Limeric Index



Hintz, a wince. morn, ladies forlorn, Milpitas, treat us,
Cort, a sport; Guinea, her pinny. proportion, protest abortion.
erratic; stand, dogmatic. dumb, own come, adject- my magic)
net, and yet mirth; at birth!' brain? feel pain?
killing? find fulfilling! maybe, are crazy. easy. not queasy.
miss, a kiss. face, to trace pay, getting away.
year, into gear, fan, they can. contortion, of proportion.
Porson, amatory contortion, proportions, contraceptive precautions, plain; great pain.
Lee, taunting P.T. festers, divest her. Ellie, her belly.


Boyce, soft voice. Lunt, a hunt. berated; so jaded!
abortion, and distortion. vaunted, tragically haunted rejected, is neglected
implicit: illicit -- please, criminal disease congeals, everyone feels,
hero; or Nero. thief, in Chief! upon? or con.
NOW, than chow. born? next morn, Mort, onliest sport.
said, one's head. art, a tart. burned, is spurned;
slow, does grow. choice, her voice. smiled, though beguiled
thirst, be cursed. Wade! get laid. -- starts abroad.
Hill, the pill. true, trimester two. debate, I hate.
us. treat us agree, history -- born? Don Juan.
us, defeat us. thwarted, harlots cavorted.


Polk, cosmic joke; contortion, furtive abortion. Fran, young man.
Madrid, a kid. Madrid, a kid. McMinns, her sins.
stew; to do. two, and Sue. Jack, her crack.
nice? a trice!" death, first breath way, DNA
prod, often trod: see, not me! luck, be stuck.
Wright, for spite. Spencer, dispense her Dozier, (willow switch)
Harriet, carry it. Cork, the stork. Jesus, with tweezers.


careless, are heirless. romance. by chance. done, great fun.
ignore; harden before house; my spouse. place, meeting face-to-face.
trees, your knees. pace, this race. bring, to swing.
Unity, with impunity; cried. he replied. estate, man's mate.
affray; did play. reamings, upper-crust leanings. plied, linger inside;
fling? they swing; adieu, for you. Hal, his pal.
Ives, the hives; tarried, quite harried; Stan, young man;
here, somewhat clear. early, his girlie? squirm, miserable worm,
Queen; is keen, can", devious plan: fray, quatre melee--
man, Fran's Stan; Meek, a week. Brutus, hoot us,
taught: praiseworthy thought. neglect; would expect. home, never roam.
Inuit, I intuit Strauss. your spouse." Stacey, chase me.
Frye, the sly, Bess, said, "Confess! fire, greatly admire
actress, of malefactress; Sue, quite blue; say, not gay,
true; the news. Maine, the brain. life, any strife,
enough, that's tough! O'Grady, named Sadie, Cline, accidental design.
well-fed, in bed: fuss; should discuss. true, a screw.
Fife, some strife; sluts; their butts. cool, love tool;
line. said Cline. weekending, that's offending. Frinks, strong drinks.
Nome, at home, Toro, could borrow. Manhasset, important facet
Black. a fact. find, woman's behind. explain. the rain.
tattered, been battered. sweaters, get her; bite, night --
ruse, and shoes, screw, not overdo.


Ned, he said... Lar, a jar. Belgrade, the Crusade.
poem; will foam. Cruse, not abuse. Virginian, North Carolinian.
Purdue, and untrue. O'Neal, afternoon deal. frustration! sweet copulation,
affair, and bare. there? you, dear." 'crew', at two."
diner; a whiner. spawn, far gone. night, stallion's delight.
luck. a fuck, home. all alone?" while," innocent smile.
askance, my pants." inquire, Misses McGuire... Joan, the phone.
decision. has risen. great! in weight. Fife, of strife.
Faber; much labor. Bunce, hot cunts. think, pussy stink.
orgasm, has 'em. McWing, delirious thing. Gloucester, bossed her,
Rock, little stock, flyin'; pumping iron." Woodstock, his block.
affair, evening prayer. aisle, said, "I'll Fyfe, his life.
Blore, a store. Dot, La Motte. McCants, my pants.
Filk, of silk, Bates, he dates. Brown, into town,
garrison, a Saracen. Brandon, and demandin'.


Baker, dolly maker, back, "Listen, Mack, wife, from Fife
cutie; for duty, Ostend, her friend. Bill, feeling ill.
way, wife, Kay. that, room mat. nous, a louse.
fat!" for that wife, your life." con. put upon."
deprive' least five, harry, to tarry. blues, to choose
Day, go away, wide, low tide. lack, the knack.
nice. better twice. lake, all quake. thought; been taught.
Wyoming, the gloaming; Fyfe, quarrelsome wife, trade, gay blade.
Dare, an affair. Heather, stormy weather, said. were wed."
misses, and kisses. Cleft, was bereft. life; some strife.
Leeds, my seeds seed, dirtiest deed; right, at night
pleases, say, Jesus! he, too picky. bed, her, said,
Tids; Yids -- strong, probably wrong reason, and freezin'
d'amour? a bore?


view, a screw exhibition, from tradition. consent, outrageous event.
pass, to harass. cope, greater scope. unperplexed, have sexed.
greet, manner discreet. prepare, the pair. installs, who sprawls,
grunt, the brunt scowl, most foul. bend, her friend.
luck!" cuntlapper suck shock, will gawk, stew; is through.
it, her thicket, flushes, he rushes stare, fucker prepare
dash, so brash. forn- 'til dawn. suppose, her hose
car, and bar, Seaver, strange beaver. -- been scheming
whore, the door. annoyed. am unemployed. away. him say:
dear?" pretty queer. her," Lem Toffer. fling, did sing,
pardon. Paradise Garden." vicious, very pernicious. Wyoming, was roaming.
shame, the same, dawn, the lawn. roam; did foam.
sung, I'd swung. sense, most intense: mingle, and single.
Lowe, Saint Jo. sack, her back, fancy, of Nancy,
Howe, his frau, Harris, in Paris, class, to pass.
Corso, more so. wet. of sweat. Gander, to philander,
abound. I've found folly, named Jolley.


old, getting cold, man; friend Anne. said, me dead
catch. I'll dispatch." Dan, a man. observation, modern nation.
penetration, cuckholding administration; cool, my rule. spices, those prices!
Quinn, Mrs Flynn. work, a jerk, slack, heart attack
uproar, the store, Heather, stormy weather, bold; its cold.
alack; coming back. Redemption, encountered preemption mind, will find,
returned, that burned. Duluth, was uncouth... Southend, loving weekend.
gears. her tears. motel; a hotel. Pete, to meet.
told, on hold. drive, by five; known, the bone
ticket, would picket. jail, as bail. go, and fro.
commotion; slow motion. Susan; always excusin'. tucker, her succor,
dalliance, in abeyance.


screen, be seen! Corso, wore so?" honeymoon, a goon...
door, no whore. Bract, grim fact. Liz, in Biz.
guile, the aisle. adultery, the butlery, ruler, with Abdullah.
Fife, his life. Keating, terrible beating. bush, her tush,
static; too idiosyncratic. erratic, sexual fanatic. Rome, leave home.
d'hotel, to hell! friend, will spend Gray, to lay.
late; in fate. Keith, beggars belief. Zack, to "crack".
dine, specify time. four, themselves sore. poorly, most demurely;
numbly, her bumly. "Mrs., your krs., Syrian, peering in
Thrace, his place?) Bay, by day. degree, to flee.
name, a game, Napoli, so crappily, closet, guy, juxtaposit.
Thyme, henious crime. shogun, sexual slogan: Stein; did pine.
Tibet; the net. Uprightly, and nightly. Soame, in Rome.
planned; can't understand dresses, all messes. cocks; the rocks.
sweet, a cheat. sad, his dad. Wayber, his neighbor.
Jock, his block, jizz, gee whiz! "Senor, closet door,
bed, who said, Hame, did proclaim. Finn, get in
Brutus, hoot us, Ellis, exceedingly jealous. Louis, a Jewess;
nooner, there sooner; Max, and relax. Fife, his wife.
widgets; a midget. cough, man off. Basing, was amazing;
Jim; bit dim. core, oak door.


care, Au Pair. rife; a knife. facts; really lacks.
core; no more. Bernie, interesting journey, range, to change,
busted, become rusted. booked, been hooked. wife, were rife.
Loring, was scoring; Under, torn asunder life; skin fife.
lay, the day. truck, shoot duck. fun. the run.
James, romantic games; Plum, did hum. consolement; in foment.
trees; the breeze. jaw, a saw. Burr, a cur!
alone. the phone. dead, in bed. buck, my luck;
please; me wheeze. laid, the shade; Anheuser, a geyser,
Pate, quite late. Peru, to screw. had; your pad.
Quinn, adulterous sin sin, Kimberly Quinn,


Annie, her granny. before, effort foreswore. face; I embrace;
Feet; Griddle, Greet; ); his lash. Polite; or Quite.
rain; and Vein; fear) give ear! waning, energy draining.
architecture; am sure, delight, the night! Cute; winter's suit.
coy, beautiful boy; who, to do; here, does appear.
why, are shy! Daughter, sought her; he, true Chivalry.
Hop-time, tip-top time; Leg-is-la-tor, Eastern Shore; devotion; poetical notion.
Career; this Queer? Station, blank desolation; although, a propos.
So-ci-etee, ladies Hap-pee; repute, King Canute). eXamination, intense tribulation;
Bridget, a fidget. Charlie, and barley. say, the way.
purr; and Grrrrr. wart), a tort. spice; quite nice!
U, beautiful View. be... Zuider Zee? complete, my feet.
speak. truly unique. line. that's fine. dread, wittily said,
flamingo, "By jingo! Greek, device mnemnonic; atom; portfolio datum.
small, EPSILON called; THETA, will cater; gays; by surveys.
"o", the ratio SIGMA; the stigma science; place reliance;
Hannah, bad manner. Ida, from cider. Jack, a hack.
Lena, ferocious hyena; leopard, a shepherd; squalid, awfully pallid,
void. greatly enjoyed. slot. so hot. use. you lose.
see. were 3. eyes"; of ties. toes. one nose!
gun. their fun. eleven, 7th heaven. hear, players appear.
game. the claim. A, meanins convey: two. is true
word. when heard. D. very fan-cy. sea, with "KG"
decay. the day. string. powerful thing. dt's, of H3s.
'me'. to see, hook. the book. K, or weigh.
nifty! means fifty. find.. schooled mind. gender. of November.
hate. we inflate. store. not before. Q. all do.
school. pharmacist's tool. slip! a ship. be. a tee.
device, think twice. bar. a car. 'm' an 'n'.
choose, we use. 'yes". I guess. abuse, to use.
Molly, thought melancholy. Nat, best hat. glad, be sad.
Paul, at all. bore, the score. long. to belong.
"w". "double u". "k" is ocay. "r". the "ah".
you, into "cue", virtuoso. grow so,


bituminous. exquisitely luminous. COLLYRIUM, to Myriam, passes, wear glasses;
Trish, every wish. park, a lark. Trudy, exceptional beauty.
he, screwed. He Trudy; true, see, whore; nothing more;
Krasnoyarsk, would ask, Englander, to meander. unreal, man appeal.
care, to stare. snotty, and body. rebuttal, too subtle.
heels! few feels. behind, your mind. true. genius IQ.
zany, you're brainy, paraphernalia; come-on regalia! Baccanalia, depraved Saturnalia,
faces; any places. obscene, beauty queen picked, and quick.
know, - Lo! Delight, fiery bright, Fenster; incensed her.
Cotter, Chief's daughter. wait; it's Kate. granted, gaze enchanted.
me, on me, going? heart growing endeavour, to sever;
Uttoxeter! at her. seen, so clean. high! of thigh,
Claridge, people disparage... view, disturbance anew; see, of debauchery;
evermore, folks deplore; connive, a fix, OK, a NAY.
diverse, so perverse, some. the bum; Steiner, Chesapeake Diner,
Gault, a fault. one. just stun. corso, her torso.
fine, were divine. Corso, well-muscled torso; lot. are hot.
twat? you've got! strode, I slowed, say, this way!
Laraine, as plain. effulgent, be indulgent; Shirley, being burley.
Carlisle, her smile, Treadwell, head swell, chick; to pick.
graces, for embraces. Valetta, be better. known, are grown.
Anjou, her hue. seems, a dream. lass, nonentity ass,
clits. small zits. Lister, kissed her; Bruno, of Juno;
won, from Verdun, rage, contestants teenage;


Mews, abominable news; head, I said: Mews, abominable news:
ACEPHALOUS, death callous, sleepy, legend creepy, Pierre, his hair.
"Drat! a hat." brain, is plain. thinked; quite succinct,
brain, you pain. again, to train. please, delicate squeeze;
divulge, lobotomy bulge Annie: quite canny. Annie: quite canny.
confused? he enthused. Mum: a chum. fatter, you shatter
head. them read, fear, my ear. -- giants holler.
Paul, too small. Kilblane, the rain. where, inhibiting fear
smegma." beg Ma. Scole, the coal, maligned, will find,
again, But then? head, and dead. Fred, he said,
Morgan!" von Sorgen. brain; not complain. Spain, a brain.
Italy, somewhat bitterly; Baird, badly impaired, Blass, his class,
snail, a pail, bucket. luck it specifics, highly prolifics
brain, of refrain. gain!" of brain, trick, big brick.
scholar, and smaller. Lahore, in store. Ned, to bed.


Datsun. hots, son. lass, of glass. Howells, ultraclean bowels.
owls, he howls. Haitian, his ration. humbling, much grumbling;
elementary. the entry, said. turned red. Thmith, to pith,
Nutz, pederast ruts. Chase, in place. Tampers, "happy campers";
Newcastle, remarkable parcel. Rossetti, and petty. Jack, had lack.
pinker, a stinker. Buckingham, fucking 'em; Buckingham, sucking 'em.


Max, of wax. dimples, with pimples. hot, more spots,
face, scrotal space, eyes, epidermis, likewise. blue, roseate hue.
seek, rays wreak, leaks, for weeks, trouble, or stubble,
dimple, simply simple. cheeks, of weeks; epidermis, term is,
jockey, be pocky; Messleuch, often untrue. class, so crass.
Trace, her face. quo, I'll bestow. unclear, my ear.
nose, I suppose. Montrose, a rose. Dunbarton, a Spartan.
Hyatt, exceedingly quiet. Bertie, be dirty. Chicago, buzz-saw go.
pits, her zits.


years, worst fears Frears, their ears. dear. is clear.
afraid! young maids, Brock, a crock; moo, to you,
Bronx, big conx. wed, for bed: distressing; me guessing.
Weir, each ear; it; whispering shit subjected, they're protected
Tangier, handsome ear. Office, store office. Thrums, what comes
thunk, the trunk. wax, verbal attacks. ears, the years.
Algiers, his ears. squeaking, and leaking, Skeeter, play follow-the-leader.
Greer, was queer. lugger, to bugger, Skipper, slip her
fears, in tears; large, full-loaded barge. lass, and harass,
Phil, was nil. here, really clear Hassis, the masses,
ass, for alas, pink. I think." see, agree --
Reames, singular schemes. Sunny, was funny. Tennessee, did see.
Job, heavy globe. Belize, to sneeze. Blacksea, tremendously waxy.
Beers, her ears;


ecstatic! longer erratic. Fay, a day. Kent, she went,
magazine, ever seen. flat, a bat: bat, his hat,
kind, my mind; decide, mom cried. McKay, my way.
mean, to lean. eyes; same size. are, are --
(thighs?) and size. Flint, horrible squint. Whitehead, was blighted.
Doris, named Boris. face, of place. Whextable, am flextable."
Smetna, from Aetna. blind, suddenly find; O'Toole, of Drumboole;
bare, nice pair. money, her cunny. Sue; to unscrew.
Beener, dry cleaner. (Manchester) a gale. Grace, strange place.
collision, utmost derision, fight, my sight. Natchez, with patches.
Fullbright, at night. McCalls, St. Pauls, Wright; with sight;
kind; old mind. day, NYCTALOPIA away, Ned, his head.
said, her head. vision, watch television." true, something new.
Maggie, atrociously baggy. see, like me; Rye, her eye.
eyes, or size, soul; to behold. Sy, a guy.
Forbes, of orbs; eyes, hideous size. eyes, extraordinary size.
White, one night; Vandyke, slightly oblique, Guy; the eye.


pretty, that's witty; chums, just hums. utter, not stutter;
conthinueth, hith thinewth, Mysore, protuberant jaw. arouse, and carouse.
cryptical, ancient Egyptical, Blick, transoceanic lick. Young, Top Rung."
flung, quite young. Jarrow, exceedingly narrow. Devore, much more:
Boddington-Phipps, his lips. Kent, and bent; over-bite, gloves overnight.
long? are gone. bliss, always is.) Flip, to strip.
Moto, grow to. South, immoderate mouth; Ida, and wider.


anosmic; because, Mick; Rose, the nose. beak; could speak.
Rose, his nose; snoot; of cute. Marge, quite large.
Caesar, Roman sneezer, Belize, a sneeze. Jayne, cleavage again.
by, They'll try friend, its bend. spent, hospital tent.
nare, anything there. distressing, lady's undressing, Roselle, of smell;
rose, father's nose-- Melrose, his toes; man, a fan.
Montrose, sensitive nose. dew, horrible flu. Leek, a beak.
Mose, large nose. trunks, drunken skunks. intelligence, than elephants.
Lomocks, a muskox's. Moses, peculiar noses. maid, great shade.
Wells, marketing smells; head? in bed. nose, your toes?
Kent, terribly bent. Jeter, a peter. cricket. "sticky wicket."
Montrose, his clothes. Prickett, pick it. car! you are
Bernares, all unawares, Leaner; a weiner. Josie, was rosy.
Brown, not down; Mose, his nose. Wilkes-Barre, a star.
Rose, extra toes; Costral, outpourings rostral. blows! your nose?
nose, "I propose suppose. only knows.) Rose; My nose
expose, your nose. goes. you Rose, prose, at Joe's.
Belgravia, to Flavia. Peake, can speak), Devon, had seven;
woes, his nose. Tralee, a bee. Kelling, terrible swelling!"
Rose, her nose. Pique, prominent beak. Moses, two noses.
Ebeneezer! please her. knows, bulbous nose. Rose, large hose.
Rose, long nose. Horn, a thorn; Kent, and bent;


Reading, the bedding, Blackheath, false teeth. commute, en route.
Crewe, the loo. Heath, false teeth. Heath, false teeth.
Duluth, front tooth; Leith, furious teeth. embraces, trysting places,
thirst-quencher, adventure. Chief, corned beef; Beth, her breath,
floozie, named Susie; whore, or more West, her chest,
heath, Beneath debentures, arcane adventures, screeds, mouth freed,
night, ultra-violet light, day, Heath way, Neath, a heath.
his, it is. Current, but weren't. Estelle, southern belle,
Jack, Doris's crack; Townes, Epsom Downs. Keith, nor beneath.
Wodgem, a dodgem. lisp, so crisp, Bantry, the pantry,
such; a touch. Tarentum, bent 'em. uncanny, respectable granny.
Blackheath, false teeth. nobby, of kohlrabi. Scott, with rot.
seen, so gleam. Keith, of teeth; Duluth, in youth.
Keith, down beneath, Totton, thin cotton, bar, by far.
Crewe, the stew. itch; a bitch. Keethly, teeth lay.
Purvis, damn nervous. Flushing, for brushing. Keith, the heath.
Keith, luminous teeth. beneath, named Keith; Davy, the Navy.
Argenta, her dentia. teeth, said: "Pleath, sore, of before--
Hethersett, weather set, youth, a tooth. Duluth, one tooth.
Booth, very uncouth, Luther, even uncouther; Wan, terrible yawn;
on, twist on Neath, her teeth. Clift, a lift.
feeling, less healing. Leith, remarkable teeth; face, the place
Flushing, the brushing. pale?" granddaughter Gayle, Peekskill, her will.
Havana, a piana; hallucination, premature ejaculation. Keithley, teeth lay.
glances, had chances, come, to plumb, Quebec, a check.
Carl, a snarl, teeth. perils beneath willin', than fillin',
licked, I picked, end, a friend." right, at night,
way, and decay, chair, in despair, teeth, waters beneath.
bequeath, dental wreath,


"svelte", a belt! obese, weight decrease: tons, Ms Munze.
steroids, like spheroids. glitches, in stitches. that, nothing flat,
late, your plate." find, your mind. chair, de terre.
attack; come back. henylpropylamine, very lean. peace; being obese.
sup, your cup, thin, double chin, genes, other means?
thin! have been. Sunday; and holidays. been, fashionably thin.
thinner, for dinner; passed, damned fast, Orkin, and dorkin'.
scary! mirror, unwary, Minner, for dinner. dated, portions unabated;
Beetie, overnight sweetie, way, play -- pleasure, at leisure.
unkind, I find. fated; look belated; with, thin with.
do; my shoe. beans, other means blimp, a limp.
clerical, were gastro-enterical. oz. not pronoz.; ridges, on bridges,
Jo, her toe. Cologne, did bemoan. Troon, to swoon.
Mongolia, less holia. plumpy, or lumpy. bellhop, ever wife-swap.
pig" too big. Lovett, I covet. gait; be late.
fate, much weight. me, human dichotomy, mirth, my girth.
Oberon, pullover on. Treadwell, sled well." saturated, now berated;
Kuwait, great weight. that, or fat. Manhattan, extravagant pattern.
haste, The taste Kate, my fate. dreamed, ice cream.
Dot, a lot sated, youth debilitated. comply, may decry


Jones, and scones. Clyde, unbelievably wide, tracks, many snacks;
'wimmen' go swimmin'. Myrtle, a girdle Calais, a bidet,
pounds. said, "Zounds! fat, she sat. Bali; she tally.
Kay, opposite way. Corrie, me sorry. Marge, terribly large,
Peters, in metres; Firth, tremendous girth, melt! my pelt;
Patterson, fatter, son." find, his mind Belfast, came last.
nipples, cellulite stipples! upswing, will bring. state; life overweight.
Peru, as Ragu. qualified, bride doublewide; unthinkable, is drinkable.
It, found it.


fly, the sky. Listowell, and soul. gym; get slim.
easy, believe me! overweight, blind date. Piscataway, fat away;
means, jelly beans. photographer; of her. Gail, a whale.
Fran, overweight clan. Black, Big Mac, lass; en masse;
Kim, herself slim. despair, the fair. Owen, for Boein'.
women! a brimmin'. sinner, for dinner. Patty, be catty.
filo, bacony pillow, Wootton, foot on. hear, without fear.
Penn, age ten; Bermuda; Lady Buddha; Foley, but slowly;
right," now write. Naze, with stays. Jade; she weighed.
heard, always averred Bath, bridal path, Yreka, freak ya;
Bois, of avoirdupois. Krinkle, urine "tinkle." calorie, young Valerie.
Dorset, size corset. unkind; she dined." bridge, Aunt Midge;
Bug, large UGH. adiposity, man's animosity. defined, his mind.
abounds; their rounds. Marge, a barge. gear, hat, dear."
Barrow, eating marrow; Kent, ungracious lament: Hyde, a bride.
planned," Sally Sand. Candle, to dandle; Johore, a door;
glass, and ass. gold-digger, all snigger. accounts, favorite mounts.
Mallory; a calorie. "frump"; the rump" Flo, capital "O".
mothers, to others. away; that sashay. espy; glistening eye.
chat; too fat. Carol, wearing apparel. fat. fell, SPLAT!
Kate, pounds overweight; Brum, her tum. geek; she'd seek.
sinner, calorie dinner. Meeks, lady's cheeks, Treadwell, fed well;
played; they swayed, Lundys, her undies, under, like thunder!
know, to go; Louise, a trapeze, lass, great mass.
spent, lovely dent, time, the line. Ross, her loss.
women, been hymning, -- she oughter.


convex; good sex. worth, the earth. Amazon, his gramazon.
Bruce, to reduce. STRIPLING, washboards rippling. lean, and obscene.
"Bear" to wear. Montserrat, he sat. Bob, ugly slob.
fleet, could compete. Lodger; old codger; noted, thickly coated.
Clyde, he died. requires, your desires. L, powerful smell.
Clyde, successfully hide. great; was eight. state, overly stout.
Dundee, himself constantly. Nantucket, fuck it." Gerrard, the yard.
giggling, his jiggling, fat; all that. bath, to laugh.
Skibbereen, abnormally lean; Calcutta, with butter. "Swimming, of slimming.
gym; than him. son), the ton Kelly, the deli,
Delhi, his belly. Harry, is wary; -- so fat,
fat, old rat. up, pasta sup. tun, as one.
ROTUND; a cumberbund. overweight, a mate. shout! beyond doubt.
Caius, the knees; Abie, stones, maybe; Minnie: New Guinea.
pal, pretty gal. Gayle, without fail, Lounds, of bounds.
he, belly -- Reece, the police. Jim, be slim.
shout: you lout!" Bone) his knee. Hurst, not athirst;


Yon, strictly non. Harder, regard her. blue, we're through.
Daisy, men crazy. Bower, into flower, seducible, obese, irreducible.
Daisy, men crazy. York, this pork. Stample, were ample,
Beecher; fat creature. Puritan, a ton. Nick, a picnic.
Gump, a jump. Wyatt, to diet.


boards, in hordes. bold, I'm told. binge, not cringe
say, sexual play; Greece; than fleece; plump; feminine frump
me. o' me. Pat, prodigiously fat. White, all right."
fat, all that? pounds! this sounds Scringe, a binge.
Inge, a binge. Pat, a slat. Toronto, want to,"
Lew, to screw. Hattie, the fatty; Patty, a fatty.
eyes, great size, Gold, and bold.


while, of style. Mars, candy bars. best; and breast.
bath; a laugh, tea; got me. good. I could.
Lucille, every meal. pounds; feet around. lifted, and sifted
Stan, a van. Reese, ladies obese; I-- my fly--
shah, a spa, Lee, waist sixty-three. beam, would seem.
beer, oh, dear.


Platt, say that Linn, her skin weight, said, "Great!
statuesque, curves Rubenesque. spare, under there. cake, rare steak,
mile, the pile, squeeze, your knees duck, a suck.
potato, not know. brown; he frowns. mud. his blood.
pound; and brown. hose? I suppose. fat, is at.
meat, smells sweet? at! kitty cat! thighs, she lies,
McTeas, his knees; chat; look fat?" dear. I hear.
say... cheese tray? afficionado, of lard-o. 'lucidation, above appellation,
size, cause rise? ago, would blow. fleshed, rounded, yes.
now, a cow, that, and fat. recover, heavyset lover;
stop. her crop, Bruges, and huge. red, her head.
better. a letter. letter, tight sweater! fare; red hair.
OK. good lay. prize, her thighs. boater; tote her.
thin, little chagrin, got, foot yacht. sore, the oar.
pillow: a willow. some, you gum? hair, so fair.
desire, hot fire; lass, the grass. size, it's wise
bed; giving head; Petard, one yard, pinch, obese wench.
blubbery, corsetry rubbery. outstanding, glad handing,


exposiery, silk hosiery. Pete, ladies feet. Rose. hairy toes.
Maloney, incredibly bony. Dallas, sizable callus. peat, without meat,
circum- work 'em. Way, every day. Frank, good prank.
feet; and petite; vamp. a tramp. cramp; a champ;
mud. a dud. dine, something fine; loony. all pruny?
clue, you do? error! a carer. Bow, my toe.
Dean, a yellowy-green. suppose, opposable toes! suppose, opposable toes!
reminiscin', was missin', Rose, her woes. -- planned it.
spot, I've got. clean, sexual machine. nose, in rows.
warns, gaily adorns, fail; hot-water pail, feels; skin peels.
you. turned blue? sweet, a treat. Montrose, bothersome toes;
sock, the dock. Helsinki, terribly stinky. Ooze, oversized shoes.
irrelevant, an elephant. feet. exceeding petite, far, boys, are
feet, limericks sweet. Ryde, often untied, snows, my toes;
great, of slate, Montrose, peculiar toes. feet, incredibly neat.
feet, most elite; neat; a beat. feet; quite replete.
toes, in rows. tool; them, fool! meet, bacterial sheet,
zest, his guest. rock, one sock. Cohoes, had woes
Portuguese, dreadful disease. Penzance, a dance. feet, be beat;
Bodenham, in 'em. today; go away. Kew, her shoe;
intention, won't mention. Castle, a parcel. feet; to meet.
short, hairy sort. compose, my nose; feet? too sweet.
Rose, her toes. while, so vile, inhales. then pales.
sight. devil might Clyde, very wide, ice, my vice;
chum, easily succumb. Suzy, any shoesy. sweet; the street;
toe. to go. trolls, big holes. shows, his woes.
Bandon, stand on; Marita, be sweeter, treat; your feet.
Lester, in Chester. Crete, beautiful feet, Stornaway, worn away.


Bend, my friend, DeWitt, a twit. Maggie; and shaggy,
Mary, alarmingly hairy. France, by chance. Perry; she's scary.
Spitz, her pits; toes; a nose; bangles, limb dangles.
wart, a part. clothes, intellect shows. board, a sword.
torch. their porch. cut, must. But girl, my curl.
Shirley, decided curly. Pearl; a swirl. OUCH! can vouch.
Natchez, of patches; Buzz, with fuzz. Gary, and Barry.
Burt: you flirt; Sue, with glue. wave; I crave.
farms, their arms. Ray, to say: knee, it, see?
dear, I fear; flitter, fit her. fair, suffer despair.
face? every place, sure, chin fur. place, clean-shaven face,
obsessed, they're dressed. test, is best. Cartwright, part right.
McNaught! cut short. mess, a dress. pogonotrophic, only erotic.
hair, and stared. summer, what's rummer Creole, all reole,
hair, to stare. knees; under trees; long! extremely strong.
weight, "Tissy" Pate, steeper, keep her. fox, her socks.


(Pierre) everything bare. Jill, a thrill. Burley, incredibly early.
Bopp, to drop. man, anyone can beaming, time dreaming
amazing! was raising Dean, rather mean fair, wanting hair.
Grace, a trace. tricks, that licks. Placid, with Miracid.
grueling; and spooling! frown, this town hair, up there,
Griswold, has stalled. Sharon, a Baron. Fred, in bed.
Gig, a wig. disappears, to tears. Fred, and red.
Soutar, superfine suitor; Saulder, galled her; Segg, superfine yegg;
trade, more hayed. in? can win. Kildare, the mayor.
straws. pictures because legs: like kegs. Air, his hair.
lady; quite shady. Kildare, much hair. today, hair away.
bash, razor rash. Greg, a keg; shag; the bag
pain, out again. there; a bear. flair, a scare.
aware, has hair; -- were fair. hair. be fair).
Knopp, his mop; Blair, of hair. Cher, of hair.
Shane, his brain. follicles. best oracles, hair, myself bare.
"Nair" hair -- invention, electrical tension. new; if you
bald? they called? Spaulding, rapidly balding, Ayr, his hair.


Brenda. her agenda. Calgary, a sari. Sewickley, me quickly.
Lew, he grew. best, his chest. Larry, to marry.
Adair, proper care. Denise, of Greece. Sherry, get hairy--
locks, her box. man, her can. bug, to hug.
us, warm us. Beast" the least. dregs, cold kegs;
lack. a sack, Brickley, and sickly. hair? and....down there,
best; to rest.


blond, spirits beyond; light, the night? fright; be right.
brunette, her yet. red, in bed. hair, so fair.
black, her back, white, good light. hair; quite fair.
controlled, so bold) gold; she's bold. grey, that way.
shapes, hairy apes; claim, it came: Red, his head.
pardon; be ardent. Chomondleigh, was comely. locks, in flocks.
pardon! public garden, maligned, remarks unkind. not, who got
days? they raise? Lynn; a sin. Ray, all gray.
Klondike, fond, Ike. tears, my dear, bother, would rather
hue, to you: Mary; hairy. know, or below.
said, were fed; hands, same brands bottle, the lottle)
red, his head. red, be dead. Lee, a pea.
Ayr, their hair. carrot-top; on non-stop. proud. being endowed.)
blonde, you're fond. Ryde, considerably dyed. extant." seems extravagant,
Edna, of reddener. Gail, excessively pale. Sue, changes hue;
Maine, insane -- true, her you-who; fair, to beware.
say, flattering way. lie: hair dye. "beyond"; my wand.
Johns," swans -- wand, bikini undonned. Wood, I could.


bare, little hair. gnash, most rash. Haven, for shavin'.
feared, and weird. beards, I've heard. sweet, 5 feet,
mounting; past counting. familiar, called cilia. Whitehaven, been shaven;
pisser, their kisser. Jericho? did grow? Mose, it goes.
cash, and panache, Mask. Dumas ask-- brash, black moustache.
Sueur, with fur. testified, as wide shave, does rave.
clitoris, she's sorest giggling, some mingling, thighs, clitty likewise;
sillier, labeled cilia. to, then do Mose, it goes.
affairs, nasal hairs. Rose, to toes, pot, was snot.
beard; kinda weird. sailing, without ailing, Gray, wrinkles away;
crop. hairdresser's shop. Arbor, a barber; Weird, Roosevelt feared;
weird, a beard?


where, of hair. excrescence, in pubescence. anywhere, totally bare,
Halls, that galls. care," pubic hair, firkin, from smirkin'.
batches, girlfriends' snatches! know, in Reno, mad. I've had;
sorrel, equestrian whore'll gray, spotted today? moist... have voiced.
about, beyond doubt: Lainpull, found gainful. sweet; to eat.
must, be unjust. hirsute; was cute. Tabarka, remark, "A
Dan, a man. Bayswater, fine daughter. Mayor, pubic hair!
Arabia, maybe a McMurray, a hurry; Turbeloe, stir below;
mug, a hug. Camarillo, like Brillo. declare, PUBIC HAIR!
Mary, very contrary. grow, down below? Danny; his nanny,
fab; first crab; diabolical, hair follicle Fraser, a razor.
follicle, pain's diabolical) Bavaria; much hairier. Lizzie, quite frizzy.
toss, "black moss". tongue'll, matted jungle. tales, prepubescent males,
catch, hairiest thatch. Chap, your trap; her, genital fur,
way. I pray? workin' dirk in 'merkin' is a-jerkin'
Perkins, the merkins hair, with fear. Nair? down there,
bond, easily conned. gym, (??) Aire, pubic hair.
McGlore, below her. affair, pubic hair, hair, great care,
Wales, my sails; Bray, were away?" Albania, a mania
Weathers, Miss Heathers, Pernods, Blaire Rose, Belfast, rather vast.
stare, pubic hair. Pierre, and bear. locks, wool socks.
redhead, his bed. sack. you lack. Bulgaria, be hairier.
off, a cough Brown, her gown, little; distressingly brittle.
track? while back, burley; I'm surly. Shirley, asked, "Girlie,
ways, thirty days. ear-to-ear, never fear. night; eyes tight.
fabrications, carnal relations. buzz, her fuzz. was, pussy fuzz,
booze, a snooze. Eunice, of hubris, swear, `down there;'
Ware, pubic hair. Fred, him head. appeared, I feared;
Keith, a wreath buff; your muff, trouble, hairstyles double.
Kerr, pubic hair. hair, I swear


Bond, cold pond. said, quite red!" all. house call.
said, hair red?" Vienna, named McKenna lie!) dye --
-- the swelling! sweetheart, heart -- get, would bet!)
chair, ladies' hair. Hunt, and blunt. Bright, perfectly white.


fear. was clear. dunce! their cunts Dwight, of sight.
Town, of brown. hair; could spare. liner, was finer
"Red," her head. Ray, atrocious toupee. head? is dead...
flambe', his airway. perkin', his gherkin. Bombay, a toupee.
day, the way. toupee, this way. Kildare, a hair.
Play, deceptive toupee; somewhere, had hair. dead; he's bred;
judge, won't budge. Hampton, clamped on, working, a firkin.


stink. I think. assist, with grist. Kent, awkwardly bent.
pup; his cup; arm, anatomical charm; toes, he froze.
Kong, and long. night; hold tight. night; they might
sleep; and keep night, my might. lotion! magical potion.
loves, on gloves, Pruitt, through it. "cricket", very wicked.
Japan, one hand. lay, of Fay. Pete; of meat.
McGee, you see, tactilely, till he Gort, but short.
toes; wear clothes. nimble, Miss Kimble. Denices, two pieces.


hermaphrodite, my plight. fever, a cleaver. Aphrodite, a nighty.
kid, from Madrid. Kew, a screw. Ben-Jill, odd-even skill.
Joe-Sue, was true; oyster, crustacean cloister) Trim, was slim.
Venus, a genius Genghis, and dingus. cavorted, and contorted
Delft, fuck yourself!" born; forlorn -- name; to fame.
Leigh, a she. Lily, a willy. cite, be right.
Johnathan-Sue, could do. Burl, you hurl admitted, had committed.
decree, a "SHE" Herman, and German. X, indeterminate sex.
Jim, dangling cock/quim. Hunt, slick stunt. hermaphroditism? one-celled organism,
Jill-Ben, and then. care, are rare... Forest, gigantic clitoris.
Herts, each asserts). Ghent, or gent, Fritz, genital bits;
Venus, a penis. ambivalent, sexes equivalent, vendor, dubious gender.
Thalia, regale ya. Tx. both sx, Sept., could rem.,
fun! she's one! Texas, both sexes. Belgrade, sexes displayed.
Belgrade, sexes displayed. Texas, both sexes. sensation, two-in-one combination.
right, a dyke. oddity, female commodities. Natchez, convertible snatches.
Malone, his own. Junta, quite funta Troy, so coy,
Arabella, a fella.


Dutch, to much. try, might fly; town, no gown.
smile, a mile! back, I lack. Rex, firm pecs;
seen, so keen dance? strange stance. Dock, any clock.
Stella, bow-legged fella. Kent, parentheses meant: Fay, named May,
mean, of obscene. poem, show 'em? -- is stark.
Devizes, occasionally rises. Moines, the groin, around, to abound:
fella, aching patella. knees; on bees perhaps? into laps,
Mandy; horribly randy. Dwight, at night Vermont, could want.
said, on coeds. Kent, had spent. astound: the ground!
legs. by pegs. Fitz, they quits. eyes, her thighs.
feet; you, Pete? Mable, dining-room table. Meg, turned leg.
5, when alive Teeling, with feeling. Adair, the air.
Dundee, his knee. dear, down here. peeping, you're sleeping.
eyes, its highs. Corps, the floor. Rick, a stick.
McNerd, you heard?" Eugene, have been. Dodecanese, super-symetrical knees.
Baier, and higher. Libya, his tibia. Jones, young bones.
knee, trampoline spree. cheat, be beat. Gillies, the willies.
Rains, to strains. Bari, drivers tarry. Sandy, noticeably bandy.
Tahiti, wonderfully meaty.


began, of Man", Kraus: a souse; regret, virgin nymphette;
halitosis, his toes's, day, to play) Scott, he sought.
Riff, stiff. life, be rife sponson, named Bronson.
Gus, a cuss me, most delicately, get, that's upset.
B.O., to go. churl, one pearl, lad!" "I'm glad."
cheese. you please!" Melly, quite smelly. Otis-- underarm otus--
room, exotic perfume room, special perfume emphatic; girl aromatic:
feet; be beat. listened! little pissant. Howard, not showered.
hammer-toes, her nose. Defoe, in tow, unsung, quite young.
content, the scent hell, would sell. Khartoum, I presume;
Alaska, his hashka.) bosh, you're awash. wet; have met.
Howard) like undressed. skill, a thrill. sweats. me forgets
life, were rife. cheese, of sleaze. doubt; it out.
Rebecca; was Mecca. Sue, year '92. Loma, revolting aroma.
clown, a frown. pelt, him dealt. Scott, a lot
-- mass -- Runyan, a bunion. Marmora, from Angora;
defense, opposite's scents. wench, a bench. Michelle, with Prell;
under, We wonder bent; the scent pheremonal, probably clonal.
man, and Ban. sox, or pox. rose, wordlessly, froze,
Scott, a lot. swell; the smell. punk, the chunk;
gent, his scent. Bradley, me, sadly.


things, as kings. think? his dink. well: horrible smell.
style! a mile. Westphalia, finest regalia, Corey, his story,
"soul", our goal, cower, Owen Glendower; it'll, a tittle,
knocks, our cocks; Quinn, and spin; Camille, of steel;
PA, every day, Garritys; many disparities; thwart, and sort;
Short, gonad report. her, like manure. Eulalia, their genitalia.
ya, fail ya, "e" you see. womankind, can find:
-- leather laces. Bea, on TV. Pease, to please;
got, the G-spot. outside," curious bride. said, they bled;
not, mammalian twat; flexed; am vexed. second-hand, is grand.
grit; the shit. kissed, my list; young, her bung.
night, a light; decide, to hide. expose, our clothes.
Bowles, misinformed souls, bits, "its" -- names; not dames.
names. from Ames, McGraff, a laugh. fiddled, been diddled,
suggest, calculations attest) watch, your crotch. middle, stringed fiddle,
species, caprice, he's say; own way. uproarious. became NOTORIOUS.
care, are bare; Doris, bore us. night, me fright.
Atlas, and fatless, sexes, and Texas, Falls, and balls.
Venus, a penis, flaws, would pause. fine; show mine.
mentalia, others' phallia. Penang, things hang. monkey. not spunky.
Perth, giving birth. duty. conjugal beauty. Rue, than screw.
sensation; an inflation. me, double-god-damn guarantee gyration, mutual elation.
Doan, in Boulogne. demands, sexual glands. Shalot, than hot.
Toff. pants off. position, not exhibition. Melissa." certain, Clarissa?"
around, and frowned; agree, to pee. long, they're wrong.
paediatrician, Melissa's condition; he; a she? hermaphrodite? be right?
Carruther, none other: Venus, a penis. cunt, guys hunt.
sin, we begin. androgyny, gonadal homogeny.


Dare, and hair. Al, old gal. beaut; equally cute!
Lahore, as before. hairy, a fairy. station, strange aberration.
perv; clitoral nerve more, the score, true; to you.
resort, hair-cladded port, near, I fear, vagina, fine: a
demented, then lamented: Deciderus, unusual clitoris. freak, the Greek,
fraud; by God. vagina, cology (gyne), Space; a Face;
lot, than not. Nero, a hero. G-spot! the twat!
Westphalia, to regalia female, pretty tail! Belize, her knees.
day, flapping away, parts; their hearts. Asia, to amasia:
Japan, the can, aura, Bora Bora. Fiora, labia minora.
rear, their hair; menopause, for whores. blue, like you,
mortician, grand inquisition, died, it aside Bengal, admirers enthralled
self-taught; square knot. Aberystwith, kissed with, Heine, female vagina
applies, your thighs. Maggie, and saggy. know, don't show.
earth, birth -- Gist, ovarian cyst; painting, on fainting,
restraint; you paint. tip, last trip taint, girl faint.
Moore, felt sore. brag. one snag, nut, a rut,
pad, and Glad... got, my twat. ear, hear here.
connected, be detected, design, the spine. buck, good fuck.
Rube, odd tube. features, feminine creatures, Natal, his gal.
Bass, a pass acquainted, you've painted! skin, gentlemen when
spoken," for jokin', above, masterpiece, guv! out, a doubt
Dole, and soul; on, a tampon dunce; about cunts.
frien' mons ven'. Yale, vestigial tail.


item, excite 'em; clit; she'd sit. Belize, her knees.
Bligh, will try. resort, for short. hit-or-miss, poor clitoris.
Delores, 20-girl chorus. Delores, Vegas chorus Kitten? suis smitten.
Biddle, her middle. Dolores, unusual clitoris. Astoria, stunning clitoria.
Doris, located clitoris. Doris, six-inch clitoris. Whitby, clit be,


small, at all. Under" seventh wonder. figure, a nigger,
Queens, your jeans." Fred, went dead. Fred, she read.
Mitch, were rich. on, were gone. Forrest, the sorest.
behind, of mind. too; least two. Nantucket; shuck it.
vestibule, hardly contestable, flags, no nags. Rule, library school.
Hall, very small. factotum, throat 'em, Gav, men have.


Luke, remarkable fluke, Al, vaginal canal. Jack, a crack.
France, to dance. forsooth, sexual truth. Xail, one tail.
tight; said, "Tonight, scrote, manhood's abloat... "Ouch!", the couch.
Fred, a bed. Earl, a swirl; tube, of Rube,
Sue, a screw. Sue, sperm, true. Pat, he's at.
place. more space. pubes, pink boobs. Dave, narrow cave,
another, a mother." hill, the thrill; this, possibly hiss.
Claude, and bored, Proff, tail off. Horace, called Boris.
nova, so fa'. Odin, dreadful foreboding; Ivan, to enliven.
Lee, and glee. Lew, to do. issue, and Vishnu.
Ted, were wed, Ed, no head. place." of pace."
Jack, right track; lost, his cost. loo. something new,
Frank. sperm bank, unclear. same fear, Sean, the horn,
Mac, lassie's crack. steady. not ready. Ron, has gone.
Bruce, some mousse, blast, can last. Mort, wouldn't abort.
Boyce, a choice, Bruce, no use; great, she'd fellate.
Ed, philosophically said, Lou, was due. Jules, gene pool,
French, some wench. back, the sack. dinner; the winner.
hot, was shot blister. sister -- twat," so hot
Thor, a roar, Joy, and coy, Boyd, and annoyed
feeling, more appealing, flung, a bung. on, pet spermatozoon;
Lenny, among many ball, did call. Leo, get free-o,
past; too fast!" goo, and you. note, old goat
Jill, quite ill.. along, hard dong. Paul, the ball.
name) a dame. germ; a concern. sperm, young germ.


Corso, the torso; down, of town; Bengal, excessively tall.
Fred, his head. cares, quite unawares. Visser, kiss her.
knack, they lack. loom; the room, height, their flight.
knack, his back. Paul, so tall. Crete, his feet.


glum. his Mum, Gwyn, unbelievably thin, Katlas, large atlas.
Farrow, but yarrow. Champagne, to train. Pat. of fat."
Berlin, frustratingly thin. in, pure sin, grub, a tub,
Jim, exceedingly slim, Jude, bad mood. O'Finner, and thinner,
Lorraine, her insane, Lynn, so thin. Jim, bit dim.
McAdam, house Madam, dyslexia, her anorexia. Dean, quite lean.
Armenia, was skenia Pinner, any thinner. Clewer, a skewer;
seed, and greed, Flynn, past thin. grim, John's gym.
Lynn, unbelievably thin, whale, my scale. Slatter, were fatter.
Virginia, basically linear. Scarlatti, Jacques Satie, winner-- no dinner.
Dani, her fanny. Last, were aghast. Slatter, were fatter.
thin, taken in. pounds, my mounds; Jones, their phones,
Lynn, exceedingly thin, Bezique, and weak; rail, my nail,
upset; did fret. Jim, of vim, trick; good nick.
laugh); a giraffe; shrug; the plug; Quinn, indescribably thin,
fat, her flat. Lynn, exceedingly thin, skinny, 5 bikini.
faces; he races. Beloit, and adroit, Berlin, uncommonly thin;
TONY, of baloney. Legrange, was strange. curiosity, a velocity,
Green, abnormally lean, trim, elaborate gym. thin, a pin.
Minna, for dinner. Gwynn, excruciatingly thin. Gwynn, excruciatingly thin.
Gwynn, excruciatingly thin. Gwynn, excruciatingly thin. Lynn, exceedingly thin.


Tina, twin Wina. me, you'll see bird! When stirred,
clit, to fit lass, chasing ass. become; our son
twins: your sins, see; like me. meet. the street,
brandy, sister Sandy, glee; his fee, o'er, home's door.
Away, by day. blue, to rue, night, by light.
O.K.?!" a day! Marie, can be. Alice, the callous
Keyes, I please!" born; was sworn. see; afford family;
arrive; are alive! mall, to bawl! partum; outsmart 'em;
sir. it occur storms, beyond norms! bitey, them fighty.
Odd, magnificent bod, see, of me. brew, boo hoo.
Chester, possessed her, thighs, lecher lies; hay, the fray;
discern: to burn, Roxy, of Biloxi; Lynn, sister, Gwynn.
crowd! is proud! McMinns, satisfy twins... -- other, "Confess!
is- and fizz- Moto, in Kyoto, again! Mrs. Penn?"
twins, for lims. state. should incorporate Donegal, each fall.
relates. named Bates, West, with zest, Bea, like me,
twins, just grins.


Carruther, be another. wins, begins -- see, we'll be
bubble; no trouble Eloise, type Siamese. mathematician, during coition:
coy? pant joy, Jake, a break! Siamese, hip-down expertise,
Siamese, down trees; Dwight, the right. shag; to lag.
Louise, -- Siamese! SIAMESE, to tease. Paul, last fall.
date, they're insatiate. street, the feet. Siamese, the knees,
Siamese, to please. set, to get. twins, me grins.
Dinah, called Evelina. Joe, and Flo. knew, Kong flu.
pee? tell me! mate? must wait? Chang, did bang
nice; them twice. twins, singular sins.


snapped, be slapped. star, by far. Clagg, a hag.
Perth, caused mirth; Glover, did discover. skits: she sits;
Brown, in town, nose? always grows. Vista, kissed her.
Blocker, big knockers. Dawn; Dawn yawn. led; she said,
tits; the blitz. said; the bed. Miss?" a hiss.
Newsome, well-balanced twosome. Greg, an egg; so, her torso;
hum. is glum. Rose, to suppose, grog, a snog.
Natchez, of patches; Bellow, old fellow. roses, their noses.
cuss. a fuss. Clarke, the dark. dire," no liar.
snuggly," "Lea- Betty, delicious spaghetti date; looked great.
famous, horribly heinous. Beth; taking Meth... dear. do fear,
fright; last night. Jack, jaw slack. squeeze. ask, "Please?"
cab, than drab; saw; your craw; compare; pubic hair.
graces. of places. bag; we shag. cooking; overnight booking;
Spain, Spanish terrain, Jane, in Spain Jen, perfect ten.
fly, Miss Fry. dotty, physiognomically spotty; billionaire; I declare.
this, great bliss. sty, you'd cry. Cholmondley, rather glumly,
Kilquade, would fade. Kilquane, the rain. bag, Mustapha Shag
mate; to date. please, thousand rupees." offer; I proffer",
said, the shed. share; who dare Myrtle, a turtle;
hot, not -- Tiree, to flee; dusk; sultry musk;
drouth, her mouth. me. and see life, feminine strife,
Mary, and hairy; witch, without hitch, dutiful. did cull


O'Daniel, a manual; Sutton, belly button. Kelly, and smelly.
Ginty, thin tea. Lou, a screw; Gump, massive bump
Purdue, with glue. Moore, ugly whore! lakeshore; an eyesore.
-- crater pits. compared, willingly shared. fine, of mine,


smidgen, a pigeon; Thrace, her face. Rose, her nose.
town, never frown, Ardfart, won't part. Paso, ass, so
it, Amelia Kornett. Clark, a lark. Vella, a fella.
Merrick, a cleric. size, a prize, Dubuque, to puke.
hag, one sag. Bristol, plug-ugly Crystal; who, a zoo;
slagging, who's gagging hag, a shag. mag, paper bag,
Donna, her, Manana!" nose, your clothes. Jane, once again.
tarty. a party, fraternity. with maternity. Manila, like Godzilla.
moon, we spoon. nag, the rag! LA, one day.
bunch, a hunch shag, without lag, sight, a fright;
Larissa, called Clarissa. up. break up. hag, paper bag,
Creek, fair cheek!" Hope, using soap. Tess, terrible mess.
Schwartz, the ports. Trish, ill-favored dish, phone, my bone.
could, a hood, moose; too loose; Granny, win Manny."
Canberra, on camera. dish; could wish. Why?" children cry.
dance, big chance. hags, splendid shags; Cheam, to scream.
Jane, terribly plain. Kapuskasing, enounters embracing.


sun, well done. unkissable, was rissable. Dunowen, all alone.
Jean, the scene. Niles, many miles Jim, incredibly trim.
might, tuck overnight. -- the stars. infection, social rejection.
fear, my dear; around, the ground. feared: glasses appeared.
Ned, his head. Ned, smoothly led Ned; get wed;
Skeyton, easily frighten. Basque, should ask. phone, her moan.
ugly? were snuggly. Jewitt, "do it".


all. cause all Cheek, a peak. sheath, tissue; beneath
worm, or squirm. eeba, an amoeba. Justine, so clean.
Phil, of twill. breast, in uselessness Kent, a tent.
condemnin', are swimmin', bunch, to lunch, Hugh, way through.
first-hand, and tanned, form; to scorn. odd: a god.
cross, like floss, luck. running amuck. Bean, and green.
time, her behind. obscene, like "between." Kilkee, his knee.
DUODENUM, duo denim. pent, every gent, Isabel, exceedingly risable;
unconventional. stunt, unintentional, her; splattered her. buff, you enough,
bod? to nod? tree, It's Free!" pedophiles, Christmas smiles.
go, old mistletoe, Nelly, nylon belly. Osborne, was born,
grin, of urine. cheated; I'm seated, York, than cork.
see, sad(e) marquis'. phony, so unboney, hair, teeth anywhere,
-- awfully cute. brocades, and shades, fate, too late
Scottomy, o' me? Spain, model Amelia-Jane. shock, the dock.
Claire; and fair. lake, to take. inferior; the derriere.
her, a terrier. stepdaughter!" mental slaughter. skin; goodies within,
too, weep through, Beccles, her freckles. grievous, deceive us.
days, the rays. Yale, exceedingly pale. Seymour, a dreamer.
creep, counts sheep. me: B.S. degree. tough, suffered enough,
rummy, rather chummy, art, anatomical chart; hand-letterer, better her.
liver, a shiver. spleen, have been. heart, a cart.
Ecuador, as before. waist, it's placed, wig, the big
face, a trace torso. more so. Lord, men deplored.
another: my brother. knocks, my socks, head. I said.
thread, less dead, torso. more so. neck. quality check.
gonads. dangley do-dads. think, to stink. mean, a teen.
part; to start;


rhyme, serious crime. days, outspoken ways. style, long while.
blush, and "tush", "gay", hold sway. six, Fort Dix;
"chick!" be quick tough. the cuff" protective; for "defective".
all, the mall. mild; not wild bloke: a joke;
erratic, ecstatic -- rose." prose -- succeed, Arthur x-eeD.
mime, a crime. Bicket, kick it. longer. and stronger.
pages, though outrageous, dispute; not astute. reviewer, and impure;
school, a fool. said, my head, us, garrot us,
Mame, wide acclaim. lit, a hit. skewer, hostile reviewer.
Venus, a penis. etching, so fetching. McAudrey. quite tawdry.
Jarrell, to quarrel; guess? a mess. Bean, and mean;
harm, an alarm, intertwined, and behinds. Menotti, act haughty.
observes-- my nerves, D'in, Lisa's grin. Bangor," and languor.
fare, scholastic despair, paint, said, "Ain't before, establish rapport
alphabetical, reckoned ascetical; anatomical", attitude's comical." Pot", Peter got.
device, a trice, D.C. be P.C. stinted, fairly glinted,
Brooks, it looks. Gift, wonderful lift; sad; feel bad.
dismay, to say! pokes, folk's jokes. smart, his art.
cash, a splash. Danes", bamboo canes; blurb, named Herb:
apart, cultural mart. art? it apart bloodhounds; the sounds
lust, hopefully trust Boulder, a folder. Whistler, a bristler.
scotch, you botch.


Perutz, his putz. Black, her sack. dance, wrong pants.
indiscreets, their seats. dance, from France, Sue, bawdy review.
France, to dance. Kahn, big fan. smile, the while,
Ongar, the Conga. Fritz, the splits. Hugh, The Screw.
Briscoe, the disco. Turkey, and murky. Andaluseer, I fear.
Montreux, a peu, tonight! the sight night, did light.
had; was bad. prizes, erotic surprises. France, Apache dance.
Ophelia; of tequila. prime, a crime. Reel, left heel.
Loo, to do? know, helluva show. sway, sweet-smelling lei;
Beulah, a hula: Blake, a quake. dollar; all holler.
Nelly, like jelly. Missoula, fool her, jig, curly wig.
Jansen, mind romancin'. dance, his pants. rest; a request.
Clair, another Astaire. Turkey, was jerky. Dawes, without gloves;
Elaine, the rain. gripes, of tripes, Bruce, delightfully loose.
'coon', horrible tune Darjeeling, exquisite feeling, Freud, genitals underemployed.
years, to tears entrance, it askance. romance, we dance,
true, by you. affliction; of addiction... hit, reviewed it
soul, a troll. McPower, the shower. itch. to twitch.
kooky, of Kabuki. List, the wrist. France, a dance;
Drew, a stew. Shirley, as squirrelly. samba, a mamba.
France, her pants,