Limeric Index



hot, betting dot. ace, its face. Cole, horse-choking roll.
City); "Here, kitty...." elder, held her score. not more.
Slade, and dismayed. canasta, warm pasta, Tahoker, strip poker?
Eucher, to roochre Euchre; for lucre; Strand, he'd demand;
connect, to select. Dante's, her panties. Coker, strip poker.
Madrid, she did. goal. loses control. bear, to stare,
Pete, bad beat? Carol, a barrel. Ophelia, heal ya.
stumps. what's trumps, game, the same. grub, a hubbub.
blush. a hush; few, then two. gin, wandering in.
stud, smelled blood. once. a dunce. game. a shame,
clothes, half froze. stare, named Claire. Ware, with flair,
pinochle, me buckle Aberystwyth, grist with. thing; can bring.
low. I know. pair. the air) Kuwait, the state.
thing; can bring. joker, playing poker. Palooka, his hooka;
tops, always stops three, will see, choose, will lose.
gin, to win. Pete, would cheat. Flo, to show;
yellin', egos swellin'. buff! quite enough..." Kate. cards: 4,5,6,7,8.
Kate, a straight. Stiles, poker smiles, twist, be missed.
Tahoker, strip poker? Muskoker, strip poker. poker. Bram Stoker.
shoes. of two's. Station, with elation, smoker, strip poker.
pissed,) strip whist, Hubbell, his double, hands? my glans,
best, her chest. bitch; a bitch!


lose, to move. Lanka, the haengma. Hokkaido, of Go!"
slate; my fate. pain, It's insane! "Yo! that Go.
Detroit, fuseki adroit. jubango, hideous dango. Roma, garlic aroma.
Shoban, to shogan!" Jan, magnetic goban! submit, and wit.
component, a moment, Kent, to lament. store, we adore.
Go, not know. flies, he cries. Toulouse, to snooze.
Seattle, to rattle.


Lou, a cue. dimension, snooker convention, Heather, extension together.
pool; no fool. Jones, of bones. falls, billiard halls.
Cule, in school, Players, ain't prayers, Falls, simply appalls.
crude, the nude. days; green baize cress, be blessed
appalls, billiard halls; game, who flame. cue; a stew.
dolls; in halls days, longer play." town, a clown,
down, of town. Sue, a few, Goole, a tool.
spots, trick shots.


Court?" time's short!" Dennison. a son. Hatch, a snatch;
King, her thing. sports, tennis resorts, King, loud ping.
Hackett, whack it. Dennis; a menace. tort, a sport.
Dennis, of tennis; Dennis, to tennis. return. always yearn
nine; just fine. Ennis, to tennis. dress. impress --
Case; an ace. it, my racket. coaches, net approaches;
patch. soon hatch. courts, of sports. Dennis, in Venice.
ace, a pace. grunts, unsettling stunts; runts, girl-players grunts!
Venice, play tennis. mysterious, audience delirious. Bubbles, me troubles;
nerve, first serve. set, the net. Venice, lawn tennis.
grunts, unsettlin' stunts; runts; girl-players' grunts! Hingis, my fingers.
Tennis, by Venus). toes, it goes). Wilander, a gander.
Dennis, regal tennis. pass, the grass. is, enjoys, is):
Glennis, for tennis. Bob, hand job. Terry, quite scary.
coaches, net approaches. Dennis, a menace. Venice, at tennis.
Hacket, tennis racket, falls, bad calls, Mallory, the gallery.
(Sampras) was neat. play, the way. McSput, her butt.
cohort, poor sport? Dennis, playing tennis. by" pros cry,
curse, even worse. Ennis, at tennis; Burnie, my tourney
McGirty, and thirty. super-nova; wove a Vicario, Open scenario
Seles, quite hellish. Venus, at teeness, ace, servee's disgrace.
aces, unlikeliest places, dress. I guess. school, a rule;
passions, hot fashions, power; and cower, Rawls, of dolls,
under, volleying thunder; under, a blunder. McEnroe, his foe,
balls, hard walls; Pict, and tricked. Fred, his head;
Venice, play tennis. Williams; do millions. Venus, seen us.
peach? wouldn't reach gland'; quickly expand. deep; quite steep.
racket, sack, yet play; a 'soiree', calls, really appals.
Serena? am keena. face; the place. Wimbledon; so nimbledon.
Noah: a goer!


Ray, one day. Motch, to watch. Motch; he botch.
Fritz, the fits. bowling, things rolling. Sally, to dally.
caber, in labor. -- cream sauce. Earl, a girl,
Molder, small boulder, throw, aerial show. Caine, a train.
DeWitt, had hit. matters. in tatters. Vicky, javelin sticky.
Detroit, the quoit. half-lit, shot-putting pit. fickle; and sickle.
Hodge, a wodge, -- would fart.


Wales, to jails, Bay, future away; peach. a screech.
inside, died -- ditty, the city. was; with fuzz.
fuzz, he was; Ivor, high diver. Tashkent, he went.
shore, to explore; glade, to wade; wide, cast aside;
dream, all extreme; ensue, not do; spilling, are willing;
Jane, laddies insane, rub, to scrub, reflection, penile erection,
who- to undo, path, her bath, wide, soon ride,
Jack, a sack. McGrath, leather lath, shed; I dread
swimmin' they're brimmin' so, a glow Nereids, during periods;
Carol, swimming apparel. hot. we got. apparel, a barrel.
pool; could fool. Fane, the rain, Potter, in water!
Dorking, side-ways walking; evade, you afraid, frantic, incisors gigantic.
persuasion, painful occasion fool. the pool! (Keenay) girlfriend's bidet,
James, erotical games, O'Hare, a dare.


Twickers, wore knickers, noise, my joys. crew, (rowing position?)
Sue, varsity crew. regatta, annual natter. McGoo, who knew
Box, the rocks. Tate, so great, aflitting, effort befitting.
spoke, a poke. Ox- in socks. Cornell, a shell,
Trigger, thin figure. few, cold canoe, team, childhood dream.
docks, muscular jocks. Broozes, amorous cruises, tight, it might
Thames, and lens. Quintin, was stintin'. ahead, was dead.
grace, in pace. dawn, D John. sink, could think.
crime, long time. red, was said. ache, the lake.
four, a bore. scull, exceedingly dull. Club?) membership fee.
Vesper, chest hair. Katie, classes sedately.


Yale, a sail, frustration, lonely Cetacean; flirtation, of crustacean;
Vail, a sail. soup, wee sloop. beam, gulf stream.
sloop, and snoop, Vetch, his ketch. Cilla, pet gorilla.
Hayling, going sailing. -- I pass Ellen, been tellin';
tales! brisk gales, relations, of nations. Sue, near Crewe.
connoisseur, name "Immature." locked, wind-surfer rocked.


Jewel, a fool, lass, a bass. Jake, a lake.
Hidges, = ass) Creel, special appeal. Poole, from Goole.
alarms, her charms, Jim, a swim. Creek, as weak.
Jim, to swim. driving; but surviving, Jim, creatures swim,
Grath, Olympian path. Restoke. rest woke. style. might smile.)
admit, by tit Jim, and swim limmin' and women,
-- some slack. 'em, tote 'em. swimmer, and simmer,
Jim, was grim. women, needing slimmin'; Sive, eager, alive.
Mark, a shark. Duncan, a punkin; flake, do take.
Potter, an otter; school; really cool! fear; scuba gear.
learnin', they're earnin'. Jeff, his breff, lovely, the bubbly.
May, one day, sweet, the heat, hole, main goal.
shy. out why. skin, caress libertine. year, good cheer.
Brown, might drown. fitting, went flitting; Bard, to discard.
Lee, the sea. bet: not wet. Cleft, was reft.
(MT) her suit, Ariminium, in 'em. -- in limb,
Tim, a swim. Kimmen, the women. Shore, pet Labrador.
Whipple, a triple.


Longet, to play. Curling, like hurling. toes, your pose.
Ray, a tray. Canuck, ran amuck, Milwaukee, to jockey.
Bates, her rates. Louise, would sneeze; neat, them beat!
event, its advent. Bruges, with rouge. treat; this street,
Kokomo, the snow. advice: the ice; problem. lob 'em.
long; stay strong. Lester, gale-force sou-wester, Okanagan, her noggin.
Groggins, their noggins.


ho. oh no! ho. ho, ho! Scott, a snot,
show, to go. enthralling, are falling. snap, the map.
Kate, to skate. skater, a figure-of-eighter. ice-skater, handsome spectator.
Hamill, ever trammel. Sherry, rather scary. pace, of grace.
breeze. through trees. will. smoothly downhill. Gilpatrick, "hat trick."
U.S.S.R. by far. tears, twenty-five years, ice, very nice.
toast, -- almost; -- and Shaw, luck, Vancouver Canuck.
Flames, prominent names. Eddie; too steady. Chuck, flying puck.
Rick, aimed stick. rough; are tough. picks, stocky hicks,
dream, hockey team; Moo, Silly Sue. Weiss, quite nice.
digger, a snigger; moon. a boon. struck; run amuck.
skates. many debates. more) Salchow galore. Saluki, named Tsuyki;
skater, date her. Kerrigan, glare again. sleaze! of grease!)
ice, not nice, lecher, named Fletcher. beckoned: was reckoned
players, fans' prayers. NHL, do well. luck, the puck?
blocks, the Rocks. her, a shocker. jocks, Frozen Socks;
vices, Christina entices Cox, the pox: bony. were stony.
event, members incensed. news. their dues. cross; a loss.
scored, she soared. Ciss, a bliss." masses, skating lasses.
ice, -- twice. 10, it again. graces, place is.
alack, come back. plea, you see?" Tonya, con ya.
Koosa, by Sousa. Button, like ruttin'. Ice, to mice.


Brett, a bet. skis; you please, Pyrenees, with ease.
ski," "But, Gee! grace, feverish pace. name, my game.
Dunfries, said, "Jeez, buy, say why. instructor, conduct 'er.
Hope, a slope. free, Mount Sunapee; ride, can glide;
behind, and mind; lip, no slip; way; what may;
tree, to ski; Lancaster, ski faster. charms. arms --
elephant, of it. -- frequently freeing... (Austria) sore neck.
Barriere, very air. ski; a tree. Louise, on skis.
skiing, was seeing: skiing, buddies fleeing, squat, the spot.
skiing, just a-peeing. see, to ski, Kay, bad way;
ski, a tree. weather, flocking together. attraction, and action;
slope; last hope. Amos, became famous. Louise, would sneeze.
row, snow-bunny plow. Aspen, fast spin. skis, at these!"
Robby, ski-bunny, Bobbi. skiing, was seeing. tree-hitter, a litter,
skiing, and well-being, Chris, not piss. strudel; a poodle.
event, the scent. leather, much better. skiing, ere agreeing
lass, skiing's past. Dee, she'd ski. Laurentians, of intentions;
Blanding, up standing, season, the reason: Kroozians, childish illusions.
striking; his liking; Marie-Christine, was seen. McPrutt, his butt,
skiing, courts disagreeing. skis, said, "Please speed, he skied.
week; have cheek. please, the skis. Farley, some barley.
tree, Can't Ski, -- INTO TREE!!! cussing, hospital fussing.
Mitch, so rich, fluff, somewhat tough. sins, for pins.
Oz, at odds. Beck, by Trek. skier, been freer.
skiing, for peeing. me, lust apre-ski. ski," "but Gee!


pros, their nose. hintin', in printin', badminton, hint on
Britain, for badminton. Schmock, a boy-cock. Ville; to wheel.
Lance, de France. attack, come back? saint. that quaint?
way, every day. or, conquer cancer? journeys, injure knees.
"postal" is coastal. vexed, him perplexed. quad, cheerleading squad.
hot, the squat; croquet; Hoquet Poquet. -- the okay.
wicked, sick, Ed. Rose, she chose. Detroit, most maladroit.
hearts; of darts. ecstatic, was rheumatic. clear, I fear.
Drops, his props. star-crossed, now lost. Gump, beautiful rump.
Treat," to meet. absurd. are heard stare, I'd dare.
pole, long roll! casement, in amazement; back, small crack!
Paul, was tall. France, a lance. Orlando, a jumbo.
Pete, twenty-two feet! day, on Monday, call, ball hall.
Perhaps... on laps. blue, for you. Slades. member trades.
Chile, named Willie. bugger, a rugger, Australia. the paraphernalia.
score? Maybe more? referee, be me. strong? be long
Mum, the Scrum. same; our game. Leigh, his knee.
bet, tried yet. Dilys: me, Phyllis!" brassy, really classy.
squash, to Josh. found, the ground. fond, strong bond.
bar? get far, Aberdeen, be seen. Kerr, shaggy bear.
Fitz, my wits. Brussels, his muscles. Vlach, quite match.
catch, can match, vouch, they crouch. Hatch, big match,


Maloney, with abalone. Rangoon, flippered raccoon gnu, quite new;
Babbit, a rabbit. tower, the hour. grim, its rim.
keg, buddy, Greg, implies, ears, Suprise! Niger, a tiger.
flea, a bee, loose, Canada Goose. distaste, amorous haste.
suit, a hoot. Rhinoceros, the Bosphorus. ark, two dark.
Neap, some sheep. baboon, the moon bed, had bred.
maybe. may see Lanny, were uncanny; Annie, it's uncanny!
fertile, of Myrtle. biology, famous collegey, Louth, down South.
adore, is more, miscegenate? colors mate?


Matt", all at", Fritz, a spitz; Carrie, her cherry.
retrograde. so staid. Dolly, sexual folly. cat? than that?
Crewe-Pitt, amazingly stupid. dude, and spewed Sutton, the mutton,
goose, Minnehaha's caboose. Kalamazoo, too few. Poughkeepsie, while tipsy.
besotted, blithly squatted. Kay, one day. retrograde. bull-semen unweighed.
see; that chimpanzee. today, to say) Hell! so well.
yarn, who garn- more? a bore, now! Know How?
knot, has caught. produce, looking papoose, anthro-cetacean, Carroll's creation:
Marks, the parks. aliens, human mammalians. Niger, a tiger.
lad, you mad; Jake, large rattlesnake. size, own eyes.
blue, we do?" did, one hid. young, forked tongue,
tattle, in cattle. street, white sheep. Leeper, her sleeper.
Tupps, her cups: Teal, an eel. Ewing, of bluing.
wink, it's ink", Rhodes, unusual modes. Myrtle, a turtle.
beds, Cousin Jeds, swan, old John. Gilhooley, his toolie.
Scruggs, not pugilists) Dundee, a tree. McKeever, a beaver.
haute, nanny goat. oats, his goats. Peru, to do,
Belfast, were cast. Geneva, bitch retriever. coitus, of Cetus.
brig, a pig. loose, a moose. fair, of hair.
Lee, photograph me; cute, a beaut. Loa, her boa...
roarers, from explorers. court, child support, otter, the water.
Gish, for fish. Barton, Dol Parton,) science! strange alliance,
Chung, while young. roar, old whore!" keep, it's deep.
Myrtle, incredibly fertile. ram; "Hot Damn!" Grams, her hams.
Peale, her seal, old; dude strolled; gay, I'd say;
ton; I'd done; Brills, some gills. Ellen, was swellin':
emphatic! quite problematic. loose, did seduce, Geneva, relieve 'er.
box, big cocks. Torino, a merino. Letty, a yeti;


Leeds, good deeds, wince, months since. Carey, do vary.
whack, nee Kallikak) dire, on hire. Mears, tears -
fang, an orangutang. Hat, down pat; Perth, gave birth
Keats-Shelly, its belly. Greer, the rear; Lithem, with 'em.
Evans, Good heavens! May, the hay: clear; so queer,
Japan, Hottentot man; Jackal, a shackle; Ella, Caucasian fella.
Haitian, quick procreation. Randle, and candle. emerges, sexual urges...
Rouche: her douche, goal... your pole, Sue, men do,
Calais, all day) Calais, that away! Calais, they play
Germaine, intersexional pain... curse, antics perverse. Hartz. his arts.
stuttered, she uttered, octaroon; a quadroon. Meggs, her legs,
thunder, a blunder. exploding, genetic encoding. Thor; or poor.
passion, started flashin', plea, you see." -- scientist --
Furman, a merman. looks, Limerick books... Frisco, with Crisco.
Slade, been laid. shackey, an Iraqi. Sharkey, a darky.
Ballycrotty, 'twas dotty. Phipps, his trips, Ike, the pike.
Dickentwats, the Hottentots. aunt. somewhat aslant. Gama, in Palma.
unclean, Miss Bean. agrees: always please; Rowens, the Bowens,
sobbin' named Robin. grand, greater demand. contribution, man's evolution.
Herman, cousin German. Metabechouan, you on Scott, the lot.
Weir, felt queer. Needham, 'em! -- Brum, had come,
kid, named Tidd Carruther, surrogate mother. Madrid, her kid...
Strothers, her brothers,


devices! in slices! Racine, fucking machine. Dag, to shag.
subsistence, separate existence. pinch, last inch, duct, I've plucked,
man, he can; 'em. buy 'em. inflatable), (quite insatiable).
limousine, Fucking Machine. Racine, fucking machine "Racine," it's clean;
Mull, mechanical bull 2121, has begun. 2222, longer screw.
4444, electronic whore. 4646, multiple pricks 5353, to see.
6868, their fate. 6969, a sign; 7010, fucking again.
Gene, fucking machine. deposit, because it thing. a fling.
connect, are erect. net, all set plastic, that drastic?
refraining, are gaining. gaining, named Blaining. Biloxi, by proxy.
hooter; was neuter. Ewing, her undoing. machine? ever seen.
urgin'; would burgeon. toy, rubber-doll boy; rhymin', manager, Simon.
lonely? "Tone Me." good-old-boys, sex toys. drawer, closed door.
pride; better astride; Lerdes, for birds; MacNeal, reveal --
Chase, their place,


crouch, testicle pouch) Rangoon, too soon. moon, the monsoon.
Paul, exceedingly small. yen, honeykins when Carolina, bird's-nest vagina.
Chase, said Grace. Mose, the hose. night; big fright.
know) say no. sick, your pick grind, that kind;
Geraint, bucket quaint. Gluck, great pluck Vancouver, approve her.
obscene, washing machine. Guelph, assemble herself: man, to plan:
Schenectady, directed. He tractor, libido extractor, Bert, to flirt.
Rangoon, by noon. Telefunken, schnappes getrunken, found, of renown,
Vancouver, a Hoover. York, of pork. axiom, a vacuum.
O'Dare, and hair, mellow, of Jello. free, still he
refuse, for screws. Spence, highly intense, Vancouver, a Hoover.
scoff, good boff. Dieter, be sweeter. fantastic. sticky-back plastic
Belgrade, he made, masturbator, much later. McCaudle, and dawdle."
McCawdel, and dawdle. Moore, mechanical whore. Duluth, and uncouth.
Perkin, mechanized merkin: Jean, and Irene; Mort, curious sort.
tables, whereupon fables been; have seen. design, my kine
Mark, after dark, jocular, harlot, monocular. Clyde, Mechanical Bride;
spend, FACSIMILE friend, monastic, and fantastic. Greer, last year.
monastic, inflated plastic recall, foam-rubber doll; maker, an earth-shaker;
bumpkin, a pumpkin. distressed, the rest. shore, the store.
well, no belle. side; are snide, dear, fear --
her, a smoker, Gates, mechanical dates. plastic, that's scholastic?
Jack, his Shop-Vac. Rex, for sex, Britain, thoroughly smitten.
plastic? is fantastic. Boothbay, unusual ways. nuder, King Tudor.
stall, you install Freddie, his teddy. bear, to wear.
bear, showing wear. Ursus, bear curses. Frank, a prank.
invention, scholastic intention: Schlagel; a Bagel. Barm, lacked charm.
intercourse, son's hobby-horse. Gore, a store. Mabel, a table.
Vancouver, special manuever. sporadic, sex addict. River, did deliver.
bole. knot hole, trash? no cash;


Coll, inflatable doll. Tate, new mate. Tate; did inflate.
small; at all. eyes, the thighs, hair, to there.
grind, that kind; caution, ewe's distortion; life, everyday strife.
debatable; and hate-able. Wembley; excitedly trembly; Paul's, inflatable dolls.
debatable, me undatable. Moscow, a sow, how, I vow;
excess, to impress. Pierre, much air. -- (inflatable doll).
no! with Flo, Nate, hot date. wife? my life!
great, or AIDs. Kate; perfect date. O'Grady, all Haiti.
too; so blue, inflatable! quite datable; Lolita! much sweetah,
keep, you leap treasure; his leisure. know; churning below.
debatable, who's dateable, humiliation, sex education, mannikins, their fannikins;
Lionel, of vinyl. droll, necrophiliac, Cole.


Rose, a hose, Anne, original plan. sadistic, manner artistic.
Fyfe, alderman's wife. Biddle, "Go fiddle! DiBasle, a nozzle.
Porter, her daughter, Vanderbilt-Horsett, Lonely-Maid Corset, Salique, avec talic,
insemination, replace fornication; Anna, a banana! Anna, in Montana,
ground, truth, profound: toys. or boys; Tudor, screwed her,
woo, birch-bark canoe. Hans, lady's wants. Brock, Instant Jock.
erects, for sex. paster, taste her. McCall, and tall.
defiance, of science. Marin, with chagrin. Tuppet, a puppet.
Jean, screwing machine. Dover: is over! Melly, watching telly.
Genesis. by synthesis. Tudor, screwed her, Ryde, to decide
Amarillo, old Brillo. Lawler, or holler, Newton! juices shootin'


afreet, his meat. Blake; he spake; wails, BANSHEE entails.
BANSHEE, might fanshee, cry, or why. Fred, to bed,
profession, contrary impression. wide, needs inside. script, may rip.
jointed, just pointed, depends, relationship ends. sky, loud cry.
Blake; he spake; loon; terribly soon. Emily, her femily.
facsimile: the fimily! Mel, perfectly swell, Morgan, the Gorgon.
hearse. worse -- Pierre, a dare; madder, and bladder.
snake'll, kiss cloacal. Lamia, from Mesopotamia, grasp, lamia's clasp,
bed, Living Dead'. meal; of steel. meat, a treat
purse, a curse: wimp; of chimp; exhume, we presume.
exotic, matters necrotic. cave. be brave. dreary, so bleary,
scraping, of escaping. muzzle. this puzzle. remember, an ember.
vision, corporal division. aching, were making. leapt, cur slept.
mistake. cheek steak. flapping, was tapping. pecking, blood flecking
smarter, slow starter. raven, high haven. thin, wandering in.
slave, to behave. eyes, me lies. room; the gloom.
phone) a bone? Fuggoth, a sluggoth. Sarge, they charge.
explain, enigmatical drain. paled, that wailed, dreams, of Orleans,
dummy; a rummy. lather, approaching cadaver. Zanzibar, you'd bar,
Ned, was dead. Leeds, he needs.


ghoul, a rule. darky, Ghoul Hierarchy. bed, and dread
covers. my druthers, sup, lewd tup. be? to see.
back! midnight snack. gear, I'm near. course; any force.
near; my dear, clay; feet anyway). head; all red.
slobber; me, cobber! ghoul, a fool; shiver; a quiver.


moans, musical groans. not; I've got. Holmes, elementary? Tomes
lass, as grass, mock. the block. roam, a home.
marries? folk varies. Flossy, unbearably bossy. pop! chocolate drop.
Honey, her money. day, to play. Norwich, for porridge.
fairy, terribly hairy. school: a fool. crotch. just watch
tree, to me. Airy, a fairy,


aware, all share, dreams, in teams knew, poltergeist, who
find, troubled mankind. Sean, sly leprechaun, tragic, with magic.
found, came 'round. coarse. by force. tree; about three,
thirteen, Madingley Green bubble, to double; caul, to appall.
Cupid; incredibly stupid. hunt, hopelessly blunt! Fred, been dead,
whore, the floor. Fred, of gingerbread. wharf, a dwarf,
land, all band, HOBBIT, and gobbet; wrongly, quite strongly.
Augusta, fussed her, get, the 'net). Propriety, by Society)
Ryde, incredibly wide. gun; pick one. West, power, lest
here! act queer; stuff! to snuff; cloud, out aloud;
spell. was swell. it, smacked it, dear, a year.
lass, to pass. nice, think twice. head, that said
dream, silver moonbeam, proponents, seduces opponents. wise, 'normous size.
spirit, fear it. fiction, landlord's prediction: Pandora, with horror;
sprite, by night. Astoria, by phantasmagoria. trees, of leaves.
Pool, damn fool. Leith, the heath. -- will determine,
O'Mally, named Sally. found, the ground, Yeats, blind dates.
spectre, her nectar. stones, low tones. sentience, an apprentice;
Hector, beautiful spectre. spectre, necked her. kook, a spook,
rounds, Holy Zounds! should, for good. us: to us?
torn; were born. Keller, nice feller. skies, lottery prize!
flair, over there. shaking. are aching. rise, of Thighs!
Lymph, a nymph.


Tangiers, sticky-out ears. underneath, a wreath. Lime, terrible crime.
elf, National Health. shelf, the elf; elves, misbehaving themselves.
Gelf, an elf. fuck, to luck. pussy, her juicy...
crotch, to botch elf, like himself.


Soames, about gnomes; roam, young gnome; Jerome, a gnome,
Jerome, innocent gnome; sport, in court, Crewe, a canoe.
Peru, of flu. Jerome, garden gnome. storm, gnomes warm.
Jen, and Zen".


chronic, were platonic. claim, without shame "Heed. a Swede."
game, young Jane, apologise, in guys. here, thousand years,
fundamental, quite accidental, bucks." the crux two, we'll screw,
more, the floor, naive, name, Steve? human, spirit a-fumin'.
phallus, Jackie Onassis grave-o; a cave-o. genie; inch wienie!"
genie, you meanie! genie, called Queenie. genie, of bikini.


apse, of raps haunt, his aunt, hill, stay still.
ectoplasm, a spasm. Fay, near Bray. quick, a prick.
chasm, simultaneous spasm. dread, my bed. haunted; he's undaunted!
Scottie, naked body. Rome, old catacomb. coast, a ghost.
alone, of stone; Storeyville, seen still. Laura, in Gomorrah.
neat," in heat. Fleet, the seat. sarcasm, for orgasm.
charmless, was harmless. spectre, of Hector. grave, to behave!"
head," once said. house, wouldn't douse: run, he's done.
formally, behaving abnormally. Humes, ninety-nine rooms, pair, round bare.
Tralee, to me?" skin, a sin. confusion, unwelcome intrusion
Coast, by post. Weems, her dreams. undaunted, proprieties flaunted.
Yost, a ghost?" appear, more near. one, loan one.
castle, his tassel, Spitz, his wits. trance, hot lance.
Bangladesh, got fresh. McCook, a spook. Paul, fancy-dress ball.
aim, my name. Pete, or eat. elation, her situation.
request, your nest, dead, his head. knight, one night.
Shrule, and cruel. host, a toast!" post-prandial, most brandyal.
sprite, Walpurgis Night. tedium, greeting 'em, Breethouse, neat house.
graph, could chaff ghouls, are fools, creaking; are squeaking;
ghost, nearly sclerosed. cursed, are versed, boast, than most.
Post, a ghost. 'em, all ectoplasm, France, her pants.
doom, a tomb. Post,) a ghost Most, old ghost.
spirit, fear it. host, liked most. Lahore, whilst ashore.
me, very clearly. Steele, alarmingly real;


today, infamous Clay. town, and frowned. street, your feet,
Lou? her, too. past, town fast. out, old lout.
waited, is fated, plain, again -- way, they say,
in, new Schwinn let, to get said, adventures ahead.
place, in disgrace. falling; outright apalling. hue, be too,
glass, a flash tall; by all day, locked away,
then, get in maybe, evil lady. basement, my amazement
door, the floor. creaked, inside reaked Lou, come to
tense; was immense. me, to see dared, now stared
found, all around. for, did roar. lock, in shock.
there, of despair rotting, stomach knotting glee, of me
tired, and aspired it, pretend it passed, at last
quake, to shake mass, furry-red ass. end, just then
devoured, a coward, rest,. being distressed; Schwinn, of sin
cellar's, those fellers northeast, was pleased


ghost? a boast. night, a fright. do; was through?
kiss, to miss exhumed, was assumed. consumed, well perfumed,
throat. the moat. way, of clay. licking, be sticking
fling, this thing least, The Beast. it. grew it.
sure. whats more, safe, a carafe peckish, foot fetish,
through. of woo. way, more day. tomb; may resume
thin, our din. too, awful tattoo! bed. and said,
tight, a fight. thing; to cling. yesteryear, jester here.
King; did sing. joke, before townsfolk. told, days old,
hill, he will around, no sound. start; it smarts.
shout. all about?" site, very night, so, did go,
way, to stay, light, the night. near, most queer.
sleep, and deep. store, top floor, austere, with fear.
dash. loud crash. distress, the press. phantasm, unearthly orgasm.
flaunted, who haunted pants, a chance. her, his trouser.


rainbow, all a-glow. found; the ground. day, far away.
propitious, not suspicious. away; must pay, golf; leprechaun, Rolf.
shame, your game?" meek, life pique?" cherish. thought perish!
Dundee, to me. Puckish, and muckish, Craig, a peg.
strolled, quite bold. Pat, derby hat. snatch, to catch.
Pat, green hat. today, his way. leprechaun, had gone.
Sullane, randy again. Dublin, and bubblin'. Ryan, keep tryin,
lass, as Laplace, Isle, me nubile. TV, you VD;
seen, to preen.


monstrosity, pungent viscosity, air, his chair. bugs, some hugs.
tomes, astounding-type groans. grave, so craved. hill, and still.
trolls, with coals, be? from me, Kowloon; this June,
again. finished ten. forage; some porridge. freezer, old geezer.
heads; their beds. case, no trace. hands, other glands.
days, slothful ways. Saratoga, by Yoga. Miskatonic, really ironic.
Cthulhu, new hair-do. pride, a ride. Frank, new crank.
Goot, a hoot. Bight, was tight. be, tea --
Andrew; to poo. Becker, big pecker; Schmidts; my wits.
Bob, a sob: Loch, terrible shock. Clark, the park.
Ness, a mess. Ness, I digress, head, to dread.
Fleet, sixty-one feet. masterpiece, and niece; away, monster today.
table, was able. right; real tight. two. like you.)
middle; to fiddle. attached, are latched. jolt, neck bolt.
sparks, arcs -- skin! my chin! sigh, do I?
others. visiting brothers. brain. logging chain. zoo, is true.
manifest, voluptuous breast. between, Hollywood queen; arc; and bark;
water, I oughter. dawn, comes on; Fox, a box.
Siberia, very inferior. mummy; my tummy. can, dawn's span?
arts, maiden's hearts. Quebec, his neck. degrees, their belfries.
Frank- a prank.


Frank, fish tank, wiser, surprise her; say, stashed away;
Transylvania, detain ya, invention, to mention. Frankenstein, with twine.
dolt; his bolt. be? after tea, depraved, now made;
raved, gen misbehaved; Larrow; my wheel-barrow; said, cuter head,
dish! his wish. Frankenstein, was fine. sing; he bring?
about, villagers shout. Blucher? rebuke her. you, for glue.


-- (including follicle) 'er, licks her should, the wood.
clay, and May, glade, I prayed, four, for more.
commotion, a notion pale, ginger ale, tip, a sip.
mast, at last. dallyin' a stallion, troubled, I cuddled.
Vine? the line? money; said "Funny! time! that sign?
-- trick -- drank, it stank. right; in sight.
kissing, embracing, caressing, misspoke, bad joke. mine; of Pine,


hours, bright towers. near; they appear. kind; are refined.
bizarre, peripatetic clochard. charms; folk harm. good, in woods..
bridge, the ridge, larder, for starters. block; and stock;
station, a summation been, be in, air, bombing everywhere.
trench, a winch, made, a raid. Jody, his body.
style, scary smile. be; me flee. trolls. own cubbyholes.
hair; quite fair. sweet, big feet. head; there instead.
court, all sport! Joyce, thses toys. toes. just decompose?
asininity, nearby vicinity. cajole, take toll


Transylvania, with dipsomania. Boyd, named Lloyd. TROGLODYTE, a fight,
climb. blood-sucking time. desire, undead admire. flesh, can enmesh
Nick, the creek, had, so bad. slight, heartier bite,
dinner, a winner: Vampire, the fire. female, each impale.
braces, four cases. Buffy, and stuffy. Stoker, mutton poker.
Tracy, quite spacey. scallawag, old hag, see, and me,
Mattie, be catty, rat-a-tat, the mat. Quebec, her neck.
cra- all day. 'n' painy 'n' adventures, his wench-lures,
Newsome, wonderfully gruesome; Dracula, really spectacula; Dracula, exceeded spectacular.
castle, a hassle, sky, his cry. Dracular, died un-spectacular.
pal, a gal, Rye, wouldn't buy. fed, he bled,
spatula, labeled "Spectaculah!" think; will drink; jejune. soprano tune.
vamps, our camps. said, giving head. fright, take flight.
Vampire, the fire. Jon, and on. boast, than most.
vampire, insect-consuming nightflier. braces, "This replaces braces, his chases.
braces, at Macy's. disdain, not entertain. surprise, account verifies
plight, Nicholas Knight. laid, dubious trade. goof, tavern's roof.
fang, definite twang. B. got HIV. night. to bite.
quo, new HMO, senescence, the peasants. Thad, half bad.
wedding, her bedding. cutey! seeking booty; braces, dental cases;
moan, have known... D., encouraging me. "Tex" I suspects
bus, a sarcophagus... partake, can shake. braces, no basis!
live. to give! dream, blood-curdling scream. affair, me, "Beware."
braces, in places, Bud, a dud," thing, The Ring.
annoys, their joys, fair, exceedingly rare. sneer, nobody's here:
coffin, heart soften Nick, bit thick. said, been wed,
Bud, the mud. meet, the retreat braces, sordid places.
sprout, twisted about. away, all day; long, quite wrong.
Fakenham, making 'em. wife, into strife; braces, pink laces,
year, a sneer, pluck, his luck. drove, byways wove.
a, consider Camilla. Al, a gal.


clerk, after work. "Sybil! any fib'll librarian, maybe Hungarian,
sobbin', any fobbin'. clubbing, to grubbing Vlad, terribly sad,
wake, Old Jake, account, vampire-style count. choker; at poker.
bold, and cold. coals; their holes. night, all right!
before, vapiritic whore? taste, to waste; best. will rest.
Bount, fullest amount fear, the rear horse, red sauce.
knows, and O's. pain; to strain. mood, for food;
brewed. I sued. here, quite clear, exist. have missed.
old; like gold, see, to me.


Hugh, nobody knew; Mark, the dark. glow, will grow!
sky. where I see? to me. John, finely drawn.
stranger. Bradford Granger. Clarke, the dark. see, a tree.
scary, be wary Slough, near Bilbao. Malone, a bone.
daze; the haze. affair, genus were, Moore, back door.
exist, of this: harangue, red whang. Sadie, bit shady.
impress; that stress. preachers, mean creatures, Rains, head canes;
Ballew, it's true, verse, werewolf curse. coat, a goat.
moon, in June, kaput! been put. Mary, was hairy.
freak; did speak. Hyde, tongue tied. replied, in Tide.
are, Please answer. were; was care.


sensation, undergoes mutation. Nell, bad spell, Faye, wouldn't pay.
dare, golden hair. true. the few Rose, her nose.
Lucille, to steal. Khartoum, her broom: well; to hell.
Jean, was keen. Kent, were maleficent. Bud, sickening thud.
Nixon, was mixin'. occasion, witch's conjuration. closet, cause it,
witch, a ditch. sonofabitch, that itch. stake, did make.
palace, unequaled malice. Linda, wouldn't hinder. house, to carouse.
stew, of you, wife; her life. rod, but, Gawd!
cat, witch's hat. witch. a hitch, witch, genital itch.
toads, fact loads. -- will haunt May, one day.
Nantucket, near Pawtucket. Louise, obscure Portuguese. witches, young bitches).
bare, the glare. Despair, big scare. Vendetta, lot better.
her, witch Esmerelder, blonde, man's wand. year, comes near.
Coven, heated lovin'. diluter, new computer. lovin' witches coven.
Salem. inhale 'em. well, a spell. pussy, men lecher-oosy.
brougham, a broom. Screamingwitch, steaming ditch. strike, don't like:
goat? Pratchett wrote? leave, Hallows Eve. frenetic. something genetic.
stew, testicle, too. West, the best. mall, little-used hall.
bitch; a witch, Ken, large men. hunt, in front.
said, to bed. wall: of all?" wizard, his gizzard;
Enus, Witch genus. bug, did unplug. day, would say,
incurable," the plurabelle. riches, with switches; Bynum, fine hem.
coal, a knoll, 'em, wreck 'em." eerie", her dearie.


glitches, the witches class, during Mass, tune, the moon.
say, by day. witch, would switch hoot; I moot.
bet, hand-rolled cigarette tomb; her groom. room; trusty broom.
vandal, Halloween candle. west, the test east, old beast.
demeanor, vacuum cleaner, Emma-ugly-as-sin, fat grimalkin; fly, starry sky.
broom, yelling Zoom! wine, tension line. witch, insatiable niche.
pitch; big stitch, tomb, sonic boom, regret, to get."
Molly, real jolly. Wells, his bells, nipping, for sipping,
Doom, her broom. zooms, on brooms, nose, her pantyhose,
glow, sky's indigo, room, sonic boom. witch, a ditch.
witch, a ditch. Belize, regular breeze.


today, broom lay. squawk, a fork. toad, the road
pointing, she's anointing broom, her room today; just play
reaches, nice beaches. Preswich, a sandwich." away, in today,
paid, old maid spell, or well. spurned, were burned.
wall! of all; rare, one there; cell, a hell.
hog! Ermintrude Ogg. bitch, a witch, angelity, with fidelity,
Bluff, never enough name, of game. Croix, of joy,
sass, the grass. sing, tush swing. raise; a daze.
come. were dumb. Peru, never do, grave, to rave.
awoke. my folk?" came, the Name nine, a pine.
brain, the rain. Tibet, to get. retired; magic expired.
trade, need made, abound; be found. Liddy, this biddy
maintain, be slain. town, a half-crown; bolder, those older,
baloney, into coneys. street, crone sweet, flat; about that?
McPherson, curse on. concoct, was locked. crone, time zone.
show, we'll go. newt, mandrake root, now. me how
book, featherless rook, Dec., summer solstice) itch; a witch
snatch, to scratch. assume, own groom hats, flying bats,
seem; a beam too, envelope two.


young, for fun. sore, no more! McDonald's, (that bloke!)
prevail, said Gale, Dinah, a mynah. detective, are defective.
define. and malign. Bart, his heart. Brad, everything, dad,
wise, a surprise. rule, term cruel croaking. for joking.
MacBeth, more breath. relish, with horseradish. Stash, smoking hash.
Clyde, great pride, sung, cigarette lung, Cole; a bowl.
Flash, of cash. Milan, malevolent plan. Perth, were worth.
shelf, from Elf. folk, any cowpoke, Larocque, had broke.
tree, called alveoli; fire, Jack Meyer. bloke, blue smoke.
TOBACCOUGH. then COUGH. fag, quick drag". cough. "I'm off.
forget, landings yet, scene, blindfold, nicotine smoke! a toke)
air," standing there. slights, named Seitz one, dread Hun.
Spink, his dink; jammin'; been slammin'. buff, of snuff.
pack, will lack. FISH, one dish. nargileh, quite silly;
non.... masks don.


known, staging zone-- Rex, of reflex. bars, and tars,
year, Chelseaas--made clear toll, the goal Moffin, and often.
cig? it's big. butt; a rut? words, it's absurd.
blue; and chew. true, so blue. you! Winnie Blue?"


rest, his chest. cigar, by far, Lars, Cuban cigars.
cuts, and struts; kind, did find, Marcusto, such gusto,
Stott, a Scot. Tamar, but cigars. spend, a trend;
night, their fight. Royal, a moyel. perfection, Cohiba selection.
fox, some stocks, scene, been -- old, they hold;
most; we boast. condescend, a friend, go, to know
Oakham, soak 'em cigar; by far. understand, very grand,
Isabella, fella -- round, fall down, far, by star,
joke, financing folk; Pomona, named Ramona. true; cigars, too.
humidor, there nevermore. proud, wasn't allowed Honduran, is curin'.
amor, you'll adore." wet, did sweat. Vito, his Credo.
dude, his food. light, the insight Mawr, expensive cigar.
Anna, from Montana. firm. and squirm. relief, a leaf;
Fox, the box. Kars, many bars; prizes, girl's thighses.
inspected, are detected, room, to groom. surprise, quickly outsized.
Fidel, to sell, moldy, gentleman's stogie. blister?" what, mister.
adore, her humidor. Fidel, well-known hotel. Rose, it goes;
pox, her box. Mars, neighborhood bars. -- be greater;
Snood. be rude, say, a day." Shanken, cigar rankin'.
overweight. the gate. small, at all. Drew, to screw.
note, a goat. tomorrow, as sorrow. hooey!" call Louie.)
line, his spine. took, her book. Veneto, call Rigoletto
Merl, beautiful girl. Madras, terrible mass, Mars, our guitars.
Fripp, seagoing trip, adore, to score.


Hooray! all away; smoke, to choke. do. for you.
broke, to smoke. listen, about kissin'. pass: Alas!
for, what's more. protection, the rejection Kit, to quit.
jerky, bit murky, joke, General spoke 18, old Nicotine.
leave. me believe small, one recall joke, cranky-assed bloke.
civility, open hostility. town," a frown. back! no lack,
hooked, had booked. crowd, was loud. Snout, do without.
rough. and gruff. acquired," but retired. air, there --
gets! my bets! denying, most trying habit, a rabbit),
verboten. strong Minnesotan spoken, your smokin'. puff-puff. sniffle snuff.
it, a nitwit. Dagg, does nag. joke, longer smoke.
Green, was fifteen. avowed, non-smoking crowd. here, perfectly clear,


say. cancer, okay. dine, and fine, Grace, his place.
fag, a hag. Smart, boy-friend, "Sweetheart, horse, of course.
Clyde, rotten inside. knew, tobacco chew. bar, the car,
brink, I think smelly, my belly. Bart, Lilly Rhinehart,
fartin' smart 'un. Barr, the car. proud? are cowed.
bowl, occasional coal. side; to hide away, to pay
me. you see. pick, nose stick. report, at court.
Cologne, all alone. Burse; did accurse. Jill, much until
gray, mortal clay. cigar, my car, Seth, of breath!"
John, smoke marathon.


couth. the truth. star, a cigar. despair, a chair,
asleep. really creep. Knight; a fright. Lutz, takes guts.
fixation, for masturbation, Barr, too far. Flock, the clock.
pledges, edge is. Dereham, near 'em. joke: for folk.
chief, news-breaking brief, Fred, he read. acrobatic, are dogmatic.
provoking, for joking, McGraw, Miss Shaw. agree, (Leviathan he):
shut. than smut, McClure, could endure. Jackie, on tobaccy.
Bud, a dud Hoboken, to smokin'. down, a frown.
Kress, him distress. bag, illicit fag, Welch, to squelch.
appealing, is congealing; Genie, a bikini. Nash, some cash.
objection, my affection, bluff, increasingly tough; -- couldn't transcend.
door; much more. say, a day. a-whining, quite undermining.
glare, judgemental stare: Jack, last pack." joke; to smoke.
lighting, and exciting abuse, the juice; stogie, old fogey...
incentive; and inventive. abhor, heard more. prone, poverty zone.
Pete, a treat Haskett, the basket. nut, his gut
extensively, views apprehensively: Boulder, it smoulder. McShakoe, a wacko,
Man? and tan; hit, throbbing clit, stripe, macho hype,
Hicks, his kicks. cigarettes, gorgeous brunette, strollin', were stolen,
barmen, gendarme. An damn-all. Sam, I'll torero, bold hero.
dear, the ears." fags, cigarette gags, smitten, been bitten,
alone, from home, stride. you inside. "Man, the plan!
store? the door? Hoboken, from smokin'. sing; went "ping"!
Liggettte. the spigot. McClure, a sewer. Murray, should worry.
perplex: after sex?" Madras, some glass, Ben, the men.
outmoded, snoose overloaded; Bluff, to puff. snuff, girl-friend's muff.
Trudy! rude he Chaco, as quebracho. Paul: at all."
passion, turned ashen. smoker, eventide toker. deed, the weed.
dude, incredibly rude Moffin, fits often. hair, the air;
puff, damned stuff. Cass; first class. lover, cannot cover;
Sam'l, old mammal; Drew, to renew. chewer, be fewer.


clay, named Jay, hounds, human bounds; churns, one learns
"Crunch, a bunch Barf," a larf. Lynn, rapturous grin,
flaps, flimsy straps. flaps, metal collapse, brings; two wings.
Boeing, and fro-ing; Boeing; penis growing. Boeing, juices a-flowing;
down, driveways brown. plane, a strain. whiner, to China,
rode, your load? friends, Incontinental extends said, full head.
White, his kite. plane, and rain. Joe, to mow.
Maine, an airplane. gay, every day. carrier, and scarier.
Taipei, masculine way. bore, or more. Sy, could fly;
mission, this admission, flight, or night, emplaned, all drained.
planes; for cranes. fly?" and I Bet. it yet."
Baron, air on. Steve, to achieve, Baltimore, and sixty-four,
career, is clear; steep, is cheap(er), crossed, Captain Frost.
Spruce, so abtuse. tail, not fail pursued, totally nude)
sky, too high. Branson, elephants on. Ted, being dead,
plane? old Jane. pee, oak tree. unsound, fly around.
neophyte, a fright. Falk, the walk. might, man's flight.
races, I aces;


planes, of cranes. planes, with stains. Clode, of abode.
planes, moisture gains, planes; always complains, ground, ungodly sound.
brings, many things. nice, offered advice. Irving, and swerving,
engineer, right "here"; found, something profound. sight, a fright.
Lyme, the crime, Blaine, called 'Rain.' grits, it quits.
case? the place, provokes, Mr. Stokes. home, in Rome,
Wright, one night. trapped, belt unsnapped. wienie, of Rossini,
rabbit, his habit. aisle, a smile, weeks, velvety cheeks,
over, of Dover, joking, much poking; spree, de vie.
chick; really quick. Muffet, her tuffet. man, his pan.
way, time yesterday. rating, you're stating; Bright, of flight.
"Wait! "I'm late," Boeing, was going, Eleven, a seven-four-seven,
advance, your pants. Elaine, Spanish Airplane. Irma, from Burma;
Lee, to Dundee. see, and free. United, is blighted;


ejected, wasn't connected, get, to let caught, too taut.
Small, a haul. Blue, a clue. Phuket, Thailand today.
soup; the loop, pet? that jet. feet, my sweet.
below. or so. sand! to land? know, to go.
-- sudden downdraft. unabashed, they flashed; Mass, his ass.
insane; a plane, grand! miles inland! dove? that shove?
games, one aims; Rangoon, air balloon. Bain, through Spain;
be, most probably Cardif, sensually stiff. Qaida, hang glider.
Mark, a lark. sea, with glee. nice: flotation device."
why, went awry. airliner; been finer. flight; grew slight.
clear, the rear?"


Stan, I can." Caine, his plane. James, love games.
wine; be fine." drunk, a slam-dunk. excess, the mess.
Pat, they sat: commission; on emission. there, by air,
Fritz, do; it's Danny, simply uncanny. found, flying abound.
Slokum, is hokum; life, a wife. renown, shot down,
high, to fly, frown, shades down!" drooping," while looping,
(Jacksonville) stewardesses CRAX. sky, might die! Steve, did weave.
up, back up. loopy; loop-the-loop groupie. West, sobriety test.
test; the best. it. pile it. RAF; good laugh.
OR, Wrong-Way COR.


Malloy, with joy. compiling, I'm defiling, zeal. can steal.
Jay, 'port JFK. Marie, with glee, meal, good deal:
Dutch, care much. A-cup, lion pup. think, chink --
Lee, can be.


Raft, of aircraft. Boeing, without slowing. Boeing; and fro-ing.
Rick; nice chick. Louise, the trees. SST, certainly be
Jane, did abstain. Spain, the train. Burma, girlfriend Irma,
found, so profound: crew, to do. elite; one feat:
Odette, a jet. Violet, away islet. pilot, "shrinking violet".
choice, Rolls Royce, Boeing; in knowing Cub, the rub;
Club, yellow Cub? right; in flight. converted, women, inverted.
dry. know why. Neptune, air balloon. Violet, far-away islet.
plane, to refrain. excited; are delighted. Jane, a plane.
propellor, Miss Weller, -- some ass!" Rhett, a jet.
in!" a grin. affection, their selection. fishin'; her mission.
Ryder, a glider. Hopper, his whopper.


chair, out there. plane. a brain, place; their base.
sex. travelers' checks. leers, your fears." true. do you?
affliction? and restriction in, sphincter skin, more. she bore.
fly; will die. hard; to guard. you, would do).
fly. me sigh: dub, Mile-high Club." gold. to behold.
forget, darn jet. you; will too. soon, the moon.
high, reason why). dear. my fear. way, good day.
air. to bear enfold; the gold. high, passes by.
do. will you? blue; us two. do? that, too.
suppose... without clothes. rise. my cries. wimp. getting limp!
see. of me. can, the plan. sipped. get ripped.
must; would bust. overhead, of red; Turner, is sterner
like; a hike. car; too far). O'Hare, of despair.
check. "Oh heck!" okay. passed away. slacks, made tracks.
Spain, in vain. flight, into sight fun, that one,"
unaffected: radar detected.> copper, a cropper,


pump- were hump- plumbing; "I'm coming!" gear, I fear,
source, of course; Crockett, his sprocket. hike, overland pike;
striking, beloved's liking. Bunny, friends, "Honey, Aberdeen, was keen.
Thrace, her face. bike, look alike. Antoinette, her bicyclette...
groans, just moans, seat, to Crete; Spode, heavy load;
bikes, traffic lights. Reichert, hike hurt. rain, the strain.
Mike, new bike. laws, to pause. pain, rough terrain,
Peel, his wheel. Syke, a bike. France, investigate Lance.
hikin', mountain bikin'. bike? should like? bike, who like
twaddle; ride side-saddle. know, would go. mile, for awhile.
day; in dismay. spin, Miss Lynn. car; four star.
Mike, his bike. June, old loon Hugh; cleverness knew.
Eels, oval wheels. beat; my seat. hound, were down.
Michael, my bike'll like, philosopher Mike, true; to few.
Lucy, quite juicy. ossified, a ride. Brandon, a tandem.
Gump, a whump. Pete, his sweet; Pete, really neat.
Keats, bicycle feats. June, old loon paddle, the saddle.
excursion; it perversion? applause, Timothy scores blue, to do.
need, up speed. bike, convenient dike, dyke, girls like.
Michigan, itch again; flying, friends' sighing. sweet, chronologic defeat,
dare; I care. rose, I suppose. Lance, de France,
cheater, himself fleeter. supply, a goodbye. Shykel, "Your bike'll
Tour; bycicle riders?) pluck, of luck.


Clyde, his bride. Purvis, not nervous. biker, sexy hitchhiker.
Utah, motorised scooter. Keith, reach Cowdenheath; queue, (it's true!).
biker, young hiker. Kent, thought heaven-sent. Rill, a hill,
Psyche, ejaculate "Crikey!" bike, didn't like. Dwight, from sight.
end; to pretend. prudes) a drink, swore, aesthetics galore);
Unk, more spunk; Greeley, a wheelie? Mike, a bike;
Michael, small motorcycle. spurs, the furze. Crete, her seat.
Kent, decidedly bent. suitor, his scooter. Capooter, a scooter.
Hamble, a ramble. Dyke, his bike... motorcycle, this bike'll
bike, didn't like: bicycle, an icicle. inspired. and perspired.


Gorton, short 'un. Westhorton, short 'un. Horton; short 'un.
Fonda, named Rhonda. Rhonda, black anaconda. scooter, onboard computer,
sublime? and time. Suzuki, was spooky. Jackie, new Kawasaki.
bride, can't decide. Breeze, disease -- Wanda, a Honda.
hoped, I groped Lyle, a mile. Men, corporate sin,
Wanda, your Honda, hatched; are well-matched, bride, that ride;
chins, for twins. scooter; the tooter. Snickers, silk knickers.