Limeric Index



fellow, local bordello, Sailor; codpiece unjailer. sack; and back.
bigot, African spigot sly, strikes by-and-by. ours, for hours.
haste, Desdemona's face. her, please her. Othello, stentorian bellow.
Cod, with Rod, Scene, was keen Othello, favorite bordello.
endure, that moor. jealous, other fellas, jealousy, He
pure, uxorious Moor. choked; he joked, clink, canakin clink.
Desdemona, known her. maid, Iago betrayed. cranky, hanky panky,
doubt; bandied about


day, her May, Hathaway, a way," Bard, the yard.
see? will agree. Will, a thrill. resided, firmly decided
Bard, high regard. Brady, least shady. Brady, and shady.
forbear, enclosed here! written, Elizabeth's Britain; Spain, as sayin',
Lear, dear Shakespeare.


bitter, a quitter. Will, of skill, heaven like...What?
Will, a quill? ought, not naught. day? in May.
eyes, the skies. dead, have fled. fair, beauty's heir.
sun; putty-like dun. bard, limericks hard. school, so cool;
sum- my come? amaze, latest craze. iambs; like clams.
friends, please lend, break? to take


sheet, great heat. men, cool then; bad, (so sad).
arrived, standing outside, appeared, the beer, vine. not divine
door, she saw, perplexed. so vexed. cowered, just glowered.
hailed, be blackmailed. pay, moth-eaten play, thou?" balcony, cow.
say?" vey ..." ..." too tight; moeurs" about her?
all, meaningful doodle. Julie, them unruly; fence, no sense.
there, her stair: appear? Juliet's near. "stat": upon that.
blood, a stud. sappy, families unhappy. night; this sight,
fate, Romeo, late. falls, ivy-clad walls. moan, back on!"
bleeding, sign reading: weave, to deceive. plate, brightly conflate?"
be, Scene Three. martyred! Both bartered Capulets, in Juliet's.
today, probably say: date. very late. sensation, launched consternation.
heart, up start.


Moor, the score. rug; the dug; goodbye, to die,
die, ill-favored fly. day, the way. Titus, fright us.
word. I heard? us, fright us. bleeding. is needing.
sure, was poor. indicted? was benighted? Tamora; of gore-a.
speak, but creak. Anne'll, critical panel dead; be wed,
war, the score. Titus, fight us. slaughter; their water.
Andronicus, astonish us; yucky; call lucky.


bestraught, she upbrought: oblique, be weak; scream. would seem:
nigh: a sigh. pardon, of Arden, "Milord" and bored,
hasp, the asp BC, did Anthony. around, Caesar's found,
Coriolanus, were heinous. bologna, chartreuse kimono!" Falstaff, everyone laugh.
'yer: a soldier. Falstaff, not-very-tall staff, arms? suitable charms,
Antony, to say. Caesar; a teaser. -- -- besides,
wit, switch bit." refuttal-- word 'brutal' Brutus, include us.
Brutus, screwed us." dead!" Anthony said. Rubicon, VICI gone
appears, fruitiest queers. Minnie, lad skinny Puck, to fuck.
treasure. our pleasure. Measure, me pleasure; demanding, never landing)
wed, wifeless instead. contentious, very pretentious. consortia. of Portia.
Shylock: why talk? own, your loan." Tennyson, many, son.
mania, author germane-ier class, him, alas! alas! an ass.
seem, the beam. fever, the weaver, See, purse; "He
let, a get; scream, with cream. wet, peacefully slept.
sincere, fakes, dear! maxi- -- he course, with force,
loss, come across. "Dick," Richard sick. death, Lady MacBeth;
two; no clue. bitch, beau switch; mealtime, and lime;
airtight; the night; near, most unclear. lewd; they allude.
Shakespearean, cheery, an gaff, by half. disaster, lot faster,"
great, opened late. wanted, highly vaunted. shrew, to do;
Kate. not bait!" Shrew", said, "Screw dug, his mug.
cried, his bride; flukes, and spooks, reign. to Spain.


beset, with Annette. Lee, a tree, Manatch, a match;
Carrie, call Mary. Dumore, the door. Louie, quite gooey;
strife; my knife, ACHOOIE, ever PATOOIE! fur, no sir.
Antoinette, using Gillette. vice; it thrice. Tring, to sing.
twelve. an elf. fringe, her minge. Pitt, not fit,
Murray, get furry. lim, hairier quim. stuff, the muff.
Saskatchewan, was gone. Shoalhaven, totally shaven. Surrey, once furry.
appalled, it's called. love, hovering above, Baugh, his mother-in-law.
rare; natural hair. appalled, was bald. slave, I crave,
Ware, pubical hair. Lizzie, a tizzy; crude, and smooth.
Durham, de-fur 'em. Herby, and derby. purr, of fur.
choice, freely voice blunt.. no front! hairless, wear less.
astute, so cute girlies, quite early. peeking, are a-seeking:
leaking, I'm sneaking. hold, quite bold. best; partly undressed
hand, just grand. point; to anoint. nips, the tips.
on, snatch on. Carrie, been hairy. gold, to hold.
me, hang pitifully. mine, just fine; again. 'cause when
Kate, venereal gate. Haven, not shaven, hair, with care.
Fairless, and hairless, David; well behave'd. bright, my delight.
dawn, the lawn Hatch, no thatch. morn, been shorn.
Rosie, by Posey. down!" to frown. foolin'? mighty coolin...
snatch, to scratch; clean; with hygiene. care, down there.
d'Isere, with hair. Brenda, her pudenda, fuck, cootie suck.
Wrangle, a mangle. Shalot, her twat. Suzie, militant floozie.
Krasnoyarsk, bit sparsk. Kay, her dismay. hair, so fair?
more; not sure., bare, any hair, blunt, you hunt,
bare, don't care, Seaver, shaven beaver. bidet, the way.
spurn, his turn? scotch, her crotch. Ferrer, unholy terror.
Liskered, been friskered. Christine, remarkably clean; Shalot, her twat.


Hassage, needed massage. Lake, the make. Manhasset, excessively placid.
Eve, left sleeve, "Eve, your sleeve. may, then play
Eve, your sleeve. stay." go away. enough, little ruff...
chap, my lap. Natchez, of matches, Bess, newspaper dress.
McMurray, and furry. Dallas, pickled phallus. Jock, in Iraq.
Doris, a chorus. colonel, lady cavernal. China, contorted vagina.
instruct, be fucked. Rideout, tried out. Gore, a whore.
Alice, her palace. slip, her grip. Gore, priced whore.
Spink, you think, hunt, savory cunt. James, idiot games.
Buffalo, in snow reams, it deems know, the snow.
deep, a jeep.) aware, on hair, Ebeneezer! the freezer.
Dot! indoor pot Azores, dirtiest whores. Rose, her toes.
Nantucket, fuck it. unhinged; she binged. Chertsey, remarkable curtsy;
McNavity, vaginal cavity. Gore, a bore. Rusty, a busty
Brenda, to surrender; Dallas, oversize callous. June, and soon.
chubby, a hubby. stairs, for there's cuff, to bluff.
Greenery, a beanery. Baird, he fared. confinement, of alignment,
Perkin, extra-large gherkin. Ulva, Va- Mar, zipper ajar.
Pacific, grew prolific, Hector, inspect her. Mel, sickly spell.
her, a dresser. Perkins, some gherkins, Kent, dreadfully bent,
Breerley, too dearly, Lunt, be blunt. Leicester. and undreicester.
stifled, have trifled Jayne, without strain, laugh, leftside calf
bitches, with stitches. Marvin, and carvin'. James, joliest games;
Simon, by men. creek. a week. Dave, a shave.
Pips, the lips. Deal, will reveal Bunny, my cunny?
Barr, sexwise, bizarre! Barr, a star, forlorn, and worn.
distillery, named Hillary Kitty, very pretty. Ming, of Nanking:
Sacramento, bent "O"), fender, sexual bender, Norway, a doorway.
-- local burlesque. Kent, frightfully bent, deft, lady's cleft,
Bliss, to piss. Trull, quite dull, pisshole, this hole."


sheath! here, underneath. suit, the flute! Pet? and yet,
Lang, a fang. 'ho. don'tcha know? furry, men worry.
Belgrade, she played. Morse, a horse. tights, her nights.
air, dark hair, Blake, for cake; notch!" Mrs. Hotch.
Brown, could frown. wonder; men chunder. full-cock, your frock.
Venus, between us?" Dale, her tail. Perhaps, her flaps,
Twinning, by sinning. Hunt, is blunt." Shalott, my twat.
vexed, her perplexed. Hunt, her cunt; dear, I fear
this; Sis Chris, chest. the best, bequeath, there beneath
explicit; will elicit. knees, Miss Keyes. Pyle, a while.
Bora-Bora, and flora, tease, to please. cock; the sock.
elated, been sated!" down-sized, soon realized: Michelle, as hell,
Centauri, horrible story: Keith, look underneath. gnashing! is flashing!)
Fabia, her labia. Scott, so hot. easy, quite queasy,
me. delight me."


Moines, her loins. Hunt, her cunt. Alice, her phallus.
Arabia, immodest behavia. Gimbel, and nimble, Moines, her groin
vaginismus; till Christmas. Natchez, their snatches. Brown, to clown.
much. to touch flirts, and skirts, Eutoxeter, passionate cock-sitter.
Cass, with class: Cruse, some Jews. Brandy, than candy;
Beggs, dinosaur eggs. Louise, vaginal squeeze. surrendered, he remembered
never, to sever Wohunt, collapsible cunt. girl, would whirl.
Felicity, twat's elasticity. Messina, elastic vagina. Kimball, so nimble,
Droppies, all-sized floppies. farmer, a charmer. docks, her box.
Scott, men hot: Jones, her groans! etiquette, woman's pettic't.
Medina, her vagina. Vagina; to behind-a. accommodate, they mate.
Vancouver, a Hoover. Hunt, handle blunt Natchez, Freudian snatches.
Biloxi, the Roxy wench, to french, drool, my tool.
calm. for alarm. hips, their lips wench, to clench;
need, with greed. flamed; I'm ashamed. "Squeek," not "Eeek."
Torbay, they say. tight! a delight!! gym, the limb.
Hoover. move her. Heather, of leather. pussy, and juicy;
bottle; their throttle. Paul, or tall. wreck! Sky Trek.
Dot, spectacular shot. Hunt, and blunt, Patch, to detach,
Latch, great catch, Detroit, very adroit. Tibet, thing yet,
Blossom, quite awesome. Arabia, favor ya. Morse, of course.
sneeze; you please, Tweak, to speak. her, diamond-and-minked her;
hunt, to bunt, Carr, from afar) Bergweiss, a vise.
Toulouse; snow shoes. Gotch, her scotch. Vancouver, unique maneuver.
cunt; to front, vice; be paradise. Writer, and tighter.
Fooser, and looser. inches, she clinches Carolina, her vagina.
her, diamond-and-minked her, Butte, obsessively cute; curvaceous; bristols bodacious;
neat. be beat. started; be parted.


Jess? her dress. trails, the vales. Maureen, very clean.
smack, her crack. breeches, maybe leeches. Lucy, more juicy.
Belgrade, the trade. hot, infected twat, caboose, to douche.
Chester, undressed her, Marge, so large, few, like you.
me, could be. pot, her twat. shore, a whore.
Azores, with sores. Jean, was green juices, several sluices
Pussy," Double-0-Seven, "Debussy us, so humunguous, street, to eat.
hooky. some nookie, hoist, that joist." Goldie, too oldie.
Peru, her flue, Gail; to sail. Dale, of tail.
snack, (yummy, smack!); selection, closer inspection. infection, further inspection,
Tim, Kimberley Kim, know, your elbow. share, quite rare
Abigail, a snail. Gable, in sable. glasses, made passes.
issues; for miss-use. bench, sexy wench. Betty, like spaghetti.
Slatter, of Hatter. Maureen; of gangrene. bod, it odd;
East; a feast. Dubuque, a fluke. fair, more care.
Sybil, a dribble. money; and funny, days; garner praise.
Dolores, her drawers. Mrs. her krs. shoes; the booze.
Luntz, whore, once. Plath, a bath!" twat, like snot,
Hussey, very fussy. morn, at porn. Pymm, remarkable quim.
Sybil, of a-dribble Abby, and flabby) Beggs, few pegs.
hunt, and grunt, back, her crack, treat, life complete.
whore, nothing more. Dee, her pee. Chester, undressed her,
Clair, down there. Dublin, very troublin'. stripping, is dripping;
Juanita, too neata. Greek; to speak. Francine, and green.
you, this tissue." Herm, and firm. beast, the least;
disease, with ease. East, with yeast. city, big titties.


Dot, she's hot stick, a lick; twat, to rot.
dispatch, Dot's snatch. flustered, white custard. goo, little coo
pursuing, up eschewing, gravity, filthy depravity, alas, all ass.
pus, whimpering wuss. ravenous, havin' us, heat; my feet.
sticky; a dicky; goo, I'll chew. Wales, often prevails),
quail, the snail. whore, putrid cunt-sore. personification, gut-wrenching putrification,
gas, first class, fast, he gassed


thing. often sing. embraced, been laced, Priscilla, with vanilla.
course. tartar sauce. sweet? nice treat? coloratura, molto bravura'.
Kleering, persevering -- Ulva, her vulva. Buff, and stuff.
rough. that stuff? propriety, for variety. Bunny, quite funny.
seraphic, attitudes Sapphic. hot, her twat. Fripps, some dips.
Michelle, as hell. Jello; very mellow. mucky, tastes yucky.
plot, her twat. Delores, large clitoris. yeast, the least.
Kim, girl's vim. Gossage, moss edge. Rangoon, lady's womb.
Inge, a dinge. Kong, foo yong. Maxine, own Vaseline.
Genoa, know her,. Troy, exquisite joy, juicy, all goosey,
Troy, of joy. Portsoy, of toy, Magee, to see,
Boone, a prune: art; a heart. dish, us this?
should, rather would. limb, were slim. honey, a cunny,
Moines, a coin. awry, know why Bunny, sweet cunny.
Priscilla, with vanilla. Priscilla, distinct sarsparilla. dine; you find.
muff; unbelievably tough; hours; of flowers; abounds, and towns.
screw, to do. team, of extreme. Galt, with salt.
Grunt, to front.


night. pretty bright; game, its name. down, the sound.
perplex; or convex. 'Occidental', tagged 'Oriental'. clown, her gown.
prayer; sharp-tongued dude-slayer. know? and low. Seoul, horizontical hole.
audition, rare condition. Lu, it's true); cunt, in front.
Thayer, with flair. abounds, have found, mouth: to arouse.
Blunt, rectangular cunt. long, Hong Kong; Tobruk, a look.
Hatch, rectangular snatch, Hatch, cubical snatch. foxes. Is
well-rounded, they're pounded. Crewe, so true Carolina, a vagina.
Boris, wonderful clitorus. Knox, triangular box. pertical, them, insertical.
pleasure; would treasure.


semi-Chinese, for fees. China, be finer. Norting, while sporting,
miss, sheer bliss. Heina, throughout China, Carolina, rubber vagina.
rant, Korean aunt. Stoke, no joke. China, a minor.
applied, who replied, rant! a slant, Viner, a vagina.
Medina, from China, Elias: deny us, right, impediment, quite;
Mohr, Japanese whore. Christopher, of her. mother, after another.
blessed, and West. Seoul, my pole; Ananias, be pious,
Wall, for all, Fot, she sought. Chinee, I've three.
long, Hong Kong; Guest, the nest. us. deny us.
Pike, slightly oblique; Palau, to deflower. China, be finer.
GIs, damned lies. Leiter, a fighter, brown. and down.
Mott, right-angled twat. sought, of twat, Pope, a slope.
Bright, with delight. Si, American Floozie. Chew, and blue.
Regina, of vagina. banter, a slanter, scoff, are off.
Chinese, her knees. tease, a breeze. see; to me.
Brant, odd slant.


Peru, to do. Thrush, to blush; Maze, unpleasant ways.
wick, too thick!" bush. big push. need, sweet indeed!
wrong; my dong. Air, the hair, snatch, raspberry patch;
hair, favorite chair, vandal, much scandal. Hortense, completely dense.
Tipper, a stripper! Fox, long locks. Hector, inspect her:
maid, I'm afraid. Claire, pubic hair. Claire, otherwise fair.
bald? am enthralled adipose, pecker rose. Missouri, quite furry.
Mary, quite hairy. force, learned discourse: Schippers, big flippers,
lower, a blower, reason, cold season. Carrie, exceedingly hairy.
Carrier, the barrier. variety, that society cnut, to put
nose; you suppose? McLees, she pees. Barrie, exceedingly hairy.
breasted, rooster interested; Mold, of cold; fright! the site.
Hortense, common sense, bloom, a broom. Betty, a yeti;
Horner, her puss-in-a-corner. Duff, luxuriant muff. Hatch, with dispatch.
slurs, were hers; Murray, of Surrey; Schwartz, all sorts.
Steiner, much finer (OR) big bag. Flavier, eccentric behavior:
Fortescue-Smythe; and lithe. Fortescue-Smythe, was blithe. foreplay, easy lay.
weird, her beard. hairy; was scary. Betty, as spaghetti,
Grevil, the Devil. thatch, her snatch, Kay; than hay.
clown, just brown. Doris, named Morris, Khundt, in front.
beast, the least. smooth, a youth. dares; when bare.
Toronto, get onto, dewey, 'em chewey. beneath, luxuriant wreath
veldt, very svelte, coeds, and potheads. crown, I frown
Sadie, a lady. Derry, incredibly hairy. thatch, her snatch
Flock, curly lock thatch; no match. Trent, filthy intent:
Ford, a hoard. swirls, making twirls. Surrey, was furry.
Bulgaria, and hairier, Skinner; got thinner. gazillion. love Brazilian?
attended, hirsutely pudended; soul. a hole, Jones, prominent bones,


thatch, a match, Mary, excessively hairy. Wong, so strong,
Lou, in lieu Louise, her knees. Upavon, a raven;
Pearl, didn't curl. McSweeney, teeny bikini. Pierre, his chair.
bliss, this miss. Yeti, as spaghetti. McGlore, below her.
DeVries, her knees. Hatch, with dispatch.


fear, man-trapping weir. Brinkage, big stinkage. Brighton, to heighten,
Barr, pussy bizarre. "woodie," her "foodie." Bokum, or hokum.
Papp, could entrap. Fran, named Dan. Cluck, was struck,
Yorrick, always caloric. Pitts, and tits: Hunt, unusual stunt
Batteries" thought Slattery. Hunt, in front." Inga, to linga.
Carolinas, with vaginas. Qatr, of water. Tucker, curious pucker;
scorn, him forlorn. mine, Lang Syne." rover, to Dover.
refined, and unkind." Ramon, dame in. "It, wide; it
Tiglath-Pileser, king, lady-pleaser: balk, never caulk, her, bit lighter."
Maxine, the bean. Dominique, Lalique...[thin china] Britain, a kitten.
Lincoln, pink 'un. Professor, impress her... Skinner, of dinner.
bit. this tit fiddle, a diddle, an' short an'
duty, my beauty; Ghent, quite bent. any, the Kootenay
fuzzy, isn't scuzzy. Edina, a vagina pity, small titty.
Brickley, sprouting thickly, gym; keep trim. dined, being unkind,
Candy, incredibly handy. Moore, William adore. Wheeling, more appealing.
instead, her head. Critchit, itch it. Dot, a lot:
separate, truthfully state sight; thought impolite. Bender, could sender,
Dot, smokingly hot. Rapp, a snap. Mippit, It
Willow, fleecy billow, farts; private parts. far, at par.
helicopter, a car, Mall, and tall; wretched. I fetch-ed.
Diana, a tanner. Scott, constantly sought. beaver; the "receiver".
tool, the fool, affliction, not fiction. Calcutta, a flutter.
Smyrna, burn her; Natchez, snatch is. Dot. her twat.
hole; the pole. Dewitt, a bit.


Lissing, was pissing. whippersnapper, revoltingly dapper, Haines, golden chains.
Newell, in crewel, worn, surfaces shorn; Nash, her gash.
Bosphorus, for us. Brazilian, bright vermilion. Natchez, snatch is.
Regina, unique vagina. China, her vagina. Pons, her mons.
Frott, wife's twat. saint, with paint. Louise, and tease
Lunt, promotional stunt: Bundt, and front. nights, colored lights,
sensation, shocking realization. unwrap, her lap, Rangoon, her womb,
Rangoon, a loon; lover, to discover.


Alvina, best china. Bates, named Yates. feel. things appeal,
Siever; over achiever; Sue, were through, Coyle, a goil.
Hope, with soap, heart, a fart. Stone, cream cone.
aloe, of tallow. mortician, grand inquisition, died, it aside
doing, I'm viewing, Suzy, be choosy. yoni, my Johnny,
finger. you linger. Sue! her ring-a-dang-doo! Sasso, with Brasso.
Rue's, each cooz; squatters, ink blotters. Delores, quite porous,
Pell, she smell!); Vancouver, a Hoover. Marseilles, the bidet.
bath, a half. eyes," she sighs. Colette, purple biditte,
cresent, appears phosphorescent;


rage, to assuage unaware, and fair. Worth, tremendous girth,
cocks; not rocks. Groatwell, a boatwell. Larry, quite cherry.
Scot, certainly not. fat. gone flat. Moines, with coins,
Limerick, quim, Rick, Ann, size man, fill, a pill?"
Kent; gets bent. Joan, the phone, Dahlia, super regalia,
Liberia, from Nigeria. sagacious, ladies bodacious companion, a banyan.
divine; my spine! gist, to resist; malls, my calls,
Kong, utterly wrong, denouncement, prepostrous pronouncement, Mongolian, single simoleon.
pudendum, then some. Spitz, Big Fritz. MacFarr, Hollywood star.
Mathilda, a builder; struck, her luck; Dowd, the crowd.
finer, love miner. McAmmeter, inch diameter. Dolores, nine-inch clitoris.
annoyed, by Boyd. MacMeech, the beach, Manon, plan on
Antigua, you are!" lunge, cavernous grunge. cherubic, area pubic.
Toni, a pony, sloppy, until floppy; Mark, the dark.
Antelope; shan't elope Scooter, suit her. Hilaria, of Bavaria.
Zotch, gaping crotch. O'Day, they say).


Seagress, a negress. Hoyt, a quoit, Brooley, yours truly.
Trumper, were plumper. predacious, simply hellacious... Dundee, her knee.
Fritz, big slits. French. experienced wench. spasm, your orgasm,
Khartoum, for room. pair! silk underwear! Bend, without end.
Bluff, a muff. Gwyn, cardinal sin. Wight, all night.
binge; of minge. Schwartz, two quarts, good!" I could,
stud-pole; crud bowl. slipped, he quipped: plumbin' thumb in,
juice, a goose, it, heighten it. Nantucket, a bucket.
Grace, into place. companion, a banyan; Dundee, the fee.
size, her thighs. Snide, got fried. goose? a moose?
Barents, her parents. Puckett, a bucket. Decatur, a crater.
hair, in there, Pflugge, a jug. Ghent, a tent;
Costanza, as Bonanza. prides, the sides, Liston, a piston.


Snyder, ride her, Orillia, kill ya'. Twitter, a titter.
Witt, fifteen-inch slit. sister; you blister. McBride, girl almond-eyed.
dollar, did holler. Kitchener, in her. shame! to blame!
loose! on moose." MacNeal, a feel. State, to mate.
Osset, across it. size," her thighs, there. I declare.
a-gape, no shape. mound, won't pound. Elaine: you lain?
apparel, a barrel. Dot; would squat; Snyder. astride her.


docks, their cocks. sit. a bit?" top, a pop-
Hugh? as you? night; a fright hollered? It's follered,
Ryde, and wide, Ryde, someone's bride... admit, Kate's slit.
moose; so loose. flight; them tonight. tight; fit right.
sunk. right. Bunk! Tim, some quim. snatch; a match.
galore, a store; before, the door; pace; this place,


Steen, ever seen; L.A. every day. McLouth, her mouth.
large, a barge! Nantucket, a bucket. Cahalan, pail in.
Fanchion, her mansion. Lo. you know!" utter, hairy gutter,
Kropp, a mop. Pawtucket, a bucket. Gretna, of Etna.
worn, and torn, fence, offering gents applied, them inside;
found, all 'round. fool, a tool; bred," the head,
confess, utter distress girl, a pearl -- gentleman's gland?
inside, them tried despair, I declare. Pete, always discreet.
fleet... from petite. Jack, did lack. Toal, her hole;
troll, large hole. hots, Nottingham, Notts, slur, low cur.
Marge, exceedingly large; neck, please check Baker, a quaker.
Shannon, a cannon. Sears, it appears. bore; there before.
Said, incredibly wide. Hooten, foot in. Prater, from Decatur.
Butte, way minute. Llewellyn, a melon. Knott, generous twat,
Crete, the street. Scott, and hot. Laramie, marry me,
kissed, to resist. sown, fucking Joan. Regina, stupendous vagina.
Chillinggollar, out-sized horse-collar. woods, young hoods. vexed. there perplexed.
dismay. there away what. with naught. resource, in remorse,
Farrow, a marrow. Faulk, can't walk; down, your brown,
Helen, large watermelon, cunt, her front. long, suitable prong.
Hamp, old tramp. Gwen, called "Glen." Shaw, a squaw.
Shutes, men's roots. Shutes, oversize roots. dear; I fear.
Bream, broad beam. depravity, genital cavity. McBride, foot wide.


gorgeous! George is! beard, experience weird. Ron?" the john.
Carolina, enormous vagina. exclaimed, I'm ashamed. sin, a grin,
strumming, interior plumbing twat, a yacht; Modotto, her grotto.
doubt; about -- Hyde, enormously wide, Frost, foot acrossed,
Jack, some slack. Peru, business anew. MacFrost, in cost.
Jim, a quim; Arvider, and wider. quim, and grin.
Dove, a glove; Kay, each way. year, no fear,
Crete, a street. Crete, more discreet. Crete, the heat.
Crete, so complete, Crete, to meet Crete, your meat,
Crete, thundering beat, Jack, so black, back, the sack?
swell!" to hell. mind; 'round blind. star. in far.
Shore, large whore. Gwen; and then rate, one date.
lap, a gap, Mort; a quart. bride, enormously wide.
Kraut, thashing about! Hell, and fell. way, it's okay
Nell, singular Hell. Marge, a barge. sea, ask me.
Thrace, cavernous place. trollop, helluva wallop! John, the lawn,
haste; my taste. view; to you. cold, get bold.
"See, the sea; declare: the air; croon: the moon;
Roy, large toy. Cayce, keep pace,


Tobruk, a nook. Surrey, a hurry. Corrie, was sorry.
ease, of Louise. Scott, a yacht. quim? could swim
Ruhr, a sewer. China, enormous vagina. Dinah, largest vagina.
Bloom, the womb. gunwale, a manhole!" Brent, enourmous extent,
duty. a beauty. here? your rear. old, will hold:
Trasket, a basket. Mavern, a cavern. Slater, fiance's mater,
Della, young fella; sight, just right. Hortense, twat-hole immense,
smidge, twat ridge," wide, can't hide. Summer; as Hummer.
cunt, a punt. thighs, such size, failure, quail, yah?
Strand; was grand. Glubb, a tub. renter, the winter
Khartoum, girl's womb. Nixon, bricks in, Nur, incredibly pure,
Ryde, massively wide. soul! my hole! Nantucket, a bucket.
tellin'. without yellin'. floozy? a doozy.


Grimsby, quims be? sea, could be. Fretter, his setter.
Hayes, matters pays, O'Dare, with hair. Brickley, sprouted thickly.
Asia, of aphasia. Nick, elephant's prick. Fred, to bed.
"Miss, at this. square, would care. Trier, each year,
Fox, wild shocks. Slocum, or brokum. Dot, her twat.
heat, a neat Pickett, a thicket. dear, a year:
Regina, named Edwina. kitchen, and bitchin'. Regina, a water-diviner,
Marie, to see. Cholmondeley, and colmondeley.


mess, of stress," Cotter, and hotter, tampon, cramp on;
day; in disarray. Lunt, her cunt. hoeing: girl going,
Brose, big toes; Nain, frequently stain. McGuire, deep desire?
Chad, disgustingly bad. straying, be laying, nag, black beanbag.
Fred, and said, Kate, so great, Hearse; the curse.
verse, the curse. Kusch,* to push; champion, a tampon.
rule, be cool. double-ended, and intended Eritrea, Germaine Gree(r)
Jose, "Oh say, Denise, venereal disease. Grace, in place.
Judd, this crud: eyes, her thighs. station, began menstruation.
Judd, with blood. "What, menstrual clot?" letter, I'd better.
- new things; wings? gimmicky things;


Natchez, two snatches. Locke, two-headed cock. met, as yet.
grace, his place. there, did bare. Natchez, two snatches.
erection; to perfection. Kong, a throng. cunts, two-peckered runts.
Khartoum, the womb. Brenda, double pudenda. McTore, a whore.
quit; round tits. Minah, in China. Dole, second hole,
Hunt, in front. Poly... by golly! Hame, the same.
Plum, was numb. Jim, than slim. Spruntz, two cunts,
cunts, to pruntz. Lily, a dilly. Natchez, two snatches.
Natchez, catch is: stunts; thirteen cunts. slut, her butt.
fuckiner; I'm stuckiner. Fred, to bed. Brenda, double pudenda.
Rhone, the phone.


Hunt, her cunt. Hunt, her cunt. Bing, to sing.
Ypres, some snipers. Nachez, their thatches. wit! of shit!
Brit. to admit, purr, her fur. dear! to hear!
arts, musical parts. Harrow, exceedinly narrow; sweet; impressive feat.
Flock, to talk. Blore, to snore. Veronica, a harmonica.
absurd, heard -- "see", could be. Arabia, her labia,
Madras, of brass. Wells, with bells. McNerd, one heard.
breast; truly impressed. seas; to please. Springs, into strings,
Reggio, in solfeggio. Dee, into three. Louise, sucking disease.
Virginny, and whinny. Angina, her vagina. Karen, was glare'n,
hostess. rarely noticed, Hunt, in front. Scott, her twat;
weep, its sleep. fortune, a spoon, Brussels, vaginal muscles.
Carolina, capricious vagina.


her; snub her. hurdle, on Myrtle Kelter; belt her.
Maureen, very clean. Mellon, stop smellin'. smelling, so compelling.
Bude; terribly lewd; horse, of course. Patch, her snatch.
treat. athlete's feet. petite, did meet. cartel, and Shell,
Delhi, rather smelly. lot; the twat! shell, they tell).
Pell, very well. Louise, you please. Dick, old trick.
Madrid, reprehensible kid, Cohoes, his nose. Ashanti, can't he?"
Queen, so keen, nosy, quite rosy. Bruce, delightfully loose.
Jess; her dress. d'If, a sniff boutique, girl, Dominique.
back..." in black, Dot, of snot. smile, shag pile.
fur, you err suppose, prosthetic nose? Pellett, sell it.
singer, would linger Mable, the table, stunk; a skunk.
gin, Mable grin. Peter; eat her. Sue, in two,
enough, once-splendid muff; please! her knees;


Lisa, anchovie pizza. Trish, delectable dish. McTish, like fish.
Quoddie, magnificent body. dam, they swam; well; her bell-
once, a fence. money, a honey. whiff, a spliff;
be, of vinegar/pee, technician; any condition. Kahuna, Goddess, Fortuna,
dishes; your wishes. Brazil, exceedingly ill. knew; from Kalamazoo,
Sted, to bed. deli, so smelly. life; of strife.
lock, his cock me, occasional flea, brother. the other.
Pelt, had smelt Straight, like bait. Jean!" so smiling.
grotto, a motto. Tish, she'd swish. bizarre, by far.
Chilton, the Hilton, humanity, his sanity. delish, sweet-smelling dish.
day, I pray dish, do wish, tuna, and swoon-a.
linger, young Ingar, bushy, and mushy. Klondike, long hike.
Gish, of fish... squeeze, you please. Doug, to plug.
Laguna, with vicuna. cunny, too tunny.


thighs, a prize. Nuys, the guys. thighs; he cries.
Helens, and smellin'. Christina! my Justina; eyes; the thighs?
Lize, her thighs. Wise, a prize. dish. often wish?
this. and hiss. Hunt, odorous cunt.


Felicity, vulva toxicity; 9, for mine: Brewer, through her.
Ghent, no scent. Schroeder, load her Corning, of suborning.
Bud, a dud. Louise, limberger cheese. French, a wench.
Placid, and flacid. stunk, a skunk, Celt, chastity belt.
Scott, ill-smelling twat, Kelly; exceedingly smelly. Regina, in Carolina,
Delhi, and smelly. World, cunt curled Christine, rather obscene.
McFink, I think. Knox, an ox. Coombs, the tombs.
French, a wrench. Eve, wouldn't believe. aroma, from Oklahoma;
please, of these. scratch", the batch. Judah, reading Neruda.
Molly! her trolley Peoria, floor ya. speaking? that reeking,
Tahoma, fetid aroma, Nell, as hell. Pelt, genitals felt.
smelly. a tellie. McFink, I think. teller, of feller.
aside, his bride, Crescent, men acquiescent punks, a month.
munch, Box Lunch". Scotten, be boughten. Scott, to rot."
well, that smell? weeks. it reeks! die. any guy.
Podunk, did flunk. Gorth, come forth. Dinah, smelly vagina.
Rinky, his pinkie. Michelle, horrible smell. Fanny, the fanny.
Selma, named Thelma. Delores, smelly clitoris. Kate, a date.
Clarabelle, was comparable. Skelly, and smelly.


Kent, her scent, Cliff, a whiff Kelter, melt her.
dive, I thrive. kicks, old pricks, favour, the flavour
beast; would feast. Betty, and heady. invented, outrageously scented,
Murray, of slurry. Murray, exceedingly furry. Murray, to worry.
Dolores, smelly clitoris. Moynt, a joint. wander, rather fonder
Khartoum! I presume; advice, the wise. rose, saying goes.
reckons, she beckons. scent, a gent. air, to stare.
smell, please dispel. roses; my nose's pose, my nose;
stank, three-day-old rank. essence; tangy quintessence. taste, your waist,
taste, to waste, rent, juices ferment. well, young belle?
hates, called Bates. lunch, for crunch,


flown, all alone. job, manager Bob, day, which way.
Randall, rankest scandal: Randall, big candle. lustiness, of mustiness;
trustiness, the thrustiness Jane, smuggling cocaine. Spain, to abstain.
Swoboda, bestrode her. Kent, had spent, water, a quarter
York, to port. Satch, a match. mandolin, a sin.
Nicole, stiff pole. Ray, the day. Stickle, quite fickle.
Eva, relieve her. me. my knees scare! better beware.
took, technique book. chick, for clit, Perth, at birth.
stairs, for there's lost, your cost, wife, any strife,
runt; to bunt. matter, a hatter. mine, a 'line'.
Wills, nervous chills same, a flame, cane; a backsprain.
ya, your labia Belize, with ease. Ignatius, wonderfully spacious.


34... a whore. cries, his eyes. loo, thick goo.
three, nominal fee. Ida, inside her. bride, low tide.
banditos, with Fritos. Bryannon, a cannon. Ely, a fly.
Decker, check her. years. brings cheers. Khartoum, her womb.
Hunt, her cunt; runny, her cunny. precision, its mission.
Prim, her quim. Lapeer, the rear. Runt, incredible stunt.
Cloggs, the bogs. Peru, she knew. Heights, her tights.
Jake, the cake), it, a minute. Samoa, a boa.
stunt, could want. rocks. her box; Mary, be wary.
sniff, awful stiff, Louisa's, tiny geezers; Edina, her vagina.
China, talking vagina. Peru, or two. Dinah, her vagina.


ballad, those salad organ, Tracy Morgan, aboard, we soared;
frowned, way 'round. Stow, old beau, Kannel, her channel,
greer, a queer. Cape, bicycle tape Fetters, and betters,
Fowle, a scowl. Stella, previous fella, Grace, and lace.
ape, perpetual rape. on) a tampon. Arabia: maybe a
Groton, with cotton; remain, boyfriends insane,


York, a cork. presented, strangely indented. Thrace, moist place...
Corfu, kind billets-doux. Hannah, a banana. York, of work,
cunts, Helen Hunt's. knew, to screw, York, a cork.
York, the stork. Tring, to swing. Leeds, her needs:
Clyde," would confide. face, cranial space. June, the Prune.
Marilynn, a clothespin. taters, green tomater, Greenwich, with spinach,
Smith, some pith. York, the stork... Savannah, called Anna.
Yvette, crepe suzette. Bunty, punt. She King, her thing.
kinky, East Helsinki Derry, her cherry. rubies. fine boobies.
Tex; a hex. pose, yellow rose.


Lynne, from sin, Bruce, a ruse. Roxie, with epoxy.
smutty, was slutty. gookie; - lookie! haste, with paste.
attach, her snatch. Biloxi, of epoxy; relented, be rented."
Sue, with glue. Donner, expert embalmer. Crewe, got through,
VanGelder, held her Goole, a rule. hag? foundryman's bag?
Australia, Doctor Mahalia, Nantucket, stuck it cheesy, that easy
stuck, bad luck true, little Sue. indented, tightly cemented.
lamented, wasn't invented. repented; he'd augmented: relented, be rented."
Waterloo, way too. talking, trouble walking. Scott, girl's slot.
Lu, with glue;


hole; bung hole. chasm, sensuous spasm: Willet, a skillet.
it, a rocket, instructor, conduct her clam, nasty jam.
her, the river. died, foolishly tried her, examine her.
Sue, of goo. Mobile, of veal. Singer, my finger,
dish; could wish. Lapeer, the rear, Kew, a queue.
Singer, swing 'er, pinkie. think he Black, her crack,
Nick, magical trick: Grace, in place. wahini, a weenie.
Vermin-el-Sed, is dead, hot; -- what hole, Trav's pole.


Gillette, a threat; caught, be shot! odd, a wad,
Amarillo, her pillow, papal) Miss Maple. Gotch, valuable watch.
Pickles, with nickles... Jade, a grenade. Flynn, way in.
fair, the air, Kew, to screw. funnel, Miss Brunnel.
Moines, her coins. Bre, you'd see, hack, the FAQ
Brisbane, abdominal pain. scratches, steel latches, disgusting, no rusting.
gold-embossed, high cost. Hodger, her lodger; Hunt, a bunt.
Molly, for umbrella) Decatur, a vibrator. Vancouver, her Hoover.
rape: what's agape.


Grits, her mitts, Sue, of view. Beluz, just because,
Jeanie, her bikini, sand, my gland, Kate, both hate;
shore, nice whore, Dinah, design her while; Arabic smile,
Arabia, be a daughter, taught her; Rhone, named Joan.
Cottle, the bottle. said, the bed. Hall, a ball...
Mathilda, a builder, Dudalk, peculiar walk, McBryce, a trice.


Wheatley, quite neatly. Brazilian, and vermilion. Simms, and whims.
Miami, bit clammy. Detroit, a quoit. Steve, to grieve.
Pease, great ease. Fox, new box. Fitches, his riches
Barrett; repair it. Perry, name Terry) Hubbell, bad bubble.
Clyde, took pride. fee; is free; shared, "It's well-haired!
stopped! has cropped. Joan, of stone. Guelph, on herself.
decorous, geologist Boris, Cappy, her happy. arts, his charts,
corner, Miss Horner. it; debase it. Scott, a lot.
lack, her crack. bare; with care. Ewing, of screwing
beaver; leave her. pooter, more neuter. chicks; for dicks.
designer, the vagina; whim: be him. Bragg, a hag.
tremble, young Kemble. Gore, last evermore. Cushing, kept pushing.
Cushing, kept pushing. Hartz, surgical arts. think, green...trimming pink?
Hugh, faltering screw. Hoboken, got broken. eyes, Dr. Wise!
flack! my crack?" Harrison, a garrison twitches; great glitches!
seduction, her production. Hatch, her snatch. Tuller, was duller.
Tyrone, cunts known.


tonight; so tight. French, a trench. sick; a prick.
Louvre, that you'vre pillion, a million. Ives, by surprise,
Faith, that wraith Wiest, the East. Harrow, too narrow.
Dalrymple, so simple. Bengal, excessively small. Marie, don't see."
Violet, a pilot once, for runts. Giant, a client.
Visalia, fit genitalia. Salina, tiny vagina, perturbed, measly third
ten", a grin. Brighton, tight 'un... bat, he spat.
Carol, a barrel. spin, vertical grin; Wencil, screwing utilsil.
Lynne, and thin. issue, miss you), Jarrow, excessively narrow;
Hatch, great catch. Pictou, stick to; Granger, no stranger.
insisting, S&M listing, Laura, from Kenora, 'un, a tonguein'.
despair, fit there!" own; was grown. vaginismus: were strabismous,
back, some slack! keyhole, her peehole. Joe, you know."
whistle, heat-seeking missile, attractive, sexually proactive. Ismene, terribly teeny?
clit, little slit, Deal, would kneel, Lew, to screw.
heinie, and shiny. hot, wee twat; love, turtle dove.
nice, the price, Mandy, apricot brandy. designer, named Dinah.
Moines, a coin. Trenton, dent on. mister; virginal sister.
Kewry, 'lusus naturae'. (belie, so wee, Harrow, a barrow."


Mantz, in France. Bream, wet dream. Eugene, jack-off machine.
Ug, a jug. Patchett, a hatchet. wine, be fine
wit, his kit, bold, be polled..." thin, a sin
stout, a shout: hell, too well, McGee, usual fee
runt, a punt... Pace, his place. Savannah, curious manner.
Symes, good times. Dunn, for fun. Lapeer, so dear,
Placentia, of dementia. Price, of vice. Jock, his cock.
Kildare, a chair. Bronix, of onyx. Knosh, fine squash.
Maine, had lain, Mobile, of steel. but, Steel Slut?
blade, Woodland Glade? shell, tower bell! melt! the belt
Bengal, the wall. dear, and gear. bold, I'm told.
Tucker, of yucca,


Morse, and force, brother, your mother, Janis, fan is.
Jewett; do it, Cole, life's goal. miner, girlfriend's vagina.
miss; like this." crows, have, Rose." that? young brat.
tree; li'l Mikey. Rand, the band. Black, new UNIVAC.
Rickers; no knickers. Bengal, fancy-dress ball. Spurge, anthropological urge,
Chester, undressed her, sex, named Mex Grace, her place.
deplorable, very adorable; Scott, gave thought. back, gentle knack.
Natchez, at snatches. dead. I'll imbed Blaine, had lain.
know, my ego. again; back when; hag, good shag,
treated, and retreated. stunts, their cunts. prayer, under there.
Reepy; all weepy. Juba, his tuba, flashed; or smashed;
eyes, your thighs! my! "hair pie". brain! my chain!
do, flash ring-dang-doo; nation, long incantation, Mort, of sport.
Bodim, goad him. queues, his shoes; inhibited, pussy exhibited
drew, and blew. Clyde, his bride. Richter, your stricture,
Boris, sweetheart's clitoris. applause, wearing drawers. Ulva, will pulva-
ten, and pen, hot, a lot; looking, be cooking;
Baird, be shared. Hind, a grind. Heather, spring weather,
patent, the intent thought, folks distraught, Square, genitals bare.
France, peculiar dance. cunts, to runts; gentle-hearted, husband departed.
Nantes; sans panties. booked: She looked. O'Dare, pubic hair,
beaver; the fever. Hughes, can't lose! Shannon, rapidly fannin'
Neal, servants reveal Custer, all a-fluster, Lew; in Peru.
undaunted, who taunted; night, a sight; fuzz, he was
Pyle, in style, Sy, maiden's thigh. Boris, Girls Chorus.
Brook, a crook. Gertie. of dirty. Perkins, scrutinized gherkins.
Brazil, the sill. Flo, pays dough. sixteen, exceedingly obscene,
nudged, she judged guy, asks "Why?" editions, the Titians,


seeked, that week; punt, beautiful cunt!" couch. would crouch.
flashed; I'm smashed. eyes, your thighs! my! 'hair pie'.
plain, the drain. do; flash ring-dang-doo; -- don't push!
think, its brink. Blaine: the main; Flushing; and gushing;
discover, not recover. Lance, to chance. Rand, so grand.
Dawn; a fawn. gone; a yawn. beauty, a cutie.
Kong, named Wong, asunder, of wonder. honey, it's sunny,
Pine, Maude Hine. son, a run?" Venus, between us.
woo; ring-a-dang doo. celibate, to celebrate. gorgeous! -- just!
sunny. beach bunny. rose, dropped panty-hose... Morocco, named Paco.
Pakenham, stackin' 'em. France, her pants. Carolina, and vagina.
pubic, the cubic, Vickers, any knickers. watch; her crotch.
Nancy, passing fancy. Datchett. scratch it, minuses, aging sinuses;
Powell, a towel. sits, and tits. cute, not suit.
Kyle, whimsical style: tits, her hips. vagina; lovely recliner,
beat! so sweet! cunt, ungliest runt. Spain, the rain.
Knox, an ox. late, were great. Tweek, mishap unique.
please, and ease.


Schust, her bust. Little, to diddle. Bertie, Miss Gertie,
Woodhaven, and unshaven. -- she aspired. Hood, the wood.
spasm, fearful orgasm. Florida, borrowed her. Howe, I vow
straining, named Blaining. Howe, a sow. fit, a bit.
lies; your eyes. enured; patients assured. whirled, lover unfurled.
small, the wall. Pat, a hat. Jean, copy machine.
Sheepshit, a half-wit. Manion, strolling companion. Burl, African girl.
Pete, Madam Lafitte, locust, clearly unfocused. Gene, had seen.
buff, her muff. Weehauken, girls squawkin'. shot, landlady's twat.
Vandyke, her bike. Bell, a smell. strain; great pain.
Lunt, promotional stunt. Eccles; fifty shekels. assurance, of allurance.
Max, her slacks. thatch, a scratch; Bliss, a piss.


intergalactic, green prophylactic, space, had face. Schlock, a rock.
Mars; the stars. Rock, 17 sock. fun, they've won
weird; some feared. Ace, his face. Chester, molest her.
Reticulum: crazy curriculum) heaven; past eleven. proof, my roof.
Venus, incredible penis. man, I am. space, echoey trace.
space, a case. Goop; our group. Maizie, went crazy,
now, the prow. space, human race. again, gren men.
November; just remember. sky, as I beseech, of reach.
form) grog shocks. alien, question mammalian, Perth, strange birth.
contactors, significant factors Yuggoth" purple moth. affairs, in pairs.
stations, radio ration, dimensions, with hyperextensions. space, whimsical race.
T. a tree. swore, his door. hot! future plot.
white, too trite! space, and grace; man; Bay fan.
Clapham, cap 'em. race, of space. place, his race.
night, a fright: Spring, the thing said, their bed.
anthropomorphic, definitely dworphic LNA, to say. space, superior race.
Mans! spaceship lands! man, sex fan. sheen, saucer machine.
face, in space: frowned: are bound Fred, he said:
falters; scenario alters. there; a scare. base, from space.
being, for seeing. I, the sky spelt) to melt.
sky, or why.


Xirth, her berth. poles, like coals. a-drought, go South.
Ned, to bed. -- a pin. dots, their pots.
front, wonderful stunt: bloom, and womb. intense, to dispense.
brass, the gas. snatched. is matched. crew, now blew.
Xat, and fat. sex, strange flex: -- of zits.
-- never soiled. had, a tad, stunt, every bundt.
pleased, fine deeds, caste, and fast. week, augmenting feek.
-- a bore. thing, a zing. -- shot deed!
dew, lips drew. sticks, and kicks,


Brighton, rather excitin': sun, mere hole-in-one. stars, from Mars.
race, to space, Zong, of Mong. woman, and humming.
man, a van. moon, hardy harpoon. sloth, is loath
Saturn, a slattern. Jessie, and messy. Mars. in bars.
loose, without use. masturbation, nuclear mutation. space, alien race).
addiction, by friction ring, good thing: Venus, a penis.
Thaurus, bore us, Tapp, the clap. male, some tail,
man, his hand Jupiter, far stupider Xentacles, six tentacles.
goodbye!" me why. Abner, havin' her. Mars, ladies bras.
Zanussi; too choosy. Barsoom, her room. moon, the balloon
Thune, the Moon. Venus, a penis. Mars, in cars.
Altair, a chair. elfin, himself in hedgehop. the shop.
Westphalian, an alien. Venus, seen us. Venus, a penis.
Dalve, with salve, small, vaginal wall Venus, a penis;
Decatur, the crater, Venus, unusual penis. Venus, a penis.
McManus, on Uranus. Venus, prodigious penis. York, a fork.
say, and gay. alien, pretty Westphalian, rocket, his pocket.
Uranus, other's anus. Venus, my penis. cloud, a shroud,


thumbs, he comes. stalks, he talks. tips, as whips.
staged, truly enraged. me; to see anatomy; you see.
ear. not volunteer ends; my friends! best; the rest.
Marlene. not green.) Nigel, from Rigel. hurt. alien flirt!
crew, something new. standard; new lander. parts; our farts.
clean, g-force machine remotes. it floats! again. the amen.
realm, limerick helm! lims, the rims Mars, the stars.
green), are mean. Mars, from ours). these! elm trees.
brusk; a tusk. tongue, well hung.) powers! all hours.
best, great zest, -- alien race strange, humanoid range.
block, alien cock. cheap; very steep. virile, named Cyril.
travel, to unravel. double-quick; me sick. Hutt, his butt.
enthrall, from Gaul. press, I guess. moon, sand dune.
too; to you. bug- a drug, socks, the doc's.
sign, her fine. swellin', a wellin'. fact. is lacked.
alone. a stone. diaper, smells riper splittious; suspiciously tittious;
voracious, time copulacious. Tangiers, big ears. stank. quite rank.
drunk), and Monk. bin, to ten. crevasse, a bass!)
parted. Mool darted. hunk, her bunk. dither; know whether
obscene; and green. determine, the vermin hymning, are dimming,
saucers; huge hawsers. satisfaction, zero-G action, view, strange hue;
Zeta, like Rita cleans; on beans. Xexia, sextuplet myslexia.
appealing. was squealing. Xpice, a vise, devine. my tine.
yawn. her pawn. wide, prancing astride hot, be not.


Glyphe, have life. Schuberty, sordidly dirty. Uranus, and veinous.
Mars, the stars. disgrace; my face. Mars, in bars.
pet, a sweat. Venus, long penis. asteroid, little basteroid.
Mars, our bars. Mars, the stars, Venus, sixteen-inch penis,
few, all well-to-do. creatures, curious features. not: flaming twat,
Mars, three R's. Mars, to bars. man; "You can
Venus, wide penis. Harris, see Paris; true, Lunatics knew.
moon, too soon. "Yes, I confess. Mars, their cars.
three, you'll agree. Campinas, to Venus. Zimp, a wimp.
name, the same. cloud, native crowd. Pluto, suit o'
Saturn, a slattern. croon? a buffoon, Neptune, Miss Schleptune)
Titan, to frighten. Mars, of cigars. Mars, with scars.
chewed, needing food. equipped, tipped -- horse, and force,
Venus, hyper-extensible penis. Breen, and mean Venus, a penis.
genus, Miss Venus; anus!" insane, as mission. puzzling condition.
sidereal, is bacterial. Venus, a Guinness: Venus, so heinous,
Venus, retractable penis. relate, to fellate. Venus, seen us.
Venus, strange genus. Venus; seen us. Muller, lively...or duller?"
mystery, we be?" Venus, remarkable penis.


Centauri, whore, he Centauri, exceedingly gory; gastronome, from home.
traverse; rather perverse. dawn, sceptics' scorn, space, a race;
Velorum, ignore 'em: Cetus, a fetus. Centauri, my story.
skies, and whys. Pollux, of frolics; B, vitamin C.
b5, and alive. interstellar, fortune teller. meat, a feat.
Plexus, named Alexis.


drink, said THINK. remark, the dark. bar, you are?
way, went away. around. been found! planet? again. It
armed, has swarmed! vacation, gas station. get, a threat,
reappear. had fear. borrow! space-docking sorrow! four, in store
Xit, the pit. Xint. a gent.) smell, a knell.
fright, strange light. tune, and dune alone, stiff bone).
lair, armpit hair, crowd, really loud, sheep, to sleep.
stem, often grim. Venus. a penis). farm. some alarm
bright. to light aughter, the daughter eyes!" Creme Pies"
moon, to spoon. frock, a shock alighted. be righted
him. name's Kim" now, this cow." ever, lustful endeavor
dud. her cud. saw, last straw haste, to waste
shot, really hot week, that speak. sat, a bat.
spin, deep within, sacrifice! evil device Xarbs, our garbs):
rim, and dim, dikes, and tikes. time, a chime.
caress, sex-buttons depress, by-passes, their asses. verge, will submerge
feet, and sweet. brook, their gook. slew, a screw:
grue, alien guru crew, unseen cue. brew, say "Boo!"
incomprehensible. sensible -- "King", in Beijing, Xaist, in space.
round, is sound. pass, intergalactic gas-mass, port. to distort.
blip, something rip. deduce, Xaist reproduce. germ, than sperm),
thing: was missing. beheld, also propelled us, to Sirius
anew, the crew -- fine gland) bold, secrets untold!
awhile, a smile; desire, got higher, hand. can stand.
xeggs; from eggs. batty; of flati return, of concern.
valise, beg-fart release.