All right! As you wish! I confess!
'Twas Dick got me into this mess.
And Tom, then Harry,
And Steve and Larry...
I've got a bad habit, I guess.
--- Sis Chris

Sis Chris needs confession at least,
Until all of her sinning has ceased.
To absolve her bad ways,
It'll take several days,
And could possibly kill the poor priest.
--- David Miller

Well I'm a bit pissed off, dagnabit!
The reason why, though, I won't blab it.
I had hoped that often
I'd get some Chris boffin',
I'd like to get into that habit.
--- Cyber Wizard

I say, old chap, that's just not done!
The mating of wizard and nun.
But after prayer session,
I'll take your confession
And polish your wand for you, hon.
--- Sister Christina

Is that word from above, or just guessing?
With the Big Guy will you be messing?
I've naught to confess
Until and unless
I am to receive your pink blessing!
--- Cyber Wizard

Is it save to now poke out my neck?
I saw that Sis Chris up on deck.
I sadly remember
Just what she'll dismenmber --
When she leaves, I'm just an old wreck
--- Archie

Oh Popey, you're never a wreck!
Them robes ain't half sexy, by heck!
And they hide what's beneath --
All those scars from my teeth!
(The only thing stiff is your neck!)
--- Anon

Perpetual wet is enough
To tempt an old Pope seeking muff.
But teeth hidden there
When I shaved it bare,
Were cruel and unnaturally rough!
--- Archie

Now, do not be fooled by this sight;
Sis Chris wants you less than a night.
You will not survive
Nor escape alive --
So maybe you just should take flight!
--- Archie

Sis Chris is a nympho-were-nun;
On full moons she's out to have fun.
So lock all your doors,
Stay down on the floors,
And maybe you'll see the next sun.
--- Archie

Perhaps my last step was amiss,
When I stepped in the path of Sis Chris.
For as rumor will have it,
She's a beast in a habit,
Though perhaps it's the path to true bliss.
--- Craig

Tomorrow I'm training my guns
On one of our sexiest Nuns,
In hopes she'll be mine
On this Valentine,
And answer to "Sweetie-Bun-Buns."
--- SFA

But danger still lurks underneath
In gnashers she keeps in her sheath.
But once in my arms,
I'm hoping my charms
Will have her removing her teeth.
--- SFA

So you want to join my adventures?
I warn there is naught to prevent yours
From being chewed off
'Cause I'll never doff
My vagino-labial dentures.
--- Sis Chris

Now Brother, you would not believe
The hours I work sans reprieve
Soliciting suckers,
Male shoppers and truckers;
Those dupes I am forced to deceive.
--- Travis Brasell

For Supermom makes me collect (Mother Superior)
On behalf of our reverend sect.
I'm begging for money
In rainy or sunny...
(What I really want's long and erect!)
--- Travis Brasell

"Please donate and fill up the coffers
At our lady of Elephant-boffers.
Your charitable gift
Will give us a lift."
But nine out of ten men are scoffers.
--- Travis Brasell

I know I could earn confirmation
If long dongs were my motivation!
It would make my day
And prompt me to say,
"Why thank you for your kind donation."
--- Travis Brasell

Sis Chris will let anyone in,
To practice a cardinal sin.
Of course, there's a snag,
When you've screwed the old hag,
You'll not find your todger again.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The same was said of young Eva Braun;
The rumors were flying around.
But it just wasn't true
That if she screwed you,
In a VD clinic you would be found.
--- Ian Mocker

Now Tiddy, be nice to my guest!
I'm not an old hag, you repressed
Perverted sheep shagger!
No Ian, don't stagger.
Come closer. We'll get you undressed.
--- Sis Chris

I'm not sure I like this nun's ploy;
She hugs me and call me her joy.
So I'll keep on my suit
And me overcoat to boot,
For I'm just a simple country boy.
--- Ian Mocker

My dear Mr S, F, and A:
My ass ain't for rental, no way.
No riding. No showing.
Now I must be going
And feed my ass, Dobbin, some hay.
--- Sis Chris

Now Sister, you're being uncool
To treat SFA like a fool.
My purpose, dear Lass,
Is nailing your ass
And not to be dobbin' your mule.
--- SFA

I suppose if you wanted a job,
You could be a stand-in for Dob.
Are you strong and, perforce,
Are you hung like a horse?
You are? Oh be still my heart-throb!
--- SFA

Sweet Sister, I really don't care
To feature in some pious fare.
If nailing that ass
Is somewhat low-class,
Perhaps I'll be serving your mare.
--- SFA

Ain't none of us guys, 'Mr Clean,'
So, not even some old Listerine
Would help any mouth
That's been planted south
On parts of Saint Sister Christine.
--- Travis Brasell

If your mouth has been down that far,
Then, Honey, you must look bizarre;
Once her pussy lips
Get you in their grips,
There ain't nothing left but a scar!
--- Carol

I'm scarred, Dear, but now I'm appealing
To Sister Christina for healing;
So, therefore, tonight
She'll make me look right
When I'm down in front of her, kneeling.
--- Travis Brasell

Good news! I have found you a spare!
We've cornered a spammer. Prepare
For a transplanted dong!
If I don't do it wrong,
You'll soon have a four-incher down there!
--- Carol

Be merciful, Sister, and riddle me
With bullets or stab me or spittle me;
To transplant my dong
With one four inches long
Would sadly short-change and belittle me!
--- Travis Brasell

I found that the muscular spasm
Is triggered in part, by orgasm.
If linger you must
For more than one thrust,
Your dick will remain in her chasm.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I learned with dismay of this twat
And the muscles and dentures it's got.
If nipped off inside
Is my joy and pride,
Digested, or does it just rot?
--- John Miller

This is file qzl

You men are such whiners and moaners,
When asked to give up a few boners.
Still, I'd like to say,
In my own gracious way,
Thank you to all the organ donors.
--- David Miller

Sis Chris is at work in the stalls,
And makes for the poor of Saint Paul's,
From surplus male bits
Large kebabs on spits,
And mince-meat from out of the balls.
--- David Miller

I witnessed her strange predilection
And have to confess, on reflection,
Your dick won't go far
If dropped in a jar,
As part of her gruesome collection.
--- SFA

I stole as they slept in their bunks...
Wee nibbles and juicy big chunks!
Lovely casks, tight butts,
I have to ask, "What's
More fun than a barrel of monks?"
--- Sis Chris

I noticed you brushing your teeth.
No, not those, the ones underneath.
But far from unnerved,
I thought it deserved
This monster, I'd like to bequeath.
--- Father Francis

No thanks, Father Fran, I'm not parchy.
That looks like it might be quite starchy.
No sense to deny it;
I'm now on a diet,
And besides, I have just had an Archie.
--- Sis Chris

I know you are feeling quite full,
Although I'm indigestable,
When you come to pass
Me out of your ass,
You'll simply find more Papal Bull.
--- Archie

Yes, many a monk has been known
To retreat with a moan and a groan
From the bite of the box
That crucifies cocks,
Since Christina is bad to the bone.
--- Hugh Clary

If anyone know that, it's Hugh!
(I once gave his wee-wee a chew.)
But I never dreamed
That he would have screamed
So loud...knocked my wimple askew.
--- Sister Christina

I agree with you, Hugh, then again
Perhaps Chris takes it right on the chin.
Her boss, underrated,
Perhaps is just fated
To be, what, the Cardinal's in?
--- Cyber Wizard

I'm what one calls a non-believer,
Immune to Sis Chris's hidden cleaver.
When I need a hop,
I carefully shop
For a pink, tight, and moist heather beaver.
--- Dirruk

Once again I have caused a big mess
And forgot behind Chris comma s.
While preparing my pecker,
No time for spell checker,
I succumbed to the lure of dear Bess.
--- Dirruk

What a lovely day, it was great;
Now it's getting dark and quite late.
There's a storm blowing.
We must get going,
Where's that driver? He said he would wait?
--- Anon

"That's him over there," I mumbled,
As he swaggered over then stumbled,
All over his feet,
Fell into the seat,
"Just a few nips, miss," he grumbled.
--- Anon

You know what they always say,
About the horse knowing his way.
I hope they're right,
Cause this driver's tight,
With the drink he hid in the sleigh.
--- Anon

That quick we were off in a flash,
My God, I think I have whip lash!
We bounced up and down,
Were bumped all around,
Screamed, "Look out for that tree!," Crash!
--- Anon

Well just when I thought I was caught
Sis Chris has cleaned up her twat
Gave up her claws
And her habit because
St. Peter a lesson has taught
--- Anon

Now this beautiful princess appears
Former Sis Chris has really changed gears
I'm starting to think
I should buy her a drink
But, wait... what about all the tears
--- Anon

Cried by those who have run
Afraid of the wrath of the nun
Who just days ago
Was letting us know
She thinks nuts in a vice is good fun...
--- Anon

I am wondering if I can trust
This new beauty inspiring lust
Or if its a trap
That's gone in a snap
And will end after both my balls bust...
--- Anon

Well, now I'm taking a chance
But, may I please have this dance
If your schedule is open,
I'm gullibly hopin'
To ring in the new year with romance...
--- Anon

Sis Chris has just changed her way;
For her sins, she does not want to pay.
Though I thought I was caught
It appears I am not;
From the nun, I got away!
--- Anon

These rough nuns play my favorite sport;
What you thought you saw's mere petit mort;
While I howled like a hound,
'Twas a splendid first round;
And by golly, I squirted a quart!
--- Allen Wolverton

I've revived, Sister Chris, I declare;
Once again, I am loaded for bear!
Now I'm lifting your habit;
What ho, Chris, dag nabbit!
Down there is a bushel of hair!
--- Allen Wolverton

I still find, love, your funnel of joy;
You discover my rod is no toy;
You have now met your match,
As I rummage your snatch;
As you're wrapped 'round this here good old boy!
--- Allen Wolverton

Now we've thrashed 'round for hours and hours;
Wildly tearing up trees, shrubs and flowers;
The young nuns, standing back,
Watch us jerk, roll and whack;
While the Mother Superior glowers!
--- Allen Wolverton

Now our mind-blowing session is past;
So they thought that I never would last?
The full moon's shining down
On her satisfied crown;
And Christina's at last candy-assed!
--- Allen Wolverton

Then I heard a noise, like bumping.
Arose to find two women humping;
Slid in the middle,
Out came my diddle,
Their tonsils then started pumping.
--- Anon

I thought from her clutches I'd slipped,
But those sharp pussy teeth, first they nipped,
Then sounds of flesh rending,
And pain never-ending,
As off my crown jewels she ripped.
--- Anon

I fancied the old rural life
But all I encountered was strife.
I weren't long in the village
When there was a spillage,
When SFA's back hit a knife.
--- SFA

And what was the reason for this?
I happened to mention Sis Chris...
And caused an uproar
I'd not seen before,
Which scattered the pastoral bliss.
--- SFA

Deciding if this was the case,
I won't be seen dead in that place.
So now I am back
Here where each attack
Is done right in front of my face.
--- SFA

Of Sis Chris I'd just like to say
Be careful where you go to stay.
Don't mention her name
Or you they will blame
For causing bloodshed and dismay.
--- SFA

What's this? Has there been a fight?
What happened? Who's wrong and who's right?
Tell me the story
And then im my glory,
Expose my nice boobies I might.
--- Michelle