Limeric Index



"oughts" behavioral naughts. Macon, followers shaken, Sholem, possible golem.
Ray; to say. Kadoches, hospitable toches. Rome, her home.
nun. were stunned. Rockaway, block away. Kadoches, hospitable toches.
rectory, or he Flora: the Torah, claims, such games.
Frau, with know-how. hero. like Nero, by, a tie.
shortcut, bare butt. Miles, local gentiles Kinehora!) Devorah --
Job, his robe. monk, a drunk; nun, good fun.
tart; did depart, Pete, quite neat. Deever, sharpest perceiver,
Hadley, him badly. Keller, the cellar,


Monday, one Sunday, Dumont, the font. libel, his Bible.
wheezes, is Jesus!" Beach; the breach; rears, Father McQueers
Drew, a few. McCotton, Devil's begotten!" Goff, jerk off.
bored? you've scored. perversions, spiritual diversion. dismayed, Reverend Wade.
devout, hang out. Stead, in bed, Jesse, often addressee.
nose; would suppose. Reverend, never end. clear, so dear.
us, bring us Reeve, to believe, so, you go.
head; she's dead, best, and attest, Brock, his cock.
Bard, real hard. jail, under-age quail, Muns, delectable buns;
clown. phony frown. O'Grady, quite shady. discipline, on sin.
Reverend, never end. Paisley, and weasily. Crothers, and brothers;
Wall, church hall, Mick, his dick. McNutt, the hut,
ya' for failure. away; very day.


Theology, an apology: outright, his plight. chosen, are frozen.
celebs, their webs. hand," please understand, fold, so bold,
carousers, bone-hungry Bowzers. ranting, Gregorian chanting. undress, can guess.
dreaded, be bedded. rabbits, their habits, do? considered anew.
vernacular; are spectacular. alone, you've sown? flu? do you,
'er, drag 'er.


Dire, "You liar!" birds, life's turds, Lew. she's through,
morals, his laurels. D.D. nice chimpanzee. Looe, a do.
vicar, work slicker. " feet long, Kew, Vicar withdrew:
Vicar, his liquor. Morgan, a warden, Huffham, cuff 'em
Bray; one day. attire, clergy afire. repose, your toes,"
Hallelujah, stuff, peculiar. Roylette, new toilet. man, her hymen
intention, did mention her, any quicker. nefarious, are various.
vicar, dick her. Buckingham, chucking `em Bay, a day.
Wycombe, trick 'em Tottenham, pottin' `em, Vicar, disappeared quicker
Twickenham, in 'em. men. them; then Blighty, transparent nightie.
Tottenham, forgotten 'em. vicars. fresh knickers. mother, no other;
John, of Yvonne, Wickers, London's vicars. Croydon, regular hoyden.
Leeds, fundamental needs. Stoke, incredible bloke. priests, prefer beasts.
Hughes, quick snooze hope, to cope Stricker, the vicar.
pews, their dues; adolescents, boyish pubescence, vicar, dick her.
vicinity, the trinity. Purdue, "We're through. Sue; a screw.
jolly, and holly. Lamas, amorous dramas Clymping, from pimping.
vicars, their tickers. clear; my beer, Vicar's, and snickers,
Bay, every day, topping, been bopping Chean, vestry unseen.
Brahms, my arms. Matthew; Kath. You Deenham, wean 'em.
Bude, totally nude, Bowles, our souls. still, the hill.
ease, noisiest sneeze." Lord! a board! ticker? any quicker?
Marry-The-Bun, is done, Cherie, for tea. fee, isn't free;
Bangor, with anger, Inverness, a dress. lamb; the jam,
are, kept ajar. Vicar, to liquor; bust, in trust.
Burton-on-Trent, to repent. Usk, elephant's tusk. Usk, elephant's tusk?
Usk; elephant's tusk, affairs, quite unawares, drowned, was found;
Hall, loud call.


fall, us all left, quite bereft. spring, gleeful fling
vicar?" Emily Whicker, brew...?" simpering do- been, and keen."
bag." that mag cow." I vow Yes!" cassock distress.
affair, Aware mad, been had Bray, fine day.
Bray, to decay; perverted; I'm converted. funeral, more remuneral,
McGee, for tea. bickers; shows vicars freeze, as these.
numb, play dumb. Croft, (and oft). falter, the altar;
Milford-on-Sea, to tea. not! low spot. Grey; revelation today.
began, a man; back, you lack; replied, to hide
asserted, once flirted confessed, you're dressed; Jock, his cock.
clerical, laughter hysterical), here, bit queer," more, the poor
found!" gathered around. crowd, guffawed aloud crews, and News)
cock, you mock: attention, specific intention) Jock, spherical cock
begun; am done; onanism, helluva schism. TV, with glee;
loss," a toss. three, dollar fee; root!" to shoot!"
away, called Ray. Lord," grew bored. pulpit, pulled it.
words, two thirds, wet, the vet. ought, vicar thought.
wild, a child. shower, a flower. nuts, their guts,
nude, quite crude. rely, during July, rhyme, the time.
September, to remember. October, stay sober. November; his member.


pulpit, a tool-kit! nadir, dismayed her, Hope, to grope:
raging, been aging. Cheadle, a needle. Tweedle, a needle.
Readall, a needle: Chase, female race. drink. the sink.
Canon, eucharist fanon; colonel, and infernal; Bob, tremulous sob,
Gill, the hill. Clive, very alive. Kamloops, the troops,
brow, old cow, Beacon, the deacon; Bristol, a pistol.
Archdeacon, sneak on; wed, into bed. Tartary-Crim, were grim,
ordain, not abstain. dejection, for collection: Croft, and oft.
Dundee, to me, virginity, in Divinity. Clwyd, a druid,
Clwyd, a druid." said, in bed?" Astor, were faster,
Vancouver, bedroom maneuver. Dave, will behave. Dave; to save
twit; don't fit. Brittany, the Litany. Prior, unprincipled liar;
Muse, of abuse; Rector, sincere objector; Constipation, awful sensation;
Poole, his tool. director, the rector. mean! I've seen.
Joan, all alone bury, versatile Rosebery, Sexton, perplexed. On
Hughes, "Good news! Birch, the church, Verger, baptismal submerger,
pants, in Hants abstain, fleshy domain.


thickens, policy sickens. red, once said, Corps, one more.
scam, on Saddam. bomb, in Saddam. war, Bill swore.
creep": fast asleep. hard, and scarred. Zaire. I hear.
detention, evaded attention. laughter. was after. days, didn't amaze
Chief; very brief. inspection; some reception. Vietnam? Uncle Sam?
it; 'nyet' it. it. upset it. rules, their tools.
ignore: to war! say? a fray? hoot; combat boot.
Clinton, stint in. there; wasn't fair. hop; would drop.
thief; eating beef; clear; the queer. stand; be banned.
troops, indeed stupes! Kosovo. you know. queer, to fear.
before, the floor. fought? a thought: score, THAT'S WAR!
sake, wasn't fake. more, into war.


way; pockets today. vigor; the trigger. kicking, you're picking?
debate; horrible fate. confer; can deter. fear; we hear.
scurry, Clinton worry. Currie, Grand Jury. rat. about that.
Dog, a frog? us. peeve us." nomination, supports pernoctation
took; to look? be, could see. bumblers, Republican grumblers,
informal. nothing amiss, Bennett, win it. us, Dick Morris.
made, excellently laid. robe, the globe. dependable, loyalty unbendable.
hermit. confirm it. eyes, Foster's demise, please, the fleas.
flaps, widening gaps. relax, Big Macs, cartoon, a buffoon.
pants, a chance! steal, could feel. Society, a variety,
defenders, all genders. Krause, a mouse. ahead. wrong bed.
engagin'. is stagin' slammer, to enamor. nation; have affirmation.
band. she's canned. Newt, November boot. Joe, the show.
Kohn, massive bone, assigned, or blind. today, what way
down. him frown. jerked; ears perked. her, his water.
dough; must undergo. caper; into vapor. shame, the blame.
sham; a jam. pay; Brown prey. tail, bit pale,
roam, white dome. spot, gets hot. cue, is true.
invite, the night. enough! got tough. pride, a lie.
bay; any way Susie, be choosy. jail, quite pale,
frugal, Susan McDougall. right! egotistical mite. Bill, the hill,
unjust!" doctors cuss, bask, this task?" thumbs, said "Crumbs,
loon; too soon. Hubbel; big trouble. Hubble; of trouble.
double, in trouble. mean, his Queen.


tried, her pride. pass. kicking ass. tear; much fear.
mess. the press. Bill, bitter pill. bind, "couldn't find".
fishin', from perdition. accrue; must pursue. guv, the love
Reno, see no top, the cops. more; old Gore.
pride, the side.


life, his wife. wordy, never purty. feel, more appeal.
be; insane jealousy, dismay, into decay. last. is vast.
rummy, our dummy. guile, FBI file. twist: to exist.
understand: and lands. Bill; in swill. tell; to sell.
shit, to acquit. matter, Mad Hatter. Dick; is sick.
veranda, the panda. peed. friendly, indeed! bring, pardoning thing.
own, have shown. down, a crown. dude, the nude.
it! above it." fly; single bullseye; again. in ten.
Hubbell, into trouble. nut; a rut. Hope, a dope.
tail; to fail.


raider; gap creator. us. perplex us. Boy. great joy.
trained; had reigned, crass, aboriginal grass. herself, the shelf.
Billy, is silly. town, a frown. power, young flower,
theses; our species. I, to come cat; believe that.
codger, Washington lodger: thoughts; teen-aged twats? out: Future" about?
map, the gap. gay; the way. schnook; of crook.
time, a crime. erection, Hyde's detection. smell. so well,
bit, with shit. core, a bore. today, blow away?
pass." too crass!" impression, a recession. slime, a crime.
child. only defiled me," lips foamy. today, historians say
saw, your craw chance. tap dance. much, that butch.
Billy, your willy. observer, the server. astute, is cute.
renown; perverts down. hurtin', you're spurting', sick, his dick.
goner; upon her. cloning; Bill groaning. mosquito; be neat-o.
return, to burn beat, our streets. Socks, of rocks.
suspect," to direct proportion, some distortion, skimps. us wimps.
laugh, number ten-and-a-half addiction, nation's affliction. connected, enabler defected!
risky; uncontrollably frisky. twice, real nice. dinner, their winner.
person." I respond. time, (in rhyme) occupier, and drier,
warned: been scorned! brave, his grave. population, better relation
game, lasting fame. -- the crack! whoosh. big push.
for, Mount Rushmore. may, all day. Willy, a dilly:
dilly, as silly, ass! sounded crass. pride, happily signed.
conspire, a liar. me; me be. delight, big fight.
Arkansas, quite raw. ironic, sarcastic, sardonic. bummed; be thumbed
man. anyone can, lot, they got; shame, family name.
away; they say; goal, the Bowl. fairies, all hairy.
Tibbs, the ribs. Bill, the hill, pranks; one ranks.
me, next century. leanings, Clinton's intriguing. stare, Clinton somewhere.
it, coy hit, simper; no glimmer. fast; and aghast.


shrugs; the thugs. know, you sow. mess, Monica's dress.
Lewinsky) use until gain, questions remain. inhale; marvelous tale.
quandary. drug laundry. meth, kids' breath. event; a dent.
Yale, their ale. One, some fun, confess; we guess.
assail: a rail. inquired, guy fired. spit; cigarette lit.
Hope, his scope honed. has moaned. blast; quantities vast.
avail; to unveil. shit-ass, that grass? Hope; for Pope.
pain, personal gain, pup! heads up. edge, a ledge.
refrain. to complain. Meena, Clinton's arena. ran; soon began.
rejoice. your voice. sailed, been veiled. Hope, of dope.


blew, a "SNAFU". mice, lawyer's advice. compile, FBI files?
story; own self-glory. sick; and Slick. scorch, FBI torch.
miles; all smiles. try, went awry. Mari, cleverly buries
underground. Filegate's profound! guarantee, from appointees. alert, the dirt.
collection; with affection. grand; is fanned.


remains. Rodham feigns. rage; to assuage. Gore, to restore.
Rodham? got 'em. part; please start; hoots; Rodham uproots.
key, Clinton presidency. Kaczynski, blower Lewinski. 'em, their bottom.
breadwinner, that sinner. swimmin'; was brimmin'. dread, marital bed.
will, the hill. heart, get smart, Hillary; a pillory.
brings, one thing: roared. the board. see, of D.C.
swell; to tell. blame; will flame, scared; she snared.
cows; the hows. hugged? Hillary shrugged, mystic. not realistic.
Pisa; with Leeza. Tom, political bomb. rattle; to battle.
doom; by whom. be, the Presidency. begin; in sin.
hag, to sag. fuss; a bus. so. the go.
pillory; prevent peccadillory, talk, no socks. wore; a bore.
cry, Senate try. obtuse: childhood abuse contrition, new proposition.
mil. husband Bill. erased, be based? Billy, a filly.
rarity, this peculiarity: do? he knew: cook; a crook.
do? quite blue. fun, the sun. Camelot, got caught.
looker, a hooker. leader, please her. might, Rodham fight.
Hodham, from Gotham. tackled; she cackled. to? found to
away, to say, sleeve, so naive. near, off fear.
more! the core. frank; all thank. crime; will climb.
note, Rodham's goat. pair, with flair, refuted; be disputed.
brew. conference anew. fair, a hare. strife. his life;
drain. our pain.


bitchin', started twitchin'. breath, Lady Macbeth. uncouth, her youth,
gag; the bag. facade; a jihad. Rodham, her "Modom",
Sodom, prod him. pain, to reign. find, her mind.
bolder, and colder. Witch; ever ditch. candle; great handle.
best. a pest. doom; her broom. hitched; got rich;
fight, to light." rich; a ditch. broom, of doom:
tack; his back. niche; quite rich. Jade. it made.
understood; she could. potty; ain't shoddy. pan, the man.
play, unique way. no, she'd go. Mister, pissed her.
role? very cold, deter, they refer. bitch; the rich.


Rodham, un-shod him. Rodham, got 'em. C. to be
known, have grown. burst, is cursed. "Bill". you will.
say? each day. odd, favorable nod. face; man's place.
Springs, hot flings. Rodham, to bottom; Hillary, peccadillo: She
vice. a price. Rodham, the bottom. strife; whole life.
-- quite improper. roast; will boast. vexed. quite perplexed.
cries, right-winger guys!" for; others adore. fray; she'll say.
drive, her jive. York, no dork) score. the door.
leader; a peter. Socks, She talks. swear," the air,
Rodham, got 'em. mishap, will wrap.


bubble; with Hubbell. excited; hereby invited. musketeers, Hillary's dears.
to? something new? paper, Watergate caper. Sub-committee, no--not me,
indicted. being spotlighted. told, as gold. connection, Bill's reelection.
headed; long dreaded. find, Rodham's behind. strayed, desk played.
took; could look. heat, a beat. genetic, manner frenetic.
dork, the cork. mate, Eastern State. vexed; be hexed.
along, this song.


lids, she forbids. preach, should breach; Rodham, to Sodom.
on. smart on. leader. succeed her. gourd? can afford.
certain, hurtin' -- wife, her life. consternation; be conflagration.
knees, very pleased. BEHOOVE, the groove. nice. her twice.
recalls, Willy falls. smart; old fart. frigidity; her cupidity.
note; my vote. fail; is stale, pill; to Bill.
leader, Bill's peter. glad; is mad!" disagree. can see.
stern, shall turn." Bill, a thrill, depressed. surely messed.
sat, of fat. say; paper today. mall, a call.
roster, and Foster; Hillary, the pillory Bill, a will
tizzy. been busy. blow. it's so. aback, no slack.
sinner; much thinner. Bill: bitter pill. Zipper". Hillary, chipper.
leader, three-foot tweeter! whore, to Ellenor. strife, of life.
louse, Hillary's grouse leader, feeds her. dummy. parter's crummy.
quips, with snips, gloating, been boating. queen, in between.
respect, to expect amused, fairly short-fused, avoid, be paranoid.
sweet, the cheat. dear; was near." blast, sexual past.
pair, private lair, clipped, more tight-lipped. while, own DOMICILE,
Hillary, peccadillory -- pillory; prevent piccadillory. Slick, political clique
Hill-a-ree, man, yes-sir-ee. shot... the pot." meanie; and Queenie.
greeter, sweeter -- boos. his shoes. hour; the power?
spades, quite afraid. Arkansas. impeachment law. malaise, these days.
Hope; couldn't cope. wish! some dish, spouse, white house,
side, have lied. case, human race. sly; her guy.
wed, same bed. Hope, his dope. discern, to learn
hack. an attack.


he. that we frolics, of bollocks!" lurking, been shirking.
be! to prosperity!" day! the way, bureaucrat, going flat.
proud; out loud, stuck, a truck, bucks, President fucks.
juries, and worries; C., our TV. abound; solid ground.
complain, govern remain, again. to gain news, did who".


hipper; the zipper. we, I see. castles, their hassles;
D.C.? better decree. scoop, favorite snoop. State, Hey, Great!
depressed; be addressed last, pundits forecast. avoid, be overjoyed!
Hyde? and snide. intonious, decree sanctimonious; proud? be allowed
convict, guilty verdict, hunch... lame bunch! Hyde, Clinton deep-fried.
thought: he ought, spin. cannot win. galore; best whore,
duty, this cutie. president, is bent. Hyde; the side.
mommy, the Army, paid, intern DEGRINGOLADE. democracy, the bureaucracy.
ruse; to snooze. Hyde? joking aside... -- critical mission,
Bill, popular swill. slob; his job. do, Article Two;
acquit, to wit: teach, process reach. pretense, no sense);
in, mixin' -- dashing, a bashing. fears; with cheers!
crime, do time, tube, so shrewd ago. to throw
Willie, of hillbillies. see; judge's credulity. Clinton, I'm repentin'.
pining, your whining. tried; has denied. Hyde, his bride.
shit, to quit. rigid; six digits. door, and war!
few, Fall, 92, coating, or voting. slick, to stick,
breached. be reached detail, strange tale. Senate, win it.
overreached, been breached. wages, Congressional sages. forum, a quorum.
state, President CRIMINATE. Beauchamp, teach him ease; a breeze.


maven; safe haven. far; we are. plied; be denied.
sing, will bring. sight; for spite. sky, talkative guy.
sting, will sing. Starr, the bar. gazillion. 45 million.
sweeter. the heater, Starr, American Czar. Dole, of control.
Starr, Cuban cigar. Bill? who will? hurdy-gurdy, so flirty,
Lewinsky, did screwinski. ending. are pending. car, Ken Starr
hitch; a twitch. agenda, big spenda. follows; Starr wallows.
dress! causes stress. hail; of jail. Starr, too far.
him; earn him. smut; and shut. sinned, him skinned.
leak, just peek? law? a flaw. eshew, a few.
deference. your reference that. Bill's fat. Bill; Capital Hill.
scandal: would handle! Starr; you are. Dakar, as far
ringers, the zingers. doors, professional prosecutors. Starr, Joe's Bar.
card, played hard eye, much SCHWARMEREI win! every sin.
depravity," with gravity. box, sniffing frocks) Starr, power afar.
soiled, or boiled: score; no more. plain, did remain.
Starr, a cigar; feel, painful ordeal; dance, room trance,
Starr, a jar pain, and again. Starr, too far.
Lie". to testify. writ, to wit: mustn't. he wasn't.
suspense, the pretense. doors, Billy's whores. spawner, a goner.


Starr; too far. calumniate, small tete-a-tete, staff; not laugh.
Starr, cigar -- sure, much manure. Bill, our fill.
battler; a rattler; this; me remiss. glitches, big britches,
Starr, by far) "judge"; a grudge. at; his hat.
fucking, keep sucking. bit; of wit. 'em. collect 'em.


haters; just masturbaters. groovy, a smoothy. freeze, the breeze.
tell-all. a ball. Bottom, Hillary Rodham. Starr, bit far.
incitement, much excitement. find, you blind? proof, all aloof.
reeling, so appealing. Starr, too far. complex, and checks).
all-nighter. getting lighter. report, her support. Bill, encounters until


sleuth, and uncouth. blame; chess game. stake. a mistake.
Tucker, a sucker. Starr, too far. Peru, anyone screw.
pull? no bull. buttinsky, named Lewinsky, Rodham, the bottom;
agenda... then Brenda. ledge, to dredge Starr, and far.
investigation, and deputation, ASSIDUOUS, and insiduous, probe, the globe.
subpoenas, Bill's penis. fast. his past. stop. thing drop.
Starr, too far, this, me remiss. Starr, the Bar.
appeared, bills disappeared farewell, their Hell.


mess; to assess. Ness, could express? impress, did undress.
largess, I guess. progress, some unselfishness. press; with less,
regress; it, unless, chess, more stress. confess, to address,
attack; parallel track. fitting; is getting, blame, his fame.
clear, to fear. shock, the rock do, you --
found, all around. -- their faces!


spacious; and salacious. Monica, at Hanukkah. deep, Unabomber creep,
drinks, one thinks. advised: Clinton surmised. hollow, to follow.
COGNOMEN, for snowmen, stickin'. a lickin', hip, one tip.
who, president's goo. immunity; with impunity. today, quill-pen away.
fame, the blame crime. doing time! nicer, a spicer.
asserted, he flirted, said, consequence dread, Lewinsky, like Stravinsky.
Willie; a dilly. girl. a whirl, confess, souvenir dress
L.A. to pay." Monica. my harmonica Lewinsky, big buttinski.
door, no more. squirtin', more certain. Lewinsky, as Kaczynski.
Co. immediately tro. written, of forgettin'. date, of state.
salacious, Monica's fellatious. Lewinsky. a buttinsky. Monica, of her.
rat, little brat. how! Holstein cow. guy, came by,
doubt; of clout. press, a guess. Bill, named Hill.
chipper, President's zipper, puzzled. be guzzled. glum, for some
sentiment, Monica condiment, go, you know, nuts, the Sluts.
get, a LABRET, groan, his bone. true, Ms. Lew.
prize, these guys. see, a plea. flack, the back,
Hope, his dope. gauge, in rage. Lewinsky, her chinsky.
please. -- Lewinskys. behalf, a laugh. controlled; the mold.
kick; a shtick. too? on you... frown, world renown.
becomes. Monica's gums? intern, I yearn, talk, certainly walk.
Lewinsky", Plans Contingency". Lewinsky? convince me smelly; the telly.
soon, Monica tune; fling, interney thing? hoax; you folks.
raver, did savor, Hill, the kill, pup, no gup:
risque, terribly frisky. VanMeter; Fonda Peter. greeter, much sweeter.
Bill, her fill. fun, have done; say! they play
long, new thong. relationship. it's grip. sad; a cad.
Mrs. her kisses. her, is faster: bane, a pain,
Kaczynsky, Ms. Lewinsky. turd, four-letter word. said, Bill head.


Monica. her moniker, lover, Monica's cover. start, a tart!
road; focal node. Lewinsky, Presidential Bobinsky. Guccione, big phoney.
ANTHROPOPHAGUS?' a bus, eyed. she tried. fate, she ate.
sunny. it funny! ringer, Clinton's stinger. rants; congressmen dance
uncloaked, Monica's folks. Monica, the harmonica, buzzin'; three dozen.
cravin' be savin'. lusty; maiden busty, playing; people straying.
advised. ill advised. fair, the air, trite, has short-sight.
Lewinsky, her chinsky, gropin') be hopin' perpetrater; mate her.
Monica, astonish her. interned, Willie burned. limbo, held akimbo.
Lewinsky; show skinsky. now, and how! nice, that vice.
finding, and shining; Crum, murmurs, "Yum-yum." reason, of season.
slip, presidential tip. bound; was sound. Lewinsky, the butt-in-ski.
use, the blues. fate, usual rate. go, talk show?
breeze; of knees. L.A. without pay.


shame, dangerous game, shame, the blame. AERIOUS, tooth carious.
more, in store. Starr, too far, BEREFT, Monica left,
banana; of manna; hankerings, odd hanky-pankerings, store; bought more.
far, privates ajar. far, enhanced sonar. bizarre, is subpar.
grace, different place. Starr, thus far, clacking, Clinton's off-jacking.
abuse, ways loose. Starr, Clinton's cigar. banana; of manna.
photogenic, bit schizophrenic. mess, the dress): male, for detail.
Gararin? star in. Starr, Clinton's cigar. dress! a mess!
Monica, his gin-and-tonica. sends, his "friends." Starr, Clinton cigar;
half, his staff. Starr, a car. place; in disgrace.
written, get smitten. her, to savor. Starr, as bizarre:
lass, let pass. girlfriend; the end. cigars, ladies boudoirs,
puff; just enough. far, a star. Starr, a cigar.
cigar, very far, where, his mare, dress! a mess.
dish, could wish. surrendah! country's agenda! far, most bizarre.
Starr, a cigar. use, with juice." scar, too far.
Bill, the Hill. match, her snatch. BIJOU, love you",


debacle, Monica's frock'll distress, fondly caress. digress; big mess.
Glory; old story. SLIPSHOD, intern's bod. confess, this mess.
reckless, "pearl necklace." dress, sticky mess. scream, that theme
fame, a dame, wire: under fire. US, the Pres.
great, your gate, spurtin', the curtain? mess, blue dress.
dress, would guess whore, DNA SPOOR; suppress, great distress.
honor," and conner. matter? tabloid tatter; confess, terrible mess.
it, little belated). gingery, Monica's lingerie, jizz, intern Ms.
miss; to this; Monica, on harmonica dear. I fear.
less, you guess? dress, jism excess. sure, and pure,
Bill, keep still. Hope, to grope. quickie," prodigal dickie.
lame, I blame; silly, aprons, frilly; gloating, been boating.
obscene, not seen. preener, and weiners, aide, was paid.
sure, the fore. leaner, and wieners. cock, new frock.
dress, some stress. befriended, be mended. ADD! the decree.
door, the floor, DC, a spree. mess, Monica's dress.
Cole, old soul. shirt, Monica's skirt; redress, Arnold impress
stress, her dress. Betty; girl steady. say? what way?
luck, with pluck, distress, care less! soles, of holes.
shamed; be tamed. deserve, has nerve! bar, you are.
L.A., to say. L.A. all day. beak, small creek!
mess, her dress. mess? him confess. dress, to confess.
fear, bit queer. head, Kleenex, instead sire? heated desire?
Willie, quite silly. Lewinsky, of Kaczynski? DURESS, not confess.
splatter, creamy matter. mess! in distress. toss, the boss,
stress, Monica mess. Lipinsky, like Kaczynski; bum, my come".
downfall, et al. Lewinsky, like Kaczynski.


instigate, to inflate. dress! frontal caress! clones? their bones?
shoes. his ooze dress! to assess!" dress! the Pres.
rogue, to DISEMBOGUE wallered; was collared. wit, slotted fit,
dress! a mess! so. to know dress! get pressed.
bomb, Capitol's calm; lovers, the covers. he, He
dress! a mess! fine; the line. duress, blue dress
bereft, wife cleft, dress? to guess. Lewinsky, than Kaczinsky.


ABNEGATE," his fate. enhances, oral advances. said, to bed."
prick, world sick. dross; a toss. who, unmatched woo,
cease! to trees! maggot? gag it? shown, have known
shy, her guy. alone, Whitehouse's video-phone. bloke, a poke,
scene, and between, Lewinsky, of Kaczynski, DC, eeking opportunity,
nose? d'you suppose? work; enamel berserk? penetration, with elation,
"I'm, not crime. noted, have voted. her! a skewer.
Mon, to spawn. son! seem done. rope; little hope.
proclamation, his nation, wiles, completely beguiles. know. a blow?
vixen, than Nixon. Monica, President's harmonica. dead. with dread.
it, to it, said, intern, instead, WATERSHED, had said,
up; did sup. not. her pot. Starr, a bar.
Lewinsky, and huskies? beds; the Feds. Billy, so silly.
begrudged? so smudged? stink, President's dink. meltdown; felt down.
chills, making skills. George, to engorge Wow! Holstein cow.
Brittonica, of Monica it. "Screw it!" prelate, you fellate?"
rushin' he's gushin'. Monica-gate, and fellate. sin. it in.
limelight, not bite. menace; an apprentice. Monica, to Salonika.
hairs; really affairs. preferential; look presidential. elided, she guided
edifice, rival Oedipus. geezer. thong teaser. bit, have bit.
hillbilly, so chilly, condensed, common sense: REPUDIATE, intern "date".
her, a no-brainer. spin, Monica's chin. rave, Monica gave.
problem, hobble 'im. leader; a repeater. insky, Monica Lewinsky.
bore; human store. knees, to please. fate, personal STRAIT
awry, his fly, confessed. a guest. ripe; every gripe.
machine, and clean. her. guaranteed her her; was sweeter.
faces, one embraces rapacious, most salacious, case, dangerous place.
fitten' was smitten Hills, sexual thrills. toast, impeachment boast.
try, his fly. chick, President's dick. friend, the end.


steal, can't appeal. dandy, hard candy. doubt, cavorting about,
appealing, fate sealing; reeling; no appealing. Arkansas, terribly sore.
joker, toker -- eel, are unreal. baloney! blow me!
House, "go south". Monica, on Hannukah. tease, to please,
dumb, irreversibly numb. wine, play sixty-nine. doubt, 'down south';
see, found she. -- south -- pass, young lass.
plump, fat rump. jail. wouldn't inhale. Bill, big thrill.
bane, him insane, us, seen us?" Hornatio, by ratio.
twenty-six, with dicks.


-- just whore-y! day, No way! stellar, feller --
week? does speak! go; know. wait, her gate!
confess, sex mess, lip, of Tripp. Billy, perfectly silly,
Lewinsky, his skins-key; slimy, was grimy, unfolded, both scolded,
girl; she'd twirl winky, tiny dinky. -- sure --
better; 'er -- signing, and dining. book, a look.
luck. will suck. look, your hook. mine, good time,
fool! this rule: cock, a rock. song, go wrong.
singer, to linger. depositions; erectile conditions. reported, was recorded,
end? a bend? facade; a nod. thrill, my skill.
dimski; quite flimski. California, bone ya?" gather, a matter?
dear, evidence, clear, lines, and fines, kiss; dear miss.


Cheat; the street coop, its soup. us." truly outrageous.
astronomical, truth comical. blue, his screw- bequeath; from beneath.
tried, we've lied. tooth) my youth rely; don't falsify.
did, he hid. undone. cannot outrun. feat; that's neat!
straw. me raw. say, the day. bleating, and cheating.
inhale, turn pale. patter, of clatter. us, liars desirous.
draft, he laughed. best, I detest. shells, he tells;
rabbit. Clinton habit. Willie; a dilly. screw; be true.
din, taken in; contempt; no attempt. long, so strong.
Starr. no cigar. Prez; he says. pro. long ago.
wide, the side. lot, get caught! new, will do.
mate, of state. tow, every blow. thievin'; worth believin'.
youth, methods uncouth, attend; the mend. mastered; had plastered.
"Clintonese", the breeze. uncouth, my youth. MENDACIOUS, more gracious
fallacious, quite salacious, verify, same guy. stupid! and Cupid!
escape. the Cape. cheatin' "Top-Secret meetin'". reason, were treason.
perplex, a hex. buck, that fuck. pandering; sex bantering.
place, his pace. goof, staying aloof. fun, is done.
client, charges defiant, sort, animal sport; deft; completely bereft.
guy, and sly. appalled, got balled. Nero. for zero.
alas, cannot pass. hornet! a strumpet. sunshine, been lyin'.
saying, Democrat's braying. feed, natural greed. action, full satisfaction
tries, your eyes. doubt, executive clout her? esconce her
speed; nose bleed. conviction; lifelong affliction. tell; are swell.
recalls, Starr hauls. lie, must testify. surgeon, that burgeon.
collide, off stride. lied, he flied. shit, some clit.
Missouri), court's fury, sold; quite bold. tooth", "a youth".
Bill, steadfast will, would; a hood. prying, been shying.
lies; the eyes


predators, few editors. it; regret it? queenie, GOP weenie,
that, hypocritical rat, life! this strife? ineffectual; fucking textual.
breather. teethe her. avoidal, to coital, money, strange cunny.
surprise; and lies. missed, the jist. lying, is prying,
right. Clinton's plight, consolation, due contemplation. Yanks, my thanks.
uncouth, but truth. can, a fan. lied. President replied,
unfold, I'm told. see, than me. mystery, our history
Vietnam, has become Starr, the bar. his'n, in prison.
his, spent jizz,


make? his cake? Rather, to gather. philosophic; quite philanthropic.
same? cruel game? chess, the mess. refuse, the news
fearing; most endearing. pintsize, first prize. distraction, oral action?
shrugs. as slugs. fistful; as crystal. pokin', been broken.
slant, an ant 'em. cite 'em. punned. were nunned.
passes, the masses, Corp, couldn't ignore: elation, under sedation,
unabated, are allegated. dock, husband's cock. eyes, to disguise.
be; to me. beaming; are dreaming. fable, will enable
sweet; glorious defeat, frame, the blame. Polls", their souls.
today, they say. desire, on fire, dance, illict romance.
stall. what gall! way, right away. guess; the press.
new: on cue. flame; this came fit, had writ.
Hill, President Bill. strive, candidate thrives. glitters, its twitters.
sting, adulterous fling. dud; and HUD. view! a screw?
ranted, was canted man, global plan. sweat. they regret.
howl; your bowel. towel? to jowl year! is clear.
know, news show. ferment, the scent. things, us bring.
prose; Willy arose. blight. slant overnight.


ease, we'll tease. badminton, Bill Clinton. Arkansas, ever saw.
feet, to meet. thighs, Moon Pies. Borkian. called Gorkyan.
do; another screw. air, high-spirited flair. past, opponents aghast;
castration? needs concentration. ablation. our nation. castration? curious nation.
castration? a sensation! attorney, truth-seeking journey. castration? his frustration?
empathy, T Willy, in Philly. castration? the nation?
castration? eternal temptation? crown, and brown. affair, Clinton's hair.
klutz; him nuts. mixed, focus transfixed. euphemistic, Distinguishing characteristic."
Clinton, and sprintin'. clue, the flu. host. than most.
castration? sexual frustration? it, is exquisite. D.C. for tea,
mull, and dull. castration? the Nation! despise, quickly devised.
few; for review. flap, are at. please. could seize.
cookie, of nookie". dine; the decline. suspicion, peculiar condition.
castration? island vacation? left, be bereft. sight; to light,
Willy, a dilly. mock, up, Doc." arts, and darts.
bizarre, my car sea, my knee. today! and grey.
unclog, evening jog, Jones, President's bones: Clinton! a glintin'.
fades, new crusades. Clinton, for Lenten. Hope, his rope.


debased; rogues disgraced. advise. a rise. trees. grow overseas.)
Freeh, T's committee. overhead, corruption widespread. frank, he sank.
gal, D.C. locale. not? So what? dough; they owe.
revvin'; in heaven. host. pals engrossed. itch, fugitive Rich.
Commander-in-Chief, your beefs. fact. has cracked: tree, Charlie Trie,
wrong; her song. think, the brink. Bill, must fill.
rash, for cash. crunch, fund-raiser lunch. full; he'll pull.
Garden, hard 'un!" look, bag book. groups, the loop.
fund, be shunned. Kanchanalak, gave back. woes, Lippogate grows.
luck, problem stuck; machine, weren't clean. askance, book advance.
admissions, morning editions. say: money away. grayer, thick layers.
split: or quit? night, favorable light. screwed, slyly accrued.
long, and song. trail, in detail. song, named Huang.
way; little delay. guarantees, from overseas. know, illegal dough.
redeem; does seem.


times, street mimes. Slick, be quick. before, no chore.
Bill, he will; mansion, for expansion. Court, up short.
wrong, zipper down. Bill, cheap feel. nutritious, you malicious.
bong, go wrong. castration; adopt legislation. Chuck. With luck
sin, a grin. hands, his glands. stack, and back!"
inhale; a tale. Arkansas, their Pa. Hope, inhaling dope.
abhor, never before. platter, are sadder. bay, to say.
fly; pig's eye! within, to sin. discreet, is neat:
session, to confession. mood; and brood. spill; his fill.
hear; to fear. use, actions obtuse. -- three --
president, House, resident, strife, his wife. skids, made bids.
plays, his days, lept, that's kept. salacious, leader sagacious.
Court, to abort. torch, to scorch. "invite", at night.
suggestion; of erection. takes; he makes. Bill. bitter pill.
gall, of all." jail, chase tail. wallow; quite hollow.
hope. the Pope. Hope, a dope free; we'd agree.
clear, to fear, such, very much. disclosure, his composure.
us, bore us. terror; their error. decide, often tried.
decline; its shine. Bill, the hill. power, his tower.
sucking, still bucking. friend, the end. hassle, Mr. Asshole.
winter, to splinter. it; implied it. appalled; Republicans called.
morn; cheap porn. scandal; a handle. reckless. just feckless?
shame, the game, dark, like sharks. say, it's OK.
fear, my gear. about, no doubt. butt, a gut.
kicks; the mix. inhaled, he's nailed. more. the door.
bent, to circumvent "sale": Clinton prevail. divine, the line.
wag, red flags. whiz, legal fizz; quick; will stick.
hill, named Bill, complex; often reflects. Bill, who will


keen; his Queen. yesterday, go away. around"; then found.
kind; Dowd's mind? drank; don't thank. squeal. House deal.
muss, Democrat fuss. embark, what's dark. stony, is baloney.
lambs; more slams. rebut, and cut. joint, already loint.
free; you see. frugal, (not McDougal) grand, in hand.
TWICE, of vice days, what pays. seek, can tweak.
fuzzy; my scuzzy hair; a chair. tail; angry female.
AK, the hay sexes, accurately reflectses, 1998, faced Monicagate.
bizaarre, to spar, mutt? partisan nut. Starr, a bar.
liar, is surefire. Tripp, a whip? produce, turned loose.
relying, from frying. mess, to confess. contrition. under suspicion.
fun; he won. do, prove true. Lister, dismissed her.
Romeo, of dough. aide, easily made. built; been spilt.
ironicker, like Honeker. dine, quickly design. afraid, to fade.


air; a scare. say, reported today: Hope, his dope.
swoon? and noon? trap, but crap, need! upon greed.
detractors, Democratic benefactors; slimes. of times. say, stolen away?
Way, hold sway? shameless; policy, aimless; topside, all died.
gent, liberal bent. lie; your eye. him, depict him.
sure, will endure. callous, without malice. know, Bill so?
poll; hot hole. how! again now! Fatherland, powerful stand;
lied, be fried. Bill, would spill. fax, the facts:
scheme, American dream. situation, some investigation. great, or hate,
shakers, of acres. feel, a steal. classes, the masses,"
dive, equal five. Hands" South lands. pain, his brain,
WOW! yet...And how! again, his pen. clear; I fear.
deserve, to serve.


see, on TV. beggin'; even shaken. relief, world grief.
sing, to bring Bill. our fill. rally. to dally."
stink!" I think ears, good years. booed? very rude.
sailed, it entailed. distress; a mess. say, you'll pay.
Clinton, than sprintin'. canker; with rancor. peaks; our critiques.
Bill, the till; wife, a knife. glutton, and mutton,
Dole, own hole, sax, bit lax. efficient, very proficient.
floor, he swore. note, a goat. law, Hope Arkansas
Bill, the Hill. president, House resident. Chief." some relief.
time, Billy-boy's slime debater, gun confiscator. line; be benign.
Bill, Capitol Hill. knee, out DNC. time, of rhyme.
teach, of reach. stops, fed cops, works, his perks.
think, should drink world; it unfurled; perception, any deception.
male, must fail abdication; be jubilation. before, Al Gore.
folks! more jokes chat, a spat. evident, its resident.
laugh, Presidency's path. bent; fellatio meant. worm; Willy squirm.
planned, presidentially grand. fence. for pretense. blame. will inflame.
lies; their eyes. note, it," unquote. chap. A mishap.
President. is dissident. fun; to none. influential, quite presidential.
lawful; quite awful. sure, the cure," austerity," phony sincerity,
Socks, really rocks. doozy! the Watusi. Bambino," from Reno.
agree, we'll see. time, in rhyme. fair, for bear.


pleased, feeling squeezed. passed, our grasp. crooks. shooting hooks.
streak, last week. rent, Bill went. attraction. and action.
waived, be saved. stir, racial slurs. snarlin', in Harlem;
gleamin' by Hickey-Freeman, trace, its place,


Hooters, his rooters. Congress, sore mess. growing. of slowing.
flinches, by inches. curious, activities spurious. effect, to collect.
dim, a limb. by, rides high. Beach? treachery reach?
way, to say. guts, been cut. wall. to fall.
defection, House affection. agree, be panicky. Arkansas, everyone saw.
enough, the buff. stroll, for holes. way, DNC expose.
fine; of mine." eel, making deals. debut, were true.
clink, I think. clink. I think. fuss; or cuss.
detecting, Clinton's protecting.


Bill, the hill. right? must fight. through, that too.
sail, the rail. stone, and postpone; crass, can't pass.
sad, dad -- zeal; the deal. sick, the Slick,
inhale, in jail. fuss? benefit thus? squeeze, showing unease.
plainer: deceitful campaigner." indicted, be righted. cost. been tossed.
poll, of control, President; I'm heaven-sent. boat, your vote.
birth, on earth. astute, in repute. mob, political slob.
mill: investigate Bill!" hemming. spending" stemming. -- I heard.
scare, isn't aware along, "liberal" throng sheep, real cheap.
overthrown. the throne. cackled; never tackled. sleep. appear deep.
Socks, of rocks. ducked; be bucked. fill, and Bill.
fear, is near. chucked; be plucked. reach; to teach.
judge, your fudge? ordained, from restrained. applaud; is flawed.
slip. in strips. wrong; his song. word." senator Byrd.
pervert, purple-hued shirt, us, hurt us. bad, get mad.
saint, certainly ain't. stalling; is hauling. fast, the blast.
done? have spun. despair, short prayer: shit? it zipped?


double! to rubble." true. had ('92) letter, get her.
mob; his job. "Arkancide" f Bill, you will."
removed, and proved. pro. call Perot. mute. and Newt.
ruddy; and bloody. communists) and Gore. job, to rob
sneeze; his knees; Clinton-hater, does cater; it. tried it.
staying, their praying. lass, first class. -- earns praise.
-- of town Rich, no snitch), -- status improved.
light; the fight. demure, for sure. repent, never relent,
us; vex us? Willie, is silly. sinner. in her
on, parred on. press, causing distress. rocked, been mocked.
quo! me so! fortune; a contortion. in; to win.
strike, he dislikes. staff, by half. me! can be!
protestation, intern's temptation: spewing, he's doing. plain: the drain.
afraid, has made. speech, throw bleach attack; the sack.
sighs, very wise crook; the book. tense, deliveries commence.
December; started, remember?


lump, we jump. smart: are apart sour, to power.
say, visit today predictions, innermost conviction. Nuys, his lies.
true! of IQ. Friar? may expire. thrill, you still:
both; economic growth. right; look contrite. free, without misery;
Bill, a pill. cheap; his sleep. Constitutionality, you see?
mask. to ask. twenty-three, and Hillary? astute; call cute.
foster, personnel roster. Chief! a thief? Bill, always will;
hero; and Nero. time, and rhyme. Fan. to plan.
new; them do. yesteryear, Billy Beer? mire, to admire
thank. draw blank. clone, a bone? walk, his flock.


bash, is trash. randy. him candy. stash, illegal cash,
president; I went. on; smart on. home, now roam.
Bill, Capitol Hill. nation, TV station. chill; Capitol Hill.
Hope, to grope. disgrace; his place. State; probably mate
Gore. from shore. affair, small hair. myself! fat elf!!
ill, hoot Bill. Bill, to instill. swill; country downhill.
axe. I tax." reign; truly insane. hesitant, Avenue resident,
slick, look sick. elation, hard flagellation? bunch; a hunch.
Starr. no cigar. unaware, this pair. land, finally canned.
election, their selection, agree, to me!)


control, over Dole. doubt. Democratic rout, call, at all.
towel? cry "Foul!"? sad, as bad. State; and mate.
grin, to win. dynamic; a panic. jobs; the slobs
chap. his trap. he, the key. PIED-A-TERRE, stolen share.
last. been cast. God, is flawed.


tail, Bill pale. sent; the "Gent." booking, Hillary's cooking!"
Clinton, whites glintin', night; outrageous fight. consort, sexual sport.
clear; hard-as-steel rear. knowing, is growing. wail, that tail?
insurrection. the election. fun, couldn't outrun. attacked, firmly react.
Pope, could grope. her, bait her. tattletale, by retail.
speak; the leak. rants, different stance. Willy. quite silly.
best; his rest. dupe; did swoop. Billy, his willy.
flip. and skip. life, of strife. advance, political dance.
pray, each day. Willie, genus filly. salt, the fault.
gap, Bill's lap. today, right away. habit, a rabbit.
threat, the net. sick; a lick. journey, nightmare returnee,
police; big valise. Minton, are hintin'. shine, his line.
commissions, and omissions, vows, to carouse. will, the hill.
doom. her perfume. barrel. isn't sterile. follow, to wallow.
Bill, screwin Hill'? water; caught 'er. rife, private life.
shrewed. ever exclude. breed, his seed, tricks; can't fix.
man, you can!" alarming, as charming. Bill, would kill.
rating, weenie inflating. Billy, occasional "filly". damn, I am.
imparted; has charted. tattletale, to jail. stale, Clinton's tail.
out, jubilant shout respect. any defect. road!" Tax Code.
fool. his tool. confess. big mess. win; a grin.
spunky; her monkey. addition, with ambition. berating, on baiting.
9-0-2-1-0, to blow. fond, and blonde. say, the day.


selected, up unexpected. empowers; sympathy towers. illicit, and explicit.
superpowers, golden showers. Socks, the jocks. filly, silly Willy.
power, named Flowers. flowers, great powers. hours, Clinton's powers.
pants, the ants. Flowers, Quapaw Towers. when, seeing Gen.
Kid, expurgate Cupid. what? Conspiracy Nut. powers, President's hours.
Jovi, no trophy. cowers, sexual powers. hours, his powers,
trasitions? better magicians.


Hill, than Bill, Bill; a thrill. cute, skin flute.
fare; split hairs. head, turned red. Bill, named Hill.
confession! you depression. said, President's bed. randy, isn't handy.
dame. the same. castration? the sensation, vast, it last.
Clinton, subtlely hintin'),


Willey, is chilly. Willey, looking filly! November? couldn't remember!
Willey, destitute filly. -- suin' me! Billy, fondling Willey.
Willey, undone, willy-nilly. tongue, cow dung. oogle, exceedingly frugal.
name, of dame. heaven; times seven. Willey, her Billy.
Willey, is silly. silly, this filly. Willie," be silly.
Willey, from Billy.


later, hate her. charms, his arms. embargoed, him Sukarno'd
stealth," cigarette wealth) Tripp, a ship. Tripp, her lip.
sad, looked bad, Tripp, this tip: doubt, the Lout.
Lewinsky, or Minsky. Tripp, Majority Whip, Starr, too far.
wrinkling, an inkling. Bill; did fill.


Chinese, by these. Brazil, cocksucking pill. prehensile, most tensile,
define, the swine. puff, some stuff." stuff! delicate muff.
Bill, the hill. Willy, young filly. is, his jizz
lack." the hack. hill? it's Bill. Nantucket, the bucket.
silly; with Hilly; hex, oral sex. said, be read.
stripper; be hipper. under, might wonder crass, his past.
throne, all alone. dress, big mess, Hollywood! I could!
pen, "Not again!" know; it go. fond, his wand.
nation, in frustration, ma'am." a lamb. pecks, than necks,
Clinton, and hintin'. Billy, was silly. town, girls down.
protection, Clinton's erection. lie, me why: misled, have read.
prevail. not entail Prez, or lez, qualification, great nation?
knock, sucked cock. dock, his cocK. Willy, the hillbilly;


Hill; us still. doughty, so haughty! bubble; the trouble.
erection, closer inspection, affection, my erection?" heat, cannot beat;
meet; big feet. see, state employee. guys, you lies.
flock, to talk. heart, a part you, or two;
Clinton, lint on. ample, feminists trample. truth? one sleuth?
suite, his meat. goes, appearance grows. stirred. the word:
Jones, his phones, pone, his bones. truth? by vermouth.
fired. she desired. never!" the altogether. sunblock, Jackson's doc.
election; no erection. plead, my reed." her, get her.
dismissed, the list filly; quite silly. report, have sport.
bower; an hour. nightmare, to prepare well-trained, uncouthly complained
saw, the raw. direction, my election. list. and desist.
pro, a virtuoso grow, to hoe. bones, Paula Jones.
Clinton, been hintin'? pale. of tail. pad. be glad,
groans, Paula Jones. true. to do bent, it went.
through. to you. funky-- a junky. wait, court date.
scored, be ignored. curve, of nerve. you!" to do."
Such-and-such, to retouch, spirit, cheer it. flavor, to savor.
intern, did earn. dough, Paula Jo. dispel, foul smell.
meant. most innocent. head, had fled, slut, her butt,
erred. who stared. flaws, importance because compel, state personnel.
red, some head." Pickle, just fickle. pass, did harass.
dust, Preesident's lust. Jones, and moans. smart, oral art.
meet, his feet. night; a sight. ya'." let ya'."
other; or t'other. tool; in school. leader, bottom feeder.
throttle; will coddle. use, a ruse.


stewin'; to ruin. -- the graph. glum; you some.
shown, had known. Hope, his dope. pride, energy guide;
tsunami; was balmy. life, most strife, "Quiet. try it.
pill, President Bill; parch, some starch. sky, to lie,
when, President's den?" candidate; to circulate. score, D.C. whore.
Willy, each filly. dating, it frustrating. doubt; is about.
day; is "A". chaff, you laugh. irate. a date:
Titehouse, a lighthouse. surgin'; a sturgeon. lore, Al Gore.