Limeric Index



mystified; I lied. sick; one dick. soccer, a shocker:
home, go roam, heel, Big deal. want, some cunt.
id. I did. castration? cause cessation? Rock, the block.
Gus; bamboozle us, retreat; been indiscrete. flings, or sing?
slips, she grips. expanding, grandly demanding, it. did it.
affection, for election. grandiose, up close fun. a nun.
swill, Capitol Hill? ignore, a whore. greenie, his beanie.
armpit, silken knit. lie. my fly. well, a belle.
break; wrong take. Hope, said "Nope!" "it." a bit.
election; the rejection. him, skin him. scorn; you've borne.
Arkansas, his handses. deduced, a boost. bum, than dumb)
uphold, and soul fear, may hear, tower, tastes sour.
Jones, Sweetwater loans; bed, the red. gloating, been boating,
fat, does chat: what? a lot; hipper, the Gipper.
slandered, media's pandered. erection, constant direction? body, quite shoddy.
ravings, President's misbehavings, take, the make. distraught, lady's twat,
dim; are slim. Willie. and Millie. day, through today.
pillow, intern willow BANE, peccadillo train abound; be found.
grouch, his pouch. clown, greatest renown. men, his den?"
lousing, he's unblousing. Floors, but whores, Bill, the hill.
patch, to catch dough, don't know. lie. rather die;
aggrievin'. be deceivin'. invoked, easily cloaked. date; his mate.
encumber, exact number Dud, of pud. plight; all right.
TV, at me. Billy, call silly. brown; of town.
voracious," unusually loquacious. spies, hitting highs. share, Bill's underwear.
skipper. be chipper. praises: rumor fazes." A, did stray.


Bill, a thrill. Clinton." are hintin'; meaning: they're gleaning.)
tub. you rub! Floor"; once more. cluck; bad luck.
goosed! ones roost. land; the cabstand. feminist. be pissed.
rule. your tool. great. don't hesitate. nice. little advice.
suffice. a price. Jones, men's bones) figure: or bigger.
bent? it went. lobster, a mobster, am. Uncle Sam.
praise; lecherous ways. cut; a nut. enjoyment? gainful employment?
door, to whore. way, would say, court, it ought?
say, little lay." exercises, various sizes. kicks; screwed ninety-six.
-- his pole. bed, or dead. define, fine line,
recall, must fall, replying, keeps denying. untrue, would view
nation, such degradation laws, their jaws. follow; ring hollow.
conclusions; selling delusions. beddable; be edible. toad, the load.
Willie; a dilly. light, Christmas invite. free, in '93?
disgrace, his face. tout) train's "toot-toot", suit, evil cherroot,
so, would go, CEO, please show. flew, anyone knew,
stew, on cue, gun, is run, sacks, in racks.
ends, my friends, vex; medical checks. suggested, DNA tested.


mind. a kind Kong, and long, proper, a show-stopper.
{}, Jockey Clu{}; Rob; elegant slob. O'Brien, tie on.
wrist, to resist. hat; it's flat; Valerie, her salary.
Luke, and peruke; races, his braces. earrings. it brings,
opinion, unwilling minion? stain, scarcely contain.


past, was fast, Lassen, would unfasten. -- hers --
South, his houth, Myrtle, and fertile, Myrtle, exceedingly fertile.
lives, their wives, please, her knees. fright, was right.
DeGrand, is canned! McGee, in me. McGee, in me;
self-restraint, tiny complaint: Hoars, your drawers!" Goss; her moss.
smelt, chastity belt. clean, invitations obscene. find, this bind,
out, untrusting lout here, bolt-cutting gear. pearl. a whirl.
shatter? idle chatter? hard, some lard. crude, would intrude
Krupp, to tup. Fife, his wife. brain, in pain.
overdue, up jujitsu. bore, it's war: blue; eleven Zulu;
Chicoutimi, to me. dealt. first felt. shed, pure lead.
craft; sight draft. Skokie, stuff's hokey. Celt, was dealt
Brampton, clamped on; sight. standing upright. Lynne, from sin,
Easter, your keister. reliance, with defiance. bought, to naught.
feast, the East. entrust, he thrust three, could see.


sizes, many surprises. Lapiere, a dear. Grimes, and dimes,
Battic, somewhat erratic. Tangiers, lacy brassieres. bra-- they are.
perhaps, good maps Brah-rah-rah-Brahms, Brah-ah-ah-Brahms Shit! doesn't fit!
mention), and wrenchin'; Will, could fill. thing, tit sling.
star, by far. spa, faux pas ma, with pa
engineer, up here. right, hellishly tight; misapprehension, engineering invention.
large, a barge bar, a bra! lyin', named Brian.
a-giggling, bosom a-jiggling. 44D, it be. bras; problems because
engineer, of beer, pull, pure bull, Troppen, bosoms adroppen.
Camile, of steel, eclat, the Shah engineer, strapless brassiere
Chaucer, her saucer; bra. your jaw. bits, really fits.
Maine, and plain, brides, the sides; Heights, took flights.
bra; too far. Haaz, the blahs, keffiyeh; Arab gear;
Wearing, keeps staring. wrong, swan song. trainer, retain her.
Weecups, were C-cups; course, brute force. pants; a chance
chest, unusual vest. bits, that's Fritz. spa, with Papa,
fall; or small. brag, please tag blessed, lovable breasts.
vise, torture device. hack, some slack,


Nantes, he rants. nose; sharply blows. Munich, was unique.
worsted, champions bursted. those, your hose. Barnes, with darns.
jammies, tight squeeze; Cape, of crepe. Shoreham, and woreham.
code, la mode." trapeze, great ease. folly, a holly;
dreaded, poorly threaded heat, odoriferous feet by; the thigh
Natchez, in patchez. morn, and torn. delayed; and dismayed.
Bose, they chose. Astor, a plaster. there? my lair.
blunt, the cunt, Natchez, in patches;


gown, laid down, ground. a sound. blue, with you,
day, I lay, gown, into town, dress, of distress.
down. would drown. Dunoon, of maroon. ornata, quadratis notata
Hingham, of gingham. implore; your door, toff, Let's quaff
'boo-hoo', for Honolulu. dress, did press Slug, reprehensible mug.
dress; I guess! unemployed, are annoyed; ILGWU, it's true,
witty; outrageously pretty. Boulder, the shoulder. Australia, a dahlia;
leather, see whether Crete, from complete; Delaware, "Ella wear
Nance, a chance; jock, the dock? Haverford-West, ankle-length vest.
dress?" I guess. soften, without coughin'. 'Bama, as pajamas.
divine, and fine. Walker, store stocker. Darjeeling, the ceiling,
Braintree; I'm brain-free. West, her vest; Tess, silk dress.
Tess, a mess. Lynn, terrible sin; Wymondham, she pymondham;
yesterday, ...) Anyway, hard? a start impress, spectacular dress;
too, them through) Bahari, was starry. Green, be seen,
Ness, outlandish dress. distress, her dress: Dillow: to billow.
Poole, some wool. misfired, was attired. Kress, "I guess
dress? be less! Nuys, the guys; Pitt, badly knit.
Delaware. I wear row, clothing somehow. ship, to trip.


uropygial, uproar coccygeal rage, my age. devil, boyfriend Neville.
Flo, to show. SCUT, in butt? Bert, grass skirts.
collar, to holler, alert, little squirt. Bert; will hurt.
groping; he's hoping dance, they entrance; Bridget, to fidget.
Beattie, from Tahiti. eyes, the thighs. Wong, all wrong.
pants, and askance. GM, short hem. skirts. right hurts.
Kimmet, trim it, mini, who's skinny, longer; old conger.
jokes, a hoax, coax, humor evokes. class, demure lass,
perhaps, their laps. 'em! a harem! scheming, women dreaming!
buttinsky, from Stravinsky, attempt, to exempt Crete, the street.
cheese, wonderful knees. peaky; really freaky. short, it ought.
shorter, and daughter. Merton, skirt on, skirts! school flirts);
flirts, their shirts. few, the dew. true. to rue
tell, I dwell, age, cop's rage; age, simmering stage.
hair, a care. Winnie, became skinny. 'Net, appitite whet.
see, skirts complexity; Wirtz, her skirts,


knew, a shoe. protest, sorely pressed. fox, not shocks.
said, sneakers instead. mourn, and corn. gear, I fear:
ball, them all, dressed, the rest, wore! much more,
shoes, with clues, sleigh, a delay. swear, and share,
shnozz, overpriced Shozz. bore, of yore. game, the same).
complained, it rained. honey. of money. Peru, his shoe.
Rome, to groan. rage, the sage, walking! there talking,
boots, his toots. Oscar, box car. size, problems arise.
Sam, ladies cram vise, look nice. races, my laces.
cruise, of buise game, a shame." Crow, his toe.
queen, not keen) sweet, you're neat. Knox, some rocks,
Sue's; lickerish cooze; Merritt, bear it. Wreaking, horrible creaking;
Joe, the snow. trees, my 42C's. ripped!" I slipped
Pikey's, blacksmithy Mikey's Lou, one shoe. Fox, white smocks.
clogs, young dogs. rocks, my socks! toots. boots --
consuming, inventiveness pluming. socks, their flocks. abolish, shoe polish;
Toulouse, his shoes. shoes, to choose. Stormaway, worn away.
hues, would lose, night, her right. route, her doubt.
street, and heat. Willoughby-Cox, the fox. say, both lay
gusset. fuss. It shoe, must do, Chad, new fad.
sitting, Acropolis, knitting. Leo, in Rio; Bahrain, for rain,
off; rocks off!". smell; the hell! sues, of shoes.
Syracuse, the Blues. news, feminist views; goes, their toes.
like, of dykes shoes? And whose? oak, I mispoke,
there, so fair, sale, by mail. good, your foot,
more, the store. command? by hand? more, the store,


Trim, remarkable whim. hat, like that! King, a fling,
fez. Abdul says.) East, a feast, caballero, playing faro.
diplomats, the aristocrats, Fratton, hat on. Fratton, hat on.
sombrero, fat caballero. Durban, a turban, at, said Pat,
in, a merkin. natty, quite batty. Suez, in Fez.
size, his eyes. red, her head, Nat, a hat.
Pauls, of all Matt, a hat. Wales, two tails,
Durban, a turban. hat, than fat. hat, I sat.


Charlene, in Aberdeen. show, should go. sporran, quite foreign.
sabre, my neighbor, Youghal, one ball. kilt, angular tilt.
hair, infinite care, mistake. kid take. kilt; been built
chance, of romance. Pipers, furry diapers, skirl, testicles curl.
built. worn-out quilt. guilty.) built, Re: please! my knees.
cheese? will please kilt: handily built Milt, his kilt.
kilt, you're built. MacGraber, a caber, Dundee, slacks constantly.
kilt. 'twas built. kilt? are built. hurled, he curled,
Cowdenbeath, Hampstead Heath. ardor, I wonder? mower, mow slower.
chose, his hose. Chad, well clad. Glasgow, aught below.
Scot, a lot. go, you know) scoff, drop off;
muff, your stuff thinkin' for sinkin' lands, yourr hands.
McMorran, his sporran, built, remarkable tilt. Jock, to rock.
Pam, him, "Sam, Scot! he's got. MacFooshan, odd convolution.
haggis; bags this Argyll, a stile: Bombay, bagpipers play.
McBissel, this thistle". -- a sarong. Wilts, on stilts.
Jock, a frock. Dubling, highland fling. Abroath, his troth.
Verde, Scot laird. Hilt, her kilt. Japan, great fan.
McCann, his clan. Dundee, the knee; offense; too intense.
Essex, be bi-sex. MacGregor, a kegger, MacDilts, underneath quilts.
descent, peculiar bent. Scottish-Texan; a Stetson. kilts, of guilt.
kilt, appliance built. Jocks, check frocks. Wemyss, troublesome dreams,
Milton, spilt on. lassie, quite sassy. Rex, all sex.
Sandy, incomprehensibly randy. Warren, proud sporran; MacWarren, his sporran;
whistle, and gristle? thistle? and whistle. quilt, Scottish lilt,
Milt, named MacCrilt, strong, be wrong. Fife, and strife,
kilt, any tilt drag: half-decent hag, kilt, and tilt,
Jock, a frock. Scot, and hot flustered; hot mustard,
Andy, of Shandy. before, be sure; Dundee, his knee.
border, much broader, sick, do pick.


Newcastle, or tarsel; fun; in sun. Fretter, a sweater,
Burton, shirt on. Cook, old-fashioned look. better. let her.
Jack! gap, Jack, roar, the floor. Oates, from Stoats,
Quebec, of Teck. Farkas, fur parkas; Barnes, in darns.
tailor; new jailer. teens, denim jeans. renown, her gown,
Nichols, their testicles, Les, cringe less hip. better grip
Groat, newspapers note. boggy, Sean Cloggy. back, her crack,
away, you today; Kress, I guess. Brest, funnily dressed;
Lincoln, stink on suppose, best clothes. Jean; was mean.
dine, to shine, Nantes, miserly aunt. Galveston, vest on.
Scripps, from hips, appears, loud jeers, Dees. me, please."
lass; your ass, note, to gloat. test, woolen vest.
giraffe; one half. high, her thigh. blunt) the front!
street, a treat; Pete; wouldn't meet all, cannot recall,
jockless, assuredly sockless; shanty, so scanty! beams; it seems.
leather, much better. root, first dispute, sweater, school letter.
net, can get. heck, my neck. Holder, much bolder--
Fraser, clothing appraiser. Pusan, and fan. Steve, his sleeve)
state, to equate, Marvin, and carvin'. guy, bow tie.
I, a tie. ties; his demise. bow, to sew.
aplomb, a qualm. boating, and coating. jumper, and plumper.


chance. nice underpants." panties; for emergencies. leeches, the beaches,
Wales, north-easterly gales. rumors, wear bloomers. Millie, silk, frilly;
cotton; have forgotten know, preferences, so time, reminders sublime:
winklepickers, the vicars. days, no ways. eyes, of thighs.
slide, it aside; first-class, young lass. wear, The pair
more, I adore. one. and fun; clue, number two.
three? and see- four? for sure, arriving, am striving
lot! than hot! un- was done, sure, have more.
confess, gently caress- ashamed; panties inflamed Jean, nice trampoline.
unquenchable, was insensible. Randy; underclothes handy. plastic, really fantastic.
Wade, had displayed. No; I go. admit, you sit,
polls, our holes. S, can distress; G's, scantiness please.)
me, girls' lingerie know, but so fair, S wear
suppose, they over-expose. 'em; bare bum. bare, a chair,
hair, than bare; bloomers; of tumors. say, practical, eh?
Desormeaux, on show. confess, oh yes. divine, derriere fine;
girdle, a turtle. Cervantes, the panties! Nancy, her fancy.
deuce, in use; male, a grail. pantyhose. you suppose?
Deke, I seek. drown, of brown. red, my head.
blue. covering Sue. McFlickers, at Twickers. if, I'd sniff.
two; no clue. dough. no mo'. loop; with goop.
'em. of 'em. dear. a year. nose, my toes.
set? you'll get. frown, we'll drown, attack; my crack.
Lily, and frilly. Paul, the mall. Brants, from France.
one? afternoon sun. Spain, in vain. Victoria, a storia.
leisure, for pleasure, Wales, in sales, faint; I ain't.
messed, the best!" knack, crack --


Dix, the sticks. Manila, with chinchilla, Kate, to inflate.
Lavonham, on 'em. Mole, old soul), today, him away.
Abel, a fable: Maine, were plain. cotton; were rotten;
sensations, involve aberations, wear, dear Pierre. grand, my gland.
wear! this hair, Kerr, of fur. slattern, new pattern.
drink; I think; taken, you shaken. issue, a tissue.
thong, to prolong. squeeze, panties cerise, tight, terrible fight
(left), one bereft no, hung low; interrupted, you're corrupted!
innit? in it. catch, a batch panty, overly scanty,


keeps, to sweep France, illicit romance; new, and blue.
work, don't shirk. panties, feminine scanties? wives, pleasure derives
whim, second-hand quim, rest, with zest sort, favorite sport
ones, overly-tight ones, ask, a flask. explain, Eurostar train.
trains, physics ordains. leaving, go weaving breech, they reach
stand, is banned, wax- the tracks tracks, the cracks;
head, of red; smart; the part walks, he chalks;
not, he's got; cracks, the tracks. fret, to forget
hat, that's that. swears, for repairs. "Kaboom!" of doom,
tea, number three. Jack, his shack out?" raining without."
life; your wife. tracks, The cracks deaf? of Geoff
"OK. right away stuck." bad luck. start; to depart."
maps, of collapse; enough." won't bluff." train, in rain.
snags, and sags, sweep, every heap bustles, at Brussels,
scanties, plays gallanties, tunnel, love funnel. "Ticket, click it.
door, the floor. viewers, pet screwer. doing; with wooing.


Elias, the bias. bed, ready instead torn, little forlorn;
'em. in 'em.) he's, girl's panties; said, her bed,
Jack, crotchless (black), bra, "Ay Carumba!") hills. with thrills.
Scotchless, pantyhose crotchless; fetch, a wretch Jockeys, off Rockies,
strains, no stains thought, your thought; You, those blue
Rose, tight pantyhose. went; I spent fool, small stool
through, them too. snickers, and vicars. hole? amorous mole?
France, her pants. cloth", hungriest moth, Montrose, he goes,
Sorn, the corn.


Dawes, any drawers. End, a friend. abhores, her drawers;
'em. trip 'em. cooler, fool 'er. wear; a pair.
lie! panty-less pie? panties? their scanties. jerk, for work.
year; of cheer. flirt; her skirt. Sandy, feeling randy.
perspicacity, some elasticity!" -- panties away. Clyde, coming untied.
queue, it's true. romance; a chance. Week" they're meek.
bungle, thickest jungle; Frutt, a slut... out, no doubt.
thigh, a sigh, Twickers, wearing knickers. Twickers, wearing knickers.
Twickers, wearing knickers. Phil, forthcoming thrill, assistant, usually resistant.
Ignatius, quite spacious. Courtmacsherry; by ferry. Clacton-on-Sea, after tea,
May, and hay, Ryde, someone's bride, clues, might choose,
swing, dress cling France, wear pants. Keith, all underneath.
see, for me. all; you fall. Gough, a boff;
-- right place; glance, their pants. France, the romance;
trees, of Louise, muscle, a tussle; teasin' nother reason.
whim, quivering quim. Leeds, physical needs: Lake, yearly clambake.
Jane, the train. Elaine, the rain. Zambesi, quite easy.
report, daughter's distraught. tilt, your guilt? collector, for nectar.
tiff; a sniff knickers, weak ticker. Ravenna, in Vienna,
scoff. a toff, flickers, her knickers. Italy, and wittily,
Heidi, than tidy. France, wear pants... Penzance, no underpants.
Frances, she dances. Docks, miniscule frocks. plain, this again.


farmer, bucoloic charmer, lass, of brass. Kilglass, of brass.
France, at romance McNeal, of steel, Rome, from chrome.
Gretel, of metal. Fay, at bay. lance, chastity pants,
Grieg, hockey league.


buccaneer, ladies' brassiere. selection, panty collection. sac. my back
light; so tight; thong, but strong. Kilrush, red plush.
Jane, thin cellophane. wears, but there's wore, calories galore.
schnapps, of chaps. fancy, by Nancy". should, feelin' good.
on, will pardon: bunch? a hunch. McBundys, black undies.
aunties, their scanties. lot, lady not; Sledd, to bed.
exhibition; all inhibition. Victoria! I abhoria. frilly! large willy?
tonight, bloomers, alright, Prestatyn, of satin. Pegu, at you."
set? to get. panties; silken scanties. tree, for me.
aroma, than soma. Dave; he craves. teddy, that's ready.
teddy, is ready. Fran, sale, Dan. Long, don't belong
doubt, is out. Mehitabel, really incredible, "knickers"? any snickers;
sheer; my dear. rise, the skies; breeze; and tease.
petite; perfectly sweet; mine, so fine.


Morantes, old-maid aunties. cash, used-panty stash, play, your way.
sateen? schoolgirl teen? Potter, a blotter. pair, (very rare),
rare, going bare: get! tip wet! head, the bed.
true. coloured blue, be. of thee. "Here, Archie, Dear.
town; large frown. Biques, some Greeks. aunts. No chance.
case, in place. stair, the air; Jack, a lack.
Under, to plunder lingerie; garage array. Etta, or upsetta.
Jane, panties again; France, girls' pants. Spain, a drain.
me; you see. bird, good word. frantic, the Atlantic,
refined, won't mind. aid, smell fade. Birmingham, in 'em;
Chip, a trip. block, in hock. Coombs, some tombs;
Doris, really porous. Yorks, all sorts. too, the goo.
Woking, a poking. Wight, the night. blind, not behind.
he, but lazy. name? I came. napping, mole trapping,
like, too ripe., Twickenham, and thickenham. Taos, with la-oce.
fine, the line. line, fragrance divine. place, of lace.
Square, used underwear; France, they'd dance. knelt, I felt.
Cervantes, the shanties, -- wet splotch; weak, technique --
worn, and torn.


shaggy; grown claggy. Hell, did sell, Sydenham, hidden 'em.
trains; no pains. abound, the ground. him, bit dim.
size!) old eyes. Kyle, a smile. back, the crack
Jack, the rack. hack, are back. Trete, be neat.
Scott, too hot. right, by sight. right", Miss White.
youth, the truth. right. not tight. delight, the right.
do, and you. Dance, a glance. France, form-fitting pants.
cool; a fool. hat, fancy cravat. Mantz, a lance.
Crescent, very unpleasant, today, size 44a. Schwartz, all sorts.
Taiwan, pants on. zip, you pip. enhance, a glance,
sight, they're tight, Pouce, alarmingly loose. trousers, peoples's houses.
Wranglers, were Tanglers. O'Keefe, a thief. pants; long glance.
flies, her surprise, Lancelot, a lot... Hindu; he kindu;
beast, the East. edge, a pledge: expando; Marlon Brando.
anti-rape. your shape. Naylor, a sailor. France, Royal Performance.
see. than me. hexed, utterly vexed, grin, his skin.
PANTALOONS, of maroon; Buckingham, in 'em. McPenn, all men.
shed, a shred. amenities, the knees. Atchison, rough patchison.
serge, great urge. dance, indecent stance. dance, his pants
Keynes, blue jeans. lance, life enhance. ball, is small,
Fry, to try. Constantinople, you hope'Il romance, a chance
martinis, Oleg Cassini's, smothers, for others; Cheltenham; in 'em;
kit, a fit. pretensions, hardly mentions. Robbie, theater lobby
Max, floppy slacks. so; not know. Clancy, his fancy
Hants, hot pants?" admiration, train station, watch, fabric swatch,
night, immodestly tight. wins, the shins. teams, so deem.
Place, in lace. Gayle, screw tail.


gotten, fine cotton. Madrid, well hid. messed, he dressed.
double-breasted, women big-chested, Heather, hot weather. Kt., dining tokt.;
Blenheim, blue denim, tit, a split, between, mammary queen,
mid-thigh, leggy supply unrevealed, be peeled, be, your knee,
me, makes pee. door, to explore. back, of attack.
Fred, and red. request, graduation guest. bedsheet, never beat.
Ghurka, in circa sheet, real treat. US, triple-use omnibus.
chassis, elite classes. Nipper, a stripper, wear? go bare--
Elaine, sheer cellophane. report, not short. West, was dressed,
years, my peers. Tahiti, quite flighty. Thomas, of pajamas.
Delaware, I wear. double-breasted, have suggested. Black, droopy sack;
Pete, his feet. women; call slimmin'. Sally, go dilly-daily.
Pyte, nightie--that's right. ill, uglier still. ken, a yen.
designed, and behind. request, the chest. chess, a mess.
Leeds, about beads. Boulevard, often sparred. sent, social event.
Munich, lascivious tunic. career, outstanding gear clothes, of ho's.
Poppy, most sloppy. style, hubby, Kyle. Butte, purple suit.
bike, (stretchy material) pajamas, Andean llamas, fashion, a passion.
affair, a pair. Hilton, kilt on; maligned; my behind.
O'Shay, was gay. Astor, a disaster. Blair, blonde hair.
tales, the sales, laces, the places, Rye, passing by:
skin, slobbery grin, sir; hand, sir. regnant," the pregnant.
wore, a bore. Stines, costume designs; admired, smartly attired.
Wheeling, manner revealing. impressed, be expressed, Jane, offensively plain;
Farrell, awful apparel. Apache, in snache Heights, flesh-colored tights
fail, red-blooded male. Gloucester, to foster Casey, and lacy,
Middleton, skirt on Jessie, be dressy. beaus, their clothes.
rash, a flash. knows, fancy chapeaus. tear, quite drear,
Sipes, my gripes. in! not buyin'! double-breasted, who's large-chested;
dress; I confess. Malay, one day, Coxsaxie, than maxi.
Seas, anyone sees cars, and bars, clothes, her toes.
astute, so acute! sinned, big wind. Isle, of style.
Vancouver, a Hoover. Todpuddle-Twane, the rain. go, might know,
chic, so slick. intention. must mention: Ya'el, a sale.
scant-le, finally decant-le, Aberden, were green. suit, called zoot.


complex, does vex. rave, daringly brave. Dior, public uproar.
coat, a goat. Baggs, and rags; Pesk, entitled "Finesse."
he-male, be stale those, expensive clothes, Blair, a flair,
upon, Elton John Lean, beautiful sheen; fashion. of flashin'.
Peoria, of euphoria, Gucci-- HOOCHIE COOCHIE, Venezuela, Kong tailor,
leather, go together. pics, old flicks. frowns, season's gowns.
Ealing, rather revealing. Zuave, be suave. sleek, a freak.
Quested, nor bested; Laurent, au courant.


knows. practically glows impressed, be expressed, houses, the trousers.
guessed, distressed -- think, in sync Rose, of clothes.
fire; exceedingly dire. disclose, designer clothes. close, Bergerac's nose.
humble? men fumble? erotical, and exotical. prude. is rude
bay? more say luck, zipless fuck. grumble: a fumble.
Vickers, wore knickers. week, university geek. mainstream; middleclass dream;
threads, among thoroughbreds!) life; a wife Channel, said: "Flannel
cloth, the moth; say! go away, door? wearing before?
days, and stays. restrain, often refrain stay! in disarray.
stays, nowadays -- glimpse, and wimps, hidden; strictly forbidden.
mine? in '69 -- have lice. more, have tore.
morn, no warn- you, a clue! Joe! this so?
deception, your reception maid, by trade. jaded, and faded
tried, will abide. weather, black leather. stock, feather flock.


king; some string. cheeks; three weeks. peak, to speak;
McGover, his lover. Toledo, lengthy torpedo. disgrace. a face.
her! told her, credo: a speedo. Havana, yellow bandana.
Sands, not understand, suit, friend astute; grand! the sand,
river. only liver. sweet; her retreat. Toledo, in tuxedo.
creedos, both Toledos, Elyse; a one-piece. beach, in each,)
LIDO, gigolo credo Hood, of wood; photogenic, was pyrogenic.
bay, nature's display. Toledo, his speedo. bluish, quite newish.
pools, the rules. knows, in Speedos. sun; of fun.
sun; one bun. protection, my detection, thing, the spring.
each, vertical reach. teeny; the TANKINI. Umhlanga, a thong-a.
maids, my shades Yvette, sunbathing set; McFeeney, skinny bikini.
York, necks torque. Martinique, really chic. monsoons, by goons,
shop, a pop. Seal, good deal. wrong, thong,
seaside, wee side.


romance, named Nance. Jeanie, outrageous bikini; bikini, a bambini
best, the chest. NATATORIAL, too sartorial. McFeeny, a bikini.
Chennini, so teeny summer, becomes minimummer bikini; a beanie.
bikini, well-cooked fettucini. bikini, from Orsini. string, the swing
Heather, of leather; cough, little scoff. stupefaction, in action,
Klein, by design. Sweeney, magic bikini bikini, sang Puccini.
bikini, This Jeannie bikini! and teenie. indiscreets: the teats.
meanie, a 'beanie'. linguini, my bikini. bikini; too teeny.
bikini, were teeny. bikini, pocket zucchini.


Amin's; the Queen's. France, his pants. blocks, haberdashery stocks,
friends, its trends. thing, large sling room. may loom
grumpy, bit humpy; Fox, hard knocks. teddy, oneself ready.
Vince, fine chintz. hearted, Saddam darted, Connecticut, of etiquette,
wear, enough air. erection, by inspection. Nunn, a ton.
laced, were graced feature, a preacher, Marjorie, a potagerie,
and, blouse and away; to play, dip, a pip.
quip, be hip. rock, that frock, Stame, of blame.
on, nag on; hair, a chair, askance, my pants.
hose, she goes. shit, to fit thigh, came nigh.
crap, a flap. brown. go down. Trent, Short vent.
tighty. or whitey. assignment: excitement confinement?" all, "tenting" appall-
yours? in drawers. Twitting, keeps knitting, Blair, be bare.
Vance, the dance; Krantz, by chance. Wright, of white.
pajamas, the llamas; again; year when girdle, consuming hurdle.
pair, their wares. Lynching, and flinching; drama, in trauma.
Meyer, carnal desire. Connecticut, her petticut, Wilkins, silk 'uns;
Rex, ermine, spandex. hips, he strips. -- an admiral-thing.
Sausalito, his Speedo. Mobile, for real. girl; is Shirl.
disputes, cutest recruits. undies? several Sundays. fare; were there.
Sharon, Donna Karan. twisted. he insisted. resolute, to boot,
report, the court. must; the dust. staid, were stayed,
Vic: one Nick, Victoria, created euphoria. show, I grow;
wear, be bare; doff, to boff Pierre, his underwear.
Connecticut, sexual etiquette:


Yale, of tail. buts, their ruts. Arts, on tarts.
X" issue complex; dorm, and form. Philly, battle uphilly.
score, quite sore. cries, the skies; "lolly" by golly.
low; to go. blue, to screw. MIT, his degree.
Fife, their life; game, Notre Dame. Committee, and gritty,
vote, the boat. school! totally cool! Pitt, by Litt.,
endeavors... one severs. fuss. an A+. dream, don't seem
balloons: in platoons, Link, I think Argentia, mail-order-college dementia
Claire, the chair. win, bad gin. said, was red;
Queens, public latrines. Hall, Bailey, recall, Downing, "The crowning
class, never pass; class, favorite lass. tree, his philosophy,
Cheshire, under pressure, Berm, did confirm. dear, your rear!
Smith, recurring myth, Lee, her D., feats, and treats.
Fells, University yells, crutch, a clutch. examination, some elucidation.
graduated; ways celebrated; committee, a pity. Pease, of B's.
Jean, the dean, -- as Mothers. semester, King day)
Caius, visitors, please! wrecks, is sex. school," to drool.
Cat's, friendly pats, frustration, without inspiration Moline, a sardine
Drexel, to excel. Darwin, Shah win that's, all tats,
ale, to fail.


us, a chorus: us, feat; hus- Dakota, male scrota.
Utah) of you! appals, Room walls; conundrum; to fundr'um,
Keyes, and M.D.'s, doctor. shocked her. engineer, the year,
Briar," "We require Bonner, no honor. class, my ass,
Pam, a gram. discard, on guard. Britt, from Pitt.
her, lenient grader. Vassar, harass her. co-ed, no ed!
somehow," named Dow, Chester. first semester, Greene, the dean,
Knox, with cocks. highness; with slyness. Pulaski, ask me...
Mawr, too far. Nancy; too fancy, Vassar, said, "Yassir;"
Burnaby, a "B". U. she knew; thing; his ring.
found, which abound. ground, the sound, belle, very well.
Lily, and silly. Mary, her cherry. Nance, football dance.


sincere, old dear. glee. for me. remembers, old Himbers.
alas, biology class. shirt, her pert write: are tight;
degrees, you please). Vassar, pass her. Folsom, than wholesome,
Newnham, in 'em? graduate, myself celibate. sheepskin, of sin.
Roma; your diploma. blue; get through. state, much weight.
Esther, best her, Cookie; play hooky; know, first row,
sing, in Spring. swing, in Spring. college, sexual knowledge.
Doreen, oral-sex scene. peach, and speech; Juliet? candidate yet.
dorm, limerick form; despised," Students advised. surmised, be apprised:
Aggies, flag is. square, a dare. Yale, a quail.
law, a bra; Suchocki, or stocky, mean? appallingly clean.
-- fully pristine, prude; and lewd. Arts, of hearts,
Flowers, just glowers. ambition, medical technician. Smith, a myth,
Hind, their mind; collegian, were legion. Purdue, Karl Drew,
Denver, passionte yenver Hall, dress ball; Burton, of Girton,
Stark, the dark. class, to pass. Clapper, a napper.
Fall, terribly small; Jane, at Maine. school, old fool,
Loctor, a doctor: Vassar, surpass her. Kathleen, overly keen,
State, to rate; jock, his cock. Beam, ever dream
clear, Dr. DeVere: Girton, skirt on. University, financial adversity,
Jenny, a penny, Wheaton, be eaten. biology, little psychology.
genetic. and athletic. clocks, and weather-cocks. Bridget, a midget.
Derry, of sherry. lass, her class. Newnham, ruin 'em,
dance, Ancey Rance. Mawr, the bar; plainer; is vainer.


Hurd; had erred. sharer, a terror. Joe, you know.
West, was distressed. hairy, of sherry; Reed, than need,
John's, the dons, Peterhouse, a House; Trinity, this affinity:
Bleekers, his beakers; Frosh, the unwashed. term, to squirm.
spurious, is furious! Clare, must forswear." Pemmer, Hours )
thermology, of meteorology red, your head. Texas, and complexes.
Cam, final exam. U.C. D.D. degree. pass?" to class,
Kent, unfortunate bent. hooks, your looks. Pease, get Ph.D.'s,
school, a fool. Josh, royally sloshed. rage. can assuage
bale, from Yale. house, cat house. sag. still brag.
Magdalene, promiscuous lordling. books. it looks Cornell, sinking spell.
102, to do. O'Doul, quit school. Jesus, release us;
Elias, Professor Zacharias Drake, the lake. D, of meteorology
took, test book. rootin'. be disputin' Christi, he --
mechanics, compound organics; Forsooth! quite couth;


King's, sans wings; done, have fun, Dewey, were screwy,
begs, of legs. Sidney, and kidney. implicit, slightly illicit.
double; will bubble. Jones, to moans, Lee, a tree;
Totten, at Groton; Zeke, of physique. Purdue, to screw.
Zac, the sack. School, they drool; matriculate, they calculate,
Anza, love bonanza... Gowdy, salaciously rowdy. Troy; a playboy.
week, a Deke. keeper: Shit heaper, Drassis, Oxford classes.
Tuck, in luck, bed-wetter, big debtor. cloud. Van Dowd,
101. was fun.


teacher, a preacher. Professor, cross dresser: Martin, be partin',
Coe, as though learning) of heat. Brooley, or nearly.
Prof. student trangr., Ddodd, and odd. Blending, long pending.
try, and why. clam; doctoral exam. Ned, buxom coed.
Podunk, frequently drunk, Guesser, and lesser. Smart, old fart.
rhodium, on sodium. peak, to speak; Quett, always forget.
-- Civil Engineer?) Struss, and loose, glee, writes B.
Fife, his life. Blean, washing machine. Ringo, of Bingo;
Snow, rather slow Glass, college brass Professor, from Odessa.
Emmanuel, man, you'll tipsy, a gypsy. told, of gold.
trepadation, next equation. entropy: must be. Leon, most Manichean.
Dresser, and lesser. Buss, century fuss; Beale, archives reveal:
reply, Buss by-and-by. fret; Cheltenham yet. well, is hell;
dire. must hire sweet; and meat fear, all year.
Frances; many chances. Buss, century fuss; date, at eight."
Fretter, a letter. Brown, to drown. pure, the "Lure".
foremost, to coast. declension, can't mention, he, a tree.
Flear, a tear, fraternity, of paternity, Sabbatical, more practical;
virility. greatest ability. Stopes, her hopes? Eduation? more population.
Teachers) lecturing free; University, striking diversity: core, the wherefore:
erudition, a metaphysician, parish, cherish -- talk, did walk.
heard; no word. hear; the year. mystic, most unrealistic.
languich, dang which pass?" to class, note, a boat.
ruin, called McEwen Bird, favorite word. Joel, quite droll;
flirtation, word "dissertation", serious, so imperious. professor, and lesser,
hate, named Bate. glower, a bower classes: ignorant asses.
Chris, not miss. dean, untenured has-been!"


professor, pass her, glee, be ecstasy!" lesser, a professor.
sabbatical, being Socratical. Roche, problems encroach, Tipple, left nipple.
university, pervasive perversity; in, Latin -- exam: a jam.
class, smart ass. dead-pan, the man, Atlanta, bold banter.
cant, Dr. Brant, confesses, success is, Brown, some renown;
free. you see! Greek, surely unique. Sound, and reknowned,
Lester, undressed her. agreed, be freed. class, the brass,
Yentl, the rental, Divinity, daughter's virginity. vicious, visions lubricious.
proxy, heterodoxy -- Ford, the board; Wilde, was beguiled.
Greene, grossly obscene, pulchritudinous, eludin' us: Pluck: erudite book
Pease, sonsumate ease, instruction, deduction, seduction; Vasser, pass her.
Innis, sin is. educational, method rotational, LaJolla, annoy ya.
Swarthmore, young sophomore. prexy. and sexy. McFigg, male-chauvinist pig?
Goff, some soph; professor, the aggressor. U. the gnu,
site, terribly bright;


see, than me. toss, is dross. Purser, get worser?
neuter, a computer. 'em; sowed 'em. down. a frown,
Bruce, to seduce news, to use. Kate, first rate.
cuter, a computer. repeat, your meat. cogsci, small fry.
life, in strife. fact, and subtract. know, to grow;
cried, just died. Ipswich, hips twitch, computers, own rooters.
Sutra, the computra. letters, upset her. Wooters, quantum computers.
four, little door, computer, salute her elated, courageously stated
render, in gender. ILLIAC-4, its core. machine, dyke's vaseline;
on, than neon. Phil, new skill.


year. are near. net, family vet. 166! odd mix
mountaineers, new careers. Cyrus, a virus. mags) and night.
screen, evil machine. said, me head. kissed. couldn't persist.
hell; can tell? axe, the VAX; beg, an egg:
cuter, clicking computer. rebooted; not suited. Schmitz, the fritz.
fellow, turned yellow. "She's". their keys. it; abused it.
Maisie; was hazy. fritz; me fits. crash; to smash.
machine. it obscene.


Nancy, they fancy, mass, some gas. came, her frame.
Vore, the floor. Distraction! raxings!.. Abduction!! prefer; Destiny Spear";
swell; of hell. DM-1, about everyone, computer, appropriate suitor,
fit, a bit. DM1, about everyone. Stu, and true.
Stan, his hand. clan, in hand. Joe, the toe.
gun; of fun. killed, guts spilled. beg, into smeg.
jumped; adrenaline pumped. tombs; their dooms. attack; fought back.
Sony, players only. itch, the ditch. games; fast dames.
see. for me. grating; am hating. suitor, his computer.
PC, now he vibrator, straight or try, my thighs.
spouse, the louse, sleeve, I believe. ball, and squall?
house, a mouse. 'puter, suit her. noon, the moon.
Quake! no break. Quake, and shake. sucks. small schmucks.
great, better, mate. stand, in hand. scrags, in bags.
beast. great ease. rash, to smash base, give chase.
"Bard" not hard. day; the fray. computer, a tutor.
2, or two. flag, to rags! toy. a toy-boy.
dude, incredibly crude. LB; was he. hot! each shot!
Solitaire, I care


Greg, my leg. cried, down inside. cried, and died;
Mercer, much terser, know, was slow, slip, him flip.
bore, any more. discounting, be amounting way, its entree.
Fisk, his disk. Liz, photocopying whiz. sir!" and confessor.
cart; it's state-of-the-art. owner, of toner. cried, been fried.
bytes, by rights. banner, this manner, Fred, to bed.
turned, hath burned. Canon, spat on. week; hardly speak.
hot, I got. sat; under-utilized that ants, a chance,
far, we are; MOS, the boss. attack, a Mac?
farce, so sparse. stampede, and proceed seems, in teams;
blast; the last. Brister, helluva trickster. SPICE; three-port device,
house, digital spouse. shooters" and rooters. cape, terrible scrape:
machine; sell it. graphic. with traffic. cried, my pride.
day, you pay. manners, nor scanners. Wooters, quantum computers.
Ida, potential divider, today; days away fixed; a witch.
poppies. called "sloppies." Nantucket, a bucket. fast, the past.
speakers, my sneakers. Jay, to say: born, big horn,
mind, the blind. cried, digital bride. freak, a tweak.


486, frustrating tricks. -- a box. chap, ground strap.
inside, my hide. MMX, much flex. Intel, was Hell.
-- and pecs. die. Oh my! dime, to chime
beauts, you brutes. be: some tea; am, processor, Sam.
chip, perfectly hip, Pro, look slow. born, a horn.
II, could do. knows, memory grows. betting, be dreading.


redo- I pu(t) books; looks -- crash, a flash
-- 'puter-shop bloke! Mac. me gack! tool, this rule:
behave, the slave. true, not Q. luck; to chuck.
pull, a roll? fling; a king. workin', co-workers smirkin'.
flipper. be hipper, Ghent, was sent. frown. that town!"


tape, of rape. Bluth, sexual truth, know, the go;
Bell, to Hell. Howard, highly powered, lied. I tried.
rate. every classmate. Strauss, you'd douse. night, too tight;
art; to start. log-in, South Copenhagen. floppy, marked "Copy."
Verde, a nerd tutor, the computer; Vickery, (Old Hickory).
Zhart, programmer's art, papyrus, a virus. spammers; their yammers.
job, played hob. Digital, extremely prodigical. Ritz, them fits.
boy; not goy. plus, don't fuss. technician, bad decision.
thumbs; near numb. sweet; and complete. Court, Ethernet port.
Anne, brilliant plan. blooming, is looming. Drew, by "goto".
boys; standard toys. unbarred, has starred song, overworked dong.
louse, his spouse? spouse, clickable mouse, lamer, a flamer.
cuter, her 'puter. Web, him "Neb!" lucked, get fucked.
sense; just pretense. Gaul, at all. Moline, any machine.
ten, he's been; Computer, a tutor, steady, met Freddy.
house. his spouse. bull; to pull. razz-ma-tazz; that jazz;
jalopy, and sloppy. stare, coughed glare. straight, too late.
Pete, and sweet. Sprotic, intensely erotic. computer, (customary pronunciation)
Kate, first rate. cracker, a hacker! Utah, handsome computah,
guy, and bye. Connectic, and eutectic. net, could get.
terser; my cursor. stay, the day. song; and long,
wet; you bet! coding, simply foreboding. Mark, the dark.
meal, for real, Irv, usual verve. own, is known.
see, must be fine, the line. weep, ultimate leap.
betrothed, mine loathed.


pain, in vain Win-98, a plate. fate, to reincarnate,
Gates, incredible rates. edge, a wedge, heard, a nerd.
surly; start early. guy; the sky; I; can't buy.
Bill, the Hill; house; his spouse. Fates, Bill Gates,
will, entrepenurial skill, cheers, their ears, gents? their punishments?
Feds, their beds, remember", they dismember, bitch, the which
Japan, you can. Gates; he dates, be, say Brie.
fare, to bear. GUI, say phooey. Gates? Jackson berates.
SCISSION, Justice's vision, guard, are barred. hard, the yard.
carouser, his browser, glad, he had. temps, transparent attempt
thinks, and winks. Gates. the rates said, I wed."
aloft, to doff. rude; so lewd. contention, just mention
a, fist, a mista, your sista. Gates! world hates.


Jay, all day. tail, for sale. sweet, you beat,
Hugh, it's true." Devon, of seven, computable, file executable.
byte... it might. Keith, him grief. CANCEL, your pants'll.
Dunkirk, evil smirk. Erse, was worse: Checks, and perplex.
work; me smirk. alone, database blown, specs, to perplex
mode, functional code, now, so how concede, factor speed.
Floss, like DOS. "Hey! don't say conniptions, e-mail encryption
updates; offer rebates. Communicator; no more. sore; like before.
append; the end. Heap, to sleep. Bath, in wrath.
write, out shite, strong, were wrong, bomb"; of
point; MS Powerpoint. power, Hoover Tower clover, go supernova
Technology, you see. OS; at best. server. profile observer.
Excel; just Hell! me; me free. drives, li'l archives.
odor, melting solder; Zachary, like Thackeray. encryption, for fixin'
Claire, never repair. female, AT@T male. peers, and years.
mate, digital fate. Moss, minimise loss, pay, damn y2k.
display, into play. browser? every trouser? powers? for hours.
e-mails, dubious females. fate, computer science) he-male, an e-mail.
trap, killer app. lead, fabulous speed. crack, Radio Shack
bed, great dread. Kiel, and feel. well, at IFL.
reduction, purist seduction. bright, one night. "Friend, from pretend.
night. a fright. render, without gender. dull, did mull.
sea. me see bad, i had sacked, were hacked.
code, one's load. crypt, I slipped. scare? check Medicare.
cops, just hops. smart, installations apart, president, new precedent;
world? hair curled. mine! just fine


Joe, dance below, ... ates ary. C. taught awkwardly.
Lenore, beach more. cuss, like C++. Z, could be.
McKnight, maritime blight; mused, assertions confused. date, don't delay't.
march, triumphal arch. APL, was swell. C, you see;
C? know me! pay, the day. dead. Linux instead."
Modula-2, can do. course! their source. Hughes, can't lose.
tale, galloping snail, fuss, and thus swing, take wing.
heap; him deep: be... to humanity? mail; to fail.
fright, verses light turtle, a hurdle. Tony; for broke?)
While, CSV file edition) for free. Bree, in Z.
bed, in Z. Hoare, a bore. Dilla, a thrilla.
semantic, programmers frantic. differently, mother country. see, of 'Z'.
Z(ed), be wed, said, with dread. Fred, called Z(ed),
bed, his head. VDM, tedium, (TDM)


98, to wait fine, I'd find wed, same bed.
worse; of course. abuse, to use. anymore; old Professor.
23, of TB. rhyme. spare time. Microsoft, busters oft,
XP, the security; nerd, quite absurd. line, just fine.
95; be revived. gay) the way. loss; mainly because
Gates, incredible rates, three, you see. worse, to perverse.
true, unto glue. well, be swell. best, a test,
cache, a crash. cable; is stable. keen; my machine.


dive, to survive. unfurl, the whirl. strange. of range.
midnight, take flight. junction, Extreme Unction. lot? think not.
elementary, all evidentiary. Time, a dime? away; coding today.
disguise, time flies. fright; in sight. it? blow it?
closer, will occur? night, just right. here, to fear;
yucks, that sucks. ago, didn't know; long. is wrong.
so; say "No!" said, its stead. one, calendar fun!
approaches, point broaches: fear, not near; unfold, to behold;
hope, to cope; space, every place; jubilation, achieves adulation;
thrill, Y2K ill; Lidgetts, "soft" widgets, Defiance, unholy alliance
out, all out. allayed, fear-monger trade. scene; the latrine.
wolf; Y2K goof. grand? this land, here, whole year,
sport, parties abort! define, Asinine! dates, too late.
flow, oh oh. fear, next year. arrived, systems survived.
stems, dread mayhems. Nero, millenium hero. Bill, got until
shifts, and lifts. near, we hear? bug, a shrug.
Curly, a whirly. Y2K, to say,


enthralling, the halling. Maine, a pain Nadya, I hadya."
sated. finally abated. Sankey, not hankey-pankey!" Gump, but hump;
Siam, a wham, SPAR, too far. wrestle, would nestle,
Wilde, a child. Newcastle: a wrassle, Brink, the sink.
stay, of play. brain, to regain. chaperone, by microphone;


Pease, me freeze. Ned, to bed. Brown, feel down;
fun? barely begun! balls, gland falls. 102, a screw.
one, great fun; Jake, his snake. cheekily, quite creakily."
old, been told: masse, the grass. view: were untrue.
Seattle, well, battle. years, their spears. retire, Christmas fire.
spastic, simply fantastic. Lahore, next door. "Bella, young feller,
Rinnish, and diminish. Vickie, a quickie, Metz, the bets;
Ripley, be cripply, years, to tears. Mexican, he can;
gray, all day. trust, I must Biloxi, quite foxy.
lad, Miss Fradd, Furson, loudly cursin'. decide, I ride,
wed, honeymoon bed. Hall, no ball; couple, so supple,
ken, Franklin, Ben. Sprague, unending ague. sweet; his meat.
Olympus, crimp us. life, this strife. lecher, "I'll betcher
through, till two... plight, your might. Debo, garden gazebo.
tried, of pride. Algiers, few beers, clear, a beer
you're, chap, 84, Brazil, the hill. great, to abate.
lie, my fly, apart, should start Baumer, as performer,
Patrick: cure, geriatric. Lunn, longer fun; Bill, (the pill),
Lee, of me; Young, ever sung. must, your lust,
Fletcher, old lecher. Lockjaw, my Pa; Peru, to screw.
Nell, sickly spell. fun, by one, find, we're behind.
more. at 94, Mandy, youthful eye-candy. bloke, a poke.
Norte, over forty. Boulder, any older, ass. has class.
Crewe, so few glum, her bum, Ann, elderly man.
came, the game. LA, a lay. duration, for cohabitation.
King, good thing; Berlin, elderly Finn. Fred, in bed
Ben, terrible yen. chase, pitiful case, fine; the vine.
John, old Yvonne.


eighty-four, and more; sage, sexual rage. must. with lust.
kind, can find. fun, don't run. Calhoun, old prune.
Lee, and three; Grey, go play?" aloof, a spoof.
Oop; does whoop: bend-o, a crescendo." fair, still there;
Thorn, been born. old, than gold. do, and screw,
Blue, Can you?


Beatty, a lady. Claude, named Maude. care, deepest despair;
sincerely." your nearly remembers, clearly Septembers. stupor; "Starship Troopers,"
duchess, men's clutches. you. thrilled you; Jude, was stewed.
it. knew it. Aged, lay Jed, folk. good poke.
wouldn't. she shouldn't. wink, and drink. stink; should think.
rink, a mink. yet, best bet. Cookie, cowboy nookie.
Brewster, abused her, lags, bust drags; reckoned, a second,
pleasure, beyond measure, glum, her bum; Duluth, her youth,
thought, a lot. dismayed; getting laid. maladroit, studsman's exploit:
ruthless; and toothless. virtuosity, with ferocity. swifty, past fifty:


panic, titanic -- Crouse, a whorehouse. Ed, his bed,
bald, frequently balled, more, is sore. December, opposite gender.
Lowing, are showing. Nile, most vile. Dot, revalent spot.
Lynn; old Flynn, Anchorage, and rancorage. Janet; plan it.
Leach, the breach; speak, every week, day, in play,
whore, Willie Blore, Max, his slacks. Ben, some men
years, few beers, done, had gone, bendo, a crescendo."
humble, a tumble, inspired; frequently fired. fellow, Mamie's bordello:
smolder, colder -- Page, impotent rage, screwing. orgy brewing.
romance! would enhance. erotic, as quixotic. Sue, was blue.
Sharon, a baron. score," ninety four. Wynn, to sin.
Beakley, a tri-weekly. Friant, became pliant,


go, must know; woo; about ring-dang-doo; three; you pee.
debonair; with care, six; underthing sticks; fate; to Sat-
mad? be sad. so, a go; pet, just bet;
aside, your pride; sad; me bad. blue! share you.
sweet, we greet her, good feller. part, a tart?"
good, Now could dear, over queer." truth; young Ruth,
porn, alien corn. grey, should say.) night, what's right.
ahead; the bed. there. the air. pee; like me.
loo. to do? Croft. nodded off. June, too soon,
position, delightful coition; Algiers, fifty-two years. belly, k-y jelly.
you, be fifty-two. oil; my toil. screw; come true.
passion, they rationed? now, better somehow. quick! cruel trick
too; of goo; sin, and grin: thin, of sin.
night, to light. V" March 23; day, into May;
4, nothing more. '84, to score; again, with rain.
find, somewhat declined, neatly: nightly, tri-weekly. back, and crack....
hill; explorative thrill. bleakly; really tri-weekly Oh, a crescendo
distress, I suggest, fair; the air, weakness, into antiqueness;
wobble; could knobble age; to gauge. regret, name yet;
be; you see. fine, rather divine.


pains, with reins. sneaky, just freaky.) it! your rocket,
form, she'd perform. Fritz, between fits. Mar, slightly bizarre.
York, big dork. say, damn day; deportment; an assortment.
Cloud, a crowd. Carruther, did smother. flagon, wag on.
planned. be manned. Turkey, was murky; Ewing, to screwing.
treasure," my leisure. Boggs, casually jogs... Ronde' 'biere blonde':
humping, hoses a-pumping. Kirk, unusual quirk; stunts, at once.
flexion, for injection. parry; not marry, Diane, marital plan:
Ayre, of despair; Whipple, a triple. you, poke you,
Bunny, wasn't funny! bust; they rust. Macleod, the crowd:
Riegel, is illegal; Sidey, affairs tidy; Gloria, worry ya.
Hoke, a joke. shirk, a smirk flair, girls there.
attention, to mention thigh, your eye. sea, most curiously.
do, better screw. Pru, be true Surrey, a worry.
it. for it. Natal, Hottentot gal. blush, to rush.
hand, to dreamland. Carrie, and Harry. Edinborough, turned furrow.
Wills, many ills, Berliner, secretive sinner. O'Malley, the galley.
S? your kiss.) Dee, to see.


Kalamazoo, a halavascroo. me; palm tree. pain, have lain
Meg, boys peg. Kitt, but quit. night, all right.
nor, rag more. France, on askance, Hoare, any more.
Brewer, screw her. Tyre, on fire!" Perth, with mirth.
study, so muddy. mansion, limerick scansion. phallic, is Gallic.
meat; to compete. Utrecht, clients select. Wertz, her skirts,
Anna, purple banana. Marge, delightfully large, Arcadia, I sadia?
Geneva, de vivre. Finster, of Westminster. Molly, was folly.
Legman, beg, Man, Gower, primitive power-- Westminster, old spinster.
notoriety, my impropriety. guy; know why. Tulsa, dull, suh,
blanket, Miss Tankett. Gallipoli, her snippily, Capri, for tea.
shocked! girlie defrocked ranch, named Blanche. Blaine, old jane.
Blaney, named Janie. greed, they need? McGarrity, a rarity.
Cleaver, relieve her, Roberta, divert her. Bagliofuente, cavaliere servente,
reflection, of dejection. Tuckem, fuck 'em; luck; a truck.
Wertz, her skirts, Sophie, Kraft-Ebing Trophy. gums, his thumbs.
luck, I'm stuck. Suzie, be choosy. flex, beefy pecs.
seducer, reduce her would, I could,


erratic; not automatic; shame! the same. pout; left out.
prepared; bared -- drinking, you're thinking. this; carefree kiss;
impressed; impeccably dressed. spasm, her chasm, ass, jet-powered bass.
crones, the bones. bare, over there. sight, a kite.
TESTUDINATE, of late, fact; her crack. sight; all night.
proof; went 'Woof!' offing? get doffing


beckons, God reckons; Harwich, a carriage. pray, some day.
indulge, not divulge. dating, me waiting? Leidy; rather untidy.
Harridge, her marriage, escalator, date her. Sally, not tally.
Donna, irritating persona. -- would burst! Devon, sex heaven.
agog, the log, dating; their mating. Kent, during Lent.
Jewess, - MH) Clarence, his parents. Good, oftentimes misunderstood.
Rita, meet her, Fred, in bed: bed, she said.
Oode, excessively lewd. bores, the stores. conjunction, physical function,
reporter, court 'er. laid, me said, days, a daze,
York, balk. (belly-to-belly) struck, a fuck. pianist, the cle-anest.
Finn, be begin. vile, a while. bold, turn cold
displayed, "I'm afraid Kay, haughtly say, frustrating; say) menstruating
LaBray, moving today; yurt, a skirt, fun. afternoon sun.
hot, cool spot; Kim, Protestant hymn, more. the core;
Jock, her frock. maytime, during playtime; delightedly, all excitedly!
yet. get upset. back, alley attack, Guelph, for myself."
Fletcher, catch her. sensational, sex recreational. arms, charms --
tool, too cool, Gold, so bold. Pyle, great style.
Gold, and bold. Reese, in Nice. Joan, the phone
laid, named Jade. three, me -- notions, their emotions?
Hale, the dale, Hutch, very much. her; will utter.
Piltz, on stilts. Suzanne, "Listen, Man... attack, her crack.
trite, awfully tight. Lynn, a sin, Sioux, are fioux;
bees, they please. Valkyrie, grew leery. Prater, in Decatur.
Pompidou, pet kangaroo. Day, is playday!" seen, terribly green.
come, keep mum. Toronto, want to Arden, the garden.
again. longings begin. forever, the endeavor. forever; the endeavor.
thoughtery, licentious debauchery, war, a whore. Beth, than death


mean, "Please clean! stable! the table! bitch, a stitch.
bees; consummate ease; squeeze." said Louise. meditation, odd explanation!)
miser; less wiser. mood, for food; Dawn, I'm gone.
Edwin, to begin. Dawn, you spawn. Jen; and again.
overrate, to mate. suppose; one hose. bouquet, you lay.
stud; my mud. tree, small honeybee; "Ker...plock", a rock.
flutter," angrily mutter, Glen, go in. door, the floor,
review, to do, snug, a hug, chew, to you.
tonight; fading light. scenery, nature's greenery. too, and blue.
plight; and right. beans, plump nectarines. remote. your throat?
said. in bed, said. my bed; girls? brown curls?