A full head of hair, CHEVELURE,
Loosely rolled like La Pompadour,
Is now mostly seen
On femmes multi-teen
And often seems tinted bluer.
--- Daniel Ford

Although it's a quality poor,
Each chevalier feels that his lure
To the female sex,
And on "hunk" index,
Requires a grand CHEVELURE.
--- Chris Papa

Caravaggio, CHIAROSCURO master
Found that he could make money faster,
By lighting the lasses
Prominent asses,
And forgetting to fig leaves plaster.
--- Chris Papa

CHIAROSCURO, as used by Vermeer,
Makes one thing perfectly clear:
It's usually a face
With a collar of lace,
Lit up like a chandelier.
--- Norm Brust

An Artiste Francais, for ten Euro
Does portaits of gals, CHIAROSCURO.
With shadows he quite
Turns dull into bright,
Making cleavage from busts quite obscuro.
--- Bob Dvorak

There are some who prey on the weak,
With deception, base and soft speak.
They are found world-wide
And do so with pride,
The so-called CHICANERY chic.
--- Chris Papa

Clinquant, more chic than bling-bling,
Like naivete, it has a French ring.
As well as billet-doux
Reveal roots from which Frenglish did spring.
--- Norm Brust

CHIMERA cobbled from many parts,
With biological fits and starts,
In Frankenstein way,
The Shelley mainstay,
Or human genes with E. Coli hearts.
--- Daniel Ford

CHIMERA a mixture that's odd,
Assortment so very rough-shod,
It joins parts quite weird,
Makes mixture that's feared,
Not likely to be act of God.
--- Chris Papa

"So, you want to sell the old nag,"
Said the horse-buyer, "What's the price tag?"
Said the old farmer,
Himself, a charmer,
"Did you come to buy or CHIN-WAG?"
--- Observer

Most syndromes can be fixed by a doc,
But with CHINA SYNDROME comes shock;
Reactor gone wild,
With deep trouble piled,
Left to Senate committee ad hoc.
--- Chris Papa

I suppose timid term CHINWAG,
Trumps chummy, churlish "Chews the rag"
For "motor mouth" pair,
Whose gums beat the air,
With tete a tete where no tongues flag.
--- Chris Papa

"Let's have a nice CHIN-WAG my dear,
And as we bend each other's ear.
There's that bed upstairs,
To shed clothes and cares,
Where intercourse is something dear."
--- Chris Papa

Nothing quite in this world shocks,
As crabbed CHIROGRAPHY of docs.
Poor pharmacists must
Their code glyphics bust,
Or patient might end up in a box.
--- Chris Papa

In penmanship or CHIROGRAPHY
Reveals amorous topography,
Adding sincerity,
Along with clarity,
Is oft lost in simple topography.
--- Caniel ford

If I ken the meaning of CHOUSE,
Eschew it when it comes to spouse,
Or without delay,
There'll be hell to pay,
With you, perhaps, out of the house!
--- Chris Papa

In cheating and trickery you CHOUSE,
The behaavior of only a louse,
So please mend your ways;
That crime never pays
And pack rat may be kleptocrat mouse.
--- Daniel Ford

Before in real war you'd engage,
Read "Best of French Battles," new rage.
It manages feat
With volume that is single page.
--- Chris Papa

One day I may fall in a trap
And publish my limerick pap;
'Twill be leather bound
And the title found
Under "Chris' CHRESTOMATHY of Crap."
--- Chris Papa

Men emerge from CHRYSALIDES
Uttering songs and balladies,
Not from hearts in throats
But much bran and oats:
Flatus and borborygmides.
--- Daniel Ford

A bachelor's a mere CHRYSALIS,
Matured when he seeks wedded bliss.
But if the pair won't gel,
Cocoon looks real swell.
That's marrieage game, just hit or miss.
--- Chris Papa

An evil of maltreatment chronic,
Invention of dweller CHTHONIC,
Gift of old Satan,
All folks a-hatin',
Is known today as "high colonic."
--- Chris Papa

What a shame it is and ironic,
That lads so sweet and Byronic
Will bring roses of red
'Til they get you in bed,
Then crawl back to their rock most CHTHONIC.
--- Kim

Infernal underworld CHTHONIC
Is filled with great riches sonic.
Screams of rappers noise,
Inane Backstreet Boys,
And more caca cacophonic.
--- Daniel Ford

Thinking of things CHTHONIC,
And actions defined as demonic:
There's Monica's chthong
And Willie's dong,
And prevarication that's chronic.
--- Norm Brust

This language we choose to endear
Can at times be charmingly queer.
An example of such:
The contranym chuff,
Which two ways can portray M'dear.
--- Larry McGrath

She was understandably CHUFFED,
'Cause in their sex play she was cuffed.
And though, on the whole,
That as for her goal,
It was not the way to be stuffed.
--- Chris Papa

But the epitome of this fine trait
Is the man whom we love to hate;
Who bumps off his father
Then goes on to blather
For help: I'm an orphan! What a fate!
--- Esther Hecht

Such baggage of hubris one hauls,
CHUTZPAH, in old Yiddish recalls
The trait of the few
Who win what they do
By having a big set of balls.
--- Chris Papa

If big balls were all that it took
To have CHUTZPAH, just take a look
At women with verve,
And much brazen nerve,
Who've got it, and whom no one can brook.
--- Esther Hecht

There once was an intern named Phyllis
Who, instead of panties, wore a CILICE,
Hoping she could stay
Eager hands that stray.
But forgetting how persistent Bill is.
--- Norm Brust

Some "journalists" recently tend
The news, with great bias to bend.
Such sins I think call
For CILICES all,
Worn till each will make his amend.
--- Chris Papa

A young film-going CINEAST
Who prefers a young, nubile cast,
Was told he was shallow
And also quite callow."
"Is that really a sin?" he then asked.
--- Sheryl A Lemma

This is file hol

At one time the poor CINEAST
Would go to dark movies for blast.
With Cable TV
We're likely to see
Couch potato, fat and silly-assed.
--- Chris Papa

CINEASTE'S life seems so stark;
They daily their derrieres park
And stare at silver screen.
Seek what films may mean,
Remaining always in the dark.
--- Chris Papa

If like me, you're shaped like a wheel barrow,
Movie seats tend to be far too narrow.
The happiest CINEASTE
Is the one whos is skinny-assed,
And tend to eat like a sparrow.
--- Norm Brust

A CINGULAR garment, the corset;
I could not more highly endorse it.
It pushes your fat
From where it is at,
To where is should be, when you force it.
--- Gary Hallock

Sexy Sue was glad, if you will,
That she took CIRCADIAN pill.
Ever ready for Max
And frontal attacks,
Which day and night, his role to fill.
--- Chris Papa

There once was a temptress named CIRCE
Who'd turn men to pigs when they'd her see.
But most women say
We're pigs anyway,
So this isn't much of a curse, see?
--- Gary Hallock

Now CIRCE, with beauty and wiles,
Had all the right stuff that beguiles
The lust of strong men,
And so even when
As male pigs, they sported large...smiles.
--- Chris Papa

CIRCULAR paths to a man's lady fair,
With weird ways of wooing quite rare,
May delay the entry
Of some anxious gentry,
Who manage, in end, to get there.
--- Chris Papa

Evaded impeachment solution.
Conduct out-of-bounds,
Produced real great mounds,
Of B.S. that called elocution.
--- Chris

I hate guys that think they are smart,
Who think divination their art.
Such useless CLAIRVOYANCE,
I find an annoyance,
And wish they would quickly depart.
--- Chris Papa

In "bodice ripper" of yore,
Filled with hot lust and great gore,
The heroes CLAMBER
Over Lady Amber
Who always was ready for more.
--- Chris Papa

Met star Callas had a very loyal CLAQUE.
They sat up high, way in the back.
They didn't get paid
Or get a seat upgrade,
And were exploited by her publicity flack.
--- Norm Brust

The diva would never hold back,
Even with voice out of whack.
Quite sure that she'd hear
A resounding cheer
From throats of her large, well-paid CLAQUE.
--- Chris Papa

The sycophant troupe applauds as CLAQUE
With so little work they develop plaque
In each major vessle.
So as there they nestle,
They're clapped of in attack cardiac.
--- Daniel Ford

Applause from friends and the CLAQUE
Cannot be construed as feedback,
Since they're very much
Arrangements or such
Attempts by an egomaniac.
--- Daniel Ford

A CLAQUE is a clique that'll clap,
Shriek anad whistle for any old crap.
They'll flatter and fawn
When you hold a salon,
For a quick cash incentive, old chap.
--- Eva Amata

A new talk-show host and sidekick
Lost their TV show double quick.
Their ratings were bad,
Producers got mad
When their hired CLAQUE didn't click.
--- Observer

The call loud and clear, is CLARION,
Which means that there's no time for tarryin',
Especially in culture
Of ravenous vulture,
Who smells the fine scent of carrion.
--- Daniel Ford

She had never in life done things rash,
Would spurn every suitor or mash.
But with nothing to eat
She took to the street
For CLARION call of cold cash.
--- Chris Papa

A nun called Sister Marion
In a dream, heard Gabriel's CLARION.
It seemed to say
It's perfectly okay
For her, with father, to carry on.
--- Norm Brust

CLEMENT, the name of a child,
Who tended to be rather wild,
With evil so sotted,
His kitty garrotted,
In CLEMENT a status reviled.
--- Chris Papa

The CLERIHEW form I have tried.
I'm sure it won't serve as a guide,
But it's very short;
A rhyme of the sort
That sends a terse message that's snide.
--- Chris Papa

The guy said our meter was wrong.
The lines were too short or too long.
So overwrought, he'd
Swear never to read;
Dismissed us in terms very strong.
--- Chris Papa

CLERISY may have class and couth,
But today the glare of bright truth
Is on their false fiddle
Showing that they diddle
With many an innocent youth.
--- Chris Papa

The intelligentsia will say I'm a sot
Because I enjoy a beer and a shot.
The uppity CLERISY
All drink sherry, see,
For fear liquor will cause brains to rot.
--- Norm Brust

With sequins shimmering so CLINQUANT,
That stripper probably won't think (can't)
That the men she's teasing
Think only of squeezing
And drinkin' from glasses oft clinkin'.
--- Daniel Ford

Most folks live a life that is bland,
Settling for whatever's at hand.
But when offered a toke,
Or a neat line of coke,
They'll trip to CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND.
--- Norm Brust

I've never done coke or hash
Or owned a maryjane stash.
Addicted to nicotine
And also caffeine,
The hard stuff would hook me in a flash.
--- Norm Brust

I'm certain you'll agree with me,
Contained in our borders,
Ever writing dumb orders;
It's Congress, found in the D.C..
--- Chris Papa

CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND populace teems
In a world where all of their schemes;
No matter how dumb,
Some will succumb
Till that world comes apart at the seams!
--- Barb

COCK-A-HOOP, description of tars,
Who, off the seas, quaff brews in bars,
Where bragging invites
Some rugged fist fights
And chance for a few to "see stars."
--- Chris Papa

There once was a man, when tumescent,
Was bent COCK-A-HOOP, like a crescent.
"But we fit," said his mate.
"It was karma or fate,
That saved us our antidepressant."
--- Elois

Those antidepressants do tend
To make an erection soft bend.
From them, stay away.
Just stick to foreplay.
And all will be well in the end.
--- Chris Papa