Limeric Index



Paul, practiced withdrawal. Freud, to avoid. Stekel, Confederate shekel.
Roger," her lodger. Huff, not tough. Pete?" his meat.
Bert," her skirt. off, to scoff, plastered, all mastered.
misty, wife, Christie: Mabel? I'm able. Conan, his organ.
-- than Conan. set, family debt. pound, was found
Leo, too slow. Paul, pendulous ball, Timiskaming, kiss coming.
Fred," to bed. adore, one more). Sneed, orgiastic deed.
Heydon, young maiden. Sioux, always withdrew. man. a stand.
Hugh," to screw.


Hewitt, Doc Bluett. Rhyll, at will. fill, a hill.
hype, is ripe. love; a glove, insist!" great tryst.
Thant, I want Lee, is key. Cox, a pox!
thrill, her fill; Jill, the pill. fill, semen spill,
face, urge's race; Reading, for bedding. Brazil, the Pill,
today, she'd say! net, his debt. thrill? the skill.
perceptive, for contraceptives, face, Such disgrace! Queen, quite green;
stout, in doubt, Brazil, the pill. Lily, his willy.
Bill, "The Pill." thrill, her Pill. Phil, the Pill.
dirt. her skirt! McSwill, contraceptivity pill. Pill. don't thrill.
Jill, the pill. Gill, the till! Hill, a thrill.
ill, her will: girdle, was infertile Bill, and still.
Rhyl, or Jill. Pill, me ill. Phil, control pill.
Paul, you'll recall; thrill, flower-child Lii sermoned; ever determined.
Kay, fine day. Rhyll, the Pill.


Ray, sexual play, Hadley, so badly, crusader, waylaid her.
sin, baby again. -- needed fixin'. mind, rightly defined
Willy, then silly. HEWITT, sterilized heiress, dastard! feminine toys.
consternation, rude hands monsters! my charms? me, door key.
men-servants! to whore. me, peas-in-a pod? rulings! of jest.
wine; looks fine." needed, wife pleaded. play!" my way!"
strife, is rife. try, birth-control buy, get! sure bet.
shorn, be born. May, dapple grey, Schenectady, a vasectomy.
obese, a piece. Thrace, whole race, Cyril, was virile.
played; they've made. Algiers, for years; vasectomy, women expectomy.
York, to uncork Cass, en masse, Goff, probably scoff,
sterile, pregnancy peril, me, to me; maid, herself spayed;


tutor; suit her. Tasty, a pasty. mouse; a louse.
Alsace, her ass. rude) the nude: free, or E?
air? you wear cure? so sore. Lenore, the drawer.
Singer, the wringer. humongous, among us. Ritz, her teats.
Wrangle, the mangle. Hollis, named Wallace. Louise, a squeeze
leer, it's clear; go, further below; mangle, a tangle;
fit, we sit. Dashway, cash tray. Reno, named Dino.
zest, prostrate undressed. bits, of tits. Pitts, her tits.
Brest, her chest. collectively, for me, me? can be!
heats; even sheets. west, dolorous breast; Robin, the bobbin.
Springer, a singer. Whipple, one nipple. fate. same trait.
sure, are poor, there, a pair. Pat, of that?
Fritz, his wits. Tirelli, dynamite jelly. 'A' they say.
nip, hovering pip, dar, by far. bra-bound, and round;
desk, not BUNYANESQUE. Fritz, girls' tits.


fights, concerning rights true! like you, Glitz, her tits.
chest, the rest place, and lace. Tempe, Canadian MP.
trees, you please. girl, a whirl. Lillian, the cotillion.
Marylou, bright blue. Spitz, his wits. mellow, best fellow,
Hamilton, tassle on. Veronica, for Hanukkah: need; to read.
scream, udder cream." fun, a sun, Galena, graceful demeanor,
Cloud, a shroud, Pomona, sexy kimono; brazen, she'd blazon.


Spain, in vain. knockers, as shockers. unaware, poor Claire.
O'Leary, become bleary. restroom, lady's bazoom." attire, and higher.
bare-breasted. so detested? slip; a whip! Mills, for thrills.
Bude, exceedingly rude. church, his perch. Bright, last night.
pups; fake blow-ups. City, little bitty, custom, thrust 'em
frightful. them delightful) trusted, being lusted. glowing, was blowing.
wench, the bench. store, to ignore harken, B Larkin,"
biddies, the kiddies. spills, gave chills. rapping, bra-strap unsnapping,
tonight. You're right. Whipple, a ripple. Louise, provocative tease.
night, the sight queasy, was sleazy. Enos, demean us.
hair, goin' nowhere Seattlite, a sight. bit, a fit.
Joy, excellent ploy tits; the pits. cheers, in brassieres;
me!" women free rippers; about strippers. Dee, should see.
passes, thick glasses. best, her chest; true; like glue.
Cities, feminist committees. breeze, the trees. attire, and higher,
hipped, get dipped. law? a bra! dame, the same.
come, some fun. bare? don't dare!) arrests, your breasts.
law, I adore Bristol, a pistol. breasts, wonder-struck guests.
breasts! those guests bores, two doors, Popper, his whopper.
men, and then, wink, the brink displayed, Kitty McWade,
dipples, muscadine ripples, Rubin, cube in;


night, exceedingly tight; surprise, the eyes Rowse, the house;
Willy, how silly! altar, did falter; Wright, Friday night.
lace, the face. L.A. gown, decollete. son, Sue Bonne,
sand; overly tanned. Mawr, strapless bra, Pappas, all topless.
swoons, like balloons; knew, and grew. Troon, like balloons
swoons, like balloons. cows, some bows. rain; her brain.
cold, outwardly bold;


Cisco, topless disco. Grimes, newspaper "Crimes." green, be seen.
Aqiq, a week: blouse! a house! ear; hold dear;
doubt, is about. sea, and me. sinner, with dinner.
about; limerick drought, Betty, Felixstowe jetty. bow-th. the south.
lifted, more gifted. McLouth, the South, Frank, he drank.
please, maid, Japanese. endowed, the crowd, stripper, a zipper.
go, to show cash; was trash. Mawr, faux pas.
Down, her gown, far, or car. heave, scarcely believe,
Tell, very well, about; Limerick drought, this, a kiss.
Barker, her parka. Kitty, flashing titty; bra, the bar,
bra, so far. bar, large jar bra, the bar,
bra, they are. Ayr, a hare. Ayr, free-flowing hair...
chick. and quick. bra? too far; Stratford-on-teas, the breeze,
Crete, really discreet. Krause" her blouse, revealing, nor concealing
so; plumber aglow. Bill, big thrill. Illustrated, there stated,
stock-in-trade, get laid. few, ticket to Nantucket! pluck it.
Nantucket! pluck it. maid, beautiful glade. tell, they fell.
along; they belong. prize) remarkable size. seek, the cheek.
tipple, large nipple. true. disappoint you. distaste, and laced.
Brest, magnificent chest. way, sweet decollete." face. a trace!
thrilling; is spilling meal.. a deal.. mind, natural kind.
Trieste, her chest. forum, of decorum. Biarritz, despondently sits.
Nice, in peace. skin; she'd spin. Kate. a date.
candy, animals randy. Tottenham, a lottenham, Preston, vest on.


undressed, have confessed: love. die of. gaily, an Israeli
charm, no harm. sensation, frontal curvation chest, was caressed.
nice, the price. today, a way. underwear, is bare.
floor, the door. busty," flat-chested Dusty, more. a chore.
tits, her wits. real?" a feel!" Horning, video porning.
waltz, several malts. rake, was fake. lake, "Heavens sake!
tits, than zits, chap; of yap, tits, customer's wits,
Skye, capital "I". waltz, were false. Lynn, except skin.
enchanted; frequently ranted. hope, their scope; expanse, hubby's pants.
Madonna, you wanna." sight, a fright. far, her bra.
(operation) by hop. Fritz, with tits. abroad, magnificent bod.
tits, few bits. breasts, can rest. enthusiasm, Ermintrude's busiasm,
Morgan, mid-body organ, be, double mastectomy. Cilla, fill 'er;
furious? manner injurious. perfection; Darwin connection. groan, in Athlone,
glands, one's hands. big'll, a giggle. titties; a pity;
mutilation, the nation. luck, I suck. Bay, Pamela A.,
Hester, midnight molester. fear; her near. Frances, her chances,
fantastic, eye-catching classic. bereft, much heft, Clair, magnificent pair.
seas, be knees chest, the crest Lee, can be.
again, these men: Sally, the alley. Rock, the dock.
Leoni, incredibly phony, waltz, sev'ral malts. Burt, are pert!"
Groton, with cotton; right; a fright. suggest, no chest?
Jayne, make plain. hue; on you Fritz, the pits,
Marge, them large!" bod, the nod Schmaltz, a waltz.


Whipples, and ripples. birth, their mirth; obsessed, the quest
O'Fallon's, long talons Mary, young Harry. tipple, the nipple.
spare, with care; ilk, of silk, Hample, overly ample,
crib, turned glib: down, night gown age, the rage.
silk, the milk. breeding, of breastfeeding, Bragg, did sag.
begat, and Pat. best, girl's chest: milk, that ilk.
nursin', sadly cursin'. see, so free. hale. the male.
Whit, a tit; Spuzzum, her bosom. Mandy, a dandy.
Prairie, and hairy. so, to grow. zilch; could filch;
sons, them stuns, shudder, must putter, farm, an arm.
real? a meal. Racine, of sixteen. go, with snow.


Spears, it appears. Lubies, two rubies. waste"; to taste";
Pitts, of tits. West, the breast: medication, exercise, dedication,
Kitz, nice tits. CLAIRVOYANCE, women's flamboyance. Crewe; bright blue...
learner, wage earner. dejection, chicken selection. more, foodstuffs galore.
ripples; it cripples. won, for fun. implants, customers' pants,
pretties, to cities, pop, the shop see, lovely Marie;
yes; the stress stresses, of dresses, request, her breast.
pits, that it's Madden, foam paddin'; imply, ever lie,
Saxe, the axe, flat-chested, was detested. exercises, twelve sizes.
Bess, to chess; real? unusual zeal. sucked; I've plucked.
whole; 'n' roll; France, boobies enhanced, fridge, a twidge
hand, a stand, Schmitz, her tits. bombasty, stand contrasty.
-- your hands. -- that's that. Bill, control pill.
dress, her chest. mooth; deep sooth. you, me too.
town, see-through gowns. crossed, Jack Frost. knittin' quite fittin',
geezer, a pleaser; lass, of brass. finance? Surround-Sound advance!
whole; 'n' roll. West, her chest. sensation, girl's invitation,
bereavage, manage retrievage, Ritz, her tits. Hall, the wall.
Kitty, each titty. Lola; blue aureole. itty-bitties. three cities.
ta; fond a small, is all. doc. your frock.
breast. fluid expressed. see, 'cause morally, inspecting; I'm detecting.
below. to grow, tarry, Rev Harry. hairy, downright scary.
Jean, anyone's seen; Pitts: never fits. Convention, honorable mention...
singular; seventeen-jointed fingular. invention; under tension. Dahlia, utter failure.
immature, likely amour. Cindy, can be. fun, of smartin'.
mind, and rhymes... running, and hot. work, to court.
Dot, quite hot... Deal, were real, Julie, figure unduly.
too? (it's true!) Pete, and replete; Bude, aptly tattooed.
nip, and yip. Hupple, them supple,


giggle, will jiggle. please! have 44D's! fits, bouncing tits.
c/o, her p/o Whipp, unruly zip, goes, of mangoes.
seems, the seams. Witz, marvelous teats. Witz, marvelous teats.
Witz, marvelous teats. type, surmountable gripe. hurts. the experts.
obstruct, could instruct. enquired; as required. sound, repeatedly found
pounds? that sounds. sigh, my thigh." again, whitish stain.
endeavor, loving whenever bosom, two some, Chaucer, her saucer;
free; for me. free, to me. Thai, could fly;
far, second-hand Jaguar; Jane, quite plain. C's, the breeze,
rose, their nose. 'em, so titsome. refined, in mind:
far, second-hand Jaguar; tits, their wits. Isabella's, the fellas,
nipple, fluid ripple, castle, no hassle. nips, miniature whips,
(ounce) (bounce) spa, her bra. guys, to advise,
Cleo, in Rio; vest? the rest. -- so --
Spitz, "thirty-eight" tits,


quest, measure lest fear; poor dear. see, D be.
Millie, and silly. Ballyclear, a brassiere. takers, big shakers,
Gusty, so busty, A-Tasket," named Haskett. Krupp, over-sized cup.
Libra; named Debra; O'Bannion, a canyon; Dusted, and upthrusted.
Cod, a hod. sensation. the nation. Antelope, a cantelope,
ma!" his ma. understand; of hand. complexity, of perplexity.
McLeod, well endowed. Roam, a gnome. proud, amply endowed,
eye, to try. D's! you please. sits, her wits;
Gression, Club concession. stopping, and dropping cool, quite full.
boys, wee toys! Crust, of disgust. best, to test;
guests, over-sized chests. D's, my knees? Stevenage, wonderful cleavenage.
Lumming, good plumbing. mastectomical," quite comical typewriting, looked inviting
Cumbo, Dumbo -- mad, a fad. McTwitty, the city.
game, to fame. willing; over spilling, large; a barge?
lingerie; by Marjory. clearly. said, "Nearly." West, the chest.
just, pixie dust. endowed, a crowd. me; never see
corny, and Tory; Sarong, inches long. McBagg, did brag:
Racine, State Queen, pleasure; should measure. Britain, were smitten.
Ira, hire her Guest, development breast, dairy, be wary,
bust, of trust. Martin; milk carton. tits, in fits,
Rangoon, of pontoons. marm, her charm. Khartoum, to consume
Blanche, our ranch. Rung; her lung. Magruder, her suitor;
above; a glove. wink. I think. Prairie, a dairy.
under; a wonder. stare. or glare. Brest, the test.
Moritz, passionate fits. Lee, I-5 recently. adore. bosom more.
back, my crack. Rhyll, to spill. kitty, feel shitty.


bust, and discussed just, and thrust; grander, wooden verandah,
fool; my cool. bounce. an ounce). gawk! with caulk.
large, juggling frommage. sing, real thing. saw, Widow McGraw,
best, a vest, bust, opposite thrust, hands, hot pans,
eighteen, ever seen. too; class, true! found, holiday pound
bustier! feel lustier. crevice, of feathers. ravine, have seen.
misplaced; of taste, guys? those lies, bits, it quits.
thought, had taught. tits, the blitz, Leipzig, and reipzig.
free, called 44D, bill! I'll fill 44D's? balls, please.
concern. to learn) right; this site, C's, you please)
none, some fun, suffocate, too late. places, nice faces.
smaller, bit taller. tiff, and sniff. bad, and cad.
confess, but nevertheless, Louise, her 42C's. kiss. heavenly bliss.)
44D's, to please. require," to enquire." found, the ground
member" of September. Helen, large watermelon. Helen, large watermelon.


Belize, her knees. Nebraska, as Alaska. say, to lay.
Kitty, her titty. tits, in bits. Keyes, her knees.
please, much ease. computer. cute; her cleft, monstrous heft.
Lamar, by far. Fez, of Chavez) Onie, are phoney)
pest, his quest. face; saving grace. Biarritz, have tits.
ripples, nice nipples; June, the moon; amazing; without raising
Pitts. her teats. Stitz, actually fits.


Fritz, to bits. cod, by God. two, only you."
night, all right?" true. limericks blue. went, a tent,
said, the bed), tits, of fits. blubber, a scrubber,
dived, I'd arrived guys.' great thighs pit, a fit.
loss, call 'Boss'. Fritz," those tits tits, No bit.
sneer, hold dear,


Claire, right there. Pitts, all twits. pubes, and rubies.
bras, and gauze. couple; see double. cubes, women's boobs.
Wrangle, an angle. sweater, pet her. you; the view.
City, impressively pretty. Johore, the shore; West, her chest:
West, plum-colored vest; chumps; or jumps. best, its expressiveness.
chest) the best. Anne, young man, Baynes, particular pains.
Guest, beautiful breast. say, the way. told, with gold;
lake, they'd make voluptuous, "Touch us!" Cape, sensuous shape,
wear," young Claire. Netter, done better; Jane, that plain
attests, screen tests, dream, of cream. Bligh, uncommonly high.
Frankfurt, so pert, weaned! I've leaned; delightful, mite full.
must, of bust. Bali, sartorial folly Trish, a dish.
real? of steel. Harts, at darts. super-size, the eye.
piece, honey's Comise. blitz, Morrison's grits. me; teased me.
flops, cute double-tops; dame, marvelous aim... prize. in size.
covet, champagne goblet, guys, No surprise! tit? her clit?
Wuzzums; that huzzums. divine, to dine. NcNair, her pair.
blouson, ooze on; Valerie, every calorie. enough, inviting muff;
Lou, to view. "Chaloobies" like rubies; Treadwell, shed well.
Ritz, big tits, Acropolis, masculine populis, Yonkers, go bonkers,
roes, because...heaven knows. view, hollered, "Whew! invests, of tests;
endowed, and loud. Loretta, a sweater. Coquitlam, belittle 'em.
it's, her tits. Etta, not better. well; never tell.
Schuyler, constant smiler. suitors, London commuters; better, dirt wetter.
Laura, congenial aura. Kitty; pretty -- delight, the sight
Lyle, single file; rare, cute derriere. work, a perk.
Columbia, stupidly dumbia; Kildare, to stare. Wise, the guys,
Easton, feast on,


Spitz, voluptuous teats, Spitz, have splits. hot) she's not).
A. trouser affray. Butts, and guts. slut's, my hut's
please. my knees require, and afire; shrink, to think
yours, the cause apparent, simply aberrant... nutter, and utter
strange, limerick range, pot; a lot, enough, esoterical stuff,
Jung, distinguish among inclined, your mind, dunce, poetry once.
do, and New- head, with dread; time, limerick rhyme.
eyes; with ties, lies? your eyes? qualm, to becalm;
melon; you sellin'? batch, cantaloupe patch. eyes; right size.
rack, your sack. offer, boff her. nurses, lustful verses,
cool, to drool.


Norway, a doorway; Hector, necked her, Dux'a, just "Shucks'a"
Kew, should do. Seaton, too fleetin'. real? their appeal?
comb, in Rome. shitty, woman's titty. merry, Babycham Perry.
us. appease us. Maugham, keep calm. Bandon, hand on,
Fromme, to roam; memorandum, band 'em depressed. blood test.
Jetter, getting better pool, the fool. Keats, her teats,
stutter; them mutter: ain't, a saint. fits, your wits.
fools, family jewels, please, large 42C's, real?" great zeal.
titties, itty bitties. Fitt, her tit: pity; be shitty.
stand, mammary gland. best; is blessed. lad, by gad,
Rex, of Sex, Dawson, and causin' 42C's? so please
Drew, coming through. impressed, her vest, Lansing, ladies enhancing;
hide; great pride. pits! jiggling tits! about, bit stout.
Pisa, a tease-a. Beason, good reason. Sands, my hands.
mitts, feminine bits; tits? your mitts? Kong, did prolong
Franz, mammary glands; Ealing, ain't appealing. spouse, her blouse.
Talisker, frisk her. bazoom, the room Crouse, the house,
harden, cry pardon. hands, mammary glands, Alice, movie palace.
cities, and pities. Ellie, her belly. squeal, a feel.
bed. cousin Ed?" Rust, her bust: real? a feel.
real. good feel. veep, could weep. Suggs, bounteous dugs,
Paddy, her daddy. phony; or silicone-y. desire, on fire,
Lee, can't flee, UK, stolen away, Louise, the breeze,
Viet, my pet. here, your brassiere! better, tight-fitting sweater
true, was through. house, on cows! depressed; he guessed.
chest, has blessed. bituminous, so luminous; Joan, her alone,
tits, blues-kickin' fits. week, you seek. oriental, matters non-mental.
Sands; wandering hands, Britty, of titty.


contest, to attest just, the bust. play, the day.
refinement, and alignment. shoulders, the holders fast, is passed.
Mooter. dispute her. Mooter, refute her, hear? did leer.
lass, a glass; Helen, with felons! away, to say
tits! my mitts... about, be out heaven, than seven.
dear, a leer, grown, my bone.


squeeze; of C's. praise; happily gaze; newly-wed," radio said.
South, no drouth. Sands, fellow's demands. candy. really dandy!"
Wyatt, of diet; nosily, of Rosalie, obsessed, double-D breast.
breast, much chest. ripple, a stipple. McBean, I've seen.
apart, are smart. tipples, me ripples, buxom, tucks 'em,
by, the eye Schlitz, of tits. Seth, of breath.
mull; a pull. Paul, a ball. adore, the floor.
please, called suckle-ees. must; but just Delights, and tights.
oughter, favorite porter, Claire. to there. Spitz, of tits.
-- like heck. sure, and explore? perky," from Albuquerque.
Laura, for her. bothered, be smothered. skin, deep within.
cover, my lover, discover, to cover -- to taste;
Ben; a yen. leaned, low-minded fiend. berate, of eight,
Calais, the bay. Lee, a fee. Dipple, Nan's nipple,
guess, I suggest, Kelly's, on jellies, berries, by fairies.
nipple, a tipple. cherries, old berries. Michelle? you tell
Michelle? a fel- divine; the time. me, lime pie)
muckle, or truckle, toggles, gentleman boggles Anza, bosom bonanza.
here. my dear. eyes; eliciting sighs. out, flailing about.
covered, have smothered Hest, prodigious breasts. smiled, a child
City, and titty, scheme, a team bust, a must.
dream! it seems. band! Mammary Gland! lust, oversized bust,
hatters, in tatters, me; you, see?


Fritz, avoid fits. Malmo, I grow? Stokes, she soaks;
Bea, to see. Kitts, big fits, Cheam, breast-growing cream;
new. I do, sappy, my pappy: LaGrande, mammary gland,
whore; was sore. Ritz, loveliest tits. Ashton-on-Stairs, small spares.
whore, her door: Bermud' fully nude. blue, sexy Sue.
somehow; a cow. Benares. man unawares, Colleen, rarely seen.
Ritz, Mary Pitts, hubby; right bubby; success; I guess;
advice: dice -- Ceam, be seen? Doobs, test tubes.
whore, could adore SEXTET, sex, yet bite. I might
breast, her chest. Witt, to shit. Pitts, of tits:
Drew, only two... whore, has four. whore, one more.
beverage, for leverage. neuter, Army recruiter: whore, dance floor.
Fitz, oversized tits? tit; to sit. breasts, their chests,
Khartoum, enormous bazoom. Hoople, not duple. Cowes, her blouse.
whore, ate petit-fore. Me!" said she, chest. the rest.
there; a pair. breast, surprising request. Ulva, full bra.
Gore; professional whore; real? to feel? Rose, her clothes.
sleek, and chic; whore, vaginas galore... whore, one more).
Benares; her affairs. Troys, her poise. whore, the floor.
Bermud', fully nude.


Jill, did fill, tits, sub-teenage fits; Ford, a board,
be, when he Bea, in 'top'-ology. flat-chested, heavily invested.
invested, devices untested. decried. then sighed. sack, named Mac,
lass, my ass!" clam; Hoover dam. dear, to fear!"
Jo, to show. rusty, ain't lusty. haste, bad taste,
misplaced; of taste; propped, indeed popped, chest, usual test.
Mitty, this titty; breasts, tepid requests, pride, be denied.
bride, bona fide. Biarritz, small tits. same, natural dame.
Nor, the floor. taste, in haste. mocking, for defrocking.
taste; make haste minute, or hirsute; rotten, had gotten.
Geste, new chest. March, exceedingly arch, INGRATIATE, and emaciate,
Paul, so small, smart, cle(a)verest art, Vancouver, improve her.
Hermione, and shione, Noorat, named Tat. Kay, the day,
books, it cooks. Pitts, popping zits. hands." mammary glands?
Trieste, ladyfriend's breast. glee, a 42-D. Mapes, small grapes.
matter," cute" chatter. Kitts, St. Moritz, Pellans, St. Helens
Blatt, rather flat. compare; and shiny. denied, camp pride.
them, faze them. whim, to swim. Gimbels, sex symbols.
Totham, at bottom; bite. it might Bramalea, been mammally.
City, big titty.


Dinwiddie, voluptuous titty. Beecham, teach 'em. endowed, suitably proud.
slack, empty sacks. Belize, her knees. pits! it gits!"
whore, the floor. Kate, looked great! Grace, aging pace.
older, even bolder. sight, quite polite, Clapham, flap 'em,
tease, her 44d's. compunction, Clapham Junction. Nelly, like jelly.
Kit, one tit! Keyes, you please? Shawm, of form.
swoons, like balloons; DD's. of ease. Moritz, with zits.
West, her chest. Keyes, a disease. embrace; "bra-less Grace,
Justin, bust in. size; high rise, appealing! for feeling,
44Ds, I sneeze. see? at me? back; be black.
Yonkers, going bonkers, Pru, a coup. lass', your ass?
Schmidt, of shit. her; "Toss her! trimmed, be condemned,
Grace, aging pace. faces, by paces. guarantees, you please.
Gaul, a shawl. Flo, from below; Bitts, ugliest tits;
Stubbs, pendulous dugs. Mace, the face. city, her titty
dances, voyeurist chances. Smalls. dancing enthralls, breeze, her knees.
bag; longer brag. Maggie, terribly saggy. Fagg, to sag,
rare; with hair! about, geezer's spout.


Ellen, pendulous melon; depressed, her chest; away; balloon day",
Googe, Baton Rouge. suckles, my knuckles. sure; dainty allure.
sizes, of surprises. tits, feminine bits? Devizes: two sizes.
on, to melon. Rex, huge pecs; Bates, her dates
tryst, the Twist. Gail, a scale; city, exceptionally pretty.
surprises, different sizes. surprises, different sizes. Valance, of balance,
Helens, big melons, teat, catcher's mitt. Hun, been spun:
ton, of fun. Obstetric) things dialectic. Shelley, Liza Minelli:
34-B, my knee. detective, eyesight's defective? asymmetry; a sublimity.
Hall, one small. Rub-a-dub, Bugger Club. hellish. to embellish.
rooters; with hooters. Fair, astonishing pair. tits. it fits.
tits, the pits. dash, of cash!" Clyde, his bride,
whore) front door, agasp. Maidenform's clasp. Frances, many glances;
Cornell, a bell. abstention, unequal dimension. boards, resembling gourds;


rollick, or frolic. flagon; was draggin'. jammer, the slammer.
puce, pineapple juice. wino, this rhino, Durban, mores suburban,
Trimble, a thimble, Tempe, their skimpies. Krieg, my league.
scrapes," bad shapes. terse. to verse; schism, of alcoholism.
ruse, oft choose, White, excess delight. lcoholization, total enervation
vat, out flat, Meek, never bleak. Dundee, a spree.
denial, the while, Schink, I think." group; a loop,
Bay, they say, Frink, couldn't drink, defaced, to taste,
stinkers, heavy drinkers? is, strong halitosis, Taylor, incredible squalor;
dead, he said. Lynn, and thin; Day, it Hogmanay.
Sue, her brew, alcoholic, arise metabolic, Apollo, be hollow.
applaud, a fraud; anonymous) his way. cold, I'm told.
dues, short fuse. wise, overly alcoholize Pennsylvania, mild dipsomania.
Doug, a plug, day, does say: explode! dead load:
poor," the floor; pumps. tobacco-ish lumps. frown; in town!"
follow, does wallow. think, next drink. Station, daily libation.
sink, he drink. task, did ask: outrageous, you courageous.
Wright, the night. face, possible trace Hieronymus, Alcoholics Anonymous.
Fish, cute dish, Rangoon, scummy saloon. anonymous, that's synonymous.
Dunleer, people fear. drunk; some spunk. lowly, although slowly,
knack, to hack; lying, falsely denying; Bruce, were loose.
he, prefrontal lobotomy. quaffed: and draft. Cotter; a blotter.
cop, each drop sit, his mitt;


spoke: unusual poke. Band: by hand." whang, with bhang:
Lou, his goo. bit. in shit. Bunch, to lunch,
drugs; by thugs. match, the hatch"? sign: or Wine.
man. in Cheyenne. do; gin too; know, weren't slow.
sherry, customers merry; handy, bright Brandy. year, drinking beer.
far, friendly bar. leisure; of pleasure. meet, real sweet.
level, to revel, stars, on Mars far, the bar;
shed, night ahead; no! should know, far, a scar;
Mars, nice bars. favour, in flavour, Jack, his rack;
sobs, new jobs; Grobelaar, a jar. Air, stood bare.
leisure, of pleasure, libation, our nation; witty, pity -
porter, and shorter. over-frothing, or nothing. table, are able,
heady, "the ready". killing, vile lack-and-Gilling; me, capers, O'Toumy,
dry; and cry. tricks! with chicks!" "chick" and sick.
brawn, did spawn. Biggers, three jiggers. gin, in --
cuff, neighbourhood tough, bar, new car. Dyne, a swine.
true, prudishly blue. brother. his mother. here, of mere
night, both tight.


beer, my spear; beer, and queer; chair, wasn't there.
giant, just quaint, clear, bit queer, Hans, great plans.
gotten, old Spaten. true, favorite brew; beer, I fear
Hall, or Saul. LaPeer, great cheer. know, called Joe.
out, of Grout. leg, whole keg. tart, a 'art.
state, it's great. head, my bed. beer. come near,
fun; and done. fear, a year. skunky, rather funky.
tear; I fear. happy, or crappy. supplied, left inside.
true: with brew. repeated, have retreated. Clegg, a keg.
beer; I hear. sin, flows in. teats, shoe cleats.
he, you see, sustainer; level coplanar. Rick, a chick.
Lear, the beer. beer, I fear. bed, had wed.
pecs, feisty XX. Columbia, some beer; AA. writers, LA.
Staines, with grains. cheer, for Beer; sits, Council permits
inhibitions, exotic positions. Lapeer, come near. Izmir, a beer.
ears, many beers. beer, I here?" years, Tampa Buccaneers,
source, Of course beer; quite clear. drunk. a skunk."
claim; the blame. exclaim. the blame. maim. Stupid! Shame!
queer; as here? Revere, for beer. pan-Scandinavian, about Copenhagen,
dear, everyone here third, drinking herd. Elsinore, drinking hardcore.
read, Walter, instead Berkshires, some beers. Potter, got hotter.
clear, I fear." Phipps, effeminate sips. beer, will disappear.
truth, crazy youth. diabolic, and frolic. Martin, be parting.
Shere, too near, sore, street whore. erection, the connection.
three, to me?" seek, Dribblepuss Beek: dry, to die.
pleasure, could measure glass, like brass. sore, every pore.
small?" his stall, okay, the way, beer; abandoned--don't fear.
brew, some, too. Laverne; and squirm. peripatetic, sense esthetic,
Auger, his lager. Tristan, pissed in. ends, Borneo tends


Madras, the grass. Madras, a lass. Ardglass, the grass.
Hicks, of pricks, through; home brew. eyes, than guys.
years, few tears. brother, no other Ale; ye pale.
went; a tent. soon, it's noon. one; for fun.
trite, humid night, hits, her tits. Bud, and mud;
Lear, gave beer. arrange, sounds strange.) screw, malt brew.
Mudd, drink Bud. Eliza, surprise her. here; turn queer;
rear, Coors beer. pits; for zits. Coors, be yours;
daughter, really oughter Coors, favorite hoors. it. time it.
Gloucester, of Foster. today, I say beer. was queer.)
think, the sink? Colleen, sex scene. Guinness, sin is.
brew, as you; drink, I think ale, not pale.
Calcutta, a nutter. O'Malley, an alley. Japan, a can
winings, with finings fog, Hampster hog, piss; it is.
delicious, all vicious. PHEW! a brew. about, and stout,
Pfizer, the Kaiser, O'Fleer, of beer. brew, can do.
delectable, most undisectable: knock? the clock. Kitts, their tits.
Schlitz, my witz. jogger, snog her. Cayzer, pays her
Totness, of hotness. Burton-on-Trent, guys corpulent; Smith, like thith,
P's, player agrees height, one night. Hup, say, "Yup,
duck, in luck mate, be late. skater, the equator.
Bordeaux, awfully low, Haverfordwest, he possessed. coxswain, wool soxswain?"
sincerely. not merely-- fitter, English bitter. Peculiar; rule here.
clear, our beer.


Dublin, and bubblin'. hills, and stills, iffy; general squiffi-
Jacques, of Bock. Platte, brewery vat. Fred, his head.
Drury, ale brewery. Sue, some brew. revere, was peer
Lee, of brewski. regretter; stuff wetter; tale; British Ale.


sublime; given time. pale; 10 scale. decision, millimeter precision
Swaffham, quaff 'em; humdinger; my stinger. clear; should fear
plight, after night, years, without peers, Owl, and howl;
Spratt, a vat. pinnace, gal Glynis, know, will go
Ale, and pale. fair, over there. brew, and ...oooh;
Ulrika, publicity seeker. ale, quite stale. dough, doesn't flow.


libbin'; was kiddin'. ale; miserably fail. toilet, boil it.
sowing, and growing; brew, I grew. due, I'll stew,
partakes, brewer makes. Corfu, only home-brewed. beer. too dear.
atoning, a stoning? brew, was blue; Bill; his will.
"Dear, do fear." Manuller, much duller. on, Michael Jackson.
brewer, as Pasteur. Sunday, Brewmaster Bundy.


fear, percent beer." state; everyone 'mate'; here. make clear;
gravity, social depravity; through, it's true. beer; you'll fear.
beer; time's near. new, full view. Kelly, "Beer Belly."
dear, over here. year, a tear. good; I stood,
man, than tan. missed, his fist; Len," Speckled Hen."
around, driveller, found Wren: a man. dears, more beers.
aluminum, in 'em, Algiers, over-proof beers. Rollo, to follow;
monk'll, Bock Dunkel, Marley, the barley. sphere, of beer,
"beer"? I'm here. beer, perfectly clear. Frank, and lank.
hear, good cheer; Crane, to train, Kashmir, his beer.
Lear, to hear: and, his plan. again. him Heinekin,
Cheer, the year hell, to swell. Nome, no foam.
touch, in such you, my poo- gin; I'd sin.
brew, gullet anew. years, you dears, dead, a bed;
ocean, deadly commotion. dear? world cheer? drink; big stink.
abstemious, abs slimious; Meyerbeer, her beer; Cape, dubious shape.
knew, a brew. breed, in need. Slate, and eight;
thunk, damn skunk, Pippin; there, a-sippin' me; hot tea.
ear, he hear. gods, poor sods.


sail, would fail. box, upon blocks, guard. its yard,
awl, small hole, awe; my craw. night-cap. a grap.
knew, incredible brew candy, more handy; sinner, for dinner;
Andy; quite sandy. Mandy, for brandy. Troy, and soy,
tumbler, be humbler, Andy, a dandy. brandy, some handy.
Rhine. of Wine. Bazaar, the jar brandy, girls randy.
Andy, apricot brandy, candy, of brandy candy, was dandy.
Andy, was brandy. Frisco, her pisco, chaps; our laps.
Sandy, Day candy; Sandy, peach brandy.


resulteth, a meth. Jean, from caffeine. free; of me.
function, extreme unction. relax, my flax, away, Spain Saturday,
fun, not one, sell, to gel, submit, a hit
nark, 'Needle Park'?" dotty, the latte! paled, Year sailed.
pardon, Sammy Warden cruise, on booze. Lockjaw, to Saginaw;
dope, we cope?" (mafu?) plush cabana. Newton, heroin shootin'.
Sue, using glue. Jack, off flack; grew, LSD too.
Mize, botched tries, Kevin, blue Heaven. Dave, a rave.
dripping, started stripping; Gwyndle, and brindle. eyes, the skies
Donna, don't wanna." dripping; was tripping; grow. and Mexico.
hallucination, -- Hallelu-cination. plead, and, "Indeed, hit, to quit.
Jolene, keep clean. Chris, in Diss. Wong, the gong."
meant, more vehement). Sydney, kid me! Seoul, a mole.
pain, or cocaine, Lockjaw, to Saginaw; beginner, a sinner.
hope. to "cope." Clark, the dark; cocaine, the brain;
school; a fool. Sugged, he lugged. clear, Queer.
Fiona, a moaner. Lance, its transplants, acid, Lake Placid.
knave, a rave. Bowen, worth knowin'. roach; no coach.


blotto, "What Ho! Norton, of snortin' Flack, on cack
-- is precarious, Moses, suppose is confines, bleak whines,
clannish, will vanish, -- he -- plane, being lain.
inhaled, sorely assailed. suppose, our foes. blow, deficit low.
-- vocal attack, knack, the sack. bloke, he awoke.
black, spice rack. Gore; till four. decliners; innocent minors;
funky. him spunky; Gay, bad day; white" height --
attacks; dreaded anthrax. cocaine; he sane? train; mule plane.
mule, a fool. Gary, named Barry. Zack, smoking crack,
pack, named Mack


Scott, become antipot. Cass, they gas lot's; sentence-end dots...
puffin'; touched nuffin'. got, A lot! LIE! me cry.
strong, lasted long; -- then smoke, need, cannabis weed.
Kish, a wish. pot, and snot, Howie, cow. He
unleash, of Ganesh: it. rue it. Brian, a lion;
ate, I baked hope; to cope. Marty, me farty."
pipe, wonderous light. weed, this need: pot, we fought,
past, on grass. head; garden bed. hell, that fell,
here, is clear pope, the slope hash; quid cash.
lot, her pot. swear. that they're grass, his ass.
weed, to bleed. fodder, even odder. Mexico, I stow
today, and say: cancer; his answer, bonnet, upon it;
Lana, and fauna. Lana, my sauna! Peep, my sheep.
day, gotta say, suppression, startling confession: marijuana, time wanna
seen, and keen. fear. a beer!" need; has fleed
home, all alone. heed; good deed. can't? You shan't.
on. your song. work. a jerk, while, it worthwhile,
granted! be planted right, a plight. Ash, his cache
hours; never sours. weed; I need. community, with impunity.
hash, like cash; marijuana, hot sauna. hashish; you wish.
eight-zip, can't trip. clear, is queer. cut, a hut?
Dieter, occasional speeder. Alice, a chalice. do? than you!"
skank; to thank. got; real hot. be, stoner, Marie;
Tijuana, great marijuana. Boroff, wore off; brass, a class,
dopus, of Europa's, Kristen, assist in; riding, and siding
divine, than wine. Loaned; he owned. spot, are not.
Jane, your brain. Trotsky, whole lotsky. rabbit, grab it.
Sam, to Vietnam. Donna, first marijuana. knit. a hit.
gone-a, bad marijuana. Anslinger; a mudslinger. wrist; judicial fist.
Peru, should do. charm, cause harm. sun; by one.
life; a wife.


spark, campers embark booze, the news. erudition, no contrition
Nantucket, while drunket, Biloxi, being intoxi... here; we'll hear.
said) the bed, Dept) in charge) basement? one placement?
drinking; they're thinking. Poughkeepsie, got tipsy, mingle; brain tingle.
Clements, sucked lemons. Square, a bear. pissed, he missed.
tipsy, palm-reading gypsy. grog, long fog; street, never repeat.
Otto, totally blotto. lose, public snooze. quart, of support.
dashed. life flashed, sip'll, a tipple. think, (or drink).
juice, a moose, Society, mere impropriety. Ceoil, the soul.
trunk, I drunk?" Siam, Omar Khayyam, riotous, it is
bad, be had. Trinity, in Divinity; Boynts, gullet anoints.
Jimbo, to limbo; Clay, all day. Wynn-Jones, my bones.
pub, of grub, -- Scottish lass; charm, no harm.
Joe, and go'. liquor. all quicker. mastered, quite plastered.
mix; silly tricks. Poughkeepsie, real tipsy. night, terrible fight.
Oldham, hold him; complains, virility wanes. Devon, to Heaven.
there, next chair. drank, go blank. bastard: you're plastered.
Seoul, uncommonly droll. Hone, considerable tone. shoes, I cruise.
stuff; his cuff. monk, terribly drunk; Astor, of plaster.
drunk. quite sunk. thunk, until drunk. Lahore, a boar.
pissed) I've missed. Dale, without fail. fog; with GLOGG,
fear, and beer. "Intoxicated!" and debated: excess, great mess.
'tight', one night. pretend, a friend; scare, to spare.
Sidney, a kidney. Kent, grew redolent. drudge; not budge.
Vicar: to liquor. Carr, the bar. Malone, in Cologne.
car, shooting star. punk, quite drunk. whist, and hissed:
punk, himself drunk. thunk; I'm sunk. drunk, they've sunk.
Sven, say when. late, to relate. '99, perfectly fine.
Pass, a gas. Falk, her talk." spree, his plea:
kiln, his will. Gooch, much hooch, Bordeaux, il faut';


caution, of proportion. up, first hiccup. booze, the Loo's,
mess, must guess, invade, they've made, sot; a lot.
sat; -- splat! booze; will ooze. ground, revolving around,
no, or Bordeaux; Greg, a keg. drink; everyone think?
Avatar, a jar. chase, the base


night. a sight! hard, a shard sip!" the lip.)
found; to ground. Hicks, the tricks. drive; a dive.
Farr, a bar, Eeseman, good reason. Yank, he drank!
wine, the brine. wine, the brine. seat, charge sheet.
Millers, serial killers. -- or skate,


Swift, got spiffed. Hooper, a stupor, Cain, the rain;
Lynn, the inn. chance, a romance. spin. beautiful Lynn,
town, unmentionably brown. celebration, curious manifestation; Calcutta, and mutter,
beer, perfectly clear. drinking, was sinking. stand, the land,
intoxicated, too degraded Krupps, my cups. drinking, glass clinking,
drink. I think. Arbor, Baltimore harbor. bull; quite full.
tight, to Night, Cline, drinking wine; fill, Warmsley Hill.
crawl, long haul; years, my ears. wide, my side.
pay. judgement day. ghost, heavenly host. way. very day,
escape; the grape, Rand, he planned. crawl, do fall,
loser, big boozer beer, good cheer. stinks, me drinks.
fellow, his patella; Poughkeepsie, became tipsy.


Lavinia, I'll sinia." Croyden, been avoidin'. Dude, a prude.
Susan; go cruisin'. queer, fine beer Gloucester, was souseder.
Swanwick; and tonic. guy, the sky. not! insatiable twat
cries. great guy 'fore, the door!" sin, of gin,
Constantine, to pine. Frost, dreadfully crossed, Poughkeepsie: I'm tipsy."
Blanch, her ranch. Duluth, little uncouth; stook!) a puke.
room, the womb!" other' her mother. adorable, really horrible.
life, a housewife Lou, strange brew. trenchers, you wenchers:
wine, in time: bastard; he's mastered. Queenie's, to martinis.
Ulva, a hulva Daisy, be lazy! booze; did lose.
Argyll, her shpargyll) Dawn, she'd drawn, gin, had been.
night, a fight, Skye, very high.


grin, a sin. "comics"; and tonics. scary; juniper berry.
Peking, sensitive skin. Sinbad, in bad Marin, and gin.
busy; quite dizzy. spin, but gin. skin, are kin.
coddle, a bottle. released, doubly deceased. "Judge, foul-mouthed curmudge-
pale, her tail. court, a retort. clear. with fear.
sin, of gin. Janet, of granite. chagrin, a sin,
thin, much gin. gin, its kin. Ginnit; in it.
jitters, make fritters. thin, diet begin. grin, daddy's gin.
time, just mime. futile, quite brutal. Brigid, be frigid.
akin, who've been in, some gin; gastronomic, not economic.
"ini," to bikini, John, newfangled engine. finesse, to dress,
Peg, her leg. Cottle, his throttle. gin. to begin,
cup, having sup. Booth, and vermouth, Pauline, disgustingly clean.
gin: it in. gin, your chin. Flynn, one gin,
Finnegan... you're innegan, Lynn, a spin. gin, to sin;
gin, him in. Wind" sinned -- Earl, homeless girl,
McGuinn, much gin. said, mother's head. Tripp, occasional nip.
Joe, the go Lynn, biblical sin Hollins, and pollens.
Tipps, of yips hermit, it -- Jane, her cane,
Josie, red posy. Binns, and pins. Flynn, of gin.
Lynn, of gin,


tooth, the truth, Lynn, Holiday Inn. Higganum, in `em,
forsooth, from vermouth. youth, and truth. Ruth, of vermouth.
uncouth, called Ruth. Sweeny, his weenie. gin, liquid sin.
Duluth, itth loothe. gin, tossed in. Sweeny's, free wienies;
Nixon, everyone's mixin'? sin, Old Min: vermouth, manners uncouth.
youth, last tooth. gin, that's been Derry, and merry.
Queenie's, to martinis. drink." would clink, Lynn, a grin,
Flynn, terrible sin: twist, the wrist. Duluth, and truth.
Duluth, with Vermouth.


brow, and how, mind. to find pour. the door.
tell? just fell. pain, booze again. fright! terrible sight!
beam-ends, that seamen's, bueno, I drain-o, year, is near!
clover, hung over, agog, the 'grog'. bed, my head.
head, the dead. too. pass through.) stuffin', and puffin',
again, of pain, SALLOW; a marshmallow. Flagon, the wagon.
buddy, quite ruddy; been. and spleen. beer, no peer,
off; I scoff. Barleycorn, sobriety torn. sorrow, happiness borrow,
drink, its stink. Susie, quite boozy. noon, too soon.
moan. me alone, elixir; over fixer. brew, tell you...
GUNK; feeling punk. bed, I dread,


Nate, Mama Kate. nil; you will. season, all reason.
reigns, great pains frown, Southern town, Bill, named Jill.
finer, happy headliner, McGill, good will; Bill, the till.
Bourne, of scorn, Vining, while opining: Millstreet, so neat.
bars, movie stars, Bill, Magnetic Hill. fine; by nine.


he, me, Hardy." Gum, drum -- dead, in bed,
Panjandrum, grand drum. folk, communist yoke, come, a drum.
rum. drink some. Passamaquody, are gaudy; Niven, had driven,
streamin' of semen. slum, demon rum, numb! my bum.
Tandy, touch brandy. Rita's. her pitas. rum. rank bum,
Spaniard, his tankard. Junmear, come near, Link, tart dink.
Lamar, a bar; Bill, stubbornly still, Vickie, his dickie.
bum, a drum. dum" the drum; come, the rum,
lunch, rum punch. Rye, Thanksgiving pie, Wright, every night;
joke, unfair poke; Rum, nerve-endings numb. rum, your tum.
three), 'wakened me. exploded; had eroded. rummy, a dummy.
rum. longer come.


Mott, bartender sought. baited, with X-rated snicker, liquor's quicker,"
Chester, blessed her; Ypsi, got tipsy, COMPUNCTION, sinister function,
porter, the border. insisted, you've listed..." thrill! to spill!"
bitchin'; were twitchin'. blame; a shame. Fox, all walks.
eyes"; quite wise. Barber, the harbor, East, the priest.
Kate, her date: pickle, be fickle; scorning, this warning:
Bright, horrible fright, me. you see? drunk; no monk.
truth, are uncouth. daughter, young plotter rhyme; a crime;
much, some dutch. wine? intentions sublime. policy, I see
Passamaquoddy, whiskey toddy, her, the beerholder. Hopper, man topper.
tonight; of sight; DOOP!!! some soup. sure! de jour;
stage; the rage; yokels, steamed-up bifocals; knee; make free;
carouse; the house! libations, darned hesitations. Kaylin, some sin.
a-romancing; out dancing. Poughkeepsie, get tipsy, Tar, a bar.
night, dim light, minx, guy thinks, date; not hesitate.
sure; pride's puncture. discard, in hard. Drew, terribly few,
Poughkeepsie, a gypsy. senorita, neat margarita. Lincoln, serious drinkin'.
Hughes, good booze. Bricker, use liquor, Brewer, screw her.
Rochelle, raising Hell. along, his dong. queer, did appear.
amiss. it's this, flocks, my cocks, way, the hay.
news, a cruise? Mavern, lady's cavern. Priestly, was beastly.
EYES, now plagarize. Lightning, labia tightening. Poughkeepsie, get tipsy.
Toledo, and libido. verve; a curve. -- a bunch
Denver, a bender; Lucerne, to learn. shandy; her randy.
mate; or innate? drain. real champagne. Poughkeepsie, true gypsy,
Poughkeepsie, a gypsy. Latin, in Manhattan. knees, to freeze,
Cummer; a hummer. Hughes, with booze. Mandy, peppermint candy.
Skinner, in her. cool, the fool. able, wrapped Mabel,
fine. about nine? Outremont, intime restaurant.


be; or three). O'Dirk, from work. nude-dealing, is appealing,
Jinx, mixed drinks. mastered, her plastered; Mandy, men randy.
frigidity, cataleptic rigidity, ways. whiskey haze, hair! any there!
fellow, but yellow. her; to her; McKnight, one night.
male, to fail. wouldn't, she shouldn't, Hughes, bad booze;
Plum, of rum.


Hinge, a binge. luck; to suck, a-slaving, a laving,
here; a leer rye, motel nearby. whiskey, was risky.
word) Miss Byrd. Ida, hard cider. sin, with gin...
Phipps, low quips. dark, the park, sis, your nemesis.
bumper, her jumper. Rhone, all alone. Pola, her cola.
grape, to escape... Flober, when sober beers; in years.
shy, your thigh. Liechtenstein, much wine. vermouth. things uncouth."
Fred, he said, frisky, too risky. lush, are mush?


delight, a kite! Sphinx, my drinks. tame, took aim
frown, this town; cheer! rotgut here! top; to stop
gallop, to wallop; alley; 'bout Sally? Nation, all potation
booze. would choose. Cape, fermented grape. equation, cheap distillation.
flagon; was draggin'. house, milling about, word, I'd heard
waste. she'd erased jeans, sewing seams, God! a sod,
are, a jar, diabetes! your feeties; Wynne, his chin.
rum, for some; Briton, quite smitten. Crete, quite neat.
nugget: hug it. Scott, had sought. flicker, much quicker
seedy, quite neaty. Marty, real smarty. sin, (bootleg stuff)
Jena, total abstainer. Gamble. and ramble: Jinkin, no shrinking.
Wings, heavenly things. Hilary, a distillery, sake," I take
Phryne, guzzling wine; glum; have come. Bath, a path.
confess, a mess, drink, big stink. do; turn blue.
start; no part. Itchy, quite bitchy. pay, my dismay.
Sobriety, of society; sad; so bad. on; a flagon.
Pendragon, and flagon, Hughes, of booze. sardonic, that's chronic.
wagon, drag on. Gypsy, be tipsy. story, and gory.
Bill, all uphill. News, bacteria snooze; barmy, much harmy.
booze! you lose. rum; a bum. yeast. a beast.
Declindt, wee pint, drop; to stop. glasses, made passes,
first, or thirst; Copenhagen, the wagon. computer. from pewter.
Alas. with sass.


bottle, significant thought'll Sy, was dry. high, that's why.
thrives, other lives. Sidney. his kidneys. swell. in Hell,
adder, been sadder; ease, not anti-freeze. whiskey, damn frisky.
Eileen, would lean him, split him. Wapping, was topping.
green, partying scene. it, their wit. Dickel: tickle --
Biscay, the whisky. morn?" Cape Horn. Haroun, a spoon.
Durbin, ditches disturbin'. think, the blink) Charles, in barrels,
blast, real fast. drunk, your hunk. suffice; my advice.
rare, me bare, Notch, made scotch. Ross, very cross
in, give in; bicker, is quicker. eye, of rye.
sly, am dry, Madras. quite crass. banker, would hanker
Leo, Seagrams V.O. Durban, his turban. frisky, bit risky.
Wales, and snails. Sikhs, to mix. Christ's, perverse poltergeists;
cash, sour mash. sigh, the rye, Wattle, at Gottle.
News, would booze. Tacoma, whiskey aroma; frisky. this key.
daughter, not water. hee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-it! I writ? seen, pretty colleen,
Rick, he pick, typhoon, the moon. night, in delight.
try, perpetual high;


booze, to lose. Madagascar, mask her. Dutch, was such
dark, Cutty Sark. Drambuie, go blooey Fein, the wine.
repeating, some beating. malt, grievous fault, itch, without hitch.
chair, sommelier there. Maigue, or Haig, scotch, it much.
bold, Years Old! Scot, has bought. vat, fat cat,
POTATORY, tales recapitulatory, lurch, a search only. intervals lonely,
smirk, joys lurk, Burns, malt earns. said, am dead.
twice: advice -- brig. a twig. rich, of which,
69, Regal, Ballatyne, "e". a mystery. Maid, strong blade,
risky, Scotch whisky time, a dime. Kotch, honey's crotch.
medicine, as sin, Valentine; of Ballantine,


snort, or port, potty, cheap grape) thunkit, to flunkit.
hydroponic, like tonic. Atlanta, antique decanter. Tawny," so horny.
blood, the mud. Cline, of wine; party, Dutch drink)
Kritt, his wit. Forks, vermouth corks. torque; the cork
share, got there. uncorking, at forking. corkscrew, uncorked into
Gay, indescribably fey. diner, a minor." wine; are divine.
sot! smoking pot. Eiswein," nice wine. say, condescending way,
-- of Porter. bath, a laugh. tub? to scrub
Calcutta, old data, perdition; one condition. child, unmistakably wild.
Rhine, and nine; older, to moulder. Floyd, should avoid.
0->, should fail, Drusilla, posh villa. koala, for Marsala.
vender, he render. wine, to dine. enclosure, his composure.
divine, sitting, supine. ought, "Why not?" wine, to rhyme,
delight, just right. wine, or dine. Flagstaff, a half.
break. saki's sake, Sangria; or bia; loo, in view.
frumpy. was lumpy. clear, than beer. spray, of May
hoot, they shoot celebration, much fornication. decline; not fine.
Dwight, one night. wine, been fine, wine, the vine
wine; just fine. wine. to recline. reports, the quarts.
reduce, of juice, Terry, of sherry, Sherry, be merry.
fine; have wine. inn, the skin? Hines, magnificent whines,
gosh! the dosh. Vancouver, by maneuver. chose, his nose.
'un, at attention. Muscovite, she's tight. veritas, a lass,
Inch's, it pinches forsooth, vintners uncouth, cellar, Italian wine)
York, to gawk. pair, chocolate eclair, sleuth, my youth;
head, or red? ground, her mound.


charm, hepatic harm. heard, prices, absurd. Sally; Napa Valley.
Gorgon, the organ. swell, can tell, oenophilia, even sillier.
on, mass producer) stipple, each nipple. mouton, shoot on.
heard, grape preferred,


Betty, a jetty. Chablis, for me. Duquesne, of champagne.
campaign, damn pain; vain, it champagne. this. the bliss
shine. us divine. Lorraine, with champagne. Knopp, a stop.
Powers. in showers booze, always abuse Vancouver, move her
cooler, fool her. Ives, of wives. plain, on champagne!
Torquay, hit ninety-three, stunt; a punt; Stu. to do;
feet, to retreat. pain, here again! Nico, a thicko)
Jayne, of Champagne.


Mikado, Brigitte Bardot. squeeze, the trees. Marseilles, "Some day
chateau) a hotel. Harve, indescribably suave. Titantic, don't panic.
pure, and demure. girl, near Bordeaux) machine, old bean,
elite, anal receipt. Provence) the turf. cruise, cheap booze.
own, wasn't alone. squaw, (wine region) Dauphin, le bain,
Southend-on-Sea, oenocologically twee. Fleur, (first class) "Entre-Deux-Mers, may care.
Leon, (chateau) embossed, was lost, dapper, wine crude)
pose, flirtatious nose, heat; for wheat. Saltash, the lash.
Pete, special treat." Arbroath, his troth, ass, commodious lass.
fag, to brag whites) certain cachet. sir, Maurie's Barmitzvah.
began. you can. plage, The vendange moon, our tune."
farmer, his llama. Luton, boot on. Ray, a play.
cat, a bat. remember, last November. . like shit.
shandy, and Mandy. drilling, was willing. Pa. a bar.
Fanny, her nanny. '69, a wine. chateau) is for.
wine, is mine?) he, lad Monty. ponce, to Provence,
-- vin ordinaire. burn, Sauternes -- Girton, skirt on.