Limeric Index



see, just me. get, sweet pet. stink, very pink.
Ayr, with care. lags. for bags still, did fill.
cheered. you reared! passion, new fashion! ought, the Court,
- de triols) order; the border. shaft, your deft,
closed, questions posed! find, their mind away, did stray
moon, to spoon. Rangoon, the moon.


job," his knob. Joe, too slow. elf, my shelf.
Martinez, on Venus. space, to Mace. Missions, all inhibitions.
Wingohocking, and shocking, hot, the shot, middle, ultimate riddle.
Venus, inch penis. Convention, to attention bolder, to smolder.
Earth, quim-stretching girth, space, and embrace place, erotic embrace.
disgrace! Dionysian embrace? Green, was seen Pace, their face:
Ace, his face. implied, was denied. cute, space suit.
Boblem. to PM. "whirled, and swirled! tricky, a quickie.


Rob, rediculous snob, android, easy sang-froid. fantastic! games onanastic,
amused, plan used Pioneer, stay clear Dan; would ban.
Hank, twenty-ton tank. suffer, even tougher. bionic, rather ironic;
Lugano, of Meccano, clone, a phone, Ken, of Yen.
"Chip" the hip Lloyd, feminine 'droid; Lloyd, he employed.
late, that inflate, section, an erection, poor, synthetic whore?
Freud, lady android. CPU, human, too. Newman, with acumen,
three: I agree. shoes, to lose, store, the core.
Jack, cool Univac. factory, as unsatisfactory. those, sympathy flows.
robots, the know-nots. Sam, of RAM. Zerk, but work.
Freud, green asteroid. spice, and nice. Zerk, can work."
away, both pay. Thirteen, computing machine. heat, electrical teat.
-- mental design. -- and strife: Sue, but screw.
cruise, and trews. Deepe; was creepy. Kracker, off attackers.
Treacher, transistor creature. Rhodes, on triodes.


Tito, be neat-o. night, marvelous sight, alas, (no gas),
head; she said. pandemonium, kitchen linoleum. old, then cold.
Lloyd, the void, flight, all right!" Deare, most fear?
Ace, his face; hairy, can vary. slattern, curious pattern:
go; don't know. aware, was fair. Grace, outer space;
Grace, her face astradoll, at all. shifted, they're gifted
Sue, to do. suavity, filthy depravity, note: you tote,
ridden, not kiddin', snob, heart throb. depravity, null gravity.
rocketed, and besprocketed. McGraw, any flaw, Mars, and spars.
Monique, a week. Mercury, gone berserkury. zeal, each heel.
roam, do foam. boulders, monster householders; space", keep pace,
ago, glorious glow reputed, well suited sired; were inspired.
frontier, forty years knew, -- V2. Ace, human race;
Floyd, a boid. planet, some granite. sky, say "Why?"


Red. very dead. case. its face. bars, many jars.
stars, to Mars; Lars, from Mars us, being heinous,
Brandon, with abandon, Mars, wine bars. scars, on Mars.
stars, Planet Mars, Mars, and spars. be, quite teeny.
Mars, and spars. Mars, for bars. said, from bed.
back, air sac. Mars; than cars. stars, on Mars.
caution. nosh on. Mars; NASA's stars! Mars. the stars.


troposphere, as Mir; fear, on Mir. rare; up there.
dead. they said. Mir. after year. able, power cable.
pain, on gain. Mir. breathing here. Mir, I fear.
tear, "Oh dear. freight"; of late. creaky; are leaky.
fear, station, Mir. clear; is dear; fear, English, unclear.


nifty, He appraise. surely amaze, Rubble, in trouble,
trip, rocket ship... souls, incredible roles mourn. are torn.
incredibly, family -- deed; we plead: keen, glowing green...
Glenn: my yen... ace, over Zippergate, Glenn, there again?"
Race"; first place. besmirch, is research; trip; are hip.
race, does grace, Astronaut, said "Nought." Grace, into space;
bit, more shit." space, a pace, crass, his ass.
Sunday, and Grundy; read, repeatedly said Werner, a learner,
Braun, world-wide renown,


civilization, with elation. Bligh, the sky: mind; left behind?
agree, signalled deliberately. M-32, came through. devise, the skies.
man, to scan there, or Altair. Mars, the tars.
miles, secret X-Files. us; love us. sublime, four-four time:
Centauri, sought-after-glory --


V-2, need to-- ja! eat pussy! Crocket, a rocket.
Hector, a launcher-erector. Moorehead, a warhead. Urban, a turbine.
Slattery, course-gyro battery. Pope, an oscilloscope. Yuri, its venturi.
McGuire, pitch amplifier. Ritter, guidance transmitter. Schroeder, vane servomotor.
Decatur, LOX generator. deal: bean-licious meal. below, hydrogen blow.
propulsions! uric emulsions, sing, will ring other'un, heights wutherin';
race, into space, abound, the ground. flight, following night.
make, at stake, gorn. his horn. afternoon, very soon.
space; new place. dark, team disembark. strange, mountain range.
peak, and unique. hewn? dropped pantaloon; Moon; quite soon.
Moon; and croon. Moon; one soon. moon, a loon.
Moon. quiet afternoon. Troon, the Moon. arachnid, Jack did.
sheep; my Bo-Peep. cock, a rock. Perth, sizeable girth.
gas, his ass. fool; his school. race, of space.
contraire! out there. band, my plan. butt, to strut
resist! I insist. refutin' no disputin'. sex, may perplex,
on, crept on


Transvaal; lunar canal; Curls" entirely girls. hive, staying alive.
seem. justly redeem. bold, spinning, controlled. literature, front-cover piterature:
Brimbles, on gimbals. Capella, Earthian fella. Venus, a penis,
shame, a dame, Centauri, extra-terrestial glory grace, into space.
civilization, Terminus's location. space, to face. tame; much acclaim.
Mars, named Tars, Sea: last century, Berne, Jules Verne.
Diane, a van; Neptune, purple baboon. Mars, with scars.
space, preeminent place. gully; did sully. view, are few.
McCrimmon, but women. tough, Right Stuff. Hall, octagonal ball.
rules, their tools; winked, and distinct. McGraw, a flaw.
ROUGH-N-TUMBLE: and grumble. Smith, be with. Patrol, he stole.
Mills, uranium pills. fire, and wire. Khartoum, the moon."
height. to write head, in bed. vermin, to determine.
Sci-Fi, Lyn Nye. moon, next June. stars, in bars.


space, your face? work, a jerk. space? an ace.
-- life's worth. waste, my haste. pace, the chase.
tome, and shalom. Uranus, tastelessly heinous. guy! to fly.
Centari. billion dinari Jerome, from Stockholm, go? you know.
zero. playing Nero! fill, to spill. 'round; be found.
drop. a cop. see, for me! probe; a strobe.
taken. are brakin'! a, a savia. sensing, the condensing
roam; did comb. Venus; my penis. sporty; over forty.
far; my car, sky, his eye. 'Aitch, monetary cache.
"X"; weird sex. too, H-caused "phe-ew", flirty, named Querty;
filled; constantly thrilled. dark, the park, knack, life's track.
Qrl, young girl. Qaart; them apart, fight, small Qyt.
known, even grown. arrived; there thrived. pockets, eye sockets.
transport, space port Qumpy; oils sumpy. Qete, his meat.
nurses; unspoken curses; haul, named Qaul. door, the store.
Qulla; as nulla. trip, barren strip, split, we quit.
deflower, our power. B.C.; go see; Bombay; holding sway.
feat, quite discreet; exotic, so erotic; Scheherazade, faint goldenrod;
dreams, of extremes; night; Eurasian delight; pack, in black;
contrast; are downcast;


strobed! all enrobed. rock, on shock, well-meaning, wildly careening.
collective, not irrespective naughty, the potty, near. I fear,
work, Ottoman Turk. morgue, Trekkie Borg. two. wearing through.)
bat, overcome that. Geordy, a shorty, expired, all retired.
Jen, with men. made. himself laid intellectual, very effectual.
me, to be. go. should know. wise, a prize.
Security, her purity. McCoy. your toy. Urd, he heard,
thing, I bring. Janus, explain us, Enterprise, I surmise.
before, Trekial lore. lassie, a banshee. rhyme, say, "I'm
Federation, his vocation. sore?", did implore. race, in space
evil, we will Quark, a lark. Con, and yon.
male. and pale. Kirk, his work, endearing, in engineering.
defective, a detective. ass! no class! Potgieter, a meter.
Scalos, was callous. abort, caught short. Scott, the rot.
Scott, all hot. dead, who said, Venus, a penis.
9, with wine. Spock, monstrous cock. toil, a boil.
Amos, universally famous Sandy, quite randy. dark, out-kinky Quark.
McCoy. to enjoy. dreams, it seems. detective, surely defective.
Enterprise, the skies. for, to explore membranous, were heinous!
dribble; a tribble. whites, equal rights. Uhura; do her.
dregs, intergalactic yeggs, Kirk, radio clerk, Bauer, and sour."
McCoy. of joy, complain, our brain," cock, for Spock.
mirth. his birth? Riker, a piker. wed, their bed,
forehead; of bed. yeoman. grow and


romance; her pants. view, beautiful crew, Crusher, an usher.
plusher, are lusher. Bones, of tones. physician, heavenly mission.
Horta, and shorta. dread; the head. true, short-skirted crew.
superb, curb -- galore, a score. McCoy. fuel alloy.
moans, their phones. pit, over it.


sick, bad trick. equal, a creekful. Ali. her pally.
Cap'n, anything happen. Kirk, cabin berserk. Kirk, television quirk.
pit, over it. Kirk, didn't work. Kirk, the work.
Kirk, a jerk. space; own race. equal, weak will.
play, to say, starship, no hardship. shuttle. call subtle.
Bones, some groans. guy, dead guy. salutes, manly pursuits.
credo: my libido! Kirk, did shirk. Bones, Kirk's throne;
said, be led. cast, now past, chap, wide gap.
Spock; a frock. frock," to Spock.


pissed, the wrist. Spock, a rock. Jock, his cock.
tears! our fears; McCoy, or boy." crew, to screw.
Spock. Vulcanized cock. Vulcan, starts sulkin'. IV, the whore;
Kirk," a smirk; Spock; a rock, loose. Doctor Seuss.
luck; good fuck. sales, never fails, it, blow it,
lass; fall fast... gloom, too soon. keep, can creep,
Percy". He mope. one hope. -- spock-ears --
that, some prat hears, several years. Spock, his jock.
Spock, a shock; disguise, enormous surprise ears, weren't tears.
Spock, his cock. lasses. no passes, Spock, he'd talk.


Amanda, with Miranda. Chewbacca, your caca. Rhoda, into soda.
detractors, being factors. satyr, Darth Vader. Vader, gator --
Vader, laid her. Dad, is glad. erases, any traces.
sold: with gold, Wars", car doors, away, aliens play.
Solo, Volkswagen Polo) Han, then ran. thing, a sling.
thing? his ding-a-ling. repair; his hair; pit, core grit.
safety, is latex-free. buck. dumb cluck!" showin', been growin'.
germaine, its mane. course, her horse. Luke; did duke.
Degobaw, ever saw. force, this resource. be, one immediately.


mole. services sold. Peek, in Greek; Luke, a nuke.
boast, at most surmise, a surprise stall, a ball.
Manila, or gorilla; spy, as pie. Lee, secret technology,
treason, that reason. sighed, they relied Trulock, were stock?"
told, be polled? too, is who explained, to blame.
clink. I think. rest, the test? Bligh, entire FBI.
awry, his eye, sell, well -- Flag, in drag.
town, undercover renown, annointed, been appointed; enthused, trifle bemused,
attraction, body's reaction, spy, terribly high. bet, Jew, yet.
-- gravely imperiled. cold, as bold, freighter, a waiter.
Smiley, and wily), spot, a knot; spy, to fry.
cold, highly extolled, curl," unfurl -- spy, to cry.
snoop, significant poop, Jack, the sack, viewed, Russian red-hued.
money, it's funny spy." But why?" Hotches; he botches.
scary. Washington wary. belle, and Zelle, Hari; Mata carry.
spies, numerous eyes hover, wild lover; enterprise, men's eyes;
Scott, to spot. Kevin, to heaven. spy; or guy,
Party, nor arty. regret, is set) through. and G-2.
defections, Oxford-Cambridge connections. proles, their goals ruse, secret news,
tricks, his politics. trail, a male, Nick, a lick.
Spies, passports, disguise, mole. his hole. dust, usual 'must'
gust, flawlessly just. 'trust' were discussed; minor, be finer.
honey; walk funny. Rye, her thigh. meant, suffered embarrassment:
cold, memos controlled, drive; with jive. missing; and hissing.
cried, -- besides -- FBI's -- screw, get to
spy, to lie spy, the sly Bologna, obvious phony,
McGoo, his wazoo. Ritter, his shitter. Coor, on tour.
eyes, in disguise; Strode, unusual code. Glover, or lover.
concerned, been burned, Plame, unwanted fame. Cole, bung hole.
cold, to hold,


Claire, blond hair. thence, the fence. light, in sight.
tall, to call." by, say "Hi." died. Q sighed.
Bond; was fond. blonde, am fond. Bond; and blonde.
Q. a clue. Q. for you. Q. for you.
Q. and glue. M. -- ahem phlegm, the hem
heard, said, "Absurd! late, Jane 008. Moneypenny, had any?"
(007) into heaven, thriller, the tiller! sin, guys in,
leap, beats cheap, discover, wonderful lover. martinis, in bikinis.
fond, to abscond.


Berkeley, sweetheart berserkly. however, bronc-bustin' endeavor. away. the fray.
Jose, one day. Gualtero, reluctant torero, Zeke, casual technique.
ring, a king. Shaumberg-Lippay, fine day. races, their paces.
where, young Clare, Gary: would tarry; six, racing tricks.
Mounds, to hounds. chat. said Pat. rich, an itch.
'round, the playground; fuss, dog, Gus. beard, have feared
thrills; some spills. race, the place. Ray, wonderful day.
together, pray together. most; to boast. Morse, her horse.
Morse, good source "Bud", his blood. round; Shorts pound-
stride, coming inside, say; the way. behind, his mind,
Thighs, I surmise, madly, quite badly. Moses, his toeses.
track, and back. Kildare, a mare. tense; me wince;
Morse, his horse. Gail, and frail, Eutoxeter, at her.
far. don't bar. Leadbeater, head beater: lush; yell "Mush!"
Iditarod, bitter god. pony, was phoney. 'gator, then later,
issue, wish you run; of fun. courses, of horses.
Morse, a horse. glance, I'd enhance. Ryegate, high gate,
Schwartz, flesh-colored shorts. Molucca, first chukka, wallah, the collah;
Pound, we've found. Grace, or place; courses, dark forces,
drama, a Brahma. Sue, and through. show, hard-on below.
Fitzhorn, the Quorn. win. of kin, released, a feast
core, there before.


hit, of it. Dallas, of malice. pitches, his britches.
fidget, double digits. hair, I'll share: CHEER, Rheingold beer.
Fuller, taffy puller. listing. than reminiscing. ball, inches tall.
Lou, is through; calls, Lefty Rawls. play, next Monday.
8, of late, ticket, and picket. phone, was home.
dismayed, they played. Mae, stealing away. Lunt, get cunt:
Rogers, her lodgers, Powell, in Howell. McRay, usual way.
Hunt, a bunt. fit, kid's mitt, apace, third base.
Tacoma, a homer, clout, terribly stout. ennui, the pennui.
heard, or third. pastime? fast time. Bird, easily stirred,
Howell, a scowl. vie, is high. Hearst, would burst.
standing. be handing. hon; be fun!" walls, ump's calls.
-- of Ruth. field, or concealed. homeplate, to wait
look, he shook jock, and gawk, force, large horse
sphere, in here" swinging, was seeing sight, from fright.
struck, Mikey walk ringing, and singing Linz, for sins.
Club, a pub. runt, she bunt. grime, every clime.
Kiefer, much briefer." sure. is demure. Paris, horse's hairs.
complex, to perplex Lorne, was born. Thatcher; match her.
Ray, gala day." Powell, an owl; call, ears fall,
awesome, and Dawson? Belle, to swell. clinging, are winging.
Matt. and spat, winter, lands hinter; arrived, longer deprived;
squalls, the walls; Walls, her calls. Ford, is bored,
Vetch, a wretch. holler, her -- bat. like that.
umps, cowardly chumps, quit, was shit. good. umpires misunderstood
dislike, on strike. Beam, and esteem. mysterious; quite delirious.
grace; or lace. guy. do buy runt, to bunt.
bat, at that! vision, and derision. Baines, little remains."
Hearst, the worst, Ace, in disgrace. Champs, of scamps;
prize, replaced alibis; laborious, that's victorious; Miami; are jammy!
seems, of dreams. revealed, were healed,


play, the Bay, awe; not thaw. nights, the brights.
well-dressed, the best. Series, full queries. there, were elsewhere.
dreaded, be headed. Team, Tommy's dream. bloom, much gloom.
days, gold plays. wind; we've sinned.


Swat: with twat. Swat, prime twat; base, and face.
fair, Knight there. Carruther, same mother. Brewers, of rescuer,
Congress, of office plan, games began. games, public acclaim;
watch. no blotch. born, well worn, Dizzy, etymologically busy
nuts; a putz. calls. average falls. Powell, his towel.
leaner; be keener," starin'! is scarin'! Maris, to Paris,
CHANCE, short pants. 62; 'bout you? McGwire, and higher.
Democrat, a mat. Rose, runner's pose. Gray, 2 yesterday,
proud, ecstatic crowd. chance, inept happenstance twilight, final highlight.
Cub, double flub. watch, a notch. Johnny, quite scrawny,
rest, longer distressed; aspire, Sosa, McGwire; tsk", at risk;
doubt, some clout. Slate, the plate. Al, everyone's pal.
grouse; ill-mannered louse. freak. next week. she, foot three.
Gill, out ill. socks; an ox. pain, to complain.
today, going grey, along, Limey John, beer; an ear.
Tactician, pitching magician. second, did beckon. rhino, Sauvignon wino.
Noddy, honestly shoddy. out?" a lout. beavers; Golden Retrievers.
jammy; grand slammy.


talk, to walk. Fedder, wed her. Kate, were great.
Gray, they say. Jesus, please us? McTeague, the league.
training, spirit waning. sound; would astound. scrubber, said, "Bubber,
Witter, and titter. McDowell, named Owl.


dispatched: are attached. spits, he sits. Bud, with cud.
Bart, good start. jewel; is cool. state, will abate.
Mame, of game. Pace, home base, gem, to condem.
Moses, ballplayers' poses hit, named Kit.


loud, the crowd. lose. they snooze. headlines; Jordan sign.
Bowden, crowd in... knows, and woes. Hoosiers, the loosers.
Tate. can't state, hot, a shot. team, coaches dream.
Rose, her toes slack? me flack! Jumbo, some beau.
Leaming, is scheming, cute, a hoot. Butte, his root.
sport; the court. Nicole, a roll. sports; basketball courts.
NBA. could play. lot, he got. Graff, to calf;
group, finest troupe. Abdul-Jabbar, measures far. Sissy, bit prissy,
sick, his dick. ripped-- been nipped. Packers, wholehearted backers;
game; Jazz name. (basketball) give it. Tribbling, basketball dribbling.
Munn, and done, cool, the pool. sweet; his meat.
kicks, some licks. know, named Joe. Durban, a turban.
Shaq, a sack, Shaq, a knack. deal, of Shaquille.
hoardin', are affordin' drunk; a clunk. Montreal, play basketball.
absurd, the Bird. fan? a plan game; in flame.
go, on radio. roll", the hole." on! who won,
Malone? our own. hunk). and dunk. one, job done.
size. favorite guys. rest. the test. Slovakia, a sloclockia,
today; to say. stink, would think Knox, his Hawks.


waned; was drained. Pete, of feet. care, to stare.
Jane, the lane. neat; be beat. alley, and valley.
valley, the tally. Bartz, his farts. pins; maximum wins.
beginner, in her, bowls, by moles. halls, just appalls.
Maine, terrible pain. Claire; good pair.


Lee, great glee. great, but sedate; Maloney, the Benoni.
Blue", competitors do. Klee, walk diagonaly. Klee, walked diagonaly,
Klee, walked diagonaly, Klee, walked diagonaly, Klee, walks diagonaly,
Klee, walked diagonaly, design, early resign. bet. and forget,
Flo, you know; Quebec, her neck. salivate, your fate.
CHECKMATE, does abrogate, fate, sum great. Kasparov, spar off.
Blue, or two. chess, would confess, hotel, to yell,
lawyer, a Boyar, Sheerness, play chess, faster, Russian Grandmaster.
Blue, after-match do, gaunt, young debutante, Bess, that yes,
Bryce, master's vise. Chess, no less. Browne, perpetual frown.
hate, very late. plight, what's right. Frost, I crossed;
Bess, tight dress. billed, auditorium filled. king; learned anything.
2, nobody knew. cried, flatly denied?" drawn; some brawn!
yet; a bet. news, would lose. now; -- KAPOW!
fight," that night. May, will say: land; should demand.
fear; it's clear. cried, flatly denied?" horse, of course.
chess, my best. delight, but fright. Bing, his thing.
Queen, while unseen, nude, other dude. Pete, to defeat.
suspect, showing respect. ambition, any condition. stay, shouldn't play.
lack; to attack; Guelph, the shelf. Spinner, the winner.
dange- can range. can't, and pant. devine! so fine!
inflated, players elated. great, first date. date, we mate."
bares, sixty-four squares. chess? to caress. chess; low-cut dress.
flirt. his shirt. again; many men. 10:00, my men.
Maine, fast train. Quest; the best.


Alps, our scalps. how, a cow. Louise, some ease.
tales, in Braille. China, good climber. went, Mr. Dent,
guide, his stride sheer; did peer. Mauch, whole notch;
thirst, nearly burst. Jean, raging hard-on Mike, a hike.
McMahon, they're sayin'; McMahon; be sayin': shit, to sit
slobby, by Bobby. Nevis, a crevice. Weeks, oversize cheeks.
Nepal, to fall. Nepal, so tall Frazier, a glacier.
Kurt, a skirt. Sykes, and dykes George, and forge.
Frost, low cost. Dowd, marveling crowd. tweak; foot peak.
spout, no doubt; told; knees fold. sack) your pack,
Whymper, a simper, Boyle, hard toil; Teton, heat on.
beat. I'd retreat. it; belayed it. creep!" to sleep.
Paul, and all. Jemima, a climber. retreats, proprietress greets,
sore, me before. Lynn, original sin. Duncan, suck in.
spelunking; up bunking. town, great renown. Cox, up rocks,
spent, in Tashkent. it. Belayed, it strap, rope snap.


try, too high, Jane, be plain. derive, Colt .45,
booze, guy's shoes. Mensa, excellent fencer. Mort, of support.
Boyle, his foil. Pete, his feet. untrussed, great lust,
bust, cavalier's lust. cry, to die..." Clarke, the dark,
Cratchet, and hatchet, Groton, hot un, Plunnery, of gunnery,
Kessel, to wrestle. sniper, a viper. meat; to eat.
clay, blasted away wrote, goat -- skeet; be beat.
recoil, the soil. Quinn, to win.


coping; just hoping list: Julia Twist. two-fisted, he persisted.
Persimmon, a trimmin'. us, unglue us. London, with abandon.
Raymon, aim on. Cox, numerous knocks, McClout, a bout.
grander, champion, Evander. Potter, a rotter. three, Muhammad Ali,
Bruno, you know. Paw, prognathous jaw. night, a fight.
sound. this round. severe, to hear. Louis, bastardly Jewess,
Sidney, the kidney. reigns, now trains. ring, to sing.
hook, my book. Ace, his face, cannibal, (Lector)
any. grant any. regarded; since discarded. cars, see 'stars'.
jaws, decency laws. hear, with fear. Tyson, nice 'un.
ear, seen here: Roper, a groper, lose... the boos...
star. quite far. punch; to lunch. Gissing, without hissing.
Hooser, a bruiser. Lynn, his chin. Outwell, bout well.
wreck, his neck, trance, last chance. Biddle, cute riddle:
Hunk, is bunk. MEGILLAH, well-publicized "thrilla" romp, without pomp.
planned, and Evand- thing, the ring,


man, a plan. hearty, at karate. me, with glee.
shop, Sing Hop. Lottie, in karate. Jack. go crack!
karate, hot toddy. hair. you dare!" do, named Pugh;
Crewe, a shoe; fussed. I must." Hugh, Kung Fu.
too, his shoe. merge, fitness urge. Karate! quite grotty.
tussle, they'll hustle. melts, and delts. routine. and clean,


hold; we're told. Cling, the ring. towel, a scowl.
Cling, that ring." three; I see, sprawl, the call.
Ganz, a nance, McWind, Father Lynde, lot, awkward spot.
Nelly, in jelly. clan, to plan, Tim, the rim
Blossom, toss `em; old; and cold. draw, the raw,
fluff; good stuff. Galt, by default. Castle, to rassle.
Binks, in kinks. Skaggs, of fags; bulk: to sulk,
Ventura, terra obscura?


Ricketts, cricket tickets, Spring, a fling. at? cricketing bat
assure, the floor game; seem tame. Fairlie, and squarely.
fame, his acclaim play, its way. play, languid way.
Rich, during which Peru, he'd do. such, be much
treason, good reason misinformed; always performed. Goring, rather alluring.
cover, to discover at, dislocate Ducat. Perth, sweet mirth.
fat, to bat. Fender, are tender; Sandham, understand em.
wall, I recall; moan, broken arm-bone; Off; box off,
struck, a duck." fair; his hair. reply, a try!
stand, each hand, Lyle, a mile. side, who cried,
cricket, a thicket, Bengal, a ball, "Hobbs, with lobs;
ticket, of cricket. cricket. wicket -- begun. got none.
wicket, kick it. Glend, and friend. one, big ton
cricket; a ticket. Pickett, playing cricket. quaint, a complaint.
cricketer, a picketer, 'Plum', all glum;


Gym. very trim. suspects; to sex, antis, her candies,
cowed, thought-police crowd, Sue, to do. Fritz, the splits,
chubby? you tubby? twirl. a whirl.) sweet; me, "Pete,
chance, I prance sex; mere specks; Mack, did lack;
crash; they gnash sun, always fun. place; your face;
seen-- be keen. Hope, a rope. dog, her jog.
Gym, you're in. gain. my brain. driving, be arriving
June, her poon'. liking, exercise biking, ab, that flab,
Northants, athletic stance. strong; not wrong. perk, and work
Coyle, olive oil. slob? obese blob? ever, I'll never
pleas; to seize. exercise, gigantic thighs. once, of stunts.
routine, had seen. demands, your glands. classes, nice asses.
Janell, a barbell. McGurk: muscle-tone work, flexing, it perplexing.
strong; gold gong. stress, favorite dress?


shake, did make. lass. or bass, thing; this spring;
plateaux, and bateaux, sinner, a winner. Bay, sunshiny day.
coat, my vote; tell; well -- relish; to fish.
yacht, fishing spot. Rod, live cod. Shores, the scores;
upstream; him supreme. -- of gear, Nate, a wait.
McNish, did wish. Mayfair, "Hey there!" fishin', different mission.
logician. also cognition. Michigan, wish again, Bunker, a lunker.
Flapper, named Dapper; regret: You bet! hear, our gear.
shout? large trout. sure, won't abjure, do. for you.
net. back yet?" quit. a hit, rain, all sane.
today?" to say." Peak. we sneak. story, rowing dory.
fate, thousands,to date. Mission, family physician; sea; there be.
rut, then what sea; not free. chasing, came pacing.
REDD, ever fed. Michigan, fish again, "Bake", some hake.
bank; waterfilled tank. Mike, for pike. Wranglers, my danglers;
forethoughter, should orter. flies, bottom lies. Thune, the moon,
Cod, long rod steelhead, they sped. Bay, running, hooray!
stuff, sure enough! Flats, to stats. Menzies, in dingys,
Ryde, a ride.


slow, you know. day, will say: him, and dim.
-- the shade; -- pee -- -- I see;
arrested; 'twas attested. feel, his creel. heel, solemnly deal.
springtime, story prime. true, and flew take, small lake,
May, Memorial Day, streams, my dreams, aback, did lack,
cold, so bold, brought, have thought long, "Swan Song",
shore, and sore, trout, way out. head, thunderstorm dread.
Motel, like hell, haste, were chaste, trout, rolled out.
dead, soft bed, see, description free, fishing. just wishing
wander, out yonder. ambled. and bramble, trestle, would wrestle.
jump, a thump. stop; did hop. face; did pace.
fright! to bite. temper; did scamper. this: will fish,
sky, us dry; bore! the shore? it; dull it.
it. try it?" Caesar, from freezer. 'grand,' on land;
oars, the scores;


right; shining bright. fly, to try. balloon, the moon.
flight, balloonists' delight. Advanced, a dance. nearby, the sky,
rack", the back. Cass, on grass. Wanda, from Rhonda.
balloon; the moon. wow; a cow. bird. not absurd.
found, was unsound! Shanghai, the sky. flight, a fright.
Guy, could fly, Gumbo, a Jumbo; Gumbo, of Dumbo.
Bly, could fly... spry, quite high. Tooting, learn parachuting.
plane; dear Jayne, shelf; them myself. screw, both flew.
dot, are not. ace. a chase, wind," jock grinned.
wind," jock grinned. aware, most air! boff, your scoff!)
Jean, huge trampoline; Haven, a raven.


fable: "I'm able, decided. tied it. applaud, that cord;
Gymnastic, trifle fantastic; Balwearie, and dreary. jump, camel's hump.
copulated? mutually masturbated too? I do, dimension, a suspension
go, into Flo away, to spray, announced, upwardly bounced,
Joe, please go spongey, rather grungey. elastic, something drastic.
stair; a care. delights! such heights, Tent, speedy descent.
Lord, just soared,


known, you're alone. mail, for sale. astute, joint parachute.
skies, was wise. wear, wasn't there. parachutes, the roots
tale, that failed stump, fated jump doc, my cock
laughed, A shaft can't, so scant. schlong, very long.
cover, a lover. graft, a giraffee. explanation, new operation.
made, I'm afraid. dear, I fear... notice, your lotus,
regret, my pet. Cee, big DC3. smug," a shrug.
dispatch, not match, tandem, movements random. forgot, to rot.
extol, in freefall. refuelin' not foolin'. Pop; without stop.
Beeple, horrified people, air, golden hair. chute, highly astute
soften, and, often, 'chute, cute -- triple-D's. my knees.
wear; normal-shaped pair. pert, stand-up alert, fall, the ball.
hump, a thump;. Crandall, wrong handle. Maine, John Lane.
hitches; to glitches. chute, look cute. Lord, they soared.
jump, a bump. Bowers, his powers. begin, original sin.
nude. been shampooed.) Sherm, and firm. battered, quite mattered.
Six, the sticks. slow, skydiving pro know, would go...
zone, low tone: squared, he blared.


said, collision, instead." scandal, withstand 'll six! his kick
Wald, greatly appalled: Kent, football event. bore, wins anymore.
fuck, my luck, instead, your bed. Kate, Kent State.
Clarke, a lark. Palace, of malice, men, great yen.
Dame, with shame. University) of Florida) Roach, football approach.
Warrick, than euphoric: Jed, his head. State, it great?
Paul, standing tall. one, strong one. be. my knee;
game. your name?" grin, is Lynn. play, did stray.
contraire, her hair, true, about you. Pete; dynamic athlete,
Eva, (the deceiver!) fever, pre-game reliever. huddle, kidney trouble.
cracking, be lacking: Reese, marital peace. lot, its spot.
profound, call "touchdown"; Vince, in splints. -- my clock!
Mame, football game, nickel, gets tickled ascend, rear end;
Lou, acting debut. remember, in September; Cheetah's, sixteen margaritas,
starch, full march, jammed, was slammed. BROWN, your mound.
JET, true PATRIOT. STEEL; to squeal. you, inside you.
height, our sight. explored, I bored, night, usually white.)
praise, fifty ways BILLS, many thrills, laif, it safe.
Hays, for days; Friend; a bend. ends; particular bends
Shust, a thrust. Corinne, team in. Lee, you see.
Weaver, an over-achiever.


Al, chorus gal. Modell, very well. statistician, team friction.
Dallas, cowgal 'as: Marino, Vegas casino. Baltimore, once more.
horse, feeling remorse; Packers: of coke-sackers. varies. Hail Mary's.
Houston, little boostin'. Frontiere, were scary. sought, and lot.
O.J.'s, would erase. impressed, their best. killin'; mighty grillin'."
see? his knee! snap-hold-kick; a trick! Seoul, Super Bowl.
feared, got sheared, here, a cheer. Ray, Green Bay.
class, his ass. praise, bad ways, Seattle, visibly rattled.
Hawks, really rocks. Gwen, eleven he-men. month. it donth?
again; cheer again; again, dismay again again, again --
again, crackle again; -- fumble again again; begun again.
again, year again. d'super, exhibited stupor. spark, it's arc,
quarter, foul slaughter;


Finn, didn't win. Baccarat, mean squat. pine, of line,
bore. and snore. game, a name? nice; some spice.
TV, the lottery, devil, will level poker, just mediocre.
Kent, he went. Dino, the casino. Price, the dice.
Kentucky, feeling lucky. pontoon, barrage balloon. Reno, with Beano.
Reno, the casino. Kit, it hit. Metz, large bets,
Nayles, never fails: Klause, his house. while, a smile,
high, should die. Jackpot, black lot. West, the test.
bettor; gaming go-getter. Faye, to play. Gwyn, don't win!:
Korrumburra, his furrow. Brett; a bet. romance, of chance.
bad; I had. clever; worthwhile endeavor. Lotto; my motto.
Roker, playing poker. lusted; been busted. Bardot, she starred-o,
task. must ask casino, like vino, behind, did unwind.
fears; you here. Vingt-et-un, having fun, poker, a Coca
moon, the pontoon, astray. long way. go, strip show,
bracket; gambling racket. Granada; rolling armada City, the pity.
Denny, the penny. Fred; point spread; not. one spot.
caballero, some dinero. Gino, scene, oh. spend, loose end.
roulette. first bet. Kiev, her sleeve. seen, of green.
destituter, Lotto computer, Fetter, a debtor. deep, live cheap.
ventures, page censors. down, a frown, Wheeling, future appealing,


shine, golfer divine. dance, his stance, Joanna, Poa anua.
Dwight, C Flight. Binks, the Links; begin, it in.
caddie; a baddy. Paddy, a daddy. faxing, was 'laxing.
nice, is twice brown, you frown. fraternity, collective infirmity;
enough. our rough. hoarse. the source Gutting, and cutting,
Nantucket, a bucket. DUFFER, a buffer, sir, play, sir.
pro, his ego... I'm, hole 9, soft; winds aloft.
recalls, named Wrawls Stokes; for jokes. folks, seeded blokes,
Stokes; of jokes. recreation; pure frustration. all, Lucy McCall,
adore, keep score. survive, and drive, Hole, my bowl.
he, his priority. Louise, to please, score, the jaw.
tee, could be. button, and cuttin'. tight; through right.
Mawr, so far, queen, favorite teen. Leigh, a tee.
nuts, club sluts. away; going astray. face, a trace.
morning, all adorning? Aberdeen, had seen. Hall, after ball.
hand, his gland. green, and mean. game; take aim.
Calcutta, with butter. me. the tee, malls. she recalls.
many, than twenty. wife, my life. on, trod on?
joke. just poke. ball, the Fall. hut, her butt.
boiled, have toiled. game, the same. choose. out refuse.
Morse, the course. golf, men scoff. lumpy. I'm frumpy.
more, the store? along. into song. Lee, a tree.
tee, wasn't free. Dennis; a menace. McFlynn, the skin.
all, white ball. Gene, putting machine. duf- too tough,
Huff, Miss Duff. Small, white ball. calls, the malls
Booker, real looker; rank; watery bank. Moorhead, a sorehead;
see, a bee." Gus, knots plus, Burl, a curl.
Dit, a bit; Ray, girl, Fay. irate, hole eight.
Bond, a pond. golf-car, and par. Mead, Sam Snead;
in, when within wall, the ball. twosome, Some
toe, St. Joe,


mutter, with butter, all; a brawl. putter, to st-t-t-tutter;
fine, up behind, bore, above score. bad; I've had.
stalls; those malls. McCutter, to stutter. appalls: some calls,
Sutter, as butter; Calcutta, to utter. mutter, a splutter.
best, that's finessed. Al, a gal. baffy, and mashie,
dead, would rewed? rings? my things? wife, own life.
and, made mini-van. Calcutta, a nutter. Troon, a spoon.
Sutter, a putter, pants. my stance. sighed, she'd spied,
Blake, to make. Krock, hundred-yard sock. Randy, were sandy.
Byron, a siren.


links, painful, methinks. Fogey, a hoagie. gin, of aspirin.
Heather, of weather. pledge, the edge tees; into trees.
quip, left hip; scoff, the trough; bloke, to croak.
struck, a truck. bed; her head.


drink, did sink. blanket, spank it. Troon. by noon.
Dunn, the fun! fun: not one. fun, not one...
Lincs, a minx! bun, coitional fun, outstanding, for branding;
toque; Norton awoke eyes, his prize. well, it fell,
right. in flight. Verdun, that outdone. ton, the sun
Meyer, a flyer. fun, the run.


(Hogan) of...but then, attends, he unbends grinned, he sinned.
falls; caddy calls. star, big car. gall, his ball.
Fleiss, be nice. done. having fun, line, a beeline;
pipes; and swipes? insist, have missed. places. he faces.
abhore, a bore. dinner, and beginner. bound; quite profound.
left, often bereft. say, I'll play."


once, and cunts. astray, at play. grass," Alas!
snuck, and struck. remorse, surely enforce. greener, much cleaner,
Jeanne, ninth green. Leer, a year, drinks, the links.
play, far away. rough, of stuff. goal, to roll.
two, play through. Gray, fine day, recalls, Niagara Falls.
Blake, awful mistake. fun. the sun. Burt; be hurt.
leaning; without screening. links, of drinks. ball; shopping mall.
date, up late. better. get her. inane, with Jane.
tough, her rough.


a-mushin' payrolls a-gushin, Agassi, Las Vegassy. Michigan, fish again.
champs; like lamps. retired, they inspired. Indy, won Lindy,
Howe, said "Ciao." IT. first minute: rated? always debated.
Torretta, you're betta. home. Manon Rheaume. rebut, for nut.
Samaranch, sport avalanche. Au, Blair two. Spain, champ Indurain.
Jolla, of Goya. iniquitous, absence conspicuous. lubed, America cubed?
NASCAR, to Madagascar. Tara, Frankie Cabrera. Filipinos, their teenos.
colada: ice wada. Jehovah, play Navratilova? illegalized, quickly il-Eagleized.
cares. and share Blaine, championship game,


bow, did go, bow, masculine foe. head, guy dead;
croons, boot-scootin' tunes; scat; the 'flat'. gun; the run.
Wheat, neat treat. 'em. find 'em." ho! will go.
hounds, miles around. run, some fun. controlled, of old,
preamble, whiskey-laced gambol, thighs; my prize, chase, no place
snob, the gob. sport; in court. bleat. in heat.
mouse, a louse, farm, him harm. Royce, a hoist,
Speers, some deers." Pease, the trees. Pease, the trees.
true, to do go; you know. shoot, a boot!
Saguenay, sheer agony, Cotter, the water. today; grouse yesterday.
Jack, game sack. Babbitt, dangerous habit. Maine, to refrain.
Gooding, with hooding, clod, his prod. Zag, a stag.
pheasant, all pleasant. Lunt, the hunt; dame, heart aflame?"
way: of clay; shows, upon crows, eye, first try,
goods, the woods; cocks, breed fox deer, from here.


spot, whole lot. medal; back pedal. fortnight. a sight)
well; quite swell. star. very far. note; "Elgar Note".
beam, his team. Games; the names. yawn; 'til dawn.
cute. a brute. much, and such. here! more cheer
flatters; that matters. seems, impossible dreams. regal, perfectly legal.
ease; to please. fools, eating ampoules. Nool, a fool.
surprise, floor exercise. nose, limber pose. reliance, all giants.
steroidal, or Neanderthoidal. blast, the past. key: a fee.
abysmal. so dismal, eight! was late, marathons, or strong,
SPLAT! just sat bested, guess it? diffuse, the obtuse.
show, new woe; Spenser, but denser. keen, have seen.
Torino, a bambino; snow, oh oh, Sarajevo, said, "Oh-oh!
menu, fabulous venue: bold, and old; 'erotics'; female aquatics.
event, East Trent. vented, Aussies invented. fits. hits --
past; real blast. guys? money buys. night, "G'Diy Mite,
Rome, and Dohme; Lake, terrible mistake; 2002) did feel.
price, not nice. shot, he's got. bad. is glad,
me! everyone be? watch, just botch vaulting, Cynthia Baulting.
watch; totally botch. vault, to default Quince, a fence,
jump, all clump wasted, frump pasted. swallowed; she followed
hopes. the ropes. gold; years old... Greek, to speak.
fuse, present clues, cynics, Winter Olympics groove, to improve.
star, the bar. bad, guy had


trouble, a bubble. cool, a fool! true, courtesy glue.
halt, his vault, tried, he'd sighed, day? to play,
more, no score. fine, at 11-to-9? team, la creme,
Skinner, ferocious spinner. pong, points long." day, exact way.
impart, be smart. eight, games straight. loop; my group.
fun, is won. out?" to shout. spin, quite thin.
grips, or pips. walls, the halls. changed; serves rearranged.
hidden, what's forbidden? Fay, doubles ix-nay, see, a T.
years. and cheers. quick, short lick; pong, surprisingly strong.
wrong, love Ping-pong; pong, were long. A, all day.
life, your wife. net? cried "Let!" Texas, vex us.
Astor, and faster. spin, to win, antispin, me win.
galore; there's more...


running, or sunning. dropped, be stopped. winner. get thinner.
meet, be beat. snobby, new hobby. Wichita, lady's bra.
sweep, a heap. Catton, relay-team's baton, Wright, all night,
Rinde, most maligned. Hall, of all. Fluntz, tribe, once,
trail, a snail. fast, he passed, world-class; them pass.
run, mere fifty-one. Wertz: he asserts. Flo-show; ran slo-mo...
speed; her proceed. cold, are told. Florence, such torrents.
London, was undone. Manhattan's, wrong batons. cunning, quite stunning;
known; my own. case, gain pace, pace, the race.
achievers, Gail Deavers; Grace, marathon race. Pete, big meet.
powers. throw flowers. Hart, the start, match, can't catch,
race, called Grace, hit, as fit. stunning, marathon running.
Monteith, the heath. Clayton, weight on. run; for fun.
floor; for more. failed, he sailed. Fleet, could beat.
Glover, to recover. injection, a detection. ranks, with thanks.
Whipple, a ripple. Jacques; her smock. sprinter, all winter.
Lichtenstein, cried "Nein, Kitt, and fit. dawn, just gone,


Bates, top rates; Bavaria; weeping wisteria. apprehend, people contend.
doubt, all about. Paul, feet tall. applauds, Bill Bauds.
MacIntosh, of bosh; sent, Olympic event. allowed, the crowd)
dongs, of Bongs exceed, second. Indeed those, We propose
unique, We seek by, her eye; Wumpus, a grumpus.
middle" Miss Biddle. taste, was chaste. Burke, can work."
throng, go on. calling, some balling. event, is spent.
sports? team cohorts? (OR) the rain. it: got it.
Burke, at work. Jones, undersea moans, clown, go down.
Brett, don't fret. bore; a snore. Banner, outran her.
implored, widely toward match, you scratch instead, our bed?"
TV? some tea." dame, favorite game?" door, any more.
knew, I blue? Atlanta, the banter.


thugs, like mugs - be nicking abused, stand accused
disgrace, other's face choosers; good snoozers; game, quite lame.
idiot) window sill Kelly, his belly. Brazil, great skill.
score, for more. shameless, remain nameless, Town, back down?
wits! to bits soccer; his locker. corner, so high.
Keane, a scene: Devizes, some prizes. away; they'll play.
Best, a pest. shocker. the soccer. Argentina, the cantina.
to, he blew. Paul, the ball. Reading, was bedding.
go; the flow. view, or two; we, states disagree.
hands, civilized lands. soccer, Punk Rocker. Kent, then bent.
cat, bowler hat. away, awarded Sunday. soccer, his locker,
Walter, of Malta. Kitty, with pity. Wooster, home-town booster.
town, parts down. pound, all down. Spain, the rain.
Reading, a wedding. Mole, unfortunate soul. Clark, the park,
roasts, the posts. Wix, new tricks. States, high rates.
Fedder: a spreader. Clyde, went wide. rough, is tough.
dry. if I fair!" Monsieur Lemerre. Jade, she played.
Lyme, first time. ver- Ver- Stroud, too loud.
get, can bet. Duck, in muck. soccer? a rocker?
Clyde, or fried. Fleet, both feet, great, must relate.
despise; boasted franchise. cited, usually indicted. McVittie, Birmingham City.
game; the same. Pole, named Nicole, Rick, his kick.
Assoc. only talk. Paul, to howl. telly, sweet Nellie."
deli; my belly. Nellie." I'm Ellie; now? a plow.
sleep." "It'll keep." "That, your chat." sleep!" Bo Peep.
Fedder: a spreader. drag; to nag. Leighup, big gee-up.
mind, far behind. Skegness; one necklace. Fred, are dead."
contested, be rested. goalie; plain ravioli. Shard, were hard.
Oz, football because day; to play? game, its name


Jesus; to seizures. "I'm, Michael's sublime!" spurt; but pert.
sure, fan-girls galore, soccer, her locker. Paul, a ball.
more, done for!" Brading, he's trading Best, skills blessed;
Hill, feel ill. Figo, formidable ego,


jong, into song. Gino, at Keno. game) several Alsatians.
whose, and grew. "Clue" to do. said. the bed;
whine, the time. font; Fairfax, Vermont, Scrabble? I dabble
wiles, your tiles. exhibition, great erudition, Pursuit, in Klute?"
Yo, every show.