There was a horny goat lived on a hill,
So full of mischief, he let some spill.
He fast knocked Jack down
And broke the lad's crown,
But was a trite more attentive to Jill.
--- Lims For Year - 01

Man's second best friend is the goat;
Though smelly, they have a nice coat.
And no man born scorns
Hanging on to their horns,
While pushing a dick down their throat.
--- David Miller

He had multiple carnal contacts
With an estrus-tormented hyrax.
This randy ibex
Had seething hot sex,
Turned her fornix into a fornax.

(efferent pathway into a constellation)
--- Jim Jambor P9103

A geezer in Spain named El Cid
Fell madly in love with a kid.
They had sex twice a day,
Till they took him away.
Fucking goats is a crime in Madrid.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0609

I'd rather go down on my Granny!
Than marry a goat for its fanny;
'Cause when you have kids,
It'd soon be on the skids,
Unless you could get a good nanny.

(Sudanese man forced to 'marry' a goat when caught fucking)
--- David Miller

That wizened old Billy goat gruff
Crossed his legs 'cause he'd had quite enough.
He said, "I'm no Nanny;
I don't have a fanny,
A quim or a twat or a muff!
--- oOOo

Though we may be just slightly caprine,
By percentage at least eighty nine,
In Sudan by and large
On a bestial charge,
Wed your goat and avoid doing time.
--- Donald McGill

Mr Tombe shagged the goat, so he did
And it cost him about 30 quid.
But the worst thing occurred
And it made him quite scared,
When he spotted young Billy, their kid!
--- David Miller

Listen, Frieda von Barstuhl's the name,
Of our fat babe of opera fame;
But she did some Deep Throat,
On an old English goat;
Now she can't hit "high C"; such a shame!
--- Anon

After Frieda sucked the goats meat
She slowly got to her feet
She cleared her throat
Could not sing a note
All she could do was bleat
--- Anon

There was an old maid in Nantucket,
Had an asshole as big as a bucket.
While bent over the oven,
A-dreamin' of lovin',
Her goat seized the moment to fuck it.
--- L1669z

But my days as a homo barn vandal,
Are finished since this goat named Randall;
While banging his clacker,
This knacker-on-knacker
Concussions are too hard to handle.
--- Loz

So, since then it's been she-goats for me;
As I'm sure that you're able to see
My bag of white thunder
Is free to swing under
And through 'cause they're testicle-free!
--- Loz

A she-goat? Indeed, I might try it.
Expanding one's sexual diet
Is essential to try
And 'cause horse-ass is dry;
They quickly get rectal disquiet.
--- Mikey

A goat cunt would be lubed and wet,
And in team with a hard-working sweat,
Whilst I'm pumping me plunger
Inside her tight sponger,
Her folds would be less prone to fret.
--- Mikey

Whenever I'm there, doing IT,
I always like doing my bit.
However in this case,
I'd do an about face;
You won't find me lickin' her clit!
--- Mikey

Dear Mikey, I fear that your haste
To self-gratify's, sadly a waste.
A real man would snuffle
And lick at her truffle,
Regardless of how bad the taste.
--- Loz

Indeed, you have said it quite well,
The flavor is rather nouvell.
But after I blow,
I'd just have you know,
It's far less the taste than the smell.
--- Mikey

And when I'm coming in from the rear,
Although my reputation is dear,
There's much dirt and some poo;
I ain't lickin' a zoo!
It's the farm yard we're talkin' of here.
--- Mikey

I'm just saying this as a mate --
If word gets around of this state
Of affairs: that you favor
A non-barnyard flavor,
They won't let you in the front gate.
--- Loz

Old King Cole grew so tired of the moat,
Kept him from the women remote.
So he crept through the halls,
'Til he got to the stalls,
Where he tried all the sheep and one goat!
--- Anon

A manic-depressive named Sam
Got himself in a bit of a jam.
Last night on a high,
He really did try
To impregnate six goats and a lamb.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun

Paulette loves to tickle the scrote
Of a goat when his choat's down her throat.
She wants to suck seed
Like a budgie on speed,
At her very own table d'hote.
--- Anon

As the rabbi was cutting the throat,
Of the annual tribal scapegoat,
Said the beast, "I will cite you
As a sodomite! You
Forget what we did on the boat!"
--- L0655

The lady next door got the votes
Of a family of goatherds named Coates.
For she fucked with them all,
The great grandfather tall,
And the father, the son and the goats.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0372

A man from the Sea of Okhotsk
Once mention a fact, and I quotsk:
"A woman is fine,
And a llama divine,
But neither's as tight as a goatsk."
--- Peter Wilkins

Smirked a horny young farmer named Moats,
Who was found in a barn humping goats,
Knee deep in the grain,
And feeling no pain:
"Well it's one way to sow my wild oats!"
--- Armand E Singer 125

On the loose from a zoo, a male leopard
Tried to mate with a cute German Shepherd.
The difference in size
Made him come 'twixt her thighs,
And with semen she was thoroughly peppered.
--- Actaeon

There was a young man from Luanda;
"Sex all day, any way" was his mantra.
He lives by it too;
As he works in a zoo.
He's great choice, but he still likes the panda.
--- Robert Elliot

There once lived a bugger named Jack
Who shoved a small mink up his crack.
He loved the full feeling,
And, too, when a-kneeling,
The thrash of soft tail on his sac.
--- H Welchel

Soft tail, when accompanied by teeth,
Doesn't make for the simplest relief --
He's risking his prost-
Ate, his balls could be lost,
He could lose his entire underneath.
--- Lucy

Or perhaps a taxidermist might
Prepare one that couldn't show fight!
Something with heat,
With mechanical beat,
And a battery to last through the night.
--- Lucy

A youth from the town Terre Haute
Fell madly in love with a stoat,
But had cause for regret,
When he tried on his pet
Some tricks he'd observed in "Deep Throat."
--- Hugh Oliver A048A

This is file nyk

There once was a young man called Potter,
Whose girlfriend resembled an otter.
About three feet long,
Smooth brown fur, fairly stong:
No one quite liked to ask where he'd got her.
--- Michael Palin

There was a young skunk name of Bart,
Who had frequent affairs of the heart;
Alas, he went blind,
And what did he find?
He'd fallen in love with a fart.
--- Ed Potts P8511A

There was a sad singer named Mick
Whose penis was but a mere stick.
But then he proceeded
To find what he needed:
A skunk who required a small prick.
--- G1280

A moonshiner heisted his jug,
And as the mule flowed in his mug,
He cried. "When I'm drunk,
I'll diddle a skunk!"
And he gave his fat pet one a hug.
--- Grand Prix Lim 503

There was a young woman called Manda,
Who went on a trip to Uganda.
She looked for a mate;
No guys there to date,
So she had to make do with a panda.
--- Gaz Perch

Though pandas do not like to screw
And a panda's orgasms are few,
The vet makes them come,
Using fingers and thumb,
And sprays the whole zoo with their goo.
--- Michael Horgan

A safari guide lost in Burundi
Was raped by a large coatimundi.
At first he was shocked,
But after they'd talked,
He agreed to come back every Sunday.
--- Actaeon

Raccoons have paws just like hands,
And dexterity at their command.
They pull their cocks out
And massage them about,
And find masturbation is grand!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Raccoons have peculiar relations;
His forelegs make quick palpations.
The masked little bandit
Grabs hold as he's planned it,
And gives his wife's hips good vibrations.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I once lived in a posh condominium,
With raccoons, cats and other verminium.
Each night -- what a din
As they screwed on the tin!
Or perhaps it was plain aluminium.
--- Joyce L Owen

Young Bambi ignored Faline's nips
Till she took his soft sheath in her lips.
As she started to lick
He got really thick,
And he fill her way back to the hips
--- Actaeon

Old Bambi was down on his luck.
In fact, he was just a bit stuck,
And he fawned, don't you know,
For he owed lots of doe.
He'd do anything for a buck.
--- John Dohner P8805

The true ending to Bambi, it's said,
Is he got horny, and out of his head.
With his ramrod-hard pumper,
Just about to fuck Thumper,
A hunter shot his silly ass dead!
--- John Chastaine

A farmhand encountered a doe,
Who lifted her tail for a show.
He gave the doe pleasure,
And then for good measure,
Blew the buck who'd been watching them go.
--- Actaeon

This girl who is part of the show,
Had a twin sister you know.
I admit she is weird,
She'd not like Santa's beard,
She's up top giving Rudolph a blow.
--- Faerie

An indian maid named Moon-deer,
Said, "I'll never feel rested, I fear.
Though I long for seclusion,
There's always intrusion.
I'm afraid the buck always stops here."
--- Isaac Asimov

I'd like to have Santa for stew,
With a nice elvish side dish or two.
But the best Xmas feeling
Is rocking and reeling,
Whilst buggering a reindeer with you.
--- Cyber Wizard

The miners in northern Saskatchewan
Are complaining that all the good snatch is gone.
They say caribou
Make a pretty good screw,
But they run so damn fast, you can't catch you one!
--- Phred

"Hey Ho! Kermit the zoo here,
With advice for the zoophile New Year.
You should firmly resolve
To never dissolve
Your relationship with caribou, dear."
--- Actaeon

A caribou bull in the Arctic
Grew horny and showed quite a hardick.
With no cows around,
He eventually found
Screwing musk oxen proved quite cathartic.
--- Actaeon

Two deer fell in love with each other;
Their passions their reason would smother.
Their lust was quite bold,
She young and he old,
Unaware they were sister and brother.
--- Actaeon

A whitetail surveying his harem
Decided for fun just to scare 'em.
He dressed as a doe
And mounted them so,
And to his surprise, they would bear him.
--- Actaeon

A corrupted young ranger named Bruce
Came up with a certain excuse,
That he wasn't the creep
Screwing farmer Brown's sheep,
For he only poked cattle and moose.
--- Cap'n Bean P0209

There was a young lady named Nash;
It seems that she was somewhat rash.
She played games fast and loose
With the Elk and the Moose.
They picked up what was left in the trash.
--- Albin Chaplin

A stag ran his horns through a bush;
And out his penis did push.
He waved it about
Till his urine flowed out,
Which is why the grass looks so lush.
--- Actaeon

A crazy old woodsman named Bruce,
Whose screws were a little bit loose,
Said, "The gals are okay,
But if given my way,
I'd prefer buggering a moose."
--- Cap'n Bean P0209

A man who liked to chew snoose,
Made improper advance towards a moose.
It gored him and kicked him,
Then mounted and dicked him,
Knocking his testicles loose.
--- Pat McGregor

Last night after much apple juice,
I went and had sex with a moose.
Alas, I was caught;
Now I'll end up in court,
Charged with elk-aholic abuse.
--- Tiddy Ogg

How horny can one person get?
A moose? That's the worst one yet!
I've said it before,
But I'll say it once more:
Animals are only to PET!
--- Kaylin Brandon

If you happen to fuck a small moose
When his bowels are just a bit loose,
I suggest this, my dear,
That you use the right ear,
For the rear end is just like cous-cous.

(cous-cous - steamed wheat or millet)
--- Clifford M Christ P8407

Where the Saskatchewan flows, an old moose
Saw a squaw with her brand new papoose,
And thought, "Can it be
They cohabit like me?
But why ain't it MOOSE they produce?"
--- Grand Prix Lim 0003 P9704

A mule deer bent backwards to find
A doe with a blow job in mind.
He let her proceed
Till he spilt his seed,
Then returned the doe's favor in kind.
--- Actaeon

"Why not?" said the perv with a grin.
"This doe had a fawn deep within,
Which continues to quiver
Right there with her liver.
To waste it, would be such a sin.
--- John Miller