With a drink, Willy watched Bush's doom.
He rubbed her and smelled her perfume.
The night of election
He got an erection,
But Rodham was not in the room.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Susan M. has Bill over a barrel.
All the knowledge she has isn't sterile.
And if she's a smart cookie,
She will say, "OK, Snookie,
Pardon me or your future's in peril!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Where Willy goes, dead bodies follow,
And in lies they continue to wallow.
Their own hole they dig;
Now the scandal's so big,
Linda Lovelace could not even swallow.
--- Jim Weaver Collection a

Dirty Old President Bill,
The reason he ain't screwin Hill'?
Well he knows that he oughta
But have you seen his daughter?
One's bad enough, but two? Fuckin' hell!!
--- Anon

The press carries Bill Clinton's water;
About Rodham, it looks like we've caught 'er.
Now a poll of the press
Causes Willy distress;
None would trust Bill alone with their daughter.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Now stories in DC are rife,
With rumors of Bill's private life.
Trouble is brewing;
He won't stop his screwing;
And none of it's with his dear wife.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

At dodging the truth Bill is shrewed.
No tall tale will he ever exclude.
About Emperor's Clothes,
We know Willy has those;
In a trooper car, he's always nude.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

If they prove Bill Clinton did breed
A 13 year old with his seed,
Will he admit
(This time, no shit)
That he's now another mouth to feed.
--- Tom Patton

Bill was up to his old tricks;
The Pope found a soul he can't fix.
"When they're done confessing,
And after your blessing,
Let's go hustle a couple of chicks."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Twenty one years ago his best man
Warned him, "Willy, run fast as you can!"
His advice was ignored,
But he's never been bored,
Hatching many a pants-dropping plan.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I think there is something alarming
That so many perceive Bill as charming.
Just what does it take
To recognize a snake?
Are his theatrical ploys that disarming?
--- Jim Weaver Collection

We've a major-league President, Bill,
With a pitch for which players would kill.
He can get to first base
At a blistering pace,
And can score standing perfectly still.
--- Cyber Geezer

Willy Clinton with latest poll rating,
Found ego and weenie inflating.
He thought "Paula be damned!
The election's in hand!
And I'm off for some second-term dating!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A presidential young stud named Billy
Required an occasional "filly".
Guarding him was scary-a-lot
When he sneaked to the Marriott
To secretly service his willy.
--- Don Hart

"Now the voters just don't give a damn
What an absolute bounder I am.
They don't care," Willie said,
"Who I take to my bed,
So I'm back in the saddle! SHAZAM!"

(SHAZAM - changed Billy Batson into Capt Marvel - McW)
--- William N Nesbit P9609

New wisdom Slick Willy's imparted;
Family values, the course he has charted.
He's sincere as can be,
You can take it from me.
Several families we know that he's started.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

To prove she is no tattletale,
Miss Susie McDee went to jail.
But she is no dunce.
In a couple of months,
She'll be out with a story for sale.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

As the White House story goes stale,
Sue McDougal still shields Clinton's tail.
Though the phone does not ring,
She refuses to sing,
As she faces more birthdays in jail.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Once Bill's sign-off of over and out
Comes to pass, a jubilant shout
Will erupt from the quarters
Supplying escorters,
Who'll make sure he'll get going without.
--- Esther Koch

Of duct tape, you speak with respect.
It will repair any defect.
Tape Clinton's fly shut,
So he cannot rut;
See if it has an effect.
--- Marlene

"Just follow the yellow brick road!"
Congress will scrap the Tax Code.
Godzilla's a wussie,
Bill gave up pussy,
And Al Gore's not really a toad.
--- Marsha Magee TP9806a

We know Bill chases skirts like a fool.
The first lady stays far from his tool.
Let's stop the deceit;
Did they really meet
Sharing a woman in school.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Said the Prez, "I've been caught, I confess.
There's no doubt that I made a big mess.
Though place to doff is
Not the oval office,
It was clear I was under duress!"
--- Observer

He'll be needing their votes for a win;
At the Ford Plant, he spoke with a grin.
"Put some astroturf here,
I'll grab that lady's rear;
We'll be taking your truck for a spin.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

One day Clinton was horny and spunky;
Told an aide that he wanted her monkey.
His organ went limp
When she brought in her chimp.
He decided he wasn't that funky.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Clinton's lines are a casual addition
For eager young gals with ambition.
They understand when he nods,
"I want girls with nice bods,
Who will drop to their knees in submission."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

His critics, Bill Clinton's berating,
But some in the press, keep on baiting.
Charges cut like a knife
That he'll pardon his wife.
"It depends at the time, who I'm dating."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A girl from 9-0-2-1-0,
Came to D.C to find men to blow.
She padded her knees
To be at full ease.
At 1-6-0-0, who can know?

(90210 - zip code Bev Hills, 1600 Penn Ave - White House)
--- Scandalous Limerix

It is said that Bill's equally fond
Of young women, both brunette and blonde.
How many said "Yes"
Is anyone's guess.
It's not hard to catch perch in a pond.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

If it's true what the "talking heads" say,
It was women who carried the day.
They love billing and cooing
And succumbed to Bill's wooing.
He conned their votes and was gone the same day.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

For his party the guests Bill selected,
Then Flowers showed up unexpected.
As she walked in the door,
You could hear Rodham roar,
"You're a dead man if it is erected!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

All our women he staunchly empowers;
For females his sympathy towers.
As the kindest of men,
Bill's most sensitive when
It is Spring, and he waters the Flowers.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Though Gennifer's love was illicit,
Her story was bold and explicit.
She can still remember
Bill's undersized member,
And how she won't really miss it.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

This is file vvm

The leader of all superpowers,
Likes B.J.'s and long golden showers.
Then later he disses
The interns he kisses,
And lounge singers that he deflowers.
--- Irish

Hillary Billary Socks,
The first lady wears the jocks.
Gennifer said,
That he's good in bed,
But the voters don't care about cocks!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

She seemed to be just a dumb filly,
To the eyes of old silly Willy.
To her, it seemed odd
That he'd grab her bod;
Kiss her, and grope Willy-nilly!
--- Everett Parke

Many times, a man in high power
Had affairs with a woman named Flowers.
But this he denied,
And he lied and he lied,
Then again, he lies every hour.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

John Hickey received some nice flowers
From Clinton, the man of great powers.
This would be eclectic;
He's shown he's dyslexic.
He meant to give hickeys to Flowers.
--- Jim Weaver Collection a

Hillary Rodham spent hours,
Developing Bill Clinton's powers.
But she really got miffed
When she bought him a gift,
And he said that he's rather have "Flowers!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The new gardener wore overall pants,
Giving tips on removing the ants.
Then he wanted to know
What Bill most liked to grow?
Clinton winked, bragging Flowers he plants.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers
Found excitement in Quapaw Towers.
For skills with the mouth
In zones of the south,
Each respected the other ones powers.
--- Anon

Clinton says, "It is just like back when
They found out I'd been seeing Gen.
Send your dollars and cents
To pay my defense,
And I'll try not to screw up again.

(Gen - Genifer Flowers, bimbo)
--- Ann Gasser P9408

As you elected Washington's New Kid,
I promise to expurgate Cupid.
But if I can't tend my "Flowers,"
What'll I do with my hours?
(Crowd response) "THE ECONOMY, STUPID!"
--- John Roberts P9301

Rodham's prints on the folder, so what?
Please just stop it, Conspiracy Nut.
An exam just took place;
We see Willy's red face,
'Cause his prints were on Gennifer's butt.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Now Clinton has a President's powers,
And keeps all the President's hours.
But his lawyers all know,
It's really all show.
He's running for Gennifer Lowers.
--- Anon

Bill Clinton, he thinks he's Bon Jovi,
Though his pecker is clearly no trophy.
Since Flowers implied
He not only lied,
But he's also hung like an anchovy.
--- Anon

'Tis said that poor Bill Clinton cowers
At talk of his sexual powers.
One should never pillory
Long suffering Hillary;
She surely did not sniff the Flowers.
--- Theo Heller P9301

Bill Clinton now passes the hours
Dreaming of expanding his powers,
While the Public does say
They can't wait for the day
Till he spends all his time tending Flowers.

(Genifer Flowers - bimbo suing Bill for sexual harassment)
--- Tom Patton P9505

What lesson can stop Bill's trasitions?
He's one of our better magicians.
A lady named Flowers
Tied Bill down for hours,
To keep him from changing positions.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

An intern who went to the Hill
Was told by none other than Bill,
"It tickles my fancy
To pull down my pants, see?
Your job now depends on your skill."
--- Scott Baldwin

Hormones got the best of Slick Bill;
He forgot place, in search of a thrill.
And an intern will use
For games that he'd choose,
That lead to a DNA spill.
--- Chris Papa

An intern, very chubby and cute,
Blows seductively on the skin flute.
We find, somewhat later,
Our Pres is a satyr,
In a White House of much ill repute.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Lincoln's bedroom's now yours for a fare;
With the truth, he's been known to split hairs.
But you'll have to admit
That he sure did his bit
Taking care of intern-al affairs.
--- Rob

An intern while giving some head,
Sucked so hard that she almost turned red.
Bill then said "Hee-Haw!
And please watch your jaw!"
But she wouldn't desist 'til he bled.
--- Anon

A philandering President named Bill,
Was married to a lawyer named Hill.
He played on the side,
And repeatedly lied,
'Cause his female intern said "I will"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Oh Father! I have a confession!
Hope it doesn't cause you depression.
I applied as intern
For the Prez, and I've learned
My lips have made quite an impression.
--- Stephen Ross

There once was an intern who said,
"I've been in the President's bed.
And three times a day
Bill Clinton would say:
'Come here, baby, give me some head.'"
--- Speckle Bird TP9901

Poor old Bill is feeling randy,
And his Hill just isn't handy.
He needs to get laid,
So he grabs an aide.
Soon he's feeling fine and dandy.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

For Clinton, vacation's a dame.
But this year it wasn't the same.
This winter instead,
Went to Hilton Head,
Thinking Hilton's the new intern's name.
--- Tom Patton

Would Clinton submit to castration?
Nope - cause he loves the sensation,
Of slapping his nuts
On the chins and the butts,
Of all the interns in the nation!
--- Anon

Clever Billy with passion quite vast,
Used to talk about making it last.
When he chanced to discern
A young nubile intern,
Now he does it quite often -- and fast.
--- Arthur Deex P9807a

Said an intern to President Clinton,
(Who was only subtlely hintin'),
"You used no protection,
No, it's not an infection...
But some baby boots I'll be knittin'!"
--- Anon

Said Bill to a certain Ms. Willey,
"In the winter, my office is chilly.
But we could get hot
If you touch the right spot...
Just be quiet or Hilly will kill me.
--- Marsha Magee

Said Clinton to Kathleen Willey,
"You sure are a fine looking filly!
Put your hand on my dick
And massage it real quick,
And you'll see why they call me Slick Willie!"
--- Jim Schaefer

In August or was it November?
Ms. Willey, he couldn't remember!
But in March, he's quite sure
That his actions were pure.
"I did not have her fondle my member!"
--- Everett Parke

And then there is poor Kathleen Willey,
A good-looking, destitute filly.
Her boss took his chances
And made crude advances.
Her tale, under oath, is a dilly!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Ms Willey said, "Bill seeks to ruin me --
Next thing you know, he'll be suin' me!
I was looking for work,
When I wrote him, the Jerk!
Was I better off with him wooin' me?"
--- Everett Parke