Limeric Index



masses, the lasses. low, down below. air! and hair!
sharks, some larks. Algiers, his ears: York, a fork.
kiss, like this Billy, of chile; Howard, a coward.
fingers, thing as ruffle, a snuffle. hay, gently splay,
thrall, quite tall. decry, but wry: Bhogat, like that.
face, of lace, pickin' fried chicken, pluckin', get suck-in.
often, am boffin'. bleat, her treat. Delores, a forest,
Kitts, with fits. Pete, the sheet. next, you're vexed,
Jack, the back. queen, be seen. Decatur, date her.
Dundee, Miss Lee. Keith, and beneath. around, my half-a-pound.
among, the young. in, a wagon on, hat on.
Peter; none neater. while; a smile. Kilamanjar, as Sahar,
Keast, a feast. twit, could hit. Doug, a drug.
ache, you'll take whipper-snapper, unwraps her. Meek, lingual technique.
merry, a cherry. supposes, our noses. boss, me cross.
Grace; your face, wrung, talented tongue. Ascension, foreplay invention.
clear, than severe; giggle; pig 'll best, her nest
pinned, and grinned. luck, great pluck. gruff, her muff.
cosy; to toesy. pickin'; cold chicken. name, linguistical game.
Liskers, risk hers, blushes, she brushes sunny; my honey,
Miner, pudendum diner. way, to lay. repeating) too fleeting.
duff, be tough. Watson, his Datsun. cross, my floss.
brutes; your boots." appealing, him reeling. space, of place,
eat; a treat? man, young Simon; waist, a taste
specs, sex -- dear, I hear, fit, her clit.
Simon, Pie Man. stick; inch thick. protoplasm, an orgasm.
glum. I'm from, some, to come. knew, go askew.
Ted. his head. tits, furry bits neck?" Cal Tech.)
June, Mr. Moon. adventure, intent, your Turk, ladies berserk.


treat. his seat. say? that way. fart, too tart.
lickin', were stickin'. loose, the juice, eyes, the prize.
name, a shame fault, was bald. lips, humorous quips,
low, a blow. croak; the bloke. missed, he kissed.
hole, and fro, do, shouldn't chew. bed, better unwed)
Surprise, Honey-Dew Thighs; dine, like wine. thighs; cannot disguise.
glee, ladyloves pee. taste, to waste. thighs; they rise
embrace, I trace tip, shallowly slip juices, woman produces,
there, about hair. see, can be. think; but pink,
par, to star, Omar, very far. on, must've gone
bit. lickety split, cock, a rock, 'Yes!', not less;
all; their call. bold, just told, hopin' just grope'n
see, will be entice, legs nice. con, I'm on
trips, eaten grits. it, to sit bewitch, this bitch.
me; you see. hung; been sung. snot, are hot.
motion, a commotion, Yendor, most tender. seek, and sleek,
haste, in taste. haste, the taste. Ray, each day;
advice, real nice; bath, Jon's wrath. snack, your crack.
explode. has flowed. here, and beer. Vi: I fly.
Fry; did fly. there, with care, enjoy, and employ
juice, will ooze. lass, too fast, head; tongue instead.
chose, a tongue-hose, beard, it appeared. tongue; so young.
dear? any fear. away; and lay. bush, your tush?
decision; utmost precision tongue, have brung me, your tree,
choosy, a floozy. there", dearest Claire; matter, you flatter.
tongue; by none. lasses, different classes. kissing? be missing
see. can be.


'em, at random. Norway, all day, blintz, the quints.
catarrh, called uvular. prone, johnson alone. know, the snow.
bat, to that. "Hell!" sent Mel. mechanic, my panic,
Rick, slick trick. sick; a trick. Horatio, of fellatio.
meaning, am peening. whore, the war. a-throbbin' a knobbin'.
McFee, would be. impale, full scale. a, beats a
Nantucket, a bucket. throne; again moan. Glick, was sick.
Dock, my cock. advance, to dance. public, dubbed flick.
straight, a date. suckin' or fuckin'. offense, very intense.
heart, quickly start unanimous, very glamorous. Wallace, that's callous?
question, fellationic suggestion, protection, his erection. -- wicket --
Toledo, Nicean Creedo, it, drag it, me... can be.
dry, and bye. Stamboul, his tool. lie, named Vy.
you, dim venue: Bordeaux, and slow. head, not dead.
satiated, never dated. otolarynologist, had missed. Ignatius, limericks salacious.
Rob, a job, it; make it. pricked, cannot depict,
Folden, was holdin'. stimulation; such sensation. departed. one remarked.
Horatio, say so. innovating, us titillating. Lenore, many more.
pickets. The tickets vacuum, of Khartoum. Havana, named Anna,
creation, self exploration; Rob; his job. Mac, your sac?
dick; my prick. claptrap, a nightcap. races; funniest places;
Lee, the sea. roll. last fall. strong, it's wrong
Morgan, the Sorbonne. Cafe, one day. Milwaukee, new walkie-talkies.
tonight, our might. virgin; will burgeon. candy, lingerie panty,


Hungarian, lovely librarian. jingo, Spanish Bingo." Jay, a lay."
throat, a goat. Balmoral, some oral. Pawtucket, suck it.
mellow, young fellow, Cologne, Club alone. McGlutt, deep rut;
Cobb, old slob. extreme, oral hygiene: Haute, I quote,
dome, does roam. trenches, sexy wenches. chums, I comes.
bother, be another, knees, you please. last. we fast.
said: thought dead! fag, a drag. believe, than receive.
mind, from behind. dick; a trick. Nantucket, suck it.
swell; some hell!" Nantucket, fuck it. Claire, great flair,
-- I mention?" Sloan, the cone. Fred, some head.
perky, and quirky! sweeter, his tweeter. very, Miss Mary.
wishin' had nutrition. seen...err... all clean...err... Jim, and prim.
thicket, lick it. undaunted, was haunted. mind?" be fine!"
unruly; and truly. balk, as chalk.


Pat, minutes flat, dead, to dread. peers. for years.
Pringle, was bi-lingual, Korky, quite adroitly. -- old clock.
Vancouver, Tunnel" Hoover. Toronto, and pronto. Victoria, "Vita Historia,"
friend, I bend. discreet, a treet. Brown, in town.
BJ, the way. Treadwell. read well. congress, to express
Treadwell, said: "Tell Lilly, boyfriend's willy. snob; of nob.
Boccaccio, a patio. chick, on dick. know; to blow.
hon. your bun? ace. her pace. weakness, tragically meatless.
semen, it'd been. Peoria, like cacciatoria. known; a bone,
Chase, to replace. Monique, quite unique. sleaze, to please.
Rose-red, me head. town, and renown. Tucker, wonderful pucker.
Dallas, so callous. resist, Thomas kissed, Nancy, she'd fancy.
duff, get enough!" hout-gout, trapeze, derring-do. right, even bite
built... full tilt. Trout, no doubt. Ford, he adored.
behind; (we're entwined) invited, rather excited. Aspasia, daze ya;
Tallulah, twenty-inch ruler. Jo, and Bo. men, particular yen
Keyes, two peas. Young, gone unsung. Meade, sex speed,
picking, to flicking. Mitty, a pity. Brixam, young vixen,
feats: still depletes.) glee. to me? state; did deflate.
Phipps, her lips. Tunisia, to pleasia: Butte, the flute.
sisters; resist hers. Pyrenees, o' knees. hollower, follow her?
such, her crutch. whore'd, pork sword; omen, sundail gnomon.
bust, a must. Banks, oral pranks. -- and drip,
tables; and fables. Squat; pretty hot. Bentley, art prominently.
intent, is bent, Tilt, their kilt; bed! soft instead!
Fred, off dead. Duluth, of truth. sweet, wonderful treat!"
France. her pants,


Ishkooda-- anyone lewder. misters; cellulite blisters. Japan, a man.
nation, every occasion. flicks, two chicks. not, a lot.
Mass., blowing Glass. Curley, and girly. Pru; young Sue;
Huxham, fucks 'em. Worth, unusual girth. (IL) all glow.
gaily, and Bailey; concern, a turn. buxom, fucks 'em.
remote, a boat, Sue; the zoo. button, of mutton.
Robin, gob in. Fred. been said. Blue, her through.
dude, were crude. Sue; she'd screw. list, he missed.
bed, some head. Tad, was glad Beth, to death.
Nacogdoches, think atrocious. miss, kiss -- lass, of ass!
Hix, big pricks. glowers. your flowers. wave'll, will crave'll
sweet, a treat. Betty, and ready, Pinner, after dinner.
Schlock, the clock. Fred, his bed. great, declared Nate;
Vancouver, a Hoover. Greer, good cheer. Melbourne, to learn.
Texas, her Lexus. Amsterdam, with jam. Tuck, good luck.
shed, neighbors head. Twisp, and crisp; dead, lettuce instead.
dizzy, kinda frizzy. knees, a squeeze. back, hardness intact.
salacious, Good Gracious!" Suzie; a floozy. D.U. see you.
her, girlfriend, Rosetta, Lessing, like messing. lone, eagerly own
tushy, was bushy.) flirt, of 'Duart'. Ophir, a loafer!
undressing, some stressing!" Sioux, I do." Anna, a banner
fellate, after eight. cheer, a beer. eater; meet her.
Naomi, blow me. knees. me, "Please Greg, a keg,
McGoon, better soon, State, her date. Landing, and demanding.
bred; wand instead. ingenue, oral surtout!" Rangoon, Burmese quadroon.
Jewett, knew it. Vancouver; a mover. employee, we need.
White, the night Ted, his bed, Sweden, was a-eat'n.
note, her throat, bend, to attend down, throw down.
reeling! a feeling! lickin'; stick 'em? Town, a clown.
Gore, the floor, gracious, truly voracious. staffed, her craft:
men, a yen. been? in sin? Catalina, peculiar demeanor:
Smart, oral art, chick? a lick.


Mose, I chose: tall, the wall; Moncrief, my teeth.
Jappy, silly chappie. Dawn, for porn. Jane, a train.
begin; yer chin. Lane, the strain Victoria, of Peoria.
south, noises uncouth. said, the red. Hewdon, clued on.
Darjeeling, when kneeling, floor, what's more? Glubb, the tub.
twat," she'd got. entwine, was divine. agreed, I need."
blew; large chew. fears. for tears! lass, technique class,
Cobb, a job. beer, good cheer. Pruitt, "do it".
Dick, his prick. Fox, suck cocks. spare, pressure air;
balloons; all afternoon. tongue, was hung. Streator, on peter.
said, well fed. Marge; a large squeeze, to please,
Artie, the party?" limb, a "him"; merry; her cherry.
doc? and shock Court, girl ought; pull, colored purple,
purple, Janie, "interpol- Caius, to please. mean; talent obscene.
September, an ember,


blew. If you trick, any dick. Horatio, two-a-day show;
frugal, Maggie O'Dougal. Shedd, well-spoken, well-bred, Cette, a bet.
sucks, of ducks, Stoke, a poke, Prick, too thick.
Eskimo, and so elation, the nation, Hutch; not much.
Anna, fellow's banana, Grace, filthy disgrace. Wren, the men.
Bobbie, named Robby. Knox, the docks. row, say no,
skill, her will. Fez, as "Jez". peers; seventeen years.
Mame, customer came: Limerick, any dick. dick, "Oh Mick!
see; times three. tart, the start: trifle," Dick Rifle,
wallow, I follow: mucked. just shucked. Marge. be large
taught, an ought, pronunciation; to nation. Keith, whore underneath,
Rose," she chose. Dock, my cock. Steven, before leavin'.
Gwen, the yen. Lucy, a floozy.


bed, some head". Spain, a pain. Keith, fondled beneath.
Grace, her face. York, old dork. roller, console her.
vermouth; of youth. Louisiana, old duenna, complied; young bride.
Nance, Vitus dance. twenty-something, round thing. name; and lame.
am, rotten spam. fine, to dine, adventures, feminine quenchers
teeth. then underneath sinned; the wind. Golda. told her.
fearful, was tearful. vixen; the fixin's. Ned, his bed.
Biscayne, in pain. whoosh, Grays tush. sure, humbly implore:
Nicholas; manner ridiculous. tonight. to bite. eyes, satisfy guys.
Pete. be beat. Wokingham. for poking'em. Tina, my weena.
dying!" started crying. humm, you come, sluts, your nuts,
Betty, her steady. picker. best licker. Koppers, oversize whoppers.
Grace, a race. twitch; to switch. claimed, be ashamed
jaw, rubbed raw. distress; I guess. dated, and serrated.
bash, the trash. price, buyer advice. said, of red,
screw, would do. tale, for sale. Boise, called Rosie.
beach, to teach. Pat, and flat. blow-job, for Ten-Bob
Ghana, named Lana. Neath, the heath. wrangling, was dangling;
schism, a prism. no, a blow. screwing; tried doing.
Montrose, his hose. Guy, he's blind. clue, even blew.
lies, satisfy guys,


Luck, to fuck. Mick, you pick. Pa, for Ma:
Pru, won't do. MacDougall; relations conjugal. curse, even worse;
Plum, am glum. eyes, to rise. Spain, and pain;
alone, fully grown Nantucket, a bucket. Jack, a crack.
Thrace, ladyfriend's place. Chase; the place. frown, in town.
Kalamazoo, old-fashioned screw, Dundalk, a cork. trouble; into rubble.
deal: me feel chum, to cum, Hewitt, do it.
Hyatt, Sex Diet;' Beirut, a flute. Ayr, "I declare
gob, the "blob", clock, a sock. got, Johnny Lott.
Vance." a chance Grace; this space. Please! to Chinese,
-- my schlong Brown, did frown Pam, a damn."
Gorms, questionaire forms Matteo, quite incompatio. missus; bliss is.
pav, to have. red, barrel instead


Saar, to far. broke, a coke. Brock, to cock.
Black, great knack. Wickem, with stickum. Belize, his knees.
Como, "Ecce Homo!" place, to waste. Byng, his thing.
us, flexible glottis-cum-anus. Hollow; did wallow. Horatio, ice-creamed fellatio.
Mallory, the gallery. Taylor, respectable sailor. Horatio, in fellatio.
Balmoral, his Laurel. young; heavily hung. head, and said,
Cox, suck cocks." Belgrade, of trade. Antonio, a pistachio.
Pruitt, do it; Horatio, ship's ratio Vienner, a tenner.
Bassett, each facet. Tatum, sate 'em. Ambrose, he goes.
dunce, and cunts. Pinole, Daniel O'Dole. tip, a rip,
tongue; be fun!


Madrid, a kid, Horatio, tried auto-fellatio. Slater, and greater;
vacation, girls consternation. sip, to unzip, peer, a leer),
admit. be it. Valencia, pre-senile dementia; watch!) a notch;
elation; great consternation. Dwight, June night, Horatio, his fatio.
ratio, even Horatio. sagacious, are salacious, Persian, of perversion.
go; "yellow snow". nutritious, rather suspicious. celebrate, still celebate;
Morass, a glass. Case, awful disgrace! thumbs, to come,
Perce, very perverse; position, his mission, today. will stay.
missed, was kissed, Grant, to plant. well, it Hell;
born, become forlorn; sheik, a week. Alsatian; Indian Nation.
blown, my bone, Pete, own meat. sick, own dick.
Mick, so sick. flick, his dick. hound; been found.


Jen, for men. fear, final frontier. reference: own preference,
Rollo, to follow: well; could tell. blanket, yank it.
mode, a load broad'll, will dawdle read, brain's lead.
fat, for tat. dated, somewhat inflated. needs, your pleads.
Grace, secretive place. missing; the kissing. Jen, a pen,
tinker, hot clinker, women, with slimmin'. Cruces, deuce is
spit! "ill-mannered twit." Apollos: who swallows ten; are thin,
thinner, old sinner Wick, a prick. name; the same.
Yemen, with he-men. -- lovers extol. latecomer; a bummer!
bummer; my Hummer. Contrary, a ferry. name. the same.
condition, as nutrition. Anita, the meat-ah. Spruce, a papoose.
Liz, the biz. Sallow, frigidly fallow. shallow; sounded fallow.
Rollo, must follow. Kelly, eat deli. wallowed, then followed.
dollar, and holler: strumming; and humming. swallow, one hollow.
pull, colored purple) follows, her hollows, Treadwell. head well.
inflated, and gyrated. hallowed, furrow unfallowed.


SAPONACEOUS, thought salacious; un-cowth, the South. Ike, certainly like
fun, dog bun, gush, a rush; Sue, sixty IQ.
faulty, or malty. young, and rung. dine, tried mine.
know? you so? late, me auto-fellate," complete; can compete.
opine, exceedingly fine. Wow! young frau. chick, sucking dick,
McLouth, the south, Zachary, some Thackeray. Mauritius, really vicious.
disgusting, be trusting wasted, lovingly basted; load; off mode.
disappointment, gushing anointment, Street, and sweet. grin, folks in.
hot, pure rot. McLouth. the south." taste, famous paste.
Liz, of jizz. tip, her lip. Anna, green banana.
lass, my ass. hope, with soap. Rick, his prick.
Caerphilly, young filly, Adelaide, him laid. scene, semen pristine,
out, no doubt. Christine, spunk pristine. Betty, the jetty.
Quick, old prick! drunk, a chunk, Hannah, lover's banana.
Rayze, she says. blue, beg you!" friend; the end.
BJ, tooth decay? Rita, cock eater. Lyme, delirious time!
taste, great haste, Baden, a maiden: chaste, ejaculate's taste.
chaste, great haste, Wick, coal-heavers prick. dismal, researches jizzmal.
Gert, for dessert. hot, the pot. think? don't stink,
a-slumping, penis a-pumping. savored; some favored. Avery, uncommonly savory.
torque, pulsating pork, discreet, fighter's meat. spatulate!" to congratulate
savour, like flavour. Lemon, is brimmin' Mandy, quite handy.
beat, and sweet. senorita, a peter. Sybil, a nybil.
forgit, not split. Randy; a dandy. vice. them twice.
Berman, sperm in. sweet, old feet, McNichol, a pickle.
Blackheath, her teeth. Sherm, with sperm. disgraceful; and tasteful",
Bay, Susquehanna sashay, hope, foul-mouthed mope. Janet, to planet.


dentures, all adventurous. goes; it shows). Tucker, novice cocksucker,
Crumm, and dumb. lesson, her obsession. Heath; pinned underneath.
cock, the clock. Rick, too quick. ingratiation, noisy fellation;
inspection, snickered Epshon Glover, quick-witted lover, proper, top her.
Leaman, she's dreamin' doubt, I spout. Blum, of some,
speaks; two weeks, Berlin, through sin. blown, a groan.
connoisseur; true epicure. pullet, your gullet. Right, last night.
Perth, a firth... Caste, wouldn't last. Anna, from Havana;
bed! soft instead." dear? celebrate here Aire, with hair.
Snoopy, a groupie. sex, of Becks. eel, and feel?
a-coming; are humming. Paul, the fall. dick, a crick;
bout, slipping out. Hiphoff, a tip-off; -- my knob.
song; was wrong. alone, fully grown cruel, no fool,
September, your member, light, or tight? tonight, the light;
humping; and bumping. Vancouver, and mover. Keith, fondled beneath.
Vancouver, a Hoover. because, a buzz, Troy, young boy.
true; beef stew; Mickey, getting sticky! jaws; with gauze;
come, my chums. treats; warm sweets; Fricker, stick her.
date, insatiable Kate. me! show me Tease, my knees!"
Green, nothing between. Brown, and frown. cock, the block.
head. he said, sicky), waxed tricky. Lolita, a peter.
breeze, the trees, pearl, a girl, effusion, the confusion;
squeeze, my knees. swallow, lying fallow. swallow, lying fallow.
Arkansas, her jaw duff, get enough." cute, a flute.
Savannah, of Montana. south; your mouth Bess, the press
phallus, Tom Tallis. bent, you're spent. Florgans, as gorgons.
serene. be seen. naggin', good shaggin'; dirtical, is incontrovertical.
sin, shit-eating grin; demonic, rather iconic. Roncelles, numerous consuls.
best; every test.


pucker, would tucker cob, huge knob. whim, and vim,
knows, close -- handy; like candy. mint. it's scent.
dream, whipped cream. salute. birthday suit. within; be sin!
lane, to wane. lippers, hard nippers. screw, from you.
you, you do. red, you head. band, me's hand.
game; the same. Pocatello, terrible bellow; fellate; exceedingly great.
amiss; a kiss. hard, highly regard. profuse, a sluice?
pleasure, my treasure. lass; in brass. deduction, every instruction.
lube; the mood. Hell? them swell? course, a horse.
McGoo, we grew." clue, escapade, new. felt, beaver pelt.
suffice; so nice. place, wet space limp. moonlightling pimp,
later; a tater. knob. the job. drink, I think.
Frost; legs crossed, true; a screw. Sturgeon, without urgin',
too; still blue. Bridget, to fidget. swolled, lips enfolded.
dear, came dear. her; a winner. bed, sorely misled.
deigned? her chained; load, did explode, crusted, quite disgusted,
it. screw it. bit, you shit. Carrie, a fairy.
smote, his throat. shiver, down river; prognosis, to toesis!"
instructor; fucked her. alone. lead saxophone. Hence, blessed silence!
Lautrec! to spec. offense; in defence, slums, and hums;
slums; those bums. Catalonia, of pneumonia. fail, her tale;
finesse, tell-tale mess? gripped, professionally lipped. amazed, even fazed!
Dub! that club! tart; us apart, red; to spread.
dear; I fear. beware, or where, forty. be naughty.
throat, breathing devote, Shirley, bit early. looker, a hooker.
night, beautiful sight; me, on me. top; won't stop,
met; me, pet. stir, a whirr; Billy, the chili.
splatter, into batter. tease. and cheese,


pitfalls; that appalls. stand, on demand. dejection, on reflection.
Rennes, the mennes, miss, a kiss, wit, to submit,
Bliss, a kiss. Bliss, than this: rush. than blush.
Arabia, maybe ya bequeath, false teeth, Augusta, bussed her.
deep, a heap. trucker, a sucker. D.C., can be.
Ipswich, skips, which Florence, great abhorrence; Ayr; so fair.
Calvinistically, sex pietistically, Beckwith, heck with!" door, nothing more!
Joy, old boy, on, had gone. on; is gone.
Alyssa; greatest kissa. enough, and stuff. Vickery, exceedingly liquory.
Lick; a trick. confession! kissing concession! clothes, I suppose)
sister, prominent blister. me, from Amy. Greer; with cheer.
missed; totally pissed. kissed: the tryst, Rennes, the mennes.
Peter, any neater. missing, I'm dissing. -- curly hair.
Jack, to smack miss, a kiss. in, said Gannon.
-- little verse, extols, new souls; ris; lover is.
Bliss, to kiss. Purvis, him nervous, her, kissed her
smitten, a kitten. neck, by heck, Blissit, life illicit.
mist, been kissed. her. missed her. Moe, misunderstood mistletoe.
strait-laced, in haste blunt; a cunt. kiss, demi-monde miss,
Nate, the gate. Chase, to place wince, to convince
Jane, Great Dane. sleek, to speak. Grace, the place.
Chris; even kiss. cases, innocuous places. kiss, your Sis.
aglow, excitgement below. know? big toe! Park, a lark.
Mizoo, that you Quebec, the heck, Mr.! my Sr.?"
Gissing, was kissing. stare; golden hair. Ritz, or Liszt.
Croyd, quite annoyed it's, it quits. Grimes, and limes,
Butz, some sluts. week," his cheek. unique, kissing technique,
far-flung, and young. kissed, longer resist. Aberystwith, kissed with;
clear, my dear." now, her how


missin' ass kissin'. chance; in France; sparse; a farce;
cyst, was kissed. pass, the brass. France, by chance.
Cass, say Mass, Mass. the glass, Meester, Happy Easter!
'em; diss 'em! mood, it tattooed. class, to surpass.
clear. I fear moan; erogenous zone, Hohokus, in focus.
pissing; keep missing.


Kibbel, to quibble. cooked; had booked. Laurel, was immoral,
pedigree, new devotee... Canuck, than suck. insist..." I kissed
poet, know it? wrecks, oral sex. Cruther, against mother.
MacMeech, the beach. Laurel, were moral. kitten, so smitten,
Town; her frown. mature, grow fewer? unknowing, was going
Spratt, never spat. vixen, nice nine-sixin'. Horatio, in fellatio,
Widget, me fidget... Horatio. place palatial. stream, her cream.
fetish; the wettish. dater; ate her. gown, to frown.
fetus; new penis. flop," on top. Anita; hard peter.
fete, arrived late, Cologne, be blown. imply, named Bry.
Detroit, life overjoyed! classes; the masses. Lovett, above it,


WAF, of staff, laugh. the staff, Grimes, sexual crimes:
galore, the score decline, or opine, slit. my clit.
saggin', was flaggin'. dam, a pram. one; looking upon.
line, -- 69. Blanding, boat landing. France, to dance.
traps, lucky chaps. Horatio, for fellatio. derision, momentous decision!
planned; a hand, Chateauneuf, her stuff: pie, his eye.
fine, so sublime: re-define, divine 69? wine, to opine.
yours, a chore; fine, we entwine. fine, he's benign
rug, an "Ugh!", -- down hang, fine. of mine.
vacation, new variation: Tough, the rough. complex, oral-type sex.
there, see there. Beirut, while enroute. diners, wild 69'ers.
Sapphic, things pornographic. Pine, in line?" opine, just fine,
funny, little money. art, and smart. Pate, a date.
Mary, of sherry. Isis, and spices. pull, watering hole
time, slurping sublime. gas, its class. Rose, of woes.
education, good masturbation. bride, marital guide, coition, that position,
rough, hot stuff. roof! the truth. *69, will remind
-- T.V. line, Pfaff, a laugh. peter, eat her;
dumb; 69 some?" fine; is divine. Miss, pruriently kiss
Stein, some wine.


said, I dread. said: smells dead. dinner, a winner,
there, your eclaiar. Belle, horrible smell; shit; a bit.
implore, for sure." go, pussy's aglow." relieved, I've deceived.
mid-suck, I'm stuck own, diddle alone. week, to speak;
said) a bed, replied, and tied thought! a sport
pace; his face get, a pet). late, would wait.
set, (don't forget.) silverware, this fare. surprise. your eyes.
Dear, It's clear desire, your fire. rise, your thighs
said, good head. writ, your wit. taste, a baste,
seek, is weak. forget, to split. pard, might jarred.
wish; cold dish; it, bone it. puttin' good 'un.
overtime, of mine. young. ago sprung. tongue, really young.
Mick, quite sick. moss, a floss. today, Carol buffet.
ode! had slowed,


fuss? to cuss cool; from Liverpool. luck, "Oh, shuck!"
Lizst, playing whist. Dewitt, say 'Shit!' candy", real handy,
know. da 'ho". discreet; a treat. today. this way.
Slatter, friend's chatter. Carruthers, his brothers. Society, extreme impropiety.
action, major attraction. bank! can spank! Detroit, most maladroit.
Whipple, is triple me; of debris; "Nay. spoken today.
Rick, mastery quick, Laurel, to quarrel, up; your cup.
Lloyd, teaching deployed. wise, in disguise. go" and "Whoa."
Bones, in zones. Kid! be bucketed!" poolyard, the schoolyard,
well, like hell. about. them out. moral: any whore'll
rotten, on twatten, Ike, the pike, Eurasia, for paronomasia,
Birkenhahler, to holler. terse, in reverse. verbosity, savage ferocity.
art; the start. Secaucus; quite raucous. Seamus, being famous.
Castilian, and alien. thpeeding; wasn't heeding. Royce, her voice.
Chape, an ape. Ted, to bed. Iquique, irritatingly squeeky;
Carlisle, a mile; Tyson, a bison. State, a date.
knew, it's true. who, at you. grim, embarrassing him.
Blair, to swear; Ely, in Swahili; me, make free.
Stone, a bone Murray, "Don't worry. Herman, old German.
moan; not alone. alone, the phone. smile, a while.
weighed. pretty maid?" cope; the Pope. dearth, mirth
admit, is fit. factotum, the scrotum, cries, in size.
Zachaary, strawberry dacquiri,


Ponch, of raunch, Lynd, life sinned. Howells, coeds bowels.
"J'accuse, not amuse. Reading, his wedding, Altoona, young spooner,
France, a chance. Paul, dress ball. cease. sufficient disease.
Dewey, by Louis, Delhi, her belly, Schocked, being mocked.
dismay, rampant today. Uganda, the veranda. Bennett, in it.
pride, that's dried. unclocked, is unfrocked. Kippur, clip her.
Ostend, his end. Pitlochry, a rockery. gang, his poontang.
Brasilia, would fillya. Burely, with Shirley. sister, kissed her.
Gloucester, tossed her. trapeze, terrible sneeze. please; your knees.
Duluth, named Ruth. Hess, of distress, Murray, I worry.
Samoa, know her.


farm, its charm. Plum! had come, shivver. me quivver,
Vector, dangerous nectar. Elgar, thus far! bumming, I'm coming!"
enthralled, is installed Sue, a screw. lewd, and shrewd.
shiver. to deliver. Vance, coffee, perchance?" nose, true rose.
Brown, feeling profound. spider, inside her. Stubb, the tub.
tea." past tea, Bister, her sister. Bister, her sister.
hung, her tongue. brighten, in Huyton; Torias, tiny clitorious.
M, excellent trim. rule, his tool, complexion, firm erection,
twat, glowing hot; rod; getting prod. do. to do.
Corning, any warning; shocked, pairs locked fear, my dear.
dear, draw near." Cod, feminine God. Gielgud; feel good.
Lenz, but intense. Max? dry, Max? tits, I admits,
know, urinating so, shower, full power. doubt, come out;
Leek, were weak; screwing, Sue Ewing Rhee, Ms Bea.
Dellens, and yellin's. believe, orgasmic heave, hook, and crook.
Victor, dicked her. trait, first date. Dade, got laid.
quick, similar trick. Hobbema, mild erythema. call; at all.
Ord, frequently bored. feeling, into squealing; Boone, quite soon,
Susan, her choose'n. chick, quarter-inch dick? Hearst, specially cursed.
thirst; well nursed. coised, and moist; frustration, that sensation
balls, your walls, Dees, shattering sneeze. twitchin', for itchin'.
Doyle, Katie Boyle. know, could go. Link, a mink.
Shannon, time mannin': Chasm, double orgasm. boff, your scoff!)
rushes; and luscious; night, lustful delight; Amazon, pajamas on,
orgasm, love chasm, Tanya, eating lasagna. provoked, less stroked,
Shirley, and curly. scares, of affairs, dud!" my pud.
singer; will linger. Ealing; wonderful feeling, pled; the bed.
again. is thin. fun, number one. lank; it sank.
hum; to succumb.


it, take it, complained, he reigned remake, I'd take.
Bridgit, a midget. make, were fake. snake; he'd shake,
sheep, that creep, take, Rock Lake. gain, to explain.
Jane, to feign Dawes, the cause. true; matter who.
John, are gone. phone-sexin', buddy a-vexin'. Maloney, are phoney
Drake, and shake; fine, she'll whine. brain, the drain.
delight, every night. Baker, and shaker. making, and shaking.
making. am taking. it; make it, fine; is devine.


orgasm, spine-tingling spasm. Munn. for fun.) immense, no sense!
showing, of rowing, Rangoon, too soon. gyrate, quite irate.
euphemism. my jism. magician; only ambition glance, of romance.
Tunney, and funny: sand; many grand; chasm, involuntary spasm.
Fritz, he shits. Dacian, deep penetration, begun, some fun.
trip, a slip. wallop, first trollop; Crete, his feet.
tramp-- Aladdin's lamp. sarcasm, an orgasm. dumb; their bum.
Levine, lady, inclined, Crockett, his pocket. soon, was noon!"
jut; to strut. splat- the cat. Dame. your name,
Kentucky; wonderfully lucky. hard, and scarred. Escher, in Lesher.
Topopov, pop topov, Sat." to Matt; song, elaborate gong,
Peening, life meaning. Hood, he could dance, improper advance.
still, the thrill spasm, has 'em. skirt, get hurt;
Masm, a spasm. chasm, a spasm. eyes, honey-brown thighs,"
built, and spilt ceases; am Jesus. Ben-Azzem, magnificent spasm
-- being flirts. Rutter, in butter, Mobile, a feel.
rhythm, with 'em. fun, a run. Kate, first rate.
fire; throbbing desire. Shirley, so burly. Brumming, was plumbing.
spasm, a chasm. Decatur, date her, poise, the boys.
Max, try, Max, Ruddles, buxom befuddles Seth, of breath.
sick, a trick. all, the tall.


Montrose, she chose. Chisholm, fine paroxysm. pleasure! unusual treasure.
Eire, and cheery. grey, stunning way. Capreeze, would sneeze.
climb, a crime. screw; he's through. swing; own thing,
Ukraine; and bane. beckoned, I reckoned complain, this refrain:
Clive, times five; yen, her den. best? I rest.
Duff, quite enough. South, no drouth. Mountain, a fountain.
Belize, he sneezed. Niles, male-customer smiles. need. not speed.


Bend, goggle-eyed friend, more, we adore. okay, to say
Springer, big clinger. potion, that notion. exorcism, a baptism!
Orleans) the dawlin's. Morty, Sue Yorty. chick, the clique.
Thomas, every promise. Scott, any thought "So, you know.
Rise, his flies. Skibbereen, and mean; penis, and venous.
Will, a thrill. Venus, a penis. eye, my thigh.
Bissel, guided missle, Moines, his groin. Bissell, a whistle.
plumber, female customer. Hood; be good." laugh, own epitaph,
picture-palaces, by psychoanalysis, improper, stop her. Gherkin! a kilderkin!
bed, some bread? slacker, a cracker. treat, for meat.
pardon, my garden, Tommy,' your salami." -- the gents'
least, End East); Wright, "Last night sick; a lick.
James: fun games. Glend, and friend. girth, of mirth...
choose; the booze. mouse, to rouse. mouse, the house,
incher; pinch her. Kippers, were nippers. cake; a flake.
gang, wonderful whang. Harriet, bury it, Kent, badly bent.
cheater), treat 'er Valencia, with lengthier overwrought; another thought.
late, of state. toy, a boy. Rick; pretty thick.
pants! we dance, think, cannot wink? Kress, to dress,
Sparks, in parks. Thalia, and Australia, inspect, when erect.
member, in September. toy, a boy. Pharrow, and narrow,
legs! beer kegs. limerick, of dick. dick, and thick.
survey, to say. prick. a trick. Punxsatawney, and scawney,
wonder, tactical blunder, Nile, a smile, Foreskin. too thin.
thin, over ten; suits, standard boots. Campbell, a bramble.
fools, our drools; Rube, picture tube... Cross, a hoss.
speak, wee peek? reckons), just beckons. benches, for finches;
seek; a leak. own; was grown. coincidentally, a wee.
Dan's, in cans,


choice, and rejoice! atone, his bone. Creft, the left.
Dingle, nerve-endings tingle. Zardon, guard on King, beautiful thing!
fertile, a hurdle. toys! little boys. Warwick, decidedly Doric;
Warwick, mistress euphoric, balk, could talk collect, arrangement effect.
Caerphilly, enormously silly. street, a treat. school, a stool.
historic: moments euphoric, dumb; just plumb. Bailey, pub-fellows, gaily:
Peter, my meter! park, the dark. mine; simply divine.
Grant, a plant. should, sweet manhood Dick, magnificent prick.
Tucker, a fucker. Bender, an ascender. sloe, you crow?
practice, fact is prize, Marylou's eyes. Kong, elegant dong.
boot, Pucci suit. wang, to harangue squirm. a term
Hand, his gland; pliant, a giant.


Aberdeen, nice sheen. khakis, remark "He's Schwartz, in warts.
seems, foolishly beams, minds, sure mine. it. banned it.
dick. so thick. Marts; let farts. Southend, the end.
boy; of joy. quick, the sick strong, rather long
spry, can buy Gloucester. could foster. it, reveal it.
Bailey, well-used shillelagh; flirt; Big Bert. slick, real quick,
lovers, the covers. Frank, a tank. Weems, it seems.
land, doth stand. Belgravia, his Savior. wrong, my dong
Kentucky, very lucky. wise, for size. Millie, somewhat silly.
ignited; very excited. Anacorties, their forties; wish, they fish.
khakis, - He's sight; with delight. know; a show.
snow!" a glow chore, or four South; a drouth.
fun, midwinter sun amazing; is raising! pot, luxury yacht.
Ruel, so cool; -- to play knob, his fob,
Consuela, gentleman's tailor; pounce, buns bounce.; thong, into song.
sail, never fail, where, I swear; Roger; dodge her.
Pease, her knees, Virginia, Peter Gosinya, Dot, real hot.
Dix, her tricks Ealing, highly appealing.


Argyll; a mile britches, it teaches. -- saw --
root, to shoot. Cannes, No Hands" Spot!" getting hot,
young, really stung: Devises, different sizes. middle, to fiddle!
plums, gal strums? fun, baby's begun. box, of cocks.
Flo, to show silly; not frilly. endowed, the crowd.
need. furrow, indeed; fence, stallions commence wrong, of dong.
six-and-a-tenth, average length, it, chew it; boss. a loss
eye, my fly. boy, is enjoy land, mammary gland
whorehounder, confound her. -- two pound! Bruges, is huge.
Ghent, fabulous gent.


Station, lively sensation... devine, onto mine, Herman, worm, and
penis, of Venus. Truro, colorado maduro. Naragansett, enhance it.
Anoka, with ochre, Shannon, Sam's cannon. Hicks, men's pricks.
O'Neil, would feel Detroit, quite maladroit. Biloxi, with epoxy.
Kentuck, filigreed schmuck. McKean, fucking machine. is; the trendies.
Harrow, an arrow. Siam, as Spam. Bombay, a day.
Marc, the park. Morgan, unusual organ. Kings, some wings.
extend. would append Ur, with fur. Duquesne, every seen:
Vici, was peachy, object, tool incorrect. Avers, with lifesavers.
Jew, heavenly blue. Millenocket, a rocket, Barrow, in marrow.
Nicky, Jason's dicky. Rourke, his dork: Wick, his prick.
unstable-- you're able!" Drew, light blue. Joe; a crow,
Ontaria, genital varia, sitting, try knitting cold, more bold?
chilly; my willy. knit, will fit. glove, of love".
fit, willy bit? Kotter, and hotter. McGill, porcupine quill.
Sirocco, penchants roccoco. Leeds, his needs. Kew, of hue.
cock, rude shock. suitor, her hooter. Turk, his dirk.
Tajik, wearing lipstick. Tiffan, constantly stiffen. Randall, Roman candle.
Psyche, named Ikey. McGill, and skill. Tring, a ring;
Chick, rather slick. Decker, fast-moving wrecker. butter, your putter.
Walloon, to festoon tattoo, of blue Australia, own genitalia;
flustered, the custard. Bing, his thing.


Tiberias, nearly delirious. share, a mare. vicious, and malicious,
bell? know well! callous, and malice, lug, an 'ugh',
Bobbit; stop it. Manassas, with lasses. precision, hindered vision.
lug, an 'ugh', growing. the knowing. coy. boy's toy,
bars, pre-dawn hours, beer. a leer. glee, severed PeePee.
Bobbitt, abusive habit. jury; near Missouri, scoff, been soft.
bitterly, her clitorally. it, swab it. flotsam, are rotten.
it. a ratchet), Bobbitt, It hipper, his zipper.
John; Dr. Vaughn; cocky, more rocky. Brock, his cock.
brutal! be futile. sick, real quick; Virginia, a zinnia.
Bobbitt. rob it. Bobbitt, a HOBBIT; look, connubial nook,
Bobbitt, lopped it. Virtualand, wedding band. lust; with distrust.
miffed, a lift. circumcision, watched television. regalia, fail ya',
keen, so mean, Lorena, and meaner. November; a member!
Alastair, the bannister. pass, his lass. seenith: his penith;
John, Don Juan. tension, can't mention. sting, Johnny sing.
me!" all melancholy. heinous, Dame Venus. know, horrible blow.
sheet, little Pete. loner. a roamer. lacquer. attack her,
whirl; young girl. wife! his life, slice, extra nice.
venal, from renal. disaffection, husband's erection. day; his dismay,
strife, the wife. Kong, his dong. us. tickle us.
nicer, a de-icer. away, he lay! it; sucked it.
Bobbitt, stop it, drinking, was thinking, movie-land, Lorena's sleight-of-hand.
cools, following rules Bobbitt, stop it, wife, whole life.
Hobbit, lob it meany, a 'queenie'. raised, and praised
dilly, bit silly. it, lobbed it!


Hicks, with bricks; Dundalk, his stalk. hard, his guard.
Tralee, a pee. point. sore joint. swell; as well.
Hurst, he burst. Pete, his feet. green; and clean,
Carlisle, was penile. Woonsocket, a rocket. Schenectady, infected, he
Decker, Sara Becker. junction, Perfesser's compunction. backyard; real hard.
Duntork, his dork. short,. Marion thought. Klink, of zinc.
Beijing, this thing. Tuttard, he uttered. Texas, of sexes.
Nation, baroque elation, Fred, his head. Brabant, is extant:
custard, was mustard; Nantucket, a bucket. Toulouse, deficient prepuce.
Belize, his knees. master, painful disaster. Couting; him pouting.
Carluke, a look Gideon, from obsidian, yes, would guess.
Alphonse, his schwantz; score. so sore, Stambul, his tool,
Carolina, like china. Plains, phallic pains. delay, bloody day,
Becker, impeccable pecker. Gene, and mean. he; of me.
crazes; just amazes. Peking, was seeking, Haki, in saki.
Yunge, was brung, Asturias, practices curious. Creach, the beach;
Dale, rather pale, Gate, a crate. Jerusalem, of Methusalem.
Bole, rectangular pole; single, to mingle, bottle; a jottle.
Spain, a drain. see, to pee. tree, a bee.
Todd, a cod. Hearst, the worst. Springer, his clinger.
Leeds, cock bleeds, Ed, of lead. prob- the job
Dustin, was ass-bustin'. Tennessee, a cacti. Dundalk, into chalk.
Bobby, his nobby, Yale, unusually pale. Stamboul, his tool.
Istanbul, his tool. nicely. all dice-ly. Stamboul, his tool
Durkee, cold turkey;


Coke, his stroke; Gant; a slant; bent; the President!
Trent, terribly bent. Steve; frenulum breve. lusted, have mistrusted.
knock... a rock. Bangkok, a rock, Claire, perfectly square.
Tashkent, incredibly bent. observed, is curved." McFooshan, odd convolution,
Tittle, really little; Hoboken, are spoken Chester, did pester;
Frank, his crank. Little, quite brittle; Jay, fucking away,
Hurst? just burst, account, was Blount; fall, a ball.
Kent, and bent. Nantucket, fuck it. Skopier, and floppier.
Lang, his whang; Merve; a curve; Maloney; not phony.
fey, a gay, erection, for perfection. Roque, to poke.
Biddle, the middle, Kent, dreadfully bent. Salinas, old Catalinas,
Kent, was bent. remedial, tool polyhedral. dangular. but triangular;
crotch. the watch.) dic. real thick, Wilt', a tilt;
transpired, she desired, Hope, could cope. Cherie, with glee.
Lum; the bum. Tibet, one yet. line, just fine.
Ghent, and bent. ended, be offended? bloke, from oak.
Cass, of glass. mustached, and mashed little, the middle.
Venus, his penis. Koblenz, angular bends Doc; my cock.
Ghent, from Tashkent. tennis, the penis. McGuire; be sire.
MacDooshan, odd convolution. spammer, a yammer, Brent, badly bent.
lank; a crank. melancholic, a frolic, -- by Peyronie,
Peyronie, bent baloney. Pease, sand fleas; -- knees --
Japanese, great ease. Biddle; his diddle; Peyronies, afflicting balonies;
constructed, we're instructed. Peyronie's, my cronies. Spud, the mud.
Kent, is bent... Pudder, a shudder. Brazil, his drill.
long, the throng. gent, horribly bent. Kent, was bent;
whore, for more. pole, and roll, Pink, tiddy wink.
best, a test. Alice, big phallus. Kent, quite bent.
Hoboken, was broken. erection!" major defection; Hoboken, some strokin'.
Chase, a brace. Baku, slightly askew. scoff, to boff;
knotted; been besotted,


King, he'd fling Classes", time passes, Dundee, a tree.
relent. old gent. Roger, his todger. regalia, bruised genitalia,
push, magnificent tush. Anne, a man. Anne: and man.
known, nail syndrome." Reader, his peter. bored; get whored;
tried; I cried; bent; he went"; Billy; his willy.
see, bothereing me. prognosis: and hypnosis. got; a lot.
Cobleigh? exceedingly knobbly. knobbly, most prob'ly, shit; alien slit.
tight, Europan night. ball, a call. One-Meter, infinite Auto-Repeater.
unbent. he sent. glans, than hands. sprung, engineered tongue.
blow, a flow. prod! your rod. schnapps, few drops?
trice; on ice. mercy! to Circe, quarters, a Xorters.
position, nuclear fission. glint, making stint, be, You see,
stalls; it falls. Kent, a tent. Kent, their tent.
Jock, a shock, Crewe, and true. Benoint, good point
cock, great shock. twisted," Thomas insisted. thank, was rank.


strand, the sand. Runyan, a bunion. Alice, all callous,
Horne, and forlorn. phallus, Does Dallas." Dallas, phenomenal phallus.
Austin, simply exhaustin'. Jews, of screws, affair; mon cher.
Dallas, for phallus. Clark, the dark. Dallas, with Phallus.
Dallas, a palace. Dallas, his phallus, Bombay, of clay.
Dallas, large callous. Dallas, a palace. scrumpy, of humpy.
Rick, a lick, Wingy, and stringy. sand, far inland,
Clare, around bare. Alice; a callous Said, and frayed.
Dallas, his phallus. am, with Pam. Cawnpore, awfully sore,
Salinas, his penis.


dating, to fellating elation, sex sensation. Assam, man-eating clam.
Bermuda, mean barracuda. scrotum, large totem. leery, Miss Erie.
Ness, a mess, Kilkeel, an eel. Britain; quite smitten.
found, angels around. Alice, pure malice, Bob, a sob,
Canadaigua, a haigua!" mystic, the sadistic. willing, about squilling,
thief, me grief. fellatio, a radio, gone. pants on.
Nantucket, suck it. Penge, to Stonehenge hole, a knothole,
Backer, big cracker, Rochester, to pester. Kilkeel, an eel.
Sam, a clam. Lana, the sauna. Mickey, big dickey.
Hauser, a Schnauser. Bach, Miss Flock. Ryan, a lion.
Flood, at stud, Croesus, by feces. Jack, to attack.
bad, felt sad. Croesus, a rhesus. zoophile, crocodile juvenile.
member, in December, Alice, considerable malice. Mark, a shark.
Naomi; blow me. (MI) cock. See?" Cole, any hole.
actor, attacked her. Friday, high day). Niagara, a tiagra...
Peru, play peekaboo. Slipper? his zipper.


knew, a Jew, clipper, a nipper. Nick's; country hicks.
snipped, remain foreskin-tipped. mohel, baby oil! bank, the flank.
checker; fact wrecker. is, with phymosis. Marge, her charge.
bris, he missed. Royal, a moyel. Phipps, always quips,
goin' no one, Tut, God, "But tea, you see.
uncoil," ritual MOIL. Briton, a kitten; Bob; his knob;
wise. really incise rocket, the sprocket; boys, to goys.
defrocked, was shocked. collision, wrong requisition. Hugh, a Jew.
tov! schnozzle off. Phipps, always quips, bris, a 'kiss'.
imprecision, on self-circumcision. best; the rest. Gough; said, "Cough!
here, to shear. Elias, why is Stiers, many beers.
jinking, was linking, tonsillectomy; out: hysterectomy; Moses, up roses;
circumcision, steely precision, Schmucks, he plucks. decision; a provision.
hell, she fell, case. alien race. Yid, been hid,
Phipps, with snips. vision. their decision. hand, the land.
Nassau, a saw. Sol, astonishing gall, fate! hollered Kate,
Kyzzer, a scissor. piddle, very little.


addiction, and conviction, her? only meaner. cursed, limerick thirst
nut. own smut, seek, a freak, blues, will abuse
Osawatomie, of me. Hopper, a chopper. boast, penis, almost.
ever, have never guts, my Nuts. York, a cork.
beard, he reared; Gorton, to shorten floor-o, to score-o,
Kain, in pain. fool, his tool. me," Mary McGee.
Binder, this reminder. Hickle, a pickle. Decker, like nectar.
nice, her twice. Louie, and gooey, tuning, my crooning,
"Wenches, of trenches, Wetzell, a pretzel, Fife, good life,
Martinez, his penis. tremendous, at Brenda's. Nile, a file.
truncation, sever trepidation. spotty, named Lottie. Roger, old codger.
Gray, one day, mass, some glass.


Frome, not groom), picked; had licked. Asia, sharp razor.
Cratchett, reattach it. Bonner, a goner, saw, with Lenore.
McDonald-McGhee, to me. Gherrity, mordant asperity, power, an hour!"
Mars, a bar. Skink, curious kink. Drew, he knew;
bragger, a swagger. Molly, Dong Wally. McBeer, all year,
Leif, sex thief. Bligh, the sky. agree, to me
Proper, bop her. Redge, a hedge. Fred, her dead;
Goff, a cough; Tedder, the shredder. falls, he sprawls.
head, her bed; run, a fool. Venus, Adonis' penis.
Midge, the bridge. ass? med class? isthmus, every Christmas.
Lorena, soul meaner; Beela, the feela. Barton, was uncertain,
Boyd, sexually void. job," and swab, beaver, deceive her,
July, the sky; Post, to roast... palace, his phallus.
Enos, his penis. with, cans with. Mystic, bonkers, ballistic;
Eva, her cleaver. frilly, looked silly. Fife, his wife.
Butte, unprincipled brute; Belgrade, they prayed. hatchet, catch it.
Johns, (Buddhist monk) Burdette, minor regret. Spooner; harpooned her.
Dave, a shave; mien, was seen, Fletcher, old lecher.
Cooter, unsuitable suitor... beaver; are teasers. Newt, were cute.
Abdul, marvelous jewel, Haven, needed shavin'. it; distract it).
Springs, magnifient wings; mix; Bob Fix. Tibet, always regret.
worse; his hearse. Smith, and/or kith. lay, at Ebay.
Reg, the hedge. Datchet, a hatchet, Jess, the press.
Reg, a hedge. Datchet, a hatchet. Burley, come early,
affection, outthrust erection.


sired, greatly admired, high, the K-Y, brand, by hand.
Dublin; until bubblin'. member, could remember. relief, much grief.
tickle, old pickle. awe, I saw? surprise, own eyes,
house," her blouse. lusted, have mistrusted. Crockett, light socket.
Pete, the street, try, the deep-fry. pickle; an icicle.
Revere, my dear. tight, the night; twinkling, was tinkling
boatswain, got frozen. Morocco, hot choco. Paul, the wall.
way, a sleigh. Pete, the sleet. Boe, the snow,
sense, electric fence. member, in December. host, wiener roast,
Joe, the snow. trick, my Bic. Lynn, her kin.
Uhura, with tempura. Veach; the beach; Gynecology, examining me,
know, the snow: Tinder, pinned her. Bombay, every day,
be, one's pee,


Westphalia, impale ya. Fry, oh my! Puttenham, shuttin' 'em.
Jew; all knew. grip, a drip. winder. be kinder.
Fong, a thong. Billy, his willie. Dipper', his zipper.
rose, petals enclose push, thorniest tush, Ceylon, a pylon.
Rangle, an angle, yield, a field. Creole, wide-open pee-hole.
Quebecker, his pecker. treat, the seat. Frick, young chick.
Josh, by gosh. Zix, to fix weather, as leather.
Starbucks, he sucks. Mick, sore prick." wrangled, was spangled
bled, of bed, went, and bent winch, the pinch.
Poole, First Rule: Jock, horrible shock. guess, zippers, unless
Lou, his waterloo; Dusty, so rusty. please, her knees.
Lee, the powers-that-be. clean; I mean. skin-strip, unzip --
zipper. so chipper. Flipper, a nipper) plastic, was spastic.
zipper, that nipper. France, his pants. zip, gaily rip.
Stamboul, suddenly cool.


tall, a wall, trotting. she's squatting; protrusion, an intrusion.
scrawls, the wall. afraid, repair trade, mention, the tension,
passed, at last, kneads, he pleads. male's, the wails
youthful, and truthful, pud! this stud... me? don't see
bud. much blood. man! alternate plan. off, to boff.
friend. sad end. here. my dear. stiffie. quite spiffy?
log? and clogged! thin... right in? seat? long 'treat'?
can, that man. lid. he did, caught, the pot.
case, second base. why, and pry Ratchett, catched it.
of, recommended above. feeling, my healing. pain, better again.
Peep, to keep. tip, you zip.


Dick, spiralling prick, bed, dropped dead. Fred, corkscrew head.
expanded, vagina demanded. Natchez, of snatches, List, helical twist.
enlist, spiraling twist. twister, kissed her. right, with delight.
symmetric; assistance obstetric; admit; and split. street, of meat.
Trent, spirally bent. unfurled, be curled. to. a screw.
true, with glue. wedded; it threaded! tale, the trail
right, to night out, the lout. stump, him pump,
refrain, ever remain: Fred, in bed; Ned, to bed.
Dick, corkscrew-shaped prick. Mack, left-handed tack. Fred, corkscrew-shaped head.
Ted, corkscrew head; Fred, corkscrew head. Frank, a crank.
bed, right-hand thread. head, me instead. Purse, his nurse,
sick; too quick. forthwith. a myth. willow, a Brillo.
blaze, the ways "in", or thin; two, can screw;
few, it's true; tool, too cool,


Bert's; it hurts. copper, and proper, Said, and frayed,
Doane, while prone, Derry; to bury; Jane; to drain.
Rand, in hand, Jane; to abstain. Lilly, sound silly,
filly, quite frilly. worn? have sworn talking? of stalking?
palm, soothing balm, study, me, "Buddy, go-getter, her sweater,
blunder, I wonder Jane, in pain. France, a lance.
Splay, in clay... Hunt, was blunt. rubbin', a nubbin.
Hunt, was blunt.


written, home Britain, groaner, my boner. Straw, terrible flaw;
Mike, the pike. dispatch; can match. Anglia, his ganglia.
known, long bone. self-circumcision, with precision. indecision; needs vision,
incision! with precision, sense; electric fence. sense, electric fence.
Athlone, into stone. King, gold thing. pair," faraway stare,
Bess, a mess. life, his wife. raw, was Maw,
orch- the porch; lout, your spout. Harris, of paris,
surprise, you surmise. peer, are near, nearby, know why.
Heidi, and untidy. mean, Mrs. Clean. sight, the night.
fled. then said. Turkey, beef jerky; candor." old gander.
Lake, would take. that, his hat. here. is sincere.
miss, about briss. due, foreskin anew? Freud, the void
dear, and rear, grand; e'er unmanned. true, or two.
back, the black cabin, idly babblin'; wink: I think;
seek"; that sneak! lean, before seen; tattered, got splattered;
sling, my fing- goes, and grows; require, from wire.
attached, a snatch, thing, to bring Vancouver, improve her.
Amarillo, still, for Amarillo, of Brillo, filly; a dilly!
steel, to heel.


Dick, wonderful trick. sight, with delight, failed, and wailed,
town, the clown. France, a glance. clothes, remarkable pose.
all, the hall. Dick, his trick. there, the air,
remorse, another resource. McFangle, to untangle. home, his bone.
Iraq, his back. Slick, remarkable trick. bereft, to left;
curve; and swerve. crass! any lass. sent, be spent.
Berlin, his foreskin. Berlin, his foreskin. affray; a day,
Jock, the dock. York, a fork. last, a mast.
dick? silly trick? Rose, to those Japan, the pan.
Hindu, been to, Falk, spectators gawk. Crockett, his pocket.
Turk, spasmodic jerk; trapeze, big sneeze. Dick, not thick.
trick, real quick. Strensall, a pencil. Tim, exceedingly dim.
mated, get impregnated. bloke, no joke. crappy, sexy chappy.
tune, late afternoon? Sheeney, a meany... Nick, marvelous trick;
Bill, a quill. Gene, and obscene. understand, did land.
eye, Kate's thigh. Jake, a snake. Lutz, remarkable putz.
shoulder? special holder? O'Doul, his tool, Alice, the Palace.
well; was swell. Molder, small boulder. York, small fork.
Richey, cripplingly itchy. Nick, prehensile prick.


greenery, ocean-front scenery. importan' your sortin' Merton, shirt on,
Boyd, quickly destroyed; become, pecker aplomb. "Sir, passed her,
afield, weapon revealed. Strand, plainly manned: Capp, his lap.
Annerley, and unmannerly; Fitzgerald, nine-eights unappareled, Kevin, to seven.
shove, make love. run, such fun. book, what nook.
France, his pants; Merit, share it! me! old tree.
khakis, totally wacky! Coast, his post; Spokane, a tan.
Lear, his dear. say, gave way; Watt, my 'hot';
bar; wasn't far. France, tight pants. pants, in stance,
Taos, his spouse. Kay; sunshine today. York, his dork.
Plains, at trains. ceiling, and appealing Jock; the crock.
Dundalk, of chalk. nose, of those. Plum, plain dumb.
jock; oversize cock. Rebecca, intricate necker; Frank; hearty wank.
Towcester, billboard poster, Ticonderoga, then Yoga, Malpeque, on spec,
miscegenation, this obervation, Schick, dastardly trick. sick! your dick."
flipped, a crypt, Mendoozer, a boozer. arouses, men's spouses.
fright; last night. sang, machine Wang. photos, were no-shows.
nude, problem ensued. embarrassment, Paris meant, Rye, was high,
Utoxeter, at her. Lang, of Yang. Perth, with mirth.
Punjab, the job supposed, partially closed, Gossage, a sausage,
Bogota, the raw; Cod, get scrod. Bluff, the buff;
garden, your pardon." Meriwether, the altogether; inspector, this sector.
Eutoxeter, at her. Ignace, his place. speed, fine motor-steed,
Squeaky, prostitute chickie. stricken, pulse quicken: Sears, it appears.
juvenile, organ, erectile, Lordy! my wordy: Exeter, at her,
Perth, the earth; Dundee, at sea: Pat, "What's that?"
Beirut, a hoot, Hubble, a bubble.


Tom, a prom. Fool; of Misrule. Gander, of grandeur.
Wier, thing clear. Paul, the mall. Dad, a lad;
this: a Miss, able, Gert Grable, Purdue; he knew.
Ostend, nearly extend Stoke, a joke. clothes. I suppose.
Ebeneezer, please her. Hans, 'grosse Schwanz'. Morgan, a Gorgon.
allege, called Reg, Exeter, at her. Dallas, Aunt Alice.
Denise, of these." peter, greet 'er. Kurtew, his virtue.
fine; not whine. willing, our drilling. Sue, soda-jerk, Lou,
it," through it. spear: my dear. Alice, the palace.
Ray, for display. Rex, his sex, wise, and lies.
size; a surprise. Greeley, a wheelie; Dallas, a phallus.


wrangle, and angle, wag; the hag. bare, the air,
replete, did repeat "Alas, amass -- bench, in French:
scoop, to droop. wise, show surprise, think, will shrink.
duty, a cootie. nude, was crude. cause, good whores.
you, a she-kangaroo. elocution, morning abolution. speeches; he teaches;
Mahoney, bone; he Mahoney: of bologna, job: my thingamabob.
bitch. a glitch. now. better kow-tow! surrender! sweet pudender.
hand, your gland. suspension, full attention, odd; a facade.
thing. fling -- Todd, his rod. excuse. such use.
Whiting, quite indicting. apart; your heart. sex, own checks;
Hooray! beach yesterday, stayed, they'd prayed, McFee, a pee.
man, I ran. twinkle, my tinkle, Woonsocket, knock it;
Port, could court;


choir, and higher. Texas, his reflexes. Cliff, the diff?
Raton, helluva bone. erection; approaching perfection. mention, penile distention,
empowers, impotence sours, Calatt, and flat. Mose, his toes.
Gordon, nice hardon toes, a nose, Vance, a dance.
-- winds blow. he?" "Should he?" curvacious, thoughts salacious.
veldt, never melt, Milpitas, beat us. Bower, sexual power,
weiner. or leaner. Creek, a week; flower, your bower.
Maine, great pain. Gelling, his dwelling. time; my prime.
Lucy; you'll see, Morgan, a Gorgon. Gus, s
creep, to weep. find, the mind. cross-section, and reflection.
Chance, beautiful Blanche. trombone, bodacious schlong. Lafarge, sweeping barge,
Schenectady, said he, adolescence, feminine essence Joan, a bone.
Vance, of romance: not; not got Finter, his printer.
tiff, on midriff. Dock, the cock. home, a gnome.
Corvette, the net. power. little flower. -- best friend.
Dagg, to shag. tricks, young chicks. rhyme; just fine.
on, heart on Winter; evil glint-er. Rupp, to sup.
Marden, his garden, root, his boot. Chris, was bliss!
advertising, much emphasizing. Angeles, angle is. own, a bone.
Nick, his prick. frank, is lank, Hume, the Gloom."
Landsdowne, stands down. Thad, he had Lafarge, exceedingly large.
excesses, such caresses, Betty, so pretty. yore, favorite whore.
Vance, a dance; bed, be dead. erection, woman's midsection,
recruit, were cute; Denver, unusual member; Ewell, on gruel;
trees, ever please. corrections, skyscraper sections, jock, to knock.
hall, too small. Joan, soft moan. throne, a bone.
Updyke. goes upright. Commotion, the notion demands, her glands.
called! I've balled election; no erection. them, condone them,


Haiphong, his dong. rock, a crock Arden, hard on,
Morgan, a gorgon, Brewer, screw her. thoughts, my shorts,
price)", your vice; Osbone, lost bone. Zeke, rather unique;
Enos, hardest penis. Dallas, and callous. Enos, petrified penis;
Scone, a stone.


Mum, a bum; spy, a fly; hard! feminine bard
kind, passionate bind; quick. my stick. -- any fee.
dejected; had defected. Cliff, to sniff. alone, have grown,
drunk'll, tiny carbuncle, gym, her quim. barbell. face fell;
Gomme, say OMM... suppose; normally goes. weight; young Kate;


fond, was blond. Grandee, forked goatee. -- backs, everywhere!
Angus, miniature dingus. date. nymphomaniac Kate. discovered, was covered
Bulgaria, a area. Bear, pubic hair. zoo; humongous whazoo.
Dutton, a button.


Gor, a whore. Gor, and heartsore. cure, French literature.
France, his pants), Madrid, El Cid. Aragon, move on.
he, with glee. Thrace, the race. proceeded, were needed.
feats. the sheets. fat, and begat. well, native belle.
clout, sexual drought. kilt, maiden atilt. fling, his thing.
Bath, masculine wrath. Beware! ancestral lair, Boulder, grown colder,
Hector, a sector-trajector, Tony; so phoney. in; special sin.
dart, my heart; dear; your rear. news, in two's:
Venus, his penis. pricks, or Dick? Pearl, happiest girl
twist, I insist. Millinocket, his pocket. Credit, lead it.
-- plumber's utensil, Bristol, a pistol. France, his glans.
nifty, called "Swifty", anointed, centrally jointed. art, stiffy part.
disorder, his water, Becker, rotating pecker. drilling, find thrilling;
Vince; to convince. Dundee, a key! graft. the shaft.
dick; little trick. dick, to stick frocks, me shocks.
Reese, of decease, Devizes, great prizes. oughter, warm water;
honey! not funny!; red; well spread; wrong; 'till strong;
dick; real slick; sure; to endure; Jock, insatiable cock.
rage, all wage? Cox, as rocks; Halifax, with wax,
pecker, as erector, Brest. a rest, Brest, the west.
Brest, the best, Dawn, the morn Pete, of meat.


Sue, was blue. you, was blue. lie, we comply?
mood, for food." Jack, uncommon knack. Bruce, being obtuse.
Clarke, a lark. Gower, nuclear tower. quiescence. youthful tumescence.
Zoe, her beau. Ted, not wed, Stockholm, imperfect genome.
Adder, grew fatter. purple, Doc Urple. AJL, to swell.
rusting; regular dusting. head; should dread. Jack, uncommon knack.
it, eye it. dolor- her polar-