When I was real young, I did beg
A kiss from my nymphet friend, Meg;
My daddy did say:
"Puppy love's okay,
As long as you don't lift your leg!"
--- Anon

That Meg, now she's grown, gained great fame;
She's in the theatrical game.
On stage she strips nude,
In a manner quite lewd,
And is rogered by George, her great dane.
--- Anon

The doctors say varicose veins
In women are caused by the strains
They make when they're squeezing
Their legs for the pleasing
They get from those massive Great Danes.
--- Travis Brasell

She fills me with so much elation,
Each time she performs a fellation.
Although she's quite young,
She can sure use her tongue;
The best dog I've had, an Alsatian.
--- Anon

Can't believe you've been sucked by a dog,
Though 'tis better than kissed by a frog.
But your (German?) Alsatian
Represents but one nation;
Try being groped by a Canadian hog?
--- Anon

Tiddy's a little bit blind;
Might approach from in front or behind.
While that damned Alsatian
Won't stop at fellation;
God knows what she has on HER mind!
--- Anon

"Oh suck me!" demanded Denise
And spread them out 90 degrees.
Her face all aglow;
But I nearly said no,
On account of the smell and the fleas.
--- Peter Wilkins

But being a gentleman, I
Got Rover to sniff at her thigh;
Excited he licked her
And eagerly dicked her...
"Oh thank you," she said with a sigh.
--- Peter Wilkins

Well Rick, the sensations are sweet
From doggies a-licking your meat.
But if you indulge
In such, don't divulge
The fact, and be very discreet.
--- Tiddy Ogg Q

Well, friend I have an old dog
Whose only companion's a frog.
He'd love a young bitch
Who would cure his old itch,
'Cause he's tired of me lickin' his log.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I run with the pack canis lupus;
In the Canine family they do group us.
I became Alpha-Male
Because of my tail
And loved to wolf down female's pumas.
--- Anon

He entered the bitch doggie style,
Then Rover barked out with a smile.
"If I cannot bury
My bone in a cherry,
The butt-sniffing's not worth my while."
--- Anon

Now Jeanie, folks say, lays in clover,
Enjoying a male's tongue all over
Her body that's nude.
But she thinks it is rude
When the dogs leaves to sniff at old Rover.
--- Travis Brasell

Young Mary's a bit of a puzzle;
When randy, she likes a good nuzzle
And lick of her pussy,
But by whom? She's quite fussy,
Preferring her dog's cold wet muzzle.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Young Mary, ah yes, I've been told
There's one chick to just put "on hold".
He dog's nose is chilly,
But a check with a willy
Confirmed that her pussy's more cold.
--- Tiddy Ogg

My source, Sir, refused to divulge
In what actions he had to indulge
With the dog to relate
Her temperature state,
But her nose shows a very strange bulge.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The ninth time I tried, maybe tenth,
I licked her with all of my strength.
In my mouth, I'd ice cubes,
As she liked chilly pubes,
But alas, John, I still lacked the length.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Length, as in pecker, or tongue?
They've shrunk a bit since we were young.
But heck, either way,
You've heard what they say;
"Bad pussy? Then go in the bung!"
--- John Miller

I have an old dog, name of Blue
Who'll mate with fish, snake, or emu.
Still he'll leave a bitch flat,
To run past a cat,
'Cause he'd rather lap pussy than screw.
--- Ronald Jay P8307

"Poor Fido, your dog, was castrated
Before he'd a chance to be mated?
How very unfair!"
Said my ladyfriend Claire,
"No, he loves self-fellation", I stated.
--- Anon

Don't cry if you can't get it up;
Just find you a small boxer pup
Whose slobbery lick
Gets off a limp dick.
(Could you be so depraved? Answer: "Yup!")
--- Anon

The cops nabbed a scruffy old freak,
For fellating dogs by the creek;
His pack moaned a thous-
And love-sick bow-wows;
They pissed on the jail; it did reek!
--- Anon

(I assume that that dog is a HER
As I hardly would wish to infer,
That Tid's a bit -- odd,
Just spring lambs, by God!
And the dog is a purebred, no cur)
--- Anon

A couple blessed by St. Vitus
Held a party, but didn't invite us.
They gave their dogs head,
On the floor and in bed:
We'd have gladly licked up the detritus.
--- Actaeon

A poodle went to the salon;
The hair on her rear end was shawn.
As she sauntered outside,
She was quickly espied
By a collie who quickly climbed on!
--- Anon

There was a young girl nicknamed Noodle,
Who'd fuck for merely a strudel.
With her ass in the air,
She'd buck like a mare,
Too bad she was only a poodle.
--- Baxter A

The old gay man was quite frugal;
He would only suck on one noodle.
His friends were disturbed
And found it perturbed,
That he'd only would suck off his poodle.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a poodle named Duffer
Whose mistress had taught him to muff her.
His tongue would get tender;
He then would up end her
And dog-fashion he would flat stuff her.
--- David Miller

Vermonters do not have much boodle
And poverty gnaws at their noodle,
Which could explain why,
Some piss-poor old guy
First fucked and then ate his pet poodle.
--- Armand Singer

There was an old Lady Moncrieff
Who was wealthy beyond all belief.
She spent much of her boodle
On a long-peckered poodle
Whose bollocks she hid with a leaf.
--- G1287

A cute animal trainer, Miss Lee,
Taught her poodle to speak fluently.
When a man did abduct her
And he floored her and fucked her,
Said her dog, in tears, "What about me?"
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1158

Though Nell's belly is swelled, and she ain't telling
With whom or with what she's been helling.
But that nasty Miz Boggs
Claims the girl diddles dogs,
And it's due to a poodle from Snelling.
--- G1334

There was a young lady named Florence,
Who for fucking professed an abhorrence.
But they found her in bed,
With her cunt flaming red,
And her poodle-dog spending in torrents.
--- L0601

This is file nak

Transsexual Kate, from Bel Air,
Owned miniature poodle, Pierre.
She'd get the pooch hot,
Then stuff in its knot,
And carry it 'round like a pair.
--- Anon

Young Fifi from Paris owns oodles
Of horny young puppy-dog poodles,
All eager to hump
Her in turn, up the rump,
While she frantically diddles and doodles.
--- Peter Wilkins

A captious young woman named Kewin
Snapped: "Listen, I know what I'm doin'.
As a vice, dogs are nice,
But I've had poodles twice--
From now on I'll frig, and no screwin'!"
--- G1264

A pitiful sadist named Dare
Would pull out whole patches of hair,
From the flanks and the noodle
Of his very own poodle --
And yes, from its poor derriere.
--- Armand Singer

An unnatural disaster, old chum,
Was when that poor lady, your mum,
Got screwed by a dingo,
Resulting, by jingo,
In you, you incompetent bum.
--- Tiddy Ogg

There was a young girl from Eutoxeter,
Who one dreary night had a fox at her.
She let out a squeal,
For his cock was like steel,
But she had quite a shock when the pox hit her.
--- George Cowley

What joy it must be for the fox
When a dog and his vixen share locks.
She'll get quite a lift
From his seminal gift,
Which he'll place in a warm furry box.
--- Actaeon

A fox hound retired from the hunt,
His olofactory lobes had grown blunt
To the scent of the fox,
But he still would sniff rocks,
For the mystical fragrance of cunt.
--- L0608

If girls, you have brushes with foxes,
You'll find they have very small cockses.
You'll find that such dearth
Brings you staight down to Earth.
Those for vixen must have tiny boxes.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Foxes, especially males,
Are always lifting their tails.
They ask you to hump them,
Then reach 'round and pump them.
Their horniness just never fails.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Hyena girls, between their thighs,
Have a clitoris of massive size.
So like an erection,
It's female perfection
That even impreses gay guys.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A miner out looking for rocks
Came down with a dose of the pox,
Which he argues was due
To a loose caribou
When in fact 'twas a cute silver fox.
--- Hugh Oliver 119a

The animal dentist, McTavity,
Was known to give in to depravity.
When a wolf was on scene
To have her teeth cleaned,
The dentist fill up all her cavities.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was an old sinner from Crete
Who sodomized she-wolves in heat.
He'd insert his nose
Plus fingers and toes,
Then tickle their snatch with his feet.

(Dante's Inferno, canto 14)
--- Armand E Singer 72

A wolf with a penchant for humans,
Ended up fussing and fumin'
When his Alpha female
Was seen with raised tail
And not for a wolf, but a new man.
--- Actaeon

Wolves are such sex creatures;
They have so many good features.
Their tongues are for kissing;
Their cocks are for pissing;
For kinky sex, the're ideal teachers.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Some wolves enjoy watersports,
Which is why there's wetspots on their shorts.
They'll jack off in their briefs,
Then find bladder relief,
According to many reports.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A dog's life is alright with me,
As long as I've hydrants for pee,
Hot legs for some humping,
A bitch who likes pumping,
And biscuits and pussy for tea.
--- Randog

Your bitch's erogenous zone
Is something you'd best leave alone.
For when she's in heat,
And howling for meat,
You'll just want to bury your bone.
--- SFA

Silly Sally thought up a new trick,
Involving Old Duke's doggie dick.
When they were done,
Duke thought it more fun,
Than rolling over or chasing a stick.
--- Mike Perry

"I long for caresses and licks
And all of her sexual tricks.
But if you think I'm sad,
Poor Old Duke's got it bad,
He's quit rolling over and chasing sticks."
--- Mike Perry

I once had a boxer named Pete
Whose habits were so indiscreet,
That he'd nibble on shit
Then lick my girl's clit,
Then puke it all up at my feet.
--- John Miller

I once worked her into a heat,
But old Pete shot me down in defeat.
With his tongue a foot long,
Neither mine nor my dong
Had a prayer in Hell to compete.
--- John Miller

Said my girl, "Although you're very sweet,
Your pal here just cannot be beat."
The thought tends to sicken;
My love took a licken'
While I got tossed out on the street.
--- John Miller

Impossible, I would have thought,
How a dog like a Dachshund, so short,
Could have humped a tall Rott-
Weiler bitch (did she squat?)
But a pup's the result of his sport.
--- Anon

Those Dachshunds are smarter than foxes
At ways of getting off their rocks-es.
That Rottweiler bitch
Did not miss a stitch,
He taught her to back against boxes.
--- Anon

I know this would seem a strange tale;
Such love would seem destined to fail
But in truth, I was there!
And no bullshit! I swear!
That dachshund was hung like a whale.
--- Anon

For sex, Mildred found her salvation:
Experiments led her to station
Between her spread thighs,
(With only two tries!)
The genitals of her Dalmatian.
--- Travis Brasell

Not a graduate from my school,
That Mildred is really a fool.
No need to insert
Doggie dicks up her skirt;
Peanut butter makes them lick and drool.
--- Carol

According to your student, Grace,
Your school is now void of pace;
She said, "Peanut butter
Is causing the clutter;
It crams all the rooms case-by-case."
--- Travis

I'm thinking -- don't want to be rash,
But if you have some extra cash,
Strawberry preserves
Would sure soothe my nerves;
I'd chase the dogs off in a flash.
--- Frank Fazed

Jelly or jam just doesn't stick;
Peanut butter is always real thick.
You'll be feeling dreamy,
But always use creamy,
Or you'll get a chew, not a lick.
--- Carol

My drinking once left me quite groggy;
I dreamt I was having a doggy.
I must say, furthermore,
My ass was quite sore,
And my underpants were rather soggy.
--- Doc