Our communist President Bill,
Seeks socialist rule to instill.
But lewd allegations
Of his carnal relations,
Does occupy all his time, still.
--- Michael W Johnson

They continue to dish out the swill;
They're taking our country downhill.
'Cause they make us sicker,
A great bumper sticker:
"I don't brake for Rodham and Bill."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

"America, the budget I'll axe.
Only evil rich folks will I tax."
Honky-tonk us no more!
Your tune's spent, it's a bore!
Slick Willy, blow it out your sax!
--- Jim

It is time to end Slick Willy's reign;
If we don't, we are truly insane.
If he really does care,
He'll get out of our hair
And relieve us of most of our pain.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Publicity hound never hesitant,
Our current Penn Avenue resident,
Perpetually posing,
Our bulbous, red-nosing
Slick Willy, the Photo Op President.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Willy, today you're so slick
That you make Tricky Dicky look sick.
So no matter your crime,
You'll never do time.
Destroy Rule Of law! There's the trick.
--- John Miller

Would it give you a sense of elation
To watch Bill perform hard flagellation?
Or a really great measure
Of absolute pleasure,
If instead, it was self-immolation?
--- Island Singer

This is sure such a criminal bunch;
How to change things, we may have a hunch.
Of the chef we request,
Sir do what is best;
At the White House, E-coli for lunch.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The trial was brought on by Ken Starr.
The vote was close, but no cigar.
His office is tarry;
The president's sorry;
Mr Clinton, you certain are.
--- Tom Simon

Clinton/Gore voters aren't unaware
That a stench emanates from this pair.
When election polls close,
They'll let go of their nose,
But they'll find out the stink is still there.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A shout will be heard 'cross the land,
When Clinton is finally canned.
For all of our sakes,
He must pack up and take
His wife and their whole rag-tag band.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

In the last presidential election,
When Americans made their selection,
What wasn't known then
That the choice of the men
Was between a Vet and an Erection.
--- Frank Petersohn

On Vietnam we can nearly agree
(Hanging generals seems better to me!)
I know two evil Bills
And it still gives me chills,
That both of them walk around free.
--- Anon

Bill Clinton is back in control,
By winning the vote over Dole.
The Left, they are glad;
The Right, they are sad
That poor Bob wound up in the hole.
--- Gifford Wherry

Mid-term elections leave some doubt.
Since there was no Democratic rout,
Have the voters gone crazy,
Or simply too lazy.
Clinton's in and Newt Gingrich is out?
--- Frank Petersohn

The people are heeding the call
Of a man with no morals at all.
Don't rock the boat!
Don't get out and vote!
And help re-elect Clinton this fall.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Should Slick Willy throw in the towel?
Will we ever hear Hillary cry "Foul!"?
We'll tune in tomorrow
To this tale of sorrow,
But in 2000 let's elect Colin Powell.
--- Sumerman

Letting Bill off the hook makes me sad
For the next one will be just as bad.
As we stay in the groove,
That just goes to prove,
Us Americans love to be had!
--- John Miller

I'm Clinton, the Chief of State;
I cheat on my country and mate.
Should anyone choose
My ass to accuse,
It's THEM all the voters will hate!
--- John Miller

Clinton says, with his sly baby grin,
"A majority's needed to win.
So I won't fret this Fall.
If I can't fool them all;
If I fool more than half, I'll get in!"
--- Charlotte

His party thought Bill so dynamic;
The slaughter put them in a panic.
Many Demo's in town
Had careers just shut down.
Bill's nickname is now the Titanic.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Amendments aren't one of his jobs;
Such proposals are up to the slobs
Up there on the hill,
Reflecting the will
Of the States or constituent mobs.
--- John Miller

To some, Bill's a marvelous chap.
They blindly fall into his trap.
When all things shout, "Beware!!"
They simply don't care.
Their brains must be down for a nap.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

"Clinton cares about you" because he
Needs your vote and knows you hold the key.
If your vote he does sway,
Be assured, you will pay,
When he goes on a power-drunk spree.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Harlem is Bill's PIED-A-TERRE,
White House is Bush's stolen share.
His wife is there too,
In the bedroom blue;
The Supreme Court elected them there.
--- Larry

The election is over at last.
By now all the votes have been cast.
It's the end of "Act Two",
But the play isn't through.
Clinton's third act will be unsurpassed!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

When a politician struts like he's God,
That's a clue that his mission is flawed.
And if he has a sly smirk,
He's a bonafide jerk!
Vote him out! Put an end to his fraud!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

While courting a new piece of tail,
Talk of weather is turning Bill pale.
"I'm not scared of lightning,
And monsoons aren't frightening,
But I'm really afraid of that Hale!"

(Hale-Bopp comet)
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Miss Streisand to Clinton was sent;
On her knees she performed on the "Gent."
Bill swung 'round too quick;
Caught her nose with his dick,
And ever since then it's been bent!
--- oOOo

Streisand, just fresh from a booking,
Remarked, "It's like Hillary's cooking!"
Bill, looking askance
At the bulge in his pants,
Just asked, "Is there anyone looking?"
--- John Miller

There was a young fellow named Clinton
Who kept all his pearly whites glintin',
Bedazzling the misses,
Receiving the kisses
He gave them while they were still squintin'.
--- Cyber Geezer

Rodham threw many objects that night;
They engaged in a outrageous fight.
She postpones the attack,
When Bill swears he'll cut back.
Their agreement is called "Bimbo Light".
--- Jim Weaver Collection

She wanted so bad to consort,
Knowing Willy liked sexual sport.
She is sure to applaud
With Ms. Rodham abroad.
That's today's Clinton bimbo report.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

This is file vwm

Bill's position he's made very clear;
He loves watching a hard-as-steel rear.
On his desk is a sign
Truman-esque by design;
It says simply "The Bimbo Stops Here!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There protecting young Chelsea from knowing,
But knowledge of Daddy is growing.
His problems are double,
Yes, Willy's in trouble.
She's joined in her mommy's lamp throwing.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Young Chelsea's reported to wail,
"How come my dad gets all that tail?
My security man
Is with me in the can.
But my offers to screw him all fail."
--- Cole

Hussein will now fear insurrection.
Clinton now worries about the election.
Saddam saw family leave;
Here's a thought to perceive:
They're concerned about Chelsea defection.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Though he thought he was in it for fun,
Soon the scandal he couldn't outrun.
There is wide-spread belief
Our Commanader-In-Chief
Got "debriefed"; now the secret's undone.
--- Knight45a

A man who would not be attacked,
To critics would firmly react.
In his trousers, he erred,
And the subject was bared,
But he strongly defended his act.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2428

At the visit he had with the Pope,
A young lady, Bill thought he could grope.
The Pontiff could tell
He was destined for Hell;
Not a Cardinal gave Willy a hope.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Slick Willy was anxious to mate her,
But having some fun, he'd first bait her.
So he picked up a spud,
And then stuck in his pud,
Proclaiming that he's our dick tater.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

In the White House, there's some tattletale,
Who is selling some lies by retail.
As I entered the room,
I did smell perfume,
But I left, and I didn't inhale!
--- Al Willis T9710

On Prop 187 he'll speak;
Plug up the borders and stop the leak.
But the thought on Bill's mind
Was to later unwind;
Proposition he'd make to Monique.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

"If it's true" Patty Ireland rants,
"I'll be taking a much different stance.
If he grabbed Paula's rump,
I'll demand of the chump,
Drop your office like you dropped your pants."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

All hail to the chief, our Slick Willy.
Albeit his thoughts are quite silly.
For his future bound bridge
Crosses Whitewater Ridge,
And he still has an eye for a filly.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Rodham thinks that adoption is best;
Says her dear husband's needing his rest.
But the truth should be known,
He was not there alone
When he took the fertility test.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A young diner, Bill thought he could dupe;
So upon her he quickly did swoop.
She was not in the mood;
His pants got in her food;
She screamed, "Waiter, a fly's in my soup!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

An American Pres called Billy,
Had some problems controlling his willy.
"Oh Doctor!" he said,
"I know I am wed!
But pray tell, are your red panties frilly?"
--- Jayne

Bill Clinton makes some women flip.
His charm makes their hearts race and skip.
This strange lunacy
Is a mystery to me.
My advice: "Get a life! Get a grip!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The path Clinton chose for his life
Has produced a rich harvest of strife.
Bill is feeling harassed
By gals from his past,
And last, but not least, his own wife.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

An idea I'd like to advance
Concerns Bill's political dance.
When asked why they'll vote
For a randy old goat,
Women say, "Just give him a chance."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

For convictions and justice we pray
And the time's getting closer each day.
We may get rid of Bill
But there's one bitter pill,
Albert Gore's just a zipper away.
--- Doug From Upland P9706

Our President Clinton, Slick Willie,
Is nuts about babes, genus filly.
Accused, he denies it;
Step forward, who buys it;
As disclaimers go, that's a dilly!
--- Armand E Singer 471

We have seen he is not worth his salt,
And they're all trying to pass off the fault.
"Though from Hilly I hid,
The worst thing I did
Was have sex in the Madison vault."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Pollsters point to a huge gender gap,
Female votes falling into Bill's lap.
Are they deaf, dumb and blind?
Have they all lost their minds?
Don't they know they've stepped into a trap?
--- Jim Weaver Collection

If Hussein is attacking today,
Miss Muffet, Bill calls right away.
Had his way with her twice,
And then takes her advice;
Now his options with Kurds he will weigh.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Bill Clinton's unbreakable habit
Is pretending that he's a rabbit.
He makes like a bunny
If it's dark or sunny --
If there's a chance for sex, he'll grab it.
--- Anon

Why Clinton should be under threat,
Is a mystery deep in the net.
It was Melanie
Whom the felony
Was committed with, thats the bet.
--- Anon

When Bill attends church we are sick;
To be moral he cares not a lick.
While pretending to pray,
He is wishing someday,
In the pew he could nail that chick.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Celebrate celibate journey,
Avoid the nightmare returnee,
And as should have Willy,
Avoid ditzy dilly,
Without the need of an attorney.
--- Daniel Ford

Bill met Maxine Waters with police;
She hit him with her big valise.
'Cause he made a pass
At her big flabby ass;
We get it: No justice, no piece.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Said a proper young lady named Minton,
"I won't do those vile things you are hintin'.
You should know it is so
That my "no" means just "no",
As defined by our leader Bill Clinton."
--- Anon

The girls to whom Bill takes a shine
Are exposed to much more than his line.
But whether clothed or quite bare,
He's always full of hot air
And he never sends out Valentines.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

'Tis the purpose of special commissions
To investigate errors and omissions,
But the spokeperson said
That the President's bed
Is reserved for nocturnal emissions.
--- Bob Birch P9803

Ignoring his stern marriage vows,
Slick Willy was wont to carouse.
On pizza he'd glut,
While grabbing girl's butt,
And things the term "non-sex" allows.
--- Chris Papa

Just give 'em six inches; they will
Take it the way over the hill.
They're trouble you know;
They don't like to let go.
Hey, just ask old President Bill.
--- Anon