And there on the bed a Great Dane,
Whose dick was the cause of my pain.
His tail was a-wagging;
He'd liked that there shagging
And wanted to do it again.
--- Tiddy Ogg

As doggy looked right at my rear,
His lips curled down with a leer.
As I was a kneeling,
His balls I was feeling,
Said doggy, "I'm not really queer!"
--- CM

Into the room trotted my spaniel;
Not a cocker, but an English named Daniel.
Wanted in on the fun,
Licking my twat with his tongue,
While the Dane's love only was anal.
--- Christopher Kraft

A lady called Carol by name;
Her pussy is in the fast lane.
She teases the men,
Jim, John and Ken,
But in truth, she prefers a Great Dane.
--- Mulqueen

Please now, with Carol don't screwdle,
If you want to keep your wet noodle.
She loves men, no doubt,
But get the truth out --
Her passions run high with a poodle!
--- Travis Brasell

A poodle! Have you lost your mind?
You'll not see that pup near my behind.
They can't hunt or track,
And dare not attack
Me for any doggie type grind.
--- Carol

In morn, to avoid the hot sun
We roam, 'fore hunting's not fun;
Old Blue's in the back
Of the cab with the rack,
Panting and guarding my shot-gun.
--- Anon

On Saturday, just after sunset,
Picked up my red-necker love-pet;
"To the road-house for sure!"
Parked the truck; 'twas secure;
Old Blue slept inside, did not fret.
--- Anon

Of the honky-tonk food and strong drink,
She did have too much, I now think;
We left and drove out;
In spite of new doubt;
I still hoped she'd screw like a mink!
--- Anon

At the Lover's Lane we had just started,
When just once she ominously farted;
She then barfed up yuck
All over my truck;
Old Blue's eager licking got started!
--- Anon

Such a dawg I've ne'er before seen!
Helping out with my poor country queen!
C'mon, Old Blue!
You good old dawg, you!
Good boy! You're licking it clean!
--- Anon

That honky-tonk stuff soaked her shirt;
Her nipples through ripples, looked pert;
Those sweets I passed up,
Made room for my pup;
Blue licked 'em, then looked for dessert!
--- Anon

What used to be luncheon meat
Got scattered across the front seat;
Her Cream of Okra
Looked like tapioca;
Old Blue took it all as a treat!
--- Anon

There were kernels of corn on the horn,
"All through!" She had sworn, "before morn;"
The damn steering wheel
Had a new, sticky feel,
Old Blue licked 'em clean like new-born!
--- Anon

On my Rebel War Flag she did gag,
My soiled white sheet's now a rag;
The shotgun rack
Got covered with brack,
Old Blue! Now just watch his tail wag!
--- Anon

The radio dial became vile;
She suffered, my sweet honey chil' ;
The speaker grill
Just dripped with swill,
"Arf!" Old Blue thought, "Gourmet style!"
--- Anon

My red-neck girl's face was still green;
No time to seek out a latrine;
Whoops! Pizza cheeses
On my plastic Jesus!
Old Blue wagged his tail, licked it clean!
--- Anon

Mixed up with a whole bunch of beer,
Some pizza flew elsewhere, I fear,
And anchovies
Slid down her knees;
Old Blue! Lookit! Right here!
--- Anon

She pulled off her jumper, now soiled;
No panties! But lust this time's foiled;
Some sour, sticky stuff
Now matted her muff.
Old Blue! Not too long! She'll get spoiled!
--- Anon

She beckoned him over, "Come follow
Me down to this secretive hollow."
But there in the glade,
He was rather dismayed,
To discover she'd not want to swallow.
--- Peter Wilkins

"So how 'bout a regular fuck;
Either here or back there in my truck?"
But she fluttered her eyes
Amid sorrowful sighs
And said, "No, for my tampon is stuck!"
--- Peter Wilkins

"Okay, so wank me, you tease."
"No, I bloody won't, if you please.
All you think of is dick
And it's making me sick,"
She said, running away through the trees.
--- Peter Wilkins

"Well how 'bout I see to your ass?"
He inquired as they lay in the grass.
"I don't think so", she said,
Blushing prettily red,
"I'm afraid I dislike it alas."
--- Anon

There's Paula, a gal very spunky,
Who went to a party quite funky.
She drank all the booze;
What'd she have to lose
Till home, when she blew the dog, Chunky.
--- Anon

And Paula told me (I believe 'er),
When I've blown Chunks (a golden retriever),
He returns me the favor,
For he knows that I crave, for
A good doggie's lick on my beaver.
--- Anon

To his son, explained father, so harried,
As at intercourse two canines parried,
"They have learned a fine trick
For the one dog is sick,
And it's thus that the sick dog is carried."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1146

The son these fine points did amass
As he watched the two dogs on the grass,
And he said, "I'm dismayed --
If you give a friend aid,
He will give you a fuck in the ass."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1147

There once was a girl named Loretta;
Her dog Red was an Irish Setter.
She had taught Red
To give her some head;
As for fucking, well, she thought better.
--- Cerberus

And although the dog could fuck,
Sometimes they had much bad luck.
They'd have to stay
A good part of the day,
Ass to ass, because they were stuck.
--- Cerberus

I've heard that Old Mother Hubbard
Once took her dog in the cupboard,
And down on her knees,
He said, "Rover please,
I do hope your bone is safe-rubbered!"
--- Confused

With that, Rover mounted, tail wagging
And gave her a bloody good shagging.
She said with a smile:
"This doggy's got style!
Ten seconds and no sign of flagging..."
--- Confused

But then Rover's pecker got swole
And plugged up the old lady's hole
With a melon sized knot
Down deep in her twat...
His nobbin' beat Dobbin! How droll!
--- SFA

Let's have no more beating of brow
But return to the subject of how
One dog was immoral --
Just think the word "oral".
Would you care to join me for Chow?
--- John Miller

This is file nzk

I'd rather be lost in the fog,
Like a frog all agog on a log.
I'd rather be dead
Than red in the head,
Like the distended dick of a dog.
--- John Miller

(Still sucks, but so do most dogs:
Their own or anyone's logs!
And sweet girls in tresses
Have known the caresses
Of dog dicks or tongues 'neath their togs.)
--- John Miller

I shouldn't give dogs a bad rap,
But before I get off of this crap:
If a dogs gets off me,
Then a girl, well does she
Get pregnant, or rabies, or clap.
--- John Miller

Now, Betsy no one seems to mind,
But sex with a canines behind?
Then if you bend over,
It's likely that Rover
Gives back what you have him, in kind.
--- John Miller

Gals, forget Jean-Claude; here's somethin' keen;
My hound-dawg's a lean sex machine;
Good Old Blue is well hung,
Got a long, hot, wet tongue;
He adores Continental cuisine!
--- Anon

We know doggie-style's great when she's ripped
On her hands and knees; dawg's got her gripped;
She'll know ecstasy pure;
If she first makes damn sure
That his toenails and dew-claws are clipped!
--- Anon

Starting: "Arma virum q. e. cano"
Just forget it! Here's Good Old Boy guano!
Got an old pickup truck,
That can't ever get stuck
Four-wheel drive; it can tote a piano!
--- Anon

I found my dear girl by the bay,
Curled up in a bed made from hay.
I bent down and kissed her,
My heart sure had missed her,
Since she up and left one cold day.
--- Travis Brasell

Our meeting came as a surprise;
It showed by the shake of her thighs,
The arch of her rear,
The twitch of one ear,
And tears that welled up in her eyes.
--- Travis Brasell

I picked up my girl in my arms,
Her breasts dangled free like love-charms.
Her tongue brushed my face
Then quickened the pace --
My mind, though, was sounding alarms!
--- Travis Brasell

I knew she had been with some guys
Who humped her, ignoring her cries.
At least five or more,
Like she was their whore.
They screwed her then severed all ties.
--- Travis Brasell

To them she was only some bitch
Who roamed free to scratch their male itch;
Well, they had their way
With her by the bay:
They raped her like floods rape a ditch.
--- Travis Brasell

I took my girl home where she stayed
With me -- she has ne'er again strayed.
And Sal, the old hen,
And pups, there were ten.
But I sure as hell had her spayed!
--- Travis Brasell

What you didn't know about the old lady,
She has an obsession quite shady.
Though showing normality,
She's into bestiality;
Your auntie is perverted, matie!
--- Martin V Jensen

She has kicked out Joe, the old fart;
Made him leave, go away and depart.
Then she searched for a mutt
And now she has got
A relationship with a Saint Bernard.
--- Martin V Jensen

With bribes of small cookies and candies,
Joe lured and laid goats in the Andes.
Said he with a leer:
"I'm repeating next year.
Those Andes sure spawn some jim dandies!"
--- G1210

"I know you're a sheep shagger, Tid,"
Said Doctor Alfonso, "But did
You ever stick your choat
In an old nanny goat?"
"Yes doc, my son's Billy the Kid."
--- Tiddy Ogg

I'd just come ashore from the boat,
And felt a great throb in my choat.
What was I to do?
There was no handy ewe,
So I had to resort to a goat.

(six months for buggering goat in front of commuter train)
--- Tiddy Ogg

A girl and her billy were spooning;
To the goat, she was virtually crooning.
Her husband said, (quote)
"Why do we need a goat?"
She replied, "'Cause my bush need some pruning."
--- Actaeon

Kufta is Armenican for goat,
That causes your sex drive to bloat.
When your hormones are steep,
You do better with sheep
At least they've a glossier coat.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A Spaniard from old Albacete
Once fucked fifteen goats on a bet-a.
When asked how he felt,
He hitched up his belt,
And said, "I can't tell just as yet-a."
--- G1205a

A wee little prick you must tote;
You've naught but a tiny boy's scrot'.
You can't satisfy
A gal or a guy,
So go find yourself a nice goat.
--- Anon

There was a young lady named Rote
Who dated a goat-herd of note.
Though her plan was to marry,
Her plans did miscarry,
When she found he was getting her goat.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1175

A villanous herdsman named Choate
Was spotted while humping a goat,
An action so verminous,
It's almost conterminous
With slitting your grandmother's throat.
--- Armand E Singer 466

A billy goat, tired of nanny,
Stuck his nose up the milkmaid's fanny.
She chortled with glee,
She pooped and she peed;
The smell of the goat's now uncanny.
--- Actaeon

Right here is found someone who gloats
On conquests from gerbils to shoats.
Nobody is shy,
So I wonder why
Not one brags of hitting on goats?
--- John Miller

A goat head's at the level of my crotch
And I've heard a goat blow job's top notch.
But I find goats are scary
And I'm terribly wary
Of a blow job that somehow gets botched.
--- James

In your curiosity over goat porn,
Did you notice their very sharp horns?
They can sometimes butt
When in heat or in rut,
And I don't want my testicles torn.
--- James

I look at this lime and thin can he
Not see the appeal of a nanny?
On cliffs from the back,
You push on their rack.
They keep pushing back -- just like granny.
--- Gearhart

Not the rack that is high on the crown,
But the rack that is much lower down,
That's the one you refer too?
That's the one you defer to,
When nanny and you "go to town"?
--- James

But doing a goat on a ledge
Is a dangerous thing, I allege.
That ungrateful nanny
Just might twitch her fanny
And put you right over the edge!
--- John Miller

No, head her straight into some water
With her feet in some boots, and she oughter
Jiggle and dance
In response to romance
And bleat out for more -- like your daughter!
--- John Miller

I don't think he's into young girls,
Like a salivating swine before pearls,
He likes them all wrinkled
And liberally sprinkled
With freckles, age lines and white curls.
--- James

Can't blame him, it's utterly hateful
To mess up young girls -- even fateful,
He'd face public rage.
But ladies of age
More likely than not will be grateful.
--- John Miller