccanalia, her echolalia,
chance, in France. PARISOLOGY, Norse mythology, squint, PARISOLOGISTS hint,
hilarity, uncertain PARITY, sincerity, discussed rarity; PARLAY, the hay.
Charlie, to PARLEY play. of day, PARLOUS, the scarless.
be, contact H.I.V.. home, using foam. nevertheless, her dress,
PARONOMASIA, to Asia, funny, like honey. sunny, as honey.
"parse". becomes farce. school, simple tool: be, quite NIGGARDLY,
lot; PARTHIAN SHOT. SHOT, comfortable spot chance, arrows askance.
career, great fear, PARVENU, when you two, are PARVENU,
review, rapidly grew. do, he blew, PASCH, to mask.
unturned, she's learned. Passover, of Dover; art, at start,
PASTICHE, creativity unleash. quiche, like PASTICHE. play, and gay.
learned, bottoms "burned", PATERFAMILIAS, somewhat bilious, passe, present day.
chatter. to shatter. sent: is sentient. pay. the way.
new, every hue book, you look, Ben-Tal, Ben-Ariel, Ben-gal,
Ben-Ben, game, when fine, quite PAVONINE, choose, spikey hairdos.
command. to understand store, not war. there, be fair,
priest, the beast. notion, the motion, PECULATE, you'd percolate.
PECULATION, caused speculation. scary, commonpols PECUNIARY. frantic, rhymes romantic;
PEDANTIC, quite frantic. PELL-MELL, quite fell. pinching, while inching
respond, and Beyond, she, will be; pepper, thingamabob schlepper,
church, to besmirch, way, swarthy PEPPIER, drab, some flab!
bed. she said. edge, to hedge. condition, untimely submission
hole; clergyman's goal, ramble, a gambol, PERENNIAL, integrity hymenial
clever. work never. PERFIDIOUS, ain't fastidious. PERFIDIOUS, web insidious,
atone, "service" alone, say, every day, PERGOLA, overturned gondola,
PERI, quite bleary. PERI; you Dearie. PERI. somewhat eerie.
corn. would adorn. PERIHELION, wheely on; years, it nears
spot, a lot. PERIPATETIC, about apologetic. be, to me.
PERNICIOUS, so vicious, PERPEND, to offend, friend, to PERPEND.
PERPEND, you spend, PERPEND, inspiration send. PERPEND, to spend,
PERPEND, to end, fonder, to ponder. poke, such folk.
perks, young Turks, words, the herds, wealth, ill health.
intention, might mention, PERSPICACIOUS, too ostentatious. be, write PERSPICUOUSLY,
PERSPICACIOUS, matters disputatious, year, I hear spacious, very gracious,
PERTINACIOUS, glue resinaceous, role, the goal, PERVIOUS, fundamentalists furious.
sight, every night. contageous, his rages. sense, avoid PESTILENCE,
PESTILENCE, wire fence, true, the flu. PESTILENTIAL, most torrential,
PESTILENTIAL, dire potential, stick, learn quick. rule, corporate school,
PETRICHOR, rain visitor around, the ground. sort, Supreme Court.
sounds; profession abounds PHANTASMAGORIA, cinematic emporia PHANTASMAGORIA, youthful euphoria.
PHANTASMAGORIA, and Gloria. see, HANTASMAGORIA "free." boon, "High Noon".
-- to scare, fright, every night. PHANTASMAGORY, and gory.
static, the attic, paw, at law. champs, postage stamps;
greatly; whore stately. specific, wing PHILIPPIC, beat. most sweet.
PHILODOX, pillow talks PHILODOX, his socks, Goldilocks, extreme PHILODOX;
keenness, misogynist meanness. PHILOGYNY, many progeny. folk, matrimonial yoke.
PHLEGNATIC, manner dramatic. Fred. they said. mosaic, manners archaic,
PHONETIC, are tonetic, fun, for one! "Hon, and run!
PHYSIS, a crisis. PHYSIS. nice is. epiphysis, this is.
PIACULAR, the vernacular; oracular, less spectacular, PICANTE, than andante.
hot, you got? dare. without care. PICARESQUE, often picturesque,
Jones" Tom bones. nose, PICARESQUE prose. jejune, times, PICAYUNE,
book, a look. joy, to employ. middle, or PIDDLE.
quid'll, and PIDDLE. Italian, a medalion. least, a feast.
pair, post lair. savoir-faire, his PIED-A-TERRE; PIED-A-TERRE, sexual lair,
rare, not there, me, a "B", dork, pull's torque,
hair, and care, PILIFEROUS, bristle ambiguous. PILIFEROUS, quite splendiferous,
PILIFORM; is villiform, stare, vestigial hair. vellus, tell us,
PILOSE, try those pats, furnished flats, check. clinch neck.
game, horned frame, plain, up-down again. trademarks; game larks.
penetration; his frustration. Paint, without complaint. pal, a gal.
piquant, jeroboam decant, PIQUANT, week flaunt week, to speak.
believed, be grieved. men, women when true; must do.
be. reminding thee, PISTOLERO, gay caballero, knew, a few.
passe, modern day. PITTANCE, life's remittance. smoking, flames stoking.
PLANGENT, grand gent planitarium, microscopic aquarium, PLANISPHERE, have here
PLATEAU, "too slow", plateau, pretty chapeau. PLATEAU, El Gato,
chateau, high plateau, rich, an itch bit, some wit.
PLEONASM, loquacious spasm. text, Polonica" exed: biker. large PLICA.
Warwick, called Doric. Pb, to thee, Pb, you see.
dead, memory, dread, Cheneys, to weenies, cool, the rule;
pococurante, we play, USA. here today, town, rattlers abound.
broadcaster, class poetaster; master; mere POETASTER. pride, and tried.
know, bit slow, surprise, POINTILLISTIC guys. POINTILLISTIC, quite ballistic.
POLEMIC, manner systemic, IMPOLITIC, all sick. this, not dismiss,
please, some ease. POLLICITATION, unknown solicitation beckoned. a second."
POLLYANNA, an' a bright, that might, poop, and recoup.
reposes, now discloses, wrench, great stench, many. extend antennae,
POLYGLOT, Polly got. lot. of argot. POLYGLOT, the spot;
POLYGLOT, to pot. taught, organize thought hung, a rung.
polymath, to Bath, POLYHISTOR, tiny transistor, Polyhistor, the vista
POLYHISTOR, young mister, pains, with brains. game, alias frame,
it, spell it. guy, wonder why. POLYONYMOUS, be anonymous.
POLYONYMOUS, quite synonymous, it, a carrot amazing, herds grazing.
seen; I ween, POLYPHYLETIC, also athletic, POLYPHYLETIC, quite pathetic,
time, in rhyme, pelt, dead smelt; describe, mayor-council tribe,
rhyme, jibes sublime. quiff, to sniff. sore, his POMPADOUR.
more, a POMPADOUR. POMPADOUR; waves galore. buck; courting luck.
amour, himself, POMPADOUR. state, birth-naming fate, gather, Papal blather,
late. ever abate? PORTEND, will spend, ain't, as quaint.
ease, I please. PORTENTOUS, speeches pretentious. prose, chamber arose
PORTMANTEAU, bel canto. pearlcasting, or long-lasting. fine, as mine.
POSTCOCIOUS, oldsters meritocious; ark, and bark. unabated, and inundated
stuck, with muck. corral, a gal. then, I'll pen.
roil, I toil, silly, is hilly. choose, some booze.
say, to day! take, promises make. POSTURE, in imposture,
POTAMIC, quite dynamic. riparian, and therein, mess, or less.
Gaels, great whales. time, I climb POTATORY, feeling rotatory)
see; utmost degree, cease? soon increase? leak, she'd peek.
VILLAGE, and pillage, politicians, obscuring conditions. prop, czarist fop,
slums, influence comes, FIELD, forever concealed, heeled, POTTER'S FIELD.
sot, a lot. zeal, you deal; safe, Doberman waif
(dalmatians) more foods. us, is PRECARIOUS. PRECARIOUS; values vicarious.
measure, PRECARIOUS pleasure. PRECATORY, not predatory, bit, to it.
testes, the bestus. ejaculation? purely speculation. separation, with elation.
after, a rafter. PRECOCIAL, deemed anti-social, good. I would,
TV. I see bring, a ring. depressed, they're dressed,
three, not agree. way, cry "Lackaday!" old; the mold
suggest, their best, PRECOCIOUS, be ferocious, place, of grace,
mitts, sand pits. PREDICATION, great dedication. situation, on PREDICATION
self-medication, of PREDICATION. PREHENSILE, even extensile, PREHENSILE, size immensile.
among, PREHENSILE tongue, foreplay, earnest way. PRELUDE, say wooed)
females? into she-males. politicians, conflicting positions. PEREGRINATION, obese situation.
live, or forgive PREROGATIVE, hearings interrogative, heads, the Feds.
paean, activities PRIAPEAN, Greeks, fifty-two weeks. bet; and yet
strain, we train! niggler, PRIMORDIAL jiggler. road, house abode.
ooze, to schmooze! PRIMORDIAL, introduced exordial, PRISTINE, I mean.
pneumatic, way PROCELEUSMATIC, PROCELEUSMATIC, so problematic. PROCELLUS, and zealous.
meaning, strong leaning, eat, rolled neat, son, brother's shun.
way, hot gay, said, warm bed prestigious; quite PRODIGIOUS.
deduce, of use. queen, he'd lean Glenditch, real son-of-a-bitch.
PROFFER, to boffer, PROFLIGATE, and obdurate. way, last day.
display, with dismay. them, forget them, PROGENY, parents' ontogeny,
wise, diversion, disguise, PROLEGOMENON, literary phenonemon, blame, one name.
days, same DNA's. 43, the key. yields. Puritan shields,
PROPITIATE, to satiate Gods, many jobs. PROPITIOUS, cynics suspicious;
delicious, it PROPITIOUS, dishes, moment PROPITIOUS. perhaps, you chaps.
be, of three, PROSATEUR, to ensure, PROSPICIENT, so deficient,
prostate. you're prostrate. PROTEAN, eyes cerulean, strange; they arrange,
PROVENDER, broad ender decided, PROVENDER provided, PRUFROCKIAN, be Sherlockian.
guy, slipped by. blacked, grim fact. PRUFROCKS: your socks.
Freud, avoid -- Cupid; and stupid, raving, his craving?
man. I can. cash, fermented mash see? from me.
giver, his river. knew, church pew. PUDENCY, sex spree.
Child? get wild! sport." her sort pug. his mug.
old, pure gold, authentic, its identic. knew, hero true.
statuesque; as grotesque. view, and you. PULCHRITUDE, awfully lewd!
PULCHRITUDE, of magnitude, rude, sweet PULCHRITUDE. PULCHRITUDE, on attitude;
prude; her PULCHRITUDE. PULCHRITUDE, quite lewd, nude, turn lewd.
blubber, chair lubber. dude, female PULCHRITUDE. rude, your PULCHRITUDE.
end, rod bend. rude, my PULCHRITUDE. life! in-law strife.
club, in tub. great, to wait, teeming, dish gleaming;
Costello, fat cello. PUNCHINELLO, he'd bellow. inventive, great incentive;
billious, is PUNCTILIOUS. naming, time framing expertise, life ease.
knew, a few. PUNDIT, fund it. PUNDIT, shunned it,
it. shunned it. runs, the tons. writing, are biting.
Gosh! some panache, ornate, first rate. found, all around.
again, of pain, end? pols tend? PURLIEU, comfortable milieu,
shots, "have nots". too, to spew, PURPORT, "touchy-feel" sort.
done, right one, pup, stand up. love, from above,
gun; with Sharon. such, a PUTSCH. huts, of cuts.
PYROPHORIC, gut pyloric, date, be great, PYRRHIC, poems lyric,
empiric, went stratospheric, while; the Nile. grim, own eponym.
gloss; History's dross. wimples, with pimples) Noah, no rower.
QUAGGY, and draggy. saggy, were naggy, QUAIL, they flail,
stale, prrobably fail, disbursal, sudden reversal, seek, its peak,
believe, QUI VIVE. VIVE, who'd deceive. VIVE, to receive
VIVE, I believe. life. thought rife, compensation, social station.
69, just fine. QUO, economy's flow. QUO. is so.
show, PRO QUO, know, real dough. show", and so,
know, no "Ho;" QUIDDITY, provides liquidity. timidity, a "D".
quiddity, urgent rapidity, he, forestall rigidity say, its day."
QUIESCENT, than effervescent, arts, intimate parts, loom, wiggle room.
farts; bidding starts. think, with wink. deuce, great use.
fifty, quite shifty, so, years ago. who, wasn't true.
comes, your thumbs, clogged, capacity fogged. quintessence, long convalescence,
QUINTESSENCE, as putresence. QUINTESSENCE, like luminescence fun, may run,
nice. think twice QUISLING, opportunistic chiseling, scorn, decency shorn,
queer, hich-tech gear. QUIXOTIC, romantic, exotic. QUODLIBET! and musette,
QUODLIBET! for Tibet. inside, pride, (Beethoven's) in, first sin,
exploded, he noted coins, their loins, day, the hay
strife, single life. two. they do. forum, without QUORUM.
QUORUM. before 'em. indeed, in need "Quotha! mere iota;
"QUOTHA!" troth, a QUOTIDIAN, as obsidian. ripe; no hype.
black; deadly bushwhack. RACK, a track up, 'em up.
magnifique, he'd tweak, dine, from wine. odd, her bod,
her, shrewd entrepreneur, RADDLED, been saddled; RADDLED, been paddled.
RAFFISH, are laughish, excite, attitudes quite RAGTAG, never flag,
RAILLERY, of tailery.' weigh, to play. main; raising cain.
Cain, social stain. name, the same, rain, of Spain,
RAMBLE, a scramble, dart, should start. note, etymological quote.
guys, muscle lies, ram, a "wham-bam." RAMBUNCTIOUS, addict compunctious,
RAMPALLION, gift stallion, Italian, Stallone Stallion. abhorring: gambling, whoring,
"random", scanned 'em, men, surprise then. ache, payment make.
RANKLE, some crankle, love, heaven above, RAPPAREE, could see;
RAPPAREE, with filigree, rare, his share. stallion," be dallyin'.
RAPSCALLION, a stallion. vermouth, and couth. need, sophisticate breed.
RAREFIED, ntellectuals terrified yield, RAREFIED field. aboil, for oil,
Russian, go crushin' RATIOCINATION, high station. RATIOCINATION, intelligence equation
cool, a fool. sport, child support, fling, both bring.
beau, just so RECIDIVISM, a cataclysm, abstract, knowledge backed.
luminescence, one's presence, strong, doing wrong. RECTITUDINOUS, appear fortitudinous,
padded, she added HERRING, is overbearing, sharing, are derring:
HERRING, be scaring. chick, only REDBRICK) schools, scolarship rules.
fall; the mall. cobble, to bobble. knew, a few,
REDOUBTABLE, be poutable, REDOUBTABLE, eminently toutable, REDOUND, and abound,)
replay, a day yore, to adore. REDUX, my Reeboks,
needing, and REEDING, heeding, the REEDING. refractory, friend unsatisfactory,
bolder, quite older. REGALE, a pail. cheer, brewing beer;
pass, a lass. trace, widow's place. depect, always picked.
RELICT, to interdict met; I'll bet. RENUMERATE, sooner rate.
ways, often strays. wordplay, quick REPARTEE, REPARTEE, could be.
REPARTEE, tickles me. fill, feel ill. REPINE, a whine,
feller, and yeller. REPLETE, crude male-esthete. REPLETE; planning complete.
box, dark locks, REPOSITORY. rolling suppository; REPROBATE, pleasures alternate,
relate, his fate. REPROBATE, longer masturbate. knew, a few.
REPUDIATE, to adjudicate REPUGN, blows immune. REPUGN, to moon.
dame, G-spot game. games, some dames. life, all strife
REQUITE, this despite REQUITE, even despite bite, to requite.
might, of spite. requite, his might. RESISTENTIALISM, own existentialism,
bloom, computer room. room, lowly broom. roue', and day.
RESOLUTE, believe absolute pendant, brilliance RESPLENDENT. appointment, kneecap disjointment.
hell, as well RESTAURATEUR, to voyageur. Raj, a hodge-podge,
proclivity, could be: found, terrible sound. RETRODICT, rule strict:
predict: will retrodict; RETRODICTION, simply fiction. made: a spade.
view, backwards flew, neat, it sweet. Channel) of Revanche,
REVANCHE, to staunch. Way." in play, RIALTO, Gold Alto
all. are small. high, a fly RICTUS, depict us.
RICTUS, depict us, sea, can be. ride. of pride.
rident, annoying strident. wife; very RIFE. confess, the IRS,
better, lyric letter. RIGAMAROLE, the whole; RIGAMAROLE, enigma soul.
RIPARIAN, an Aquarian. RIPARIAN, so agrarian. relaxes, one waxes.
chap, on RIPRAP. RIPRAP, slip strap, RISIBLE, not divisible.
hits, the pits", RITZY, the glitzy, ROCK-RIBBED, principal's fibbed,
fjord; couldn't afford. shell, really swell. ROCOCO, somwhat loco,
wind-bag, another tag. Moor, vainglorious boor, bragging, is flagging,
CLEF, his way, CLEF, at play. CLEF, and portray
pay, A CLEF! tale, to sail, Nin, exploits within,
trigger, Viagra vigor. view, would do. thought, I've caught
translate, so great. choose, could use will, and still
die, and pie. fund; recently stunned, strong; of song.
ROWEL, politicos disavowal, curious, efforts laborious. Springs, Wagner's Rings.
desireable, was admirable. hot, a lot, wry. so why
twin; not thin. RUBICON, cubic on, friends, Willy" tends,
RUBICUND, with fury) rhyme, good time. day, on display.
proud, citation allowed. deciduous, and assiduous, ruddy, and sutey.
RUDDY, face McGillicuddy think, they drink. RUMBUSTIOUS, behavior combustious,
RUMINATE, he ate. RUMINATE, to illuminate. soul, a hole!".
con, the yuan. curse, or worse. reverse, the purse,
RURITANIA, their crania, life, and strife. ripped; was gripped.
suggestion, logical congestion: defies; it implies, knowing, of showing,
glow, "What's below." RUTILANT, feelings jubilant. Rx, safe sex.
eschew, the two; SAD, so bad, Northwest, is best.
DISORDER, the border, SABULOUS, so fabulous. Vaseline? undoubtedly mean.
SACCADE, in facade. bod' shocking SACCADE, SACERDOTAL, described devotal,
SACERDOTAL, often scrotal, SACERDOTAL, their total! anecdotal, teetotal --
SACERDOTAL, wine devotal. wine, source divine, 'em; batch 'em,
SACHEM, hatch 'em; use, would choose, leeches, ignominy beseeches.
Turk, a jerk, ranked, place SACROSANCT, Sy, intelligent guy,
face, would trace. bed, apartment instead. SALACIOUS, most ungracious,
DAYS, ballad ways, confessing, I'm guessing feature, human creature,
seen, foolhardy gene. fellow, quite mellow, SALLOW, York Hallow,
dish. a wish. sardine. insulting cuisine. Alice, fearsome phallus.
desire. might mire. show; you know, Sal, beddable gal;
understands, his hands. sign, to divine. regime, its cream,
SAMIZDAT, at potshot; SANG-FROID, adversity's maw. SANG-FROID, affair, ooh-la-la.
habit, a rabbit, pain. That's insane! remains, to pains
cry, them by. jolly; its folly. class, and brass,
unwashed, daily noshed; SANSCULOTTE, is shot. matinee. good play.
visit. torture, exquisite. SARDOODLEDOM, doodle some. high. even try.
dough; just so. strolled, was told. SARTORIAL, defects coporeal,
SARTORIAL, province professorial. class, a pass, SASS, on grass;
valise; in fleece, SATIETY, great impropriety, SATIETY, meanacing society.
when, and then, In, tourney in SATURNIAN, songs Hibernian,
fine, in line. Sue; to do, SATYR, and later.
her, a SATYR." dude, real lewd, SAUTE, fish filet,
SAUTE, unique way. dole, his goal. attack, fight back.
SCAPEGOAT, great coat prevent, heaven sent name, another's fame,
delight; else might "gloat", would devote joy, others annoy,
SCHIST, a twist. blow, to know, feel, as SCHLEMIEL.
two? won't do. played, that decade eat, in heat;
wife, a knife, wife, and strife, this! the edifice
enthuse, to SCHMOOZE. choose; to SCHMOOZE. SCHMOOZE, not choose,
"jerk", would work. decline, food" sign. calm, a qualm,
preclude, for food. Scrooge, is huge. thaws, take pause.
SCHNORRERS, corn borers, "schwarmerei" to cry. enthuse, Euro views.
SCINTILLATE, drop pistillate. employs, the boys, fear. hold dear.
such; he'd touch. daft, his shaft. SCION, frequent flyin'
flyin' and sighin', Ryan, kept tryin', said, the bed
scission, clean division. rule, in school. bard, poetry tarred.
SCRABBLE, to dabble. game, its name. psychobabble, constant SCRABBLE,
thirst. well nursed. delicious, even nutricious, "scrumptious", were "sumptious"!
SCRUTINIZE, their eyes, SCRUTINIZE, Chinese eyes SCRY, a spy.
SCRY, the sky. ring. too bling-bling. SCUMBLE, artist's fumble.
humble, limerick jumble? SCUPPER, his supper. upon, woe begone,
today; they say. verse, or perverse. less, quite SCURRILOUS,
SCURRILOUS, the garrulous. SCURRILOUS, was perilous. hut, necrophilious SCUT,
cut; stubby SCUT. hut, chores SCUT. drain, sailors' pain.
SCYLLA, passed Priscilla; face, right space, store, warning ignore.
SE-TENANT, getting on, DISORDER, history recorder. DISORDER? the border.
hoarder, the warder, see, there'd be; pretend. may lend,
Iraq, her back. SEDER, the nadir deal, quite real.
SENESCENCE, callow adolescence, efflorescence, during adolescence. SENESCENCE, youth's evanescence,
SENESCENCE, very essence. white. steak bite. dark, be stark.
speak, would tweak, speak, would seek, SENNIGHT; sin right;
right, a sennight see, Holy City, revealing, no concealing.
SENTIENT. unfortunate penchant penchant, half sentient; sights, animal's rights.
tan, or man alert, all hurt. intent, with trenchant
forest, realm's poorest, henceforth, to North, nation, with expectation,
SEPTENTRIONAL, some seeable, asserts, just desserts. life, of strife!
live, "blueballs" give. SEPTENTRIONAL, tree sonal, you, turn blue!
SEPTUM, kept 'em, wings, oft brings bodacious, be SEQUACIOUS.
spacious, ways SEQUACIOUS, dull, intellect cull, dereliction, contagion restriction,
shun, much fun, way, of day. SERIATIM, reported verbatim.
him, them SERIATIM, SERIATIM, ate him. laugh. will have
SESQUIPEDALIAN, fail in SESQUIPEDALIAN, colored azalean, SESQUIPEDALIAN, quite alien.
SESQUIPEDALIAN, hairy mammalian, glass" smart ass bit, occasional hit
writing, literary sighting, them; do them. down" bantered around.
true. do you? hall, SEXCENTENARY ball, today, I'm gay.
sea, now, evidently. undaunted; brazenly flaunted. bed, giving head.
duet, a quartet, SEXTET, they get. SEXTET, vexed yet.
running, elaborate cunning, STORY: stone quarry, newspaper, barroom taper.
Found". of hound, elated; was rated. hole, a goal.
baggy. and craggy. ideal, that's real. utopia, traveler's cornucopia.
name, the blame lame, the same. SHENANIGAN, can again.
Hannigan, sexy SHENANIGAN SHENANIGAN, Mrs Hannigan; said, in bed.
truth: era's youth spend." "Entitlements end." SHILLY-SHALLY. then dilly-dally,
valley, not SHILLY-SHALLY. dirty, who're flirty. SHIRTY, someone quirty,
suite, his feet. brings, nuptual flings, SHIVAREE, of chivalry,
adored, has ignored; pup, nuptial sup. Jew? his shmoo?
boot. another pursuit, SHRIVE; will strive enow, sin somehow.
shriven, good livin', way, turnpikers pay. Thai, a guy;
guy, hay high. Siberia; Alaskan interior. luck, all stuck.
endure, maid, SIMON-PURE, sure, now SIMON-PURE. SIMON-PURE, exceedingly demure.
flowers, in showers; Canuck, to luck, come, then some,
SIMULACRUM, to succumb matrimony, are phoney. jest! the best!
say, SINE DIE: way, on display, fun, heart won,
position, leisure fishin'. pure, call SINECURE. SINGULARITY, no regularity,
charity, a rarity, SINGULARITY, can be. SITOPHOBIA, skinny Zenobia.
bark, seaside park. SITZMARK, it's mark gaggle, all waggle;
SKEIN, honking reign. scene, a SKEIN, whiskey? more frisky?
paradoxes, closet boxes. rein, be plain, Turks", paths shirks,
flake. to SLAKE, awake, torpor break, uncouth, accounts SLEUTH
booth, to SLEUTH, SLEUTH, the truth; SLICE-OF-LIFE, a knife,
SLICE-OF-LIFE, the strife SLICE-OF-LIFE, icy strife. pretty. or witty.
tough; and rough. buns, limp puns. SLUGABED, the head!
shirker, lazy lurker. tear; or jeer. dear!" SMALL BEER.
hear, SMALL BEER. year, station Mir, mere, SMALL BEER.
BEER, all cheer. fear, SMALL BEER. appear, in fear
much, and such. me, adjuective, SMARMY, be; from me
whee! dread SNICKERSNEE, SNICKERSNEE, quicker spree cold, la mode,
shoes, street purviews: whine, of mine." civil, just drivel.
nerd, movie absurd! become! so dumb. learned: they've returned,
cold, and old. way, noun SOBRIQUET. sweeter, salt petre.)
here; sky's clear. device, a price. tool, at school.
SODALITY, like personality see, join SODALITY, sheik, a peek,
drill, to fill. knew, or few. exotic; very erotic.
exotic, SOI-DISANT erotic. SOIGNE, cash outlay? day, and SOIGNE;
populace, will dress, say, one way. aks, verbal attacks,
beget, you'll regret, SOLECISM, of criticism, strife, is rife.
(Texas) Peter Lawford place, little space, regular, so spectacular,
persist. does insist diagnosed, Emily Post. multiply, could die,
mistakes, verbal "retakes." enough, the cuff, fear, I hear
brow, no how! neat; the Beat." self-referential, Descartes preferential,
SOLIPSISM, philosophic narcissism, simplistic, so mystic. self-reference, decided preference
SOLON, ego swollen, abound, quite self-crowned. bright, in sunlight.
terrific, action specific, gent, rather somnolent, shtick, or quick.
SOPHOMORIC, acid hydrochloric. SOPHOMORIC, a dork. terrific. are horrific.
terrific, urge specific, immoral, girl, sororal. love, heavens above,
SORTILEGE, some privilege SOUK, supplies took; SOUK, a book.
around, be found, makin' of bacon. SOUNDER, crowned her,
SOUNDER, much rounder. BOARD, are ignored, BOARD, bounding toward
heady, backwater eddy sex, manner complex. bit, sharp wit
place, with grace. SPA, to thaw methinks, forty winks,
tillage, at pillage, exquisite, SPECTRAL visit. DOCTOR, a proctor.
'em; shout 'em. SPIN. on skin. recommended, not comprehended,
jifferous, that's SPLENDIFEROUS. SPLENDIFEROUS, are coniferous, game, the blame,
SPOLIATION; a sensation.. "miscellaneous" merely extraneous. yields, detective fields.
borders-- his quarters. words, hack words, SPOOR, rather poor.
spruik, dressed kook, SPUMESCENT, a present. tumescence? lacking nascence!
SPUMESCENT, is evanescent do, SPUMESCENT brew SPUNK, muscular hunk
spy, incompetent guy. SPURIOUS, "I'm curious. curious, so SPURIOUS.
SPURIOUS, very injurious. SPURIOUS; super penurious; SPURNED, fury earned,
burned, be learned, Lib? wet SQUIB. adjudicate, to separate.
tail-mate, with jail-mate fate, wife irate, STALEMATE, the gate,
negotiation, an oration; STALEMATE, female mate, you, Rule Two.
spam, 'hidden' videocam. from, a bum, STANDPATISM, like priapism.
stuff, position tough. waives, their graves. friend, at end.
STERNUTATION, of consternation. STERNUTATION, of flexation. consternation, intense concentration.
it, the credit. conceit, really neat, STET, previous fret.
fret, not met. met, soon set. it. lick it.
intoxicated) a ticket, red, the head, STIGMA, an enigma;
thing, will bring. first, so coerced; roam, STOCKHOLM SYNDROME,
STOLID, doll id, STONEWALL. effective stall; "rat". than that.
beans, Maria's scenes. ship, is hip. need, other weed.
come, get some. STRATOCRACY, a democracy. eyed, oft hide
STRUTHIOUS, are studious. try, get by. STYPTIC, is elliptic;
know, beard grow, today, her way. land, Black Hand.
Tex-Mex, ROSA sex; her, SUB ROSA. true, a,e,i,o u,
snake, he'd take. spinners, they're winners. Spain; the plain.
SUBERIC, manner esoteric. stopper, a cropper. sap, TV pap.
jar, the bar. balk, or talk, hand, is banned?
essential, so reverential mirth, SUBSTANTIVE girth. SUBTERFUGE, a stooge,
all, urgent call? lust; you must. best, mother's breast.
fisters, hand blisters, her, stuck her. lake; didn't take.
trucker, to pucker, slander, my dander! cried. mistakenly applied.
I, would try. SUCCUMB, of rum. plum, politicians SUCCUMB,
swain, would strain. SUDORIFEROUS, one odoriferous. life, a wife.
U.S.A. election day, GENERIS, so generous, folks, funny jokes.
name, excuses lame is, intent is voluptuary, moral's SUMPTUARY.
master; SUMPTUARY disaster. pee, with glee. see, the A.K.C.,
mode, am told, trait; country's fate, SUPERBITY, shows acerbity,
call, stand tall. elation, partner's SUPEREROGATION. SUPEREROGATION, with derogation
dissected, something undetected. cool, Golden Rule." say? different lay?
enmesh, the flesh. bold, the cold. virtuous, was SUPERFLUOUS.
immense, of sense, maid. and dismayed." guys, all buys
costumes, and plumes, SUTLER, like butler, SUTLER, good butler.
whores, in wars. rage, the stage, wrong, go along,
swivet, live it, swivet; we deriv'it. sight, one night.
hopes," literary tropes clothes!" to pose. waif, thought safe
be, must agree... seems, their dreams, friend, the end,
maids, SYLVAN shades, today, original way. few; slept through.
keen, obligatory scene: doc, ad hoc; skies, astronomic exercise,
go, us so. Lhasa, TABULA RASA. ground, be bound.
days, us amaze, TACITURN, hand earn, TACITURN, classy turn,
TALION, every rapscallion. crime, in slime: folly. be jolly.
wench'll, path TANGENTIAL, lack, TANGENTIAL attack. say, walked away.
martini, Tessa's TANKINI. TANTARA, in tiara, small, familiar call.
cheers, of Peers," feet, joyously greet, life, with strife.
TANTIVY, with ivy, Snead, a need, flop! every prop,
banal, would channel, scenes, also means. Dickens?, he thickens.
TAPPERTIT, to fit, "it", a bit. trout, truly flout,
Iraqi, the lackey air, may share jar, punishment bar,
lie, get by, beat, my feet. neat, never complete.
TARANTISM, other errant-isms, TARRIED, comers carried; harried, menses TARRIED.
TARRY, be wary; carry. and marry. TARTAR; a martyr.
"no-starter," a TARTAR, TATTERSALL, scatters all call, don, TATTERSALL,
at, not fat. TATTLE, social battle; fiddle, the middle,
dope, in TAUPE. dope. my rope, TAUPE, fashion scope,
titillating; tart scintillating. mess, to confess, gaudery. mostly bawdry.
lawny; and TAWNY. tawny; and fauny. ball, polite free-for-all
fanatic, hubby's static, thing, the bling, dramatic, quite emphatic.
rest, Marshall's behest, espy, wonder why buy, wonder why
festooned, civilized lampooned. sent, veracity lent, alone, flanking throne,
TELAMON, I swan!) TELAMONES, of phonies. Bahamas, in pajamas...
prefer, you'd defer, cute, to TELECOMMUTE, TELECOMMUTE, avoid suit.
Kitty; the city. enough. right stuff. imperfection, an election.
hook, a crook, theological, Alaska's teleogical TELEOLOGICAL, a logical
TELLURIAN, or Manchurian, L.A. sex play; elves, the shelves.
TEMBLOR, store assembler, Gwen, several men, recalls, audacity falls.
TEMERITY, claimed verity sincerity, the TEMERITY, TEMERITY, greater rarity
"cojones," are phonies. wise, and TEMPORIZE wise, just TEMPORIZE,
prize, to TEMPORIZE. TENDENTIOUS, becoming contentious. pretentious, be TENDENTIOUS.
lot, rhetoric hot. TENET: the Senate. cigar, by far.
TERETE, Toys Complete." TERETE? been sweet. rolled, would enfold,
say, Clinton forte. TERGIVERSATION. proper conversation. TERGIVERSATION, jittery nation.
chant, old TERMAGANT." TERMAGANT, shrieking again't. Dorian, skills TERPSICHOREAN.
none; of one. land. the band, TERRAIN, the brain,
TERRAIN, with strain TESTACEOUS, ever gracious; TESTACEOUS. or audacious.
fools, the rules. speak, the meek TETCHY, intaglio etchy.
TETE-BECHE, mesh -- mess, with guess. THALASSIC, ages Triassic,
THALWEG, in check, line, nether spine, I, goes by.
focus; particular locus. death, my breath! clergy, manner splurgy,
THENAR, keen are: fruit, save boot, numbing, keyboard strumming.
told, God's hold. came, be blame. cram, TELEOGICAL sham,
funny, of money. frame, more lame. me, my knee,
THERSITICAL, topics political, knows, political foes big, "fat pig".
rigors, logically figures, THRASONICAL, truly ironical, canonical, is demonical,
'em, cogent theorem. encourages, grief purges, prism, of enthusiasm,
John; are gone. chickadee, a THRENODY heroes. are zeroes.
THROTTLEBOTTOM, the Autumn. kind, offices mined. barrage, verbiage --
taste, much haste. TILDE, to Matilda. thing, will bring,
us, the TIMOROUS. toad, to goad. fear, the rear,"
shilly-shally; PAN ALLEY ALLEY, Rudy Vallee, TINTINNABULATION, you consternation.
bells, onomatopoeia tells ring! my thing. do? a few:
think, snort link? said, lady's head. TITIAN, a mission,
alarm, the farm, verse, file hearse, before, in store,
biotoxin, to cipro-floxacin, TOCSIN, some toxin, much, and such.
TOMMYROT! biased polyglot! got; pure TOMMYROT. TOMMYROT, right-wing plot.
fast, greedy enthusiast, Haiti, He greed. his lead,
strong, justify wrong, TONY, great alimony. lass, rounded ass.
lass, old snake-in-the-grass. her, date her. guy; get by,
winsome." Some TOOTHSOME, vermouth, some. gruesome. screw some.
tree, art fantasy, designed, to mind, swell, people tell,
TOR, God swore TOR, few torr TOR, will explore!
uses, Willy enthuses, know, German crossbow. Cupid, extremely stupid!
Brust? men trust? pass. and lass arrow, or sparrow,
TRADE-LAST, made last, hair? with despair! TRAMMEL, shiny enamel,
mammal, would TRAMMEL TRANSLUCENT, view sent TRANSMOGRIFY, of Cal)
TRANSMOGRIFY, wouldn't justify TRANSMOGRIFY, glands modify. deny, perils defy,
hicks, would fix. in, by gin. TRANSPONTINE, as Hellespontine.
TRAVAIL, resource avail, rail, considered TRAVAIL, TRAVAIL, minds assail,
TRAVAIL, and wail. is, glasses is bibliothecal, with TREACLE,
you, fill you, surmise, are wise. lad, he had
mouse, often grouse clear. to steer fail, life impale.
scene, forces between bores. even snores. champ, just tramp
plebeian, from bein' TRIBUNE, mere picayune. frank, cosmic rank.
device, or nice. slick, time quick. hair, have everywhere,
concern, an urn. Keith, a sheath. TRIPTYCH, quite cryptic.
trochal, of smoke'll vocal, is "focal", known, has shown
TROGLODYTES, many fights trio, near Rio, do, to do
TROPE, phrase kaleidoscope, hope! to cope thesis, other caprices,
tend, them unbend, TROW. with blow) TROW. ways grow,
TROW, just now. TRUCKLE, he'd suckle. peg, her leg.
TRUNNEL, the gunwale, fun'll, a TRUNNEL, Susan, went cruisin'.
be. weeping, see. TSURIS, by Uris: TUB-THUMPER, campaign pumper.
TUB-THUMPER, brimstone grumper gavel, to unravel TUROPHILE, like Europhile
spot; have not. skint). a glint MARY, hand-washing contrary.
sea, and tree, Rangoon, raging TYPHOON. TYPHOON, widely strewn.
mistake, swiftly break, TYRO, the gyro, said, interns abed,
UKASE, you face, UKASE, you face UKASE, sheep chase.
crass, lower class, driven, are given, ULOTRICHOUS, heads AUTOCHTHONOUS,
unruly, ULTIMA THULE. North, of Forth, bath, rays' wrath.
friend, should spend. grass, my ass. frank, will rank.
alas, take gas. ULTRAMONTANE, descriptor plain, ULULATE, too late.
ULULATE, weeping accumulate. state, ash grate. wait, of eight.
people, end deep'll UMPIRE, to retire, UNCIARY, Duncey Larry,
neat; skipped beat. UNCOMPLIMENTARY, standing elementary, sticks, are hicks.
knew. folks do, UNDECIMAL, end, infinitesimal dice, that's nice,
UNDERGIRDS, of words. UNDULATE, usual fate. UNDULATE, women ambulate.
tittilate, to intimate ocean, see-saw commotion, hearties, such smarties.
knew, should do, bald, had called bed, she said,
refused, be enthused. Ma'am, stay calm. share. for air.
best, small rest. mind, Queen's behind. born, biota forlorn.
goat, next vote. reprovy, and hoovy. rake, the make;
gal, or pal. Mike, were alike. fray, scuttle away.
stay, the fray! ensue, would woo. deep, URIAH HEEP.
HEEP; would keep. Tales, grandiloquent rails, bent, paradise sent.
URTEXT, poor sexed, depend, not pretend). it. insist it
USUFRUCT, are plucked, USUFRUCT", really sucked. USUFRUCT; to induct
USUFRUCT, cherries plucked. gas, to pass, brutal, tool UTILE,
seen, March seventeen; vicinity, to infinity, japer's, cross-stage-streaking capers
lead, some dread, VALEDICTORY, too contradictory. know, to blow.
face, Earth's space, relate, and fate. VALOROUS, gents sonorous,
like, a bike. bike, I like. push, the tush.
hard; or retard, forefront; take brunt break, venomous snake.
snail, of tail. finds, all kinds, yore, are for.
VARIORUM, varied forum, pas, just becaus', plan, to man;
VATIC, peer's erratic, VATIC, contrasts dramatic, VATIC, her attic.
ecstatic. is VATIC. fanatic, quite VATIC. idiosyncratic. boldly emphatic.
VATIC, spectacular, dramatic, elite, research defeat. emphatic: were VATIC:
ovation, happy VATICINATION. VATICINATION, avoid calcination, VATICINATION, pre-omen libation.
head, to bed. haunted. nothing daunted, VAUNTED, that's haunted.
unwanted, and taunted. VELDT, quite svelte. melt, the veldt.
VELDT, lassitude felt; stuff, be enough. fickle, seen sickle,
celebration, a VELITATION VELITATION, our nation. pails, posh jails.
see, great VELLEITY; VELLEITY, church's laity, crutch, and such.
books! house looks, crime! my time! all, and VENAL,
VENAL, transplants renal; grim; for him. VERNISSAGE, fancy dressage,
afraid. I've paid. vet, having "et" capacity, with veracity,
He, with tenacity. be, we see logorrhea, as panacea
words, man converyer-absurds, VERBALIST, a herbalist, VERBICIDE, must decide
ride, grinning VERBICIDE. VERBICIDE, to deride. snide, won't hide,
done, the pun, VERBIGERATION, has reverberation, nation, youngster's automation,
VERBIGERATION? an explanation. phrase, a haze, VERBOSE, big overdose.
VERBOSE, somewhat grandiose, morose, very gross. VERBOSE, rhetorical overdose,
signs; five lines. wishes, pastimes suspicious, in, gloat in.
VERIDICAL, value druidical. VERILY. but warily. VERILY, maid merrily.
art, Masters impart. VERISIMILITUDE, crude attidute, dude, around nude.
such, liars' touch, VERITABLE, testable, heritable. know, Janet Reno,
VERJUICE, will sluice abuse, as VERJUICE. year, quite clear.
VERNAL, ever eternal. VERNAL, too infernal. Journal. to VERNAL,
General) rules evidentiary, VERSO, reader's curse-o. VERSO, vice versa.
VESPERTINE, as sign; VESPERTINE, old libertine, VESPERTINE, rather serpentine,
VESPERTINE, of wine. visit, lady exquisite. VESUVIAN, quite Tartuvian.
interruption, of corruption, sent, laughter bent? limerickal, often supernumerical,
vet, you vet. VET, cur VET; play, folks way,
VIAND, eye and exchew. or two, sushi, feel wooshi.
tribe", sexual VIBE, gregarious, vices VICARIOUS. nefarious, sex VICARIOUS.
various, life precarious. Aquarius, drugs various, VICIOUS, quite pernicious.
trauma, by drama, us, met us. brood, slight VICISSITUDE;
VICISSITUDES, any lassitude. prudes; many VICISSITUDES. VICTUALER, toothpick whittler
job, steaks, corn-on-the-cob. 'namely', rather lamely. way, used display,
alien, daily and VIDELICET. jelly set. spell, extra "L".
VILIPEND, fillip end?" he, could be. hide, and backside
VINAIGRETTE, you get, VINAIGRETTE, with epithet, together, a tether,
VINCULUM; a speculum, VIRTUOSO, grow so, VIRTUOSO. know so!
so, jobs VIRTUOSO, VIRTUOSO, oh so, VIRTUOSO, style arioso.
pain; colonoscopy again. internal, pains infernal, overweight. regularly TITIATE.
VITIATE. we initiate. been, heavyweight scene, debaters, professional haters,
glassidity, of acidity. VITRIOLIC, some alcoholic. VITRIOLIC, views hyperbolic.
drunk, loud thunk. lass, etch glass! friend, the end.
VITUPERATE, victim recuperates. gal, sexual pal. disturb, our suburb.
VOCIFEROUS, caraway umbelliferous, herbivorous, savages, carnivorous! VOCIFEROUS, numbers proliferous,
yokel, natives local. be, a tree. intent, she went;
rate, Bay State. VOLTE-FACE, assault boss. lasses, like molasses.
VOLUBLE, the soluble, VOMITORIA, transit gloria, it; booze it,
appetite... each bite. VORACITY, with tenacity; eat, might meet,
favor, to savor. waif, favors vouchsafed. "fellers", history tellers,
source, the borse. VUG, a rug, Subramanian, a Romanian.
smithy, quiet witty. rise. one's surprise, tire: funeral pyre.
prize, and size. chastized, offspring prized, berated, sense eliminated.
dollar, VULPINE collar, WAGGISH, clothes, haggish. time, a rhyme.
ring, might sing, WAIN, have lain, space, with grace,
WAITRON? a patron? Mitty, York City play; me astray.
astray. hey hey! Bust, acute WANDERLUST. WANDERLUST, you must,
WANDERLUST, trail dust. WANGLE, and angle WANGLE. he'd mangle,
WANGLE, temptingly dangle Samantha; no antha. slick, closed quick.
-- a sonofabitch. WARLOCK, to shock. WARLOCK, ignore frock,
WARREN, as foreign. today, at bay; babies, or maybes.
breeze. quick freeze. fine, different line: lacto-albumin. is human.
colostrum, ringers rostrum. see, ranging free. neat, must treat.
course, from source. WASSAIL, without fail, jostle, of WASSAIL,
WASSAIL, you docile WASSAIL. Cupid's apostle. WATERGATE, does intimate,
WATERGATE, must delegate. obfuscate, with WATERGATE. fruit, couldn't shoot,
new, Dick blew. few, should do. loo, was blue.
Loo." Crapper knew, WATERLOO, striking true, loo", style new.
WATERSHED, better said, true, to you! WATTLE, area glottal,
mottle, and WATTLE. WATTLE, full throttle. jam, called SPAM,
weir? can fleer. weired, is cleared flow, can grow
WEIRD, bedoins feared. weird, ghouls cheered. rhymer, limerick primer.
vault, find fault, WELKIN, elk in, abode, a commode,
dense, little sense, chimed, it rhymed. relief, massacre brief,
welcome, bell, come, ideal, should feel health, great wealth.
die; battle cry. WELTER, is melter. yurts, of WELTSCHMERZ.
essence, my presence. blue, come through. men, and then,
day. "family way". am, a ram: heather. the weather.
WETHERS? on tethers, tonight? first light? won't, really don't
hot, they got. tether, midwinter weather. squat, frigid spot.
crop, please stop!), WHELM, the helm. fated, and waited,
say, funny way, WHILOM, beguile 'em. WHILOM, "bill 'em!"
WHIMSICAL, as mystical, wimp, tool, limp. binge, or WHINGE.
hinge, toddler's WHINGE binge, he'd WHINGE. cringe, and WHINGE.
WHINGE, the hinge, nut. the butt. turns, fortunate earns.
emphatic, or aquatic, argument, WHITE ELEPHANTS. WIDDERSHINS, one wins.
flow. WIDDERSHINS GO, liquidity, pols cupidity. enough. the stuff.
way, often play CARD, fortune-pile charred. bard, a yard;
WILDCATTER, wild scatter. WILDCATTER, Mad Hatter, surf, shorelines turf.
not, a sot, WISEACRE, prize taker. Laker, outrageous WISEACRE.
groan, small town. me. a seed. ace, place --
waif, were safe. boy, easily destroy. Chinaman, game plan,
wrecker, teacher checker, at, your hat! pursuit. a suit.
WOWSER, arouse her. WOWSER, arouse her. WOWSER, life espouser.
-- and carouser. WRAITH. gentleman saith, WRAITH, observer's faith,
Roth, exceedingly WROTH, WROTH, apparent sloth. WROTH, evil broth,
glad, mate had. WYSIWYG, a fig, sample, ways ample.
big. tattooed WYSIWYG. punch; a hunch, Mankind, XANADU find.
XANADU, it through. XANADU, of Katmandu. XANADU, canna' do.
XANADU, ain't true." romantic, fervor frantic. horn, of corn.
through, to do: XANTHIPPE, tones snippy, he, to Xanthippe,
XENIAL, preparations menial, hosts, retsina toasts; YANKEE, make cranky,
pejorative, more commemorative; noodle, very crudal, good? President should.
YEGG. I beg: knew, helluva stew. birthplace; total disgrace,
Hal, each gal. YEGGS, powder kegs. YEGGS. society's dregs,
mess, proud press. den, is men. men, definite YEN.
YEN; and again. lesbian, a YEN. YEN, called men,
YEN. cry "When!" YEN, a "ten". then, no YEN;
men, powerful YEN. intervene, domestic scene. YEN, happen when
spree, know me. dirt, could blurt, ring, the thing?
YESTREEN, made routine me, will see. YOB; a job.
Dict.) we nod: one, see one. TURKS, hoary jerks.
fine; of mine! break, a "YOUTHQUAKE", parts, tattoo arts,
knows, with YOYO's; YOYO's, no no's. Boston, lost in,
sigh, did YUPPIFY, rule. graduate school. YUPPIFY, If I
damned, are slammmed ZABERNISM, saber schism maid, zip centigrade.
maidel, the cradle, fast; and assed. said, was bred.
"head", in bed. unfounded, and grounded; dump! pleasingly plump!
chaste, preferred taste, burn, might earn. flaws, U.S., because
ZANY, too brainy, ZANY, surprisingly brainy. "over-the-top", "Keystone Kop".
neighbor, go labor. neighbor, accurate ZEITGEBER. ZEITGEBER, day's labor.
west, the best. surmise, my eyes, pup, gets up,
ZEITGEBERS, Wilkinson sabers. rock, and Woodstock; supreme, it seem
heifer, a ZEPHYR. come, thought ZERO-SUM. bum, purse, zero-sum.
ZERO-SUM, heroes hum. true, should do. screwy, against Dewey.
lover, might discover. perfection, of reflection ZIBELINE, hair velveteen,
quibblin'; of ZIBELINE. suit, called "zoot". cute, zoot suit.
go, and snow. warm; each arm. Zombie, at Abercrombie
tell, as gazelle. old, of gold, endorphic; was heteromorphic.
loss, That's because beware, petrified glare; miff, a whiff,
ZOOPHYTE, quite tight. ZOOPHYTE, colors bright. insistence, ZOOPHYTIC existence.
face, human race, free, to be. voice, to rejoice.
knows, it goes. miffed, generous gift. know. does grow.
lose, the screws dumb; all numb. ged, being fed.
fed, nice head. cups? few sups. thinking, myself sinking


rank, Rx blank, biography, good CHIROGRAPHY, DITTOGRAPHY, can be;
condition, make exposition piquing, I'm seking, HAPLOGRAPHY, in lexicography
LOGOGRAPH, a staff, time, they're sublime. Thomas, my momma's)
clash, a flash), told, she sold [, considerable racket
spacce, the race, class, time pass! spelling; is telling.
will, a skill, ORTHOGRAPHY, in geography; ORTHOGRAPHY, as cartography,
doubt, e-mail out. sex, reasons complex. automatic, or static.
caves, Sea waves, stuff, attribution, enough; ring, very thing;
STEGANOGRAPHY, you see; candle; must handle.


EROS, one harrows, dear, the rear; Brainiac, a KLEPTOMANIAC.
steals, of meals, love; was "hand-in-glove". conceive, others believe,
tells, story sells. assemble, to resemble. MYTHOMANIACS, let facts
NOSTOMANIA, in erotomania, deal, quite unreal. crania, on NYMPHOMANIA;
female, free male, White; and night. ONIOMANIA, Queen Titania,
dress!" I confess. wife, in life test, without rest,
lyre, to inspire. see, on TV. lacks, or plaques.
TRICHOTILLOMANIA, from bruxomania, TRICHOTILLOMANIA, their crania, seen, the bean.


despair! lady fair, FIT, been hit, cash; my BALDERDASH.
BEELZEBUG, to hug. known, of Bozone. route, finger salute,
over, as clover, furstration, of CASHTRATION, messed, crawling guest,
all; his fall. thick, liquidized dic- said; my head.
[greedy], [lustful] Miss, pruriently kiss swear; could compare.
yet; I've set two, as always--whew! collide, starry eyed.
oughter, to water. sucks; my fucks. nosopoetic; his epic.
ride, to hide? loquacious, bouquets herbaceous, playmate, to stagnate.
noted; you floated? hands; Westralian sands. chance, to advance,
wishes, called extraterrestaurant) defense, sadness immense, dear; to fear."
spoil, you toil. Eve, to believe nation, get INTAXICATION,
win, would spin, knubble; called Bub'll trouble, and knubble.
stubble, the double, bubble, the shrub'll. rubble, to knubble,
babble, a knablle; grab'll, you dabble quibble, be knibble?
knibble, a bib'll; disrobe'll, quick knoble, pebble, addressed knebble.
feeble, out kneeble! boob'll, a knooble; liable, a knyble
Bible, can knybble Mabel, to knaible. unable, old-fashioned knaible,
night, beelzebug's bite. flow, didn't know, teach, or screech.
event, mode NEGLIGENT, 'em," "leapt 'em;"


task, might ask. be, to see know, pleasingly slow,
AGROSTOLOGY, called dendrology, see. to me. seas, you please,
emigrate, fifty-first state. AREOLOGY, of movement) boom, full zoom.
ARISTOLOGY, no apology. tune, better soon." brevity; with gravity.
used, listeners confused, DELTIOLOGY, interesting etiology: friends, traveler wends
espouse, frat house, see, o DENDROCHRONOLOGY me, a tree."
DENDROCHRONOLOGY, of apology words; the birds. ETYMOLOGY, to entomology;
shrug, logophiles hug wastes, cultural tastes, reach. can teach.
reach, lexicons teach. shit, comparative lit. deper, average bekeper?
them, inside them. HAPOLOGY, linguistic archeology, HAPOLOGY, no apology.
mutter! you utter! footprints, and flints, explore, the floor,
foil, Willy soil, sees, a breeze. LOGOLOGY, and philology.
friend, holidays tend "ology" my biology! docs, the rocks,
NOSOLOGY, with scientology) clever, poetic endeavor. love, to shove,
why, war's cry. known, have flown! POLEMOLOGY, wider terminology
war, the core, corps, the store, spate, close gate
roles, exit polls. Dave, his cave. confessed, at best
THANATOLOGY, called cryotology. lag, state flag, bragging, never sagging,
Tex, old Mex, VEXILLOLOGIST, by philologist, waive; I'll save.
VEXILLOLOGY, to philology;


her, quite bitter. nice, live mice, all, fur ball,
clearer, is dearer, be; for me. cat, the hat.
memorabilia, a familiar; bear, find anywhere. teddies, head ease.
ARCTOPHILE, a while; cope, wide scope. COPROLALIA, to Australia,
Art, take part. logophilia, (gloomyness) venerate, it generate.
squirmy, disgustingly germy. silly, a willy pretentious, very contentious.
start, great "art," master, beat faster. shouldn't, he couldn't
care, extremely rare, SCRIPOPHILY, books, bibliography; easy, quite breezy,
TUROPHILE, a style,