Limeric Index



salon; was shawn. Noodle, a strudel. frugal; one noodle.
Duffer, muff her. boodle, their noodle, Moncrieff, all belief.
Lee, speak fluently. telling, been helling. Florence, an abhorrence.
Air, poodle, Pierre. oodles, puppy-dog poodles, Kewin, I'm doin'.
Dare, of hair,


chum, your mum, Eutoxeter, at her. fox, share locks.
hunt, grown blunt foxes, small cockses. males, their tails.
thighs, massive size. rocks, the pox, McTavity, to depravity.
Crete, in heat. humans, and fumin' creatures; good features.
watersports, their shorts.


me, for pee, zone, leave alone. trick, doggie dick.
licks, sexual tricks. Pete, so indiscreet, heat, in defeat.
sweet, be beat." thought, so short, foxes, their rocks-es.
tale; to fail salvation: to station school, a fool.
Grace, of pace; rash, extra cash, stick; real thick.
groggy; a doggy. Dane, my pain. rear, a leer.
spaniel; named Daniel. name; fast lane. screwdle, wet noodle.
mind? my behind. sun, not fun; sunset, red-necker love-pet;
drink, now think; started, ominously farted; seen! country queen!
shirt; pert; meat, front seat; horn, "before morn;"
gag, a rag; vile; chil' ; green; a latrine;
beer, I fear, soiled; time's foiled; follow, secretive hollow."
fuck; my truck?" tease." you please. ass?" the grass.
spunky, quite funky. 'er), golden retriever), harried, canines parried,
amass, the grass, Loretta; Irish Setter. fuck, bad luck.
Hubbard, the cupboard, wagging, good shagging. swole, lady's hole
brow, of how fog, a log. dogs: anyone's logs!
rap, this crap: mind, canines behind? keen; sex machine;
ripped, her gripped; cano" Boy guano! bay, from hay.
surprise; her thighs, arms, like love-charms. guys, her cries.
bitch, male itch; stayed, again strayed. lady, quite shady.
fart; and depart.


candies, the Andes. Tid," "But did boat, my choat.
spooning; virtually crooning. goat, to bloat. Albacete, a bet-a.
tote; boy's scrot'. Rote, of note. Choate, a goat,
nanny, milkmaid's fanny. gloats, to shoats. crotch, top notch.
porn, sharp horns? he, a nanny? crown, lower down,
ledge, I allege. water, she oughter girls, before pearls,
hateful, even fateful, hill, some spill. goat; nice coat.
contacts, estrus-tormented hyrax. Cid, a kid. Granny! its fanny;
gruff, quite enough. caprine, eighty nine, did, 30 quid.
name, opera fame; meat, her feet Nantucket, a bucket.
vandal, named Randall; me; to see it. sexual diet
wet, hard-working sweat, IT, my bit. haste, a waste.
well, rather nouvell. rear, is dear, -- this state
moat, women remote. Sam, a jam. scrote, her throat.
throat, tribal scapegoat, votes, named Coates. Okhotsk, I quotsk:
Moats, humping goats,


leopard, German Shepherd. Luanda; his mantra. Jack, his crack.
teeth, relief -- might, show fight! Haute, a stoat,
Potter, an otter. Bart, the heart; Mick, mere stick.
jug, his mug, Manda, to Uganda. screw, are few,
Burundi, large coatimundi. hands, their command. relations; quick palpations.
condominium, other verminium.


nips, her lips. luck. bit stuck, said, his head.
doe, a show. show, you know. Moon-deer, I fear.
stew, or two. Saskatchewan, is gone. here, New Year.
Arctic, a hardick. other; would smother. harem, scare 'em.
Bruce, certain excuse, Nash; somewhat rash. bush; did push.
Bruce, bit loose, snoose, a moose. juice, a moose.
get? one yet! moose, bit loose, moose, new papoose,
find, in mind. grin. deep within, stag, to lag.
Cornelius! ideally us. Inuit, chew it. better; the "Setter."
use, a moose? Irene, Royal Marine. caribou, a few;
wapiti, his propiti.


fit; I'm bit!" venus, fleshy penis! name! his pain.
deep, to keep: bleaters, cetacean peters: Gail, blue whale.
stauncher. him raunchier. Puck, same-species luck. whales, Dick tales.
nervous, to surface. Capri, the sea. stay, to LA.
Gwynne, dove in. pout; proud about. wish, when SWISH!
ale, to pale. flash, to ash. consistent, his assistant
nation, and celebration. Majorca, young orca, tournament, horny meant.
glee. the sea. style, a while tale, a whale.
Majorca, an orca. Bering, seals staring Sperm, to learn,
aquatic, quite static. sensation, massive inflation, Dick? this prick.
abound, are underground. Lido, cetacean libido. Whales," profit prevails,
Wales, to whales. scuba, of Cuba. ocean, prurient notion.
Hortense, than sense,


romances, called Frances. around, a mound, Florida, dark corridor.
Malotte, her twat, Amarillo, with Brillo. willow, large armadillo,
Petrillo, girl armadillo. Amarillo, an armadillo Amarillo, large armadillo
Amarillo, down pillow; tamandua: her fantua.


flea: you see, rupee, make whoopee. Enkije, a DJ.
Blentz, pachycerm yentz. prince, elephants wince. musth, almost combust,
Browder, a howda. elegance, fella hunts tusk, near bust.
Trevellyan, Nellie in head, her bed choir, did aspire.
Ritter, prodigious critter. mahout, blithering about? mammoth: you crammeth?
dreadable: a bull! heat, elephant, Pete, Bronx, and monx.
skunk; it stunk.


today, you dismay. Cabel, was able. Monterrey, family way.
Rajah, be larger. phase, by malaise: bourbon, new Suburban
Nugget, hug it. assistant, owner's insistence. lust, could trust.
Mahony, horse's baloney. Morse, course -- pedestrian, an equestrian.
horse, incredible force. seen, has been day, no way!
admit, horse shit, blighter, despite her mistake; the cake.
see, from me,) fairs, and mares. found, filly aground.
Norse, his horse. Mable, she's able. Falls, racehorses balls,
slums, donkey succumbs. teaser, please her. equine, did whine;
Cooley, and unruly. Sallie; the valley. pride, his bride.
pass." pure crass, head, in bed, divorce; a horse.
barrel, gray mare'll care, a mare. banal, femme fatale.
Morse, of course. known, would bone. richer. fit ya,
sleigh; a neigh. hair, might dare tears, the steers:
Robin, a mobbin'; source, (how coarse!). grey. eating hay.
Morse, and coarse. Morse; no discourse. equine, of mine;
her, the boiler. course; is boss. beam, to scream.
beer, the rear. mirador, the matador. Brady, Miss Sadie.
Morse, his horse. hay, good lay, vigor, that's bigger.
choice, of course. jelly, stud's belly. you, to woo,
soul, this whole rain, long mane; Bell, quite well.
stud, a dud. able, the stable, lips, and hips.
Arizona, named Mona. mission; his ambition. Billy, girlfriend silly.
heat, so sweet. trick: a brick, horse, Of course,
nag, trusty nosebag. wrong; that strong. say? right away!
mother. hire another; dale; the tail; screw, 'Silver' too;
story; the quarry. queer, elephant's rear. interfere, carefully-chosen career.
resistance, like pistons. course; of remorse. hobbly," village cobbly;


Della; so bella... wise, stud's thighs. Budweiser, a riser.
Falabella, his cella. desire, handsome Shire. Baltimore, stud Man-O-War.
wipes, his pipes, McGarrity, a rarity. offer, boff her.
Madras, voluptuous ass. Lenore, a boar. dick, could stick.
aghast! pumped fast. Parisian, a Friesian. stud, Arkansas mud.
desire, handsome Shire. up, to tup. talker, Tennesse Walker.
near, I fear! Prussian, painful concussion, repercussions: major discussion.
brushin', was crushin'. hushin', man flushin'. (Libra), oversexed zebra.
bevies!" heart heavy. need, not steed.


remorse, a horse. Cancer, cavalry lancer, silly, hot chili,
her, gropin' her. stares, in pairs, rain, her mane,
Gwinette, a pet. trainer, entertain her. ground, was found,
Mills, the hills, enough, too rough; found, you're bound:
kick. his dick: Billy, bit silly. slot, a lot.
horse: for divorce. Adair; did share. Adair, a mare.
perverted, mare, converted. Sagamore, strict bachelor. fingered, cunniling'ed her.
call; her all. horse, quick intercourse); horse, irresistible force.
thrillin' my fillin'; Dilly, felt silly. horse, hot intercourse.
hurt, the flirt. Caerphilly, get silly. stall, the wall,)
Willie, quite silly.


force, his horse. a, lust, a away, of hay.
Rains, than brains. Stamboul, recalcitrant mule. stool, a mule.
Benny, a jenny, Dwight, sexual might. sleeze, the knees.
Mule; of tool. you'll, a mule. penis: seen us.
undertook, the brook. -- you're smelly; way, to play.
cool, oversized tool. farce. "I'll pass."


Tony, a pony, in, named Helen. soul! the bowl.
Shoney, and bony; Bun, for fun. Toni, a pony.
despair, willing mare. lovers. the covers. Shoshoni, in matrimony.
tractor; a factor. a-snorting, and cavorting. Nick, called Dick.
sallyin' they're a-dallyin' Miller, thrill her. Marge, a barge,
daughter, bought her. Tony, the pony. honky, a donkey.
hill, the chill. horse, of course,


stall, the hall. Cross, a horse. field, her yield.
Dove, a shove. play, all day. shiver, to quiver.
Abel, a stable. fame, wonderful game. Great, would sate.
pizzle, temperature sizzle. line, just fine, muzzle, would nuzzle
apt; ladies unwrapped crunch, to munch Kate, moniker, "Great",
divorce, a horse. Barger, his charger. 'em." on 'em.
Italian, her stallion. Bea, a tree. Bobbie, quite knobby.
source, a horse. Tex, bestial sex. Abel, a stable.
course, young horse. horse; masculine force! Tabby, too shabby.
wrist, not resist wang, a bang. Whitehorse, right horse;
Doris, by Boris. Norse, young horse. rod, "Dear God!"
Ayr, to compare weed, the need course, articulate horse.
whirl!" hair curl. head, the shed. coarse, her horse.
Orso, horse, so Morse, stud horse. sauce' twat moss.
dame." my husband-so-lame!" Morse, his horse. mag, nude hag,
Claire, her mare) return, to burn. service, bit nervous.
colour, lull 'er Leed, magnificent steed. track, sharp whack.
lay, at U.C.L.A. Angel? the range'll


ditty, little kitty!" "kitty", too pretty. city, my kitty!"
committee, the kitty, kitty! and pretty pity, so zitty.
Mitty, named Kitty, diversion, a Persian. Zabat, his cat.
hat, his cat. Scotty, awfully grotty. Himavat, a cat:
feet, to greet. screw, a shoe, dead, and head.
crabby, the Abbey; screech, of reach. knee-sitter; fit her.
agape; with rape. sick; wouldn't stick? Ginge; never impinge.
cries, heat mobilized. cat; did fornicate. Jill; window sill
sung, well hung; Nile, exceedingly vile, banks, "no thanks".
Yuma, a puma. spat. dear Pat." nixed, breed mixed),
cold; am told. -- him sick. creed, each breed:
abbey, quite shabby, wide, silky-smooth hide; tainting, I'm painting;
scarred, the yard; fat; my cat. name), promiscuous fame
Dwight, or white; Souci, fou, si? life, no strife.
away, and prey- conceited, judges entreated, Pete, continual heat
Strand, in hand. unplanned, at hand. Bugsy, to McFugsy.
Tiki, named Squeakie; Sprite, everything right. Kiger, huge tiger;
Flats, stray cats. Matt, my cat. neutered, constantly suitored,
Siamese, the trees. Cat, it's at. white, out tonight.
prowl, or fowl.


Macie, something racy. caught. you not?" rapt, sexually apt.
Tortuga, a cougar. jaguar, stag wore. Montezuma, a puma.
Yuma, a puma. Niger, her tiger; Niger, a tiger.
enough, tongue: Rough! Spratt, and fat.


lions; my environs. them. roared, then ground, and around.
her, flick her. quiverise, to shiverise, moans, my bone.
ring, of thing?" Brian, worth tryin'. told, and bold.
fur? a sir. claws, a pause. bro. you know.
mixin' tricks 'n' so... adores so; dyin', for tryin'.
sprawls, lions recalls zoo, you do. night... is slight,


mate, vaginal gate; O'Neill, for eel. Batonger, a conger.
Tonga, and longer, Onger, a conger, Onger, a conger.
fishmonger, after conger. Teale, to reveal, Peels, for eels.
O'Shea, aqueous way. Quinn, a swim. Brazil, Viagra pill.
Brazil, that pill; Capri, the sea. Wales, without scales;
it, to coit. flounder, drowned her. frustrated, sexually elated,
swamis, kissing gouramis, shark, a lark. Bough, and cow.
McNish, I wish. Cod, by God!" notion, love potion.
Tirana, wriggling piranha. eh? floor, eh? roe, that grow.
mushy, is squshy. Fife, his wife. squishy, was dishy.
mate, obvious bait. Tonga, a Conger. sailor, and frailer.
remark, the ark, swim, quite dim. Antigonish, a fish;
Brazil, Viagra pill line, the brine. mass, hot bass.


staff, doe-eyed giraffe. gaffe, considered riff-raff, sadder, been madder.
fame. to tame. calf, by half. Fleck, long neck.
Dom, foot schlong giraffe, a half. perplex, have sex.
say, sexual play. .. somebody baffled; ten, giraffe's pen.
perplex: during sex? dotty, quite naughty. love, a shove.
Sud, no good. laugh, staff -- Bath, a giraffe,


Sheba, Teutonic amoeba. Newt, a hoot. Peaches, best beaches.
Chester, molest her, enjoys, the boys. lobstresses, made dresses,
Ryan, them cryin'. den, astonishment when grabs, skilfully jabs
crim- now dim. audacious, creatures cretaceous, "cretaceous" and curvaceous,
found, testing ground. furnace, children's internist. polyp, little scallop
Samoan, cute protozoan. small, at all. fly. is why
Australia, cocked genitalia. starfish, sea dish) lecher, I'll betcha
sad, have had. echinoid, my elasmoroid" wits! have tits?
Rangooser, amuse her. reproducing, polite introducing. Royce, and boys.
Jim, her quim. making, worth taking. sexes, sorely perplexes


night. so right. cider, a spider. her; ride her.
cider, great spider. deciders, are outsiders hand, in hand.
paired, other, foresweared. empowered, first flowered. Feb, will ebb.
blame; in vain. spiders. open wider. Schneider, a spider.
Glider, a spider. elation, no consternation; 'er, of cider;
astounding. the pounding, seize, him freeze. big, did rig.
Jack, did shack. bellows, spidery fellows, scene, you lean,
Tibet, one, yet, below? a blow.


hide, after bride. drones, eensy love-bones. sex; drone ex.
Vladimir, butterfly's femur. Caster, outlaster her. Mott, her twat.
tree, a Bee; flea, fleaish ennui. mate, of late.
O'Tush, my wish, said, we bred. jelly, some Shelley.
Jeter, his peter. rug, and hug?" catch; to scratch.
rash, A FLASH! tremendous, lines never-endous. thing. no sting


Japan, a clam. Hari, did marry. Ferrari, slurping safari.
Leones, get bones. Isle?) the sea, limpet: crimp it
slugs, intimate hugs; scoff. task philosophes: swell. can tell?
McRoyster, a cloister, Cod, a cod. wife, was rife.
Prodd, and odd. Frodd, and odd. Madrid, a squid.
Sid, a squid. slid, with squid. sweet! probing twat-treat.
Madrid, a squid. heart; an art. lid, of squid.
wink, the drink. Brighton, possibly frighten. city, not pretty!
bus, a fuss.


Bright, My Delight?" sex, ever, complex. money, a Bunny,
Maloney, bone, he Claire, sexual fare. funny, "The Bunny"
flit, will permit. habit, a rabbit. Nice, hair-trigger release.
Hora, in Gomorra, dare, hose unaware, Colorado, the shadow,
there, the fair. he-rabbit, deplorable habit, habit, a rabbit.
baa-ing, there maa-ing. Bay, a lay. habits, young rabbits;
rabbits?" fat Babbits... Virginia, rabbit, Davinia. sound, and pound-
Hugh, to do fertile, named Myrtle.


three, the sea. grass, sea Bass. said, we're wed."
Whale; the scale. motion, the ocean. sing, a ping?
played; did parade; rave; ocean wave. Tuna; much sooner.
above; for love. upstream, passionate scream. vanity? a manatee.


couch, the pouch. kangaroo, he'd woo. Dale, for sale.
Thalia; absolute failure. Reeves, their knees. Stu, love, Pru.
under, me wonder. Blue, wild kangaroo. Hollis, his solace.
tongue, with dung creature, a reacher: same, by name,
zoo, girl kangaroo. kangaroo, really true. Perth, animals mirth.
probably, a wallaby; size, of lies; revolting, be bolting.
knew, nice kangaroo, couch. certainly vouch. sport, to cavort.
consort; to cavort; ready. said he hump, marsupial rump,
Sedalia, as Thalia kangaroo-- marsupial bangeroo. showy, and glowy,
do, a screw, (quadruped) named Ed, Paula, furry koala.
Perth, from birth. said, some head." under, shunned her.
blossom, horny opossum; 'Didelphis') his pelvis. kangaroos, and emus;
pouch, the couch; brew, the zoo. showy; and glowy,
Zoo, a she-kangaroo... Woolagong; truly wrong. too. a ewe.
couch, a pouch. ewes, to snooze." smell," Travis Brasell,
grouch, the couch. man, screw plan. Fife, his wife.
screw, your didgeridoo two, grey Kangaroo, ground; they're around.
place, wombat race.


Calhoun, red-assed baboon.) baboon; ladylike swoon. baboon, river Rangoon.
crass; his lass; rear, I hear. -- strange stuff.
Sue, the zoo, monkey; and funky!" say, the day
fling, a swing, agree, and we crop, can stop.
June, pet baboon. zoo, chimpanzee do, Kowloon, the moon.
chimp; and shrimp. Whiz, monkey biz. Rangoon; he'd swoon.
June, and balloon, Drew, the zoo. mate, looks great";
Gnossos, monkey's proboscis, Andy, so handy. blimp, a crimp!
Khartoum, his room. Hunky, in Bunkie. June, singing baboon.


Mick, his dick, bucket, from Nantucket. Somme, a gnome.
creature, eagle-like features. Alice, unusual malice. celibate, of it.
pox; the docks. Brigid, as frigid. camel, land mammal,
bladder, had her. irrefutable, it's disputable. Nile, to defile.
forget, will bet. maiden, bade him. horning, were scorning.
aswoon, shaded lagoon. mare, quite rare. Carr, perversions bizarre.
sweet, not indiscreet: Kenya, bean ya!" satyrical; and sherical.


me, fails me: Banks, "No thanks. sea, visiting me.
glee, float free." "Honey, is funny. Dinah, of China.
tried, my pride. fishin' by wishin', heartaches, unlucky breaks;
sailor, nail her. rare," named Lehr, Fiorello, aquatic bordello.
Horn, of morn, knows, her toes. mermaid, afraid --
ter, and faster. thing, to wring. pants, him askance.
Herman, young merman, a, in Scarborough; Capri, the lea;
emotion, the devotion tale, hot-blooded male,


Betty, a yeti. ago, the snow. see, yesiree --
between, to mean. brother, abominable mother Betty, park, Serengeti.
agreed, hopeless indeed. met, so wet. Yeti. bet he
most, west coast. sauce, peat moss. Betty, was ready;


Hutton, of mutton. blame, of game land, at hand.
bleatin' romantic meetin' Cox, Home, (orthodox). bail; Regional Jail;
sheep. I keep word; recently heard sung; her bung!
brother, her mother. seating, sheep, bleating. goin'; to groan.
creep, a sheep. cheap, I'll creep, Tex, he expects
keep, young sheep, Jeep, of sheep. Dickens, their kickin's.
gales; the dales. here; a beer. stock-yarder, the larder,
clackers; of poo-packers. Wence, was immense. keep, the sheep;
Caerphilly, very silly. tense; sordid offense; frightful, are spiteful.
blue, that tattoo, cock's, my flocks. deep, I sleep.
next? for sex, Hugh, Wiz too; Sandy, is dandy,
say, Aussie way, Tenniel; would kneel. Teep, to sleep.
quirk, I lurk, prude. the mood, men; the pen.
true. a screw. sheep: be neat; Karroo, farmer who
room, we presume, ambitious. be judicious: home, antelope roam.
disgust, a bust. sheep, a heap. Brazil, the hill.
neat; and complete. sheep! is cheap; Stu; I screw,
laugh, a calf toad... the road! Jeep; him deep.
care- is fair. pal, ordinary gal. Streep, a creep.
despair, from there fair, down there. veep, to sleep.
Demon, his dream-on. say, the hay: sheep, Bo Peep;
alarming; for embalming. Ega-a-a-a-ad! a ca-a-a-a-d! Wyoming; go roaming.
Neep, everything cheap. Ellis, tell us, place, locked embrace.
Lapeer, fine engineer. tool, to school, Tom, his mom,
unaware, the Fair, staff, a laugh!" alone, huge bone.
sheep; to keep keep. of sheep. screw, True,
gut; him, but Freep, with sheep. grass, to pass,
Reap, a sheep: fail. or wail. Poole, his tool.
couth! the truth, Canterbury, a hurry. creep! just sleep!
plan, carefully scan. priest: old beast. sheep, Bo Peep.
betrothing, with loathing, creep, inseminate sheep. Benny, in Abergavenny;


born, read porn. news, lim's muse, complaints, nor restraints
productive; something constructive, dearer, much nearer! Husbandry. Animal Wifery.
ewe, a screw, true," favorite ewe. screw, favorite ewe.
jolly, called Dolly, Sue, kissing ewe; stash? and brash!
Muse; the booze; night, the sight okay; lonely day.
it, do it." Saskatchewan, all fun, Grange, the range,
ewe, remain true. wool, ewe full Bruce, quite loose.
cow, said "Wow! cookout, flock's lookout, offence, is immense;
wood? but good. Jones, the stones. Ray, the day.
Heep, young sheep. fodder, is odder; creep! me weep;
cock, a rock, Fitzhugh, "It's true. Chad, me mad.
mountain, Agnes' fountain, warmer; electric transformer, ewe, to screw.
sleep. will seep covet, love it. Lew, a ewe.
flock, to block, McGraw, and awe. bugger, much succor
crevasse; munching grass; September, hot ember. chant, I can't
ram, sheepish Madam. views, he pursues do, their ewe.
Sam. the ram. blues, sheepishly screws. neat, in heat.
news, political views cute, I'll shoot. new; a ewe.
ambassador, friend, Commodore. Crewe, family ewe... Armagh, say "Baaa."
car. you are." find, his mind. mighty, of Aphrodite.
renown, a gown. ewe, to do, size; a prize.
sheep, while asleep, Crewes, couldn't lose. today. longer stay.
gutted, been butted. roots, two hoots, Hugh, to do,
Sam, a damn. news, buxom ewes. peruse, wild views.
sheep, is asleep. endeared, I've feared!" Hicks, unusual tricks,


zoos, the ewes. Ewing, were doing. a-ruttin', the glutton.
stops, the cops. told; grew bold; ran; hunted man.
toll; and soul. screw? are few mad, so bad.
Cass, then alas Cole, generous soul, Sam, a damn.
lamb, Dall ram. sweet, my feet. Iran, a lamb.
sheep, in deep. pet? you get? seen, have been
hasted, I've tasted." Siam, a jam. weep; much sleep,
could, Abdulla would Sam, Miss Pam. night, sans invite.
Sam, a damn. glower, awful sour:


lamb; I am, coo, they woo. Ted, to wed.
said. Freddy instead. creep; I'll keep. Cambridge) little lamb.
grass, anguish, "Alas! concern, would burn damn, that ram.
wife, his strife. Hampshire, lamb shear. see; while he
knee-high-to-a-pup, for ram) Jed, his bed. Peru; to woo.


state; must advocate. Jock's, the pox. pelt, the Celt.
lad, made sad. Willy; bit chilly. baa-d, being haa-d.
pursuits, Scottish roots, found, preferable gown? clay, an ovidae.
sheep, does keep. Barney, Art Carney. true), he knew.
true! or two. skirt; did flirt. who, ewe you!
McHumper; no bumper) surprise! you lies. ruttin', was struttin'.
McLauren, his sporran. Sutton, his button. blue, it's true.
lip. that quip. sheep; might keep. nipper. lot hipper."
true, quite new. lambs, can cram: devoid; be overjoyed.
Mars, in cars, Lassie, a chassis. kilt, stand stilt.
sheep? too steep. reapers, sheep keepers, hills, for thrills,
true, will do sheep. a peep.


Crete, being discrete. queer. do fear. keep, to sleep.
flock, "Dr. Spock". Texas, sex is. Dundee; with glee.
Fox, their cocks. Heep, ye reap; whore: a store.
Bangkok, watered-down stock. range, wondrously strange, Brown, and down,
flock, the stock, Fretter, forget her. Buren, the murrain.
alone, erogenous zone, blue, to do., sheep, we sleep.
knife, his wife.


sheep! innocents sleep? appealing. and feeling eclectic, was hectic.
revolting, 'lectric jolting; lad, and dad, shock; the flock;
hawk, stupified gawk; chores, or whores; knob, good job
lurking. been shirking. yarn, the barn, view, should do
shudders; without rudders. treat, car's backseat. say, one day
Jock, could mock. bloke, wrong stroke. see, musical key.
here, getting near. two's, the ewes. praise; to graze.
Wales, financial sales, sheep, couldn't keep blamed, heart claimed,
Robbie, a hobby. Wylvia, fill ya 'er; pet 'er.
her, a sweater.) weep; to keep. smoke? you poke?
clip, let rip, flock, "Let's rock! grock- a rock-
vice, that's nice. fled, what fed all, the stall,
crying! ain't lying' harbor, my arbor, Ewe, a screw.
mutton, butt 'n' dote; a note. Moo; will do.
deep, their sheep. ewe; us too! stuck, in luck!
Peep, so cheap. "Please," his knees, roar, the floor.
ahead, on instead. Blue, Fire Crew, jeep; a heap.
mythical, so stereotypical. sheep, to (bleep!). sheep, a creep.
rafter, me laughter. ewe, rings true: meaning, very demeaning.
beckons, Ah reckons. all; since fall. fun, a nun.
rumor) hellish consumer wretches, such leches. her, to pester
tell'ee, to belly; suit; rural pursuits. deep, peep --
truth, of youth. deep, losing sleep. me; caught BSE.
die, say 'bye, relieved; to conceive, by, his eye,
forlorn, bitter-cold morn, lass..." sweet ass.) white, in delight
am. -- WHAM! ram? you, Sam. Vince, in tints,
filly, his willy, end, even pretend unsteady, of spaghetti,
sleep, Bo Peep; overnight, didn't invite


Decatur, old alligator. gladiator, young alligator. she-alligator; mate her.
date, he's gator-bait. she; reveal strategy. fear. a steer.
say! reptile buffet. flailing, started nailing Zambezi, quite sleazy.
Kyle, cute crocodile. Nile, big crocodile. Nile, to style,
alligators, in elevators. Joan, Jurassic-aged bone. Tia, on sangria,
Decatur, reptilian satyr; aversions, by Persians. dock, a cock;
Bob, blow job. Myrtle, a turtle. "Boo! than you."
perplex, have sex. screw, they do; bum, to come;
vex, confounding, conplex;


wonder, she under. erection, by section. bride, usual ride.
quim, to swim, male, without fail, Locke, Jurassic cock.
respect; he's pecked. Boris, stuffed brontosaurus. Doris, male brontosaurus.
fool, quite cruel. Mex' dinosaur's sex. Saskatchewan, truly gargantuan.
Cretaceous, cold-blooded, pugnacious. charade!", get laid!" Morris, weird dinosaurus.
sex, very perplexed, pterodactyl, reproductivity skill. time, a crime.
extinct, poking sphinc- birth, the Earth. Rex, unnatural sex,
sex; T. rex. necks, having sex, tricks, to affix
lock, large hollyhock. Rex, psychological wrecks.


make, after snake. make, after snake. Wanda, understandably fonder
Fonda, her Honda. passion, unusual fashion, ladder, an adder.
Lake, a snake, Schlichter, boa constrictor. Victor, boa constrictor.
Aloha, a boa; miss, good piss, Parmimahanda, was danda,
Madras, the grass. Monty, her auntie, dreamed, being reamed,
Yance, a dance: scar, too far. travail, Life's trail,
constrictor; lick her. Jake, a snake. Kuwait, a crate.
Samoa, a boa... ophidian; giddy 'n Knox, her box.
mistake, the lake... clothes, or woes. France, his pants.
Parisian, awful decision. daughter; caught her. snake, or mistake.
her, named Flora. yellow; wern't mellow. young, she swung.
Hell!" as well. smitten, was sitting, waist, masculine taste.
coiled, was oiled. endeavor, and clever. Flora, implore ya'.
miss, perceptable hiss, rattle, sexual battle. skin, a sin.
long, was wrong. hiss; I kiss? tail; any male.
head, venom instead. fuck; good luck. vexation, no hesitation.
her, named Laura. young, she swung. smitten, she's sittin'.
long; was wrong. Drake, a snake. Set, a bet.
disbelief, her reef. Samoa, a boa Wyper, a viper.


river, a beaver. beaver; leave her. say, bad lay.
female, I pale; beaver, spring fever knocking, my stocking.
kangaroos, slippery cooze. price, man's advice. mice, it nice
spice, to slice. creases, grease is stunt, prostitute's cunt.
whine, just fine. Argento, an experiment-o; fate, ME great,
McBean, terribly green. pocket, a rocket. heat, may meet.
unkind... a bind... porcupine, than mine; FOLKS, Nature's jokes.
lush, long-handled hairbrush. seasoner, more pleasoner. Rex, porcupine sex.
still, ultimate thrill. Pat, pet rat. Burrell, a squirrel,
banana, the savannah, Cyril, a squirrel. Lynn, a pin.
Gropper, maidenhead popper. Gentry, an entry, knew, to screw.
teeth; else, underneath; Cyril, a squirrel.


Rouse, tolerant house. mice; a vice. taste. make haste
disgusting; I'm busting, Gale, exceedingly pale, louse, just grouse
velcro, fairly slow. mice; just thrice. mice; a vice.
get, mouse slit? creases, grease is bear; quite fair.
mice, asking twice! whinny, did shinny. Strauss, a mouse,
Rice, grey mice, school. the fool.


automobile, couldn't conceal wheel, his automobile. Inuvik, to pruvik,
beach, within reach. Siberia, and drearier; Mobile, a seal.
"oosik" make music. seal; next meal. jeep, you weep).
Kelly, her belly. Lucille, runaway seal. dusk, aquatical lust.


barn, by darn. Burdew, a screw. askance, his pants,
grin, right in, aglow, burning below. place, enough space,
aside, quickly astride head, tumbled-down shed, Cheadle, the Beadle,
thinking, better linking Nantucket, fuck it. Horning, deep mourning)
high, her sty. mine, fertile swine; loose. a moose.
bacon; and shakin'. Gary; wouldn't tarry. Frye, the sty.
ya, a hernia, Fogg, a hog. Jay, the hay.
chicken, dick in fuckers, they puckers. on; take on.
us, tell us. achin'; the takin'. Stoke, a poke.
porcine, sixty nine, ape, ninety eight, accept, have kept.
plucky, very lucky: fine, male swine: divine; a bovine.
Muskegan, big 'un! pig, too big. Court, too short.
Worcester, a rooster. Macon, quite taken. gigs, foot-stomping jigs.
ewes, the blues. cow, enjoy sow. adore, the boar,
hunt, or cunt. perplex, your sex. mother, any other.
sheep, to keep, dig, manly rig, Majorca, walk. A
Moines, his groin. you? a gnu. N.Y. scr. p.
now, a sow, giggle, sheep wiggle. vows, fucking cows.
Sark, the dark. Pine, a swine. stud; porker's blood
boar, sows sore. Prague, a hog.


Clair, a bear. Randall, to dandle. lair, a bear.
desirous, named Osiris. Claire, a bear; bruin, it's doin',
zoo, long overdue. Claire, a bear. hunter, her cunter.
Sayers, the bears. Miranda, giant panda, editor, a predator.
back, a whack. Baer, its lair, drunk, a hunk.
Ware, with bear. Tajik, terribly tragic, bear, she'd dare.
trees, would please, lovers! the covers. Air, a bear.
veranda, utmost candor you? my igloo! down, a sound,
fuck, a duck. learn, that burn. fair, grizzly bear.
bruin; began wooin'. there, a bear. Bruin, my ruin.
griz; your biz. affair, with hair. affair, with hair.
grizzly, quite busily. bear, a mare.


hat, a bat. high-strung; his tongue. that, a bat.
force, bestial course? Marcus, quite starkers, babies, few maybes.
say) heifers. OK? so! to go. forget; to PET!
hippo, so drippo, quilly; not silly. own; all groan.
is, mountainous passes, Ohswill, mole's hill. Hole, a mole.
Sholes, young moles. shrew, three-second screw. Beemer, a lemur.
game, are tame. Jaw, the raw; Montrose, she chose.
Gosse, the dross); Australia, this saturnalia, bradypus, randy he-platypus.
veldt, a Celt. rhino, evidently albino. brother, or other.
Venus, someone obscenus Enis, his penis. Phelps, two whelps.
Mel, said, "Hell,


Schenectady, did he, beaver; great achiever. pleasure, my leisure;
taught, to naught Decatur, betray her. nice, a trice)
bet, from regret, see; a banshee. cluck; and duck,
alone; I'll postpone. Dakar, too far. Bovine; is Ovine,"
Boggs, big dogs, sandy, that's handy. prick, was slick.
strange. wide range share, a bear, Galion, Pervert's Medallion.
oats, in boats, wrong, and long. Don, and yon;
Milan, a man. Bessy, I'm messy... Galions, two stallions,
Kevin, my Heaven, rape, an ape. itch, all rich,
day; rogered today: Australia, wild bacchanalia. shine. their line.
spawn; me yawn; Ballew, to screw. Ghana, a sauna.
Albuquerque, decidedly murky-- Ulva, a culver, under-endowed, a crowd
Ace, the place. Guatemire, on fire. Heeper, the keeper.
Raul, his tool; cunt'll, a frontal wooin', your screwin'.
how! right now; fear, our rear; Piot, a riot.
never, meat lever, hoof, stay aloof. is, always-damp britches.
fuck, a duck. phoney; a pony. Cassey, incredible chassis.
Toulouse, in zoos; season, or reason. Ben, a pen.
outed, and shouted: louse," his house leisure, sexual pleasure
screw, on view. May, to play. Ada, betrayed her,
Nice, a piece, Quixote! and goaty. Paul, the hall.
twice, too nice. talk; they balk. Kentucky, he lucky.
insane-o. they know? zoo, crazed kangaroo. LePew, the zoo;
Keach, within reach, Pratt, a bat. sheep, terrible leap.
bland; your land. droll; a hole. intrigue, mammal blitzkrieg.
bi; that vie Ades, young maids. now? a cow!
city; and titty. doing, or screwing, mice, a trice.
Blakes, sinuous snakes, McGrew, to do. ESPOUSE, law allows.
tongue, and lung. See... your species. Majorca, street walker;
mate, ape masturbate. cryin', a lion." Cullercoats, and stoats.
Lowndes, real bounds;


ewe, to screw, heifer, and neifer thine. been tyin'?
cow, satisfy anyhow. meeces, to pieces, house; haus fraus,
sod, Aussie Macropod; chimp, her pimp. pig, a "jig",
finer. underground miners. beef, to grief. blink, I think:
do" lithe she-gnu. hart, hindquarters smart; zoo; something new.
to, to screw; Bess, the mess. Dobbin? and bobbin'?
Robin, innocent Dobbin, quote, of note: Blue," color too;
now; I vow. Peep, her sheep). maid; foresty glade.
note, than goat. laugh; by half. Unite! creature tonight,
sheep; payng Bo-peep, blurted, been converted Daniels, searching sex-manuals;
how! poor bow-wow. sheep; will keep bucolic, lims epistolic.
zoo, strange interview-- calls, and walls, hay. a bray:
view, are few; giraffe, a laugh, plume, to fume.
kangaroo: of woo, ants, his pants. head, and said,
sighed, being denied! beak, he speak: rattle: or cattle,
know, even so, out, loving's about! more, his score:
duck, he tuck. dorks, us porks: skunks, bathing trunks:
wink, you think. quiet, try it?" delight, multitudes overnight.
read, animals said. plow, a cow, intended. knees bended.
slight, yours tonight, whore; a boar. grind, to find
bite. in sight, mare; I swear! condemnation! family Alsatian,
sermon, snakes, vermin, German; is Herman. Bovines; the Ovines.
nice, or twice. mate! can state! fate: Use-by Date.
Ovine. is Bovine. rude, se, crude. fear, around here,
now; enough, anyhow. -- niece died: rump, to hump
dusk, elephant tusk; queue, to do... laughed, feeling daft
mad." look sad. progress, I guess. down, that frown
lamb. a jam: knocks, young fox. deer, without fear.
pig, a prig, hog, homely dog. crews, of booze.
neckers, muff Duikers. Cheetah, be neetah. Congo, the Bongo.
shepherd, a she-leopard;


Groningen, aan verschoningen.


burst, the first. crap, foreign sap,


amoureuse, conduite honteuse. girlfriend, disgusting colon. Nantes, et piquante.
Mays, for days. go, should know. Ste-Anne-de-Bellvue, "Screwez vous?"
drole, my goal, doge, ascend l'horloge; Caliste, de Moliniste
deux, juicy creux well, wonderfully swell Sousse, deux pamplemousses";
Zaighen, dich legen? Gabes, virilem habes; Yule. Real cool.
soir, trois) Ray, la Paix. exquisite, a visit.
Tours, les jours. Marseilles, demoiselle, "Hey! Marseilles, to play,
Marseilles, every day. Marseille, l'ardent soleil. Trieste, et funestes;
amoureuse, conduite honteuse. glor-i-e, Fratern---et Liberte


G.B. with v uber, Mutter's Tuba. besser. wie einMesser
Krampf, sehr dampf. dreissig; aber heissig. nechst, war gevext
geboren, kein moren. simmler, Esel Himmler. Speer, sei Queer?
tree, lad's fiddle-dee, Aestchen, dem Knableinmastchen, Franz, seinen Schwanz.
entzuckt, Sphinx erblickt.


Italia, hagebat genitalia.


or, dreamt, or sunt, et differunt. Tallahassee, a cacti.
dictator, uxoris mater, Brest, meet undressed. transvollitavi, totam lustravi.
Atlantic, of England. cloister, bit moister), way, always say.
ridebat, tergo vehebat; erat, nugas scribebat. veteramus, odit profanus
inevit, quem scivit tabulator, virginem ingrediebatur. geminarum, modus testicularum:
scis, ubu sis? deep. to keep,


Salvadore, su amor drama, y mama dedo, needed dinero.
modesta, con protesta. woman, with protests.


modest, much protest.