A young break-dancer named Chris,
Had the women queueing him to kiss.
What began as a cuddle
Quickly turned to a muddle
Of Chris, a young miss, and much bliss.
--- Jan M

Now let me set this rumor straight,
'Cause gossip is one thing I hate.
Especially pertaining
To my moral training --
The truth, here, I shall now, relate:
--- Anon

"Tis true that ol' Ob likes to watch,
But, a ewe, I would never debauch!
Rumor's contradicted...
I'm strictly restricted
To only female HUMAN crotch!
--- Observer

I once wrote a book called: "The Silly
Adventures of Upstanding Willy,
A Longshanks Descendant
And Ladies Attendant
And Pleaser of Any Old Filly."
--- Travis Brasell

Old Fillys, Dear Sir, you should know
Can outlast a good many beaux.
They've been there and floored 'em,
In good times and boredom.
But boy! When they go, can they go!
--- Travis Brasell

Dear Peter has hop-in-bed toes,
And a cute little nuzzle-me nose.
His manner's all gruff
But his body is buff;
He looks his best without clothes.
--- Marlene Lewis

A strapping young man named Howard
Was reputed to be muscle-powered.
But when a small mouse
Crept into the house,
He jumped on the table, the coward.
--- Anon

When one mentions the name Chippendale
Many women will shreik and will wail.
The males twist and cavort.
There's quite an onslaught;
The female crowd would like them in a sale.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

There was a young man from Milwaukee
With build rather short and quite stocky.
Of the girls he had made,
Hardly one was dismayed,
Though a few did presume he was cocky.
--- Albin Chaplin

The wild fighting Pasha Khalil
Had muscles much harder than steel.
Just the clink of his balls
As he stormed through the halls,
Made his concubines titter and squeal.
--- G0374

My guarding skills are a disgrace.
Some guy just walked into this place
With shoulders to here,
A tight little rear --
I just didn't notice his face!
--- Marlene Lewis

I see by the hem of your skirt
That you are a bit of a flirt.
And as for that chest,
Why, I'm so impressed,
My nipples are pointy and pert.
--- Anon

I just go in that place for sex.
There're no brains above those guys' necks.
But they are sure hot
And sweaty a lot,
And they have such marvelous pecs!
--- Anon

There once was a big guy named Blake
Who looked like he ate too much steak.
He had sex appeal
Which might seem unreal,
But I bet that the girls didn't fake.
--- Anon

With muscles powerful and clean,
My love can be easily seen.
Don't like 'em too lumpy
Or overly bumpy;
I like muscles just smooth and lean.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Body builder muscle-bound guys
Might walk off with someone's hunk prize.
But pure sculptured lines
Dressed up to the nines,
Makes hairs on my nape up and rise.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

These men are like sleek hunting cats,
Make me want to give rubs and pats.
Dangerous hard men who
Shock my old libido;
They elevate my thermostats.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

So secretly, between me and you,
Though I lust to catch one or two,
Because I'm not sleek
And I'm somewhat meek,
I will just admire the view.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A hard-body builder named Neil
Has abs truly fashioned of steel;
All this helps procreation
But as well, fornication:
Great muscles plus sexy appeal.
--- Armand Singer

Now you guys always have squawked
And among yourselves you have talked.
But 'tis not the size
That caught my eyes,
It's the way that it moved when he walked.
--- Robyn

There was a young lady called Sandy,
Who had an affair with a dandy.
Now I don't mean a fruit
Who could not toot a hoot,
But a robust big he-man and handy.
--- Albin Chaplin

A second-row forward that I know
Is built like an African rhino.
He's big and he's brawny,
He's hard and he's horny,
And his foreskin's as tough as old lino. (linoleum-McW)
--- Michael Horgan

He's so charming and handsome and slim,
But Melissa is dumping her Tim.
He's unfaithful and brash
And won't put out the trash,
Though the trash will all put out for him.
--- Graham Lester

Yon classical dancer, a Greek,
So bulgy he's damned near a freak,
Has a membrum virile
That ain't merely a dilly;
In tights he is truly unique.
--- Armand Singer

I just met my dreamboat, Tom Lee;
They've named him "The Hunk of `03";
All those muscles, that torso,
Turn me on, only more so;
I want in his pants, S A P.
--- Armand Singer

Not wearing a shirt shows my muscles,
Which makes women only want tussles
With me in their beds,
Which gives me the 'dreads'
Of stripping them of their huge bustles.
--- Travis Brasell

I'm watching the scoop shovel dig;
The dirt piles it makes are so big.
The gopher's in awe;
It would like a claw,
As big as the one on that rig.
--- Marlene

As for me, I'll just take the worker.
One can tell that he is no shirker.
He's got great equipment!
I will accept shipment;
His pectorals drive me berzerker.
--- Marlene

Today he is all dressed in black.
He pokes at some thing in the back
That's under a lid.
Don't know what they did
But that scoop extension's gone slack.
--- Marlene

For luncheon I go 'cross the street,
To ogle this big hunk and eat.
He swivels his hips;
I must lick my lips;
Construction guys just cannot be beat!
--- Marlene

Give me a man any day
Who's fun and who knows how to play,
With kisses and hugs,
Who squeezes and snugs,
And all through the night with me stays.
--- Arden

There was a young man of Vancouver,
Highly skilled in erotic maneuver.
He screwed without cease
Both Lenore and Elyse,
With young Jacqueline first as hors d'oeuvre.
--- Isaac Asimov

Said a sensitive youth of Virginia
To his paramour, "Once I beginia,
You will have no regret
That I tend to forget
About everything else, once I'm inia."
--- Keith MacMillan A119C

This is file nxl

For a lover, then I am your man;
I'll prong you just like a cave man.
But also so gentle
Without being sentimental,
You'll lose all track of timespan.
--- S C Saint

A certain old sinner named Sam,
Confessing, "I am what I am";
Up and started to screw
What he felt was his due:
To wit, half the town, thank you ma'am.
--- Armand Singer

A custodial drudge at IBM,
Sleeps nightly with high-salaried quim.
His corporate status
Is that of a 'rattus'
But the she-pinstripes swear by his vim.
--- Bruce Thompson

A young man who is named Isadore
Is a fellow no dame would abhor.
When he's had all his fun,
And the screwing is done,
He will still whisper feebly, "Once more!"
--- Isaac Asimov

There once was a man of virility,
Who was manly despite his sterility.
He humped every whore
Till she screamed, "No More!"
And his ego returned to tranquility.
--- Leona

There was a young rake from Mt. Shasta
Whose dream was to prove himself fastah
At finding and humping
And spreading and thumping
The various chicks he did mastah.
--- Armand E Singer 66

There was a young lover named Teddy,
Whose action was slow and quite steady.
By conserving his powers,
He lasted three hours,
Then shouted, "Next girl, please. I'm ready."
--- Isaac Asimov

He is often asked, "How do you entice
All those maidens? What is your device?"
Says Knightely with pride,
"They queue up to get pied,
Then I tell them my christian name's Thrice."
--- Lucy

Thrice Knightley, the man of my dreams!
He thrills me and fills me and creams!
I say au revoir
To my silky peignoir
As I submit to his golden streams.
--- Ericka

As long as his skills aren't deficient,
(And lacking in knowledge he isn't) --
If he can last all night,
Till dawn's early light,
Then just Once Knightely is sufficient!
--- Kaylin

In your teens, you can do it tri-nightly,
In your twenties, you'll surely try nightly.
Then it's just once a week,
Then just once, very weak,
Then yearly...but that is tonightly..
--- Tiddy Ogg

Some day it's a thing of the past;
Can't remember when you had it last --
But as long as you still
Get a bit of a thrill,
It's a thrill that is still unsurpassed!
--- Kaylin

A swinging young drummer named Pell
Took broads to his sleazy motel
And did the whole night
Until it got light,
What's figured of such clientele.
--- Armand E Singer 285

'Twas twenty years since I had seen her;
She served time. 'Twas no misdemeanor.
Her hair had turned grey
Since she went away,
And I recall she was much leaner.
--- Observer

The passing of time can be cruel;
And she was no longer a jewel.
But I've never been fussy
And any old hussy
Will do, as a general rule.
--- Observer

And usually horny am I,
And that's a fact I don't deny.
But after a minute,
My heart isn't in it,
'Cause frankly, I'm not the same guy.
--- Observer

You see, that's the beauty of sheep;
A memory like that, they can't keep.
And they should not oughter;
That's the reason for slaughter,
So they'll utter nary a peep.
--- Scott Oliver

The engine mechanic named Clark
Picked up a young maid in the park.
He could not get her started
For she sputtered and farted,
Till he found the advance on her spark.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0086

He now unzipped his appliance
And waved it around in defiance.
He cried, "I can lay
ANY babe, ANY day..."
And he quickly acquired several clients!
--- Grand Prix Lim 960

A carefree Lothario named Clark
At night went to spark in the park.
He remarked, rather sprightly,
"It's to hide what's unsightly,
For they all feel the same in the dark."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0085

Renaldo loves tail -- he's a Pisan;
He rarely will give you a reason,
But if pressed he will say,
"It's more fun than croquet,
It's harmless and always in season."
--- Armand E Singer 802

He has been busy as hell,
Online and offline as well.
Now he's back with some luck
And ready to fuck
Any female whose name he can spell.

(that narrows it down quite a bit - McW)
--- Writerman

You whisper desires of your soul;
For that I will never cajole
With meaningless phrases,
But in your love phases,
I'll thrust my cock in any hole!
--- Anon

There once was a man name of Burt;
With all different types he would flirt.
As long as it had hair,
He sure didn't care
What he found under the skirt.
--- Dr Limerick 04-16-96

There is much to be said for the male,
For although he's inclined to be frail,
He does what he can
To perpetuate man,
On a truly magnificent scale.
--- Lims Unlimited

A gay young Lothario, Haslet,
1ikes to feed every flame that he has lit.
Rare the cunt who denies
When that look in his eyes
Hints a fuck that is certain to frazzle it.
--- G2697

O ye daughters of Jewry, I'm black,
But I'm comely even out of the sack;
Just like Kedar's dark tents,
And the drapes on the vents,
Of my Solomon's bedroom in back.
--- Anon

Okay, I admit I looked daft,
And for sure, dear Nawahl, you'd have laughed;
But instead of disturbed,
You'd have felt more perturbed
At the length and the girth of my shaft.
--- Anon

A second more likely, my dear,
If you'd shown me your cute little rear
Bending over a table
To keep yourself stable
And braced for thrust of my spear.
--- Anon

Your interest you'll have to curtail
You'd be following up the wrong trail.
In my pants that's a cock,
Not a strap-on or sock;
Whether clad or unclad I'm a male.
--- Anon

'Twas a pastor named Rupert Gazzinski
Who was partial to the old "out-and-in"-ski.
He was found out and cursed;
But it could have been worse;
It could have been Monica Lewinsky!
--- Anon

Objected a playboy named Plumber,
"The charge I'm a a heel is a bummer;
But still, it is true,
To give truth its due,
I'm faithful -- but just for one summer."
--- Armand E Singer 665

There was a young freshman named Judd,
Whose tool, when engorged with hot blood,
Was the very quintessence
Of salacious tumesence:
A must at frat parties for stud.
--- Armand E Singer 189

Now women belong on their knees,
A position that's certain to please.
I'll be ever so kind,
As I can from behind.
(Now take that, you tight-twatted tease.)
--- Anon