The lap of a lady you love,
Quite simply is heaven above.
The warmth of her thigh,
Her mysteries so nigh...
Carry me! Wings of a dove!
--- Sansuesi

My gal has a wonderful grin,
Engaging and charminly thin.
So soft to the tough,
But I like so much
When she teasingly says,"Come on in."
--- Cyber Wizard

That always causes a grin.
I give what wshe wants, and then,
You've heard it before,
You'll hear it some more;
"I always take it right on the chin!"
--- Cyber Wizard

Then she'll pout till I'm ready again,
Five minutes, six, maybe ten,
Then another round.
She's willing, I've found
And filling and billing some, then.
--- Cyber Wizard

Oh baby, it's cold on the hillside
We can stay warm by the fireside
Up close we'll cuddle
Let the others muddle
Thru the snow that is falling outside
--- Anon

We will share hot cider'n orange duck
And then with a little bit o'luck
We'll build up our strength
So we'll last the length
Of the day while we're going tuck tuck
--- Anon

It's not the length of your rod,
That you lovingly slide in my bod.
What makes me all wet,
Is the thrill that I get.
(Not to mention you drool like a slob).
--- Anon

I'm looking around for a lover
To fondle, caress and uncover.
With body and mind,
I'll most certainly find
New erogenous zones to discover.
--- Anon

A sigh, and a cry, hungry kiss,
Caresses and hugs not remiss.
If he handles it right
There won't be a fight,
And will lead to an evening of bliss.
--- Anon

Thank you my sweet, from the heart,
Loves' arrow has pierced like a dart.
In love or in lust,
It's hard to adjust.
When we're living so far apart.
--- Anon

I can still feel your warm embrace,
Your hands holding my face.
Kisses so deep,
I wanted to keep,
You forever, in time and place.
--- Anon

You'll have not a care in the world,
Once my full length has unfurled.
And filled your sole
And your sweet hot hole,
As you sit upon it and swirl...
--- Anon

I met a young lady in Redding
Who most of the boys had been bedding.
I said, "What the heck!"
As I tickled her neck --
I guess you know where this is heading!
--- Jemstone P2006

A distraction to last a lifetime;
A way to have life redefine;
To find ultimate bliss.
Which starts with a kiss
And continues to pleasures devine.
--- Anon

The cuddling's nice it is true
But lying here, right next to you,
Brings me feelings of joy
As though a young boy;
I promise we're nowhere near through.
--- Anon

You can see, I am up for some more;
And now, I do know for sure
It will be a long night,
So darlin', hold tight
Cause I've never, felt this before.
--- Anon

The statement, "To make love" is backed
By compassion, commitment, and tact;
This is much more complex
Than the phrase, "To have sex,"
Which implies a mere physical act.
--- Norman Storer P0503

There once was a lady named Carter,
Fell in love with a virile young Tartar.
She stripped off his pants,
At his prick quickly glanced,
And said, "For that I'm a martyr!"
--- L0279

In the picture of sex that you paint,
The importance of passion's too faint.
No kisses? No nuzzles?
To hell with your muzzles;
We love without any restraint!
--- Anon

My girlfriend she woke up this morn
And reached across for my horn;
Out mouths conspired
We felt desire.
If I told the rest - 'twould be porn.
--- Anon

My whippet took one look and fled,
As we romped around on the bed.
We'd such a shag,
I need to brag;
Enough I think has been said.
--- Anon

One romantic and balmy September,
She blew on the last glowing ember
Of love. 'Twas so nice,
They got passionate twice;
A long time since he'd tried to re-member.
--- Doug Harris

And your soft hair smells of wild flowers;
I could hold you close just for hours.
And just relax knowing
Your love overflowing,
Would rain down on me like fresh showers.
--- Anon

Fond dreams that can so captivate,
Bond fancies my mind can create;
Phantom goddess thereof,
Contemplation of love,
Beyond want in a fantasy state.
--- Joel D Ash P0502

Each encounter an ideal prelude,
Real changes to fit with my mood;
She reads every thought,
Doing things that are sought,
Loving zeal and my yearned attitude.
--- Joel D Ash P0502

Her fragrance sweet scent on the breeze,
Ardent movements with sensuous ease;
Inner flames of desire,
That mount and mount higher,
Consent that can never displease.
--- Joel D Ash P0502

The coupling of hearts in the night,
Counterparts in the arts that ignite;
Endless thrill of her touch,
Ecstasy overmuch,
Satisfaction restarts appetite.
--- Joel D Ash P0502

The dream girl will never grow old,
Youthful fire that never goes cold;
There when she's bidden,
Desire not hidden,
Retire to pleasures untold.
--- Joel D Ash P0502

A young married couple of Aberystwith,
Who invited in friends to play whist with.
They all managed, when able,
To reach under the table,
And play with the things that they pissed with.
--- Anon

You know that my coming with you,
Is my most favorite thing I can do.
Your kiss and caress
Have me out of my dress
And wet, in a second or two.
--- Karen

Your tongue traces trails on my bod.
I get hotter and wetter. (My Cod!)
It sinfully stipples
My pert, erect nipples.
Which makaes me reach out for your rod.
--- Karen

You know, love, just what happens next...
I can't really say it in text...
(If we get any tenser,
We just may be censored...)
Do you think we're both oversexed?
--- Karen

I've missed our sexual abandon,
(I was hoping to just keep my hand in --
And my lips -- And my tongue!)
On your body, well hung!
Unless, of course, you've found a stand-in?
--- Ericka

This is file xlm

Oh my Sweet Thing! Whene'er we're alone,
I impale her; just hear us both groan!
When I croon some sweet talk,
She will clench on my stalk;
Then she'll quiver and rattle my bone!
--- Allen Wolverton

The gentle art of manipulation
Can't compare with copulation.
The velvetine tongue;
It's praises are sung
By most of the oral population.
--- Christopher

Lasers and rays aren't my scene.
I prefer an old village green,
With cider to sup,
And a maid's breasts to cup,
Plus a pasty, to make me serene.
--- Tiddy Ogg

After luncheon, my lady and I,
Look up at the summer blue sky,
"We'll go for a stroll,
See the mare and her foal."
So we wish the inn's landlord goodbye.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Then away from the village we'll stray,
Past the field of the newly mown hay.
We'll leap 'cross the rill,
And up yonder hill,
To the heath-land that stretches away.
--- Tiddy Ogg

We'll stroll through the heather in bloom,
Midst the myrtle, the sage, and the broom.
See the rabbits ruch
through the underbrush,
To their burrows in that nearby combe.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Then we enter the old piney wood,
And the dimness soon dampens her mood..
Though she shows little sign,
Her hand searches mine,
I squeeze, She responds, that feels good.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Now it's out in the sunshine again,
And we walk down that pleasant green lane,
Where the buttercups spring,
And I feel like a king,
For her hand in my grasp I maintain.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And so we come down to the brook,
Oer the bridge rail of course we must look,
To spot the brown trout,
But we know beyond doubt,
They're too smart to be caught on a hook.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Through a gate to a meadow so green,
To a corner where we won't be seen;
As we stand, there I kiss
That beautiful miss,
With lascivious thoughts quite obscene.
--- Tiddy Ogg

She lays down and spreads out her hair,
Arranges her body with care.
Her skirt it flies wide
Leaving nothing to hide,
All her wonderful secrets laid bare.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I enter that cavern so moist,
As pleasurable murmurs are voiced,
Then we gently make love,
While the curlews above
With sweet liquid song do rejoice.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Then we wander along through the gloam-
ing until we reach our home,
To the lowing of cattle,
And the old nightjar's rattle.
Who would wish from this heaven to roam?
--- Tiddy Ogg

So there in our quiet rural idyll,
With her blouse buttons I fiddyll.
My dick grows in size
And enters her thighs,
And I happily give her a diddyll.
--- Tiddy Ogg

With limbs so entwined and a muddle
We duly produced the love puddle.
Then shaking her head,
She breathlessly said:
"Oh dear, I just wanted a cuddle."
--- SFA

Of quick-triggered men, I am wary;
Be they tall or short, bald or hairy.
Just the thought makes me wince!
I've been laundering since
That last awful date with Hugh Clary.
--- Ericka

Romancing Hugh Clary, you bet,
We seldom will come in duet.
Since I'm quick as a flash
Expelling the splash,
So you sleep in the spot that is wet.
--- Hugh Clary

You'll find that the men who are bigger
Can better control thier hair-trigger.
Though you may look cuter
Astride a pea-shooter,
They're known to be bad for your figure.
--- SFA

One thing I will say about Betty,
She doesn't indulge in things petty.
Just after a run,
She thinks it's great fun
To take her while she's warm and sweaty.
--- Cubmeister

A warm furry muff feels just right,
On a cold chilly winter night.
To keep out a draft,
Sink in your shaft,
For a warm and a cozy delight.
--- Anon

The girls of the South love their men;
For the right to fuck hard they'll defend.
If your dick does go down
After playing around,
They will make the old "South rise again!"
--- Anon

There once was a fellow named Randy
Who thought K-Y jelly was dandy.
With a wink and a snicker,
He'd lube up his dicker
And slip it to anyone handy.
--- GrumpyFoz

The oil when applied can't be beat;
When I exhale, it captures the heat
Of my breath on your skin:
Warm cherry almadine;
It is so hard to not overeat.
--- Azul

On the farm a hay maker named Reese
Said just prior to mounting his neice,
"You look mighty tight,
So it's no more than right
I apply some Esso axle grease!"
--- Grand Prix Lim 497

A hunter from Limerick Junction
Explained his own version of unction:
"I coat my stiff dick
With bear grease an inch thick;
The better to make the thing function."
--- Armand Singer

Yes, women do have an addiction
To things that can give them some friction;
Big fellas who toil
Without using oil,
Are risking a painful eviction.
--- Anon

There was a sweet lass from Belle Isle
Who wore a perpetual smile,
And so did her lad,
For it seems that they had
Special uses for cod-liver ile.
--- Keith MacMillan 22b

I once knew a woman named Kelly;
Her cunt it was dry, but not smelly.
A tube of KY,
She'd gladly apply,
To make you just come on her belly.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Poor cuckolded Tommy's young wife'll,
To most any man give an eyeful.
On breasts, thighs and belly,
She spreads cream and jelly,
Inviting all-comers to trifle.
--- Anon

A young man from San Francisco
Left with a friend from the disco.
'Cause his KY tube
Was all out of lube,
Slobbed his knob with a big gob of Crisco.
--- Anon

Dear horny old Nelly in Frisco,
Seduced a young man at a disco.
When she got him home, Nelly,
Found no KY jelly,
So the canny old lady used Crisco.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0402

Advised the wiseacre named Whittle
Who sexes around quite a little,
"When you're greasing the skids
For the kick that makes kids,
Use Vaseline, Crisco, or spittle."
--- Grand Prix Lim 829 a

He said that he needed maiden oil;
"I need it to grease up my foil,
'Cause when I start to hump,
I need it to pump,
And I'll bring your cunt to a boil."
--- Faerie

A gurgle, or a sinus honk,
From a maid in this honky-tonk;
Mucous lubrication,
Might enhance copulation?
Just thoughts, when I'm shit-faced drunk!
--- Anon