Limeric Index



two, & Tu', short, specially bought skirt, and shirt,
clutch, in touch; meat; constantly beat door, once more.
dry; you why; bank, long shank. advance, downward-cast glance
trust, in disgust. understand; a hand. strong; am wrong.
lips, mighty hips. sex, will flex; true; about you.
dear, me here. rear, pleasingly, dear. hither!" to dither.
moaned, have groaned, out; my spout! queen? ladies-in-waiting convene!
mood, eat food. box, a fox. mock; great shock.
all; a call. form, so warm. hideous, that Lydia's
Tennyson, give benison,) rare; over there. neighbor, lay her.
conflict; elephant's dick. Dumbo, honey-pot, gumbo; deceased, the least,
well, or motel. seek, Travis's meat. fire, for hire.
fib; my crib. laugh, other half? scoff) will doff.
kind. don't mind today? I may: desist, a conversationalist.
shirt, my skirt, fiery; scientific inquiry. ease, to tease.
bower? I'll devour. males; in pails. work, this perq
out. and about. cute, a root?" need; the deed;
fruit, a beaut. thee, vegetables three. see, to me.


thick, nearly sick. mix, hot licks. high-rise. was surmised.
came, young dame. reaffixed, she mixed. sigh, fine thigh?
suppose, it slows. Yoke, to poke. snare, or fair,
perchance, of romance, muster, a fluster. Lou, a screw.
back; strange knack; news, the Meuse, bet. to get
jets. and lets straight. in Kuwait. test, the rest.
Schmidt, she'd permit street, over eat. Placid, went flaccid.
Burke, a clerk Smart, the start. hope, to elope.
Moines, the loin. Brit; a twit, anchor; of rancor.
Jake, a rake. man, bee man, flit, there sit.
droned, and groaned, Dunning, his punning; strange. seemed deranged.
fame; the same. screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver. Bierce, was fierce.
rocks, a box: proclaim, a surname. Mel, a swell.
Hodges, their watches. road. a goad. Mort, to abort.
grope, of soap, charts, their starts. These, glamour. He's
Tyrone, to moan. heinous, and Coriolanus; raft, the draft,
Hanes, in Plains. toils; Tesla coils; late, jelly's great;


priest, a feast. two, hilly Peru. aspire, you inquire,
Alcibiades, admire these: Segal, sea gull. bragging, presently sagging.
Nance, did enhance. Xavier, save your Minton, 'n squintin'.
Tucker, a trucker. Bay, sunshiny day. term, and infirm)
fond, would repond infirm, take sperm, know, a glow.
yap, he'd crap. Palmer, harm her. gory; so 'scory'.
yeller, was duller. jerk; his perk. rain; that's plain.
course, same source; yawn, the lawn", dramas, wearing pajamas.
park, after dark; Bleigh, drinking guy. go, to sow;
ran. a man? ajar, my car, cages, of wages,
cart, zoo-keepers part. pen, carcasses in. me; beside me.
downhearted; humorist thwarted, fall, a sprawl. luck, via truck,
Zoo, isappeared forever, Morrow, of sorrow: Vince, no expense,
before. the door. unfurled, had hurled. Bobbie, the lobby.
post, berth, nethermost. twist, delicate tryst. neglect, his treks
Wares, he declares. -- the aggressor. Chamblee, by McGee.
Edward, but headward. Murtle, them fertile. Joe, you know.
arise, full size, catch! a batch; introduction, their reproduction.
started, and darted black, cried, "Alack," views, singing blues,
Kline, good rhyme; sick; a brick. askew, way through.
dude, good mood. Noah, a boa. groaned. barely condoned.
admit, a bit, class, one pass. hate, my Kate.
find, this bind say: will play?" know, Poe's "doh"
face, no trace. cats, said, "That's camp, lion's jaw-clamp.
dear; bring, dear; her; to alter old, of mold,
extols, his goal's frowned, I'd found; Sayers, two shares.
part; they start. doodle, wet noodle. cloth, the Goth,
absurd-- tall bird, Crane, and rain. fog, a jog.
Leigh, could be. sleep. to keep. zoo, teensiest clue,
Flynn, wearing thin,


friend, without end. funny, make money. drink, a wink.
ID." laughed merrily. Ritter, smit her. fun, his son.
think, strong drink," gin," you in." rug. my drug."
spree, the degree fight; in sight; snickers, no knickers.
comatose, I disclose.


Kent; had spent. appealed, to yield. here; my dear.
alone; funny bone. ease; they sees, ages, legalized sages:
proficient; her deficient: O'Shea, to decay. awoke, a joke.
May, trouser affray. kid, he did?) away, one day.
away, said, "Hey! groan, my bone. chest, my breast.
need, good deed." play. do say. wield, fruitfully yield.
matrimony, be free. go, would grow through, the view?"
begun, a pun. Heap, wouldn't keep. crestfallen; heart callin'?
deep, a sweep. Knute, winter tribute,


ground, to expound, Hazin, a raisin Hall, the fall.
complete, the beat. Proctor, good doctor. DeWitt, a snit,
Baer, is rare. McBung, had clung. Morse, a horse,"
Duluth, manner uncouth. journals, officer, Burnells. regalia, a dahlia.
gift, was adrift. Hank; first rank. Ridge, Gate Bridge?
primate, time it." Meeks, for weeks actor; a tractor.
brigade, border blockade.


reporter, a quarter. nineteen-oh-twos, the queues, Spark, a lark.
abhors, low scores. stir, lictors aver, Iraq?" newspaper hack.
fill", whispered Jill dear, my spear me, we'll be
around, your mound Sawyer, chess warrior. go, will flow.
folks; examines jokes. mission, been wishin'. sea, is me.
shock, his stock, 'gators," with potaters, recall, the ball,
sites, guy fights, witch, her niche. Tor- young whore!


Mel, the smell. go-getter, wealthy jet-setter, soul, one goal,
sent, were indecent. free, I see, Fred, blacksmith instead
admits, never omits Brewer, the viewer; Danny. each cranny.
gall, Uncle Paul storm, his norm. piper. are hyper.
flight, last night. pit, just shit! flight, sewer site.
heart, would impart. glass. some class. mate, couldn't wait.
bright, last night. Shit, a bit. admits, the pits.
stellar, turned yeller. near, stale beer; McCurdy, were sturdy,


bizarre, so far. sin, me grin. boomed, I zoomed.
free, would flee, feather, their tether; sheet; shredded tweet;
raw, the jaw science, show defiance. foment, a bent
Miller, mostly filler. unnerving, remain unswerving, true: a queue.
year. and near. lament, it's spent. Brand, as planned.
Marrow, and narrow. Klein, high sign. course, of remorse.
hate, dental plate, delays, of praise. phase; will amaze.
Pat, or tat. Nanuoo, his canoe. surprise! their cries.
unwise, no surprise. me, for tea. Kurst, would burst.
deer? bum steer? vicious, was delicious, Hall, so small,
Daisy, I lazy. Chu, he knew. dismayed, well displayed.
climb, Stage Line. valid, that's salad. arts, fresh starts.
notes, and motes." Ceylon, real paragon Deex, many weeks
plates, my hates) rum, a drum;


Krause, a mouse, best, convictions attest. say, to convey;
sails, gust pales, rate, of late. Falls, their stalls,
meet, a treat. ignoring, from Loring, Gloria, in Victoria.
LaFarge, a charge course, a horse. slick, ever click,
flattery, every Saturday. Biggers; his riggers. Nell, was swell.


fate, this straight. poet, know it! genetic, be apathetic.
Kent, all bent. pun. word-play fun. preaches; Keech is:
co-ercions, their versions. Sloane, from stone. Reese, fine piece.
antiquity, liquid, he alarmed" has harmed Alexandre, a wanderer,
regrets? who frets Fisk, and frisk 'em. read 'em.
sought, being fought. tongue, are young, lift, her rift.
big. a gig. chatter, a platter. Dolan, goal, an'
heard. quite absurd. gift, attitude shift. shift. are miffed.
pun," his son, Larry, He's unwary." matter, young satyr;
discard, quite hard. stunning. of punning. recorded, carefully hoarded
find, big grind; alone, grinding stone. Yates, heart palpitates."
cuts, too nuts, complain, a brain. attended, he intended.
ended, which offended. spectra, nothing extra. Fisk, a disk.
chaps, his synapse. sense, specialty: hence Frome, his home.
incarceration, caused frustration. chance, a dance. wise, the flies--
surmise, was wise. devises, wise is. Fugard, new bard.
heard, completely absurd. camp; by lamp. loan, Egyptology's tone,
ditties, for pity's try, his eye. Kent, a tent.
stuns, their runs, lupine, thought divine. Pitt, it quit.
Wooster, goosed her. giddies; our biddies. enthralls, major malls.
strolls, of holes, attacks, dull paperbacks, days. a phase.
heretofore, my door. Moon, too soon. Knowles, like moles.
partook, a look


sorrow, to borrow. -- his sorrow, Borrow, much sorrow.
Zorro, the barr-oh. to, despicable ghetto. earned, she learned.
taro. of horror. Clozoff, old sloth, neighbor; a trailer,
Jabber, Wanda Grabber. checked, often bedecked paint, just cain't
charm, untold harm." pollution? of confusion. suspect, often erect,
boss. are tossed. boost, been goosed) bist?" fume mist,
missed, more grist bust, you must biest, her priest
fast; have passed, fist; he's pissed. twist, heretofore missed.
fond, "Walden Pond." threat: would get. poems, he roams.
Bell-end, did rend.


Bruno, a no-no? Clyson; a bison. Wright, fine night.
Stu, quite new. Kent, the gent, Ling, a sting.
zest, Key West. indeed, carnal need. Jill, twin bill.
walk, Central Park... near; in fear. halted, only resulted
it. regret it. Freddy, was ready; cliffs, family rifts;
frown; and brown. "She's, her knees, digs; and pigs.
defeat, did entreat. Dwight, horrible fright, four, the floor,
fail, would sail. Puns, "Switzerland Nuns." Asiatic, city attic.
O'Hara's, bare ass. amazed; were glazed. copulated, eggs confiscated;
Slane, his brain. casement, his placement. composure, recent disclosure
bones, onerous loans pity, was pretty. reducible. more usable.
Harris, the terrace. a, she's a heart, but smart,
Polder, would smolder excursion, widespread conversion, Lance, of pants,
Albania, from megalomania; freaking, broadly speaking, means? worth beans.
day, getting away. Nile, my style, winter; to enter.
under, me asunder. Thripp, his whip, forlorn, Alpine horn,
disco, miss Mishko. poll, mostly un-droll; sorrow, to Morro,
Stone, quarrel full-blown. Uganda, and candor. Lenore, to shore.
crossed, low cost. Creek, won't speak.


drink, the sink. threw, in Peru, Trefoil, the soil.
boast, than most. slow. you know. day, fashioned way.
might, at night, help, in kelp, hun; had fun.
started, she farted. subsist, are kissed, Gore; would abhor.
proposal. saying, "Those'll Swedes, in Leeds; Kuwait, named Tate.
throne, has sown, say. can play. go, in woe.
Jane, loving Elaine. Burke, night murk. Rosen, the chosen.
ranted, be recanted. suppose, Lida Rose? faced, total distaste;
White, and bright. fair. the stair." jewel, so cruel.
concussion; every discussion. hear, too near. best, lackluster guest.
screwball, stories tall. preference," in consequence, renown, knocked down
birds; by nerds. Rand, was grand. mistook, a snook.
rumor, (sic) humor. Hall, to all, felt, was dealt,
Vic, multiply quick stenographers, by photographers, grand; your hand,
like. wouldn't strike. volunteered, been sheared scenes, othodox deans,
Granada, the larder. matures, which assures Drake, Veronica Lake.
hill, that he'll


stricken, Maryland chicken, thinkin', down drinkin'. time, last time;
late, young mate, hear, to wear fin; were grim.
Mandy, so handy." Carnold, reservoir nulled, scope, a dope.
Hell; augur well, beers; no fears. appears, in tiers.
pitch, rite niche. Chopin, George Sand. cavorter; reward her.
kinder, famous sci-finder, chick, truly heart-sick, carton, just startin'.
McFunt, ghastly affront. Hayakawa, students empower, Wesley, temptations fleshly,
ghost: she's toast. rants, accept can'ts. arty; second party.
her, the doctor. me, awaits the nelly, excell; he
bassoon; to croon. Mandel, with Quell. cassette, chess set;
breath; to death; remain, soccer game; disdain, was inane,
show-biz, great whiz. learned, Chicago burned. stripling, was rippling;
dung-hill; efforts until discerner, were sterner, Hoipolloi, to employ,
balance, fine talents. calling; Nobel's falling; danger; perfect stranger?
nothin'; like muffins. trailer, lusty impaler. marred, hard --
far, below par; fellers, underwear smellers, glance, seamans dance.
brides, their sides, squintin', enemy's sittin'. fear, gets here."
Horter, disport her, Rome, to aerodrome, west, ongoing request.
Mich. to fish. Christian, Shintoist teach-in. gag, a drag.
smelt, nose melt! swore, the fore, wink; I think
aloof, to proof. peers, go near; lawless, provocation smallest,


Fiske; was brisk. verbose, very close, unseat, most indiscreet.
moot, very astute. Lane; me insane. bike, wouldn't like:
Zuiderzee, age three tool, that pool four, next door,
itch, over-ripe kids Gwen. of men, score, his door.
bore; a chore; Hatch, pickproof catch, small. that's all.
starred, manhood regard, Jack, my sack; Mott, to fox-trot.
Lester, best are animosity, as atrocity. Sahara, quite rara.
thinking, been drinking, C.C. "Si, si." Marge, larceny charge,
male, the tale. Fern, in turn. Gail, yard sale.
Marie, at sea. on, hand on Kate, of weight.


miller, a tiller force, a horse. go, we sow?
Art, a tart, "Yes." or less. Sage, and Gage.
cello, he fell-o. Cod); I applaud. great; a date.
Gallager, the coroner. renowned, longer around; fatter, can splatter!"
-- "It's degrading. Enis, a Venus. John, the Don,
Carmen-Yvonne, "Darling don, Don. Uncle John. cherish, is bearish.
piddle, and diddle, keen, affairs epicene. his, "port" is.
Fry, his tie, Popp; not stop; boot, his root.
Tom; he's abnorm.


Bright, at night. Malta, in Yalta. Gable, and able;
proof, sure, waterproof. beets, and meats. alone. was blown.
charmed, and calmed Hines, his grapevines, Max, somewhat lax.
Paul, young doll, Vernal, life diurnal. Licking, a clicking;
Japan, a fan. bliss; against this. Joan's, fine stones.
two, cones grew. Paul, her shawl. Gretel, a kettle.
yield; is sealed. Cox, cash box. ring; that thing.
deep, they keep Lentz, much sense.


firm, to squirm Vinny, for any occurred, I heard.
learned, was burned. nation, preserve civilization. you? bandwagon anew.
hatter, look fatter. seen) an evergreen. deformed; I'm adorned.
Eileen; I've been, ton, or run. attention, affliction 'forementioned.
telegram, his grandmam. fine. bitter assinine might, a fright.
day, must pay. collection, for inspection. sizes, and prizes;
in, could begin. groans, fervent moans,


statistics, language linguistics; said, person's misled. absurd: frequently heard.
ducks, like fucks Canuck, her luck, Kalamazoo, a screw.
awareness, has rareness, self-reliance, book compliance, understand, at hand;
dare; he's there. blink; a wink. raft. a shaft.
deplores, with whores. mislay, she'd say. Sanger, the hangar.
fence! sex-games commence! Weaver; an achiever. Ray, the day.
dick, come quick; Skinner, you sinner, fired? more admired?
Rand, the sand, pay, both triple-A Guido, scale do-mi-sol-ti-do.
hate, wed mate. Nisei, so gay, Bicks, a fix.
inserts, short skirts. blue, threadbarest clue; McHugh, a coup".
Clete, the street. Lohring, oar ring. Kate?" bit late."
Blue, I do? dunce, problems confronts, divine; do shine.
malls, small stalls. Tucker, pheasant plucker. fonder, to wander,
Dawn, vicarage lawn... fail, innocent tale taking, it's making
night, a bright beads, she needs. Stour, hydraulic power
storm, is torn dick, pretty quick; suppose, sexual woes.
wits, the pits! Burundi, last Sunday charged, by Marge).
sigh; the sky!" say, one day: glee, so free,
block, his flock. Hieronymous, her anonymous). handyman; her can.
Ray, sis Kay; Dee? offered me heard; the word!
stir, a bolster clasp, my asp, while, are vile,
okay, far away.


Gail, her tail. sick; really quick. match, canny dispatch.
right; mini-skirt, tight. forever, to sever. eight, slow date.
clever, he's ever tugs, and plugs. discreet, owner's meat.
tear. I fear! luck; the buck. wits, male twits.
nation, the station; blunt, your hunt Stack, the sack.
Dru, best screw. Spike, the pike. rockers; drew gawkers.
sits, their wits, recalls, Niagra Falls, rate; each date;
count, not discount. think, the pink; troll, bathtub-type bowl,
arts, girl counterparts. sum, and from, Cookie, no rookie.
sleeped, been heaped. Knox, an ox. Scott: and hot,
saw, in awe. snooper, a blooper. Eloise's, by Jesus.
parade, the trade. appeal, I feel. Hughes, I refuse.
Hale, little avail, Brown, to renown," gritty, Sioux City.
Rourke, his cork. school; a rule. heels, spring-loaded wheels.
pities, old biddies, Lee, just be. Muntz, big fronts.
hum, a rum. night, Miller Light. bits, write skits.


Ostend, the bend; Corning, always yawning. Perce; were perverse,
gravity, of depravity Frank), to swank five, a dive.
away, that day. hurls, in pearls. Bill, sexual till,
boozer, gal cruiser; Trilling, more fulfilling. enthralls, deftly forestalls.
saps) occasional lapse nit-picker, to bicker, Reese, from Nice.
rock; his flock. Maurice, for he's satyr, a crater.
appendo;" dirty crescendo. crocked, who knocked. Rimmon, or slimmin',
cough, and scoff. deft, ethics bereft. Delia. fancy Ophelia;
adventurix, sexotic kicks. cause, great applause. Slater; real hater;
Strater, misanthropical hater; Cates, she states, Bates, coupling creates
Pater; top rater; tractor, distract her. her, sacked her.
demanded. quite stranded. Tri-D, quite untidy. screw. wouldn't do.
Buck, their luck. embarrassment, Paris went, Westminster, a spinster.
Lance, in France; Hood, very good. lasses! dangerous gases


Madras, difference, alas, frames, lusty dames, heat, loftiest seat.
allow, pilleous prow. Rose, her nose, Cush, to push
sock, shed smock; feeding, hours unheeding, Guide, who tried
crawlers, and haulers, plumper, jump her. jail, a sale.
ya, were hornier. Wacker, an unpacker, runts, as fronts.
dunce, at once, Cottle, the bottle, running, was sunning.
hunts, of stunts. great. named Kate. billed, men thrilled.
Zwicks, for kicks, Powell, a howl. log, and jog
twits, their bits, tore, the floor, Weaver, eager believer.
callers, and brawlers, late, the Gate, braze, ably allays
for, play for. a-surge, to purge. misfit, carping, submit.
group, wilderness troop. race, flock face, Pope, and mope,
Morrie, financial glory. clocks, their cocks. struts, his putts,
fronts, for months, chic, considered antique. rife, married strife.
brims, and swims, chaps, the taps. fantastic, so gymnastic,
she, spoke immediately; heat, this feat, Dwight, one night
say, deepest dismay. zest, fondly suggest wine, just fine.
shrugs, fretfully tugs; McPhee, a degree, shucker, help succor,
Gluck, was stuck. poker, provoke her, you're, "You're
treat, is complete. treat, pleasures replete; stance, it's advance.
slim, young trim. quake, been spake. Hill, at will,
chicks, lucrative tricks, Cities-- Three Cities. ditties, several committees;
twit, a bit. Chuck, terrible luck. dispatch, could match.
Jack, to sack. warm, his norm. Norm, the dorm,
honed, birds, two-toned. bud, a thud, Hunt, to punt.
Fife, were rife art, are unsmart, Bloomingdale's, lone males.
knob, gemologist, Bob. Lang, old gang. Cousteau, she'd go.
hot, a lot, flown, well known, phase. his days?
display, Onan" soiree. Hodges, snatching watches. phase. the days,
cries, dieters wise." Rhyl, John Hill. it, 'Spare it,'


canners; the planners. plight, a night. Dover, run over
prattle. like cattle. planned, the sand, Hughes, matching shoes.
fog, resolute slog. fair, show there. agrees; when he's
laws: their paws. slack, denizens tack, explains, take brains.
unique, in cheek. cause, a clause. Hall, high wall.
entassle, no vassal, epicene, was keen; tall, thrown ball,
Hooper, storm trooper. stately, mannered sedately, amaze; a daze.
thrive; a hive. us, other's quietus. Niki, always sticky,
snag, same gag. man, and elan. fly. you try;
Rose, to pose. what'll, my glottal? Satyr, the latter.
very, a flurry. ill-luck, was struck. Scout, no doubt.
Copes, the ropes; goads, slowly forebodes, fail? two-timing male?
foined, lawfully joined-- clickety-clack, the back, side, houses allied.
shocks; the docks. Firth, of girth; Alice, about Dallas.
sing, in Peking. bestrews, and eschews request, a guest,
fruit; doesn't suit. Spooner, every lampooner. dunce, Opernockety runs,
Shreeves, Christmas eves; punt, in front. cheap; not deep.
scheme, white stream, heights, taxation incites. Groot, so cute.
sweet, both feet. lark. easy mark. slugger, hip hugger,
Tanner, some manner. Katz; sneer, "Rats!" cheap, to weep.
isle, their file, cut, banjo ajut; runt, the brunt,
salutes, young boots, Herm, Stew Pachyderm, firm, the term,
said, juxtaposition instead Sawyer, foreplay destroyer, heads, into shreds.
sublime, a prime chime, does climb. learned, plaudits returned,
learned, be earned. surpass, lower class; disgrace: his face,
flair, late-coming fare. palms, of qualms, Mae, sea spray.
extols, skillfully rolls; bay, sailing away. mystifying, no denying.
slings, painfully brings forlorn, people scorn. throng, and strong.


on, hand 'n' moralistically, around (euphemistically), psychedelical, so helical;
Mom, and from amply, said, damply. frankly? feeling dankly.
cupboard, and rubbered. historic-ly, I plea, "So's, blood flows.
abused, had used nightly, but brightly. joked, you smoked.
land, a hand; fared; be scared. stared, he despaired;
bind; I find, dread. my head? purred, never stirred.
elated, poorly rated, phone, a bone, great, to create
be; favorite CD. day, tulips display. decidedly, leaving, backslidedly.
highly, said wryly. extensively, all) apprehensively. goaded; is loaded,
grounded, inflation confounded. cold; so old, blankly, Miss Wankleigh!
slavely, quite knavely. slimly, tales primly, best, one quest-
nest, was pressed. permitted. you've omitted. ride, recently died;
greatly. low lately. here, my dear. commenced, more tensed.
tired, is fired certain; for flirtin'. inbred, often tread
head. buy bread table: I'm unable quizzically. said aphrodisiacally,
head! in bed! all, auctioneer Paul. Crittall? does belittle
Dormull, so formal, banned, royal command. head, is dead.
head, auld Ned. lunch; a crunch. frenetically, nature, genetically.
hash, a splash hash, a flash. automatic," the attic.
nightly, most contritely, wandered; and yondered. demurely, acting impurely."
sense, and hence, grasped, he gasped: muttered. have uttered
hired, is inspired! damnation, in rotation, red! nor bed;
debarked, had parked. unsightly, there nightly. endorse, communication resource.
sported, most imported." thwarted, layers assorted. jolted; was bolted.
dallied, have rallied, cavortly, and portly, around, I found"
thickly, worked quickly, cried, from outside. award, is scored,
morn, garden, reborn. followed, very hollowed; he, uplift me;
unruly, it, truly. leaped, been heaped: head, buttock instead.
entitled, All guessed, are dressed. Jones: dry bones.
obliquely; feeling bleakly on, land on care. it there
scare, losing air. Kent; old gent; scoring, am pouring.
fair, of nowhere. fully, show, fully


go, to toe." supinely, open divinely, sleigh, winter's day.
lightly, me fortnightly, ballin', Miss Sprollen; elated, passion's abated,
fair, for air; bended, member ascended. degree, true devotee.
steepish, floors, deepish. collide, he'd confide: bed. great head.
loosely; filling profusely bed; sexily shed. sated, much underrated.
pinkie, his wrinkly, slated, soon abated, fairest, oftentimes harassed.
permission, his transmission fornication, keep observation. corroded, he unloaded:
concealed; and field. gypped, I've slipped bed, some head.
wed, dropped dead; red; your bed? awfully, Miss Boffleigh;
deliciously, nipples capriciously. tamely, said lamely, smartly. who's partly
nightly, quite unsightly. bed, be fed... seek, to peek.
head, of dread. boff. can't doff.


purred, my bird?" dumbly; all glumly. bated. carnal anticipated.
charming; of harming. yellowed, not mellowed. her, cue for
speciously, you've capriciously displays, those ways. blankly, quite rankly.
be-skirted?" she flirted tool, the stool, endorse, more coarse:
a-knockin', in stockin's gleaning, there's leaning. "swifty", whose nifty
fly, the 'Y', Seth, until death), date; be late.
head, horizontally spread, word, your bird, tried, new bride.
fear, to hear. statistics, your hypotheistics, superstitious, his wishes;
flowers, magical powers, optimistic, problem logistic. young, a tongue?
sad! so bad. here; of urea. vacate, to abate,
reported, visage distorted, forge, and engorge fines, lockup reclines.
dallied; I've rallied; follied, her jollied. dingus, bring us
conferred, would gird. recompense, cause offence. far," a star;
appearing, eyes tearing. appeared, she feared. ears, for years!"
grind, a bind,


sainted, Indians tainted. couth, aboriginal youth, hogan, his brogan.
life, his knife. Crowe, you go. agape, to escape,
Hoboken, attacker outspoken, Tut, his hut. cool. my school,
land, every man. Cape, a rape. rapis, instantus castratus.
find, a kind, Barnstable, entirely demonstrable down, to town;
alive, sexual drive, Waste, great haste. cute, sex brute.
Ulrika, his dicka, Brown, half frown): Cape, and escape
Tabor, a neighbor, Little, an acquittal; Maloney, of feloni-
whore, the floor. escape, must shape. gentry, everything elementary.
Crassar, at Vassar. Valerie, National Gallery, Sentry, some gentry.
Boyes, her poise. Mustang, for poontang. Hurst, world's worst.
lass, after mass. freedom, breed 'em. plead, we agreed
Zambezi, and cheesy. horrid, face florid. Newsome, a twosome.
Akeem, her theme Bohemia, christened Euphemia; Jane, a cane.
Greep, while asleep. Aberystwyth, grist with; Patricia, Shiite Militia.
rapeable, remains, inescapable, Mark, the park, Kerr, her fur.
Dewar, a brewer, Phil, named Jill. Bedford, the head-board.
Draper, of paper. Mape, bad shape. red, my bed;
Sloan, to moan: village, upon pillage Wade, all displayed,
Seoul, a stroll. door, the floor. Lipe, was ripe.
bus, big fuss. Cole, her soul.


Park, sexual mark. Vikki, a quickie. Peak, spinster antique.
diversity, feel free Vancouver, my maneuver. Ostend, South Bend.
Tudor, an intruder. Jeep, of Heep. deluded, and denuded.
cruel; and drool. Mel, Sergeant Bell. Spokane, they can.


Greece, named Elise Pyle, pure guile. Ben, her den.
Grover, of Dover. rape; agape -- gaped, rapist escaped,
Sutter, to flutter. Greeley. too steely. Jane, a train.
Cape, good rape, Biggar, much vigor. rape, the Cape,
night; and right, Bess, with finesse. train, arrested Blaine.
Fitches, mean sons-of-bitches, Gus, a bus. Mott, her cot.
Orleans, his teens. park, named Starke Wyoming, the gloaming,
O'Keefe, young thief Joe, Miss Flo. wood; but good.
Jack; an attack. Clark, the dark. then, thousand men.
Flanagan, ran again,


Fred, into bed, exerted, reporters asserted, "Ayer, atheist's prayer,
hot, has got intentions, as mentioned. hell. a bell.
junk, that bunk Christ, great price. you, faith, too."
McKnapps, religious lapse, fudged, be grudged, leaf; much grief.
Rank, morality stank, Jillette, all wet. I. only goodbye.
Feld, he held. Go! God no! time, can begrime;
vicinity, the Trinity," God, as odd. guilt. is built
proclivity, Christmas activity. Cruz, to choose. dons, are cons.
wise, to rise, flood, for blood),


pimp, great wimp. that? your twat? Skougaard, true God.
a, a fever, err, dyslexic flair. stale, dodo's travail.
torn, we mourn? bed, her instead. Cary, Virgin Mary.
boast, heavenly host: Almighty, my nightie, Christ' Jesus viced.
Meryl, a whirl. account, to surmount. Jews, good news.
Moldavia, bawdy behaviour. screw, one too. me? to see;
vortex, short, ex started. kundalini imparted me, me, blasphemy.
rule, one's tool: God, in pod. pity, are shitty.
mind, his kind. mail, not fail gone, put upon.
sperm, to affirm trick, sans dick. Cary, divine statuary.
Mary, all hairy!


Hessian, of repression. Utopians, Pope begins. Maria, called "pariah."
Spain, Ferdinand's reign, misfeasor, Bellarmine geezer; Ghent, it meant,
out, old lout. Tour, relapsed pure. delegate, that's delicate:
cherubim, one seraphim, pollution, cheap prostitution. priest, the least;
Penniction, perfunctory benediction, vicarial: afterworld aerial. confirms, uncertain terms,
Finn, his kin. pure-souled: highly extolled. Lamont, her aunt;
Alice, ten-acre palace; Kent, for Lent. attractive; ruling inactive.
Kent; "Heaven sent". Northants, Gregorian Chants; sensation, the accusation.
Peculiar, named Julia. dance; the can'ts. chap, knew that."
subliminal, the hymnal. serial, career presbyterial; pope, the rope.
Galileo, the trio led, your head: morn, the porn.
lent; was spent. down; heretical clown. papists, pious escapists,
tricked, stiff flicked Dunn, my son, lass, Republican class;
Leeds, deadliest deeds. sweeter, any neater? position, sinful condition.
thirst, are cursed. saints! erectile complaints. detection, such perfection
Christine, virtue pristine. intent, existence misspent, Mass, lower class.
Trevor, Christian endeavor, Tashkent, for Lent. Trent, for Lent.


unwary, and hairy. bestial, "'tis celestial, thicker, not dicker,
go; the snow." bury, a fairy debated, way overrated.
virgin, God's urgin'. plain, to explain. board, auto's dashboard.
Harry, non-virgin Mary, intactus, distract us Dad? a tad,
priest, the least still: Capitol Hill. lad, as dad;
tart, male part. shy, the guy deep, don't keep,
Tiddy, Nazarene ditty. divinity, her virginity.


diocese, diocese seize. hard; up marred. propound, is unsound!
you, it's true. will, thrill -- prostrate, his prostate,
"So, you know? Rayloe, his halo. few, of view.
Cardiff, asked if Eve; strongly believe. Jesus, he pleases,
Eve; I believe, reading, I'm a-kneading. enthrall, be small.
churchmen, and condemn. -- when -- gent, during Lent.
Boles, antithetical souls: inane, to shame. cherabim, just seraphim;
day; on Monday. priest, named Keast, contrition, to perdition;
Europe, and stirrup, lurch, for church. confirms, me squirms,
say, that way." Baird, he fared. paleontology, an apology,
mood, gratuitous crude. -- Adam descended. go, is slow.
deceive. I believe. Ammon, him salmon, obscene, with spleen.
Abystwyth, whist with. Hell; is well. views, as "news."
glen, prosperous men. amuse, to disabuse Iscariot, his lariat,
say: Judgment Day!" feeling, enough kneeling, label; we're able
libel; primitive, tribal, Finn, of sin; seven, to Heaven.
Pilate, defile it? say, this day. pine," a whine...
Luther, truth, er sore, he swore: saint, pious restraint
Matt, big caveat. Lee, to pee. Hommes, about psalms.
Bath, narrow path; concede, it, indeed. Paul, at all.
Christian, missed 'em. saber; foul labor. misses, previous kisses,
Greek, was unique) infinity, the Trinity; Pfaff, sexual gaffe.
Xavier, the Saviour. instructor, Percy Ruchter." confessed, be transgressed.
drumming; softly humming. care, clothes everywhere. addresses, impress us
Gophet, named Moffat, on, scorched Crayon. lad, great sad.
out, is about. besmirch: I search; quitted, hit it.
worth, of mirth. Crusade, were made; Eutoxeter, at her.
Salerno, burn, oh." Stonce, your wonts. -- a dud.
peroration: avoid fornication. afar, heavenly star. lack, in slack.
1. enemy's gun, Nair, to spare, Weeks, protracted piques,
Trinity, solo divinity; priest, like yeast;


Haiti, at eighty, Dundee, with glee. Quaker, Sabbath breaker.
Acre, a Quaker. Laker, a Quaker. free, and me."
Baker, a Quaker. Lee, raucous melee, Baker, young Quaker.
Baker, good Quaker; Quaker, an acre; Quaker, a Laker.


religious, most litigious. born, with scorn. tools, as ghouls.
honey, is funny. pain; too vain. thumbs, that comes,
Kent, for Lent. gay, deviant way. immaculate, an ejaculate.
right. to fight, cement, trouser tent. strong; his dong?
Mel, as well. steady, if unready. Mavis, save us,
best, with zest. Grunday, except Sunday, yore, you swore.
nurse, or curse; boulders, strong shoulders. a, Chinese Sangria.
besmirch, the church. guts. serious cuts. more? for sure.
mild. neighbor's child. school, Caatholics rule. are..." so far.
proof? so aloof? guy, to ply. doc, private flock.
reside, not abide. Love, up above. Earth, of worth.
World, banners unfurled,


giving, by forgiving; key, for me. day, and pray
day, and pray Rome, from home. quest, the best.
be, than three! declared, are impaired! jeered. all sneered.
grief. my belief! home, in Rome. land, his brand.


sin, Mr. Flynn, Treadwell, read well: stray, of A.
parades, Baptist tirades. chagrin, as kin. two; a few.
C.E. to be true, tell you, solemnly, gently, resoundingly.
Heaster, on Easter, sacred, is over-rated. composed, oft supposed.
flow, to know, Muir, not pure. mouse, God's house.
ruckus, the tuckas, McBurch, a church. deployed, great void.
Hingham, green gingham; Birch; could besmirch. Bucky: been lucky.
Jerusalem, a Musselim. God's; are frauds. controlled; are told.
pursuing, virtuous doing; life; your strife. door, or more,
Hall, and all. while. soul smile. King's, of things.
gray, brushes away. farts, to start. holy!" "If only
then, widening grin: today, walked away. cause, indulgences pause.
eucharist, modern twist. blue, for you: prey! must stray.
chose, no clues. tallowed; invitingly hallowed. mind, impurest kind,
robes, ear lobes; Harrow, a barrow. Kim, after hymn.
Tippoo, his pew. sing, a swing; Jew; own view,
Cam! I am! Hall, "Don't stall. alone, and unknown,
Rome, Vatican dome, Peru, something new. Ayre, during prayer,
callous; enthrall us. Dallas, a phallus. Thule, was cool.
choir; to higher. research, the lurch. Dijon, got religion.
Dijon, de religion. swear, will stare, Universal, all directions)
fossil), modern apostle. sunrise, me emphasize sour, unbearably dour;
Timmins, singing hym-ns; Sherborne, a turban;


odd, Lord God. caught, he'd wrought. Fay, dark day.
wholly; are holy. mother. some other lain, fabulous twain.
fun; have done. Boone, executive goon). fun, your son,
digs, wheeled rigs. sons. now runs, Nuns, ones --
McBunts; runts -- cunts. pro-chastity nuns. cunts, rude grunts,
wall. so small then, through Ten. Phil, a will.
reat. or rape;


said. she's dead. thought, you're caught. Dodd, the nod.
uncouth, his youth, Dop, comet Hale-Bopp. Hale-Bopp, be sought.
heard, purple-shroud-covered nerd. Schlutz, of cults, elect, Koresh's sect.
position, pristine condition, two-bit, we druids, sensation, your application,
June, the moon, send, World's end, Ike, they like.
die, the sky. fail, bright tail Diego, UFO fable.
Gate" fruity bald-pate. Nation, good masturbation. Hale, Holy Grail.
... easily led. called, be enthralled sup- rottweiller pup
dread; just dead. Eddy, were ready rule, limerick tool.
Erlander, cult propaganda. hype, Scientology tripe. religion, by definition.
Ron, wonderful con. Ron, and gone. Ron, on --
Ron, them on. Vancouver, spew there. Hubbard, he blubbered,
Hubbard, the cupboard. sects, one suspects,


mention," "Our intention behaved; bad trade. affect, Nazarene sect.
fiery, liar. He eyes; of Lies. scum. I'm from.
haughty, the naughty? drink, to think." Brian, who's trying
gin, me in. shocked, of Walpurgisnacht. pitchfork, a dork.
seat, a beet. Lucifer. his soup-ifer. this, of bliss.
fray, a ray. East, woman priest. bloke, do 'coke'.
stray, Gentlemen prey, guy; get high. it. review it,
Youngs, his lungs, Neville, did level. revel, a level
beast; at least son," some fun; said, in bed,
start, for Gearhart. clown; the town. "Evil, thoughts medieval.
function, no compunction. metre, our Peter on, Soft John.
Glenfinnan, in him. dreamin' a demon clean. so mean.
majority," sole authority: new, INCUBUS shoe. Devil. I revel
chorus, named Dolores. perch; the church; jest, devil possessed.
fun. all done." disguise? of guys? Wayne, so plain.
six-six-two-oh-sIx, Satanic tricks. Mell; was swell. faults: Faust's vaults;
Achilles, Los Angeles. dear; so near, day, to pray
colonel, fires eternal. meter; by Peter. myth, of Smith,
respect; greatest effects, Nick's, bad tricks, confessed, was obsessed,
explain, of Pain, request, Mr. West spell, too well;
true! his queue). mass? with class. fornicate, sparring mate,
part, your heart, Nevil, the devil. Knievel, to evil,
way, me astray. Satan, people's bacon. true? behind too?
ditty, unto Tiddy. floored, of Ward. wrong, and song;
floored, of Ward. pleas, consumate ease; preacher, sinful feature.
apparel, oh Carol,


this: visited Chris times, evil rhymes. souvenirs? in arrears.
day, own, SFA, heard, the bird. wet, will get.
ghoul, ghoul's tool. demon, she's dreamin'. devil, a bevel.
hell, a bombshell; red. your head; please. with ease.
white. to fight. smiles; womanly wiles. do. or two.
Fe, lucky day. Mack, my back rain, man insane
mud; the crud. grin; goin' in." face; this place.
dice; mothers advice. in; a spin. roll, ran cold.
door, the floor, sins, from within. stray, life's highway
ditty, unto Tiddy. Hell, a belle.


tells, air smells touted, usually shouted, plead: we need!"
pace, Iranians face plan, one can dismay; one way.
RIGHTEOUS, few inciteous profess, astronomers guess. sure, is sore
refrain, without stain. said, been fed, Coalition, fine tradition
bright, lived right. Lovely, to flee thump. to jump.
great, you hate. Hurst. been cursed." bugs; clergyman Suggs,
proclaim, the same. say. say nay. sinner. revivalist dinner.