Limeric Index



Cain, the strain. moral; a quarrel. days, the craze,
Kent, mild-mannered bent. Kent, pose went: man, a van,
reporter, a sporter, brew, at you." scotch, a notch,
bent, named Kent. Lane, please refrain!" it, do it.
Right, the night. her, grace her dabble; like Scrabble.
longer, her thonger. Luthor, truth or churl, Superman's girl?
lax, income tax. booth, to Duluth. Lex. special effects,
news, their shoes. chief? a beef. it, the planet.
'em! smell 'em! Lois, show us Perry. her cherry.
Kent! get bent. appeal," of steel. Lane, their pain.
-- a trooper! bus, often discuss: slowest, Miss Lois.
spent, the rent.


cuter, Gandalf's astuter, Shoreditch! the itch; wandering, magic ring.
years, named Piers. groove,) foreigners who've sailed, soon failed.
beyond!" a blonde. filled-o, was killed-o, long, King Kong,
mumbly, a Jumbly, Hobbit?" Mr Bobbit? Rongs, mechanical dong.
pobble, her trobble; channel, a spaniel, short, has sport.
a-cruising, dumb self-abusing; thing, magical ring, Rings." and things
Porlock, internet warlock, thing; more zing.


Fred, both head. built, you wilt, due, a screw,
shock, bed rock. Rubble, my nub'll cursed, the worst.
dismayed, first grade. created, be sated. species, three sees.
tedium, to delirium. more, real carnivore. fag; the flag.
late, their date, shirt, met Bert. Snuffy... and fluffy...
flubber; to bugger. date, carefully ate mind, did find.
crone, a bone, Kyle. you smile. Jenny. very many.


Muffet, a tuffet away, to stay. puzzling, are buzzling
concerned, have yearned asleep, Tiddy's sheep. Muffet, her tuffet;
Muffet, the tuffet? Muffet, a tuffet. day, did say:
Muffet, a tuffet; tuffet, and torn. sheep, would keep.
whey, to weigh today, her whey, Muffet, a tuffet,
Muffet, her tuffet; Muffett, dildoform tuffett. Muffet: "tough it."
Muffet, love it. Muffet, her tuffit. hard; the yard.
Arachnid, gal kid. side; opened wide. distress, a mess.
Hubbard's, her cupboards. court, be fought Muffet, family tuffet.
OK? we say; Muffet, her ruffet. do... in lieu
Muffet, the tuffet, gay; at play, her. tied her.
bilious, quite arachnophilious. little; and brittle. Muffet, her tuffet.
Muffet, my tuffet." well, to swell. Miss, from this.
Muffet, a tuffet?


tale, predatory male, that?" screen's flat." playing, was saying:
prayer, standing there, trio, to Rio. bendy, our Wendy.
anonymity, like virginity, witless. their fitness. jet; and wet.
Cairo, friend Spiro, sick? come quick. ramblin', he's amblin'.
Dar-lin? her sin. tooted, rats routed.


hair, her lair. castle, a hassle. lucky, was plucky.
lair, muff hair. hair, my lair." genre, Ogg's double-entendre!
topic, hooks microscopic, see- nympho-chicks mercy? tail, it'd pale.
bag, extraneous shag, friends, he spends, flats, golden plaits.
walled, Rapunzel called;


prose, have chose. able, their table. tale; not fail.
straw, he saw; lady, so shady. duty, voluptuous beauty
her, free her. wood, her Hood!" smell? can tell!"
bliss! like this. fear, looks queer." luck, wolf struck.
bed?" to Red. bunk; quite drunk. Elite, the street.
sags, main drag. wits, her tits. outback, tumbledown shack,
stash," Instant mash", Red, in bed. Red. big bed."
roof, gives proof fair, reasonable share, penis, of Venus,
reporter, grand daughter. skipped. joyfully quipped. said, in bed,
pure; great allure. fate, the plate day, this way?
bore, what gore!" store, a roar: Krause, pink blouse,
'im, pound 'im. surprise, brown eyes said, in bed.
dear!" his ear, skipped, her gripped. good." Riding Hood.
Hood, the wood, Riding-Hood! good -- hoods, through woods.
gown, left town. slut, her butt. jig, a wig.
pass, Granny, alas. peril, very feral;


seen," the queen. said. her bed. Disney, and wizney,
White, dwarf's sight. mine, his time. Pappy; and crappy.
whore, seven dwarves. up, it up. shy, his eye.
Doc, disproportionate cock. Grumpy, every Monday. pleasing, with Sneezy.
narcoleptic, him cataleptic. laugh; her ass. alright, Snow White.
ya', enjoyed necrophilia. her, a cadaver. in, for sin.
case, that place. braggin', at shaggin', wakened, be forsaken.
sure, peculiarly sore. castle; daft asshole. gems, leave them.
weep, his keep. fear, her here. glum, than "Um."
wept, and slept. White, libido alight. men, even when
in; for sin. weep, his keep. White, terrible fright.
mine!" how divine! banned, the sand, bitch; every itch.
endowed, being wowed. White, you tonight!" begin; a grin.
Doc; his cock. Sneezy; were breezy. Grumpy; a humpy.
Bashful, in Nashville. Sleepy, go peepy. her, screw her.
content, small gents. streak, doth speak, intense, White's defense.
behind, unemployment line, nose, the hose White, very bright.
drunk; a skunk. men, our den. lass, who'll pass?
sorts, sneezing sports, White, one night. loose; a caboose.
impressed, has confessed. Brite, at night.


shoe, could handle. Shrivenham, in 'em, slough, and mildew.
shoe, and blue. shoe, to do; shoe, should do:
shoe, to do, shoe, to do. shoe, to do.
shoe, to do.


Beast, would feast. reformed, truly transformed! Beast, wondrous feast.
Beast, the least. hare, to spare. miscalculated; quite belated.
share, very rare, steady; be ready bone, dog, groan.
bone; bone's home. while, Rover's child. dog, his log.
leap, a sheep; thirteen; awfully mean Peep, water-soaked sheep.
had, innocent lad. cupboard, Mother Hubbard. glee, her vaginally.
Muffet, duff; it plum, to hum, spurt, deep insert.
quick, his dick great; to relate of, heck of
walk, but talk. latter, their chatter, pour, it before,
waning. they're gaining bare-faced, they're placed. fun. is done,
key, The three hoary, rancid story, admiration, my naration,
Goldilocks, old Moldipox, a, thing, Cinderella. diversion, with exertion;
refrains, pillock complains: glee, with me. downstairs, alone dares,
grope, a rope. caged. most enraged: last!, You bast-
crow!" of woe. work, (??) D. from me.
strains... frequencys gained. share, the pair occurred, have heard,
Beauty, real cutie, rude; a prude. Prince. people wince.
Sleepy, be weepy, too, feeling blue. course, a horse.
hair, a stair. Gretel, fine fettle.


dress, her witness, pray, every day. more. no more.
bride. be denied. grim," a hymn. bride, so wide.
groom, the room." Beal, great zeal, fear, wife's ear.
sack, simpered, "Jack, you; what's new. drink! should think...)
afar; quite bizarre, know, months ago; red? Paris instead?
say, this way? Orillia, a Gorillia. dimity, warm magnanimity,
Sioux, named Lou. Clyde, a bride. bride, one side?"
Lyme, simply devine, Joan, be shown beckoned, he reckoned
Madagascar, a Lascar. Iver, a fiver, hitch; is rich.
cried, winter, outside." vacation, beautiful Haitian. cooker, good looker.
Reading, no wedding!" Chichester, kissed her, Cholmondeley, exceedingly colmondeley.
Jervis, understandably nervous, plan, in Japan; Lahore, terrible bore.
Tuscaloosa, lose her, Mrs.; my krs. bride, can't hide.
Fred, is said way; hitched today; Flo, just so.
Ryde, his bride. Prater, from Decatur. Kentucky, terribly lucky
Fleur, luxury fur, bride, a ride. joking" began stroking
cataclysm; own jism. home. the phone. dick. rather quick.
sick, k9 prick. Klaus, a mouse. style, the aisle.
sing. wedding ring mate, own gate. Willy, wife, Millie.
bride, with pride: Brandon, stand on. Redding, her wedding,
learn, I discern.


passe; hold sway. case: in cyberspace. pride, order bride.
Tucumcari? the prairie; distortions, some contortions. beepers; her peepers;
mid-day; does bray. hell-bent; social event. red; up overhead);
snout; this lout?" arena; quaint concertina. clowns; red gowns.
wail! without fail!" fruit; union suit; laugh; my staff.
creep; can't keep.


forces, wedding courses. -- will tread. 10/31. every one.
eve. you believe, wed, they'll head. wed. nuptual bed,
see; and me! Redding, new bedding, rape, an ape.
bed; on red. Pyle, the aisle. hitched, has ditched.
buddy? are ruddy. (Beds) son weds, scale. the mail.
isle, that I'll Frome, the room, coffee-taster, blonde turkey-baster.
Redding. Joan Armatrading. pew, his shoe. tears, many years
linen, constantly grinnin'. hold, been told. Birch, his search.
Pete, so sweet. two, the loo. Capper, young flapper.
all, plaintive call. dance; warm romance. funny, of Matrimony,
Sally, political rally, hooked, had looked. three, you see.
shop, daddy drop. Walter, to falter. said, be wed,
Quesnel; her spell. Reading, mistress's bedding, Hoboken, being outspoken.
hustle, a tussle! because, in Oz. cones, up bones;
Salter, a halter; whom"; one room; Walter; did falter
do." "Me too." Slough, her vow, groom: would scroom."
groom, a broom; Redding, Parachute Wedding; cad, was clad,
Walter; to falter. Freddie, my teddy. floor, the door;
disgrace; this place. Clyde; the bride. Bicester, kissed her,
respectively, Whitsun, collectively; smile, as Kyle. blessed, a test.
Stan, best man. Geoghegen, less pagan), Reading, the bedding,
Brice, her device, Larry, to tarry. Clyde, The Bride".
fear; Eva, appear under, like thunder, Kate. But wait",
Joe, me aglow." remark, But hark! Maw, asked Paw.
: I want!" East, a feast.


insist, this tryst. years; my dears. divorce, can enforce.
divorce, judges endorse: Pott. certainly not pecs, at sex;
Lincs, local minx. Sacharina, be cleaner. Nash, would clash.
fate. around '98. close. I suppose. back, to attack
recall, one Fall. strife, my life. sort, good sport,
came, his shame. said. not dead, true. I do?
one, already done, closed, sweet repose know, for show,
makeup, wake up time, Decision sublime, Dr., chronic concr.;
Howe, one Frau; Windu, he knew Duff, quite enough.
drink, appearance, clink-clink. divorce, was hoarse, today, they say.
hear, longer here. Lee, I see. you? and through?
expects, bad sex. whore! the door, Brent, was hell-bent.
Delores, a walrus, Witkowski, big louseski. her) of her.
sour; the flower. ads, po' dads, court, fallen short,
divorce, his horse, Nixon, a vixen, fear, thirty years.
tentative, shed relative. Trevor, to sever. proof, all-time goof?
you. were through! lim, with quim, strange, and change;
passed; your last. ability, on compatability. ex; my checks;
scission. property's division. time, a crime? rich, to hitch.
day, right away! time, any crime, sex, wife perplex.
coat, a boat. chaff, last laugh, adjudicate, to separate.
Xanadu, and through, another, their mother. more, a whore.
Bill, he'd will. wife, some strife. bees* may sneeze.
Yes, I guess.


groom, forthcoming doom. clicked, bachelor will-wicked. Marie, named Dee.
Middletown, a liddlefrown: Needem, rule impede'im thing, the spring.
Khartoum, his doom. Harwich, of marriage. pup; nuptual sup,
own, people moan, McGee, want free, expects, my Ex.
Carson, farce on. tart, my heart." dreadful, whole bedful,
Armenia, his gardenia, shore; interesting door. arrived, is deprived
hale; but pale; hunk, his trunk, met, Lear jet,
Carrie, to marry! Barton, young Spartan. Dover, drove her
allurance, with assurance Purvis, justifiably nervous, Fred, his head,
mate, must wait her, she'll linger! Harry, named Mary.
year, dear -- prize. that amplifies Paula, a trawler.
Cholmondely, and dumbly


snicker, to bicker. try, CASUS BELLI, DINKs, stupidest things.
sexes, an excess. Coates, on groats. Quillsinink, now think;
pink, tuna stink. wait! 'locked gate' Russo, your trousseau
Tobruk, a nook; Catchitt; old scratchit, Davey, the Navy.
lover, to uncover. lucre". shook 'er. West, singularly blessed.
parried, endlessly varied, Sheila, confirmed wheeler-dealer. is? the dishes".
many; too skinny. Hale, and quail; Glovers, as lovers;
Ina, that's finer, wishes. something delicious. desired, she required.
thoughts? shapely bots? alive; she jive? pleasure, some measure,
loved, a dove. miss, soggy kiss. HIV, as she.
Claude, of Maude. standin, always demandin' compensation, lusty fellation,
Suzy, a wussie! man, K-Y fan. Cove, by Jove.
Fyfe, his life. two, come true, Lehr, plaintive prayer:
Carol, simple apparel. Felicity; with simplicity. much, little hutch;
Clyde, a bride. Star, and tar. boat, still afloat).
man, that can? hill, a still. girl, impeccable pearl.
pair; of hair. pride; exceedingly wide. bliss, lingering kiss,
side, home (double-wide). say, reaper delay. dead? giving head.
show, us so. Butte, was mute. penis, a Venus.
life, no strife. Koo, I do? wed, soon said,
Kinsale, of ale, told, your old! said, be wed."
this: gone amiss. pair, S&M lair. Dan; marvellous man:
Bust. Stirred-up lust.


time: much slime? Kowloon, a balloon. Dove, just above.
bower, would deflower newlyweds, their heads, Wheeling, so appealing.
Shawinigan, begin again, Rousseau, my trousseau. bride, was espied.
Ted, he wed; Fay, honeymoon day. honeymooned, island, MAROONED,
bride; up inside." June, her honeymoon. wine. and recline.
Kitely, light nightly. Proctor! shocked her. descended, ceaselessly tended.
Fred, to bed, Mirboo, say boo. Finnigan, in again,
Lozon; impose on. honeymooning; fine tuning. head, his bed
bride, her side, Ten, and then. Moore, it's sore.
creak; a week. sensation, Big Consummation, peak, one weak...
wed, to bed. Bright, all right. Pete, be complete,
Goshen, the ocean. Clyde, a bride. Peoria, simply Gloria.
noon, long honeymoon. Crusoe, grew so. white, wedding night.
Mission, night's coition: wide, new bride." convene, in between.
groom, the womb. Joe, should know. bed, and said,
road, have sowed. Cliff, a tiff, hash! will dash;
Ray, every day; Bynum, sixty-nine him. bride, sadly cried,
Heather, the weather. bride, and sighed, Mister," kissed her.
incited, airlines shortsighted. night, other tight, Beaume, English bloom.
concern, be stern. Reading, a wedding. bride, by side.
night, trothful plight; dewy, in Bowie,


Annie, a 'Mammy'. married, was harried. bright, of delight.
Anny, a 'Tranny', maid; they've laid. today, to say
lord, special reward: dash, his Nash. dash, his Nash.
right; honeymoon flight Clyde, new bride. lather," would rather
feet. a treat. fence, the 'Gents.' read? I said.
Flo, bridegroom, "Although said, in bed." Flume, their room.
coast, French toast. track, the sack. fire-box, a hot-box.
Dickin, then quicken. York, his dork. Falls, without pause.
food, New Lewd. Lone, his bone. High, her thighs.
roomette, they upset. dale, their bales. track, go clickety-clack.
hairy, New Berry. hills, without spills. curve, then swerve.
rail, a snail. track, his sack. Kent, quite bent.
fan; fancy dan. her." dick her.


Amerasian. Buddhist persuasion. divorce, a horse. well, to quell,
Golden, we're beholden dockery, to mockery. Bethel, named Ethel,
hon? frolicking fun?" sweeter, my peter got; a lot.
-- a keg! cakes, by lakes. day, to say:
abstraction, mastered subtraction. today, to say. yellowing, without bellowing,
stubble, mere rubble. grown, from home. absurd, cross word.
gruel, old fool. machine, something obscene. again, quite insane.)
strife, his wife. mink, raisin' pink. California, was bornia.
you, compelled you thought, have caught!" treadle, I pedal,
years; and tears. -- did marry. priest, be ceased:
day, we say: wedded, or fat-headed,


Bangalore, some more. Lyme, one time; nice. and rice.
wronged, had longed. this, goodbye kiss. self-defense, no offense.
great; your plate; TV, you see. yore, were for,
polygamy, temperate trigamy, Rives, eleven wives: away, their okay.
violation, a sensation. Ben, girl again. bunch; for lunch.
polyandry; to me! Fred, his bed today, fanciful way;
be, for polygamy. week, the cheek. done, just one.
lianas, of bananas, Dice, bigamy's nice. Dahomey, and loamy:
Mort, each port. rough, negative stuff; Creek, one week;
Rex, premarital sex. spouse, a louse; among, be strong.
Fetter, met her.


cantaloupe, an antelope. dater, Darth Vader, Zola, cried "Ola!"
Taliaferro, him Oliver. soothsayer, honest truthprayer. Hale, to Israel.


atomic; was comic. court, to 'Sport'. Westminster, best spinster;
Pringle, me tingle! (well-in) the 'Belwyn'. Walter, the altar.
vow, and sow; one, a ton; life; and strife.
knew, surreal stew; shelf, old elf; lickable, I'm unprickable.
thrice, free advice: it; about it. Birch, some perch.
trip; my lip. day, wedding bouquet. see, for me.
Harridge, I disparage. chary, most unwary. Gibralter, the altar.
twenty-eight. "Let's wait." life, or strife, librarian, about marryin',
Fitch, prurient itch; Kermit; a hermit: Edna, be bedna.
Abergavenny, full many. Barrie, to marry. Harriet, a lariat.
offended, daughter's intended, Bolivian; was Vivian. Barrie, frightfully hairy.
over-rated, seem out-dated. sin, live in. demented, and tormented.
bride. can't hide. Innsmouth, his troth tall, the ball,
male, his tail, fits, mobile bits. roar, four --
gone, will dawn, Leicester, pressed her; Marie, at three,
Bayshore, proposals galore, again, the yen Trask, you ask.
plastered, thoroughly mastered,


Jake, could take. housed, had espoused, Hilde, build a
Liam, (to him) you, get to floor, the door.
June, in tune. piano, a soprano written, fit in.
predicted, I directed mountains, of fountains, dust, was just
twice, be nice rain, our domain. high, floating by.
train, a refrain. pretty; the city;


Geist, getting enticed, say, marry today?" Fife, his life,
spring, heart sing. lust; and trust; Pole, a stroll;
Byoolie, most truly. Eton, meat on. honey, and funny,
wife, my life. Drew, say boo. Wapping, and swapping;
under, no blunder. tight, all night. bed, it's Fred.
life, my wife adore, not sure dear, I fear.
run. a bun. "Jeeze!! Fritz, he admits.
Sue, I do; Virginia, win ya. voice, marrying Joyce,
Sinclair, lady fair. plans, for pans. know, fresh-fallen snow.
Dave, young knave. clearly, you dearly. "No!" said "So!
Bridgewater, a daughter. up." a pup. strife; my life.
cook; and book. who'd, sexy mood. O'Doul, nobodys fool.
Joyce; quite noice. Perth, the Earth, Bicester, kissed her.
surgin' a virgin. Hawn, almost gone; Ardkerair, meat there.
lady, dear Sadie. well-built, the hilt, her; lot gladder.


Pellum, on vellum. Ann, named Dan. Newt; horrible brute.
express, and distress, Basil, and dazzle; Biloxi, cheap doxy;
suspicion," or admission. Mears, in years. bright, was right.
here. I fear. slave, terrible knave, right, a light
gown, a frown, rich. the fritz Bragg, did nag.
Chape; an ape. fear!" and beer. of, far above.
cow, just now done, the run; cheers? my fears.
Placid, Jewish sect) Fred, and said: tree, best crockery.
shame; old dame. bevy, that heavy man, you can
"Pish! a dish!" sleezy. Louise. He three; to me.
soon. a loon. Zion, cry on. what? housecleaning twat?
leave, but deceive- hurt," or third. said, been had.
naive; to believe Tucker; shuck her. prose; just goes.
wed, marriage bed. garage, a barrage: ways, their frays.
Darva, could carva, McGhee, to me! Turners; slow learners.
Ayr, were rare. crap, their Pap. Philadelphia, through helphia!"
neat? (I'll repeat), Kilkenny, too many. Bolivia, named Olivia.
plastic, and spastic. squabbles, market baubles, gut, a rut;
Sprat, and fat. Dim, totally trim. spouse; a louse,
Clyde, a bride, Verde, the word "hum-dinger". country singer.
Perse, four worse, Dickens, plot thickens; Taipei, always away.
regret, they met, me, I be. Ives, of wives.
monotony; nagging, polyphony. neat, named Pete, -- you content.
celibate, a mate. MacDougall, be frugal. wed, it's said.
fixtures, monogamous strictures. new, be true. superior, husband, inferior,


Boise, was noisy. Shirley, and surly, wired, too inspired.
began, of plan!" allowed, duly avowed, cooing, a wooing.
Peg, wooden leg. bursar, and curser. splendid, not recommended.
mention, full attention Fife, his life Condover, of her.
Iraq, his back. Ballinalickey, was tricky. house. a mouse,
Jupiter, at her. Seattle, husbandly prattle Falls, it appalls;
Schickel, to tickle. Antigua, a pigua." bridegroom, in gloom,
Fran, her man. clan; the can". Bunky; young flunky.
colt, Tom Bolt. Bess, a success. Walter, the altar;
Ryde, a bride. Kew, a Hutu. Key, a Tutsi.
Fred, suddenly dead. complain, kitchen domain. Harriage, her marriage.
badly, is sadly Angora, or poorer. Isadora; implore her.
fifty; been thrifty. Churston, worst 'un; spouse, a mouse,
or, oh bother! should, no good. shrew, or two.


mention, my extension. it; resist it. Lane, a pain."
deplorable, too horrible, see; to recovery. shelf,
Wrasse, to mass. Welch, would belch, Dummer; fine summer.
pride, really wide. Scott, their cot. Bonner, and honor;
doled, wasn't controlled. me; to see. away; to stay.
colonel, positively infernal, Jack, panic attack. Newry, lusus naturae.
increase; wife Denise. looky, that cookie. take, would slake.
flaw, me withdraw Fife, indolent life. Barry, will marry;
flight, tail." "Right," Cholmondeley, remarked glumly, vexation, demands masturbation.
Raines, and pains. say, wearing away! Clyde, day bride;
club, hair, rub-a-dub! '44, "I adore lay, his way
inside, she dried War, but before years", his tears
bank, he sank bliss. said, "This that. to Pat
do?" said, "You bed, he said, Pat, little cat
lust", in disgust. crude; there nude?" wife!" a knife.
bed; me head?" retired. you aspired again", of pain.
enough!" got rough!" threw, a screw; more, at four
thighs, a rise? side, he tried year; I fear.
Shore, and more. Topper, inch whopper. louse, meek mouse.
Neely, so ideally, ride; I confide. Alabama, life's drama.
Alabama, life's drama. Llandudno, from Tudno. borer. adore her.
dad; ever had. life, my wife. Dan, was catch-as-catch-can.
Fife, serious strife. Fife, much strife. Lou, young shrew.
Wales, and tails; Astor, Kwando Master,


night, a sight. him, now slim, door, they saw.
oughta, his daughter, abated; were sated tradition, man's position,
hound, he found dad; so glad cried, got inside.
to." cherry hue.) bold, feast told toss, damned albatross,
bride, her outside, sees, "No! Please!" fate! was eight."
dress, much distress.) fright, with delight, heated; be cheated.
me." "allow me. boff, gone soft.) albatross," not poss-
plot; not hot. disregarded, he started, Calhoun, who's rough-hewn;
ditches, got riches, crack, not lack above! just shove
Fyfe, his life. hero, or Nero, assiduous, most prodiguous.
Fyfe, his wife. funny, some money. satisfaction. in action,
Fyfe, impervious wife. soul, her hole? tell, a bell.
Strensall, pointed pencil. York, like cork. charge, or enlarge)
urgin', she'll burgeon, late, to copulate. on, the weapon.
wed, of bed, done, a son. thin, a pin!"
conception, basest deception. it, sadly belated, done. a son;
thin, get in. screw, and grew, desperation, like tarnation.
in! to win! found, his ground. tried, from inside.
begun, was undone. wives; to thrive. Divorce! a horse,
three? and pretty? change. was strange. sad. like mad,
sure, a score, wine, muscles sublime. masseuse; some booze,
glitch, a bitch. wit; he's it. louse, my house
fine. is mine." handing, nor stranding gorgeous, the Borgias,
wife, your life; should, good -- Jake, can take.
Walker, balk her. surprise. Eyes -- drink. lets clink.
here; much beer. Dear. right here, work, a perk.


bed; was said. bed; was said night; all white.
led, be wed; bed, get wed. volatile, matters coital.
slaughter, virgin daughter; son, a honeybun side; his bride.
stammer, the slammer; best; with zest.


sensation, our nation! inspirational. were sensational! hall, did craw.
thrall, at all!" declare; they dare glee, entered me.
Ricken, him tickin'. Pete; and neat. gran; young man."
Kay, to pray; meaner, his weiner. doing." was viewing.)
shirk, of work. cloth, of Roth. jerk, they lurk;
pud, pasty flood quit, a fit, sowed, hellions growed
highway. did play. Gator, in waders. Mystic, and sadistic,
hear, I fear. Humber, for slumber; scene; a teen.
mist. solo onanist, observation, not aberration; Helsinki, limericks kinky,
tension, little dissension; Bruce, meager excuse. loo, called Sue,
Pete, for feet. say. every day. week, his technique;
station, your nation. middle, a riddle. burn, must learn.
shot, so hot; be, caressing me Mize, of flies.
Holt, last bolt;


bind, can find. Nat, stop THAT. Rararatonger, his donger.
night, been right) right; the night!" compunction, Shun!
bind; your mind. Brahms, manifold charms potentia, in absentia.
FORSWEAR, for air. furry, a hurry, masturbate, you'll DEBILITATE,
crime, the time; Frommes, singing psalms, Lockjaw, state law;
Arbuzzi, foot see; find; a mind. find. my mind?
psalms, hairy palms. fit; by bit. Brighton-on-Sands, his hands,
Harry, quite scary. connected, member erected? mind, their behind.
Pete, so neat. wary. be scary. Larry, are hairy.
funky; a junkie. condemn; some femme. quicken. a lickin'.
unkind; can't find. sight, every night, vision; of derision.


it? yank it. concentrate, Miss Straight. fever, leave her.
Joan, and moan, Cardiff, her quiff. lobito; a burrito.
Plumb, to succumb, bland, on demand. squire, I aspire.
Philadelphia, the shelfia. didactical, be practical. shit, her clit.
Rose, I suppose. knot, clitoral spot. confession! my obsession.
malinger, receptionist Inge; Cheyenne, for men. DeWitt, felt fit.
middle," Lady Biddle. Sutton, her button. way, a day,
Vancouver, move her. Lanka, named Bianca. agin!" named Lynn;
twit; always lit. juicy? quite loosely? whang, to clang.
come, her thumb. Trudy, her booty. Hortense, such self-importance,
mas- young lass. Bates, was late. SFA, the hay.
Kate, hot date. muff, the duff' sex, nervous wreck.
crone, the phone. Dundrum, never succumb, today, no way
track, lay back, vibration, more excitation. commotion, of emotion.
train; a stain Yorrick, was Doric. Daszum, an orgasm;
black, the knack fro, all aglow; reaction, of self-satisfaction)
Versailles, the sly. exemplary, not vary. Eades, primal needs;
Belgrade, been laid. Fairleigh, quite squarely. Andorra, labia majora
Claire, a chair. Umsk, to cumsk, fiction, common addiction
McEwan, of screwin'. Grande, well planned. Anna. orange bandanna.
Jane: in Spain. Zeta, fierce masturbator. Guelf, old elf,
Glengary, and unhairy. ask, a task? Dude, write nude.
Nancy, and fancy. Montclair, a chair, Melinda, daily agenda
Spain, the brain. fever, leave her. toys, the boys.
stink, to drink. today, on eBay. wrong; type dong.
Simone, when alone; away, a day. Farrs, using cigars.
dumb, man come, impressed. the best dress, to press
mind, they find tart! her part. scene, are keen.
fun, young nun. hour, a shower" care, named Claire
Nicole, a soul. Flo, her toe,


Crusoe! screw, so loo, said Sue. Ned, in bed.
Dunrose, beneath clothes. Peru, by canoe. Brown, in town.
chicken, a lickin'. grip, a slip Louie, my Huey;
Vance, his pants. France, a lance. slick, the flick,
Delhi, to jelly. tell, peculiar smell. 9, is mine.
Brand, was grand. mutter, my nutter gob, my knob
Rummy, his dummy. dream, they seem: land, was grand,
Grace, our place. meat, Diddley beat. Tony, baloney --
mustard, with custard. here, each ear. Wheeling, great feeling.
Wheeling, great feeling. Darjeeling, such feeling, devotion, in motion.


Bruce, extreme self-abuse: spermatozoa, in Iowa. Perth, in girth.
own, erogenous zone. Mars, the stars. me! you see.
horse, invincible force. meat, too discreet. Franz, gonadal glands.
Todger, old Codger. understand; arthritic hand, Nick, his dick.
group, their droop. Bjorn, some porn. Newfoundland, in demand,
station, Chinese Legation. Lou, the flue. Ridge, the fridge,
Jude, the nude. try, "I'll die." vacation, favorite station.
bone; that, alone. Durkin, overmuch jerkin'. knob, good job
chummy, his tummy, Texas, solar plexus. Bailey, well-used shillelagh.
Yank, a wank?" now; I'll endow recreation, becomes deprivation
appealing; orgasmic feeling. Bub, the tub. Cawnpore, for more.
Perkin, his gherkin. stand, is grand." neat, so sweet?"
sensation!" with jubilation; another... big brother; young, had sprung,
night, soft candlelight. curves, sweet words. zenith, own breath.
school, the rule. tea, a pee. Herb, a Serb.
Hugh, the loo; with, eat with. name, with shame;
thing; a King. Tatamagouche, a whoosh! confession! sinful transgression!
pot, and thought Cronin, frenzied moanin'. Burns, in ferns.
action, adverse reaction. banned, be grand, Kutch, masturbate much?"
Todd, your rod? masturbating, be wasting Haven, was cravin'.
me; implore me. hearts! after tarts! -- you're done.
Leeds, my needs. Clive, to arrive: dong, day long.
titillator. still greater. expectation, concocted creation. Candy, quite randy.
well! couldn't quell. on, all gone. young! better hung.
fox, of cocks. swing, brood bring. box... "rubber socks".
fliers, Dr. Meyers, adolescent, urges incessant; tree, smithy sat,
Ping, Ching (!) thick, my wick, banned, it grand.
skag. porn mag.


fornication, every nation; shades. about AIDS. loves, with gloves.
you? at Bellevue. Hannah, lover's banana. Devon, past eleven.
Janna, Falls, Montana. inches, soft pinches, crude, terribly rude.
today; to say. Bees, "Now please, cute, your brute...
an' to soften. Calais, hear Halle's. Grace, to place
Rob, constantly throb, neighbor, Ruth Tabor, gave, could save
age, the stage Doves, she loves. E. all callousy,
debt," was upset. own, never known, job; heart throb.
appealing, with feeling. deliver, a river. Debauch, legendary crotch.
watch, my crotch, do, like you, much; do such.
is; the biz. scorn, did warn. Cod, fabulous bod.
oils, to boil. maids, gay blades. emotion, down motion!
smirky, named Durkee, Absolute, hand commute. grand. "I" stand.
is, gentlemen's penis. mess, white dress. upstate, men masturbate.
Betty, are petty," fly, to Delhi, shove, undershorts, love.
blanket, from Melankitt, Jeanie, a meany. Venus, big penis.
Winsocket, his pocket. club, a rub. shake, fearless snake.
blanket, wank it. bimbo, to limbo, fired, be hired:
afoot!" with soot. Falls, hairy balls. Bill, named Jill
hand, the band. Vance, Joe's pants; Rick, his prick.
handle, great scandal. blanket, spank it. gem, his stem?
Hart, her art, push, twat gush," blanket, spank it,
doing, was cooing.


Peck, in check, Gore, a whore, read, to bed.
street, to meet. masturbation, real fornication, Kincaid, a band-aid.
masturbation; the nation. done, fun -- Marden, his garden.
Bruce, likes self-abuse. Cannes, the nonce, infection; my erection.
Brazil, I will, work? going berserk!) Guelph, Miss Schelf,
Croylett, despoil it!" Yale, exceedingly pale. wrecks: medical checks;
Bay, each day. Norse, sin perforce; lingers, erotic clingers;
-- Turk -- name, glorious dame. alone, the bone.
dude, mongously rude. miser, try, sir, involuntary, cures, revolutionary.
Douglas, be hugless, under-achiever, with beaver. -- me elaborate.
Decatur, a satyr: Frank, his crank. Goff, a trough;
Reuss, self abuse. Herkin; there a-lurking. dinner, a sinner;
bad; could've had. ejaculation, her consternation. waste, his haste.
Crimper, went limper. hand; that's grand. bump, scrump --
demand; he'd planned. becalm, of balm, day, the way.
Singer, a hum-dinger. Tod, own rod? delight, so right.
locution, sex resolution. Goose, self abuse." bed, some head."
today, they say. beat, couldn't complete. you! ineffectual woo!
fifty!" too thrifty, swiftly. soon see. pizzicato) or staccato.
society, of satiety, sick, a limerick. Becker, a wrecker)
naughty," are haughty." chubby; his stubby. altercation, their cohabitation.
McGuff, this stuff! alone; have shown. hand. becomes vagina-land.
Bronx, "No thonx." night. sixtreen, alright. spoo. the loo.
brute, vile prostitute... Ukraine, a drain. Mirkin, his gherkin;
bitter; the 'sitter; expectations? by prestidigitations. right; how tight,
dictate, a mate) vexation, of frustration. hankerin' banker in
Strand, tightwad, Durand. true, you do can, young man.
randy. Christmas candy. alone, or blown. Gore, a whore,
understands, mate Stan, site! for delight. Carey, a fairy.


prob' my job. long. named Wong, yell, as hell.
claret, my parrot. pin, from within. fanned, been banned.
boy, to employ. Prideaux, did owe. Crummy, his mummy.
Rummy, his mummy; pain. it's plain thanks. the ranks
shown, tactlessly prone Cologne, all alone. alone. with Joan.
'banns'; it stands. hankering, good tankering. Sands, his demands
packet; his jacket. head, your cred- calms, beggin' alms.
Jesus, sexual juice; Jesus, a papoose, spunky; sexual junky.
decision, with derision. braggin'; a shaggin'.


Lloyd, frequently under-employed mercy, get 'versy' crowned, gets around.
Albuquerque, his turkey. Malone, in Athlone. frowned, have found
McDougall, his bugle. Calcutta, the gutter. Berkeley, around circly.
Sonny, were funny. rinse, named Vince Turk, a smirk.
Krakow, mack off. -- jack off. leisure, self pleasure,
tooting, and hooting. supposed, properly closed. Regina, a diner.
Thrace, a race. McDopp, the top. Havana, the piana.
France, looking askance. elation, others vexation. Rome, When Alone."
Fordham, of boredom. mile, a while, Dades; all grades.
off; true better-half. Stan, in hand. Pierre, the square,
boy: favorite toy. treat, sing sweet Lockjaw, to Wichita;
Zobblet, wobble it. hobby, quite knobby. pardon! the garden!
lore, favorite whore, Kent, of content ought, getting caught.
son." good fun." Gasted, he lasted. Bobby, his hobby.
phone; never alone. Hall, other's balls. randy. and candy,
SFA! my day. Bay, to say. Wong, a prong.
Cedar, a weeder. invitiation, of Masturbation. Hank, a plank.
scout, scout-master shout, Owl; me howl. Lancs, two-handed wanks.
loo, my didgeridoo; Burke, to jerk. neat, or a-seat.
Paul's, of balls. Grand. old man well. could tell.
cooking, who's hooking. Dundee, to pee. Jock, the clock.
Jack, a whack.


moan, a groan; Beijing, jack-off machine. gland, you understand
Joan, the phone shaggin'; the wagon." tank, my crank;
reversed; I'm cursed. gush? scattering mush? bad, be had.
bum, hospital room. Fritz, at tits, Pete, his meat,
school, his tool. it; mop it. retard, so hard,
onion, three-day-old grunion. Kent, for Lent. tell, beat hell.
willy, the silly. wankers, pudding yankers. stood, bard should
drop-out. he'd reroute fairy, us with--scary! man, a can.
-- as cheap. Ed-- bit twisted. wog, a dog.
workin' there lurkin', Goff, a cough. dong; it's wrong.
ill; my automobile. door, I'm sore. head. were dead.
Brock, his cock. five, life alive. guard, it hard.
Nanking, red-handed, wanking. Frank, he sank. Hood, little good,
South, son Ralph, past, are bast- art, my part.
Schwartz, paper reports. Wright: a fright. Wright, a fright!
Malone, the phone. Stylite, until twilight; occupation, service station.
bone, trailer-tract home. masturbated. get constipated. she, for me,
of, wet love, way, all day, do? to screw?
talk, and walk,) come, get along. Agog? in fog.
grand, meeting demand. kindness, of blindness. online, some twine.
slight, Walpurgis Night. angst, he sangst; bangst, suddenly rangst.
taunt, will haunt Sands, his demands, Ray, in mid-play."
Nate, as bait. Guelf, the shelf, stand, in hand,
band, mammary gland, fingers, that lingers; dreamt, have spent


Montrose, his toes. Montrose, his toes! ASCETIC, manner athletic;
misunderstood, be good. bidet, warm spray. Chisholm, skin erotism.
Nantucket, suck it. McGill, great skill. Mark, got dark.
deft, so bereft. China, her vagina. Garrity, his ambidexterity:
creator, medal masturbater. pray; which way; MacNether, the heather.
understand! your hand. pagoda, stone coda. sisters, poor misters.
Balm, and palm. Bundy, fun day: wank; and yank.
agree, to me. alone, he's prone say, beef fillet).
bend, or friend. blind; new kind wrist, painful twist.
peter, your meter; meat", type beat; range, hand, exchange.
smoke, to choke, banned, are grand; it, lead it.
Kong, anything wrong. Goring, the flooring. Goering, der fliring.
sick. your dick. sight, solitary delight. tight, become upright.
fanatic, the attic, Cohoes, her nose. masturbation, lowly station.
conviction, nasty affliction: groan; even moan. Frisco, of Crisco.
warning, you're horny. man; can't stand. alone, his phone.
Drew, probably true, theory, been leery, Slaters, of Johnny-come-laters,
Philly, and silly; Frank, to spank Land, right hand.
see; have three. Delft, with himself. 8, verybody masturbate!
Moines, some coins. Walter, could alter equator, much later.
sly, always try. Weed, his seed. Maine, to complain,
vent; about spent. life; a wife. delight, everry night:
slutless, your cutlass; Cebu, my flue: free, I pee,
Meeker, a speaker. -- right han'. grand; the land.
middle, as little, Andy, utterly randy, Rick, his dick
McEwen, with screwing? scoff! it off!" Brum, to come,
Oak, or broke. this; could kiss. ham-fisted; me black-listed.
poor, a boor, chicken, are stickin', psalm; to calm;
Bundy, fun day: sky; my by, Kukti, one eye.
perk, might work,


success, with finesse. away, every day. hirsute) that commute.
x, of sex. E, to be, interiors, are superior.
grace, to trace Doering, numblingly boring. first, boundary immersed.
C-R; we are. griddle, and little. Mohicans, Cauchy sequence.
disaster, to master. Fred. the head. economical, all conical.
cluster, he'd muster. Trinity, of infinity; ambition, his condition.
essential, solve, differential. condition, you permission Claire, commute everywhere.
Syracuse, sure abstruse. c: ln z. exotic, a product.
pie, can try. Curt, it hurt, noble, upwardly mobile,
Druid, rotating fluid. Lutz, that futs. desired, have admired,"
Kerr, whisk her ran. be grand. Horn, ever born.
lab, libraries fab. Haar, very far. u, after 2
meet, his feet, Jens, the ins correction, some re-direction,
Miguel, so well, Dehn, man insane, bet, named Ket.
column. so solemn. divine; a line. Fred, be wed.
demon, innocent seemin'. mathematics, attack its P, valued e
Jones, to groans. Hector, from vector. projection, their direction?"
night, the sight PB, oozed symmetry, lines, engineeers whines.
roam, all play, C, use constantly. pets, sets --
do? simple-pole residue. do? single-pole residue. sphere, point disappear.
Navy, that's wavy. guy, stands high. g, to be.
Beacon, odd-powered secant. East, Taylor series. erratics, in mathematics.
Yule, a mule. York, did work.


Suzie, and 2z. Binomial, great testimonial why, can multiply.
sigh. know why! sore, birds twenty-four; c, quadratic whoopee.
complex, marital sex; 1, be done. j, gurus say,
free, impedance: i.e. real, the deal, scraped, you've excaped,
queries: Fourier series. it, to intuit traction, bizarre abstraction,
i, the sky, class, fine ass. Trinity, to infinity;
unable. somewhat unstable. logarrhea? drawing nearer? Bath, or wrath
Jones, of cones. Lynn, to sin. case, as lace.
mine, to assign. line, to spine x? do next?
attic, super quadratic. ambitious, it's vicious; inclined. his mind.
sensations, on occasions, agree, of b Georgy-O-Porgie, Rule orgy.
wheel; are real. Junction, insert expunction. facility, equations' stability.
Mitch, is which." e, eight three. 'e', much LSD.


nine, then 'sined', score, of four, savage, extra leverage;
Loundes, girl's mounds, Pakistani, mathematical fanny. OK, "Calculator" today
men, to ten. shore, wanted more. vexation, as bad.
"Do, and two. sweet, me beat. Vermilion, a trillion,
again, to ten. hackle; you'll cackle. Gwen, young men,
play, this way. Newt, rectangular beaut. fidgets, the digits.
numbers, their slumbers, attraction, at subtraction. concussed, to adjust
nod, by God! "Gee! by three! generation, learn multiplication.
me, equals three. Pete, me beat. true; beyond two.
nation, mathematic equation. Leaven, to seven. Madder, a ladder.
Drew, of two. -- of renewing, trouble, it's doubled,
Kitt, were fit. Hunt, teaching stunt. know, years ago.
Springer, each finger, weight, should calculate. primer, scholastic climber.
Lutz, both substitutes. dot. a lot.


admonition, proper precision. me, mathematic glee. Stokes, with smokes.
Cong, infinitely long, Minnesota, steep assymptota. Suli, always unruly.
Congo, infinitely long-o, Brackley, Pi exactly. propiety, to quietly.
Mackenzie, ln z. series, by threes, Zeke, is chic,
Dundee, the sea, Clemintine, then sine; fun. to n-1,
this, pop quiz): give." let live." Lapeze, solving d.e.'s.
i, moniker'd pi. tutor, a stupor. write, a fright.
it! blew it. beavers. morning fever. stuff, too tough.
ferocity, group velocity. said, to bed. inferior; monotonically drearier,
reduce? and juice? cross, to pause, proclaim, the same;
vacuous, functional calculus. be!" they see propriety, too quietly.
text. f/partial x)'ed. grows, one knows? plotz, right spots,
vacuous, predicate calculus. evasion, differential equations. dinky, the link-y.
Evvie, of rev-vy, guy; his y. give. let live.
Clack. the back, Clack, of attack this, to miss.


Fermat: wonder. Hurrah! ages, and sages. cohomologically, the same.
Fermat, marvelous tract. phrasing, as dazing. be, like degree.
E, by 3; Wiles, of trials. beguiles. to styles
opined, many things; mama, improved Taniyama." real; with zeal."
two, can't do. Wiles, large piles, light, cricial insight.
years, and tears. belief; a reef. gun, Proof One
large, left marge. waste. his taste smiles, the aisle,
in!" be chargin'. Wiles, the files. Pierre, will care


height, not quite. few. calculus too. bunk. a chunk
gist. really insist, three, to me. logical, ideas biological.
math; hire math math, "Hiya, Math." pliers, those fires.
Fibonacci; is patchy. close, those otiose); imbue, or two
lotta; a yotta. Queen, the Mean. do, I spew.
y's, and pi's. simultaneous; more extraneous. firmish, a skirmish
forces, outstanding resources, queen, ever seen. "Who, that's true?
said, his head. Queen! that mean? Queen, a teen.
mind, will find. anxiet- the moiet-


clod, is odd. know. for show. thing: astrologists sing,
means, one's teens, cone, not alone. locus, sheer hocus-pocus.
Meeks, are freaks, boat." a quote. Noah; and more.
psalms, triangles' charms. rely, up high. neglected, is detected.
Horus, a torus. 3, longer be; e, about geometry?
hysterical; merely numerical. curve, its swerve, neat; length discreet,
triangle. rectitude angle. Minneapolis, drawing parabolas. Forum, bore 'em.
ABC, it P. do, exactly CQ, T, you see.
hand, I'd planned. long, to Ceylon. Math, his bath,
Kareem, real extreme, alive, number five, sages, the ages
again, a plane, rocked, geometries flocked, Klein, said, "Fine!
Foxe, four-dimensional box. carrot, with merit. delighted!", has confided
five; to derive one, of fun. sigh, do try,
Tri, to deny. Chinese-- did please. truly, get drooly,
Bigger, gold digger. said, one pinhead. blood, no dud.
frolic, manifolds, hyperbolic, terminology, "Floer Cohomology", Mercator, longitudes straighter,
Crater, a satyr. us, more vieous. Louise, a tease,
use. a use, thither, a tither. Melissa, number's mantissa,
meant, divided content, entreat, a feat, Pi, and phi;
profound. is unsound. dispute: square root? Greece, decimal piece
Kareem, that's extreme, news: often use? mate, of Fate,
name, his fame. dreams, the seams, brides. chooses, confides:
ruse, to use. Dare, was square. theorem; fear 'em.
Dyne, John Bein, Hall, hexahedronical ball. Katie, in Haiti,
tarts, throw darts, degrees, with ease, reply. reason why
Dinah, her vagina. Sue, grossly untrue. manifolds, not hold,
Chisholm, a prism. Dan, and tan. why, Sir, I
booze, screws -- pairs; up stairs. ark. that bark.
Rye, of pi. define, Greek sign, line, the Rhine.
"Damn! rather ram! pot. "I've got math, a half.


-- (Geo.) Metry. Densel, problems tangential, glued, in mood
Week, is unique. Babbit, a rabbit. Bird, him absurd.
Rubik, area pubic. Ned, the head. whiz, first quiz.
immemorial, appear incorporeal. Blecks, for sex, proportional, not distortional,
Gale, of Tail: Dewar, incredibly pure, kind, the mind.
Freeling, sorely reeling. Rye, digital guy; Hill, the Pill.
Rex, for sex. 'Pi', get high. fly, unusually high.
cher. is extraordinaire. abound, ain't sound; Rumbold, accident, stumbled
Plumb, difficult sum. production, astounding construction. Six, some kicks.
Dick, his prick. Square, not fair. Power, the shower.
Cross, his boss. Fine, good time. Hyde, a ride.
Lutz, of fruits, courses, ride horses. Yeshiver, a beaver,
well. is swell. wrath, in math. went, all bent.
know, you grow." mine, I'd refine, Able, called Mabel,
Strong, quite wrong. Day, it away,


Pine, looked fine, two, must do: ten, of n,
Ben, namely ten. facile, they're dodecadactyl. cool? best tool.
pair, is there. Crewe, base 2. fun, be done.
blue, nonplusses you. say, handles okay, short- you sort
socks'll, too moron-oxal, Pi, wandered awry. drawl, no call
him; kissed him. plenty: "short" century. decimal, used vigesimal.
Kate, up-to date. Gertie, named Bertie. Ben, modulo ten.
assign, we'll define. lass, gentleman's pass; spouse, people espouse."
Climes, and times, devine. on mine. mathematician, erotic ambition
prime, away time. on, as cursed. nation, through defecation;
space, unsure place. Dali, life's folly.


Blunt, did hunt applied, I cried. rule: from school,
historic, works combinatoric. Bessel, won't nestle. Pascal, I shall
Boole), a tool. enthrals, university halls. Bard, with canards.
Cantor, with banter. Christtoffel, of offal. Pascal, whole rationale,
Descartes, new start. Lara; improbably Ciara. hunt, up front.
Euler, never-stop toiler; tan; and ran. ox; a box.
Galois, et frois. 24, a whore. true, this to-do?"
Gauss, the house. Gauss, to grouse; Boole! a jewel.
Godel, a hurdle. explained, math; entertained. heard, a nerd.
Jeff, (Computer Science) Linus, his sinus. Jacobi, "long-headed Toby;"
Klein, for wine. Kurt, interesting shirt. Lagrange, ca change,
Laplace, his class. toot-a-falutin'. some substitutin'. Euler, hot boiler.
fun! work done. gather, named Mather Euclid, with book-lid.
mathematician, life-changing decision. mellow; afford Jello. tax, the max.
satisfaction, of action. wrath, a bath. pottery, the lottery.
Munn, such fun; hate, the state. Nash, a flash:
Newton, cute 'un!" refuse, rhyme clues. wishin' out fishin',
Scott, (he's not). distraught, She thought Laura, adore her.
spell; or tell. Wise, to size. Jersey, for mercy.
rarity; of clarity. rarity, in hyper-hilarity, Beauchamp, teach 'em.
Trinity, their affinity Ptolemy, collar me! Pythagoras, soldiering swaggerers;
obtuse, brainchild abuse, them, with abandon. Goursat, its torso.
Riemann, a key-man. Loring, for scoring: school, a rule.
bore, a whore, conjugate, can't calculate. page, of outrage.
cheery, is dreary. Heather, of weather. students; wanted prudence.
compunction, the Junction: math, well-known path. casino, gambler, Zeno.
Zeno, gambling casino.


b], by a, See? = b(a-b)] b, = b]
Lillian, a billion. Lillian, a billion, Lunn, his son.
Blatt, your hat. score, of four improp' and top,
sixty, and fifty dz, of 3, came, math fame.
'pi' seem fie! be; you see. fun, was done.
cousin; a dozen; 10, I contend. Sterno, do know,
Rubik, follicles, pubic, square, a pair; begin, a win;
riddle; the middle. quarts, consecutive sports; (x-y), very high,)
4, no more done, I've spun: pondered, I wandered.
persimmon, concerning women... place, one's face. more. is 4;
1, of 1 found, clear around,


Burnol, is internal, prepared, boldly declared, ground, Chebyshev's bound.
sub-convexity, to be. locality, ballot, he Ising, is teasing.
Director, his lecture. venerate, any rate, deep? Littlewood weep.
solely, its wholly, essential, as det(differential). mathematician, or position.
end? a trend? there's, dual pairs. There's, of Schoof-VanDerGeer's.
information? pair correlation? try: point y. ball; stay small?
shown, critical zone good, the wood. these, the trees,
immense: in suspense, through, rank two. Lord, cannot afford.
class, ones, pass? fuss, to us guides, exceptional hides;
night, different light. nought, be caught through; so new.
sweeter, multiple zeta. lot", Montgomery's slot. blessed, the infinitist.
affair, functions square. activity, We Maass, their class,
fines? missing lines. Gonek, somewhat sardonic, specs, cross-product effects.
unwrap, a scrap. do, or two. heart, the start.
Siegel, as regal. model, other bod'll hint, a sprint.
Lapid, terribly rapid. space, as base. space, the base?
strong: negative long. found, quantity bound. appeal, totally real.
connection, closer inspection inflation, an amplification. Crash, earn cash,
hero, of Piatecki-Shapiro, give, symplectical triv'. floats, twelve-year-old notes.
density, exponential intensity. news, Chris Hughes. T; than V?
see, of stability. crew, not do. allow, do now.


mathematician, having coition, Pound, all around because, tomato sauce.
dreary, and weary remember, in December Lanyard, she pandered.
pandered, quite slandered; sample, confidence ample Matt, a bat.
essential? multi-sexual potential Alice's. all phalluses. statistician, stern supposition:
come, the maximum. Hicks, statistical tricks, variation, straight copulation;
Pistoles, feminine role, friend, to portend? Bismark, his mark
line, to whine. modes, strange episodes, Seoul, dice roll.
McTavage, near savage. Crain, really insane. Brice, like dice.
guy, significant thigh; Algiers, "My Dears, clean: so keen';
air, a dare. pale, Venn entail?" Bayes, peculiar ways.


dispersions, pondered aspersions: Boris, named Doris. flip. ;
profound, is round; Dave, his cave, nuts; "Oh, nuts!
space, will trace, graph, last laugh. whack, and frack;
Paul, of all. throttle, Klein bottle! wall; don't fall;
Klein, was divine. slip, a grip! "I'll, quizzical bottle!"
knowing, side showing. tension: severe apprehension. gratitude, radical attitude:
satyr, said later, space, the case, enshrined, 4D-ish kind
slick, his dick; hips, her lips) confided, is one-sided.
pip, a zip; unguided, colleages derided. trip, terrible clip.
written, Great Britain. dimension, to mention, said, bed --
knot? the lot mathematician, exotic position. slip, Moebius strip;
Claus? all because -- but porous. Doris, the chorus.
Rube, cubical tube. unflappable, breeches unsnappable;


McGraw, girl's jaw. -- oh -- Fental, were inci(type)dental.
Prentice, a dentist. Rackshun; of distraction. Aquarius, custom nefarious.
Berkeley, quite quirky tooth; the truth. Greer, to fear."
thrilled, being filled; Keith, grope underneath distracted, he'd exacted.
Frindem, grind 'em. Matt, his cat. Trevor, terribly clever:
Rhyll, the drill. Moss, Miss Ross. prince. and rinse.
full, his bull. willing, a shilling; Billings, his drillings.
Shutes, your boots." Sloan, heretofore known. Jake, did make.
Chase, virginal face. gravity, of depravity. thrilled, dentist drilled.
suavity, some gravity; filling, was drilling, drilling. quite thrilling.
Nome, from Rome. Irv, a verve; Maine. maximum pain,
Malone, patient alone. Hare, pussy fair, Booth, of vermouth.
Duluth, named Ruth. -- skin-covered glider. cavity, with gravity.
Millet, Drill It." contraction, a fraction wider" ride her!
Cross, dental floss, unwilling, Miss Billing. day, on display,
Campania, pain ya'." Keith, down underneath, tooth. in truth.
eighty-eight. "Let's wait. filling, is thrilling!" waited, were ill-mated.
complained, and pained. Duluth, rather uncouth, cider, inside her.
wider." inside her. wider! inside her. Snider, inside her,
Schick, and slick, Phil, his skill D.D.S. a mess:
Duluth, monstrous goof. dollar, a collar; drill? could fullfill
Skilling, was drilling; days, any decays. Huff, so rough.
Downs, heavy rounds?" Keith, the heath. Claire, to repair?"
tormentest, thou consentest Maine, erased pain. Bert, teeth hurt.
Billings, for fillings. McGraw, girl's jaw. Inniskilling, for filling.
Chaucer, boss her. McKay, with dismay, out; the gout.
McBride, to ride. lot, dental rot? Eddie, perpetually ready.
Tim, so grim, Boyle, in Baldoyle. Skillings, for fillings.
prank, should thank lamentation, much animation. son; have won.
wider" inside her. surmise"; dentist replies, incisors, much wiser.
McGavity, of depravity. Gunn, have done;


McGee, extra fee, alluring, suspicion enduring, skill, that drill,
well; as Hell. moral: is oral, Floss, her boss.
Floss, her boss. Floss, her boss. drilling, was thrilling.
drill? could fulfill Joan, generally known,) forsooth, front tooth.
plate, to wait. kit, a bit." face, of place;
Ross, her boss. plain. a pain: like; a tyke.
Chantel, - Chanel". yesterday; in disarray. think; does stink.
yanks; empty banks, know, dear Flo'. kind. shoulders, combined
sympathetic; refuse anaesthetic. bone, nurse Joan, Skilling, was drilling.
receptionist/nurse, bit worse. McKnight, terrible fright, Mountcleft, terribly bereft.
Abroath, terrible oath.


injection, for perfection. Neil, estrogen pills. digest, his chest,
bed, of dread. coughin', too often. speciality; a fee.
Ray, go away. kids, it rids coxswain, a toxswain.
Okefenokee, and poky, high, to apply; dump. my rump.
Knapp; poor chap. cortisone, naughty zone. small. or enthrall.
slicker, occasionally flicker. yore, without lore; Huan, the Khan,
work. me berserk. be? to me. nice; own slice.
ache; can take. best-- and rest. Larkhill, green pill.
catches, in patches; son, Master McDunn. podium, your sodium,
repeat, Dr. Wheat, nice; than ice. dicks, the mix.
Leicester, obsessed her. Nate. be great. look, MEDICA took.
ya. supplied aphrodisia. suspended, somewhat offended. Lorraine. honeymoon "pain,"
while, and senile, Rex, strongly objects, rising, too surprising
pills, of ills. Dewayne; he feigned. Bengal, beyond recall.
Warwick, castle historic. Keefile, life gleeful. Trillin, cure "peniscillin";
Gwen, a pen. Shawn, wicked hard-on ill, real thrill,
exotic. you're neurotic. back." a shack. think; the drink.)
Plains, it rains, ploy, to annoy; inscription, learned Egyptian,
prices, health crisis? Ray, utter dismay, scopalamine, been seen
ill, big bill, sight; shit fight. shire, my desire,
mania, tame ya'; Smith; "What if Fairlawn, a yawn,
flake; a drake. Physic, strong analgesic. more, and sore,
ills, some pills. Pete; arms incomplete. gums, ripe plums,
codeine, will clean. Racine, his vaccine. vits, the pits.
Monica, a tonica. sad, resentfully mad.