Limeric Index



-- to? -- "byte," "I bite," CNN; it again.
Bush, a tush. clever, know never. that; frat rat.
station, deep relation, place, a trace?" Dock, we'll block.
Claire; is scared. school; this rule: technician, DIY fission.
fell, and AOL: screen! has been! schmucks, big bucks.
pass, discover, alas, today. gone away. play, a day.
bubble; such trouble block! of stock! freak, did seek.
bunny, TP money, Path; get half. peers, the pioneers.
desire, goes higher; he?) too fuzzy. lab, of gab.
sucks, big bucks. E-mails, greeting assails. Bucyrus, computerized virus
ago. from foe. back. it's lack Nancy, to fancy.


found, hanging around; cookie, this tookie? Eva; greatest Diva.
tell, A L: garden, no pardon, uncouth; take two'th.
Deex' for weeks. Deex, limerick critiques. here. a beer,
else? the gals, dicks, his kicks. news, different views,
five... would writhe. Goal, Sacred Spoo-Pole". compete, AJL fleet.
group. their poop. snit, be legit. Perot, really so.
postings, sexual boastings, back! some slack. here; should revere.
show, can go, whim, to grin. superior?" as eerier.
crass? bible class. with. not myth. read, limerick breed.
strange; the range. inside, have died. fled; are dead?
Kitten; longer lim-smitten? dervish, must nourish. view, A.J.L. crew.
fear; some rear. busy; a tizzy. well, to hell.
couch. Ouch! picken's. us chickens. grain, the brain.
stride, from inside grand, pecker stand dog, a frog
well? a spell. OK? a day. cyberspace, pulse race
brain. cannot explain. belong; so wrong. group, as soup.
sweet; fantasy treat. praises, from Macy's. Stan, the man.
Stan, garbage can. Nash; on trash. Charl, a Harl,
man, or Stan? praise, of lays, fighting, I'm inviting.
reveal, with seal, ladder, gladder - tale, and male.
sedate, no weight. Stan, I'd fan. willies; some dillies!
list, comical twists. fear, limerick year; donkey, a monkey,
away; to play. tomb. some room age, with rage.
hereabove, a glove. play, but hey,


lurk, the work. while; a smile. you; under too.
Larry; did marry. Brash, white trash. time, a rhyme.
now, celebratory bow. alone: my own! pun, barring none;
crass, fine ass. confession, sin session. shame, limerick's name.
art, I fart, scrawl, the stall. crowd? limericking's allowed?
list, be pissed. action: the caption; filter, built 'er.
lewd; and rude. "no", status quo? looking, specific booking.
crew, be new; alack, to crack, fell, poetic hell.
art, mind fart,) game, would name. treasure, without measure.
while, and defile chums, of bums, not; are hot.
stiff, big whiff splendid, then did: hot, the spot.
grain, wholly insane, blow, are slow; hard; prolific bard.
back, definite lack. here, last year, Oz, there because
know; front show. ter, a daughter. myself, the shelf.
bland; to expand. here. is clear: old, gone cold,
Aha! di DAH." limericks, be pricks fine, the line
reintroduce, grape juice. did, a squid, rhyme, strict time.
in; my zen. man, Usenet began, gone? a gun?
mice; nice -- see; my knee. begun, and run
females; as whales. back, AJL lack, AJL, of hell
smugly, be ugly. duty, being snooty. lurking, busily working
Wow! I'll allow mean, the obscene. bemoan, me groan.
jamb; a damn. here, good cheer. verses; few curses.


eleven, at seven) sighed, you astride. perspire, and higher;
spear, my dear, day, of May- flight, a fright.
dear, to fear; OK. later today; suppose, my hose,
spear, you hear? outside, the ride interrupt, sexy volupt-
this, heavenly bliss) time. fine -- pics, young cyber-chicks.
cyber-sex; he rejects. reminiscing, hissing -- well; to yell.
ways. take days. you, for two! tremble; little thimble.
"Dindle" good spindle. speech, to teach. thorny; sows horny.
pit, pleonastic wit. good, you should afar, very bizarre
sore, some more! could, I would pot; I'm not.
fine; stroke mine. Liz? "Archie" quiz. away? each day?
-- whirl -- ply, passing by, care; left anywhere.
twinkle, which crinkle Perth; the Earth. fair, just there,
skin, be in. two? just do sun-cream, just seen
cyber-space, perverse taste, France, my pants. say. with play.
MD; for me bare, fine underwear. speak, a week,
bag, won't drag. done. on one. rift. delightful gearshift!
knee, there, heartily. night; terrible fright? ill; that hill.
cough; it off! minx, libidinous kinks. tease; my knees!
-- to show smack, the crack rose; my toes,
fine! all mine! lips? these tips!) staring! a pairing?
pick; to lick; luck; to suck. seats; our treats.
wild! the aisle! Bobs, get auto-handjobs. now. a cow!
attractions, carnal distractions. wine, with nine. Bree, Apple IIe.
perforce, new source heat, can't compete. delight, all night,
fawn, directions upon motion, lustful emotion, nips, your hips,
fire, erotic desire, blast! and fast! see, to me.
gum..." gladly succumb. hear! my spear. sorrow, you borrow.
alone, the phone, bed. some head. knob, to throb,
sit, wet slit. Gertie," or thirty. norm, a storm.
dear, uniform gear. one; my gun; spread, in bed.
Surprise". right size. Thighs," will rise. dear, right here.
dream; that scream deny, dessert, multiply. near; tenderness, dear.
vrai? I daresay. sauce; and across. hot, vin pot.
CD-ROM, is Dawn. name! without shame; me. some tea.
tub! a pub; peach; to teach; good; my wood;
young; be wrung; curled, petals unfurled I) your thigh,
four, the floor let, I'll bet below, you know,
spear, lingerie's sheer. sweet; a treat. delight, whatever tonight.
bone!) a groan, get, and wet, Net, getting wet.
attraction, my action thirst, and nursed. rump, a hump.
wet, my pet. "cybersex". is complex? lovers, the covers.
deductions. such functions. find; afternoon grind. net, cybersex yet."
adored! a board! face! of place! scene. -- Vaseline.
back! lives lack! often, was boffin'. thread, ain't dead.
hunch, to lunch. home, it's dome. perv. to serve.
follow, foggy hollow, bit, but spit. Muller, young Tuller.
house, her blouse. Louis; is gooey, Missouri, cure me.
Missouri, all furry, expectation? from masturbation map; top matter-of-fact,.
tight, in right, condition, for commission. MO, a ho,
thoroughbred! the bedspread. must, my lust, say, different way
around! round pound. P., the sea. zone. Your bone
odd, your rod. bed, with dread. be; dear E.
torn, and worn, again; more pain. around, the sound,
little...)Yes! dot dress.) thing, sing - all, Kniphofia tall;
42C's, little squeeze. great, excitable state. scrotum, vote 'em
resist, "Please desist. now; (and how!). mate, and wait
hag, a bag. place, loving embrace, brought, get caught.
little, your fiddle. magician, a position. south, ask howeth
wipe, your pipe. reaction, lurid attraction, sole. my pole
Internet; tried yet. dear! the rear. thing! old string?
sand; to land. flight, all right; jungle. among all
tonight, blissful delight. forlorn, and torn, sublime, inappropriate time.
hour, thundery shower, know, to go. sec! that wreck
pet. the wet.) crew, at you! punch! sweet honey-bunch?
dear, it's clear maybe. we'll see. mess! my dress!
here, my dear. hard, will bombard, rail, hell --
control, the roll station, my inflation shred- in bed?
neat, and sweet, plans. my glans) chewing! take youing,
three; can't see, us, big fuss. compare; wouldn't dare.
out, see about doubt, tuckered out; fine, their design.
rest; my quest. jest; your quest? stress. would guess,
say? very day. way, early today. pun; more fun;
best, will attest; abandon, brand on yet? the net.
here. drink beer. inspires, sexual fires! Becks, like cybersex.
before; as "Lenore". up, my sup? aboard; actually ignored
busy, a tizzy. notice, your lotus. Indy, named Mindy.
maid, get laid, chance, a cyber-romance. toy? be coy)
vibrator, her creator! discover, cybersex lover. beg, your peg,
frustrating, be rating, wearin', are starin'. receive? I'm naive.
way, or lay. cater, up later. true, replace you.
fine, of wine. unique, you seek. femme; a gem.
rim, crystal quim. while, final mile. long, getting strong.
"mile" a while. missed, cybersex tryst? notion, a commotion
LoriAnne, a man, friend. might end. soon; hunting poon.
Bay, his prey. butts, of guts rebutless. be nutless.
way, the bay. Quartz, his shorts. Cyrus, sexually desirous.
Rex, be complex. nation, our procreation. for, I explore
naff. a laugh. queue, for you. frontal, your cunt'll
loo, least two! mind? you find dear. a year.)
fool; but you'll me, should be recruiter, pursued her;
tutor, a computer. net, can bet. tutor, the computer.
tools, the drools. wet. fuzzy yet.) I., the F.B.I)
down, the town, in, your trim. fret; it gets.
holes, my pole, prod, my rod. yet, you bet.
need, we agreed dong. very long) section, shoppers detection?
pants, the eggplants! -- to bed. today; melted away.
kind; of mind. because, the Oz. E., See
digressing, and pressing. thrashin' hand-smackin' fashion. morning, without warning.
me. couldn't see. doing?" some screwing." door, the floor,
spell, like hell.) adoring, heart's roaring, rely, your fly
down, the ground, mast, too fast, top; I mop.
ears, the gears, in, once again: back; your crack.
achieved, never believed. she, dick. He much; is such.
noted, great candy-coated. stand, trembling hand concur, to her.
wrong, too long. tree, you see. blow, don't know.
sight, remain right. here? do fear. inured; be assured.
spanking, was yanking, beer, come near. see, always O.D.
clit. called "lickety-split." thirteen; called "inbetween." drastic. of plastic,
champagne. window pane. platonic. We're telephonic. romance, sexual trance.
tethers, of leathers. said, to bed? before, the score.
stay; the day. age? a stage? chere, you there;
say. to play. unruly; waiting unduly poise. ze joys
Gus, VAX Unibus. Slatey, a VAX/780. Veronica, for fur-otica.
Kline, maiden on-line. awhile, limerick style. dead. on, instead.
us, computis interruptus. computer, virtual suitor. bane, M! Pain!
windows, diamonds glows. on, c'est bon. Hawaii, drinking Chardonny.
loss, grow moss) tourists, nether bits. speak; and squeak.
Deb, Internet celeb. sweet- you treat before, I adore..."
cry, try... "


apparel, that Carol forgotten, soft cotton, regret, with sweat.
lithe, we writhe. neat, my feet. cow, a sow.
me; palm tree. hide, in stride, own, have grown.
me, traveling spree." trip," Freudian slip? nag, of bag?"
warts, good sports. queries; have theories. you, what's true.
indescreet, I eat? right. that site. debut. Carol's tattoo,
enchanting, were hot-panting. share. or mare. obsessin'; daily professin'.
size. her eyes. long. a thong. dear, I fear.
blessed, I guess. find, there, behind. nine. of wine.
white, there tonight. White. and light. two; know you.
wine; we'll dine. suck, to buck. romance, my pants.
sweet. we meet. revive, the drive. heat. my feet.
restraint, a complaint. stink, I think. only", Lea-
right, and tight? finger, lips linger, yours, all fours
say: never betray. wanna, A me!" would agree
persevere? get near hay, beef fillet. here. will appear
truth, sharp tooth. intending, sexy pretending. shrine, that line.
blind? can't find. astounded! perfectly rounded! word, I'll ungird,
pink, I think MIA; to play. stump, a hump.
pump, his stump. willin' a fillin', dreamin', start screamin',
twin. have been. poodle, often canoodle, often, and scoffin'.
were, was pro-PER. in- to grin. well, to swell.
cache, never trash, sweet. to compete, flirt; your shirt.
scanties, smooth panties, forum. a quorum related, so elated.
feeling, we're squealing. appealing, knees kneeling. me, shucking me.
fours; get yours day, to say rutting, outwardly jutting;
here, and clear. yet, yesterday, pet. tipple, your nipple;
confess, of undress, outside, the tide. around, my hound?
hair. you care? red, not wed. appalls, on walls.
Rover, all over. appears! in years, scene; position obscene.
way! most everyday. free, to be disease, to tease.
bed, of head. gone. to dawn. duck, the muck,
back; been slack. dead, in bed. berefth, I lefth.


great, in '98? time, in line demand, a stand.
seek, a week Play- news-stand today. pity? to titty;
fiction, my addiction. please, you knees. red. the bed
in, sexual sin. pet, you get, in, identical twin.
mask, the task dream; to scream! Sat- do that
know, touser commo- stare, down there; Doc, the shock
seek, a week. creepy, or weepy, Maureen; of sixteen.
-- stopped responding? again. his brain. days, post-hypnotic haze.
cease! need ease!


happen, flap, and taste, and waste jihad, are bad.
stuff? and tough, peeves, too, please. swat! is not!
fly. a lie. bored. been gored. lame, a flame.
noose! a truce. Gates, he castrates. cd's! on TV's;
mistake; ever make. suck; a truck. wishes, small dishes.
crass, in class. crude; to allude spammers, recycled yammers.
good-bye! no lie! Daily, so scaly; engaging, you're waging,
less; of cess. feeling, the ceiling". sorts; his shorts.
crude, large brood rhyme, no time boy, You annoy
not; it's got. soup; your poop. spammers, their pajammas,
high; to try. dog, dumb hog. incense; incredibly dense.
right, quite tight. small, your ball. apprehensive; liposuction's expensive.
Oster! spamming imposter; Jason, would hasten. lass! some class.
ineptical; folks dyspeptical. Northwest, it best Jim, a quim.
endeavor, very clever, Herkin? been workin'. wit, get it:
cad! spotted unclad? code, cross-posters load chap, spammer's crap.
bit; writing shit. you, can do. mail, the rail.
foray, bad day. invectives, chosen ad-jectives: letter, do better.
Sway; this Gay, hilarious, spammers nefarious. cope, you mope.
cow; are now. bore; old whore. again. here remain.
come, of some. cad, and bad. dead. his head.
enslaved; well behaved. crap, short nap. die. nice pie.)
sot? fake Caldicott. meets; the streets; O'Conner. grand honor?
caught; you ought ass, so crass. YOU! despicable crew
clear, I fear. around, our ground. here, a queer?
convey, this way; Spuddie, you see, meadows, in ghettos.
needed? have conceded. know, falling below shit; no wit.
sigh, and dry. new; a clue. yawn, the spawn
grouse, good spouse. candle, you'd dandle. admit; a fit?
fear, excedingly queer. better, spam letter. ignore, old bore.
pass. attribute, alas. nowhere, two pair: it; Macho bullshit.
quick, it stick. Mick, is thick. faint. decidedly quaint,
see, to me. cars, to Mars head, had said.
science? much reliance cool; a fool. friend, the end.
innocent, could misrepresent right; really uptight. fine; isn't mine.
seat, full heat, fool; a rule. oldies, and goldies.
schmuck! fucking puck? lass? to pass glance, high stance.
in; would fling. spewin', you ruin! few, his due;
back, is black. dying, are frying; dump, just jump
bereft: gaping-assed cleft. Main, happened again! crave, friend Dave.
paunchy, get raunchy! vet; oxygen debt. lab; a slab;
salt, liquid asphalt. pray, Lazarus lay, mercy, like Percy.
rap: of crap; here, come near? topic? quite myopic?
spammer... the slammer. "groaner", a loaner. die, a sty,
net; he'll get. Britain, mighty smitten? hear; of beer.
apropos, don't know Lars, world's stars. Mike, a hike!"
"ignorance...painful" more gainful. go, 'bon mot', drivel, a snivel-
bag; a snag. group. your poop tone, little moan
spin; shall win. out, could spout. stones, astride thrones?
cross-posting, a roasting. tries, must criticise, gear, limerick here.
grime? new slime. spam; a jam. ... you're through.
Winkel; just sinkle. shit! little bit! kissed, who's missed
shame, asexual name. hunt; poor runt.


cunt, to hunt you, rectal flue? disdains. he refrains.
Ron, rat spawn) he's, anal cavity. a, 'n a
roast; and toast. Hell; worthless ne'er-do-well. pass: no class.
churn, handle astern. rocks. old socks. Comet, of vomit.
voice, much noise. A.J.L. rhyme well. brown, turned around.
cheese, your knees; gain, for pain. rhyme, our time.
dog, third-rate travelogue. toes, fungus grows. crass, our ass,
-- so crass? concessionaires; who cares. caterwaulin'? small 'un.
up! your cup blue, to you: fart! not smart.
sass, me gas. site, and night. philology, form gynaecology.
stronger. no longer; dad, a cad. prick. mum sick;
hill, to pills; twit. and omit shit, with it.
humor! a boomer. not; of snot, got; li'l snot.
here, in here. rife, a life. absurd! the verb.
fool. stupidity's cool. this? a piss. online, to opine.
brother, can smother pass, lacks class. balls, the walls.
lab; a slab; lab, a slab; enough. this stuff
shit, asshole twit, viciously, nose inauspiciously. tool. your gruel.
face? that place, mind, sharply defined) loser, AOL user,)
rhyme; our time. smut, their rut. smirk, real work,
ass, our gas job; you sob. Dock, to rock
shit. of it. alt.limericks, stupid pricks. true! the spew
here? bloody clear. dammo, pyramid spammo. crass; please pass.
spammers: and yammers, U.S.? to distress. day, to say.
shit, lack wit. tires, the fires. page, likely engaged
poke. to smoke. hag! a shag. cool, my tool.
despise, their demise.


inventive, hightly attentive. free. to be all; a ball!
skunk, his junk, quaint. this ain't. Brits, me fits.
apologise, will plagarize. us, but detritus. twit, understand "wit",
sympathy. much empathy. screw, a few. all, here appall.
trade? his blade. before. a bore. devout, it's about.
Shame! illustrious name! indication, sexually-speaking, frustration, twit. lame JokesnShit,
indeed; never succeed. rhyme; a crime. lab; a slab;
half-witted? have shitted? prose. your nose, mad! so bad,
backbite, you cite... thuggery, from shrubbery. he? to me.
Ogg, bloggable bog. reply; a guy. ill? the pill,
wallows, and shallows. He, his diapie. unabashed, with gas.
steel, you feel other; a brother. one. sow one.
dears; twenty years. tonight! so tight. persist, our midst.
sense. makes offense. Ogg, rottweiller dog, best, a guest.
annoyed, he avoid swine, indignant whine, yet, the 'net,
fun, the run. cunt. an affront. rejection. used contraception.
prose, never rose. perverted, too assertive) Mort, insolent snort.
break. we make.


Par? some bar? Malo, miss so! ship, and quip.
troll, his soul? squelch, foul belch. stench, and retch
vile, entertain guile twit, little shit. twits; it fits.
Brit, of shit. twit; the wit, States, he hates
queer, a mystere. incentive. inventive -- man? my can.
bit, snappy wit, write, so polite. flame, your name.
elated, not constipated. way, their say, al, you, pal,
hammer, site spammer, net; he yet free; off me.
factor, attract her. spouse, your house. beyond, are fond.
polite? too light. flame; really game. head!" brain dead.
see), for me. spammer, a hammer. bad; a lad.
clarification, an abomination. site, quite shite! apprehended, badly offended,
arbitration, of deliberation, messy: on Bessy around, be found
cater. Hillary hater. chest. the test. Iraq, come baq,
monsoon, the moon, slumming; group hummng. true; to do.
Main, a pain. riled; being defiled. Bourke, to pork.
Gearhart, rear, fart. fraction; the reaction. above; a shove.
Viking; the fighting. rude; a prude. flame, to blame.
neat; you're beat. person, worse on flamer. the impaler.
rest. the best rest, the best. jerk, at work.
attention; some tension; kills; some Jills. personal; being conversonal,
know; and go. flowing!" is growing!" God! to nod!
alt.poetry, or three, ever-present; most unpleasant. pleases, the wheezes.
splotches, girls crotches. defended, is upended, Fred, his head.
dolly; was Polly. hand, his gland. Kid, his lid.
wit, a nit. Net, great regret, down, this town.
fret, non-versical set," now, a cow, weep, nice sheep.


busted. undoubtedly rusted. resultant. lim'ricks exultant! Dave, Internet slave.
net, to Tibet, zappin's, crap ends, sage, perfect home-page.
it, do it. scorn, this morn; while, been vile.
underground, recently found. struck, is stuck beware, javascript there;
frustration, frame application. commotion, stange notion. her, kicked her
then; back again; eBay. Kenneth Lay. net, could get...
Virge, could emerge night, grim appetite. address, didn't impress
me, was free. blew; no clue. go; I know.
Annamette, the Internet; HTML, Press excel, neat. I meet.
esoterica! to America found, snooping around saw, the raw;
today; to say. views, to choose. brat, the cat;
this, of bliss. Annette, the net. IRC-er, his bee-er.
land, one hand, log-inner, before dinner. cool, impending Yule.
impression, in recession, jerk. from work parties; old smarties.
bang? in gangs? long, acerbic song. see, to pee.
many, the penny. lurking, literary smirking, Melissa, to Odessa,
buff, much-learned duff, offended, has tended working, some lurking.
"Bloke, a joke, Website, every night. distaste; arms race?
learn, at CERN. detail, you e-mail, fright, my site,
Go.Com, Bardot (com), Jeb, your deb. Site, with delight.
insiders. close confiders, on-line, I find. blasted; and lasted,


pricks, that kicks. guide, I've lied. throw: a row,
Arc-t, Alt hierarchy. perverse; last verse. composed, to crosspost.
crime, next time. bore. I'll score!" views, through news.
DejaNews, warrant abuse. before, even more. baker, candlestick maker.
understand, are banned, insult, limerick cult. Chung, in dung.
Begad! the Lad? guess, maniacal mess; nude, so rude.
tired, get mired. trance; odd circumstance, mind, the time.
mistaken. I awaken, bad-attitude, broad latitude dangers, amongst strangers.
sense, so dense, say, all day. twenty-third; I've heard.
mar, and R. pest; it just damn; a sham.
droll, its toll, great, limmers, "Irate!" cash? her gash,
-- of mine... -- to none. brain. others plain.
testing, for jesting. go; no mo'. mask. to ask.
blues; the news- today? waffling away. start; take part
impugn. since June. quiet, try it; week, not speak,
wait, to sate. sparse; a farce. here, or queer,
speech; would breach beak. should seek. farewell, been swell."
us, AJL's aegis bountiful; a counterful. eye; it fly.
brain! back pain. joy, a boy! free; the key.
sent, of Kent.


introduction; and buxom. crime, and rhyme. begun, -- everyone?
endeavor, was clever. place, your face. .. "know in".
here, all cheer. ass, to pass. best, the west,
sportsFan, adores WriterMan! heard. my bird. defend; to commend.
church, limerick lurch, wordy, incredibly dirty. chicken! dick lickin'?
sell, as well, say. here today. game, my AIM.
steer, decidedly queer, Australia, word failure. back; a wrap.
group, I recoup. succulent, be bent. bed. be said:
aright; early light. tears; anti-tech fears. Net, I fret.
phooey! is screwy, incognito. Jane Doe... so, to know.
bell-- has fell. fan, anger fan; he-men, tea men.
intrude, be crude, offend, a friend. elsewhere. out there?
screw; the two. view, it's askew. Raquel, heard tell;
item! write them! scoop: this troupe. hunt, always confront.
behest, the rest. funk, too-empty bunk. Michelle, to bat_outa_hell.
SFA, gone away. lot, and hot, trot, he's got.
cooze, her cruise." college, chickie ballage. take, little mistake!
that? a bat. chicken! dick lickin'? pissed! and desist.
-- our fold! zoo, for you. hot! fabulous twat!
-- latest reaction. ingrown! have shown; ready? some heady!
Saul, by all. today? meter away. unfit, a snit.
bog, anything "dog". lot, a jot. grand; can understand.
Lass, of brass, disappear, John Deere Jeeves, the heaves.
back! a fact! kind, I find... you, credit's due!
Point, to annoint. kind, Valentine - rumpus, jump us,
commended; just splendid. lurkin'; hard workin'. perplexed, sorely vexed,
abhor, I adore. obsessed, me distressed. editor, it, or
enough! too rough! Ginger, singe her! wine, exceedingly fine.


Sue, to do. Arden, quickly harden. Cybe, our tribe,
dogs. to Randog's) wait. here straight. remiss, Sister Chris,
enjoy? wee boy... fun, is done. on, was Jon.
though; you know. scene, just fourteen. took, telephone book.
IOWAY, other day. today, school, Hooray! hacked! was cracked!
say, like CIA. said, be dead. been, still lean?
express, completely obsess lead, the thread 'til, rock; still
enough; good stuff. double; in trouble. worry. a hurry.
beat, your meat, today, and play. Charlene, of fourteen)
away; her say queen; and Charlene. here, to fear.
drag; a fag. Lego; San Diego. fires, telephone wires.
came, Internet Flame! get, never met! always, two days!
bell, quite well. her! much better! -- to mourn.
fear, limericks here. net... your bet. say. that way.
Persians, nefarious versions; libel, her bible. posted, and boasted,
horrida, in Florida way, access OK, shout; beaten about.
skies, quite loudly. read, skittering screed, handle. her mantle.
head, with dread. Dow-jee-shi, in Brindisi, now, cash cow.
court; a sport. firm, horrible worm, remain, public domain,
mistakes, the States. see, relative misery. rant, cannot recant,
not, we've got, doomed. is ruined. verbacity, quite nasity.
news, the blues. bike, a dike four, to explore.
ride; and slide. found, not drowned. tonight; just might
rant; just can't. snipes, loved bagpipes! love; in glove.
Tape; terrible shape. pasties! edible tasties, while, to pile!
quiet. buy it! Cheryl, a beryl!) Lucy, very juicy.
pass- the lash! Frog; on egg-nog. bunk; his trunk.
last. not past. now, so foul. dawn. feeling forlorn


net, no sweat. Earth, of mirth, bad; be glad.
here, good cheer. true; Lila Sue. planes, capital gains,
forthwith, a wordsmith. offended, ever intended. Birch, a church,
us, in Texas, wise, no surprise. write. bring delight.
Nash. he'll dash; compete. so sweet. taken, be slakin'.
nice, some vice. time, see rhyme. Lori, in story.
be, and gentlemanly. killer-bees, in jillabees, Chaine, Tim Main.
sublime. a rhyme! peek, you sneak. stupor, a blooper.


spam, I am. do, a Jew. cuisine, sex machine.
melted; been pelted. a-boozing, of cruising. scan; one can.
bums, temporary drums. quick, even slick, sweet, that meat!
you, have you: taste; a waste. sucked, fountains mucked.
slow; to know lout! on about. meat; a treat.
SPAM, of "ma'am," sick, totally thick. Beth, with meth.
Beth; bad breath, aright; will write, you: all two,
abusing' most amusin'. chains, what stains. master! paedophile pastor,
time. some spine kind. do mind. lame; the game.
am. to slam. GeoCity, are pretty. annoying, on enjoying
crude, be lewd, innate; us irate. apes, and traipse
her? you oughter. imp, a chimp. kind; a rind.
crap, our lap; crook, rule book. busy, a tizzy;
Jew, to spew folks, picky blokes. skittish, once British,
past, shouldn't lambaste pages, intrusions outrageous. Selin, nut praline.
fool; your tool. gays, ass-fucking ways, love? Heavens above!
ain't! me faint! paint, a taint. right! too bright.
French, a stench, Dutch, or such; K, him away.
stock, a crock, Swede; that breed. billion; the million.
alert, verse spurt abusing, are choosing fumin', I'm assumin'
aghast, money fast." term, as sperm. come; too dumb
glass, I'll pass Ham, a telegram. spam; a damn.
slopes; great hopes see, could be begins. it ends.
Spam, and ham. bare; their hair; obscene, seriously lean;
proclaim, so lame. raise, double glaze..." indeed! be freed
misled, he read. Selin: be mean, Selin, our spleen.
awe, only law: time; a rhyme. epistle, and mistle-
information, the nation free, to me. dumb, has some
-- cannot refuse. today, your way. housewives, their lives.
e-cards; by yards. endure: in manure, rankles, his ankles,
notion, hand lotion. believe, can deceive. crass. your ass.
spammers, into slammers) this, the piss, spam, a clam,
Ken, a grin. trio? Oh, spamming, just jamming
cook, a look. butt; did cut. address, and confess,
made, get laid, came, the same, concern, can learn,
ID, not see. two, to view fear, will appear
spam, deceptive scam. do, "To Screw". free? will see?


matins, wears satins; down, were found. keep, hundred-odd sheep.
Dobbin, pulses a-throbbin'; dog, Agnes agog. bull. his tool;
hair, and bare, differ; they quivver. sisters; of misters.
catches, your snatches bed, been said; then, the men.
Superior, mostly inferior. that?" Sister Pat." bed, me head.
cunnilingus! bring us Marseille, sexual way. monastic, turning elastic.
Deal, isn't real,


suppose, death throes, drunk, a Monk. knows? the prose.
know; age, so hassock, his cassock; around, a sound.
Brasell, hear tell. hope, the Pope. again; so plain.
maul; to call. disgust, her bust. disguise; to rise,
grim, her whim; run! the nun. nun, sexual fun.
pristina; Chapel Cistena. doubt, is about remember, prehistoric September,
this: Sis Chris. years, at Sears; cursed, sexual thirst.
after, but dafter Septembers, for December's Ericka, very Ca-
'Wet, don't forget! sainted, be tainted.", sin, I'd been
Jaws; fishy, because Sepulchre, a skulker; pocket; your socket.
"Crunch!" of brunch. swamp, let's romp!" much! your touch;
vexation, who,' consternation. piss, a kiss, okay, the hay.
shockers. beta-thing blockers. nun, the one midst, often pissed.
sated, equally weighted. wine; the Rhine. why, percy goodbye;
fun, my gun, Clary, would vary. flashin' great passion.
bewitch; insatiable itch, mid-summer, limericks dumber. date, awful fate.
Imans, own glans. smitten; am hittin'. shrewd; to elude,
wary, Chris' contrary confused. gets used. December; an ember.
sonnet, blue bonnet; trick; your prick. dry, may try
bore; I'm more odd, will prod cloister, much moister
crack, camel's back, demanded, was remanded. hiding, fruitfully biding,
undressed, (the pest) bliss; than this? postpone; the zone.
before, man sore. mercy! to nursey; cry, this lie.
pimple, most simple. soon; the harpoon. what? foul twat.
about, old trout, Christine, Chapel Sistine disgrace; this place.
Christina, my wiena Dentata, I gotta); yen, off men.
me... times three. cares; some spares; A, she's horrend-
Messina, a hyena, luncheon, like crunchin' Chris, like this.
if, a jiff, zipper, upper lipper. ass, to pass.
hunt. last stunt. Inquisition, their imposition. e'er, be aware.


us, dishevel us, me. times three. abbey, a tabby.
Lamb, with spam. dark, my mark Bess, a mess.
morrah, Sister Deborrah bejabers, her labours. Pope, much hope.)
go, to sow. dwelt, she knelt, hot, totally forgot.
fight. visit tonight? attraction, the action; half. bloody giraffe!
snack? Big Mac. pickle, a trickle offer, to proffer;
mission, latest addition. skewed. book, Dude. price, special dice.
do; cozy igloo. Christina; than pristina. frocked, we talked.
Gardena, new arena, marks, by sparks, flight; first sight.
course, can endorse; names, grandest dames. - mountainous chest.
teacher? will feature school, golden rule, misled, her head;
me!!! you see?


Hollow, soon follow; son. of nun. higher, no liar,
Widows", the meadows. similar; sound familiar. know, John Doe.
haze, indolently laze; stunk, old skunk, beware, over there.
sin, wander in. say, me astray. take, at steak.
much! your touch; nun, no fun! droll, newsgroup hole.
drill; is brill. bites, the heights thrill. of skill.
feast, ravening beast, mistake; a fake. padres, a raise.
regression, wicked obsession confess! this mess. least, has ceased.
dagnabit! blab it. done! and nun. guessing? be messing?
neck? on deck. wreck! by heck! enough, seeking muff.
sight; a night. nympho-were-nun; have fun. amiss, Sis Chris.
guns, sexiest Nuns, underneath, her sheath. adventures? prevent yours


believe, sans reprieve Superior) reverend sect. coffers, of Elephant-boffers.
confirmation, my motivation! in, cardinal sin. Braun; flying around.
guest! you repressed ploy; her joy. A: no way.
uncool, a fool. job, for Dob. care, pious fare.


Clean,' old Listerine far, look bizarre; appealing, for healing;
spare! Prepare me, spittle me; spasm, by orgasm.
twat, it's got. moaners, few boners. stalls, Saint Paul's,
predilection, on reflection,


bunks... big chunks! teeth. ones underneath. parchy. quite starchy.
full, I'm indigestable, known, a groan Hugh! a chew.)
again, the chin. non-believer, hidden cleaver. mess, comma s.
great; quite late. mumbled, then stumbled, say, his way.
flash, whip lash! caught, her twat appears, changed gears
run, the nun trust, inspiring lust chance, this dance
way; to pay. sport; petit mort; declare; for bear!
joy; no toy; hours; and flowers; past; would last?
bumping. women humping; slipped, they nipped, life, was strife.
this? Sis Chris... case, that place. say, to stay.
fight? who's right? won, the gun. mend; can depend
pits, them twits pittance; for admittance altogether, to tether.
daft," Chris laughed. Tejano. of poblano. gone. any brawn.
nightmare, her lair. -- denotes amputee.


us, Christina. Humungous town, of brown. remember, in November.
basket) and yet nun, carnal fun! met, Perpetually Wet?
load; nun-sized choad! athlete, of Pete. nun, my gun.
here, inflatable spear. thighs, and sighs, emotion; pulsating commotion.
had- She's bad. paces, give chase, thought, I ought
enorm- a storm. meat! my feet! closet! jaws, it
hidden, be ridden! sweet! my meat! again; sisterly train.
distraction; the action. thirteenth; has teeth. unfold. grow old.
Hugh, and Too(l), situate, Street Fornicate. greet, nuns beat.
stumbled, he tumbled. habit, a rabbit. dread, a sled,
bum, fairly thrum. around, the ground. door, some more.
lips, her whips. cries, horrified eyes, heightened, has tightened.
log, at Ogg. door, the floor. make; must break.
well, to swell." Hugh, on through. ceiling. there a-kneeling.
looks. can brook. called; now palled. elan, of plan.
spot; he's got roll, his soul. scene, a sheen)
advances, he chances. air, down there. getaway, the day.
tried, had died. Jayne, quite plain, mounds, suckling sounds.
loud, big crowd. her, a blur. cleavage, additional heavage.
slows. crowd knows. post; your host. by: should fly.


win, with sin. Babbit, white rabbit. Babbitt; her habit,
James, and games, run, their Hon. it; mutters, "Dagnabbit!"
cheerier, Mother Superior nun, some fun. rabbit, Bruce Babbitt.
God, beautiful bod. nuns, in buns. class, to Mass.
Babbitt; grab it. Munich, a eunuch. fun, bicycle un-
habits, a rabbit's. habit? the rabbit? habits, horny, dagnabit!
renounce," a flounce, shirty, I'm flirty. Altoona, Reverend Moona!


nun, for fun. nun, the run; fun," the nun.
begun, a nun. Ananias, highly pious, squall; a pall;
hall; est Gaul: purses, my trespasses; gall, shower stall.
gender, Superior Brenda


Novena," Sister Rowena. bummer; in Summer. shagging, were dragging,
this: Sis Chris, impropriety, a variety. kissed, couldn't resist.
Nigeria, Mother Superior, May, going away. yer, hell yer,
day, young May, he, to see, fit, bit --
scorn, the morn. posteriors, papal interiors. Manhattan, of satin,
poise, choir boys. Mum, it's numb. rum, lust overcome.
doxy, not poxy. flap, without clap. Wet, first met
first, was submersed Mousse-of-the-Mother." did smother. Town, never frown.
place; my face. Nun, much fun. joys. little boys!)
quick, the trick. Veek, laywomen seek. Superior, nay wearier
Altoona, as vicuna.


Judah, praise Buddah. Loyola, night bowler, Jude, calendar rude,
done, Father O'Gunn, simple, Marilyn's dimple. bewitch; and twitch.
Flatulence, as crapulence, Sarah's," of repairers, Mary, the prairie.
cloister, mountain oyster. Hope, own dope. long, and wrong
Blanche, Parisian branch, Roma, in Croma. croquet, sunny day.
monks, edible trunks. said, in bed, slight; think right,
Hope, and dope. Indulgence, divulgence -- breezy, decidedly queasy
undies, feminine sundries, wine, at nine; Moisture, visitors oysters.
Wet, the net. wetter. a sweater. Hope, conventional soap,
Charity, for austerity. mope, the Pope, Claire, to declare:
Claire, only fair, Lou, to do; manequins, Father O'Flannagan's
Matthews, of cashews, Pauls, the walls. Rita, nights incognita.
Vincent's, by incense, Colchester, Brother Sylvester, Pauls, the halls.
Fun, the sun; curtains, pert 'uns. Charity, require austerity.


Nell, or well, Pat; like THAT!" Podunk, she stunk.
Totter? a rotter. Superior, the interior, thrill, the bill.
interior, Mother Superior. Dorgan, hand Morgan. Birch, her search.
Ferrer, of terror. Bray, a day. Juana, wop primadonna.
Persian, mortem perversion; sin, shouting "AMEN!" Coeur, it were;
Hugh; to do. mission, herself wishin' Percy, and versy,
Syria, convent's interior. up, wish up. back, he packed.
nun, some fun. Plata, holy stigmata. gracious!" Tamara Bodacious,
Harriet, motorized chariot. wimple, quim pull, laughter, shaft her.
begin, rather sanguine. Reet, to meet), Larocque, a cocque;
Crockery, the Lockerie. Siberia, interior -- Porter! a snorter,
inferior, her posterior. inferior, her interior. inferior; somewhat cheerier.
inferior; somewhat cheerier. Howe, chastity vow. Verdun, young nun.
Babs, and grabs Ririe, a priory, Perth, of worth.
nigh!" on high. Ghent, in Lent. McNary, would vary.
nunnery; for funnery. money, too funny. nun, had fun.
VOLITION, pregnant condition. habit, F Babbit; Verde, rape thirty
Finn! been in! Elias; too pious. abbey, decidedly shabby.
church, the birch. Hunt, so blunt, Sault, you screw?"
Giotto, a grotto. Tealing, with feeling, "those"-a, I suppose-a.
gunnery, a nunnery. hall, to ball; Parches, on marches.
Verdun, young nun. Gore, and sore. time, simple rhyme.
affinity, in divinity. ahead; my bed. swain; in vain.
"Anne, marry Stan; soul, of control, interior, of her.


straining, thought entertaining. Junction, or compunction, habit, stab it.
fever, leave her. priest, getting greased. sinful. the binful."
disguise, or wise). glue; on too; nun; and hun-
food, my mood. who, a screw nun; the sun
sweet, be eat- grim; wasn't him, "True, would do."
rear, to fear, young, the bung. Rose; our clothes.
wind; have sinned. jowl, nor fowl. host, his post.
all. a ball. Kylie, quite shyly, O'Reilly, genitals slyly.
Keats, about teats, far, prostitutes are: chance; my pants
whim, a quim. pray, marvelous lay. unfold, be told.
It, a rabbIt. devout, was nowt: correct. I object,
Southampton, young nun, is, the biz; Airport/Parkway, make hay,
Eastleigh. being beastly, Win-chester, impressed 'er. Basingstoke, her cloak,
Woking, not joking. Clapham. wrap 'em. Waterloo, to you.
BBC1, a nun. Sun, topless nun. Wet, the net.
ain't, terribly quaint. in: convent within. old; decades untold.
Marie; January 3. spell, of Hell; Irene, over eighteen,
over-dramatic, the attic. pants, a trance. sleek, a week.
here? I fear. scratch; her thatch. nun, has fun.
it; strum it. Mother, none other. Sunday; fun day.
Kylie; said shyly. inaccurate, conception's immaculate. Peru, to screw.
her, board her. friend, without end. pain, we'd strain.
Sybil, always a-dribble; heaven? than Devon." Sybil; Kevin mid-dibble.
due, July 22 run, for fun.


Hunt, her cunt. Superior: breasts inferior? duress, she'd dress
California, to warnia, Dutch) and such. ain't. Saint --
Altoona, in Laguna. Derry, would vary. Bun, some fun.
Coxey, her heterodoxy, diary, and fiery, seen, in green.
undone, the sun. Tess, to confess. seek, and meek.
Rosary, Sister Rosemary; blocked, be shocked,


man, elaborate plan: peripatetic, highly frenetic, ringer, habitual swinger.
trips, milk-ladened nips Keist, best overpriced. Dunn, a gun;
Nun", interview one, clean, milking machine. pronounced, be renounced.
Superior, placid exterior, Cheltenham, beltin' 'em; school, and cruel.
-- done -- departed, they started). fun. the bun.
amiss, a Surplice. fine. clearly benign. Gananoque, [?]
cloister, or hoister, Casey, as racy. hymn, Sister Pym.
me! now vividly Flipper, the zipper -- any one
Murmansk, growing angsk. pristine. the obscene, store, the poor.
nun, (hardly begun) broad, reality's flawed, Shriver, a survivor.
bed, little'r head check... my neck secure... not sure...
tale, orgies prevail. it; a rabbit. west, Mom's Breast,
order, new boarder. East, the priest. net; we get.
lots; holy knots. apse, praying, perhaps cloister, an oyster.
confused, have used, sisters, with blisters. York, fat pork,
nuns, some guns. under, atoms asunder. tainted; had painted.
Dwight, the light, Verdun, young nun. -- and snare...
Len, a yen. written, Valentine Kitten.


Chaldees, you please. old. were cold. lay. and gay.
anoint. of joint. cried, her side. ten. the yen."
foaled, quite bold. dead, that's ahead!" screw, the Jew.
went, camel-hair tent; hill, the kill. bye, and multiply.
stone, it's shown. since, great expense, simple; the Temple.
meet, generate heat. deal, we seal, fight! ain't right.
above, a shove. Ezekiel, meek will..." him? undo him,
demanding," named Blanding, high, did try. Bible, be liable
nice, the price. den. by then.. Daniel, Dan yell
men, and again. indeed, Mrs. Mead. Gagan, sinuous pagan.
Ham, a damn! crush, Haman's tush!" heaven, chief leaven;
ecclesiastical, and factual, Isiah, coming Messiah. Jael, a gaol
Sisera, kisser, her fits, his wits, warred, couldn't afford
dead, in bed. dears, enemies fears; Methuselah; a luselah.
malign, ladies bovine. life. his knife.) understand, Promised Land.
Joshua, you are! touch, and such Ebeneezer, please her.
Guam, so calm, saw, big flaw, Sheba, Mein Liebe.
dream, 'twould seem. Jew, he knew. lots, with tots,
fun, have done; exotic, fierceness despotic. understand, and sand.
Babel, instant rabble. God, old Nimrod. wall, feet tall,
portrayed, his trade. ball, the wall. recall, the scrawl
complaint, of paint;


begun, finally done, deny, than I. fable, murdering Abel,
dear, stand clear. "We've, we believe grass, a lass.
Eve, to believe fake. a mistake. Adam, his madam.
alone, fully grown. strife, simple life. believe, to leave.
on, the fouton: 'em, had 'em, tooth, Original Truth:
trial, the espial, plea. to be Adam, a madam.
gate, figleaf fluctuate? Eve, to perceive pardon, the Garden,
Eve, not believe. balls, in malls. met, my pet.
Eve," dissimilarities we've. fight, first bite: gate, so irate?
pose, except those deceive. didn't believe Finder, remind her
everywhere. the dare." crime, as I'm. unrequited, remained unexcited,
strife, botched life. -- biological freak? cause, it was.
treadmill; no thrill. distance, serpent's insistence. Eve, not conceive
apple, to grapple created, happily mated. elated, and stated,
created, in, belated, slated, parties related, hated, just masturbated,
measure, burliest treasure. see, we'd be? Bible, are liable
poke, Adam spoke. totalitarian, (what's this??) keep, was deep,
decree. thinker, he. wit, big hit. wily, sinister, slyly
garden... your pardon. nerves, sensuous curves," soup, this group
rib, no fib) Fitch, ever hitched? Adam, had 'em.
funny, the money." Chief, with grief; Rigg, a twig,
fun, me one lovered, man hovered. Eve, to deceive.
stands, urinary glands. Fib! a rib.


Jane, moralists' bane. reaper, sheep cheaper, Cain, and profane.
table, Cain, unstable, Cain, 'tis plain. assume, Eve's womb,
feast, God least, vexation, divine condemnation Abel, and stable,
hot, his lot. began, of Man. twosome. grew some,
plain, to refrain. cable) the table. complain, in vain,
Abel? biblical fable. be, their geneology, that, Adam begat


Eve, reprieve - slant, the plant tree, "Private property."
fuck, was plucked. ages, lust engages. man; the pan.
fame, the dame. de-classified, confide -- alone. and moan.
gone, linger on, ceased. and released. a-weedin', and seedin'.
slur. will concur." fleur. would mature. a-weedin', then seedin'.
poor; odorless fleur; Sweden, of Eden. tree, to me:
all. "Mankind's Fall." tame. a name. fall. must pall.
best. the rest? all, that crawl. Jeeves, and Eve's.
espirit, Vatican III; tree, you see. birthplace, worse place.
it, to it. suit, forbidden fruit. disguise, all-seeing eyes.
wait! so state. Eve, little naive. bible; was liable.
grief, for relief. grief: the Chief! prig, that pig.
green, temptor VIPERINE. debate, did create. preach, or peach.
neaten, a cretin, madam. you, Adam?" Eden, their breedin'.


pair. "Oh hair." Apple, primordial grapple: partook, The Book.
agreed; the need. Eden, or speedin'. Eve, his achieve-
bound, the ground, stronger, much longer. fetish, get pettish,
penis. mean, as boss, you've lost, BOWER, to cower.
heedin' about readin'. Eve, to cleave. pall, to stall,
buts; you putz!" winner, the sinner 'em. or madam?
Eve, my sleeve, sin. to begin." less, mental distress;
break," to partake spoil, to toil; he, her nudity.
pure; her lure. Fair? be there." day, philosophers say.
Eva, with cleaver, gain, doleful refrain, "Beget!" you bet.
know, to show humor. close roomer. downhearted, had parted.
say, be gay. up, took up back, dope-peddling knack.
Eden, from Sweden; fib, ad lib., Knute, his route.
believe, didn't conceive; son. be done, perk, the housework',
Eden, of feedin'. Paradise, for vice. day, cried nay!
glib, a rib; crude; be nude. stream, to scream.
Gibbs, his ribs. her, an enthraller. pure, her lure.
tarry, I marry? fate, the bait. wary, quite hairy!
Cain; criminally insane; solution, through pollution. boobs, the rubes;
through! on you, garden: can harden? sole, the control
Eve. I leave?" fart? first start? pleasure, some measure!
dell, pell mell. her, he's older.


gang, first bang. grand; a stand. believe-- nigh Eve.
sand, each strand. Reeves, he believes, Adam, for madam.
Eve, damn načve. leave, her peeve. grinning; and spinning,
you, a screw, slake, to take. garden. a partin',
day, did say: grin, to skin. astray, quite risque.
concerned, be learned. wary. quite hairy." Eden, breed in.
collusion, to conclusion. Eve, her sleeve. make, ever partake
found, is bound; propound. have found, crafty, very deftly.
mate, his date. pluck, Donald Duck, dapple, they grapple.
mating, while waiting. flap'll, of apple." Eve, are naive.
to, they do? make, of cake. Eve, Adam relief.
luck. a fuck." sake, won't slake. crap, clever chap.
fills; silly windmills? days, productive ways. jerk; your work.


Quorn, were torn. bower, an hour. crieth, challenge Goliath?
lieth. had crieth, Goliath, he dieth." twitht. got pithed.
ferocity. every atrocity, bull. a pull." book, boy, took
Saul, that all, cry. say I, pardon, hard on.
and, cows and request, Saul's behest, resistant, forever persistent,
mission, total omission. booty, a cutie, wife, a life,
yelling, for telling, throng, came along, certain, big hurtin';
rock, much shock: shock, to knock fatter, to batter.
three, And he sing: a sling.


pike, to strike. affection, His direction. stable, no fable:
go, folks know? yearning, matters concerning quick, leprotic prick.
advice, would suffice. miffed, a rift. rod, the sod.
band, right hand. quips. make slips "recoils, and broils
Ham, I am. walls, trumpet calls. corn; so forlorn.
doors, Philistine (w)hordes. trouble, to rubble, halt, of salt.
"nix", sure ticks. a-tasket; wicker basket. Sea, for me?"
odd, self-declared God saw, his law, slender, serpentine splendor!


boa, with Noah, Isaiah, coming Messiah. knew, plus 62,
tires, length, miles-frequent-fliers; stay, they say. aghast, still passed.
night, of spite, SUN, for fun. plan, creation began,
Nick. be quick." embrace, her place. sore, he'd restore.
gaffe. by half, fault, did halt, draw, he saw.
dad, be had, bother, they oughter, test, the best.
stint, a hint spoke, in smoke." undressing, started caressing.
came, your name." forgot, he sought. pure-- sheep manure.
saw, the raw. say, the way. door, his whore.
frowned, and drowned. poured, God's sword. head. him said.
cream-- their scheme. roam-- was known. clear. I fear.
amphora, strumpet Lenora. solved; solution's involved. EXALT. chief fault.
Bible, of survival. o'er, a bore; began, Genesis, man!
right, and night! places, human races. Babel, Christian-type fable,
sailor, a failure.


whale, this jail, whale, rather pale, gory, so hoary.
rebuke, and peruke, whale; to bail. whale, and hale.
Hale, a whale. avail, a whale. late, fisherman's fate;
along, your song." sail, the whale. Jonah, a groaner.
rail, a whale,


Aaron, most barren, affronts, lustful grunts." dunce, their cunts
dunce, klutziest stunts; confronts, Calf stunts. months, a dunce,
dunce. idolatrous stunts. strong; come along." laugh, not half!
descended, quite demented, yearning, of learning. fame; second name.
keep: images heap dad, that's bad. life, rife --
whiny, idol shiny: Egypt; toe dipped. Habbakuk; that schmuck.
ass, deafening blast. It, scoff it. man. he ran.
Israelite: all right. stone, would atone. bone, of stone.
screw; only two. snit. your shit! knoll, to extol.
madder. an adder, around, was found us, ancient papyrus;
things, kosher upbringings. go!" answered, "No!" Moses, unnatural poses,
command, his land." roses. no hoses. what, SHALT NOT.
Zipporah, a whorah;


Ararat, was that. flood'll, will huddle;" ark, the dark.
-- they wait, Arc, the park. bottomless, candid hippopotamus.
saved, mildly depraved. spermatozoa, eons agoa. dabble, a rabble)
Ark, Noah remark, Mark, Noah's Ark, race, shockingly base.
dark, the ark, poured! and bored. tent?" and repent!"
dark, a park, barge, to discharge, Noah, a boa
Noah, a boa waters, classy quarters. shower, reckoning power.
remark, Noah's ark. Genoa, poor Noah, Ararat. after that,
jam, young lamb. Noah, a boa. booty, like cooties;
ill-fated. strong, unabated. Noah, no moah, who, floating zoo.
good, not understood: Ark, quite stark. too) unabridged zoo.
Noah, would pour. stopped, Ararat dropped zoo, by two.
notion, into motion; Klein, the brine


Salome, Herod's cafe. tart, great heart. duty, a beauty.
forth, the north. sought, the court. nice." a trice.
friend, no end. known; the throne, wed, was red;
swan, stitch on. said, purpose, instead, pale. did prevail.
said, a dread.


text, and vexed. ample, a sample: hair, I fear.
clipped, she flipped. build, town's guild gimmee, dim me;
hair, Samson despair. hair, be there. delight, very bright,
hair, incredible pair. Sampson, pants on. Clouse, a souse.
fair, should share. Philistines. the Phillipines. fair, no glare.
find, that kind. hair," very fair? face, outrageous disgrace.
hair, and despair. plinth, the length. instead, my head.
rare, any care star, Hedy LaMarr. plight; of sight.
aloof, In truth hair, not there. hair, to bear!"
bawled, get balled-- grass, who'd pass... sight, his might.
hair, so fair! hair, down there." remains; strength attains.
grasses, the masses, -- his pickle. hair, down there..."
ox, his locks. hair, to stare. locks, from rocks,
hair, down there. mind. lowered behind,


Wadham, god damn! Lot; he got. a, swore a
Lot, was hot. Gomorrah, and horrah. - half undressed.
halt. my fault, NOTs, of Lot's. brought, the thought,
Liora, loudest snorer. Gomorrah, fiery horrah. Gomorrab, fiery horrah.
Gomorrah, fiery horrah. halting, called in. Lot, the spot;
crown, neighboring town. Cora. her -- be, and perversity


clods, the odds. air, virgin fair. cave, was brave.
war; no more. above, a shove. Dan, Abidnego, man!
who, You'll do everywhere; man swear. Judith, but concludeth
me, feeds me. speak, this week, power, each hour!
furnace, learn us; flow. did know. bonhommie, onna me!
Rand, his gland. slipped. he clipped, stuck, with muck.
gleam, the stream." Schwartz, her shorts. smart, both part,
fat, privy sat. bed, girl said, tribal, and scribal,
sheep, a leap. four. Babylon whore. joke, a toke,
course! some force. growest. thou knowest creation, a nation.


sweet, be discreet. asunder, a wonder). face, in lace.
Mellin, they're tellin'; Menzies, into frenzies. Legman: beg, man.
Merritt, his garret, snatch; a thatch. fingers; who malingers.
race; incredible pace. wench, invariably clench Chile, and silly;
Kuwait, and hate, delight, the night he, and juicily.
Steiner, to China. flair, "down there"; wonder, gunned her.
try; no fry. race. a case. Keith, my teeth."
Pete, her feet Nick, not strychnic. Hunt; small runt.
dove, of love, beware! with care. Skinner, in her.
he, with VD. Lizard, candy blizzard, Crassus, of lasses.
Grace, cunt-lapping race. quit," left tit. Charley, his Harley.
enough, Miss Huff, eye, feminine thigh. ambition; frightful position.
Nate. of late. Katsy, flat. She match; they'll hatch.
perky," from Albuquerque. hotter, the water. Pete; a treat.
Kate, rather late. Chase, his place, Maud, a fraud.
ho's; it goes. flung, and young; Bert, it hurt?"
her, on her, assails, of males. stunningly, her ethnicity.
Cox, helluva fox! state; his fate. fate!" named Tate.
doubt, don't pout!" street, a treat; German, and Herman;
he, to sodomy. us, about lingus, Doris, humongous clitoris.
weird, a beard. France, his chance. grand. cannot understand,
somehow, her brow. Leith, the heath.


Pace, gave chase. McDeever, cleave her. dine. or shine.
bleeding, doc, pleading. mood, the nude, said, in bed...
Alsace, named Grace. kissed." they reminisced wonder, like thunder.
enough, thith thuff, dumb; bit numb. pleading, desperately needing.
knack, a crack, Gator, florid debater. lap, Ginger's gap.
Buenavista, his sista. rise, creamy thighs, Grange, so strange,
treat, be beat. Bisset, miss it. Roget, one day;
middle; makes piddle. bit," a tit, Gene, fine cuisine,
must, maximize thrust; Hannibal, were tannable. McLure, so pure.
is, many cases, it? repeat it: State, not abate.
cry, like "Why?" boys, favorite toys. sweet; my feet.
divine, in min': enough; quite tough! Tuckem, suck 'em.
'em. tear 'em. cheers, their peers. breasts, my chest.
insomniac, a whack Claire, of despair, eat. so sweet.


Keaton, somewhat beaten. Elixer, relationship fixer. place; a disgrace!
ask: should bask fence, Sue frequents. inspection, my erection,
suggestion, straightforward question: Tiburon: been blown. Fred, the bed.
money? ass "honey". Alice, solicitor's phallus, Point, of joint
Dot; her slot. romantic; beat frantic. tongues, their bungs.
worse, my thirst. sin, sliding in. Reese: the knees.
confronts, and stunts; Hite, a fright. beaten, mermaid's entreatin'.
head, to bed. far; a jar. sung, he's done.
heart. me depart. Pittsburg, Naval Reserve. Cliver, bee hiver.
Larry, was scary. not! usual twat!


Buckingham, fucking them. reveal, best deal. Detroit, a quoit.
Hunt, be blunt, knows: ladies' toes. single; body tingle.
Algiers, without peers! face, breathing space. Bricker, decidedly slicker.
Orsini, a martini, cunning, were running. statistics, slightly artistic.
Posonby-Smythe, and lithe. contort, of sort. Phipps, during trips.
routes: two hoots. Schwartz, all sorts. my! hair pie,
Lapeer, I hear." cookie, playing hooky), Pease, and cheese.
steel, me squeal, Gunder, down under." Barber, the harbor.
doing. was brewing, said, in bed, tray, a way
Hicks, the sticks. fishy, nice missie, Immoral, the oral.
Scott, waited, distraught. Hicks, the sticks. Case, cunt-lapping race.
affair, the chair. Alsace, the space, have, with Trav';
ate, Penn State. years; three cheers. word, it's absurd
Keating, a beating Pastor, a master; dish. list wish.
pinky, Willie Winkie, Arabia, named Fabia. twit, do it.
sweeter; greet her. champagne, it's plain; Muntz, big punts.
paralysis, this analysis: poontang, big whang, there, pubic hair.
Lee, in Paris, Duff, the muff. surmise, hair pies.
free, her knee. tongue, longer young, equator, young waiter;
McGyver, muff diver! overrated. be hated. MacStroup, did poop.
L.A. heart away! young, he's sprung. weiner, been meaner.
waste, you red-faced. Keith, girls underneath; haste, and taste
dingus, her fingers. Bork, a fork. Morocco, quite macho.
Peter, pussy eater. Gough, the muff. strong, your dong.
Alltree, and paltry. sings, favorite things. young, the tongue.
kahunas, girl's pantaloonas, masterpieces, thought pleases. Young, him unstrung.
missed, can twist girl, unforgettable whirl. Luntz, fancy stunts.
cartouche, gent, Scaramouche. Bright, a fright. O'Dare, in repair.
Potts, evil thoughts, twat; a lot; juice, with use.
nooky, a rookie. win, my chin. clean; a sheen.
finger, to linger


younger, tongue 'er. beards, by weirds, Keaton, be beaten,
Natchez, the batches. Heath, showeth beneath satyr, small elevator.
disgust: did trust, Howard, had deflowered. son. do Jackson.
Susie, the floozie. sit, your clit. traits, all states.
traits, terrible straits. Stan, in Milan. Mason, needed replacin'.
note, his throat. bed; me head!" place; your grace.
know, juices flow. knee, he'd be Alsace, named Grace.
cops, with strops. underneath," named Keith, adventure, a denture
retreat, often meet. went, big dent Nash, gorgeous moustache.
Morris, friend's clitoris, daughter, taught her, night, bit tight;
Blugg, young thug. fire, their desire. Schmidt, wife's clit.
"Listen! your kissin'. that? the cat! margarita, seductive Conchita.
care, "down there". Frood, and crude. goes:) Heaven knows,
tongue, well hung. Wise; a prize, droll, lady's hole.
Young, her bung, pinkie, his wrinkly, mothering, Heights Wuthering;
Kaiser, His advisor Kay, all day. knees, Librarian's squeeze.
boss, from Lacrosse... Rangoon, a spoon. Minnesota. an iota."


Mingus, prefers cunnilingus. clock, along, tick-tock. endowed, pussy meow,
cunnilingus? your thingus." France, named Lance. pill, impotence ills.
cry, to ply ace, dirty space. bed; her head.
Lees, two peas. Keith, the heath, stew, can do,
said, the bed, Zeeter, long peter. Pete, to eat,
counter, mount her. Cluck, good luck Decatur, his elevator.
Grace, her "place". Flynn, to sin: France, perfect romance.
begotten, the twatten Trilling, about swilling. Lee, to me,
sung, under hung. pissy, now, Missy, sucker. to pucker,
el-Din: it in. lunch, can punch, Bruce, no use,
Durham; cure him. pride; good stride. splash, her gash.
"Pete; had meat." clung, too young. off, a boff,
in, hell in muff." "Fair enough; 'em, seat 'em.
Jack, same tack: beguiled, night dialed. convention; are perfection.
young; ago sung. baster; food taster. young, bung
Keith, of teeth. squid, young Sid. pickin'; cold chickin'.
Luxor, fuck, sir! place, and lace; 'em, with stickum.
Neal, a feel. rug; and snug. satyr, mate her.
tongue, well hung. Chase, the case. dear, still here.
Young, been stung. Wokingham, poking 'em. Sutton, a button.
undress, boyfriend, regress; whore; were sore. Lunt, in front.
Pete, his meat. pickel, double nickel, fishie, your kissie.
fears; of careers. rest; your test. bushy. and gushy.
had, are bad. it, Miss Muffet. York, her fork:
Dokks; their flocks. nips, my hips. Fricker, the wicker
thumbs, to come. Peach, her breech.


said, his head said. your head. cheat, quite discreet.
thought, me hot. lame; flickering flame. model; the bottle.
fever, her beaver. Krupp, D cup, Widney, in Sydney;
back; gone slack? face, that place. middle, a little
day; to play, cheeroo, my flue, Grace, a disgrace,
majorette, she'd let Monravia, the labia. steering, the clearing.
Bliss, a kiss. tits, choice bits; debater, from Decatur.
Peter, was neater buckle, a chuckle. dance, to chance;
crack, her back. conclude, of food. Kell, a spell,
a, Be a slit, a split Lancelot, young snot.
Brady; quite shady. Morocco, quite macho. Seaton, be beaten.
invention; with intention. forget, (and wet), quibble, never dribble,
Stella, her fella. face, the place, pee, for free.
feet, to bleat, night, morning light. late; not abate.
fat, protuberant twat. fill, the grill. seditions, ladies lubricious,
young, we've come. young, my tongue lack, my back.
Peter, eat her. knees, to please. blunt; she'd hunt,
disgrace, the race: scant. guys can't Crete, the street.
kiss, great bliss." grin, and gin. honey, some money.
thinking, start a-drinking. be-guile' her while Beeton, to sweeten.
Please! fur-rimmed Slurpees. Keeting, on repeating, delight! can excite,
deft, her cleft. clear, my dear." 'head'. she said.


suffer, miserable duffer, den; man's yen; young, and well-hung.
found; is ground; why, the "Y". goodbye, Maria nearby.
thought, to naught, Jim, was quim. braces, won races.
Phil, he will. bride, and wide. tough, the muff.
Louise, her chemise, young; are sung. Doris; her clitoris.
cutie, bodaceous bootie, greeter; much sweeter.


smell, as well. Young; "It stung!" inspection, use protection
Lee, green bee. diner; is finer. embrace, life's race,
Mike, Jewish dyke. sweet, her feet. craving, you're enslaving,
taste, in haste; complete? It's sweet! teat, to heat.
purrs, plungeing endures. pay, good lay, shaver, with razors.
savor. my shaver, mash; my stash). lady, it shady.
Kim, the gym; Mike; a like. poon, wife croon:
placed, immoderate haste candy, as dandy, Deal, sumptuous meal
Babs. sherbet dabs; -- to fruit plate, here, mate,
tits, munch naughty-bits. dish, might wish under, seafaring wonder:
true. it too. stud, virginal bud. rollicking, a bollocking,
treat; to eat. due, or two mound, are renowned
Gus, unacceptable cuss. Cabernet, at play. twat, a knot.
cunni-relief, lingual grief. McIver, a muff-diver; believer, the cleaver.
on; a tampon. weird, be feared. winner! a sinner.
Waroona, of tuna. juicy, well-basted pussy? Natchez, girls' snatches.
bowl, my soul; Mick, quite sick;