Limeric Index



set, and yet Bru, a clue frown: he drown!
souls, their rolls, Gauls, hexahedronical balls. know, office, although
render, my gender, arena, wife, Cartagena, rag, to drag
duster, adjust her lay, would play. hero. near zero,
devious, most grevious. bitter, quit her, gasp, her grasp,
Nile, overmuch guile. Aurelius, really us. Diocletian, by Titian.
Nero, gent's hero. penis, to Venus, high, to die
day; to play; Fall" at all. Forum, Roman decorum.
Horatio, of fellatio. quorum, Rex Asinoruin. Rappatio, shy Horatio.
Caesar, old geezer. train, surely refrain, hero, Empress's zero,
Nero, the hero. Nero, their hero. Nero, a zero.
fire, my ire! appears, II ears. skinny, Roman, Pliny;
fear; without peer. clea-a', name, Poppea, quoote, is moot.
Poppea, thought dear. rough, her muff. Queen, little mean;
docks, old fox, man, I scan. tunic, wars Punic.
tunic, quite harpoonic. liber: woodpulp fiber. Vandals, and sandals.
frilly, pleasantly hilly, iter, was tighter her, sweet beaver.
vain, he'd disdain tries, he dies. patio, for fellatio,
Titius, pleasantries vicious. Titus, sudden colitis. (Titus) of colitis;
Punics, the eunuchs, stand, they planned, grief! Past belief!"
opine: of line!" rod, quite odd. past, been cast."
west, to rest.


day, did lay. allegations, strong indignations, Caesar, type geezer.
refinement; time spent. sighs; no flies. road, in woad.
started, be carted." clasp, venomous asp. CABAL, grand mal.
fame, to shame. fame, laid claim. name, won fame.
tent, his intent. quorum, Roman Forum. Caesar, appease her?
teaser, old geezer, Caesar, seize her! day. senators say.
sure, would recur, border, adored her, section, immoral collection.
life: sharp knife. Caesar, please her: well, a spell.
pother, no bother. stopping, in "bed-hopping". beginning, occasional sinning;
Anthony, C. history. borrow, till "tomorrow"; classed; senators vast.
fornicator; him later. gnome, of Rome. he, "molto mene".
barbarian, an ovarian. Caesar!" old geezer guy; and bi.
returned, he spurned. call, at all. past, IS CAST.
proclaim, historical fame, Caesar, please her. fame, a dame.
dame; the came. Caesar, old geezer.


synonym, pretty grim, grew, to brew. cheating, country repeating.
wit, she writ; said, his head, Laport, good sport;
British, principle fetish, said, I've read. Arn- of consarn'
perennial. pleasures millennial. reenact, they lacked, party, seventy three.
Boston, and costin', Amsterdam, a scam, call, Maryland wall.
Barb, to rob. too, it grew. disdain, British Domain,
Norton, was snortin' sand, plantations grand. immigration, this nation;
Ten, a pen, land, of hand. me, to see.
clever, leisure endeavor. Mountbatten, to fatten. Sherman, a German,
seven, to Heaven war, with gore; dead, reverently said:
prairie... dare we a-wagging, stars, lolly-gagging. crux, big bucks.
sons-of-bitches, their britches. name. to fame? delight, flame-litten night,
action, public reaction; concern, did yearn. Dixon, were fixin'
on, long gone. acute, pay tribute; fought, our thought;
fill. "Breed's Hill". aplomb, "The Bomb", sail, and frail,
thick; ended quick. quotation, ontinues with)...representation required, eighteen desired,
aside, to divide, forty-niner, was finer Hill. fire until..."
ignominy, taxing tea. castle, this hassle. again! and Ben
time,' Decatur sublime. - kill - '76, his tricks.
Act, the fact, glue, to undo! night, to fight!
represented! still resented. Lee, take tea; placed, be erased;
back, and black. Taft, Vietnamese draft. independence, valor transcendence;
Wac, a Wave, courageous, acts outrageous; Doodle, and kaboodle,


me, you see, veer, one beer. fear, were near,
Revere, to hear, hear, Paul Revere: spied; slipped inside.
yearned. window burned. Dawn, him gone. Concord. his sword.
tight, at night. clout, the lout. hear, in rear.


merry! wee fairy, unique, you seek, Iowan; a flowin',
glass; with class. cowboy; great toy, Brits; your wits
AJL, Christmas bell. lay, every day... Bunny, the money.
funny: white bunny. May! the day! holiday, the hay.
cole- a bowl forth, up north. gift, my thrift.
rum; we're numb; Maury; a priori. making, breaking -
2005, to arrive. Adair. I declare. belated, has faded.
bras, to Mamas. merry! there's Jerry. Spain." Not again!
run. the sun. street, my feet. den, with Gwen.
Spain, to gain fine. take mine sure, Cote d'Azure
man. else can. fool. a stool more, the door.
much. a touch. race, first base.


light, Halloween fright. more, my door. treat? little sweet.
treatin'. a greetin'. Sumpkin, country bumpkin, trick-or-treating, interesting greeting.
ding-dong, a throng sight, a delight, Bitts, her tits;
meet, main street. name; little game. there, can compare
slippers; little nippers. patch, and thatch. witches, in stitches.
heat; that's neat.


lovin' your oven. eight, to salivate. -- be glad
thanks, and skanks, east, Thanksgiving feast. turkey, quite perky
Skivving, "That's living!" mothers, others -- huffing, the fluffing,
leer, quite near. exclamations, and relations.


candy; are dandy; love; and doves. Joan. the tone.
problem, gobble 'em, Valentine, be mine. line; Valentine fine.
waste, your taste. Limericks, and pricks, curse; much worse
own, and Joan okay, Valentine's Day. year, little dear.
chaste, were faced. sweets, and treats, hate, a date.
out; any doubt? course, less force. Sandy, lemonade shandy.
romance, then dance place, of lace. chair; your hair.
on, a tit-on!] Val, store's pal. love, turtle dove.
ladies, than hades; guard, Valentine's card. me; girls see;
heart, bodily part... Valentine; some wine?


small; at all. mall, the hall. keep, take sleep;
December, to dismember plump, massive stump; fair! a pear
sweet! dear treat... kind. I signed cute, your love-suit
d'oeuvres! financial reserves? a-laying! you playing a-swimming... from poop-skimming!
do, teat-pulling crew? shithead! my bed... sluts? their butts?
cords, sex-obsessed lords; Green, Agnes Steen sent, then spent
time, is sublime. wattle, a bottle; day, to say.
merry! are scary; merry! I'm Terry. duck, some luck;
song; too long. tree, for me. merry! and Perry.
blow, my mistletoe. joy, new toy, deserve; a perv.
buck, will suck. lim? depressingly prim. 'pink'" the stink.
'round, my hound story, sang "Glory, telling, start yelling
able, Christmas fable, has'em?" you'll spasm merry! so hairy.
Fred, he'd misled. small; that's all. muff, with stuff;
mood, that brood sage, quite engage; plight, terrible fight
believe, to concieve, joy, sweet boy. Remember, till December.
McCalls, the halls. do, or two. say: a lay
kneaded, being heeded. free, my knee. near, in here;
take, a break, phone, a loan. rate? to mate?
high, that's why rise, my thighs). swing; of wing.
hey! this day? sharing, gift bearing. song; too long:
write, what delight! Dixie, young Trixie. liking; headed Viking.
else? the gals


cool: all school! Day) travel higher, today! this holiday
again, some pain, today, non-PC way, bet, we'll get,
care? the Fair, rare, a hare keister, a feaster,
creep; to sleep. swear, magical pair. funny, a bunny.
there; thin air. delicious, very nutritious. singing, and dinging.
holiday, and play. --- great man: (Peruvian) just groovy.
say, millennial way), display, put away, tonight, independent delight!
spanned? so grand. gloat, old goat, matching, am catching.
thrice; it twice. jokes, other folks! birthday, and say:
Day, his say. member, an ember. Day! at bay.
line; a crime. true; us rue. Day! that way.
Day! that fray. Day! Enola Gay. Gay, Bradford, UK.
Gay, Bradford, UK. Sarge! so large?" thirst, be cursed
Sunday, a Monday, remember, in December; more, to adore
year, (oh dear); thing, does ring. holidays, them away;
say, Mother's Day, away, Mother's Day. care, countenance fair,
call, we fall, witch, old bitch. sure: to endure.
cow; Day now. band, concerts grand; mourn, of corn.
-- retirement near. pool. it cool: clean. it pristine.
pure, my manicure. Hooray! Christmas day. Pat, of that?
made. a parade. creed; we need. Day, of A.
grin; people within.


joy, all coy: pearl, all a-curl. weep, very deep:
ever; friend forever. proud. out loud! twenty-first, you rehearsed.
Jim, of vim. SIX-O, the flow; lime, a dime,
kin, shamrocks spin. three, than me) John, my son,
me! feel free 83, than me. indeed, wasted seed,
all; at all. Yew, he'd eschew. mark; life's spark.
fun, is done. ONE. this fun!) late, the date,
dine, just fine. page; more sage. John, are gone.
loud, if allowed. son, be outdone. wishes; is delicious.
fee, for eternity. soul; toilet bowl. it, of it!
day, its way. disease, their knees. lift, commendable thrift
boast: birthday (almost). four; some more. vicious? flowers, suspicious.
treat, very sweet; you, could chew.


two." a clue! reaper; ominous creeper; fault. should halt.
chore, of gore; night, eerily bright; drains, the mains.
vamoose, perfect excuse prick, good trick; flip-flop, tops --
huffy, stupidly stuffy, year, without fear shoe, she do?
shake; never partake. shelves, trick-or-treat elves pumpkin; a bumpkin;
surprise, your eyes; leer, shadowy fear, I, and fly
moon; the loon. flight, a fright. Eve; you believe,
candy, one dandy, them, greet them, alight, of fright,
broom, of doom; said, dog's head, soon, dark moon.
might, a fright. Halloween, indulgence obscene. died, his hide.
said: pumpkin head." Wright, Halloween night, statuesque, little grotesque;
before, my door. play; stay away. street, to eat.
treat', to eat, night, a fright. Keith, orange teeth.
Halloween; was seen. birth, is worth!


Day? I pray pall... at all, cattle, and rattle
War, terrible whore! day, just play. wave, aluminum stave,
give, might live. parade, politician's charade land, are grand.
A., Memorial Day; regret, unpayable debt shields; ravaged wealds,
land, of command, wave, we save; vein, with pain.
Gallipoli, you see. set, cannot forget, fought. has taught


through; is new. three, for free. soon, Saturday noon.
year, small tear; teasin' different reason. Coshocton, we're concoctin'.
clear, last year. ball; the hall. Year. most dear,
2002, Hogmanay do; clear, I fear. cheer, New Year.
gear, the rear, festive, too pestive. here. be near.
six! its licks, close, of woes; time, rhyme sublime;
adieu, will ensue; love, from above; real, to heal;
place, human race; heart; good part; beginning; no sinning.
ball, us all. Year! to here, ear, New Year.
Year; into fear. first, of thirst. fling, takes wing,
new; happiness too! eve, we leave. days, each day.
greeting, so fleeting. book; thrilled' look, said, the head,
thousan', over carousin'. greeting; been fleeting. appall, bugger all;


giving, bountiful living. Thanksgiving". other scrivening, place, says grace.
Day, to pray, friends, who attends; feast; victuals artiste;
emanate. cannot wait; too? perfect debut; eat, ending treat;
fill, do still; again, a pain. food, I'm rude,
thing, does bring knew, to you. jeer, my dears.
puffin, the stuffin'. free, did flee. treat, and complete;
dressing; a blessing. thanked, ways SACROSANCT; November, and remember,
lurky; very murky. giving, good living, two, a crew
look, the cook. feast, nasty Northeast; dined, too refined;
weekend, the bend, game, the same) Yanks, of Thanks.
year, Christmas cheer; fall, of turkey)


Celeste, to nest. Valentine, to rhyme. violet, smile at?
got, guess what? buy, a sigh: Hoboken, fairly broken.
Michelle, of hell, Day. it say? day, I say.
man, he can, Bart, my heart. note: fur coat,
sun, having fun: approaches, serenely encroaches. see, like me.
sick; merchant's trick. you, kill you. Valentines, like wines,
Miss. into bliss. flowers, quite overpowers. ya, Yeah,
one, no fun,


whirl, much myrrl. Titus, not hepatitis. heard, old turd!"
luggers, the muggers, ear. I fear. hulls. and sculls.
was. well, because. Day, to pray. knees; I sneeze.
dear, this year; sent, You spent better, new sweater,
wise, those ties box, the shock's ball, its fall.
night, just right. again; French Hen Lee, the sea.
decor, up before. flurry, scurrying hurry. spirit! hear it!
Nate, would procrastinate. had; so bad. near, of cheer.
glad, the lad. begrudge, won't budge. blight, sheerful light,
Lear, New Year: all; your call. shelves, wee elves.
light, every night. Atlanta, from Santa. Harold, be imperiled
celebrate, me relate new-fangled, aren't dangled. lynch; a winch.
you, nice Subaru; near, holiday cheer cheer, his beer.
bed, my head. Carrie, as scary, stranger? in danger?
farce; its stas; spouse, this house, grown, is sown.
compare, find there: three, escaped me. be: from me!
come; of fun, cheerest; family nearest, cooked; passage booked.
street, eight feet. rare, our share. Vere, around here.
fly, me by. geezer, name Ebeneezer. today, far away;
it! spurns it. door, more -- away, shopping today;
ringing? their singing? Cheer; of year drag; to sag.
achieve, I believe -- Xmas Eve, lay, pastor say,
say, American way. me, you see. coming! started drumming.
Dec. to rem. event, small dent. sublime. small crime:
personally: can be.


gifts; in shifts. keep, sales cheap, birthday, our earth-day.
takes, it makes dearer, you nearer. -- be --
fight, not light. mall, to bawl. -- the beard?
mirth, child's birth. flock; and knock, dash, their cash,
dro, aa tro fill, good will; bonnily, nonny nonnily...
fire? been dire. bad... young lad? see, Christmas tree.
beneath; Christmas wreath. name. tiny frame. sweet; be beat.
Christmas, year-end isthmus. goodies, black hoodies, brim, blithe synonym;
heart, Claus art; near, bright cheer; expands, helping hands;
prevails, and cocktails; ascendant, blessings impendent; Yule, for renewal;
seem, the cream quest, the best cracking. was attacking,
departed, half started. ear. drinking beer. Humbug, I unplug,
white. lights bright. ready; smells heady; say, your way
holiday, at bay. sit, to twit? Noel, as well.
too, to woo. tree, not three. birds, no words
honkers? her bonkers. view, to do. dorm, keep warm.
dancing. all prancing. scene; lasses seventeen. "wheeze", a squeeze.
calling; doubt, appalling. swing; elephant" thing. now. anticipate how
affair, is there done, have fun. tree, to see.


crazy; and hazy. ways; alternate days. Oman, he can;
Troy, big joy, Texas, it vexes again; and when?
boot; somebody cute, Yank, so rank. Daddy! lad; he
Paul, the mall. Saint-Lo: and blow. whiskey, Point Zabriskie.
by, was bi; Mike, nature hike. cotton, been forgotten.
street, be beat. Shawn, a dong. Utz, has guts)
Air, to despair. Rooter; pure neuter: Washago, gay go,
Madrid, young kids. pink, to drink. Lou, and blue.
Bess, transvestite mess. oath, Scotty quoth. Texas: two sexes.
Bender, to render Mose, tall beaus, Pavel, not cavil.
Ivan, back on. Boris, glad chorus? Frenn, and men...
all: you're ambisexual? Kate, dream date, wishes. remains un-suspicious.
O'Shea, from May- Troy, a boy, ungodly, me oddly.
pass, fat ass. see, with glee. Bob; his knob.
Jess; would confess. Bob, a snob. prude. female pulchritude,
-- of late. Wood, no good; Kurtz, young squirts,
clear; I fear. (Fag) (Fuck) LA, quite gay.
Virginia, agin ya', Em, and medium. bi, am I!
Candy, were handy, Milton. built on invasion, awakening occasion;
brother, from mother, mid-Wales, never fails. imply, gay guy?
rife, my wife, Loway, bet no-way. beer, be queer?
present; and pleasant. Martin, be startin'. intellectual, in effectual,
Casey, that's racy. clover; a lover, Ben, and men.
Roys, and boys,


Sherry, wasn't very. who, Let's screw!" wiggle, a giggle;
spout, no doubt, vicious, feeling malicious, posted, I've boasted
journal, quite supernal; Kakoos," rave reviews, skin, and in
prey, sultry way, charm, in arm. oh!" my pirogue;
knees, to squeeze survived, we arrived; scotch, other's crotch,
kissed; was missed. hero; but zero; be, should see
sticks, Street chicks. hat, itch that bind, can grind...
Bombay, herself gay. correct) a contender begun, is done.
behest, bomb-making test. Brad, I've had: Mike, lesbian strike
Anna, called Roxana... Vandyke, quite unladylike. Swede, she'll concede,
Tree, intimate dykerie... address? lezzies caress. follows: des Apollos.
striking, a dykeling. "Manana", to nirvana, Beryl, named Cheryl.
Wyck, the pike, like," named Mike. whore, the floor!
Roddy, woman's body. Wyke, sapphic tyke; snide, their ride.
her, in her. Sue, to screw. Nanette, daily toilette
oddly, am ungodly, horny, bore me. clear. my dear.
you. of hoo-hoo; -- park it. day, did convey.
fuss, has lust. Brenda, her pudenda. bar, from afar.
"Bye, other guy; End, girl friend. Decatur, mate her.
divan, the can. us! in chaos. lunchin' big luncheon.
Mike; to like. B.C. hetero spree. like, on strike.
stole; her hole. Corfu, for you. Mike, Abnormal Psych,
Gwen, a "ten", Moss; dead loss. gloom, ancient Khartoum
May, being gay. Jose, Spanish cafe. Wild, a child,
Nuys, passionate guys Quick, and sick. dear, to fear.
words, them turds. cure. am sure. Sherry, lesbian Mary.
Brenda, her pudenda. MG, her vee. hear, without fear?"
inside, you shied. cry, bright eye... chicken, our dickin'.
Brits, their tits, Corot, celibate sorrow. Bayonne, her clone.
convention, of dissension;


Helen, my swellin'. Mim, to 'him'. Anna, a banana,
Dyke, I like! lesbianism? sexual schism! luck, shuck --
Shaftsbury-Simms, unnatural whims. femme, ad hominem. femme, a gem.
"T", East Tennessee, Biscay, a day. junction, lesbian's luncheon.
Spike, the pike, Mike, the dyke; Atlanta, plan tuh
Bombay, was gay. sallow, without tallow. Wick, was sick.
Sappho, strictly riff-raff-o. enjoy, a boy. day, of play.
what? her twat! Rich, itch -- dyke, butcher knife,
dickers, underage trickers, Dan, a man. France, a chance.
Roxanne, a man. Seringapatam, a damn. Hugh, of view!)
Mike, really liked. lap, brother's tap. Geneva, cabin fever.
Inez; a lez. sad. I've had, yen, little hen.
porn, looking forlorn; share, to prepare,


Beale. a squeal, chest, her vest; Beale, other reveal:
Jillie, called Millie. town, the ground. fit, they quit.
could, they should. talk-of-the-townies, the frownies, Scotch, other's crotch!
Scotch, other's crotch! in, that sin. Cory; sisterly glory.
Glenda, their agenda, gruesome, lesbian twosome. night, took flight.


juice. the loose. Brock, to cock. Bombay, be gay.
Thrumming; is succumbing. Regina, a mina; ballet, the Palais.
Harbor, fag barber. stew. cutest kazoo fairy; so hairy,
hot; he got. Wadham, to Sodom. Cliff, a skiff.
Russell, me hustle! Muse, the use! Budapest, and trasvest.
ponce, darkest Provence. sot, was not. Newman, screwing acumen.
handsome, Ms. Ransom. peripatetic, is magnetic: Bloom, his room.
Heitz, controversial fights Plume, St Hume. tender, own splender,
Ryan, were dying. Fuzz, a buzz. eyes, great surprise,
day, harassing way. Hal, his pal. said, man's head,
sin, not akin Shutes, assist prostitutes. Bach, Dr Spock.
Rex, the decks. Byng, you bring! bonding," was responding.
Mary's, with fairies. Fear, so queer. Aries, by contairies.
Cyril, as virile. Bowles, like moles. kissy-kissy, too sissy-sissy.
Quentin, darkly repentin' good; everybody should." flute, a toot,
tender, a bender. Fender, a bender. grades, in spades.
McBride, and wide. Dallas, girl Alice. Ned, wasn't wed,
queer, quite clear. paid, get laid. Bay, a Saturday.
there, a care gay, that way. gay!" that way.
be, a marquee. O'Day. being gay. seek, to wreak
Tome, "no way!" mind; they're blind. oversexed, and vexed.
wage, and pill-age. Kohl, his goal. Moline, of scene,
day, thus pray:


Phoebe, we be. marts, the charts. repression, of aggression.
Bend, and friend. Dansy, dune tansy; Lahore, back door;
hairy; quite scary. Assive, and massive. Danny, much fanny.
soul, the whole. Bagget, damned faggot, herds, his words.
sybarite, is dynamite. Burns, that discerns: Rennes, in men,
Bobek, real claustrophobic; amends; staunchly defends. me, gay company.
Carson, arse on class, that pass: wide, slip inside.
My! your thigh. know, to show. Ray, one day.
Brian, even lyin'. Smith, a myth, Straight, too late;
Bend, best friend. Frisco, a disco. Tucker, cock sucker.
Ks, limerick Sts, Geer; his rear; Fox, the docks
crass, a lass. heave-ho, named Joe. creation, their libation
McShane, a pain. Dwight, to invite runt; you shunt;
Bunny, quite funny. beers, plausible fears; tried, todger inside
find, from behind; scary! no fairy. flirt, may squirt;
dear, bit queer?" Aberystwyth, pissed with. rack, your back.


steaming, Abel Leeman. McPeake: hornily seek Mears, their rears,
Clapper; and dapper. Fay: be gay! Butte: weird fruit."
Field, boy-asses yield. Grimm, buggering vim. Siddon: perversion well-hidden.
Ostend, a friend. here, he's queer. Khartoum, his room.
Bend-- a friend. Dutch, too much; Shropshire) Hellenic physique.
Grimm, a whim. Palace, a phallus, Glen, only men.
Sears, professional careers. smugger, whore hugger. Sodom, a goddamn.
Kashmir, bit queer. Rugger, old bugger: Heidi, North Bridey.
Floyd; genus negroid; Gransome, was handsome. Skelly, his belly.
game... the same. Sodom, forgot 'em. gaol, of tail.
spurs, and furs; O'Harry, named Larry.


intellectual; quite effectual. Ottoman, a man. Victoria, post-alcoholic euphoria,
fate, quite late. Dell, in hell, parted, well guarded,
think, may sink, Khartoum, his room. composite, the closet;
Harriet, a lariat. tiz, of his. Hayes, for days,
mists, beautiful wrists: it?) the closet Tex, constantly flex!
Cheers, few beers, Dean, the latrine. Fisk, security risk,
limericks, sweet tricks, Bob, to sob Harry, be scary.
see, turned twenty-three, day. her astray. DuBarry, a fairy.
closet, man's faucet, Bert, white shirt, Fe, ultimate lay.


Murph! his turf). unrested; stopped, interested. Bodenham, in 'em.
jock, on cock. Dwight, quite tight. hell! think well!"
Knox, tucking socks. Joe, in Bordeaux. McQueen, public latrine.
Keith, or beneath, jock, sucking cock. vitamin, I'm in.
Wilde, stayed undefiled Rhine, and wine, Knox, stuck locks.
Fitzgerald, the Herald,


SFA. the hay. Revere, a queer, York, the cork.
dale, and trail. Claire, to wear. Hewitt, knew it.
Birmingham, for permingham, Laporte, slightly distort. rash, some bash.
Grove; he strove. Muse, the use!" Hill. of Dover.
lain, daisy chain. Yates, impecunious straits. Horatio, gay show.
Carol, called Darrel, hope, this dope, Potts, in Watts.
hayride, May bride; Thames, absolute gems, funny, her honey!
John, friend, Algernon, Bates, on dates. ease, a trapeze.
Kenny. "Silicon, aplenty... Loo, Yoo hoo!" cream, a dream.
poker, old Kari-oka, could, and would! fear, with beer,
Grange, quite strange. years, just queers. delight," gardener, Dwight.
with, the myth perverse, a curse. Oz, is because
Art, be smart Troy, favorite boy. purser, and worser.
Greed, slow speed, Jay. to say-- Norway, true gay.
Perry, a fairy-- Square, fellows stare... Shaw, a spa,
Jim, some quim. Bart, and art. McQueen, public latrine.
yobo, low blow. Aden, well laden, Mears, Miss Sears,
expound, matters, profound; Zeke, erotic technique. Hyde, a ride.
McGreed, virginal creed, Saskatoon, here soon; Guy, the rye.
Vicious, you're suspicious Fred, sadly said: treat: smelling feet.
Mary, completely contrary. Klotz, New Lots. Bragg, a fag.
Tom, with aplomb. L.A., to play. gay; do play.
Wagstaff, in Flagstaff. Fred, hair red. Teeny, lover's bikini.
inspected, promptly rejected. Gate, his mate, clown, of town.
Goole, bar stool. late," from upstate. wine, screamed, "Divine!"
Middy-Esthete, be beat; Ulysses. three sissies. Dunkirk, his dirk.
-- the crew's Lars, gay bars; Sears, of queers.
gay, school play. Perth, his birth. leather, a feather.


Yale, would fail, Sears: those queers! Nate, a date.
Freed, cocksucking need. cock, a rock. meat, relations discreet.
dizzy, a tizzy. obscene. (and mean). girl; a whirl.
pearl; kissable girl. zoo, he blew, best, your quest.
Phil, in Brazil. queen. aren't clean. Young, his bung.
Harry, in Gary. prude!" the nude. Fred, to zed;
man, was Jan. leafy, and beefy; queer, is clear.
Harry, to marry. spunk, incredibly shrunk. Athena's, about penis,
silly," of Billy. Ron, was gone. Airdrie, bared. He
Carruthers, girls mothers. Greene, ladies' latrine... fruit, his route,
Brown, in town, Mose, long nose. glitter. the shitter,
Kelly, by Shelley. Akron, the john. Bingly, sleep singly.
Roy, looked coy. poker, red ochre. aplomb, son, Tom.
Dale, and frail, Locke, convict cock. Claude, and crawled
Bombay, was gay. Purdue, "Fuck You". gay, a Day."
Oakum, were hokum. Amanda, high demand-a. Miles, round files
Jay, was gay. O'Toole, a rule. Tweet, the street.
hill, stood still; gait, walk straight. Kieth, any peath,
unforeseen, our genes; fear, a queer. game... shame --
Fred, give head. Lawson, boss in! L.A. incredibly gay,


Mace, couldn't erase. fellation; gave consternation; beers, of dears.
Caroliner, a minor. discrete, the street. carried, gay Jarried.
Marlene, the queen. Orleans, drag scenes. quim!" eyes dim,
thinking?" been drinking." Bragg, in drag; noche, lowrider coche.
fail, hairy male; quim, quite dim, youth, and uncouth,
squelching, his belching. "droll" a pole. Jack, any crack.
flower; the hour. stand, a man. retired) recently hired
world? toes curl? her; resist her. day, tickling Ray.
Peter, be neater. brassiere, her ear. dance, no chance!"
joust, been doused Tim, a whim). Molloy, a goy.
beauty; real cutie. seen, had been, Haight, us straight?
Venus. a penis E-mail; was female. Cottam; got 'em.
Matt, named Pat... Nell, her spell. cattle, primary battle;
bred, to bed. West, she dressed. disguise, to rise,
candy, quite dandy. e-mail, a female. Cock, the pock.
city, and pretty. Tony, and bony. guess, to AGGRESS
her. undress her. Les, you, yes. Cyr, a dear.
Algiers, our beers? Eve, I grieve.


mate, blind date. Kate; bit late. teaser. the freezer.
see, a pee. hour? tall tower nope! no hope.
friend; without end. obscurin' pure an' today; the way.
surprise. us guys, Rinde, gay kind. behind, a grind,
faring? some airing? dress, to impress scotch, to watch
Rex, and pecs, pink, I think." Roger; a lodger
skirt, and shirt; see, left knee? squirted, which alerted
Casement, heinous debasement; Casement, self abasement; Petunia, screwin' ya.
Petunia, ruin ya. Jack, the sack. said, magnificent head.
day, am gay". said; man head! chase, called Ace.
fun; to none. 24, you'll abhor. said, her bed.
far, her car. Ben, to ten, Maude, and guffawed;
life, dear wife. seen, but Claudine. advice; be nice.
room; was doomed. chance, romantic dance. voice, pleasantly choice,
song, terribly wrong. follow. a fellow. Manila; thrill her.
delight, caught sight. cart, intercourse start. blind? your mind?
cute, is moot. eyes, then sighs, this, a Miss;


queer, "My dear, lovers; the covers. dick's, porn flicks.
day, are away, use, female caboose, Bloom, the loom,
Heights, the lights, Calais, one day. Salome, show me."
Rose, other's nose. Tupple. a couple queers, on basketeers.
(transvestites) being chimpanzees; P.C. may be, Ellen, at Helen.
smile, David's lifestyle commodes, loudly explodes; Ray, was gay.
woe. I'll go. romance, difficult dance. seeing; human being.
"BAM"! the program!". Hawaii, his fee. find, my mind.
done? style fun. "rest", guy's "guest". Hollywood, that's good!
Brian, was lyin', Trowse, new house. Harold, Irishmen carolled.
Pruitt, knew it. debut, to eschew Means, their teens
offended! left unattended, today, did say. offensive, is extensive,
say, I'm gay!" Simmen; him `n' Dai, Wonderful Guy'?"
Ferry, he'd marry. cried. with pride. clasping, lingerie rasping.
brocades, passing grades. buoyed, backside destroyed. "Baghdad-by-the-Bay," he's gay.
piss, a therapist. Algiers, in tears, perplex, same sex,
Harry. to marry. game... of shame. Davey, so wavy.
plucky, lesbian truckie. it, a unit. Harry, to marry.
MacTavish, and lavish. Jill, the hill, alarms, and qualms,
heart-stopping; as eye-popping; End, his 'friend'. Bengal, his pal.
rumpus, stump us. move, newly-weds, you've approve, and groove;
scotch, his crotch. far. his car. Brazil, a hill,
Heather, knew whether Frood, they wooed. pride; good stride.
droll, some asshole. Ned, in bed.


Force, a resource, shed, Ensign Tedd; queer, his ear.
me! quite balmy. Navy, and wavy. Dakar, base bar.
exempt, ambitious attempt. Guards, in squads, pioneer, the frontier;
Gene, sadistic Marine. Army, quite charmy. bad, a lad.
President-Elect, politically correct, Buckingham, fucking 'em. McFoys, new joys.
hope; better cope. 94, two-bit whore. weak, yellow streak,
merry!" named Terry. detection, an erection unwilling, the drilling,.
queer, to fear. runt, the front. Lessing, was distressing.
Trent, lavender tent.


tremendous, really horrendous. say, are gay; whore, and pour
Boris, gay chorus. toys; and poise; Dewitt, used shit.
'Frisco, a disco. Oahu, a mahu. hung, be sung.
Chuck, been fucked. merry! and berries. France, every romance.
Nick, about dick; street, exceptional treat: Boze, the nose.
Tex, explaining sex. luxurious? and furious? lips, his hips.
Heinz, to Mainz; shore, a whore. peasant, was pleasant.
Liverpool, great ridicule, say? me stay? ring, left wing:
Lutz, certified nuts. grin, a sin. dying! be lying.
Walt, Fruit Salt.


Laura, fucking whore-a. facet, crass get. Corrigan, whore again.
repute, birthday suit. Britain, fucking bitten, Vancouver, a Hoover.
Lou, was too. Crete, to meet Hickel, and fickle.
Ayers, for repairs. beaux, she knows. discretion, her depression.
Gander, brand her. lapper; real slapper. floor. a whore.
whore. what's more, Keaton, was moth-eaten. Hague, quite vague).
Lizzie; was busy. Purdue, to screw, tension. their intention
God, nice promenade. Geraldine, I've seen, Rheims, in teams.
chilly, are silly; twinge, a binge. Whippler, liquor tippler,
Bunny, thought funny. Bernice's, in valises. ho, bakery sto,
Heather, than leather. McGits, terrible fits, Gorceau, swore so,
Jay, a lay. fallen, went a-callin'. devout, some doubt.
Kim, such vim, tart, to part, Cassie, her chassis,
guile, cocksucking smile. Tobago, painful lumbago; Stirrup' sweet syrup.
lass, magnificent ass. gout, in doubt. Pickering, heatedly bickering.
Maine, to explain snowing, and blowing! whore; du jour.
dealing, was appealing. Keating, a beating, pits: no grits;
today; to lay. spite, to fight. bed, and said,
willing, a killing. Bayer, the mayor. Street, some heat:
Moe: my dough... doc, his cock. Oregon, is foregone!
Bend, the end Hartford, of cardboard. Algiers, in arrears.
Omar, South Tacoma! Linda, Japanese ninja. Town, and round.
he, hers free. Hector, wrecked her. ability, new facility,
Giles, and smiles. Lee, a tree. hormone?" old bone.
car, say spar; Tennessee, a spree; Dunn; a nun.
Dover, the clover. poor, of Chaleur stare, the air,
(stingy) pay 'em. Banker, the anchor. Russel, love muscle
Agnes, and ragness, foe; stranded below. mall; a ball".
Lee, of me. Fitch, his itch. Art, a tart.


ya... whore, yeah. bed, Smith said. try. not deny.
spree; for me, more," old whore. see, a pee.
see, to pee. saw, Limerick Whore; dear", Edward Lear;
d'Azure, am sure, galore, many more. Nantucket, fuck it.
name, her game. Nantucket, stuck it. Isle, a while.
Nantucket, a bucket. might, that tight. Maine, in pain
draining; wasn't gaining.


Ormesby-Gore, better-type whore. Strand, or hand. Peking, of speaking.
whore, book store. Wertz: badly hurts. Berlin, old violin,
Knapp, to entrap Sally; her alley. Bizerte, of 1930.
Brougham, retirement home. Twitting, upon quitting: here, last year.
laid, it paid Gwen, and ten. hope, could cope.
Byrne: guys yearn agree," named Dee. Durango, man go:
Greer, her career. said, to bed heart, You start.
phone, his own, rust, of lust. floor, the score.
poor, the floor. Shutes, be brutes. Gore, the shore.
Hearst, the worst. Hearst, he cursed. Arlene, of eighteen.
climaxed, looking taxed; cheap; little sleep. Dreyoss, in Laos.
Red, in bed, hooker, book her. Kent, and bent,
know, a ho. Off, her "blink-off". 80, a shady
Lahore, was sore. met, well-known coquette Mears: fifty years,
jasmine, raddled Tasmin. hooker? Number-One looker, Perth, on Earth.
Sylvester, to fester. Kay, reverent way. whore, pre-civil war.
scrubber; that blubber? long? every dong Luntz, any stunts,
hoer, a whore. adored, has whored Tijuana, old marijuana.
Mame, to reclaim. Nellie, and smelly, Charlotte, self-avowed harlot,
pleasure, and leisure. maid, been laid. Paul, the hall.
tart, no part. Gore... one before: tale, one tael.
made, often portrayed. Rose, to dispose. Bengazi, a Nazi.
fling, of King. delights, in tights, Hollender, the gender


top, "Wait stop!" Jack, my crack Chester; arrest her.
O'Conner, of dishonor. trusted, men lusted. petite, the street,
Wales, her sales. Gail, to jail. Drury, great fury:
jail, and pale. Sal, old-fashioned gal. sale. of tail.
inveigle, whore Speegle. Algiers, her peers, street, her meat.
croppers, by coppers, Vi, could die! Dale, in tail.
Bowers, judicial powers Gail, the jail. smile, a while."
bars, behind bars. wench, can quench. "Madam, had 'em!"
yew, to screw willing, a shilling,


Fay, for pay. Rome, at home. Mickey, and picky.
Kamloops, in groups. cutie, house ill-reputy. Thresher, felt fresher.
Ecuador, a whore? Quebec, a wreck, Rangoon, to noon,
Saar, from far. flower, power -- Verosity; my generosity.
niece, Deliverence Piece. Rangoon, of poon- West, the best.
Betty, tanker jetty. Kline, until nine. door, business galore!
Brussels, stuffed bustles, kvetch, well-endowed wretch. ago, or so,
Ryde, seldom untied; Herm, was firm. Willamette, camp gamut,
wares, gets stares, delight, the night. Hornblower, love store.
maid, been laid plight: excitingly tight, cents, hot gents.
McGrath, wide path. maid, be paid. Bucyrus, tire us...
Muffet, her tuffet, street!" Ms Treet. Randalls, I handles.
holiday, go play. spree, and three. Pryor, gentleman, "Sire,
Nome, her dome. stations, male patrons to, named Sue.
Jane, no strain. profess, or dress advice; quite nice.
Lee, last tee. Rice, Railroad's advice. Niles, with smiles.
Stubby; was grubby. 10, seventeen men blue; to do,
crew; screwdrivers, too. crew, would do. nations, sundry sensations.
Quay, a lay! hassle; Windsor Castle. Wren, and then
Flynn, as sin. Berlin, a grin, night, seem impolite.
Bonely, be lonely. goods, and hoods; day, for pay.
MacLout, fucking bout. Bangore, a whore. amenable, quite un-penable.
yearn, should learn: border, afford her. Flossie, and mossy;
Burke, a Turk. jerk, his clerk.


deluxe, lewd fucks. sweeper, were steeper. luck, a buck.
Chuck, a fuck, Champlain, favors insane. bar, is bizarre:
buck, much luck. Swoboda, owed her. Elise, a piece.
Lynn: get in. whore, and more. Tillet?" fill it.
cease; to decrease; Hicks, guys' pricks. May, all day
Lily, or Willy. Brest, her chest, more, the core.
Rice, pubic lice. Bellevue, with you, appease, with fleas?
boonies; four loonies, Butte, too cute, Gudgett, begrudge it.
Butte, a prostitute, duck! to fuck. Lucknow, buck now,
Gwen, a fin. Godiva, a striver. Doler, pole her.
her, obedient daughter. Duckworth, fuck worth. whore; dick sore.
Brougham, screw them. Pru, for you. entice, his device.
Hoboken; all heartbroken. Peru, a screw: Cole, men's goal...
absurd. ever heard. ya, ripped ya, blues, her shoes:
Marge; small charge, Sue, didn't screw. sin, had been.
Boulder, told her. Bryce, business device. Enniskillen, a shilling.
Teep, so cheap, green, would mean town, gained renown.
Argo, their cargo: Polyp, terrible wallop, honey, your money.
P.A. nothing away. Moore, be sure. Clark, the park.
Thrace, her place. Heeper, were steeper Ulva, good vulva.


Moines, "loamy loins". Berlin, some sin?" McGee, a spree.
Grange, the range. Moines, of coins. Epping-on-Tyne, the line.
delight; so tight; Forum, of decorum. Hoboken, a token.
said, to bed France, your pants?" call, she'd ball
mange, the range; Tacoma, "La Paloma." Skilling, a shilling.
dissents; fifty cents. LeSueur, out-and-out whore. Bunny; are funny.
Grange, usual range." Orrin, climes foreign. Hoboken, subway token.
Walla, the collar Lyme, streetwalking part-time, Gail, one-cent sale--
Pawtucket. this bucket?" McCree; you see; any, of Winnie.
Jenny; had many, Kilkenny, a penny. willing, a shilling,
Kilkenny, a penny. Charters, his daughters. sublime, one time;
Jillings, few shillings. Wise, good buys: Annie, and canny.
lass, you pass. Hannah, and spanner; Dale, for sale.
whore, no more. LeSeur, out-and-out hooer. Kennewick, two-for-a-penny trick.
Ebeneezer!" young eager-to-pleaser;


candy, rich dandy, sea, for free. Bolivia? luscious Olivia.
Perkins, or gherkins. Madrid, a quid. free?" Madame McGee.
Marge; the lodge. trade, get laid. Fay, for today.
Anacostia, accost ya? heart; and depart. sought, named Scott.
Shorter, elderly porter. receipt, of meat; nice, their price.
cunt, be blunt; whit? a bit? Med, to bed;
Med, my bed; Anastasia, amaze ya. Lee, nominal fee.
McGee, for free.


Pompeii, per lay. L.A. a day. Fern, young Bern.
Fern's, young Burns, is, about Gladys. Dover, his Rover.
Slade, and conveyed condition; the position. Bernice, Boston police.
agree, its privilege) writ, to omit. barter," my garter.
starter? part 'er street, to meet. OK. are Frito-Lay.
paid, a mermaid.


too! maybe two; Dick, his prick. Louis, "Screw us!"
whore, the floor, gent, give vent Dawn, look drawn.
beauty. be snooty. Jane, were insane. McGore, easily score
Lentz, to gents. Burkes, local sex-works, Queets, profession's elites;
Matthew, path use, Suzie, and woozy. Gail, her tail.
Ted, to bed. Astor, outclassed her. Crenna, near Ravenna,
know.", clergyman's toe. Xanthippe, old Mississippi; coin, her loin.
Metters, her betters. Si, say die." Flo, the ho"),
Montclair, a chair. Beasely, quite easily... Mudgett, under budget,
Kent, did misrepresent. may, lustily lay; Decatur, paid her.
Norway, a doorway. Douglas, a lass, Black, of jack;
tut!, a slut? dressin', find distressin'. Peru, 'tis true,
queen, in Moline; gentry, it elementary Jones, her bones.
Dan: anywhere, man! tabs, recommend Babs. Tucker, fuck her.
unfurled, be hurled. boozing, went cruising. pensions, at conventions,
docks, her socks. Cole, respectable role marine, I've seen.
daughter, had ought'er. Dania, from Rumania. McNitt, good fit.
go-getter, French letter. Pymme, and prim, towns, some clowns.
chap, his sap. Rayne, had lain, UCLA, to lay:
nerve, did serve.


Occupation, U.S. Liberation. Roocher; a suture. distraction; of action.
Barger; enlarge her. Lenore, a whore. dead, the head.
Junction, any compunction, bout, preacher devout. LeClaire, of repair.
McNair, man debonair. Sommer, you're glummer." Baird, who stared,
Delores, numb clitoris. stud, her mud. pray, that decay.
Clive, half alive. Saskatchewan, sped on. Strong, went wrong.
Frost, at cost. trollop; pendulous polyp; loose, her juice.


Tweek, her peak. slut, a nut. Phil, was ill.
Brickley, was sickly. Gimp, falling limp. pal, your gal.
pal," named Hal. Suzie, loosy doozy. say. you play
crack, cancer-jam packed) Blanding, was demanding, compassion, was ashen.
laid, actions pervade. quick; was sick. said, my bed...
Measick, be sick. Blick, get sick. coast, would boast.
Tobruk, a book. strong, the prong. Glover, did discover
sewer, and bluer, taint, no saint, cain't! insufferably quaint,
complaint; sorta paint Gussy, and fussy; care, to share.


Phipp, silicon chip, undressed, great zest. found, a pound.
Binks, some kinks whore, the shore. do', the flo'.
bitch-and-a-half; to laff. honor; a goner! seeking, from Peking.
Lapeer, so dear, Krauss, to grouse. McCord, life scored.
Banks, her pranks. Thomas, of traumas. Belle, she fell.
attract, a pact.


queen, were keen. bring, to swing? corner; was hornier
Motel: knew well: room, of perfume. bed, 'French Head'.
ceiling, was peeling halls, my balls. suck; a fuck.
tether, her leather. Queen, were keen. slip, his hip,


wife, my life. you, should do). sack, to attack.
London, all undone. Iraq, the sack, Thayer; horse player.
Condoleeza; your fees-a?" Snively, at fively, Draper, unusual caper.
Kitchener, were ritchener. Gorms, customer Forms" Gower, plow her.
tent. hearts' content. Mary, or Harry. fantastic, perhaps Dick.
Dingle, and tingle, Marie, adjustable fee; eve, our sleeve.
eve, a heave. Max, somewhat lax. Mazur, pays her.
indiscreets, streets -- defrayment, her rainment. nation, large delegation
Cottam, the autumn. Defiance, in science. drawers," better-known whores;
fame, outages came. me, at three, Ealing, and squealing
Winifred, her bed. Nice, was obese. Mademoiselle, a bell.
Decatur, first rater. Jill, sexual thrill. ?], and curvish,
Blow, START--STOP--and SLOW! Bunny, were funny. go, of woe
Wallace, some solace. Stout, tenth bout... avoids, work-stoppage voids;
Dades; young maids NYC, the WTC. Ballew, the zoo,
Lemann, were he-men. Carolina, a vagina. Lisa; a pizza.
Lisa, a piece-a. Orilla, bill ya; some, her bum.
Rome, concealed metronome. laid, young maid, nifty; be thrifty;
Gwynne, on sin, Suburbus, me nervous. bunny; and funny.
funny: 'Bye, Sonny!" Milwaukee, some saki. Pisa, called Teresa.
Quebec, would neck. McGee, wick free. Shootash, would mash,
Klutz, took guts. through, is true. Centre, represent her.
Lucknow, buck now, Larket, park it. seduction, mass production.
Lydio, the Presidio. Tomales, their follies." Drew, he knew.
willing, was billing. Vickie, the quickie; pities, and gritties:
Martin, Dolly Parton. Flo, some dough. Heather, a feather;
Ives, of lives... Tuck, fast buck. stop! the top.
must, satisfy lust. Joan, cellular phone. Toronto, get onto:
Brenda, wanted addenda. Daucus, so raucous.


yore-- the whore; more, deeply deplore. rhyme, their prime!
yore, the door! yore, the whore, waiting, needs sating.
stating: of dating? Torino, charming albino; apartment, sleeping compartment,
basking, little masking, know: down below? bar, no bra,
street; her feet. boot, of hoot- Labrador, voluptuous whore.
Guy, his eye: moor, travel brochure, eye, walking by;
Clary; me scary. Vought, he's sought, constitution, street prostitution.
right, declared Dwight. Dallas, with phallus. Sweet, her meat.
leisure, of pleasure; Bright, of sight. Lize, did devise.
Pease, the breeze. be?" you see. Krupp, keyed up.
started, places unchartered. Malone, the phone. Clark, a lark.
vortex, whore, Tex. Kate, until late. chubby, and grubby.
Keys, heaviest seas, Dix, her tricks, Krause, respectable house.
douse. they'd espouse. Mave, a nave. farts! resident tarts!
Shorter, elderly porter. ambitions, atmospheric conditions, Fargo, of Baudot
Milpitas, beat us. o'er, any more. screw? have you.
Fordham, for whoredom. Warder, the border. Rose, her clothes
sale, a bale Lilly, walk Piccadilly. trail, for sale.
Moines, her loins; knells, as mademoiselles, Murmansk, this Gdansk?
Kamchatka, exceedingly flatka. cheeks, twin peaks. slut, and butt;
whore, the door. sex, their necks. ash, returning panache:
think, your drink. shrunk, yet sunk intact, the act.
spent, pleasures augment McGuire, FOR HIRE," Gleason, me, son."
whore, greatly adore, Buster; can muster, Michigan, wish again.
friends, please lend, pension, his tension. Kropp; a mop.
lasses, different classes. through, running blue, class; bonny lass;
mutt; I strut. room, was groom Eutoxeter, at her.
Victoria, in Pretoria, Peoria, from Pretoria. Min, it in.
roue, slipping away. trollop, a scallop, Bobby, the lobby,
affection, with direction. bone; will moan. Hearst, the worst,
compare, Marie Dare hooker! a looker!


Parma, and calmer; lottery... hotter, he Orilla, thrill ya.
dear, my ear; bunny! Valentine, Honey? vice; will suffice.
Wyatt, try it." exquisite, harshly explicit. around, I've found.
week... to speak. chapeau, her dough, boarder, toward her,
Michigan, rich again, Burrage, would discourage. amount, on account?"
Keys, their knees, today, a lay! Marseilles, a whale's;
LeDux, seventy bucks. ergot, fur, got Paul, with gall,
Maud, will applaud. whore, back door. earn, income, Laverne.
here, my dear?" Moe, to know Dimmage, the scrimmage,
Muffet, her tuffet. Blake, sailor quake. France, named Nance
crisis, gasoline prices. Mississippi, simply zippy. Georgia, coming teorgia;
Cliff, too stiff. sweet, of heat. stems, long-legged femme.
score, a whore, Betty? gettin' sweaty, Gail, cannot fail.
Ann, a man. Burleigh, tad squirrelly; Marseille, by day.
contour, Frenchman, "Monsieur, service, quite nervous, whore, the door.
Peru, cent screw. Joe, I know... more, deeply deplore.
slut! sexy butt; Maddie, new Caddy. McPherson, her person
Georgia, can't afforgia. Ebenezer! pleased her; Meyer, me, sire."
McDuff; is tough." Carmel, to sell, told, for gold.
not, square knot. discreet, a treat, Lowndes, clearly astounds;
Bates, the fates. treasure, a measure, Louise, to please.
Jeep, would reap. Livonia, phone ya." Dhabi, Dear Abby,
Dick, would pick) fuck, a buck. Mahler, fellow holler.
today, of pay. Lynch, per inch." Tyre, with desire.
crude, the nude. d'Aix, que c'est--SEX?" lass, under glass.
land; 2 grand. Lake, to take." war, money galore.
Fay, for pay. Louise, personal keys Gloria, see moria,"
Bryce, gentleman nice. Lansing, penthouse romancing. slut, thighs shut.
Doak; cruel joke. "Nice!" or twice. Flo, the snow?"


desires? Miss Myers. a-right. a night, seed, ever breed,
day, to pay, weight, my plate. minute; in it.
Alaska, asked her. Lancaster, asked her. Bastor, asked her.
do, a screw. repay, contracted lay. ice, Be concise!"
right? nowhere tonight. dove, the shove. is, short quiz:
Lippi, confoundedly nippy. knives, their lives cruise; her shoes.
done, was fun, willing, fill in. willing, for billing


so, a peso, Breech, did teach. could, I would;
light, all right. Shields, did yield. Timiskaming, miss coming.
Hearst, well versed. closes, positional poses, Dolores, history's whores.
looker, a hooker. Carruther, the other. Yonkers, your conkers
Savoy, no joy. stare; golden hair. Bunche, a hunch.
Meggs, two legs, Paducah, of lucre, Dizzit: your visit.
vexes; both sexes. Crockett, her pocket. hand, in demand.
abuse, to reduce. Chrissy, good stiffy. parts, lower-class tarts.
Rice, a vise. Carlotta, old Damariscotta. Lenore, the score,
Lenore, or abhor. hung, be sung. McCord, fitting award.
Nile, her style. tradition, Whore competition. Maxine, her relaxing.
Bond, are fond: -- to taint, Bobbie, Fontainbleu lobby,
coldest, the boldest Lincs, area minx. cavernal, a colonel;
Jane, no strain, Spence; did dispense. said, well bred,
Ruth, in Duluth. Moines, her loines. Aspasia, to paranormasia,
Dending, special vending. Ascension, your attention, Johns, not paragons.
caprice, did release. lair, 'tres debonair', Brazil, veritable mill.
Curry, to worry. Rene, and Bombay. Lize, fine merchandise.
cookery. sells nookery. Moore, favorite whore, Jolla, annolla --
Magnolia, cajole ya'. Guam, a bomb, stone, a bone.
titties, French ditties. McHugh, a screw. Vaughter, hostess's daughter.
Kong, so long, front, would punt. noon; would swoon.
Hunt, your cunt impression, this confession: Hough, her muff.
Gwen, for men. beat, broad street. beau, a pro.
need, the heat, Gail, strictly male, Albania, terrible mania.
cutie; her booty. remiss, you this. okay, responsible way,
sure, a whore


Cairo, no tyro. some, the buxom. dumps, with bumps.
Johore, the floor. Warsaw, customers raw. Paul, good haul.
Delhi, remarkable belly: Ennis, to tennis, Tashkent, immoral tent.
action, real satisfaction; prostitute, always refute. Monterey, new way.
whore, as before. Ford. am bored." Carole, her apparel,
contortion; my portion. Dawes, a cause. Plaine, to explain:
Kropps, all stops. Singapore, as "Ring-a-whore"; Clyde, his side.
Prue, at Kew. Biloxi. most foxy. Furze, with spurs.
Albania, steadily brainier.


China, felt finer. Crete, too fleet. Crete, to compete
Crete, fifth-column deceit. Crete, very neat. Crete, the street.
Bali, quite pally. Peru, la screw?" Charlotte, but scarlet.
Algiers, her ears. Dubose, get close." Algiers, for years;
Calais, for paix, thicket, a ticket; courtesan, any man
Padua, a cadua!" Drew, hookers do. strumpet, the trumpet.
Sheila, city dealer, back, on Iraq. flip, to quip
June, at noon, Adam, for Saddam, Dinah, in China.
pushee, in bushee? Spence, and pence. Polynesia, tease ya'.
whores, all fours. Worthing, a farthing. Madrid, well hid,
beds, shorter beds, Souter, the valuta; 'goosey;' you, see?
town, enormous renown, Dylan, is willin' Dee, longer free.
Foynes, and coins. Dundee, her fee, Venezueler; "Hey sailor!
knees; the seas!; cookie; no rookie; where; I swear;
hair; and there; Magnifique! my cheek! kerplunk! her bunk;
queen, wasn't pristeen; sailor, a whaler; size, her thighs;
harm, her charm; sweat, rental love-pet; Beck, in Quebec.


Djibouti, a cutie. Clyde, in stride. Bombay, and gray.
Smutches, Practice clutches. Biddle, the middle. Rose, Heaven knows!
Natchez, Practice dispatches. city, was pretty. Kootenay, a mutiny.
MacGregor, a beggar, Lunt, of cunt. Remorse, of course!)
Butte; a snoot day, protest underway. tits, tight fits.
foggy, so scroggy, pier, the year. in, her skin


Drew. for you. sue; whoremonger Drew. Jorje; a lay;
trick!" his dick; room; whore-ish perfume; Jorje; said "Neigh!"
carouse, cat's-away mouse) Bellows, ranch fellows tip-top, happen chop-chop;
flash, the trash; Orleans, impeccable miens tizzy; were busy
Lockjaw; although scofflaw; Morehouse, my whorehouse, you, to do.
Purvis, me nervous. beauty, a cutie. whore, the floor;
lug, a hug! chorus, be porous. Mohr, in store.
glass, exceedingly crass, undauntin', were flauntin' few, named Drew,
Elias, bias -- Nation, dry reservation eased, girls seized,
Sears, shedding tears, Peru, of to-do recourse, a divorce,
astute, moral dispute. Frome, the dome. Butte, was cute.
Hays, Saul Maze, Chape: the Cape, Lillian, Expo pavilion.
Wright, at night, West, overnight guest, recluse. discreet self-abuse,
mellow, high-class bordello. Mahooty, a beauty. Mars, behind bars.
Ray, one day, whore, the store, cida, girlie provida.
Strauss, a souse, said. stories instead. dome, buffalo roam
Dave: the grave, Kay, no pay. figure, and Trigger.
Martin, be partin', irritating," men copulating. Hotel, pretty well.
pal, swell -- bell. raising hell. Mae, of Backbay.
Skidoo, the view. women, in Drimmin. door, got sore:
Alley, see Sally. Algiers, dozen beers Tucson, the lawn.
Concord, and board. day, to play Denise; to please.
Chloe; blow me. Tickle; somewhat fickle. Adelph; little elf.
Wade, got laid: bloke, a poke. trite, be bright--
Diane's, parlour, Cheyenne's? Kazakhstans, Luton vans; Roseanne's, sinner Hannes,
right, with delight. roue, Rue A-- confession! this obsession.
buck, "Your schmuck Hatches, in Natchez. "Madam, had 'em.
him. for quim! mate. their man-bait. Alice, whoremonger's palace.
doubt, would pout: Stonely, not lonely. yawn, bedroom salon,
Pocatello, a fellow, taste, in haste. Hicks, guy's dicks.
fellow, local bordello. abroad, Cape Cod,