Limeric Index



raiment, for defrayment roam, to comb. caprice; her release.
expansion, a stanchion. purveyor, pay her. Azores; many floors.
Brenda, Argentine-coast hacienda, LaBlunt, new stunt. Natchez, in batches.
Carolina, and diner. gun, some fun. peccadillo, a pillow.
creep, "Bo Peep." Ranch, Long Branch; cot, favorite twat;
cigars, at bars, home, Adler's tome. Dallas, Belt malice.
Pauline, will convene. brewery, elegant screwery, cellos, high-class bordellos;
Potts, of spots. space, the place.


3, like me: depict, whole conflict. cock-o, my jock-o.
"Chez-What-Was-His-Face"? adorable place, Geeze; to please there, anyone care
ill-repute; couldn't refute; room; Chinese perfume; Fatt; it's at;
weather."; rubbed together; venue, house menu; lot; Sum Twat;
Chik; Chinese trick; disgrace, my face; Fifi. a jifi;
dreamy, beautiful Mimi; Kate. couldn't wait, up-front. a punt,
Elysees, poodles Francais. bassoon, downtown Rangoon, Paris, share us."
sight, to flight. night, of delight. pearls! of Earls!
Singapore, for more. fleet, in heat.


Khartoum, a room. Khartoum, her room. Brown, the ground.
tent, the vent, hot!) crave twat; appetite, be tight)
pair, her lair; door; tough whore?" down; and brown!
fart; my heart!). pit. a twit. quick, I'm sick>
in. is passion. Portillo, were brillo. Bengal, a hall.


Jean-Claude's, the Bawds, away, to stay. remember? that member;
machine; ever seen. dumb; mash gum. news! to use
hat, of chaps. reservations? different nations? tomorrow; you'll follow.
inspection, for circumspection. place, horrible face. French, one wench,
alarm, the farm river, my liver; dear. over here.
door, pleasures galore envelope; or grope. room, our groom;
door, in store... key, worry, cheri. room, low volume.
all, get Paul. physique, were Greek... dark, (his trademark).
dears... in years... places, They're aces! went, am spent!
glad, have had! 4; the door). pardon... Japanese garden
ear, oh dear! 'steam' gladly beam, play; we'd stay.
sveet'eart, I start? tender; than surrender? bamboo, shoulders too.
lay, to play. more, the floor. "T"; with mystery.
feather; of leather; do; of you." bed; my head.
"yummy", my tummy. care, you there. feet, so sweet.
toes, temperature rose. show, must go. brew, frothy spew,
pants, wanted romance, mind, to grind bigger; the trigger."
complaint! quite quaint. wife, wearisome life. discrete, their meat.
lewd, so crude, me; you see. need, to feed
weary, my dearie. thing, might bring. hard? quite scarred?
correct: "tongue dialect." door, perhaps more here, you near,
door, no more disappeared; I'd feared. fine; in line.
sec, his peck. sleep, to weep. own; the bone.
today, this way). dedicate, lost mate. lament: heaven sent!
bereft; is left black; go back. moon; boys croon;
died; crickets outside; Geeze; our TV's; run, was fun,
silent, I went, emotion, slow motion) got, quite hot,
away; does lay. be. to me. room, my doom.
plot; maybe garotte. machine, manner obscene.


place, your face. men, for ten gloom, a broom
her. be stricter." box, old fox; bed-board, my word!
refuse, full dues dregs, on kegs sale, they're stale;
mange, is strange; tart, Miller's heart; Scott, you've got;
frau, than now; her, fist her? Grace, of lace;
bitten, no shittin'! liter, young "greeter," brief, or thief,
80, a shady molder, to shoulder loo; bacterial zoo;
occupied; from inside. clean, really pristine, shits! of tits;
shabbily, me scabbily. Madness,' of gladness; course, Labia Force,'
please; of sleaze! sick, and thick. MBR, tending bar,
swell; Roach Motel; disgrace? pimply face. street, black feet.
ma'rms; her charms; Supreme; man scream; place; not disgrace.
right, so tight. Mike! a hike! nightmares; she scares;
great; you ate; lad; be had; wizard, a lizard,
lick, my dick. back, her crack. leisure, please her,
craze, the knave, fantastic. quite drastic; expanding, second-floor landing;
Moline, and green; Helsinki, exceedingly slinky; grin, much skin;
cohesion, pretty Parisian, invitation, Spring Celebration" tap: the clap),
miss, "Sunday Bliss"; ready; and steady. Sue, rich brew.
willing, you're filling by, a try; June; and swoon,
jumpin', for humpin'. men, that den, whores; their doors;
staying. you're playing. hustle; a bustle!


entreated: is repeated. him, of Diem, Munch, to lunch.
Clive; a dive. line, real fine; too, for you.
chew; exactly fondue; fickle. your pickle; way; that's OK;
Fells, to Wells, Lane, I complain. Joe, a bordello.
Muntz, in Lunz. years, for fears Craigellucky, the buckie.
TV: are free! LARGE; sneaky surcharge; news, don't lose,


fellow! a bordello? Matthaus, frat house. Sponge; to expunge.
Wence, on pretense!" charade, their trade, Chuck, his luck?
Pete," a beet; heart", the art A, inches away
Chuck. you fuck?" C. for me. C?" labeled P?"
read, the deed?" Derner, a learner. Gabor, the lore,
Yale, the rail. Gideon, middy in, Berne, of concern.
peers; for years, Seine; French noblemen. beginning, start spinning,
Kent, was sent.


Glynn, keep trim. Pitts, and tits; appliance, in Alliance
Jewell, and cruel, groove, to approve. Pyle, with guile.
Abergavenny, get any. Winifred, and red. fly; would die;
Fox, the box. Sinner"; in her. whored, got bored.
Anne's, his plans. Snyder, bestride her, whore, no more.
whore, sexual chore, Ryerson, her, son, Meyer, no higher.
Brighton, to heighten. Brussels, vaginal muscles. Fenchter, benched her.


Maid, by trade. surprise, to rise, Porter, a daughter,
cooky, for nooky; bold, some gold. sewing, gently rowing.
Mayence, nasty defiance. Kong, all wrong. job, my knob.
link; intellectually stink. Missouri, a houri. street, butcher discreet.
Norway, whore way. whore, a bore, strumpet, lump it.
funny, by Bunny. Corning, a warning: Greek. a week.
whore, had four, Bess; to caress. Norfolk, a Horfolk.
Ryan, and tryin'. Munn, been undone Alsation, whole nation.
Cicester, elderly visitor, fart, young tart. Bude, the nude.
Bude, the nude. glued; she screwed. imbude. to include
Judy, was moody. Honshu, did chew. sleazy," named Kesey.
Fife, caused strife. Cass, at Mass, Skillings, nine shillings.
Bess, to caress. defective, with INVECTIVE. Claire, all compare.
bordellos, the fellows. Cyr, were queer. Victoria, sexual euphoria;
good, whole neighborhood. Shirley, rather surly, surly; decline early;
work; coffee perk, Kiel, to MacNeal. Lorne, harlot forlorn.
Dayton: this waitin'. Manila, named Priscilla. Dorking, for walking;
Crewe, to do, blewing) I'm screwing. Mia, business idea--
reliance, of clients. in, lecherous Eden. reason, seize on
Farber, the harbor. Kent, for rent. break, night half-awake,
Montague, rotten hue. Amarillo, fine peccadillo; Lear, in Lapeer.
Rae, her A., Flo, must go. hired. boss desired,
Clift, without rift, Gert, corns hurt. vexed, there, perplexed.
bar, ten-cent cigar, she, denotes parsley.


Bryce, a trice. madam; had 'em. Wheeling, passion revealing,
laughter, they're after. occurred, madam McNurd. late, the gate.
inch, to flinch. ill, would fill, tell, quite well.
lady, profession shady. White, prime delight. Crown, badges" down.
excel, sickness befell. Creek: a week. toil, to Hoyle...
Reaper, a weeper. Rainey, and brainy. Racine, very keen,
are, see our Sloan, can loan. Jo, as Moe.
peach, the beach. Jesus, veneral diseases. Belle, with Hell,
Pubes, not rubes. Mott, is twat. editor, and predator,
'em! a madam, Grace, black race. Grunday, "Nun Day."
Bunce, nobody's dunce. Armentieres, sixty years. -- all rugless.
Adam, whorehouse's madam, ill-fame, the same, fink; will sink.
day, a lay. Pru, client-list grew. Kline, in line.
Nantucket, a bucket; Howells, and towels. Tuckers, for truckers.
Racine, of sixteen Park, had spark. Tulsa, dared repulsa,
miscarried. her varied; Cochise, good piece? Brown, in town.
Moselle, not sell. Deer, the year. today, a lay.
Heights, had rights. Kent; a cent. McCall, left ball.
routines, their teens. varies: often miscarries-- caprice, did release.
Stowe, did go. Ford, actors adored. Schmeer, living here,
Cheltenham, in 'em. McNail, of tail... bordello," "so fellow,
West, customer's best. Sam, a madame. presume, of Khartoum.
Lena, an arena. Trinians; her minions. asses, of classes;
Erie, "Listen, dearie, Andes, were dandies. McBride, her pride.
it. get it. Ranch, in advance, cover, a lover.
VD; you see. bumps, your wumps. Garrity; a rarity.
dough, Madame Flo...


say, side today? Cliff, it's stiff; receipt, my treat,
hot; the spot. Cawnpore, you whore?" forty-two, of Purdue,
Wade, he'd laid. Bridey) so tidy-- Phil, to kill.
-- to pay!" know; time ago. Peak, sisters antique.
Mauritius, unduly suspicious orientation, some clarification. heap, to sleep.
today, they say street, I meet hundred... I've blundered.
bills? your thrills? curious; be furious; mac, good whack
tree, about three. aflame." she came. pain." and again.
seven; 'til eleven. fat. said, "That air, to stare
report; my sport. paid. you laid free, old me!
wreck, her neck. Peter, the meter. Hiram, tire 'im.
Mattis, the lattice. girl; a whirl! disease, his knees
Goa, show her grind," don't mind; Price, a vice,
maid, get laid; spurned, has turned; Leander, to pander.
Manor, fan her; fluffing; he's bluffing. Stone, large loan.
Glick, young chick. Plumber, real bummer; Yost, the coast.
made, get laid. made, get laid. Rome, large tome
Paige: your gauge, Crumbs, she comes; stand; I land.
hear, so dear, Vance, pink pants, drags, my bags
affected, be neglected honey; kinda funny. rise, old thighs,
Newt, a prostitute. B.C. a fee. out. a scout.
slobbin'; try bob-a-jobbin'." Vern, his stern. boring. try whoring?
jealous, "Serra Bellas". coy, out, "Ahoy!" pitch, the bitch.
Middlesex, named Tex, Ben, and "Amen!" drop, smooth cock?
inspection, On reflection clear; I fear. Moines, for coin.
Snell: satisfy well. gigoloing; worth showing. Piute, utterly cute.
digger, terminal rigor; sense, no recompense, due, the queue,
L.A. to pay. lass, 'er crevasse; Jervis, me nervous.
Islands) little boy


light, at night. adventure, her center. asking," at Basking.
adoring, too boring. Prentice, compos mentis. Rio, free, so
aggression, sexual session. Lillian, cool million. Sex-in-a-Bed, turgidly red
Moore, her door? Black, small crack. Gail, prove frail.
Flushing, and mushing, Kent, a tent; Mona, for kroner!
more. a whore. booing, she's doing. door. for more.
bummer, from her. off, a jerk-off. hiccup, dick up,
Scarsdale, her tail. Yvette, could get, Crouse, the house,
raver, a lifesaver. street, regular beat. Dallas, all calloused...
Gluck; had spuck. Exeter, at her, bore, a store.
Borgia, toward ya, Chad, terribly bad. sticks, young hicks.
command, Floridian sand, Theresa, piece a'; daughter, taught her.
along; his dong. Ballybunny, than honey. Bunny, than honey.
Cora, adore a Charlotte, of "harlot;" Nashville: hash will.
Lansing, of financing. Sission, for coition. rookie. sweet nookie,
die, the thigh. waste! longer chaste. Drange, the grange;
Mae, no lay... sweat, Pet, regret Riley, so highly,
Dutch. and such. Welling; no telling. Marseilles, for pay.
Dundee, for free. McGee, for free. Grenader, hate her;
confession, grave indiscretion. Flounce, of bounce. co-ed, legs spread.
Bunny, quite unfunny. Waters, virginal daughters: Kubik, supremely cherubic.
Sue, she drew fix; for six. sex, my cx):
Milly, all Picadilly. daughter, they oughter. Knox, a box.
Reeses, and nieces; Quayle? or tail? Sally; Death Valley,
'hood, she could. Troll, man's goal. Charlotte), the harlot.
phrase, better days. Calmore, very poor. Liz; commoner's jizz.
Trilling, a shilling." Flo, was slow. Tennessee, for free,
Burke, some work. Babs, in cabs. Muffy, quite stuffy.
Janet, scan it. Cid. Mr. Quid." be, you see.
grunt, quite blunt, found, suspiciously round. Brewster, seduced her
sticks, country-type hicks, jade, to trade Kidder; a widder;
true; before you. sounds, and pounds. -- mad --
confess; let rest.


phraseology, of Geology. Erskine, fair skin. Jude, the nude."
whore, nothing more. Roselle, a bell. Bess, a mess.
living, and giving." Rhonda, to wander, whore, or before.
Irene, somewhat obscene. Diet, near riot. Whaling, by mailing.


Fife, his wife. wife, for life. wife, old Fife.
guy, a supply sale, the jail, finer! a short-timer.
Schwartz, with warts. Biddle, a diddle. Ben, and then
Saul, either ball. mediocre," choker her; Brink, in mink;
swear, whorehouses there, Goyle, to despoil: Beirut, and mute.
wheesper, said "Meester, Soraya, lay her." declined, so kind,
Bess, I guess Day, a lay, Philadelphia, and selphia!
town, tied down. ponce, several fonts, McKay, a gay.
rank, to thank. tryst, gentleman, "Hist! Hyers, many suppliers.
Laredo, pay dough, wallah, Follah pretense. terribly dense.
wart. pay naught. Perth, their birth, status; at us;
"tips"; and nips; spark; strip stark; kites, of sights;
stare; the air; souls! your coals! demented, then hinted,
Burke, pot-bellied jerk. Perth, this Earth. Boring, of whoring.
Beauregard, low regard; Frimp, stays limp, Meadow, said, "O-
Nose; thusly propose, dime, the time. britches, his bitches.
Dan, a van, Frimp, a pimp. Susie, be choosy:
Goring, was soaring, heard, Margaret McBird. Tyre, for hire;
nations, sundry sexations. Morello, lively bordello; Grace? this place?
appear; I fear." Hale, a sale... Perth, great mirth,
away, to say. swore, a whore need, fucking, indeed.
Ben, a pen. whores: nothing bores. Saskatchewan, it's snatchewan.
Cotter, named Potter. Perth, great girth. Paul, it all.


Weiss, not paradise. Black, a shack. darts; or hearts?
fine. red wine?) like; neighborhood dike. Krupp; to sup.
trailer. nail her. Bart, flatulent tart. Charlotte, a harlot,
Madrid, a quid. McClure, were poor. Schiller; a thriller.
embossed, did accost. Norway, the doorway. pliant, promising client,
West, great zest. Bounting; all accounting. Star, pretty far.
Scot, to trot. elite, crust meet. Bryant, a client:
Schickel, a pickle. lack, madam's shack. Dunder, a wonder.
Bassett; finest asset. Tess, terrible mess. Lou, with you.
Kate, the slate, discerned, be spurned. poor, a bore.
Gap, my lap... Kitty; the city, Starrett, his garret,
Post, so engrossed, Claire, man debonair. L.A. would lay;
Cologne, all alone. Sandy, isn't handy. Koppers, opulent shoppers.
Rhyll, her bill. purse! not reimburse vamp! a tramp!
owe, a blow)


Felicity, of publicity. Gail, of jail. Prue, and grew:
Loring, incredibly boring, Bengal, on call. Randall, a candle,
door, me sore. Reno, playing keeno. Alice, the phallus.
Manila, with Chinchilla, immense," in recompense, Lynch, would flinch.
Mallory, fine salary. frank, the tank. sway, some hay.
Elise, the police... Faye, sex away." Charlotte, a starlet.
friend... to spend. Gleek, her peak, ways, named Hayes
Otter, farmer's daughter. Vale, is retail... Orleans, the greens.
Bess, can guess. Mabel, her sable. Mabel, a table,
fashion, base passion. goal, named Dole, sex, my ex);
Swincombe, kin come. Cohasset, my asset... Pitt, and fit,
Scott, honey pot! Ewing; kept accruing. leisure, could measure.
McGunny, her honey, very, smile extraordinary. -- the line,
Flo, into dough. knew, to do. Barkus, her carcass.
Sally, of Bali. hell, experience well, rakes, and makes
Staines, capital gains. Nile, fucking, worthwhile, Wynoochee, lewd hootchy-kootchy;
dock; no shock clock, naval cock, flock, R Block.
hock, my cock. Cities, whores pities. Claire, Montreal Fair.
Bess, and duress. Taft, her craft. Hatch, well-bejeweled snatch.
Fitch; got rich. Corine, takes in. Elsie; rather wealthy.
whore, them for. Winifred, the head, Fern, in return;


ad: horsey-hung dad, young, my tongue, Brandi, some candy,
Nash, for cash. contrite, her plight, Crewe, a screw,
black?" her back. Blick, her sick. buy, your fly.
Jude, the nude. air, a care, glee; him tightly.
tried, then cried; Belle, I fell. Belle, I fell.
Lorna; upon her. Brown, the gown, Lee, with glee!
Sutton, put on. more, the floor. Louise, her freeze.
McDade, she's laid, Riker, female hitchhiker, Myer; not tire;
see, my celibacy; Lee, for free. Brock, the clock.
Bess, a success. Trent, they meant. hay. it play?"
whore, four score! old; gone cold. Kilkenny, so many,
Cotter; her daughter. Nantucket, shiny ducat. Ray, tenth day.
streetwalking, neighborhood gawking. Tunney, their dofunny. Felice, her niece.
sky, passing by, proclaim; no shame; hey? sloppiest way.
"Maybe," young Gaby. McPine, with mine. persuade, as maid
behind, a grind; Bryce, was nice;


wed, well fed." Nant, and gallant; Kalgoorlie, at Coolgardie.
fours; as gauze. McLure, was pure. day, then gray.
Delehanty, terribly scanty, Newt, as cute. heat, Auntys' beat.
Goshen, the ocean. Grant, his aunt, haunts, his aunts
fourteen, Auntie Doreen, out, a doubt door, and sure
bed, and said, keen, could glean. McGee, for free.
Saki, Doctor deBakey, twat, a lot. Grant, his aunt.
Ewing, in screwing.


rock, his cock. Greece, his niece. Greece, his niece.
Greece, his niece. Greece, his niece. Luis, and increase),
fils, getting obese. sister-- resist her, her, she oughter
nieces; interesting creases, Treadwell, Fred well, pew, with glue;
cease! the police. niece! much fleece. Reese, his niece.
Jesus, his nieces. Berlin, sexual sin. stole, to stroll
grits, past pits bounce, metronomical counts great, just wait
rested, I molested mashed, she thrashed mussed, till lust
left, her cleft; travelled, be gravelled), luck! the muck!
disgrace, of place do!" of goo oral, a floral
sorrow, must borrow long, more wrong. tender, to gender).
Peloponnesus, amd nieces. Dunn, editor, "Son, thirteenth. her teenth,
maven; gestating haven, Sid, I'm bid." Erie, very cheery.
prof, a cough.


broker, poke her. Wick, grandfather's prick, Penzance, grandmother's pants.
felon, ripe watermelon!" Doakes, his folks; Tucker, to supper.
Buckloo, "Who's Who"! Hammer, his grammar. defects, testing detects.
lurkin'; my gherkin. nine, real fine, lad? you had!
lad?" that, dad." had? my lad." borrow, of sorrow?"
Galahad, father--too bad! Tucker, fuck her. McGraw, his ma.
buck, a fuck, Bisset, miss it. surmises, for prizes;
18; screwing Eileen, teaser, please 'er; mad, he had.
Anonymous, children Eponymous. out, big shout due, she knew
Prentiss, compos mentis: Teeswater, his daughter. burstin' young Kirsten,
resist, be kissed Kirsten, immersed in, kilt, is built.
glen, the fen; joys, young boys. pallid; a ballad.
Mears, in careers; design; from behin' Jill, a thrill;
nips, her hips, a, caught her, Pa," her bra.
Hame, deep shame. sagacious, shrubbery herbacious? gracious! be loquacious:
ducking; that sucking cow, the sow. job, your knob;
Bob? old slob?" discover, her cover Miami, his mammy.


queer, the ear, Rome, Peter's dome. Ned, to bed.
paw, their ma. Maddy, and laddie. Potter, the rotter.
Buckingham, tucking 'em sun;" had fun. Delray, one day.
Crother, her father. Tim, sibling's quim; Dee, for free.
glee, his knee, Patty, no fatty, Eleanor, in 'er.
scream, glad stream; hopping; that's whopping! trestles, drinking vessels,
table, my cable. secluded, we dooded, through, then Sue
water, his daughter; Jude, stark nude; relate; no lightweight.
trees... to please. two?" Abigail Drew... gras, a trois,
Baghdad, been had. Maddie, dear laddie." Slaughter, his daughter,
day; a lay. Mignon, before dawn, Clyde, quick bride.
adore, of your; humming, heart drumming. that, throbbing fat
two, on Sue... Joppa, would stoppa condone, great bone,
goes; of those? thing, to sting. small, and Paul.
rare: don't dare Dad: and bad. Slaughter, have oughter.
beautiful, and dutiful. knees, to please, delight, a fright.
today," to play: forget; later regret; so; you know.
unduly, for Julie," creases, of pieces: shocks, and cocks;


Carruthers, his mother. Trinity, sister's virginity. Miami, a chamois,
alone, his bone, m'lad! we had had, of Chad;
release. first piece!" Tommy, his mommy. Miami, his Mammy
Cruther, each other. brother, none other, Tommy. his Mommy.
starch, and arch. Tom, his mom; Fred, in bed.
Aire, an affair mother, with another?" Canuck, a fuck.
dim, are crim- sonny, your mummy. other, a bother.
Daddy, a baddy; disgrace! my lace; clit?" must quit
boy." no joy Soho, exceedingly low. lad, painfully sad.
Chester. blessed her.


McTavish, to ravish. true, for you imperfection; natural selection.
Corsican, force kin. Chester, his sister. Kaintuck, Ahm stuck;
Insane, small brain. Sondant, accent despondent. Whistler, kissed her.
sad; real bad, love; the doves. Brad, he had.
fifty; and shifty; thirty, and flirty; another, one another.
motherly, is brotherly; day, to say, asleep, I creep
sister. a blister. Finnigan, sin again, Sherm, folks squirm.
Lister, own sister; spy, his eye. protested, be arrested!"
gingery, best lingerie. Jack, lie back paint, guy ain't)
saints. without complaints. faint. then acquaint cottage, a sausage.
Rover, from Dover. names, was insane, proceeds, if needs.
topic. stop it! cows, so aroused, disjointed; were anointed,
ramble, of preamble. plot... and damnation, curse. your purse."
dears, always cheers. (alt.jokes.limericks) to yell: thaumaturgical, fraudsters' liturgical.
aphrodisiac, her back, rafters; joyous laughter. Carolina, Malo's diner.
battle, the cattle. say, a lay. Head: in bed,
brother, each other. unfurls: on girls learn. sister, LaVerne;
state; you berate. Carruthers, her brothers. Venus, his penis.
Pfister, of blister, Tah, his Ma. is) with Liz;
delight, summertime night, this, ultimate bliss. own, seeds sown.
letting, her bedding. cock, a rock; ground, go ungowned
enjoyed, he employed. fought, he caught. own, seeds sown.
letting, I'm bedding. merrier!" Russell terrier, wed, to bed.
sister? will blister, Doe, to know. Struther, his brother;
another. her brother. Mister, virulent blister. Ronnie, sister Bonnie.
parson, bras on. grand; in hand. bliss, young miss,
twins, in fens. species, queer AC/DC's; Cornell, pure hell.
twin, and sin. pud, "Oh Bud!


pedagogue, old rogue. Virginia, in ya', Japan, twenty-inch span.
Glad, a lad, well? to tell. best!" her breast.
brother, my mother. Anne, cousin Dan. Jake, the make.
excursion, familial perversion, zest; are best! Rooved, Jim Crude.
Sturges, unnatural urges; best, without rest, Liberia, the interior.
O'Hare, to spare. hicks, for kicks. said, and inbred,
so, did go. Hughes, would refuse. six; and "pics."
bed. being widespread. mine; my wine. Pierre, family affair.
cousins? the dozens, can; or dam, freeze, wife, Louise,
Slay; in hay. do", at Hugh berk; your dirk?
man; you can; Dickenson, of fun. hill. the pill.
games, two-barrelled names; torrents, with abhorrence. tempestuous, parties incestuous.
habits; jab it. date, cousin Kate. dance, and aunts.
Maddie: terribly faddy. go: fo' mo'. State, could relate.
Midwest's, boredom infests Alabama, his mama, Gary, to marry.
Montana, my banana, hag, to sag, Durkee, and murky,
Diane, any man; dead, to wed. yummy, her tummy.
name. are insane. sin, rummage within. Jerry, be Larry,
sad, a lad. theory: so dreary Hugh, a screw.
brother, their mother, Fretter, wondrous go-getter. moan, don't condone
mine. my wine. chum, his mum; been." that's obscene!"
mister. to blister. already, Aunt Betty; lout; you're about.
altercation; stern objuration: Loo. a screw. man;" my Gran.
wife, connubial strife... lingerie, so gingery. say, regretful way,
T; with me. East, a feast; bad, be had;
Sue: than you." knew, the view. Tim, quivering quim.
brother; one another." Lister, me Mister. perplexed, be vexed.
lover? your brother; latch, her snatch.


Bligh, named Nye. -- true -- tree, you see?
chair, greatest despair, tire, a squire. Sloan, accident prone.
Ealing, the ceiling; blue, Mary Lou, Lee, to pee.
climb, Scots Pine. disaster, even faster. slack; a lack.
looks, and gadzooks," Spain, a train. tack, step back.
Dachet, a hatchet. saw, his jaw. Dale, central rail.
ya, learn ya." Wrangel, powerful mangle, gender, a bender.
Nick, enormous prick love, a shove prone, and moan.
Bombay, the hay. Frank, a tank. Sy, his eye.
heard, scatological word. Quick, a brick; Hallett, the palate.
Lorraine, a crane. Vetter, plants wetter. Gloucester, lost her.
Pete, the street; drunk; a trunk. chair, greatest despair,
Dick, a brick. sad! get mad! contraption, in traction.
chaps, strangest mishaps fright. in sight. Spain, a train.
Keith; his teeth. Greer, a steer. hues, would lose,
Pinner, everyone's dinner. Spain, a train. Que, pork barbecue,
Lucky, in Kentucky, Daryl, a barrel, -- cat alone;
Montana, the banana. Dolores, bored us. balls, barn stall.
Tibet, to regret Gore, a door. SEQUELA, overeager fellah
loop, a whoop. Anna, rotten banana. Sark, the dark.
hunt, the front. Kew, were new. skinny, in me?
prone, have blown. reducible, a crucible. Manteca, the Eureka.
Vancouver, the Hoover. Glenda, feminine gender, pimp, a wimp;
Hill, grew ill; China, big liner purple, a twerp'll
Lorraine, in Spain, Hessian, grave indiscretion: Bean, washing machine;
r, Uncle Ben. Kamp, a lamp. Greg, you beg?"
tape, an grape.


large, in marge, street, to meet. Nell, she fell.
Jane, elegant cane. balloon, very soon." mine, a line!"
swell, a well, stack, horrible whack. Haskall, adventurous rascal.
roof, a whoof; Darjeeling, the ceiling. feet, hypnotical beat.
Riggs, for figs. train; great strain. son?" said "None,
Clyde, the side. prone, and moan; Cutter, and shutter
Elize, to sneeze. Llewellyn, dwell in. Bellaire, the stair;
Brewer, a sewer. Kate, was late. Fairbanks, stair pranks,
Beck, the deck. Hannah, of banana. frown, from town,
trapeze, his knees. Rye, to fly. Jim, lower limb.


stairs, of chairs. stitchin', and bitchin'. small, cannot see,
head, with Aright; fat, fine rat. bruise; amazingly grues-
so: you know? slip; one hip. bed, is said.
digress, a mess. Claude, the quad, can, he ran.
plan, we can. motivation, odd situation, dark, roadside park.
slow, sinking low. style, vertical smile. wind, on in.
ease, and knees,


snap. to affrap, looting, harsh hooting, Clark, the dark.
try, you cry. Bloom, her room; Pitts, him fits.
beard, a Victor, kicked her. Bristol, a pistol.
women; some trimmin' Bertie, got shirty. stammer, her grammar;
leer, her ear, sport, the Port!" Beth, to death:
brewer, screw her; Keats, them sweets, Ferring, and daring.
Bonctor, honked her. Stow, the go; feral, his deral
Geneen, he'd been. libel, being tribal. Pete, the teat,
shoulder; much bolder. atavistic, therein, hedonistic. say. all day.
fixation, all creation. said, my head. bled, my head?"
Galt, of assault. Helena, be insaner. pies, his size;
around, and round." do, ground, too. Gault, deadly assault.
bender, his gender. Carter, a Tartar. life, my wife.
dead. his head; gut, bum-crack shut; Montrose, no foes,
drains, by Hanes. Jack, a tack. divan, young man:
Leeds, good deeds. Surrey, some curry. view, unbalanced too.
Ellet, a pellet. up, packed up, Briton, in Lytton.
Kipps, insolent quips. face, torrid embrace, Case, his face,
confide. me inside. Scott; was shot. Said, legs tied,
Dale; terribly frail. White, terrible plight. Savannah, upright pianna.
lead, concrete bed. Delray, clients pay.


Chagrin, petit mannequin: Chagrin, small doll; charm, the farm.
right, in fright. Uttoxeter, at her. chicken. dick in.
Lamb, of Spam lazy; and hazy, bed, a head.
midnight; all a-quiver. Aquarius, personalities various. mainspring, a thing.
Shear, his ear. Cologne, did moan. Hythe, a scythe,
mist, she kissed, Owen, and goin'.


Sydney, her kidney. sad, pretty bad, all, your nipple.
Miller, fill 'er. chair, the stair; WAC, her crack.
Jane, to explain. head, he said; Bert, did flirt.
master, gone faster. patch, Nel's snatch; Rostov, make love.
Max, sex maniacs, Olin, was rollin'; disasters, amd Masters,
Thatcher, snatch her. smarter; much harder, Hoff, she'd doff;
Kline, whore serpentine. Madras, the grass. back, the sack.


confess; a mess. mine? the time. Jan, the can.
Sean, but yawn. fear, right here. Jackson, and relaxing.
dark, a lark. losses. like Ross'. merge, also emerge.
some. fire some." Wheeling, great feeling. Breague, champion league,
devoted, was promoted horn; would warn. eight, be late.
spies. us lies. Wes, to impress. related; all overrated.
'em; tire 'em. plea, can be. Ross, the boss.
control, their toll delay, tribunal underway. Strudel; did doodle.
Bob, the job. Wisconsin, by Ronson stores; girls bores.
nsubordination, of dedication boss; and toss life, his wife.
stall. would fall, jobs; just yobs. work; minuscule, perk;
anymore; a bore. loss! new boss. use; buy juice,
unforgivin', a livin'. stress, of success. small; at all.
away, cancelled today. crass, kiss ass. see; be free.
nay, your way, through"? like poo? Rob, his job.
tired, ideas mired bore. at before. day, again stray.
work, I shirk. job, the slob. top, can hop.
Kinkaid, the maid. Bern, to earn door, one more
Mission, and fission. say, some way. work; a jerk.
work; typical jerk. mines; never shines! hitched, just ditched


cheap, could weep. cramp, the damp a-creaking, went sneaking
hall, at all; grease. to cease; bleak; the week.
stayed, cute chambermaid? chambermaid, get laid. slacker, smack her
blunt) Detestable Cunt!" dances; payroll advances. day! your pay!
Droyeda, annoyed 'er. Droyeda, annoyed her. claustrophobia, my agoraphobia;
sure, can't endure. Lydia, to perfidia. comic, parts anatomic.
it! above it! Bell, tell - asunder, was under!
linger, the ringer. Queen, have been) jerk! shit work.
stewing, you're doing. pig; huge dig. overtime, is mine?
boss, the sauce. four, the door. way, I say:
droid, be annoyed. confusion. that contusion convent, and repent
numbin' can summon. detail, fine ale. hiring, provocatively inspiring.
maid, get laid, lieu, bid adieu. you; than you.
break; me awake. be; with glee. away, Lancastrians say).
Goddamn! and them Nik? I'd pick. day; jiggling away.
guts; floppy-ass butts?


Grundys, our Mondays, again; then -- dead, be shed
try, of lie, Friday; my day. Friday, my day.
work, a perk. depressing, any blessing. depressing, I'm surpressing.
Tique, THE WEEK. cope, brings hope. day; on Sunday,


lusty, of Dusty, indeed, incredible speed. cap; a snap.
Clewer, threw her. recluse; very obtuse. tops, named Pops.
Thistle, this epistle: Eutoxeter, a choc-setter. Kandy, the landy.
vast, solidify fast. fur, miserable cur, know, with snow,
fodder. chicken spotter. man, perfectly grand, Wick, suddenly, sick.
Freeman, cream man! cuisine; or bean. Halo, way low,
able. or sable. slobs, their Bobs, McJobs, of gobs
McGivery, the livery, day; no way. wait, hours late.
choose, the clues: Perth, was worth. plucker, young trucker,
Viv, could give. group; theatrical group.


sobs, lazy slobs? child, and styled. Danville, his anvil,
Toulouse; new shoes. spreading, come treading coy, don't enjoy
he, he be, Penrith, a blacksmith. Chard, too hard.
maker, an acre Dubuque, the cook, crook, spouse undertook,
Fred, in bed. trench, and wrench; link, I think.
delight, attentive tonight. street, but neat. men, once again.
men, moment when find, to grind bore; a chore.
WORKING, managers shirking, dismay, client non-pay. tempermental. oils essential."
McKay, skill pay. son, much fun. Peters, gas heaters.
ill-fated, clothes, insulated, shift, too swift. forgot, special spot
combat; training Pat. tits, the fits. chuckle, to buckle
too, sticky goo. Dinah, a miner. rigger. would snigger.
gift; longshoreman's shift. Jean, was clean. Morrie, the quarry.
Bright, fine night. call, a wall. there. really care.
beaver, a cleaver.


Baker, a caker. Featherstonehaugh, band saw. Kalamazoo, a screw.
improve, a move, Finlandia, stand here? Peru, to screw;
Neville, anything level. Vance, do dance. Mississugger, seasonal logger.
Claude, moved abroad. HEW; a few. scoff, your trough.
lumberjacks, to relax. said, and Fred. night, and bright,
shoulder, I'm older!) pal, old gal; her, deride her;
sifted, so gifted! luck; to buck; tonight, and bright,
park, it's dark. believer, a achiever fir, add"... ber!"


Mag. a hag, trade; hammering made Fred, to bed.
Bill; the till. take, to make; booze; to lose.
9, mighty fine. schmuch, a duck. see, in Dixie,
cry: As I, Bill, did fulfill. Hearnd, had learned;
Byron, a siren, hose, almost froze. sadder; a hatter.
errant, you weren't clock, a shock. Good, oftentimes misunderstood,
town, some renown. clay, mall, clay. Sudan, he can.
LeMans, her hands. lead. was said. press, old-fashioned dress.
perdition, drunken condition. laconic, only teutonic. knew, much ado.
new. to do. shoes; not choose. fell, as well.
Hearst; men cursed. thirsted, we dursted. Anaheim, the time.
unorthodox, his clocks. Leeds, beautiful tweeds. weaver, considerable under-achiever.
heights, the sights.


yap, a flap. fan, I can. same, same game.
money, rather funny. Lever, his retriever. know, they grow:
news, their views. sleuth, of truth. mad, my lad!
you, of voodoo. Who? show, turuloo. truth," Dr. Ruth,
pages, the ages. back, thick stack. brags, never lags.
diet, too quiet. behalf, all laugh. rate, his fate,
ED, he said. worst: R. Hearst. stint, a squint,
acquirer; lame admirer, surprise, who demise, sure, can endure?
uncouth, even Vermouth. Hughes, I choose." i, some addenda;
"What, I've got! land, you expand. role, and cajole.
peruse, CNN News. Hearst, the worst,


phone. all alone. way: a day, callers, and hollers,
here. we fear. sink. really think clean. it routine.
coke. a joke. today, can't stay. Mar, the jar.
bust. it must whim, friend Jim. frontier, rewarding career.
Hell. to misspell. nil, or still. Fisk, filing's non-risk.
untidy, not anybody complaining, was raining sorrow; you'll borrow.


Engineer, his ear. plans; your hands. brink, do think.
debate, their fate. Engineers, Master peers. clue, they do.
thinking, without inkling, disclaimers, the blamers. means, the scenes.
vigor, unususal figure. fount, this amount Hooker, "Cook Booker",
founting, constantly mounting. non-existent, is distant. Bierce, to pierce.
Bart, fine part. quarrel, bookkeeper, Laurel arrears, she fears.
rude; be misconstrued. Laurel, love oral. Sig, employer's wig.
drivel, will shrivel: Kramer, namecaller, defamer; niche, a hitch.
Burkitt, new circuit, designed, much maligned. Kent, rather bent.
Hoff, would scoff. creed, to succeed; crooks, their books.
arrive, or Clyde, confesses; worse messes, keen, I've been.
Brest, no rest. today; going away, hotel, as well;
Marion, ntidisestablishmentarian, fun, glorious sun. beer; Budweiser here.


designs, stiff fines. inquire. a liar: pig- a ridge;
toll, a stroll, see, can be, call, "Hey you-all!
folly." how jolly!" shattered; and battered, Daihatsu; catch you!
you; you'll do goats, great moat. across, reasonable cost.
fine, transport combine. choose; their dues. joss, De Swoss
quipped, normally skipped Wessex, in Essex; okay. to play,
idiotic, towers erotic laughed. seem daft. Adam, clad 'em


Lear, please, dear." listed, that existed. Nooksack, books back:
stuff. are tough. librarian, little octogenarian, cook, her cookbook.
sacked, she lacked. Joan, her own. renown, a frown,
Marion, disestablishmentarian,


Hale, the sale. hiding, good chiding. residing, water delighting,
hail. each sale. guys. you lies; Duluth, a booth
unique, I peek; store, and more. shout, lecherous lout,
Redding, some bedding. knob, it throb, Neville, young devil.
me, writers be. soars! it explores. Waylon, to Draylon.
Vann, two-for-one plan, fine. this sign: Vancouver; of Suva.
Wapping, his shopping. rush, a hush...); shell, to sell;
china, Aunt Ina; say? it away. sell, ah well.
GA; couldn't say. fort. a port. blowed! a mode?
house, my trous- shocked. half cocked. mistake, of cake.
manuscript, a crypt. prince, ninety-nine cents. Lloyd, to avoid.
phone, mortgage loan, HUCKSTER, "aw, shuckster" times, pressure climbs,
pest. company's best." Slickback, young Rickback. Jack"; a knack.
stitches, "Holiday Glitches"; Rita, the meter. Italy, of debris?
for, the door. bit, did hit. fail, the mail.
Harrier, a barrier. weak, plague, "Limerique"; Jack, I'll pack.
Jenny, How many cute, a beaut. scores, front doors."
call, them all..." coat...?" my scrote; prick, friend Rick.
price," often entice, leering, Miss Deering, Dorr, best realtor;
Dave, always behave riches, dealer's pitches. bitch, to stitch
Flint, satisfied squint, cookies, good bookies. Soames, garden gnomes.
sale, must prevail!" poster: mad roller-coaster; Hoboken, they're spoken,
phrase: he strays; tight. that night, fine." ticket 609,
week. shall seek fog. his grog. year; do jeer,
a-blaze, doth gaze. telemerchandise, a surprise. bells, technology smells.
64, the door: folk, he spoke. Tina, a cleaner.
Lee, the sea, Beth, all breath. chaffer, much safer.
provider, was wider." candy, they're dandy"


moulded. be scolded." McQuaid. well paid?" Hiram, fire 'em.
hack, his lack cheer, and beer, dear? waiting here
break, the lake, lake, the slake, begs, the dregs;
in. we'll begin showed, the road arrive, with drive,
thighs, opened. "Guys mound, she found reaction. give satisfaction.
reeling. our dealing? stressed, much distressed, job. the gob,
drank, to Frank. dips, flop flips, mine; by nine.
elimination? the frustration know, stoop low, cowflies, of cowpies.
thighs, in size. bareback! then rareback. plight; and smite
are; very far. beast, Thanksgiving feast. yours, few oars.
seek, too bleak, I'm, who'll climb. drown, to frown,


knows, nobody goes, clink, who think, -- crossing 'T''s.
fool! the school! particular, things extra-curricular. lazy. a daisy.
mute, new substitute. caught. had fought, Lizzy, a tizzy.
pair, their hair, Costessey, being bossy. confessed, have caressed
class. in brass. Leach, to teach, curse, in verse.
Jules, life's rules. Peel, a seal. Darjeeling, in feeling.
made. I played. teacher. young creature! teacher, reach 'er;
alarm, a schoolmarm. cool, a fool. said, your head.
reply, your eye. twice, be 'nice'. psychoanalysis, in fallacies.
fable, are able, 'em; see 'em. you? sell you.
Mello, of yellow. Meacham, reach 'em. Blatt, is fat.
classes, rate passes. teachers, some features. cares, and affairs,
-- to dread. invigilator, the equator?" Hoople, a pupil;
paint, little complaint: Mercer, fear, sir. grammatical, theorems mathematical,
today; at play. closer; no sir! wanker; youthful palankrt,
George, they forge; B., for PE. Scraggs, cheap fags,
seller, Miss Stella, day, can say. team, our theme;
one, badgers bum; teach; to preach. Kemper, 'Sic semper
computer, a tutor. Dundee, You see teacher, and feature,
ounce, readily bounce Marts, female hearts; joy; horny boy!
dismay, pornographic display; zoo; her too. Breaulieu, and unruly.
Surrey, or worry, day. and play, May, give way.
fact: been attacked Haldane, terrible pain. Asia, "Nothing dismasia.
Beecham, teach 'em. teacher, undistinguishing feature. teacher, underpaid creature;
tender. offend her. History, a mystery), known, a bone!
teacher, Saint Peter, chair, thumb-tack, aware cuss, a fuss;
Monterey, all day note, his coat


"downsized," euphemistically disguised. scowl, a cowl. Oporta, and shorter.
Forrer, an outpourer. Doug, his plug, it. suspect it.
around, wide mound, Hill, us still. surprise, not wise;
soon, the moon. man, Eddie McMahon. pipe, then wipe.
Norm, or conform. Leader, a conceder. creed, (painfully tainted)
plan, each man, stink?" management link. weed, a need.
night, everything right. you? to do -- a mess.
zest, its nest. town, genius found. phase, labor conveys
Wayne, office campaign. "B"; you see.


Ware, to hair. haircut, a fair-cut. Hythe, a scythe.
Galipoli, the holy, Kew, the zoo; lair, his hair.
Connecticut, in etiquette: palatial, and spatial, Spain; a pain.
Jim, a whim. chair, my hair. lodger, "Old Roger".
declare. long hair. Nick; of STYPTIC.


Armstead, it's said. friend, the bend. Elaine, Jack Wain.
Roan, leave alone. Donabate, feeling great. Stripes", have gripes,
Riddle, the middle Riddle, would fiddle Kareem, low self-esteem.
Kate, can't wait". admired, I hired? Bauer, me sour.
plumber, anyone dumber. plumber, the summer. pipe, but hype.
Peter, a meter. say, their pay; squeal; of appeal;
Jack. hairy crack. Hocking, lady's stocking. Peru, himself "Lou".
plumbing; mommy humming.


learn. you earn. Mertz, tight skirts; stick, me lick;
Dirk, hard work. mind. to unwind. crazy; a daisy.
school, a rule. plucks, technology sucks. "Works" rgasiophobia lurks;
Bynna, him angina. sufficient, and proficient. Bangkok, the clock.
strain, great pain. Downing, and clowning. Choorley, but surely!
Pages, fucking ages. orthopedium, of tedium. -- with you:
slob, the job. anyone, does fun. hired, become tired;
fear, blinkin' queer bin, put in; Glasgow, a fiasco.
annoys, my poise, handyman, and grand. mutter, me stutter,
Pappy, called crappy. day, during play. slinky, and stinky.
McGore, did bore. Vic; Mister Quick. entrepreneur; real do-er;
day, they say. funny, it's sunny; cash, must dash,
large; large barge. Sunday: of Monday. Noelle; was swell.
paint, quite quaint; said, clouds overhead, foxy, got moxie.
Bickly, and sickly. down, in town. Chester, employment requester,
work, a jerk! slob, a job. Wings, few things.
things, be kings. McGee, couldn't see. East; the West.
time! one's prime! Sonny, in honey. shame! will blame)
Kent) to shield Brewster; very uster. keep, as sheep;
games; famous names. wreck; the neck! miss; be bliss.
tire, town crier. Burks, he works. fast; city passed.
tires, out fires. doodle; my noodle. -- blotto --
turd! four-letter word! -- I've spurned. pissed, I'll persist


W-4, more -- explanation, work station. sue, helping you,
word, I've heard. word! be heard. play. life's A-OK.
Earth; and mirth. Morehouse, its storehouse bitch; me rich.
derive, come alive. four, the door. Louise, the trapeze.
crimp, a limp. observes, she swerves. day, tick away.
hired, what's required. trade, haven't made). see, for free!
Gaster, a disaster. feel; new deal. scene, of green,
62, they do. around; burial ground. charities; a breeze.
bore; to snore. fat; his hat. spit, shoveling shit.


crime; and dime. deep; a creep. Current, proper deterrent;
nude: grown crude; Macrae, Doyle, today, Melanie, outrageous felony,
endeavor, was clever. Neff, time left. Dee, to me;
attorney-at-law, with awe." short, dissimilar sort. Geer, I hear;
Drury, unanimous jury: Bucharest, fluke arrest. courts, of sorts.
injustice, rust is. complaint, some restraint, Young, be sung.
Janet, the planet. sue, the ACLU) budge. a grudge,
stern, my concern. French, the bench, out. real clout.
on? a pawn. young, in Dunn. O'Conner, upon her.
Ray, of lech-majeste; May; no way! Lime, in rhyme.
superstition, a mission. Chase, so base; chorine, lima bean;
lights," court fights, Irving, conviction unnerving. fun, Justice McMunn.
O'Connor, and honor, smudges, few nudges. zeal, PLEA deal.
Pasadena, paltry subpoena, queer, no fear. "What, What
official, my initial Fort, Crater's court. phonetic, mostly kinetic.
bread, Judge said; beat) real neat. -- go --
Court, a tort. aback, this plaque: tense, state's evidence.
Lance, hundred Great-Aunts. mergery, radical surgery," confused, not amused


states, old magistrate. Lockjaw, state law; sung, far flung.
Lockjaw, to Wichita; grand? as planned. sung, and flung
trudge, a sludge! White, men overnight. Lockjaw, in Wichita;
Strand, named Rand. crass, looking lass; -- take time."
law, the craw; poor; Justice Moore. Kell, too well.
Grace, the case.


Ben, of men. Mark, and dark. client, and reliant,
see, can be.... -- me blankly. science, hen-like appliance.
clients, with reliance? reliance, his clients, science, clucking defiance.
constitutionality, partial legality, Maine, positive strain, cheek, last week.
lot. I got. dismayed, had strayed. Moore, to assure
employer. a voyeur. Dean, and keen, Leeds, all needs.
know, for show. trim, are slim. capacity, tenacious perspicacity.
LAWYER, a sawyer. ways, nimble phrase. -- find more
freeze! the knees. trial. for awhile. reached, a speech
July, the sky. September, came November. center, did enter
pill, incredible skill, stone. my own. trial, languished awhile.
sit; a bit. aglow; more dough. begin. would win.
quill, a will. lawyers. decent employers. oration, wild contemplation.
claim. big name!" income, the bum! me; a fee.
said, so dread. deep, civility keep, Cirencester, her solicitor;
bound, all around. chic, and Seek. Bert, the dirt.
attorney, incredible journey. is." is." -- fright." all night.
Thrace, in place. all, of pre-nuptial Burke, curious QUIRK;
Lyme, one time. ill-lucked, and fucked. U.S.A. gone away,
Hill, can fulfill. Smyth, my wife. Bernie, lousy attorney,
Suzie, a floozy. Slade, the trade; litigation, juicy temptation
assume, can't exhume if, the plaintiff; hung, named Sprung.
Luxom, who's buxom; bar, below par. Dale, without fail.
Chicago, jaw go, true, they pursue phone: out-of-state roam;
hesitates; strongly interrogates; away, him stay; explains, it remains
it, rue it; he. said she. palpably, somewhat sheepishly,
Powers, the towers, Topaz, undeniably has, one-stop, East Chop.
known; to moan. proficient, and efficient.


Matlock, Flat Rock; star. him far. disbarred; be hard.
routine, by seventeen. Rehnquist, knife twist. Clinton, currently sittin'?
do, without clue? wit: a bit. Attorney"... a gurney...
Stella, flying umbrella; Lee, can be!


Liberties, strange proclivities. IQ, two-timing shrew. snorted. he retorted.
itch, Hell niche! Winner, to dinner; hand! they stand!
Ray, each day. retentive, is inventive. Phil, a pill.
seventy-two; to do. haze; a phase. tired. be fired.
wizard. my gizzard. retentive, pooping preventive). wise: only rise
Milty, He blokes; lawyer folks. Yank, a wank,
beaut; her suit. boredom; their whoredom. laws, founder because
plate, to ABROGATE. not, get caught. tea; not see.
obscene. have been? sea, there be. call, solution small.
impasse; they amass. Dolan, happily swollen quick, not thick.
Law, the raw legality, for morality. Cade, they've made
beagle, legal eagle, affairs; is theirs. CACHET. folks lay.
Bernie, successful attorney, such, they touch, destroyers, power-employers --
"B" you see. lawyer; and deployer, pass; follow "Snake-in-the-grass."
confession! oldest profession." five. any alive! bake, dead snake;
sea, should be! who'd, sexy mood. right; and might,
Erm, in turn, deduct, have USUFRUCT, me; from me.


towers, and flowers. "Perchance, a chance. Flynn, he'd win,
attorney, romantical journey. attorney, named Ernie. hale; can fail.
He, long journey Slough: and how. few, cute ingenue.
worst. insatiable thirst. Jim, so dim; behalf: and half."
me," his fee. Doane, he's shown: reassess, to excess.
Cadiz, wasn't his. Moyer; annoy her. Yale, into jail.
screw, doll, who be, for fee, meaner; been keener.


bright; too tight. Formosa, of mimosa. Kropp, the top
Sheafs, her griefs. squirm, his term, Rayner, fucking abstainer.
Law, college Hee-Haw. lawyer, annoy her, Kono, open kimono;
Jolla, her lolla; Dardon, beg pardon, vested, be bested.
screwed." then, dude.