There once was a young man named Halls,
Who made nitroglycerin balls.
As he walked toward the door,
He tripped on the floor.
He's now being scraped off the walls!
--- Georgie Tyrebiter

Not searching for downed UFO's,
Nor hints of a Bigfoot (or toes),
In the trees and the vines a'
West North Carolina,
Feds are looking for Rudolph's red nose.

(clinic bomber Rudolph hiding in mountains 1998)
--- Knotweed

Said a fooling young lady of Wales,
"A smell of gas prevails."
Then she searched with a light,
And later that night,
Was collected in seventeen pails.
--- Langford Reed

A toilet-for-hire was unloaded;
Above it, a fan, wires corroded.
The guest who fell through,
Splattered gaseous goo,
Then the shit hit the fan and exploded.
--- David A Brooks Q

The Polish mailbomber's retired,
But the rumor is that he was fired.
Seems the poor dope
Wrote on each envelope,
--- Writerman

Thanks to the effect, one assumes,
Of the pressure of internal fumes,
The corpse of Lord Crate,
While lying in state,
Exploded and spattered three rooms.
--- Beelzebub TP9802

A practical joker named Lars
Liked to hand out exploding cigars.
One particular bloke,
The butt of his joke,
Has his sphincter in orbit 'round Mars.
--- Brian Fothergill

There once was a student named Bloom
Who was very intent on his doom;
He swallowed a bomb,
With an eerie aplomb,
And exploded all over his room.
--- Cap'n Bean P0108

There once was a man from Nantucket
Whose heiny got stuck in a bucket.
To blast it apart,
He let out a fart;
But three people were too late to duck it!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Now Georgie once said, "When I die
My ashes in Ireland shall lie."
"What, a Belfast cremation?"
Asked the major with vexation.
"The explosion will blow us sky-high!"
--- Q

There was a young scholar from Rhodes
Who prayed to learn all that was 'knowed'.
God granted his desire;
He became quite inspired;
His head did quickly explode!
--- James Satoshi

A one-night-stand, but what a bash!
With musicians, of course, smoking hash;
But the Fire Marshal squawked,
Closed the hall while we gawked;
"All this methane is likely to flash!"
--- Anon

A lady whose name was Louise
Declared she was bothered by fleas.
She used gasoline
And later was seen
Sailing over the hills and the trees.
--- Young Lady Alice P0105

There once was a young man named John
Who found in his bedroom a bomb.
He looked at the time
Which was quarter past nine
And in two seconds flat he was gone.
--- David Ollard age 10

A boy found some dynamite,
And the wick, he did indeed light,
Thinking it was a candle.
But 'twas too hot to handle;
The explosion was a wondrous sight.
--- Anon

To the jury he said his objective
Was to prove, without rant or invective,
That the dynamite phallus
Could not have killed Alice,
If the product had not been defective.
--- A N Wilkins P8507

There was a young girl from Dundee
Who exploded at twenty past three.
They found lots of bits,
Including both tits,
At the top of a thirty foot tree.
--- Anon

There was a young woman named Meg
Who sat on a big powder keg.
But her rear was so hot
It ignited the lot.
Now Meg's whereabouts are quite vague.
--- Warrick Elrod P0208

A swollen-pants lecher from Bodenham,
(His balls bear a supersized load in 'em),
Is way oversexed
And worries that next
The contents will likely explode in 'em.
--- Armand E Singer 430A

There was a young man of Malacca,
Who always slept on his left knacker.
One Saturday night,
He slept on his right,
And his knacker went off like a cracker.
--- L1194

There was an old man from Brazil
Who one day took the wrong pill.
His heart expired,
His ass back-fired,
And his balls were blown over the hill.
--- Bulldog TP9804

An endowed birthday boy named Fred,
Just couldn't wait to be fed.
Such a blow did he make,
When he blew out the cake,
That his pecker exploded instead.
--- Mr Wine

There's less of that Nob Hill young lass,
Whose head landed near Manchac Pass.
Found come on her lips;
Her chin had fresh drips,
But Bama's where she dropped her ass.
--- Anon

Jill did a thing truly heinous.
She stuffed an H-bomb up her anus.
He clit reached the stars;
Her face attained Mars;
Her shit became part of Uranus.
--- H Welchel

There was a young fellow of Grasse
Who constructed a condum of brass.
The first time he retired,
The damn thing backfired,
And blew off both balls and his ass.
--- G2037a

A lunatic youth from Dungannon
Was convinced his prick was a cannon;
But when it was loaded,
The damn thing exploded --
His balls were picked up near the Shannon.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A terrorest Palestine ace
Was killed by a Jewess named Grace.
Her masterful plot
Was a bomb in her twat,
And she blew up her cunt in his face.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2848

Dinah's trained how to use dynamite,
Quite often she looks quite a sight.
In a helmet of steel,
She still has sex appeal.
If you want a good time, dinah might.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

Nymphomaniacal Jill
Used a dynamite stick for a thrill.
They found her labia
In Saudi Arabia,
And bits of her teats in Brazil.
--- Anon

There once was a Polack named Ted,
Who took a young lass to his bed.
Instead of a prick,
A dynamite stick;
When she came, 'twas a blast, so it's said.
--- Jim Weaver Collection a

There was an old lady from Phlox,
Who set dynamite off in her box.
When asked the sensation,
She cried with elation,
"It's better than elephant cocks!"
--- Pete Baker

There once was a woman in China,
Stuck dynamite up her vagina.
She lit it on fire
In suicidal ire;
It blew her to South Carolina.
--- Anon

A horny woman once did push
Some firecrackers up in her puss!
She was planning on havin'
An explosive orgasm,
But she burned off most of her bush!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

This is file drm

In Hyde where the red roses bloom,
Jane used lighter fuel as perfume.
But frictional heat
From boyfriend Tom's meat,
Made them both disappear with a boom.
--- Anon

A young celebate couple from Bowdoin,
Groaned, "Our will to resist is erodin'.
We soon may be doin'
Some long-deferred screwin',
'Cause right now our hormones are explodin'."
--- Chris O'Carrol

They tell of a lass named Regina
Who put objects inside her vagina.
She kept packing her hole
Until it was full,
And BOOM! Her asshole's in China.

--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a girl with no class,
Gave simultaneous head, crotch, and ass.
When her three guys unload,
They'll watch her explode
And sing "Pumpin' that gash is a gas!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Nymphomaniacal Jill
Used a dynamite stick for a thrill.
The cheeks of her ass
Landed up in Madras,
And the bits of her tits in Brazil.
--- G2147

Strangest chemistry I've ever seen
Was what Richard and Liz had between.
It lasted for years;
Fraught with fights, booze and tears,
Sparked by their trinitrotoluene.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0205

There once was a prudish young lass,
Who was taught that she mustn't pass gas.
Her boy friend, one night,
Blew high as a kite,
When he mistook her cunt for her ass!
--- Anon

A neurotic young man from Tulane,
Caused his mother considerable pain.
He poured nitroglycerin
Where his dad put his pisser in,
And then threw her under a train.
--- L1549

A stalwart of Stalin named Adam
Took a potshot at splitting the atom.
He blew off his penis,
And now, just between us,
He's know 'round the Kremlin as "Madam."
--- G1971

There was an old man of Penang
Whose ballocks went off with a bang.
His foreskin flew back
With a terrible 'snack'
And his asshole whistled and sang.
--- G2032

There was a young lad, Jimmy Lockett,
Who kept in his pocket a rocket,
Which started to bubble
And fizz at the double,
When Liz put her hand in his pocket.
--- Peter Wilkins

There was a young fellow named Tom,
Who ran screaming home to his mom.
The fear of the Bomb
Scared him back to the womb--
The bastard, he wasn't so dumb!
--- L1226

There was a young man named Crockett,
Whose balls got caught in a socket.
His wife was a bitch,
So she turned the switch,
And Crockett went off like a rocket.
--- Anon

There was a young lady of Dexter,
Whose husband exceedingly vexed her.
For whenever they'd start,
He'd unfailingly fart,
With a blast that damn nearly unsexed her.
--- L0693

Did you hear about young Henry Lockett?
He was blown down the street by a rocket.
The force of the blast,
Blew his balls up his ass,
And his pecker was found in his pocket.
--- L1191

There once was a whore on the dock
From dusk until dawn she sucked cock,
Till one day it was said,
She gave so much head,
She exploded and whitewashed the block.
--- Anon

The Freudian art of analysis
Would fall into total paralysis,
If men could abjure
Coition's allure,
And all that's related to phalluses.
--- Norm Storer P9201

A quirky old gent, name of Freud,
Was, not without reason, annoyed
That his concept of Id,
And all that Id did,
Was so starkly and loosely employed.
--- Martin Fagg P0001

I've just spent some twenty-nine quid
To banish my ego and id.
"Away with young Tom
And that Shaft", with aplomb
Said my doctor, Freud Sigmund, he did.
--- Anon

Sigmund Freud says that one who reflects,
Sees that sex has far-reaching effects.
For bottled-up urges
Come out in great surges
In directions that no-one expects.
--- Peter Alexander

The basis of human society,
Says Freud, is castration anxiety.
It makes us create
The political state,
Religion, and art, and podiatry.
--- Norm Storer P9201

What his fetish was, young Mein Herr Zearing
Would never reveal in the hearing
Of the great Sigmund Freud,
Who was greatly annoyed,
But he never learned it was an earring.
--- A N Wilkins P8708

"If you dream", said the eminent Freud,
"Your Id is in doubt, or annoyed,
By nueroses complex
From suppression of sex,
So passions are best enjoyed."
--- Russell Miller

The masses, declaimed Doctor Freud,
Are seldom so peacefully employed,
As in the position
Described as coition,
So it's nice that it's widely enjoyed.
--- Anon

Freud said, "Colleagues, these theories of mine
I espouse from small reason or rhyme.
One thing in our favor,
We cherish and savor.
We're expensive and money is time."
--- Loren C Fitzhugh

When an obstinate fellow of Fife,
Insisted on loving his wife,
Denying obsessions,
And dreams and repressions,
The Freudians feared for his life.
--- Allen M Laing

The great psychoanalyst Freud
Revealed his own sex life was void.
A girl from Montego
Then altered his ego.
Fellatio was all she employed.
--- David Miller P8208

At FIN DE SIECLE, Freud, taught he,
That those proper folks, prim and haughty,
With habits severe,
Lived, under veneer,
In hot private lives that were naughty.
--- Chris Papa

A psychiatrist fellow, quite Jung,
Asked his wife, "May I bugger your bung?"
And he was so much annoyed
When he found her a-Freud,
He went out in the yard and ate dung.
--- L0478

Re: Freud, here's the unvarnished poop:
He flew planes and invented the loop.
Though he sailed quite a lot,
He'd no skill tying knots,
And his craft was a Freudian Sloop.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0201

Just think, had Sigmund understood
Exhibitionists, why then it could
Have caused him to give rise
To a business which thrives
And call it, "Freudricks of Hollywood."
--- Loren C Fitzhugh

There was a young girl of East Anglia,
Whose loins were a tangle of ganglia.
Her mind was a webbing,
Of Freud and Kraft-Ebbing,
And all sorts of other new-fanglia.
--- Aldous Huxley L1414A

The gunslinging coyboy on trips,
Through frigidity, his pistol grips.
Making such puns
On the cold and guns,
On the ice the poor Freudian slips.
--- Anon

Ve riled up the great Sigmund Freud.
That vizard was really annoyed.
Ve called him a quack,
And he had to fight back.
From his lips came a bold, nasty void.
--- Al Willis TP9802